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Between the investment in
a building in the course of
crection and the income which
it is designcd to yield is The
Great Divide.
It is between these two
points that the fate of a great
building cntcrprise hangs in
the balance.
And it is between these two
points that the Thompson
Siarrctt service obviates the
need for anxiety.
ne Construction
Dr. F C. Howe Holds Govern?
ment Is on Wrong Tack.
?n" i Unkffl was Mled last
))U;nt ; llenee ti*at eame to hear
v,r Frederic C. Howe. dlroctor ol tbe
ftnyli I ite, speak oa the ?ubjact,
-A Better Cltjr," and to lister. to n pro
L'ram" " "f nmsioal mimbers nndeted by
t* Beethoven Musical Boctety. Pr. Howe
w-.i'i '
oprohabl] never hefore iitd the moral
jetis' ot the people rtae agalnat the co
hcsi\* powei of plunder as it did last
Tueaday. Never before did the city of
ftf-g V'-rk elecl a better sroup of men
with a bettei bachtxoand for the uphuiid
,nc o: Um 'Ity.
? It aai a <ampaiRn over men, not
Ighl in terms of Tammany
Hall an- fualon, not New Tork. The elty
is the aroataat agency of clvlllzation.
Without the city there could be little
educatlon. little llterature. The press Is
the prodoel of the city. Only in the elty
can th" Cluba get tocether and the work
ers join their efforts. Never has there
been rlvlllzntlon without the citw If
thls |OV( rnment gave as much thous-ht to
the bom< h JTOU live in as it does to the
great entines of wnrfare that go np and
down tl ? river th- houalng problem would
he sei'.'cd.
? \- ? boUl the jieople's fOOd? I,n
vou ? ry to -pond I1M.0MLM0,
just lo Rei the producer and conanmer to*
i*e!h.-?*', tiea Toi* wastes IMMNlOM an*
aaally uai (etttat* food from where it
j.* prodi ced to where it is used. This coal
vooM i,n reduced if we carrled on our,
rampai-'** in terms of the people. It ll
the duty of the city to nrovlde some other
pl*re for boye and glris. men and women
thnn the etreOtO, the dance hall and the
Transfer to New Pastures Does
Not Suit "No. 367."
The c.1 Old retlred tire horse thal ll
lely sold to a maa a'ho hnowa
Itttlc '"' ?** eurprlaed
when thi old "veteran" heare a fire bell
to reapond?thle food old re
horse has juat bi en redleeov
ii.. ia now dytne from a hroken
... ? ri inlated atarvatloa hn
? rorh.
eympathetk Kast New
Ynrk literary repiooentaltve found him.
Hc || \ '?'.: and was workini; for
I. niiimom, who diirs eellars
?ad has 1 etable al Rlnaaton avenue an<i
? Road. Teaterday. eaye the tear
drii;'!!:-.- report, "old. noble No. ttt," hear*
le* flre t.ells. broke from his stiible and
1 number ot persons going
to ih'!'* h.
He did the same thinK two weeks ago.
fclt polltlcal news hopt the sad story
from prlnt.
President Butler. in Annual Re?
port, Tells Trustees Neces
sity Is Urgent.
Gift at Least Equal to John
Stewart Kennedy's $2,500,
000 Required, Else Re
trenchment Is Likely.
Columbia Unlveraity is faelna a Itnaa*
Cial problem which, if not solved qulck
1.. will cause the university to retrench
aad eurtail imnudiately nnd r< sult in
UntOld liarm in the rlevelopnient of its j
educattonal system ln this way Presi?
dent Xicholas Murray Butler bas placcd
befora the unlversit. truateea, in his
annual report, tha fact that unless CO*
j lumbla recelves a glft as large as. if not
greater than, the bequeef ot the late
Johfl Stewart Kennedy, whi.h amounti-.1
1 to |*Uaa,aaa, it aill fmd Itaeli In aarloua
hnandal dlllleultlea
i>r. Butler aaya that ColumhUi as now
j ori7,inlZ4il and aQUtpped may ba I'ki md
! to a giam ln bonda A large number ol
, the aeeda have been mat tnv generoua
|.< n. factions aad by the ahUful admlnla
; tration of Ihr- OOrporate lmlowiiieiit. but
tha groarth umi expansion of Columbia
bave far mora than kept paaa with the
c.'iv reoouroee that have been provlded.
"Tlie niosl presslng n4-ed of the unlver
Blty at the moment ls not new buildlngs.
esoept the completion of I'nlversity Hall."
tuins up Prealdenl Butler, "oa ne*' Ri't*
for speclal purpose?. but the provision by
ail.(|iiate endoarment of fr<-4- income auf*
liciont to meet the annual eharg.s for
Interaal <>n the del t and for the re
demptlOB fund. This Is the iin.iiiil.il
problem ol the momeal and In -r-rteua*
n. ss and iuiportarn-e it far . x. e.-rls any
other problem arhleh non eonfronta tha
trustees "
Deficit Accumulates.
ln the l.tM four yeara, acc*>rding to
Dr. Butler*! report. a .ietldt of Jl.'i.::'?:: i'.i
haa accumulated. The balance on the I
wronj si.ie of the ledger thla year wlll
be more than te*.**. >?. or ahout HMt ktas
than it ?VBfl last year. Th. dcticit foi the ,
e*_i nt-'li show. an inci.a.-.- of nearlyI
t30,000 ovei ieil-"l* la nddlttan lo thla
deflcit Columbia la cai*cylBf a bonded
di td of H.0 ?
A atrlhlng feature of the upon la the'
t.u.ie ahowlni the glfta that Columbia
| received buv i Ita founJUni ln ll i
yeara from i"M le lan\ PtAMB, accordlng
lo Dr. Butli i. arauld etrver tha full |
amount. ln the ei.ven yeara ln which;
Loa waa preaident Kitts totalUng
|fS,4#,Ma were received. In Dr. Butler'a
rirsl ten yeara |l?,*ei,4g871 .ame ln, and
ln the laal two yeara nearly *?" ?
The total for thi last yeai was tMOfc*
making a grand total for the taren
ty.five yeara ol ..'*?.77fi,7i>? 47.
Tha laraeal alfta received were |?5O.gO0
rrom the estate ot Ihe lata Jeaeph Pullt
1250,000 from 'be aatate of the lata
Kre'ncli P l ornaM ; M7.C42 II fiam lha
estate of tha late John Btewari Kennedy;
...i 53 from tht estati of the late
Mtnie i'. Burgeaa; !*??.' frem aamael
P. Aveiv for the Av ry Arclutci-tui al la
hrarv ; |lg.0O0 from A Barton ll.pbuiu
to,- the purchaoe und aajulpmenl of th.
tdaiaon Fraacalim; ltt.tttt1 from the
, - - r the late Charlea Bathaati fmch,
?..; 112,500 from J. Par* Clmnala**, 'tt,
Bclence fnr the equlinnent ot Ihe electrc
metailurgical lahoratory: *,f'-0"" fr"m
i'hark-s it. Davle, 'gg, Bchmca. foi ad
vanced InatructloB and reeearch ln higb
S. Altman & (Ho.
Parts ModeJ Oowns and Suits
he-etofore $25U>.WI> to 4S?M, are now oou fale
at . $185c00 <& 250
Ttt-s day (Monday) there wiS! take p.ace
An Extraordinary Offerinj; 61
.mported Chlffon VeJ vets & PJushes
reguSar.y sold at $6.50 per yard . at $20$5
S. Altmatt $c (Hn.
are thowiflf a very choice and interesting
selectaon of
Imported Umbrella Handles
mounted and unn-O-unted, amniong whkh will
be found many that wiii smggest desirahUe
'ho.i<_ay gifts. Especiaiilly worth noting are
Hand.es of plain and engraved go.d. carvea
ivory, crystal, damascene inllaid work, jade,
garnet, lapif-Uzuli, tortoise-slhiellS. and iter
Hng silver gi-t incrysted with sen.i---precious
A targe assortmient of Riding Whips and Crops
and fine WaJking Sticks will aSso be found in
the Umbrell.a Department.
Jifll) Avrtuir, 34-J) anh J5ti} ?trM_a, ffftf Moxk.
wa* enaineeriaa ? HO.aee from an anony*
moui donor foi luralcal reeearch, and M,
aOO from Bdward D. Adatna for the Brneai
Kempton Adamt preclaion laboratory.
Dr. Butler on "Experts."
The ropori ehoari thal Colombla has al
tln momeni ? total staff ol 100, whkh ln
cludea profeeeori aaaodatea, Inatrnctora,
lectnrei-i aaalatanta admlnlatratlve of*
fican and tm rltm olllceri Thh '"! il en*
rolmenl ofatudenta, Includlng Ihe eummer
?eeatoei and extenaion, ii 13.120, ami iast
\,.;u _,is degreca ; ad dlplomai were
granti ?! t.. l,?0 Indlviduale.
"Acth-e gentlemen with meaaurlna rode
?nd lal k i of itattel i are abroad ln the
land, and Ihej af .-.11ni?"i^ t" nnd eome
wa) of eatlmatlni th ? ?'? tl et* h or ?
univi n II n th.' ternu of a mechanlcal
rormula, ?aj ? i ?r. Butk r. "Tbej wlll he
dlaaiipolnted, and an) attempl to meet
ti eli . ?? ?? i ai 'i irlahi i In unlvi ralt; ad*
tration i aa do nothlng boi horm
Thoae who Ihlnh thal they ar.* mee urlng
epirlfual and Intellectual characterlatlci
? ?? an lliui
Durlng the y.ar th?' Internatlonal rela*
tinns of Columbia L'nlveralty have ln*
. ri aaed and multlplled Kor th.' pn
,t hai been arranged thal the Rooaevell
profeaaoi ahall ln alternate yeara k-< tor
at li ast a p'-"t ~-f ti.' ? ? meati r to
ihe rniversiiv of Lelpaic, whlle in the In
, nim . ? Um iti umbenl ot thia
profeeaorahlp arlll go for at leaal a ran
,,f ti,,. Mcond eemeatei to thi Unlvereltj
of Munk ':???
Th- govarnmenl of Auatrla has effected
? k, ment elmllar hi all i"; ? '?- lo
thal whlch exlati between Columbia Kni
\, dt) and the governmenl of Pi
Th' formal eatabllahmcnl of thli aea ea*
? hangi ' ? ? ' ! ?' ' t'"'
n? i.i of tbi ? ? Buence In
ii; Butler, after revlewlng ihe worh of
th-' dlflferi - * ? thal ***.''
called vocatlonal tra i ? ag I
II) puahed <i"wi: through the eecondar-j
? thi eli i.tnry. ?? ' preeum*
abl) it wlll 9otm reai h the i radli Thi
foi anv true n i tlon ?'
tlon, aayi Di Butli r, alng ta know
;, tea thii ? a ' ? ? ??' ?* "?
oj Buch hnowledgi lo forra ihow
ImblU '.f mind and of wlll thai 11 tbi ln
!i\ idual to im^t aaw dutloj and ui I
... u .,, argew lea Thla li the real roa
?on why tbe tradltlonal tralnlng glven ;t
the Ui of < ixford ha I
? ? i gi nt ral oi ?
Polo Grounda Capacity Raised
to 45,000 for Football Game.
Bmpty tieket rn- mt-d thoae
who *<o ighl to pun I h ? -? ?<* I ? ?*- rda)
foi tii-- Arm) an i Nav) football i
whlch "Aill he de< i.t*.1 at the Polo
nda on ttaturday, Novembei '? All
of the tkheli whlch wore allotted to the
New Vork i i eball Club for puh
have been tahi n. and etlll John B. roetei
ti c mi retai ? ol the club. li belng d< luged
wlth ordere for ? itl ??' ">?' > ??" -,:
noum ed yeeti rda) thai appUcatloi ? I
neat*. wouM I-* aecepted In the future
with the pn vla* that, lf the ofl
ther the I'nlted Btati MlliUi i ".ead
tray ai Weal Poh l ? th'- Waval Aeed*
e:,i*. ai Annapolli lurn bach an) ik heti
f.,r aale, the orderi wlll i?- flllad ln the
rotatloa In whk h the applk atloni bave
been recelved. \ few boaea etlll remaln
at |60 and ii'" aaeh.
Thhi dearth of eeati eonfronti thoae
who wish to si*. tbe greateai game thal
has heen played In thla elty la many
.,,.,,,. deeplte the facl thal wortanen
hav.* been engaged In eugmentmg tbe
?eating capaciti ot the Polo Oroundi ao
thal tie mammoth itanda wlll accommo*
,iite approxlmately ?M0O apeetatora. AU
aronnd the Sold. whlch baa been pol ln
ti,,,. condition, tomporaiy wooden aUndi
have been bulli nenrtj to the alde lli i i
the gridiron. Bvary Inch of avallable
?pgee has been attlleed. Arrangetnenti
haT? i ten mada with Columbia ITalver*
rity ro furnlah a staff of M atodent
uahara, who wlll ba drllled In their dutlee,
,, that the Inuneaae throng whlch wlll
;,,?.,?! th.* gatne mai ba expedltloualy
ter.- il.
\ man ai-i-an-ntly abOU| Btatyflve
,,.arl( old, commltted aoleMe yeaterday
mornini by lomplng Into Ihe Baat Rlver
from the iiier bi Mth atraai The body
was reeovereil BOVeral hours later at
lltth Btieei h> tbe polica oi Harbor
Iquad B,_
Tokio, Nov io -Th. Poretgfl OfBce to
dav wttd thera was no truth In tha ropori
publlahed la tha United Btatea thal Japan
bad reajaeated the abrogatkm of the
Anglo-Japaneae alliance _
Individual Christmas cards in
cxclusive designs may be or?
dered now through
681 Fifth Ave. near 53d St.
For the convenience of those
with friends at a distance. or
who wish to make an early
selection of the season a new
designs Duttons Card and
Calendar Room i? now open.
Tel. No., Pla" 7400
Asks State Government Heads
to Make Apprcpriation
Estimates Light.
"We Must Make a Reeord for
Genuine Saving, So Use
Pruning Knife," the
Governor Says.
I By Te|enr.i|.h le Th. TrlKiiji* ,
Albany, *fov. 9. Oovernor Olynn. "io
for the last two we.-ks has he.n iuh'kIii ?
a ttttd) nf th. Htinnal reports of th.- vari
oua departmanta of the state (overnment,
has- JU81 *enl t.. the head of each .1. -
partmenl a -*owniunlc*atl4*ai ealllm for the
Bxeirlae of the most etrlngenl . c<.in>m\
ln r-ciinmendations fnr appropilati?n
for the etisiiiiiK year. The Oovernor d< -
elarea he bi determined to aecure the
ireateal economy poasthla without de
Btroylng the efflclenry Of th.- work re?
quired to be done
Under a nen law of thi? year a atate
Board r.r Estimate. eompeaed of the
elected state ofrlcrs WOM rieated, for
ihe purpoae of fot-mulatlng befora the
regular raa*ion of the Legialature tie
?,artoua appiopri-ition hllla Tha purpoai
Ls to n-.riil.te the itpproprlallomi sotumt
by the Btate "I--pai tm-nls, and lliv.-rnor
I'.lynn asks the ilepartni.-nt heada to BOO
mlt lo ihe new bOBld the approprlatlons
they deatre as aoon a? aaaalhla n ^
hoped in thla way to rednea the amount
of money asked for to cover tha BBBnlUti
miaealllei af .4 proper bualneaa *_4fmlnla
tration of the . tate's arTaim
The Covernor- letter to the department
heada follows:
"Under tbe law pas.ed last winter cre
atlng tha atate Beard af Ihtlniata II "arill
be iuubbbij foi your depertroenl te auh*
1 mlt to ih- Beard al Battntati reur Je
lalrea for funda foi ihe rnalntenaaee el
your departmenl durtai tha neal Itacal
year. I aaaunwi ttiat yea are alraadj ? a
gaged In the *Hrepejntion of thla matter
'for .uhmi si'.ii It 1- thepf.Te aii appro.
! prtate time lo dlreet rour attention to
j th.- att,t aie or the state Board >.f Batl
| 111.it- |fl Its trealinent of all r. |U4Hta fOT
approprlatlona thal ahall caaaa te ll from
the aeveral dapartntente.
? 11 is abaolutety necieaary for tn.
pr..;.?-r BdmlnlatiaUofl ol th. ajovernmeal
|of ih.- Btate and to proroote lhal e4*ooom.
| whi. h v*. 111 bm rit the approval et th ?
preaenl ndmnletratloe. lhal avary aa*
pondtture lhal roe rriay eont4?mplata ahall
I be abeolutel) n+ceeaan tot ti ? ronducl
1 of 'o"i department, and thal bo appro
prlatlona ol an) kmd t.e either aahed 01
made ahlch ahall eseeed by a alagle dot
[lar the imparatJve and ahaeluta needa o:
ih.- di pai tn.. nt.
V, c mtll ' make a t< card for . . ii'ini"
.1 onomy, nnd thal re iuln - the 1 ri-opera
Uon of all the departmanta .-f the atate
1. tha pr imtag down of thelr propoaad
. \p. niiitnr.fi t.. the ima lot I amoui l I 11
? , . of th- departmanta de?
mand l*OU w'li flnd the atlitude ,,f the
-t.n- Board 'it EatlmaU m atretai ln
this res. ? 1 thal your n lueatad appro
? - wlll he flerutlnlacd arlth th<
ureati l rar< and no api roprlatlon aill
be n omn eridod te Um Legialature 14
,, 1 thal win-1; tbe Board of KeUmate
la onvlnced la abaolutely raaentlaJ tor
the pr.u . conduct ol the bualm >?- 01 rh ?
d'-pai tmenl
??you ? ' the I o;'r.l BBd make il
work pi-11 antei and -as..r b) aalnc * * >
pi mlng knlfe I ttore roa at nd Ifl .t
.,, iiiMiii-i.-liihin - U'n.-i-v.: t'.er.- la an
expenditure thal looka larije. you ahould
?tnd arlth II a detalled atplanatlan ot
Um iitcfaallj f.-r lt, ahoarlng -rpeiclncally
whv ihe aaoaunf aahed la needed.
"Therefore, 1 ask .erar rxM>peratlon, to
the end thal averj "?oaBtble e49onomy ma)
bfl I ra. tir-.-d tO r.-du.-.- UlC BPPI f.prlation
1 | tn, :,,-.! !/-. lalature te Ua eatremi
m ol a. tual ru caaeity 1 ahall la
?4el u|?,r, the aaeel itrlmreni e<*onom. In
, ,. \ depai tment, and 1 am ai ? itt r| ol
., tive ' 0-1 peraUofl aad wipport of
th. othei m- mbera >.t lha Board ..t Kotl
Pleaae glva na yoot Intelllgenl and
eetivc help, aa '?r aa yoau departmenl la
. opCI 1 ll" il
Printers Table Resolution in
Regard to Lynch.
Th- meettna of T-r*?otTaphlcal Unkm
No. ?> in the Murray HIU Lyeaum -raeter
,|?. mat W.ll alt.Il'leil. Ih M'lte of the
raln. as a r-solutloii propos.-.l tWO WOtrhl
ggo bj aUraden ?: ??***?. prealdenl of tha
unlon, tnaiikim. Oa*rernor Qliraa and tha
li.nioc.ti. part) for the appoinim.-nt Ol
1,,,,?.? U I*ynch, preaident ?>t Ihe later
nattonai Typomanlcal i'."? ^ s""
Commlaaloner of Labor, was on the pro
Kiamme IO he vot.'.l UPOn, The .. '? .
tion aaa tabled. Two aobetttata reeolu
tlona to tbe aama aaTei t aiso wara tabled
One "'" the leaoluUima thanhed ea-tlo**
erner anlaar aad othera for tha appolnt
,,?.? of Lynch, as Mr. Sulzer b.-ior.- his
,???.?, hn.eut had named Lyneb fat tha
Job All the r.solutlons anpai.-ntl. w.m
construed b) the tudon membera as aa
Inderaemenl ol tha De.tratk party. it
iraa Brgvad thal tbe ta-gaalBatlaa la aot
ln potttlC .
On? member, la a -rpaech, began to ae*
????,. for.n.r Hovernor Sul/.. r. caUlMJ
hlri , ..|lliril?ii.. ' iMtantly there was a
Btorm of bhn-ee, mlnsled aith erlaa of
?Slt down1 The oi-poneiits ol the 10011
resoiutiiwi, baaldea t*dilai lha atand that
,h. v could not thank any poMUcaJ partv,
h.-id tbat there araa no a.1 la thaah any
ona that Oeire-nai CMyna Bad tha Laejla
mtoM had only ac.ompliHbe.l thelr duty,
anyway, la appatotlng aad otaiflrnuni
Lynch. _
Buildings Burn Because Streets
Are Impassable.
EantarvUle, Ohm. Kov. I -a raeard*
1?,..lklI1>; atsOW fe.l bere to-la" BMOOB
???... 10-nujbt Itollroad and atarurban
.rattlc U demo,..li.eil. Ahont tontU-.-n
;lm.h..K ?f anoar feii up te M eeleeh to*
BU,h, Tht lo.al Hr- Department wai
unalile to respond to ncveral dwelUPB
ho,s, area ,,,-day aad tha baOdaaaa uott
daatroyad, . ,m
Btreel rallway, talephaM and alaetrie
Itghi atraa ure daara at Baal Uverp.-.i
Uld the city rs in ilarkness
The thernuuneter re.istere.l M degree*
to-nlght Bl !-in<llay. Storm records of
IWentJ -seven years have heen I rok-n
At fl ilairsvlle roadd are Impassable
A frelKbt tram on th- f.altlmo.e k OhlO
Itallroad at Si-enlel ha.s h.-en stalled In B
drlft for seven hOlira.
The mountain reglons of West Vlrxlnia
are dritt'il f*tth ""?w
them we shall know* junt what we have
to work wlth.
"The laaguo preaideata to whom we
wrnte were Mrs. Alfreii Luatfg, 0.
Provldeace; Mrs. 1. m. Btrout, of Port
land. Me.: Mrs. James Hnrrell, of Buf?
falo. Mrs. Alfrerl Dunk. of D-troit;
Mrs. A. B. ("rossman. of Toleilo; Mrs.
John ?* Hley, of Chkago; Mrs. W'illard
Church, of Kanaaa City; Mrs. John C.
Flanner... ot" l*ittsl*urgh; Mrs. S. B.
Ifather, ot Charleaton; Mrs. i:. B. I-it
tlejolin. of Flushing; etlaa Bdlth Press
i?t. of \ew Brunawkra, aad Miss Ruby
Creen. of Ithara.
"All gummar long as I went about
the COtmtry I found the women WatCh
ing the agg altuatlon. i *itd not Buggeet
tt. Th.-y uere doing il of thelr OWB
aeeord, boeauae they were so proud <>f
what ue accompUahed last year. They
had learned that it paid to undeyatand
?big bualneaa.'
"l remenber one woman ln Provl*
dence who eame rnablng over to me at
a receptlon when i was thlnhlng of
Chlneae poetry, or aocaethlng equally
romote trom tggs. Thla woman grasped
ate by tho band and dragged me along.
[crying, *Oh. eome tutck. Here is a man
Who knows all about egga. Th. y r. !?">
Ieenta lure now, and ln* says it'.s not
"You nee, last year we dldn'l awake
to tln* situation until BtUCtl later Ifl tbe
aeaaon, so w.nldtt'l do as much.
imt tins v.-ar we have been 'on rti" Job'
for months.
??We know there is no ?hortage of
eggs. <>ut at <><.ster Ba) last week a
woman who owna a ehlchen farm told
bm ahe was aelllng freah egga at 18
cents a doz.-n. Th-* weather has been
so warm that the h-ns ar.' layitlg much
betti r than usuai ai this tlme "f the
year. The N-w Ymk markel ropori for
November 7 givea three thouaand caaaa
mon on hand this \ear than last year
on th. aame day. Bo, you see, thay
can'l claim a ahortage>
"Simply Are Speculating."
"No, they almpl) are Bpeculattng.
j Tln". want io force high rri.es on theae
i Btorage egga aoar whlle they think thay
can'get them. The Aprll egga wlll all
hava to come oul of atorage the iast of
December. The markel wlll be so
flooded then that th- price wtll go
! down unleaa thoy can aell them off now
1 at exorbitaai prlcea.
??One bloch of egga of about on- hun*
dred and forty thouaand caaaa, recently
ptin haacd from a Weetern dealar,
1 ted the eelh r 175,000 proflt At tha
' preaenl prlce of egga thal block la
WOlth $180,000 In New York. That
,,,. ana a total profll of 1228,000 for
Weetern producera and New York
. w holeealei i togi ther.
?Then- la ii" profll f"r th- conaumor!
it aounda trerj prott) to talh aimut the
. Mlnga of . ..wi Btorage. But tlu- way
markel is manipulated to-day the
I bleaainga go largely lo th- producer.
i The wonn ii of th- ? OUntr) Int .rui to
! have a hand la thoae M< wlngi them*
. trouble la we uaed to be ao
Ignorant if a deak r told ua egga were
I worth 40 eenta a doxen we pald ir
wlthoul making an-. Inqutrlea a.- to
! whether. eggs oughl to bring 10 eenta
<>ii. yea, ll waa our fault. There is ao
iio.it.t ahOUl that. I aaked a yoUBg
| woman once: 'How much do you pa)
f..r eKKs"' Bhe replled, Forty eenta.'
I 'What klnd of i'kxs ai- they? I aaked.
j "Why, Just egga,' sh- sai.i. That young
I woman knowa to-day that there |a a
dlfference between freah ami eold sior
I age egga. II ia all rlghl to pay 40
eenta for freah onea, hut aconomlcally
I, iimtnal to pa) that mu *h i..r atorage
? it is this new knowledge on the pan
of women thal is going to bring the re?
form of Amerlca'a bualneaa life, to aa)
nothing of aolving the woman quea?
tlon. When women wake up to the
ta. t thal there la a big economlcal
problem waltlng for them to aolve,
when thej reallae thal domeatlc efll*
, i.h. \ meana the maatery of a bualneaa
Whlch ls Just us big as any man's, and
J :st as WOrthy the m-ttle ol' any keen
nilnd, then woman Wltl have found lu-r
Nickel an Egg Too Much.
"M-anwiuu* we are awking a be*
gtnnlng on our 80*cent egga. Oood
atorage -kks ara eacellent food. it
your huaband*1 won'l eal them, let
them ga without egga. As for puying
dn eenta for atrlctly freah onea, i eon*
s.d-r that an extr.i\'aganCO. Fggs at
ilve i-nts apiece nre ht only for table
ileioratinii. and e\-n a'. that chrvsan
themuma are prettler an.i cheaper."
in additioii to tlu* Oerman egga of
wiu. h Mrs. iieath apoke, it was learned
yeaterday that larga quantltlea ofeggi
from other ESuropean countrlea wlll be
Imported lu-re, BOW that they an- ad?
mit ted free of duty. Norway, Den*
mark, Ruaala, Oermany, Kngland an.i
Anstria are great agg prodUClng coun
tri-s, and sin.e tln* season has been
mild there are large BUPPliOB 0B hand.
Three uf th- largest prodUCO com*
panlea la New Ymk aent experta
abroad iast week to Inveatigate th- for?
eign mariteta, ami if they Bnd tln- agga
of fiuperior quality they will huy in
iaiga quantltlea.
Liberal Defeat at Reading a
Blow to Ministry.
London. KOV. k?The results of the
Paiiiamentary by*eleetiona held la Un*
llthgow, ?cotland, an.i Reading, Bngland,
yeaterday wera greetcd with the arfldeat
rnthualaam la aii Untontat qoartara to?
day, Hii.i MtrticuiHiiy iu Ulater. fa Read?
ing Captain I- <>. 'vVllson. Cnionist. woi,
the seat ov.-r the Uheral aad So.iaii-t
candldatea, whlle ln UnBthgow th.
mionists .ut iie.-i.iy into the usuai Uh?
eral majorlty.
All the I'nionist BOWapapen ui their edl
torlals to-day deelare tltat aftei tWO BUCta
?taggerlag btowa 't tn* bo hripoaatble fo.
tbe governmenl t.. peraaat la dknegardlni
the demand fur a fresh appeal 10 UH
,.?,mtry on the Mome Rule bill.
Call us up and we will prove it!
NINETY-NINE times out of a hundred the
tremendous advantages of the Equitable
Building would be advanced as an argument to
justify high.rentals.
But the Equitable Building justifies its claim
to being 100% efficient by lmproving upon the
traditions of the ninety and nine.
Instead of emploving its advantages as a reason
for high rents, it makes them a feature of
rents tnat are reasonable.
Leaaen now being made from May 1,1915. The buildinp, how?
ever, it due to be completed 2 or 3 montha ahead of thit date.
Equitable Building
Temporary Office, 27 Pine Street
I onlinned from flr-t pa*je.
Intentlon tO s<*ll the drug. Now the
mere poeeeeeloo of the drug without a
presctiption la a nladeeneaaor. The
police, espe.iaiiy timse undpr laapeetor
Lahey, ln The Bronx, have heen aetlve,
end thoae they arreet la ralda now are
no kmger dlachargod becauaa it Ih Im*
poaetble to prove they Intended to seli
thi <li ug found on them. Ftilly a thlrd
of the caaaa recently brought Into Bpe*
na! Beaalona come from Th- Hronx.
Law'a Value Demonitrated.
The n-w law has also heen used to
advantage hy William J Wright. Dep*
UtJ r.itnmission.-r of Corr-.tions. Mr.
Wright has charge of the Tomba
prlaon. For years the prlaonera in the
Tomba have hen able t<* get drugs
wlthoul much dlfflculty, provldlng they
had'the money t.> pay for tinm. Com
miaaloner P7rlght, however, has lnstl
tuted a vtgoroui .ampaign against
druk' pedlera, and has obtalnad nearly
a dosen eonvictioni in Bpecial Beaalona
agalnal thoae whom he caught hiinging
. ocalne Into th- Tomba.
Judgea and proaecutora ar- tinani
moua in declarlng that the law has al
ready proi ed its value.
Judge Bwann, of Oeneral Beaalona,
who aaaiated In draftllng th- law an.l
was Inatrumental iti obtalnlng its
paeaage, aald he thought th- reeulta
v. re excellent.
' lt is an excellent thinc." said he. "to
Bend theae caaea to Bpecial s.
There they an- tried, nol before a jury,
but before thr.- Juattcea who are men
,,f common eenae nnd veraed ln the
. of ? rlmlnala. Th- juatlcea will
n,,t be mialed, as furiea aometlmea are.
hv th- Btereotyped defencea that the
priaoner was 'beaten up' by the police
or that the Dietrid Attorney la anxious
to make a record of i onvlctloaa"
Easy to Recognize Drug Users.
, aaea thal have i ome%before me
are pltiful," said Juatice Salmoti. of
Bpecial Seealonai "Bo many vlctlma of
this drug have heen arraigneil lal-ly
i , fore us that u- ,an i-cgnize the
cocalne uaer almost at a glance. The
purpoac of the law, of courae, is to
, ur- rather than to punleh. with the
preaenl means at our dlapoeal v-o can
, ui- oniy by punlahing, there belng no
institution-- eacepl those of a penal
i haracter to whkh WO <an s. nd the
drug uaer. i believe, however, thal the
law has a deti rrent effect."
"The effect of tho new law is deter
I Antique Persian
rugs are beyond the
ordinary pocketbook.
Yet through the work
of hundreds of mod?
ern weavers runs the
charm of the "old
and antique" strain.
1 The moderate priced
1 among Wild's Ori
l entals represent this
V class.
\ Fifth Ave- and 35th St
J^arcjest Specialty Ru <
v"Iousein America,
rent, undouhtedly." said'ustioe Forker.
"We liave a large numb.-r ..f I as. s in
Spocial Scssions, and BOflM nf them are
horrlble. I belleva that the law is
wnrkinK out well."
Jam.-s A. Delehanty, Aasiatanl Dat*
trlCt Attorney, who worked with Judge
1 Swann in drawing th.- law and .rt
I furtnertng its paaaBfn. aald thai he
: was well aatlsfled arlth the nraj it was
: Brorfclng out.
The Rev. Jamea B. Curry, arho has
. been active f"r yeara in the eampaign
agalnat cocalne, aald that ln- had nol
I look.'il Into the WorkillK nf tlx- pew
? law. but was detlgtlted to bear that it
I hatl proved BO BU4 . .-ssfnl He .anl he
I thought it wouhi he a still mon poarer*
| ful woapoti :f imuo CBBeB were carefully
prepared by the police. so that they
I mlghl go befora the grand Jury and the
I defendanta be trieri in Oeneral Beaalona
j rm n felony ? barge, w Ith a possible
?Oi en-yeauf senU-nce in the event of
Ashury I'ark, S. .1. Nov. I.?The home
of James W. ClOW, bl Klberon avenue.
Allenhurst. was destroy-d by i'n. thla
afternoon. The blaze. which is belleved
to have started from a defecttv- fl
spiroi rapl.lly. and hy the tlme the tlre
mefl reached tbe acane the bulldlng was
a inass of llam.s-. The leah MI .-stimate't
at aboul *l?."i?r
Diamond Jewelry
McGibbon & Co.
In addition to being made of purcst linen, many of our
handkerchiefs are designed especially for us in patterns
not obtainable elsewhere.
Women's Sheer Linen Handkerchiefs /
Hemstitched v/ith hand embroidercd script initial.
2.75 a doz.
Men's Extra Large Handkerchiefs
Cambric weight with hand embroidered block letter.
5.50 a doz.
3 West 37th St,
Just oll Flltb Avenue.
? a ?
? a a b ?
? a b aaa
Fourth Avenue cor. 25th Street
EldridgC Street cor. Rivington Street
SevSh Ave. bet. 48th anj,49th ts.
Lexlnfton Ave. cor. 124th Street
Grand Street cor. Clinton Street
tast7 2dSt.bet.Lexington&3dAvs.
Kast Houston St. cor. bssex St.
Courtlandt Av*. cor. 148th Street
Graham Avenue cor. Uebevoise St.
Pitkin Avenue cor. Rockaway Ave.

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