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V01 LXXIII X? 24,417. ?***??? tSS&i%SSST' ?* NEW-YORK, MONDAY, 8EPTEMBER 22, 101:5.-14 PA6ES.
* *
nr> IV <f!? AW /<r\TT In CJtt of ?w Vork. Jer?*r C1tr and Uoboken.
LEFT $66,356,718
First Official Valuation of
Late Financier's Property
Made Public in Action
Brought by State.
PERSONALTY. $64,411,218
Legal Proceedings, Instituted
Because Strong Box Was
Opened Without Controller's
Consent, Shows Method df
Checking Big Loans.
The fir-?t offioial flgurcs that show the
amount of the estate !eft by Ruaaell
t>age. the flnancier, who dled oa July
?',", 190ft, are oontained in papers 00
flle In the County flerk's offlVe In a
j?ult bTOUght by the State of Nmv Y-.rk
ajrainst the Menantile Safe Depoalt
Company. In whoaa vault Mr. Bage
hriii m.my mtlllon dollara'
Mr Bag< lefl a jrmss peraonal Mtltl
calued at t4t4.411.21& HH real eatate
?-a* eppralaed '?' W.M3.300 Mn
tfargarH Ollvia Bage, the widow, re
raived ?*,;:;:,":; S,N>' "n wmVn ,hf' ?'?ta;'*
paida tax of 1635.038. The rest of the
ejtate went lo twenty-eight napheara,
pjecea, grandnepheam and grandni<
of Mr. Bage, pa,'h raceiving $-j."..?h?".
Tne tax on each of theae bequeata waa
Tn* euit in the BupraoM Court
kreughi to llght papara whoac eontenta
were never given publlrity, and whlch
bdicate the manner in whlch aome o?
the buainaaa affairs of the Bnanclar
Wpre conducted Fbr Inatanca. in Mr.
lage'i itrongboa at the Ifarcantlle
Fafe Depoaii Company whan ha dled
there were aecurltlea valued at aboul
t3g.000.OCiO, repreaentlng collatcral de
Doaited witb the banker for loans
eggregating |80tOO6\00fJli There was no
!i?t in Mr. Sage's oflVe to show the
exaet natora of these eeilataral aecu
Mr. Saee. the records fhow, lenl
on a "J<> per caitl margin.
Didnt Know Law Was Violated.
The suit brought by th* Btat<
New Tork against the safe deposit
company f - to collect a penalty of
11.000 becauae it ?as alltged the de
fendant had permitted one of thf ex
ecutors to take from the vanlts secu
rities belonging to the estate without
notice being glven to the State <on
r, as raQUlrad by !aw. Justlre
Brarty dismis.?ed the a<- - .t u
*ay, holding that the Men ?antile Safe
Deposit Company araa not Uabte, as the
defendant had no raaaon to betleva that
thf law was being vtolatad
The papers on fl!<- r.ow sh"w that
Surrogate Thomas threatened to com
mit the setretary of the Sage es
Charlea H. Oeborne, for < ontempt of
court becauae of his refusal to dlvulge
before the transfer tax appra
Charles P. DUlon, certain information
wh: h was pought concerninp the col
Jateral held by Mr. Sage on loans.
The teetimony of Mr. Oaborne In the
tax pro. eeding showed that the Recu
rif.es placad in the safe deposit vmult
had never been cherked up from any
hst beld by Mr. Sage. Mr. (>. >orne.
f>ho had been in the empioy of Mr.
Saire for thirty year.?, had < harge of
the Ume and <all loana. The box
taken in the name of Mr. Sage. All
lecuritiet depoattad for loans were in
b'ank A" ording to the testimony Mr.
r'ape never went to the vault at.d \.\
Osbome ?raa the only paraon who had
?Bowledse of what it containad. The
re'-ord in the cffb e of Mr Sage
was the inan ti<ket. eaylna; thut a loan
M a certain amount had bean made, for
vhich ertain aecurltiaa had been glvan
af collateral.
At the death of Mr. Baffe it was im
poaalble for any one except Mr. (>sborne
le tall wt.at te< uritiea were la the safe
deposit vault. The exai utor refilaad to
prcid-. i ? i loan ?lipa, Mylng that the
relations batwaen Mr. Bage and the
per?ons who bOfTOWed from him were
of a eonfldentlal eharactar. He said he
took the box from the vault to the
(ontinurd on thlrcl pif, *e>enth rolumn.
This Mornins's News
loooor, p?. TrlbaU te Qayaor. x
8uit ghowa >ace Loft MOM.71I_ 1
"n?ai Estate Quaaaa" Peemd. l
Klll? Ke^pfr as lle Tries fo Kscap*. ? X
I-eaji* from MridKe. Not Hurt. 1
Mltehel Tells of <;a\n..r Uelatlons- 2
Oavnor Punera] in Trlrnty To-da> . . . . 2
Pathos iti Mourning Crowda. *
Pians Conplote for Roaaavalt'a Trip. 4
Ha-n?s Beeki te Prove Party Control. *
pagreaatvai In Blpartiaaa Tradaa_ 4
*avs KIId?> Must HoM 1 OUl (ifllies... 5
J?r?#v te T-.?t New Prlatary Law.... 5
?T5-\ooo aforgaa Iflng for ifnaeuni 7
State. to Ald Kllnd. 7
"''omp^naatlon" Fu.ard Onm Went....11
kr. S'holer. Alienst, Sees Priest.14
Ptdz?r and Wlfe te Take stand. 1
Hu?ru lias No Caaiee fot Prexldent. 3
^hiunrnr,^ giavery Aaaallad. 3
''? I f'raft la <!rlp of lee ?'a. k. 3
?'olomhian Orant Alartna l g. 3
8lxty-n\e Taara a Teacher. 7
SuffrafriBts ??hallenaed by ??AntiB"_14
Paaetery MuMer Kolved.14
Batons Quell Huhliii Itlot. 3
Editormi.I. 0
laetaty. 7
PMtwry. ' 7
K/"?rtB .8 aii.i 9
N'ew k for \\onien. 9
???nancini nn<i atarketa.10 un<l 11
0e(,i gjstats. ia
Rhtppina .ia
Weather .13
Sisters Accused of Fleecing
Westchester Folk in Land
Deals Found Hidinn in
Harlem Apartment.
Coterie of Prominent Lawyers
May Be Indicted as Result
of Disclosures in Refer
ence tn Annex Homcs
Ifn Mathilda FYancollnJ and R<?*
H?!l<\v. Bletem, th*? rral estat* op^ratnr*
w li . ore *aM to havo fle?>rM manv
Waatcbaater fr.lk. vi-ere ffailed on Sat
urday niijh? )>y C. H ''"lliRan. of th*
Dtatrld Attorney'a offlce, Ui th*?-1r hirt
inp place al an apartmri t ln l?i{<'h
?tr^ft. whera they hava been In con
cealmenl for almoat a nvmth
Colllgan obtaJnad from tha aromen
thc Informatlon Mr. Whltman wanta
to Indlcl a coterie "f promlnenl law
yera whom tfu- aiatera tu cuae of belng
beklnd thrm in mortgaga apeculatlona
thal wrecked th<? Annex HomM Com?
pany and cauaad hundreda of \r
),. i ting Inveetora to loaa thelr I ?
in Harrteon and Mamaroneck, S. Y.
Tha "real eatata queena," who fled
after the burntlng of thelr "buW le" an.i
wandN rad all over tha country, wlll ap
pear thia mornlng befora ? L'nlted
Statei commlaaloner and tell ih* whola
Bton of how they wera employed aa
. ,? to "float" hundreda of acrea in
Weatcheater County for homea which
amdarlti In ihe Dtatrlci Attorney'a of
nce aay were rapraaented as free of In
cumbranee. bul whlch the eletere admtf
?rere heavlly mortgaged.
Tti. women told of two former dl
recton In lha company, who, thej aald,
,,,,.,, ,,,;.- of mortgagea on th*
propert] they had aold, and then
brou| Kalna1 tha purchaeera of
the lots.
Charged 10 Per Cent Interett.
Botb Mi i Francolinl and Roaa rlal
1*3 deacribed how ona of tba leadlng
oflleara of tha oompanj led theni on to
ruln, i-y i harging Intareal a( tha rate of
,r ,?.,- cenl on mone ba lani to llfi
n ortKat" a B0 lha **omen coold flva
thelr cuatomera deadi to arhal they
bought llra. Franoohnl aald tha ofB
Cer who lant tha monay called?tha 10
per 'f i't hla "bonoa."
llra, Francoltnl, In be* atatamenl to
Mr. Colllgan. admlttad *he. took from
boma bu era tha Bnal paymenta on
thelr lota. BU1 "?oraetimea*' dld not
dellver tha deedd, aa bIk- hari promlaad
i,, tha contract, becauaa tha man ln
tfea company refuaed to glva tha monay
to rsl* tba mortgafc ?
i: . Malley declared do linhlnaj fund
waa ever provldad to taka care of the
mortgagea on th? lota they aoldL Botb
u,,ni.'n aald thej uaed borrowad monay
to lift mcrtaragea, to pay tba rant ol
thoif dfhcee, to pay interahl ind to
keep tha aharlfl from faracloalng on
otber property.
jjoh.- Halley malntalnad i)i<- Annex
Homea Company nevar really had a bal<
;,r,. t in '"1V ''i,nki and Mr8, F,'?mollni
addad tothla by aaylril thera waanever
mora than W**' & *4-{*>u ln elthfcr ,h*'
Naaaau, Mamaronai k. Commercml
TniM Companj o? Twelfth Ward
Ifra. Ftancollnl axplalnad ihat when
they were ahort of monay to covar
mortgagea on proparty alraady ?oid
.;? . cott|d ralae H oolj by paylng car
tain man m tha company Wg bonuaaa.
One ofllcar who waa In the hahit of ftkv
tountlng thelr notaa, accori|lnf to Mr..
rranooltm, aftaa dapoaitad the ooan
pan.v-8 aaonay la hla oarn nama In bla
"if he dlacounied 13,.rHOOOfor
im," aald Hra. Fran<oiini, -ha arouM
gtva ua a chack, arlth aptdgl totfraert
raagaaaad on Ihard aaga, ?i?th eaaaaaa.
"Daredevil" Murphy Dives Into East River While
CrDwd Looks on?Slumbers Calmly
in Cell Afterward.
Hoplng to galn notonet\ and ? 11.000
fee from ? moi ms ; ?? ' "?? J'"
.-?!?!. P Ifurph) : ?? ? I X irph:
:? porter and bigh dh? r, tt i
i - old, of No 2321 tVaahlngtor
nue. The Branx, dived from the Br?
lyn Brldge yaaterday aftarnoon and
was plckad up unharmed bj thn
his fiiendi and carrl< d In ? roa i ?
Dover atreet. where he waa arn
and locked ap :n the ' m* stre.t ,
st.itior: on ?? ? ettemptlng to
i oininit luieide " Ha went I ileep In
. f. ? mtaut< ? after enU ring It
Murphy Wi "? d .-nd in his riKht
mind ahen polic< mlth (?? ind bun
hidinjr between t..>i bargaa Ha
walved aaedi il ald and ? ? ?. rafuavd a
drlnh of whlekej When the pollce
asked him wh) he riakad his life m
?u< h a manarr Murph) eald he ?;is
"praatialng" tha dlTe la ordet to aatl
? the act" ti. n< a
Wlth a half doaen frlenda from the
Tremont aaction Murphy not red
Idowntown, and at 1 o'cloch hirei a
rowboal naar the bi dgt Joaeph Ma<
rooney, of No. 2348 Lorillard Plaea
Bronx, h:s niii Tii*:- i . Joai l'h Mc?
Quade. bli rouain. of No 2321 Waah
Ington avenue, and VI tor Manheftner,
o< No. -"-'sl Bathg got in
.-?nd pullad oui Into th?- Baat B
with Inatruc'ttona to bovar around
under th< north drl awaj ? faa feet
awaj from the eentre on the Maahat*
tan side
Maaawhlle ICurphy went to Brook*
lyn. He cane bach oa the north
roadwaj of the brldge about B o'cloca
and etopped In the mlddle of the span.
Man Scized Whcn About to Fire
House, Police Say.
Peter Carual. ? grocer, of No 151
w,st 16th atreet, Informed the polk ?
recentl) thal he had baaa ??? alving
Biai k Hand letteri demandlng 12,000,
;ill,i earl] thla mornlng datactlvea
caught ? man In the acl of aettlng
nre to the building, whlch ia a doubla
,iv,. | t,p| |. i.. in. M house. \n!h 1 I"
The h.ii, aUlri and etore were
?orinkled ?nh ga ol< n< and rag
eoaked wlth the lluld ???'< BM?wn
'about The prlaonar aaid ha ???? vln?
?entl Umbarta. twentj -twy \ eare old,
.,,?, that he llved at 15th Btreel and
PHral avattoa. *_
Mrs. Fahnestock Helps to Put
Out Stable Blaze.
[Bj T?i?a*?i '?'" TI"' 'r;l"'''
Unoa, Maaa., Bapt 2l.-Mr. and
lafra Harrla Pahnaatoc* and th.ir
gaoat, Phl?P Curtia, of New Tork,
/oughl h tne in the Fahneatoca: itablea,
at Baatovar, thU aftanioaai.
The blaze waa In ? bay 16ft, and Mr.
and Hra Fahnaatoch aaalatad in lay
llng hoae. Mr. Curtia balped to carry
th? hoae into the burning etable. with
jf,?. a|d bf the l-.nox fire department
|.|?. nre waa conftned to tbe bay krft
The building wae ellghUy damagad.
,_?? i
French Aviator Injures Leg,
While Mrs. Farman Sustains
Fractured Arm.
Ktampes. rranca. Bapt ?.-The
noted French aviator. Hcnry Farman.
had ft narrow escapc from death to
day. His Wlfa W?a wlth him tn his
aeroplane, whJchi whaa at ? betgbt <.f
100 feet. ,waa aaan auddanly to dart
toward tha earth. The machine ?trock
w ith graat force.
Farman. althmigh DOt niade un? on
?ctoua suffered ? serioiis injury of the
leK. His Wtfe'a arm was fra.tured at
the alBaw.
Thera anaan't a pollcemaa in 5:rht
when afurpby Jumped out and shed
,? and a palr of trouei ra, re?
] "-pound frame l lad ln ?
dark blua iwo-placa bathlng ault He
? ??.! t0 '???? btW railinK and BtOOd
u.th ? ? I loklng w rvooaly to
? . left a crowd began w
aather on the promenadk and auto
. ; Up tba drlteway. This
??? ntlon of Patrolmaa
. ol Blidga Bquad A.
.:,. ea ighl Miirpiy trytng tojuaap
from tl ? brld# "" leptemhef '.?and ar
roett I blm Murpby aaaj Btavta and
?hoin< I.
I | aaa lha Innt Unaaa tiua
thBM voul) have to a't mr in rmdalr:"
Than ha anaead a aedute ta Bievm,
, .,..; alahanda i bead
md ?..-?<! graeafuny Into lha alr. Tha
, rowd gnapad and atood tTaneftxed, as
though araltlng to haar the iplaah.
Blavln atuck hla baad betareen the iron
. | mm tha bodj drop into the
?I didn't knon anythlng untii i
rtl ,. :-. ratar, M ?rph? ?*W ':
laat nlght Other peraoa
...-?? k|ghl down for the entlre
135 feet, bvl hla frtend artad Mur
? hy*a*body lurnad aomeraaulta,
The laat Bucceeaful effotl todlvefrom
tba Brooklyn Brtdga nraa made by
Eppera, aeventeen >,nT* "['1 "f
So 539 Dean atreet, Brooklyn, ln 1010
Eppera, tha poltca aay. la nonr Inaana
... a ,. iult of bla aaperlence. Mlcha*1
Kellej dlved fn.m the bHdga early thhj
montb and died a few daya later.
Second Child Born to Pecr Is
Also a Girl.
f bv < .it la '?? Th* TrtbaM l
[xmdon, Bepl ll Lavdy Deciea, aee
,.n,i aaughtei of Mr and Mr- Georgi
j, Gould, gava blrth to a daughtt r
terdaj mornlng al Befton Park, Stoko
1 pofei Botta mother and chlld ar.' do?
Uig arell.
Thla !? tha second chlld of th< mai
Hage of Lord Daclea and Helen vivien
Oould, a/hlcb took place ln Ne* Tort
, i; r, bruai J 7, Itl I
li ia known that aome dlaappolnt
ment a/a - expn aaed ?' tha fai I thal
thelr flrat chlld, born Augual IT, Ifll,
nraa i daughter, and preparatlona hava
i?. n uniler aay ?l Bt fton Part bIiw a
,:,. beglnnlng of tha montb to arel. oma
,,,. b< Ir t" tha titie, a/hlch la now more
than ona hundrad > aara old.
Miss Kennedy Hurled from Car
Into Croton River.
Carmel n. T., Bept ZL?Mlae Tharaaa
Kennedy was .serloiisly injnred to-day
when a tourlng car ownad by Mra
John h. Burtoa, of Nem fork, aklddad
into iiie atonc waii of i blidga over the
Croton Rlver a mlla ea.st <.f Brearatar.
Miss Kennedy WR9 thrown from the
machlne over tha baidge irall and down
i twehty*foo4 ambankmant Into the
riyer. T)ie QvJcft gaakataaca of tha
chanffeur aavad her from drowntng.
Fought Pensions, Though Warn
ed Effort Would Kill Him.
i B] Talagmaa ta Tb? Trihunc i
Thomasville. Ga.. Bapt 21. -Repre
rentatlra B. Andargon Roddanbery \n
rlylnR ftt hla hnme here from heart
trouble and other romplientions. Ife.
had i rinklng apell thla aftemooa, and
foi a timo it waa thOUghl he would die.
Mr. RoddanbaTy"a eondlUon i? diie to
hia atrenoove afforta In Congreaa, and
MDedally to the flghl he mada ajralnHt
f.deral penelona. He waa ararncd a
vear agO that any unoaoal actlvity on
his part would prove fatal.
Negro Criminal Tries to Shoot j Governor May Force Murphy
Way to Liberty
Trenton Prison.
to Give Testimony to
Clear Himself.
Prisoner, Who Is Serving 15
Ycar Sentence, Wounded in
Fray and Is Taken in
Irons to Hospital.
Executive Expects to Show Up
Politicians at Head of
Plot to Have Him
' H- T>l?*rar.h la Ttia TrttMUM.]
Trenton, N. J ? Bapt 2t?"Bta '?<"
Dtamond, a r.ecro crimlnal noted for
his iiiiouanaaa. trlad to ihoot hla way
to Uberty to-day in the New Jersey
State Frison and the attempt cost tho
Ufe of E)| g Btataer, a daputy ketper.
Dhaaeoad waa eauajhl toaethar wirh
.lamen Johnaon. aiao a aegro, Tha af
fi rt of Diamand and Johnaon to ai .?i>u
urad whlle the great maaa of ?mi
I vlcta w< re attaddtng th? aeiricea tn the
? ; < 1.
? Dtamond li aow In 'He hoapital of
fthe inatltutlon wlth two bulleta In hla]
| oody !!?? m III IWe. Johnaon la In a
dungeon In l.-ona. Both aill ba tned
for the nr.rder of Btataer.
Tha men had been returned to thair
eelta at 10 o'cloch thla mornhag, after
attendln* tha Brat aarvtce of the day.
The aecond narrtca had atarted and it
araa tlma for the prlaon phyatcian to
aee thoae priaonera who wlahed to con
ault him. Johnaon aatd he wanted to
aaa tha doctor, and he ateppad out of
Ihla eall In wing No. i. Dlamond >hen
laignalled Davtd Pieraon, ? daputy, that
he. too. would like to aaa the phyatclaa,
and ha alao i tappad out
wing No. l is near where Dr. .r.
Welllngton Crane, the resKent phyet
ctan, snt wlth Btetw r. who w;is on duty
at that tlma when Dlamond waa out
of his cell johnaon Jumpad bach of
Pieraon an<t plnnad his arma to hla
alda Dlamond then took Pleraon'a ra
volver from his hip pockal and ran Ur
the centre wlng of the prlaon. Pieraon
atruggled frea from Johnaon and f.>i
low< d i ttamond,
Pieraon aoon ovartook th?- negro and
grabbad Dlamond'a arm, but In tue
mean time the convicl had fired two
bulleta Into the ehest of Btetaer. btat?
aer whlpped hla revolrar from hla
p.i, k>'t and w nt two bulleta Into lha
1 liaoner'a right arm. The negro
dropped to the door. Johnaon, erho had
lost his net\e. was running around the
wlng like a wild man. In a desperato
attampl to get In tha prlaon yard oa
ran through ? glaaa door
Dtamond waa i? *ic tn Irona and taken
to the prison hoapital. Btataar waa
ruahed t st. Franda Hoapital, wh< ra
h?' dled on the aparatlag taMa John?
aon told Thomas H. Madden. the naad
keeper, that he and DttUDOBd had
pianned the break for Itberty, but h.'
said Dtamond had promlaed falthfulty
there would ba no ahootlng,
It was thought to have been the plan
of the prlaonara to ehoot tha keeper of
the eentro wlng and then ktll the man
on the otitslde door lead ng to tha
street. They ehoaa a time when they
knew most of the guarda would be m
tha ChapaL The prisoners, how.-v.r.
did not rackon on tha door leading from
tha centre wlng to the out.side hallaay.
Thls door is always locfcad on the out?
: de, and eve.i if the men had got by
Btataar they eould not poaatbly have
gone any further. and would have Lten
eaught Hke rats In a trap.
Wllllam Dlamond, known as "Black"
Dlamond. was sent to the prison on
October 11. 1011. from Bomeraat Coun
ty. f>r flfteen . ears. Ha has alwiys
been known as a partloularly bad man,
and oniy three weeks agO he trlad to
get over the wall, but was eaught. For
thls he went to the dungeon for ,i
week and was then put to work In the
rnat shop. Johnaon ls serving tlve
years for laneny. Btataar was ubout
fifty years old and had been a deputy
for nearly twenty-llve years.
' Pv T?">ir-.'iph ta Th? Tr!v 'in? '
Albany, iept 21.?Nothlng shTt of
death i,m rrrvent <iovernor Sulzer aiid
his wlfe from laallfjlng ln hla lm
pearhment trlal, lf the constltutional
ohjertlons Of hls attorney* to the pro
' aedlnga are overruled.
Thia atatenaont caaoa tn-nijrht fr<?m
an abaakhftaty unQtieatlonabla aonrce.
It followed weeks of speeulatlon aa to
wb.ether etrher of them would testlfy.
Kriends of the (Jovernor ln seorea
have advlaed him on this point. Ifany
have Inalated that he Ijjnore the pro
ceedlnga entlrely, ln eo far as oetna;
preaenl himself waa eone.rned. Others
have Inslsted that even lf the (rovernor
himself declded to testify he should
not pcrmit Mrs. Sulzer to tell her
But the <;overnor has malntained
from the ttart that he wlll tell the
story of the allefce.i , onsplrary whtch
he Insists brotlght about hls impeach
Mrs. Pulzer's testimonv has heen ron
*ldered tOO vital to the ra.ce of the de
fence to permlt her to remain silent.
The Oovernor has made the most ex
tenalve preparatlona for the presenta
llon of hi- teatlmony it wtii take the
form of a narratlva from the ttme,
ioon after h;s electlon, arhen, he avatv,
rammany Hall and cthers soufcht to
brlng preaaura upon hlm to do their
Growth of Tamminy'j Enmity.
He hopes to ahOW, it ls understood.
that Rraduallv he Incurred the enmity
,f many of the men baek nf the prea
?nt proceedinga, and the flnai hreak
uii" only when he njn*ovad hopeleaa
li a tOoL FYorn that poinf he will
i;irr;tt.- inddenta that h>- bellevea arlll
ihnw the gradual cryetaJIUatlon oftho
Impaachment proceedinga, it la aald,
Amaslng revelattona whu-h arfll ln
iol\e a s. ore or more of wldely known
Democratlc polltldana of the Clty of
Sew Vork and upatate are predlcted.
Pollowtng a conference between Goy?
? rner Sulzer and his atP>rnevs at the
Executlve Ifanaion to-nlght, it waa re
iiorted by friends <>f the < Jovernor that
"h iries P. Murphy, leadar of Tam
nany Hall, w hom Sulzer accuaea of
navtag Inettgated hts Impaachment,
*-lll he for, ed to take the wltness
*tand. pra.th-ally ln hts own drfenee,
laafora the trlal of lmpeachment ls over.
Sulzer Too Busy to Eat.
T>. Cady Herrlck, Valentlne Taylor,
I/wls Marshall and other attorneys of
the Qorernor errlved In automobllea
about I p. ni. and fotind that Mr. Sulzer
had heen worklnp hard on hls CBBB all
day lom? and had not yet r\(>n taken
tlme f'>r hls evenln* meal
It waa understood that the purpoae
of the conference was to dlacoM the
advlsahlllty of permlttlnfr the QoYernOf
and llra, Sulzer to appoar aa aitneeeee.
The <hief ExaOtttfVo has *aid that h>>
was anxlous to make a statement to
the rourt and also that he waa willinR
to appear as a wltness lf it waa d.ter
mlned that the trial was to jp> on.
Bome of the nembara of his legaJ
staff have exprcssed thelr dOUbU aa |0
the artadom of auch a more, but the
conference to-nitcht was lookad upon
as ai\ Indlcation that they are serlously
ronsldertntr that lf thelr eontentlons
aeainst the Jurlsdletlon of the court are
overruled. the ocea.slon would demand
( ontlnueU on fourth page, fourth rolumn.
Aged Men on Crutches and
Women and Children Long in
Line to Pay Last Tribute
to Dead Mayor.
Procession, Which Began Early
in Day, Extending from
Bowling Oreen to City
Hall, Ends Late
at Night.
"No King Ever Had a Tribute Lika
This," He Said as He Viewed
the Never Ending Throng?
Memorial Services Held
in Many Churches.
Forming a huge narrow triangle. I
wlth lts polnts at the entrance to the l
Brooklyn Brldge, Chambers street and |
Proadway and Bowling Green. a steady.
stream of persons of all oiasses, two
abreast, slowly flled along lts aldeei
from early yesterday until late Into the,
nlght. enterlng the CWP Hall mtdwayj
on the northern llne of the triangle to
vlew the body of Mayor Gaynor aa ltj
lay in state Jn the rotunda. The pollco
estlmated last night that one hundred
thoupand persons had looked for the
last time upon the fare of the city'a
dead exerutjve.
The City Hall doors were thrown,
open to the public a few mlnutea after;
| a. m The hour for olosing was ex
tended Into the nlght M long as any
one came to view the body. The early
rrowd had gath^red long before that.
and several hundred persons stood 1ft
the rain for more than two hours wait
lng for the llne to start A large detail'
of pollce was on hand to form the llne*
in rwo-by-two order and keep thoj
man hers in plare.
The line qulckly grew. f.rst extendlrig;
a block or two down Broadway acroao
from the City Hall plaxa. The pollce^
then moved further and further down-j
town as the crowds came from everyt
dlreotion, until Bowling Green waaj
reached. and the formation startedV
ra^k on the wesr ald* of Broadway.;
The double-breasted column crossedl
agaln at Chambers street and doubledj
back on the west slde of Broadway to^
the western entrance to the plaza. It
wa* not long untll the newcomers weroj
ronverged ar the end of the llne near\
the entrance to Brooklyn Brldge.
Mournere All Day in Rain.
The ever trudglng Unes of publtoi
mourners were orderly, the pollco ar-j
rangements were ample, and tha long.,
windlng procession moved on. hourj
after hour, in sllent and respactfulj
monotony. There were no untowardj
Inctdanta to break the ranks. The ln
termittent showers duiing the day,
made no difference, as no one wavered
or leff the line. Persistently. steadlly,
the thousand" marched through the
doors of the City Hall and by the great
bmnze coffin. dividing at lts foot Into
single flles and passing on elther elde
of the coffin.
No one was allowed to pause for a
lingering look at the face of the dead.
Mayor. The lines were ever kept mov-J
Ing by the guard of policemen andflre-j
men at the slde of the bler. Gne llne;
went to the righr and the other to the
left, passed through the small archea
at the sldes of the luoad. winding
ttalrway and out through the rear en?
trance to the hall, to meet again the
flret forn.ation of the marchers near>
the entrance to the bridge.
Men amargad from the rear of tha
hall with sad countenances, and there
Were tears o/i the cheeks of many of
tlie WOman. Boma of the aged and ln
flrm showed thc.r grief without re
stralnt, whlle many children who
passed through dropped small bouqueta
jiear the coffin.
The coffin rested on a black cata
faJqua at the baaaof the wfndingstair
way. A bower Of flowers of endlesa
rarlety and profusion surrounded It
and bordered the way leading from tho
doors through the rotunda. The alr in
the building was heavy wlth the awent
odor of roaea, orchids and lilies-of-th*
valley. The lights were dlmmed. The
Uvld face Of the dead executlve, witn
tha natural atolld aajpraaatan that so
many citizens knew, showed In pilo
relief from its whlte ptllow under the
mellow li.;ht of candelabrum of seven
branrhaa of ataudad giass giobee on
either stde at the head of the casket.
Th? deep mourning drapery on the
wnlls and plllars and the balustrade of
the stairway all about was relieved by
banks of ri?h green palms.
Mayor's Flaq Draped Coffin.
Desplte the hundreds of beautiful
florat pleces from r? latives, frlends and
assoclates, fatrly packed into the lim
Itad space of ? rotunda of the build?
ing. the whole scene was toned with
simplii it>. A lone wreath of roses and
orchids from the bercaved family. and
a humbler tribute from Lieutenant
Kennel. the l.-?te Mayor's bodyguard,
were the only floral emhelliahmenla
which lay on the f\-\g draped coffln.
The Mayor's flag <overed the bler be
lOW lts openlng. In deference to tha
wish of Mrs. Gaynor. the Amerlcan
and British flags were entwlned near

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