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:\>to llork JDribuur.
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The Impeachment Trial.
Ono reanlt ot the Impeachmenl trial that btglM
t?,; , read; plaln. Murphy bti i~enencbid
himaelf. Whether be wlll faucceed iu destroying
,,.,_..r snlxer or not, the booa baa alreadj iuc
,...*. lad lfl i eatri ! Ing blfl ?
That fhet waa written larga In tba primary ?lec
I u np ,!,.. atate, nrhera Murpby'a lub-boi
.. county bai i een def< ated bjr the Bulaer leader
end "Tacky" Mei natrowly eacaped defeat
_ Albany, wbtte Murphy henebmen ererywheri i
cept in New York Countj hara fallen under public
The people hava* been unable to tolerr.te the apec*
tflde of the ahameful boaa of Tammany Hall ns tba
upholder of public monr.it>. Murphy'a motive in it
all has been too plaln to decelre any ona. He ls
not tflklne np the cudeols for public decfncy but
for his own autbority. Tammany haa not auddenly
beeame eaocerned eboul ateallng. Tammany la only
gooceroed about organixatloa dieclpllne. if a Butaer
may defy th.* boss after entering Into offlce an.i fall
to pay tba panaUy erery Uitle offleebolder may
6afely raise his head ln rebellion.
Thnt ls the reaaoii for tho terroriam. That is the
reason arby fBlaa chargea ba-re been made. Tha
mlnd that set a woman wltb acandalooj eoeueationa
after the Governor lanncbed the Impoacbment In
thelr orlcin and Ifl thoir motive tha woman with
her foui chargea and thla most aolemn of judlriai
proceedlnga ara on a par, mere instruments to serve
the boss ln cruahtng an enemy.
It H thal wblcb etlnga. lt is tbat wblcb has
dragged down to ? '' commu*
nlties laaa aarrlle than New York County. It la
that which makea many t of deeent riti
/.??ns my bowerer bad Sulzer may be Murphy Ia ?
An.l ao be la. If Bulaer la a thlei nnd a perjurer
he la Whal Tammany made him. lf he porketed
campalgn funds he exempUfled the Tammany spirit.
for Timmi ny is ? eaat ayatem for tbe mlaappi'Opruv
tion of publlc moneya for private purpoaea.
w But l ?? wbo would keep Bulaer ln offlce even
BJ bM> ia gu cowardly view of their duty
T ,,,,, Murphy can be defeated without
such coel to publlc moral1* aa tbat. Murphy baa
atruck i deadry blow aT hlmaelf He baa Indlcted
Tammany. He t ted to the state the BOIl
of Gorernore that may be expected from Tammany,
if the pl^fure of Tammany's beal preaented in the
impeachment articles \* a true one. He has re
realed Tammaay as ? poi Ucal blackmalllng organi*
zatlon, (leallntr ln threats ?.f old s.-andals and ineit
lns aromen to deatroy repotattona. whether he
arlna or l-.ses he has apllt hia party. The rerell ln
the upstate primariea t\ owa tbat
De.-ent and lndependenl memben of the Senate
must forpet tha bad character of Bulaer. lecnaera
and the daaperate nature of their undertaldng. The
lssne mnst be declded upon Ita merita. if Bulaer is
gullty he should bo ramored, eren though thal may
be a victory for Murphy. It will he g eoatly vic?
tory. If he ls tnnocenl be ahould be acquifted.
The f;rst oonsideration must he to keep the G0Y?
ernorship clean. New York does not need to enter
Into an alllance with ? thlef and perjurer, if Oor
ernor Sulzer ls one, in order te be able to attend to
thecaso ol Murphy.
N'cw Jersey and the Navy Yard.
Another effort ls n..w being made to conrlnce
the Becretary of the Nary oi the deabrabUlty ol
removinc the locnl navy yard from Krooklyn to
Jersey City or Bayonne. The chlef qtieetioa at
issue would aeem to l?e whether any remOTBl at
i.li is neceasaryordealrable. if the Brooklyn alte la
t.r can ba made satisfactory for future oecupitncy
it ahould, of courao, ba retalned. Hut if not, and
if the arelfara of the naty requlrea ? change, tbere
la nttie doubt of the conaplcuoua merita <?f the New
Jeraey alte.
a tranafer would be of great interest to
commerelal New Tork. lt would transfonn the
appearance of tiie harbor an.i probably produee Im*
portant changea other th.in ln appearance. We do
iint know tbal in any reapaBct it would ba Injurloua,
and i' la quite posalWe thal In aoma it mlghl be
materlal ly adTantageoua to this port
Bul in caae our enterprielng Sew Jeraey frienda
il.. eocceed in gettlng tbe navy yard transferre.! to
thelr balllwlck, wlll tbay peralat in tiieir plana fot
inrlng a vaal rrrer o! aearage mt.. what will then
be the water fronttng upon tbat eatabUahmentl
And wlll the navy yard BUthorltlea relish being
"? seate.l |UB( over tln- mmitli Of tha* CloaCB \la\iina'.'
'Save Ul from a Censor.
a London pobllahet arrirlng la this dty yeaterday
ked that we aeemed to be baelng a lot of
trouble wltb queatlonable plays. and aaked: "Whj
ai.int yon eatabllab a canaerablp en ptaya aa wa-n
gg booka, ns we doT"
Hearen forbld! Tbe fearfnl and wonderful work
tnga of th.- London ceneor bare made him a hyword
in bla natlre land. flaye of tba i.i^ii?-~t atl and
otterly free from aalacioiianeaa bare been bdrred in
b. And tbe moal auggeetlre of Prench farcea
liave been trlurrnpbantlj approred,
The #hole tbeory of a oenaorahlp haa baen i*>i
dueed to absurditv by ti* 1***^* tahtaplB. Fnr
better to muddie iloog in our preeent u-acertain
mrtnod-wltb the poliw nMtJIJ mlndlng their own
buBineea an.J ***??**?** ??? "rnen ??-'|-"^""0-v
ahocked- than to place our morale in the dally keep
ing of anj one ariaencre
The pubik la a pretty .??mipetent censor when left
Ito IteeJf. ai anj- rate, it is Immeaaurablj netter
, than-anj Anthonj .vunstork of the dt-ama.
Fair Play for Mrs. Pankhurst.
Tha newa that Ifra r-uikimrst ii.is noi t*4*en
danntetJ bj rumora of a claab wlth American Immi
gration euthoritiea is bardlj Burprialnf. Courage Ib
the iix'h.-st degrec la tbe one qtaalitj* tbal frlenda
and enemlea ?like must eoncede to the latder of
, British rnllitaiM** ?
I, retnalna for America to gire Mrs Pankhurat
tbe fair piaj tbal ahe wpecie. Our Immigration ???
tboritlei ean umloubtedlj detaln Mrs. Pankbarai al
: dand for a time if thej dealre, Bul 0*1 wlll
be Inriting a atorm o< ridicule and crltlclam and
\ certaln rebuke froni tbe courts if thej do bo. Mra.
l'.-iTikhurst is clearlv nol a "fuglttve from justice,"
being nt large wlth tho entire t.aent, noi to aaj i
the deJighted approbatlon, <--f tho Britlab goTern
niont. Nor doea her "crimlnar i*4M*ord Inrolre moral
turpltude anj more than do other polltleal i*rimee.
Mrs. Pankhursl Bbould hata the freedotn of the
country, Itowever miagulded nn.l onwiae i*.e maj
cnnsidrr ber efforta in behalf of tho cauae to wh ti
sho hns devoted hor life.
Arrant Crmardice and the Game ol Golf.
When our Mr. Jerome Travera feela like it hi uaea
hla ir.-n eluba froni the tee Inatead of the conven*
tlonal wood Aml be plaja the game with eonaider
auie Buccees, it must be admltted,
But what duffer would dream of taklng auch lib-|
erties wlth tho Mcred rltual of tbe game? Go oul :
nmi watch nn.v h"lo of moderate driring length, aaj ;
17.". jaide, for ezample. Each duffer ns be atepa
up tnkos our bla Iron or cleek, Nol one In ten gcta
anywhere near the greea With i driver probablj
) half would gel tho neceeaarj dlatance. Bul tbeae
: haughtj gentlemen would ratber "so a dozen Btrokea
; for the hole than take oul an#u*LW4MiTent1onal cluh
i nn.l win
Thla la a peculiaritj of golf. In other I
Amerlcana are cheerfullj regardleafl of rule and
form, Golf aeema t<> poaseaa some Btrange, hjpno
tixlrlg magrC that dulla ?* man'a pommon Benae and
makee blm bow down In aweetrucli allenee before
its anclent rltual.
"Golf and l?".;iiin" ? >? rommend Ibe stibji I I i
looophera .>f tho Mneteentta Hole
Our Navy in Mexican Wtten.
General Roerta'a auggeation tbal American naval
? - ahouid !"? excluded from Mexican watera
after the explratlon of their alx montha' ">'?* e ol
entry Ib tedrnteaUj In accord ^^ i11? lutemal
law. li js an eetabliabed prlw Iple thal a nathm b ia
a rlghl to deflna the conditlona under arhlch, and!
tbe tlmea for which, foreign nien of-war maj entei
and remaln In its porta Tha Unlted Btatea baa
Itaelf made us.* of that princlple, though generallj
its practice of il is tbe moal liberai In the world.
Bul there is a better, surer and Qoicker waj for
Mexiaso to Kot our warahlpa oul of ber nrati
*).e run nn.l wlll pursin- it. 'ili.it la I" make ll 00
longer neceaaarj for them t" ba tbere. Tbej are
i ot there from choice. Thej arould come awaj
more ron.liiy than thoy wenl thlther Tbej are
thore becauae thelr preaence Ib believed to he nece*
s.iiy for tba i'n.U"ii"ii of American < iti/.on- Tba
lu.iin nt auch protectlon la no longer needed tbej
rrlll leave Bul we <h- nol auppoee tbal <??
Un.Tta hlmaelf would auggeai thal tbej should
b ,,vo while tbej ara atlll n.led The i nited Btati -
:- in tho hablt "f grving its citlxena protectlon when*
ever aii'l wherevCT thej i.<l ir. and it ls not to be
ii'-tr;.lm'.! from a" dolng oven bj tbe municipal
lawa of a country in whlch auch need la o
nnd notorioua.
To Show Who Is Who.
The fallure promptly to Identifj the bodjr of Hm
othj I). Bulllvan waa deplorable. Poaalblj ii araa
culpable, though thal ls i matter f"r eonakleratioa
Bul th.- in. i'h'iit. entlrelj aparl frotn tba Judi
whlch maj be paaeed npon tboae wbo falled to rw
ognlze Mr. Bulllvan'a bodj, conveya t atriklng re*
minder ??!' the poaalhilatj ol many pajraona tbua
meetlng with mysterioiis enda and i Buggeetlon ol
tho deairabilltj <>f every one'a taking a aimple bul
quite eflVctive mea*rore to prevenl it.
Nothlng la needed i.ut thal every one ahall earry
upon his ii.T-on io IdentJflcatlon card, bearing his
niiino nmi addreaa, nnd perhapa tbe name nnd ad*
dreea ,,f Bome one wbo abould be notlfled In caae r
nood. Not once in n milUon tlmea, perhapa, arould
Buch ? card ho uaeful; but whon tbere waa uae for
n it would ho very great Btatutc law could
**carcelj t-equlre all men thus to be maraed, bul tba
law of peraonal welfare nn.l of regard for the con
Tonlenco nnd th" fooiinps of relatlvea and frlenda
mlgbl wall <on*.tr,'iin every ona to procure and lo
malntaln auch eojulpment
Keep Politics Out of the Ptrkt.
Nol bacanaa tbej ara aufffagiBta anj mora than
it would ba becauae tbey wara ?nU-euffraglata, but
on general prindplea of Btneea and publlc welfare,
*N*ch as wa ara sure tbe la/tUea themeelvaa will be
tirst to appratrlate, we must dlaapprove tbe an
nonnced purpose of tnaklng nexl Saturdny a "Buf*
fjrage Park Daja" on which polltleal tneetiuga ir*ll
be held Hnd political buttona and bannera will be
aold bj tiie advocatea of "votea for woman" ln fiftj
publlc parka throue*hou1 this cltj.
a*4 u matter of fltneae, pariu are not praper placea
for iinrtisiin polltleal maatlBgi, or in.ie<'d for meet*
Inga nt aay idnd. Ttttfalgar Bquare, ln l/mdon; baa
long bi"n i nieotiiiK ptaee, hut it is not ii park. The
northern aad of Dnaon Bojuara, ln this iHy. baa mth
mahj hi;* gatlHaringa oa its i.avyiiu.nt. bul nelther
:s ii i ajlvan retieait As for tba apaca adjacanl to
tha eiiii:y of Benjamln L**tanklin, we nre realgned to
n> occupancj bj all aorta and rondJtiona of propa
^'iindists. BUl a re;il park Ut BO placi for Mii'li ,
Conatder, too, the p*reeadeait if iheso Ladlea]
should thus Invade tba parks. oo ?!;<? baala of con
Blatencj and equal rigbta ao dear t" them what
nexl initiht bappenl Whj, Uiare mlgbi be a Baspub
Hcan I'#rk I?;iy hihI I Bull Moo.se r.-.rk Doj nnd a
Titinniaiiy I'ark Day, and so oo through the Wbole
titty-sev.'ii vniieties of inili"|>olilaii l;i-li"ii-. nmi
sin.e l.-ii^ioii is no leaa Brorthj thaa politics?a
Meihi iiis? Parh Daj lad a Bwed4mboa-gtaa i'ark
l>!iy iind :i W'lii'l'ii'iin.'iian 1'iirk Day, unlil tbe
raleiMlar waa insuffliient to boM them all, and ara
siioiiiii bave lefl not ao much as one Bingle Park
I'ark Day in whlch our pleasure *p*ounda arOUM be
reeerred for the purpose for wMeh they w,rp
To.'tadlea. Adom Hfth atauue with ptradw at
rourown aweel wlll, but do aot eet tbe ^rnlrioua
pncedaal of Inradlng the parita arith trumpet and
dr.,,,,. Lel us have aome apota left in wWeh wtth
Proeper Merimde we may "enjoy pure nature and
lumbago" without being ItBpartoned to pledge our
Kcives to even so engaglng i cauaa a5 that 01 rotea
f..r women.*1
"Canada may elahn Thnw." But wiii she guar.
antee to keep him'.'
mth a ahrewe weatber aye oPen to 101* lt may
t.e thal Mr. Wilaon regarda with Chrtatlaa fortlfida
th*. apeetaele of Mr Bryan knocklnf blmaalf Into a
cocked hat
The Benate Publlc Landa Committea has arrangad
for a fim.1 rote nexl Wedneeday on the Hetch
?,.,.?,,.. ,,i? That is. oo lhe Queatton whether a
Bingla dty, for its own pecunlnry proflt, is te i>
permitted to mmt and deapott without compenaa.
tion, an Importanl and prlceleea parl of the prop
i rt v of the arhole nal lon.
Tammany aeema te bave tnat awakened to the
faci thal the affair al Albany la to be a trial. not a
walk" ?
Th< voteleea prlmarj promlaaa te ba Om nexl ad*
i an ? ln po
P . ...?, our country, ar.d are ready to maka
rificea, ao arlll publiafa the new Bryan m I
thougb It la Indeed blubtx raome
No mile twitter about intortloiilata nnd
I .,a ||0M thla tlma Thanka te hla allvery
and adroii argument, we percelvc how dignlfled thei
are. Better yet, we appredate his patrtotic aagar
neaa to deeert thi Department of state whei
How doa I ? ? ipy btmeeK while there? Ah!
brethren, that is the ecandaL Do not Imaglne that
trom hla Hpa like aeltaer from i
Bipbon. Theat guahea requlre preparatlon. Wblch
aolemn and awful facl bringa ua face te face arith
Tou read hia lateal little Bermon, of course. no you
recall '?' ? flnd an unnnish.'d work when
v b arrlve; we k ? ' ! ' '? *"
... arorda
I bualm
: ean'l he Bnd un unflnlabed work
. ... . ?: . w aah*
Ington tl aavi an unflnlabed work when
... ? d. the tlma
-. retary of
I wblla Aml inn.i.i
whlmpi ? ? ' the ofllci
be d
a>ut a ith ;. ? fa! Ji ln ia ln .?? long and
' ? ? gl . . ?
T. Ri i.'???!'.. v rtmenl
rded, theee i
afford ... ? ?
1 ip.
. , . ? ?..
lutemobllea Bay a
ln I with the
one we uaed te l
? e a
? rk .i* Cure for
? , ?
and a
been to courl I I
We hate I
ln wa ighi from
i ? .
it V. .1.1
. : tlon.'
it a aa a nen
gbt, yet a ? mparad to
i Bkolnla . rora 1,753 i o mda to
!_'?. . der boa nervoua lhe i.i Concart*
? I ll. . || I ? . : ....l '.:'.: '.'.''.
w'nn ball an aye ?? aaa -? I awooped
down . I frei I wi om i. at once.
What .4 redu l lon! W bal .4 bai 1
Ut underatand ii"in hta publlaher thal one Jamea
j. Polej is "thi Poet Lauraate of North D
. . al] ;...! reat tlll Naw fogk la almllarl]
pUed 1 . we nomlnate lha Bweet Binger of
Broadwa], Mr. 1 .??.?:??'..? kt. ?lohan.
? ? ?
The Chambera Encyclopaedia of Improprietlea baa
aldded anothei volume. Title: "The Bualm ol
Verj helpful, we hear. Aa uaual, Robert
aounda '.. warntng agalnal lon moral atandarda."
\\ i- .4..-I1 him well, and trubt that others will b.-gln
ararning. Eapi clallj tl ?? ataga!
O ? ?
How tlmely ti..- republicatlon of the American
lo Rudyard Klpllng: "8ome*
tlmea we guess OUraelVM lUte tha station and BOflM -
tlmea wa gueaa ouroelvaa Into bell!"
iiou_h talk, however, and lacklng in chaarfulneaa.
\\e prefar lhe aplgram that auma up an anglnear'a
problem ta th< aunnj verblage: "Puaala: Flnd tbe
0 0 0
Come along, Mra, Pankhuratl nr. Crlppen dld
? 00
ai..i Bpeaklng of theaa InternaUonal dlfllcultlee,
w*. hear thal thar Prince of Monaco la latendlng to
return i>> waj of Cantdt Hero! And >et would
noi dlacratlon auggeat a prellmlnary correaponden ??
with boiiit- axpertenced Iravellarl Kor Inatancei Mr.
? ? ?
They tell ua thal brevltjr la tho aoul of arlt, fin.j
we hava noa axaended nearly ala montha Inabbrevl*
atlng oui bappleal paragraph After man) dtacour*
Bgementi wa bave reduced ix to a alngli glowlng
ward. Hurdle ibe Intervenlng aateriiha. bretbreni
and behold <>ui maati rpla 1
? * ?
i'lxis:::: it. L ii.
1 rom Tba li.oton Trenacrtpt.
\ .. deetga tot Booton'a prepoaerj auial. Ipal flag
rh- mattei artth ;. pot of baaaa rampant on a
I., 11 1 ..I. la tha form aay, nf a mb yellow pumpkm pla?
Thi Ubaaj Argna
Th. nexl Legtalatura eught tn pa.ss a law aUpuUitlng
1h.1t ma world- s.iii-8 shi.ii b<- plnyed in th*- apiing,
aot to brterfera with interest ln the fall eaav
i'i.un ti ? 1 ".?".?< rland Plala Dealer.
a London cearl haa jun dectded that areaaaa may
not ptacttea law In England.
Ji.mg goto anoth.r wlndow!
When Will Our Grape Juicc Secrctary
of State Rcsign?
much longcr la l
? i r of Waal
.. .
I \
.. rlflced a :
, ? ?
? irlng to
? having
. .
ahould heed tha
. . ?? md mer*
lt?l] aea for
I .? M li lati p - i- dgnatlon
? ns .. irote fl Bl
Lincoln to Tafl i ?lder.
: '. EDWIN H.UUtV u IU.. OX
Kee 1 '?:!? Bt ;'?
Make the Offcnce Pnnishable by Ira
prisoiuncnt, It Is Urged.
To lha Editoi 1 i 11.
; ? ..: aditorial In la?
aue Of .lll l.l . ' i'l .? \\ .1" tl
i iamblln ? I loui i ? ' arould tt nm be bet?
ter to adopl tha method that araa li
aeveial ? eai - ago" i
ov.-i i.. .u i hi Young. Hotel a converaa*
thm betweeo two men, apparently of
"aportlna" proc Ivitiea, in whleh ona aald
to hia I. land "Noa thal they ba ? ?? ga
tha itatuta booka as a penal
imprlaonmeat na
p.m ;... | ot a | imbllng noUae
in Boaton, and aa well poated aa i am i
wouldn'l know whera to flnd one."
Wouldn't thla ba tha baal method to
axtermlnate thla or any other obnoxloua
* iil ' Bpectacular raiiH and plactng i'<>
llcemen on guard la front ot knowa re?
Borta i am told hava aot only proved to
. i.i |ui??. bul hava been thu
meana ot propegatlon, oorrupUon aad
grafl h . . propaganda
Bavoy Hotel, London, Bepl t, liH.
How End the Noisy Muffler Cut Out
and the Terrible Horn?
T*> th?? Bdltor <if 'np- Tribune.
Sir Can anything ba dona t.> termlnata
tha alarm and nola* eauaed bj arllful an.i
i;...;! :; ? of the automoblle ent
out and horn? Your correapondont, B R.
Blanchard, In lo*day*a Trtbune, ha ralaed
tha Qtieatloa nn<i preeented it falrly,
To st?.p thla hullabaloo eema ??..*>? io
me, bul no elty adminlatratloa haa Bert*
ooal) mi to arork to de 11 i aaked th?
lati Mayor Oaynor to eonatder it; the
matter wa* referred te tha Police COm<
.ner, and thera ll ended.
Apparently reflned paraona ridtnn
through elty atreeM taica .leiiKiit ln bed
lem, to tha dlatreaa <<r Inyery ef men
and womea atruggltng for a Uvtng nt
thHr work or InvaUda eoallaod to their
room or bad
Tha automoblle arlll operata ahnoet
ly lf carefully flianaged, and
" iii it ba n.aaary to ahattar aan
and aervea arith alraa or klaxaa.
Tba laa agalpal mMuai of eut-owt and
n rn i uneaforced. la it aot the duty
ot the Potlee Commlaalcaier t.? attforea Ibe
aity lawa agalnal needl m automonii*.
nol-e? The injury to he;altl? trom rmlae
nffert* aii ef na Menaelotial*i er un
-. louat) ?
How much longer wlll
i much Ien -
aa an li
v.w Tork Bi ; ? la, UU.
A Detailed Statement in Defence of
the Mexican Leader.
To ti me.
Bii Tl er* ara i ....
..... . ?
ot da] W hlle the Wueon admli I
. | || ...|| ... | do** n
, . | . r*?t>ubll4* except annoj
the aahrtlng admhiletratlon then
? ?
anl anarehj, whjr doea no newepa**er tell
the truth aboul the orlgtn ot tha ?
aale rtttmtton.
ii ia the ' abli of the Bewapapera and
of ti.** polltleienfl to Bpeek ol Huert i
havlng waded thraugb Blattfhter to power \
Hueri i :"''i :l" oo aaaaaaln He la |
BCCUBed Of the kllllnaT Of Mmlro. There- |
fora, hla admlnlatraUon muat nol ba ree
Why la m.i.;. ... bi refe to i
n hy is aii the bj mpal
-Aith Madero and netn r wtth Huaii
Aaetrme the followlng to ba the fl l
ind thej ptlble of li
tli'atlon an-l \ .??: t:.-.. T1.. t. -and th-n wl I
thi i"Kic of the *-itu.it.o.i '
rVa-icleco Madero waa .i *ta|ei
a fanatle He upeat the rule
I ins to an lanoi anl > '?? ? torate ?
graat deal of aofnetblng for nothlng, rauen
on ti.** princlple of the old rallylni crj of
r. rt.'ln CBa*pH bag r-< "listructlonlata Itl
this country half a century ago, **.** .4*>
proiiiis.-ii to erery Bagro fortj aorea bi :
H mule of the rontlscated propert] ef tne
dtlsei s of the Bouth. The one promlee
araa just us futtle na the other. Nelther
waa peealbie of accompllahmeot Ia thts
country ihe attempt to execute the prom
Iaa waa fertunatel] Beeer made la
Mexico Madero araa elected, and ol
eouraa he ceuld aet dellver the **ooda,
Natorally. there araa daauiatlafaeljon, nmi
wii.'n Ambaaaador WUaon carae i.ack
from MaatJeo he ?**?? i<t he <ini not eara to
anawer ateftora Madero'e aeeu*wttlena
agalnat hitn on tim ground that Bhe an*J
a wn111.fi. But arhy Bhould not the truth
eehltid thal i-enTuxrt* i"- feireted out, atnee
it l.iM.iv.-h ;. whole Batton'a welfare i?er*
haps tho welfare nf two natlon.*..'
'ihe palni behind that reaaarti araa the
faet thai s..11.1111 m.i.!. ... waa ***flaj*anetbla
r.?i t.er hutabaad'a daath a- well aa fer |
hla iiownfali. Thla was aeeornpllehed
through the fact that a*anora Ma'i*"" la -.
aplrituallatle medlum and the r"reeklent
b.-lievr.l 111 her. Xotlilrn* wns .lone of |BB*
po rtance aaeept thraugb tha toflaonoe et
"eentrola," .<*? dlctated hy her In her
traneea, Por li*a**tnnee, when "i.o ef Oen
aral Huerta'a .o'l* waa aenl north te aub*
ii.i>. mi iiiHuile.n.in .1 "control" araa bv
roked, an.i ii tnraed ent to ba Oa***4fa*e
VVeahlngten; so WMhlngten araa enhetad
in the hteatcan hrtny idete-iouali t" lead
tha ? impalgn, Preeldenl Huerte himaeir
haii twe "contiolH" N'apol*'".. Honaparte
and Bentto Juarea, tha <>id kAtn Preat"
dent "i Mexico, whe "axeeuted M;>n.i
iniiian. Not only that, i><it Praaedanl Ma*
dera aent te Swit/.rrian.i and aaeured the
Mrelcee of a i-elehrated BtMttiallatle
meiliiini to eoiiie tu .M.xiio. and Installed
hlm Bt gOI ernment expense as head of a
department of wpiritUHllsni In the I'ni
veralty el Mexico.
After Amlm.s.-ador Wll.-".. ha.l brOUgM
abmit a tru.'e ln the torrlble bombard
inent -aereea the aity belVeea tha tont*
of M.ulero ln the palaee and inn/. m
the cltadfl, the army aent a delegatlon to
t thal Thto
from the lnfantry, cavalry ai
>, ide i I ? ? ? '??? I ' '
fl |a ? ?! of Ma
The petition repi that I - *
dlera arere without food, had not heen
flght M - ....
lhe E -ad
v*r from ' w"?t hl?
friend t> "^
tree I t oul
BUt g
I ?
lf ber n -
arrlved ln that
.?..r<'..'.l Tl.. n fl UOWOd Ma
whetha r ai tl t banda ' "
What, th< i
ernment l Huerta
raa elecl
tble to cope arith I
nol rea ' ?'? anl
tl'.. 1. D)
he has r .".il cannol
carry on the governra
Cbaoe, foliowed h
m ,,( the ' n ta '? Bt il - and a
? tood) atruggla of i u al *reat
aacrlflce of llfa >ert) and
Two raaeoraa auggaet theaaeehrea aa ?n
Ltlon of thli
Plral - ? '?'?' 1/Uin
.-, r. publ I a l0V*
teaal promoted by Johi
emnly algm '? '" ?%boU_
revoluUooaaad followconatll
. . governmenl K
that Blnce Mexleo baa broken thai
menl ahe ahould be made .4:1 axa
before th< world I
Aghi heraelf to death In Itm
fur.- to teach ieraUona ?
Fjpholdera of '
potbeela admll lhal recognltlon "' ;"'
HuerU governmenl bj the JJnlted State*
mlghl have 1 oetponed auch >
. . .-.,. but are not aun lhal lt
have av.it.,1 ii forever Tl ?
tar have II over now. Much on l
prtodple aa to aaj thal lf h mai
feriiiK* from lub. rouloali
rara, ,,, ,11,. the .i-i lora ahe
evcn tftbrl to proloag hl
princlple thal while thera ??- llf< '? s
alwaj 1 hope, "?
Becond n la an axtom thal no
iitratlon waa ever defeated whlh H aad *?
war oa ns banda, If then eho
war oa with Mexico In IMI to accornpUa"
tba aaaexatloa of Mexico and Central
America to tha Unlted Btatea adghl V**
ionger tama thaa tha paaaaga of a tani
?r a aarreac) bill; or atlll agaln P*rn**Z
the WasliliiKton a'mlnlstratlon thl""*
Huerta drtaka t.>o much brandy. **?
same lomplaint was OOOi nia.le abou
Qrant, whleh gave Uaeotn aa oppertooHi
to make ono af his faaaoua reaaarki
Kew rork, s. pt 12, IMI B ? '
Kr.-m rhe philadelphia Ledger.
Tha pr..>f f.....i baa rteea mn pm eoat.
m thlrteea yeara an.i the gealRy b! N "" th#
averaga maatty abeaa iea par 1
Vrom The L'tlea Obeerver,
?... aua 1.' to prerenl eeetdeata I*.
the tbeory ef lhe rallroa.l-. Exceltent. b*
let* ha\. t.nth. i,n<l then when cara fall*
ateel will atep In to prOt-CU '

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