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and Churr-h avenuoo, Rlchmond HW,
Long laland. Later ta though! phe
workcd in a thoatrical oostumer's es
tahlishment. and may. he thought. have
gone on lha stage.
Nine months ago. he said. Emma told
hlm that through his Frother. Henry,
she learned lhat Ella was in Nov: York
City. Where the .lamrhter was li*-ing,|
Sternemann said. Henry would not say. j
nnd Pternemmn did not try to s.-ek
further for her.
Nine weeks ago. in the vicimty of j
146th stier-t and Eighth Hvenue. where
tho pillow Bllp ln Whlch part of the
hody was found was pnrehased. Sterne?
mann aald, ta iaa a "googly eyed fel
low" wltfe n girl who he thought was
Ella. Last week he returned to the
same neijrhhorhood and aaw the "goog?
ly eyed fettow" in a ahoa store. Sterne?
mann admltted thal ta fraquantly was
at lEghth avenue neer 146th etyeet oell
Ing feathers.
Ut' his actlona In the laat week
Bternemann is only aure that he went
?iy all over the upper east and west
Bldea of Manhattan, and through Brook?
lyn an.i Queena, on his per-dllng rounds.
Until Thuradaj bi llvod al No. M Ollve
street. Brooklyn, bul had bet-n put out
for nol paylng hla rent.
Moves to New Home.
Through a German newopape* he
fommmuccited with Mra. Mathllda
\\"<i.-.--- ln whoai ai Na 111 Olota '
atreet, Jamaica, Bternemann laal Uved.
n. moved mto hla now home Thuraday
r.'s-ht. bringlng with hlm greal quantl
? i,., of chea flnei ? ? Iron atove, two
Iy podlocked boxea and houoohold
furniture. ln Whlch were inrluded a |
ap Iron bedotead and a plne table.
Prlday he peddled, nol returnlng]
until late at night. Baturday he went
to Manhattan -nnd worked .-long Thlrd
UVenue, and WhllO there sent the letters
to t hlof of Pollce Haya and Volk, tha
Early Bunday morning, he said. he
gol up and waahed oui a pair of trou
aer**, a ihlrt, underclothlng, on oid
tabio rover an.i n burlap Lac Then he
; ainted thi labli and bi dati ...l arlth
o lilte enomi l paint.
His only explanation for paintlng th**
table and tadatoad waa thal they were
"dlrty." Then were no stains, hf* ln
sisted. whlch hi n al ed I.n.-.-al. and
his desne to have tl,- m "clean" was In
preparatmn for the homecoming of hla
daughter Emma from the aeylum. He
added lhat h>- dld nol expect Kmnia
home for more than a month.
Hla explanation ol hia waehlng of the
clothoa waa Bimllarly Indeflnite, Al?
though ln ha,l aeveral other pairs of
troiisers. he said h> wanted to wear the
portlcular pair i - had waahed. The
l.urlap oag, he sa..i, had been "dirtled"
i .oniact with ti-..- Iron Btovi and be
cauae it bad contoined shoes; and the
tableclotb, whl h wm nrorn to raggod
nr-ss and was of ? ? " said, he
wtahed to preoervi in order t.. oell with
his hat trimn: .
As told ln Thi
re were . I ln bla room a
quantity of millim-r'a wire, aimllar t<.
. that whli 1. waa a I Ihe
n torsr.. a coil of 'lothea r..;.-- Idi i
/ aa rdm ar to that i enn r.,p
tbe - two
butchera' knlvi b, - - but
Bllghtly dulled, an-i a cai hlael,
v itii bo* rral nicka in th<
Vaque in Statement**.
Bternemann al Bral had read* expla?
nation* for the poeMBWion of ea< I. of
the ? and afterword becama
rague h ment* Thr. -.. ,rf. __?
up liefore
??hr- wenl to the hoapltal two montha
ngo, h" had no BP4 > i .1 n as>.|. for hai -
ins: tho rope, whlch wi l n>-t
inwound; whlli the aaw, knlvea and
i hi"-?!. hi aid, he had bougbl Bve I
anontha ago, li ition thal some1
tim'- :i! the f .in ? h< woul i go on a
farra and would need theoc toola.
While he had boon houoekeeping with
1:toma .-. ? N .. ~~t Ollve Btreel l- foro she
wenl to ' ri aald, he never i
i.ad occoolon to uoe either i ? il her
knivea or th :.-.
When it was Buggeated thal ln his
I'onriiiioi. of p'' ertj th. purcha '
ihe evpensivA artlclea w.is a foollah
ona, Bternemann replied thal '<r- was
- too poor to buy thiriKs hc needed.
Bternemynns rooma wore crowded
with old lettera, boxea of nallllnery, ?r
frlclea without apparenl value. and hun
dreda of odds arid enda which ta ind
gatherod looooly together. Beveril
?Blblea ..nd extracta theroft*om wera
found. Bternemann aald he woa a d
vout Catholic.
?'i waa too Btricl with my girlo." ha
f-Rld. "and when they <lid wroaig and I
reprimanded them they would get an
j^r-y wir:. ne, Thal was wi, they
tui**tV<i againal me i" go arlth ta) >?-? -
ond wlfe, from whom i Boparated.
That woman w*d them Into troublo
she is dead now. bul her influence ???.
tl.e girls has mad.. most of my
troubles. I often OCOlded Ella for ho
bag wayward knd trlad t.. teacl bar
Thro mi eraation a Ith
'i ta Tribune repo* ter yeeterday Bt< rni
-niann waa unable to anawar any i
tJOTI WlUlOUl th*. Iritorjeitioi, of iml>
rmnt and incomprohenalble stati men;
ma apooch was thal of a man * ith ihe
thought of i.onstant opprooalon preylng
upon bla mlnd t<. the extenl that ta
could think of little otae.
If the touch of Inaanity arhlch runs
throuth his family haa not taOfl mani
fested in him, his n-inatks about his
"onemteo" aho*w unbaJanced though'. j
He accuaed every one <>f whon, ba
-. ice of havlng ohoated hlm out ,.f
money, and he thought a band of itn: -
ians was folkrwlng him, paid by 8 man
with whom he quarrolled after leading
th.- man money. He aald that probabiy
th" poliee were abieldlng thoae who
??ere irying to "exterminate" hlm, aa
ipreoaed it.
Held Daughter's Money.
His money affalro, partlcular!y arlth
two Buma of li*-4- each. lefl to hla
-daughters by his Bral Wlfe, of which j
-he was ihe truatee, were tangled aad
hard to occount for. The mone-. Wao]
depooited in tbe Qermanla Bank, In
New Vorl . he aald. When the man ta
?tentioned wlahed t<> borroa the mooey,
Bternemann. h?- aald, wltboul
daughter*-' conaent, wlthdrew all but $3
gnd gav< the man IM. The reat,
memann ...id-d, h< uaed to "?P? u
late in featbi I
Ella. the daughtw. he thinku, waa
identlcnl with the girl WhOfla hO&f ^an
found, never asked h'.m for any of thla
money, Sternemann sa'd WMM hr
kncrw that iha wofl reportad to be in
want and had been put out of aeveral
plaofla, ho odmita thal np nevag" rni"'M
ony nttempl to flnd her or pay her
nny of th. money which wa? tatruflted
to him. Why sho had nof Oppealed to
him for as.t.tance he could not under
For year?, he said. h. worrie.l about
tho disappearance of Ella. hut while he
wrote letters to the police whenever ?
woman'fl body waa lound he never went
to a morgUfl tO try to iuentlfy it. Hc
Btayed away frcm the Hoboken morgue.
hfl said, bflfOUOfl he dldn't want to tAkfl
the trouble unles* there was sonte
chanee lt might be his daughter
Mnybe I made a mistake." he said.
"but I dldn't wnnt to spend the money.
Ot . ourse, lt cost me 80 Oflntfl in po.t
nu<- stamps, bul I COUldn'l spend the
time frum my millinery business."
i ?
Tarrytowners Jibe Pound Mas
ter Who Had to Kill Own Dog.
Tnrrytown folk nre IflUghlng at what
they consider a ftroat Joke on William
Martin. potmd mflfltl r. Martin's pet
dog wflfl allowed to mn free, alUio gl
there is a quaranUnfl in foroe. 0)eorge
Helke, a dog catcher, picked it up and
took it to the pound. When he learned
lt was Martin's dog, Hfllkfl Bflld hfl was
no reapectar of peraona or their doga,
ho Martin had to klll it
Tho jok.-- is being enjoyed moflt '?>
those who lost thelr doga in the i
waj and have no Bjrmpathy for
pound master. The- coiudder that
H.-ikc aq ian -i a *--.. ..! many a
f.n.i are not apartng ln poking fun at
J. B. Sullivan Armcd with Some
Emphatic Remarks for Revo
lutionary Consumption.
T: i aaa B u
Waahlngton, Bept f.- Ia rlew of tha d??
turi- .1 altuatlon ln Banto Domli ? .
]-:. Bullli ?:? ti- new American Minister
to that republic, and i ' ? x' Hath
; way, american Conaul ol Puertfl I I ?
Waahlngton haattly to-day for thelr
Th? two ofnrtala went to K y
Weat. Thenee tha to to Havana, .'4n>i
.... ,. pll. B
i. tweei) ' aba and Banl D ::. | T il
i* thp ihorteal posaible route.
if th<- precedent efltabliahed ln tha
..f Mexico li foliowed In deallng wltb thi
Dcmtnlcan revolutlonlata, reeognltlon w'i'
? ?-< i?nlted BUtea, ??'?? n l?
. -.....? of n. ??-'?' throw of the l
der thr pm
rai gmenta i i i aiderabli |
of th. < uatoma co li . I ' niti d
4-hi. ; agenta In j-'an'? > Domlngo
. r t-. 'li- tltutai - t tor
But if tha revolutl i I
? ?d. hi,d rcco?i:itlon wera wll I
t>,p gte.1 Department ? ild ?
..f any rwrtlon "f thi
[t tfl 4 V ' l,Y*n Wl"
makfl 1 vi i '?" t . ?
tlonlata in tha north of Ba l
Chinese Shell Aimed at the
Quiros?Apology Immediate
- ?
Bton, Bepl. I
have ? Na*- !" ' ' ;1
? ? '
? f.,| r.n by 1
' ? tfo-' 'ho*. ? ln thfl H
and at
w. wl ere thi atoi
i r, ioti d !-? 'i a.'. rl an Con
tho gunboal Qutroa one of
the Bmalleel of American waral ,
. ? i.nvoy thi Mei-An M h< i d< aUna
"i*11.- ? ?',... 'how
? ? ? eapect even f..r
p gunboat, and he let fl a ehell ai the
Qutroa Tln wai Bhlp ? ? bi ?; and
Captain Hannlgan, commandlng the w-i
ros, \-.ent ai hoi ? pofll hai ti I di ?
an explanatlon. He *??* vlgoroua aboul
lt. ioo, aud ln- obtalned a moal complet.
. ? (Bi ar
who lir -J thi Bhot Bt tha Qulroa would
. rj< d Bhi K"t ;. aalute
of twenl . iddlt ? ? tha
apologj Later on thr- head offlcei of the
Btandard 011 Company In Bbanghal re
I a li tti r expri ng 1 reg el of
it thi . o-i how forta al II t faet
that ? j dui worahlp had bei n (Ired on.
Granddaughterof Ex-R.R. Pres?
ident Ends Life in Sanatoriura.
1 rll Ul* .]
Btamford, Conn., t'ept, I. Mra. Hfllan
Bulkley Holt, dlvorred wif'- of I>orsay
iiolt, of Ni w Vork. and daughter of
.--. and Ro. I i Mlll, neei Hartford
commltted aulcld. by hanglng reaterdaj
af ti-- aanatorlum of Dr. P, H. Barnei
sii. d to the aanatorlum
three ?? > < i ago on petitlon ol her bi
r-r. .losppii i: Bull 1- o Rocl Hlll flnd
No. 2 Rai lar atreet, .'>?? York, who al?
iii.it ahe waa a dtpflomanlae. For
? .I weeki ahe had llved ;>t the Toke
iii ki- Inn, ton, 1 !onn.
i >r Barnea aaid thal Mra. Holf had
hanged beraeif t<> Ihi doorkn >b ?l ? room
u hile I" .- nurae \\.-is ab ?
M.s HoH'a gtandfatber araa for many
prealdenl of thi Kau Haven Rail?
road Bhe waa man l< d i" i toreay Holl
m New Vork on Aprll If. IM1, Her hua
:.-s llolr, of No
Ith atreet, Bbe araa divorced
, f ten yeara ago, and ainco then/had
brooded eeldom apiiearing in publlc.
w.is thlrt) -ta*o ? - an old
Rccord Lctt in Cairn Twenty Years
Ago Retumed to Explorer.
Important racarda ?.f Reai \.i'
Peafl lefl bi a cairn at Na\\ I'lift, in
Oreenland, twanty .'??av. ngo. were re?
turn. -I t>. hin. yflfltarday by Kaud Rai
? n. ihe l.miisii explorer, through Un
?-'iviriiiii.nl 0f Dfliunark, atcyrdnu, Ifl
Oenflral Thomaa H, Hubbard, praflident
i.t the Peei l Aretle i 'lui>
Peary left the record, the raacflBid to be
.!-..]. i.i the northen?t flOflat of
Oreenland ln July. IM, alth a requaai
arritten In aeveral Iflnguogen that us
Under notfl the tima :.n<i plac. ..f dlaeov
? -.j foi aflrt II i" i.nii in \$U tin
itra! >.i Paary*a raoorda v?ra found by
Captain ?' P. Koch In th.- axtreme traorth
.-f Oreenland, whera Peary had left then
Ul if/*
Boy Makes Grewsome Find Off
Staten Island Shore, but
Runs in Terror.
DeRler Tells of Woman Buyer,
but He Sold One Also to
Man Not Regular
Tho police now beilere they hava en I
thnt th" slayr of th. yonns: tvom
Bn whOflfl torso waa found on the New
.T. raey bank of thr- Hudson Rlvr-r bflgan
to diapoae of the body en early a*- Thure
'i'h?\- aot thla opinion wh?n l
: tii" atory of john Reld, a young
ittan boy.
Detective Charlock, of County r*ro e
cutor Hudflpath'fl onlce, ln Jeraey Clty,
found the boy Bl hla home, at Ko
th avenue. Touna RHd told the de?
tective thal whila be V4??. Itehlng off
Krelecherville, Btatea Tslnn.l. on Tl
day afternoon, hi aaw Ihe aralp of ?>
woman floattng ni th<- arater.
v--t knowlna whal II waa, ha raached
for it. bul .ii aflalng It cleae nt hnnd he
? ? ar it back fn horror. He daaeHbed lt
I the entire m all ol a woman,
long, dark brown hair aboul ?
teen Inchea I
Thla arould correflpond arith the deecrlp
tion of th. hair of Btern.m?nn*fl d?ughter
whi '. th-- fflthi : fl< ' r1""' M
broa n.
Tha boj aald thal when ho learned he
he rowi d back
to tba ahore .-.n-i toM hla Btory to An
i edtb
whom ii ? i ' ' not
. itui night, h it othi ra m thfl
houi aald 1 I not heard of the
i.... r ? < v.. .-? told bj naa ?
Whi n Inspecl 'aui the
. orden d a pollei l lunch to Ihi ? n
earch waa Infltll
ii it th. aealp would be found.
The locatlng ? md 1 and ' i
nltura Btori al M7th atn
.. B.pl. I ? ?? orgi Ba arhera t*-1-"
plllowi with tb ' '
thr. t\v ,. i i rl
rhaaed, cauaed the police to make a
hl orl ood
I'rniii; i:. Beanel and William ("harlock,
tectivea from 1 ty 1 to h
. . a of l al
police an Inrllned to nt
n.ighborhood ol l
\ ; oil. ? ofb Ial * ' ? ? I rk 1
? f.renl
... , | n ....
: ,;tif-.i ln New
.- ol Bhad)alde, whi t of the
torao ?- . rhe ofl
i ,.t Inclined te glvi
Sold Brown Moth P.iper.
inother 1 ' ? I ? ?
er 11 y o p| ? I hav>
Hke I ? n wrappln tbe I
le a man i
Thfl awhal
lhan I
I Olll <?? 4- ? .
whether I
. , ?. .. ?
?' the inaki
1 l>- 1 Int ?
| '
? ?
da, and In hla Bhlrl
? .
? . rui rrton '?' H. B. H
? th av.nui. a bli h
ad l
?.. | ? feet 1
pounda. 11 II
hurrti d l without i I I ive tl
arrai r--i up.
Whii t ? ir ikfln of the p?p* raa
.. ?.. rnoon II aall water
would bteaeh lt thi d aot
The flndlng oi fai baa n
to anything tanglb Ba I I ??
don ii of 1 Ihe 1
Rod< rark. Two of
? ?. . ? ?. i me ii-- rfl.
man ihi ? ng to a mldd
whom ii- <>?>? i '-"i knoa. for Rl cenl
. i, made the | e of a doaen
.,-- t,. pilio. ? from the Newarb nrra be
.Id ten i lllowa In all.
, i t, . nam< and addi ? i ? of
f these purcha ? Beven of them
were i iund. i ul none had the pilloa ln
B tbe poll.? ? ? Inti reati -l Tl ?
elghth Ii a Japenee. named rlaekl, ?
moved fr-in So KI Wflat 146th atrael two
montha ago H? la now llving aomewher.
ln ? r .ii,i; hed room ho iai ln \\ i ? t Uoth
[... ... i? !,. . i i ,i he "'-i tii" tare |
loa with the fam tii king tn al
I recall thal om aaa the
mlddl.-eged woman, bul bli memor
a blank i lo I ? purchaaei ..f the .< <?
Fcdse Clewfl Run Down.
jirnrf-. of deteetlvei al work In each or
i.r borougha were bendlng all their aner
.. t.rdd-. Urrward unravalllng the
myatery No leaa aeaJoua ware tha police
,,f Bergeo and ilodaon oountifla ln Haw
Nothlng ol any real valua araa dlecoi
, red, and tb i ;?? ' ' P\ bu ?? run
i ing down ffllae i li
The N- ?? l"ork police are now Inehned
to the theorjr thal the girl waa murderad
ln New Jflraey, while th.* pollefl of New
j, rm ? ..,- th? .riiin- waa eoramitb d Ifl
UflW V'.rt.
Ai Poliea Headriuaitei ? ln thla ,-it leat
nljthl one high efflclal Mld ba bflllavad tha
. . ?i thfl murdi' ?m i" New J- raey
ii,. weuM not glva bl ?? ?
Inapactor Fhurot ln charg* of the Bu
,,f Crimlnal Identlneationa, rr- ehred
. i over tha tfllephoni flt noon
v i ,... p|ce flhnounced thal Blla
Bternemann mlghl be found concealed In a
houae at i"r. h Pond, Long laland, M Um
police would diaplay a HttM anergy. After
Baylng the girl mlghl be found at Ruth
men'fl bakery, at No. iiH siu-er atreet,
the man hung up the raeelaar.
it wia found oul latar that the m%n
telephoned from "Harlem Uf," flnd tb4
po ea lay they laaraad thal bla nama wai
A, A Bcbaffer. Inape tor F*fluroi oom?j
munlcated wltb the police al Preab Pond,
and Dfltflcttva V?n Wakteraateln, of the
Olendala avenue atatton, made an toojulry.
At Ruthman'fl hakeiy th. owner aald
Ella Sternemann was not there. but that
she waa employed there two years ago.
He said she wae a pretty girl end very
corisclentious ln her work. but that she
dectded t,? leave an.i try lo flnd eaator
work. Bhe foi n plaaa ln a siik min ln
tha oelajhborhood, but found tl.e work
-v. d bardar, and left after two daya.
Charged Girl Waa Poisoned.
Srhaffer went to the bakery >esterday
morning without coat or hat. dislie\elk-d
.-?;,l treatly OSCltad, ftuthman said, and
r. ,-usod him of keeping the Sternemann
girl sh.u up ther.-. Buthman put hlm out
This was only ono of a number of fhlaa j
leada raoarred by th ? pollce.
The pottce at We? hawken wera ln
fOI rned over th" telenhono last nlght that
? trunk eontalnlng tu.- beod aml onna of
n WOman bad hien wasi.td a.-diore at
Bhadyatde, where ti.e flrst parl of Ita
torvo w is found.
Tl,.> poli. e placed no eonJMence in t'n.<
Information, for they kncw a water
logged trunk bad boon rylng on th.- beoch
?>' that point Mr more than twe
Lleutenant Kennell ami *ent to Inveatl
Kate and aii he foond "^* tne trunk he
expected lo Bnd, arHk nothtng bul water
ln tt.
Another "tip ' eame from Bpring talley.
N v ijom there the Weehxwken pollce
recelved .- poetcerd Blgnod tin. Blole
Tboma it said Mra Tboma*e daughter
Lulu aloped win. a dentkrt'a h-iper ?>f
Hoboken ln Jun*. Hra Tboma aold she
believed tho murdered ajtrl whuae body ia
ln Volk'a morgue was ber daugbter
\ detoctiva araa aenl to f-primr Valley,
irhera t-.e found the rnother bad bulll her
., ti-.,. idoa that there was ? ilngla
. the left Bhoulder of the mur>
? i "onia.n
\ man called up Volk'a morgno in the
afternoon and aald hla name w.is Ander
?-,., He aaked for a deoeriptlon .->f tha
body. iie would not pive any partlculara
..f hlmaelf, bul aald be wouM riolt the
morgue this afternoon at i o'clock He
trticu'arly anxloua to leam aii
? : o pilloa flip with the embroldered
"A," whi. h was used bjotha murderer to
wrop "P one parl of I
There wen two vkdtora al Volk'a
morgae ? ? ? aaked <o so,- tho
i . ... ,,c ., irell dreaaed aroman,
? nn from ono
,f tho ? . the body ??r ?"r
thal of a n : *nd.
,, isitor ??? i. i woman of
eigbty. wh? aald she va* Un. Connoro,
.?f \. m Weal lith atraet Moi
,-;..;., lughti r. Mra. M
Galee, ?? old, bad boi n ?
oi ].. - mltted
the rea ?'"', n'?
. i aromon a aa nol m ?? ?? F.nn
.five yeara ol I
Look for Red Automob.le.
-,..;. ' "V thOl
, .-,rK Krtdai morning a ' loi k oi
.,--.... into a aai ?' ;??'', ni
to tbe beaeh at Bl t a potnl
. ? . , . r tho toi
There wero three
, -. a have almeorl ? on
ofl ?
but oa yet boi
ted I l lt 1 l
of i
>?...- ? ?? ?
. ? li ?
..... v
... ? nl neor
' I ' '
. . . ? '
<-d th.m fl
1 '
' ?
? ?
?m% ' arenld
. -. ? t ? ?
? ..
? ? ? ordered
an Inqui ....
..... . tho lefl
i the
. ould '
\lt; ? . ? nt 1
nnette Oen< -
Noi .??*.:
murder rlctlm, by Mtroe p
expert*, I arlth Prlnci i motl ln -i lllndu
k*orh Bl ?'? i alr Bhe
. ;.s I ikl ti tl '?
? ? . .
fr ? nda In New
York Bw - thej bon
? Volk'a
... in i |ol ol
I'rl. no
? i ? | July 4
? ...?:,,;? toi to i " ber aia
t, i and co ... .,ii.,; ;..4.> 44. ? ka,
i . ,-i. he 1 oardi -i al
? t| 4'. ith I'i InC lr-rnail nuarlv two
in la dolng i levltatlon
lllyalon a t
Wittpenn's Friends Predict
Victory for Katzenb-ich.
i i: I ??, ine.1
ton, N ?' IV ol I ,\ir. doa I
t.. v.) ai . ie t ..r the M ittpenn mon are
i" ing io do al the en idns P Imarli ? ?
dlnpelied to-da! when .-. number of the
forroer Jeroe* City Mayor clooeot frlonda
predlcted the nomlnotlon oi i-'nu.k s
Kotaonboch, the antl-Wllaon candidate,
f..r . lovemor. ' Oio of tho . \> ho dld the
predlctlng wai a manaajer ..t Mr Witt
i ? .i i"..iii, for .,o\erncr.
ii,.. VVIttpcnn meii moke no ..... ..i
t1 . facl fi..t they ere angi) al Prei Idei i
w ii on for proctlcollv eompelllna witt
. ? mi to .. t oul oi .... r . ? i . lovi rnor
rprning oul In fav?n ot l-'i. d< . W hlta
Wlttpenn hlm elf malntaim thal he wlll
supporl Kieldar In deference'to the I'r, I
d. tit'n w i h.-. hla frli mf hai ? told hlm
? .. ? ? :i .lo aii the* . an to d. fi -t
Now thol i'" Kataentnach men on i ??
of th. ii'poti oi ti,.. \\ hi.
i>. un tn. n, Ihey nn . lalmlna that Mr.
Kutzenhach wlll win the tioinlnatlon al
the prlmarleo two weeka from to-day Bo
far pa .-..ii be learned their hopeo ..r.- nol
unfounded, for In pretty nearly .-\.-r>
? tl ? i,i.. oul -nl.- .f Hudaon,
th< Kotaenhach sentlmeni among tha
i. i.k and nin of the Democrata la atrong.
\ ittnei n a i - ?' itrong nupporter of ii,,.
I'resldeni witen hi wa Oovernor of New
The Hlnf*odrome rnanagemenl kaa ln.
BortOd m the n<wspapers an adverll-o
Bing fof tha Barvleea >.f twenty*
five dnredevll ihaulTeur.s, who will take
chancoe a? "alternateo" u. th,- m ane la
tne Orand CSanyon of ti... Colorado, artara
an automoblle arttk four oecnponta tnrna
? Bomeraaull and tumblea it.to ihe tank
arlth Ita buman friii-ht. Tbe .
chaufTeura, arta have lo per fer in thal
pcrilloui :-.tiint iwlee a day, noturatrj
muvt t.iko h rest diirin.: 80800 Of the BOB*
forn.ar.ces, and it ls thcrefore iieccssai y
to have ?alternates" in readiness.
Animal from Jersey Keeps
Matadors, Picadors and
Cowboys on Jump.
ren Thousand Reveller3 in
Steeplechase Park Beeame
Excited as Law Offlcers
Spread Their Net.
Tho bull, from Jors.y, Bktrtfld thfl rtBg
nitb bIow and nialaacholy atep. ? '.
hflfldfld r.ot tho eomplimflntfl of lh? ?? lor?
Ita. on tho -|de llnes or tho ancouragtng
rummonflflfl of tba apangled matadora
iiif. aad, kindly old face wore an exprefl*
4ion nt' m!nplod BlflgUflt nnd nharri ? ll
he could hava apokfln hfl arould hava aakt:
'Thls in not llk.- MeXlflO."
One matador, more daring than the reat,
thraw a Mardl Oraa tkaaua etraamer over
his horn- and brokfl th.- arilmal's renmin
m? n"iiso of aelf-reapeet. He turned tall
Md dr-.v.- his h'-fld into tho WOOdi
tlementa of tha nr. m. iiko ? well ragu
lated head*on colllaion on tiu- New
Tha animal aank wearlly to tho ground
rh.t aettled It In order to preventabuli
nd the attendanl gloom 11 miKht
hi over the unconflned |oy of the - ir
ilral the aul terfei arraatad
avenofl ? i ' Ipantfl ln thfl gory apec
acl?, and Coney latand'a Brat bull flght
. nd
A . v.,f>ii na thr 1"; I wp; t down throo
leaped ini aa and
llagnoeed hia condition They found him
>|o.->4llnsr nr th" DOfli led .. bulle*
tn to thal iptaln Mui i.i.v. >.f
? ? ini i Tboma ? I r ? i. i ij i
? of th ?' ?'""'? t ? for the I
lon of < rui it to Anim lb . and Tl ?
ii hi i. of tii<- H-; Boclety,
lon un i arreated four plcadora, two mat
tdora, two cowboya and the Bteeplechaae
i.?. nl ? I ol fl bo i i layi d ? pei l ln
i nlbltkm.
Tba i rii nera w? ? batrgi d a II h ??
I g ~, , . Of tb I'.-i.ai I ''-d
? .- of animal
on and '
-??.., ked up ln thi ?
? ? . i ? ed thla
ln afagleti it. .\t-11 ili ? i
Rnrique Robl
lar, who bad tha audaelty to tackle tha
,;j!i, m,i thi ??? ? oi Uia parl
? bfl made bl ? aa apa Ha eluded l
i( the i va
? i
: ? on I
,rk, a hi. ii w?a aurroundi I
? ? !
-.- . ' ? ?
-. ? .- Herbert 1
? .rr.-'
ireet. and /
11] n. ..il I
? ? ward
i. -.' ii I7i treet
? , , ? - ?? . ?
I .. lot of
ten II .
? ? r*.irk ?t tho tim-.
ght atl
, ? ? ? . . ?
. ? ? ? terta
? ?
(Lllllan Walker.
thfl i
The i: ? -i di lo.-.ii on n thln
? : ?
?. . . om* of
hem pul
iPI ? thfl rcgu
.iiimi ||fi - ? union ball - I
? i kffected tln
lt..,. ..,,.| i ,i ot the
? i tl a bi cond night .^
.I 'i I.- r. were
ew arre.tfl for road I
Poised for Leap as Policeman
Saves Him and Spoils Film.
Nli (? im n In ?. big, red i itomoblle
. .i aton i tha noi th r< adway >>f thi
. ! ifti ni....n flnd
topi -i In tl ml Idlfl ? I tbe i an. Hi re
?n. ?.r the men threw aaid. .. coat which
i ft hitn . lad in ,i bathlng suit Aftei ?t?
..ii tha t"p of the Iron
rork, ii" pauaed for a aecond, arith hi*
landrs upti -i flftfli tha fa bion or
[ hen th- band ... l NJBoer Blavtn,
.f tba Bridga Bcjuad, alutched hlfla.
oul "t thal!" aaid tha poll ?
um. "1 .ni ean'l k-. bathlng on nu i>- ..t
? pi pl|i .i the iran In the bath
r-. ? ull Thli aln t pli ai ure. II bu I
ti.iii.. r tlghti ii. d ins grlp rn Bi r
reant McConn.ll arrlved and added Mu
trength t.. Blavin'i Between them they
tulled th.- dlvflt baeh t.. the roadway,
leaplta hla proteej thal \m waa a movtng
.i.t;.! actor .md thal tha ofBcera wero
polllng :i pei fectly k?.?i Blm."
i >n the platform between the Brooklyn
iw?d ii..' ]...ii.. iii.-n found Frank Mor
la wltb i. movlng plctura macblne, \\hii.?
Sdward ii.;.. hlnaon had anothi r on Pb r
... Beloa In a rowboat they dlaeovered
wo mea, who turned oul t-- ba Robert
....ir.- and w'dii.iiii McCafltey. All the
I.. ii, Induding Um dlvar, Jamea bfurphy,
I ittth atreai .-.n.i Waahlngtoa avflnue,
h. Bronx, wha ??? tha only ..no actu.
Hv plaoed utni'-i arreal aaaartad that
ii. ?? wflra amployflfl of the movlng plctura
i.? .i
Th" eompan] wai taken before Magl
rate Na h, ln thfl Adama ntr.-.-t police
..un. Mi Murphj wag Brralgnel u ..
routd>ba auli id..
"im Bot gullty of attempted BUlcide,"
ba prlaonflT aaid. "i amfl poalng for a
ilrturr wh'-n tho olTl.vr arreated mo. Thln
1 tho Bret tlmo that I trlo.l hildtr,- J.ini..
ag aa ;. pinfaafllonfll In tha Bunraaar of
Ul i lompfld from tVflflhlngton Bridge
it.. th. Ilarl.-ni, and. tWO Wflflfcfl lat*-r. I
rampfld Into th*- river from thfl Bdlaon
awer at Klngabrldge."
"l don't .4-4- that wa bava anj avManoa
n whleh ti> hold tt.is man aa aa attempt
d flutdde." aald the maglfltrate, * i u
IflCharga him "
'raIroad head in
Ralph Peters's Special Train
Hits Local and He Nar
rowly Escapes Death.
Man and Woman Seriously In?
jured and Many Others
Shaken Up in Crash at
A -*.-rer-*<. in Whlch Ralph Petera, prosi
,iont of the Long lalond Rollrood, nor
rowly aacaped death, bci ured yesterday
afternoon at Brtdgohampton, ircng lal?
and. v.h>-n i ?-?.iai traln in WhtCh Mr.
Petera and hla family were ridlng was in ,
coUIolon arlth a wcol i^hk laland Roll- i
road train whlch waa drawn up at tbej
Btatlon I'latform.
Mr. Petera waa thrown to the floor of
his prtvate car, bul aacaped wltk nothlnw
more than a had ahaklng up Ofl
?ral imUroad wrecka ln the vlclnlt*/ of
Now Vork nithln the loot few montfca
this araa tho flrst in Whlch a l.isrh otn.lal
of the road reoi notble for tl e ?
-.-.us i paaaenger. Membera ol Mr.
Veterso family v 1 trom their
aata alao.
Tu.. poaaengi ra on tha local traln were
aorloual).in d and w< re tak< n to the
HoopltaL They were Wlll
lara Mann, of Qui | ' bla wlfe. Al
;.-;..,' it waa aald laal nlght thal
both probabiy would recovei BevereJ
other paraona were allghtly Injured
The local troin Btopped ot the Brldgo
n itatlon to diachargi
?nd waa about te atori e hi i Mr
m..., |al traln, made up of an enl
two . oa Nn- ?**?
-..:?( l, tbe railroad prealdi nl n ? I
ror n,c . -..I Into the
,..,,- , _ the Btelli d traln Tl.. englne of
_:.od hnif way through
the coach, hurled poooem l word the
head of thi Btered aad
rrecked lt
After Btrlklng th'* |oeal the englne of
,,. tin ii i ? n ai d tl e whole
wre k.i*. i ? . 1 ?'? ? ? bofi re
? o roar trtir-k* ar-d
.. .... .- ar parl of tl a i iat coach
%4.-re Btrewn about on thi road, with tho
rool of the coa top of thi rtit?1ne.
Mi. Petera ' '1|" altuatlon
? tl ?? work of reoenlng tho
Harburgcr's Deputy Ccimped
There and Arrested Him.
.-,. >n In
1 hlnv
.. ? to ? of 8 rlff llarburgi
t tho H
I'ourl ? ilnat
gherlff llarb ?-?? - ln %.
Btei thi ?
ly ti
t., v. |gl
? ? -1 c U
. ..
b) the
? ?
More Admitted to Phi Bcta
Kappa than Men, Is Report.
\ !' | I
ti i non to l'hi H-t.i K
Ain.-i ? bt ??:
. I
f Phl
?? b the
Ih "i ? ? ' itlon.
.,-..-. whan irt iranted to
? -. found ?.'?
forty-one t*o-cduc?tlonal Inotltutiona ln
omea have I
., : led. i ' ? ' '? mt ii.
Cases from 12th to 33d Street. East
of Third Avenue.
Twelve patlenta, aoven a?omon and Bvo
.. ,,,. treoti d In Bel ?
pltal, lt waa leari
f, vtr, and all of thi n a bo
tuet n IStb and IId atn eta, eaal ol
< >n Sept. mber i a man applled foi
. ? t?i the hoepltal, and waa found io
i?. ni 4. Ith t phi Id i ? ? "i then until la rf
? with the exceptlon of Bunday, the
patlenta have been arrlvlng, bohi.
toot .in.i othera broughl from their homea
ni ambul.'
gome of the doctora ln the Inatltutlon
. of the ,?: Inlon thol the uat. r In the
dloti Icl moj be Infi eti A,
Woman in Millar Car Which Was
Hit by Train Dies.
Bouth Norwalk, Conn., Bepl I -Mlaa
.!,? .mi,. (?iithrie, wi.o wa-, in thi Butoeno
blle atruck b] the Pltti Hold Bxpn il a
arade crooolng here late yeeterday, ln
4\ iii.-h .-.. ctdenl Mr. and Mi - Ad
Millar wi ra kllla I, dl< d laal nlght at the
..iiri.ru-. \4'io 44.,-; afghtoon ) aai i
oid and a .hiiin ol Mloa Dorothj M llor,
had boon ? ?rueel of the Mllbu i on ^
ahopptng trip to Norwalk from tbelraum
mi i bome rn BHver Mh* . Mli i MtUar,
who waa Injup d, la ei:?? cted to r? cover.
a bomb arhlch axploded early reaterday
ln front of the f-recerj Btore ran bj
Domloico Ki- appa at Ne, 133 Bi -' s-t'i
atreal broke Iki plata liaaa wlndowa of
tne Btore and broughl many of ihe taw
anta of tlw building lo th" atreet Two
reara ago Rlcappa rocelvad EHaca: Hand
letter* in whi.h M.fH ami domanded
but ha boM ii" lettora bad been meolved
The Honor Lagtoo of ihe !'<>i! ? I '?
partmenl naal for "" ni'M< """' nm*
aarly ln the auromer ol Pollce Ueodquar
i, ,, laal nlght John W. Kreeer, pri al
dent ot' the aoooi latlon, |.rehi.i.-.i. and the
topie of diH.-iisf-lon waa the annual dlnner
to be hei.i at the vVoldorf In January.
About ninety membera were praaeat.
Canadian Justice of Peace from
Whcm Case Was Taken With?
out His Consent Is Puzzled.
Travelling Comic Opera Girls
Salute Thaw with Shrieks and
Giggles, While Customs Men
Examine Their Baggage.
fFnitn \ S'nfr ("nrr??|on.Vn'.]
Coaticook, QtMbec r-vpt o -.inmrs Ha
I'f- . iufltlci <.t thr peacfl befon whom
\\';I!;ani TraVera J. roine araa tirst ar
lalpned as a panil ler .ind arfcfl was ?hou'
.;. red .-'ii ,<! the caae yeeti rday by Mflgte
Irate Mulvena, who camfl from sh?r
I r okfl and jf.ivo Mr. .Ir-rom. an honor
able diacharge laat night, la wond<>rin?.'
IO?ntgrlt 1 r;wf srhflf t'< do nhout lt. \\e |i
undeclded whether bfl should smoefullv
forgel all aboul it or call th" haaring
of th. caae .<n Thuraday, tha dat? oriffi
nally ?> t, Jual as if nothinp had hap
Probablj Mr licKaa would fleefde to
forget aii hIoui it wera H nor that th
more revengeful <>f lus n.lgbbora keep
pecklng away ar him, urtTiiur him to i
i p th* . i flnd "do Bomothlag
i'i Jerome." Aboul th<? only thinsr th*
can think of for him to de fa t-> ri,
J.rome'a ball forfelted arhen h? fxiis to
nppear t>> Bastrar io big Bajraa at th
hearing i-1 I ?* llutraday.
"1 don't knOW just what t-. do.'' Bflld
Mr. McKee to-daj "i bav - i i-.a
\\ro ot tho peaee for thlrty "-.ir- an.i T
anything *lka thla h?pn<--n I
, .i\ <? nol ilgned an * arltbdrawal from th?
?.??-? in favor of Magiatrate M-.h<>na ?nd
I don'i know that 1 BhalL 1 sliall rnn
suit arith legal counael. it la mv pregani
? tlon to r-ft i- eourt on Thuraday
all tha caae. if Mr. .t. rome dcea i et
r well, r '-.-ir-'r raay whal i r**rm;'.
.lo then. I Bhall cor ? ??l about
ihat "
Thaw on.io".d two nov.-l exr.menrea
The flret wa- to hava a abow nt
llfe tranaplanted to thfl .ta
t.on platform, whera ha aald wateb It
I wa to ba taken oul for ?.
? - -i,- i *<..-tt.' ook i inoeka by M?
fh" Tiroadwav llfo, to r<?mlnd
him ot ..|.| r'm<-f4, ?n? in the f'>rm of a
. ..mi.- opora road company on
?s -. - ? . Bher rooka to play a !.?t
. bt*b i i ? aaa
tfld for ojstoms in
- hour at the railroad st;i
whlcb Thaw ir- eoannad, th?
.-.II not off md gafhrrM u-r.Vr hia
"Ha > thay aquaaled, nnd "Oh,
ttntU be flna
ti tha window bara, to r-?
| ? -;? k*
l . . . c ,. _---.
the abow giris t
aan yelk
?i.. ? ? ? ? sVUliani Trav.
:? '? ?
0t A
? II I
.:i th
wlll i. Montrei
John F. Gleason Wants $53,000
for Services and Loans.
t tt
? ral ' 'Ol I ?'
Th.-v. rflflrl
- Ihfll
'?"?' kfl tiateudel
? ?
Hr, q legcfl thfll perl rm?d
? p ? Ar\
| tfl $'."."
All but I ? '? ' '? '
Mr. Gleanon '
M- Tl ? '' "
and mflde for ?
to defend h- r lon on eredlt that ii*
ire barrad hy .. dla
?? in bankrupb y, and tt'-.t h.
ml ramed.
New York Lawyer Asserts His
Modesty While in Canada.
Moi tn 4'. s- pt *? -When Mr
. ! bi Montreal ?
? lornlng from Plttal ?
to 1 room ln thi Rll ? ? 1 . i
jotnlng the apartmenta occuplfld bj
daughter, Mra Qeorge t.. Carnegle,
Ber 1 aald over the ti I
An Rgreem.nl \* .i - ra iched b, I
mlgratlon i rl i id Thaar'a laa)
broughl from i "oatl*
,1 on Thuraday morning.
il he wlll be held fll the
Immlgration detei tlon boi
??In \ b n o! tha attitude of i I
cltlsena toward > tl ? r N> ? I
; ? ,,. havi - orafl a - - youi 1 1
? .1 i ai. bnrflflt I
l if. Otntflted
- ? ? ratber
for me t-- dlflcuaa thla e u ? at BlL 1 trlll
?,. . ? r it aeither Mr. i
who H---.Miipani.-s ni.-. Bor 1 hava
bi ra t-> t.-:i Can id ifl luwyan or c<
Whflt t" .!?>. or bOW tfl do lt. U> eaBM
here orlglnally i- rauaa Tb iw feit I
ii,,. thal ha mlghl be deportfld t>> ?
tn..nt. and he wanted advice from the
At.-.. 11> ?'!. Btandw
Lace Dealer, Who Fled to
Syria, Will Face Creditors.
abraham N Jabalte, ;< ?--'!'
int, who lefl thla ettj May '-M ",!l
return t- New Vork and f;i> - bM Lradi*
tora Jabalte, a*-!"1 owad IkMegai 1 1
, ,N ,., ; n . ? un lowa in ^yru.
1 few mllea fr..m Belrut Oeergfl ?
rerrka, hla lawyev, IWowed, an.i afta*
bmub] ditti.-iiiii.-H Buceeadad la finding
him. Jflbfllii ? :..-! to return ratl ar tk?B
lacfl astradltloa prec*fl>dl*aia to ba tak.?
Jabalte, arho w-t. one of th. rta*gat
Syrlan IflOfl and .-mhroid. r> ni^r.liants ft
tha clty, had i4ii afltflhllflhrn-flBt al No- ?
Waahlngton atreet, aad Uved .>t ^f' l
Btrong ri...-. Brooklyn. Before ba ?*,:-1
ba aeut drafU far Ml Ot to tba ImperW
Ottoman Bank. ln Belrut and attemptea
to atiip ? large quantlty of|Ooda by ""M
of Mexico to B] ri?. Hut thfl drafta ?rera
atopped by Ferrlfl, and the gfloii wlfj
racoverad ai tha Mexlcan boidar, w?
Na.nh Jflbalifl, his nephew, ??? awragagg
al 1:! I'aso. TflX.

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