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V01 LXXin..N? 24,411
To-dav. talr nn.l wiirmer.
'lii-inorriiw. pr..Iial.lv mln.
* *
In ( il? af >>w Vork, ,1er*ey City and llobokao
Representatives of 20 Bodies
That Supporteci Late Mayor
Decide to Support Whole
Fusion Ticket.
Anti-Tammany Chieftain As
sures Republican Leaders at
Luncheon He Has No De?
sire to Build Up a
Political Machine.
Rej f twi
- r ln_?'i endent
. ka) to au] port
:; i Ap
l.ea* . ?>' ? ' m hia fl
? ? ? ? ktion fi r Mayor to
d< ni McAi
j.d nol feel lika ? ontlnu
i:r. 'omrniaaioner Johnaon,
H. . era ln
H nlaatlon, d< cided to ti y to
alive r ? ca im
? M< Anen.*,. had nothlni, *
? \ ept in th. wi | ? I abuae
f. r William Luetgarten, u*ho la lead
former '5aj noi ? ation
Into the Mitchel i.*anip.
?I Purroy Mli returned
rday from .?- aborl vacation In tha
adirond icke, mei most ..f the Kepubli
idera at luncheon ..t tha
ii. an Club. Ha looli Ihi Bl
far as poaaible .. i polltica
:i Bhould hv poatponod untll after
? ? f ineral ot Ma> ur Gaynor. Pri
. . - pull*
na moal of whom had never mai
Tim. th u they need nol fear thal bla
. atrengthen the Progn
al the expenae of the Repub
? organlaatlon.
Mr Mitchel aaked Joii E. Hedgea,
ir candidate for Oovernor laal
o tha manager ol the
?? rampalgn. Tho invitaticn waa
:-. cabla w'.en Mr Hedyea waa
Lirope. Ha "-pli.-d he \v..iil.i be
glad t.< take tho place, if his health
tted. Mr. Hodgea retutned laat
m tba ateamahlp Kroonland. He
..nsult with n number of frll
l ef.'r*- reachlng b declalon on the prop
jf Mr. Hedgea decllnec, II ih
eratoad William Loeb, jr., former
? irv tr. Prealdenl Rooeevell and
? t-ssor of Mr. Mitchel as Collector
. r..r;. maj i a aaked to manage
May Resign Collectorship.
;. wt r< reporta thal Mr. Mit< hei
i -? nd in hia reelgnatloa aa i
r ta Praaldaat Wtleoo in order to
? more tim- to devote to tha cam?
palgn. Hi* would nol dlecuaa the re?
port, bul it is underatood ha baa tha
- tblllty of auch action under con
-ideration. Kri? nds hava told him it
would ba a good campalgn issue if he
lid raalga and Chairman MoCall
should ref ilgn from the Publli
s. rvli '? ' 'ommlaalon.
Collector Mitchel reached th<- clt: oa
the Albany night boat. He wenl at
once to the Cuatora Houae, where he
llted With his political friends untii
1 o'dock, From th.-ri' he wenl to tha
Republlcan *'iub. where ha had been
aaked !.. meal the dlstrh't lead?rs. I if
thi slxty-thn-t 1. adt-rs, ull OXCept eight
wera preaent samm-i B, Koenlg, preal?
denl of the New York County ''om?
mlttee. prealded al th.^ luncheon. Jacob
I_ LfJvlngaton, Krnga County leader;
John J. Knewlta, of Tbe Rronx; Joaeph
Jl. Ih BraggA, cf Quetns, and J'.hn
Nlchola, of Rlchmond, arere the other
county leadara preai
The only abaantaea from thla < ounty
\-..-r.- Joaeph I of the _'d i>i?
trtet, who has been agalnal Mr. Mltcbel
from tbe atart, aad Jamea i;. March,
of th<_- Ud. arho has a prlmarj Bghi on
his haada Ptainei Benator Martin
to take an active part ln
unpalgn, i tteaded the conference*.
ifur coffee had been aerved Mr.
( .mtinurtl on fciitli !>?**?. fou.tti rolumn.
This Morning's News
Un . Hurdi .. 1
'. 1,. r Mi ?. ?' i"< - to Mitchel.i
... al '!' i>- Bullivaa a 1 neral. . 1
.r Invoki - "Ood and Abrahera".. 3
aldl Waa Prieal Tbrougli Porgery a
aa invai tll atloa Beglaa.a
e? Darr Baya Chargea Are i ..:.?-<? 4
lo Obaerva Qaynor i unaral ?!? I
Rlame Bulaer foi IVItneaa'a Abaance 6
New Primary i.aa To-day... 6
. pa, .i aVrtate ?.??-- 'u < Chlldren ? 7
.?," _: < fiiiui'. Theatre. 9
ri.ni Lead i to Bod:.16
m.-ii-1'.ini;.)..in i?: Haavler Tral ic
Ki.uii'-d foi Ci owat>d Tombi,, 18
Wil_oa Becka Up V. 9 Trade Abroad. l
Vtexleaaa Acelalm 11u.-rta. 3
Amendmenta Voted Dearo... 4
? ? .,r. ? i. ? Ralae Ftatea. 4
q \ i; Veterana Vlall BatUefli Ida 4
-. it. U. B. < '"ii i To-da). 4
j ? ^>r--. Kelti ratea Macfc ( in. . 6
MacSJillaa Reachea B/latai Quartera 5
Ni-wh tnr Waaaaa. 7
.rl;.'. 8
Theatrtcal.7 anA 9
;\-.7 aad 9
ary. 9
i.1? ?""' 11
ilna .ll
and Kavy.n
i menrUI and .^;.lri..?;* ia. 13 and 14
tUaml Betate. .14 i''?', 15
Quotcs Letter from Olncy to
Minister Denby, in China.
in 1896. as His Policy
in the Orient.
| Dcfinite Plan Ontlined to Suc
j ceed "Dollar Diplomacy" Likc
ly To Be Extended Over World
?Means Active Rivxilry
with Other Nations.
- ngl r*ept. 15.?-Aa .. au
:'. i ihi i'm ."ii' 'i "doliar d
tnai >," thi !>?:.-? Kf 'X
and . niatratlon < ndi ? > ?
. ??> . \; ?: -i Vnierican prealige i r?m
rr.i! uani . tha I H partroenl ?>f
stnt. haa adopted h more oi lera defl
? flnina H"' ? ?t< '" ? ' ? hlch
thr >? ? - ? will go ln
wh irt i ?-.d< .i\
i.ring '?? il" buaini aa In I
The adoptlon ??: . mada
I inquiMe* hy
Amei I road, particularly In
Chlnn, who deelred to know |u?i where
the admlniatratiun .*-t...Mi i igardlng
them 'in<i their nima, expreaaea Ihe de
*,1T Of tl ' '????' '" ' v
american Intereats and to reai h out
after American trade. In fact, defl
? ?? action hy rh.. adminlatration In
th*** ilnv t;im ..f trade expanaion may, .t
ti -j ipon hlfth authority. bi ? * -
;? ?? t. I hi n ? forth
Thla admlnlatratl i n h'aa keen
than was iho laal for AmerlcV to ad
\-nn' toward ii 't.miiH-nt poaitlon In
<',\o world ? trade ? i led, and
? - far n1- ,t i** proper to do s<> the ad
miniatrntlon ot Pr. aidenl W llaon arill
rendcr every aaaHtan ? lo timericana
engaged In a orld iraffli.
Amenciris in Clvna Embarrassed.
Wlth th. ib indonmenl of ' dollar dl| -
lomacy," upon the baala of whlch waa
lald the foundatlon ol n Unerii an
actlvitlaa In Latln-Amerka and In
China. ih- ndminlatration waa lafl
withoul a deflnlte policv, wlth lha
. quenl n aull thal thoae i
ln trade abroad were In a pecuHar and,
'd gomt Inatai ? a moail i mt-an ?
in*- poaitlon.
lt waa nol Known what the now ad
minlatratton would do; whal it had to
offi-r to t*ke the plaoa of that 44-l1i.i1 th
Taft adminlatration bni taffarod. It
v;is only known that. In exlatlng clr
atancea, the Wtlaon admlnlatratlon
ha-i nelther aympatl nor auppoti for
tha aotlvltlea of bankera Intereated In
certaln loana gnd enterprlfiea In Cen?
tral America and In the famo u aea
tuple loan1 tn China. Peraona Inter?
eated hav. beon abla to aacertain only
ih.-it. aa tl '*? hlmaelf
cxpreaaed it In "The Commoner.*' "dol
Iai diplomacy la being ? radi< ated "
Thla eondltlon broutjhl aboul Inqui*
rlei from Amerlcana angaged In I
abroad. Many of theae queoUona
?: to the legatlon of ** 1??
Unlted Btatea ln Peklng, and tha lega?
tlon In turn aubmltted th<* Inquliiaa to
the Btate Department Amerlcana in
China havr alncc laat March, when
Preaddonl Wllaon refuaed longer to
aupport American bankera Intereated
ln the aextuple loan, whlcli action com*
prlaed an apparently complete with?
drawal from th<~- flghl for preatlga in
China, where commerce followa ek ?
..!? thf heela of aucceaaful diplomacy,
been at .'.r. t|tter loea to knon v. hat
to do.
They had no aaaurance of th<- eeeen
tial aupporl of tha American legatlon
ln theli eflforta to engage ln tha world
ivldo Of"! f"r contracta f"r tiit con
n**ru**tia*tn of rallwaya, tha maklng of
loana and other thlnga. Thej obaerved
bu Ineaa nrn of <>th<! countriea on*
talning valuabh com eaaiona and grea.
coatraota Wlthln the laal six montha
bavi wltneaaed a Belglan concern
?rranted two greal rallway conceaaiona,
An Engllah concern -Paulllng i Co.?
obtained another, as well aa a raluable
contract for th" conatructlon of .1
break a atar nl < Ihefoo
Olney Wilson's Guide.
Thr wilson gdmlnlatration has now,
however, gone back to tha aecond term
|of Orover Cleveland to flnd the prln
rlpiea upon whlcb its policy 1*. 10 b<*
. 1. Al ti.i.t time Mr Denby, tha
American Mlnlater In I'hir.u, Inqulred
1 of Mr. uln'-y, then Secretary Ol Btate.
na U> Amcricun policy in China. Bec
retary Olney outlined an attit'nje for
I Mr. Denhy to aaauma arhlch applloa to
: the preaont altuatlon. and wlthln the
\u\* few <J.'\y an instnu-iioti baa gone
! from the Btkt4 Department te E T
I Williama. the American Chnrgl d'Af
Ifalrea ia Peklng, embodylng tha prln*
I,',,,1.- lald i1"*mi by Mr- Olney. Dr.
Paul B, Relnacb, lha nea American
Mlnlater to China*, *** "? "ow '" lhis
country, tt* yel havtag gone to his
po,l will ba given a copy ol tin*- ln
tXrttt Hi n and will ablde thereby.
Mr Olney'a inatructlona to Mr.
Denby *?** ixmrnmltimi w'1 l>oceml>er
,., )s.r; I,, the .!? partmenfa preaenl
communkntlon to Mr. WUttanaa this
communlce,tlon la referrad ta Tl.
,M.,i featurei ol Mr. Olney'a letter
,,,,. bj followa:
uhi). egreetng witli you thal you
should not aaauma directly or ImpJIedly
t|l(. u;irm. oi thla got/ernmeit- aay
rnsitonalbUlt) tor, * funrantj ot. any
american ...mmi-n ml or Industrtol en*
tcrpriae trylni t, fegtahllah Itaelf ln
China, tha departmenl tblnka that you
...n.ln..*-.! ?-n alill. |.??-. t*rt*B *A*t*Ah,
Burns Six FiB6 Buildinfi-s100
Homeless? $150,000 Loss.
\ <| . t that New
Roohi lh- haa aei tr ln twentj
?1 royed or bad ? iged bIs ot thi
-. buildlnga in lhe ? ?
1 ..f the . ii ?? laal evening and
1 al.' one hui dn d i ? reona ;i"-'
! Three a.len dwi
( boarding i.' ? ; ? ?'"'''
The local firemi i '''" '?
, by low water prei sun and then an ad*
dltlonal handli i p ol buratlni
entli ?- *t* pai imi iil ? aa callet
, alla for hi Ip ari n Bei l to Lai
:,,i.i \ oni ? ' re h imi d for al
i!.i.. houra.
The . in* f of ' ? depai tment, ?' i
Rawaon, ?
ji.-,.,.i..iii. partly ??"?? n
m n inna t'haai '? '" Ml"
\\ ari Bt re. i I to h ive
b.. n in lhe ofl ?
araa dl* ovi rt d, had no! bi ?
al mldnlght, and II waa Im lleved
ahi had been tra| ;?? d ln !!k:
Asks $1,000 Daroages as Re
sult of Cohan Auto Accid- nt.
Hartford Ci ?-'? I l 11 Tl ? open?
lng "f '?? oi - ? m ? ? Beven 1
? .. Bakli ii'-' hore to-i
unuiual ?"? ? * ?t ?'
broughl to-da) ?
craahed ?u_i
.. centl). almoal cau ilng l ? delth of
Mr. <-..h . ? i '
Bddinaer, * ho I to pla 'hm:
pi i-i |n the produi tl".'' when he 11 -
ra from the Injurlee rec< ? In the
accid. nt. la nam* d aa di fendan! In the
action, which ? alla for h< : i mi nt of
, damagea tu Qabrlel'B wagon.
- and han i - ' Iata ?
ralnal Eddinger for
,. .?.-:.? '??*?. nal ln
An attacl ui' nl wai pla < I oa Ed-?
Mtn thli a".-Mi....n_
Explosion of Acid Testing Tube,
Heard for Half Mile, Wrecks
Private Laboratory.
, ?:? t. '.? fnmh "? The Trll i
,.,,.,,, Amboy, S. J.. Sept 13 Mra.*
Bva Oottachalk. arife ol Dr. U?ula
, ottachalk, b Bdentlflc experlmenter
and dlaco ? r, of iawaran araa Bacrl
,-.,,.,? to a< l< nce ihla morning, when abe
waa Inatantly kilbd by an exploalon uf
B .i.f,. tive ateel tube, Blled ^ ith chem
i,,a|, |n the laboratory ln lhe rear ofl
thelr home. The laboratory araa aa?
Dr. Oottachalh la manager and vlee
prealdenl of lhe Alemblc Proceaa Com-1
pany, wblch haa a H00.00U plant In tbe
courae of conatructlon The concarn
-Ul manufa< ture rubber from cheml
eala Inatead of aap from Indla rubber
,,,.,... pr. Oottachalk, who dleeovered
the proi raa ol making the rubber, went
Into hla laboratori earlj thla morning
to experlment He Blled a tube with
certaln chemlcala, wblch he refuei to
make publlc b i m ol thelr being en
aential lo lhe perfectlon of tbe aecrel
proceaa bj which tha new company
wlll make Ihe ayntbetlc rubber. He
looked al hai gauga. aad. flndlng tbal I
wng ,.,,! ,,,.iiii.'.i. ti" wen! Into tl a
houae to awall n aulta nnd aal break
Ur% oottachalk. underaundlng lhaj
, Kperimenl ber haaband waa ronduct
Ing then wenl oul t-- kmk al the tem
perature of we gauga Just u !.
reached tbe tube the ateel contataer
broke ni lhe middle, cloae to tbe vks
Hm'fl abdomea The coacuaalon which
foliowed waa beard for a radlua of half
a mlle.
Mra, Ootta halh f?H to the fl""r of
tba lahoratoi , wtth chemlcala, broken
bottlea and otber ratalaara aCrewn
around. Dr. Oottacbalh moa tba first
't,, reacfa ber and waa fouad almoal
proatrated al her alde ereepiag. Ifr.
,,?,, Mra. lottachalh recently moved to
Sewaren from Newark. They bave -ne
daughter, Uvlng la Bt Loat*
angostura bitters wortd'a faanma
lonlc. dellcloua Itavorlng. bJI daaaarta
Ad\ t.
? ; PA liRS
G W Folsom to Boycott Mer
chantl Who Bpoil Sroncry.
Lei ? 1"'- ,;' ""-'" u ?'?
throp Polai in h li"' ?' to P --?
? ? na them thal be
wiii not trade wltb tl ?M ?""**?
He aaya auton ? go eaaa
i,..j..s other mi I ra of I
wiii feel ,lr,M
gi om ing ??
Stiicido Leaped 200 Feet Into
Whirlpool Rapids.
Klaaara I'-'v *t. v.. Bept lfc?A
man belli red ? ?: "'? P*** * ?'" ?'"hn
Hawkina, aixt: ? gi I Kaara old, of ftrle,
Penn., commltted aulclde b* Jun plng
mt,. tha Nlagara Blver from tbe lOwer
Bteel arch bridge thla afternoon The
bridge Bpana the river Just above the
itari "f tha whlrt-mol raplda artd ia
two hundred feel above the water.
The man *at on tha rall foi aeveral j
n , itea, looklng down al tha turbulent
watera. .\o one araa wlthln one hun?
dred yarda of hlm * ben men ran|
toward bton ba leaped and bla body ahol'
downward, turnlng ovi i nnd atrlklng
tba watei head flrat. Ha came lo tbe
.siirfa.o once before th. white foam of
thi blg unft . loaed over hlm.
The ?utcidc wda tha flral from tha
lower arch bridi ln three yeara, Haw?
kina waa pblled rrom,|be bridge raUlng
on Baturda) nlght, but be c*onvlnced
hla captora then thal ba waa bol baat
on aulclde.
From Gray Car They Conduct
Three Robheries, Then Flee.
Working, it la helie-cl. tiom a gray
automoblle, ye?men aarly Yt lorday
morning Men two aafea on Long lal?
and and mad<- off wlth aoaaa W?> Tha
Brol piaca rlelted, ll u believed, was at
Ctntrt Morichea, arbere th- thlevea an
tared tbe Long island Railroad stut.on
through a wlndow, ami after blowlng
open an.i rifMng 'ln- aafe of $100 de*
pnited without awukituiii* any one.
Next Ihej wonl '" Iba Bellport poat
,',.?..,. ma fronl door of whlcb tbe)
priedopen forthetawond thmeln three
Nv..k- Blowlng open th- aafe, theyee
end an ad-UUonal 1130. Tlu- Beil
,?rt railroad atation was alao entered
and a aaaall rmo ln caah area aecured.
The rlMI of Ibe Y*4e*X*** wa.*. not dis
rovered until baeineea houra
Detectivea an- trylng to flnd the oc
cupanta ..f i graj automobUa arhlch,
country pollce ofllclala dechwe, proba
Mv ...niainni ti..- thlevea. Sev.K,I
Horlr.s aie CUHreal of aueb a Car hav?
lng ,...,, snti during th- laat week or
,,n ,,,,,?, i?lt noihinK h knawn of its
owner, oecupanta or oxttttb*. it ia
a.al.1 to travel at ni-tht without liRhts.
Four, [ncluding Woman, Be
licved Dead in Alps.
? ? ? ? ed
'.un . inti ? ? ? of ihem
n/li. ..f !' ?:
ln. ? Kn.biv ..ii Pla Palu, .1
? i'f lhe Upper Engad ne, In the
? ?
ntlnuoua tnoa Btorma have pre
valled Blm i thi n, thi re i- little hope ?-f
finding them allt e. Ti partl< B
i.f guldea which atarti <l fr..n? d ?
d ? ick by tbe ti. r< e
whlrlwindu of noa.
Three Lathams Running in
Three Different States.
Prnm rhe i rfl ? n? i i
Dunellen N. J., bopt 15. E. B.
!.;itham. who lfl ? candidate for Mayor
of Dunellen, i-: one of three brothera
who have almllar aaptratlona In three
towna. All ar.- running nn Ranubltcaa
tii Iteta
W .?:. Lathara, a real eatata hroker,
la a ? andldate in New Brltata, Conn.,
;,nd afelvllle Latham, a poultrry ruleer,
of Montesuma laland, lowa, like his
brothera, la tbe Republlcan eandlda'te
for atayor In hla home ritj.
The brothera have exchanged fellcl
tationa an.i are making arrangementa
for a ' -niiy eelebratlon if thej all win.
Parlayed beta ar. barred.
i:. ii. Latham runs an electrlcal aup
pl] houae In New Tork.
The Scneca Makes Remarkable
Capture on High Seas.
Waahlngton, Bept 16 -a bottom-up
drrelict which the revenue cutter Ben*
eca found IM ml)ea eaal ?>f Eiallfax
and towed Into thal norl yeaterday
proved to he the American achooner
Lottle h. Ruaaell, which waa aban
doned eeven r:ilea east of Cape Henry
on Aprll 15. In Bve montha the
wreck bad drifted one thoueand mllea,
aad ber Baal capture In the path <->f
commerce by Captain Johnaon of the
. ii... a was regarded aa one of th<*
most unusuai i lenta in tbe hletory
of tlio revenue cutter aervlce.
The s hooner, lumber laden, lofl 1
Charleaton, B. ?', for Nea fork uo
.\|irit 11. and a few 'Ja\s laUT m?'t dls-1
aater. Har craa was taken off by the I
Brltlah si amei Qeorgtaa Prince. Tot
aeveral daya the revenue cutter Onon
daga aearched tbe ahoala of Hatteraa
for tbe dlaabled craft, bui aha had
been driven to ae and loat. Bariy ini
Beptember ? deratlcl was reported Ln
tba oath af commerce ..ff Hallfax.
Th** s;, aeca, 00 Beptember "?. atarted
oa 'ii" "iNi-miii- chaae wblch Bnally
v..1\,-i1 the myatery of the Lottle it.
Baltlmore a. Ohlo. Baat M to Oct I.
pull pau-tlcuhua al Tlcket trnwe - Advt.
"Rich Man. Poor Man, Becjgar
Man, Thief," Rub Elbows in
Honoring Dead Leader.
United States Senators, Thugs,
State Judges and Rowdies
Join in Common Tribute
to "Big Tim."
One of the moat n*niarkal.!e lunerals
ln the history of New rork Cltj waa
??Blg Tim" Bulllvan, Repraaent
Btlve In Cimgreea and Idaa of the East
Blde, held yeeterday rnea-adng ln old
Bt Patrick'a Cathadral Matt baal
Prince atraete, In Iba beart of tbe tn -
tion over whlch he had held nndle
rommand. Mon
aand < rowded the qual. i edW - ind
fully 10,000 were lurned awaj by cor
,. who tbronaad
I md numbered mora
than T"'.'""1 Bla loaded i
with flowera folli wed ? aakel to
Calvai i '? "???'?'" ?'> '?' ?''
\. er in the hlatory of the Bowery
! waa there auch a compoolte gathering
of mournera. The) included Unlted
s,.,.. : d Repreacntatlvea
ln Congr ?*?*?. hiatleea of
the Bupreme Court, .l-n-ymen gang
?,,., aaloonki epera, lawyi ra,
buaineaa men, mercbanta and labo*rera,
rleh men, i.>' men, beggar men and
Ihlevee, K<w>.i women and otherwiee.
IAII Jolried together to pay a flnal trib
| ute to a man who probabiy unlted more
phaaea of human nature than falla to
the lo. of one man in many gettaara
rlona Nol even the funeral of "Little
Tim." the "blg fellow'a" klnaman, Ind
vice-regent of tba Bulllvan cJaa,
arouaed ao mu< h Intereet.
Bowery in Tears.
Long before aunriae the outpouring
of nondeet rlpt dwallera of Bowery
lodglng houaea fonned a Une In tnnt
nt tha Ttmothy 13. Bulllvan Aaaocla
tion oJubhouee, al No 207 Bowery.
The body had laln In Btate there In the
dead leader'a "throna room" alnce it
waa aecldentally dlacovered In the
Morgue leal Priday morning, where u
had remalned thirteen daya aa an "un
known" after it was plcked im on the
tracka of tha Nea Haven road al Pel*
hiiiii Parkway.
Al 10:30 the coflln, hldden bj an im- |
menae blankel of roaea and ehryaaa*
themuma, ihe tribute of th<* Bulllvan
Aaaoclatlon, was i.orn- through the
lane of humanlty and up the main aiale,
pr(K*eded by Charlea P. Murphy, Ed
ward E. M<*Call, the Tammany candi?
date for Mayor, aralklng sid.' by side.
followed by "Tom" Poley, "Tho" Mc
Manua, Judge Otto A. Roaalaky,
Ponner Plra Commiaaloner Ntohobta J
Hayea, Abraham i. Brlanger, state
Benator Jamea J Prawley, JuaUoa
Mltchel 1" I'.rlatiK'''' and John ? V.
Ahearn. Behind them walbad tht* d-ie
gatlon appolnted b) Bpeaker <"iark in
Congreaa. Towering above them aii
waa tha huge frame of Benator <>ihe
james. from Kentucky, walklng b'-side
Bereno B Payne, Bulllvan'a RepubUcan
friend ln C4ii?ngreaa.
it ssas maiiy 11 o'clock when Mgr
John P. K-ain-y. a llfelong frii-nd of
Bulttvan, began tha celebamtlon of
s.il-inn requlem mass. Then* was no
eulogy over tba bodj of the dead. in
the chancel wera Mgr. William a.
Murphy, of the Church of the Imaaaeu
lat- Conceptlon; tha Rev. John Curry,
ol st. Jamea'a Cl.urch; the Rev. n. j.
O'Rellly. of the Chureh of tbe Natlvtty;
the Rev. Prancla J. BulUvan, poliee
chaplaln, and the Rev. Vlncent da Paul
ItcGean, chaplaln of tke Plra Depart?
ment At tba conclualon of the maaa
tha choir of thirty boya ?ang tn Bng
lish. "p\*t> Reet for tba w-ai-y," ami
??( i, Death, When la Thy sting?" a*.
th- COftega waa l-aving thi* .hureh the
. ontiniifil on a-ronil page, *.<-a.*nili rolumn.
Counterfeiting Charge Made
Aga;nst Them After Police
Find Bari Bills in Room of
Priest Who Slew Girl.
Evldence in Eands of I-nspector
Faurot Shows Clergyman Was
Plying Bogus Money Trade
While Planning to Rid Him
self of Anna Aumuller.
Young Man Accused an Accoraplica
Says Curate Was Instijator in
Counterfeiting?Instruments for
Illegal Operationa Found in
Qu?rters Occupied by
Friend of Priest.
Prtma Cacie atidaaca ac-ord'.ns to
the pollca that Father Har.s fcchm'.dt,
held for the murder of Anna Aumuller,
waa a counterfettor and had heen ac
tively plying his trade while he ?ai
achemlng to nd htmaelf ot the incubua
which h's llfe with the young woman
had placed uron him. waa obta'.ned
by Ir.sp?"'t'jr Fa'iror at an early b'.ur
thls morning In the a*rest of 1'r. Krn
e-U Arthur Mure', cf Xo. ??1 Bt NK'h
u'.as avc-nue, a dentlet, who an s capt
ured in a flat in Wl et lBttb etreet.
Mur.'t. caught tha police belteva. la
tr? mid8t of h'.s attempts to r'.d the
riat ot the counterfotttng oQUapmeat
offered no reaiatunce when his oaptors
. nme upon him. Ha was p'.acti' in an
automobtlo and huetled aaray, while
other membera "f Inapector r*aurot*a
wtaff went to hla apartmenta. where
th>-y found Dertha Zerh, a aervant, and
took h'-r Into cu?tody an a materlal
The avaata folloarlng the dlocovery of
the new Crtmlnal feature of th.- pri.-st's
activities arere aartft in their dU
cloaurea i" going thn.ugr. B< bmidt'a
effects at the parioh houae Inapactaf
Faurot carn*- on BOQW begua ?**'-<> billa
iddden aaray In a box, irhlch alao coa
talned the 184th itreei addreea and a
|4fl recelpt for deatal aervlcea aigaad
by Dr. M'.i't.
Find Counterfeiting Plant.
The detectlvea lefl the pariah houae
and went to tiie 134th atreel Hat Ab
they aacended tlw ataira and arrlved
epposite the door t>. tha apartmeal it
was Opened by I?r. M.r.-i. Wblla the
lnnpector engag. d him ln eonveraatlon
the othera entered and began an ax?
amlnatlon 4..f the r".'m.
At once the avtdencea of counterfeU*
iriK operationa beeame apparent, A
dia bearins tha irepreanlon 11 b **-'"
certificate was ona of tbe Bral objei ta
tha detectlvea encountered n bora
a carefulh engraved repreeentittoa of
the ''ih. and was marited with th.
aerlal letter "A" and tha n imber "1
ir,.>.7,''._'." All aboui tha r.n arere
acrapa of the bogua Mlle. fmaa of
arhlch had been partly buria d, am
amall priatlng pn
Tha arreal of the ... ntlal and the ex
immauon >>f the Bal nexl |avi raray to
in axamfymtloa of Ifurefa quartera in
Bt Ni. hoias avenue, aad there, the
police aay, they found evldence arhlch
may ftirmsh a baata for a aaa crtmlnal
-harge agaiaal the doctor. Mix?-.i in
arith the inatrumenta the dentlat em?
ployed ln hai trade arere othera com
nonly emplosred la Illegal operationa
m.i arhlch, II is auapected, may eetab
tsh the man'a connectlon "ith the
jri.st ln another capactt) than that of
reUow counterfeltar.
The lateal arreal eme after Paurol
employed tranalatora to n>< ivei aome
documenta arrttten In Oeiiuan arhlch
were found in BchmWt'a papera Anu ng
tlio documenta araa an atHdaitt recit
[ni the detalla >.f Bchmldt'a acquittal
nf a charge of forgery ln Muntch, >.n
the ground of Inaanlty.
After the examlnatlon of Bchmldt'a
propert] Faurot and Detective James
O'Neill, advlaed throagfa aa anonymoua
communlcatlon, arenl t.. a tracanl lot
i.t LS2d atreel and McComb'e I'um
Place, arhere thev found funh.T ari*
iencea of th.- murder of Anna Aumul?
ler .letails arhlch arere not mentlonod
in s.-hmidt's tirst coafeaaton.
Bone in Charred Pile.
ii developed that a laborar mar a
in.ui enter tho 1..I at ;i o'cloek in the
afternoon "f Beptember ?".. He carrttd
,i large bundle aad .. aaaall tm palL
The pall ooatalaad keroeene, whu-h the
man poured OVar the bundle before he
Bal fire t.i it. I'aurot an.l O'NYill f.iund
the renaalna ... that bonara, aml ln the
harri'd pile th.y found .some feathera,
MN I'ink pillow ,-,.\ ?-i ine. spattered
?it li blood, an.l a .-mall ptecO of hu?
man bone.
Thay found ais,. a portlon "f a phota
jraph. from which the face had been
tom. aad arhlch aeeaaed lo ba ? pactara
of a man on a ph"t"graphei s. model-of
the obaarvation platform of a railway
irain - .such pl.tuivs as are taken aml
MM at .'onry Island. The dete, tlvee
arere aatlaflaA from the amafl part of
ii.- plctura left, thal lt was a photo
fraph af Hather Bcbmidt in civiiian
QaOTge rajfhe. the dealer at No. 2"t2
_ighth avenue, who furnished the police

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