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State Convention Resolves in
Favor cf Representation
Based on State Votes.
Barnes Accepts Proposed Na?
tional Plan Keluctantly?
platform Lauds Fusion
and Assails Tammany.
-*geflohred Thnt ?r irstruct th? repre- ;
pKjtgtivefl of tb.- State of New York on ;
ttlonal committee to orge thal .i |
national convention he r.-\!le<i ,-,s.4?on n?
agmtii abli lo cl b ige the part-/ rul< -.
t-? ? ~ rhe nill for
Itrtare nai I legati i ;,? ?
- ach atati in tbe manner
?pafiiitil ' thi Republican v ?
g, however, the C"
_....< nal dletlict a> h nnit of ?????
.':. T> Inaure thal lefes ntatlon
m M avi ntiosu >-h ill heri ??? -
.... .. . J;....... ]'our\ I
Bal Congr*
rr:, r ;?? ed th* nnanlmoufl sup p ?
tion fron Btate of New
ynr< , ? ? tlonal convention of > -
-TMrd. To sm*wl the rulea of -nitv
.. ? i may
t* requ
The ? "?? freselutlona >'f
- ?? . ?? n\- ntion adoptt i th ?
?ne- tinc >? st- r lay .it lh !
gati Afltor. and it ?
tonvi ? t i ' " egle Hall
- . hatrm in ot Ihe com
The reaolutlon waa
i Root Dr. Sl
? ? Btlt
aho draftcd lt from tlie :t. ?
?tai ?- . bul
? m phrai
lalon of
?1,-r. Mr. Bl
lon. Will
;.,. 4.- ,!.?
? ' ' U"'
m, but 'l i
M wlth
..-..?? ition nhoul I
?pechtl nal
?l have been crltlciaed for no-. expresa
1 Mr,
it i have refralaed i
Bi ator Root haa
t that It is f"r thr national
to dedde. an.l n<>t for ua I
I . t hai learli po at
? .1 lacta. t.ut ha di.i nol i
Ooi, . ? . confrontlng ? movement
I our party."
Root pri< r to tl ? adoptlOB ot
?trongly la favor of
?: m aad the
ta alkm ?
?:?.?? to .'.'it its delegatea te the national
eeaventloa as it Beea flt it was a
r/ever. wblcb shoold ba lefl en
f> tt,.- ;?? itioa .1 > oaveo
aa bltterlv
eppofled the edoptlon of the reaol ition.
?., *t lt wauhi be moat uajuat to
*a:d that to do away wlth repreeeatatlon
;? fcward ln o rtalnlng
platform I t 'he coi ? tt
il .ank ean
? lon f >r th'- re* all of
I ju'ii 1al flclaloni
? ?) aad th<- otiur I
. the city ticket. It deel
laat "ammany Hall now exercii**.! a
lUt6 Bnd th*- ht|
,ie. Tammany
? r a loeal I
Tho platform de :lan prlndpleB
h tol rated In the platform <>f
tht !. Sl.ite i.onventiun in
:.,r~i t^r inun ? e rule. II
? ktnfl an I
. tb4 bualneai In
teres.- -. intry and a> iflhnlCOl IO
the whoi" ? be* aaae
: falae prlaclplee, The Bttua
tion m Albany araa referred te aa "a
? '.-' an.l h'jmll'.atlrii; Bflectacle."
the hiPtory of the state
Baf ? aueh a recor-i Of waste,
haaViency and rorruption. it was de*
"Rea&y to Testify" and "We
Will Win," Reply to Questions.
CflarUi Y. Murphy. the Tammany
"rae, made bbbm typleally laconk re
ta two queetleaa Tn*'
BflBj was wlth regard to the report that
he would he forced to testify at the Sulzer
naaoai nraent tr!ai
"I am alwaya ready to testify." la all he
would say.
Kfl ?,,4 asked then what fldfeet he
thouuht tlie death of Mayor Gaynor would
have on the city campalKn.
'"We wtll win." fcald Mr. Murphy. The
aVath of Mayor Oajraar will make no
<5l*fer*-n'e |n the result."
Wlt>; the openlnj? of heado,uartern for
Ws randldates at the Hotel Martlnio.u<:
yestenrlay the campajjrn may he OOflald*
ered ht.a;un. The Kdward K. Mr'all A?
Rociatton, of whi' h Ani Hlrd Gardln* r fl
praBldent openc-d headquarurs at the
Hotel Imperlal. Thls aaaoclation haa a
roemberahlp nf more than one thoueand,
&'cordlng to lt?" offlccr*.
BaPJ another headquartcrs, that of the
Cejahaje Man'a IfaOall AsKo*iatioi: wa?
opened ln the Forty-aecond Itraet lulld
i"8. at Madlson avenue and 42d htreet.
Independent Democrats to Place Full
Ticket ia Field.
Independent Dernocratg ln QtaBSB . Wh*
Qxe dlsaatlafled wlth the naming of I.eon
flrd C. L. BmJth aa the fBBBBB ehdei (OT
Horouith Prealdent. annouiKed yerterday
that they -aill place a full city and l.oi
OUgh tlrket in the field. They Intend ln
'I'.rnln** the MitChel < ity ticket, and in
Queeim they have tender*d the nomina?
tion for Bueaugh PreMdent to Arrow C
'lunkine. of Klehmond Jllll
Mr. Ilnnkinn wai- Htr* <t CtoealBB Snp*r
Jntenrtent uoUei Itie OiaBBai admlulbtra
V/ Ei W! u\il\t
t ..ntlnuerl from flrat pa*e
retMll. and tha spcikr-rs all took B
craek at it.
Senator Ellhu Ro< t, who
the r*ennaaenl chalnnan of tha rearo
.,. whii ii i" gan In the ovi n
ing, roferred to hia long Borvloa In tho
ranke of tl ibltcan party. Moal
,f iBoea who atarted aitb blni had
,?.,..,. | ha aald. II had been
hia fortune, or mlaforl ib< ??'? io
have been out of the state mucb in
.,,.. ii- apoke of tho ?
wnaa of i :'" :,t "'*' ,|lU"
-frace by havlng th< ? hara? ter of Tam?
many Hall intii' tel on Ihe Btate.
??I wlll aay nothlna about the Sui
eer impoa. hment," he said. "bul there
,..iri be r... poaalbk view of the ? -
(i..ri .- under ahlcb the Derooi
party of the Btate, controlied by Tam?
many. la nol coBvlctod "
?n?. people of the Btate aoar hava an
opportunlt] to robuke aucb mbrrule, bo
said. .
lob E Hadgoa, aa chalnnaa of tne
Commlttee oa Ftea?lullona, waa wann*
I- rccelved. Th. platform waa paaaed
un.BlB?o?.ly, eacopi for tho v*? ot
CoUln ?. woodward, of th.- 23d Dla
trtcti wh0 waatad aoma ohaage la
th, rerbiega of tha dtreci prlnvary
Idstrict Attorney Chartea B. WWt
man gol tho most BBlhUglagtlC gTOeUng
3 ih. evenlng. The delegataa got up
and atarted a a^oi*t?t*on. wWch
.dfunvtiv-mlnute, >l-ash' 1
'lth Krfat attantlon. altbough tho
, dianoa bad -hown Kb ?????""
ith "he talk Of A.-n,'"iy..ian Hmman
"ait.'d to hlta aa conaolatloa for tha
ST!? tho ch.lrtBan.hlp of tha com*
mtttae ob raardutloJB.
BjoBBO of the d.tlagatee groetod tha
rjtetrtal Attornoj as -Our Next Oov
'?r Whltmaa aaM that arhatovor the
;,,r-.,u Docaugec* tha present of
7 H nf th" COUrt of Appealsin
I; ^^Mini'ca-nunt. T.upc","
.1(..'i .w domut.^ aad aaa
'" '?", L,, Tha I'li'lcrship ...
-'":"";V;in r.spect and COB*
ih<- future ^i" *",1U1 ' ., ?
mU?ihocau.,.? ??....-??.? .
I'Millin,! H..,nc, .'manied tn thO
. ii,. conv?nti"ii. Judg.
background .1 tb< con? ,,.,,...)
R^kwood. of Baratof* ?* >'"
Benato, Brachotf. na*" >*0M "'.
oonveataon. arc^BBBJ -o. ?*??? g
thi .l.alrm.'in wli".i I"' **!?*" ,/
"abi.. nnd pwajraaalve leaderobip.
bir Barne* ln ralUng Ihe Bra -?"
aior, af the conventlon to oru.r, BhOCtl*
Joa i HtP^efj
i? fore noon, i ontented himself a Ith ei
plalnlng the purpoae of th.- < xtraordl
convi ntlon and calling attentlon |
to th. fact thal the Republli an candl-,
datea for ludgee would bo choaen b) a
. . ntatlve gathei n| ? I
at the recenl primary.
i.r. Schurnuui ln hla ael apeech,
whlch look .'ni bour and twenty mln
utea lo dellver, Bald thai whlle Iheri
w< r*- ? ? rtain princlplea of Juatli i
. .1 in the rJonetltution whii h would
Uye forever there arere aubordJnate
proviaJona Bubject te cbange i<> meet
new condltlona
"The adaptatioi " hi s;ud, "of the
govi rnment of tbe United BUtea and
of the ?? '.ral etatea to thla nea phyal
cai. economic, hnanclal, Intellectual,
raoral and aoclal environmenl erill '*e
the princlpal laah of Ameiican Btatea
manahlp for aoene yeara to come.
-A progr?-v< 1H "'"' wlin '" con"
>,. loua of ti"- Immlnence, <>t the laealta
bleneaa, "f thla imperioua problem and
<x*-it- his beal elforta toward Ita aolu
? a 'i and-patter' la one who is un-l
aware of Ihe ? alati n* e of th.- problem,'
who bi entirely aatlafled aith eslatlng
ponditiona, who bellevea -honeetly be
lievee?thal ooe ahould lal well enoughl
ui?ne and "?'" rafmrda progreealvea a*
(l peatlferoufl Bdt of people beal on
turbtBg the pee*e ol the i ommunlt**."
Kvoiutiotii.ry iwogreasirefl Dr. Bchur
,?.,,, oaacribed u thoae who wiahed to
niakfl gradnal changaa ln line with
fundamenUl idaaa. He eoined tho |
phraaa of "cataetropblc progreeeivi aM
to dew ni..- thoae who wanl to i.rinu
about n-voiutionary rhaagee. Bome of
hia beerere aaaBrted that h*- had Colo
tl,i Rooaevall ln mind ln Bpeaklog pf
??, ataatrophi ? M4mreaBlv4>**.w altboughl
?,,,. rnentkmed no aaflaea.
Than ami mncb applaoaa whea the
?peakar aahl:
"Nothlng but the Buperbuman rlrtue
ol an oo aato-oal ?traerdlnery fudge
nder tl
into a
cowardly, b ? \ nn nineleaa
. . ?
Hi add* .1 that ' ? 11 of Ju'ii- I tl
.:. ..... worai. ?
? ? ? t upon tha
? :it.
I>r. B* burman aa poaalbla
n ||i i from t ? Ied the
fosaillxatlon ?'f the Btate co irU an
amondment t?? thi fed< ral Judi< lary
, ,,<], oo ihal an appeal could )>.- taken
t*. the Bupreme *'*.i.r: <.f the United
Btati n"t onl| when ?? law was de-l
. alld, bul also a h< n a
,,, |] t de* l.ii. 'i ?* laa Im alid. B< nator
Root, the Bpeaker bbmI, already ha-j
taken up the queatlon of bu* b an,
..in, ndment
CalLs Plan to Use Boncls to Pay
Salarics "Tammany Trick."
,;,, Prealdi nl lt* Am nj made ? Mne
\,nor.>u i retn eeteiday afteinoon Bt
the meet the Board ol Ald*.n re
gardlnj .. reaolutlon t" appropriate t-'.".
? ?0 .,. ,i;ii revenua bonda to pay the aol
I |? i dl< m i mployea <>f the dty
v...... received a hall holiday thla aummer.
?j be Borougb Prei Idenl charact* rlsed the
att* mpt to pai aui h .. reeolutli
? * heap Tammany trick."
i.,,,., rnember "f thla board know-,"
?ald he, "that Ub re i aaaol be on* i ent
ixiu ndi d for thla purpoee II a Tam
roaay tn.-k t.. ahow tba arorklnaman tbal
,,,-. ut f?r him and the fuaton
Board "f Eatlmate agalaal bint it la t?
cbeap and aueh :< aham thal eten ihe
worklngmen ean aee through it."
"A Tammany trickl A Tammany trickl"
retortad Aldenaan Dowling. "Why, It'a
in. hudi .iy even year J?? >-t before ? b* -
llon. During the three and one-half
yaaxra that the preeenl Board ol Eettmate
I . i.,,, ij, power ti"- budgel baa be tn
ral ..i from P?,(??'.'??? *? |1??af-?i U
th.it ;, Tammany trick?"
"Perhapa the akteraian doea nol kaow
tbe facta aboul the Inereeaa ln the budget
ir be doaa aot I arlU tell blm that i U
,,?. ,? ........ |? the budget, aitb the ea
. eption of Hmeal baa been put upea
the dty bj lawa paaaed bj the Legia
iatur.. and. as I IfAdaTBtand lt. Bl Ih6
requeal ol Tammany HalL WTten you ;.t
Umpt to t.n tbe poople thal thla ln
ereaaa of IB,ai I I "?'" l'1" U|IU" "l8
,,,, i,v tha Board al Battflnrte, thal la
another Tammany trick."
?n,.- rem iniioi* ?? fara tha boaae araa Ce
feated bj i~, ta M ratea
Mayor Kllaa Beat la Wa Bial reto to the
oldarmen reatertay. '1,al,"K w"" ""' " '
olution t*. permll the ettj to llcen ? newe
atanda nee t* wbwa l
board Bdoptad a reaolutlon provld.
lagthal poUcemen and Bremea who baae
been reduead mej boies a reheartng by j
apptylaa to tiie .May*
Wilson's Choice for Governor
Polls Big Vote, Sweeping
Hudson by 15,000.
Colby Defcats Osborne on the
Progressive Ticket, but
Moose Vote Is Small
?Nugent Re-elected.
Jamea f. PTekler, Preablenl Wlbma'a
candidate f"t- lha Pemocratlc n'ltninati'.n
fnr Qovernor .f Meat J.'is.y. easily de
feated Frank s. Kataambarh, the anti
B/lleon candidate, in the prlraartea >es
Bx-Governor K C. Btokea wton the Re
publlcan nomlnatlon from his three oppo* |
'.i--. end ex-Benator Bveretl (oiby de*
feated Edmund B. OBborne for the Pro
? . > nomlnatlon.
Mi Pleldei -w.pt Hudaoa, his home
county, Indlcatl na belng that he wm
I ?. i majorlt: there of rm n than 18,(48.
Thi i- lathered fr.nn the < ariy
;-i Mercer County, Kraah 8.
Katacnbach'a home county, arera that he
ii i \ it over <!"^ ei aor nelder bv
?jot Tbe tirst etghteen precbvcta coaat*
,.1 BhOWed K..t/>;..'.'? ti 80l 71.', to Bl tor
Governor Flelder. This la at the ratto
of .-i little betti r than l.to one. which
i- not :-n arell as tba Kataenbach man
agera eapected him t?? do bi Mercer. ??' m
f . m. ,.-. i- i. turna II ba i aaae evbhral
man atood rary uttie
for tha Bominatioa.
Ifi Kataenbach raa atrong ln I aa%
County, arhere the gmlth*-Nugont machina
the Indlcatlons are that
rj ll
Progresaives Make Poor Showmg.
There a ia greal Burprlee at the Pr.ow
lag ..f tbe Progreaatva party In many
; ? '?-. in the dty of Tr-ntnn there
has nol bi 'ii a Prtjgri ta eaat
bul thoae thal have been caal aeem t" ba
for former Beaator Everett Colby. it La
? -, tl e Progri - hra leadera tcat
,;,.,., ?. relve rote of tha co mty
wlll nol amounl to mo i than a coupie of
? ? .i
Ei i idgi Rob4 rt Carey, "ne of the tte*
. andldab - for Qovernor, ano
,. ... ... |n ll'i'l'-' n. an.l was
leadlna e?-0 ivernor Btokea Ln that coun*
. mornlng.
? tlng for the
i for i ;????< rnor to ?tir theli In
Ideai votlng weather,
romparatlvi Ij i w <-f the eotera
? ? in the prlmarli -
for the tlrst time. tn-v had
the .!?:? ? ' ' aeled tba i reepe tive
... .rnor ai.d alBO tbe
. . ? their reopectlve Btab ?
. thnated thal ie*s th.-.n M
I, . ,. ? f thi fular rote araa aal
?|-..? | ... ta. re hard hll !" lha
. ,.t tha ? o 'its. lhal thoae arho
v.,t.-.i |n Ihe it. pui'i'.ca" boa Last taW
-,,t rota In the Piegraaalve b..x
. . ? , Thla reaulted la thoeaaada of
throughoul tbe BUte balng
om aaa ??? ?
hard ln Hii I on and Bb* ? ? o al
vih'.'h : ? i ?"*' atrongeoi
Bark M ragan of J-r
? ? i Proareaalvea lo foel
thi ? rf.-1 >'f thla ?!??? bnoa B/hen
nlng he
ad roted ln th. R<
. fall, arhereupea be aaa told by
? . . . ? - ?ra lhal he '"Uld not
.,.,,,. |, tha l'.").-!--r.lv.- boa yeoterday.
ii. n. proteet, and laft tba polUng
placi ....
.,-. park. aatldpaUni that they
I . d< '? irred from votlng ln Ihelr
., boxea, th. Progreaslvea de*
.... oi iha old party
rlonged on primary day
. lt They had atlckera pr ired
. i Bern aa tl*
.? .,?? foi Martln L Baumaa for
Controller. Tba eteetloa ..uv.r rei aad
?? ???' ?-*-*?- , ?
., ....... rote ?... amall all
Uaaaa ll on
,-... H fraai alameal 11 bo many of thelr
| ' . IS
\M.i.- from tba eonteal for the i
: Qovernor, tba moat Inb
-H-hi on ;i" I'.i.i" r..t.. aid* aaa Ln Baaea
Count, wbera "Jlm" Nugent, former
. ,? ?f tba rj?mocretlc Btal.: -
,: oppo -I by Btayoi
v orasory. of Baet Orange. a for?
mer Btudenl ol Prealdenl aVIlaon Nugeal
had the becklna of bla powarfol organiaa*
Hon and pollod a blg rota ln Mewark. ln
??. outlylng dtatrtcta Mr. Oregary raa
BtrOBS BOTly thls n.ornlnt? it lookel as
lh0UgB Nugent bad been i?^leeted to tha
., -nmlttoa bj a aechava Baajority.
Mayor'a Vote Challenged.
When Btayor Orogory ol Baal Orange
went to the polla to-day to caal hla ballot
BlB rote wa-* cbaJlenged by AaaemWyraan
Lawrenca McCabe, Jr. a Nugent man, on
thi iround the btayor araa aol a rJatno
, ,,,i \ii. Oregory Buccaadod In convlnc
Ing Mr IfcCaba thal he La a lJ*an*ocrai
end aald ins Democracy carrled him bo
far as tO voto for Mr. IfcCaba last fall. to
tbe Btayor' i eob aojuoal regret,
Th,- antl-Wilson ni.n 18800 B "clean
up" in Hudaon Couaty, Bbera a bitu-r
bghl araa ln piograaa over tha county
leaderablp "Tam" M.irtm. tba Nugaat
leader of the ABBBmhlT last wint.-r. was
oo-nbiated for Benator ovei Charlea
Bgaa, tbe Bflttpenn candlOata aad tho
enttre antl-Wlttpenn Aaaambly tu-k.-t won.
The contaat ln tha Deaaoeratlo ranka La
Hoboken "?'* aapaelally actlnmniaaa, arlth
tt,.- indlcatloaa thal 'Taa^dy*' Qrifsn, tha
D.inorratl'- Imss. laCCOOdOa' in BBBllBg all
his i-aii.lldiit.-s. dcsi'lte the strenuoua ef
f.Hts of tbe Indapaaaaant PmiaBatata.
Maryland Progressives Indorse
Party Platform of 1912.
Maltiniorc, S. Di B -Al the PrOgrOBBlva
Btate conv.ntion hora tOBlghl ax*Ualtad
Btataa Benator Oaorga L IVaUlagtea aaa
aomlaatad as tha Piugraaalva candidate
fur rnit.'i Btatea Benator al tha Novom*
i,,- Bkactloai CotoaaH Joaeph u Baldarln
and Williani C. Smith wci'- nonilnatrd for
Coatroller and ?'lerk of tha L'ourt of Ap
nr-ala leopectlvaly.
i:x-Attoiney (rcneral Charlea J, Bona
parta read a i.tt.r from Coloaal TtBaodora
Hoo.sev.lt, ln which he i xprt-saed re^rct
lliat in coiiff'iu.n.e of a South American
trip be could not k.-.-u hla ataaakas lo
niak.- eaaBpalga Bpeaebea m this Btate
n>-\t rnoatbi
The ptatform adopted 'ladoraea aii the
prtnclplM and I'oIIcIch of th,. National
Pregreaanra party BafvoaaUaeJ UunnK the
caunpalgn af bBa>M
E. Livingston Ludlow Rises 400
Feet in Thaw Boat.
[By TeleBtaph to The Tnh.ine.)
Xewport. R. I . Pept. 23.?E. Living?
ston I.udlnw. who ia over seventy.
probaMy is the oldest man that ever
went up in an airship. He made a
flight here this afternoon with Stephen
McGordon ln William Thaw's flytn?
Mr. LudlOW, when he had asrended
|M t>et, motioned to th" aviator to
p,> higher. and 8fc43ordon ralaed th*
Sying ma.hine tn 4?",n fpet.
Mr. Ludlow ha? mn.].. a Btudy "f
avlation. and asked Mr. Thaw f>>r the
npportunit] to make a flieht
Mr. Thaw said tn-day that on Thurs
day or Priday he woold start for ?>al<
wood Ketghta, N V.. in his hydroaero
plane, wbfcch st-.ps overniRht at New
Haven and Weat* heater, N v.
Bush's Wish to Have Boat
Scuttled Carried Out.
I fly Ti leamph to Tbfl I
Portland, Me. Bept 23. in accord
mce with th<- wiah >.f Jamea Preemaa
Buah, a wealthy paoar manufacturer
.i.i.i graduate of Cohimbla Umverolty,
, ;?S4, ,,f \so. who ?i;<''i folkrartng aa op
oratlon ln thi.- ? ity on August 24 last,
hia body waa cremated, and the aahea,
i simpie urn. were placed in tha
cabln of his scho^nw yacht Lydta,
u/htch waa BCUttled and sninK ten niihs
,.ff this Ci
Mr. Buah wbb i".rn in Orange, N J..
dfty-three yeara .'<??"? After xradu
ntinj- from ColumbU he apent alxteen
yeara raochlng in the Womt. ln 1898
ho came Eaat and turned bla attontion
t.. |.ai? r manufat turing.
He was an onthn.--i.isri,- vn.'hfsman.
Producer of "Hagar Revelly"
Arraigned by Purist.
Mit.-heii Kenneriey, a Ik>o!< publiaher,
,.f n',i .' Eaat Bth atreel waa yeeterday
heid in ii.5<>) hall by Commieatoner Bbl* Ida
charged by Anthony Comato* '? aith mall
Ing a copy of "liukjar Revelly," a book
deallng wlth th.- aocial evtt. te l
(i.r.ii.i, of Poconaoke City, Ifd.
Cometaek allegea th.*t the booh la to
decenl and Bltby.
l.arli.r in th- day CotflBtOCk and his
aaalatantfl entared tha ofBeea of the p;'h
liaber and arreeted a clerk ruuaed Will?
iam Cleary. He wea arralgaed before
hfaghrtrate Corrtgan and held In U.008
Cometeck appeare.i it, paraon agatoet
Brk ln the Vorkvllle I'ourt.
?Have you read tt...- booh all the way
through," toqntred Ifagiatrate Corria
a<< be :."?'...?! oa< r a <
?No. a little araa enough for me." re
? omstock.
Ifagiatrate Cbrrigaa read a few of the
n ixkad i???? ? ? ' the booh and then
held Cleary on ?* charge of aelllag ln*
deceat literature Mr Comatock taformed
the court that he toteaded ta confl
the entlre uteck of booka, and arould take
actlon uKalnst the author BB Well 86 the
"Hagar Haaelly," the i>.,<..k whicn
<-aused tho rald on tho look p'.Uisher's
waa written by Caraon Ooodman
duriafl tha receat agttatlon daalmg with
the low wagea of glrla in depaitm.-.t
i The Implled rnoral la that lack ol
< h it.* ster is raore reaponelble for Im*
illty among aremen tbaa toeuficlent
"Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin"
Is Womcn's Warning to Britain.
Urerpool, Bepl 8 -M tai Bfragettea
Mt tn-.. to B< illeld House, al ?
f.-ur mllea to the northweel of Llverpooli
laat nlght and i i L'" eotimated
,,t *.,,.i.aaj Thi bb mbi ra el the "areon
iqoad" lefl a oaaatlty of Buffrage lit?
erature etrewn aboul tbe lawaa
The butldtng. whlch waa formerly a con
v.-nt, "as undergolng reconatructloa at
? f | ... and war, t.. I ?? uaed >a
. llea The enl
tutlon ifl valued al nearly 8L?*600.
, .,,.. . ... i to the -fOYernment
beartol the tj i ed n ? Baege "Mene. Mene,
Tekel, LTphan n the writlng on the wall
aeen by Klnc Belahaaaar, were acattered
about tha -rrounda by the BuSragettea
Speakcrs AJso Use Pictures at Safety
to the Bafi t. i longreaa, whloh
is belng held al the Hotel McAlpln under
the BUBplCee Of the National CoubcU >.f
Induatrial Bafety, liatened to addreaaea
on hre preventloB yeeterday afternoon.
thera were LewlB T. Bryant Cma
ralaatoner of Labor of New Jeraey, and
f .1 Porter, ?.tary ?>i" fhe BfBclency
The remarka of both apeakera
lluatrated with lantern aUdea aad
movlna plcturea, ahoartag typea of tire
eocapea, raethoda ..f oonductlng tire arilla
an.l sai. ty devteea ln factoriee.
Th. annual dinner of the coundl will
,,? hald at tbe McAlpln to-night The
?peakera wtll be fl/lUlam B. PFIIaoa, aec
-atary ol the Department of Labor, who
wiii Bpeah "ti "Labor." and John K.
Tener, Gorernor of Pennayltflalfl, who
will dlscuaa "laduatry."
An Undesirable Condition. Says Head
of Agriculture Congress.
Ptono, ilL, Bept fl "There la a f-rcat
margto of eapenaa aoasewhera between
producer and COBBBBier, whlch leads to
the Juatly fouaded complaint of the ulti
mate eeaeaiaer of tbe blgb <ost of iiv
Ing," t44iid Chariea P. Baaferd, preotdeat
of 'the Kanners' NatlOBBl COBBTOflB, la
4 ulUnK tbe thirty-thlrd annual session to
order te-day.
"Purtng the last two decadea th- asri
riiiturai laduatry h4? aet kept paea with
the toueaaa la popatotlOB, taiiin*; behlad
;-, | par eent" ?'?? edded. "The percentage
of tenant farmers is Bteadily Inereaatag,
la BOtae Btatea with alarmtog rapldlty. it
.;iun..t ba aaid wlth any ahow .>f reaaoa
that tbe irowth ef a tenant claaa Indl
oatea a etable or dealrable acoeomle con
st. John'8. n f. Bept Bl?A aaneral
,ie, ti'.ii in Wewfeundland was ordered
t,,.,i,iy for Tbaraday, October 3*v This
actlon f.?iiow*'d the dlaaolutloa of the
Newfoandlaad Legialatare ?i'n nn-.' the
day, ah in the Btonay campalgna of
recenl roon, the parties aill be
baafled by t*<- Pia*8ueti sir Bda/ard Mor
ris. and l^ie former rreinicr, tiir Hobut
Fusionists Divided as to Stand
They Should Take on
League Nomination.
Friends Say Assurance of
Schiff's Support Contradicts
Theory Business Men Will
Not Support Collector.
John Purrov Mltchel. fuslon candidate
for Mayor, has a aerioua proUein on hls
hand?. There are two factions among the
foaion lead. rs. <^ne BBMoVea he Bhoi.1,1
ii"t only take tho Independ<*no I^eaxue
tcmination for Mayor. it offer. d to h.m
n 1 ut. furth-r, that hr* should ?f"k
10 "braln lt The other faction insista not
only that ba lafasa tO tfo back on th?
rtearst league tlck.-t, if a chance he given
to him, but that he come out wlth a flat
foot.>d htatr-ment repudlatlng Wllllam
Handolph Hearaf.
Th,- 88008*8 faction has rca*-on to believe
Mr. Mltchel waa intendlng to carry outi
its vi.-ws, it aaya. The candidate for
Mayor indicatcd pretty clearly yesterday
that h?? had no present intentlon of doing
anything <>f tbe sort. Those who ara
urglng that eouraa no so far as to a-ayj
th.,t Ontro'.b r Prerid.-rgaat and Boroughi
Prealdenl McAneny ara likeiv to lneiat.
tl at Mr. Mltchel repudlate Mj; Hearat.
They maintain Mr. Mltchel ought to 6BB
this, not ?o inuch beeuuse Mr. Prender-j
gaat and Mr. McAneny were repudlate*'
by Kearat, hut for hls own sake. Thoyj
say he cannot hope to get the aupport,
of tbe Loiiaeiaallae baajaaaa men lf bal
d.?s not repudlate Hearst
Mr. Mltchel was nsked yeeterdapl
whether he intend'-d to make any Btate-j
ment or apaccbaa tn which he would turn'
down Hearst.
"I -lo not." he repiird. "Why should I?' j
"Wtll. you mlght do it through motlvee
jof politlcal expediency," 88880 one 8'ig
"Every one has a right to form his owr
Ideaa on politlcal expedlency." h?? sa.d
Mr Mltchel eail bo had had no con
ferem a arlth or communlcuion.- from any
repreeentatlvea of the independence
League La regard to hla going back on
tba league Ucbat fo* Mayor. ThOIO had
been lota cf rumor. That was alt
"Haa any 111888118 been brought to bear
on rou, or have rou avaa recatvad any
Buggaotiona, n.at yoa reaadiata Hearst?'
Mr. Mltchel was a.^K d
??No." he repltod.
It ls undervtood, however. that if sucl.
-tlona ha%e not been formally made.
artl] be inade BOOfl Many of tho
Uj 0f rontroller Ptendergaal anl
Prealdent McAneny bauleve they are ab*
aolutely aet in their deteraUB8tlf?B that
. i should BOparate blaaeelf from
Hearal by a pubiic declaratloa. if n*
,,,?. not, they say. Pr- Bdorgaat and M -
Aneay may oaclde to fiwaaa up their own
campaign along aatt-Hoarat
Mr Mltchel raid he was not contem
platlng realgnlng as Collector ol tba Pw
at thla tlma Ha ba lored moro
.han forty B8BBBI a. poaalble caBBBBgn
laaaaaiaaa, but baa reached no decision oa
ti at I'oint. Bo becasa to .each aad a 00*
? : wlthln the aesl few daya.
M-arala ol Mr. Mltcbel aay tha ata
ment ti.at ?BU8rvatlve buatneaa men w .1
not support Mr. Mltchel unleaa he re*
nudUtea Hearot b) coatradlctad r> ?
ZTiUx Jacob H. Bcblff can..
...t-rJay. Mr. Bcblff 8Tr8t8 88 ft*
?^Dear Mr Mltchel: i have raaae down
rrom Vermont for tbe dav to agtead tho
faaargl, and the Brat thtag that meet.
' gy-je bb l !"ok into tho mornlng
,,PerH are ,he ,,,-.. rds yu uttered last
Iv'mng ln Orace Metbodlat hi-cop,
Chureh. I .in) v-iy n.uch gratllltd. in*
deed, tb.1 you tooh ao early aa oggor
"nlty-even before tba bUa Mayor *
be#n5uUd to bla eteraal raob-to J*^?**
tl.. UI - i.t alander jroa bad burlad agaUaat
'? J ,,,,,?, who l.diu his nomlnatlon.
"caaweH und.nB.ad that la thabjat
ofapoUUcal campaign thtoga^ara naadlly
.aid nblch bava oo liialiacatloa. but tt
t.K.s more ?Birag? to adtatt . wrong
done than to r*erpotrate it.
"1 am.! Ibly glad, hecau.o can now
... ? . ,,ti... arlth a arholo baart
.,,.,,, v m, would hava
,,,,.,,.,,1 |t had M.i.vr OagBOf ttvad.
!S?? roura, JAi . gWT
Whlle Mr aVslttf* ? " ,f> ***
ooaed It wa, th- Bteta*aeatol Mr. M.uiei
,i,lt. Mayor GbMraor araa a rammany
Nominated at Massachusetts
Primaries by Republicans.
Itoston Bept e%-Representative Au
?niatua P. Oardnar, Uoateaant &*"***
l.AlL. WaUh a-.idrharl.sH. Bird wlll
lead the Ilepubllcan. De.nocratic and Pro
-,-..ssivo ticket* reapectlvely, in the fall
S^umlga ai th? rSuB of tha pnmanes
'.'''^'fi'o:,, I'ost'.n. ten ?"^1 <uttea
an.l 230 out of ? towna gava Oasamaf
17 178 and Honton 13.0,5.
- ?
Brothers of Now Insane Manufacturer
Sue to Prove It Invalid.
Mi.ritz Wattar, Cbnraaaae R. WaJtea aad
Bidwln J Walter, b4*4>tbera of Herntaa 8f.
Walter, a carpet raawufaianrer, a a re
cently waa aaclarad Inoaaa by a jury of
tbe Buprema CoBrt, baajaa s nt yeatarday,
Acttng aa r-rnnaUttaa of tha peraoa, to
annul WaHer'a raiairlage to Anna Kuthe
Walter. bbl ioriner teUaabaOPOr.
Mr. Walter i.s .seveiitv-tluee years old.
He bad a paamljrtk Btroba mat Oct-obar,
which para?a>neatiy bnpalred bla mlad. it
is allagad by tha plalatlffa lhal he waa
rnamtalll nuapaPle when he niarried Mlaa
ln another action brought in beha.f of
Mr Walter II arM alleged that Mi>s
Kuthe manied him to Ket his propert..
I-Bowlag thal ba was af unaoaad mind.
County Committec Indorses Selectiong
at Primary.
Tho Klngs County Hepublican Commlt
t-<, at tt* meeting ln the Joluiaton Hulld
inir. Kirvlna atreet, Brooklyn, yesterday.
i,.-ei.-ct.-<i Alfred E. Vaaa cbalrmaa and
retalned all lts ..th'-r oineera
Juatln McCartby, ir. Introdajpad and
had pa**?d a reaolutlon expreaalng thn
, ommlttee'a f' eUng of aaaa ln the death of
Mayor Gaynor.
At the Migge.xtinn of Hepri-sentatlva
Wllllam M. CaJder the commlttee. In?
dorsed the ticket sclected at the prlmarie*.

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