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Publication of Agreements
Brings Too Many Demands for
Reopeningof Schedules.
Tree List Is Finished and Pig
Iron Stays on It?McAdoo
Preparing to Enforce *
New Law on Passage.
Waahinfftoa, sept 11 Deiao ratlc mem
Bera ef th** i onttn net commltt*** ? ngaga \
by adjnatlna dltferencea between tha two
-rt, ,1,1 tha* tariff Mll, dechM |o-da
no* to make puhii iher agroe
ment* untii th** conferenea wora la com?
pleted PuMk ation of aareementii m thej
past few dnyc has breugbt tu,in> demandfl
upon tha eonferreea fea tha reopening of;
rertaln acheduleo, and thev havi deter
mlned hereafter to nauit.no aUenre
Chairman Bimaaona, of thea
tarreea *n.d to-nicht the wora aaa mak-1
inc more rapt*i progreee lhan he had ex?
pected, and he thought h reperl mlghl be
rompleted by tha end -rtt thla weak The
eonferreea flnlahed tha free llat and began
on ihr remalnlns Itema Iq lhe dutlablaI
nrherlulr- When thej adjourned they
had conc tmur tho bill for the Beconda
time a* far ;.s tbe thlrd achedule, thM |
roveiing meta! and metal producti
There iraa a lone debate over tha arheai j
snd Bour peoraaloaa ol the MU, Houee,
memben ohjeetlng te tha BeneU amend?
ment hnpoalng a dnty of ifl centa a baahelj
on wheat roming from a country that
lerlea ? duty agalnat wheal from tha
rnite.i Btateaa. TMa queetlon was nol
Th.. ronferre**- agreed to |i?ve piK iron
on the fr,*e llat, whera the Benate put it.
P_1 _M not daHermlnfl whether ferro
mancanHfle ore should BBBB be free. A
rempromlae araa effeeted oe lhe eutoino
hiie aelMduto, br wMch th.* low ? ? 0
rixed b) thr law were loereaaed allghtly,
an.i an agreement ?hs reached ?n th"
_iov*. -rheduie. reductna aomewhat the
ircreasrs in ralis made b) thi- Benate.
Tha eonferreea agreeal te the Benate
free lletlng of photographlc ftlma and glv*
inE th** Becretary ol the Traaeury power
to eeaeor all Imported photographlc pi?>9
?a picturea The Benate ratea on photo?
graphlc apparatttf wera rjHgbtly reduced.
Beereun McAdoo began preparatlona
to enforce th" new tarlfl law immedlateli
upon aoactment.
Bankers' Committee Suggests
"Information at Source"
as Alternative.
Aiexander J Hemphlll, preeldenl of th**
Baa ran tr Trual <'ompan> and chairman
ot the committee of New Torh banhera
mhlrh la endet?orln* to have diminatel ?
from lhe laeflane ta\ laa the Becttonj
provldina: for the tftzatl itl Ol I
ot non-rf-ident aliene holdin* the bonds
o' American fomipanies nnd tho "BtOP* '
rae* at the -oune" provMon aaid yut
te*dav that th?ir enanment Into law wlil
t-rd tn hinder. If not aheolutely Prev.-nt.
Um further mh et our aecurltlea abroad
"Thr hill a* now drawn." ne assert-d.
"provldea that in al' caaefl where the
are nol is* ted under t ? ontracl
-ihi.h reo,uir.>= tiuu the pavm^nt ef toiter
aal shaii he anadc wlthoul dedu ition by
raa.oi. of any tax impoeed tha corpora
uon or' it*- aaa nt ' e 1 per i ent
nf th*> Bnnual itttire-* untii it ifl de
i*-rrfiined whether or aoi tha owner of
th?. hond la regulred te pa} a'. la ama
t?x or ha> paM th*- tai 'he gav
..?- .,.-.... ? rltla lam nrttl oul a aug*
?r?.!on of an alternatlvfl plan la ne?ei
helpful. The Koverrmvnt can. however.
? ? ? aafeguard th*- . ollan tion of thfl
laa hr aubetitutinf for thi 'atoppege al
the aource' vXnn a nua'"^ of Inft rma!
at thi leurce,' by requirlnf any banh or
Iruai oompai ? - pon* for i ol
i#ot|on t.. ohtth. the nam< of the owner
of the iviiui. an.l thi* Information should
h, Mianedlately furnlahed to tha (-'o\ern
mei t la thla wa' the porernmenl wlll
? ? ?? ta n where th* t-1 '?*?? reatde "be
own the bond*. and. in the caae of ih*
????.ien holder reetding abroad. will mnke
no attempt to eolleit tba ta? er |
holder to Bny expenae ln obtalnlng
interest thal properly heloria." '"
"This amendment. while aaauring ih*
?Ment full knouledr.- of --;1 f"1"-"'
. ng bonda re that no bondbolde.
propeii] taxable ran eacape hla o*ll?*i*
tion, wlll alao inure te the advantagi "t:
ti.e umaii hot-dera of Beeurltiea in thi* j
country li - ? hforl u ati bi d ?"ii*s ;i
, ihlp that *. man wlth an
roar ahouid hat* i
lion of hla li i oma reta. lh<
po,atlun until he. l,v afftdavlt, haa pl
thal he ifl ,;.,t a taxable pereon Cnder j
ihr plan BUggeated above, ti" part "' the
1 Income would t'.. reiained. but the gov?
ernment would ha\e deflnlte Information
av to tael v hat hond? ia ere owned by
? itbi r membera of tha i on m '?' ? '
whlch Mi Hemphlll la chalrman, ara
<>tto t Bannard, preeldenl of the N*a
Vork Trual Company; Rdward 0. itan-]
i praaldena of ihe Tltle Guaran?
tee and Trust .'ompan-.. and Calvert
el. .-piesident of the Cnlted
siates Ifortgag-i and Trual Compan*' ?*'?
Beph M Haitfleld. of White * I
Will Take Part in Dedication of
Monument to Discoverer.
[a*Yera Tha Trthuna rbiiaea '
VVaahrngton, *e\>i II l"iana for the
Carnival I'abriiio. Mlebratlng the dedi
jcatlon of flltee ln commemoration of the
i ?) of the I'aeitir Ocean, wei e an
,i at thi White Houae to-daj tol
low Ing b conference ot Colonei D C Col?
fller, of San Dlege thi comrnlflMkwei ot
the fete, with Preaident Wileon.
Repreaentatlve Roberl *" 'ir;
Texaa, has been dealgnated by thr Preel?
denl to make the *q*eech al the dedication
of the sne fer the monum. nl to Balboa,
the dlacoverer of the Pacific Ocean, and
haa accepted imnng tiie celahratlon.
whieh *a ill last from Beptember M to tl,
? ? n atatue to CablillO an.i f"t a
croea ln nwmory of Kathtt Junipero Berra
wlll he dedirated.
Measure to Relieve New York
City Congestion Favored.
, T-'r.'m Thi "nl un* Hureau i
efaehinarton, Bept, IT. Benator O'Ger
:11 providlng a meana for reliev
i.iK the congeatlon oi buaineaa ln the New
York Cltj federal oourta waa favoranlv
report-d to-dav bj th< HOUBI ' 'ominittee
Judlciary. The bill han paeeed the
The measure BUthoriaea the aenior
judge of the 2d Circult, in the event of
eongeatlon in any diBtrict COUli lll that
to call upon diatricl ludKes from
other cir ..t* t<< oifJclata In the Id <ir
' uit. lt is provided, however. that the
"reiief judgee" ahall ba aelected fiom
diatricl l-Ourtfl whlch are not theinaelvefl
OVerworked and tliat the i'l'igr so drafted
ahall aignlf) hli acceptanci of tha desig
natlon In writing
The O'OOa-man bill appllei enl] to the
di Judlclal Circult, bul ln the cotaaJdera
non nf the hill aeveral membera ax
preaaed the view thal a general law aim
ilar to th.- i ?'< ;<irman MU nhoiild he en
acted for ihe rellel of oveicrowded dech
ets tn the rat-toua federal rourt* through
oui the eouati >.
Bay State Democrats Ask rres
ident To Aid in Campaign.
i - ir. Th' Tribai ? B
Washington. Sept. 17. Jos.ph F.. W'lllard.
the new I'nited Btatea tmbaaBador to
Bpaln, CflOnferred aith the r*tealdenl al
the White Houae te 'ta' preparatory lo
ins departure fnr his post neat Tue-d.v .
t. j Donobuc Becretary ot itat* of th*
Commonwealth of Maf-.-aehusetts. and
Thomas y Dwyer, chalrman of thi D<
..(ratic st.tte Commlttee, urged the Pteet
dent t-. make a ipeech nr two In Ma'^
chuaetti before electlon Thej p**edlcted
a Democrati. victory, bul thought that
tbe Prealdenl could help crnch it by at'ip
ptng "ff on hla ?m to Cornlah or mak?
lng a apectel trip t.. enter the eampalga
william Poltock, of Mexico, Mo. atfhty
th.ee year* "id **hn Bayane ia the oid<st
mlllei ln 'he Cntted Btatea talked aith
the President ahout the tariff hill
Dr. william B, Hale. aho reeently re?
turned fiom Mexico, dlacuaaed Huerta'a
.. wlth the Prealdenl *t luncheon
to-day. iie *-a .i hi believed thera was a
rav of hope renected In thi meaaagi
Special Rate for Shopping
and Making Social Calls in
Manhattan in a Yellow Taxi?
cab $2 an hour.
Call up Columbus Ten Thousand
and say "Shopping Rate".
In a few minutes there will be at
your door a well-appointed taxicab,
thoroughly clean, with a driver to
whose care any woman can safely
trust herself.
You know us. We know our
drivers, and the cabs are inspected
every day.
That's our kind of service.
Yellow Taxicab Company
Call up Columbus Teil Thousand
a ..ntlnii*?l from rlr?t p??e
puhliean crltldam of the bill during the
afternoon debate, Mr. Wlngo s.iid:
?'Prealdent WUson is for thls amrnd
ment, I undorstand. I know Mr.
Bryan la for u 1 _n authorlsed to
apeak for Mr. Bryan her.-. He aayi
that the question of whether or not
thla countrj ihould hava the gold
Btandard has been aettled- thal II li no
longer an issue. He beUevea that it
U a good thing to put thls anundnunt
on this MU.
"1 do not agree with him. nor with
the majority of the Democrata nn the
Banking aad Curraac* committee. ba*
rauae I do not think this MU has any?
thing tO dO With the standnrd of values
ln this country. But, 1 am uiliing to
a.'tept the judginent ut my party.
v.iu Republtcana have raleed thla
bugaboo Noa Mr Bryan has removed
your foars. nnd 1 therefore ask ><>u to
come out and vote for this bill. V.-u
have nothinK left to object to."
Ilr Wlth.rsp'.on. anvd the applauae
of lhe antl-qold stnn.lard Democrata,
characterlzed the amendment as "?
waoton insuit to the Democracy of this
Houae" and a Burra ndci to Republlcan
?The orlglnal amendment propoaed
from the other dda was the product of
Ignorancc and the greed ol thoae aup*
jxirting ii." he ex.-laimed. "aml il ll
lh-' part of Btupldltj for this sid.' of tho
Houaa to off. r a aubatltutg for it.
With?r*poon Oppo-es Party.
?This amendmenl la uaeleaa and ?r
coiuplisiies no purpoae. The committee
had aever thought of i: untll the ne
publican party auggeated lt it la
manifestly offered now to gratlfy lt>
publi.an deluatona about the fOld
atandard. 1 wlll not only rote agalnal
ihe amendment, i*ut 1 arlll rote agalnal
the bin if lt ataya In.
Thr gentleman from Kanaaa and
the gejitlenieti from r\'voming eannot
talk about caucua dominatlon, ?
as I am concerned, it ihiu amendmenl
prevalla 1 myeelf wlll bural il.
cus shB.'kie^ aaunder and arlll vota
aunilist the 4iitlte bill.'
Thlrty-aeven Democrata roted with
lhe Mlgelgaippian, when the queatlon
was put. the Republlcana votlng for
the amendment, along wuh tha major
Itj uf th*- Banking and Currencj Com
mlttea .m.i Ihe rank and flt* un ihi
Demo. ratla alde Tha rol D< om
niiti.'.- <>' lhe 44 hole, nnd .11 . ?
aiii ba made to havi ?> rea ."i vote
when lha bill la pul on Bnal 1
m the Houaa pi op< 1 lo moi roa
When "14* note laaui - action of lhe
< urrency MU ?'aa reached during the
afta ntoon aeaalon an i< rim
bal.itlnulni toi mori
houra. reaultad I ? 1 -i;.. ;; ? 1 '"'? Won
tb ft the tederal r< aejrve notea authoi -
1/...1 'siiuii 1.4 redeemed In gold ..i laa
t ui money."
Repra ai latlvea H I I M< ndi
and other Ri publli an da1 lar? d '
worda "or law ful inoni ' ?onetltuti 'i
,-, ,,,k. 1 whli h ? ar.Hi d th< gold
ard, and 11 waa charged lhal theac
worda had bea n lhe bill al
th. Inatam e of wnii un .1 Bi
? Thea. obllgatloni are nol lo bi 1 aid
ln gold, bul .11 fold 01 la rfuJ moni 1."
, ,\|r Will.-. of Ohw 'Tha | n
. .1 s. retarj of State i*ho ha
domlnatlng the Democratic parl
all theaa yeara, controlUnn. conventlon*4
and nomlnhting candldatea for tha
Prealdt n< : hai al laal ba 1 n able tn
get int.. Miis bill an.l have Indoreed bj
lhe party raucua the thing for ? hlclt
he 1.1 ba en Aghting foi twenl yeara
1 a*anl *<> wai n f 111 n * * 111. mi mben ol
this Houae thal if you vote lo ena< 1
ihis provlalon Into laa you ar?* votlna
f..r the verj Rrlnclple you havi been
oppoalng during all tbi ? yeara."
Repreaentatlvi Qlaaa, author <>f the
bill. ask. -I Mr. Ttta, Ohlo Republlcan
ii hc reall] believed thli provlalon w.r
ai .-.--..un on th<- gold tandard."
1 not only believe It. 1 kaoa it." r*
torted Mr. Kess
"Then I mt'. your l <?mI'rehf'rlsion"?
exclaimed Mr, Qlaaa wavlng bla :inns
aml padng the uifcle
"Vou ii'Ad ii"t pil' in1 ' niii|iie
bf-nsion, piiy the American people v\ho
wlll flnd out what la ln thla Wll," re?
I lied Mr TfOO, who said be Would VOta
for lhe Democratic meaaure if the
"ords "or lawful money" were ellml*
Mi. <;iass indignantlj refuted accuaa*
tions that theaa worda conatltuted a
Bryadeaque joker. although be made
no att'mpt to aai ?iij thay were nol
tontaint'd in the orlglnal bill, but were
lattr Ineerted by th.- <au< u?. Mr. W1II1
rharged this caucua action had been
taken at the hehest of the BocrOtaT)
of Btata
Thfl Amflndment Acceptfld.
Th*. comnBlttee propoaed and lhe Houae
wrote Into tha bill an aniendim nt, Whtch
prohlMted federal reeerva banks from ,n
gagini in loan tranaaetlonfl arith any *.ne
othei than the governmenl This change
aaa made 10 pr**\ * nt tho federal reaerve
banka from engaglng in ? cemmerctal
huataan* In com patltlon >?'ith th*- rmdi
ber b.'.nk- ?h|r"li ar.' forred to lupplj thfl
'?,"pi?ai upon whleh the reeerva banks win
ProMema *.f note laaue an.i queettoni >.f
whether th** t;n\*rnni*ni <>r the banka
ihould control tlu laaue ef paper eur*
ron. y o.-eupl. d much of tlio attenthMi of
the Benate committea durrag it_ bearlng
..11 ihe currency Mll lo?da) Wftlltam 11
Berrv. Collector or Cuatoma at Phlladel'
piiin; John Claflln of New York. and
Prufeeeoi O. M W, Bprague, of Harvard
! ni., relty, " '-i- heard
Profaaaor Bpragui Indoreed the general
ptiadplefl of the bin Introduced by Bana
Ier si.aii..ti. w iu. h would provldfl bu a
er/neral Ihmic ot fe.lei.il run<n. \ t<> !??
place aii papei monej now outatandlng.
Includmg lhe national bank in|.<, ti,.
BOVernreenl takin" over tho ho,ir1> ;,n*l
hasMIng them tt jmrt BaMWH} fOT lh. our
reney Mr. Cladbi satd ha beltevaMl tha
b-nks rather than the ?.?overnm.iit ahOUld
la*>ae tho atrculetlng nii*? of th. c4Mintr
An argument for loiflslation to dlv...-. e
tranaactkmfl of lha New ferh stoek Ea*
change fmrn the banks *a praacntad
b, John it iiuK Paaaaai .1 New vork
lawyer ii< dactared that preaenl Bta k
Bxchengfl awtheda raqalrlng tiaii>- .??ai
.iip.s niv.iivf.i enormoufl borroaring und
ceetlj preceaaee of aeitiement h?
rated ayatenM of fottnlfhtl* *etUeaatant
a.s al.road.
His Counsel Contends That a
Congressman Is Not an
Officer of theU. S.
B-raaa Tb* Itlb rn* rTflareaa !
WaarMnaTton, teaa] IT. Davtd Unur
"the wolf of Wall Street." Is maklng a
deaperatc legal Itffbl agalnei the proceed
;nc* to return hlm tO New Vork fo tt\re
tWO in-lirtmentx . harcmK hlfll Wlth 1m
-aan-Bonatlng Ra*ajweaanUtlve l. Mitcheltl
Palmer In i-ennectlon arlth bla alleged at*
templ '" "t2"A brtch'' W*all Btreet aa teM
by him before Ihe Benate Lobhj Coay
n Ittee
I?.mar WPt gHrafl n hrarinc Lrfore
Unlted states Commiaaloner Anaoa I j
Taylor to-day. an.i his counael, Henry K.I
Davla, of W'Mhhtafton, antued for four
houre, contendlng that ti"' IndletinentB |
were ilif.'llv and lhat lus dlCUl COUM j
noi be eatradited. O mmlaaloner Ta
reaerved hla decl'den until noxt Monda;
Habeaa *>iMrpua pi*occedlraa*a have been
planned by counael for ijimar to preveni
hli return to Sew Torh In the evenl that
the de.-iMon BCXt MotldBJ ts advei*
him it la the plan of hla counael to can y
the caae to the Unlted Btatea Bu-wema
i omi if iiecceaarj and the hep* la enter
lained bj "the wolf lhal he aill enjoy
h.s free.l'.m indelinltel.v
The Btindpal eonientton of Mr Davla
was that a member of Cofigreaa la nol an
?..flhii Of the Unlted States an.i lhat
the Indlctmenl dM nol advam e any aug
Beatlon of vlolatlon ot the atatute on
whl. h the in.n. tnent la baaed H. argued
that the < l-i.-i. made hv the Unlted States
attorney ln St* Tork, B. Bnowden Mai
shaii. t.. the effecl that a membei ol
Congreaa la aa ''offlei r" erae without
sound legal auth". Itv .
Ex-Gov. Patterson Bringing
About Abolition of Saloon.
:. . ami i ie tht
Kaahi llle, Tenn . Bepl I' Kormer
.?,,? eri oi P ittei eon, v> ho haa al* ny? led
th.- flghl agrainal prohlbitlon In T*n
. | me oul to daj In a atatemenl
favoting ?.'.oi Hoopi Iaa ei
*.!,-. ni tell aa ? .'" alMe i.lion
;,. in the ? Itlei el Ti nn< * -
The formei Oovernor holda tba! reg
,,,,,, ,,? >ioon ? .lutlon bul that
roniiitlona n Tennei bi ? di m ind >?
t..iin thal an he broui
Th* Benate paaaed the antl ?
Ihi iblpmenl of Hmw
? . ?, \ , OUnt! antl lUtj ;?? i als"
Th* Mlla will paaa the Houae
. . and a II bi Igned bj ll
. I Ol
.... ? ? ?
hat ? de the etati
I ........-???
.... . land 1 th* Mlla ol
? . ... worklng a
I . . RI . ? . ? b lo gel
.? ? ?
....,., a v-an
Ropublican Tickets Nonunated
by Oveiwhelminp* Vote.
lapt. 17-A fl
tl.e ' manic
*h.iv4ii hy the
than I
itrict tttoi ? I ' '
,, ? ??' *
ted bj ovei ? belmlna *t
Ri nn. . fl ? illy rompleti
? , ? . ?? ?
i dtdati approvi d I y tlu Ri pul
ii. an ... ganli atloi had bi ? n nom nati d
and that ?h. v 'i"i" wlll bpi* bi "u tha
ln Novi mi'. i
. ol ttw i""i *ei':. ??'* ?'? "'? ihe
, || . 'emmon i ounetlmen wen nom
. ., thlrd ? Belecl .'.".n' II
bll. a.. nomlm i weri nol onlj
.,.,. -i || h. large vot? - In rt* el* Ing lt.
ti nomlnatioi i bul ln man
.,: ,, .... iv.-.1 uaahlngton, iNttno. ral
and K. I ? mlnation
Control ot th?- RepubUcan Btat.
mltte. wlll return t" lb* n gulai Ri puh
Hean organlBBtlofl a- aoon a? ;he state
i i.in.iiiite. m? n ? Ii' ti .i ? ? ?-?? rdaj ai ? ai
ganizi 'i
Head of Yale Law School To Go
on Federal Circuit Bench.
praahlngton, Bept. II man Henry
w ...I, Kogera foi Ihe laal ten v.*nr- tne
head ef rale iaw achooi, haa been ae*
lected hv Preeldenl Wtlaon and Attorne]
Qeneral Mi'Ht imolda t" he Unlted Btat.
circull ludg* fea. the M Federal tTflirculi
coniprlalwg thi atatea of Ht* torh Vei
rTa..r? t and Conneetleot The itomlnatJoa
| . ? lad |0 gO to the Senate tlu: vv. . I
Dean Rogera la a D*?nH* rat, and made
the apeech noratnatlng iTtovenioi Baldwin
..f Connectlcul foi Preeldenl at the Bai
tn,,,,,.nv.nti..n ii.. w.i- graduatea
from th* Unleerattj of Mlchlgan ln 'hti
and ?;, dean of thi Iaa achoel 'there
r.,,,,, ims t,, |*jj whea ba bea-anic presi?
dent ..f Xorthw.st.r.i I'nlv. i sitv. ln IJ""'.
i,? -ren! to the fale Iaa *enool as
i. et .i.i, t>-? omlng d. uo In ISM
Escaped Jap Roams Thronged
Boston Streets.
Boaton. s<-|.i it The eacape of lam
i ii-m.i ki a lapen. . t""" the m..*?.i
ebuacti tepei coloai at Ponlkoee laland.
becam* known to-da* .miv when ina
maakl pra-eentid hlmaeli al the Beard ef
Health deti mtlen hoepltal bere and BaM
he wanted te ba cured of the dleaaae so
thal bt ? B il'l go back te Japan.
The man. 44 cdaired b] local a41actalfl to
he a vn-iiri ol lefaroay ln an advanced
rtBg? I'.iu rn bla lacape from .i" little
laland m Buaaird'a Bay la ??< smaii beat,
?,i,i .,) bi*. liftee.i-.nil. rOW |.. BhOTa
\, Mea na iea, h. .1 i.i aa ? Bhaaaaid eendl
inania ki aald Ita boei-ded a atreet '.u
io New Bedford and Ua n "*nk a train
I.. itnaton n< ,*ani be was ni thla dty
aeveral hoajra, waikinu t?.r...ich the buel
k.ii and rMtfllg Ofl twe stre. '. i ara,
one oi tl). rfl ' lOWdcd,
Mi and Mra. Iaiuh .1. i:*nkcndori'e.
are *agjala i***?UnjrlBj*J Uicir town house ;.t
No. tt Baal BBa -U"t. A' i.oi.ipanlC'1 bj
ahali | i.uiiseit taughter, Mlaa fl\deuide
Reckerattorfer, thej Intend aalling oa the
Imperator foi Kur'-pcSalurday. |
Violators of "White Slave" Act
Appeai from Sentences to
Higher Court.
Digffs Could Have Been Sent
to Jail for Twenty Years
_Judge Denounces
<?an rranetece. Bepl '" Maury i. nians.
foru.or fi've Atcnite't of -pallfornla. w**
aentenced lo-day bj Judge Van Fleet, In
the Unlted States Difltri't CUUTt to BBTve
tuo years Ul tha Btata penit*-ntl.ir" B<
-San yuentin and to \>n\ B Bna of B.00O
roi riotatlna th- afann "white alave" |
trafflo aei
v Drew Camlnettl, rmn of tho Cnlted
Siat's < omnussionor Oameral of Immtgra- j
,,,,?. t aentenced lo alghteea mon
al f*f.n Quenttn and to ra-' a fln.' of 11,300
f..r ;. Miv.ilHt offon.e.
a ten-day ?ta> of exeeutlon aaa
grantad. and fOr that period Diggl waa
admitted te ball in RMN and Camlnettl
m ntjKO, and meanwhtle 'he defence will
perfed an appeai te the Unlted states
Clrcult Court of Appaala,
Digga wafl con\icted of havlni irlolated
.ho Mai,n act en four eount* and <aml
...iti ..ii >.ne Each count carried ? maxl
mum penalty of tive yeara' Imprlaonmanl
and 16,000 Bn?
Digga and Camlnettl aeemad uncon*
cerned ? hon -'-nfen.e ?as pii>no'in<*o<1
This wxh a crime of opportunlty.' sa:d
ii,n_.. Van Pleel In peaalna aentenca I
mean thal the laxity of aoclal eondltlooa
and 'Ik lacli of perental control made II
i wlah to ?;iv thal aii through tiu*
eaat th?re i? the Bvldenca that drlnh had
its paraur.uiK InAuencea opon tha morela
ami th*- mlnda ef theaa men and the
young fiirls arith whom thev went on
lhal trip to Ri o
"Tho terrlbl* . dehai f th?
. aad tha roadl ouaa - too iiisjru-t
inirir apparenl and i mahe lha ebaerva
tlon bera tbal soci. ;y must pny th.- pti, e
foi permlttlng lhe ? \\^t.-nrr ,,f th. o
? ? lonai i< plai 11
"Thli - ?- ? p ".'? '.? exculpate
da fa ndani 1 agri ? alth coui
..f th, offi nea i ommltti i
not aa im-.e aa In cai
where ui. n tranaport a-omen fi-m ona
<<.' to anotha i foi purpoeea of ra
l h^ ? . illy dkl not a onta mp ll
? har >? !? i. noi a .. - it lha
? on >.f i ongra aman M inn, ..? ? i
...... ii.. . 'ongrenalonal ? ommltta ?
. rlg aal bill, th. it
, ?
. ? i| ortatloi ? ? any
? ih< a*oman tr.m port. I
? ? ri! ? .i.I to da i
i.. unlawful, and tbal brought r1* ??
? . bui i la i ol lha itatul
gri u fall. d in altei Ihe lasi p*n
gava tha ita)
.mon aame, it>> "a h i ilai a tral
ng la ti ihe i ?
b whtch the general mlaunderatand
... oma ..h...r
? Blgnatlng tha pi loon where Baa
. ahould be eaoruted Judga Van
f the I'nlt. tatea I itatrla t i 'omt
firit named Ban Quentln penltentlen
in titution When objeetton waa
, . Quentln, wha ra Digga and
? '..in nettl aro ild
bn al ? ??? ma n :im.i ph kpoa keta, hi
?????. !.. read MrNi
li:.,... j, i t.i th ? oi urrence of tiv
. ? v? neral, a hlch h< .lt.l 11*?t doubl
. .ould oh
Organization Formed to End
Some Stalc Jokes.
? igfl B p! II Ti on ?? ? ' ? r
r Th.- \.,t Da famatlon
l.. ai a of % arli*a. whoaa object wl
tn > -. pealfl to ra bj on .. d i an
r ...i.i. If na .i ? bj .. >pa aii lo
...\4 rh. di fan .il Ol .if lha .lowl-h paopla
Thfl \" * urganlael.vlll ln condurted
mo!. . ih< auaplrea ol lha '...i.i .-i B'Nal
fr. i' aml wll have branche In ever)
lorgi ? ii - In tne < ountrj 1 Ih objea t
of i < !?..;.< ai? ??' i" lh ln .i Btate
menl laaued by Adolf Kraua, <>f Chicago
pre |i)< nt of tho ord. t
>';iw> ilefametioi ol thi ier\ wiii i..
.!.,..'.!.. | ? ting th< co opa r.it on
of Ihe ptod'14-orr* and manager*. of tlu
theatre*, .'-.I thal hi Inveetigation of
propoaed performancci may ba made b<
fore ihe plece la pn anted Kewapa ?
Htid magaalne defamatlon wlll ba mei *)
j -oi. 'i lo edltori i tel imatton In teal ?
booka ii lll i" n el b) attempta to ? Ifm
i ,t. them f;om tii. . ..ui?. ..I tud)
a committee of N0 men, repreeentlna
aii parts of th*.untry, ?as named lo
pa i f.. t ihe organlaatlon
Japanc c Ambassador Inquires About
Answer to Note.
UTaahlngtoaj, Bepl ii Vlacounl Chlnda,
th.. lapaiwee Ambaaaador, eonferred alth
Becretary Bryan to-d.i\ on tha laaue
pcndlna between Japan and tha t'nit.*d
sr.i. ,,.or -ho Cahfornla allen land lanj
l? lat lon
Thi lananeaa governmenl aenl th* ia*t
of thfl --i\ notea exebanaed ln the con*
trnveray, an.l h ls undorHto.i Amhaaaedoi
Chlnda Inejulred whether an anaarer would
be forthi omlng
Becretarj Bryan decllaed la dlacuai tho
in|Oi i la ?
Benator Joaeph B, RanadaU, of Louia
lana, st ih. confereno of repreeeatattvei
from tha loutlMra Btatea al lha Waldorf'
\atoiii,. yimterdajr, ip.ike agalaaal tbe' re*
Btrlrtlon .! Immlgration Ha said the
South needed lan.i gorkera, and nrimd
tliw BteaaBahip iines to carr) lmmlgranta
to n. w Orteana Inatead of rfea Tork, so
?s to do away artth tha congaatloa ??'
lmmlgranta ln the Northern siat-8
^50_J YEAR/
436-440-442 WEST 3151 ST.
inrire-Proof Building
For Household Goodi
Founded in 1663
AGOOD dtizen pays his
just taxes but if hc
owns securtties on which the
tax has been paid, his duty
is done.
You are not taxed on our
Guaranteed Tirst Mortgage
Certiflcates in this State t*
cause the tax has been paid
alrcady on the mortgagcs
They will net you V/g%
clcar and you can invest any
amount that you wish.
Call at any omce or send
Ior circular.
SurplUS (allcflnwd) 1 1,000,000
17b Arwoy, N. Y 1 IA Rf mscn IL, o'tlyn
330 Fulton St.. Jimafcs
Wallach, Livingstone and Kling
stern Families Robbed.
Mrv Karl H/allach, of No iJfl Bnal 71th
st.eei. yeeterdaj complalned to tb*- poii-e
of the Daal Wth ttroui ?tatton thal hei
n, ,,.,. araa robbed while ahe waa al Daal
Beach Tha daughtera of Mra Jaeob
Kllngatern, of No. M Eaal r?h Btra ? I
reported tho loaa of tLOtt worth ff silver
war.. Thlevea als" antered the home of
Mr- Joagph Wvlngatone, al No h"A East
Hth atreel
The police aald theaa arere examplea or
lha ,.111,111.ir "m utile loba," and that tha
ha.- been t..\v. i than ueual thla year.
?ihe thlevea made tharlr waj mto tha
houaea through roof opeOlnga
While tbo losses at the W.iMaeh. Li*>
lOg tone and Ming?tern home- wrre mld
to be comparatlvelj amall, ? rumor apread
iu the neighborhood thal robberlea had
occurred whfceh oetted tho thlevea tBAMk
Harry K. ?Tallach denled timt his
rnother"! loan waa * :*".????. He aaid it
probaM) aaa t,r,t more than $i."W.
Two a uttle Ihlevea rea entl) paoght ln
tho dlatrla l ?here enl to Btng Blag, and
u? o ;n o awaltlna irlal.
She Tells Pathetic Story, but
Gets No Alimony.
Mra Annle iiei.ei. ef Ne. *i tearh
atreet, arho la auiag BTatehard Hahet, a glaaa
worker, fora aoaarottatm, toM Juetlce De
ktny ? pathetie atory yeeterday aboul he.
Itlg ...mn'itte.l IO th" Mi.lihattan .-t.ite
hioBpttal for the Invai.e on the appli' a
tion of her hus'l.and. aithough she BUafered
only from 11*1 '?""sn-.sn. und Bt'tM tlntfl
,. ,,>. mentall: lr?omr***tent. Mrs iieiiai
bbM thal aftar her reteaaa heir buaband
refused tr. But*?rort her and retaMd ta 1*4
li.-i aee her two aor.H, whn aie -.eventeen
and Bfteen yeara old, reape* th Ij
Tha eouple WO B maine.I in UM. Mre.
Hebel v\as rommltted t.. the B*qium la
t!04 ahe ?aid ;n her BffMai II
"i told blm that i waa llfcet) te ba**eflN
Inaane through rny a^ajoetetJee
lunatica My buahand itd ini want t<
take n.e om becaoaa ha fli'i not want to
.ir.pi.it ine. nnd told BM not te bothei
him. He has msttu.ted my son- to keep
avv... from me. and la ''reatlnc .1 feellng
of hatred a*u**aJaan me in ajy tare boya,"
Hebel aald in anewei to the charge*
made hy hla Wlfe that Bhe lepentedlv
thrrateiied io Ki 11 hlm, and nlao thientened
|b( ||fe of bil fatli.r. lle said he earnerl
only |t2 a week, and thal his wife had
$?.".: in the bank.
JUBtlce Melaliv. in denv ins: .M'? llehel'*
allmonj appllci."? ?'??"'1 ,!laf ***??** he,
phght "haturally exdu - '""'?? t*omma*era
tion." bIh i4 ,ii better aWa to preete**: f.
heraelf and p?) the a*np4aaaaa ef her ault
than her huahand.
Men Who Plunged in Mining
Deal Accuse Brokers.
BtUBrt Weat'ierlv and I'l.lliris \'an
Ardyn. who J?tnt!y houeht I7.4JM ?hare.
of Jumbo BateOflBton Mining Cetnneny
atoek fiom the hrnkeiaa.-- lirm "f CkBtnt
a Bton. bam ?** Co., Bled -suit yeatt -
:,,. Bja.efBand ttkjkk, n****tiY*y, *4\*h*
the menil.ei | of th- fl:m.
Weatherly -...id I e was tnduced to in
v<at hv T'-p.'.-"-ntations that tho eom
Pmiiv had alread'. iiini'd and had ready
ior Ahipment V-V"- wortn of gold Ore, had
I g.| reaerve anrl waa e-nipping an aver.
n*. of twenty tons of ore. *-*Uued al ?"
n ton. dally,
The plaintlfl said it waa repreeented
.,,.,, ,??,, ea* than I0.0** tona war* in
g"ghi , impanj would eara I ?
gi oaa a month.
Closing hours during September:
5 P. M. Daily; 12 o'clock noon on Saturdays
S. Altmait $c (Co.
>?v<? -.-__._;/f-jr .r.sjjec^on anattractivs i:s?!
of choicc
Furs and Fur Garments
colorings that are to be the vogiae
Wintc season.
** O - O - ? --
.:?: ig ths
Fur Trimmlngs
compnsing an extensive assortmenl
? 'zV-fj ?? b rcow 5n demand.
Annong the fashionable Run represented in
the collectioti are Hrmr.ir.s, IRuss.&r. F-tch;
Labra.o* 7/r- '?<; o: ?''.!<-".- -.-?"?'?'??. , -.---,
.-?.. *=. , ?'." ?: varzo'-s shades of smokad
Mink Tall sp It ri d full; 3ar_n Duki, Hud
Seal, and natural and blended Skunk.
_FifH} Awraif, 34th onh 35th tfnrfi. Vm Sflrk.
"It's the Best Country
Low Fares and Perfect Route
Whether home seeking or makinK a pleasure trip you will ftnJ
the pleasant, comfor:able and instructive way via
Southern Pacific Steamships
New York to New Orleans
then overland by the
Sunset Route
Tbrou-b tbat Wonderful Soulbweit
Louiiiua, T-i?i, New Meiko, Arizoaa, Caliloraifl.
$45 50 $55 00 or $65.00
$55.00 All Rail
Water and Rail
Rates in Eficct Sept. 24 to Oct. 8
Five delightfu. davs at sea and a won.lerous journev through
the most picturesque and (ascmatin.; section of the country
Luxurioua 10.600 Ton Steamships. Oil Burning Locomotives,
Rock BflUflst Roadbeds, Antomatic Electric Block Signals.
Comfort Cleanline** Safety
Call ea wtetmHtt for tull lafoann_Uoa,tlatkaHa,ra trvatle<ifl aad lltereiare
1158 Broadway 366 Broadway 39 Broadway
Cor '7th bt- Cor. Fr.inklii'Sl. Ncir Bcctor .street
'Phon*. Franklln 3925

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