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V* LXXIII..N* 24,436. JKsrlGSft.?3S?J?Sr. NEW-YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1913.?20 PAGES.
T>l>W'l-'' avr pPVf In rilj of \cw York, JerwT Ot.? tnil HolMk^.
* * *
Cautions Members of Court
as They Adjourn for Final
Vote Monday to Let No
Brackett in Last Word for As
sembly Board of Managers
Contends Case Demanding
Governor's Removal Has
Been Made Out.
Oood Nar.c of State. He Says.
Should Have Impelled Conceal
ment of Charges. Even Though
They Were Tnie? Parker
Ends His Address.
Albar.v, Oct 10.?Whan Edfat T.
Brackett sat dnwn thil evfning after
uttering the last WOCd before the- High
court of Impaa hmaiit for the Aaaem
blv board of managers in danua
of Governor Sulz.-r Pnsident Cullen
'.eaned over the roatrum and said to his
feilow membera of th? court, refarring
to the declalon to adjourn untll -' !W
p. m. on Monday for the nnal
"Before we actually adjourn I taka
the liberty of givlng you a cautlon
which to the lay mind may ba appro
priate. If ihla wara ? crtminal taa,
Uiable before a court and jury. lt
would be the duty of the court undor
,h? provifl na of the Code of Crlminal
Proced ire l i ? aution Jurora nol I
cu?s Ow caae wlth any partlaa nor al
low Ihei il lf* approai hed <?f
course. thU . - la somewhat different.
urt of which we an all
gquailv membera. but it ??mi to me
tbtt th*- apirit of the law la equally
obllgatrry i n us as it would be m the
caae of a jury.
?\\> ahould not tolerate, any ol us,
the ai pi ' ??' paraoii concernlm
the mcr:ts of the ? ? < ara ara about
to decld*. We Bhould not allow it to
... n of In our prea< aca.
whatevu yo ir minda ma) bo, kecp that
to youraelvea and your aaaoctataa until
*e nnally meet to determine this case
at the aour to Which we adjourn
Court Wary of Scandal.
?I hop* we wlU cotnply with this
caution. I* ? ivoid acaiH
dal, to give ..onf.deme to the admin
atrauon ol Juatlce, and. after ? COT
rect iaclaion of the cauaa, the next
necefsary th*r.g la that people ahould
belie\* that it has been decidad prop
erly and ? thout the intervention of
When argumer.t of th" < ase "as coin
pleted ? oon by the I
forboth i membcra of the court
dliperied to thur homes. The court
when it r< on Monday un
doubtediy wlll go into axacutiva l<a
iton ta the detaiia of furl
procedure. Th< following quaatl >ni
are to be decided:
Firit-A ? .: peachment arti laa 1. -
and6vahdV That la, can a Uovi-rn-.r
b? impea'' ? i for acti committed b?
fort he a.c- :? . "
8?cond-j<- Wllliam Sulier fuilty or
Third-if guilty shall he be removed
from offlct- ?
Fourth?if removed from offlc. ahall
^* be dis', ::ificd to hold any offli ? oi
tr?t. honor or ; rofit undf-r this atal '
It haB been the Idea of the counsel
to b<-- that one ?vote would
r*fister th- ? ; inion of the court on fie
admiasibility 0f the tirat set of arttclea.
(oitlourd nn ttcoad p???. ?erond rolumn.
This Morning's News
?*? Rav?n Keepa Up I'cath Rccord 1
^oodruff... [>eath Expected Boon. 1
PJJ ai* ; : Gang Arreatad . 1
~'tch?i Bpeaki for Complate Fuaion. a
wflatration I'nuaually LiKht. 3
JJr? Paakhurai Plana to Kool offlcial 3
?Cali Dcfend Tranalt Acta. 4
^ok*? I Rall) in laraa) .... 4
ywaal up Eugenica. ?
*otr.*n Prominent in Conventlon. *
wt of Morgan In Letter. ?
^*lyn Th.v i gon Hfr?- on Lualtania.1T
r J- a. Biake su?-d for BaparattoB< 20
^omrjT,T:r.i; Alrboat" i'aiis to Rlvar.iO
??by-g Body i ound in Btoraga Truak.M
J'hletits Win Agaln. 1
ot? in Btt|M, CaM on M0nday. X
pJ'naniit* Khattera thf Oamboa Dlka. 1
'l,f,n rall* :n Currency Programme 4
***k? t: to Develop (Teat.. ? 4
H?on AskK Clayton to Quit Raca... 4
^?Bank PrMidenl H^ld . 80
?JueruSunrtunriv <-hatnnfr of r>^rutlfs 1
^">t?? Prealdem Inaugurated. 3
"Jiaalan N'ewspapcr Confisratisd. 3
J-?t*r in Two Campa. ?
Flil?ce Kauura Dead . 9
?^'torial _ 8
?^iety .I!!!!!!!!!".!!!!!!!!!! ?
?bituary . 9
iJUr?ry.... '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Y.'.'.'.io'nwl 11
"tortg . 12
totoy and Navy.18
*?*? for .Vomen. 13
^>urr-h S'twa.13
"larKial and .M^.k^th .14 and 18
*hlW"K . ..18
J?*th*r . ...18
?*' K??ate.16 and 17
Thousands Line Shores of Panama Waterway
as Gamboa Dike 1s Shattered?Two More
Sections Still To Be Demolished.
Panama. Oct. 10.? The Gamboa dlke
whirh aprang into world-wlde proml
nence h the laal artiflclal barrler to
actual communicatlon between the .\t
lantic am! Padflc oceana by way of the
Panama Canal, waa rent in twaln by
the hand of Prcaldeni Woodrow Wllaon
at 2:02 p. m. to-day.
Between three thouaand and four
thouaand peraoni frora the cltiea of
Panama and Coloa and varioua
Uoni of the Canal Zone Journeyad to
the acene to witneea the damolltlon of
the barrler, and whlle the evenl of >;??
?troying the dlke waa ?pectacular to n
degree and luccaaaful In every detall,
aome diaappointment waa evlnced ba?
th?> . ntire dikc wai not d -
(Jtter damolltlon wai not carried
to*4ay be< lum of the ft.ir thal the
concuaalon m:ic!-t damage the raili
tr. st;? croaaing the cut near th(
Mlguel locka. The two remalnlng
Ited at aome f iture
Awaif Repcrt from Wilson.
The ipectal ?n were early on the
ground. They llnad the banka of the
i ut. wall outal ? ? ne ol dangi i
I the alopea of nearby hills.
the roofa of bulldlng and
? \ <: . ? Aa the
hour lem Wll?
aon r ? U H use In Waehington
would praaa the button
electric ipark over the wlrea to explode
the numai rgea of dynamlt*
th. dlke b huah of expectancy fell
over alL i
Wn< n the mlnut< ...
One Dead. Three Dyincj of a
Dozen Injured After Train
Crashes Into Trolley at
Westfield. Conn.
Branch Line Shuttle Was Being
Backed Toward Middletown
When Trolley Crosscs the
Tracks?Victim a Wcll
Known Editor.
., . .,., oct 10. Anothar
Ume ? crash wltb a
trolley car-on the Ne*. Haven Rall
? of one man and the Injurlng of j
men and women who
? .<? trolley.
Th< man who was kllled w? Ralj h ;
. ir| Utoi of 'Th. M
.conn.) Pann: Praaa." Mr I
burg, who waa the allddlatown corre
rpondent for many New Torh and Boa
um newapapere, waa wall known In
Ihla at
The fat illy Injurad ware John G |
Etley, of Mount Varnon; Otto Bl Ar-1
nold, Of Menden. ? waiter. jaw and lag
fractured and Internal InJurU
Mlaa Francee Florlan, of B
skuii fractured.
Othera Injurad were Ephralm Hlnea..
of Middl town, i onductor of tr.
car. wrial and Ubla fractured; BenJa
min Lord. of Middletown, motorman,
leg fractured; Harry Ouerrln, of Now|
Haven, noae fractured and s Ip
wound . Mlchael Cronln. of Portland,
bruieed; Mra. Roberl Mathewaon, of j
allddlatown, leg fractured, ecalp
wounda, and Charlea Ehrena, of .Mid?
dletown. Adam Brawar, of vveBt Crora
arall, and Mlaa Anna Duttlng, of Mld
dlatown, cuta and brulaea.
Thf> craah occurrad near the etatlon
There li ? alngle line track from thla
placc to Middletown, whlch branchea
Off at a Jun< tion here, .,ne line -
to Berlln and the Other to Merldei
it is aald that through a mieunder
etandlng of ordera, the fcrolley lefl
Newfleld, ? few "ni.-s to the egat,
whera it ahould have ramalnad on a
aldlng. The Mlddletown-bound ataam
train K"t order.s l<> PTOcaed, it ll aald,
and a few moments lat.r the COlllalon
The train was bacMng toward Mi'l
dletown, with the engin<- puahlng The
trolley was imaahed like an agg ehell,
naarl) avary paaaenger being Injured
ngen on the ataam train ruahed
out and dld what they could to aaaiat
the injured.
The Injurad ware attended by doctore
who were rushed OUt In automoblle
from Middletown and naarby p
and than ware placad aboard the train
and taken to the Middlesex Hoaplta]
in Middletown A! the ho.spihi! n
Mld Mlaa Florin might not llve through
th<- night.
The train was >>n the Berlln hranch
Of the Shore Line Dlvlsion. of the New
Haven road, eonalitini of locomotive
.1H'd two eoachee Up toa|i monthaaffo
It was Oparatad by elertri.ity. The
Ifarlden-Mtddlatown troUay line ia a
p.,rt Ol tbe ('"imectieut company sys
tam, whleh \? ?"w<i hy ,hc New Havf"
paaaad the hour of 2 o'clock the aua?
? ? became atill graater, and the
anauing two nlnutaa aeemed like aa
manj houre.
Then auddanly came the mufflad nar
,.f the <!i-> '.it ga of 1,101 pounda >>t
dynamite, which serit a shower of
?. ??!'. mud and rork high into the air.
?preadtng OUI as it wenl upward. the
whole heavily vallad in a cloud of
amoke. it waa conaldered among local
dynamite - xi>< rti ai a remarkably claan
Sxty Feet of Dike Uprooted.
\ -. . Ti.?ti of the dike sixty feet wlda
llfted bodllj i ul ? ?' Ita bad an I I
componenl pai l ? ittered far and
The amall atonea rattled a nolay
? ? on llu tln roofi of
nearbj buildinga, bol none fleu "?:?
the dang< i aonc.
?. water began to pour througb the
r, nt the exploaion ??hia'th
n and the croud aani up
,. )... i Noi an obatruction waa
lefi in the opening, ? n ? pl aome Iron
? hl< h atuch up hi re and there
.\t the h< ur that Preaidenl Wlleon
-m off the blaat, the water In th? H
,lj ?ix f,.. belov tl e leval
and the Inflow of water
... | in fu< h volume that the
? d .i half.
Th. ? only one accid< l
noman apectator waa atruck on the
i. ad w Ith a ro< k, which waa
.. [ . : itCh
< ontinued <>n tliirtl pag*< thlrd rolumn.
Youth Shoots Girl, Then Him
self, After Quarrel in Park.
i . ? ? . eaalon near
ill .? II itreet ei
. p ? ; |( clock
laal nighl guldi low n men
I ...
i.,,- . ... ame on th.
? .-? kolowitx, of No.
. .: u lead, ?Ith a bullel
?: ? ? - lay
In the he id, bul atill breal
? ? ??.. e men h td ? poll( i ? I '
i,i.fi ajtb I' ha aummonad Patrolman
?..:.? removed to
Pordhauu ;i i ' I ?' sh> ,li'''
? attara
in in- pi ? - The gll ' ' :
i i be Paultne \ K ' "
Littleti i! arenue, N< warfc I rom the
.. . ? |ettei Bol '-??'? Ita bad l ?
| . . . ? ? lft( ! ' I ?
.... .? ? th. firl and
Miss Smith Therefore Asks J. J
Hill to Send Them West.
Boa.t. 10 ??- U M*b?j
??? Bmtth, head of the Wonan'i
., Board, to m i I s'' *
nd women and girli oul w. i
nnd ' ,ne "ould "?nd
them bj pan ? I poal If ahe could Pind?
? ?? kad Jaa< - ?'??
Hill. of th.- Northi rn Pai II ? Rallrt ad,
who la In the city attendlng th*- bank
onvention, If be would give
virla f r. ? tranaportatlon on hii llnea
>.] na,, lettera fron Iflnneaota ? l ?
for five hundred woman to boi oroe
?ld Miaa Bmlth. 'The mon
out thera lalneea, and the flve
hundred I have to aend are the kind of
?omi n th< ae farman want I can't
send thera by mail, ?o i wenl to ??
Mr Hill."
Mr. Hill llatened to Miaa Bmith'i re?
qu< at, bul wenl away wlthoui i omrait
tlng hlmaalf.
Quartermastcr on the Delaware
Recovers Speech and Mem
ory at Southampton.
iik , aM? u> Taa Trlb n
London, Oct 11 The atrange atory
of an Araerlcan aaHor*! loaa <.f memnry
?nd apeech for aeveral daya bai Jual
come to llght at Boutbampton. The
.Hii] !i Clyde W. Btuart, quartarmaater
of the Araerlcan battleahlp Deteware,
and he gavc an accounl <>( his ad
venturea yeaterdas,
"1 left the Delaware about Bnptem
ber ix on a thirty-day furlough. The
Delaware waa then al the Norfolk
Navy Vard. and i Btarted home to aee
niy wlfe and chlWren. i ramembei u
rivlng In Mew x*cek i waa then in
food bealtb and aound In every way,
i nexl raraeraber three aearaen on .1
etrange veeael holdlng me downwhile
the captaln waa trying to tive me some
medidne, and as aoon as peaarible 1
waa pul to work.
"I had lost all power of tpajj h from
the effacta of a dnag thal mual har?
been given to me, bul 1 don't beUeva
the captaln knew anvthing about my
belng drugged. Alao I th nk he signed
na on In f?od Wth."
MUan Oct. K? - A homb was exploded
le-day ta the vlrtntty of the Royal Pai
,n,l the Archt.l.-hopa reMdenc*. No
daraaga was done to the buildinga, toth
of which were unaotiipiad at the timi of
the exploaion
Six Arrested in This City After
Prisoners in Hackensack
Jail Make Startling
Leventrino, Reputed Chief of
Gang, Threatens Accuser in
Celi for Causing His Child's
Death in Explosion
for Revcnge.
\ '-'Mfs r.f irreata by whlch the po
lleve they have atruck ? blow it
the \.-r\- heart of the horse poiaontng,
araon, i>omh and countarfeiting indua
tries of th<-' Baal Blde reaulted la^t
ni?ht in a round-up <>f siv prlaonera at
Hradquartera, "n^ of whom, De|
Commlaeloner Dougherty hellevea, w,:?
the lirains <>f th?-- campaign of PXplo
alvea whlch h:iv baffled and defled the
beal efforta <>f the department for the
Igl 1.1n mor.ths.
AU day j - aterday the Dep itj Com
mlaaloner, Inapector Paurot and aquada
>f detecl ? ? r* worklng betw< <-n
l) and Hackenaach roundlng ui>
prlaonera and aaaortlng the ? i
they told and ? hlch. - ol
lectlvel] . s in th< gamul of i rlme from
common thefi to the taklng of humnn
llfe The prlaonera an
rhra, r*?ri al I,
? .
renl ? ? ?
pxiorl ?
PI< ? !!.: (. 1 ...
? ?
Pnsoner Reveals System.
? ? h came :n aurh
ra| id . re the
of 1 .
; icrl In Hackenaack <>n a
burglarj liargi ? bj a
third <!? Kr?>- pro
man." 8m II
lail loe Pulaakl. altaa /
: i John Rlaso
tham valuable Informatlon,
r >. t. tlvea Barblerl and Cavone were
p.t on the ? aat and at oncc
ualng thelr Informatlon In Nea Tork
ra of th?- euppt aed x ing
trail- i -*?????;t the clty, and 'Mthin a
'? ? h aftar lh< di | i p.t .?
and < lambroi
? ? ? f th<- i rlminal
.,-..? . ?
? ? ?
n. | ? ' ? :
taken to Pollci H but pul
ttempt waa i
i The n i
r hun
drad counterfeii fl bllla weit turn?-d
? form ilitli - il H< ad?
'i.irt. i ?.: ? rompleted, th< prl
?v?i ?? hufcth d uboard n- ?? J< r- ? ?.
? l i iken to H where
I.ehman and Kizzo. awaitlng trtal t r
bomb ? ? In thal ci1 ? . poaith ely
ii bomb op r itora in
N<\\ Tork wlth ?h->m they tham elvea
had '" ork? d '
The blg acane In the jall came when
Lehman ???- confrontad '.Mth Laven*
The Italian waa led in front of
in'a cell, and he hari acarcelj
m.id. oul the ngure of the i -
through the l ars when he thr?--\\ him
aelf agalnat the ateel door, ahrleklng
with rau'.. and flghtlng i" claw hla way
through th>' barrler to gel at Lehman
11. t( ? : i\? ihr<-'\ lum on the Roor and
: hlm awaj from th<- <-age, but
aa aoon aa Leventrino could sei t.> nis
... ? md recovai hla braath. h< eld,
glaiing through the bara at Lehman
? i i ,: t ?ar. hon long you gal When
rou gel '"it rn gel you for kllling my
|tttl< ; i r 1 "
Chdd Victim of Revenqe.
Lehman eaplalned thla apaech In 'he
,,f hla allegad ravalatlona Ha
h;1)1] thal Leventrino was the laader
and arblter of all bomb operatkma In
New Tork, and thal under the Italian'a
dlractlon ha and Oambrone dld many
? -joi.s." Por "",% nI thaaa, the wrack?
Ing of a tenamanl houae at No. 138
Chryatle atraat, Leventrino had prom*
laed him $40, bul had "held mjt <>n
hlm." Por ravanga, i.ehman aald, he
blaa up Lavantrlno'a bome al N<?. 187
Chryatle atraal and Lavantrlno'a Bva
year*old daughter dlad aoon after from
nervoua ahock.
According to Lahman'a confaaalon
the arrest of Gambrone and Lavantrlno
came aboul dtractly from this qoarraL
ii. iaM thal Lavantrlno was the ring
laadar of the New Y->rk gang and the
eontractar and auparvlaor ol th.- sy.s
tem. even to plannlng aach "Joh" and
teating the bacnba before they were
Wlth the arrests ..f the ofher New
Tork prlaonera yaatarday ufternoon and
laal evanlng tha raal magnltuda of the
COUP bagan t-. unfold. Kxtensive .oun
teifaltlng operation.s. in which thou
sands of doOara m baapia $i. II and J5
bUla were <ir.ulated, the poisimiiig of
boraaa in Manhattan, Braoklyn and
The Bronx; vaiiona fbrma of black<
man a ganaral campaign of bomb set
tinK' ind antortkm, iaw othpr "ke
erimaa were Includad in the pieccmeal
ci.nfeaalnna ol the prisoners.
^\"ho nnce again blocked way of the Giants.
Physician Remains at Beclside
and Tells Family There
Is No Hcpe.
The foliowmg bulletin v.as ia
aued late last mght by the physi
cians m attend.ince on former Lieu
tenant Governor Timothy L. Wood
ruff in his apartments in the Carl
i ton House:
"The condition of Timothy L.
Woodruff is atill unchanqed and he
contirue? to be iangerously ill.
Tiraoth: i ? Woodruff, forni r
? ? .;. .1 nor, a bo
? the fuaion notll i
Uon meetlng in Cooper L'nlon on Bep
.... . ritlcal < on
dition late laal nigl ti ipartmenl
?: annex to th<
. ? , riton Hoti! Madiaon avenue
I7tli Btn ? I No bope waa enter
. . . ,i 0f hta re... ? r ? . and the moel
;i. i .;.,!: ?? thal ph! ?? lan ? i oul I ? ?
the famllj laal nlghl waa thal I
chan ea were thal he would nol dle
durtng the ntght. Neverthelei Dr.
N'ofman E. Ditman remalned al hla
Al 0 "' :?' k Pr Ditman and Dr
r , ?? b. Jamc authorlaed ? atate<
menl thal Mr. Woodruff waa crltl
[ iui ? | ? dition bad nol
grown worae durlng the evenlng At
an earller bour Mr WoodrufTa aon,
john i W.Iruff, i ild
"My father haa been un< on? .
, .1,, to daj. and bai b< en ao prai U
fcally alnce laal Bunday, when hla con?
dition took a turn for the worae. About
7 oV lock to-nlgbl he regalned eon
?clouanaaa for ? Bhort tlme whlle the
doctora were worklng over him, and he
had i few mlnutee* converaatlon with
the family, bul the doctora ordered
thal he ahould be k< pt qulet.
The family flral became reaiiv
alarmed laal Bunday, aa did alao ihe
I doctora. My father la on the verge of
i gravi crlala which may laal three or
f..ur daya, and are ean onlj hope that
be wlll paaa througb u aucceaafully.
:-;inee hla relapae on Bunday he
?eema to bave held his own. He hai
been partly conecloua at timea, bul
barely able to eonverae. Pr. Jamea,
the ?pecialial who la actlng with Dr.
Ditman, baa vialted father fmir <>r Bva
timea daily alnce hla relapae."
on Tueeday mornlng The Tribune
printed an excluelve reporl thal Mr.
Woodruff bad aufferad ? relapae on
Bunday, and thal he had been uncon
?ctoua for thlrty houra, Thbi rapori
w.is denied the followtng day in aoroa
newap) pera, bul Mr Woodruffe s"n
ooflrmad the atatement, which
W81 tlie tir.-t break in the wall of se
crecy which surrounded Mr. Woodruff's
, ndition since the beginning of his i'A
At the time of Mr. Woodruff's n
lapse it waa learned thnt the opinion
Of his ph\sici.m?, Pr. N.irman K. Pit
tnan, of Wo. _so Madiaon avenue. 8ltd
j,r Bfalcoti !'?? laraaa, >>t Na 17 W?et
,"i4th street, waa that when his death
would eotne waa a matter of only a
ahort tlme. and that the next recur
rence of the attack would be fatal.
^8 ,-onno:*sei]r OCBltl Pr. Kiegert s
ANGOSTURA BITTERS in punches and
fan<> dnnka. ? Advt.
Troops Invade Chamber and
Arrest Lecjislators Who Had
Offended President.
aftxico City. Ocl 10 I *ne h'indred
. ? n membera of the i er
Deputlea who had aignad reaolutlona of
warnlng to Prealdant Huerta aa the ra
?ult of the dlaappearance of Dr. Balj;
aaro Domtnguez, Benator for Cbiapaa,
laal night, ware > ?? nlght and
idged In the penitenttary. Pive other
who atgned the reeoluUon
a,ere abaenl a h< n a cordon of troopa
ilatlve build
Ing and aeveral hundred aold
? d' d the . hambi r.
The arreat I wed a demand by
Prealdenl Huerta thal the chambei
i ,w the reeoluU< ? h car
ned the thn a( thal the 1
abandon th? i apltal, owing I
I, ged la
aonal lafet]
ruei mad< a apeach In
the B< nate early in the montb, vlo*
?he Proviaional Praal
? | thal not i nlj had nothlng
i,. ii nf Huerta'a r< glme
toward the pa ift atlon of the countr:.
i.ijt that the preaenl aituatton In the
republl ' nltaly worae than be?
fore. H< ild the currancy of Mexico
had depreciated, flelda had been neg.
. ?. ? ? ised and thal fam
Idad that this
aituatlon waa due firal and foremoet to
ti... t?-,, t tl il the Mexican people could
not realgn themaehea to he govarnad
l;. Huerta
Troops Pack Buildmg.
i:. fore tl e hour for the regular open
Ing of ' ,; nt tbp chamber thla
afternoi ement and roof of the
buildlng had been packed with troopa
gcorea of pollce were acatterad through
When "? Deputlea ware In thalr
the Mlnlatar ol the Intarlor,
Menuel Oaraa Aldape, entered the
chamber, and everal hundred federal
Uned up In front of the
ber. Bafior Aldape read the reply of
Prealdenl Huerta to the reaolutlona
warnlng hlm of the Deputiee' IntenUon
to dlaaolve the Pallament and hoM thelr
:.-.. and demandtng an
inveatlgation of the dlaappearance of
Benator Domlnguea.
The reply aald that Prealdenl Huert i
, ,.,,i,i dn i o leaa than eonalder the raa
oluUona an act of unjuatlfted eggrae
Mon and tranagreaaion of the rlghta of
the other two powara?tha executtve
and the courta
\\ i,. n tha arraata were mada ? fea <>t
ihe leadera were placad in automobilea,
Wnile the other Daputiea were loadad
Into atreatcara and takan to tha panl
Senators Recant.
MaanwhUa almilar damanda to r* inl
. n matie on membera of tha Ben
ata who had concurrad in the cham*
'i .,,,-?? raaolutloa A commlttae of sen
atora caltod on Prealdant Huerta and
llgnlfled their willinsness t<> COtnply
with his demand;-. I.at.-r the Banatora
formally frlthdraw this artion.
In anti'ipation of poaatbte trouhk
baavy patrola of troops are In th>'
Mreets to-nlght The rapid-ttre guns
whlch were posted in th<- interior
courts of the palaee in February are
agaln in placa and quantities of am
munitton are at hand.
^s tha arreal of tha no deputies
braaka the? quocum of the chamber,
Cnntlnurd on thlrd paff, flfth rolumn.
Bender Triumphs for Second
Time, Although the Giants,
in Whirlwind Rally,
Nearly Tie Score.
Demaree Proves No Puzzle to
Mack's Sluggers and Re
tires from Game at
End of Fourth
Barry and Schang Hit Ball Furiously
and Pile Up Score, While Mighty
Bats of Baker and Collins
Are Idle?Merkle Makes
Home Run.
? By Teletrapa ta Th* Trlbaae.]
Phlladelphla, Oct. W?while Collins
and Haker wera reating up from the
naore or !<\ss arduous task of winning
the WOTld'a championship for the Phll
adelphu Athk-tics, the "weak" hitters
of the t^am startcd flirting with th ?
ball and ro'ited out ar.other vtctory
o\ er the Giants in the fourth battle of
riea here this aftcrnoon.
It was thf thlrd vittory for *'onnle
Mack'a men and gave them such a
grtp on the Bag that the chances of
New York are about as good as a
? d nlckel in the Waldort The
Qlanta hava i ne gasp laft and if they
loae that all is o'er. The score to-day
8 to 5.
Kight whera Eddie and J. Franklln
lefl Off, Jack Barry and Wallie Schang
began. When they got through Al
Demaree, the same i Id ^teaaaar ai,"
! th-- National League pitchers
thla aeaaon, had revereed the engin*>s
and waa roundmg the tum to the
while Ruba Marquard was
wafting tht-m OVOT the plate. The
?i utbpaw was found for only two hlts
durlng his ruie of four framaa, but
theae netted two runs and measured
the dlfference between defeat and vlc
tory for the Phlladelphia team.
With a lead of six runs, the great
Indian, Bender, sailed u.o to the aev
tnth frame invir.cible, bat hke a bolt
. the blua the Giants started a rally
whlch swept the Icad.rs cff their feet,
and carrylng thalr attack through the
follOWing frame, tallied fh e runs,
transfonr.ing B one-sided walkover
IntO ? nip-and-tuck battle. Marfcla aat
the home run seal on the assault, and
Joined the ranks of Schang and Baker.
The Athletics were stunned by the
Ind attack, and for a moment it
. that the mighty twirler would
bc drfven to covar. V?t the team of
rbampiona behind him ro*e to the su
balghta of dafenalve play and
held the fue at bay. The visitors were
i. ':red in order in the last frame.
Thf game to-day was the last In
whlch the playera parttdpata in the
re elpta. According to the officlal flg
urea $189.16388 will be distributed
among them, ? ><> per oent to the win
aera and the remainder to the losers.
Kach of the twenty-flve men on the
winning Blda Will get $8^44, while
aach memher of the losing aggregation
will raceive $_'.lti-.
Tho attendanca to-day was 20,568?
about tha aama as the last game played
here. The racelpta were |48,64& The
totaJ attendan e for the four games
was 114.MIV and the receipts >_'.'?<',
Mack Sends Bender Back.
With an idea of presslng his ad
vantage to the limit, rather than to
takf> a Chanca on the Giants evening
up tha aerlea against a young, untrled
pitcher, t'onnie Mack sent Bender back
with a reat of onl: two daya. So care
fully <lid the Indian work during the
aarly pan of the K-une that the New
Tork hittera appeared t.-> be more heip
leaa with the atl< k than at any other
Itlme In the campaign.
Huabandlng hla atrength all the time,
'the chfaf workad along amoothly, al
llowing only two hits in the tlrst aix
innings and pulling out of a couplc of
tlght placea with the hlghaat distinc
tion. with perfect aupport, whlch
v.rged on the sensational at times, he
, ._.[ uttle to worry about Th^n came
th? craah that atanoat sent him to the
bench and the pame fight to weather
the storm.
Twlce during the early part of tho
'game the Giants w. re in a position ?o
but failed. WOndatfttl fleld'r.g
1. hecktng them on or.-' occaaton. With
two OUt in the second, Murray was hit
and McLean, the only consistent hlttaff
qo th,- team, singi-'.i to right Markla,
howaver, fouled out to Mclnnla.
wh-n th?- aama palr atartad troubio
again In th.- tifth, Murray walking and
going to third on Larry's singie oyer
; second, with none out, a run waa tm
i minent. Cooper was sent in to run for
IfcLaan, shapins the ways for a ojg
inning. Merkle's time was not yet,
howaver. and he fanned.
Harry McCormlck went in to bat fcr
Demaree and la?ed a terrific smash to
left lleld, whioh Oldring, by the moat
J remarkable catch of the aeriea, caught
i at his shc tops. Two runs were sav.-l.
for if he had missed it the ball anavM
have rolled to the fence for two ba^es.
Coopaff suddenly took it Into hia
head to try to steal second, but waa
shot down by the deadly acouracy of
richang's thrbwing. and what promued
< -tutinind od alxth p.igr, tti-?t rolutnn.

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