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f4'opyrlBht, 1813. br Th* Trlbun* Aaa^g_aj__>_l,_L
V^ LXXIII N? 24.465.
Ta Bay, fHln; moler at nlrht.
To-morrow, falr; i-ooler.
Letter Tendering Russian Post
' to Editor for Year
Signed by Senator
If President Insists on Pindell's
Nomination Inquiry Will Be
Demanded?Latter De
nies Receiving the
[rrom Th? Trlbuna Bureau ]
Washington, Nov. 8.?Members of the
genate Foreign Relatlons Commlttee
forearmed themselves to-day to force
the administration to explain the
clrcumstar.ee of the selection of Henry
M. Plndell, an Illlnois editor, to the
ambessadorshlp of Russla, wlth the
understandlng. as lt ls reported. that
be resign at the end of a year.
A letter written, it ls alleged, hy
Senator James Hamllton Lewls, of IU1
nola to Mr. Plndell, assurlng him that
he would not be expected to undertake
any dlplomatic negotlations wlth the
Russian government durlng his term
of offlce and that he would have an ex?
cellent opportunity to visit the capltals
of Northern Europe lf he would agree
to accept the post for a brlef time only,
became public to-day.
Mr. Plndell, who Ba editor of "The
Peoria Journal,,, and who was certl
fled to Washington to-day by Russla
as persona grata. said at his Peoria
offlce that the published letter had
never been received by him.
Senator Lewis Evaslve.
Senator Lewls. who is ln Chlcago,
while not denylng that he had written
ihe letter to Mr. Plndell, eaid:
? If Mr. Plndell says he did not re?
ceive the letter he must be rlght. I
have with me no copies of my corre
gpotMi*9C* with hlm."
If tba President persists ln his pur
?,, appoint Mr. Plndell and sends
lr. his nomination a resolutlon will be
,,ffere'l requesting hlm to inform the
S.nnte whether or not the conditions
..-t forth ln Senator Lewis's letter. upon
the authority. as he says, of Mr. Bryan
hlmaeH. are correct. It might even go
r aa tn ask the President whether
,,i not similar conditions have been
bnpoeed upon any other dlplomatic
rs who have been rewarded for
their eervlces to himself and the party.
Xeither at the State Department nor
at the Whlte House was there any
comment forthcoming or any explana
tion of the extraordinary conditions
vhich Senator Lewis says were at?
tached to the appointment of Mr. Pln?
dell. When the question waa put to
Mr. Bryan whether the place was of?
fered to Plndell with the understand
lng that he resign at the end of a year
and the assurance that he would not
be called upon to perform any dlplo?
matic servlce ln that time. he refused,
arltb a show of tndlgnatlon, to reply.
Name To Be Sent ln.
At the Whlte House there waa no
Indication that the President, ln view
of the publlcatlon of Renatnr i>wis"s
letter. would save himself the embar
rassment of refuslng to reply to an
Inquiry from the Senate by nominatlng
Bome one else to be Ambassador to
It la entlrely probable that the ma?
jorlty wlll stand by him and refuse to
paas a resolutlon asklng hlm for the
deslred Information, but there ls llttle
doubt that lf he stands by his decision
the Foreign Relatlons Commlttee wlll
flnfl some other way of ascertalnlng the
Cuntlnned on aeTenlh page, seron* ealutna.
This Morning's News
local. Page.
Mitchel Announees Policy. 1
Roosevelt Saves Two Ofrls. 1
Aims to _KOB Tleket Seandals. 1
Wlaa Flght for Her Famlly. ?
Ooetbala for Peltoa, is numor. 8
Exp'nrers Have i'lose Call. 6
Whitman Tralllng "BaRmen". 6
Tammany to Llve on Bronx . 8
Llst of Opera Box Holders. 7
Aator Betrothal a Surprtse.11
Raary i: H<nrlanfl Dead.ll
McLaaa Must Account for Estate... 19
World Friiyer for Y M C A.19
Puffraglsts C*l Fusion OB?<.19
Daal ir. I" S. AmlMSsadomhlp Expoaed 1
Huertr, KaWl to Huve Brltlah Caah... 3
CurraBca BIU Mada I'arty Issue. 4
F.-lk.t Cflvaa Vp Thaw. ?
Tartea Wla ln Britleh F.]e< tion. 8
t?flf Oeorga at Country Home. 8
Cbarlty Baznar in l.ondon. 8
Ia the Lon.ion Tbaatra*. 8
Ptetara Caaaa 1'4-terted. 8
New Britlsh Attorney Gem-ral. 8
D __ Watahlpa Welataaai. ?
KtfW Hump-rdliKk Opera. 9
Hulr-lrle. Inrreuse lr. Berlin. 9
Oerman Political Reform I.'rged. 8
Ke9 Meaatjra if Meat Kought. a
F.rlJtortal .10
Weather?Part 2. 8
Kl.lpplng?Part _. a
Kl'.rtlng BaetlOB. Part 9
R*al atatat* Pari 4.1, 9, 3, 4 and 8
Army and Navy- Part 4. 8
Flnanclal and Markets?Part 4?*, 7, 8
Miss Uhlig Gets Judgment
Against Hospital Surgeon.
Miss Zttaa I'hlig, of Arlington. X. J.,
daughter - f a lypewrlter InveBtor, has
obtained a Judgment for 12,800 against
Dr. Arthur H. Nylen, of the Norwegian
Hospital, in Brooklyn, whom she Huetl
for brcach of promise.
Mlsa I'hlig ?nd Dr. N'ylen were en
gag.-d for three years, when the physl
< ian sent word to h'-r that his BtYeC*
tions had cookd. He offered to marry
her lf she insisted, but he thought thelr
marriage mlght prove unhappy for
both. Miss 1'hlig did not insist, V.ut
Bued for broocb of peonriee, and Dr.
Nylen made no defence.
Son Has Her Adjudged in Con
tempt for Failure to Pay.
Justlce Seabury signed an order yes?
terday ftdjudging Mrs. Cora A. Coflln
ln contempt of court, and unless she
pgjra JH.SOO to her Bon she may be
oommittcd to the Ludlow street jall.
When Coflln WBB slxteen years old he
obtelned a verdld ..f $i2.r.on from the
N.-w York Ceatrel & Hudson Rlver
Railroed <'oinpany f<>r injurics iu th<
Park avenue tunn.-l disaster. Mrs.
Coflln wis appointe.l guardlan for ber
son. Coflln demanded an aooounting
when he became of age. but his mother
falled to render it. She also falled tO
turn over to hlm the money that
was left from his Judgnvnt against the
rallroad company. He sued and ob?
talned a Judgment.
Falllng to receive his money. Coffin
procecdeci to have his mother adjud?ed
ln contempt <-f court.
Man Held as Burglar Threat
ened to Kill, Says Woman.
William Van Steenburg, thirty-two
years old, was arrested last night in
his home. No. 1280 WebetOT avenue,
The Bronx, charged with robbing the
home of Mrs. Ella Grcnberger. of No.
107 East lLUJd street. Accrding to
Mrs. Greenberger Stcenburg OBtered
her apartment last VVednesday night,
and when dlscovered going through the
tlat he threatened to kill her three
year-old daughter Kate lf the mother
gave the alarm. Fearing the burglar
would carry out the threat Mrs. Green?
berger showed the way to a bureau
drawer, from which he took two dla
mond rings valued at several hundred
dollars. The burglar then put on Mr.
Greenberg's overcoat and departed by
the rear kitchen window.
He was seen pasaing: over the roofs
by a neighbor. and from her descrlp
tlon he was recognized as a man who
was a frequent vlsitor to the apart?
ment of the Jan'ltor of one of the
When arrested he was Bittlng down
to dlnner with his wife and two chil?
dren. Steenburg was identlfWl at the
BBBt 120th street police statlon by Mrs.
(;r?'<-nt,erger end ber daughter.
Seeks to Succeed Root, but Ap
pears a Little Evasive.
[From rhe Trlbune Bureu-i.]
Washington, Nov. 8.?Wearing a high
silk hat, a diamond pin and that prlze
overcoat, Representattve "Jcn*" I/*vy,
of New York, drlfted into tbe House
presa gallery to-day and proelalmcd
that ho would be ln the race for the
I'nited States Senate in the prlmaries
next year.
"Has it been announced?" Mr. Levy
was asked.
"I am announcing It now. Maybe it's
too early to say so. No, let It go. Just
hav I'll be ln the race against Senator
Root and the others."
"That mea* you will not be a can?
didate to succeed yourself in the
"Now, that's getting matters down to
a flne -point," expostulated Mr. Levy.
"I'll cross that brldge when I get to lt."
Mr. Levy was silent when it was BUff*
gestt-d that he could not bo a candidate
for both places at once. Mr. Levy was
also "sure he didn't know" when it
was hinted that William Sulzer inight
want to come back to the House from
the district now represented by Levy,
but formerly dominated by Sulzer.
"Perhaps Sulzer will run for the
Governorship," said Mr. Levy, reas
"What about flghtlng tho further
lfladtrshlp of Murphy? Are you going
to get Into the fight?"
"I am a peaceable man and don't like
flghtlng." replled the prospective Sen
atorial candidate.
As he walked away Mr. LOTJ* re
mlnded the few newspaper m<n pres?
ent that 7.ri per cent of the provisions
of the Glass-Owen currency bill are in
accord with a bill he introduced In
Aprll. but that nobody had glven hlm
credlt for lt.
"Tut! tut! I'll be hanged if it's ao,"
said Repr*-sentative Glass when asked
about thls Btatement later.
Entertained Unawares Three
Months at One Place.
Malden. Ma.ss., Nov. 8 -Board.rs at
a Malden house learn. <1 to-day that for
three months a leper had been among
them. Dlscovery CB8B0 Bbefl Myman
Kb in. tuenty-three years old. went to
the BoefOfl City Hospital to obtaln
treatment for a skln djBOBM,
I'hysiclans there found his afTlictlon
(.> b<- 1,-ptd*---. He was pleoed ln the
d? tentlon hospital, prior to being sent
to the kpor colony nn Ponlkese Islantl.
fJaeoe, Kev. I?Tba Co-ateea Dapole,
of a noble Veiietlan famlly and wlfe of
Ceptetg ogglonl. rpiartered Bt San Romo,
shot an or.b-rlv to-day. The cotintess said
that the man ha-1 entered her apartn*..nt
and had attacked her.
Mayor-Elect Tells Merchants
He Will Not Remove Office
holders Who Are Faith
ful to City.
Mayor Kline, Whitman and
Victorious Fusion Candidates
Join in Cheering for Head
of New Administration at
Association's Dinner.
Mayor-elect John Purroy Mitchel, ns
the giiest of honor of the Merchants"
A.-soi iation. outline.l his pluns of ad?
ministration at the annual dinner of Ihe
aaaOclatton in the Waldorf-Astoria
Hotel last nlght In a nutahell, he aaM
hia policy ?iU be tO . arry out the plana
Iai.l dOWa durlng the administration of
Mayor Qajraor in a manner that would
do i redit to the bOSt prlvate corpora?
tlnn hy administration oftlclals selected
for their ability and emdency above
every other consideration.
The Mayor-elect let lt be known that
he has a high regard for the tralned
officials now tn the rmploy of the city,
and Intlmated that wherever possible
he would not turn them out of ufflce
for tha a*ka of appototlog their roe*
It was tha largest dinner eyer glv?n
l,y the Bl o.-iation. Bo many wanted
Ucketa that lt was nen-ssary t4> set ta
bl.'S in the parqu.-t 00*99 Above the?*
acorea of wnmin In briiiiant lOBliimaa
looked down through lha hnr.e of smoke
und applauded the Mayor-elect when
ha INM to speak. Mr. Mitchel was in
poor vaico, OWlftg I* the sevire strain
ha uncl.-rw-nt durlng th<- i ampaign, bttt
as hewarni.d up 10 his apeech he im?
proved until h>- was l.rard In ev.-ry c-.r
n. r of tha great ballroom.
Judge McCall Not There.
The dlnn<r was arraBgOd before the
election. Mr. Mlt'h.-l aad Judge Bd*
ward K. M<<'.'.ll. both the Muyornltv
candidates. agre.-d to he present. Ju?t
befora Judg.- McCall 9**9l to Hot
I Sprlngs last Wt??dix-sd.iy h?- sent w..rd
to the dinner .?ommittee that he would
not be Bbl* to uttend.
The ararrafb arltb *rhlcb the May.r
eleet was i.-c-tv.d upon hla InlfUdae*
tion by Williatn A. Marbl.-, 10*8*88*0
t.-r. has seldom been surpassed In Mr.
Poldts big dinlng room It was reully
a reception t<> the city administration
praaant and future, Mayor Anb-lph L.
Kllne, DIMrl.t Attorney rharles ?.
Whitman, Borough Presldents 0*0*18
McAneny, Mtuiriea B, CoMtmaoMf and
Lewis H. 1'ouri.ls, Marcus M. Marks,
4'harles J. Md'ormack and In.ugla.. S.
Mathewson. were on the dals.
1,1,4. of the tirst tO g?'t to his feet
waving ? napkin wh.-n Mr. Mitchel waa
Introdti'Ml wa. Mr. Whitman
Wllllam A. M.irble. th* toastmaster,
eauaed a laugh when he sald that one
of the atatetnanta made durlng tha
rampalgn whi.h had not b.-en deftled
araa thal Mr Ifltehd ar** ? young man.
)l4- said there were 80898 rrltlclsms
mada about his ;,g<- bv m<-n who had
p.ss-.l the Oslar Stage that the Mayor
?joct was tOO young to be the busi?
ness manacer of tha ?i9*t**t tf-rta***
organization in the world.
"If this ls trnr-," sald the toastmaster.
"we business men bold that lt Is no
iietriment whatever. but rathar a bf*n*
tlt as we believe ln young blood, and
big v?..th ls a condition which the
. lavor-eleet wlll outgrow.
?We h.artliy agree wlth one of the
great writ.rs of this city who reeently
sald regardlng him. HOM years are not
the test Of elther mnttirlty or utility
of those yeara, II t* rather prepar.-d
ness.' And it must be admitt.-d that
Mr. Mitchel "ili take the otHca wlth
arreat piepiadnea*. and the ye.-.rs
whleh He before him give hlm a pn.mlse
Of a rare. career. and It is hard 10 say
where bll services to the people may
not lead him."
Mitchel Praisea McAneny.
The Mayor-eb-et began by saylng th*l
he got his tirst assistance in public llfr
rrosa tbe Merebant*1 Asso.-iutlon. Ii
was when he was investlgatlng tho 4,f
flca Of Horotigh President Ahearn an<
the Flre l.cpartmcnt. No organization
ha said. rendered more ,-nvient ald thur
that of th.- nu-r.'liants. and lt result.-.
in making possible good pavem.-nts f*|
Manhattan. *? eyldenced by the pOTfOC
tion to whi.h Morough President MC
Aneny had brought them. Kvery men
t|..n Of Mr. M< An.ny's name brougm
loud *] plnuse
ContlnulriK. Mr. Mitchel Pild:
"Xow. gcntb-m.-n. I face these nlmost
overwhelining problems of the admln
iHtration of th* Mayoraity of thls'clty
I am fjnit* conscious of what has hap
pened ln thia election. I fully un.l.r
atand UuU the reroll i? in no sense ot
the word v.hatso.ver a personal tri?
umph, that m.-ans the vlndicatlon of f
prlnclple and lha trlfjaaph of a cause.
-It maana that tha citizenshlp of thb
dty has renderad a rajrdM in favor o:
a rontinuatice and a carrylng forwarr
Into other and broadfT fleldH of thi
klnd of government that we ln thi
Board <>f Kstimate have tried to glvi
th0 ,-ity durlng the last three yean
and a half
"The problem of the next four yean
wlll be t* carry forward and <b veloj
that kind of government and to appl.
|t t* all the departments. all the t.u
reaus, all the sub-dlvlslons, of thh
I Continued oa ne, odi! page, fourth rolumn.
Colonel's Name on Card Effica
cious When Rio de Janeiro
Police Attempt to Stop
Their Sailing.
Young Women Win Friends on
Passage Down, and They Act
ed When Nature of Music
Hall Where They Were Un?
der Contract Was Learned.
Two young American glrls whom
Colonel and Mrs. Roosevelt and other
peaoeBgara on the steamship Vandyck
saved from a questionable th.atrical
engaffOttefit in I'lo de Janeiro arrived
yesterdav bv the I.amport &? Holt llnei
A tlmely n"te from Mrs. IXooOaywoB
to the American Ambassador to Hrazil
and to the American Consul at Rlo de
Janeiro helped the glrls after they were
taken to court for ulleged bna-h of
contnu't, and enabled them to get
aboard the Vestris, whlch brought them
here yesterday.
The glrls to whom Colonel and Mrs.
Rooeeeefl took anek a Eaaey during tha
voyag.. south on the Van H <'k are Mis-.
Qtodya Wa.l.l.ll. ot N... M West 104th
Btreet, BBd Mlaa Joen Bbore, ol Chl*
IcBgO. Botk said yesterday arhOB they
eame aehore froBa the Veetrla that they
Iwore through irlth the Bta*e fo never
Jand that th.y Oiahod no notori.-iv fOf
1 tbemeelTOa or th** "good Americans"
". arho hed befrioBded them six thoueeBd
miles fi.-ni home.
Girl Tella Her Story.
Mlaa w...id.il, arho ih sevent-eti. de*
elded later. erhen she learned that other
,,-,ss. ti^.-rs on the V.-stris wen- talklng
about thelr Mclssitu-les In Klo, that it
wouid i.e better t.. t-n the st,.ry froen
begit.nlng to ,-nd and avoid mlssiat.
In the eoBTM Ot h.-r narrativ- ll arai
learned that the Brltiah COBBUl Bt Rlo
de Jan.lr'o had been gr.-atly ?
bj the aetloa "f the BrealHeii pollca Ib
preveatlaf her trom boerding th** Ves?
tris. Me thought "t tlr-t ihat th<- y,.ung
\-,.man bed bOOB f.-rrihly t;,k. n fr-.m
the Vsn.ly-k. B Hiltlsh rOSOOl, by tho
Hraxiiisn poBce, ,.nd deelared thal be
VOBM use all his power t<> prevent auch
Iflaa W.i.bb-11 BBld yest.-rdav that she
had gone upon the gtagO ?hen fiftc.-n.
ind f..r ti-..* last two reara bed beea
plavlng Orlth Wlth Taliaferro in *He
h,.,-. a Of Sunnybrook l-aim" Thlnklng
to make more money m reudevUle, Bha
and Hlaa Bhore, who la nlneteen, er
rBBged >x vaud.-vllle sketch Iti S.i.t.-m
ber. and erhea bb offer was naada for
their appeereaee in Rlo de Jeaelro they
h,-. opted.
Th.-y signed a COntimCl with an
Ain.-ri.an th.atn-al man who UVOB in
Buenoa Ayrea and booka *_aierlcaa et*
trmctlona for tha ataga Ib Bt-aatl ond
tba Argentlne. Ihelf paaaage waa pre
pald by him. and the three BOjIed OB
the Van.lv. k with OolOBOl Itoosevelt oll
i , toh.-r 4.
I nn ing the voyage, the two glrls be
tame popuiar with aii tha peeeengera,
partlcularl) arlth Colonel and Mis.
Roooerelt, Miss I. Margaret, thelr
ni..-.- and daiigl.t.-r of W. Etnlen
Roosevelt, and Mr. and Mrs. Charlea
Bradley; ot Duboque, loura, an.i thelr
daughter EUaabeth. Th.y partldpated
ln the entertainiuents ahoar.l ship. atid
their sinKlnj? and dancinx BOOB tiui.ie
them many frlenda Mlaa Waddell
danced the HiKhland fllBI arlth the
When about t.-n days out of pod
BOVOral wom-n passeng.-rs asked the
Kirls if they knew the . Iiaruct.r of the
amusement place where th.-y were ex?
pected lo appear ln Kio, and th.-y said
th.-y did not. They said their < on
U*aet was wlth the manager who had
taken them wlth hlm fr-un N-w York.
but they learned latOT thBt he had
merely acted as an BfBBt for th.- inan
uger of a muslc hall ln Rlo.
Rio Police Appear.
Preeently there was a eonferanca of
passengers. headed by the RoOOOVOlta
and the Rradleys. and It was decMed,
wlth the tonsent of the glrls. thal th.y
should n<?t be permitted t.. appear in
the muslc hall. The prfOO of their re?
turn passaK? ?nd money for Inddentel
BspeoBea arera proaiptly aubecribed,
under the approval of Captain Anthony
CndfrgT, the shlp's master. Hujrh
Nelson. of London, W. C. Ma. K.-nzie,
J. J. McUovern and J. T. Fugan. all of
New York. and famlllar with Rio de
Janeiro, begged of lh<- girls to retUTfl
at once on the Vestris.
A wlreless message was sent ashore
for a laun.h when th?' Vandyek
anchored oulslde Ihe harbor, and orhOB
lt camo out to lha v.-ss.-l the Kirls anl
thelr hand baggage were put aboard
and the laundi was ordered t<- go ln to
the quay where the Vestris lay.
"That was the tlme when our trouble*
began." said Miss Waddell. "The mar
in the launch was instruoted to put u;
aboard the Vestris. but when 0*0 camt
alongside and Miss Shore .md I wen
ready to cllmb aboard a Brazilian po?
liceman prevented our boar.llng. J.:sl
as we were repulaed another launcli
wlth Hrazillan policemen in lt carne ui
to us and ordered our laun.h ashore."
That waa where Mrs. Roosev.-lfs
foresigbt helped the girls. as her nof-*i
to (he American Minister and th?
(onllntird on serenth page, flfth ? oliimn
District Attornev Aims to Pre?
vent Further Scandals at
World's Series Games.
District Attorney Whitman has lln
Ished his Investigatlon of the baseball
th-ket Fj.e.iilati.in BCandal arid has
draftOd an ordlnanCO whi.h he bellevs
will prevenl a repetltlon of it. A thor
[ough Inquiry Into the whoie sltuation
I was mole b> Leollo B I.o.khart. oneof
Mr. Whltman's asslstants. Mr. Lock
barl mada bia reporl yeaterday to the
Dlatrlet Attom >-.
It wus found that the only instanc-a
..f tickets passing direotly Into- the
han.is >.f apeeulatora arera aalea at a
premlum by tickel s.iiers on the
grounda. So far U Mr. I.ockhart could
dlacover, bo one In recelpl <>f tlckota in
advance af the regular aala dldpoeed -f
atiy dir.- t to sp.-. ulators. In g num
i .r ?>f Inatanc -s. bowerer, tickets arhlch
the redpleBl had aold or g'v,-n te n1**
Bcqualntanoea round their way into the
banda of apoculatera,
jamea B. ? affney, of the noston
Baaeball Cluh, arho comptelBed Mtterty
th.it ba araa not ablo to get eBough
j tickets at the rexular rate to satisfy
his frleada, although th.y were readl'y
obtalnabla at a premlum. was one <.f
ihose whose tlckota went astray. lt
devaloped in th.- laveetlgatloB that Mr.
Qaffney aold a box nt the regular prlce,
.-r-7.*., to isi.ior Ifehrbach, of Fiss. Doerr
\ . 'arroll.
Istdor Mehrbaeh reaoM it to irvmg
liehrbBCh, of No. 'M Llh-Tty str.-.-t,
and half an bOUT lat. r LOO N.wman, a
apeculator, BOld ll f"r $-".<?) at the
Lamba Club.
Trace Police Captain's Tieket.
si\ |8 eeata sold hy the llcBride
Tieket Agency have been id.-ntill.-d as
parl of th.- i.,t of tt.-kets deUvered to
Police Captain Kreueeher, of the Ralphl
avenue Btatlon, in Brooklyt- Captain
Kreueeher got i.M) tickets. an.i !><> of
them erent t<> BeJoonkeepen.
Beeldea these haddente, it was found
thei membera of the Dougherty mlU-|
tary polh-.- runrtahed by the Dougherty j
DetOCtlTO Agency lo the baseball club
b;,.i been Improvlng thelr opportualty.
liarrv v. Dougherty. head <>f tho
agency, la th.- brother of Oeorge s.
Dougherty, Deputy Police ftmmlg
Sloll. I*.
Aceording to Mr. Lockhart'a report.
membara <>r 'he "mllitary pollco" arera
openly demandtog ehd recolelng $l
eacb from those who watil-d to get
through the Unea, an.l were alao aelltng
xeats ln tiie tirst three row.s, whl- h
tjOTO belng "held .lown" by boys. Mr.
I.ockhart waa told of one man who pald
a Dougherty policeman 02 for the priv
\\, g. .,f sltting on a beer ke*< in tha
|fr. I.o.khart found that most of the
?..,,., iilation was In the .*?.'{ seats. and BC
cordlng t" BtatemeBjte made by repre*
BOUtatlvaa <>f WUiOUg tieket agencies
betWOOB 1*050 and 1,200 seats were
gold, Tha baseball club, Mr. Ijockhart
aaya, dM ell in Its power to prevent
Kpei -lllatioll.
ll was found that. hesldes the tickets
dietrlbuted among Bewapapara, base
ball oiii.iais. playera an.i employee,
? .M.-ts" of tickets for the series In New
York were delivered as follows:
I'olice Captain William F. Day, 1<>0;
J II. TOBjaB. Colonlal Hotel, 28 and
two boxes; Toajes's partner, IU; Ueorge
i?. Dougherty, Deputy Police Commis?
sioner, 88; W.nfleld R. Theehan. Com?
missioner Waido's secretary. 90i lireen
wood cluh, BB; -/aptain John C. Cray,
I'oli,,- Department. 4; Captain Kr-n
si her. Tollce Department, BO; Joseph F.
Prendergast. D.-puty City Clerk. S;
Aldermaa J. J- White. for Board of
Al.lerm.-n. .*>*?>; Doonan and Wren, Hotel
Braddock, -<? James Foster, for the
Flre Department, got *_."> seats of the
Contlnued on thlrd paar, seventh column.
Companion Aiso in Pursuit, but
$600 Earrings Vanish.
A crowd ln Kast llth street saw two
v'oin.-n, Ott* Of th.-m sevcnty-flve years
old. chaslng a man and crying "Stop
thi.-f!" yesterday aft.-rnoon. but no one
attempted to naslat in the pursuit. The
women were Mrs. Catherlne Russell, a
troalthy arldoar, of Plttabarfh, whose
diamond earrings had Just been torn
from her 6*19, and her cousln, Mra
Mar.- O'Nelll, of No. lfX. East 12th
The two women were <,n their way
to a market at llth street and First
avenue, wh.-n Mrs. Russell felt a touch
at the neck. It instantly occurred to
|ier that some one from Pittsburgh had
recogniz.-.i h.-r and that she would pre
tend riot tO P*7 AUJ attention to keep
lip the joke.
Then there was a hard tug at her
ears, and, puttlng up ba* handa, she
found that her diamond earrings,
worth 1000. were gonr-. The two
women saw a man running away and
they chaaed bttn as far ns tho old cem
ateiy between First and Second ave
nues, where be illa*ppaered among the
Mrs. Ruaaell flt-crltiel the thief at
the station house as an Italian, about
twinty-tlve years oid and B feet 5
Ir.ches tall.
Giris in Tights and Grease Paint
Stop to Hear Clergyman.
| Hv Telagrapb to The Trlhune ]
Philadelphla, Nov. R?Surrounded by
Chonia giris ln tights and grease paint,
th.- H.-v. I>r. James R. Bly mounted the
.tag.- of the CaelM Theatre here to
nlght, whero ln the mldat of a hur
laaqtta BhOW he remlnded those present
that to-morrow was the Sabbath and
bnplored thera to stop and think if
only fof a sc. ond of the hereafter.
As tha hlaekface and his partner fln
lahed a Te*** Tommy" song and
dance the dectOC was Introduced. The
Chonia giris did not run to the dressing
room, bul Btoyed an.l listened. The
men ln the audience did not go out dur?
lng the Intormlsslon for their rustom
ary drink or smoke, hut quletly re
malnad ln their aeat* and listened to
tha few word* that the doctor aadd.
Crooks Drug Victims and Rob
Town by Wholesale.
| Bj) Tetatrapk ta Tba Trtbeaa ]
Farrell, I'enn.. Nov. *\? Scientitln
burglars paid a visit to this place last
nlght, an.l thirty-.-ight r.-si.lents are
. uffering to-day fTOtn the i-ffects of a
pOWOrfnl narotlc, a* well as grlef over
tba loss of prop.rty. 9*98191 of the
liCttma are under the care of physi
cians, who are attempting tO dlsc.ver
what the sl.ep producing drug was.
The poli.e have found that three
strange m?n ln an automobll.. were
seen near the outskirts of the town
shortly before daylight. Several thou
aau*d doUata 19 eaah and a large <pian
tity of Jcwelry, besides oiher valuables,
ayora secured by the burglars.
Shoot Four to Death in Auto?
mobile in Colorado.
Laveta, QoL, Nov. 8.?One mlner and
three guards from the Oakvlew mine
Bear here were killed to-day when they
were ambushed while returning to the
mlne. The miner had come I* Laveta
t,. visit a dentist. When he started to
return to the mlne he was surrounded
by strlkers.
Three guards rescued the miner and
started for the mine In an automobile.
The party was attacked, and ln the ex
change of shots the occupants of the
automobile were killed.
Pedro Armljo, a mlner who hns been
working near Aguilar, was killed to
day by a shot flred from ambush whlle
being escorted out of town by a mar
shal who had Just rescued Armljo from
a crowd of strlkers.
Charley Brickley Adds to His
Football Fame by Driving
Ball Over Crossbar for
Three Points.
Have Equal Chances to Scorei
with Orirason, but "Hobey"
Baker Fails in Five
Shots at Goai with
Soggy Ball.
Mahan Breaks Loose for Two BrlUf
iant Dajihes, While Brickley
Shines Again with a Sixty- /
Yard Run?Ballin a . t
Star for Princeton.
[By Herbart.]
tEy T?legreph to The Trlbun*_J
Princeton. Nov. a?Charley Brickle-%j
whose namo ls becomlng synonymougP
for football deeds, klcked a goai front
the fleld on the soggy gridiron here tO***
day, and thereby hangs a atory of eic
tory for Harvard and defeat
Princeton ln thelr yearly battle at foot
The acore waa 8 to 0, but fully 25,(
men and women, who recked not ofr
the raln. whlch fell ln lntermlttent
showers, to aatlsfy what haa become
almost a lust for the game, will bean
wltness that even these I pointa wer*a>
hardly a fair measure between the MB
The Tigers sufTered not a whit ln
(omparlson wlth thelr more experi
enced opponents. except, perhaps, ln
tackling?one of the fundamentals of
the game. two, at least, of the Har?
vard men?Brlckley and Mahan?were
the more brllllant, and electrifled the
crowd wit-i three or four dashing and
blood stlrrlng runs which fairly
dragged on* up standlns, but In team
effort and other polnta that go to mako
up th? finished eleven there waa Uttle
to choose, mighty little.
Blocked Punt Hurtt Princeton.
One blo. ked punt was the undoing of
Prlfl glOB, as lt gave Harvard the
chance to strlke and Charley Brickley
the opportunity to use what may al?
most be called his ounning toe. Cap?
tain Storer of Harvard alded and
abetted in landing this scoring punch,
for he was the man who broke through
and blocked the ball aa Law punted
early in the second period, and then,
following it up aa it bounded back
toward the Princeton goai llne, fell on
lt only twenty yards away from that
point to whlch all football playere
It waa Harvard's flrst chance, and
qulckly was the advantage taken.
Hardwlck failed to gain an inch aa he
launched himself Into the Princeton
line, but Bradlee tore off four yarda
and Ijogan added flte more on | fake
forward pass formation. It was the
fourth down. however. and Harvard's
oonfldence in Brickley was empha
sized when LflgBB called for a drop
kick lnstead of another runnlng play,
although a scant two yards waa all
that was needed for a flrst down.
Brickley waa equal to the trust r?
posed ln him. as he has been on so
many other occaalona. Standlng on tho!
20-yard llne, he took a perfect paae
from Soucy and. drawing back his leg,
sent his foot croshlng against the ball.
It rose straight and true to the mark
and fairly whirled over the cross bar'
and dlreetly between the posts.
one of the marvels of football earnedj
BBOther victory for his team andl
brought -lixcomflture, although hardly
gloom, to Princeton.
Baker Shoota at Harvard Goai.
The Tig.-rs had equal opportunltlee
wlth the Crimson t<> s.-ore. In faet. lt
may be said that they had six t<> Har?
vard's ilve, wlth three of th-m of a
kind th.it mlght well have been ac
,*, pt.-.l. <x,-ept fnr UM s..ggy fleld and
sllppery ball. Captain Hobey Baker
shot four drop kicks and one try from
Placement toward the goai DoetB, but
to no avall, whlle once Harvard took
the ball OB downs on her own 14-yard
llne by ehe.king Prlnceton*s ninnlng
attaek when the dlstance that made all
the dlfference between a flrst down and
the loss of the ball for Princeton was
hardly more than an inch or two. and
had to be earefully measured by Davo
l-'tiltz. the head llnesman.
Brickley mlsaed one goai from place?
ment and two others of the drop klck
variety, and lost another chance by an
unuaual incldent in football. He had
dropped back for the kick when Percy
D. Haughton or one of the other Har?
vard coaches sent a substitute rushinf
on the fle!d, who, ao lt looked from the
st.-imls, waa ao anxioua to whisper
something to Logan at quarterback
that he failed to report to the referee,
or elae was overheard carrylng a mes
sagc from the sidelines.
In any case, Billy Langford Imposed
a penalty against Harvard of flfteen
yarda, and showed no dlsposltion to
llsten to a mlld proteat. Thls necesai

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