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He Outdoes Phileas Fogg, Mellie
Bly and John Henry
TRIP OF 2.500.000 MILES
Only Took Ten Weeks?Now
He Needs Some Money
for His Railroad
I ? rturbable Phlleaa Fogg aaa a
? man a ben lt eame to trai
. hla <ia4. Then along
Ncllio Bly, an.i, as behoovod a buot
ady who Hved ber public life In tha
-. o1 th? suffrau-. nt, oha
? ? gloofl off Pblleaa i reputatton
. tter
Laat. am - all. came
john Hentry Mi.. i
r, before be h<*s flnlshed poilab
Ing tha mud ol Blbertan woehouta fiom
arnaab goes hla record int*'
much aaaaller fragments than amlther
cft.s. Whatl Tev havan't heard? Who?
V. oll now, one cjuestion at a time.
in tha ftral place, lt was J. r Alr that
,'?1 ii -Johnnla Itoob -Mr. bbj vorj -
friends an.- allowed t>> call hlm. And
whon >."i knoai Juot boer mnch he did,
ln what thno, you arill agree that aa
-4 roJIo-oater lic Btanda Rt t!i<- head of ai. <
trlooa hai Here la the Hanl truth:
tn ooventy daya?be had to do most!
el lt erhtle the toachor of tbe *h elaoo ln
Pablle School iy. was on her vacatlon -
lie oa*raa*eda In round numba - - *
mllOO. T.iat ir-. u tha WOVda of Johtmio '
: himself. some trip.
Keside these. iigures, the re.ords of
former globe trotters fad*j Into inslgnifl
canee. John'a taaohei flajra it la 1 *
' mllee around the world. Thla means that
th*. Rreat Kogs l^ad to go eomething bet?
ter than time hundred 80000 a day 1"
' hanglng up his record. wh'.uas the lOtOBt
holder of the rcc-trd-hefore Johnnic had
lo about double tt le paoi
An.i Johnnte*. WoU. the long dtvlaton
claaa avor at No. IM bM J iel eorajruted
his daiiy run at K.7M BlUefl and a llttlaj
That la to *-a>. Johnnla orenl
around tho world every day and about aa
far as from Neo* York to .\:bany. Aus
traiia- aot Non* Tork?beetdea; or, rathcr,
he travtlled far cnough to du that evtry
ciay on tbe average.
lt bept Jobnnlo, rx.twithEtanding bla
i atareon nine and ten thousand mcarna- |
tions or majilfeatatlona, pretty busy, toi
g. t through 1ns little Jaunt r-gu'-arly. but
l as indotr.itably as h\h first i-roto- |
was hnporturboble, nnd he suc-.
d. For ten weeks ba reoled off th>- '?
at the diz/.y pace, throjgh beauti
ful lands full of mountains and va
ilch in trc--s ar.d Aowera, COOlod by lrac
lant breoaea .. ei atreama and
lakea, b**ooded over averyorbere by tho;
sreat Delty ne worahlpped--Freab
r ? ......j and IVholaoomo.
Now eomebody haa to pay the i ;?
Ifl hclped John to dunce his j
? ? .. ,u..i no*o he is hold
. with a bill ln It?O h:g bill for I
i oi tatlon. ln fa. t, thi re ar.- hall a ?
railroad C4?mpa
The woret of it la, Johnnla isn't
worrvirtg hla h. ad nbout the pipcr's pay
a \4int. but eomebody has to. iou could
- : .ent, Wain*cot..
i | md, throuw'h Mr*. \V. 11.
- n . *":*';
. ".'"
- T Uirk..
>f I - ?- .
I ii acknowiedst-Q.' _"""!'.!
gtn I MOI. .agT.lel N
ConbibtMlona, preferably by check or
money order, should be addneaaed to Tho
Trlbune Fteeb Alr mnd, The Tribune.
Ki ?? Vork I'lty
Zionists Discuss $500,000
Scheme for Jerusalem.
Vienna, a**Bt ?.?A PTOjoet for the eotab
I li**hment of a Jt-wish unlverslty at J>
hrn was discussed at the Zlonlet congres*
to-day. The cost of tOO unlverslty is ?
mated at *??? fout th of orblch
alr<adv been r.roriiisrd.
It. welgmann, ol Manche ter, i;..*,
lai.). u*r*ged t';. of auch a um
vcrafty nwlt.f- to tl I facWMea
?.ffornVo to J, w' ta ln !M-*ia and
B -
An A 1 to the Czar for Relicf for
the Persecuted.
in its issue of Bepterober ITL, under th<
hradmi? "Open Letter to the Caar >.f Rua
glak," Tba IndependentM Baakea an Irapaa*
pi'.ned appeal fi r JuatJee to the Jewa.
Jiecalln-? the opUnUatk expectatlons of
Ibe people arhen tbe preaenl <v.;.r aocenl
fl the tbrone. tin- edttOT aaya that "tbe
bava osrpartoraeed during your rei^rn
utions fai mora crnel than ihose
b j.re\al>d during the Middle Ag-?<*,"
at.d concludea arlth tlns plea:
i!<,w can you, tbe maa arbo auggeotcd
ti.e t^tabi-pihment of unlverool i a
Tho Hoarue, tolerote in the land to whleh
,., oaray bi eh reftnenv nl
i.f barbarity and brutaiity and yel VOOt
u.f io faee the rulora of clvlllaed i
?? thoir equal? How- eoa J OO I" rinlt tbO
?ovi-.te! of tonoT-explOded myths and au>
Baialltlonot f/o-w, la ?i.ort, do you aapoet
to Baoel y ur Makvi with such a burdon
apon >?ur aottl' I 'i' n ' our eyea! Ob
m the 1 rttfl lhal frei dpm b i
other Bkleel Drive from your land Ibejl
dark Bplrtu of Intotoranee and deapotloai : .
?blch have made ot it a chornel h<
.- ? *] ben a aaa light arOl |
upon your raet doooaln and you
aa . ? .B ortlltana happlneaa
ni d |.io-|..rlty."
? . 8
Elucational Campaign Plaiincd for
the Public Schoois.
adaoattonal ca^mpalgn to earry flre
Into lha homea haa been
ptaoiied b) Joaeph Johnaon, I
and Thoaaaa W. Churehlll,
? nt of the Hoar.l ol EJdUCOtl.
. arranged 1 f leeturi
ia h. made ln p I Bi ? n
Inapi cton . undi r the dlri i tion ..f ,
t'l.tof \\ uuam Ou***rln, aetlng head ..1 I
? aa, aad I 1
?nd .? ; ibe Board of Kducatlon.
a s. rioa .,t ovi olng lo ba made
by ? 0 an inaon'a raea la
?nt? of aebjool ehlldren o*Ul begln obortly
lr. tl,,- Jt.-tii..- t Ber the 5u|,i-ivi
?i?n of tbe I'.oa'.i ..i Biducatlon
Wiu, tha ?preadlng '?' u" ,;" oropa
aaada through tha medlum ol tha achoota
tba Ptre I.. i.a.ti.i. m aill dtotiibute
Pamphleta eontalnlng Inatru/ tlona nn t<?
tht laat ui.aii-. ol Bghtlni are a aatrlea
Of lOCturoa for boy BCOUtfl i? also UflaflOl
Day at Englewoocl Country Club
Devoted to Fellowship,
Frivolity and Fun.
Three Home Runs Foiled by
Wcight of Runncrs-?Pageant
in Evening Is of Un
usual Beauty.
v - ? lated Arehltflctural Bo ,, t:,,
hei.l thelr annual outing nt the Rngle
reaterdajr. Mor
afternoon and evening wera devoted to
rcunlona of fellowahlp. frivolity and fun.
? wll.. could chronlcla with .fusti. ??
ball game ot the flfternoon, tha pl<
ol thr daytlnH obabl;
l ? be horn. Tho gyrattona the -
ua dolnaa of thal game. would hai ?
ed the hair ot John McQraw i
with 4
? teama repreaornad tha Arehlteetnral
League and another, though Just what
"H- ri-.t apparent
"i teama apnarently poeaeaefld tho
onii Erarti Tracy?aald to
b ? ii eontracting archltot^t ln the
!?' air .- rentri fleld wa^ MTom" tfar-t
- arrere & Haatlnga, who muifed
every hall thal araa hll t" blm, av.i ..i,.,
unanlmoualy v..tr,i tho raaaon thal
?? aaa Ll to ;?? .-.t tha end of the
fourth Inning. nhi-n tha game u.v. called
t of darime*a
'?no piayer knockad f."ir homr- runa.
but hta i'-i pounda refueed m allow him
to get further than thlrd baaa. Thera
>-.. r.- four rnnplrea hul utnpirea ahould
? 1"- rnentionod.
The Knlf niatoh of the Oiorillng Wfla
w..n by Moore, in K, i ut thr- giaateai ap
pLauaa wenl to Goodhue, "hn managod
to flmbraca the eourae in ua Tho tctinla
..o-ihios wera won iv Chappell and lfe~
Mullan In r? nian.ur that mlghl w.-'l
oauae petturbatton on the ahorea of th.
After r' ? apo ta a-ere Bnlabed cama tha
? i-O.l i , \
Parlalana trled t-> remembor thelr Prench
ai d llrrti n< d to Evai ti 1 ra.:. poaed aa
Tom u. making .. Bpcech before
tha Brll ? ? ? ? hlti eta Mr.
Hafltlngi flral aaid hi would reply, and
then di eldad thal he wouldn't.
And then, after tho laal deml-taaae had
baan i mptiad l i ot the Beaua Arta
remembered thal thoir ahort excurelon
Into tha Never-Never Land had .'..m. to
aa end, ai d that fr.nn i*. t. r Pai
n-,ust ahow all wera prlesta vowed to th?
of Beauty. <n,o and all, they
? d out Into the moonlbjht and
through tho wooda t>> tho rool of .. pl ?
dothed hin. Here .-. Ow -k tempto had
l.n erectod, and bare a pageant, The
ilan Mjaterles," wrltten and
tagad by Aymar Eknbury and Roaerl
Aiiki-n, \\as prflasntod by membera of tbe
ArchltecturaJ Laaague, aflstatod by
? :?? pi. tii.st modelfl ol the Ai t a
<'lub ior \\ OHI4-11
Tbe paaj?nt a ai baautifn
ii. antraa ? of tba prfk ta an.i piU -t
. Hgbti 'i t,,r b< i end moi -
owly down l ? de, chan!
inlaon aa thay cama. ?^ partlcula
effective. tna pafljeant reprfl?ntfld a
Ifrsputa betweaa Manaart, Mlchael
Phldlraa an.i tha l '..???- Uan ..r
\i Bna ,. - to a bo waa the greah .^t
Brchltevt Man .-i 11 deelared thi moderna
bad Btoli n tha rool he Inventad,
. ? l Angeto thal Manaai t bad t opled
him, with the alde ramark that ona < oa- '
alufl OUbartlua had robbed bla dome i f
Jt Pei i" aay the <at.it.ii ot Bt P
Tl* n Vitruvlua di ? lared lhal Ml
?... rowed .-.il bla ld< aa from hla I ?
Phldlaa thal \ Iti ivli ? had atoli n bli
ai .i t". < i -.. Man that Phld
imply rearrangad hla ortglnal Ldk i
? ? ? . held thal ha
ao had I t to award the 11
- .; wera Bnally sw?pl aalde by tbe]
K-ytha of Father Thne, aa tha Bnal
who Bwarded tba priaei t<? thoaa i
I ad wii tha rarloua atl let* i
.. the afternoon.
But tha beauty ol tna acene, tl.
baatra bldden la tha \4..-..is, tha atately
oarch "i" tl* Moei a tbe dam ?? of tb
-[,n it of tha Dance, lnt< rpretod wltb rarti |
. by Mlaa HlMa Beyer; tha lovflilBaflB i
?f tha Oraclan robad pi auriaaaaed
,,,.- , rfei t thal ? ? been obtalned '
... thfl atagi "' an Ineloaed thaatra. it
B-fla ? ap< etfli la worth going mlll a tfl ?
ind the audknce aeatad mi the sk>i><- of
he hills remained throughoul the per'
'ormanca deapita tha very froaty air.
Bowulary of Possessions in the Congo 11
Region Settled.
Br.nlfaiix. BflPt I.- Tho PrfllM h OOUV
under Captain ParHouat, arhlch
. ; . agaged in th.- arorfe of dellmlt
oi; the I i.-iii-.i-IJi-rmiin Coegfl fronLior,
returned hon-. Tho roports of tha
ommlaalon appotntad by both eountriea,
..nif.tin.-.'.i, aro m agioameat, and a
otUement la coaaaaleiad t*. hava been
'??'?'"''? .__
Rochafltar, Mlnn., Sent. ?.?rjonaral I -
irenvtlte i-iodne. of I'ounc-il uiuffB, lowa, 1
s i,<, raeently anderwent a aerteaa opera- ;
lon bare, waa Brflawgnofld curod to?day ,
,r ,1 V..-M to*nlgh1 In .1 private c-ar to hla l
,,,;?,.. Qflneral Dodge, elraj la elghty-twfl ,
reara old, Ifl one of the few aurvrving ,
naj-.r gHIBfalfl "r the C'hil W:<t. ,
.- ???'- t
jmmea ,-ar.-\ is dead ln hla h-flana, No. j I
13 Fronl atraflt, Brooklyn. Ha waa bornji
? iraiaad aUty-fl-ra yeara w>- and ? ?
lated n, tha navj Ib leee, flflrrlng on tl* 1
.,?,..., iiu.01. tor four yeara 11- ra- }'
I medal of honor from Congn
or bravery la aavlng Bvaa. Ka uaa 1
-th- ,.,.; ,,f thoaa Bfl honore.l. Mis fl I
and brothflr. uilliam. e-unrhra HlaL
,, wl,i be beld to-nmrrow. Ini
?.,, u,il h- m Holv^Tos. C.
1 ., . ? 1
.,,, | Tba aeaaon at thfl
:::;:;l,r,;:.,;v;,,;',,.,,,,,,,-,,, ?
,..,. ,,,?, roturn t- T...rytoiv...
ir .....1 Mra John B ??og?awlUU
iHora Kerea on Monday for IHroedo.
Tin,.; Urt OU.^mt^S^U
Hll..ntoNi^ V'"K:,;,.t nnni.
NIlu john Jaoob Aator aill aoi
0 New rort untll "<'"''"-! ,?., L
M.Bry BMck. ahe .- J
nother.Mra Harhen ^?ons, *M re 1
,, Mew v,,rk on OctObflf '
l:\\Kl.l.\ K
Hurricd in Auto from Oaklnnd
to Home of Brother?Tour
Caused Brcakdown.
: Bl Ti k araph lo The Trlbuae *
San Pranclaco, Bept I. -A dramatic
elemenl waa Introduced int.> tha
of twenty thouaand Natlve fl
Daughtera to-day in Oaklaod when
Pranklln K. Lane, Becretary "f tha in?
terior. fell ui In tho revlewlng
stand. 11.- waa revtved with difllculty.
The i. ? ld< ? * almool caoaed a i-n.r,i<
lha 1 mda who wero a? d ?? d
aroun.i the revlewlng atand, on whlch
^ore Mn; or Rol] h, Francla J. Ha '
,'!.? ? 'i he i ihli f of Poll ??? tori owal
the raillng of Ihe atand, ?... thal tho on
conoeiom man mlghl be toki n to a walt
Ing aut. i i uahed to th b
hla broth. r, Dr. Yn J. 1
i;. rhelej
Dr. La ? t htili*?ttn. ln v
aacrltx ,i the Becrrtar a condll
-, o-, bn .k-'.-44 n. due t.. thi loni
he has been under owtng to iu.< hard trip
through ti..- x ?i thwi bi bi d I
ai e of n... rnany dlnner and apeaklng lt -
ii.yti-.i ? 'i ?? ? ? - ? ondltton 44;, aa
gravated by *. bad coW and li d 1
whlch ahouid have ko-,t the Becretary In
bed t't day.
When it a ggi ??? morning
tbal be give np r< riewlng the 1...
whlch 1 had been aki -l to do In the
place >.' 1 on, Mr Lane re
l>r. I tfl Tho Tl I
apcndenl to-nlght that tht, .>, reta
nleeptog quietly and v.<>uid be :.r,
thn ?? or four da
Will Try to Get Gcrmans
Exhibit at Panama Fair.
. Jami 1 W .;?-?: ?? ? l
.... -, . . ;,. ? t. . ;? -
North ';. rm >? Uo ?'? Mnt 1 Kronprtnn
?,., iii.-. Many fit- t
dlrn goodh 1 1
itono. Mt- Qerard wlll joln him ln Ber
in wlthln a month
?rt his !??'?? .;?.,-.
nonufoclurera t>. exhibli al thi 1
I'.,. n c Ei: ?.iltlon. and ? ?'!|. ??< -
lef tbal German bu Ineaa men were 441 .
>nough nol to overtooh the opportunity
the'dutles ol hla
I the a l ? 1 ? lalntalnlng !
,, - *r V4 pi a thlnga he 1 el uae 1 to worrj
ibo .1
President s Daughter Unablc To Bc
BridBflBUid at Chum's Wedding.
Kunlra, N. V., ??? rt I M ? 1 ???
u iioon, 'i lUghtu . ... Pi ratdent '??
ai,,, went t-> Atbeno, Penn., expectlng t,>
>?? a brldeamaid al the wedding <.t hei
... ., r Bcboolmate, Mlaa Nellla B. Klnt*
ier, to Cbarlea B Kellogg, ol Athena, to
lay, waa uaozpecti II) Bummoned t.t ih*.
i'i.- 1.1.-..t'-? Bumroei homi and lefl for
"... in-h. x. ii., yaol n
Mr. ond Mi -? Ki llogi wll ei a
..,11 ymoon motor tourney, during whlch
boy *aIh vlall Mtai Wlloon ln Cornloh. I
rbe b-rlde rocetved a Bllvei tea oet a a
weddlng Bift from Mra. ivoodrow Wllson.
Will Play Leading Part ia New Slio-v
Until Eddingcr Gets Well.
[Bj 1 - l-i., ? ? ? ' ? ]
Hartford, Conn-, Bepl |, B< auae u al*
aee Eddtnger, tba leading man to ot la
t,,. r,.-44 . '..i an Btaow, "8ev< n K. to
lahSpato." la nol rocoverlnfl a* rapldl)
ta 44a? eaTpeetod ut tho Hartford Hoo
.itnl from the tojurlea ouatalnod la a?
iiitoinobiio craob, it was aanouneed le
light that Oaorga M. Cobaa blmaell
4..11M tahc thr- leading parl avea if he
itui has to carry bla h ft arm ln a Bltag.
Mr. CTohati la gettlng along arell and bo
rt hiK daughter Qeorgette nnd Prat* K
lope, bai ha aanta Mr. Bxldlnger t,, re
,.v,-r fuiiy before be atarta aorh How
?V4 r. tbe pbyolelana are havlng a little
llffleulty aith tba deep gaah whlch Bd
llngor rocelved over tbe lefl ? ?
Mr. ' ..luni will eontlnue ln tbe part ln
fOW Vork I'titil IJldniKor Ifl *a?U. thorcby
ecalllng tbe launehlng of "Qol Rleh
julch Walltogford." ln Hartford, Juat
i,:--. yeara ?-?'>? whon Hole Hajnlttoa waa
?ben 111 after one parformanro nnd Mr.
?oi.an nnnpad in aad otajred tbe lead fw
w ? I
f. c. wiiitii. >. wh.> now rnanagea Hor
ba k Ulaeh, 1 r*ouncefl hoi toor of thli
ountry ond ti"1 Contlnont ln ropertory.
Ir *a/hitnoy*fl Brol aeaoantotlon of Mme.
Caiieh thla leo-eoo arill te In "Hor Bon'a
v.r. ? .. drama by Bdward Bugene Rtt
,., a tranalatton of, a Oerman au
?TaigwflJ ba Callowad br'The Daughter of
?ri,, ' b: d'Ana .nzin. a PeJart atlegorl
.,1 puy, ond, it M undt-n-t-od. several
ml?,i..u- Bhak? .p.a.ian prodii.tioii...
ia,?. cowl, tba M.uy Taraor la "WMUa
M a^mgn .__ tba Batrage Tboatro, wUj
?,,. , ,,,o,-iai lavttattoa *?arty callod
Mary Tatner*a BWbday Partj .... tho
tag. to-n,or.o.v nlghl after tbe regular
erformonca to celabata Ihe aaatverbary
f U,e flrat ,.e. fo. man. 4. of the pla:.
Subway Work Necessitates New
Site for Statue.
Large Size of the Figure Makes
It Difficult to Find a
Th<- e'V.i?-airlan fl.atuo of Oeneral Shrr
man win bare to ba mored fiom Ita pres
? nr alte, on ao. n.mi of excavaUoo Ior
tna BBth atreel aobaray. To learn Juflt
i thla musl Le don-. Part Commifl
?loner Btorer haa taken up tho matter
wltl m i all of tha Pfl >ll? s' r
| vlce <'oinmi ? oi
Tha atatoe on 'he Plata mai bare te
be a.mmodated eleewhere for many
itha The Lafayettc atatoe ln I aloo
: Bquara Part, haa had t>. be remered fro
ii - origh .1 - tfl to .. t< mporary wi ?? ai d
? -i prol iWy i... thera for the next
i. ao 4,i- three l ear., thi Con
! aald.
Although the expenae of movlng tho
atatuary mual ba provlded for in tha eoo
tia.-ts drawn up by tha oommlaalon, tho
Part Department la cloeely auperviaing
ihe work.
Tho Btfltue of |?afa)yette araa moved to
? Lawn In linion Bquare When Oommlfl
Btoner Btarer dlacovered that thfl con
tractor i ded no ha-- for II. '?'
Immi llately i otllli d him it moal be donfl,
and he dl pl?y< d ? l< tter yi aterdfly In
which ti.sitrai tor prom ? d to bulhl
a foundatkm al onee.
"Si'.i'o for tba Bherman mmiun^nt wlll
ba found in Central Parh," aaJd Mr.
Btover, "bul it br. ? problem to Bnd room
for II becauaa of it-> -i/.e \t may have
r.) be on .< temporary alte for a long time.
i nrlah it were poaalble to har* all tbe
contracta calllng for the rdaaoval of part
atatuary under araj al enca, ao all eouW
be taken cara of. and It la wltb thal and
in rlew r have taken up the mattflr with
th. Publlc Bervtca t^mmtfleton.''
One plac* being eonaMerad for a tem?
porary Bit. Ifl ln B Btrlp of BTOimd north
ent 1
brldle path lf thli med. q " -?"? ,n'
-xact location "i:! ??? dependenl 1
, st, ,,1 uf th< rort ??' 1 1 avatlon ror th
It ta aeai thla point
re Ifl to bfl.
?j-,,.. . ? ..-.n ... ti ?? Bhermai rnonumenl
.r the blggi at pl< a ol worfa
,.1 || i.., .1 . \.,- ,it. mpted In th
- the aubwaj worb d
compel lt, 11 wouM have to ha mored
.,,.,, .... 1 ... tl ? weat, to maki il con
roi m with tl ? ni n ptana lot I ?
mad. ln eonj
,. ? ,.;, Of U ? '?
' al thfl aouthflrn end.
n real
Park !'? ? ' v.iii take every
tlon ta Ineun the aafety of the wort of
? . | irk 1 'ommli loner add d
lt would be hard to Bnd ? 1 '?
I : parh Imn ed! ib I] ? ? ?' "'' !h" '"''
enl one, becauaa thaw ' ,,"'"n"
II arouM have
,,, ba n..1 over a ?* le iretch of pare
. id atveral ten ? ? -
oe r ? tojor* il
U. S. Authorities Make an Arrest in
Th? Bral Impoi lanl moi e to p ' ' *
ght prirllegea A photo-drama ai d
morlng pl aaadfl Ln Chk -
,,.,, ? rthmore, of thal ?
, .. | Bi ?? M..i
. f, .1 wltb unlawfully copylng
eopy'rlghtad photi gi 4?1 ?
? g ... V , . .. -I - iBg tl"'"'
,.? ,. market waa bro ghl up for
,t |,.. .1 ?"?:i ": ?"' '"r H
varioua motlon pl< ture theal
. , .., ., "Quo Vfldl . which beara
to tha ortgtna
Roroa LUly, escluaive Am ri
can rlghta for which are held b]
lt U al Kli Hon to
... aU Infring* mi nl ol thla 1 opy
1 nlra and pbotograpl -
Majoi Jamea Bdward N'orrm la. 1 I
.\.. attended 11* performance of "Tbe
al the IVIi ter ?
? , .. ning. He had ? hlfl I
...:,,.. General Qeorge Borden. Major
Bklnm r and 1 'aptain A. II Hugett.
Bccompanli d b Ll< utenanl CohMM ! Pri d
ojiad. n, rommandant of cadi ta al
\,. 1 point Major Normoyh arlll aall for
Panama thla afternoon oa the ateam dp
? Lai.
Maurlce nnd Walton nill be fi al n d ln
new dancaa al ihe Colonlal, beginnlng
Monday, Be| tember 8. Thi ir engai - Baonl
win axtend ovflr .-. month Maurlce and
\\ alton hai -? bai n danclag Ln Bun
aummer and win aall in a f?w d?ya
i- ? . r. ? M.-i.i betwi - n Pblllp B u
1.mafl and Lee Bhubert, II haa baaa
arranged to tranafer Jo aph Bantifly and
? u hi n Dn ami < !ome Trui " n< ?l Mon?
day from tha Lyrlc to tho fortj -fourth
Btreel Theatr* for an indeflnltfl run
Bfltty Martin, tho ron. .rt BtngflT, bflfl
barm engaged for tha cabaret ?! the Jar
din de Danae. on the Kew T?rt Thflatw
rooc*. Bhe wUI atng by reouflflt II bi sn
nounccd, from a iflpertary flf foor hun?
dred M -
Ifkai Dorli K4.n1. ..nd her company wlll
laave thla morning for Buffalo, whera
Mlaa Keaaa arfll baglnbflrtour with "Ro
manceM UMnorron flvealai atr. DllUng
1,,-in wlll boM a fall aiaea r?hean il at Ihb
Teek Tbflfltrfl, La BanTalo, to-nlght Mlaa
Btbfli Jonce, a daaghtor of Henry Arthur
Jonflfl, tha Bagttflh dramatNt. ba 1 ??"
, ngeged for a Ifladtng part n ??^oraatncfl "
Afl.r a 1. a WflfllU on the road Mhfll
Kaaafl aeea te Ihe Prlueaaa Theatre, 1..
Chicago, for a Loag aagaaaanant
Fnt/i Bchadf baa hjkii-.i to appear al
B. f. fCfltth'a Alhambra dartag the nreeh
ol At \ 1. naber n\
goati wiii ba paaeed aa aala le-merrew
morning ior tha angagamant ol Paaale
v, ;,iii ln "Mad.-m Prasadeet" nhlch ,
ai ii..- Qarrks, Thflatrfl Menday|,
. g, ,,t. mher Ul Ib thfl
portlng Mlaa tYaid ara Oeorga OleeV .
w. j k. rguaoa, Jeha W, Oaaa, Panean j
McBaa. lach Devaraauz, 0?ergfl Bran-J|
?an, J D. Horwitz. oliver BflmiWH. Mll
lard Saunders. Aubrey West. Fattle
Browea neiie Danae, Mlaaa Gawnbel.
Klen? Fost-r and Ftuth Sinel.ir. MhM
Ward Wltl be under the manafs'ement of
Charlea DflUagham
I-, ; ? C. Williams form. r owner of the
Colonlal, Alhambra and a number of
other tiiativf. baa arrfttoa to K. W, AihoP.
lllflnagaTT for It. r. K.ltb. .ontr.dl.-tinaT a
. mrent runior that ho is ahout Ifl re-ert.r
the vaudflvthe Beld.
Classes Open Monday?Tardy
Marks for Late Ones.
Only One Drawback?Those
Enrolling Must Tell Their
Real Ages.
Bchoola .wo openlng everywhere, and
tho Buffraglata, not to ba t**atdone, ar?
lipening thoir*. The dlrr.-tnr and prltul
pal *?.ii! 1,0 :u:-s Carrte Chapman Catt;
and the puptla wlll ba 'he ?uffra-"i.?tB
? iv- a
tVhat'a thal ' No, ll lao'1 truo that
' . think thoy kii..4\ it aii and
? i thlng to i.am. There is an
n ef thal kind abroad, but its
? ? tlrely wroog. Many bellevera ln tl ?
Bi d themaelvea In the poeltlon of
a wetnati who dropped Into the New i- rk
Bl ??? Buffraga Aaooclotlon headquartera,
.,t No. 180 Madlaon avenue; yeaterdaj to
.n.r.ii ea a pupil In tho now eehooL
?it makea me ao angry," ah<
?'when thol Mra Bmlth, who Bvee in the
Bai abova me, aaya tho lawa era bad In
tho states wh.-ro women VOtO, and I don't
know enough to anawer h. * baek liko
Bbi deaerveo. Pm gotng to knoa enough
when i ??? i through going t.. thla achool
il I hOVe t-. Btlid) nlghl and daj ,"
>. however, la only ono
eouraa ln thi achool. Much more m
porianl thlnga wlll be taught, as. f,,r ,>x
emple, the art of money ralatng. fro
i or Man Oarrotl Hajr, paat mlotreoa
ln thla art, wlll be tha preceptor. Sho wiii
i o teach organlaatlon.
Prlnclpal Cotl wil] tako peroonal eharge
if the claaaea In euffrage argvment and
In ? natltuttonal nnd potttacal blatory.
v. i Anna Rbodea wlll give Inatructlon
ln parllamentary oaage, end Mra, Beatrlea
r>*orbea Itobettaan Hala and m.*. j. m.
' ? arll] toach the auffraKists how to
lii..k<: the ntoet ..f th.-ir voir.-s.
There wlll oloo be preceptora to show
t:.. puplla how to .hai \4iti. "antto" who
te th_ reaulta ..f woenon auffragi
ond how to gel newa ln tbe papi
atlll ki ? ? thi popen ln their proper
. . , t ?
?' d puplla are n qun ted nol t.. i lak get
irka. ' taaarooma are al the
.-t.it. heodquortera, ln Madlaon avenue,
ond al the Woman Buffrage party houae,
No M i aal Mth atreet There la to be
no port timo ln thla nehool Pui
11 unli i p rn . 4\itii a brlef in
for lum I..-.ni.
Ti.a*lll ? n at th
Hotel v: ? ..i the two
i ? ,.,..i i- t..
? . ... bO) - and fcirls who
lenrn their leoaona nlcely arill be taken ou
' .1,- trlpa io placea like
? -irt.
One palnful foel haa been kepl t.n the
?:,.| ot thla atory. Women deairlng to en
ter the achool must wriie thoir a?o ..ii tbe
??'..i blonk.
Dr. tValter M. rlemlag, oged Beventy
I the oldeot Pree Maaona
In thi died yeati i da i .. I the
? of i.i-4 aon, Dr. Wolter B. KTeti i
i: Mo ;nt Vernon. 1"
Flemlng a a i Portland, Me., an.i
!:..[i, \li, ir.s Medli .1 i tol
;,i Ni \4 Voi i ? ?? ? ... 1808, when
ha wenl to Ma mt \ 11 non He a
,,f t'->- founden of i;.-? Myetl Sl rlne and
aaa affUlaled with Mecca Tempd No. I
11" leavea tu.. boi i ?r i 'harli s P.
Klemlng, <-f Stn Tork City, and Dr.
Wolter B. Klemlng, ... Mounl V?rnon
?I Aahural ? I .:.- yeara old,
t hla home in Bloorafleld
avenue, Caldwell, N J. Mr. Aahural waa
born m Mancheater, England, He \- aa i
il ei ? ? ;-. and at ..no time \4a
in charge of the meadowa ahop of the
Ivanla Railroad
I..I- i h. waa ?-?? ni. th<- .'. ntrol t-tollrood
tn th.- ? i|i w.-is ? member
ol the Imalgoraated Boctet* of Englneera
in England, and ... Ilenrj Cloy Lodge,
Knighta of Pythlaa, ol Newark He
a wlfe, three >.-ns and four dough.
. Bi i1' '? W ord waa rece red to- '
.i i -.' ti..- death oi i\ .'. N. Robertaon,
audltor of tha Pullman i ompony, at
Montrtol thla morning.
Mr. Robertaon bad been a feetdeni oi
Chleago for fortj -one yeari He k ft
h- r? b weeh ago for a trip througti _h?
Baat and araa apparently in good heatlb.
i Bj Ti l< Krapn to 1 b? Tribun. |
Soutbampton, Long i laad, Bept
There wlll ba many dlnnera ond week-end I
houae portlea for thoae who ara expected
foi tht- annual tourn.nt at th<- National
Oolf i.lnks of Aroerice, whlch beglna on
I'h.ii i ia'. Mon* noted playera ara an-J.
I-1 ted, aad aln ad* th ra ara rnora thaa
-:ixtv- entrteo Houae partlea wiii bo gw. >
i,4 Mr. and Mis Charlee Blalr Moct>on- I ,
ild, Mrs. j. p, Byera and Mrs. Joooph P. i
Mra, tViUlam M.mlf. Btvefl a dlnner for j
thirty Fiida) nlghl at hor rjOttage on
Iroal Plalna Roi
Mra, Arthui i: Claflln wlll give a largo
linner al h< r rllla pn tho Bhlnn coiek
Air. and M.s Howard Brokaw, ?Aho '
aava occnpled Henry <;. Tievor'a i*attago|
'or B04oral flaaaona |.ast, Ctoaod their;
.ou*,. to-iday and retunv-d to MeW York. j
rbey iia\4- leaaod the bonaa for nt-xt *ea-1'
Mra, b. T. PoethlethwaJte, *aUo hoa boon
riortlng \4ith Mra, H, i Cobb, jr.. at PaJr- '
?... hoa r.tu.ii.-.l ro New York. and is at i ,
rreOOOt stayinif t.t the HotOl I'laza.
Mra. P. <'. ivdki.i*. who is ptanning an }'
.utoiuohiio trip torough lha Bo**uahlreo, ,
,viii return t" Bouabaraptoa for the au
Mr and Mi-. j || I fa rtshoriio. have i>- ' ,
urned from Har Harbor; orbera they were
ha gueota ..f Mra. Wtxn ir MNfltn Tyods,
rbo <5..\.- a lorga dtnnor ond donee Ib
Ir. ir h..|i.,:.
i u and Mra W D. stiiiman are vtatt
nt,* with Dr. BUtbnan'fl parenta, Mr. an.i
Urs. J. I". Stltlm.in, at tho WhIos eottage,
,n I.ake Agannin.
i it4 t< legraph la Tbe Tribooa.]
BriarcUff i.o.!k'o. n\ y , Bept. ?.?Mr.
.:i< 1 M.s Thomas B. OlIVO, Alr. and Alrs.
I'honias M. OUVO, M.s Oe4*Nrga (J. Wbao
,,, k, J..1.U J. Sin.iali. AIih. F. tt, Hallar,!
ini mi**. Amy BaUard, of Now York
Ity. have arrived at the Hiiariliff T.odgf
.,r lha autl nin neason
Mrs. H. G. Trevor and Daugh
ters Going to West Virginia.
Many Returning from Summer
Homes?Mrs. Rice Plans
Dance at PJaza.
Mr*. N.whold l.dear ?rd Mrs Stuart
Davta erraved ln tho .-u yeeterday from
BOUthampton, rx)ng Island. and flre a' tho
Hotfll St. KokIs. Mr. and Mrs. Davis hnvo
returned from a trip around tha v^uiid.
Mr. aml Mra J. Norman de R White
faeuae bave rflturned t>. town from New
Mr. ni'.1 Mrs. .J..lm A. I/iciin, M, WhO
were mflrried Laal week. ara bookod to
?fls.fl for Buropfl to-morrow.
| Mra Henry G Trevor and bar daugh
t. r.-\ Mis- Mflrgarel and Mlaa I>.uisa T;e
\..r, wh.. ? ..-nt tho BUmmCf at Southamp
ton, Long laland, wlll go to White S',i
phur Bprlnga W. Va., naal weak, to re?
inam untll th>- and "I' OctOflflV. Mii-H
l.oui.sa Trevor will bo MtrfldUOfld to 30
elflty this arlnter.
Mn. wiiilain Lowfl Rlee arlll pive a
Ibtko danea at tho Ptaaa at the end of
Deeember for her daughtera, mi.h MUdred
and Mlaa El.le !?'. Rlce.
Mr and Mr .1 [>?-" I'I.b and -I li'ir
ton I'lunih have r< turned from Rurope,
where thej ipenl >!^-ht months in trav
f-lliriM'. and ar- ar th.fr country home at
lattpi, Lonir Island
Mra. P.obert Ta> Uoy is visitinft* Mr. and
Ifra 1 asimtr de Rham Moore at No. laa
Eai t Mth atreet
Th- Rflv. Dr. aml Mrs. Braeflt M- Stire.
have returned to thfl 3t. Regis from thelr
country home at Lake Ooorga, H. v.
Mrs Henry Clean has c'osed h*r villa
i'i NflWpOrt and will r-all for Kurop. ou
Prlday to .loin ner aoa, Henry Clawa, jr..
ln Paria
Captain and Mra Isaac r. rJmerson. of
Baltlmore, an il 1 ? Vamlerbllt for ?
short irlail
Mr. .-.. 1 m a, Qordon Knon Bell, arhfl
Bpent th* flummer al Bedford ifiiis. H. f.,
are tha gueeta of ?li and Mrs. Rtchard
1 dsey, al Lei ?
Mrs. Ilrrmann Oelrichfl arrlved In town
s-eaterdajr from N*wpori and bi at tho
iiotoi st. Regia unUI tbe end of tho weak.
Mr? Jofll EUiB Flaher wlll eive ? lartre
dance for hir daughter, Mlaa Vleva Fla
<-r. on Dex ember - t Sherrj 'a
Mr and Mra AufltJa Ledyerd Banda I
have pon- to thelr country place al Maa
Hamburg for the fall
Mlaa Bather Clereland wlll ?o to l^nn.x
to-morrow to tfett Mr. nnd Mrs. Kdward
1 'rownlnahield.
Mtaa Amy Bloaa haa rflturned to l.er
hntofl, Nfl U Wflfll Mh ^tr.. ?
Ing Mra. 11 Bl <:?.?;-'?? Tuefcer, al Laa
Ington, Va.
(Cetrport Bepl I Mra Hu \b D Aach
| 1 ? and famlly, <>f New v-.rk. who i
went to Europe ln Joly, ara expeeted atl
thelr Newport home, Hammerateln i-'arm.
to-morrow. !t la probaMa they arlll re
. thfl fall.
afra Frnnh K, Bl irgla, who waa a dln- |
nor antertalner to-ntght arlll leave here
ti... wi eb for Lenox, where ta 1 wil
the fall. Mr ' lator.
Mr. ard Ml W ? '?'! B. Dodge wUI
Mr ., .1 Mi - Charlea M Oelrichfl arffl
remain ln Newport untll late In the fall.
Oelrichfl wlll leave bere for
I ^.t:i|..ii 0.t..n. ?
Mrs William G ROClker Wlll no tO
| !.-,-;; gpi Ingi li a i>ra days.
Counteaa Annie Lcary wlll return to
N, w v.m-k thla ?
Mr. and Mn Danli B i-'< arlng are i s
pected here from New rork on Prlday.
Mrs. Newbold Morrifl baa returned to
I ifter I ei vi-m to Mi*. W. W
1 s. otl la i' * h from Mi w rork,
ang Mlaa Loulae Beoti haa goaa t.. Nea
york for a flhorl
Mr. and Mi-. C. Ollver lacUn, of New
Vork, have arrlved here on thelr : a?-ht
the Bpei da .11.
? .. .1 ..t tbe Cpelno to-djpy were ,
William 11 Banda and William Rhlne-1
lander Btowart, Jr., of New Vork, and
Mra. Liibram, ol Aurora, 111.
ird Btewart wlU give 1 dinner on '
m,,; rla: nigl I fll White Lodge ln honor of *>
the Bpanleh Mlnfaiter nnd s1.-."...; 1 Rlano.
j, .1. Maaon gava a mualcal iiiis af-1
l-'iii. on.
Bugene Hll ftna made a flhorl atop ln ,
bara to-day on hla ateam yacht Maryan
>i;, Hi |a bound for New *i<.ru, wliera
... wlll remain for three montha before
lOlng abroad.
Mme. Bakhmei ff gava a luncheoa al
ha R laalan Eml flflej to-d*y.
Mi. .md Mra sniii.?-. 1. Colford, tr., who
iava beei.upytng the Knlght .'..tta.;.
n Ballevuc avenue, this aummar, hava
aken the place an-atn for tha aaa aoa of
1 ?? Qerman Ambaaaador has leaaed the
'oplara for neal aeflaon, ahan it a^ain
\ iii be the hi adeuartei 1 or tho emhaaay. J -
[B. T ?li graph te i ba ini.ui. t '
Lenox, Bept, k-~Aaeoog ti.use who gave
ijuu.-i - tO-nlgbt WflTfl Mr. and Mrs. '
i;,iui Lydbji Mr. ?\?i Mra Qeor-ge W.
'ol-oiu and Mr. and Mra AlflXanrflflr
h aflrariek.
Oardiner O. Bimnu, who kaa beefl ut '
taatoa Hall, rflturned to New Vork to-1
Mr. and Mrs Joh 1 BtoWfl BpenCflT, Mr?. ' 1
lohn C Davia, Mra Cbartaa Ryeroft, '
Haa su.-itii Ryeroft, Mra. BJ, M. U.j?>
rts, Mrs. Thoaaaa MeKaa nrown and , '
Ir. and Mrs. Hoh.it Thuru, of New Voi'k,
ira at ihe li'-tel Aspinv.a;:
Mr. aml Mrs. James 1:. 4 atmon have left '
oland Bprlnga for i.enox. where taflgr
41|] pa rfl ihe w.-> k end. ? '
Mr. and Mr.-. Henry riiipp. went to |
tjra by aatomoblla to-day, They wlU I
r,,>^ t.. l^.riK Island and \lslt their son |
t Wafltbury.
Mr. an.i Mis Rebflrt Tkorna, of New1
"ork, rflflUaaered at tha Lanaa t3otf ciub
MlM Mary M?rtm, of New Vork, Ifl a j
-rflflct of Mlaa Mary Shotter at Sliadow
ArrtVlag at the (,'urtis Hotel to-day were
Ira. Karl Walth.r Neuhoff. Mr. and Mrr.
aaaea <:. K. Lawn maa, Mr. aml Mr. j ?
harl.-s K Haahmara and Miss M*ry C.j.
'ltzB.rald, of New Tork
William M. liullltt. Miss ilmy Coffln
ud Mr. and Mrs. li. W. Hunter rfltU>Bfld
o New Vork to-day.
Mlaa Merla V, Laalgl, of Bflaaan, ia vM.it
ig .Mrs. (??car I?aigi. in Stockbridse.
Normal College Teacher Re*
turns After 1,000-Mile Trip.
"Done Sczoki"?nian-woman i.? what
tho natlves of the Far North OBllOi 11(88
Mary L .lohe, a laachar ta the Nortnal
College, who travePod by Itroeee, eaaed
and foot four b^ondrod natiaa northeoat ot
| Prh ,-.? i; ??-,, rt. ii BrltJab Columble
mor. Thoy ealled hor oa bocauoa of
| her eonluioy riding .?o.itinne. BBOde Hke a
[ man'a iier ooatume *?*?* ti.e aedoei of
Igrool curiooHy ra tba *dtlogeo, ?nti ao la
' aoroa ..f them arai Bhe, for abe rtalted
I placea arl re ao arhlti aroaaon had over
j l,eon heft>io.
This bj the sixth jotrnov to tho PgT
North that Mlaa jobe haa taken. Tho Brot
I waa atght yeara ngo. Bhe weal t?j atudy
tba euatoma of lha Irtdlana, and aill give
I tho reoulta iii magoaine artldaa or a
"1 travatled nearly ono tbouaand mllea
thla time," Mis* Jobi boM reoAerdav,
; "and I never met 8 bit of dangor, tho -'
' i eorrted i .M-oalihre i all >- rol ar i i
' pfotoet myaelf in cooa of noed My ajoldo
much of the way waa an old Beotchman.
i don'l llki i h Indian gutd< . thi y ;?-?
of n very low grode of iriti-.i-^. nce, w ?
travelled light no pock traln Oar Maa>
. k.-ts we carried on oui aaddleo. My eoea
' pany raiied; parl af tbe ttaoa i had a ba
ond his rnothor with me. Whon niaht
I <amo are lay down right In tho .>pon, wlrh
I our blankets OVOr 08 00 Blaiplng ba*?,
bo ttt.t. I am rotbor proud of tbe way I
alepl out imder the aky," added Mlaa
lobi. a Ith a lough.
Tha furtheei north aho aonottratod waa
. >; degreea M mlnutea Hgr longna*) <ia>'?
Ijourney waa fort) rallea, Bhe lefl Prince
I Rupeii on July ll ond loturaod on Aa
|a*uet ll. .Mosti>- Bba lug-t aloag rivore
and lakos. doiiiR no mountain rlimhit.g,
as f?he has in tormor yeara,
Ihe Indiaiis m that part of the world.
Aii*n Jobe aaya are very inforior and
aoam leea hko indiana then hko Afrlean
blacko. Thoir women ara badly pai upon.
dolng most of tho work and rn-aring niost
of tho bnrdgfla, Hut through all this op
proaatoo ti.ov rotoln a iov?4 of adoraaaeat
and they aro ctroay over white folk*'
Actress's Third Child To Bc
Called John Drew Colt.
Mr-. Ruooell ?'oit (Btbel Paiijiaeie)
yeeterday rnorning bocome ti.o naother
ef aa oipht-and-a-haif-jo n.'i baby t.oy ?r
ti.o colt raoldanre. ot Maiaaionatb Th?
child ii to ba iiamod John Draw Cdtt
after John Drew, Miss BauijuMre'ennela.
.Mrs. t'olt has st four--yoar-old son. Sam
uoi p, Colt, ond a baby Kiri a httio moro
than 8 ' OOT Old,
i .-.nt June her little dougbter was iii
with dipbtherla and Miss BarryoMra lefl
hor theoti ? -I engagementfl to be with
ber child. Blneo then abe has not ap
??> ;,.-.'?! OM tho sti.po.
Miss Vivian Holt and Benjamin
Reubin Married in May.
Mi-s Vivian Holt, dautrhtor of Edwln
Holt, of 4th stio't and W'httney 01*0000,
Bmhurat, T.or.K Island. for aeveral years
lendlng ?oprano la the Methodtat ohurrh
Of Fluahtng, furnlohed a *"rpr!so for hor
frlenda when II waa annonnrod yeeterday
that on Moy " abe aroa auletly wod lo
min ReuWn, a aaofl Wnwtt in tho
Century opora Company.
H --? Ht.it.s motl or aald th. faaoily
kn,-w of the wedding laal July, bul aa l i
? rtdl 'a f. lel away f..r t':o Bam
mer M waa declded to poetpooe the ared
dlng annoum arai nl until fall.
Lion Scratches Her. but Ele
phant Is More Gallant.
> - .i Hi kt tba actt ? lao ad by
..* the Hon cuba ln tbe Central Park
menagerle yeeterday while poomg for I
"movlea." A lonir. red Bcratch ahoaroi on
her orm above the loft eibow aftor tha
Bul thar woa nol the only adventnra
of tbe occoaton. Mlaa Hoi.i fed Pete, a
hla. k hear. nearly bllndtng hlm a ith a
large dtamond lunbural appended to her
neck. Peta took ln everything, rellahlng
i-'i. ii- !. and En ma of i*nd*
ment hul appreciatlng even moro tl-e
rv of peanuta that a white ciov*d
hand. kept "'i' " '" ,:"- puahed through
tiio bara
"BOI" Bnyder, the head keeper, tut<
presenl to proted the actreaa and ll wai
not hla faull aa he Hfted the baby lion
out of the arms of the ax-treaa that it
4 lawa cauaed i ahorp i trateh.
u hen Bhe i 0*0.1 on tho elepl anl Ha"
aa it in-- oa ti a ground, tbe Mi*oovt**e*'
man was coptlvoted h* he was when
Mlaa Held ?t...>.l und. r t a towerlna
creature ;.s it teetered on .
Again he took dellght in arlndtng out a
f-44 yarda of Blm arben abe held a i>ottie
the month of a little sa-rid ? alf
thal ha= been orooght \<p thal way.
: h. > . ??:- to ri,-- t,,im;
London, Sept. I, -Mr. and Mrs. An
drOW (jferMgie are entertalnlng tbe
piinclpola of tho f.,ur Boottloh unlver
littea aa their gueote at Bklbo CaaUa
during tho preaenl waak
QALE -BENJAMIN On Beptember 8, ol
the .'hai,. l ..t Bt Bartho - m< a - 1 hureh,
hy the it'-v. William T. Crot ker, ida.
.l.iiiL'ht.r of the h.i. R. \ ISoatburn Ken
j.iiiii.i. and Thomoa K <ialo. ..f s.v rai-use.
getleaa al aaaaafaajaa ami daotba muat *>?
11, om 11 aiii.'.I B) fall name and ndilreaa.
Raokinaii ' '?? rtrude. W'arnot k. 1 'a\ id K.
rJavemeyer, Wm. P.
BEEKMAN?Al North Tarrvtown. N. V..
Beptember I, 1811, Oertrude, widow of
.i.iai.l Baekman, oged84yeara. Funeral
aervlcea at the Methodlat Frotestant
Church. H-okinaii ave . Thuraday after
11,1011. Beptemboi 11, al 2.^? o'clock.
HAVEMBTBR. Suddenly 011 Sunday
morning, September ',. 1813, tVilllam F
Havemeyer, In the *sjtit yeor of ins age.
Funeral -. . li ea a Hi be' hold at his late
reetdence, No. 11 East l.tli st., on
Thuraday. Heptember ll, ai 10 a. tu.
4, (..,
t \\
Interin.ni at WOOdlOWn
tVAK.N'tx K On .september 8, David
knox Warnock. ilearly l.cloved husband
of Mar4 Roborta. Funeral .servites at
his home. No. MO Argyle Road. Flat
bush, on Wednebday afternoon, at 3:10.
?33d St. r?4 Ha.lom Traln and hy Trollay.
Ofli" > . 20 Kast XM St.. X. Y.
iiain pKflCB Ne. IM Boaaaajolaaaa.
IPTOWa OrriCB -No. l;stJ4 Br4>a?l4?-ay, or
any Ataaartean I'.slri.-t T*lo?;ropii Oftl.c.
tAKT.K.M OKKICK- No. 137 liaat YiUh
atr*rr \... l'.,.* \\ ? *? IJJth BtTMt and No.
21? W?* "?Jijth ?ti.?i.

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