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Francis Ouimet, a Youthful Amateur, Astounds the Golfing World
by Beating Veteran Masters of Game znd Winning Open Title
Vardon and Ray, Monarchs of
the Links of Great Britain,
Go Down Before the
Newest Star.
New England Lad Returns a
I Brilliant 72 and Leads His
Famous Rivals by Five
and Six Strokes
~r*?j>oTirtent af Th. Trthune t
:.::? M..ss. Sept 'J?. PruiK i*
Woodland amateur. addad
lo thi ? ure of tbe alm .ot; aoreiy
triod i'hn Bull ? '? atlng Marrj t ar
don ? ' Ray, two of )ds | ?
most golfera In tbe ptay*off of tba tla I i
. haanjHOnehlp of the Unlted
thi baaa ef the Couatry i*lab
The young An-.erican did it itn
dna the rouad in 7.. flvei
atroke.- better than Vardon. who led Ray
by a ihe.
The viitory of 'nilniet. marklnc as it
did the !ipst time that an amateur had j
ron the Aiaartcan open Utle. aaa
. mottona bj
? :y the larajt st . v. r .
_? ? if . .? ? ? | ? ? ? ? intry.
? ? ated al! the way from M0
? a-:.i wernea. To the maJorfty, of j
mat'a aooceaa was reaarded aa
rformame in the hlator) of
the game, and they were at a loaa for
to deacrtba Um ir fei ?
? . otbef hand. the minority-the
nala aad tha here worahippara -
garded this '? -
pair of brttoaa as only a llttle
than th< ? stunned And
wonder. when an amateur, acarcely
than a boy, couid ahoa the way to
who had BBadl tBdy Of the
. ar d w i? eoaaldered w. Ilnbjbt m
' "lta wonderfu'..' WBI OBiment of
jeronM D. Traeen thi aatleaal amateur
who had watcbed eeery atroke
? play-off, "pulilag bard" for Oulmet
Wmner Never Flustered.
v\ hat Inpraaaad the oldthaera more
than aaythlna else waa th. remarl
nerva aaaptayed by tha wtaaar. With
Vardon and Kay these chan.plonahip a/
fa!r.?. all the more nerve-racklna baeauaa
0f t; of the thoBaaada a
BBg every mov. , ar. BKBnl 04 MMBI ar. olu
ilta dtffereat ai th i wbnel
rtina la bla Brat aatkaaal open
champlonshlp. Hrom the moment he
. hla ftrat drlv< thi ataa
ehampion dM eeerytbbuj that brain ai,d
muacle could be expected to do.
II haa been aaid that when the masters
an unerring from the taa and through
the green and drop thtlr aPprOBCbei dead
the game beooaaea buaadruav in other
la tt is in their lapaaa from deadll
n the aubeeguent reeoeery that j
ba found tha taaotaatJoa of the on
- BBCb may be the caae BThara
. ra are taking part in an aahibltioli
for tba pleasure of a few hundred ClBb
H was different to-day The vast ma
wanted to aee their favonte get
all m the bole. The: were wllllna
?peaaa aitb aeeailBglj Impoaalbte ro
| Oulmet would only kOep <"'
the cour.se. So he dld-thls gotfef whoae
Btyle and execution are altBOBl beyoi.d
am He went aweeptng aloai aa
...? by any of tha pttfalla, for only
once on the entire round did he wander
f.om the falrway. That waa at the tlfth
aolo, whera ba sliced a braasie ahot out
of boandfc.
i oiaaaaeaUy. ao far aa Oahnei was con
eeraad. thera waaa't mmh ln tba way of
raeevery that had to be made What
ther. waa it. this llne had te be brought
or by the BrUons and sometlmea they
d.dr.t re.over. Ray and hla famed
Bubllck were not on ther usual friendly
terme. whlle Vardon'a so-ca!led mechant
cal atra'.ghtness occaalonully went wrong.
Boy Took Feweat Puta.
to earry the analysls further. Oulmet
had the better af his Oppoaonta on the
green aa weil aa through the falrway.
Duri-ig the course of the round the ama?
teur took 24 puta. Kay ? and Vardon 3..
Oa oaly one green. the soveiith. where
hs tee'ahot left him aome forty yarda
>hort Of the p.n. d.d Ou.met take more
than the orthodox 2. but to affsat that
he needed only a riagta put al the flfth,
eighf. and aeventeenth.
Vardon had three puta on the aeventh.
. home greens. but holed out
after the apprOBCb at the aixth and th.r
taantl Blnaie puta were authdent for
Ba, on tba ftrat alfhth and borrteg:
but' ba d.s-ounted these with axtra
atrokea ai th?. leath. ftftaaath and aeean
leentb hoiea.
inge aa lt may seem, the forelgneia
loBt ground on the Inward journey. lo
the turn all three were exactly even.- each
man havlng taken M strokea. lt waa
ther, that Ouhaot eut looaa, ooaalna heana
lu M-hardly human when the h.avy go
iug is eoaaldered.
The Brlaoaa dropped a atroke at the
?hort tenth hole. and from that moment
Ouimet waa maater of the sltuatlon. \ ar
aon hung on Btabboraiy for a whlle, but
even he whoae bad ahots are aa rare as
his BHilBB. weakened under the atraln.
i'(T the taa Oulmet waa long and con
Bjhtar than hla opponenta.
* bca Ray got on Just right he. of l ourse.
'hiade the otherh piay the odd, but on
aeveiai uLUoaanaa his drive Broagbt up ln
t.-ie rOBBb ao far off the Hne that bll w aa
raaUl tne hhorteat ball.
Soggy Turf for Play.
?Ybefl the eaaaa BjaCbered in the morning
the r.,ir was falllng ?teu.lily, and the twf
had baeeaaa so soft that every one knew
lt WoaM be a caae of curry all the way
1<>r the Rolfera. J'laylng round a 6,200-yard
course wlthout the ucual l>entflt of the
raa to the ball changea tho condltlona
"It'a a Ray day," remarked a 8<ot.
"Me'll get ao far with hl? carry that the
othera wil! never I.e able lo beaj up."
"Thls ls where 'Arry wins," aaid an
other. referrlni? to Vardon. "He can put
on heavy greens."
"ciulmet ls golng to do the tnck tO-l
day," declared a friend of the Woodland
lad "Prancia wlll bcat them on tbe
i -.f the tn.. manag.-d to geln an
advantage over the other until the third
hole, where Ray, aft.-r a aliced drlvc to
the rbugb, gave hhnaelf a lltf
to <i<> to get home on the next.
moat reaehed tbe green ,.t that, and hia
chlp shot was n >t bad, learing him 8 put
ef len feet for hia 4. but he mlased by b
it w.is at the Bfth that Ouimat pulled
OUt of. the otilv tlght ;
got lnto oa tbe a
s Bocond shot. a long brai
la, he promptlv
hall. and maknu' tbe Bdga ol tbt
Chlpped his fourth l hot
get down the put for b !? whj b arai
the othara couid get, though wlth better
l ?? g either of the pi ? aiab mlght.
have had a 4.
The Btxtb hole, a Baattd of 171 yards.
aautlfulry played by vardon. After
llmet had lald his mashie shot about
twelve feot from tbe flag Vardon. wlth a
dellcatC wrist stroke, got well inside tbe
i a eitort, whlle Ray. who had the
.: -.. api roa bad to aithln
?m feet. He missed his try for a 3,
>,dmet falled. although anoth.-r
turn of the hall would have BBBt it ln the
Vardon had a downhlll put of ei^'ht
and he made lt. That placed th<
former British open champion one atroke
ahead of Ouimet and two better than
The laat named was the only memher
o: th< trio abl* to negotiate the aev<
green in two puts. BBd by gettlng his 3
th'-r<- he drew level wlth Ouhnet, though
still a atroke behind his countryman. It
. t tba naxt hole that the general
Ing Up oc< i:ri> d. Thll hole |
yards long. and to glve an Idea of the
size of the gallery It may be BBld that
the fairway on both sid.-s was bo
b) ,hurnan wr.Ils. !n addition to thls, on
the high side ba.k of th< gra n arare hua
All three players >,'ot away good rirlves,
(niimet's hall balng the ahorteat Be
made a full Iron ahot, and the toat from
the gallery about th* g-e> p told tl
further away that the shot had b888 a
Baa oru- Both th. Brltona faUowed with
fine approaehea Pardoo'a ta.ii atopping
about twelva feet from the Bia Oulraet'a
hall, how ever. was Cloeei still. Th< 8BM
teur putted flrst nnd boled A BOOOnent
later Ray ran hia down from fully tw.-n
ty-fl\e feet away. Vardon missud bia try,
the baJl atopping a foot ahy.
All Square Gomg Out.
Qoing to the long niatb Vardon bad to
play out of th<- woods att.r a pulled
dnve He got ou? fai enougta to enablo
him to make the green 08 his third,
Whlch was all any OBM couid 80, BO it waa
8 halv.- in .'. all around. the Mrokcs to
the turn rt-adim; ? f04 88Cb of the time
On the tenth green th<- foreigncrs took
extra pBta and that araa the baglllBlBg
of the end, for Ouimet. gettlBg hla :. as
bumwl the i'ad, a lead Brblcta he WBB
ti.-v.-r tO K-lin-iuish. The amateur galacd
another strok..- with h tin<- 4 at tbe
tueifth. his full aecoad shot atopping
twelve feet ahort of tha eap. Th<- othara
wet.- off In dlrertion. Kay to the rlgbt
and Vardon to the left Of tba green, bnt
netther ooald Pttch n.ar BBOOgh to get
a 4.
rjrubnet'a advantage over his oppuBeata
was then two strokea, but he lost one tO
Vardori when the latter. thanka tO a dead
|y appioach. wa: able to g.-t down a BhOfl
DBd for a 3 at No 13. To the lOBg four
te?nth Oulnaet topped a aeoend ahot with
his hraasle. but It did 80 damage. aa no
one got home in 1 Bay trled hard. but
^ot a Bhea t" the woods t'.r his pains.
and th. reafter had all be couid do to get
a .-,. the name aa the other-.
The tlfteenth B8W B.V I finish. A drlv.- j
t? the rough bft bha wlth a d.fncult ap- ,
proach The tune fei ptayiBg aafa had
poaeed however. ao he erent for the]
creen The batl feii lnto the traP Ob
bb tir.t att.rnpt he falled to g. t out,
wbaraupon he abowed tampar by maklng
H bastp siash ?t the rabbar cora which
thia time flew clcar acrosa the groer, II,
couldn't K't hrtter than u 6. Ouimet and
Vaidon hnlved ln *
Approach.ng the Finieh.
Vardon halv.-d the ahort alxteenth in 8
wlth (mimet. Bay takil.K 4. as b.s pltch
from th- tee only BBBda the adga of the
Kre.n The pBCS was a killlng one. and
it broke um baarts ef tba Britawa f?r
from the aegt tee Vardon pulled to a
trap and couldn't get better than 6,
How Ouimet Won
Open Golf Title
flsmaa Ouimet the lti?t..n HiiiO.nr
ahe ?"ii the ? Ha?1 open ? liHiii|.i"M?lii|>
in th. pbaj ag "f lha ibiM laeaared t'e
uirr thr links uf thr (ounlr* ( luh. at
Brooklilie, ) .-?terila?. tniiilr u l.rtlrr a?rr
?gfl fc.r th<- BTireO roiiml. of aSghteCC
liolr. Iliiiu ritlu-r ll.irr, \ .ir.l.-ti or I..I
wnni Hn>. hla ?rirr?n ?gasseaMa bwn
(,rr;it Itiit.un.
in- total aeere for 181 in.ir. ??>? Ita,
>in Bfanage ?f I ?or 18, iia'> laial waa
?88, for an mrriicr ..f ."> owr 7*>. anil
liir.lou'* total wn- ."...'. un HW-niar ,,f >
llir BBOtCa I" full for thr four .l.i>- "I
thr thrrr |ib.ii-r>, nlm BBBda k"l!liii: lii?
i..r>, naralth a < "in iu. baj aaaarer i" thr
ajuntlea aehcd aj lha aaepttrali Waa
Oiltinrt'* li.toi.d^a" "fT . Ii.-imr-'
il..- play, baaa Bj bate, taMeara
Qaallfylaa iwasd. Taeaatay, Beaaeaabaa II
(?.,i '.-. i ? i :. ? i 4 :.?wi
|n | I I 1 4 | I 4 |_:i4?7 4
Otit 4 I I 1 ti ? I 4 .-? m
ln 4 I I 114 1 ?'? I t< 11 III
I ir?t half <hani|>lon?!il|>. Thur..U>. >rp
t.-inhrr |H
ii.M 8884)4484 X??'
ln ,.t 4 ? 4 4 4 4 4 4?88?H
Out 4 4 4 I I 4 ? .'. I? ai
In I 4 4 4 ?i 4 I I I 81 -14?Ut
Sr.ood lialf iliamiilnnxMp, I'n.ia.'. BBB"
t.uil.rr 18,
(mi I 8 4 4 ? 1 I ? ??sa
ln :< .'. I 4 I I I 1 4?:?;?:i
Out . :> 4 I 4 r, :. | | :.?4.1
ln .-, 4 :. I :. I .( I I 88 10 181
rim-ofT of triplr llr Sttttir.la*. >rptmi
l.rr 8B,
Out % 4 4 4 .*? 4 I I x? :ts
ln 14 4 4 I 4(3 J?:t4?rl
T.iial Miirr for |M holr*. BXS. im a'rr
ilk.r ,,f T". ::-" for r:nli ioiiii.I of rlRlitrrii
(Jniillf. Illg roiiml. aTBteadaPi Tptrinlirr 16
om i i ? 4 | i i ? t?:;7
ln x 4 r. 4 ? 4 :: .-. 4?:is?::.
o,,t :, I I l .'. t :; i :.?40
I,, :: i .-, .-, :, I :: 4 :.?BB? 98?181
I irst half . Iinniplon.lilp J luimiJu.T. ??rp
trinl.rr ia.
ont ..44441 I t 4 x?3?
In 3 4X4X4 :t ? I? M?75
Out x 4 I 3 l I l 1 x?BJ
I? 8 4X44434 I? 88?18?147
?oeead huif ? luuui.i>.hip, Prlday. lep
leaaaor im.
0?l fi 4 II 4 '. 4 :t 4 I-II
ln 14040484 I 81 II
om "> '. ? ?'. X l :i 4 X?4-J
ln :i I ? .". ."? I I ? I 81.? 18?181
I'lio off <>' trtpl* ?ie. -vituril,.. . *vplrni
bet -'o.
Out I 4 I 4 m 8 4 4 I?:<?
I? 4 i ;. :: I l :: :. *?3?? 77
Total ereea for IM holrn. X.'!.'. iin mrr
ut:.- of II for eaib roiiml of righlreii
oiiiilif? mi; roiuxl M .-dnrMlar.. f?rptnn
l.rr II.
oui I 4 4 3 :. i :t 4 fl?ta
ln 14 4 3 4X44 4?M?74
Out .! 4 4 o I 4 3 X X?37
t? | | | 4 4 1 I .*. 4?37?74?14*
Pirnt imlf rbawplanahip Tbaraday, srp
Irml.rr ia.
Out 4 | X 1 a I 1 1 4*44
ln :< I I I ?*? I 4 I 4?:<t>? 7!>
oui 4 3 .-. I i :; I I :.?:(.-.
ln t I :; i :. :> I 4 4?18? ln?im
Sr. olill li.ilf < h:iiii|iii?in.lil|i, I Hdai . ""p
Irlllher 18,
Out X 4 fl 4 X 4 4 4 X?I!
In .14 14X434 I 14 H
Out 8 8 4 8 8 4 ?'? X fl^?l.t
In ? I I I I 1 I 4 I 11 TI III
riu?-ofl of triplr tir-satur.ln.%, Septrm
brr -.'0.
Out ."> 4X4 X 4(3 X?HA
In 14X4 X fi 4 | 3?Io--:a
Tolnl worc for l.'fl liolr*. X.'IO, an atrr
aar of 75X-7 for racli roinid of rlclitern
BllBiaaB Ouimet, na he did yeMerdnv af
tir bbbm place, ran down a Bfteen-footer
for i. I
There was a ereaf demonHtration a>- tho
ball lis.M p' and. a.id this appar.-ntly dla
tracted Bay, arbo toob 3 pota, s<. that the
bole COSt him a .'. To the bOBM hole Oui?
met. with tw.. perfaet shot^. got hia 4.
abereaa Vajdoa, after hi> aaoaad, enty
reaehed the foot ef tha bank betOW the
green, BltCbed Up and then took 3 puta
fnt a ?'.. Bay ran down a lonK one for a &
The crowd ebwad 18 8B ouimet, who/ In
a trice. was l.oin. aloit and 08ITMd 0B the
Bbouldara of advdrara to the clubheuaa
in th- abaanri of Itabert C B/ataon, the
aMorlation's ptaaidBBt, John B.-id. Jr , th.
m ? retary, did the honora at the flnlah. He
coBgratulated OBtnaat aad aft'-r bandtng
bbn the gatd aaedal embiematic of the
chami.ioi.Hhip M add-d f.o etioi^lv that
tha ashoclatlon cup would 88 turn.-d <.v.-r
u? the Bwatadi of tba wlBBar*! baaaa etab,
..,?,) that tba aady aaourtty aaaaaaded for
it-. aafa Baephsg would be a prarabM on
tba ciuha part to k.-.p OUtBMfa gaBaN
ever uk. to tiiaxumt hi?h ataadari
Francis Ouimet Practically Un
known as a Golfer Unti!
Last Month.
' ? ? la Ouiaaat, the new Amarlcaa open
? <\
? ? . : ? ?.<. name -\\ .
j rnet ?? tl ally i
? ird "f in golf. aJthoaajh bta BBaaainajl
tt tl ran ". after hi.\ |
. .f the a Mi. ?. Waa aa h
? ?'. -^t 3 He
mwjk tt..-. ...i. i.!.f> i om ??! tba m^t
' promisir.g goiftrs aaaaaeeti . '
... h"- dls- '
tt..- Itarl laa m ?! by the I
I itea Golf AaoOClation ln the
? egr.
i! :;..! ? ? ppear la eag of tba
pre* recoi aaaateui
11 i ha faued t<> qual
ifv ln any of them BBtll '
? '.vas uaable te galn ? .
, 11 ?? rortunate tblrtj n> ? >.
11. ? ;? hia ; rOB ? ? ' I I any
. t< ' arhaa ba aroa tha Kai
;.i Ina, in the abarnre "f Heli -
... it. wiio was then m Kngland.
Wh. . ? ? ?? l .'t
tod thal young
0 liroai would be he..rd from. So It pi
f. r he led th.- ti. i.i on tba Bral day with
a atroke abaad of P/altaa .i Trarta
He waa o. ? ? ? ? behind (
Brana, Jr., tba alnnei of tba medal m
. round. aad was s- aad oa
the llM
? ,,, ? aai ee tba bbbm side of the
.. with Traeera aad naei tbe champion
. i s. eond round of naateb plaj. There
ai.- tbeea who etalai thal tha Maaaaeha*
sef. golfef gave the i hampioti tl e Iirat
real acare he ever had, bat the radoubt>
? j.,,1, athooah eepl te - rea tarana
tba greater pait of tha aaat th, graeV
;i. a awa) aad waa b] u I aad I
Defeat of Vardon Emphasizes
Decadence in Sports.
.?. Bapt H Tba IVeaklj Daf
patcb" m -ii adltorial baaded "Loat
Champlonshlps!" ask.s: "Ie BrttJeh apert
to Hllffer B total ecllps.??'"
??The Dbtpateb" add*; "The la.it
Otynada aaaaea were a haauH-braaklBg
on ol our ethletle d? adeace. Now
v. i,,,v. tba blttet redectlona of readtai
ot tha defeal of tbe araal ITardoa. w*
oaaaot balp teeimg thal Aaaarlean aaetb.
oda, tborouahBeaa and perfeet aatl aoatiai
pUyed their part"
?Tba Sundav Times" auys:
?That the ireatael raaraaeatatirei of
Brltlah goll failed te arta the anaaricea
champlonabtp wUl ba the eaaaa of na
tioBal rejrret aad not a llttle amaaemeot
Hut all other feetlBSa ar. extlnguh-hed ln
admiralion for the WOOderfBl I'^it of
ouimet who proved himself to be MM of
tbe graataat aatffara it has ever been
here!.ra thal aWteh aotfera laaaaded
th- America., etoaaakanabtp aa aaBaHhlaa
thej eould i-ick up or kuvre aleaa, a* the
apirll moved them. Ilen.eforward that I
wiii not i..- Um Baaa." |
kirkbVlauds ouimet
Hardly Able to Believe News
Telephoned by Tribune.
OBWaM lOrhhy, rated among the flve
t.st amateura BJ the I'nlted Statea. had
KOt heard the newa of oulinefa golf vlc
tory BBtll lafOraaad by The Tribune over
the totepheao L. -
?Vou don't meaii to tell me that Oulmet
has woe tbe aaaa BhaaaaBaaahtBr he in
?uired inceduloualy. "IJully for l.lm. It e
tba graalaea thfaj that ever bappaaed.
cuddled for Travers when he played
asalaat Oulmet ln the amateur rham
pionahlp at Oardaa City. The yeanaator
uVVwonderfulli Bteady pfcayar and will
ba heard from further. . . ,-, ,
Kirkhy turnad troni the tOT"0""?
opeah te bta fath.r. J?m?BlfIv,'k1*!J|- '!"?
t.ll him the newa ?TBBt lt wonderful,
dad?" Kirkby waa heard to aay.
Outbursts of Cheering Violated
True Ethics of Golfing Code
John Reid. jr., Apologizes "in
a Slight Way" to the Eng
lish Players for Wild
Enthusiasm of the
Boaton, Sept. 30 -John Beld. Jr., aucre- j
tary ef the i attad Statca tlolf Aaaocla
tloti. iti awardlng the ppi g ^oit cham
paonehip meiial tO Ouliut-t, tba trophy to
tbe Woixlland t'lu'i uf Auburndale. Maaa,
whlch he i. ppBBBBtadi and cash prlaea to
Vardon and Bay, hore to-day, after the
.n-.it match. took occaaion to apologlze
ln a allKht way." a.s he put lt, for the
iiitbursta of fhaaiiai ai inopportune
Thia was a deltcate reference to a feat
.'re of to-day's play whlch la quite likely
10 he ;i aub.ic. t ot Ititernatlonal 088888884
iv the Koiiing naafliara af ffnghmd and
lha L'nited Stat.-s. The mana?.-m?-nt ot
the tournam.-iit haa been tba subject of
mii'ii pralee. but ie day th.-. gallarp acv
r-ral tlmea vlolated the true ethlca of the
*i ort by ebeeriag ertldty whaaevar Oat*
BBBt gBBMd 8 polnt.
The aame outburat.s oceurred yesterday.
but Ouimet waa then playinir with OeorKe
SarK'-nt, who had 80 chance for Hrst
place in the tlnal half of hia round. lt
waa dlfferent to-day, for both Bay an1'
Vardon erere playlng Bhota either juBt
hefor* or after Ouimet, and lt was plalnly
evldent that th."..- OUtbraafcfl annoyeu
Approaching the aeTanteeafh hole, itay
leUbarately atopped In^tha mtdat of a
awlnc and refuaed to play untll tbe
uhOBflBg c> ased.
Thia action uf the gallery had lltlle or
"Wonderful" Says
Golf President
BebaH C BTaeaaaa, paaaaaaal "f th*
\ niled OtSBSS l.olf \??<><liil ion. hh> un
iilile to he al Hrookllne > eMrrday. but re
erWrd Imllrt in? lo telepllone from I he
'lrihiine telhng nf the tilay-ofT nf the llr
for the open rhumplooauip.
The aadlaaaaatla aaaaMaal aaatty
Jnmped from tit?? ehalr when he learneri
thal Oulmet had lirutrn \ardon und Kay
ami aaatarad the tuie.
?\re you ?.iire there* no miatuke?" he
fatrlt hhoiited. "I ean hardly U'liro. lt.
it ia aaaaaBBBi aaa i driiahtt-d.' n.>w
fooll?b a qiieatlon. lt'* the moat wonder?
ful thlng t?.nt ever huppenrd ln the bla
tory of aolf."
no affeet on the result of the match. but
a numtx-r of aolfera Babttoly stattd their
r.-gret thal cheerina like that at boat
naaaa er foothaii gamea ahouid have oo*
currcd. althougli they realtaed and Btated
that It was lrni>oaalhle to cheek the.se
spoataaaoUB outbursts of enthuslastn
when OahBBt made particularly good
south Oraaaja, tt. -i. Sept. nj ? The
aemi-flnal round of the elub golf cham
pieaehip araa pleyod ln day at the south
Orange Fleld Club BebUyler Van Vech
ten. former title bolder and favorlte to
regaln tbe club ?>.it' honora, won his
matcfa from Harold N'apier. I up and 4 to
plav. whlle Krnem Smlth brouBht him
Heif into the tinal brBckal by dlapoaltuj
.if W I '. Hanks, .'. up and 4 to [day. In
the second etaht compatltton C. C. Olln
defeated A w. Bray, jr . :i up and 'i to
j.hi). and ?'? A. Magoffln defeated T. F.
Handy 3 up and 1 to play.
Details of Match in Which
Youthful Ouimet Marred
English Hopes.
Ray Usually Longest frora the
Tee, but Fell Behind
Through Mistakes
in Direction.
The Golf Story
Hole by Hole
The followlnr taMe ?how? at a arl?ne*
juat baa tba waapaaaaaea atnod in total
number of ?troke?. a* rotnpured wlth paw,
at every hole of tbe arr?-at mat.h.
II Bbawa that Ouimet. the youthful
ain.it?*nr. waa equal wlth par at eyery
hole . xiej.t one. the aeventh. and that
he li.jt par at l?o holea.
Hole*. Ouimet. Vardon. Kay. Vmr.
| . | a 3 8
2 . !) *? !l 0
g., . ia ia ii is
4 . 17 17 IM 17
5. 22 22 n ?
a. 2? 23 27 2?
1 . g4J 2? 30 29
H . M 33 s:i 83
9 . 38 38 38 38
io. 41 4: 4: 41
II . . 4S ?? M 43
|| 49 .11 31 49
13. U M ,V. 33
M .'.a .vi ?o sa
13. ?;j ?:< ?? 62
18 ... gg II 70 ?3
17. AR 71 73 ?9
18 71 77 78 73
'I'roin a Haa CorraapeaOaot of The Tribune.i
Brookllno, Maaa.. Sept. 2n.?It aeemed to
be ln the air that there would be aensa
tional golf ir, the play-off of the tle for
the open tltle, the vlew being shared by
? - and spectators.
There also waa a general expectatlon
that in thls match. followlng the usuai
i la ln Itnportar.t threesomes. one of tha
playera iT4Bdd either "blow Ba" or run
lnto a BtTeak of hard lu^k. That lt ahould'
? ilv-poing Ray was hardly an
Uetpated, and his regular losaea were thw
early aenaatbjn. later overshadowed by
O-ilmet's nearly perfect golf. anvi Var
don'i tattara to hold the youthful prodltg/
(n the tinal
The match began with all three men
gettlng away lonjr balla, Ray having thej
best or' It by a few yarda. Ouimet and
Vardon oarrted the road on their aeconda.
wi.-ieas Ray sllced wlth hla brasaie to
tba mounda hole hlgh. He failed to reach;
tba ureen with hla ahort pltch. but ran
the next up cloaely enough to get downj
the put for a 6 The other two pltched'
on with their thlrda. and, takung the reg-j
ulation two puta, alao took 5. Thia hole^
ta 43o yards long.
It ls only 3(0 yarda to the eecond h)le?j
and there were thoae ln the gallery who
thought the glant Ray might be able to
dnve the green. He did have aomethlng
on the others, but after the approachea lt
was even up all around?Just a matter of
putting. All trled hard for thelr 3a. but
Boaa I icceeded, Ouimet comlng cloaeat
It was abjored that Ray would alao ha*a
an advaBtaga at the 435-yard third hoie,i
but instead the blg fellow allced to th*
.?!.. and, being half-atymled by the
point of woods, was unable to make the
green on his next. The othera, who had.
drivea straight, had an open ahot to tha
hole and r.-ached the green wlth their
-..-. mi. Although off the edge a few
yards. ILav Bttll had a hne chance for hla
4. but tbe ahort approaxh drlfted away
after atriking the green. the ball comlng
to rest tCB feet from the pin. He mlaeed
the put, whlle Ouimet and Vardon made
thetr ia
PrOBfl the eds-e of the rough Oulm?t<
reacbad the fourth green wlth hla maahle
Bpproach and g^t a 4. the aame as the
others. both of whom had hlt longer balla.
H.lV ?? . : . of those hlgh nibllck ap
i roaehea for arbJefe he is fameua He had
the direetlOB all rlght, but the baJl falled
to check up (julckly after atriking th?
graan and ran twenty feet beyond. They
a'.; missed 3's by the narroweat of mar
Although Ouimet had the Btralghteat
drlve golng to the 420-yard ffth he threw
away ?iila advantage by allcing the eerond
*hot out of bounda. Hla next waa a flna
effort of 200 yards to the edge of tha
green, hota btgh to the rlght. Vardon
and Ray BiOBOSt P"t home on thelr aer
onds, but neither couid get the 4'a, mlea
lag elgbbdeot puta.
All throa got off long drivea to No. I.
Ray Bgala having the greatest distance.
Thelr BBBabte pltchea over the deep hazard
were b.autles, Va'Jon's ball atopping not
tnore than ? Igbt feet above the flag. Rav
BCVer had the llne on his try for a three,
but Ouimefs ball huncr on the llp of the
. up. Vardon then sank his, the ball gi>
ing stralcht for the hole all the way.
Now leadhag OBbaat by a atroke and
U.i> by tWO ahots. Vardon proceeded to
dnve to the edge of the seventh green. a
inatter Of B8 >urds. The othera did th*
BaaBBj so 8BC8 agaln lt was a queatlon <>f
puttbag This time lt waa Rays turn to
pick UP a stroke. as both of hia rlvals
ov.-tran the BUp nn thelr long approach
pota ouimet araat fofiy twenty feet past,
the roii ln tba greea artdeotiy daaattrbag
him*. Vardon couid have had a 3 had he
been able to bring off a 10-footer. where
as Rav. who had lald up his long pu?
dead, had only to tab the ball ln for a i.
Ray was t.ien tba 88881 as Ouimet and
only a stroke behind Vardon. To the
algbth h.Ouimet after b*4ag aatdrtawa
? tew rarda hiid up a fatl iron ahot to
wttbta a conple of club laaalba of the
pln. The Britona were game and both
raaahad tba greeB, Vardea being aimoat
,,s Baar to UM bata as Ouimet. The laat
bbbm-d puttad farat and aaah hla for a 3.
while the gallery roared. It looked aa If
he would aurely galn a stroke on tha
Ulbaaa. but Ray surprisrd every one by
runnlr.g down hia .put. the longest of the
day. Vardea missed hla try. so that they
were all even on atroke*.
To the long ninth the only alip waa
a pulled drive to the edge of the wooda
by Vardon. He got out well and although
atill left with a long shot, probably two
hundred yarda, he brought lt off aueceae
fully. reachtng the green in three. the
same as Ouimet and Ray. who had to
play ahort of the hlll on thelr a.-conda.
They all took two puta and halved in
< ontinurri on fourth page. aeraad column

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