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Vw LXXIII.N0 24,418.
To-d-j>. lair nnd . tmlrr.
Tomiimm, 1.1. rnixnc , Innilnf...
* *
Vork. Jeraer Tit? anel Hoboken.
PRICE OM'e l b> I KI/?r.BHF.RK TflO CF.NT*
Court Decides in Secret Session
That Assembly Had Right
to Prefer Charges at
Extra Session.
President Cullen Leads Way in
Long Opinion Sustaining Con
ter.tion of Prosecution
That Action Was
Entirely Legal.
Buffalo Democrat Only One to Raisc
His Voire in Governor'R Favor?
Louis Marshall's Argumrnt
for Defencc Anpwered hy
Parker and Brackett.
\- ? Bept. 22 By i
3. tbe Hlgn Courl of Impeacbaaeni
nor Sulze-r ha,'.
? cnlly. The only VOl
rii-i ? ? ca.-t by Benator
? - taken b"/ th- l "
lagtatativf rnveatlgatlng comm
Zr- ? priaaary <ampaign commil
- .. ? | v ...
. b taken in executh i
uring ?i n1
by ihe Bulaer dafcnce. The
rakfi the ronstitution from Ft.-m to
ir trying to prove that tha A -
lOrtty in adoptmr
? ? ? irdlnan aet
: ich a**tlon waa recomtnei
HaaahalL ff the Bulaer
did not coaataa himself excl
'iia: argnrn'T* I I '???' ihe
frST ??.. BBOBB uf
:. e?-ho of the 'i' -
fcnce before the t~
mply the \ ietim of Tam
| that dellvery ?
?f impaachaai nrt I the Praai-laail
of the Be ? BOt legal ? -'
" top nf hli ?
? -? -. ? - nient i OUld i ?
be> pres'-nted to the ' on 14
a Yr.rk or at the throne
? Tielnionlee, s and make thal ? D
Judge Cullen Leads the Way.
B ? neitber the conatl I irgi
m<r--- for Bulaer nor this allusion to
Tammany weigh*d with tha OBUil ti*
for> tht- rxfuiive Beaakm Praaldent
n announeed that he had made up
his rr.ind aad was quite wUltag I
noun^?? his opinion if any body a
:?. -:iO'igh he did BOt wlah to rule ?'ti
the rjuestion. hut would rafer it I
t Apparently his hrother ju'ig- -
i with him even befora baa "pin
u>r waa ezpreased, '?r in the eaecutlve
sest-.on the rollcall showed each oif-ni
'?r-nc "n< " nri the BSOtiOn tO Jla
rnlBs tha impeachment proceedmk--.
Judge Oillen w; tha
d ? -. ' r of tha eaurt to d
Ihe questloa at alL When hlfl ti'im.
waa <<;i<h<>!l oa the rollcall lie said lhat
oa had to be Inten
r'a- nata aad that u would i.
raaaonabla to bald. aj= did the E
aade, that the Xaaarnbl*/ convenad In
extraordlnary session waa dabarr**d
from .n.j eaehintr th?- Qavemor,
.1! be probably one further
?" rg .nu-nt of the samf- nature preserited.
lt ia on the BChadule that i>. i.'adv
H?rr.ck will ask the court to rule
all thf- nrtlcles of impeachment charg
ing Bulaer with aarjurjr and thefi of
eampnign conttlbutloofl r-n tho ground
that an official la not liabh- le> im
lunent for acta commltted before
f nntlnncl on Bi?.tt. pagr. Hflh ruluinn.
This Morning's Sews
Ma '-4 f.-jrney to Orave ln Bunahlae 1
: t Trj te Boaa < on- ai tion . l
p ii Balllvan. . i
.ra\e Mark-* QajTBOl Blllial. 2
? I un> ral llalts City s Pulae. 3
i.Hiid gwlndla. 3
Bot* in I'.Hho.-ifi Arbitration 3
i Mooae In l illemma .. 6
I iddish Bard Uead ? 7
Lafi vnnulty foi Hla Bhoemaker, ..11
Three Kllled In Long laland Ifc'reel 16
Held Valld.. -
Kamlly al l oaoord. 3
1 Noi to Haar Baakei 4
1 ?"?? hllej Ac. UM.^ Mulhall of Hold-UP 4
mie Tax Adopti ?' 4
Coloaibtan Oranl. 6
te Trata; Klll i-im o
L-aboi i nloni 6
raal Kariai 7
!' ,.'!* i ??ni I >n,? nlOB ... 1
?-' li'iol .... 6
W??tet*-I> . 7
MA i I ? . 8
?eelaty . 9
Dhttttary. 9
l . 9
. io and ii
Bhipplng . ll
. ll
*1t*an< ial aad . a, 13 and 14
r't*J Eatata. m
j Syracuse Girls Climb Out Win
dows to Join Movement.
By Telee*aph i I ?
Byraetiae, sept '_"j. ?? ? ',.en
hundred atudeata of the thre- hisrh
jerhoota hert marched oW during
and were Indefinltely
auapended. There were many iz;H<
among them, aad al] are atrtking on
aecounl of the lonp hours, short lun?h
? "r mtermiaaion and |m> r luncheoo
accommodationa The dally Beaaton
formerlj ended al 1 p. m., bal was
rhanged to 2:80 p. m bj Buperin*
tenden' Hughea
j The strikcr* parad'-d th^ |
latraeta wlth horna blowlng. a'i n
mg Thi leadera aay thej wlll nol re?
turn to-morrow and are , if
petltlon in preaem i>. tha Board of
Educa ?
The majortty nf atudenta Btru ... bul
at th.- Technlcal Hlgh Bchool more
than half refuaed ln th.- atrll
Thii^,- that Btrock there had t-. break
!" c-' oul and man;
i limhed out of th-- wlndo ? ?
| Mayor's Friend Hangs Himsclf
at Time of Funeral.
? ?
nw a y ii- .-!? h. i ? . ommIt i
fternoon Hla i" ? found
nglng fn ? i n a barn li
., \ ? nui v haiw ? waa i
1- a j
: frotii a beam aa
Metaf a atam man
f'-.m \)if ? ? flral rai
; and occaeionallj found
tj Hall oi intry
home. w hi n thi Mi
? lo lay pli
when -
Mi ? . I thi n' ?
... of in thlng
\. almoal thi ra
the Q
? ' ?
liurn and
Boys Start Truck While the
Chauffeur Is Away.
tr)e aeat v the drlvei ? a di
Ing a ge, ran di wn and kllle l
threa -year-old Herberl Feli u | ln
em . al No. 1050 i
al nlght. The
d off aad dlaappeared. aad
...- dltcbed Iteetf h ?
iffeura i n
m ga tbe drtver lefi and
began t" work th<- gi
? i .... moka
from ? ? bi th<
I iined mo
?proup of "h'.idi- ii B do/.- n
away. The Pelnburg bo:
mn '-ni of its path and the
car knocked him down ik- r ?
fracture of the *kuii and hla ne< k
.\ hook and ladklei - omi ar
? ,a him tr, ii. 11,? gUlly. Th'
tre looktai foi the two bo
knov. thi name f otu.
Crocker Land Explorer Says
Esquimaus Prosper.
Portiand Ma, iept. 22.*-Proap< - I
among 11 ? Eaqulraaua thua far ? i
re|,ort.-.l by '
? leader of the Croker Land
ezploratlon iarty. In a letti
formei i blef, Rear Adralral Rob< rt i:.
Pean ? The letter recelved lo di
Etah, the wlnter beedquarti i
rl L'.v
??The Beqalou.ua ar?- all bapp:
? ? tly proaperoua,
plent) of food and ga
MacMlllan wrote, "ll ai gettlng ia?e
BOa and fM-./.mc Blgbta." hi ad
j "and wa bava wahrua ta bJlL II
i oound (Smith) bri gka out, i ahal
to run oi ? ' lha powei
; to < ape Babini, I egpecl to lub fl
; dog teams ir. th. aprlng "
;too late to' SEE FATHLR
1 Asserablyman Escapes from
Legislature as Parent Dies.
Aaaemblyman TJtotnaa Lane, of thi
:;:;,; Dlatrlct, la Tba Bretfi
home from Alban: yeaterday m ai ?
jfort to aea bia fathei ? bo ? akull had
? ?., ? : .-.J in an ai cldent, bul 81 -
rlved al tha Ltncoln Hoepltal a few
Imlnutea after hib father'a death ?''
,. . ..; .i t.-i< gram on Pi kda
. whlle in tha Aaaembly i hambei Inforni
Ing him of tnt- aoddenl and he applied
to sp. gaai Bmltb for a leavi
aence, bul it '.'as refuaed owlng to bllla
i baarlag on tha bnpeav hmt nl of Oov.
Bulaer belng before tbe Ai aem*
; On fhinday, boweyer, Aaaemblyman
i..,,,. mapaged to break awaj from
tbe chaaibar. Ha bM """ '" ,a"
through th< atreeta lo tb< lUttan
aued bj aevi ral eergeanta al arme, and
oaught a traln for Nea k*orl
futber, .loiin Lane, who ??^ Bf
ly.twn ye*n old, waa loreman ln the
,? ,.... v'crgne Iron Worke, al UMtli
? Bnd L-oeaai avenue. H?
, ?? the head bj an Iron beam
Th funeral wlll be held to-morron at
Jt Rochea Chureh. al 180th atreel and
Robbma avenue._
Nvwbargh. N- v. iepl
, |; odell on her up IrlP ??*< evanln*
?truck a buckdeei wlth epreadtag antien
intbe .laon Rlvei oH I. ' ?'"" lh
,,..,.. waanotbadl) han " "wntotbe
and dlaappeared la tbe a.
Senator Fitzgerald's Men D>.
feat "Larry" Mu'lifjan for One
of "Bicj TimV Placcs.
Tcst Oomei When "Unknowr"
Is Put Up for Oommitl
Job?FaVil to Pick Con
gresi Candidate.
of Tll '
? ? I two I
in thi ' i ? ?
. d of
th,- I
?? .
John ' ?
Tlm i??' ??'?' '-? and now the n
overlord of the "Sull
']-,i. -.. the Iroubli ?
betwi en "Paddj " B illlvaui and Fitsgi r
;,,, onopi tenl \ ? '?' the
'i ammap Hall 3d
? ihe 13th ' l
? >,'?-.
toi ' Bla Tim ;? ?
The ? andidi
bowi ver. ? '
Bu1 a ?< I-'' ' '' '' la*
t,, the narnlng ot th
didati ounced thi
,vould l?e UKi n t" ."" "'
lill ??(?..| T ' '" "" """- ' "''
loroml tee-o
Wlth Al< ' :
. hlp, the in- Ui alled
,, 0reli ? and a ouoi im ? Id l
,, th. ruJl ol the
rommlttei * ' ??'"" '" '"""' '
,.(,H w, re th. niin ' lha
Pullivan rfian I '?"
r; ? Ul|l ... Tlm'B" hall brothei ,
|I.!'T V-, '"' "lil"1'
,!..,- i.. i, ? ii'1 aJdara nny"
w rilte. '"'"' ' '?'' " '"
confi ? ""' ,h""
Ihe Blate * ??- Pr< P ir"'1- '"
,?,i,,,i, v. i. mi b Bdherenta o1 the
,...,. ,.,,, apparenth the pro
-tii ainl dried.
t ?Ltlaard aa riath aaaaa. aaiaad aadaaaa.
I omposer Rescued from Motor Boat After It
ls Badly Damaged in Collision >n
Lakc Ncar His Villa
-. n h
? og hia
a not her motor ng ""?
? ?
1 and hia fan
. luly, ln ? H
of the i ra ?'
... But>
:i> . hia
| .? II.I. Wli..
known foi
Yestcrday Was FJorida s Cool
est Beptember Day.
Kla.. flepl
d i... thla
?n?. i. mperature dropped to
? im the day, thi ool
-. ,,,i,. i .1 , I.-.,-. i. the
. \ ., Bepl 52. Th< Bl H
' ? ????''
. lorted
KyiLSQW in 50-cirvr seat
Prcfers Place in Balcony to
Prcsidcntial Box.
, , . ., b) hla brother-ln
.., Btockton Axaon, and Dr.
, g. x
vaudevlll. i-'"'".' thl _.T
from a ,0 rt-nl ??>< I" "" '"?-, !,il,,""t"i>
WHaon doea no, U
,, ?i.,,,,..v. ?'hl
.....up,... b M. ...??I-?
.nnli| 4-, | HO U"?nl -I \ l* v- "'
ia from H ?? ""'",."lr"1
, ?,. ln tbe -ircheatra or hajcony.
' \,, rhm-lv. Ke.mewhal to the dl ma
s.-,., Hervtee .n alioae duty
puarel him. ho inaiata >mlHV
ordinarj aeal and taktng hla
??oundedbj Btrangera although
,.,,i, ha? a frtend on ctthei aioa.
? ,.,,. ,,., i aaUag.- Ailu.
. in th.- l'nlted Htal
t and
Inl had
rathi ? ?
.;.-!! it arhi
ni. n." x ' '
and kindi
Pohce Tliink Slayer Was "White
Slave' Victim.
Thi * "in1 ti ^ 'i in
runntng through !. i l
I Ti I. atreet, on m a Ith ? * ? ? -
volver in her hand, guided u\>>
;,,i i. men t" the i 01 m r of rhli i
? niKhi Tbei ? . i>-*?ar_i
downward in ihe mudd) gu
tbi i.I ? li.ii.. blood Bowing
:i.in. lila in ad
The polli ? mi n ? alled an ambul
i, um i>. Ilei ue, and ti..- aurgeon made
.i hi 1.1' i tamlnal lon of tha bod;, Pha
man waa di ad from h large ua.HI i
let, which entered his moutfa and ? .uu"
.1 the neck al the baae of tbe ikulL
Tbe j'oii' i r. in.>\ .-,i tbe body to lha '
i&ai t -"-'<i lon .' nd ad to * ,; ii
uu thi ? lea of lh? flei Ing woman.
iietecilv< ? Ih.u ii'..- ? .
ii.<- "white alave" varletj and that tbe
man mel hli di ath uI thi handa ol a
. um or aome woman a hom ha
made Jeeloue. alng
madi l an i arlj houi thla mornlng lo
i lear up th. ktentlty "f th? dead m...;.
Tbe .had man waa about 3 foel ,"i
: i - * li. ? uii hla, k bair and . j ea,
and B'l i in a bbich Bhtrt and
cheap hia. k ckHhing. In hla ahlrtfronl
lepin wlth tha Inltlabi "11.
H.." and m a DjOCkel was a ranl.?i*.o
with the carda of Andrew Laaruerto,
No. 208 Baai 7th atreet, and Moaea T
Barrowa, a lawyar, at No, o-" Broad*
ni boss cmrffiKinN
Leader Persuaded to Give Up
klea of Dominatmrj State
G. 0. P. Session To-day.
Hi.s Nomination Secms Sure?
Platform Will Approve Fusion
and May Call for National
Republican Meeting.
William Barnee, Jr., chairman oi th*"
i:. publican Btata Cotnmlttee, erill uol
... ,,, ,| m|| te the Btata convanUon
.,, be held In Carnagie Hall lo day.
After .-, ponfi " i,??? ai the Union Laague
Club yeaterdaj afternoon aU diffaren aa
. were amoothed ?? '.
.,,,, N|. | t,, abando-i bl*
pian to featura Aaaemblymaa Harold
j. Hinman hia Albany lieuti nant, aa
chairman of th. comratttee on reaolu
tlana oi i" rmanenl , h.unu.u
XI.ueal indldatea to bu< -
.,.. ,| chlef Judge Culh n and U -
,;. Judge Oraj of the Coun of Ap
,,, ai.. m iii be foughl oul ni op*sn roii ?
ventlon ln the avening. The chief
;, w||| be a eonteal between
William i- W< rner, of Rochea
ter, and Bi n i ? Bdgar Truman
, ti , k.-n. "i Baratoga. There aeema to
;?. ,,,, doubi that W'.-rner wiii wln . B
? margln.
Juatice Frank H. Hlacoca., of ?lyra
, Bn<] Juatl. - r"n deriek i:. . *am.
,.t Brooklyn, wtll be tbe princtpal eon
tendera for the aaaociate JusUcesluu.
I,,,,,, ; ii, ndricka, the leader of Onon
daga County, aaa been moal actlvt t ir
His, ock, and II looked 1 fot
nlght as though h< would laad his
Want National Convantion.
Apati from the platform, a. raaolu?
tlon wtll be Introduced aaking the Re?
publican Natioii.il < oinniitt.-.' to meet
_t ,n .-.ni' date to make pfovtaaon for
:,n . Ktraordlnary national convantkm.
-fh? reaolutlon will adveeata thut aueh
-, national convention noi only chaage
th.- baala of repreaentaUon m tha
>,.iiiherii atatea ln national conven
tiona, bul alao chan*p tha vottag baata
in tha national committoe. lt will he
auggeated that membara ot tha na?
tional .oinniitt.'e have irotaa acsardlag
t,. the vobai caal by then- raapacUve
atataa for lha laal Republican caadl
clate for Prealdent,
Chalrman Barnea la atrongl) oppoaed
( onllniir.l on lltiril paffr, fourth < olumn.
Nature's Beneficent Mood Per
mits New York City to Bury
lts Executive with Im
pressive Ceremonies.
Rufus Gaynor Supports Mothci
at Trinity Chureh. as He Did
Hi3 Father in the Hours
Before His Death?All
of Family There.
Mr. Taft and Many Other Distin
guished Men of the Nation Hear
Bishop Greer Read Servicc?
Bared Heads Along the
Routc to Greenwood.
The pilhlie of New Vork City PBld
lts last trlbute to Mayor Oaynor n Q
\\ blle fewer than a thousand
om trould attend the funeral ln
Trmity Chureh, bacaaae of the ihnlted
Bpaca, hundreds of th< hore
Bllent testimony tq the dead along
ol march i f the funeral i ?
The earlj morniag a-eal
threatealag, bul Nature, ln beneficent
mood inaad the akiea to i i
aod the march to lha neve waa aaeTer
H brlgbt aun,
Th.- pleture wlthln tbe "'R'1 erched
walia of Trinity. arbara urom'n- nl Bteri
from all walka 11 Hfe - I ??*?*
membera of the Oaynor family to ie
I onor to the Mujor. araa bapreai
The loa Intonatlon of the I
lemnit) tbe ? omm tmertl. the
muak of the greal orgaa tba
chaata aad hymaa of lha etartT and
. aridoa aad chll
puactuated the atllmaea at totarvad in
the bour and a nuarb r that the aer
\ I.-. la
The chajreb waa dhnlj Ibjhted. Bia
tail .aiidies baraed on tha alur. three
,,n m-H'T aide of the Jewell
Tha; onlj Hgh1 in the chu
but ? ? ' - ' ? lou-h. d aad
brfehtgndB tha blgb banks of rlcb Bow
ran rn thi aaany Boral niaeea artdeb
,, ranati d ttv Bpa< e Mi-o-ind thi i oerrn.
i.i ,,, the Mayor'a Bag. wlthoot
a -angaa uud or hiossom. the beavy
bron* cotBn lay at tbe oatraace of tba
IchancaL The taega wraath of oreMtfa,
the th.ral tributi I v.oor-s taBBib/a
which has been wlth taa body ron
ountly, reated al Iht Blde. The Aaaarl
. .,? and Brttlah Baga, crosaed on a.
. of areen, and tha broken columo
I ......... baartag tha hv
Bcriptaoa "Our rhicf." aent by the at
tachea or the aVUyofa oface, occvpled
,,?. piacea of lionor at the head of the
... Back m the Bjaadkvwa wera tlie
Uark ClOthad inouniera.
Fifteen Thousand in Line.
Plfteen UKrunand pereoaa ware ia the
? ? the City Hall la
:.. Ten thousand "f them
formed after tha Bervtce and a -
campanled the bods back througn taa
.treeta and over Brooklya Brtdga, h
larga number of tbe organlsatkaaa m
,1b, dlabaaded at Borough Hall. bu?
,!?. i ooo plcked polit araaa la the aa*
.,??; of honor. tha C:ti,cu?' CeaaaelttBt
?f loo the heada of cltj departm
th,. honorary |?Ubearera aad ?
hundred other laouraera Miiowed tna
body to tha jrava ta Oreenwood Cetna
lary I a - ow aarrlni i ortega araa
three ' ura la golng from the ch'irrh to
tha ci tM't.-r
Th. Mayor'a bods waa takea thi i Hja
Ih< Btreeu on a hbjh intfatfalQua draa i
bj aisteea btaek hotaea, led by ?
pottcemen and etght nr-tnea An
r,000 pollcemen. Includlng the ea art,or
haif the Btreaurth of the whoh
?.,.. concentrated along Hr.la -
,,,.?, Chambera atreet lo Bowliag
,-,,,??. and along Part Row, the roaw
over whi'h the ptuieaalon paaaed ?
Manhatun. Tha unlforraed men t.,o.i
along tha garb wlthln arms' reach of
one another. They atood rlgtdly al at
teatlon aralla lha caUfaJque peaawd.
Never befero, lt araa aaid eacepl ta I ?
aaanal pollee pamde. was auch a
bady of iM.ii'-.men Baeaaahlrd ta pubiic
Th,- acbadala of the ctaamlttae of
arraagemaata provtded far the traaafer
joi the cegan from the Cltj MaJI. where
.,,.. body tay ta Btate untll mldolgbl ea
Sunday, al IOJ0 a m. it waa Bftaea
mlnutea aiter that bour when the cot?
Bn was borne dowg taa Clt3 Hall atefaj
and Dlaced On UM .atafahiue.
The police eaeort arrtvad at the
rhnrch Bva mtnatee later. Thej ware ta
formatlon ln Broadway for aeveral
j biocka bekvn th.- City Hall plaaa bafore
I the -t.nt. The privOeged rraoewnera <n
tared Ihe chureh, aad the r.-st ?.t the
inarcheraeamUaaaal on doara Broaelutajr.
Marct to the Grave.
The proi.e8si.inal at tlie chureh
atarted at ll:**- a'caoegj, and the body
waa carned down the centre atale, wlth
tl?- , oiiKi'.^ation Btandlng. The si nuc
,-i.ded at l-:40 o'clock. but it was n.'.n
|y an bour later when the head of tha
proceeelon startt-d over the Brooklya
The police ln.es were thrown aroun-l
City Hall Park at an early hour. A
large, crowd gatlured in that vlcin.tv
1,1-foie | o'clock. Bhortly afier 9 traf
t!<- way Btoppad in Hroadway. betWeOB
Chambera atrft-t und Trinity fhurch.
The oara were permitted to run aa far

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