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Senator Asserts Discharged
Clerk Forged Famous
Senate Is Likely, However, to
Seek Assurance That No
Conditions Attach to
(From TIM Tribun?? Botas i
Washington, Nov. 12.?Henry M Pin
dell, to whom Stnator "Jim Ham" l>wls.
of Illinois, tssa f>alcl to have offered the
Ambassadorship to Russia for a year, will
he the next Amhassador to Russia, despite
the clamor that ha* been rais??l. accord?
ing to the Secretary <?f State, who ??sued
a statement to this effect to-day It is
expccte?l that Mr. PmdeH'?'name will go
to the S.-nate without delay.
In his statement Secretary Riyan says
that the matter has been grossly misrep?
resented and that the President will not
allow malicious misrepresentations to in?
terfere with his right to nominate whom?
soever he please?- Mr Bryan's state?
ment follows
"The Ambassadorship to Russia is va?
cant, and the President has for some time
been desirous of tilling it by an appoint?
ment which would be entirely worthy of
the great diimity and imp?t tance of the
post. Knowing Mr. Pindell personally,
hi? character, hLs ability, his exceptional
fitness for the duties of such a place, he
??nffere'l him the appointment.
Unsought by Pindell.
"Mr. Pindell did not seek the appo'nt
m.-nt. It was tendered him without any
?.ollcltatlon on his part, not only, but
without any knowledge or anticipation on
hia part that It would he offered to him.
In response t ? ? the ??ffer he frankly stated
that he would be glad to serve the ad?
ministration In any way in which the
President thought he could serve it su -
cessfully, but that he did not feel that
be could conscientiously obligate himself
to nerve the full ordinary term of a for?
ri?n Appointment, because he did not feel
that he could leave his business so Ion?--.
The President asked hirn to accept It for
as long a time as he could stay an?l he
"This Is a full statement ?if a matter
which has been gtossly misrepresented.
The President will not allow malicious
misrepresentation to Interfere with his
right to nominate to the Senate the best
Qualified men within his choice for con?
spicuous and responsible positions.
Senator J. Hamilton l>ewis took upon
himself to-day the full burden of the si?
leged misunderstanding that has arisen
over the letter attributed to him. concern?
ing the appointment of Henry M Pindell
as Ambassador to Russia, and then ex?
onerated hlmttlf by the declaration that
the document In question is a forgery.
Collusion in Forgary.
It was fabricated, he said, by a clerk
whom he discharged several weeks ago
for fort?n!: chseks, "in collusion with his
SSSSStatf"* " "The lancuaire used," he
sa;?l in bis statetn? nt, "and the phrnse
olosry In the invented lettCfl were for? Ikii
to anything ever used by me."
Pespito the denial of Senator I/ewis that
he ha I -v? r permed the communication to
Mr. Pindell, assuring him that he could
spend a pleasant jrcsr abroad without
b.-irir hampered by diplomat!?- duties. It
la probable that the Senate will scrutinize
the circumstance attending the nomina?
tion with extreme care. Some Senators,
M ISBSt, are in. lined to suspect that
where there is so much smoke there .must
have been some lire, and wish to satisfy
thoniselvv ? that no conditions were at?
tached to the appointment.
The statement maOe by Senator Lewis
"The appointment of Mr. Tindell this
niornlnp by the Presiilent closes that
phaso of the subje.t. however. It is now
but fail" for me to state that if the news?
papers had publlshe?! a letter mat was
Let the Coward
Arch Support Shoe
take your arch
troubles in hand.
Coward Arch Support Shoe
and Coward Extension Heel,
have been made by James S.
Coward, in his Custom De?
partment for over 33 years.
264-274 Greenwich St., N. Y.
O'UI WAhltt.N nm.rTI
Mall Order? Filiad | Sand for catalogua
R. Simpson & Co.
143 West 42d St., naar Broadway
Broadway, Corner 67th St.
Loam of Any Amount on
Pledge of Personal Property.
W? have ? lat?? aaa<>itini nt of Diamond
Ri?a*?. DlHmond I'Iiih. *< . at prtttt which
?111 satisfy careful purcliaaera.
I misleading and misinforming in M fer as
| it appeared to b?- either my stati menti or
as corning from me, i run responsll
tin?, and not the papara
Pindsll ths Man to Talk.
"When the matter Of some letter? Of
mine to Mr. Plndell was brought to mj
?attention l y the representatives of som
I papsr l said: 1 have written Mr. Plndell
upon the subject, and so far as I am con?
cerned any letter of min?- upon public
business is the business of the publi?'.
| arid at a proper time you may put it upon
the hi il board.?- OT lampposts. Mr. 1'indell.
however, Is the man to talk of any let?
ters be has from me. and not I '
"This doubtless led the papers to as?
sume that 1 did not deny the particular
lettOl that had been Imposed upon them
as being from me.
"The creation of those letters assumed
to have been from me to Mr. 1'indell, as
published, now develops to have been the
result of a collusion on ilie part ot" a
former employe of my etOc? In Washing
ten, who had provoluslj forgod my nsm?
to checks and had been dtSchSrgod, but
who had been protected by me from the
penalty because of his family, snd CS">
tain of his confederates
"These shaped those letters arid SOUght i
to dispose of the same as billig frMB me
te Mr. Plndell. the stenographer bavins ]
memory that letters of som.- kind on th?
subjects referred to bad be? s dictated by
me to Mr. Pfaden. However, the language
ueed ami the phraseology In th? Invented
letters wer. s., foreign to snythlng erer
used by me thai for thros weeae through?,
out the country he bad be? n unsticci-ss- ,
Cat \
"Later, through the co-operation o! BOOM i
enemy of Mr Plndell (In Illinois. SS I MB
informe.il who vouched thai such letter?
had been Men, cither in the MOSSBSSloa
<?f Mr. l'uni? u. or had been -molten ,,f ,,v
bim as having been received, was this!
faithless employ?- able to ImPOS? upon
reputsbls sen spspet i
"Mr. Plndell foe his own rossons, ex?
hibited to the i'r. -uierit and the Secretary
of State all Of th? corr.-siKindenc?. bstWOCS
us that they themselves could SOS tli.it
no such lett-,-s as published bad ever been
writt?-rr or existed. My sssursncss to the
heads of the administration upon the sub?
ject, together with such course SI Mr.
Plndell took, cloees the subject, both la
the opinion of the otTlcirs of the adminis?
tration and all others concerned, as well
as t'n?"- Senate.
"Mr Plndell ?HI now b0 co*-?l**med and
sent upon bis fnlsrdon, and, so far as I ain
concerned, th?- incident of the all? god let?
ter s i? now closed."
Even the Odor of Liquor on a
Man's Breath Will Cause His
Indefinite Suspension.
| From Th? Trlb*ra< B? is
Washington. Noy. i: Purthei *rvlde"*-ce
of a "dry' administration develop?-.! to?
day When the director of the Bureau Of
the t'ensus IssBSd an order that "in?
definite SSBPtinslen" Will be the penalty
for any man app.-arin,' on duty with the
odor of liquor on his breath.
Ho?Smell an order acninst men ini
ployes appearing lor work under the Influ?
snos of liquor was issued by Dltfectot
Harris, and five men srers rnispended, bw
the latest move Is intended to strik?- S '
death blow at ?King Alcohol. The Br n -
tary of OOSSSaerOS has Risen bis approval
to the cruaade of Mr, Harris
No et nu ees will bs accepted, say? Mr,
Harris, who added that "aaj one tk k
enough to drink whiskey is too (del to
?o? k "
Two poetic efforts of employes sained
circulation atout th? ofOOS tO-ds) after
ti ? .?.oi.i order had been posted (?m
A worker in the < ?naUS
Lay perishing of thirst.
When a comrade dashed beside him.
Baying, "Listen lo th? worst
"The Qeergte drouth has struck this pises
And chased away all cheei
No more the Whiskey breath for ourn.
Nor y.-t th? fumes of beer.*1
Th<- dying man in horror rose,
"Oh, what's the user* h? sold;
''Th?- Rood old davs are past ano gone."
And then his spirit Bed.*'
The other reads as follows:
if a body takes e toddy,
Applejack or ryej
if u body takes a toddy
Need Hill Hairls cry';
Everybody iskes s toddy,
"None.' Bill says; "ahall I."
Km all the barkeeps smlla <>n me
When passing out the rj ?
Favors Granting Citizenship to
Porto Ricans.
: From Th?- Tt:t.,,i..- Bor-MV. I
IVsshington. ?Nov. IX-?Is dlarnasliig
? onditions in Porte Rico the Secretary of
War said to-day that he, personally, was
la favor of granting clt?/.enshlp to the
Porto Ricana He would not, he said,
?imply make every one in I'orto Rico an
American rttlsss by an set of law, but
he would make It possible for any Porto
Rican who desired to do so to become an
American. Secretary Garrison merely
mentioned this a.s a personal opinion and
in BO sense as reib ?tint- the views of
the administration.
Colonel Colton, the retiring Governor of
I'orto Rico: Arthur TagST, of Kentucky,
the new Governor, and business m?ri of
the Island calbd on Mr. Garrison to-day.
Grave concern ever tin- operation of the
new tariff law having to do with Migar,
which is to ko on th?- free list after thre.
yean, was expressed, it was pointed out
that this would cause an economic crisis
of gravs character, partlculariy as the
tax on rice, the principa] article of food
In Porto RICO, has not been removed.
It ?as suggested by the Secretary that
If the Porto Ricana could show that their
position is unique, they might obtain som?j
relief from Congress
Dr. James Starts Work on Bill
to Provide Appropriation.
Washington. Nov. 1L\- The movement
to establish a great federal university
In Washington on the plan Indorsed by
th?- National Association of State I'ni
\ersities began to take form to-day.
President Kdmund .1. James of the t'ni
ver-ity of Illinois began the preparation
of a Mil SSktng for a preliminary ap?
propriation of iiOO.Ouf-, to be Introduced
at the next regular session of Congress.
"This would be an Institution for ad?
vanced work," said President James to?
day "It would compare with (lie Ini
verslty of Parte and the University of
Herlln. The latter has 17,000 students,
who (?une from all over the world "
Washington. Nov. 11.??Alexander Bweck,
Of Portland, (?re., was s? le? ted by Pres?
ident Wilson to-day to be Minister to
Slam. He was formerly a member of the
Oregon Senate, being president of that
body at one tim?-. and was chairman of
the l>emo?ratle Slit? ?'entrai Committee I
Secretary Kryun rvcuiiHiieiiUeU hiru.,
| Senate Committee Gets Free
Rein to Reach an Agreement
and Report a Measure.
Action Taken After Chairman
Owen Tells Democrats That
Compromise Could
Be Reached.
: |*i -m i ha Ti Ibuae Bureau. !
Washim-ton. Nov. 12? The Democratic
confidence of IBS Senate, confronted with
1? iIHgorency in Its own ranks, avoided a
fight over currency legislation t??-day hy
giving th.- ii.-iii"i-rati<- members of the
Banking and Curran^ Committee fr. <?
rein to rea? h ;ni BgTeoillBlll smong them?
selves and report ;i in? .ii-iii?- t<? tin- Sen?
Senator Owsn, Hi?- chairman of the I
committee, assured the conierem ?? that
su. h an nnr?-em'.fit coiil.l lie reached.
Tills was understood to apply only to the
li.-mocratic members, with the exception
of Senator Hitch?-??? 1;. whose \ i.iws, it ap
pearn, cannot be it. on died with tlMSNJ St
his colleaKii'S who support tin' admlnls
tiation rmasinea. The i ? port v ?II tuob
al'ly be a ?lisai-v. ?-nient BO far as the ?i
t::.- commttte?. is coficerned
Tlie threat Impfttod l?> tbs SSBSinMIng ol
the Democratic fore, s was DOt made to?
day when the conference iu.?t. One mem?
ber compared It to th.- army of the King
which marched up the hill and down
again. At the close of the meetln-i th*'
currency bill was left with the l>eui"
eratk members of the "tanking and Cur?
rency ?'ommitt??. when- it was before
and with the prospect of brniKini,' the
contending fores un tue whole committee
t?. an agi semen! or estnptnnlse sppart i tly
:;s retnot?? as ever.
It is iTotinM?. that the six adminiMra
i i - -ii ni.-mbei.s. Inctodlng ftonatora Reed
anil Ci'Horniaii. will stain! by 1!..- H?9*JSe
rneaaure with the few alter.liions ?whtcta
will m- aeo-ptah!.- t.. th.- President The
i oninilttee mlghl then d? rid" to report
mi sgiseutenl on those portloni of the bill
uvcr which there is no eontrov*M*sy sad
which are largeb' technical in cha rafter
and a disagreement ?in tin- numb.i ??' re?
gil nal banks, th.- st?>. I; ISSUC "id COI
The .ours.- of Hi?- Republicana win de?
pend on the proposals that xx i 1 be made
by th?- administration mcmltera to-mor?
row, when til-- full emm: ? ?' It i"
possible that if th.- catre*-?*-) queetl
to be made a part) 1s?-u-- th.- RepOh
will refuse to ?*?*-? th.- r?rpoi 1 "f even an
Bgreetnenl in [.art. and submit a bill of
th.ir owti, m ? ? ntuatlng th?- i '? ral
Btand tor bunk control of tin- reflonsl re
serre hanks, sa oontrastod with govern?
mental control.
Interpretations of Words Most '
Favored Nation' Differ.
Berlin, Hoe. i- The srope of the rneel
f.....red ri.itlou classa In mt? i national ;
treaties was Bgafcl tlStMISSSd I"-da) ? .
twees Qermsay and the United Btatea In
Connection With the ?|U?-stl??tt <?' the fre?.
admiwdon <>f Canadian wood pulp Into
United Ht-it? i in 'i?T a clause of the
?anadian ? A:n?in.?n reclpiO'ltv ai.
in? tit.
h ?s point? d e n bare thai the United
states applied to i;, i-i...o. for full
equality of treatmeal undei the treatlea
negotiate.I D) ib-imany with Sweden .uni
Japan, in IMS, la rlen of the lapalng of
the Canadian Ian res*a**dlag wood pulp
wii.-n the United states Intel took I ?
Iiosit1"ti that <ai.adi.in WOOd pulp and
r?*elpi.n 11x- did not ? -?.in?- within the pro?
vince sf the ssosl favored nattoa elan ?
and tint it1- benellts ?ere led avalla! li?
to nations bavin? such ?danses In th.-lr
treaties with the United States, i".rmany
abo announced her adoption Of S 900)
li t. i pretatlon Of the tie.ttli-K and with
belil from Ameri? an Importers part of
tas rsdooed ratas on ato?is, siius and
other articles nc'?.r.|??l t?. Sweden und
Japan in th?- r????< nt ti eatlea
Washtn***ton, Nov. 12, Application by
the United State? for the extension to
American expoi t.-is of the same pilvl
letgea a? thoae enjoyed b) the Swedish
ami .lapan?-??- trade ..n -?OOda MtsatJMJ
?liciniany v\n?-- mad?, tin.nth the Anieri
i ?an Embaas; to the German rorelfii
lOffhce recently, as a result of many pio
I tests from American buslnesa men. It
| was sOaajsi thai p**efe**eatlal rates an
I whole elsases Of commodities extended to
Bwedlah and JapaSNNM m-reliants ma?le
An.erlcan comp?tltlo[i In th.- ?'?im?n
mark?! pra<tl?ally lllipoeslllle
As the controeersy over denial to <;?r
maiiv of the prlvflegea of exporting to
America wood pulp on even terma with
''anadians has been disposed of by the
enactment of the new tariff law, It was
confidently expet*ted at the state Depart?
ment that Germany would frosty accord
favored nation tnatiii? nt to American OS?
Saves Big Plant When 30,000
Gallon Tank Explodes.
A device hy which (ire |s extinguish. ?1
by the use of .?-team probably saved from
?l.-struction yestenlav the plant of the
Pratt oil works. North liith street and
K. nt avi-nue, Wllllamsl'iir-r, when a tank
contalniii-s- BJujBJ barrels of (?rada oil ex?
ploded The plant la a suhsl.llary of the
Standard * * i i Company.
The for???; Of tin- explosion ro. k?d many
houses in the neighborhood, and mnnv
women and ?liildryn became panic sfrl.k
en. thtnldng there bad boon as earth?
quake, Several pensas were Injured by
class whi.-li fell from shattered win.hoc
Kite followed the explosion. an?l the
vast supply of oil burned fler.ely until It
vas soon BObdracd by the steam process,
".buh was operated by tin? company'a Bra
brigade. As S result thousands of barrels
of oi| in other tanks v\er?> saved.
? -
Fall River Cotton Move for a!
General Increase.
Kail Hiver. Mass.. Nov. 12. -t'nlon labor
action kwcfhajk^loward s ?i?-mand for a'
peneral increase in STSgOS for the "C'.U?? I
operatives in the one bundled eOttOO nulls
of this city was taken to-ni^ht.
FOm <>f the Ore textile lllllolls of the,
dty voted t?. ask the textile eonaetl, the*
central orcaiization of operatives, for In-i
dois.ment of ?lemuhds fol an advance m !
the 9JOSJ9 "?cul?.-. I
'Secretary Wilson Tells A. F. L.
His Department Will Co-op?
erate in Movement.
Big Copper Mining Concerns
Warned of Coming Revision
of Conception of Titles ?
Earnings To Be Exposed.
S-attle. War-)?.. Nov. U A.Mressn.g tbe
delegates of the Am?rteos i-vderstion or
Labor to-dny as "1-Vllow unionists." Sec?
retary W. R Wilson of tbe Department
of Labor told them In effect that If th
biK corporations did no? accept trad?
unionism willingly it would be for?-ed OS
"There ran l> I no mediation, there can
i... no ??on.-iii.-iiion betarses iisplnyere and.
empleyej that doc? not presuppose r-cUse- ;
tlVS bargaining. an<l there cannot be col?
lective hergalnlng tbnt does not prsfMP
pOSS trade 110101111111." ht MM?
Th? I'ep.-irimenV of Lahor a? now or?
ganized and ?lirecled will be utilized to
co-operate with the great trad?, union
movement in Iih .(T?>rt to elevate th<
st.'i.idat.l ?.;' human KM I? 1'
'"?ne ..f tbe gcrn-iai dUttOl ImPOOOd on
th.- dapartment hi thai el promoting the
welfare of ersgc workera Th?- one -presl
BC duty Impos. .1 on t!;.- department
la l,i act aa a rue,lialor and to appoint
r.iicnilpslorurs nf .-on? Illation In trades
of the Sltuati'.n at felSBHt. Mich, the
S.-, rotary said that It ha' heretofore BOOS
the custom Pi investigate wages, hours
and cori'litionn of labor and report. This
time, he wild. It had l.een det'^rmlned to
go a st? p farther an 1 investigate tin
aarningi ..f tbe wroorsilene Involved.
Earninqt Are Bared.
"And the utile nit of -?enfidence that I
ofng 'o give v? ?;." he added, "?s as
advai.t.it? m? nt of on. i.f th?- lt?'ms in
that situation, that th?- IsrgSSt <or;.or.i
tioii engsged in thti production of coppet
in ii,.- Michtgss district ?us organised .t>
ISN under the !swi ol lb? State ..f Muhi
gan, thai th? fa' e value of it? capitel
sto.-k i ' ? ? The ?ham are BS each.
They were . i I I each, ee th.u
tual It -? errtment la H .
thai time sntll one year ano. the
i:ist ?lacal report that are had, a period pi
i >rty?two years, that corporation declared
in divi-i. :. ? ! s nn,t*M,90t a, u mada relnreat
..or of M ' ?-.?i nil ft of $:.'..'?".????
Near I ; - ? ???> of actual n< t profit? in
a period .f forty-two rear on as Inraet?
ment of 11.29. and then they not only
prot? ? ? rneettns cornmlttsee of
their workmen, bul refusa io accept the
-fSOd Offlcei Ol Hi" la-**T'.irt;n? nt of Libor
In n? toileting II ?? dliBculty.
"Thej ? property is their own,
lhal ? the right to do with it as
th?-) pleaae May be they have1 but those
who t.ik?? th.it po..t...:i bave a false con?
ception "i th? till. ? ia property "
The Been ild every title waa law?
crest? i ?..t.. t? d, and thai th
pnv.u of those lawa the piupoi**y In?
rolved wo M i- at the mercy of the first
itroi | and ? i nli i m in ? ho d? ilred it
Property Held ?n Trust.
Las en -<t- .1 tics.? Uth a," be > on?
tinued, "not prinmrll) for thi welfare of
the ir?an to whom it convoya it, bul
for the welfare <u the community,
if an] Individual m corporation takea
Uta .nd lhal Um prop? rty is bis
own, tn.it i.. i.as the right to do
with it as ha pi? ?? ? . snd tail- to lake
?i . t. .? for Um welfare of ?oeetty, then
be la creating a condition that wUI
atj to modify or i hange Um n
tul? s lo property, as .t baa ? i arfset right
to go whensvsi In Ita Judgment it deesaa
it ior the welfare ol nscisty to ?i?? it "
Mr. Wilson condemned the ?rending of
strik?- breakers by srlvats employment
agencias, snd s.mi
"I wish to pea .iiat'd wlihln the Ice
psrtmenl ol L-abor a barons of Infersas
tloii that will be handled much on the
?ama Unas as our weather bureau of In?
forme ties
Speaking of the power el organised
lal or, he -aid.
"At I lOOh La? k ovci my forty years of
exp?rience as S trade?- unionist I can see
many in?is that never acquired proesfr
nence in the tradee union movement, mon ,
that might have enrayad tbe r??d of em
i>ii?. who ware crush.d i>>- the arsyaMa
by th?- power of organised capital bscauae
th?-y dared t?. protest against unjust and
unfair COOdlttona
"i can ase that crushing proeeei going
on h?-re and th<-ie m our country to-dav,
and If the I'cpuitment of I?ib(?r can d?>
anyUUng t?> wipe ont that crushing
proce.-s. that prooase of crushing the toil?
ers becafusa they dare to protest, the i>e
partmenUef Labor win utilize everything
In Ita power to prevent It."
Court Refuses Police Summons
for Big Brown Bear.
Bruno, the big bream bear that rs?-aped
from a gypsy (amp at White Plains rond
and I'elh.im Parkway on November |, and
was CSUghl after a long and sensational
chas?., has so Riled the residents of the
se? tlon with fear that ChptShj I'harhs A
PlSCSr, of the WVMehestcr police station,
went before Magistrate Appb-ton In the
West FarinM ('ourt yestenhiv seeking a
process by which the bear could be ma*b
to move on
Th?- magistrate went through th?' sani?
tary code from cover to cover, but BOUM
fin?! nothing pertaining to the guardian?
ship of a bear? There wer?- lots of things
shout I hi? kins, i Igs, horses and other
animals, but nothing about bears. So the
bear Is safe from mol??station by the
Hoard of Realta
Three of Eleven Sentenced?Ring?
leader Denounced by Court.
Three of the eleven youths who have
been using tin- ladles' waiting-room or
a Sixth avenue di y goods store as a
"niashi-is' " rendSSVOUS, arid were round?
ed up I.y th?> police with the help of
sale?Kirls as decoys, were aentenced yes?
terday to th? workhouse. They were
Samuel Herbert, Samuel Rosenthal and
Hoheit Sisklii'l.
Manlstrate House, In the Yorkvllle
ciuit, denounced Herbert us the "most
contemptible man" who bad ever appeared
In his court, and said that he was con?
vinced that he was the ringleader of a
hand lie got ninety days. Rooenthal
sixty ami Siskind thirty days. Three
. use? wen asre'OSad of Tuesday night,
and the magistrate adjourned the r. -
in.lining UV?. i
Continued from first page.
frsy uppers of his foreign made shoes
and the little red button of the French
Legion of Honor, of which he Is an officer.
His "made up" cravat of black and white
was a style almost obsolete in this coun?
try, in ths scarf WSS a pin that con?
tained a small diamond and a pearl.
Physically General Zelaya. except for
his white hair and mustache, does not
look like a man of sixty-five. His full
face has a fresh, reddish complexion,
top of his round head Is bald, with just
a fringe of now grayish white hair that
Mill shows traces of Its formpr blackness
where It meets the neck. His eyes are
dark, almost black, as well as can be
noticed, for they are seldom wide open.
They have a cold sparkle and are very
alert for a man of his age. His nose Is
broad and short. His stature Is about
five feet seven inches and he Is heav.iy |
set. He has a fair commun?! of the Kng
Iish language.
Enemies on His Trail.
'"???rieial Zelaya was sure that the in?
formation that had b?-en spread about the I
purpose of his coming here from Bare?-..
lena, ?Spain, where he has lived In exit?-,
and the other details about him were
given out by hl.s enemies-for lu- admit?
ted he has many. The purpose of these ,
Matemente; he said, was to create ill fe? I
Ing against him with the United Ktat.s
rnveramenl and make hi? position ?lifh
I lilt.
"In the first place," he said, "1 made
M secret of my coming h? r<-, I gave niv
right name when I SUgSgod passage In
Taris, and I have af no tim? tried to dis?
guise niy Identity." Ceneral Zelaya ap?
parently was not aware that bis name had |
b? en misspelled In th" passenger list of |
the steamship Oceanic.
"It Is ridiculous," he continued, "to ?ay
that 1 plan to return to my country or
that 1 bave revolutionary plans, l'irst, I I
have been eamy from my country for four
\ears and have entirely given Op political I
affairs. I am dSVOtlnS myself to my busi- j
nesa snd fsmlly, i bava tx?uKbt a hous? |
in Barcelona, which is and win be my
home i am here i<? attend to certain i rl?
rate business mattere, snd when i hnve
finished those I shall r.-turn to Spain.
And. besides, under the present eSBydlUona
in Nicaragua, it would not be a pl.-asur..
1?. h> In pen ? i' again.
"It must also be borne in mind that IbS
dsy of revolutions in Nlcsrsgun la non?'.
My th? terms of the treaty bOtWSSB the j
United Btatea end Nicaragua, undsr"
Which the United states reoelvse the right
to i.uiid a ?-anal through Nicaraguas ter?
ritory? the United Btatea assumes a cer?
tain protection over Nicaragua and win
i ot permit any revolution. Kv.n if the
people srsntsd it I w??ui?l n??t g?> b.?< k to
l ? ?* er."
Not Opposed to Americans.
Th?- former I'n-snl.-nt of NtceragUS un?
dertook t.. ahow that th- opposition to
him In the United Slat-s was not w?-ll
founded, ,
"When i wee r'vesldon?*,'' he Mid, i
I th.- lest and most valuable o> . ? -
?lona In the country to American dttsens,
and on ?avara] oceaaiona the Americans
m Ntearsgus preaented ma with r?solu-;
Uens of spprectsUon ?.f my treatment or|
Oeneral Zelaya aid not care to venture
an) opinion on the situalion in MSXiCO
He ih.es not know Oeneral Huerta. He
rri.-r Oenarsl Porfirio Dias, the exiled
PresMenl ol ?toxico, when the letter wi nt
r.. Burepe it wasOanaral Dtss whogav?
him th?. use ..f a Mexli.in gunboat When
the Nlcaraguan I*r??l?t? nt 11.(1 from big
Oeneral Zslsys was pierssed when aske<i
??bout the red hutton In the lap? I of hl-j
...it. and he nam.-d oth?-r ?b-c uatioiis at,
reeetved frem th.- rulers of Buiosesn
rations whil?- be S*SS in POWOT. Among
them wer?- the order of the Uetl Eagle
?>f Oaraaany, Whits Crees of Military
Merit of Spain and Order of the Cross of
Woman Who Testified Only in
Almost Extinct Jargon
Puzzled Court.
All the Interpreters in the Supr? rn? '
Court and Oeneral Sessions were mini
moned by Justice Glegertcb **asterdsy
ami every one of th? in gave up trying to
tell the Jtistic.' what Mrs. Atihis Krgas
was trying to testify In her suit for an
annulment of her marriage to Maurice
Krgas. Finally counsel f?.r Mrs KrcHS
euggested sending for Albert .1 Amateau,
a settlement worker. AmateaU alone nn
derstood the ?trange Jargon of the plain?
tiff, and repeated her story, as follows:
"When I was only seventeen years old
I was married to Maurice Krgas, n?'t
knowing that lie was my uncle. The dla
COVery was niade early In the evening. !
soon after the ceremony was performed
One of th?- giii-stfl at the wedding tnid m?< ?
that h? knew my un? le well and that !
the man I ha 1 Just been weilded to was ;
my uncle, the brother of my father, and
that such a marriage was held to be high- I
ly Improper in this country."
Justice Qtcgerica Intimated that I
Would grant the annulment.
"What language do?-s she speak?" h?: I
inquired of Amateau.
"I.adlno," the interpreter replied.
"It's a new one to me. Where does it j
thrive"" the court inquired.
"The language I* almost extinct," re?
plied Mr? Amateau. "It Is h mixture of |
archaic Spanish with old Arabic and Is !
a relic of the days when members of a
Certain sect were driven through Spain ,
Into Africa because of their religion, the I
sect belriK entirely composed of Turkish
Jews. They then became widely scat- '
tered. Only a very f?-w speak anything
like the original ljidlno."
Lad's Skull Fractured iu Accident in
Delancey Street.
Mas S? hofranick, ten yearB old, of No.
l?a Orchard street, wan knocked down
and run over yesterday at Delancey and
I.udlow streets by an automobile. The
front wiVels of the machine passed over
the boy's body, and then the automobile
skidded and dragged him about fifteen
feet. He was taken to Gouverneur Hos?
pital In a critical condition. His skull
was fractured.
The automobile was owned by W. s.
Manlx. of No. 320 Church street, and w/as
driven by the chauffeur'. Kdward Harri?
son, of No. 229 South 4th street, Brook?
lyn. The police said it was an unavoid?
able accident and mad* no arrests.
Users of Electric Power
They Were "Shaken Dowi
by Alleged "Inspector."
Harold Hunt Jones, of Boyd'av
Woodhaven, Long Island, was a/r
and committed to the Tombs yesterd?
a bench warrant charging him wltl
tortlon. Royal ft Weiler, Assistant
trlc-t Attorney, la in receipt of compli
which led him to charge that througl
discovery of a new "Rame" Jones
been able to scar?; from J5 to $20 <
for the last three months out of
chants and manufacturers.
Jones wan formerly employed by
New York Kdlson Company. He fro
a week. Since March he has been an
salesman. It is alleged that In add]
to selling Ink. Jone? visited shops
stores where an electric equipment
been Installed recently and demande?
see the certificate of the New York Be
of Fire I'nderwrlters. He Is said to 1*
displayed a badge and asserted that
represented the lire underwriters.
Frequently he found that mofe a*
anees were beim* run?,by electricity t
were mentioned in the certificate. W
that happened, it Is alleged, Jones thn
ened to cut off light and. power un
OSSh were forthcoming.
The alleged transaction that b'd to
Indictment was with Hataire Mahieu,
the firm of Max & MahKu. theatrical ?
turners, at No. 30"" West "6th street.
August 10, It la charged, Jon?s poin
out that while the Arm's certificate p
mitte?! only six outlet? for machines i
two for Irons, nine machines were in I
Sad four irons.
A check for $10. payable to bearer a
-igncd by Mr Mahieu, brought ah?
Jones's arre.u. The check was cas!
and Indorsed by a grocer In Woodhav.
who said that Jones had given it to hi
Mr Mahieu said that he bad given Jor
the check to prevent the cutting off
his electricity, and showed a rece
signed "The New York Hoard, of F
rnd.rwrlters, ?'. II. Hennett, Inspectoi
Jones is said to have used the name
Hennett In his transactions.
Would Amend City Charter 1
Settle Eligibility.
Prtenda of Oeneral Theodoia a. Hin
ham who are anxious to have him r
appoint- d I'lili?-?*? Commissioner ondor tl
sfltchel admlnlstratloB are imderotoi
to have atarted a movement to have tt
city charter amended to remove any ejfM
tion of his eU**Jhtllty be? aus.? of his r?
moval from that oftic?.. Many [iromltiei
business rn?-n are said to be IntOKStOd I
tl ?? plan.
While MsyOr-eleCt Mit?"hel refused t
express an opinion on the Police Commt*
sli.nership Of any other office in tilg cab
net, before he sailed for Panama y-stet
day, the friends of ?ieneral Hii'ghar
bave < ommunlcatsd with Mr. Mitch?
ami arged the reappolntment. They be
lleva Mr. mu. he1, holds th.? general I
high esteem an?! might look upon hin
favorably If the question of his ellglbfl
It) . ?mill be settled.
it is tn,e opmion of Bonts lawyara thai
the BOction of the charter Chapter VITT
Section HO) providing that a PoMcs Com
mlsolonor removed from sdloa I f Ils
M.i\.r nr Hoveinor Is Ineligible for re
appointment would not apply to Oeneral
Blngham ? ease, as h?> was psessnptorily
removed >,y Major lier) lellan WlthOOl
?pe? itn- charg?e ?n?i wlth?.ut s h?-aring.
sad that under those ein-umstanees his
constitutional right! WOUld be grossly vio?
l?t??I if he should i?.- procloded from again
be. i.ming Poll e Commissioner.
Murphy Has So Much to Do He
Defers Trip to Hot Springs.
Through Inquirios atiadc hors yesterday
by Hot Iprlngs, Va., Monda "f ?'bar?es
W. Murphy It vv*s evident that he had
been expected at thai rssotl serrerai
daya ago, and had changed his plans
without notifying the management of the
ll"niestea,d Hotel, where rooms had been
engaged for him. It is now said he will
K?> there early next week
TBS "Chief was at his desk la Tam?
many n.ill yesterday. 11?? went to his
summer home in Oood Croui'.l, Long Isl?
and, list night. He would not .say when
he expected ?>> taxe lus vseaHou Thomas
I", Smith, strretary of Tammany Hall,
said lie wan sure the "Chief had SBOUfh
business on hand to keep him here until
next U'Oill.
Insurance Too Low, Says Man?
ager of London Company.
Charles I,. Case, United States mana/rer
of the London Assurance Corporation
made a plea for increased (Ire insurance -
rates at the hearing In the Hotel AMor
yesterday of representatives of the .V?.
tional Board of Fire Cnderwrtters, th?
Association of Mutual Companies and th?
fpecial committee of State Insurance
Coniiiiissioiieis. called t.i consider the rate
question, ?m the ground that hh emer?
gency fund Is nee?l?-?l by the companies to
save themselves from annihilation In th?
event ?if gr.;,t tires like that which VisttHi
San Francisco In 1906.
"I am m favor of a -*at?. that will sut),
piv the expenses of doing YriBlnaoe. allow
t B fair profit on the risk and a small
| amount to be get aside as a conflagration
fund," said Mr. Cas?, "i regard rmeb a
fun-l a> absolutely BSeSBBSry as a protec?
tion for th.- Insurance companies and the
policy holders.
"Take, for Instance, the San Francisco
fire. Our company carried only a small
part of the business thi-re. Hefore speak?
ing of that, however, let me tell yOU that
my company in its forty years of busi?
ness m the United States has made. In
that time, B profit of ?i.u.ii,.. which,
considering the business risks, is not a
large profit.
"Well, aft.-r the San Francisco fire we
paid out In insurane? in that city the
?sum of (gj^tg-ajB, which wiped out a forty
year profit and left us with a loss, after
all those years, of $I,Q00.?j4j?>. Such a fire
Is Halle to happen at any time in alrnost
any on?.? of our largo cities."
Talk then turned on the advisability of
h.tvinir the rates fixed by th? various
states. The insurane?,- people OppOSSi this,
contending that the commissioners were
not familiar enough with the business.
William H. Hotchkiss, former State
Superintendent of Insurance, will make
an address at the meeting to-day.
Stamford Citizens, Led by
Woman, Ask Mercy of Governor
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.*
Stamford, Conn.. N*ov. 12.?A petition
prepand by Mrs. William J. Bllckensder?
fer, and addressed to Governor Baldwin
and the State Hoard of I'anlons, was elr
CUlated bere to-day by Mrs. Mllckens?
derfsr in an effort to save Mrs. Bessie
Wakefleld from the gallows. The peti?
tion rends ns follows:
"To His Kxcellency Simeon F. Baldwin,
Governor, and the Board of Pardons
of the State of Connecticut.
"('?entlemen: We, the undersigned, ?citi?
zens of Stamford, Conn., respectfully and
earnestly petition your honorable body to
? ommute th? sentence of Bessie Wake
lield from death to life imprisonment. Our
;??. rotas are as follows:
'First?That we believe there ia doubt
of th.? woman's frullt as charged In the
? S.-cond?That we understand that she
was fiot warned of her rights at the pre?
liminary examination.
"Thlrd-That she nas never been ac?
cused of crime before.
"Fourth-That there is ample proof that
she has been a devoted and self-.iacrl
Itcing mot'.ier.
"Fifth-That she Is without money to
?Sixth?That we desire that the htfjtory
of Conne? tlout be not stained with the
execution of a woman.**
Impossible to Duplicate
Manvof our imported toys
and gifts arc exclusive and
impossible of duplication be?
fore Christmas. Therefore,
a selection is advisable now,
while stocks are complete.
Goods selected now will be
reserved for later deliver*.'.
Fifth Avenue at 31st Street
Entering the Gulf
Only a bit of the charming, all-ocean trip between
New York and New Orleans
on the superbly appointed, 10,600 ton
Southern Pacific Steamships
Five pleasing days at sea ; restful, health imparting
days?every one full of congeniality and fascination.
By rail, either
way if you wish
Berth and Meala on Ship included,
At New Orleans, take the " Sunset Limited " to California and the
Weet ? "Thro' the Land of Sunshine to the Golden Gate."?Solid
pullman train, ovary ?day, no extra fare. Beginning November 16.
'Phone, write or call for full descriptions of thedlfferrnt
enjoyable fall tripa offered now by .Southern Pacific.
1158 Braid way
Cor. 27.h bL
366 Broadway
Cor. Franklin St
?Phon?. Franklin 3SSS
39 Broadway
Ne?JhJ?,ector Street I

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