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Electric Spark, Travelling Four
Thcusand Miles. Blovvs
Up Great Dikc.
"Gamboa Is 'Busted,' " Wilson
gayS?The Last Material
Obstacle Has Now
Been Removed.
I'r:v ':n? Ivjreau.!
afaaaingi ?'?? U(-T la?Almoet the last
tha Panama I'anal was
removed thla aftarnoon, when the Praal
? ? . v. te Houae
: dyna
rr.'ite. ?
The electrlcal current travelled more
Dd and
under a '"'" ?** ?"?l ?
? ? '
... of the wh
. . _ . from Waahlng
tra ?
I ?
M- \.
;.., BUlea furthar. Krora (here It t>hot
icraai the lathmua of Tehuantepi to a
: ua. Th< ii II waa
able ta the Paclfic '<??
to aaa ?- '?'1 tlun
Tht ;a-t .... .'? ai ? ' ? - of the
Pantirr... to uamboa
dlke Inunedlatelj follo
of the apark, the alngla word "i ?
... ih from the lathmua
How "Gamboa Was 'Busted.'"
Practica ? ? ihmij accon
the fivlng ot ,..'.c aignaL i hief Operator
g, vc Bmlthera teated the lta<
2 o'clock, .. Raehing
. aa ?-??> al
jjr y, rward Juat u the
hand? of the Whlte Houai clo^k touched
I r. .-.-ed the button. "Wall.
to It." >aid the
cc.t arttb a n ? ui be tunw d .? < a) ?
?Qanboa Ii 'buated.' "
? ? ratlona on the Pacif.
were nui Waah
taston. ? wlah of Colonel
Bjataali governmant awalt the
g of the ? anal Beeldi ? tha
aiaekage of the G -??'. there are
two earth alldea to te cieared away be?
fore boats ? an paai in to ocaan.
There was a touch ol in the
limpie earea any at tha Whlte Houae
?aaa it was laarned thal
nel D D. Gaillard. a tnember of the
Isthmiar. Canal who had
charce of the conatructlon work at Cule*
bra Cat wai ng Ii rpltal at Baltl
more onconacloua thal lh< Pr< ildent was
vbtaally celebratlnj l l letkw rf the
big task he had enpine- r<
lard bai breakdown
from evera
Last Big Obstacle Removed.
The blowlng up of the Gamboa dam. ef
fected by th. ? laed by
? Wllaon to-day, removea the last
tacle to navlgatlon between
the t^o ocaana, \' the debrla from this
4am nrA the earth precipitated by the
Cucara-ha ?'..de mav be renarded as im
rrr.ter:a: the removal of
merefy ra ee tl I of the
water in tr.e Pulehra cut?not flood it, a.~
h?? be*- ?
The floodlng of the cul . egan some days
?ta when the alu
unJ-r the darfl were <?-;-? ned and the water
from Qatun I ;ermitted to flow
lrto the cut This dnm. near the llttle
town of Gamboa, al a poini wner< Gatui
I-ake : . U) the Cu'.ebra cut. was
erected ? a atei r' '
Raer. ? tun I.ake, OUl of
?? med arlae to
? ttere with at< am
rlaan until It
it appr< | ?:.:rty-five |? ?- ?
the dam and
aaraUtted i dve-foot Mdai wave to
tr> the cut migl t
I therefora'i
were prt a of the -1am
waareby the < ut . o ild b? grad lally flood
?d it arai --d that the aurfaee "f
tbe wa-f-r In ? e ut was only h
beiow ?:. f the :ake when the
dam aai ? -day.
W-.ethT thla li I I r>f ?h?>
aatar ba 1 ? rn - ? d of the eul arll!
? t to flow ovei tlu
cr-oil fron- ?
known here ir it d'-es not, it i innot be
?aJd that the .i flOOded for its en
Baj laagth
?aary Hfon - made, h ? v<
to b:eak up the material of this aUde ta
tdvante of tha Rood ng, and aa I
the der ? ? -. : Iredfre 1
la a evfaeteni extent to peranlt the
pan.HK<- af I they will
?t:acK the rap , ftenlng ma'erial of
that the floodlng of the , anal
for hi [th la at most a matter
of day- || Tr;ay ba H
- of any maU rlal draft
tan fi-at through from the Gamboa and
of the . padro Mlgual taeka,
whkh fom its oppoalte tarn
Ocean* Will Not Meet.
Of couraa, all raferaaoea to "'be maat?
?ng af the wai I the atlantie and
Paclfic . . ioag atretcbei of po>
ettt Ucfli .on tiiat th.y all]
ne\tr ii.. t v wdy of the Panama ''anal.
waterway acraaa
Bhwaten ? northern end wtdeadng
out into Qattn Lake, its aoutharn nar
ilol ra < ut. its aurfaee
aahg K feet above aaa laval and Ita
o^-an deptb 50 fael abova tbe aaa
Jt h | on tbe northern en-1
fc)'a fllght of three loeka, al Gatun, and
at th. ?i by a alngle k* k al
ahraflorea and two more at Padro
klguel Betv the two last named tbe
?aaarway ? noewbal toto what
bknown as Mlrafloree I.ake.
The total iangth Ol tha canal is flfty
a>iie?. of whlcb all bul flfteen, canatltut
hg the Atlantlc and Padfle approacbea.
*? fret-h watt r.
former Tammany Leader Sees
Duty of Decent Democrats.
?lames .1 Martln, formerly a promt
nent leader In Tammany Hall and Clty
J-namheriam undei Mayoi IfcClellan,
na? allied hlmaelf with the fualon move
"J*m and will be one ol tne managera
K Madquai t. rs
)l am in favor of .Joim Purroy Mltchel
"ee?u>e i rannot aeparate McCall and
?urphy." he ?aW yaatarday. "Mr.
?"'tehel has pointed out that McCall
"leariH Murphy. a fact known to everv
?ne who knowH elther man."
MAnothar wtrong incantlva for Mr Mar
;n to work for Mltchel la: 'The alee
Mr Mltchal will, in niy oplnion.
J"?an the deatrui tion of -Mr. Murphy and
?n*- raorganlaatlon or the Democratle
?*rtv in the 'ity and the state Kvery
^*{it IJemowat w^nta to ?te that re
The picturc shows workmen placing charges of dynamite for the explosion.
(?u*?T,:tM ?M,1 - -0< ?
Russian Nswspaper (Price Two
Cents) Sells for $1.50 Owing
to Ritual MurderCommcnt.
Indictment Condemned for Be?
ing- Too Feeble to Rouse Wave
of Opinion Against
Kleff Od '. I eenaatton a ..- auaed
he:- to-day by an article I
tlve and antl-.-- mll
anin' aaaalllng ta th< t terma
court trytng M<r.!-i Belllaa on the charga
of m- ? hrla
tian boy of Kie*r. in Man!;.
The "Klevllanln." a ta - laetta,
' -
dty, ? ? i copy to-day. Th
the publlc proaecutor I I '? 'he indict
llaa to fhr.
whlch would be surj,m:ng even in
the most radlcal Jourr
The aniter, ?? the al
? ^-s of the Jewa in at
t. mj tlng ?" ' btaln the rel< aae of !:
aayi I r;Si h.m is a c |
..... ...
fanv . ... Therel
tlnuea, the Indlctmenl
ralae a arave of (pinlon
I.atltloi ' '
it would b< brok< n di ??? II
m! the Ind ctm< nt la thal I
f tlon I
the whoh rlth auch an outfit,
??T?. ? ? muat not be an lnstiu
ment of I H fhl or the T,rft Inj
will :. ? ? ? the deaired I ilt How
rvar advai l ? ? ? aary It i
he from a parl I I vlew to ;
the - ?
ocution ought nol to laa not the
rlghl to undertake
Hvlng ob> a foi ? . .1 of
this kind.
?'It is a monatroui theory thal Beil
of i ? ? ?
ted. provlded I t I ritual eatal
talh : i of
ritual ?? i rintr a hun an
x, ?..?? i have no i Ighl to lm?
n him un'.- ??? ? Incx d of
1 tn ted hlm |lk< -i
rabbil on the table of i
nrll] come when Cha
plinaky Itl itor of the Kteff
court? will be r? pla ?
loua to pi the
againat t!n j<a?. What would you aay if
a fell on you 1 ;.
? ?
Later the authoiitlea ordend the conne
eatlon of to-da a ol the "Klet la
,,;,, ?? n |a i ne of the moat Influentlal or
i ;al Journala, and as '-ne of tha
Blach Hundred l
Inddent la bound to have a farreachlng
. rr- -1 on publlc oplnlon.
,'t from the elgnlncance of th* nawa
paper'a vltrloll? - rltl< Ii m, ther<
other mdicatkme at tha eutael of to-d
... the proeai itlon la erum
iitor Vipi ?
to tl - publl< atlon of the atei | le re
ports of p: ' " rt M batag
n of three utlclea of
Ihe rdtag to whi--h
aitnaeaoa muat not t>- acqualnted arltb
th- proi eedinga a< r with the avti ?
addueed from prevloua wltneaeee. Tne
court. however, overruled M. Vlpper'fl OD
B, and tbe exammation Of Wltn<
contln ted.
The. teatlmony to-day for the most parl
was unlmi ortant Amonj the wltn< ? ?
w,,,. ,.,:?. i i tureaque Bgurei ? ? moat
ntiigtng among them being 0
Kejlngky, 'he nrurdered boy*a grandmoth
,:. who looked aa though ahe mlgbt have
ateppad ou! of one of Auerbacb'a "Vlltaga
Tai.s of the Black Foreet.M Bhe ^aa un
able, howavar, to Hve evManee of any
, ..t - > q'lenee.
Poorteen of Andrew Tuahlnaky'a achooi
CaUowa were alao placad on th- a I
?tand to-day. Two of them declared that
the pollce had threatened th.-m arlth im
priaonmanl aaleaa they altarad thal ??
Umony ooncarntng the date an whlch they
? ? D Vushmsky.
The grand tury returned yaatarday an
Inaletmeut ebargtag murdar In the ftrat
aagrae aaainet the Rev Hana BchmMt
,,? t.th '.i Anna Aumuller Dlatilct
Attorney Whltman hopea to brina
Sclunidt to trial thla month. Alphonae ?>?
Koelble, Schmidta couneel, aaya ba doaa
not think ha will b? ready ao aoon.
MAP I ?!? PAN '
( ontlnurd fn.m M-?.l p.iK'
1 ' ' :
All |
m< :'? wen preaenl I
merabera of thi
Pi n u Thi Prealdent i a to
: preai :.t.
Goethala Man of the Day.
it waa Colon< l Ooel
tha chalrman ol tkW I
B was thi n l| ?? Bl "f a i
, r of eongratulatlona. Half an ;
bour befon "
i for tb< ? ?,
it al well oti
ti.. re be ? ???- when the ? ,rlh
and a
B .1. iu-> ????? ??? ? ho
glnei r ? ?' the I
the Prew h w< re l
il ? ? ? '
tlc ai : , ' thi ? ? ' !I"
r the fi
. . ? real
work of dlgglng the i anal thirt)
. v ? I
.. lal to the rep rl
ted Stati tatii
connected wlt ? ?blp
i anal thn Ugh < loldW
tiag on th< Pana
?,i Bunau-Varilla Bald thal whili
bad i favored
hi re ognlaed the fa< I thal II
? ,,t the pr< ? ? ?
the Panama ro ??? wa ccncen ed,
Imposfllble. H? predlcted,
thal ln two or three de adea 11 ?
of bualneai offered to the pn
would b< ao greal thal II rould l
. t0 handle the traffii on
the llmited aupply of water afforded by
. . , ,_.;. River. it would then be
?,.. eaaary 1 ,T" ?;" ' ':il! '"
U Vel.
Small Boats Navia,ate Lake.
The nMt boa! to enti r tl ? i ui from
the lake wa i ' ? manned
? ro Amerit " i
rapld water over th. gap If the
ter covering th. reni
? dredge will be paaded through Into
the cut next Mond iy.
-p> cucaracha allde, thal
Ing acrea In extent, Ii now the only !
barrlarin the way of the paaaage of a
.; fr?m ocaan to ocean. A trei
been dug around thla barrler
to-nlghl or to-mori
???. cu, .outh of thia polnl a
to nii and it la planned to p
ol the PacMc dredgea through the Pa
dflc toch, Monday, aa the water In th
Mlrafloreg l^e ha* rleen eufflciently to
t navig.itton.
Colonol Ooethala has nol |one on rac
ord as to when the Bral boal wlll be
pasaad through the entlre canal, aa
ltUch paaaagaa depend wholly upon the
eapedltion wltb which the allde can ba
n moved.
To-dcy'a avent aarvad to demonatrate
the nearneeeof the canal to tl.peral
ln- ,tage II alao forroally broughi to
a cloae tha work of the central diviaion,
. ,,.,. cut, for the dredglng aP*r???J"
which are to aucceed the ateara abovel
Jork will be under g dlffarenl orgaa
Isation. ^_
Ai ] oMo.k yeaterday aflernooa, when
Prealdent Wilaon aa? ,h* mk,m! f"r
biowlag up Gamhoa di* buaiaeaa ceaaed
i.,n the '"on." i.'!at-d Bl .. k Bxchange An
! tmencaa Bag. ? ay Ifi f- .-i ln alae, waa
let dowa from the riattora' gallery;
Lral huadred red Ughte weri awltched on
' n the algnal board all tni other electrlc
liihts in thi butldlBK "i- turned on and
. . . ..
? ?
' ?
?Tllllfii" Says the Question of
Canal Tolls Is Drawing
Near Solution.
i ?
Ibe pi
f the 1
evement In
,1 -Th. "
? i lum
. to far Cathay to
: the
l the akl 1 ai t and de
? ? ? '? mei n natloi
"Our W
whlch will gr
. the aatial n felt by I
mpietion of
... -l qu< - ?
. i i Wluv n h i
. . ^ ? ? Britlah vlew
of the after all, a ron ?
tion of our traaty rlghl
I,,. W||| tak< ? ? ? opportunlty of
.v to Congrt
??w . ... arlth -vh.it pro
? iui h a proape l of endlng
draa n quarn I will be r. ? elvi d
Meanwhile, for the
i... ?;;? nt the | ol the ? al ,
. . . ? ? md th*- pracl ? "? ta
,..,,, lt muB| ; ,,?>.,, ? on the - oun ?
outw< Igh all other ? on
| .- r- ? ^r . ? ?
. onomic, politl al and
? ? ? ii to take
. ng with n far-reachlna
: -. of whi- h ? an
. , i . ? ? . . >;
-Th.- Dailj Te egraph" aaya "Th- un
? ? ol all the I- ratat
and mi m ? um lahad upon lt.
nt. bUl its fnil of
ie. t ,,ti trade and Internatlonal Indu ?
not yet :? :.Z"1
: md to-day ? atenda to tha
Tjnltad Ht;.t. eongratulatlona as
? anj other natlon
in the whole - hillaed world. Indeed,
lahe haa watched with admiration the
lahlll and " Ith whlt h th.- Ra
| publii 's ? ? ' ave overcome th.
countleaa and all but Inauperabla diffl
, uitlee ot ,. truly wond< rful enterprlae."
??The afornini Poal ' aayi "Tha
,,.,,, ,. ,,: th- Unlted Btab i are t-- bo
heartily congrntulmtad on the graai
| achlevement, and will racognlaa tha
gratltude whlch they owe to the graal
i ,.,,. hman who, after Jotnlng tha
Madltarrani an .md the Indlan i>? - an, i -
. t ,,Mt on an attampt to bring
i ,^- thar th>- Atlantlc and th.- Pa< lfl< .
The mlafortunea whlch bafall him were
,?,!,,,.,. avldence ol the magnltude of
the enterprlae, and Ita completlou in
Othar banda la a fresh monument to
lus plonet rlng enarary.''
?IX haal Noonan. uf^.7**** ?**, was
,,,, ,i ,i.,?i from gaa In his bed In a fur
niahed .---a. al Ho. IX Eaal 0th atreet
,.lM , |tht a ,;. belleved he accldentally
turne.i th- gaacocb on eajaln after put
tmg out the llght Bank booka [ound In
th.- rnan-i effecu ehowe-d he had :. bat
,. oo 11,. had llved at the hou.se
only on.- week, and II is not known
Wh< th.-r lu- had any rtdativea.
I ontlniird fr..m flr?.t pngr.
further ? of Congraea cannot be
. - ii ' -
Oct. M The government
?? o Brat ? from
. ' 'thi fall of Tornon Bravo,
? ri oe
hurrled "ff i,\
artn I I ?
Qenei Mungula
l ? \ er, wlll : ? m ir
rto Velaaco will take
? ? ipuire
? , w< tiadi d,
M . . ? hla
ri arlous.
,,, ; . with hlm Z.M0
ind twelve ma
.... .,: to Mon
Then are
tedera atB terej
Rublo I '
commanda over two tl ouaand men, ao that
? ? thoua md ' H atl ick
Torn n. with foii ? and ma
?ter of Poreign Affalre, i
... haa n elved a b l< gram from
Genei I ng that all
reon ire
Moat of them left with the ind
the few wia. remauv I ; ave ? ???? n unmo- '
?? I
i ri Ident Hui rta I I to poet
ara prei aring
ln honor ol ? """ ;i,_
: . if the I ill of
although Ii wil ?? ovi red
... i rojld be Inopportum
lt ta i I that Oi al a i did
tement at La '?? ??
but waa I iftera
i hui dred aoldli
T, , rtin ?? La Loma fell
of ( i and al
Vvi], ?? ?? ? elaed twent) tho i
. . ?. .-:.? ii and
BUPplll _
| .'.in 1
w ,. t 10 The altll ?'
with the o? ? upatlon of Torre n
to hi grov,
erorae The gi m ral Impn
of thi.Itlon of the Huerta govi
mi nt aad i ' ? f*d< ral f< ??
.,, othi i :; ti ? ? ai. nulllned to a mati
t by the loaa ol Torreon
Amcricans Celcbrate Blowing
Up of Gamboa Dike.
[By CBMa te Tha Trtbuae i
London, Oct 10. The Araerlcan
Luncheon Club, nt Ita weekly meetlng
;,f the Bavoj Hotel this afternooh.
drank a Panaraa toaj I aa the clock
sT r 11- k '-'.
Chtef Bpaaker Harold Coa, Merabar
of Parllament, complimented Anarfca
on the eompletlon of the canal and the
ige of the tariff, blll. iie attacked
tha party ayetem m both Bngland an l
America, aaylng that partlea onry ex
lated by patronage, the AnericaB tanff
blll bavlng been pul through by
strength of the patronage club.
in England, he aaid, the government
was conducted on atrlctar lines. but
that eivil aervlce offered about $1,280,-1
inmi. which was uaed annually t.> payl
polltlcal debta, and that bealdea this;
money many other debta arare i aid
wltb tltlea which, when of the blgherl
rank often proitired more raluable
thui money payment. M.inv
polltkal debts. he geaartad, were paid
every year with th.- simple tltle of j :
ttce "f the peace, whlcb for som>- rea*
ion aeemed to be neid in partieularly
high esteem.
Tl,.- party system, Mr. Cox said, was
conducted on th- ethics of war, and in
th- last twenty years honor had ln* ;>
j.and from Kriglish l ollti.s. Mr. Cox
adrocatad the Bwkaj referaradun sys?
tem and Btabllity in offlce for Cartnet
Irvin Cobb made a characteristicall>
humorous speech.
Administraticn Regarcls Him as
Only Man Capable cf Con
frolling China.
Peking Official Confesses Being
Biibcd to Murder the New
[Fmm Tha Trtbanf Boreau 1
tVaahlr.gton, Oot lO.-Officiala of the
adminiatratlon are nw, h ptoaoed with tha
reporta that the Inauguratlon of Fuaa
Bhlh-kal aa Prealdent of Chlna paaaed otT
,. etly, ind partlcularly so that tne piot
.., i laainate him waa fruatrated. This
|a a i>Ut the nlnth time that an effort
haa been made, uaually at the Inatigatlon
of th.- aouthern elemenl of reformera, to
Ki 11 the i :hln< ?? ital -man.
Most of the plota were dlae rered in
time. One, howaver, on January is of
:i v.as almo - iful a bomb
waa thrown al yuan'a caniage aa be was
drlving through the itreeti of Peking. It
exploded In the tnldit ->f his mounted
..,rd aa-1 killed aaveral men and
b ii m a, Iru lu llng one attached to the car
Vuan a BJ n<>t Injured
It is belUtved that Vuan Shih-kai ls the
only man In Chlna Aith the abillty and
capaclty to -'-ntr-.l the altuatloa and to
Chlna along the proper i-ath. His
task la ? Bormoua, howaver, and lt will
Rtateemanehtp of th- hlgheat de
..-.. to bring aboul the eatabhabment of
., itabla government and to keep Chlna
Intai ?
Peking, Oct l-i?Yuan Shlh-kai was to
day Inducted Into the ofBce of President
of the Chlneae Rapubllc, 'he eeremony
atlon Ing - naractartaad by
Ortental brilllance. it took piace la the
Interlor of th.- Tal*bo Palaca, In whlch
' ? .? M;ng and Chtag emperors
were crowned
i ? .... - of the place of ina iffuratlon
waa t furthi :.ent on the sacred
i-.. ? of the Emperor within the Kor
btdden Clty. The aouthern haif of thla
azttnalve Incloeure waa -n-ened to the
I .. ?.- ho travaraed had aft.-r hall, and
.:? .,f^- court, toward the preaent resi
.: the llttle dathroned Emperor
-!'!.- ceremonj waa enaeted in the vaat
bulldlng called the Tal-Ho-tlen, or Hall
of Bupreme Peaca, whlch tlta hUh up oa
triple terracea of marble and la decomted
cv. iy? |;. r<- w:th ?... .i?--r. - atid Imperlal
Yuan Shih-kai wore a hlu* mllltary unl
form He read I daclaratlona, whlch
? uil unount to taklnt? the oath of
.,::!- -. from the draifnn dals of the Km
peror, ver whlch repuhllcan fl&ga had ;
b- en -:.
After the deltvery of the lnaugural ad-?
dreaa tha Prealdent surrounded by the
membera of the forelgn le^ations, re
\ .? :>.<?? i 10,000 troopa, eijmpped in modern
from the front o. a paguda of
tha Porbkkh n Clty.
Extenatve precautlona both pollce and
milltary, had been taken for several days.
aa a waa fean I tl il aome Chlneae rabela
who had cut oft thelr quauea might obta.n
. i to l remony dlagulaed as Jap
I ?? it w.is not p.-ssible for the au
? ? t-- limit the number of lavtta
nt to th.- Japanaae Legatlon arlth
out dotag tbe aama In the other caaea,
and lor thla reaaon It waa aadded to
? numl ? r all around.
lns,- . Itlona lt was
foun-1 that the rebels had I
iltj of t:.- - biel "i the
. mounti -l pollce. Thla waa
. time, and he waa arreated and
? 11 :,. 11 . ? id been brl
; realdent
Preaidi nt Vuan Shlh-kal In i I ?
r.i! addreaa avowcd hla Intentlon of main
. h m m and ateady i oll< :? He ? a
:. that th? ral prlncl
- waa a - l- ar dennltion
aa.l proinulgatlon --f its lei temaand
. tablli hin< nt and malntenam -? of
.. i \rt ?- thla, he aald, In eom
with the requlrementa of tli
ctrcumatance, efforta ahould '.- made to
.,:, t? it.- people ta thelr march along the
The Prealdi nl admltted his preference
for conaervatlve rather than - atreme rad
Ical methoda ftrat, i dld not
deaire to i k tbe wejfare of I - people.
,,,,,! second, beeauae he thoujrht the
anclent teaehlngi and traditlona of ?'hina
ahould not be whollj iwept away He
? ? tri- tlona w hlch had not
;i ? .. ind for I ?? ad
? , ? r the i atlon, and aaaerbd
hia mti - - troduclng reforma one
Bhlh-kal then emphaalaed the ne
apil il and edu. itloi
? .. ... |, ;,i . ducatlon the former
.,? t-- promote China'a mdustrlal
ind thi latter for the develop
? ? ? natural aaaeta of th
il.. iikened i "hlna to a man wl o po
ind complaJned of pov
doctorThouses STONED
London Militants Angry at Re
sumption of Forcible Feeding.
London, Oct 10.?Tha doctora of
London have been made the hrst vk>
tlma ->f the vengeance of the militant
?uffragettea, whooa anger has been
arouaed by the decialon of the Home j
Becratary, Reglnaid McKenna, to re
aume the forcible feeding ol thalr ala
ters who atarl hungar atrlhaa when]
convlcted of outragea.
A hand of women to-day raldad
H irlej atreet. In the we-t End of Lon?
don, whlch la almoal entlrely occupled
by the Offlcea Of niedical speciallsts.
The women amaahad wlndowa right
an?j ieft all along th.- atreet
The Becratary of tha Womnn'a Social,
and Tolitical t'tiion. the militant or-;
ganlaatlon, aaya to-dajfa attack on this |
medicai enfre la merely a commenc- j
m.nt of the aromen'a protest agamatl
th- ravtval Of tha torture of forcible,
_ ?-??
Husband and Wife Coming
from California on Foot.
|Hv T> ? t. aali to The Tribunf.)
Long Beacb, tal. Oct ia?Carrylng
th.ir lUggaga in a small cart and ex- j
,.tlng tO b frav thalr expenses bv
aaiung photographa and obtaln part of
thalr ?uhatatance by flshing and hunt
|n>| Mr. and Mrs. U. W. Ounder, of |
N?. L'14 Kast 14th atreet, left at 11
o'clock to-day on a transcontinental
walklng triP to New YorkCity.
The tJunders have taken several
walkins trips before and averaged
from twenty to thirty miles a day. In
returning W Long Baach they prob
ably will OOtna by way of the I'anama
Sends Wcrci That She'll
Into New York to Test
"Male Government."
Will Not Address Madison
Square Garden Meeting with
Militant Chief Unless Re
ceipts Go to "Cause."
Is Mrs Emmellne Pankhurst already on
the hfs?h seas, nearlng Amerlca? A re
mark dronprd y-sterday by her advance
rapreaaatatlve, Miaa .!oan wickham. ln
dlcates that she tnay be. Anvhow, thla
much Is known, that a cable me^saue haa
been re.-eived at Madison Srjuare Garden.
Bddreeeed to Miss Wickham, stating that
the militant leader will not beard the
immigratiori authoritles here by comlng
as announced. ahoard I.a Provence,
which Balla from Krance to-day, but wlll
Bllp into the cOUBtry by another wav,
The cable message read
I leretaad I'nited States Immlgratlon
oftlcials Will detaln me, questloning my
rlght of entrance. ' Have changed plans.
Wlll not aall on La Provence, but wftl
take another shlp, under an assumed
name. to test the efficiency of mal? gov
? rnment. ajTIIl wlreless you day before
arrival in confidence.
Howerer and whenever Mrs. Pankhurst
arrlvea, she wlll flnd herself the sole at
tractlon for the Madison Srjuare Garden
meeting of October 19.
It was reported last nlght that Mra.
0 H. P. Belmont had announced that.
she was ready to furnish a bond of $100.
000 for Mrs. Pankhurst if the militant
leader was detalned by the Immlgratlon
offlclals here. Conflrmatlon of thla report
COUld not be obtalned last nlght.
Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, prealdent of
the National Amerlcan Woman Suffrage
Assoclation. will not speak at the Madison
Bejuare Garden meeting. Dr. Shaw revoked
yeaterday the dectatoa -?-he made last
Tueeday to speak. and now those con
Bervatlve memhers of the assoclation who
were hOrrlBOd that their leader should ap
pear on the platform with the Kngllah
? iBt and those militant sympathlzers
who were dlsturled at the thought of a
"debate" between Mrs. ,Pankhurst and
Dr. Shaw, alike r. st ln peace.
I>r. Shaw s reaaoo for not speaklng, ehe
BBid yeaterday. was that the managera
of the meeting refused to give to tha Na?
tional the share of the gate recelpte she
felt lt ought to have.
; dfl not object," she said. "to Mra.
I'ankhursts recelving any prlce she can
aecure for her lecturea here, but I feel
v.ry strongly that co-operation lmpllc-9
an ohligation on both sides. It does not
mean that one party shall re BtVO all tr.o
beneflts whlle the other party ls itmply
used to further the Interests of the party
Duty to Demand a Share.
"Slnce then, upon taking Into cor.s'.dera
tlon the fact that this nveting ls being
arranged by a group of bualBi -s men. I
; ,-. ?? decided thal I should not be fui
Dlllng my entlre ..bllgatlon to our cause
ln America ;m!..-- I reOOgalaad '.ts flnan
clal as well as moral lntertsts. In com
ninn with leadtag aattoaal Buffragtata, I
: thlnk that sir.ce Mrs. Pankhurst ls fU8f>
i anteed fLMO and a percentage or' the gate
Ipta, and is alao to be permttted to
1 take a colleetlon and secure pledgee
! which Mrs. Paokkurat'a ageat has urged
Amerlcan raffraglata ba aacura for her in
? -a share of the proceeds of the
meeting should be secured for our work
ln this country.
"I therefore wrote Mrs. Belmont that I
would not speak unless the treasurer of
the national assoclation received a checlc
for ll/njo. to be used for our work.
"Mrs. Belmont has wriften me that 8h?
ls not ln control of the flnanclal arrar.ge
ments for the meeting. but in her letter
>-he does take the responslbllity of stating
that the arrangements have been made
and are flnal. I sl.all therefore take
other means than this meeting; ln Madi?
son Bquare Garden to r.assure the Amerl?
can publlc that militant metho^is hav?
aever been used and are not advocated la
this couBtry."
MUM Joan Wickham, Mrs. Par.khurat'a
agent from EaglBBd. when seen at Mra.
Belmont's suffrage baadq ;arters, No. 13
Kast 4'.st street. said that the questlonof
paying the National J1.000 for Dr. Shaw'a
apeeeh had not reen referred to her,
but if lt had she ahould have decided
agalnst lt.
"Mrs. Pankhurst cannot be rea-hed
She |a on the high seas." Mlss Wickham
s.,ld. "and in the absence of any author?
ity from her I could not give one penny
Of that money tO any one else. She haa
earned that money?not for herself; she
takes nothing. it a'.l goes to th.> cause?
she has . arr 1 it by her suffenng. by her
blood. I could not aign lt away."
German Challenge for the Amer
ica's Cup Not Improbable.
Kamaurg, Oct. Ifc?Kmperor WHUaaa b>
day ordered from Max Oerta, the well
knowfl yacht buiider of ? a aew
ner to replace hla preeeal raetag
yacht, the Meteor, and her guocoag wlll
have an important bearil I M tl ?
tion whether Oermaay aill challenge for
the Amenca's Cup with a CUttee de
signed by Oertz
Max Oertz was the doalgBBr of the last
Meteor aa well as of the Oermaa
longing to Ouataa ron Krupp ron Bohlea
UBd rlalbach, and s.-v.-ril other falrly
successful ?eveBty?flve-foot racbta The
aew Bcboooer for the Emparor la to be
built at the Krupp worfcf at Kiel, and
probably wlll have hwa WBterlll ?
her predecessor. which was forcod '
cede heavy time allowancaa t.j her com
The Emperor has the funeet conftdence
in the ablllty of Max Oertz. and ordered
the aea i <>.tt without walting for the
launehlng of the new yacht under con
struction by Herreshoff for HoVert E.
Tod, of the New York Yacht Club.
Plinlo da Silva-Prado. a Brazilian
banker, and Yvonne Groyard. who accom
panled hlm on the last westward tno of
the Imperator, were taken from Elha
Island yeaterday and rut aboard the
same vessel, which will sail for Hamburg
to-day. The couple were ordered deport
ed on Thursday. The Brazilian admitted
that his eompanion was not his wife and
that he had a wife and aeverai chlldren
ln Paria.

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