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V0L LXXIII N? 24,437.
(fopyrlght, 11)13, by Th*:_Trlbun*^aa??jatlon_2_
To-day, showrrs, rlrarlng, roolrr
To-morrow, fslr. m.xirxatr wlnds.
Giants Fall Before Cunning of
Eddie Plank and Two Puny
Hits Avail Naught
for Matty.
Brrors Pave Way to New York's
Downfall and Third Defcat
in Three Years, While
Monster Crowd Looks
and Wails.
Eddle Plank the wonderful southpaw
of thirteen years" service. led the Ph:l
adei;hia AtaletJca into the baaeball
ahamplonablp of the world and eaded
tbe big asriei at th- Polo Grounds yea?
terday afternooa
Shorn of every semblance of batting
power. a: . led to two hits by the i
cunning of the great pitcher. tbe
Giants were beataa for the third con- !
secutlvc y'*r in a Btrupgle for the
hifht-st horiv.rs of the game.
Rislng to the fcuprenu- hcights to
which he alone is capable. the mightv
sjatbewaon endeavored to stem the;
rou;. bul thi team behind him split \
apart and the triumph of the foe was
compl.'te The seore was 3 to 1.
Wlen twi.e afurphf caught a h'gh I
f.y by Larry Doyle, ending the strug
t.t. M lOraw, the manager of the N w
Tork team, rushed across the dlam. nd
to the beoch ol his opponents. and waa ,
the fir^t to txtend his hand in congrat- j
ulatior. tu Coaale Mack. But he wasn't
the MsL Thoui-ands upon thousands
of "fans' inrlng out of the stands
rathend around thi box in which the
Phlladi iil.ia kader sought refuge aad
paid tleir trlbute to the man who hi'a ,
Otreloped the mighuest baseball ma- i
chlne ln th?- hlatory of the a] ort. The
preaa tecame so great that a cordon
of police was sent to the rescue, and ne
tu e.-'orted to the sirtet with the
hlghest honors.
Plank Geta a Happy Ride.
As for Plank, he was raiaed on the
sbouldera of his teammates and carred ;
to the clubhojse, with the cheers of j
friend and foe nngyig in his ears. It |
miy be be that Plank wlll never pitch |
Iflin. He wanted to retire in the "ul
neaa of h:s powers last season, out
Conale Mack hrought him back for
Jait one year He can quit now as no
other atar of the game has ever done. I
with the praise of' all the basetiall
HgJI ringing ln his ears. confldent .
that h;g last effort not only won the
hitnest honors j ossible for his team, .
but alao was one of the finest exhlbi
Uoni of ; 11 . ever seen in the Lig
Soet-ieafi.r, .; ttles.
Outplayed ln every department of the
gsrne anl completely overcome by the
lrreai?t;*.r power of the enemy. who
executed thi i movea with almost flaw
laa areclii ? the <iiants were humill
sted befcrt the tuggest crowd of the
Hordes ol pe tators- poured down
upon the P..rounds, flrm in the bc
?W that the New York team would
Blly beblnd Mathewson, as they have
often done in the past, and flght the
Athietics tr. the last ditch, but hardly a
blow was iti
The oproar that arose when Rhafer
tow a paai in the fifth Inning and
m*de a bn . h in the hitherto utterly
topregnable defence of the foe showed
Utt the fi were of the team had not
?88 heart ? former reverses. When,
through thi one imperfectlon in the
J^y of the Athietics that made the
rwt of the;r work shine with only
?retter lustre Shafer flnaily ecored the
"** *ae deafening
Giants Fail to Rally.
*"? Giar,*^ howavar, aeemed unin
?Pired b. ? . ..nftdence reposed in
*m. ai ,,t make bo much as
* 'v?rt tovvard the rally that would
tontinii?.| r,n nrat pagr. Part II.
JAm Morning's News
A'Metira Win World'a Series. 1
ljur.rr.rri Bhool Hebrew Worshipper... 1
f*? rrlaonen Aeeuae I'nion Men...l
~***ona Learned by Titanlc's Loss . 3
-/r* Menac- at Sea Growa. 3
j*Wtln Barr Tella Volturno's Fate.. 8
*? Pankhurst Not Incognito. 4
^uhhears to I i?ht for Mitrhel- B
?JOlU Wgrni Real Eaute Owaera... 8
*?v?? to Delay .'hurch Tha. es.7
"Hpinos Awake Saya Blshop Brent . 7
^urchm.r. See an Allegory. 7
?BJlBtratlori Again showe Drop.18
lt"?rta May Solve .lewel Robbery.18
T arwraAL
'?"lt Claus. Repeal l.'nllkely. B
llson for Krc-. ("anal Toll Repeal... B
V?**r Relalnera Leave Alhany.18
^''ippine Scboola Do Well Part 4.. 8
'? Loat on Burnlng KteamBhlp. 1
u?fU Diseolves Mexlcan C'ongreBS.. 8
"Xlcan Frderals Iiefeated. ?
' *w Brltlsh Naval Plans. 8
J?yd Georg. Begins Land Tampaign. 8
"*?"? for Connaught-Klfe Wedding. . . 8
"tlah County and Hunt I ance?. 8
*""?? rJlaappearlng in London. 8
or?ign Shlpa to Be Frae tn Panama.. 8
?nf? Pustlea Americane Abroad. 8
??* Almroth Wrisht on Suffraglgm.... 8
fe ?.?-?".?::::::::::::::::::S
^mv and tfavi.18
J??onal Ouard Note?.18
father-Part 2 . 8
?Mpplng?lart 2 . 8
g^tlns- S.ctlon ......Part 8
J**! Eatatt-lart i.1, 8, 3 and 4
inancial and Marketa?Part 4?8, 7, 8
Prisoners Implicate Labor Lead
ers in Attacks on Garment
Shops During Many
Recent Strikes.
Charge of Murder Growing Out
of Quarrel Over Extortion
Money Likely To Be Made
Against Chief of Oang
Now Under Arrest.
Deputy Pollce Commissloner Doujrh
erty, after he had arrested four more
alleged members of th* frang nf bomb
throwers and blackmallers yegterday,
maklnj? eleven ln all, declared that he
experted to ronnert nnc or more mem?
bers of the band with the murder of
Lurlano RaaTtttro, who waa ahot at
Stanton and chrystie street three
months apo
Douphf-rty said he had proof that
Pletro (liambrono, allas 'Petrino," the
leader of the gailaT, had a quarrel with
Restlvo. who was also one of the band,
over mon.-y extorted from ItalianH who
had paid Uac-kmail to esrape further
bomb exploslons at the hands of the
All but two of the eleven prlsor.era
now ln custndy have made partlal con
fes?ions, implloatlnp labor leaders and
business men The deputy commis?
sloner says that he will leave no atone
unturned to brlng about the arrest and
convlrtion of several unlon labor men,
who are said to nave hlred the ganj; to
exrlode bombs ln garment fartorles
whi.se owners refused to come to terms
with the unlons.
Implicate Union Leadera.
Anthony Sadaltys, allaa Joseph Po
laskl. allas Eddue Burke. allaa Andy
Burke, and Rocco Piccirclll have fur
nished Informatlon to the pollce eon
nertlna; at least two labor leadera with
the bomb outrages.
These bombR were exploded during
the tallors' Btrlke of Kebruary of thla
year. and dld considerable damage. In
ea-h oaaa th" ili'thing flrm ln whose
premi?es the bombs were placed had
hir<-d strike breakers and refuaed to a. -
cede to the union's demands.
DoiiKherty said that he expected to
make at least six more arreata on In?
formatlon now ln his poasesaion. and
that before the case waa cleaned up,
perhapB twenty. lf not more. would be
behind the bars In this city.
captain J"hn Henry, of the United
States Secret Servlce, who waa forced
to premature action when the pollce,
ln roundlng up the tomb throwers and
blackmallers. arrested one of the gang
,,f (uunterfeltere his men had been
ihadowing slnce August 1. lald yea
CoBtlaued ob fourth paa;e, aarond raluann.
Gunmen, Hired, It Is Said, by
Business Rivals, Send Eight
Bullets After Mandel
Enraged Hebrews Capture Two,
of the Assailants and Beat
Them Almost Into In
sensibility Before
Police Arrive.
Three Italian gunmen, hlred, lt was
iald. by business rivals for the truck
Ina: work Of Mandel Goldstein. of N... 6*.
Moore street, to klll hlm. skulked across
! e street from a svnagogue at Walla
bout street and Troop avenue, Wil!
lamsl'iirg. last night, as he was leavjng
the plaee "f worshlp and flred elght
shnts at hlm
Thelr aim waa had, and only ont of
the bullets struck Goldstein, but that
one lodgcd In his left lung and In- I
fllrted a serlous wound. In the Will- i
lamaburg HospltaJ. arhara the arouadad
man was taken. lt was said that lt was
not prohable that he would re.-over.
The Italians were chased through the
Itreetg bl" an angry rrowd uf Hebrew
arorahlppara and two of them were
beatan aeveralJN m?1* heln8 rescued
whfn the reserves from the Clymer
itraal Btatlon raapopdad. The third
man escaped ln the throns;
Bualnaaa JeaJcajajr i? *ai<i to be re
spunslble for the shootlng of (goldstein.
AccordUlg IO the pollce verslon of the I
BtTalr, rlval Itallan truckmon were try- i
liiK to get the contra. t fi.r rartlng Gold- '
steln's goods. and after the latter had
n.mpleted arrungements uith one con- I
rern. the proprletor of the other truck- :
Ing business swore to be revenged on
Ooldateln within twantsMour hours.
Shota Start a Panic.
The synagogue *as I rowded with j
Hebrews for the Yom Klppur observ- !
ance when Goldstein. who \g a pedler,
steppej out of the bullding. He started i
to walk down the street, when the thr e
Italians. who had evldently been await- ,
Ing his appearance. sllpped from a hall- t
way and followed him
\\ hen only a few feet from their vlc
tlm. the Italians whipped out revolvera
ind started to flre. The report of the
shots started a wlld panf- among the
hundreds of persons on the street and
they ran for shelter. Goldstein, when
Ihe bullet |iloughed its way into hla
lung, threw up hia hands and fell to
Ihe sidewalk with a acream.
Tie whole thing had happened m
quiikly the erowd did not at flrst real.
ize Goldstein had been wounded. When
blood waa * i coming from the wound
ln hia cheBt, however, several men
(nntinurrl on fourtb p*f. fourth rolumn
Make Dash for Royal Carriage,
but Are Roughly Handled.
I.cndon. Oel 11 ?Klng George and
Queen Marv. who BttBflded B <?".
mand perfnrmance at a London BIMBtC
hall to-nght, had 8 BMITOB BB 808
from balBf BBObbed Bl suffragettes. !
The women. WhO bad gath'-n-d ln COO- i
stderable Bumbarb, made ? iiveiy .i.i h
for the royal carriage on Its arrival
81 the theatre. shoutlng. "Women are
being tortarad ln prlsuni".
They had almost reached the carrlaire
vvh. n the pollca elOBBd rmind. and, with
deflant shouts of "Votes for women"'
th.y were hurled back The suffraK
ettcn were roughly treated by the
crowd, hut manag.-d to escape arrest.
Tells Rarnbling Stories of Being
Insulted and Attacked
by Oang.
John Deighen. twcnty-flve, of No.
228 Kast 434 Street, was shot and
kilU-d shnrtlv after midnight this morn
ing nn the 4'Jd street Mation of the
Becond avantte alerated hy Jamea f.
Lally. a BCWly appolnted poUl eni.in. |
Lally was daclared lo he intoxicat.d
l.y Ldeuteaaal I?f>nnelly, of the Kast
."Ist street statmn.
Lally is one <>f the flve hundred po
licem.n that COBBWlsBMBMaT WaldO has
dei id.-d to send to the West Side to
elevate its rm.ral tone. He is tempn-1
ranlv attach.-d t" the West 6Sth str--.tr
r.iin.lman Krank. at Second avenue
BBd 424 street, heard the shots from
the platform. and, sprinting up the,
stalrs, found Deighen unconscious near
the ticket agent's window. Dr. Qttlglla
removed hlm to Flow< r Hospital, where
he dkd without regaining conscious
Krank took Lally tn the etatlon
house. There Lally was ln such a con
dltjon that he could not support hlm
self. but he told a Btory of having heen
insulted on the sldewalk by flve men.
Ha said he pald no attention to the
taunts. hut wmt to the elevated plat?
form. where one of the flve men flred
four Bhots at him. Lally says he flred
ha. k ln self-defence. A revolver was
found on Deighen. One cartrldge had
been exploded.
Lally then chajiged his Btory. He
said he had been insulted by Deighen
on an elevated train. and when lt got
to 424 street. Deighen. he said, flred
at him and he returned the flre.
You re drunk " said Donnelly. "MI
send for a surgeon to examine you."
He was held in custody, but no charge
has been made against hlm.
Deputy Pollce Commissloner McKay,
on being informed of the shooting, or?
dered Lieutenant Donnelly to suspend
Lally. strip him of his shield and place
hlm ln a cell on a chargt of homiclde.
Mother, Told Child Was Dead,
Locates Her After Search.
The plea "f a mfl.fr for her baby,
whom aba loal aavaral raara ago ar.d
erhon ahe now bellevee she has found,
Bill ba board In the Bupresne Court on
Tueaday. Mrs. Beaale Lartcla ks the
moth. r and tba People "f tlie State of
New York nr- belplng her to get the
lutie one, arbo la nout la the custody
of Mrs. Bdward Mackcy, awaltlng the
rerdlel ?t tba court.
Mrs. I.arkin girea the name of herj
baby as Dorothjr afB) Mendelsohn. The^
father, gba aajra, araa Chartaa Mendei-,
aobn. Bhortly after tha birth of th?
ihil'l, four years hko. Mrs. I.arkin. who
ls a arorklBI woman. found lt neivs-1
sary to flTB her into the care of Danlel ,
and M.iry I.awlor, then nelghbors of j
bera. Ona day tha Laarlora nw.ed.
nw.iv. afra. Larfcln daclarea, arltbout]
laaviBg -mv w'irti of thelr deatlnation.
The mother aaw nothing more of
them until Beptember IS of this vear,
when ahe aaw Laarlor, foiiowed him
and found he Uvod al No. 267 Weat
86tb street. Damandlnt her baby, she
was told i-y atra Laarlor, she main
talna, thal the ehlld wns dead, t>ut
later inveatlajatton bjr the Chlldran'a
Boclety protrad that ahe waa ln
Jewish Women Halt Worship to
Condenan Cabinet Ministers.
London. Oct. 11.--Jewish suffragettca.
foUoarlnaj for the flrst time the example
aet by those of the fhristlan falth, to
day Intrrrupted the servlce at the
West End synagogue. Rayswater, by
recltlnfc: 'May God forfrive Herbert
Samuel and Sir Rufus Isaacs for deny
ins; freedom to women. May God for
Kive Herbert Samuel and Sir Rufus
Isaacs for consentng to the torture of
uomen "
The disturbers were escorted from
the synafiogue after their names had
heen taken bjf the synagogue authori
tles. It ls understnod that Mr Samuel,
who is the Postmaster General, ia u
regular worshlpper at the aynagogue.
Supply Increased by Work of
Fisheries Bureau.
Washington, Oct. 11.?Heavy lncrea?e
ln the supply ot lobsters this year. ac
cordlng to a report from the Bureau of
Flahertea to Bacralary Redfleid of the
Department of Commerce, la attributed
bv rtshermen and dealers to operation*
of the fisheries bureau ln artlflcial
propagation of the lohster.
RejKirta show that there haa been a
heavy increase in the supply alnee ihe
bureau de\oted special attentlon to the
work. particularly along the coast of
Maine. where lnhsters are being taken
ln areater numbera than ever before.
Rescue Fleet Summoned by Wireless, Unable
to Reach Flaming Vessel Because of Storm,
Witnesses Scene of Horror.
Starts with Explosion, Which Causes Panic Among Emi
grants, and Omcers Have to Fight Them Before
Trying to Save Ship?Of 656 Aboard
51 I Are Finally Rescued.
While ten great ocean liners stood helplessly by on Friday
morning, the Volturno, of the Uranium Line, burned to the water s
edge in a mid-Atlantic galc, with the loss of 145 lives.
When the Carmania, the first of the ten to respond to the wire?
less call for help, reached the scene waves rolling mountain high pre
vented her from getting a rescue line to the Volturno's passengera.
Of the 656 persons on board, including 22 cabin passengers, 511
were finally saved.
Two of the Volturno's lifeboats laden with passengers were
overturned by seas, while four others were dashed to pieces against
the vessel's sides, not one person in the six boats escaping.
Turning their searchlights on the doomed ship, the passengera
and crews of the liners standing near could see frenzied women and
j children hurling themselves into the sea to escape the approaching
Finally the boilers blew up, enveloping the forward part of the
Volturno in fire.
Men with blackened and scorched faces forced women and chil?
dren overboard in a mad rush to escape the onrushing wall of fire.
Wireless operators on the doomed ship stuck to their post after
the explosion had destroyed the dynamo, and, hooking their appa
ratus to batteries, continued to send out their call for aid.
Captain Inch is said to have been the last to leave the Volturno.
He is only thirty-four years old and has followed the sea for twenty
Captain Inch is said to have been the last to leave the Volturno.
He is only thirty-four years old and has followed the sea for twenty
rny CBBM to The Tribune ]
London, Oct. ll.-While ten great'
ocean liners stood helplessly by on \
Frlday, the Volturno, of the Uranlum ?
Llne, burned to the water'a edge in a I
howling gale, with a loss of 145 Uves.
Passengers and crews of the vessels
that had rushed to the 6cene ln re
iponae to the wireless calls for help ?
watched in speechless impotence aa
women and children. driven by onrush
ing tlames, leaped Into the sea.
Fi.r nearly twenty-four hours this
(laal "f blg shlps had been lying help
less ln the Kale watchlng the flames
i ating ba. k through the Volturno from
the forward oeck, where the crew was
bravely tighting the fire to the after
laek, where nearly seven hundred ter
rorstricken men. women and children
were huddled.
The Cunard liner Carmanla was the
rtrat tn raealva the wireless call for
Help and the flrst rescue ship to reach
the spot. She lay barely a hundred
feet away. almost under the stern of
the Volturno, yet so desperate was the
gale and so mountainous the waves
that it was impossible to get a line to
the doomed vt-ssel to rescue the pas?
Exploaion Stsrta Fire.
The Volturno, which left Rotterdam
->n October 2 for Halifax and New
york. carrylng 22 cabin and 538 steer
is-e passengers and a crew of 96, was
Battllng with a furlous Kale early
rhureday naornlag in rald-Atlantle,
tvhen an axplosiofl occurred ln the for
ivard hold. It was still dark. and many
n the crew bunka and steerage had
not baan aroused for btaakfaat sev
?ral of the crew and steerage pas?
sengers were killed a*leep.
A panic in the steerage immediately
?nsued. and when Are quickly followed
the exnlosi.n the mad fright was so
jreat that the offlcers and crew were
'orced to j.handon the fire and fight the
?razed emlgrants. All the passengers
*ere driven to the afterdeck and made
to don Ufebelts. and under a strong |
ruard thev were huddled as far astern j
u, posslble. Ftom there they watched
he crew battling vTita the flames.
ablcb rapidly sained headway
Wlreleaa help calls sent out in the
?ariy rf??n "?*? picked up by the Car'
?nanla. seventy-elght miles away. Cap
atn Barr lnstantly turned the Car
Tianla, and. puttlng extra stokers in
rront ef the bollers, drove at 20 knots
hrough the ragtng gale toward the,
Volturno, at the same tlme sendlng
^alls for help from his own more
jowerfu! wireless.
Rescue Fleet Gathera.
The Cannania arrived at noon, after
:he Volturno's fruitless attempts to
jave the passengers In its own boats,
ind through the long afternoon the
Icet gathered ln response to the wire
ess calls. The Grosser Kurfurst and
he Seydlitz came at 4 o'clock; then the
Kroonland. the Devonian. the Rappa
lann.xk. the Mlnneapolls. La Touralne
ind the CBBT. Passengers and crews
rowded the rails unmindful of the
itorm and unheeding hunger. Aa dark
^ess fell the lights of the shlps came
>ut and the great vessels circled ln
lunilnous aplend-r about the f.-.uful
drama, powerles.s to interfere.
Two of the Volturno's boatg tilled
with passengers were overturned by^
.-..ib early on Thuraday, when the Brat
attempts were made to leave the lurn
ing ship. Four others were dashed
against the sidea of the vessel and
wt-re smashed to kindling. All the
pussengera in these boata pertshed,
while tackle fouled the propeller. and
thereafter the sh:p drifted helplesa at
tho mercy of the gale.
When the Carmanla arrlved on the
scene she immediately put off boats in
an attempt to get to the Volturno, but
the only result waa that thelr sidea
were smftshed in by huge wavea, the
oara broken or torn from the sailors'
handa by the vicious aeas and the boata
forced to return to the Carmania with
only three oars, one of whlch waa
As the other vessels responded to
the wirelesB signal of distress each ln
turn sought to aend boats to the Vol?
turno, and each was forced to abandon
the attempt. So ten ships?the Car?
mania, the La Touraine. the Mlnne
apolis, the Rappahannock, the Czar,
the Narragansett, the Devonian. the
Kroonland. the Grosser Kurfuerat and
the Seydlitz?surrounded the Volturno,
and through the day and night watched
her burn.
Volturno'a BoilarB Blow Up.
At night the glare of the searchllghte
was added to tlie lund light of the
flames as the helpless leviathana
sought to give some cheer of hope to
their wretched sister. Aa darknesB
closed down on Thuraday the gale
showed aome 6igna of abatement, and
fresh efforta were made to laurn-h
boats, but these were so wildly tossed
by the roaring aeas that again they
had to give up and wait for the calm
ing of the watera.
Soon after midnight the flames, which
had been ateadily visible forward of
the Volturno, took fresh impetus and
rushed upon the bravtly fighting sail
rors, and as they fled the flre rea< hoi
the boilers, and with a great aaploalOB
the whole forward part of the Vol?
turno blew up.
Here happened the greatest losa af
life, for the frenzied passengers on the
ifterdeck, aeeing the flamea aweepine"
jown with redoubled fury. leaped into
the aea by scores, while men, fighting
thelr way to the atern of the ship. their
faces scorched and blackened by the
Rerce heat and with tongues of flamd
licklng at their heels, ruthleasly
;rowded women and children to the
rail and forced them into the aea.
Flames Danca in Deviliah Glee.
The flames, leaping higher and
h.igher Into the air, balefully lighted
ihe dreadful scene, while lighted buoya
thrown from the rescuing shlps danced
levillshly within tnches of swarming
r,ands, and broad bars of searehlights,
scanning the waves, sought to give
fielp and encouragement to thoae be?
yond the reach of help.
And every time a wave tossed fejver
*hite faces rose again from the black
<ulf into the searchlights' rays. Of all
the scorefl who jumped overboard only
-.ne waa aaved. One man caught a
buoy and fortune waahed him cloae to

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