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College and i
Demand for Seats to See the
Big Game Greater than
Ever Before.
Close to 150,000 Persons Will
Watch Play in the Four
More Important Battles
of the Season.
Any ttngering doubt regarding the popu
iarity of InterCflUeglata football under th*.
laalacd playlng ruics ir- i. moved by tha
rieiure of Bppllcatlona pourlng in mon
I th.- U< ket dlstribution
for th.- Mfl gamea of tiu season.
Th. demand for r-eata aurpaaaea any
r..(,rv.| r.f i"*vioris yrnrs. and Jhe vaiious
n_*nagenrienta are ;it their wits' enrls try
-? KWTI.ti." i Ol BQUiUbl)
l iii. eltuatlon.
I'iniii preaent Indlcatlona Jh" aeatlng
eapaclt] of the various Bfllda upon which
tiie vi.i' Harvard, Army-Nary, H
? n, Penneylvanla-Corw II and
? ??? Bjauiea arlll be played arlll
,<iiil to ihe demanda alreadi being
Ued by alutanl, undergraduatea aud ihcir
one of the Burpriaea of t!ie aaaaon ?- the
h*acreaae*J Intereal i" the Anny-Navi
Bame, t" i" played ln thla .itv on Novcm*
it araa thousht thal with the
transf. i -'*" th.' .-ontest frotn Kr.ciklin
1'hld PhUadelphla. t" the Pok> Grounda
the IMM aaati arould accoaamodaM a'-1
ho .!*.-ii"l lo witness the play.
Buch, however, la not Bkely to be tka
- ? (MBlMe th. v. *-?-:'.l 1"' <>?'
publlc sale of seats. as w:i- orifllnally
planned, w.th ??>?' I -*ta available
h aale und- r tba moal favorable
. ren this small percentage ol
the t.n:ii - I -; * ***** 1'"'?
0**oor.da may ba grflatly reduced bj pre*
atlona arhlcb are ben,^ d< -
.. in bti bundlea b] rvorj mali
For aeveral yeara tbere has been no
publlc .-.*!? ..f tickets for Jhe Yale-Har?
vard ami Princeton-Yale gamta, flnd the
.,,,- umee privileged to appl) f"r
? under ihe rulea of tba eorn
ti? baa Increaaed to the
? ahere Um allotmenta are bMng i ur
i.iilcd -rreatli ln order tbat thtrc may be
nu charge ol favoi Itbun.
Th> ticket rdtuatlon has reached '. ?
? DBOadO?l dtni.'iud of!'
promlalni Beld for lha aiiflculatora in
Ut copa artth this evll the various
orxaniiatlona ano pubucatlona ara
nlcga upon Iki aubject of
eelllna or Mvlna away tlcketa allotted lo
theae entltltd to them ahnilar to thi foi*
I puMlahed at Yale CnlVJ n
1 be 'black UM la nu empt] plvantom.
book, bound ln black, com*
pilcd with the aid Ol a tflTgC COTpa of Qfl
UC-Uvea, and kept in the ticket orhrc tO
mui retait. the la-TO*- of ihose
wbo-e infrii ' the rulea m-ikc ln
lot 'urthtr appllcations :<>:
wtat wili avail themaelvea ot
pportunlty to rt-deeni tlcketa th.n
-? Ibemaelvea.
? ?t they wiii not I.-- en
,..]i*--i doubtful comp?ny.M
in round ' -***a arlll be
avaUabli for th. rala-Prlnceton Bame at
? ivcn oa Sovembor U and i
l-Yale game al rjambridge on
K rwenty-aeven tl
be ti.. eapaclt) oa thr. atanda at
. Kield, Princeton, whnre Prince
t,,n and liarvatd meet on Soven
Mor, than l.OOfl Han ird undergraduatea
pected to make the trip from Cam
for this i..st named ?name. and
i ,., n? ,,. ,,. courae, arlll attend I
it boaiv. Th* alumnl of Um two unlverbl
.,,,,1 thelr frlenda wlll partohaM) a
counl i"i thi roinainlng bj ata
Th. Harvard ch< "-w> w"*
tmvel to PrincMon bj apeclal ateamboai
;;IU1 train Bervlce, and whllu Jhe Crimaon
. de wlll be nun-Tlcallj atronger than
th. Pennaylvanla brigade thal wlll Invade
\n;i Arbor tor the Mk htgan gaaoe a week
later. th.r Qoakera' foothaU caravan will
1,.- a bmM pretentious one. ironaa'der.ng tha
long journo
?Th. L'aivendtj ol Pennaylvanla ape*
nal " whuli will IflflVfl PhUadelphla on
Novembflr 14, wl" ?MiMM of thr?* eteel
ng ,,,,*. om ..i-M-rvHtioti, on.- dining
and on. *.lub car
Baskets Full of Applications
Unopened at Yale.
n. ? Haven, Oct, ?. Tii- ITale UckM
e_k? la Uterallj Beoded te-algk! with
thouaaada ol unopened appUcatlona for
ti fei tfca YMl.-l'rinceton fflotball
gaaae Im n oa Hovi raber i-<
Appli* ailons foimally closed at e. ,.,].,? k
to-algkt. Cverard Thoinp-on. nwaagerof
the ticket departnient. said the demand
this Mar bruk. all previous r.-cotd-.
wuh aeorea "f eatra clerka arorfclag iiight
and day. f'er. an buahel bflflkflU full of
nppih.itioi ? yei t" be opeaad.
aii day ioiik a Meady Mraam ol ppeelal
gedvory and iMegrapk meaatngari fiowc.t
t? tba aa_ee with eppllMttflfl* The
regular mails flkM brought la their beflvy
Rough estimates wete ninde tO-Blghl
nt; thfl number ?-f appllcations any
. rrom tea thousand and upward ln
|X em ?' th* ihirtx-four thousand Bflfltfl
Next year Yale s big new steel and con
ct.te "fcOWl" is expected to be in readi
n*-s- for tba Harvard game. and it wtU
neat sixty thousand persons. wlth room
lor several thousands more to stand.
Vote Against Michigan's Return
to Western Conference.
Ann Arbor. Mioh . Oet lfl.?By h vote
of 16 to 10 the University of Mlchlgan
ff.otball player* yesterday registered
themselves as opposed to a return to the
Western intercollealate conference un?
der present conditlonn.
The vote waa taken by "The Mlchlgan
I>ally." the r-tudent publlcatlon of the
university, in its campaign for senti?
ment favorable to MUhlgana immediate
re entry ,n the conference.
The vote was a surprise to the pro
(onference men on the campus. the 1912
rl?-\en almoflt unanlmously ha\ing ex
pressed itaelf ln favor of return.
The baseball and track te.-.ms last
night voted 14 to 10 ln favor of return.
Two of the men were non-eomm'ttal.
.chool Football on Many Gridirons g
Hard \forktQrder of the Day
At the Various Football Camps
Gloom at Yale When Pumpelly
Twists His Game Ankle.
Live Wires Lead to Princeton
from All Parts of the
Country to Coach.
I . Tetegraph lo TM 11 lb ise
New Haven. Oot. .s.?..uernsey'. drop
ki. kiiiK proweafl sava the Tale aecond
team three points agalfl to-day in tho
Bcrimmagi ssitb tb.. 'varalty. Tio- acrub
carrb-d tbo ball to tho .0-yai.l line by
deady llne plunging and end nm* by
Wheeler, Caatlea ami Ouernsey, but tbo
'vardty Um ssus Impenetrable, and after
three repulsea on aaaashea at centre and
through lacki. tha Mg fullback lifted the
ball over from tin- tt-yard mark.
Tl.e sarsits mad.- a touehdown in flve
minuti - oi flavagi piunglnfl tbat carrled
the bail on Bve ami ton yard sdvances to
th. 10-yard line. Th.-n Tommy Cornell
? i on an UMXpeCtfld da-h around
right end. Th-- 'vardty made a second
touchdown Jusl before the rlose of tM
scrlmmage, Knowlea taklns tbe bal' over
No forward passes arere tried, ihe coachea
devoUng thelr efforta t-- culUvatlng a
powerful attack by atraighl footMll.
Tbo play of Knowlea ss,.- brilliant for
Ibe 'vaisity 11.? got flWflJ 'tne lor a
-.'.-.-.ard end nm. Bnd Wfll tne tirst team's
mod condatenl salner, Ht ss-as outpunt*
od. however. by Cuoinsey in an excMnge j
ot ki.ks between the tsso elevens. Ouern*
? punts w.-re aii over forty yards,
snd wore twlstlng, so IMI tb. 'varslty
backs had trouble bandllng the ball.
Pumpdly vv. nl in for Wilson ;it full?
back, bUI twlstfld Ins ankle. BC that he
wiii I.,- unable to play for several da ?
if not longei in- bas be. n out ?>f the
game mar'.s al) <>f thfl Beflflon, on a.
counl of Injurlea, an.l the coat hea fear
in- ssill nut be able to get in condition
for tho Princeton game. Hon Avery aiso
hurt his ;? i m tbo Bcrlmmage.
The gates were closed during most of
tbo worh to-day ssinie Wa toi Camp ami
Dr. Hui). who aaw thr gamea at Prince?
ton flnd cambndgo. reapecUvel) Iflflt Bat*
urday, cMched tb. men in meeUai Um
.. rd au.; Princeton formatloni
"Bud" Talbotl ssas used on Idl ? nd
of tb. acrub to-day. and BUllrMn played
tha other end. TalMtt wa., a rarrit)
tackle last year, an.l Btlllman haa played
tackle '-n the second team tius aeaaon.
Th. coai hea ar. plannlni t-. ahlfl otber
big llneamen to tho end positions In an
. rf..rt to atrengthen th. team. Cooney ih
n,,t yet in e -mlition for .crimma .?> ssork.
a.?| CaldWflll tOOV Ins plgCfl at ontre thla
,.-t inoon
More Coaches for Princeton. j
r, . _r ipti ??? Tl - Tribune. I I
Princeton, K. J . Od M Live ?
i,a,i to t'b. Prlncdon footMll BeM from
aii parts of tbe .oimtrs during tb.se da'.s
,,f preparattOI for Harvard and Ya.c.
TwB men who hav.- prov. n Harvaids
undoip. m tb-- pa.1 '"?'?' bed hen lo-day
stock another notch.
nre \ k Moffat tbe ma^n d :
? roi ki. ki;-* ssbo BCOred four held goal
In om ganie ami beal Harvard by a acore
of N to 7 on. si ar and tt to - the ni ?t
ami MacGregor, ibe coach <>f IMI team
which, led by Eddle Hart wM alao i*
Mre, defMted Harvard tbat yeai
Theae men .>?? lavlah In thdr pia;s.- ol
ti..- Tigera In aplti d tM defeal "f Satur
das and ar.- | it 'hlnfl m ssitb a ssill to put
,,..,... r the i ?rta -u ant ther wlnnlna ma*
PrapUce to-dav. condatfld largel) "i ?'
half hour ot Bcrimmagfl on tbo freshmfln
Bgainst the cubs. vsho ss.ro a match
for tho 'varatt) not more than two s*eeks
rl.(, Thla afternoon th score of i_ to o
showed tbo no.v lif. tl.it bas been ln*
Btllled inlo tM ranks of tM legulars
OllCk and Str. H coulu not bfl BflM ''>'
the fresbm.ii bul tor. thdr ssas through
tbe OUba tor long gains that landed each
of them ovei lha - ual llne for a ts.h?
down OHch mad. Ma acore on a neal
forwar.i pass trom llul"! Baker that
ssas SOOd for tswntv sanls Str.it BCOTOd
hla -m s:iaisbt lln- plunging, whidi
markod his lust return to hi* former
blnfl drlvei dnefl ti.e Dartmouth
Afier tii.- freshmea had Bgougfa of tha
lighting thfl re-'jlai- returnfld to their
nv n quarterfl, svhero thej lu ld a BhO] t
Bcrlmmage ssitb tb. scrub, mostly fee
tlie sake of Blvlng QUfl and Law some
punUng praetlt ? QU< klcked for the
I'vardty and worked hard at it. but ssitb
Only fair BUCCeaa H? . oul.l not gi t abose
ins .i-said average, aad was ,. iRUa dow
, ui getting' lu- punta Off. BflflM trouble
might haVfl reflUlted had not tbo line held
tight. l-tv,' koi off many dlrected twist
? i I for th scrub. hut broke flbout CVflB
wlth <;iie for dlataaoa
Hordt-n and Laa BUbflUtUtfld for Hobey
: BaMr and l.lick for lhe laat part of the
practlCfl, and though a much lighter com
| hination they wore wds enough to give
tbe frflflhflttflW flndfl anu tackles no end ot
I troubb .
Hard Drive for Harvard.
I My tOtt ?.-_ph lc. Th' Tribune.)
Cambridgfl Mass. Oct. M?Flvfl touch*
downs re.ulted from tho Harvard var
dty'fl forty-mlnuto scrlmmage against the
second team ln the Stadium to-Uay. the
rogular mflfl being driven b.v the eoaches
as in no other practlCfl this fall.
The team. without Mahan at fullback
er ' > Hrien at left end. forced tbe attack
wlth gieat iK>wer. showlng tho result of
the continued practleC on Interference. on
which such stress has been laid. CooUdga
played left end and Hradlee was at full?
back, both men working niceiy in the
Three touchdowns ueie made on end
and tackle plays that carrled the ball
ateadily down the fleld. and the others
were results of keen mdivi.ua; play.
The footlng ln the Stadlum was wreteh
e.l. and the couhes Wfltfl glad when the
drive was over. At that. Httcbcock turned
hls lame ankle. but although he ssas ui
ried from the fleld. he later was able to
waik. and it Is not thought that hia in?
jury wlll keep him out of the Cornell
' game Hardwick worked like a Trojnn
and came off the rteld limping o'Hrien
could have gone into the play. but tl-e
coaches were unwilllng to take a chance
lie wlU be la the thick of the scrimmHKe
to-morrow and wlll plav against Cornell
Kddie Mabaii's foot la still badly swol
!m, and this afternoon he was taken to
the Stillman Inflimary. He probablv
cannot plav on Satunlas, as hls fool
appears to be polsoned trom a sp.der bltt.
No apprehension ls felt. howevor, that he
I.i x;an, i >i HARVARD.
Who ap par. -ml'. haa earned th. all-lm*
portanl position ..t quarterbeeh fo. Um
< 'rtmson elet. n
will bo unabU to i jalnst thi
Kovember *
Anothi r coa th. staff to-day 'n
"Bud" Bmlth, wM played an brillMntl) c
end tsso bc u?ona ago
Harvard's freahman leam hai
mflkhlK a pooi thon np thla falt
Hav.- Campbell, tha '?_ tooh hold
to-day, and from now oul lhe 'varrili
. ?,-. ill endi avoi to ss hlp tht
Btera Into Um
Cornell B.ckfield Improve*.
, i.
Ithai b. N Y., Ocl 11 A loni signal
drill anl B half bour'a ban! flcrimmagl
I .tss. . u |M s Rl lll i ib ss. i . tM
order for th, Cornell aquad ber. lo-daj
Kor oi -UH th. ssb-.i. Ui ib ham*
n* red I all ' ? ittert
11. - > a i < i llne
Th. tide t.f th< eed te i od fro,
bul m ih. Anal the n lulai h-. I
.!. Idedl) the bettei of I
11, flrH t i--. - ln ea ell< nl phyri< d cen* I
dition ?nd rei thraugh It - fll wlth I
a anap thal augura wdl foi Baturday
All ui all. tb. t.am* UggMl W.flkBflflS
Ms born tb. atoaraflss ef IM backa ln g't- |
nto pli ?. but ihli haa btt n rcmedied, I
and i.'niii' li ma? inM to h,i > ..
flying ba. kfleld.
Tlu n ss.- prfl( lll liis thi sam.- bm ..
as yeeterdaj >'?'? a whlta \. 9 WlU |
iama BuMtttuted foi Shelton al fulll
Hhuler rematneJ at quarterMch end
ins aquad thla afternoon lik. ? \.-.
Kprague, ssim played quarter wlth th<-i
eci ub, ? faal to 'v?rslt) f.-nn,
i ui ii handt. app. 'i bj hii I ;?? i ounds
ii. plaj? i fait .:.:_'? islv< gami od
faila to Bd thn ugh foi i p o I
1 am
\ .ignal di ill followed bj a ahoi I ?
mage ssill h.- th< mntb. foi tM nun
befon tMj leavi foi Hhrvard to-morrow
Plebes Get Chance on Army Squad.
? Bi ? ? sraph lo 1 hei
West Polnt N r.. Oel 21 Bomi good
nffenslvi strength ss ? .'.ossn bj ilo Army
footMll team ll Uce bor. thls
ifternoon sgainsl I ? crub
Tb. regulars cMlked up two tom hdowns,
both tho result of straight football taetlcfl
Tb.- Arm) i nai hi - are ddiuj bul HtU.
wlth tho forward paaa Thlfl play waa
spruna twice on IM acrub to day, bul wm
muaaed up both Umea Johmann aad
Wi cnis, both "plebes." wer. tried oul at
guard and entr. te-day. Johmnnn got ?
cMnc on IM regular Ib Hufltln'fl posi?
tion. whll. Weetnt played opporit. Mg
McBwan sl th. dvotal Job ssh.n Wadddl
a . llghU; Injun d earij In tM a rim*
TM Armj a crippled bst wa. Imreaaed
b) two to-day, when Waddell and Markoe
wer. taken oul f"i mlnor Injurles Both
will be baeh in time for Ndr. Ham.- <m
Baturday. Tho coarhtfl tried loostl and
Hknley sl Markoe'. end, bul it is Hkflly
tbat th<- former arlll got tM call lf
Maikoe is unable to get back this week
The Notrfl Damo Iflam is expected |fl j
arrive hero Ofl Priday morning, and will j
pradlea on Um Army_ held in the aft. r
Lively Scrimmages at Williama.
[ity Tetaflraph u
VVUUamstoarn, Maai
rh. Trtbi
Oet M
The Will- |
lams football team put a lot ot PflMflflrl
Into ? long, stiff BCrinunag. against the'
freshman eleven hero thls afternoon.
With tl e exception of Hriscoll, all the
regulan war* hack ir. thdr pia.os
On tM second play after the kick-off
Turner executod a pr?-tty forwatd P8H to
WalK.-r. BBd a moment lat.-r Toolan tore
off a ::fi-yard run around right end for a
touchdown. Hunnowell received tho
kick-off an" rnt. it back .? yards and
Clark clrcied tbe end for II more.
Pajreoa grabbed om of Blodgett'a for?
ward passes and made tho niost scusa
tional run of tbo flftflrnooa, breaklng right
through tho frflflhflflfln'fl Bflooadary defence
for '?*) yards and a touchdown.
The rest of tm WorfcOUt ssas devotfld to
a tirlll In d.-fenslsc tactics. and flflpai Isllj
to breaklng up tlu- fiflflliinfln'fl formations.
I.a Plant. and Hlodg.-tt mado the b.st
flhflWlag for the flr.t >. ar m.n. At the
end of practlce Vorss, substitute rlght
end, again threw bis ankle out.
Long Day for Dartmouth Squad.
| Hv T>!e<-aph M Tin Trihune |
Hanover. tt, H.. Oct. M.?Rflfld work for
tho Dartmouth team bas begun at Hano?
ver to-day and will continue until a day
before tbe I'ennsv Iv ania game. The
workout began with kukirg and passing.
Then followed a half hours signal drill
and dummv pea .Maa. After this ?'ava
Baagh put the men through his grueliing
grxss drill.
At this point in the practice Dave Morcy
Mahan May Be Lost to Harvard
for the Cornell Game.
Cornell Backs Show Improve?
ment in Hitting the Line
and in Starting.
brought his freahman team over, Ihe s*r
oad Btting Hne. aith Jh.- 'varalty back
fl.dd. whlch ronslsterl of Winsinp. Mui
dock and Curtia acrhainaglng againat the
'17 .leven for thr.-??pia! t-rs *?: en hOUT
Later, al dark, Cavaaaugli atretcbed the
rope and -tart-d his "go." TWO faflt la]
ended tba afternoon'a work
HogsMl and Loudon ara atlll ou Jh"'
ridfl lines. iiof-'sett is getting a real and
wiii oe in eondltlon t>. lead his taam
agalnal AmberM tauden'a Injury
siiu'ht, and tha coachea have nol declded
whether to play hlm on Baturday ot not.
Dartmouth is Ladiy ,.n foi Bubatttutoe,
th*. Becond atrlng ? Ither lacking In ability
..I enpertenci Dartmouth feela beavlly
tbe loSS rif Snr^W alld Vlllbrojse.
The 'varalt) llne*up to-day foUowe:
Redfleld, rlghl end; Rogera lefl i.iekle;
Hickox, lefl ruard; Mllinore centre; Hln*
man, right guard; Child, rlghl tackle:
Lafferty, rlghl end; l*iewMlyn and iiut*-h
ins. quarterback; Curtia, right halfbaek,
P/lnahlp, lefl halfbaek; Murdock, full-j
Stevens's Backfield Strengthened.
Stevena 'varalty had a lighl algna] prac
ii." reMerda) afternoon prevloua t.i i
hard Bcrlmmage wlth the aerub Thi
'varalt) repeatedl) mtaahed Ihe aerub Une
and s< ??: ? ?! -? '. ? rai lOU iirl.iu n .
The backfield haa been Mrengthened by
th*- return <.f Bavale, who waa " it wlth an
Injured knet Muak, al quarterback,
hand lea tha 'varalty like a reteran and
prohahly wlll J:*>l*i thla poaltion In the
game on Baturda) all Delawari Cl ? ? ?
\~ the boepital um |a decreaMng II i
hn[i. d thal -.ii.*r team wiit rr -
tii. \? feal ? ? elved al the handa
..f lohn Hopklna MM Bai irda*
No Lack of Navy Substitutea.
i Bj Tel irapli loThi Prll ui i
Annapolla, i ?* t 9 The Nai al h
footh ill team haa noa .-.iltute
f..r em h poMtton In tha lm> ..
taro for ? ' ? pM< a ln Uie I ?? kfk ?
return <?f Nli holla lo tha game la i i |
;..'.. i un th* taam both
, and a, .? '? nk
Th*- aqaad now ha* Valll, \ , \ ?.
-...ii .md Auatln a- i ib lltut* ? for Mttehell
i .. ? ? fhark bfl*
MeReavi , ? . Iflgu*
.,'...:. Blfld*
Ratea and Bita ilmmoi
The rei ' i . llno
tw. nf, irlnutea thla aftfli?
, . ial attentlon being paid to of
*? '.,. in Lati r tha aecond and
| rr, Bettmmagad fur A nuaiter of
an hour
Kenan OH Wesley.in Line.
| I'. y 1 ? ' ? k ; :
M ddletoa n. i '?..?:! . < ir't
lo me* t lha lieat R itgfli *
eleven on Bai i ihe aei rti en ut
Daa Kenan, theii huakj rlghl ta. ki*-. as
ii i?- fean i thal he iracked a rth In the
rat i i ii i la i aill be laken
- ?. ? r ,, : ophomor*. who haa i" an
r-i ia Ing ari il on the aerub
Kenan haa been uaed as fullback and
ia, ide, .* fll Hne plunging, bul
fJargenl wlll be kepl on tha llna all the
time Practlcally all thi practice lo*day
kt?nmage, Uh aerub being Bral uaed
ngalnei tha 'varalty, whlch Bnlahed up
arlth flfteen miautea agalnal ihe fraabmaa
< i.'. en
Btraleht [ootball aaa uaed mool of the
Ume, although a few forward naaaea were
tried out aith !">? ? i aa Di i?:.'? n I atlll
punting the ball for ttxt) aad algty*flva
verdi ..i a Ume Captaln Kuatla v\ill be
ueed foi the drop klcklng, h< wtver
Lafayette Needs Substitutes.
[Bi Tekarapii "? 1 ha 1 ribWM i
EoMon, Penn . Od 9 In vlew ol Um
fact tbal tba aubeUtute material al La?
fayette la noi a- atrong ai aubatltuta
material ahould be n rouiparis.ru uiih
the 'varalty, Mct'aa i* devotlng a great I
,i. .-,1 ,,f att. ntlon to thut depati neai of
the gam*
l*..rini; ti.?- Bve gatnee thal have .??
played Me?'aa hns been fortunata in nol
havlng an* of hla men Berioual) Injured,
an.l hence the call foi aubal tutea h..
p.,t been urgeirl Al the preeenl time,
however, nevera) of the inen ara allghyy
cnptied and v di t"i i ?? ahle te atand tha
etr di thej hava bi en ?itdecti d i., h- ra
ti fore
Biackburn, who baa bflen ptaylag ln*
dlfft*rently well at halfbaek, has shown
g,.,,! airiim in thtr.witu Um forward
pass, - Hammer, who has beea fullhai k
cm the aerub, cannot do tlda so well, bui
he in falrly stronK ln ordinar. backflflM
play, Theae rnea hnve been tranapoeed
Blachbura u* aou andoratudylag Bcheo
i?n and Hafon?a* is prepariag to ga in for
Brown m Ki aaedy abfluM tka a.t)
In regard io BUbaUtute ends Mc aa has
a good maa In Pardee, Other enda n<
piomise are Bdmlnater, BhilUng and Ham?
Brown Scrub Outplaya 'Varsity.
11*v Tetagrapfl la Tha TilB?a* l
Provldeaoe, on. ?. Th?- Brown 'varMty
football team Maa lUC?y to beat the ecrub
m ii hot h. liamaaga here tbM aftarnetaa,
th,' flrst strlnK inen b.'lnjf outplayed pruc
U?UT all of the way. Afl lt wu?. the
'varsity took a brace just hefore tlm"
was ealled and put the ball o\er for a
touchdown. Mfllaaagblm kkked thfl gflaJ,
The contest nmi the roughrst of th*- aea
Ormab) n'id McBee rapeatedly sni*an.d
the "var.-it>'s plays. and the former
scooped up a funiblt- and ian eighty yards
for ? aeora in sam IPblte atylfl, Hoth
moa .*re 'varatty oahlbre, but ai.- in
Tba lirst toam'a sliowiriK was rather
pr...i. The line could not hold, and the
i.ui ks mlxed the slcnals ao b-ully lhat few
playa w?-re run off well.
I.ondon, <>ct. tt. ? CaaUMver won t'.ir hla
toric remhrklgaahlra Btakefl, mn at New*
market thlfl afl* i noon, from ( heerf.il and
The rambridaenhlre Is at one mlle and
a furlong, and carried a value of *?;_>-..
Boxing ?#
Games of Tuesday Show the
Need of More Coaching
in Tackling.
Rube Only, Formeriy of Oom
raercial High, Making a
Name for Himself
at Colgate.
Hard. flrilltng work ssas tbo order of the
dn) al th? achdadlc feottoll camp* year
terday, for IM eoachee found many rough
points in Hi- 1 av of thfl tflamfl ss hlch
mtifll b? simiothe.i ofl Bfld pollflbed before
th. bed results ma) be obtalned Whlta
for tb.- most part tho ssork consisted of
fltgllfll dr:ils. lln- coaih.s deVOtfld much of
th.-ir time to instructin. tM linemen iu
th.- art oi making openlBgfl for ti.e backs,
a krtflCk svlii.h foss of tho boys se-ai to
hav- acqulred thus far.
Tha games ptayed on Tueaday afternoon
brought out in glaring colors tb. feel
a. if anj. ..." tbe forWardfl ar.- at
aii bui e m thelr tackling By and lai^u
th.- defendva men waited for tbe man
wlth tb. bail. an.i then, Infltead of lung
Ing m to tackle b.s. .unl hard, frequenU)
grasped tM runnei aMva tha walsl .iu-i
aetually helped him along lor aeveral
yarda before Rnally pinnmg Mm II ssas
this soi t of ssork Pflpfldfllt) thal aMfld
De WlU Clinton Ib th.- gaiu.- witii Hoys'
Hlgh. Beveral Brd downa wer. mad.- by
Cllnton on pla>s that should bave BflOB
pUfld up u.ng before thej got to the Una
in.lcr tb- capaM.a. blng d Budle
OoTSCh, former COOCb of I >.? Witt Clinton.
tM footMll eleven of Erasmus Hall Hlgh
gchool is rapidl) wlnnlna baeh its lost
laurela, Th.- Hnff flnd BIm is repra*
Bentod bs .1 strong, aggrea Iva team, aud
under Um dlra Uob of Otoon, tiie quarter*
back. playa thi |am< rlght up to Um
handla Ty Halatead, IM fullback, bm
sMwn markod aUllt) I - B I. plung'-r.
whlta VlvtaM Blta all tho requlrementa at
, ,,.i in tha fflma flgalnai Commerclal
i . ti am pia) ? d Bound footMll th.fb*
out wlth dashflfl d open pu\ at batervala
frequent enough to keep the aecondary
defenc of tM Bcarlet and Oray from
i..... dtng too ? i-'se to the Iin
Thn '? of th. bkmI Imporl iai
eam..- of th.- aeaaon wlll be playfld ou
Ktaction Day. Tbe Hlgh Scho.,1 of Com*
? ith iii Ucally her full t.am iii
th. n.bi sviii meet Morrla at tne I'. lo
Whlta a iloubb -ll'.id. i. BOBM*
thing iie.s in football. ssill be played on
, . ? i :,?;,!. Brookl b, where Braamua
Hall snd Manual Tralning Hlgh B. I.l
.,,;.! Boyg H fh flttd Pdj I'rep ssill tight
innual battles According to tM
ameat, Erasmus and Manual ssiii
,. i ^ . ... ? , ol ib. u 8am. an.i then
bsUo) .. lona IntarmlflfllOB sviuio Boys1
High aad Pdj Prap ptaj ??***? periodfl
<**h?. ? ?,, Brd I "iied ss lll thea r.-turn t.
the nml.ion I-- Balah 'ip
Tho d.-fcat BUffered at tho hands of
i urtla Hlgh S< h. M - d n med tb.- prcs
'.:.-..? of Morrla more th.n. two beatluga
at tho hands of an. Ol tl.e lO-CBttfld "big"
i'. r tb.- gr< ..!? i p.-i' "t tio- gnmfl
i-irti.i fon-.d Hu- lighting aid bfld tbfl
Broni iad.- backod down In thdr osvn
territory. Morrla uncovered many forma
tiona .md a sariety of tiick playa, but
lacked ihe punch t-> bring tb.- ball over
. until late iu the llnal period
Commerce Hlgh looka much atrohgei st
preaenl tban at an) Um. -une H.ward
Cann ssas injur- .! Th.- team Ifl MB
favorite bu ib. gnmi ssitb Morrta.
"RuM" Only, tM fot moi halfback of
. ommcrcia. la making tin coachea dt up
ami take boUi ? by bla daahlna ssork at
i olgate He is in tiier< every da> nrlth
bis dodgtng Ihrusts through th. Uno and
bas loal none of bis >kh\ aa a punter.
"BaM" Whlta, lhe voung tlant who
played so wdl foi Do Wltt Cllnton two
yeara ago, la worklng hard for a ptac.
i n tbo gyraCUM team Whltfl was out
?Tith a tss,--t..l ki.ee In tM Barl) part Of
tM i i on, but hope. to play lfl dl games
fiom nosv on
Tbo High Bchool of commerce cubs ssui
nn .-t thfl aecond team Of tho .Montclair
Mllltar) Ai idem) d MoBtdalr on Satur?
day Btorning.
Addpbl Academy, ol Brooklyn. la In
danger of having it^ goal llna crofl ed
io, tM Bral Um. thla aeaaon whi n it
fnca. tn.- Princeton Preparator) Bchool
?leven on Baturda) afternoon Bteva Me*
Clave, coach of tla Brooklya Bchool, bM
bi*- t.am in splendid condition for tM Im*
portanl engagement Uewellsn Wras.
svho played on AdelpM last year, and tha
alttriV. Tornms Hrusb. latfl tt Krasmus
Haii sviii lln. up Bgalnd the Brooklyn
pia) ? rs.
Dave Tab.r, IM foi nvt Boya' Hlgh
quarti 11 -i-1*. la maklnf ? nama for hlm*
*eii ..n Um CornflH 'vardt) alevefl
i apiin Huggenartg, tho bm Morrta
High fullback. bas fflW equalfl ln tho local
s.boolboy ranks as flfl offenslvo plasor.
Huggenwlfl wdgM IM pounda flnd Mta
tb< |UM hard
I'do Keppler, tho CUTtlfl High BCfOOl
fnllback, and PariMtte, thfl Manual
Tralning Hlgh Bchod guard, aro num
bere.i anmng lhe b.-sl flCholflflttC punters.
Hoth .no caoabta if fortv yardfl or bat*
tei under lalr < on IItions.
Boy Run Down by Paskert in
Auto May Recover.
c)e\eland. o.t. lt.? John lerrie,
12 yeara old. wbo ssas run down by an
automobile owned nnd driven by Oeorga
H. riuido'i Paakert, centredelder of the
PhlladelpblB National l..a- :.? team. late
yeaterday, amy recover, his phyilctana
announced bera t8*da) ||e has a fraet
liicd skull
Paskert pleaoed not guilty to sadating
th.- apflfld onllnanco in tho Municipal
Court this morning and his ii.?e was
CMcagO, Oct. .*.- Polo players at tho
Onwaatfla '"lub to-day engaged a profes?
sional coach from Kngland for next sea?
son. ami began preparing for 1911 on a
seale largoi than any ever attenipted In
this part of the country. The name of
the euach waa not announced.
Baseball &
White Sox Also Use Bat with
Effect and Win Handily.
( Hv Tefc araph to Tba Tilbaaa |
Muskouee. nkla. Oflt _>9.-Held power
less before the Mlndlng speed and baf
flitur earvda ol "Deetk VaBflf" Jim
Scott. the New Vork 'liants went down
to one-stded defeat at the hands of the
ChlcagO Whlte Sox here this* afternoon.
The score was 7 to 1. Hans Lohcrt. the
third baaeman of ihe (iiants. took hold
of oaa uf Jlm'a faal ..nes ln the iirst In?
ning nnd kno.ke.l it OUl of Jh- lot for
h home run. reacui?g hls team rom a
plunge in the wliitewa.sh bowl.
Scott ca-'e a remarkable exhibition
Me Ial the New Vork team down wlth
haif a doaen well oeiettered hits Not
aatlaflad wlth that. Beotl went out to
glVfl th*- game an Individual touch. ?so
i;.' struck OUl a dOflflfl batamflfl
iii abarp dlsHnction to the vork of
.-...tt was that of Arthur P'rommc. Hlfl
Offeringfl Wtrt taken in the nature of
a merry liitle Jest, nnd hammered to all
,-ornera of the lot six of tba aevea runs
acored by the IVhlta Box wera mada "ft
hun. and no few.-r than Ave of these
were mad*' ln th.' Bocond inning, "Bun*
ny" Hearne, the husky poung acuthpflw,
then entered the game and Ial tba White
Sox down with <me run.
Tbe gaaaa was w*>u played throughout
The Qlantu, however, founri time to ease
their overwroughl ayatema of tWo
The score i>\ Innlnga follows.
R. H i:
' "hli air.. ... 0 ' .". .' ii n o i o-i ;* n
New Vork. . I i.' " I I I ? I I I
Batterlea ik-otl ani Daley; Frommfl,
Hearne and Meyera atd Wingo.
- fl
Two Cars Catch Fire and
Others Crash Through Fence.
Blrmlngham, Ala., Oet ?>.?a 8erle<* ut
accldentfl marked th*? running at the
state Palr _rounda here to-day of a 100
mlle automobile race for amateurs.
Krank Kata*a ear threw a tIre on the
eeventy*th!rd lap. craabed througta a
fence aml turned over. Katz at?ferad a
broken ann aad numerous eata and
< ?n tba mnth lap W, lt. 1/iwHon'a car
w*-nt into th*- fence. Laaraan iraa injured
and Pflrcy Kapl'in, Ins inechatilclan. wa*
plcked up uiir'onscious. He recovered
later. Two other cara caugbl hre.
R. s. Botta woa tba rai a In IMilt,
Cuban Also Comes in for Fonors
in Trotting Matinee.
('ounteaa Koiii. owned i> Bddla Merkel,
? member 'rf tba Parkarny Drlvlng Club
lowered tke celorfl of Nat Wards bay
gelding Jack Leyburn In .* apenlal trot
Ung race al tha weekly matinee of the
Brooklyn Pleaeure Drivera' Aaaoctutton,
ii. id on the "''.aii Parkway apeedway
yeaterday. Tka rkdtor won ln two
atralghl heata
IVard kept lus gelding a head in front
for threi-.,|i;ait, r> of Ulfl flmt heat, Wbfla
Eddie Merkel'a Counteaa Kohl aprlnted
and won h. a I. ngtb, Jack _<1 burn
broke soon after tbe start of the Bocond
bruah and could nol overtake his rival,
Whieh won .is sh*- pleaaad The fast tra*'k
acooUBted tor the good Ume of IM\A and
i ...r...
Cuban, Um apeedwaj champlon pacer,
reveraed the reault *>f last waek'a aaeet*
iii.; when he defeated Bllly Bryan in two
of th. three heata of their apecMJ eon*
teat Cuban trlumphed in the flrst tilt
bj a good margin. but Ilryan srpiared
raatt ra b) noMng him out la the follow*
ii?_r heat Bryan waa alirr**/! left tt the
post iu tin- dflcldlng bruah, an.i Cubaa
w..n as lie pleaaad,
a. k r. .ks \.tti. [Hreel ahe-wed a
?..ri.i of apeed In defeatlng 1*1 Threet.
Rldgewood an.i Monbaaaa, In the Claae A
pace in two atralghl hea I ?
Thr. other wmiiris were: Bpeclal trot.
Ben u . over Mack Pranklyn; Clam C,
pe ? Major; 'lass A. trot Cbarlfly
Mack, an.i Claaa D, trot Oentriana,
Leads Meadow Brook Hounds
and Riders a Futile Chase
Hempetead, [*ong letend, Oet Mt?-Aa
excepUonally large number of riders were
,t the nK"t of the Meadow Brook fox
hounda at Brookvllle to-day ln aatlcipa*
Uon "f a gOOd i in after th.. MuMva i?iv
nard acroaa Naaaau County.
Thfl] were nol diaappolnted, as a large
vixen, of th,' red \..rict\. was soon on
fOOt; the BCenl was good, and the hounds
trailed faal After leadlng the pach about
th?- countr) for balf an hour tba rlxen
Beemlngly began to tlre, and it looked
as though thera would bfl a ki!!. but she
dodgad Into the earth when the hounde
w. i .? ClOflfl up.
Thoae who followed throughout the run
wer. Mis. Jamflfl A Hiilden. Miss EUflfl
Ladew, Mrs. ii. i* Pratt Mra. Thotnaa
Hltcheoek, Miss Helen Hltelmock. Mts.
' i.iicine liolan. Ulfl Ml?Mfl Alix and Bflflfl
Dolan, Prank Orey Ortawold, the Mlaflee
Mary ami Laura Caafleld, Mrs. Harr) i.
Ni'hoias. Harry i Ni*Imiaa, the ma"ter
of the fox hounds, and MflflflTfl. Thomas
Allifloa an.i Weeka
Team Shows Well in a Lively
Tussle with the Scrub.
with avery man on the agaad in his
football lopjs and ready t*r play, .lake IliRh
drove the Hew Forh Cniveratt) team to its
iitmnst ln Its practlce yeaterday afternoon.
Kd COOnej an.l Jeff QoMberg, former
Hrown star, w.re on hand t?* drlll the Une
iii* n.
After a preliminary dull in runntng
ba.-k punts and line charging tba 'varslt>
went through a hard acrtmmegfl wlth the
This wai marked hy long runs. Haldle
and Brown were respoiisible for moat of
theae. The latter ltei.i! off iO yards
firour.d Waldnian's end. He planted the
ball on the I'l-yard line. Un the next
p|_y Wcev.r, tba husky tackle. worked th.
ball over Cor a touchdown
Crown reeMved one of Von Me. how s
punls and ran it back I" yards. He
rfppad "h* ?'.> rarda on the next play.
Hurke. who was shifted to the 'vnraity ln
I'ark* a plaee. made IJ yarda ln two good
Eayaa arafl in at guard in plaee of
I'uslck. who has not reported thls week.
Zayaa is putting up a game flght He
may win n permanent herth. Huutly was
back al quarter. Hla work was the beat
he has shown in practice thls JaMson. He
atarted qatekly ami kept his feet eratt,
shootlng aheail for yarda after ba was
apparently stopped
V*?n Mechow dlrl th.' puntlng for the
tcrub and got away wlth aome pretty
kicks. a\eraglng 60 yarda.
Meeting in Indianapolis on
Saturday Likely to Point
the Way.
Bits of Diamond Gossip Pieked
Up Here and There for
the "Fans" Who Are
Still Hungry.
Much interest is being taken by base?
ball foliowc-rs in tM BMfltlni at Ind laa*
I apolis on Saturday of l-Vtler.ti l>ague
owners, who expect tO Iti' rea.- e tla- r s ir
eult to eight dubfl and poflflfbl)
open warfare on oi_uiii_od hflflflbflll
Haltimore and Buffalo are the I lUflfl
Whlcb probably will bfl added. It bj .-aid
that Pittsburgh, Cleveland. Indianapolis.
Chicago. St. I.ouis and Khi.ms Clty Arlll
retalfl thelr pr.-s.-nt franehises.
To Insuro the paying <-f salaries and
other obligations during tM TBlng se_.
son club owner.. are BVpoctOd to b?- pro.
pared to fltflM ;t dflpoMI of at Iead ?
th.- money to be placod with the league
ofticials or deposited in local banks of
cities comprising the circuit.
Tho chicago, St. Louis and Kansas Citj.
clubs are expected to announce flnal planfl
for the building of new parks to be re_dj*
for next flflBBOB'fl openlng.
Word CBBM from Indianapolis that tha
club in that dty had par iMflfld tho pf0
for a park on Kentucky avenue, wtthln
lour bloeks of tbfl downtown bVfltnflflg
eentre. The sale was provisional. atul
gives the clun tho right of poss.-ssion for
flve years. J. Kdward KrBUflfl, | I t
of tbo club. said a MMM baseball planB
would be erectsd.
? 'haries H Kbb.-ts. chiof ownor of thi
guperhaa, celebrated IM ftftleth anni?
versary Of his birth s-o. torday. [| |
bad tbal th-- baa bm la over,
otherwlse thfl roional WOUld haVfl olTered
tho "fiins" a double or perhaps a triple
beadi r.
Hohbs- Wallace, the veteran infleldor,
who, it was roportod, dM Bd CBTB to plav*
undoi- Branch Rfc kes an-l ask. d to b*l
tradfldf has sssorn a'logiar.o. tfl BBfl no*v
manager of tho Brown*. and will be his
first lieutenant next season.
Pean that Charlei Webb Murphy, own
er of tho Chicago CuM, who sails for
Kurope next we.-k, will make Ireland Mfl
permanent homo ar- unfounded. Murphs'
svill stay abroad only ris ?? works. ami flrlU
return in tlme to WbOOp things up at tbfl
annual meeting flf the National Lcagu. la
thta ' lt) on I'. . mbl r ??.
i;. orge gtalllnga emphatfc dly denies th?
statement credited to him that tb. \
ican Iiflflglll is 14 i . r ccm stronger than
the National. Tbo manager of the Boston
Brases brands tho story as a baat IBbri*
cal ion.
August Herrmatiii, pr.siilont of tho i'ln
oinnati Rfldfl, is authority for tbo stat.
ment that OflOlgfl Sugg.*', tbo pttcMr, was
sold to the St. Loulfl Cardtnals fOT t
cash consideration and did not invol
exchange ol any players.
According tO tM ph - Ifl k
Ooombfl, pit.hor ef tM AthleUcs, ss
Bfl good as novv when th?* Wfllghtfl BXfl te
moved from hls sp:i:e, to-day 01 ttM
row. After tho dinner to Um *
cbamptoM la Phlladelphia on T ?? -lay
evenlng OoomM was almoflt smotberM
with Bowera from nis teemraatea
Jl bn Anderson. once of the Nevv Vork
Yankee. and later with the WashingtOB
Senators. is BOW a polneman ln WorCSB*
ter. Mass. The Now .'ork "fans" -ti.l
reinember how John dauntlflMl) Itflfll
?etond base Bfl the Hllltop grounda with
tM bas.-s full and two out, with S run
Bflfldfld to tie tlu- acora Blm e ' e wai
folled In thal attempt to write ba?eba!I
history Johi has Alwaya beea for out
svard order and dflGCUOy, a tirm flU| otttf
if tho l.iw.
Anderson was fl griat favorite witb tbB
"AaMB Corner" at tlie oi.i home f thi
Yankees. and lhe story goes that o: e day
tho rootera roM and aang "F< or lohaT
for liis benetit. The thoroughly ai HJflfll
Anderson rushed over and BbOBtl ? ?
haVfl just as much mont ?>? aa any ol yOUl
I'm not poor at all."
"Doc" Whlta the veteran flOUthpflfl ot
the White Sox. Is thinking Bflriously ot
joining the pla.sets svho ue tl l -' *
tour of tho world.
Krank "Wihlnie" Schulte. tM i itfleld*
of the I 'hlcago Cubs. is on his wa" 10 hU
plantatlon ln Woodbury, Qa Bcbulta haa
. xt.'iisivc peach oich.u.ls. ani plana ta
sflttta dossn anu bfl fl farmer whi i his
baseball dayfl are "Vi i
Bobby Byrne bas returned u> lirst P1"
ciples We is plusms; BOCCflr footMll OUt
lll Bt. I.ouis with the DoyMfl aud th< DOB*
os aus aiid tbe M.-i ai tb.ss.
Joe Tink. i. manager of the Reds, sl'l
Mordecal Brown aro ,,n b bUBUng trip i"
tho Dakotas.
Larry Cbeney and Wdter John* '
m.-et ui a pitchlng dafll ni Bartleav
' ?kla . on Sunday aft. ruoon
Rlvtngtaa Dtalflnrt tbe Bronx lad re*
cently drafted by tha Bt Louta Bruwi *. ?
making lM most of his sonteiic. . Ile
hOgflfl one 88) M Bd ssitli fl real *>ig #
!i flgUfl leam.
Wins Four and a Quarter Miie
Run by Many Yards' Marerin.
John J. McNamara, an Irish-Aim rie?_
Athletic Clab ruaaar, cantcred home (**
in advance of the field thfll competed i"
tl-,.- Bt Vinc.iit Ferrer Athletic s'bib rufl
last night.
H. started Bfl 8 flnal workout for th.
ttn-mlle national championship run 0'?
Baturday, and proved that iu- wa? ln pW'
fe.-t condition in winning by over a full
mlnute. His tlme for th. V, mllcs nat
Charles De Bteffl.no. of the O.anam A8
soeiiition, nosod out J. Brunson fer -?*'?
? aid place by a few feet.
Tho tirst ten to tlnlsh lollosv:
PaattlSO Name und club.
1 J J M. S'amara. ll l.h- Amerlcan A. > - 1.
1? C I>. St.fan.i, o.anum A. A..._. j*;C
J?J. Hiuti.Mi.il. Sab-iii-'V. "ent A <" ?;?*.
4?C. I'oroa. Sh.-rl.lan A C. r?.m
V H. Karle. iv-.onx fhyrch House. -Jig
6?J. O'Meni. unattaehrH. -,.;^
7 .1 Hughes, nzuiiam A. A. 9.tf
S-J MeKay. Holy iYom Lyceum. --.^
9?W. Ma.ulre. ozanam A A.g.y
10-J. Igser, Oianani A. A.

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