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Elsie de Wolfe, Former Ac
tress, Sues Bank for With
held Interest on Bonds.
Scale of Assessment Declared to
Favor Wealthy?U. S. May
Aid Defendant.
ChlcagO, l>e,\ ."..--Chaigrs that the
IttCOane tax BectlOa af the new tariff
law constltutea claaa legisiation and is
unconstitutional were made to-day in
? teal suit flled here agalnal thc Oon
tlnental and Commcrual Trust rml
Bavlnga Bank on behalf of Miss Blate
i 'c wolfi. "f New Tork.
Tha I'nite'i states governmenl prob?
ably Wlll be askod t<. ai.i in defence of
ihe btii. accordtng to Levy Ifayer,
ccninael for the i.ank, who said aha
wouid sci k ? cpnferenca with Attorney
Oeneral McReynoMi to dlscuaa carry
mg the action tc. the Unlted states Bu
preme Couii for n rullng.
The declaration, Bled bj Bourke
Cockran, "f New York. and Colin Fyffe,
..f Chicago, fot Mips Da Wolfe, alleged
lhal tha tax vi.-lated the Fifth Amind
niciii ti. thc Constttutlon In thal it tl*
prlvea her of property wlthout dua
proroai of law, and thal it vlolated the
Pourteentb Amendment In denylng her
I protectlon under the- law.
Th.- graduated icale of tazation, thc
declaration allegea, dlBcrlmlnated an
.iustiy ajjainsl peraona of Incomea undar
$100,000 a year, "uaually gaincd from
Induatrlal and artistir purauita," in
: nf those with Incomea more than
1100,000 a year.
Miss i>. Wolfe waa an actresa, Sha
retlred from the stage in 1003, and if"
nt present in Paria
TWio suit was bnuiRht to , ompel the
bank t<> pay tho interest on thirtv
bonda of a power company, which tne
bill atated the bank had decUned to
paj unleaa Miss i?e Wolfe flled a certlfl
cate of ownc rshii', as provldod by the
income tax law. liamagcs e.f (1,000
are askeri in eacb of flva coaata
Levy llayer, attorne* for the bank,
aald lha gull would be made a teat
raae, He also said he would probably
t-onfer with Attorney General Mclteya
olda and mlght ask that th.- Depart?
ment of JllStir.- be repl sc-llicd in the
defence e.f tiie blll.
Th" plainliff alh-gcs that the income
? a*4 ll nnt unlform and that the law" ll
ttarefora unconaUtutional, tirst. i.e
cailBB it is imposed on only **2S,000 ln
a populaiion of abont 80,000,000, .*nd
the petaaajfl who would pay the t.ix
have not eoneented to its iiiijwisiiion.
The tax, it is charged. violates the
< !-mc-nts of equaJfty In Ita graduated
scale of laxation.
Tha plaintiff pointed out that she, be?
lng an unmari ied woman. waa lUbJe t
noi only to a tax of 1 per cenl on her
whote Inceine In ezceea of .*-.?!.?*?. i.-it
wat s'lbj.-.-t io nn additional tax ..' 1
per cenl c.n that portloa ezceedlag
$20fi00 and lega than S.",n,iMHi, an p.l
ditional 1 per cent between .**."H),ikb) and
$75,000 an.l an additional I per ient
bciwcii *7.V*?i and ,<l4*).ia*r.
Fisher's Island Hurt by Army
Post, Appraisal Shows.
Tl a appraiaal of th- estate ef Kdmund
II. FCrguaon, who died In Pittsburgh,
abowad a groaa ralna af O.'Tfe.lje n? left
the bulk ef hli estate to bbl widow and
four i-hil'itc n.
Mmli tearUmoay was taken hefore the
tranafer tax appraiser pertaiahag to the
in j iry done to I'isher 'a Island through
ihe eetablfahment ot an arnay post, whi.-h
has mad* it impoasihle to raise ekdckoaa
on the island and has drlrCB away half
Um Bumaaer residents
I'crguson owned a half interest in Pi?h
I island. Mr. Kerguson and his hrother
mui"I fifben summer cottanes, a hotel
aad aaveral farmhouses. The testimony
ahoared that from the time the lnvcst
rnents wcrc made until Mi. Kerguson died
Bd hi. hrother had a deflcit of $S^l,030
tn tlie managemaaat af tba isiar.d.
Tbe appralaera phaood a value of I7i6,.".r,0
. -i thi Ptaber*a latand real .-state, of
whlch KW,Ml was recelved from tha gev?
. amonl for Mveaty acraa or land con
denined for Ita army post. Thla property
ided tt chicken farm. wblcb was
abandoned after th* blg fcims were in
Refuses to Acquiesce in Subway
Extension to Flushing.
Thi odore P. Bbonta prealdent of the
Interborough Bapad Tranalt Compaay, ln
i ictt'r to tbe Pabttc lervloa Cecamat
? oa yeatardaj nadlflad that body that
liie eompauiy would not acquiesce in the
addltion of the propoaed extension of the
i oi'ona llne to PlUghfaag, exCOpt under tlie
contia't tlBUBC w hereby tho city wlll
have to meet any deflcit in the operation
of that extension.
The dua! s>stem OOntraCtl provide that
ajty extension b> ihe ayatem must be
noeeptcd bj tt"' eompany, If such exp'ii
aiona are to t.e opafatid ooMor the terms
provlded for the operation of the maln
aj rt' m II au*jh extenaions are not ac
,-epted by the eompatiy, the city can hi.ll-i
them and the company wlll ecjulp and
oparatC them. but under apeclal provi
,,, - . h an aaaerganey. Under thc-^e
terms the i il y atanda the loss, lf any.
Hotii the oporaUOB of the cxti.naionH, as
UM ...mpaiiy Is eniltbd to deduct any
dcllcit thcicon from the earntiiRS of the
entlre ayatem prtOC 10 maklng payments
le the- dty.
The ,()in|.any niay lirmaBBtl tl.e lease
of auch an extension at the end of B year
if thc- opeiatlon shows a deflcit and the
amount* puyable to the city from the
op4rration e,f the riual ayatem are not
eUfneient tO meet the deflcit. In that
event the city ehall take ovar and paj
the company for the equtpmeiit.
Mr. BliontH statei ln hl? letter that the
declaiori pf ihe eecnpeaj was pursuant to
.oiution adopU-d by the board of ?ll
Chorus GirTs Husband Sucs
Young Cornell Alumnus.
Jehn Hrnest Wadlaagb a- Irjriag l
icrt WtJtM from boriag U Toakia,
youna Cornell alumnoa and aon of an oil
oeerater ln Oil Clty, Penn.. becauee, n?
ofadlelah ??>-. Ihe defendant. arhl
Benlor at Cornell, eueoated the aiteetloBB
,,r hia arlfe, arho la a chorua glrl and la
known . n th. -in',' as Vera Black. The
tnai of iiie ca.se begaa yeaterdey.
Tonkin has answered tiiat Wadlaigh hai
permltted his \\if*- lo hava her own aray,
and altbough he wrote aome lettera to
tke chorua glrl |l0 never really aJlenated
??er eaTe4*Uooa itrw. a/adlelgh declared
on the atand yeeterday ahe araa twenty*
four yeara old and was a nativa of Cln*
ln on** of th** letter** whl, h Tonkin
wrote to Vera Black he aald: "Now
listen. honey, nobody has a littie glrl llke
yon. ] WOUldn'1 trade JTOU for any olii*.
and i have told n lot of fettowa wh"
thought they had fina glrla th" aame
Couneel for Tonkin said in hit openlng
addn-ss to the Jury thal Vera Blach waa
a "coii,i*e w*dow." Whea ask,"i whether
Bhe did nol have a queintance aith mani
other men. Mre. a/adleigh repllcd: "we
ii profi aahrn have ?' areal i
rrienda, an.l can'l i>e eapected to rernera*
i. i- ,-.il of tliein."
The trlal araa adjouraed t.. enabla Mn
Wadlelgh to appear last alghl al a per*
fornian e bI b theatre tmtaide of Wew
Once ."amous Ncbular Hypothcsis
Oets an Occipital Blow from
Princcton Savant.
.,. ?, .< ? ? ?
Prim eton. N. J.. Dec ?'*. A nea
vas added to Ihe nebular theory of lha
unvrerae la a lecture *MlV4*-*ed this of
tenmon b) Profeeeor H. N\ Ruaeell, thej
Princetoa aatronoaa, r.
Car f.il .stil.lv has led Profl BBOT RUO*
eeu ,., the bellel thal the nebuloue
matter oul of whk* the varlo ia al
and planeta were fonned was nol irlg*
Inaily hol aad lumlnoua, aa the origl*
natora of th, nebular theory pro
pounded. bul acqulred it.- heal durlng
the pregreea of condenaatlon Into the
separate bodiea of the unlveree. II
Tjrgj nol i ib cooling and condenaatlon
of Buperbeated gaaea that cauaed the
planeta to g*?ber into comparatlvely
aolid matter, bul the formtng that
eaaaed the beat, accordlng to Prof,
The atara, he aaya orlglnated liom
rarefled, non-lumlnoua gaaea as <ii?i all
the bodiea of th<- unlveree whlch ahow
ezactly the aame conatructlon, as far
as inii'ji-i'ii Inetrumenta can detern
The whirllng of these gases flung oul i
the separate bodiea, as the theoi f
atatea bul a* they contracted and be
eame semi-liqiiid they Mrst heal ? d
enonnoualy and i.ecam" lumlnoua and
then hegan t.i coo!, as they at** ii"inr
at th** pieennl time.
I'n'it-r this gradual waate of eiv-rgv
in th" form of heal railiation, sa'. *??
Pi-ofeaaor RuaaelL the theory ol frtiire
frlajMlty and abeolute itarkaeaa na th,
unlveree cannoi be evolded.
A world aestitute ?,f lieht and hra,
is not an attractlve propooltlon, l il
Profeeeor Ruaeell holda *>ut tho cotn*
fortlng bope thal humaaity will proba?
bl* never have tO COBteitd *vlth BUCh
condltlona, aa he believea the stais will
last for hk*' aft'r a-** before "going
out," even though it is aure to happen,
Westinghouse Unable to Re
ceive German Honor in Person.
Qeorge tVeetlaghouae, whe araa lo I
recelved the Oreahol medal laal night at
tiie BBOOtlBg of the At'l'i i'.",n Boclety of
Mechanlcal Bnglneera, was unable to be
preoeet He w-as ir ai h;s home, in iy*n
o\. Maaa and aenl a telegrem aay ag
that his abeenri wea one ef tha K.?
disappoinfments ef his eareer.
The I'l'-sentation "t the medal araa
made formally, however, Jeaaea Hartneaa,
the pre84deat-elect of tba aoelely. actlna
aa prozy for Mr. WeatlBghoiiee The
medal was award-d to Mr Waatlnghouaa
by the Vereta Doutoehar laganlenre, tbe
prlncipal "tipn-enni* aodety ln OarmBliy.
The award was tiiad** 1ns, sumtner ln
J.eipsb* in the pr**-.*nce of the Klng of
ajeTOQT and repres**niattves <,f both tha
Am*>rican a.,d Oerman aocletlea
Laat nlRht'a ceremor.y was complernt-n
tal to thel in Lelpeic, Rudoipn Herrlng,
Henry Heaa. Colonel E l> Meler Dr
Prederlck Romhi-ri' and <?. D. Waetaoldt,
niemhera of thi vereln. being pre
gpeechea were made by (!olonel Meler and
nr Romberg laudlng Mr. Weatingho ?
contribution to aclenca.
Ifi Weetinghouaa is -*a:d to i.** tbe
American to receivi tha medal, whlch I*
awarded anaually in honoi of Frans
Graahof. h famoft* Oerman enpneer.
Thoae who hava recelved the award n
clude C. v-on Bach, Ouetav Keuner C*nrl
von T.lne. A. Slaby Ouatav rle Laval.
M.iinaiui Blobm, Amel Btodola and
Count Kerdlnand von Zeppelin, ol dlrigl*
bi, balloo"! fama
Alexander King. Close Friend of
Carnegie, Badly Hurt
in Orange, N. J.
? r Teaagrepai le Tba Trlbaae.l
Oranga K. J - Doc. L Alexander Klng.
tbread and c*atton m4*r4*han4 |n New
ferlt, while on hla way to his honi'*. Bt
No. n North Wainnt Btreet, Baa1 Orange,
araa ajirnck by aa antomoblle to-olghl
%vhi;- aeeeelng Park avenue. Ha waa
Many t Robinson. manager ol a local
coal an.l i. a coeaaajny. was drtvlng the
ear. alr. Klng was carrled te hla houae,
a*h4 ?? a i,ii>si, inn found hlm lo i?- auf
ferinK from a fraoture of the righl leg.
a brokea BhaajJdae blade, euta and bruleea
about UM head and bOdy, BhOCb and DTO -
ahle inteinal injurh-s.
The injured man is about BOVenty yiars
old. and lt Is feared he may not rOOOVOr
from his hiirtri. Ha is b oloea pereonel
liiiii.l of Andrew Canif'ie, and UlXOUgh
his efforta the lo.-ai free puhtte Ubran
waa bullt by the former ii oninasier. Mt.
King -vii* B truatee of the Institiition f..i
a number ef yeara
A few davs aK<> ln wa- aMa tO Icavi
bla room, after having aa arra brokea
aml Other injuries in :i s,inilai BUtefBO*
bUa ii,< i.i* nl in New Vork. RoMtieoa 4V8U1
releaao.l by ti'<- i<oli<<- on hi.-. ..wn ri
ognlsance p4*ndlng Um out,ome of Mr.
King b injuries.
Wire Tapping Graft Case
Will Go to Grand Jury
This Week.
Clairvoyant Inquiry txpcctcd to
Go Over Until Wire Tappintf
Probe Is Ended.
Although the tncniiM- into th" arlre ta,-'
ping and fortune telllng gi ifl did nol K"
hefore 'he grand lury yeaterday, M a
rald thal the caac agalnal a hlgh pollce of- '
Dclal w;'"- practlcall.ipl< te and woulo
probaMj be preeented t" th.- grand furj ,
with ti a week.
i.ike the c.-.ve agalnal Domlnlck Rlley. I
who waa Indlcted on Tueaday, th.- aeeond
? ?!.,. -^ ip t depend upon Informntlon .
glven i"' any memb. r of the Poll< e i" J
phrtmi':' The i <<? trld Att... n-x i" llevea !
thal an Indli tnn nt wlll folloa In Ihla ? a ?
as quii kly as it did In Ihe one prei nt< I
>>n Tueadaj
The Inquiry Into th. proli llon alleged
io have been hough! hy clalrvoyanta arill
probabl.1 bi pretponed until after the com'
??].t:"ii ..I'ti,, briben i .< ? agalnsl the i">
III <? ..t!i,-iiii who la aald t,. have bn n In on
w Ire tapplng moni *
Mra .lane i, Burnett, th. wentthj wom
.in who pul the rlalrvoyanta la the power
rf I atricl Mtorney Whitman, La t., leave
for Btroudrburg, Penn., to-day. Har hua
. Rogei i. Burnett, la a realdenl of
town Bhe had a tala -1 aterday arlth
erlck d Oroi hl, Aaaiatani Diatrlcl Al
lorncy, and agreed to return when ihe
ihould !"? i eeded, Bh< aid lhal "i e mi I
;he , who fleeci thr ugh
newapapi r advertlaemenl
ber, ihi aald, t" buj propi ri wl k b Bhe |
had at thal llme undi r ? onaldi ratlon J
., '...: t. ;.. ti . : ... ' I. ? bUl i- .'tt,", |
lhai ir ahi ihe would
hai > !?? uflti d by lt.
Convinced thal thelr advlce In bual
m aa ma ? a a aound, ae waa Induced
to lnveat i rgi j- im In itoi k. The itoi h
luraed "nt t" be wortbleaa, ihe aald, and
ihe loal |l!,<. Thc t.dai amounl of her
'uoitph >'lair\ OJ atit.^ had I
aggecated, *hi *ald, aa II did nol eiceed
Albei t J. ('arti r, allaa "i 'ui |j."
'. i d.i v al the i ? pol t that h*
1 ad furnlahed Informatlon lo 1
-. had aealati I
? i Nomlnlck Rll< y In his
h dlgnaUon "i 'url ? d ? hom ly on
? ? ? - if wire tapplng and grafl
the aami
"Buppoaa we do take a guj - farm <?' **?--=
i ouac ai ?! i'1' wi promlae him aomethln .
and he don'1 ge! II dw - he Well, iup
posin' i was pa} in' monej f"r proti I
the cope took mj monej and ; romiaed
ti,,- aomethln', dldn'1 thej ' Then i ippoai
they ".rn around and plnch me its ..u
the BamC praft, au.'t lt H ippOBC I'lB
goln' to BQiiawh"! II the - kei equawka
? wa don'l keep oui pron
^. t? the 'ha iu..' den I hi
? i dldn'1 aej nothln*. and i wouldn'l i
atood al Um dooi ai ' kidded '??
they w.is equawkln' to Oroehl an' Bm
bi , ? i told 'ona i hadn'l ~"t ni l
! about.
"Frank Tarbi
t-> aquawk H* aln't a
aryhow, 11- - a ch< p ard ? i
and llke that. He waan t In o
? i.' k got ' bai ?
ti,.- nerve to Iai d ? I '? I.
low llke in.'t know aboul
pulla <
nnd awella ai i boul
that are pu
|f ? ?? a ? <-k they don'l eq iaa k.
"IfeRae followed Tarbeaua VThal ? a
.,, .:,) i-e do? Thara wai Tai I
had glven WhlUnan ? lo! of na m
date* and placea, and Whitman cal - M
i:;,,. ,, nnd i ki him aboul thoax
and dat.-" njtd pla' ?"? WhBl COUld BC do?
it ol ? feller
Uke Vl> hltmaa, could he !
"All i want li t" be brough! t" trial
nght ofl Thi ? ol nothln' on mi
anyhow, They had me ln ? llne-up for
forty-flve mlnutec and J la i plek
me out. ? '..'ii'in't aay i evei took ? ? ?
ftei lhal ? ' ? ei
puiim' down good monej nughl to be
ready to i n i:< hia chai ?
"i've ii\i,i oh* my wlta for ten 3
my life- and it was ;,o<?! Inili'. tOO 1
ougbl lo i"- arttlln' te gtvc up two
or thrae yeara ln payment, hadn'l 11 i
done ni".''- iivn;' In tboea ten yeara than
moarl men do ln Uili tj
"Now. i gol n famllj ti look c.ut for. i
goi a roataurant, an' ? don'l wanl the
name of no ".ln. k I'om. ' I ain't n. idC
r , .iivvk. an' I don'l want the name
of it. it aln't aaed for bm li ?
? | apenl nlne weeka In thc Tomba Oee!
Waan'l i glad t" gol oot! i done ? bun
arda In nothln' Bat A I I bw n
doln doa n hei a alncc I ln n a ai t" x> I a
fi i, ,,,i of mine e il on ball, I gol him out,
an' thej elapped a aubpa na on mi, 'i hej
boen i leppln' '? m on mi avi i Blm a i
can t hdp that, can ' ' i gol a pockel full
oi 'en, now. Qol bo i" rn i pul in n, ?
aparc time playln' aolltalrc aith 'am I
ain t doln' any aquawktn', Ihough. i ju.-t
hang around i" kid thc ra i <>r tne
Chlef Magiatrate HeAdoo nra.-ui his In?
veatigatlon reaterde: mto thc cauaa af
tho fallure to aerve Uie wai ranl cn, Pranh
ii Uidf. clairvoyant Wolf aald when h?
araa arreeted laal Thuraday tha! hc bad
i?.,. pn: ing foi protectlon, and that de
tocUvea who know the warranl waa oul
foi him had pawed him la Um ?troel wiin
oiit battlag an eye.
Captala Joi.n .i Tunney, noa attai bi d
to the <)id sup BtaUon, araa al the Biagte
trato'a ogace under Bulmome. Hi waa Ib
charge ef thc detecUve* In thi Weat ithi
atreel BtaUoa durlng part <>f the fi urteen
monthi tbe warranl waa unaervod, He
v.as ii-k..i why ii arai Uial tba warrant,
ii- noi aorved, had <i"i been breugnt t"
thc allenti'.n "f th* Board Of MaKiMrairs
tWlCC a ni'iiilh for miewal. Hc said he
had turned the warranl ovei t" Detectlve
Kalbfb'iv h. Knlhlhi-.il wlll b>- eiaimn.d
4.v Manisliate .\b AdOO
if tbe Inveatigatlon abowa aaj Boglact
oi dlaobadli ncc ol ordoij on ti"- part of
policemen Magiatrate MeAdoo wlll aah
iCininissi",!'i Waldo io iiuiko chargea
agalnal them.
Domlntek RI aj waa arialgned i ? iter
daj before Judge Bwann m Oeneral B**>
aiona ".. tbe IndkJtmonl chaiging blm wlth
brlbery. Al the requeel of eounael a plea
,.f noi gullty waa ontered, wlth leave lo
wltbdraa 11 wlffhln a weeh for Um but
p.ist of inakiiu; motii.ti.-.
To Mount Albanian Throne.
Kerlln. Dec. 11 '? BBneuneed hara to
daj that nli tha Kuropeaa poweri hav?
adven thelr conaenl to the asaumptlon of
the Mii.mia'i ilironc bj I'rlnce William of
IVtcd I'h- | ??'ii- ? li th< i" "' "' th*
ii,,u-eoi \i.-i He aaa born la llft, and
bu."- one < inid. a daughter.
Not Sure He Saw Accused
Man Near Dr. Knabe's
Rooms Night She Died.
Way Throat Was Cut Indicatcs
Woman Was Killed? Hope
to Prove Quarrel.
S'ii.lbvMll- ind. Oee ".-On- ef the
propB f-'ll fiorn utidor tho stat' s 6880 tO
dej whea Harry W. Haskett falled to i
Identlfy poelllvely Dr. w'iiiiatn B. Craig
as the man h<- saw eominjr out Of the J
areawey of |he Indlanapolla ap4ttHirieal
houee ln arhlch Dr. lleleno Knabe Hved
on the rrlghl of tho i.-iiter's death
Haekett, teetlfylng at the trlal of nr
, ralg far the murdei of Dr. K'nnhe. pazed
iM.-nllv al th<* ;,.,-? us.mI man fnr a few
momente and then said. "lie le*jka in**
tha man." i.at.*r. maatt araee aMmtaav
tion, iinskeit araa a.skr.i
"Are you willlng to awear positiveiy
thal Dr. Craig is the m.in vmi saw- < oip
Ing on, of ih?- peaBogenayr"
?i Hln not." wea Haakett'a n pl!
Haekett teetlned that whtteaewea pam
kna th<- a,artmenl bouea aboai U'raa
o'ctoch on tha night of n.-tob.r tt, mt *"
? ? o mtered ? aiaa who w.-.s watklaa
t'tiskh out of tke adioininK areawey.
Descriptions Do Not Tally.
i lei ketl aald that ba atopped ai -i
io?,ked aftei th< retrealmg llgare Haa*
l tt I Ild Ihe n,an v 88 t.>' BT, ichitn,'
ahmil 180 i"" nda and had a dara mu
laehe He wore a rruah hai and a \<<o::
over "..t i le did nol weai glaeeee.
Craig haa .< ? ara muatache, bul weigha
more thai ? pounda and a eai gleaa,
\\ hen ' ? ? . ???? i"-Ii t, -I oul t" Haaketl
Bubeequenll) bj Detectlve Harrj C u - i,
ater ."I the atreeta of Indlanapolla Ha
ketl - -i ii'- w aa unable le Id, atlf* i i
r-r**dtlvel* aa the man be had en<
i. . Th, n. aa to-day, ba aald "He
looks im* tho ma
Th- i late *-' "!? ,i a rlctory late h
arhen the courl admitted the '? ati*
? i'i i'i:o Wa*raer, forn ?
Intendenl *>f tho indiana Veterlaar] i
leere, i | to a i on he had
arlth Dr. < ? rninis I t Knabe on
i >i. \\ .,? ? i i *? had sp.-i.'-n io
Dr. Crala and Dr. A ?i Rob,
p theli ture boui
on . - - . rder t-- p, i n II I"
the Bl
that I- ?? agreed to
. ?
"When 1 it th, -atlon to I
, i i . ? ;n oea from
w ith ??? ahow of Irrltation and ' ih,
t,-!l i ? . io hell!" t told t .", t'. *' i
I .
e turn, .. r wli .
any fui
Quarrel Hmted At.
i.; lifled thal t'i ? ? ? >...' ..n.i
1 the former frequent
? . ? ?? ?
? 'r. ? of'dl V. . ? ? ? ? ??
-..;... l i-.-rnor
roa 'i i '? d, f, i" *? hepea I, ow that Da
? i i ?
elated I
in l 'i '>'?.. ? '? ? ?
Two ... Paul
? ?
ior ti.*- atate t- 'i of lerrlewi thej, bad
-.- !?(, i '? Crala ? ? ?" I '" tha
..f in Knabe
thal of two m, ?? i '?? ' iralg bad said te
tha arltnesa i.rdlng ,.. Mi Be imsard
\\ aal . en .. io.in .io v ii.-ii i i
Mi Baurngardner declared that D
:?. -i ba 'Ing -? - ed amall
..f in'.ii* . I-, l>i Kn.it >?
. | pa -I ba i.
Suicide Theory Assailed.
in :I.,- effoit i" dlapioTi', the 1 ;:? Ide ,i"
,,- \- 11 .- atate mt roduc >i tw o a Ita,
a ho t- ?,?':? ?! ^ '? ti.,- fatal wound la tha
.,' i,; ii.-i.-ii ki abe began oa th*
. of ti - throat a i Ighl banded
? ? ri| auli Ida naturall* would
,: ., v Um kalfe from hft t., righl ii w.,,
, ontended.
, oronei ' liai lee O Dui ham, of ii I
apolla, d, -ii'.'i the neurida on th., n**,-k
and l?*ft artn >.f tli<- Woman and 111" , ondl
tlon of the apartment In whlch tho corpea
w,is fOUnd. He said tlnre w, 11.- two .-.its
m tba tino.it. arhlcb araa alaahod from <?'?
to iar.
The bead wea Jammed under tti<* braea
red at ti..- bead ef th*? bed. n?* aald h,
bed to hlai- th, bed) to get ih.- h> id
.,1,1 under th** ralL
The wltneea identiaed the parlng knlfa
found "i, tba < blffoni. 1 ln his i,|.lnlo,i.
., ,i 1 ?,. v ounda in Dr. Knabe aecai
and a.oi.'.'i noi hava baaa ladlcted i.
ii . paring knlfa
Mi. Bpaan la ei-aae-examlnina lha all
aaki 'i whothei tn.-.a wound mighl
noi hava been made bj on.- atroke of the
anife. Dr. iMih.-.m Ineleted tbal the
wound appeared to hava been made ?uii
two Btrokea
"Wa. 11 t the WOUnd deeBOt on th** l.-ft
-Vfs, 1, was from a ojuarter of nn Inch
,,, ball an Inch deeper than on the righl
Dr. Ralpb s. <'happ*ii. who helpod con*
ducl th<- po 1 mortera exaramatlon ef the
body, said ii"- wound ln the threal beaai
on thi- righl aide an.l was made b* two
etrokea ol ti"' knlfa Death must h,i\o
<iiuu.'d wlthin two or Ihrre ni.tint* s, in
Uia opmion of th.- wltneaa
All Saints' Shclter Proves Boon
to Many Tramps.
Th, preparatlona el \n Kniiit*' church,
Bcammel ..nd Henry Btreeta. te provide ?>
ahelter foi poor i>e<itde in the baeentenl *>f
the church, whl, h w, re to have beea i om?
pleted yeeterday, aili aol be daiehed be*
fere Bfondaj
Tha i,,,i,o.-s who have beea meetlng on
Bundaya at the afanhattan Lyceum aad
aspected togatber la tha beaeraeal of All
s.t11,1 ?-? Chur, h. wiii have thi- us.- .,f a de*
... n d partor In tbe parlab church,
Aboul three h indred people caa all la
tl. bae, menl aad aleep oa the benchea,
Tha .ustoillan Of IhO plar.- BOld \.stri
''Though the pl has beea uood thua
far anl] ?s aa aai>*rrlnient i was Bar*
prtaed a, the rramber of iioan. eompoteal
in. n, who were dewa an.i eul for tha
time being. i aeeured p...-*itions f * alghty.
Aiii'.lis' tbe tn. n who r.iitif tlieie wei?>
ocae i brenle non-workera Tbeo, a III
not he encoureged bUl ev.-r\ man out of
wmk and ailliag i" work wiii ba atded."
Wife Now Seeks to Divorce
Doctor; Also His Debts.
in. bey Mi Afec Ingbram, who rec ntiy
had the riupreme lourt change be* name
to I.,,,. McAfee, becauei ber hUBband, Dr.
William ii. Ingbram, had centrortod
manj oebta, flled a ault agalnal her hus
baad """ a Wvetee h> Uaa aama court
Dr. McAfee, BI sh ? now ealll herself,
said tbai Dr. Inghram la now la Bt Louis.
The coarl graalod her appMeatlaa to
aerva bha bj publkaUoa.
IM her petiUoa io have her name
changed Dr. McAfee Bald that *'n" ha('
prncUcally luppeef/ad her huaband since
Two Druggists Accused of Sup
plyin/r Drug to Chinamen.
l.lonel K. Wldder, Slmon Iternian. BBM
to b.^ draggleta. and Ing Quong Queefc
were up for trial yeaterday before .ludge
< ii ihi, in the t'riniinal liranch Of IhOU. B.
Diatrlcl C.1 <?n an mdlctmeal alleglng
coniplracy to inanufactura amoklng
Unlted Btatea iHMriot Attorney btar
j-baii eenaMera tha caaa one of Import
nnce. Tha governmenl, it la aaid. is in
poaaaaaolon of liifonnaUea thal ti.e ao
euaed drugglata for aatvaral yeara lupplled
tha orudc ofdaraa, lecreUy aaaanfectured
into 'dope* by Chinamen hari and In
Wldder and Bermaa both llve nt No.
? ?_? w. t Broadway, and tba Chmaman
llvaa nt No. 13 Dlvtolon street.
J. C. Dahl Murlcd to Death When
His Motnr Crashcs Into Car
Near Sea Cliff.
-. . i 'Hff, Long Island. I. ". John
i? i..ihi. thlrl ?.ld, win. ha.i been
man li ?! for aboul ti.week . wai ln
atantly kiii".i Ju-i before dark tius
. yening a hlle rldlng i dkKotcj cla
along tha ? llen Cova Bouk rard. Ha
craahed Into nn automobile owned and
driven by Loula B. k White, ?
wealthy resldenl of Bouth Bea CUff.
Dahl waa dead when plcked up. Hlg
bi Ide is aerioualj III from ihoi k.
Dahl, who fonnerlj llved In Brook
i n, ,-,~ did his w if". had beea con
nected wlth the New i*ork Telepbone
Company for ali yeara A few months
ago i,'' wai t* tn oul to this diatrlcl and
v ,-,^ ,,, ?? ..; ii i- coalrai t agenta As
his dutlei took him aii o\er thla aee
tion he p i han d ?'? motor i ycle.
Th ?? ? ..n he waa goiag ? ong
? . bouli i ard. .\t ., i roi n oad Wl ?
automobile roomed up, ln the car was
aome furniture whlch White waa ni"^
Ing f***vm his old home t" ? new one.
The arjiaunobila made tha turn Into the
boulevard. but strink a ruf, and In
i .,r reai hlng the rlghl alda of the
road hugged tha centre. Dahl wai
rldlng in the centre of the road and
goii.g m the oppoeite dtrection. Jual
bi tha automobile itrack tha rul i?..iii
was ? fen feel In fronl of it. and ha
did t ? t hi ?? tlmi to tui n o?t.
Hli ' truck the left inudguard Of
ti.- automobile wlth terrlflc foree and
Ilahl was ;hro-a n hlgh.
White ? ? huiried back to
1 Dahl. but 1 II waa
,1' nd White ? immom d " pl
and then notlfled Coroner Luyater, and
ti,.? offtclal made ? ". Inveatigatlon and
on to hai i Dahl'i body
en to hli home bera The Coroner
llon s.; ili.- ii -i eai in the caaa for
Frlda) ii.k'iit.
Wl ' ? who ' member of thi Olen
wood Countrj Cluh, aayi the acctdent
waa enl i ? I ? unavoldable on hli pai t,
Alleged Shoplifter Becomes May
Jackson "to Get Bail."
Tl ? ii. ui d- f a* .lohn
an artlat, ard tho
- ma aa "Jane Doe,"
who wei on a
w< Igni 'i be
Ifai i ???.'. in ,i. ff, raon Mar
' . ? ...
Wlli.ld he i-ame from Hartford,
? "i n llvtag nt an upiown hotel
Hc eald he recently oami from New
foundland lo palnt. and ihat he an-i
"Miaa Doo'a" son had been elaaamatea
ago In -i New r.tu'iami preparatory
The woman li ppoaed to be a Mra
of BaUl.re, wldoa afabanker.
When ini attornej aaked the court to fll
ball, lh* maglatrati refuaed te do s,? .-.??
lonj as ?die held tu ||,,. naiiie ".lane Doe."
i.- 11.- name Mi | Jai kaon, and
"\. d iblnj up Thi laa i ei added
? did nol klioM her nililie
lt wa reitortcd yi terdai i bai on Tuea
llnj nlghl "Maj .1.. k "ii ' l-av. her fura,
\> .,? ih j, aoa, io a i ? ad woman a h<>
.,i .mi.'.i h. i !?> < ourt lhal nlght, and
tini Wllaon gave her .?< card caaa.
Ball waa Uaed at IMI In each .-a.-e.
Mme. Polaire Sails Unexpect
cdly on La Lorraine.
Mme Polaire, the Preach dancer, Itear
nldad bj her managera aa tha uglleat
women bn the world, ealled unespoctodly
for Havra yeaterday by thi Prenek Hner
i.a Lorraine. she boarded tha veeaal a
few mlnotea before lha gangplaah waa
ha iled Mhore, anno.Ing that she would
buj her tlcket from Uie puraer ai iea>
Tbe daacer, who la credlted wlth hav?
lng tha siiiilhst w.nsi m,-nsureiiient nf
any woman, rama t" thla oouatry ahout
Bva months aga t" appaar wiih Lady
Conatance Rlcbardaon and Qertrodi iiuff
,.,?,,, in i ti ,ii ,,r t ha Unlta l states.
inn..i aroaa betweea Ihe thr.-e
women when the company had beea oni.
a few daj "ii tour, and Mme. Polaire
i, I,.i her fortune la raudevllle.
Thinks Transatlantic Flight
Feasible?May Try It.
Otenn H. Curtlaa englne bullder and
aei*epktna makei allad wuh lus wife and
cblld for Havra yeaterday In the Pianob
Hner La Lorralna t" attawd the aaalea
AaronaUgua In Paria
Cl rtllg said he would remain in Kuiope
indeflnlti ly, as tba bualneae of aaronautlt'i
in thla country was on the ebb, Me b.
llavad i tranaaUantlc ftlghl by aarrmlaai
ifeaalbla and aald ha would bulld a im
(.Iuiic cai'ihle of doln.' it.
" ' - '? ?:?? ' I I ' ____?
, ..nlinu-.l from flr?t p?K*.
Wlth Jame.s K. MeGuire ahnie, nor did
i ever eonfer wlth the commissioncr
of Hlgb-vaye, Jaaaaa J. IfofJalre ? >?
(ienrse IfoGulre, nor *li<l 1 ever eonfer
er.th th, ,;o\ern*.r ?t N*OW Vork OT wlth
anybody alao, In reepect ?<* anythlng
thal mlghi ba nutxtoavna in any aray,
ahape or manrer for the Eflgtaway De*
panment. nnd any statement to tlM
contrary is Dtlae.
"1 notire that thls statnrnt lo tiie
Qovernor la nol aworn, and i am aur*
priaed to fladJ that h publlc daKuoaanl
making grave i hargea againat a ecaa*
mteaioier ot fro.ni reaarte is permltt, *
,o be pubtiahed hy the Qoveiiinr of
New Vork nnlil the partlea intriing
tbooe chargea awear to them."
Mr. h- nneaay aald thal ho wanted
tho membera of tha Warner-Quinlan
company wh*, made the chargea aub
po>naed so that they could be awora.
ln anewer t., th*- crttl, ism >>f Mr.
Henn aey in refereiiee to Uovernor
Qlynn sri'-irig nut tho rharges, <'ommi?
Bioner Oaborne aald ha was conMent
th.- Qovefnor was actuated by the beat
poaaible motlvea.
Clark Serves Subpoenae.
laelatant Diatrld Attorney John k.
who bj aselatlng Dtatrlcl Attor?
ney Wiiitinati in tiie John Do** pfOCOOd
iiiRs in New York. appeared In the tear
of th*- room la whlch lha hearinR waa
being li* 1*1 thla afternoon atlil proe-*.d
,.,i to.iistrlbutea pocketful ofeubponiaa.
Jamoa W. osborno. tho Qlyun invosti
K.it'T. who was COndUCtlng the liearin/,
and who. it is said, has bOOn at odds
wlth the New York Dtatrlcl Attorney
ea to hirledlctlon, s,?,n found that boovm*
, f the do, umenta aoughl by Whltman
were wanted ln his own inveetigatloa.
Mr. Clark aubpoanaed R K. Puller,
Becretary to th** Hbghway Commuaalon,
to produce all the recorda of the de?
partment for lilt Coaamlaatoner Oa?
borne bad intended to UBO theee withln
thn nexi day or two, nnd after a eon
a dectded to lei Clark have
them only on conditlon that he brlng
them back le-morrow nicht. it is ua*
.i tbal Dtatrlcl Attornej Whlt
ir. ,n wante t.. preeenl theee recorda to
the grand Jury In followliuj up lha
rge of Max Aldrieh. tho Pough
keepale contractor, that Ton llaaaett,
former aecretary to state llnajliteer
Beneel, <t* mande.i and recelved ll.tdd
from 1 itn to Ret his hill of $17."On f..r
a hlghway contracl approved. Through
the 1*12 recorda il is aoughl t.. ahow
hi ?? thla blll was approv.-d.
Othera whom Clark Bubpoanaed were
Jamea NOVllle, n elerk Iti the State I'.n
gtnecr'a Department. who la aald to
have beea one of the dinner party ln
this clty al whkh Aldrieh is alleRod |0
have been flrat afaartmchedl hy Heaeett;
Mr. Bbaughneaey, of tho rJhaitghneaa*
i ?onstrii.ilon I'oinpany, and Matthew
Van Alstvne, an offli-er of that com
Rubino Preaents Chargea.
After openinc np 111*-* hearine Com*
mieaioner f^boeite ealled on Ur. Ru
t.inn to praaanl laa <hnr-.es, all of
whlch havo been pubttehed He laid
partirular atroaa <>n th*i charge that
Qeorge McGulre had appitiached th.*
vi.-e-preabli-nt r.f his ? ompany, Mr.
'.'ulnlun. nnd told him that he had such
rotitiol ov.-r the Hlghway D'-partment
thal he eoiild eauaa any spo.itUatlons
he deelred to be adafHed. He said
that ICcQUlrO pfoinised !?> have the
Bpeciflcatlona TfJaaxT if Quinaaa would
ent* r Into an nsreetnent tO glfi B eon
trlbutioa of M.ddd and to pa* bun eaaa
, . ut a Kallnn fnr all nsplialt BoM tO
ihe atate, Mi. Qulnlan aald he had
refused to enter int.. suvh an agree
ment and tiie ali4BB*ed meaoagoa order
ing only the nse of tl'" BaVt** }?^l*h:ilt
Comnii-.-ioii.r ,'a.lisle was pr.-en'.
with his attorney, Judge Henry Pur
i.ll, of Watortown. who made B BWOOP*
ing deniai of the chargea. H*1 aald the
,'ommlssioner had ?lopend*d on tho ea*
,?.,! adviv- pf his tbrao advisory engi
nccrs ln draaring up tha piaoaal Bpeel*
I,. ations. "f arhlch the Warnor-Quiidan
Company .omplaiti'-d. II*' de.-lar. d
also that ho had insisted on all con
tra.lors living UP tO tho BpOcltVoUOtlB
an.l had iwfuotd tO P'-rinit the Waim-t -
QUinbin <"ompanv t.. s. II eonlra.ioi
a elieaper asphalt than that rallod for.
Judge Purcell el nmeil that the chaurg, 4
were atrgely dae t.. t!ita fardV r.
Calls Advisera Unfit.
Mr. RuMBjO .li.Mgeil that the mem
bera "f the Advisory Board of Engi*
ti, - rs were unflt tqr the iutleg th,
were engag* d lo i?-i foi in nnd that
they areta appointed through poUtical
influ'-n-es. Theaeernglneoreara Haredd
Park.-r, Cattntel William l>e H Wash
Ingtoo and Qeorge C. DtebL Taa for*
mer two were pres'-nt. and tO PTOVO
thoir fltnaaM anadki detailed atateenenta
Of the hlgttway and engineenns work
in whlch they had beea engaged.
it was ch*4i-ged that Waahingtofl wai
appointed on tho re.'nmmeiidHtion "f
McQulre aml Parkor oa tha re*.*oaB
mendatlon of Joeepta Murphy, the
iH-mo.rati.- I, ad, i of Renoeelafr
County. Both "f Ihe engineers de?
clared they hail BOVer heard of thelr
alleued BPOnOOia
I.. I.aflin K'-lloetr. iepi-v<-nting tha
Barber I'ompany, d, tiared the chargea
"The i bargee,*' he aald. "are >.. ab*
eolutely frivotoue, so far aa the Berbi r
\sphalt ,'ompan*. is i 04M orn.-il. that lt
makes me feel sad that a man oi" Mt.
CarluaVa reputatlon an.l hla Btaading
,-it tlv bar- for I hav<- kimw him only
in thal < onne< tion?should be ? -.ill. d
forih to answir *ajch chargea "
Jamea A. 1P nn>*ssy anii.iiiiK.fi be?
fore the bearlng thal be had
bla place as ctmfldentlal Inapector in
the iiighway Dejautaaenl laal weak
11.* denif-d that be had had 8
weeka' leave of abaance, aaylng h, wa
4.'i|.|,os,-d to hava a two week
tion. bul he de, lar-d that he work, d 4
*.f ihe two weeka. He waa appointed
t., th<* |,ia e ui the Highwai I ?epai ? -
menl bj ? n-1 lovernor Sniz.-r {ual
f,,t-.- :,. atarted Inveel
Banker to Erect S200.000 Rcs
idence on Carnegie Plot.
Tbe i,"n:> w bi, b Pl lllerd i1 mraiai '. n'
the bankinB liitn Of .1. I'. M-.r^an ?*?
will eieet a! the noitii ?-..i u. r of Klfth
avenue and Mth atreel will coei {
Miv Btralgl t bo i i ba ,
from Andrew Cai u - ? Plaaa foi ihe
bouae were fued yee*erdaj
lt W 1,1 l?' l si\ >'"t > ')'* elll - ol a
loniai aicbltacture. woii a frontagi
, i..; oa tn- avenu,
Tho ;;? ,, ind fl" ' Will I
,ar hall. a -. ?
two ctieulei draaalng reoma.
im the iii.-t faOor wiii i,e i dra ?
room. Ubrary and a lecretarji room, wl
the aecend faOor arlll bave a dbtlag
and two b.-diooins. ThB i e'liamd.-r 0
houee a ill ooni brl of * l< apiag i ee i
quartera for aervanta There aill
loof ho-.ise. or soia'iuin Tb.* bUlMlag will
be i-.piippe.i with aeparate etevatoi
tb* famii* ,-,n.i aervanta Wila- 1
i leleae aad l laeetei n Aldi ona- tha
Receatly Mr. St-alajhl bo4ighl the op*
poalte coraei from hla proprjeed
iroin tti* laeob Rttpperl Realty Coa
for l.'^rftiirti for Ih.'- piupose. it a
a, tbe time oi ti,.- Baaa, >>t p-*eventing
indesirabb- p.>i-.>n frOffl gOttlng th"
rrtj. in the f of in Mr. Btralghl anir*
rled Mlaa Dorothy iVhltm i. ?< da -
,.f the late William C. Whltne)
? Owlng lo the Death
George Aritaold Hearn
the store wUi be cilosed until
Friday morniiog.

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