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y. S. MIE
Only Chance for Peace, Diplo
mats in Mexico City Say,
as Four Battleships Sail
for Vera Cruz.
Huerta's Determination to Con?
trol Army Convinces the
President He Must Be
Eliminated Entirely
at All Hazards.
?... Trtban- Buresa.
Oct 28.?II becflme
kaown to-day that Oeneral Vlctoriano
Huerta intend. tobe chief of the armed
rerccfl ol Mexlco after his wlthdtawal
,s provlsroaal Pre?ldent and that it lfl
the conflfliiBUfl of optalon in th. diplo?
matic body ln Mexlco Clty thal Amert
Bn intervention fllfordfl th.' only ?olu
tion of Um Mexlcan problem, all of
whlck has been reported to the Btate
Department by Nelson CfShaughneBBy,
tmerlcan Charge d'Aftalrea :.'. |
Mexlco Clty.
Aanouncemenl waa made that the,
battleships Rhodfl Island. Virginia. Nc
? raskn an.i Now Jeraey had sail. d (roflt
Hampton Roada for Vera CTua to ro- j
? four battlcships of the second dl- ]
,-l.lon of the Atiantlc lleot atroady
Rear Admiral Pletcher will
ihlfi hi.> Bag and remaln Bt Vera Crua,
rhlle hla preaenl command aallfl back
to the Cnlted Btatea. If condltlona r.
. b1| th.- ships will be retain. d Bl
Ven Crua.
II ii considered highly probable thai
ihe decialon of tho admtntatratton to
bc dennite poUcy. aa all the
Intereflted natkma bave now beea to- j
formed with a raqueal that they deker
nny contemplated actlon until America
enundatefl ber policy, la largely due to
the attitude of the diplomata la Mex-j
I ,, cit: ? oae governmenia naturally
?tuenced by thelr vlewa
The riewfl of tbe diplomata were ro
portod by Mr. O'Shnughneaay after
meetings of the corpa iti Mexlco Clty,
folleiriag the draatlc actlon of Huerta
in hnpiiaonlng rertain membera. of
COngresfl. Mr. O'Bhaughnaaaj learned
that prai tl aiiy all of th.- diplomata
thoujrht thal the only way out of the
Mflxlcaa dlftculty was for th- Untl i
Btatefl lo int< rven.-. . nd it was ih~<r
DpinlOB thal it was the duty of thfl
Unlted Stat.-s tO do BO.
Spanish Minister Blames U. S
Th. Spanish Minister. who is dean of
diplomatic body in Mexlco Clty,
wat partieularly rehement < n ihifl
K.rc. He complalned that many Boan*
- Wi rc being kllled ta the north,
and he -aid flatly that it waa thfl Bpan
on* ntion that the Cnlted Btatflaj
, - reaponaible, and that this country j
,i take atepfl to bring to an end
. troubles which were coatlng foreign
Th. FTench-Mlniater was also critlcal
Of thfl attitude of thfl United Stat.-s.
Sir Lionel Carden. thfl British Mlniater,
whose recent Bttorancea havo caused
?o much trouble, also ipokfl at one ?f
the meetings, and it was bfl who mld
that flfter the eleetion. Huerta Intend*
?d tfl becomfl chief of thfl military es-l
tal.lishmeiit. lt is flaSUBBOd hflTfl that!
Ur Lionel knew deftaitely that nuch
Ita'fl int.-ntion. Tho dlplo* I
n_at\ h ? i r, reachi d no d< B- ?
Bhe or i ollectlve ni luakm.
What M.W Prealdenl Wllaoa taken]
of thi poflfllblllty of Huerta la rtrtual
: ,1 of thfl (ountry tliroujih the
.rmy Ifl not known, bul it Ifl belleved
ihat he will not toleratfl him in such a
?trong position. and that Huerta's in*
leatlon to remain in power in this way
lustih.-s the Prosldent's .onviction that
r? tl.- (-?<?.d of MextOO Huerta mnst bfl
rianlnated entlrely. Huerta reached
tii. Presidency through commanding
thfl army. it has long beer belleved in
Waflhington'i ofBcia! clrcka that
Huert,, haa had BOUM scheme ,n \ l.v
BtUch would make it possible for hhn
to quit th. Presidency bul still r.-m_:n
in eon:' . apparentlj. thlfl lfl lt
All Nations Informed
. retar; Bi van aald to-daj that not
oai) Oermany and France
aeri aaked by this country to tak** no
Action In Mexico until the Unlted
Sthte. bad made lls announcement, out
Uiat the message wenl to all nations
bawng ir.teicsts ln that country. Mr.
i. Araa aaked why this action was
tak-n al thla partieular ttflBS and if the
State Department had information ta*
dkatlng thal any oth-r countries 8Ct i
KQy planned deflnlta and Indapsndont
?ctlon. Ilo said no. and that this go' -
ernment had taken the stop menly to
aatldpatfl auch actloa by other coun*
?,n. s?to forostall that action until the
l'nited Btatea had had an opportunlty
lo anaoum l its own plans.
lt is belleved, however, that the situ
Btion int. rnatioiially must have be
romfl acute. Mr. Bryan would mik.
Bo pr.-.l, tion when the American pol
llcj wouid bfl enunclatea. Netther
Would he comment on its form or prob*
shie method of issuame. observers
think, however, that the staternont wil!
bi .orthcomlng la ? law days. That lt
Tflpflflflfl in t-aaaJ. R-_u.lt* "
In delicflte skacfing, in dajnt?
effects?in all tKe beautie. of tone
coloring tKe BeKning is tKe in
comparal-le Player.
?*S Fiftk A*V, Entr?n<_i on %9t\\ St
REAH A l >_ i H \l. :'. F. FLETCHER.
? r ..|i.. right, Han is a Be mh i
will be sent t.. all inter* sfd natlona
knes wlthoul aaying.
Mt. Bryan aald thla afternoon that
England, France aml Oerman) had re?
plled t*. lus repreaentationa and bad
agreed nol to take any action, bul thal
si- far aa hc knew. repHea had been
r< . Ived from rn. other eountrlea. lt la
believed tbat all other natlona will fol?
low the lead of England, France nnd
* ;> rman),
Will Satisfy Europe.
There la mor. rear* n than ever to be
Ueve thal Preridenl Wilaon wlll outline
b poll*) which wlll be aatlafactor) to
Europe, bul arhleh providea for tha
?ettlemenl of tha Mexican dlfBculty by
th?- Cnlted Btatea with no Interference
or aaalBtance from Europi other than
moral suppoi
It la reallaed In Waahlngton that In
order to ellminate the Intrepid Huerta
tw.r things mual be a< - ompllahi ri the
procuremenl of th*' moral support ol
Kurope for the Amerlcan policy, what?
ever it is. thus provlng tn Huerta the
futiiit.v of playlng Euro].S afalnat
the United Statea, aa be haa been
doing, and diaabuaing him of ins ob
viously flrm convlction thal the i'nited
Statea governmenl la afraid to back up
its Inaiatence on his ellminatlon by the
uae oi for ?
it haa been clear f"i- aome tim" thal
Huerta'a deflanl attitude has been
largely predicated on the aupport which
he has r. eived from aome European
quartera and "ti hla bellef thal in no
circumatance would the Cnlted Statea
Intervene. Conaequently, ln- has wlth
Impunity refuaed to pa) tin- alighteal
beed to Preddcnl Wilaon'a demanda
an*i warninga
Huerta's Last Chance.
it |a believed here thai Prealdenl
Wilaon has given Huerta Jual about hla
last (ban..-. aml that in liis forthcom*
Ing Btatemenl be will aound a note of
warning which Hu.rta must hflfld; thal
he will lmpress upon Huertfl with all
alncerlty thai if the warnlng la diare
garded draatlc action will be taken al
it is Botli eable in offli li I ln l< i lhal
there la much more talk than ever be*
fore <'f Intervention, and ll la noa
being acrloualy regarded aa the nexl
atep in the Mexican bualneea. Inter?
vention is just as diataateful t*. all
claaaea of offlclala as II ever was. but
the convlction la growlng thal it is the
only courae to follow, unleea, per*
chance, a demonatratlon of force will
, auae Huerta to gel out. II la belli ? d
thai Prealdenl Wilaon will exhauai all
peaceful meana, bui :t la also fell that
he has already reaehed Ihe llmll of
i ? - nable patk i* ?
No further newa waa recelved to-day
of the pllghl of the i-'i.-ii' h i olony al
San Ignado, In Blnalea provlnce, It
now appears tbat the rflojuesi for pro
tectlon came i" th*- stat.- Department
fn.m the French Mlnlater In Mexico
City. The state Department replled
that thia country wouid do all ln its
power. Aa yet, however, th*- depart
m* nt baa falled to rotnmunlcate tn
the Nav) Departmenl any Inatructlona
f..r the armored cruieer Maryland, now
al Masatlan forty mllea from Ban
Ignacio. i nleaa he shouid chance to
learn from other aourcea of the dangei
i*. the Freic h colonlata tha ? ommander
ct" the American ahlpa on Ihe Paclfie
alde "f Mexico mighl t-ellj order thi
Siai- land elaea hi ra,
"Go Below, Sir!" Orders Officer
on the Louisiana.
Vera Crua, Oct Sk Oflaflral FflUa i>iaz.
now a refugea on board tba American
hattlechlp Louteiana, leame'i to-day tbal
the privUflge ef aaylum on a battleeblp
carrlea with it certaln reatrictlona not un
like prteon regulatloaa By order of the
admlral *;enerai nia/ i? not permttted
communication with any one from i-horo
without his permission. and thfl admlral
has r1v.ii Oeneral Dlaa to undenstanil
that such permlerion wlll rarely he glven,
The enforeemenl of thla ord*-r i? rigid-.
"Will yOfl please ','0 below. _rT" Bflld
ihe offleer "f the flecg, aaa?ting tn* gen
eral, when h.- had begun a conversatlon
with a man Whfl had brought his bagSage
Oenflrai Dlai appeared to bt annoyed
ioi an Infltant, bul arithout kaaltatl?n
Admlral Fletcher explalne-j that. while
i,e was wiliing to plaea i la flaaahlp ai the
dlapoaal af Ueneral Diaz as an asylum.
h, oid not propoee tfl axpoae himseif to
the crltidam "i maklag it a plaee for
poaalbla ptottlng.
The diapOdtlon Of lha:; and liiia com
panlona bas noi bflflfl dfltermined, but it
appeara piflbahta that thfl) wlll eveatu
ail) |., h.t aahore from one ->f the b.u
tleahlPfl, protably tha Loulsianu hertelf.
wh* n she sails from MflXlCBfl waters tha
llrst week !n Noveiuber.
Oeneral i"az has expreeaed hia prefar*
eiue for Havana, adding, however, that
he was wtntng to be set kshore anywbere
exoapt?ig at a Brltlafc port, alnea he wu?
convlnced thal the Britlah atathoritlea
v.ould send him ba.k tfl Maxloo, He lB?
Qulred of Mr. Und, who visited blm to?
day. if be thought landing him at Uavaiiu
would embarrasji the Unltfld States It is
liluly that he will be landed at Key Waat,
rrom whi'-h port be CSUM pro<-eed to
Havana lf n" Ptaasad,
With rsfereac* to ihe fature. i?ia_ pra*
f,..st.M to be taraugh wlth politics and ro
bellloni ann' says he wlll ask BOthlOg
better. ao l""*: as h,s countrj la in Wfl
preaenl atste, than to ba paradttsi to
n p?flc? sbroad
? i, jt :, atrange Inconnistency," Im
i?.,!;h, 'that a battleshlp should be sr. |
mtt ? placi "
Thrsfl flrarshlpfl tin- Oflnaaa ?ruleerj
Hertlia. th Unltsd gtatea crulaer Tscoms j
,,i!.i fiinbosl WheeMna *re nem am borsd
ln tho Inaer bsrbor. Tho Ta.ns sntflrfld
to-day l" tflkfl "'I Coat The poi l authori?
ties oxpros.od BOBM ;.| pt. l-.-nsioii at the I
nesr spprosch of ono ther warahlp.
Mr*. Daniel Madero, feariag that aha
araa ahout i<> i?- arr. Bted, wem to tho,
Amerlcan Conaulat? this Rfternoon an.i;
rematned Ihere aeveral houra. Bb* end
Mra, Bvarlato Madero wera broughl bflta
wlth th.ir husbsnds, wh<> were arrested
by the federal authoritlea a' Monteray.
General Called "Coward" and a
"Molly" and This Country
Meddler by Press.
[Bl c'_l,P lo The Tribune 1
Mexlco Clty, i *t lt. Sorernmenl
newapflpera let looae a flood of insub* to?
day agalnat iviix Dlaa. "Ki Impan lal"
ruya that thoiigh it opposed his candidacy
lt never ?uppOfled he w?a n "mctly." II
goea on to sa> that ln- wrapp. I himself
up ii. th. stais and Btrlpea whlck nns
acrved "n- a wlndlns aheel of hls dead
honor." flnd flddfl! "Ho hld in a Woman'l
?kirtfl llkfl n frightened peodle, vhi\.nn_:
;,11 over, and with its tall bfltWflflfl IU
1. i;s."
The last paragraph is an alluslan to
imm civini; his wlte'a health aa a reason
f,.i n-.t coming to tho capltaL "Bl 1m
parclal" also aaya MDlaa aought to bring
auapldofl In tbi srorld- eyea on th.- rhlel
tain. General Huerta, from whom he had
..; dlatlngulshed -ourteatea .md dla*
. .. _. |,,. .,i?.i i.. baa flven th- co
Of th.- North a n.-w prctflXt Bfll trtlt*
f) ing flnd outraglng oui name."
--ki Indep n llente'a" ? dltorlal :- Ifl '>"?
tantt veln. II compares Waa with th- aflfl
which donned ;. Hon'i aktfl an.i a.ids:
.., ,|,^i,,;,. i,.-- i" ? n waUowed sp by a
\ort.-x ot rldlcule The man who aaplrea
,,. i? preflidenl of the repuWIi has no
rlghl io i? a eoa
?The AttltUdfl of lh? I'MSid.nt of th''
Unlted btatea in backlng the electoral
tlckflti of those who fsvor th- rsbeta li
t.? ii<.ith .a Mexlco flnd brandinK tboflfl
,,f the Bpholdera ol legallty, order flnd
national dlgnlty" has assured the contlnu
of provlsional President Huerta la
pow.-r. gathered ahout hlm nll Ot
norable and worthy la th.- country
and "cons* ratsd him ln the presei I dlfll
. ir. untfltancflfl ns lha onl) poa Ihle
President "f the Mexicaii BepubUc" is
. dltorlal opinion expreflae I t- -.t.?? b j
"Kl Liiatio." n.?? ernrnenl
"Each hom- brlngi newi -f tl 1
,,f tin Huerte-Blsnquet tii kt l li il ? N1, ??
,..,,. j... ? . - " it rontlnues "Tl* -?
bave a double . nll i ?
th? attitude of our Pn atet nl ?nd vltup*r.
we almoal mlghl ,r"
wli ked, unfounded ai :"r,r
nf a forelga power Ir oui *>
Both Sides Massing Troops for
Great Contest.
. Pasa . Tex.. Ocl :".' *??? ?
??...?? . kst< rn Mi al
na Bl M'-i't
? troop moi en '?'.
cenl ??? ' Th< ''??'
tor i ? noa < on< ? ntratlni aboul M
aid t.. numbi i 1000
The I-'"'-. rali ha e i ? ? ?'' t'""''
tr. m Pl< ti u itt ?'? d Iflfl ???'
? , guard lhat place Kavan tte.
.,,1 Maasa an lesdlns stl*
,.,,,! rellef f? ea aouthwflrd to Moatsrej
ff..m the bordei country.
Renewsl i f he? I - ? a? I lai i ? ?'
tor to-morrow, k- ' tate naa
flven as BO, wlth ?bo l M ? '? ralfl ds*
-t rtnik tO th<
Immense w? '?' >: "'' '
... the rebel, ' ?
twelve ?' ;.' w!
never been unpackfld, four cannon
,,?,... go.OOO cartridgei and bora
? ??
Fled from Mexico to Escape
Being Forced Into Army.
Angelo Qarda, Bftflfln yean old. wbs
mm bfl waa a refugflfl rrom Porto Msx?
Ico, appeared In th? Chlldn b'a Court ?
terday, before Judge Hoyt. chargfld wll i
belnt wlthoui a proper guardian. Hf wa
turned ov< i to tha cuatody ..f th.- Cbll*
,,.,,, - Bociel tbal bta rtorj might ba In
\. atlgati d.
Tbe lad flpeakfl no Bngltah, but ?< ord
Ing to Ueorge Laao, ol Na M Rlvsraldi
Drlve, who mel hlm on Tuesdsj nlght si
Bd atreel and Broadway, Oarcla'a fathei
whh killed ln lha revolutlon, and bl
brotbei tanoa snrollsd In tha rflbal ranki
Pflarlng thal he wouM t?. called upoa to
bear arma he n>d to \*m i'm/. and
' .,.,. ped fla a atowawaj on ? Brlttah
[ateamer, arrivm. in Brooklya two we.ks
] Ago
If "Imperialistic," Others
Would Suffer. It Is Said.
Itome. Oct Mt?Thfl "Tntiuna." I om
mantlng on tbfl Mflxlcan BttuaUon, potnta
out tin- Italian Interesl lavolved.
There aro abOUl ltOOO.O00 Italian* in the
American contlnent" II aaya "who*.. fat
wouM bs.alfsctsd if aa Imperialistic
polley should triumph Ht WTflabtngton,
becauae, ln addltion U> meanlng thfl ""'
querlm ol Mexlco, ii would Und to th<
snppr -sslon of iiHtionallties putalde flf th
Amerlcan. Aa Italy is ?? l.atin oauatri
*h?- lfl latSTflStsd irt thfl pit-s.-rvatioii of
th-- Amerlcan Latln i.pui.iies."
Aged Man Takes Out License?
Will Marry Housekeeper.
iPima 1 h. Trlbnw Onrraaaflndeat. I
Weat Oranga, H. J., Oet lt.?JOha O
llansen, seventy-flve raari flld, to-day ob
taiiwd a BMUrrlagfl Hoonse. He will marry
Mrs. Annie Sherman, hls hou.scke. p.-r,
who is flflvflnty-flflvfla yflara old. No .late
\naa yei bsfla flfll for Um waddlag.
Hansen, ?ho has marrlfld sons and
| grandchildren, said to-day that he dsddfld
iu u.-t married bflCflUSfl ho felt lonflSema
I Hl* flrst Wlffl 'hed thiet- ySBTfl Bgfly and
| alnce thsl tlns bfl sa\s bfl has been "the
Imie'li.-st man In thfl world "
Wln n flflkfld about tho IbrthCflCB-Bg mar
rlagfl h- said "Aii old fool BflVflT <hangea
hls mind; ? fldm man doea."
The Secretary of Agriculture
and the Controller Dropped
from Federal Board.
Committee Favors Reducing Re?
gional Reserve Banks to Not
More than Six?Central
Plan in Abeyance.
I rtom Th- Trlhnn- IJ'ir- ** !
VTaahtogton, Oet ?.-The tlrst step in
the ara) of reaaodetllng the Olaefl-Owefl
eurrency Mll was taken bt the Senate
Banking an.i Cuitericy Committee tfl-day.
it Increaflfld tiu- memberahlp of the f*-d
.rnl board, which is to ha-. e control of
the system. from srv.-n to nine. and elimi
nated th* Ba* retary of Agrlculture aad
;he Controller of tiu- Currancy ?** ???
..m.-io membera It has atvi vt been
deflnltely declded whether the Becretary
of th. Treaeur) shall remain as ;i nn-m
|f the Becretan of the Treaaury la re
i.iinr d the numbi r * lll ba Bxed ai nlne
and th< term "f aerviee al nlne reara, one
member t.. be appolnted each jrear by the
Prealdenl arhen tlie ayatem is under
operation Otherwiaa th*' number arlll be
nxed at elghl and the term of eervice al
eight reara. lt la probable also that the
Senate committee will InereBM Jhe sal
nriea ol the rnembera <>f the federal boar.l,
which are fi\eri al thXttt ? rear by th<
i.. lidlli:: Mll.
The provialon of the Owen-Qlana rneae
uir for th-- appointment r>f bu organlra
uon eommlttee te eataMlah the ayatem
was dropped Thla aort aill ba per*
formed b) the membera ef the federal
boai d
Tha question Of the number nf regional
reaerve banka araa saacuaaed at aome
length, ai d probably *?- lll be dlepejeed of
to*morro*ir. Bentlment oa th<- .ommittee
is in favor of reducing the number te
tl ? fo ir oi Bve, or al the moel aol
more than BlX Tbe lacfltlOfl Of lecional
bt nka in th ? three central reaervi i i'i' ? -
n. w Vork. chicago uf.,\ Bt Loula aerved
,,s tht for the dl lon Bome of
the mem era arera of tha opinloo that
I ml ae Id ba ufBcient. Then
. the queation whether or nol it
would i e neei eaar) lo eetabUah ona al
sj.,n l-'rar- sco, or posslbly at DflnVflT. It
uraa auggeated thal tbe buaineee of the
i-:..-trm I'nited Btatea and thr niore
northcrn Bouthern atatea could t>e lrana*|
; ,i Se? 1 Ork, ll al Of tha northern .
Middie W'e t and Fei B eal it Chlca '
and lhal of Jh. Boutta -it 94 Loula it
wat tioi regarded - - ? ntlal that a bank
' tl New Orleana What*
elected It li all
. conrlualon lhal the Benate com*
;. , ., ih orry aal the n ? ammen la*
. tbe . aaki ra thai tha numi et of
. >!-. reduced
i'i,.- r. tionahlp betweea
onal I anki wbj alao thi l
W ?? ' wiii br made on the
. ,,.!? r ..f tlM ? ..mn.Jt. ?
m\ i oat t" ? ' gn itei i oatrol to the
bond* "t the ird, thua ap
_? it,. ceatral baak Idea ai d pai -
v..,y i..i tha raaralaUea ad bka
:, ? rntrallaed our*i
... . .rt.- baa temp rartlj aba
ef/ofi lo d ?! tha ceatral
i?,nk pli.li h tt ? ? om nltteeatai -
,1, t,, eie wlll proci ed to
. | . .t>i thr regional ku.i l.ntral
banh pla ? ? "M^ i aralk I
rfei ted i fai ai
unlti ?? can argm Tl* n the j ot<
\, ui *..- tak*' on ihr taro i
?i i . rnodllVratlona adopti d thua f..' b)
, . , ..mitt.-e do nol Indli -iJ*- a Bnal da
rlaion t: ->t ti.wen-Olaaa plan wlll b*
adopted. althougb II I apparanl that
mambaia of the Senate rommlttee, take
the vlew thnt thls mur.* be done lf cur?
rency leulxlatlon ih to be enacted. It ia a
matter of expedlenoy rathrr than of prln
ciple. When the Olaaa-Owen bill has been
remodillcd those Benatora fl*hfl favor a
central hank will draide whether or not
they wlll fdve It thelr appr*ival in the
hope that lllglelfltkin ef some kind which
wlll r*llr\<- ?he present monetary situa?
tion can hr rip?=ed.
Drastic Report Adopted by
Association of State
WflflhlngtOB, Oet l*).?After a lonjr and
Bt times a* rlmonlous dehate the National |
Assoclatlon of Rallway < 'ommissloners
adopted to-nluht a r.port of the commit?
tee on railway . apltallzatlon, suhmitted
bf CommlflfltOneT Kahelmnn, of Cflllfomia.
recomnu-nrllng rigtd federal an*l state su
, *rvisl.-n of th.- Issuance of stocks atnl
hr nds of utility and rallroad corpoia
taiis. The report recon.mended:
That theie be limitation bv law of the
porpoaea fer whlch tie lssue of stocks and
bonds ahall be p< rmitted.
That authorlty be Klven to commissions.
to see to it that th*- proo-.-ds of the sale
of stocks and bonds are devoted to Ihe
purpOBM for whlch th.-y are issued
That no ato. ks or bonds be Issued with?
out th- positUe approval of tha commis?
sion after full inveatlgatlfln.
Thflt i owir be glven to the commission
to lmpose such . onditions upon the lssue
aa ma; br- n?-<-essary.
Tbat th-' t- gulattflfl of the atoeka and
bonds of _iteretflta i ommon carriers be
delegated te the Interatate Comntflrce
< 'onimi.-.-ioii
Finally. it was recotnmended "that Con*
greas lmmeiliately pass an aet empow. r
Ing the Inierstate I'ommer*-*- Commission
to regU?ite thr- stocks and bonds of Intei
st.it. I?irrieri in the manner and tO thfl
extent heieinbefore OUtllned."
Th*- eommittee'a prepflaal that there bfl
no limitation ptflOed by law uuon the
amount f'.r whl'b either stoi'ks or bonds
shall bfl sold wa.s elimlnuted ou BCCOUnt
of bltter opposition.
The pror.o-ltion of i'oinmls.iionei Martin
B Decker, of New rork, that ? commit*
t,.r one from eaeh atata commlaalon be
appolnted to provlde fee oalfflrmlty, ?o
far .ik poaaible, ln tha aajuetment of
ii.trast.it. expreaa rati - was adopted Th*
membera of the .ommittee arlll ba named
i.v then various stat- .'Oiniinsslolis.
Commlaflkmer Decker. Idee la thal tha
committee, II practieable, adjuai tha Intra*
state expreaa ratea to confbrm t<? thoaa
, rd?'r*"i b) the Interetate Commflrca Com
m_aton for Intflratati bualaaa?
Collectors' Removal from Merit
Plan Said To Be for Efflciency.
Waahlngton, Oet '-"-, B) dlrectlon ?.f I
nr Wiison. Commlaalonei Oeborn |
to-nlght Inatructed Internal revenue col*
tl at the re.-. nl ..' Hon of Coogreea
Ib remoring deputy coHeartora from the
protection of the clvll aflrvlce rulfla dld not
mean -* return to the r-p"ii* ayatem and
?as done only for the s-ik.- ,,f tth
Mr * ?*? ?
"CoHi tora nre advleed thal th.- objeel
,.' -. <A prorlelon "f law ls efBriency, and
only , - , ? am) thal an) tendenc) lo i
. - - . aaa of appolatmenta merelj for
... : ,; ret ard, or '?" aa) thing that
, ,\.,r- of Jh*- apoila ?) item, wlll b- n -
gaided hh a \-r> aerioua rUeregard of
I puMIC -1 ? ir*- . Hf**l thnt Ihev wlll !)<? rx
I ,,, deal arlth iheee mattera to a
. , i. ti.,- arhok eountr) wiH ap
Rdvard Feiner, foweller, of Ka M Flfth
orenue, ?t." raaaed the am st ..f John J.
i;, ;.|,., lohr, the Barber," on a charga
ef runnlng a gambllng houae, wea 8
; ralgnfld to the Harlem Courl reflterday pn
\m charga that be had offered to drop tbe
. .... if Reteler pakl hlm WM to leave the
itau He waa held In fzMt ball for ex*
' Bmlnatlon on Monda)
Send Secret Suggestions on
Currency Legislation.
ChlCagO, Oct th-Suggestlons for the
currency bill adopted at a mcetins of the
Investment Baahattf AflflOCflfltlSB ln '""'
\ontlon here were forwarded to Senator
Owaa to-da>. What they were waa kept
The reports of tho committee on l*flis
latlon. road by A. Q. Hoyt. of New York
(Ity. and of the committee on taxatlon.
presented by Krank \V. Kollins, of Bos?
ton, flrflflfl adopted.
The Hoyl report errttctaad various state
laws. flflpflfltflJIy "blue sky" acts, whleh.
the report de-lared, were erude, III eon
aktarsd taghriatloa paaaad hy uninformed
IflgtBtatora, dolng AOflflfl gSOd and much
Proflts, said Mr. Hoyt. have not In?
creaaed wlth tho gain ln tho volume of
business, a condition laruely due to re
Btrictlve tagtotatloa, auch u the "full
crow" |8W, laws wlth rsspacl t<> safety
devices, hours of flflllhfl and the like.
??The Bnanclng of rallrbadfl la Ketting
more dlfllcult," contlnued the roport
"Unlefl* th?-ro ia a flhaagfl the prosperity
of Um country arlll flfl affactsd serlously.
flome states. like Texas, however. are
dolng bflttflT in tne hope of Bttr8ctlng
eapltal, and in othor dlrections (hflffl flTfl
indicatlons of lmprovem.-nt, fOTCfld by tho
gloom of tho situation."
Tho Rolllns roport 88811 prmclpally
wlth the Incoino tax law, the burdSUSOBBfl
DSture of which, lt said, . OUld be proved
only hy living undor It. lt was rwsolvsd
to employ COUnSfll to represent thfl asso?
ciation in t'-st < aso.s at law to deb-rmine
the mesnlng of dtaputsd points.
Bdmund I>. Kisher. I>oputy ControHT
of the Clty of New Vork. ********* In?
creasod wealth and new ************* tof
Investment bankers under the propoaed
new currency law.
New Yorker Demands Rein
statement in Baltusrol.
| Krom The Trlbin.- OoffIfl_8Aafl88l 1
Short Hills. to. J . Oct 23.?Willlam A.
Kngeman. flf New York, has brought suit
ln the State Supreme Court In a man*
damUfl proceeding to be relnstated to
memborshlp In the fashlonablo Baltusrol
QoM Ckflhi I'pon going to the club re?
cently Kngeman found his locker cleared
of all hls effects. I'pon In .ulry he waa
told hls house account had not been paid
and ho had been automatically dismlssed
from memborshlp.
Kngoman donics his indebtedness to the
olub. and asks the court to relnstate him.
Justice gwajHAA has issued an order re
<iuirlng tho club to show cause at tho No?
vember term why Kngeman should not be
reinstated as a member
Clothing Merchant in University
Place Collapses in Street.
Jaeob k. Psavy, af Na k> Baat s*th
street. who was associated wlth the cloth?
ing nrm of J. Peavy ,<_ Brothers ln t'nl
veratty Place, collapafld in West 4.'d street
yesterday morning. He was dead before
Or. OKonnal arrived from the Flower
HospKaL '
Mr. Peavy was born In Hoboken in
1*.7_. Ho enter?*d thfl flrm of his father
in Untveratty Plaefl in ISH. in t902 h
Btarted a branch store in Matteawan. He
leavos a wife and one daUghtflT.
$2 an hour for Shopping
or Calling in Manhattan in
a Yellow Taxicab.
To get this special rate, you must say "Shop?
ping Rate*' when you order the cab. This rate
applies only from S a. m. to 6 9. m.
Your wife and daughter are safe
in a Yellow Taxicab. We know our
drivers ?their records for years ?
they are thoroughly trustworthy.
They are instructed not to speed,
not to go fast around corners, not to
try and get through narrow open
ings, but to go straight along quietly
and moderately.
That's our kind of service.
Yellow Taxicab Company
Call up Coiumbus Ten Thousand
FlintsPne Furniture
43-47 West 23-2* St: 24-28West'24^St:
JA(ew lorJt Ciiy

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