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Luanza , ohe of Mr. crawfokd'.S
The Story of One Who "Bored Into" the
Dark Continent and Made Himself the
Mental Interpreter of the "Festooned
Minds" of Tribesmen There.
OUt ot the heart of the Central
Afrlcaa Jungle land eoasi -
ataocato Bcotctanan who has not
..., p ...... u for twenty-two yeara
and whoae neck ta all thal ttaw haa been
a total etranger t<> the clean
touch of a Iin. n collar. L>an Crawford,
y. R. .;. s. and Bataatanary, Baaa you
with a flashini: ? ye and Ulis. in a ?
of mueta and WOTda thal make po.
how for more than two docadaa he baa
been trying?and Buceaedlng, be it added
?to Bve within the Ethiope'a unchange*
able akta that ha may Uad the bla, k man
along the patha thal me said to ba 1*8*
aerved only for souls that are whlte. The
neartst bank, the nearest shop a thou
sand miles away. and once a tapae of a
year and a quurtcr when no word, writ
ten. pnnted. Of BRO-QB, bOTOd thrOUgb tO
him along the tortuous. Jungle-awathOd
goat track that is the main highway from
Baagualta <>n the west east to Ihe mla*
sionaiy s cliff-perched house over Lake
To a Tribune reporter the other day he
Bummed it all Up thus. as he threw out
his arms in a diver s gOBturo:
?l took _ pluage nito the black man's
life.. into his duty llttle hut ot dleeaaa,
dowa mto bla aalnd. And day aad night
two atraama af b:?.k id.uni-iviviiitd by a
_ie of enrved wrlata and drooplng
hands falttag slowly from Bhouldera to
nta.t.-BoUrad over me and thruugh me,
washing out?(with an upward movement
tt the hands patt his heart)?my thinking
Thinking white? It is his own accurate
phrase to set apart the ways of the white
man's mind. Just so does his oppositc
phrase?"thinking black"?gather up and
contine ln those two worde all the twist
ing, wriggling logicleaa ambu-t-ades of the
black man's thought. And so, havitig
wrltten out a clear deflllltton of "thinkimr
blitck"?a dehnitton th_t OOVera five hun?
dred pages and has just been bound up
into a book by the Qaoffa tt Doraa
Company?why, naturally, there can be
anly one title for such a volume. and il
is "Thinking Black"?just _o.
The strange experiences of twenty-two
years of unintcrrupted life ta th. loiin'
gras. have gone into the book, but there
has. been smail need lor dates and BOt
much for names. Mr. Crawford, bavtag
"bored in" in MM, "bored out" ta MU,
and out of the mists of those intervenmg
years he has composed h shiirp photo*
graph of th<- black brain in all its dOVOf
Binuosity. In his talk with the rei>oi'ter
the othtr day he threw the flaahllght of
his wenderful mental vision back into
those mists to reveal the Kthlopian mind
ln the actual process of making IhOUght
"As Africa, the land," said he, "is full
Of palms. fill of feetOOaed vegetation,
even bo those palms and festoons have
invaded the black brain. Talking to a
nattve boy one day I used the BOOT Uttl.
phrase, 'Htaven is beyond the stars.' I
spoke that pUtltudt. I say. The boy
.elzed lt and poured lt into his mdttag
pot of thlnklns black.
"Three hours later he came to me
again, and gave mt his own translation?
his own, mind you. And what do you
thlnk it wus' Listen: (and with a siow.
deltclous cad. n<??.-. he poured out the black
lad's melody).
" The Btars are the llghts He has left
burnlng along the dark road that leads
up to His clty.'
"And there ia your Shakespearlan blank
verse." cried Mr. Crawford with a wave
of his arm. "Oh. you bkssed beggars &
la Flfth avenue. you and your coopexl up,
watertlght compartments' The lmaglna
tlon ls all gone out of you; there ls no
change; lt ls all the same from London
to Paris, from Paris over Into the Latlns
?the same hobble Bklrt, the same llttle tln
"And from San Ftanclaco to New York
it Ib all the same?the same Anglo-Saxon.
the same ideaa. All along the llne the
people shake the same old chestnut tree
and down come the chestnuts, tumbllng
about their heads.
"You snatch them and rush on. Vou
are livlng too fast. It ls all hurry?hurry
?hurry. You take llfe with a zip. lf
you bolt your food you upset the gastro
nomical apparatus, and then you bave
Indigestlon. Your nation ls b?lting its
life, and sooner or later lt la in for na?
tional lndlgcstion.
"This silly thing overhead"~wlth an
upward, open-h\nd gesture toward a
etuster of taoaadeaaenl gioben?"yo,. shut
yourself in and then you try to bring ln
the llght. The aattve says, -You are m?k
lng an enemy of God.'
"The glorlous imagery of your thought
?you do not put it down when you vrlte.
The word llei. there"?and he rested the
back of his outstretched hand on the
? t ?, ?!(??,?? ?hlch he leaned--"but lt Ib
I wooden and deadL Vou have lost thi
tii.- cadence, th. iiasi. of thi
t j.
Mr. Crawford, nevertheleea, 1.7.- Inatllled
irit,> his Btory oi "Thlnklng Bia a
thing thal si . ir.s t.> qull t with I.: !l
?.:. ited tbat be h ,.1 emerged
ti.. Jungle ?ni. a voi ..t. ilei> fer :i ? 1
ruaty. Had ha kept by hlm a cbotci
i,,i oi rSnghah claaali 1 eal i.
.Not s...
? Ti,, gn ..t. -t Joj "f my Ufa In A
ha aald, "waa In gettlng away from youi
1,1. rature. 1 live ma an) word 1 bava 1 1 d
in my b.ink and 1 will glvi you some
thing BQUlvalent In the i.ubaland tongua
? 11; theory ln llfe ilwayi wee, "Truth li
far Btranger than flctfon.' e/hen blo .1
wa.- runnlng far thleker than ?
Central Afrlea 1 made it a point
in tive iir.es. to reeord the IncMent 101
poaterity. v-1 auch la the curtoua l 1 on
sisti ncy of bt.- tbat 1 havi come b ica
to my own iiata ong afterward an.i .???
fuaad almoat to betteve >uy ??wn ra ard
"A natlve aaw me tbua writlng. At laal
ti:. Mi , ol w ha! 1 was dolni
his brain." And Into the bia. k man'l
? . Biy i.s ba ltpiatid lt Mi. I'lawlui :
- irprlaa, a burt note, a aound ol
Borrow and ptty ta tb.- tone: '"Ara you
Imprlaonlng worda ." "
Then a*a;n ccenea thal upward swc'i'
of t! fl arm, as tha miaatonary ?
at t,',. t ut: Ii ty of the writti-n WOrdl "'?.-?
ing an eugk? Iraprieonlng a liofl "' Let
us turn to tba paujrea of o.s <.wn i>.,..k te
Baa what Mr. Crawford baa Beoompllahed
by way of inakitig a vcibal BOO of wonls.
Moat of it was wrltten In tha nildet of th?
blacka, by tbe light of a campflre 01 a
crude lamp burning BflflaJUtne, *
Hke llnsetd oll. Th'- author Is "thlnkltlfl
black" from COver to COVOT.
Orover Cleveland had just begun his
aecond admmtetriMlAf1 arhea Mr. Crawford
sat down in Benguella to wall for bia
band of black canieis who w.-re to lead
him through tha mountein gateway and
along a thouaand mllea of J111.gb--' hok<-ii
trail. "th<- most famOUfl slave tra.k in th.
worid," as he calla it. Tnis eartwheel mt
..- th.- ina.n hlghway from Benguella t.
I the far interlor.
I "ln thia >< ? pentl ifl iath.
'. rawford, "wa bave tha atrateglc key t<
I tbe citadel of the black brain Thlnklnj
? .;? thla, vei ly I
o! ,. .na: ?
walklng, and ?
f a I
thal 8
? '
' monotonoua Indlan file I
trall oi ?? i ? ' a wbole
.... anlng In 11
Bhall aee, th<
thlaa b lt aa the i ...-i who
wenl hlm did it 'i . . ?
;...--. ' ? ? :
aand anc-stors. and icl th. I
of thi negro type thal t.> thla day th? ir
aholi outfll of the twentfc lh cei try A. P
i gn be I ?und 11 i od wed on
Bgjrptlan monumenta ..t the aami ceatury
l,. . . llenci lb. Bai tu Bong:
\ arell-wai
i, Biu i i- 11 rn. ... ?> \? r? greal Klas;
v. ? bei
?; ? ... ay, preci dent, nol prlnclple,
blai k law, .\n.i any Aftli >?? d
tale. for around
rmlnal word
dOBI n hi. a: like law. j,: ohll.itioli.
,:,.' . ? ? ilon, plan, < P .
? ti | in liaa ti .ii
of aattqulty, the Etantu ti I
io, ntli... tlai kilt, mortar, peslle and
OUt ?/,
S"oo Cf?V
The Mop H_adr_-S dc_s as much
LXECUTlOri ??/ _? rlOODL_ _<lc2T
cooking ware af tha Moaaa pertod, Kor
... i wi w." .. r al thla, for la nol Bgypi
ti.. door of Afrtca? Moral: A thoi i
. daj in Afrlcan mai m 11
Tim< igfa ai tha Pyraanl la, ?"it
Un Pyramldi laugh al tlma.''
.- ilavcry t?. pn ? ??.!? nl is a note thal
ad very often by Mr. Crawf ird,
U had not a llttla to do with lha
thal /;?? was all of ibJrty-two montha
Bg from England t.. t.is goal ... tha
.;.... ngaaaa Hilla Ha found thal ra ruit
Ing carrtera for a fouraey waa aaaetly
iii.. worfcl "J a ??;"r machlne. Hi had to
... money into the politii al ma ?' bv
,rv .,i tbe dl tt ?? t being i aavaaa d I
I ould bfl gM out Tl.< B f'-t
or evi n v... ks al ?'? ti",p. thfl eara
are m i, h. Id up by atarlng trlhi?*
mi ii. wl o bloeked tbe trall und* r tl a
?' making bl.i brothera arlth the
atrangera aad alkrwerl i. ta ba opened ap
.-?ty or i. ar or
. bad i ? n anl laftad
Tha Batlvea wen nol Btroek wlth awe
at the neweomera i,v bo Biaaaa Untoee
tta white mea eouM prove aupedortty,
ilon of it would not be ad*
mitt. d. As the author exprt sea H'??
black man's thought! "Why should h
acrape and bow t.> peraona with n.> more
Bngera and toee than he has himself'.''
And the feettng of ractal anobbery be
.s berevar i.- go< . Toi here," be
are dlseover the black sona of
Adam ta be Bneb born Phartaeea thal
.h Afrlcaa trlbe thlnka it* aetghbor
only b eoarae 'gentlta* mob. th for tat,
rlghl aeroaa Afrtea, and thcace right
round the giobc, these taunt namee ara
/o *? Tl_AVELLER.S.dOY
Dan Crawford, F. R. G. S. and Missionary,
Tells How He Spent Twenty-two Years
in Burrowing Under the Skin of
African Savages in Their
Native Haunts.
pe?Bfl along the line, -ach tribe BBaMtlng
ly raga oi rlghteooaneaa af tha aapanna
of tb- other. ??f oourae, it La alwaya the
,. m man who la tha allaged "had 'un,'
aay, aever, never No L The Blhean aata
dega, aad the Lubaa aata analla, there
f.,i, aacb revll.-s the other on this touchy
point of tribal diet."
As for thfl g.ii'-rul subjert of eatlng.
tt,.- reader of "Thlnking Mia<k" may sud
denly ba aehwd with a gaatrettOfnte .r-Um
,?,? .,,,,1 th-n BB he rtUBfl BCTOafl a I BflBBBl
mention ??< th- dlet that th- author was
f,,;,,-,: ... eccept from time to time ln Heu
of in...- dalnty thlnga. Water ol all
eolora red, brown, blach or green
., bia thlrot, wbii- "graui
bolled t.> an emerald gmalM form what
he calLfl "a fa'moua toad " Thouaauada ol
rblU auta, taken arlth a good ptm b
..I- mll ar.d another "f kunger, he downa
wm. gueto, whllfl locwetfl and Boa-con
steak have tukl-d his palBtfl
Reta and analla, <i"cs an.i caterptllara ara
thi dleti i.- dalntb - "f the blach
man menUoned by tbe narrator without
date as i,. his own share in thelr
; tion.
But as fo* Bgfl fn Ifl. ocga-the piais
BWellfl fortb in a paten to hich heav. n
is ii iii contreet le th- other thlnga?
"Knip.ii.rs' dlet" thfl* are rulb-d. "for."
says Mr. I'rawford, "WbOB the negro
rnenlai palla, when thelr ineal is talnted,
when tha.Mnd "ii la -an.-id. avery time
you craek the ahell ?t your breakiaal agfl
ln a h. .ith- n hoi i :? ?u aqual tha erowned
( Buropc "
l- is .. never talltng Bourca of aatiafao
tinn to thfl author of "Thlnking Black"
thal ha bagaa bia real Ufe ln Afrtca
(.ped up Inatda ? - oi pact .m.i entuvtd
ato. kada town. whera atale, flflflflr air, bee
hlvc buts an.i the common porrMga bowl
formed tha portion of alL in this viliage
of "Chenda," or "Pilgrlm Town," aayi
tha author. "a kindly old graiidnioth-r
[ saw to my eornfort FaeMa and wrlnkled,
1 thla genial body was only on- of the
with-r.d oM has.s' of th- n.oil-rn ex
pioter's book of traveta, yet as tha days
paaeail an.i wa pot on family talklng
terms. here was a BBBIIllllglj repellent old
negreaa developed Into a charming dow
egwr artned to the tinger ilpa with Bntah
end polleh. Llateaed 'o your verb Nda
PandUla (thank you) with a pretty i leflead
.,1,1 hlusb. With her <'ld hard, corrugated
hands she Btlrred my DOrtidga day by
day, -.Kikitig all the nuals with tho alac
rlty of a glrl in her teena Heaming with
slmple truth. th" more this old lady talk*
f { a NO NOW we are going
/\ aar fua '" Happy Amy
-T~l- Happy Amy weJgha 6if
NI? NOW we are going to have
,- told me
s pounda,
so when she starts out to palnt the town
ba has aa advaatage over some of
us. All summer she oceupics a sub
staiit.ai retaforced conerete throne in
Crasy Town, at Luaa I'ark. and e_er
ctaee Bpartan m If-reetrata ta abetatainii
fioin repartee Rhlla fraah yoong thinga
in split Bkirtfl ejaculate "My land"
"I'h.ehe. lookUt thaa-at"' "Kor the Lord'a
Ba-aak,:" and so on. But now, in com?
pany with some 12,000 or 18,888 oth'r
amusement park folk and their wlves and
husbanda and afBnltlee and eamp follow
an, ehe ls going to take a blt of a VBCB*
tion before the wlnter's resumption OftOll
Ve who have nicely appolnted ottlce
suites up ln the Woolworth Tower. pre
pare to shed tta m now, and k?'1 your
furniture a few blocks away from Clty
Hall Squa.e. Kor Happy Amy's VBOB*
tion plans include a trip up the tower to
the sightseelng gallery. Her mouth BOt
wlth formldable determlnation as she told
me. She has ascertained that the .1. -
vators are large enough and llkely strong
enough. She ls sure she wlll RO up (and
I am sure the Woolworth Tower will go
down). So be warned ln tlme.
"Do you go In for any form of winter
sports?" I asked her. "Skatlng, for ln
Happy Amy gave me a look.
"Well. I've seen streetcara ladcn with
passengers spitinlng over tracks on the
frozen Neva at St. I'etersburg. and brew
8ry drayn." I hantene<l to assure h.r. But
Bomehow it dldn't sound quite polite. "I
"Young man." she Interrupted, "I once
had an engagement at the lce carrnval ln
' Montreal. They got me on to the lce
' where there was only a foot. and aft, r
! Id rr.anagid to get ashore three acreo in
j the bist part of the outdoor rlnk had to
I be roped off as unsafe and I K<?t a bad
I cold ln the head and no more lnvltations
to that annual festival."
This BCattertag north, south, east and
west ,.f the aiiuieemaal park folk around
outer New York. from North BoaCh and
South Beach and Midland Beach and Pali
Bades Park and Coney and Brlghton Beach
and Manhattan Beach and the Rockaways
is ona ol ti,.' Mgged ahrupl labor dls*
torbanc. pheaomena ta thi BeM of nn?i
.,, ecoi on ? - v. i it la acan aly a dla
turbance, bo Bmootbly doea tha army ?.t
ni, rebaol ..- ?! caterera ami show talk
gllde off Into th.ii new ..ibits.
Som. wlll real througboul the arlnb ..
some ??? -ii tak<- op other fonna of work;
Others will wmk els. v. bl , ?? Bl th Ir
trad.s, and "ii" 11 wiii 11 bome to i. -
rope, to Afrtca, ta Aala. The rlpplea
from thb outflung maaa ..f workera wlll
radlata aeroea the Atlantic nn they lap
the Bhorei of Moroeco and Bgjrpt, aeroea
the Pa. Iflc tlll they lap tta ahoroa of
This has ia. n the most pioaperoua aaa*
son th- . ut parks hav.- > \- i
known, due ln no small meas.nc to tbe
asoepttooally Bne run of the weather,
r.ddly enOUgh, however, there has bOOfl
laeklng the aaual season's noveity in
amueetnenl devtees. Ko bow aontdvanoe
to thrlll or oaptivate has made Its ap
pearanra Beverxl aurprlaee, however, aiu
promised f.?r n.-xt year.
It ls the food srllejs at the amusem'nt
parks who hava been making the most
money, and, moTOOVer, the men who sell
food eheap. The owner of a franhfurter
and BBndwich bootli at Coney Island,
wlth a 18-fo. t connter, ls reputed to
have clearcd Jj'i.KX. net proflt this summer
?all on ni, kel sandwlches. lemonade and
coffee. Indeed. lhe sandwlch and cheap
lunch placea have been making far moro
BBOaey than the expenslve beach restau
lar.ts. With few cx. ept.ons, the expensive
placea don't prodOCe much net proflt In
the eouraa ,.r a anaeon
You hardly realize, nntll you have.
BOgUfl to mak. a llst of them, the great
number of ttades and calllngs repreaent?
ed in a modora amuaamenl park. They
are pr. tty wdl all there, excejd the un
dejtaker?and he. too, ls represented at
Coney lelaad. though he doeen't Bad it
naeeaaary to take a booth on Surf ave?
nue and "bark" for trad,. Klrst, '.here
are the Conatnictlon men? carpenters nnd
painter.-. and dOOOf-tora and el> -tilclans.
Then the i ooks and wait.rs and ?lah
eraabera The "spiciers," the tteki
ers. th.- galdea th.- gataheepera. the
I "movi. ?? operatora. tha pbotographera, tho
noveity deaiers, the fortune telWs, the
wild beast trair.ers and attendants, tlie
rffeura, tba ?BanVtana, the Bbootlng
... men, tbe try-v.,ur-skin eoofrater
? ? pf .. .|.,/.n kinds. thfl BBOn and boya
who reauraaga tha erockery of tha eraay
kltehena, tha aellera <>f drlnka, tha bath
houaa men, tha freake, tbe ettendanU at
ctalty Bhowa the Baaa who start you
down tha awltchbacka and mnaieb roo oa
your trip through th- UBdergTOUnd nv.T.
,.;!,, of a bundred-and ana gew
,-,?., t..,. caharet antartalnara, the try
rour.welgbi av a, tha mern i^round at
t< ndanta tha otUgory la andlaaa. Most
Ol them are i.raiil..! aml have their wi. ?
aad chUdren llvlag nanrhy. And a week
Or tWO of nild-S-pt-mb-r will see thO
lutter dlelntegratioa af thlfl army of tbtr
t.. b thouaand buaaan belnga teertng i< i ?e
from their rOOta and drifting off to new
Bflldfl of endeavor-aomo to Brooklyn,
.- oaaa lo Afrii a.
rfBBBBB B?a All will breathe a slgh of
rellef whan tbe inst of tbe Berbe, the
Arah tribesm.-n w-ho have been appear
ing ln Flre and 8word at Luna, have
been safely shlpped aboard a cess-1
bound for the Mcditerrancan. for Hassai
ls under bond to the Immlgratlon authori
tles for every man of them, and must
kiss goodby to a sheaf of 1100 bllls for
evety one who 1? not accounted for at the
end of tho month.
ttaaaaa ls I.unas provider of denlrena
of the desert. If LBHBA wants a trlbe or
two of swarthy sons of Mahomet the
nianagement nonchalantly mentlons the
fai-t to Hassan. ovr a postprandlal
. igar, nnd Hassan does the rest. He
went to Northern Moroeco for the Serbs
appearing ln "Flre and Hword." Two of
ii.r.i flava brought thelr VOUed wtves
Blong, and one of th- ladi-s has. besldes
a baby, a llttle boy who will be havlng
tl.e time of his young Uf<* all winter.
boldlng forth to his untravelled comrades
at home on tbe marvels his Amerlcan
year has shown hlm.
Mme. Carmen. "bo wears a bang and
three w-st African rock pythons most
<f th- time and has two giant polsonous
1./..M.I- a gUa monster and a tiju mon
ster-and a handsom- husband close at
'hand. In rrazy Town. expects to go to
ICUbfl. for the winter. taklng along tho
'aarpeatl and the monsters and her hus?
band and two young alllgatora from the
Bvergladee "If you're Koin' to put a
;,:, .- |g the paper eboul me." warned
Mm--. I'.irm.n. "remembor i am N"T b
neke charmer. I've no uaa foe those
i'm an expert ta the art of
aducatla* ?nakte BeeT" I saw. and for
BOelBg was r.-wai.iod with an latTOdUCtlon
to Bill, a Dlneteen fOOt python, WbO was
in a BUlky BBOOd when WO meaMire.l him
arltb i. ruler, an.i ahraak up to alxteen
feel Bve him haa i.n ^,-tting anappy
of '...te, Mm,. Carnven explalaedi so he
has heen ImpeBChod, and now cute llttle
Martlti, who ls only twelve feet long, has
been made boaa for th.- ,|. monstratlons.
U lo n Mm,-. Caitaea nnd Mr. Ulll
BBOre and Hill and Muttm and I'ompany
gO to I'uba, I'rank I'lthen. the Arni
! less AUtO Speed Kietid, will ba drlvlng
his 4o-horsepower Miller car up north,
and ElBle the Btootrk Lady (alias Tereaa
the Tlnglitig TeaBB.. alias Yera the
Vlbrant Volcano), wlll be slmcking harrt
BRed young men who haveii't been
shocked for years. Tho Armless Auto
Bgeed I'lend, who halls from Steubenville,
ohlo, spends most of tho year hittlng lt
Up BrOUnd tba Mlddle. West. He has two
very short Btumps of arm and the drlv?
lng wheel of his automobllo has four
holes. Stumps are clumped Into holes,
and thus ts the BteeriSg done. Ile cranks
up the englne with his foot and Ilta ln a
new epark plug wlth his teeth, but he
confesses that he ls handlcapped when lt
comes to punctures. Tho apeed clutch
and brakes he op.rates wlth hla feet.
Elsle the Kleetrle lady ls going to
spend a vacatlon on Manhattan before
going on to a round of Southern fatrs.
And when Elate spends a vacatlon, she
told me wlth a worrled shake of the head.
it ls Just one sweet, sad song from dawn
to dewy eve. She has the faculty of
haiiding out electrlc shocks to every one
who touches her, and she slmply can't
help it. No, sir.
f.'l-ie the i:i,,tiic Lady haa gotten into
all sorta of hot water in her tlme. "ln
fact, TrOUble ls me mhldle name," she
assured me. "I'm goin' to wrlte a book
about meself one o' these day_. ho I can't
t.-ii rer much.' MavertbalaaB she yieided
aufTlclently to my blandlshments to give
me a brief synopsls of its advance proofs.
Elale spent the winter of l-? ln a small
town in Ohio, where there had been labor
dlaturbaacea. The powerhouaa aaea had
w.ilk.-d out and all the trolley ears were
Btalled. ilo^ever, tlie in unl. i| all ty pre
vall.d on her to take up quarters in the
powarhouae from 9 a. bb. ta n p. aa.. ana
,iit that tlme tt.e ears raa smoothiy on.
Sh., lnsist.,1 on going home to bed at 11
p. BB, and ears that were not ln the barn
Bl that hour had to stay wh, r.- they were
for the nlght. But the Btrtkera rupdrted
her to the Pubtlfl S< rvi. e Coinmission and
a court Injunctlon put an end to her ef
forts to benetit the community.
Sklnny Jack ls one of Chlcago's sons.
Whenevur dlattagutobed visttors and
famine comtnis.sioiis were in the Windy
Clty. the tlp was paooad along and so lt
came to pass that his sylphllke form used
to drift across the lawleoapa BMBtB t.-sti
mony to the prospertty of the Mlddle
WesL Sklnny Jack was ambltlous and a
menagerle elephant dled tn town one day.
Uardly had lt been carted off to tho can
nlng sheds before he had obtalned a re
duced frelght quotatlon and come on to
New York In Its pachydermlc stead. Mr.
GampettS found hlm and all was well.
Mme. Gabrlel, a vivaclous young wom?
an from Berlin, who comes to an abrupt
termlnatlon a few lnches below her high
walst. ls going back to a vacatlon in
Germany this winter. Unllke most of her
fellow artists, she does not swlm, as she
fears the shock the llfeguards would get
lf they brought her to shore and then
dtaCOVered that they'd absent mindedly
left her legs out Ambroae Channel way.
If Mme. Gabrlel is half a woman,
Baron Paucel ls all a man, every Inch a
man, and he ls twenty-seven lnches
from the crown of his massive dome to
the Holes of his flilken hosed feet. The
baton is by way of being a gay young
dog. Although he ls a good deal tmaller
than some of the dolls the llttle girls
bring ln. he fllrts outrageously wlth the
ladles from noon until mldnight?and
klsses them, too. The baron is twenty
years old. speaks American. French, Ger?
man and Spanlsh. comes from Italy. has
a pet eat whom he ado.es, likes bathtng
in the Coney surf. and watching the
movies, klsses four or nve hundred mar
Contiaued on aerenth page.
the more the scaiea of prcjudlce fall froa
your eyes, and you begin to see her itrlk,
ing resemblanco to aome Engllah ladj
you have known."
In Lubaland he met Just euch another
grandmother who had been cook for thi
trlbal chief and thereafter foreverraori
regarded herself as the chief cook of all
cooks. Bolled dogs were her speclalty,
she said, but when the writcr's servant
hoy told her his mast< r ate aggB, whlch
could be eookfld in a Jtffy by ! r. aking Un
shell, she bustlod away to gi I some u
once. Nor does she forget that the ih?Ui
must ba broken. "Ia beat oockaura man
ner ahe now g-ts a stout Btlck, smaahej
It up Bhetl and yolk together. th? retult
ant enaelette betng atudded all over with
lagged sh.-lls. stlcking out like carpet
ln the Lutira Vall- " Mr ''rawfort
canaa upon a whole town ln thfl terron
of a war with BBOCkeya, "blg reuow w
lowa, who atand up ta a man and right
hlm." They swarm down on the corn
Betdfl Bf every lifll fflBl time, aad it it an
annual affair for the aatlvefl to rally ar.a
beal th-m off. "Tithing tbe . urn" ther
Call it. Tlie flght has humar tOUCBaBfli
both si.l-s. "When a negr.. wunds hia
) monkey fl Ith an arrow." ba - tha author,
: "in a Jtffy the army BUrgeOB af il
quadrupeda wblpa up th. arouaaol
j moakey, aplta vMaeemaly over tba apot
! tears off a n.ors. 1 Of berfl freaa a tr*
end ruba in the reeultenl med iaa, aa>
ting and rubblng agair. md .uain for i
Agalll and again haa be enjoyed a feut
on monkey during the tlmi of (aaflal
dosena of them, as be - anebel ii
lanana vlnegar. "Xeveith !? M." he goei
on. "a long goodby to monkey stew
Never no more. Th- last I abOt gr-t ha
bullet ln the hffflflfll; but. BtandlBg boh
upright. be tragically put h;? h,tnd oi
the red. oozlng blood and thrai tima
thrllled me by polntlng I ? ? :iy atkb
wounoV Like a K. C. foi the prosecu?
tion, 'j'accuse,' these three mute but eifr
nuent appeals to hla wounds stabbjd aa
with remorse."
In the distant land where the misakffl
ary builds his house. in tne country ruM
ovir by Klng Mushidi, thera - rnuck aafll
for the godlv man to do ' n B July d*T
be wrltcs: "More ex- ' womeB,
whlch maana more putrefylng tkulla iaa
clouds of Llucbottle tlies Skuili heapel
no long ruatlc Ubles, skull? har.s'ing upea
tr...s like hat pegs, akulla with yt?>
ing mouths tbat would not ghut evw fl
death. Thia lUuebcard businei'.. TttVO
ber, means hard detective work, and tb
Emperor apenda aleepleaa nlghta rtUHf
hia own harems. Flve hundred (atd 8
fractloiu w ives and not a padlock ln t*?
land "
Tho suffragette. too, ia abroad la Kbf
Mushldis land. At Munema "court r*>
sip" brought 10 the ears of the mlssloc.
ary news of an unusual item in bw
hyaaaaual fold of lus u*yai highnae.
"This woman?no alettern Bhe!?dared ?
pr.ach in a dark, hlntlng way," writ*
tlie narrator, "the far-off dream 1
WOaaaa'a rights. but King UUebeard P*
wind fll it through h-r rival. With rt*
grettahie vulgartty Muahkll eallai tb
propagandist "a goat' for auch ?ilf
BpBBCh 'Vea. my lord.' Ifra. Amaiofl
pouted, 'even the gflgta are a BBOflal rtiar'
rlaga, for the fem ile has as good a PaB
of horns as the Hilly.' "
To get a dark and tangled maaa of?
lapi.iatcd huts. Bwarmlng at every cre??
with biacks, cteared out of the way **
a lon,,', straight street bordered by t?
or three room huts with plenty of ro*
between was the problem succeflifulu ??
plied to more than one natlve town. On
whole trlbe took up the Idea with ?,
traordlnary enthusiasm. and
tatlons to the ground m
more ado burned thelr long time
blazc, and at once set about TK'i,vAJfj.
them actordlng to the clean and ordf
plan of the mlssionary. y
Elephanta and llons that hadJ? J.
shot stroll through tho png< s of 'TW
Ing Black" ln a casual way. and a flafo
glory deacends on 'the two women
slew a crocodlle with penknives ind
cther lone wldow who brought a m'*2L
lion to hls death by a tlmcly apP?ctt*
of Hcalding water. ^
Spendlng a night perched atop a "*??
hut with flood waters awtrllng a" *b\Z
says Mr. Crawford, was about the *
evenlng's entertalnment he ever *"l!I
Nelther did he enjoy the wlld night **^
he took refuge from a sudd-n delu8e *
deserted hut. and then. when a re*
ing flash of llghtnlng came. founi*tfatf
escape cut off by a aerpent raerlnf
across the doorway. He came outliir0^
the side of the house-made a n-1* ?*
on the spot. ln fact. and without ?'?
for the raln to slacken. . g
"And when are you golng d1kK -.
all?" asked the reporter of Mr. C*
lord, as he said goodby.
"I'm on my way now," aald ba

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