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been in eouraa of conatruction for
many daya. lf Im expected that they
will follow almost exactly the rule*
goeerulag the taklng of testlmony in
the Supreme Court
l?ue provlslon wlll b-* made to ba1>
guard the intereat* of the impearhed
Governor. If his lawyers at any unie
take exoeptlons t" the r illngS of ihe
fhlef Judge they wlll have oportnnlt*
to appeal te the court. whleh wlll then
take a vote ?n th* issue raised That
vote 44 111 be the final a i
Followlng the adotrtton of tb
will come a readinc ff t'.c aiii l
impeachment and 'he foim.il pieadina;
of the Oovernor t<> the .rnra-* ,? per
?, theft .ind f- rrupl mieuae of of
firial power. It se< ms UkBl) lhat ih<
(.ovcrnor uiil not ?? ll 0 .rt on this
(,. eaaton unleaa the rulea adopted de?
mand his praeence,
Hanker? for the Limeltght.
Bfl far as ean be learncd lo-night he
wants to be there. 'uel u< he has
\4anted te be the centre "?' ever; kin.i
oi affair where the gallerlea aer fiHI
riace he t""k office. k.h his lawyera
hn\e n notlon thai b. ougbl nol tn
be in court at iuasl at that particular
tim*. and wanl : maki ani
Impeachmenl ehargea ia a *"? rmel writ?
ten do ument. li la an even bel to
Djajhl thki the Oovernor, who haa been
I.,t . era from giving
rul Intervtewfl .md itatementa, bul not
from writlng lettera to all bla frlenda.
will hae hlfl waj la this deeplte them.
The rir**t argumenta befon thi uourt
wui be .lueatlona of conttltutlonal
ii |ha Bulaer wuiMel aill ad*
vance?the contentlon thri ihe Aaaem
.. nn i Ight lo Impeach the Oov?
ernor at an eatraordlnarj Beeaior the
contentlon tbat ln any event William
Bulaer remalna Oo*i*ernor until the
i .,t.rt rcR-isier B VOte depoBlng him. The
Suprem' Court Juatlcea hava already
ruled agalnat tha Bulaer lawyera on
theae poini -
In addltlon the lawyer* arUJ probabiy
argue th.-u the Senate membera of the
Frawley coinmilire. arhlch <lug up the
evidence on whlch the impeachment
rests. nre dlequaUfied from sitmig as
.iudges These are S. iu t.us Frawle}.
Kamsperger and S.umer, Dtmocrats,
and Hi"?n, Republi an. Brown haa
never attended a meeting of the I-'raw
ley committee. and has taken no part
in lte labors. These points all out of
the way, the argument -.** i 11 come down
to whether thr impeachment resolu
ti-in oi te.*. acts whh'h are a proper
ground for rfmoval of a Governor from
Barrooma Are Trriv.ng.
The city ie fuller of visitors and is
riisplaying more interest in this event
than in any political oc urren.MJ of a
generatlon, save, 'Kj-rhaps. the pio
longed deadiock over the election of a
United States Scnator, which Fent
James A. o GormBn to Washington.
Every hotel ls full and they are all
turning away people. Barrooms are
doir.g a thriving business. Every
where the impeachment is the aole
topic of oonvcrsation. I/egislators who
have had tO be coaxed or drlven to
attend the sessions in the summer are
here to-night. proud to be, even in a
small degree, parti.ipants in this grsat
history making event. Assemblyrr.en
who say they don't know where the
price of their next meal is coming from
>are struttine around ln this brief glory,
the centre of Uttle trrnups of admiring
\-lsitors. who drn't know tnat the As
f*mhly'B part in thi affair la all over.
There was an unusual blossoming of
frock coats in the Senate. The mem
bers of the impea. hment court are evi
deatly determtr.ed to dress the pgrt
Some of them, suddeniy awake to ihe
great t.oia>mnity and importan". of this
trial. are as ekittish as a sweet girl
graduate just before she spcaks h?r
plece. Nowhere amnn* the Senators
is there e4 Idence Of any degree ot Ju
bllation or even satisfaction at the b?
ginning of the trial, such as might '.ie
expected tO OOfaaa from those Senators,
at least from those whom the Governor
attafked so bitterly in his futile diraet
primary campaign.
Tammany Pities "Poor Bill."
There is evident a sort of dogged de
termination to earry through n ?1 i *- a -
greeable duty whi.h cannot be BVOlded.
Surprislng as it may seem, hard and
fast Tammany Hall Senators arho have
known Sulzer fer years are rather la
menting the fact that he is about tr, l.e
hauled up f'.r trial. They speak of
him in subdued tone**, using the parl
tense, as if h> were already out of if
fl.e and dead politically.
' 1'oor Bllla ho araa always a good
fellow. but he i ouldn't stand proepor
ity. It's too bad he got into this
treuble,' wns the aray one sympathetlc
Tammany soul put his laracnt.
All day long a stream of vlaltOTg has
been piloted by the t.'apjtol guldes
through the reananged Stnate Cham
ber, which Wlll be the rourtn.om. All
day long hundreds of appUcattong for
admissi.,n to th' trial ha\e poured in
.,n McCabe, the clerk. There will be
little enough room in the court fur
those 44 ho have 10 be there. and the
ihanco lor visitor. will be less than
slight. it has been the trndeavor of
Mc abe and those ln ?harge Of affairs
to make vareful prov.s,on for the B0
< ommodations of nwspapcr represent
atives. There -.-. i 11 l.e r.lai cs for lifty
< ne raporten on the Ser.ate floor, most
ly representatlvcs of New Vork Btate
papers and newa as.*., ??utions.
In addition to these, however, there
are demands for more than oaa hun?
dred repiesentatives of l*ewa*aapera
from outside this state, many i< j r? -
senting pn mm, ni E iropran nesis
pai>crs and ne.vs sindnatis. Then
there is the usual IlotilU of Bpei iai and
**flgagaalne writera. Even william s.ii
rer. wlth aH his greed for pefitxlartty,
could ask no mon. Those writfrs who
h.ne recelved no floor privllege wiii
have t" take ihe.r . hanccs in u Bj
nservrd f'.r them In one of the gal
Public Te Be Crowded Out.
This r**ser\ati'"'ii so limits ihe gall t/
spa< < that not more than a coupte uf
hundred other peraona 44IH be abi-. 10
s.juce/.i in, and moal <>f them would
bava to slt when- the; could not a* e
mu'h and would be unable to h?ar
more than half of what was aald.
Nevertheleee, Indlcatlona are thut there
fpnOTO Br
CamOM 1.4.
William H.
John C
wiii be auch B < rush of Ihe .urlousth.it
th?' -erpeant-at-arms and his ass.-t
anta plan to cloar th. Capitol corrl
dora beyond ihe Benate veatlbule when
r .,; aafet) haa heen re?'hrd.
\..i *\*ti the laaryera la ihe ease ?? re
irllling lo baaard ? guess as to the
loncth of tbe trial. n la eertaln thal
afrrr thn prelimlnary legal battle ia
over ihe har.lest parl ?*>f the flghting
be to come. The board of Im
' peachment manager* tiirik? n<. bonee of
axpecting to produce at the trial mtl ;)
more teatlmony and mme witness..*
than the Frawley committee. AM
,th*se arltneaaea will have to be croaa*
examined Then there will be the di?
rect and croaa examinntion of the Sul?
zer witne^srs. Bnd ln mhlition all the
i lawyers' talk in argumenl and sum
'. ming up.
The trial will rr\r,\e more s!owly m
aii probabillty, than i. caaa ln the Su
preaM Court. be<aus>* the Fenators are
not to he restralned fr.nn takinK a hand
in the pro?eedim?s. and also there will
be i/otee on Bppenis from ihe rullng
j of tbe prealdblg judjje. The trial mn;
be rompleted in a month. it may essily
stretrh out into two months.
Aaron J. Levy, chairman of the af
Femh.'v |...nr.l of manager*., upon hia
jnrrhal from Mew Vork this afternoon
: laoued thla atatement:
"Mr. Levy, in behalf of the managrrs
of the Aaaeanbly, deairea to ann.un e
tha mtainer ..f John B. Btanchfleld aa
jadditionai eounael ln Ita i.rhaif. Coun
| acl now conalata o< the Hon. Aiton R,
Parket. the Hon. John H. Stnn<*hfirl<1.
Lamb Rkharda Isidor J. Kresel and
i Hiram To.ld.'1
The ali-rnment o.r counsel as an
r.'Unred late tO-night, ?as as follows:
For the prOeeCUUon Iitreet exam
lnatlon <<f witnr sses. KuRen** I.amh
Rithard* and IsHor Kresel. croaa-ea*
&minati*.n, John B. Stan-hfield. lejr.,1
argument, F.dstar Truman Hrackett and
Alton H. F'arkrr; summlng up. Judsr.
For the defence Dlrort oxamlnaiion
of wHneFsen, Louis Ifarehall, of New
York. and James Hay Qordon, r.f Phil?
adelphia; croiis-examlnatlon. Harvey
D. Hinman; lepa) argument, Aueten 'J
Poa an.l /I.irvey I> Hinman; summing
up. D. Cady Hern* k.
Bids on Capitol Construction
Work Are Held Up.
Albany, Bept IT. The tan?le over the
rightfl ef New rort state s rlval clalm
BntB for Oov-rnorship honors cropped up
ajrain to-dav when the Srate Board nf
Publlc Puiidincs mei to award contraetfl
for Interlor marbie work in the reetored
burned **<-tion of the rapltol.
ActuiK GovomOl <tlynn nnd BpOakOT
Fmlth of the Assembly were the board
members preaent
One contractet ra.r-ed the QiMOtlon tbat
the op-ninj; >.f Mda by 'Jovrrnor Buhtar
on August II, tive daya aft.r his Im
peaehment waa Illegal. This point "..
eaeilUled. hmrivr, upon suhmlsslon of
an opinion from the Attorne\ OaOBtal'a
offlce that the t'ids had heen legal ly
opened. Beverai other contractora pre
aanted objeitions ani ihe board adjouraed
for B week to gwe thfin oppottunlty to
mibmlt thelr points in wiiiiiuc.
? harbs k. Dooley, a repreeentattre of
thr- lo.al Hricklayers. Maeons and Plas
ters' iniou, reojoeated th*. board t*. order
the marbie work plaeed in position by
members of that orRanizatioii. Ren.iainin
Traltel, president of a New york inaihl*
company, itated thal membera of the
IfarMflaattera, Cuttera and Carvere* Aaao
eiatl.m should have that piivil-ir*. He
that if tbe rikla'.is pfrslstcd Iu
their demand th whole bi j.-klav ing In
dusti\ nf this Bt .te will .oiiie lo a stop.''
Voters Asked to Defeat Those
Who Caused Impeachment.
Albany, Bept. 17 A nw>i ateetlftg io
?,.. rraor Bulaer'a behalf araa held in <?dd
Follows' Hall 10-alght Tha Hev. H-rtrurr
Hopklra, uf Albaay, presiiled. and the
ipeakera IncluBed Mayor Qeorge ft t.uni'
of ?J. hene-ta ly, tn* Rev. MHton fi. Plalt.
..f \m-t."dam, and s*\rral local BulaBT
l'..'Zoluti'ins ?* *r* adopttd ofT-nnc Qov*
. rnor Bahwr pympeth) and aupport and
c.illinK upon the irotore ef ih*. ?iii. te ep*
peee membera nt th*- Lagtelature v. be an
inepenalbta for the Oovernor'a Impaeaeh
'ii' Bt
Surpriseti at Inroads Made on
Tammany Upstate as Well
as Below The Bronx.
Technical Rule May Allow Him
to Rctain Control at Albany
- Tiger Legislators Make
Light of Rcsult.
? Bj Ti eerapti "? "'" '
Albany, Bept i" Oovernor iulaer and
hm frtende ar? luMlani lo-algbt o.er tbe
reaulta nf th*- DemocratV prtmartefl out
-id,. of New Yi.rr; i Itj They ?ey that
tha 4 .ii.) nn; eapea t to makfl much head
?raj in the Tamman attroogholilfl belon
Th<* Hn.nx. but that ih** Inroada thev
m?.ir. nr, organlaathmfl of upetata M ir
phj lleutenai ?- ? aeeed theli fond
bopea Thej kwb ipon I i ,s ?5
iladieatiea nf i atroag upatati B i aea |
timetn and aa] thej ?h"'\ '
Boppoti la arltli lha Oovernor ln I
for vtndleaUen h? arlll mak* befort thfl
Impeachmenl ? eurt ?
Tanuaany Haii i*?*r?siamr- arbe returaed
to Albany te-nlgbt to attmd tha
.p.a aaaaaati aJTect, on the other hand. t*i
piaee mtie iignlfleance la the upet
mar> raeolta TIm i mj lhal "':
menta than adinirat>?ii fnr tho OovemOT
'xpiain the overthrow of aome loyal er*
ganlaatlon men. polnUag ta Orleana Coun?
ty ea an 1ndi.Htl.-n that not all the
rnuntry dMtrlcU arr Mr.-na ">r BuUeT.
Ward *"n\e, tbfl m-mr.Pi of AMflmbl) from
that count'-. wai- ona* of Iht four men
arbeaa rotea neri aaM to i1**" *wunr
over tn Tammiinv, aoeompHehblg th** Im*
pearhmml of tbfl OOV4n?Or hy thfl
Mj At Ibe prtmarlea he mad? tha Bghl
as-alnM W. Hair* Murphy. State Pair
Commlaelooer. whe had prophcated the
nverwhi'lmlnit Befeat af tb* CuU force*
' becauaa of tbe AaemMjnaan'a rote for im
peaebmeat Coie woi la -. ot M oTatitcta
nt th* county.
The Sulzer for< e? made -tmnc ahOW
Inga, boarever, in Kri?*. Albaa] a"d <>s
irego eountlea In BJrie County WUliam
.1. 'onners, who was turn?4 om a- ebfl
man ol inr stau . onimilt"! by CharliM
v. Murpb) ;. ton yeaia ago, an.i Henrj P
BUTgard, WbO Ir* n -v.-althy OOntractOI
won an ovfi whelmin* \lctory over WUI
tam H Pltapatrick Oovernor Bulaei bad
i.*.n at ..d.is with Pltapatrick avei alnca
the latter deeided to remain loyal te thr
Tammany organlaatlon m the Bghl made
.... tne Oovernor for hi? dlred primary
i,:ii, whlcb provMed for the abollUon ..f
the etate. fonvpntion
ln Alban) Countj Patrtcb E. McCabe,
Benate clvrk, had the Bghl ef hbi lll
i.ai?. returhfl from country dletrictfl ind.
cat? that h<- arlll atlll oootrol th- eoanty
eommlttte, b .' avett he wai deubttul of it
up te tti.-s afternoon As it Ih Danlel J.
Dugan. fltate comtnltteeman. and Bulaer
aupporter, win have an fn'JHi number of
membert of the t-oramlttee but through a
niia. adopted a \-?r -bo m<-< aae keepa tha
icntroi Thla mie piovldae that oemmlt*
treii.?ii repreeentlni dlatrlcta arblcb at
., ? alectlon for OOverner ca.t mur*.
than IM rotea Khall have a vote f..i- ea. h
addltlonal KB volrs Ae tba dlntri.Itfl I a r
rled by MoCaba are in the thlokly inliab
ited ff tU'nn <.f thlfl fltty tbe rui-' arorfca
to hi* beneBl Thera haa t.*-en eppoelUeti
io McCabe fnr yeara In thi.- aoaaty, bul
never before dld n raaamna propartiooa
whi-h i ii'innl him th? PaM woriy.
rharlea N. Bulger, ?ho ?'i? defeated in
Oewego County, wut nn active aupporter
of oovernor smzer untii after the aecond
il.feal of his dii.it primary Mll. Hi th.u
turned apainiit lhe i>i\ernor. Belatr men
d rfeated Mm yeaterday bj a larga rata.
Btephca Byan, thn Bulaer leader In Che*
naage Cbunty, did not ure j,o aretL Tbe
lndlvatU.na arfl ihat bfl waa beaten f*jr
irntrnl of the COUBt) COmmlttOfl 1>> B
?mall inalority.
Com rnor Sulzer t..-night Riadl M plain
that he i leared the teeulta in i-;ne Oaunty
aapractanj aa a pcraonal tnbut* to braa.
Balf, aad. hl flpttfl of the Inhlbltlon*
placed npon liim by his eoaaeel, he wa
arflllng te eommenl upon them to thi* e.
? Thaak Ood! Th* pn-?r- hav* at la*t
beard from tbe people and thej *?iii hear
uicuL befoif thi* matter ig pettltxl."
Other Financial Bills Also Put
Through Carryincj Appro
priations of $375,000.
Repubhcan Leader Finally
Withdraws His Opposition
and Is Content with
Slow Rollcalls.
r.l ,;na '
v ; . ar.d tal
. . ? ...-a. trom
,,...,, ? Mli
te-nlghl pi"*"bnti f, ,..??' atati 111
t Ini
nda ..ii l ond . and
g tle.OM i
, ? . con
. . . i !l ? La. . :*-i.il ITI ..r..l
. ;,!?.?,.--#..'
, , ? neni of il- aith
, i h. Senate a lo ol
C,n: . i i ,,! |
?IflOilttoti .,i '...i '?'??.. ma ? '
the Btat< . ? ? paaa*
the a ?? i Auguai
..;'.,. . d b
. Qlynn arlthln * day or
1 va r,
Th,ii | ,.. ara ? !* unanl*
i. tha Aaeernbl)
tha. R?pu eader, Mr Hinrnan, oe
? iad en the *rround thal no ktialatlon I
thai -". ?.totu > alta-aitd ,
i .???. ,,i until att. i the un;
,.,., t , ad di ? Ida i a bo waa th Qe*eea*Ba*#i
put. Hi lat. ? ? ,'1*- <'!' '
unio'is anaj diimanded alew i-dlcalla I
The rote on Ibe dlrw l 111 ln Un
',. ;i
rhera eara fortj krt rriemberi preaenl
m tlu Benate and lal Ifl the AaaemMy.
all of ii"* |aia|la***Uora na-ring reoal ?-,i let
tara thla nreea urgtng 'heir praaenca to
,,.,?, thi dlreci Iai bill and autlng that
arlthout .t th* alate'a cradll araa en
ilank'i .ed
Tha paagage "i theae Hnanclal billa
practieeil) BamtMotea th<- la*a*alra?ea*necea
aar* te be tian.s... td bj tha lealalattire,
bul it.t tlnal ailj'iuiiiineiii arill ui,
deubtedly n"i 'fliKe pleca until aftar the
lm|, tu ,..,,, ,,i .,, ,ri ii.ii.piii..*. Ita 44'nk
Ti,. a^atglatatura BaJJJourned Ita aaaatona
to night out of reepaei io ? i"> rneritery of
"Hia: Tlm" BuBJvati and Hayor Oayner.
The pisolution for llayei 'i.i"'i'?r was ln
troduead bj Benator Poley, who rapre
sents the Bectate dletrict of Charlea P
' As a I'lHtl'-e "f th-. Suprenie COUTt,
said BeraBter Fotey, "tha >?? o.d oi Mr.
'iiiMioi livaa iu his dear dedetena. and
,i? Mayor af Nea fora: hla afflclent re.
ord la known te all Heetood fer boneaty
:,ini afltcien. |.i?,i..ii,i' mon than aa* of
his predactaaera; Iuh dutlea Inveaved .1
Largai lleM than c\*n iho.-e. of the ?.;ov
? nior of the state. and he perfornied
Ui. in wtlh honor and witegrlt,."
"W herea.*>. The Sena.e hnn learncd."
the i;a>eor nMiiuiinn read, "wlth deep
Mirro'-v and leg.ei of the death Of William
j. Qaynor, Mayor of the <'.t> of New
Vori.. nhoae a*evetlee te tbe puMIc a*el
fflr' and whon.- :il,il.t\ neirnRe nnd ...
tagritj ot purpeea eaarned for hlta ti.e re
m e. t anii *affectkan of tl.e dt) he *aj****ed
*... falthfuUl and tha a.lm.nitioi. of the
Cltj and State of New Vork,
"IteaolTad. That wtn* the Benate ad
lour.is to-nialit it be out of icspe.t to
Um Kon. William J. iLtayner.'1
The . ?*s"l a tion for '1>!>* TlmH u.i? mtrn
duced by ienato* .hiistie Blilllvan.
"His main gtftfl te ehariiy havi.r
been puMtahed.'' aald B(*aater Prawlay,
"and there aie many puor familien in New
V.iik vah" nu>s hlm tQ'day. His many
ai u ef atlndneae a.,* he**4md tha knowi
cdflfa <,f nn- i.eni.i.. ..f Nea forl "
The resr.lull'ili i-leried ?" S.-nal..r Bul
l!\in av n "jnatl wh" b> his efforfu aiul
,.'. i-_-.ii ..f "uu.i'ter raae te a poBHlea* of
i,i..,,,!!,. n ? ..i thla bedy, aad who hy his
in.IfulndedrtVaa and lm. .ii'i-- aUa*04-fljMten
end. ar-d himself to all wh" had the **oad
fertajm te b aaeoi leted \4ith hnn."
Speakei Smilli of the Assenibry appolnt
eij the MtOWttaaf > oniinittr. lo att.-l.d tha
Qmyttot funeral ea Mendayi AaaamMy
111, 11 Latvy, ,'UMlller. ?'otlll". Walk. r,
Bi h.iiip. lyevais, OoMlkBrg and Hammer.
ef New Vork: Vale. of P.itna.u. i-amm. r.
Dennee aad .ronin, of Kina.** McKee, or ?
Rl.hmond; Huiden, of yueetis, and hob- J
ln.-on. of Suffolk. I
Says Nation Owes State a Debt
for Wilson.
Becretary of Navy Drafted to
Review Parade of John P.
Egar Outing.
JoeepBua DenleM, Becretary of *hr
Navy, maaa ?? Mg rxowd "f Jeraey Cltyl
liemona" f?cl gOOd laal nijrhf by tellini,' !
them thal the Democrata throughoul the,
nation oared i debt of gratttude to Kew
Jeraey foi s-ivin"; them W.i .dr.iw Wilaon. |
? \ Kood manj ef ua Democrata," Mi |
DanieLfl tald, "had given up aii hope ..f
. Democratl Prealdent wben
along comea New Jeraey irith Woodrow
Wilaon. and now we are all happy."
Tha Becretary nf the Navy came to Jer?
aey Clty prlmartly te loob ever a Mta for
? nea navy rard planned In the oreen* I
ville ?f tinn >.t Jeraey Clty, the inspertnui I
of which wlll take place to-morrow mora
ii happamed tr.at th* John P. Bgan Ae
?., ation ma of th? leadlng Democratic
organlaatlona of Hudaon County, had in
ounng yeaterday, ao Mr Dantels r*>\iewr.i
,-ide from an automoMlfl in fronl
otirthoi -??? Aftei the parade had
jiae?od Ihe crowd esthered around hl* ?n
, -ir] Repreaentatlveo Klakead
and Han I | rauaded blm te IMI tbe
. owd hoa glad ha waa to be a i.emo
tbout flfteen hundred peraona w*re
?m ihr outing "t th.- Bgaa Aaaodatloa,
which i* named foe the proepectlvfl la u ti
nf um Hudson Count) Demoeracy
The Becretarj ??t tnr Naw apent the
nlghl nt the beme of Bepraoentatlva Km
kead ai.d iaii> to-morrow morning "i>i
? ,?, ? i, . sit.. for thfl na\ y rnnt II
wiii h<. r>ai m automoMlea by
Rgpreeentatlve Klnkaad, ?' Ipencef
.-'mth. prealdenl of lhe New Jeraey Har?
bor < omml--lon: Kub.nl ' .)> nkln-on
and U I. Sanders. ?t the New J.-.e^v
Ha.i'it Commlaalon; Commiaeionera PA*
gan, Br*aMager, Perria, Kague an'i
Moon ?.' l ? ? Iti i 'omMeloo gov*
. rnment .'?t>fi tl ? I' ""?? i rei aptlon eom*
mln.i Bfty, of wblch Borregatc John
i' Bgan i* i halrmen
Aftei In pectlng th? land approachea nt
th? iltfl thfl parti wlll board a govoi?' ' '
i. ndei .* Black Tom and Bea the elta
from thr l...al Thfl boat will ian.l ' "
party at Pler A, North River, and lunch
e..n arlll bfl flerva I foi 100 al thfl \? hite*
hall ' i'i". Battei Plai Bea t* I
Denleh wlll . i* w the alte from thi .?
r,f the w bltehall Bulldlm He will ? i
s.... foi h o'clock toi Phlladelpbia
to Inepecl th.. League laland Navj Yard
Cashier Took All from Girl?
Bought $20,000 Car.
Mlsa Eflla McMInn the youngTenni
rui wbo peaed ?t Ihe Oarden Clty Hotel
Bummer ia thfl w1f? of John C
Bchlldknecht the *> ?week lablei who
r | ifta ? nti al na B). In ou
. ? ofllce of t ? '?'? a
, .... loner
OU. hr ' n bankruptej r ? ?
? bildknecht. Bhe taatlBed tbal
i.one of tl ? lamoi d ? lfl ? ? I
_ to her w.iB n?w ln
?Whera 1 mked W
Ueoaer, count* for Marahall ? Hagan,
"Mr BrhUdkaeefcl hta them. i elv ?
,.?? i waan'l ""';
m i rm ln M*
aung ao*
DM ( ?'? on tbe
...... . park?
. ally tell xir maa wich
an Inacrutable man," Mlm M Mtna ri
? |... ? n knoa i Mr.? gtrongl
Mlaa McMian mM tha dld, bul refuaed
rmrea ihe woman - whi ra abouta it
a is underati ?' '"'
formation tbal Behlldknei bl wa? ?
Wltn ., ? m i Btrong" aa mewhera ln tim
. ia. ir.- mai i hm ?" the '? ?
uity i ati - " "-?? I' - '?' teotlei i found
, | ear ab* h Ba hUdknei bt kept ln
,? garaga ln Beventh avenue, ueai Bat
' '?'" '
i managa r of tbe war-n
burn Croa ? ?*w '' ? *? " ?"d
caahlw boughl tbe ra. int cai foi
*. i,, enter th- Vand-*rflllt CU| r ?
McMian aaM eh- would aum nder
_n tha ? tpt ? Btve i ?araa tbat ?ehlMkna m
bought fnr ber.
Woman's Last With Is To Die
at Home.
Boaton, Bept l" v race with dgoth
mmgtti on lhe r.';l expreaa whleh lefl
Bridgeport Cona. at ! II iVcloch thlfl
afternoon and reached here ?t : o'clock
thra evenini: II eairted Mra Jamea L.
Hughea t?. ber home In Arllngton, Maaa.,
... fulfll her -n^.i.' to ba in bei owa
bome uben th** and comea
\,, ompanied bj ber brother, I" >'? I
Oallant, ,,? |< Vlncent'a Hoapltal. of
Bridgeport and a tralned aarae, Mr*
Hughea madi bei Mai lournei In ?
? ,., ,..,,,,1 Bha baa been ??< aufferer
fr. in Bright'a disia*-e for mme than
two yeara, and "ent te unduepoit a few
month*. aga to ba ander ber brother'a
cara she aank contlnually, however,
and pleaded m be taken home to die
.M la.si it wat- declded lo granl thlfl
requeal An ambnlaace wa.- In waitlng
,,i tba Boaton atatlon and ruahed her lo
Arllngton, wlnnlng hei race agalnal
The doeior. wim accompenled Mra.
Hughea, .?*..>" -*hc la very low and caa
not long auri h *??
Fielder Won't Let Prisoners
Work as Tailors.
Trenton, N. I , Bept 11 -Oovatnof Pleld*
er refuaed to-day te approva nf an ? xien
simi of thr eontraet 4.f tha Creecenl Qar
ment Company for the employment ef
. oni Icta al tba atata pi toon here, The
Board of Prlaon Inapectora advbwd thal
tha <xt. naion be approi i d
Tbe Oovernor, In refuatng to foiin^ thi^.
ad.l.e. -av- that the *tat. has de. i.lid
upon a ?rw |.ri-.iili pnli.v >n far an tbal
? -ntploy uii nt nf the Inmati'.-- >.f the VaHoua
penal Inatltutlona la conrerned. ii*r.^
after ihe priaonera ?iii be employed oul
af doora an much as poaMMe on ?"taie
roads. a prlson farm, where auppitoa wlll
i.*? ralsed, and In ? quarry, whi. h th^
atata plana t*. purchaae,
Oovwrnor Kir-id.r aay^ that psading lhe
arorklng oul ..r the ayatem ha feela tbal
.-mploymrnt r.tn be found fOT a large
number nf thr mrn thrown OUl "f v* ot k
by lh.. . li ..-ing .if the contiu.-t.
ONE PEARL IN $625,000
Man Who Found the String
Offers One "Bead" for Penny,
but Has No Takers.
[Rt fable t" Tha Trlbune I
London. Sept. IS.-Kvery day pro
vtdr-s a new and dramath ehapter in
th" ;,Mtonl8hlng story of the pearl neck
laee. it is now bejrond doubt that the
pearls were artually pi-ked up ?>>'
Horne in the street. but after taklng
them to tne pollce the flnder aMeoOV
ered he hnd still one in his pocket.
Not knowing its worth Home offered
it for a penny to a number of people m
n puMlC house. but no one would DU)
it. as if was ihu.iaTht tO be n.erely a
bead or D marbie. Beveral puhltej
liouses were \isiu.l aml the "marbie"
araa ihe Joke of the day till eventually
it v.as hist.
Then another lonf llna of ateaureh nnd
Inqnlry opened up for Bwtlnnd Yard..
Tha "marbi.." arhleh Horne wna offer
inK for a penny <-r b glaaa ef 'eer was1
arorth lll.OtK). It la one <A the lauweal J
and best of those stolen and an ong-r j
vearch for it -reeterda* over the ground J
covered by Horne iho previous <la>'
opened up an entlrely new ehapter ln
the amaatng romani e
Horne nnd ? hiof Irurpector IVard
started Oll the sear< h ear!.' in the
mornlngT. Togethar they vialted the
publlc houot* an.i uent through the
treeta whlch Horne had traeareed on
Tueada! II >*a.? uaeleea; tha gera had
Another problem la ? ho win get the
*-a/nin i-ewnrd. H'.rne. who found the
pearls, <>f eouraa clalma it and so <io
Brandatater and Quadratsteltu, who**
4v,.rk led t" ti" eireel of the four men
Servant's Attempt to Die Frus
trated by Squad of Poliee
and Firemen.
\ BtrilgglC in the wlndow .?!' Bfl BBBrt*
ment houae i ove the atreet
!? m, m ti ? ?:. one tr) Ing to throw
. t into thi rtreal and tha
| flfthtir tr to prevenl her, drear a crowd
thal t-oraptateiy Mo.-ke.i tr.-ifftv ln Bi
treai .. little before I
i ?*.. avi' Ing and endi I ln a double reecue
...1 ,,? poti. ?? ?' id firemen.
Mra. Bigmund 8) of tha Hb -
apartmentfl al Mo 140 \\ aai
wis .; eaalng for dlnner arben she .
? ? g |oa - oi the Broedar i
? ... ? r tb ? loud
? ? ray in time
io s..e h. ? mald, i<"?a DtcUny, Bprlng
tii. flill ? ira to J'.nip.
M-*. Btrauaa Ba*r*arned and wtlz*i the
arornan |uat ? ed forward out
Thrown foi nrard on her
rrip '
?: iggllng
li. mldalr to fr? " Baped
md wiiiiui a ii:
were ibO Itlni
tlona ai
ln ti.. :? ,,-t <.r th* chaoa ?".ne one
\- ; ' ? t.arlie i ?
Ulaa 0 *
Moi beinl eer. held
,..-.- ? rmol lle
1 ? :,. <i (oi ii" apai tmi nl I ? .? H<
rea, hi u 'ti. . Btrance on ti, trael
...nia.i and
? -i fioin Hook and Laddl
. d, and Bll ran to tha Btra ? ??,
m. nt
tfra. i holdlng the
aroman ?. ' ? bi
itea \* - almoat incom rhea the
. reached h< ? ? i"':' "r
n. r burden The mald ?*s tak-i; a prto*
. . ? ? ? K ckerboclur H
Man Successful with Poison
After Harging Failed.
' ? ?? i '? of pota atum i ? igrth of
and n t n k :? tther atrap a
of Bulrlda uaed hv ? in..!! ,-? i man
.BB found hanglng from the
limb "f * tree in tha W4*atada araBi Of White
Plalna road, Tucaahoe, i.'.e reoterde*.
.,':??. IMOfl
i he i le* bel m ed at fli l thal i h ? man
Tl. araa a
lump "ti thi rlgbl nd,* of iba head and
? ? ?.> hi. li might n II. U
Btrugale. Tba arrangement f tha rope
bi ,i ati ap howevi r. area iu. ;i thal
aaa declded mat the man first tii,,l to
h uig i.ini"?''? a iti. the rope, arhlch
?? -., hed, and di*opr?ed him tn tha ground
n<* then tri.-d the ?tr.ip, but hi* araigbt
araa raffldent to bend the iimh of th.. ap
pie tree ta arhleh l.e imd attaebed the
? ?.Li -i WithOUl ....rovlnc .ither rope or
Rtrap trom hi> nech the man then awal*
lowed the cj anlde and 41. d Inatant i
Taro roung huntera found the body.
They Informed tha pollce and Coroner
Dunn. "f Tonkera, uim removed thi body
lo the < Itv nnd held an lti.pi.sl. The man
araa about forty-fira yeara old, and appar
enti'. un< a Qarnian He wa* Bva feet
alghl iri'lii ???* tall Htid had a dark BBUBtai ha
and halr The head >*is i.ahi The bodj
aaa dr* *ed In a darh Btriped ?? il arhiti
ahlrt and blach trouaers, ati of nooti tem*
tci al, i "i heartnj: r." mark of Mentifl
. -atlon
? . ?
Rcasons for 5 Per Cent Advance
Will Be Ready by Oct. 1.
Dentel tVUlard, preeldent of the Baltl*
m?re i Ohio I'.-illioad'and , hui -n;m or
th.* commlttee of reilwa* executivee hav.
Ing in ehavrce the t-atntaaJgn of the Baat
ern carrlera for a 6 per cenl advame ln
freta-ht ratea, said ye.ster.iav thal tha pro
poaed new ratea arIM ba eompleted ami
flled at WashiiiRton by October I. Mr.
tYltlard aaaarted thal tbe fUlng af thee*
tnriffM 44iu pia.e betora the tnteratate
1 'nmmerca Commlaaton the aittia' mtafl
arhleb tha rallroads'drplre to have put ln
force. ?
"Much of our B**idence la reedjr.'' he
added, 'and we will place adtneeeBB Bfl
the fatand to Buaetantlate evary alteajatlon
w. baf.ee made ahmit the rlfllni; ttAnktXrkt
of tranapui tation service to the I'lildi".
the ooat of lai.or ami ntaterlala and tae
iii'.-d of new .apltal. From ionfeieiiee*< 1
have had ?lth n ^'leat n.an> B*B*4JMMB BBM
l judge umi tbere win not be atuch oppo
Mition to BUr plan of ? h.n .z.uitHl Increase
thriiitachoiit all ifiti-a, whU'li wlll laava ln
duatrial and tmftc relatlona Jtaal ua they
are now."
WashiiiKton. ri.pi. i: Repreeentativa
allen. of OMo, i.a*. intro.iu.-e.i ,i Mli In
the iious, p.-oviilinu for the eoaapUaaery
retlrement frotn *a*fl***lee of all iraoden
railroad .oa.he.s m IH a >eai.-*, '.?> per aent
io i. retired eaeh year.
Fate of E. L. Pratt and John
Sherr, of Hotel Workers' Or*
ganization, Unknown.
American Union to Hold Series
of Mass Meetings to Protest
Against Their Forcible De
tention and Hiding.
fl'.. ran*. tn The Trlhtm* 1
Loodon, s-M't Wl?The Fnreii-n nmra
Wafl rV*krr] tO-dajT to look fnr K. L
T'rfltt. fnr En?rli.?rh founder nf the Hotel
\\'..rk~rs' I'nion. and Jr?hn Sh^rr. AtTier
Ican j.resident nf the [ntsrnatl ?
HntPi Workertf Fadaratkm of Ameti.'a
Th" story tol.) tn the FnreiRn nfflf.. |g
that Pr.'itt want tn .\'ov Ynrk Ia*t
-prln? from Rhn.lfsia ln responpo to a
forged cable purportlng tn rom.. fmm
Bherr, that Pratt was kidnappeii on
his arrlval. in thS middle r,f the day,
an.l that BhetT disappoamd soon after.
The Hotel WorkTS' I'nlnn nf Lnn.lon
alleif.*s that both maa arere kidnappM
by a hntel proprletora' organization of
The International Hotel U'orker-' T'nlon
of Amr-rii'.-a. l.eKinnlnc to-morr..w night,
! , ... rles of maaa moatin'*- at
No JJ Weat Mth stre*>f. fo pr<-it<\*t acaln-t
tho alli^ifed kldnapplnK of Pratt Thln ne.
ton arlll he taken at the request nf th*
Ajpalgamatod i'nion of Hotel, Club and
Reetauraal W'orkera ot l/ondnn. Er.piand.
who have Instltuted a worldwnie scar" .
f.,-- Pratt
Aooordlng to Percy Touns:. (renaval Bec?
retary of the Loodon branch nf th.- union.
Pratt had Incurrod the enmlty of thn
Hotel Proprletora' Aksodatlon. v.oth m
? - country an.i in England, by his v:
Clea in l.ehalf of th*" walters. HM hPrVl
quartera were in L.vlnsjptone, Xorthern
RhodesM Bouth Afrl
The hnfiM employer- are. alleK^.i to have
MM p'.ans to kidnnp Pratt. and *< i nrA
Ingljr, i' l* aaid, a cahtegram was -ent to
rporting to eoene fmrn John
.*;h. : r. head of the union ln Am*rl<~a. The
i-ram told I'ratt hr couM leave at
. for the Unlted Btatea, ?<?* all danifor
-? i.id passed.
prattt la aal i t" hava ptartM fo- thls
? on<*e, nnlv io h.< kldn-ppivi gg
BJ be BOI fnnt on Am<"'i'*.in BetL
I'ratt- ulttmata fate ha*. r. niained a
myatery t" thi.- day. a- has Sherr"*. al?
th..irIi tn. two mam .i.saprear.-d aeveral
The London bran. h "f t-r Waiteri .ind
Work'-Ts' L'nlon i ..- i
r.vd with L- mpreaentatli Bouth
\i ?? ? pei Bona ui th< L' Utid
St.-.'e- ln nr, effort to >.-irr> what btfl *
ron.e of Pratt.
Expert Gives Figures Showing
Railroad Control of Mines.
Th. ? ' Itlgatlng ..'nrnlt
the W ? ?'? -?? Houaa of Aseam
biy bagan it^ Inqu ? yeeterday In J
. ? [t |fl pOSSd ..f . |r.,r . | ||
rhalrman; Waiter L IfcDermott, xn\m
an, j*.hn a ICatthewa and Emersoa
[.. Rlcharda aii were preaenl ea apl M
K. Hellls. of !"?
., ? .?? \;..': t. ivas* tbe Wll
that all the anthrai 11
tt..- Wyomlng, Lehlgh ar.d Bchuylklll *
i;.,\. ? ..... ? thla
, ...ii ..-raage wa Phll*
adelphia A ;<???..?' lb ? ? ' ?*?
tral of Wew Jeraey, Kea fork, Ontarl I
Weatern, Kew Vork. BuaquahaM
Waetern. Erie, Lai fcewai na. Da
?? and Permi :v.<: i ra
that i Iheea i ? ?'*?''"
qulred a ia
j ii - - raa
... and of tiu* more
than rr72.'?"?.4>v, ton? have been mlnsd. !?
i9i>i the Central Ralli id of N
,.- Philadelphia I R -
eontrolted :. ? ??. *?"?? to
The flrttnesa H M t 1
UNNM ?? ef prica a, a
untform Thi prpftta on coal 11
in< compe
H B a ton The hearing wll
tlnued to-day. A numbei i
ha re I ? ? n ?ubpornaed.
Five Big Companies Ask for
More Time, However.
Waahlngton, Bepl ? v .
made to the Interetate < 'ommi i ?
mtaalon to-day by the espreaa compa *
tu,- ,m extenalon of time ln whlcb to
p_ra aad pul Into effect the ne*a ea *
ratea ordered by the ? n Au*
By the tei raa of the . ... niaa i
der the ratea arould become effectlve
on i tctoba: l a. b ? onfi rence lo-dM
between membera nf the eomral i '
eounael for tha eompanlea 11 araa n ??
reeented to be Impoaplbla Ior tlu
pa . ?, to eompl] wltb the ordei b] '"'
t.>!>.?! 1.'.
Walker D Hlasa, apaaklag foi thei ?
larga eapresa companlee, aspreeeed thei"
arllllngnesa to comply generally with tbfl
i.i,., lalona of the ? ommlM on - i':
t,, pu| m tha propoaed rati i. Hi
??este*. however, eertaln modlrtcai
i,,.i affeotlng u bi prindpla
Ho ?oii.iuM.iii waa reached,
to th? aatSMkM nf IlM date of the Oi
ger or as te tne medlBcatlona .? queeti
lattio doubt ??\aft'*. however, that
eommlaaion wlll grant the appUeaiioa,
Inaamuch aa the companlei agrei lo
piy arith tha order
IM Freshmen Enrolled at Openins, of
1 i iu Tfllegraph te r*? i rlaaafl i
Kea Brupswiek, tt, J. Bept IT.?*****
gera College opened ta>day. President
Demaresl made an addreea In Klrkpatria?
* I...p. i and welconied neu ind old p*W"*"
The earolment Ln the freshmen class* w?s
IH, thfl latsot Lla-9 that lias *'ver *n'
t. reg Rutgera
Olfta announced Include th.> library nf
MansfleM L Hlllhrart. foraasrly secrel
of the Hlapanic Bocietj of Aaaerlca, whlcli
-.as Btaseatad by his arldow. The llbrery
contalned Iwo thouaand rolumea and ara"
ahetved In ihe Ralpb Veorheei Ubgary.
Th*- a-ollep.. reea Ived *i."^ throUBh tli**
bequeel Of *>f Mrs \nna Moore. wldow
of Jamea Armory Moera .of tha cia??
of 51.

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