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1AXIII..N? 24.428.
'In ihn. cloudy.
To-morrow, fair; brisk wert wind?.
* s
I > I > I / I " / \ X' I "* ?t ?PVT ,B ettf ot New York, Jersey City and llobok??.
I till WU \Jri I'i Vli.il KIXE1VHKHK TWO CENTS.
Senators, Tired and Listless,
Adopt the Conference Re?
port Without a Seri?
ous Contest.
Measure Will Go Back to the
House, and It Is Expected
the President Will
Sign It Before
Th?' Tribun? Bureau]
V. ashlngton, ?tVt -.?By a vote of 36
to 1" tho Senats passed to-night the
?ast stase of the tariif .struggle by
adopting the conference report and re?
ceding from its cotton futures tax
The bill will l?e sent back to-morrow
to the HottSS, and before r.igbtfr.ll. it Is
the President will add his
?Je-nature. and the era of tbe Payne
riff U .11 be at an end.
The return t f the bill to the House is
merely a precautionary measure. Par
liani?Tt iriSns ii'lvised the Senate lead
?Sra to-night that this action was not
nei trafen*. OSai that the adoption of the
port by the Senate com?
pleted the process of enacting the tariff
bill by ?"ongress.
The final vote in the Senate showed
no changa in alignment. Senators La
and P'?in<i<'Xter stood by the
majority, as they did on the vote for
the passage of tbe bill. Senator?
Thornton and Ransdell of Louisiana,
containing their opposition to the end,
?J against the adoption of the re?
port, otherwise it was a straight
party \ote.
No Frills at the Windup.
?Scarcely a handful of Republicans
?Srete present when the struggle ended,
and there were no crowded galleries,
such SS had awaited the decisive vote
on the passage of the bill several weeks
SgO. The Senat?- was tired of its tas'..
Debato was desultory. Tired Senators
; the corridors or lounged in the
cloak rooms, impatient for the end.
Bven the leaders in charge of the bill
and the Vice-President were caught
napping, underestimating the desire for
haste. When the debate ceased, ab
ruptlv. ?Senator Ashurst was In the
chair, and be put the call for the yeas
find naya, being hlniM'lf the first to re
The Vice-President slipped int?.?
the ?-hair while the rolloall was in
progress and announced the result of
the ?
Th? onferenee report was aubmittcd
to the Senate when it convened at
noon. Objections were forthcoming
frem Um Republican side, and some
BMCTSUC Senators aired again
ihe.r t?ri"vaneos against the conference
comn.?.*????? f'i; (bopping out pet amend?
ment?; but the viilu" ?? of SPSS, hmak
mg, ?ntrsry to pr?dictions, was lim?
it, d. s?\ ,-ral of th? Senator? who had
int*:.:. J to make a final onslaught on
the : prest nt. and thosfe
?ho had i-umethlng to aay said it
The spirit of fight was gon?-.
and t., be recorded as mak?
ing s last gallant stand for th?- del?? -
tation o** ? onstituents "'back home" had
yielde J to the stronger desire to write
'finis' to Hie task and have ?lone with
Senators Burton, Borah and Penrose
?aSfeaiucted f<>r a time an Inquisition of
the members of the conference commit?
tee to make clear their intent in fram?
ing certain amendments. Senator
Borah ?zprsfesfefed doubt about the pro?
vision exempting from the Income tax
reven ? s derived by states or munici?
palities from tho operation of public
Utilities. As worded, he said, tho
Amendment also exempted private cor
ifesrstlona Senator Burton asked f??r
light on carbons and wire and Senator
Penrose objected to the fish para?
Simmon* Praise* Meaaure.
It was not until late in the afternoon
that the discussion began to take on
Continued on fourth pa??, fourth column.
This Morning's News
LOCAL. Par*?
'"*'? Dei ft H<- Stabbed Girl. l
?'? I o Lottery AKents Raided... 1
h'ualon Rio? ke.i. 3
Hei ?? Lloyd Efearree out. s
?Drunken Parents Make Girl Act. 5
?Vamea Btepmother Is Dls-eiwe. 5
''ai)?- Railroad* M8peenlstleeM. 16
K' irl:"l t Shi,.-. AllenlsLs to Report_IS
dynamiter Mako? Confession.16
Oeuri Ruling Agsln Heir?? ?Ms**- 1
Tariff Act to Bet ome |,aw To-day..', 1
ObetecU* to Near T?panas? Treaty... 3
Qamboa Outlinea Reforms for Mtxlni. 3
? i Reaeued from ?Burning ship. 6
Wilson I it-.,| t., sp.-ak for t'urren?-.v. 4
Take? Protection from U. s. Deputies. 4
?? Attain Raised. 4
Admiral ?Eaton Inquest la Secret. 6
?' Delaya in Thaw ?as,-. 6
MerahaU for ?Xarly Mama?,*?*. e
band?n? Canal Hn lissas gill by 'guake. i
***?*? I?hiik.i in | . g Negro Problem. 3
?Cblneee BrlgSJlds Kill American. 6
Bee/a for Woman. 7
?tiHerlaJ ..?>.. s
?Iselety . s
Tl"llt!i(.il. S
[?fell uary. S
^"?"?tH .10 and II
Aril.V an,, . ;., rJ.||
?VwUier .XX
H':*..?",,-!?, -n?? .\i,,lkc,,.18( i3 ?,.?1 14
?**.? KaiAi?,.X4 an?l IS
Emanations May Now Be Pur?
chased and Used for Cures.
[Ity ?"able to The Trlt.unr. I
London. Oct. 5.?A discovery of far?
rea? hing importance to medical science
Mas announced at the Radium Insti?
tute yesterday by Sir Frederick Tr?ves.
Briefly, experts working at the insti?
tute have succeeded In bottling radium
?manations In such a way that they
?.an bo used for curative purposes in
placo of radium itself.
Hitherto treatment by radium has
boon limited to comparatively few
eases, owing to the enormous price of
the medium, but in future the d"ot?>r
will be able to obtain bottled rays at
small i ??st. using th?-ni in exactly the
same way and with the same results as
in the caso of radium itself.
Furthermore, a way has been found
of charging water with tbe emanations. ?
and remarkable cures have been effect?
ed hy Its means.
In order that the work of the insti?
tute may be extended. Lord lveagh and
Sir Krnest ('assel. through Whose gen
croslty It vas built and ?equipped, have
purchased the whole of one side of the
street on which it stands.
London. Oct. 2.?Tbe Radium Insti?
tut" announced to-night the discovery
of the fart that the emanation of gas
?given off by ?radium is as efficient for
curative purposes as radium Itself. A
method has also been discovered
whereby the gas ?an he conveyed to
medical men throughout the country
for use among their own path-nts.
The gas, although given off constant?
ly, does not weaken the parent suh- ?
stance. The institute has only four
grams of radium In Its jxissession,
but the use of the gas will increase its
utility enormously.
FOR A FILM, $42.500
"Antony and Cleopatra" in
Movies Fetches This Amount.
?By Caolo to Th? TrlLunr.)
Jxmdon. Oct. 3.?The record price of
?$42??5O0 was pa'd yesterday at auction
for three year rights in a film of "An?
tony and Cleopatra" for the Rritlsh
Isles. The first bid was $>'-??.'?'>'?.
The purchase price is considered a
great bargain, as "Quo Vadis?" has al?
ready made $ir?.<*30.
?a ? ?
Wedding Announcement Picked ;
Up on Jamaica Bay Shore.
Preserved peaches, canned pears and
now -bottled wedding announcements.
This glass-incased statement was
picked OB '?n the shore of Jamai?a Bay
>?>sterday by Mrs. H. 11. Strang, or The
Strand. Far Rookaway:
'Married on the tj. T. Having a
dandy tun?-. Stockbridge. Mass., May
13, 1?S.H?. Jennie Pellertier Larson to
GeOTgS H. .Ma'!.? an."
l'r<?bal?ly. in the time that has
elapsed, numerous memories have been
?lu 11? ?1. for no minister in Stockbrlilge
i oulil reiall last night performing this
??crcmony. The names do not 8 Dp ?Ml
In the Stookbridge Liretory and none
of the postal clerks remembers them.
Ordered from Property in Dis?
pute by Injunction.
I ?By Ttl??r?ph t?> Th? Trlr.iin? 1
Cleveland, ?Oct. I Armed guards in
the employ of John D. Rockefeller were
i.rdered from property at West 6th
street and Frankfort avenue to-day hy
Judge Vickery, who granted a restrain?
ing order applied for by the Koblit/.
Brothers Realty Company, which claims
to have a ninety-nine-year lease on the
According to the petition, the realty
company leased the property from
Rockefeller on September If, 1903. The
petition says that early on Thursday
armed agents of Ro?-k< feller broke trtt?)
the store of Jacob \V. Weiss, on the
property, nsllsd up the door and re
fusi'd to allow Weiss to continue busi?
ness. The petition further says these
agents t?>l?l Weiss that the Koblitzes no
long.-r had any property rights in the
Discovers Theft After Loss of
Jewel Case Key.
| Hy Cafel? to The 1 rlhuni-. 1
Paris, Oct. I?The wife of Osman
Pasha, of t'airo, lost the key of her
jew?-l case a few days ago in Switzer?
land. Arriving Ifl Paris to-day. she
employed a Jeweller to open tbe case.
As soon as the lid was raised the
owner saw that some pearl earrings,
valued at $lo,<**), were missing.
Girl Who Couldn't Explain Her
Grief Is Taken to Hospital.
A young woman stood at Park 8V8?
BUS and 111th street at '.? o'clock last
night weeping. Sb?- was well dressed,
and after Patrolman 1'armet bad
watched her for some time he asked
her to explain. She looked at him, but
?Jld not answ? r.
Panne! was on his way home, so he
turned ihe girl over to Patrolman Har
i.tt. Barrett's questions brought no
I-. spOSSfefej MO be took her to the Last
104th street station house. There tin
asme r*SJUM ? 'tended every effort to
learn what caused her grief.
Dr. Glade, called from the Harlem
Hospital, decided that the young
woman suffered from aphasia. He ?ic
? < mpanlod her to the hospital, and it
was Imped that by this morning she
voulil l><- ?i?d?- to identify hetscll.
8oc. ptir ca** wt ?. *pai,8-?iuui.,vi?jiJ tMUllaa.
Government Police Arrest Rich
Merchant as Chief Agent
of $1,784,000 a Year
Fraud on People,
Tickets of Santo Domingo Com?
pany and Contract Found in
Manuel Cerecedo's Home
and Office?Governor
Coming to Report.
ThS Insular Police ?..f Porto Kirn, by
raiding Um hotng sad place of busi?
ness of a prominent merchant of San |
Juan. hau- dealt a (jialli Mow to UM I
lottery srll on the island? according
to privat.? mressgns received in 11?is
City yesterday from Um Porto BJcan
Thg arrest of Mat.ml CCfeCedO as
the head of th.' lottery trafile on the
island anil Um SVldsnce in tho hands'
of tin? POMCC will bo the sunjet of a I
report l<y Governor ColtOfl to the St.it.- i
Department Thg Governor will srrlve
here to-morrow ?'il board the steamship
Coamo, which left Ban .Juan Wsdnss
day. He will go to WashinKton at !
MM " and make the report in pertrnn.
For three years Captain QoorgS R. |
Bhanton, chief of Um Insular Polies, I
and Captain St. l.lnio, ?if the ?1? t?<
tlve bureau, have boon trying to ran]
down Um Porto Rico manager sndl
agents of the Padre Bllllnl lottery
Company, of s.mt.? Domingo, s, con?
corn which has taken out of the island
ahout ?12,000,000 ,i y,.u BfOSl Of this
money ?a.? given to the lottery sgsntg
i y poor i ? rions in ex< hangs for s 10
por rent interest in tickets gaM to i?e
worth $3 ?50.
Traps Set for Agents.
The lottery aRfnts were Strongly in- j
trenched, and despite Um traps .-??.t I *
them by Captain Bhanton and Captain I
Bt Elmo no evidence could be obtain- d
that would even call for an irrest,
much less pro? ure a COnvlotlOn.
Baverai days :?k-> lb? evidence lb?
Officials BOUght was fuund ill the home
ami place of busiiMM of Manuel ?-ir?
codo, oM of th( richest men o? Ban
Juan and senior member of the tinn <>f
CsrseadO Hermanos y C?a.
The raids on Cerecedo's bOSM S?d
office were ear? full', plant)''!. The ?I? -
taetlves who partlctpatad m it ? rs
s? nt over nlghl t.. Benturce, a faslllon
sbls Suburb, on Um roes that Captain
St. Blmo want? d th( m t" pottf .
coast and w;.t'h '?.r a vessel belli
to have board lottery 11? sets from '.
Santo l>omlng<i.
By this action st Khno diverted .'??s
pieion an?l pr> \ I r.t? ! a hak of his plan.?-.
to San Juan, lie then telephoned his
men at Bantun ?? to report at on ?? t"
the otli? e of tin? thief ?f in.??.i!ar police
m San Juan. When th.- men arrlv .1
Captain Bhanton ordered them ''? rs?
main in their sutomoblle and drive at
OMS aith him and St. Blmo to tl??''
home of : anuei C?reo
The policemen were then told f"r the
first time that the pla 9 was to be
raided f"r e\ nhir ? Hidden m 11 ?
drawer of a disk which thg detectives
broke open wir?: found ssvaral hun?
dred priie winning tickets, which had
been cashed bj Cerocedo, ami books
whi'h it was alleged showed hi.?? sc?
counts with the lottery company aid
hi.?- solvsgenta
Tickets in Wife's Room.
Captain Shanton was confident that
Cerecedo had unused tickets in his
home, so the raiders entered the room
of Se?ora Cerecedo, and by breaking to
bits an antiipe washsland they found
it, a secret eotnparunent under D wat. r
basin 1,141 tleketa
a list containing the names of one
hundred agents wss found by Bhanton
and St. Elmo, and action SgSinst each
of them ???ill be taken by the Insular
nue of the most important papers
found was a copy of a contract entered
Into between Cerecedo and Dr Jacinto
y Mafton, "f Um Banto Domingo Lot*
tery Commission, dated July 12, IBIS,
to run until 1918, with a renewal privi?
lege of six years.
J'y the terms of the contra? t Cere*
eado ?as lo take 10,000 tickets Of each
drawing of the Padre Bllllnl Lottery.
The contract called for the delivery "f
three sets of tickets at a time, or IS.OOO
tickets, for which Cerecedo was to pay
$14,600, bis check to be Indorsed by the
Cerecedo Arm.
Cerecedo's profits on each drawing
amounted to |4..'>00. which insured him
an income of |t,0#9 a month. He was
held in $11.000 bail.
According to thg tiRUres obtained by
Captain st. Kimo, the yearly expendi?
ture In POTtO ftlCO for Spanish, Santo
Domingas an?) Cuban lottery tickets
last year was ?l.TM.oon.
Young Whippoorwill Flies Into
Chamber of House.
Washington. Oct 2. it took most
of the officials and page? an hour to?
day to "shoo" out of the chamber of
the House of RepressntaUves s young
whippoorwill which got pggt the do-or
keepers and could not Bad Its way out.
After many expedients had bSSQ tried
n page hit Ml a happy s. h? nu?. He
?ipened a Skylight and the w hipp??,i w ill
11.rW out.
Penna It It, dir?* t to North Phils., with?
in :? (?liort walk Of Shihe Park. Hpecisl
train rsturnlng ?-tU kttvwa North Phtl?. M
minutes alter ? oiiclusiun of gume.?AdvL
Rich Columbia Student Goes
Into Seclusion After Hearing
on Charge He Stabbed
Girl Is Postponed.
Detective Accused in Case Sent
to Patrol Duty on Staten Isl?
and?Girl in Auto Episode
Said To Be Wealthy
in Own Right.
Tlie differenc?' between two hour?
and three months was about the-meas?
ure of th?- diversity, both in lime and
other reapects, in lbs two st??ri?-s told
yesterday for Hennsnn Oelricha ami
Miss Lucills Singleton ?n regard to
th?-ir relations, ending in the auto
mobile smash-up on Tuesday night, as ;
a result of which young ?Oelricha was :
arrests?*, and charged with fsl?onlous I
? ?it by the girl, ati'l his stay in
Columbia University |aopardl?>8d.
"The etory for Otjlrichs was told y?ss?
tvi'lay by bis Sttomey, CharlSS H.
Strong, of Strong \ Mellen. No. -7
"???lar atre?t, who represented him
?Ah? ii be was an.iigne? on tho chargo
.. ?st'nluy morning in the Harlem DO?
lies court. Miss BingtStoh'l story was
t??:?i by Heorge s. i ?oughertj. ?Second
Deputy Polies ?Cotnmlasioner, ?who is'
personally due ting the Investigation
Into th" affair.
Although Miss Singlet?,n has bssa
QUOted 88 saying that she met < >? Irichi
JuneJ in the Psnnsylvsnls station,
Mr. ,-'tr??rig said yesienl.iv that the SC?
Man-cs-hip began only tero hours
? ? ?li?' girl received her injuries,
: tl.at th? Introduction was of her
OS n -mi king.
Call* Charg? Ridiculous.
stabbing Charge,'' said Mr.
Strong, "i'? perfectly n?in ulous on the
: i ? ? i? must be apparent to evsn
ders the .statements on
? tnplain.-int makes the
1 Say On* think it likely
? i > " lav StOdt nt. driving in
?m i iiiooii.. would reach around
si i i> i. -. bating known bar, on
!?* ?? * ?in, only two hours,
?he ?aid she could not
bes him ei - ? renlng ?
"OS* thing Is ( bar. and that Is that
; ? ?.'. e c\?-ry lataaUaa
to t'i! the fetary only aa it a?-tually is. j
she eougbt the roosting aoiself by u;.--;
phooe, imging up the fruterntty 1.
where Mr. OeJrieht Head, ssklng first
for a fell Clsghorn, as i Lm<ae**8tand it.
I it wh n Mr. ? ?? hi? ba ansAtr.-iJ ci
prsaslng fe ii?*-ire to meet him.
"There la na doubl Mr. ? ?? iri.it?* was
is the automobile with h< r. driving it.
Thai is Sdmltted. Ther?? was a set !
man in th" ??.a k SSfett, I kno.v the I
ii.une of that m.in. He Is a Columbia
? ? '.t. I it t.' ? ? ; ? slly prominent.
? wmt mention bis name now, ala ??
It may not be DSCessnry te bring him !
Into the caso at al!. MstthaSJ McCune ?
s i - i."t ti ? nan m ti??- car,
"Tins Iirm has not tried '" make any
arrangement to aet<t*t the osas oui ??f
? "Ut t." i,.. . ,ii.i in reply i" qui itlohs
as i?? reportad offers at hushing the
matter up, "If you mean to pay bsr
.i.-, ?? sum ?if m??n<\. w? STOUld not
dream <>i 11 ? ni san by that, in a
criminal >piooeedlng. Nu ? Ivll suit has
been ?antl?onad as yat? but, of course,
any honorable man would make proper
r?paration for physical Injurias.**
Soin?- corrolioration to the stati'tnent
for ?Oelricha that he had known tho
girl only a ?h?rt time before tin- un- ?
lucky automobile ride of Tuesday !
night cams from it. John ICsrgan, of I
tbe Kni'kerbocker Hospital, who
Irsated ber th?- night she was injured. I
Sin- toKl him. I?r. Kitg.in said, that she
bad not Ullrichs only that aft?Tiio<?n.
ami in spostTlng of bar Injuries In?
quired "f him whether "it would not be
.i h.i chance for a suit for da magas."
It. Kergan said ysatarday that, m his
opinion, the w.'Uiiils bail been cau '?1
b] gtaSS. H.' was poSltlVS of this, e\
< ?apt in r? si'ii't to one- below hsr left
breast, which he thought might have
been caused by a stab, although he
would not say positively that it was.
ii,. said sas also admitted to bisa
that she hail been Involved in another
stabbing affair three ><ars ago.
Girl Stick? to Story.
According to i'ommissioner Dough?
erty, the girl stuck to h? r story that
She bad been'stabbed, and that she had
known <i?ln?hs under th.- name of
Hilly" t'reighoin ever aim?; sh?; BSCt
him at the end of last Jun<\
"As soon as I heard the name Hilly'
<'reighorn," sain Hie i 'ommissioner yes?
terday, "I thought then- was some?
thing 'phot...,' Sean b for?- I learned
that nelrichs was involved. That
sounded like an assumed name -like
one yoi s?-e in yellow hack novel?
And then. also. I tb-Otjght there was i
something funny about it because the
man in Hi?' automobil.? ?disappeared.
"Datsetlvs Trayer, who repotted It as
.m a? ci?i? nt, b>8 been transferred out
of the ?esatral oftlce sijuad to patrol
duty in th?- Tott.Tivillc precinct und
Mispenib-d pending an investigation.
\\ li? n I assigned him to the cas?- I
thought he was fully capable to handle
it. i have i nown him aver sin??- be
g .i a kid, ami am responsible myself
tor bringing him into the detective di
\ ision. He 1? suspended for falsifying
a report.
"He did not tell me the girl told him
( urn mm ?I un um? ??.??-, fifth colunia.
Colonel Goethals Confirms
ports That Disturbance Le
Works Undamaged.
Seismic Upheaval Demonstn
to World That Gatun Loci
Can Withstand Su?
preme Test.
i name, Oct. ; "Absolutely
n?e was drin?-? l.y last r.lght s ea
quake to any part of the ?anal. ' '
signed statameal wns Issued this e?
hu: was Colonel George \v. Qoetl
chairman snd chief en?inrer. isthn
Csnel i
Tin? canal ottli ?als sre srreatu plot
t night o\?r the fa? t that within
space of one woi h the Qatnn locks h
been called upon to respond to two
It? in.? test?-', and In each case pro
equal to the d< mand.
? o? I'ri'i.'-.' last it iras demonstre
beyond question that the loch et
? tin? mechanism works perfectly. ;
that ?,????>.?is can be locked througb
win. uiiiie the earthquake test \
ti'it flgured on. still, in one
t! ?? word, H'?- ?? ?in ..mi.? opportum
InasmtK h ss II bas showed 'o
erorld that it will take more than
ordinary earthquake t.? cause irrep;
sble damags to the lock structur?es
Gstun Lock? Examined.
Lieutenant Colonel Blbert went o?.
Ike greater part of the Oatun locks
person to-day and satlsflpd him?
that there bed been no damai
Colonel Goethals eras early eesur
that the canal works had suffered
Injury, and before noon <>n the Isthm
practical!) every sue knew the fact.
The President of Panama) Dr. Bt
sai... I'm ras, personally Inspected I
canal works this aft irnoon and learn
with great relief thai the 'quake hi
left the ?anal uiiliaiin.il.
Reports received up to late to nu,
from different parts of the Isthmus li
di'ate that the disturbance .?.as pure
of a local ?iiaia.'ti r, with the graste
intensity in Los Santos Province, V.
miles from this city. A late dlspafc
from the City of Los Beatos estiman
the damage there at 135,000, and In tl
entire provln? ?? at $100.000. Twenti
six tremors were counted In Los ?-?at
tOS City, Ko lives are reported los
With the exception of one death froi
Canal Experts Confident.
The history (" earthquakes in Tan
ama during ?M last -???> years Bhowi
thai dleturbsnces In the neighborlm
Republic of Costa Rica are ranlv per
ceptlblS In this part of the Isthmus
and that a shock in this locality does nol
usually extend to Costa Rica. Further?
more, the movement generally reaches
Its maximum intensity In the I'rovinct?
?if LSS Santos.
Canal experts ha\e always pinned
great faith to the fa? t that no ?piake
has ever occurr? d Strong enough to
shake down the famous flat arch which
has stood in I'anama f??r IT."? years.
The consulting hoard of engineers ap?
point? ?1 In llMf.l to go over the lock
plans ? ited this fact, ami one of the
conclusions of the hoard ?fas: "We do
not regard such shooks as a soures of
?erlOUS ?langer to any t>pe uf canal on
the Isthmus."
While a number Of seismic disturb?
ances have heen re?orded here since tin?
Ameritan occupation, tin.? earthquake
CoolinurU on tlilrj ?...i-jr, third rolumo.
Operation Delayed When Am?
bulance Hits Trolley Car.
A privat?- ambulance, In srhlch fefar
? us singer, nfty-five years old, of No.
1(1 Bpruce street. Newark, was being
taken to ? boapital last night to un?
dergo an operation for appendicitis
crashed into a trolley car at Washing
tan and Weed ffJnnsy streets, that city, j
Philip Oilman, the chauffeur, was
burled against the car and badly in- |
Jur.d. H- was tak.-n to th?- City Hos?
pital. Singer** head aras driven
through Hi?- front panel of the ambu-,
lanes. He was painfully cut and
bruised. HI., son Herman, who was on
the seat, nnd lira, Aaron Arndt, of
Hrnoklyn, a daughter, and Oscar Sing?
er, a nephew, who is also his son-in
feSW, who wero inside th' v?'hicle, w. re
also hurt.
All were taken to the Singer home In
an automobile, and tho operan'?ii on
the patient was pfwjlponofl.
Mrs. Tousey Again Sues 'Old
Fashioned" Husband.
Mrs. Clara ?X, Tousey, wh-> failed to
obtain a separation from her husband
in August on the ?ground that he was
"too old-fashioned." is trying again.
N'oti?*e of the ?sen ice of a summons in
a new case was filed yeeterrday in the
?County ?Clerk's office, and Justi?-. Bljur
appointed Arthur KnOS SS a r. f? ree to
i take testimony.
Dr. Touesy ?laarried his aecond wife
'September 7. ?1008. Karl-, thla year she
starte,1 a sut for separation, in which
she said that her busband refused to
I drees her according t<> her station. i?r.
Tousey replied that In the four years of
their married life his wife's extrava?
gance cost him ill.?Mi MOTS than his
in dismissing the i ase Justice Cuy
awarded the custody of the Touscys*
Ihree->ear-old son to the father.
Albany Folk Can't Have Coal
While Governor Sleeps.
I Hy TV|??<;rnj>li to Th" Tribun. . |
Albany, u?-t. li. The telephone hell in
a local coal office rang this morning.
The coal denier himself anawered, and
aftsr an animated and highly spirited
conversation he buns; up th.- receiver
with a bang and exclaim?-?! to those in
the office:
"Well, what ?Jo you think of that?
Kverybody in town is ordering coal
from me this morning and wants it
right away, and 1 Just now get word
from one of my men that four wagons
loaded with coal and six men will be
tied up at the I-'xecutive Mansion for
the next three hours and a half. They
went there to deliver the coal this
morning and were told they ?could not
unload it until Governor Sulzcr wakes
up. Mrs. tfulzer says It won't he until
11 o'clock, anyway, and probably later.
"In the mean time my men and
teams have got to hang around there
doing nothing."
Nurse Makes Heroic Effort to
Save Her Patient.
f By Tel? (frai'h to Th.- TtrUa??.]
Portland M? .. Oct. ? While suffering
ft .un a Mddea attack of insanity, caused
by typliol'l toveri P'rank II. Buo.lv, age
thirty, a real estate ajrent, with b*jafen?as
hit. |?ata i" ?evend ?trite.--. ?pian?; from
hi? bed In a room on the fourth floor of
the Maine General Hospital this morning.
?teshsd through th? window, f.-ll to the
pavement below ami was Instantly killed.
His nurse. Mis? Jennie I. Keane, made
a ferae* attempt to save him. She caught
his j, t as he ?rent through th.? window
and held on as long as her strength per?
Her arms were badly cut and torn by
.oniiiig in contact with the broken win?
dow in the strURgle to save her patient'*
Action on Motion to Strike Out
Certain Charges Deferred
Until Final Vote at
End of Trial.
Whereas Majority May Carry
Point Against Governor Now,
It Will Require More Ad?
verse Ballots After All
Testimony Is Heard.
Executive Determined to Expose
Tammany Plot, Despite Counsel's
Advice That Evidence Is Not
Needed?Trial Adjourned
Until Monday.
(Krim a staff 'orretp-in-knt of The Tribune 1
Albany, Uct 8.?-By an a<IJournment
of the High Court of Impeachment this
afternoon until Monday afternoon, ami
rulings by President Cullen that mo?
tions going to the probative force of
competent testimony must be left to
the end of the case, counsel for Gov?
ernor Sulzer? contend that they, ob?
tained not only a technical and stra
tegic advantage, but an advantage in
the final rotA
While the old story of a breach be?
tween Governor Sulzer and his counsel
of record over the defence to I" pr? -
?v-nted filled the air to-night, the Gov?
ernor was resting seren? ly at the Kx
ecutlvs llsnston. For the first time in
many nights not one of his counsel of
record was with him.
D-Cady Herrick spent the evening at
his home. Harvey D. Hinman. who is
I'heduled to make the opening ad?
dress for the defence on Monda y, di?
vided hjs evening between attempts
to work on the document and denials
of a story that he had withdrawn fr?im
lb?? CMS because he could n-u get any
defence material from the Governor.
Aueten G. Fox went to N.?w York early
this afternoon, while Iyjui? Marshall
was observing a religious festival.
Sulzer to Tell Story.
Hcrnck und Hinman emphatically
domed (he story of a rupture l.etwe? n
the lawyers and the Governor, and
Herrick Insisted that there was n?*?
truth In another story Which the Boh"
ate members of the Court ?if Impeech?
ment wate discussing to-day -that Um
Governor was likely to bring new COVM*
sel Into th?? case on Mondar. Never?
theless, It was potent to-night that BO
more harmony existed between the Sul?
zer coun.-el and the Governor over tho
matter <?f his going on the wiUMSf
stand than has prevaile?] hitherto.
It is the Governor's intention, -mi
nounced to his friends with determina?
tion, to take the stand and tell thO
story ?if Tammany's plot, which be in?
sists will vindicate bin and bring ?ip
pISUM from all the people "f the State.
This intention persists deepite the sd-?
vice of his lawyers to keep otT n.?*
stand and keep his wife ?mt of the
courtroom, as the caee up to dut? h ?s
not made th? ir appearance noceeeery.
and the cross-examination to Which
they would be ?objected might not h p
the case but damage it in some w.i
"The people of th<^ state are waiting
to hear me tell my ?tory?" the Gov?
ernor, In effect, told a friend who called
on him to-day. "If i dont tell it to
the court and all the state on the wit?
ness Stand I'll be BOCVSCd of tVastOB C
must give my ?tory, and I must suu
mit to <'r"ss-cxamlnati'in."
Tins position is the one Sdvioed by
the Samuel Frankcpst. in-Samuel Bell
Thomes-Alexander ' Bacon group of
lawyers. It 1? with LhSOS men that the
Governor soldi his confidentiel com?
tnunlcatloua and the bets t?i-night are
tin to one that be will appear in COUlt
and U 11 ins story.
The adjournment of the court until
Monday afternoon will at least give
the Sulzer lawyers a chame to get
their line of defence ready.
Wishes to Talk Freely.
It is said that the Governor, In dis?
cussing his story with his lawyers not
of record, bes insist..! that be ought
to be permitted to giv.? it in the f.rm
of a narrative or statement, and not
be bound by the narmw rules ?if evi?
dence. Under old English law, it is
said. It was the practice f.-r a defend?
ant to make su? h a statement.
Bnch a procedure wtmid get the Oov?
ernor's charges of conspiracy on the
part of Tammany against him into the
record. Lawyers for th.? managers
say, though, that they know of no rea
s,.n or ex'?use for sn.h preeedtWS, and
would oppose It bitterly, demanding a
vote of the court on it if President Cal?
len did not rule against it in the first
place. They feel t ontidem*. that If the
Governor wishes to testify he will have
to testify with no more privileges than
any other witness.
After Htnman's opening of the de?
fence, Louis A. Sarecky Is expected to
be called. He handled the campaign
.-??ntributlons, which were deposited Ir
the Mutual Alllame Trust Company,
and many . ampaign cheeks were madi
out to his order by the candidate's di?
rection, notably the Schiff f&BOO check
The defence has said It would cal
Frederi'k L. Colwell. the missing stool
broker, who transmitted orders for th(

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