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;\rtn flut-N (tribunr.
IHlltSDW. Dl.ll.MBIK ?. 1013.
Owatd ?tid pebllehag dalla bg The Trlbuaa Aaeoclatlen.
? \.-,v gork eorporatlon: I 'K'len M. Held. I'reaident: ? on.i?
Uanilla Jaaae* M. Barrett. TraBBOrar. .\n<lr.-s?i
Iribune BuUdlng, No. 114 Nnaaau etr.-n. New \ork.
? iio\ RilKS.-By Mail. Poata?e PaJd. outside of
.'-? ? Vork: . ... ()0
Daily a d Bundajr. i mo..g .7S| Daily oaly. 0 montha.*?.?,
D ind lunday. ., moa. 4.23 Daily only, l year.... ... **?? ?
i' j ndBuaday, i year. aflOIBanday oaly, B moaiaa... ?.?-?
Dailyi.nl>. 1 )nonth.r.O Sunday only. 1 >'??'. ***w
One nionth. ... .. . II.SBjOne montb. 8 ",0
One ym. IH.SOOaa year......????.*?*/.""
st \n\v ONLY: DAILY o.M.Y __
81* montha. S.OT'Ona month. - jj()
One ycar. 6.14 "no yenr.... . ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? '
"li.tith. 1L2 One month. 4".g
Unt jear. l2.Ju.One year.
Enttred ?t the rvi-toffke at New York aa Second Claaa Mai'
The T.iliun- ueee Ita beal endeavora to lnsure tha
tnMtwortbnaeaa of every advr rtisement it prints and
to av.dd thr rublication of all advertlaemcnta contaln
Itng statemrnts or c-lainm.
The Republican Conference Must
Help the Yoters to Get a
Square Deal.
The RepubllcaB wmference wMch wlll rMeeaihld
bera to-morrow will represent. in essetiee. the pWB
ent control of tlie Itepnblicnti parry in this state. a
commendable effort has heen made to linve advo
catea of all shades of DoUtka] beUef withia tbe
party in nttendan.e. N'OTertheleaa, ln a body arhlch
ls approximatcly nn uiionVlal state convention. as
ln the rejrularly eleetod Btate eoarentloa, the acttre
party workers and those in charge of the party ma
chinery must outnumber other elements. 'i'lieref.-re.
whaterec lajgralhi from this coaferenea must be
Judged, and inevitably wlll be judged. by the public
as the declaration of policles and princlples of tha
existing Republlcan organlzation.
In itself the calling of euch a gatberlng 1s ndmls
Blon that Republicanisin es adminlstered to the
voters has BOl been nltogetber a satisf.-u tmy pt**>
Bcription. 8ncb rtfa-uaelea, by rdgoae reapooalble for
Ihe sltuation. is hopeful, lf It be l'ollowed by a
wiiiingncss to stu.iy dOlgeatly aad work knlthfnlly
BBd slncerely in the efTort to ? ive saliafectleB.
Ihe way to do that ii erophatically not the way
thal has been foDowed la tha last ttaraa or fooi
years. The voters feel whether wlth justi.e or BOt
ls lmmaterlal so far as results are concerned that
they have DOl had a square deal frmn the Repub
Ucaa party. II b* ttnai they bad evidence of a de
sire to pive ihein whal they themaelrea would admll
ln he a square deal.
Tha eeter, individiiaiiy and collei'tively. is n?,t un
i.-asonahi... His politlcal ideas are comparatlveiy
viniple. He wHiils a party organization built froiu
the boitom up. not from thc top down. as he kaowa
it to be at pitngoat He wants law* safeguarding
him in his privileaes as a party member agalnst the
ajjj*Hfajg|ODi of tho?e lato irlaoeg hands. of aecaeatty,
power is glvea.
He waati tiie rtmpleet and most dtrect way ol
Choeaihg party ijindidates for ofti.e. for he b.-l ews
ancb candi'hitcs more likey to be iBdepeadenl 01
polltical BBd tinaii'ial COOtTOl tl an Ihoag hand plcked
by g heaa or i cllqo* ef beaggg Ha waata pohlk
ofticials to adiniiiister their oftVes imt acording t"
the beliefs or directions of a boss or bosses. bat
H-'-ordlnu to thelr own beliefs aa to the publi.'s in
terest and their own otiseivations of public opininii
The public was ediKated to this staiidard by
Hujrhes. a Etepublicaa (iovernor. ii has repinliat.il
nejiublican platforaafl which fell below ir nnd one
RepuhlicHn Assembly whlch did not measure up t<>
if. There h BO reason to believe that it would treat
differently other idatforms. otficial or unofflciitl. or
other Republlcan ofticials or li*?ghdatorg if they. tOO,
fell below lt.
Wlth this in mlnd. the conference can do the Re?
publlcan party ? great servlce If it nutllne an ap
arraaatYe, pro-resslve, up-to-dato leifislativo pro
gramme for the comlng year.
That ahould bft followed by appropriste a.tlon tn
help ln the election of nn nble. propressive Speaker
of the Assembly to take the lead in carryin? mit the
programme. Na half-way measnrcs or half-loaf
polides will restoro lo?t public confideiice. Nothiag
Icss than posltive BCtJoa in the beglnning af fl cafla
prajgg for a gqaara daal for tha voters aill be of the
sligbtcst gjood at thhl time.
Thc French Crisis Not a Gataclysm.
The minislerial crisis in France differs from moBt
Of its prede-'c-sors In that lt Involves not merely a
matter <-f party poUtiCB, bul g fiiiidamental priBCJple
,,f nati"iial tinaii'e and ?'conomics. lt is ggaggera
llon, however. to say that the hoiiur, the credit or
tbd iiiospeiity of the reimblic is at stake. .Mr. <ai!
laux is as true a palii"!. as irenuine a io|.ubllcan
:,,?1 :,s M.'Mi.l a tiiianciiT as Mr. Barthou Ot Mr. Dru
Tbe qtMatloa almply is wlrarther la her uew i?.an
Irame ahall contiiiue her old pollcy af exemptini;
Koveriimcnt Im.ikIs from taxation. On Ik.iIi sides
thgre is much to ba aald. la mi.ny countries besldes
rraii'-e. in? luding. of loiuse. our own. such Kecuri
iies have been exempt from taxation. while in others
they shaie the common krl Of all iiivi'stiiient-. The
rotYOer lystem emoura^es ,'itlzens to beionii' tne
lTg<jlton Of tlmir OWB gOYerBna nt and therefme in
,,.,-,..11.1 in its stability and prospei'ity. and enaM.-s
tba ^oveiiimi'iit to l.oirow at g low rate of interest.
Ipaclal interest atta.hes ta the qoeetton iu rnin.e
bjjeaaae thal .oiintiy is ptaaaiBg t.. adopl n Ibcobbi
tax. nnd it Bl thOtJgh! thnt exem|dioii of lenles from
luxation mlghl deleat thnt system. II is ii"t ? lear.
bawerer, thal it woum do so. it la ?<.i expected to
,1? v,, here. where exeniption Of federal. -tate and
muni''Ipal bonds doea md p.event tbe levying of ii
lax Oa other incomes. Tlie ol.je.lion that exemplion
v.ouid creuta a ?*artrlleg*ed .ihss gaetag also to have
less farca la Piaace thaa eisewhere. bacaoae whlla
H,e I'riii' h d.-bt is l,y far the largest in the world it
ln also the lm.t-t geairally distributed aoaong thc
people. If the *?-J.V..<Kai.i)ia? yearly paid in Interest
ggj renten were exmnpted from taxation. thal would
i,e an excinption in favor of millioi.s af lYIIfal 'iti
/eiia wi... bara arttbdrawn *-" many fraaca from the
trnditluiial Ho'J.lug to BbOW their laith m Ihe -,-ov
mnnmtit Of UM ri'pul>li''- Wliotlicr rentes are taxetl
or md, tha sniveiKv of tln* repabllc is aot llkatj ta
ba affacted.
More I han Argentine Beef Needed.
ihe arrival of Aigentlne beef lo thla rnarkel aaama
,,, bave llttle ec.alc etfect. A tbooaend t-tmrtera
a day ara acareeb a moutbful to Father Kntcker
bocker. Tliere la no change of I ifiectlon la tbe Oip
panl ery ror "beef mi'i" or lo tho rerereut auramon
Ing of ii Chateaabrland.
This is rn,t a rondamnatlon of tha free Importa
tJoo of i.i". it la a r-eboke of tbe too |Teal expecta
tJom whlcb aome placed "P?"? """ s-^'"111 ?"',1 ?
lemiiiilor thal a-Dinethlng BtOM il BCeded for PB*
ducing the wast of llvlng than tba luere openlng of
our marketa to i llmlted ropplyfi1 ?-**?-? ?"'?""? ",,;,rlv
six thouaand aillaa away. rVhatever redacUon of
price her.- may be i-ffected will ba welrome to con*
ramere; bul it will aol ba arell for leoaaekwperfl yet
tn revlae thelr budgeta on the basla of Burh expec
What i** n.led la thal our domeatlc r-rodu, tlon
shaii I.** adapted to tha now condltlona whlch bave
l.pi-n wtablbjbed durlng the leneratlon. We amsl ,
learrj ta produce I.t clnaply oa feiKed farma, In .
atead of on tt.pea plalaa wblcb bave aow dlaap
pearad from onr paatoral economy. The tbotiaanda
of acree of neglected laad la the very anbnrba of
onr clUea anggesl tha poaalblfl reaulta of thrlfi and
Dr. Montessori in America.
The raoal utereatlng woman In Europe arrlved
npo-, tbeee aboree yeatertlay. Dr. Marla Uonteeeorl
has noi only made ber "honaea of cblldb4***r a vltal
factor ln lUllaa educatlon. The aplril of her prac*
tice iias apraad far and wlde and promlaea to leave
a pennanenl mark upon the tralnlng of chlldren
every where.
America will glve Dr Monteaaorl a partlcolarlj ,
bearty welcotna. Her theoriea of Indlrldoallty, of
permittlag each chlld to develop freely and without j
reetralat, hava aa eapecul appeal in this free for-a I
conntry, As aome one iias aald: ?'America is a
Monteaaorl natJoa to atart wlth."
Certala feotnrea of ih? Monteaaorl practlce bare
4M4Haad open to critkrlam. Hor taaching of readlng
niiii wrltlng to rery young cblldrea ia one anch
point Also la there doubl *,f how completely bei
;.;.vv,.- ftire methoda are applicable to tbe quick, ex*
ploalre aatnre of the American chlld.
Upon all of the-*' qneatlona it will be a pleaaure
and i prlvllege to hear l>r Monteaaorl al firai baud
What Reai Dccency ls.
Tbere Iias beea ao mnch <iui?. degrading drlvel n
,l,e e*atae nf aei. literature on the one baud, and ao
much prurlent Comatocklani <m the other, tbal it l>
refreehlng to read Judge Learaed rJand'a clear
worda oa tbe law oa thla subject. Tbe matter be
fore him was a book of tbe ratrenl crop The courl
held tbal it waa f..r a Jury to declde finally wbetbei
tba work wa< "otaacene, lewd or laaclvlouB." Bul li
so holdlag Judge Hand uttered theee atriking wordw
i queatlon whether ln the end men will regard
that as obecene whlch ia honeatlj relevani l
adequate expreaelon of Innocent Ideaa, and whethei
thej wiii nol believe thal truth and beautj are too
precloua to aoclety al large to be mutllated In Ihe
intereata of tboaa moel llkelj to perverl them lo
baae ueea
Indeed, it aerma bardly likely thal we
to-*iay ao lukewerm ln our intereal la letters 01
eerious .Us' i*ealon to 1.atenl t., r, d.1 tre
meni of aea lo the Btandard of ?, eblld'a librai
the Buppoaed Intereal of a aalacloua few, or. thal
ahame will for long prevent na from adeq it, 1 ?
trayal of aome of the most aerioua and bea
aid, s of human naturp.
a better rebuke for tbe prurienl uinded baa -??
iloin beea offered. Thal tbere can be abu.f auch
;, Uberal rule Judge Hand concedee. Bul be pro
. i-eiis ,n make II clear tbal a courl and a Jury can
-iw aborl abrlfl to tba autbor who irlea to uae ibe
prlvllege as "a , over for lewdneaa and a atalking
boree from whlch t*> atrike at pnrlt*
Thla ls Indeed j^Miin* in tbe rool of the wbole mai
ter. Ever* one kaowa tbal tbe queatlon of devency
iinil prapriety is oae aol so much <>f literal worda
nse.l ;ts of maiinei mnl intenl. JudgC HUnd'a view '.
almply >ipi>)i<--< tba law In right, commoa-aertae
fiishion. May it prevall!
Expeti Work from 'Prentice llands.
Mr. Wllaoa in his meaaage rJeclared tbal we muei
move toward badependence for tbe I'hlllpplnea "aa
Bteadlly as tiie way can be claared nnd the fonnda 1
tioiis tbougbtfully iimi permanently lald." We mual
dlasenl from his alm, bul tbe moda of progr,
wblcb ne pieecrlbea mual be beartlly approved. In
his preecriptJon, however. tbere is an Implled rebuke
of Borne of the diiin^s of liis own admlniatratJon.
Nawi from tiie isiamis Indicataa tbe preTaleiica ol
anxlety nmi naiaet, nol so much beckuae of any
enuBrfJatloa <>f new pollcy as becauae of tbe manner
in wblcb nml tba agenta by whom tbe goreraiiiant'a
pollcy Js liein-' ezecuted. it is agreed by all tbal j
j togreaa ahould be made ln the developmenl of aelf j
gorarament Piualdent* McKlnley, Bajfaaevell and
T;ift arere aa much commltted to tbal as i 1 Prealdenl
Wilaon. Tbera is dlfference of oplnlon as t.i tin
ajpajgd ni wblcb and tbe aplril la wblcb tbe suecea
Hive claai4g*Ba are to be made. and tbere la ground
for thlnJtiag tbal In aome whlcb baaa Jnal baaa
made aot aufJacienl attentlon aaa been gfran to
ptxrtldJag aafi^uarda agalnal abuse.
There caa i?e w Qoaettoa that th,* changca wblcb
nre made abould ba inada by 1 tea of ezpetience la
Phlllppine affaira. Tbe dlaquietlng feature <>f tne
caae is tbal tbe maklng of cbangea wblcb many
conakler too radlcal and abrupt has been latruated
to a Qovernor *>f eacaptlonal lack <if egpariaiica and
For an Etrly Constitutional Convcntion.
it i? to ba bopad thal tln* l*eg^atiira, arhan it
iiieets nexl argalr. of tba t***gtalature af 191*1 arlll
take action ptoTadiag foc tbe boMIng <>r ;i Bpeclal
electlon to sni.mit to the eoteti tbe i|iiesii.,ii wbetber
a couBtitutlonal conventlon ahall be bead. This
wniiiii iiivi.ivi*. to be siii,'. conBiderable expenae.
Hut it would iiiiviati- aeveral oii|o,-iii.ns Inddenl i'?
anj other couree tn brlag ai.mii au early coaatltu
tii.nai conventlon, ao that. aftar all, it .m* tba
kMajaf ,'vil.
if taa qaeetloa about the calllng of tbe conven
ti.m ba aubmltted at a apactal atection nexl aprlag
aad approved, tne dedegatea could be etarted al laa
*4Bgular electJou la NoTembar of nexl year aml tba
ronvi'iitioii aaacmble ln Aprll af 1915. Tba reauli ?>f
Us ilelllii-ralioiis , ..nl.l Ihen l.o snlimilteil for tln*
rattftcatJon <>f 11 *? - rt>teri la tba ragalar B^actioa of
hm.'i. n year wbea tbere arlll be aa iiiir atupalgn t"
iiiiiiise parttaan spirit aml abacaaa tba \tawom. lt
tha pr,'limiiiai.\ i|iii'stion be md siilnnitleil until ihe
regnlu eaaction aaxl year. iim driaamtaa caanol be
.le. inl until 1915, aml ualeoa aotae apeclal ,*ii? iimi
simiiiii !?*? 1***1*1 the eonatltatlon woukl be preeented
foi apiiinvui by Hu* voii-rs iu 1916, when a atate au*.
national campaign WOUld have full l'"'<* ?? ?*?
public. f
There la wtdeapread beUef la tha '"?'", ?'?? :i"
early. tboTougb, noo-pollticaJ rewriUoj ot tha itatei
orajaalc law. it is ? tremen.i..iis BBdertaklng' whlcb
?bonld be proeecuted uiider the aiaal faYOtaWa co*
iiitimis. Por this reaaoa tha apectal eiction nrxt
apiing seeius ,|e-iral.le.
To Diaaolve the Politician-Criminal I'irm.
I'-.ti.e ( i.i.imis-i'.nei" Waldo. in an BBOfBcial swan
aong, declarea thal fl grc.it part of the erWH la thla
,-iiy bi due to a coinbitiation of criminals and B0ll?
liiians. GamMlBg ti'-urishes. h - says. bacauBfl tha
gambten bare potlUdaafl oa their staff. ar thfl i'"""
li. ians baYC ^"mc rttian.lal interest in the a-ajBbUBg
eiiterptises I'anguieii get light sentences. off BO
pOBlflhmenl at all. because polltical pull Mtefl Inta
Ihe BltnatlOfl in some way. Also, much |Hili."c ixratl I
.ind InefOclency ara due t<> a simiiar comi.inati"n. far I
mutiial proflt, "I lawl.re.'ikers and policemen
It ls n.it a strikim-ly orlginal theory.' Indeed. it is
v.i patently triie thal even Mr. Waldo has disciveied
it. thoUgfa his reiiird bai ti"f alwavs I'lirnislied evl
dence thal he acted on tha <ii?overy. Ami th."
lemeily is nol ohsriire. Tlie pur.lic has beglin tla***
.nre by electlng the fusl.ui tleket and re-eleding
Diatlid Attorney Whitman. The resf of the cure is
1 ? get what Mr. Mltcbei iiinl'iiibtedly wlll aupply
a iimi political POllce ('ominissioner wilh brains who
will work with the Dlstlid Atlorney iu going afler
riimlaala, regardleai of polltical nfhliations. Tha
pollce an.l polltical graften and croeki in geBeral
who ran lurvive thal eomblaatlon e ili ba few.
Thi auffragi '..nventlon WOn'1 he nt ail the latfsf
thlng in . "ii i ent lon faahlona If it omlta tiu* Doxolog;
and ?! fea bj mna
A t.ihn ln New Jeraey has "returned" a ham arhli h
he tooh tlfty-four yeen ago, But it araan't tho aama
a foui rear old Harlem miaa, whoei homellneai bi
;<> pronounced bi her lovableneaa has long reaented
Ihe practlce of ber parenti and "th'-rs ?,f ipelllng
wordi that they dldn'1 want her to bear. Recently
n relatlve who hadn'l aeen ti"' cblld arrlved for ;.
ahoii vlait. ln talklng wltb the mother the nea
da) ln the little glrl'a nreaenci ihe aald
? laa'i n t"" bad ihe li ??> ? g-l-j ?'"
?| n e u-g-l->", auntii bul I m s-m-a-r-t."
"Doea the ii ome taa hli you '"
\ ?.-, ln a ?' ' ? eore ipot. i )-h;.;i ti"' hava l<
a i. . Chl. ago Re. "i ?l Hei a Id.
of the p mi ? ? rntl aeised ? Inapei tora
? docka prove to be ikllful manufi
l,"i ~< ha Ir. Nea it< m
Little paii i of rlippi
Ma !*?- a ah< klng n
! t |pD4 I ?
Make .. ti, .
I..f |e .'. ri.'i!' 7: !?
? I
i ? ? - ?
i I -.'. '.? '', .I - ? i
Littli ? ? foui
\ i, moi a than ' roai
Fea bera" to Impo nd
......... i t h e groorn
? i
Mi . p imel
n iv m.
\i,, \ ,, mornlng.
\i i. B.?Well. i imi home rather late
ii, ti,,. [.?., . ->? ,.f ln a d.
offli ? ., ? op of Tl ?? Trlbum ? ? ' i '*"?
... perfeel aven
ll bad been folded Among ihe Itema of ln
tere* ieri thi ?-. under the head ol ' Meali ?? On
Novembei 20 PVi ? fiareemeata te tho number
of 1,200 Jolned Majla'i command ?'?' Matai
Colonel Bravo, of tba Llberal arm; In Mexico
bearei of dlapatrhea from Juarea to lha Unlted
. lovernmenl ai vVaahlngtoB, arrlved al Kao
, ? ii,. atated thal tha Mexl< aai had '- 000
troopa under arma and lhal 75.O0U .ould ba i?n In
thi Beld ii" aoon bi the meana were raieed."
? inhn v <? hi a hei n mai i led tweli ?? ? <-;.i a tc
?, >h, forgi t it w hafa the uaa of trj ing lo itari i
quarrel?" Pittaburgh Poel
? -|-, ,, pj.tv for th.- Prevention of Beldneai
membera of whlcb ara pledged agalnal tha na.- "f
artll ? lai head coverlng lo go hatlesa al all tlmea
v iii ??. 11, manj memberi If hat faahlona do nol
rhange," aaya "Dla Mode." "Eccentrlclt] of Bl i
in beadweai li noi conflned to the mllUner) sh", . ll
haa Invaded the men'a hai itora The automobile
gave thi iiikti bai ;? rrevera blow, aad laalty aith
regard to thal "i,i eatabllahed and hlgbly Imp
parl of men'i dreaa haa atlmulated freak faahlona,
until now men do n? >t know wbat to wear. A wool
nal nt tha opera aad ? crusb bat wltb a amoking
jncket nre examplei of p**eeen1 day bat llberty. Bul
ihe end ki near, and nexl aeaaon thera wlll i" a ?
turn i" i'.i'"n ini in.n. Aa ta women'i hatu -who
knowi '
"Oood abow al tbe PVivolIt; now,'' aald Ibe New
York man lo his country couain. "Wanl to k<< "
"Dunno, li it cllntcal "i ?oclological'*" Waahing
ton Herald
\ New fforh theatre announcea "a clean plaj f"i clean
people." Whj nol tn thal ktnd of piay an tiu- othei
Kind ,,i people and *???' it it wouldn'l help aomc ' Cleve
Inad PI iln i.eai.-r.
Nea \i>iU u to bave * collcg* of cmnmerea lt may
aave money for iboa* who mlghl ii* lenspted i" go iftei
a bualneaa adocahoa Ib Wall Btreel, Wushini-t.iti star
ir New v..rk is reall) looktag r.,r aaether pollce h> ad
arhy nol old ,*ToucBln'Hm-an'-appiwtadnh*r*-to,'* tba Hon
William g Devery, tbe "beal chlef of poUca" Noa Yorh
tvei had, If you aai it qulchly? Phlladelphla Inqulrer,
Inotbai mlleetona of progreaaihaa beea aat up ln New
York where tbe automobile fatalltlei of Beptember
doubled iboai "r the iciniaiioadlng month <,r ir.u
P.?, ln Bt< i 1 *"Bt - llxpi. Bf
ii arouM ba nn ni"t.- timn retr!butlvo Juatice if tiir
iin.f wbo atole an overcoel fiom a Waahlngton Bocrel
Bervlce man were to f'lii mto the baada of the New
rork Bohea Wfaabrngltrn i"*1'
in New v..ik ? woman walkad oa lha graaa, and K
tooh ti.-- I'l.ii'??iin-ii t" w.'.mii hei two bablaa from ber
when aha was pul in a eell An Hungartan man and
wernan were Mtten by a dog and were locked up becaua
tbe] could nol explaln In ESnallab wbal thej were crylng
aad geatlculatlng aboul New York is a coaapllcated
elty, Bpi :imfi,ii RetmMlcan.
Prom The Uttei Herald-DlaiMUi h
There are aboul T$,eeg aoda wiii, i fountalna ia tba
Unlted states aad their nianber Ih giowlag ai rwcta .i
rat.- thi.t tha adrtof af "The Ba*afla Paawtala'* coafMoatly
pradlcta that la b decade ttaara artll ba a.i aaaaq "f tbem
:,s there a i ?? Babwoi lOd.aag
' ii.in The <-lil' ;.U" lf- ' '"il-lli i;ild
Mayoi i i.n lisi.n haa pul th* ban on " II " If you .'I
kii"w whai "Zf meana never mlad. Fou're ln luch.
Do They Chuckle at Being Sent to a
Tn th<* Editor Of The Trihun**.
si,-: i*- there anythhag funny, or even
-deeetng. la th.. thouabl of a frag being
vivisi-.'tvi anythlng eompetenl to catfae
Keeper inyder ar readera of The Trlb* ;
uae, avea whea aol very bjaaglnatlva, |
tn "cbuckle," as deaetlbed In 4*eeterday*a
Antl-viviJieetioiiistH -oini'tini'-" elalin
that the 'Inrnrablv UnjUBt" boiljdng and
treaeherous Instit ation of \ ivise.-tion
Baakaa aal aaly thp aoera of tha bloody
aark, bul alao tba eenttntlng and wotild*
b--|.iotltiim' publk, a llttle nior<* <alloiis;
tha* t.v loadleg, >>r Bttemptlng lo load,
the ooaaeqaencee "f our igncafanoaa ?n<i
daflanoaa of tbe laara ef bealth on tha
aheuleera of our aeeJi and frtendleea
? peor relatloaa" wa darkea our owa
eomprehenalon aini btunt <i|)r aot yet
too U'-?*n aympath) for Bufferlng. aVwne
Umea evadi n,-<- aeema to aupporl them.
it \* tr,,.- thal froga are nol roaaantle
nr beautlful; but, 00 the l th, i hand, who
wouid wish to hava lus aufferlnga apf*or*
tloned b* hla l4*oka? i Ivape It la trua that,
being cold Mooded, they de nol auffer
greatl], b il a aal i d a, i i bai ?? been
abie to gatber at tbsi liand would Indlcate
that eould tln-y chu< kle lt WOUld BOl bB
? ui being "eent" (now euphemlatlc la the
Bngliah langniage!) "to tbe laboratarjf."
Kast . irange, \ .1 . 1 ??
lt* Memhers Withstnnd Chiid Benring,
HnuifKiiiii nnd Edui ,<iio:i Fairly Well.
To tbe Bdil ' 1 a Ti Ibune
Sir One Gardlner, wrll ng lo The Tilb*
une of Deeember '.', arguea that women
in-;4t nol try to do "th, men."
- : ? Blng he |-la; I UpOB the I
red atrlng of women'a piUful weak*
j, aa, t he " infltneea of 1 he n, 111
tema of won an t ? 1111 ?<?? added atrain
of r, ipon Iblllt; .'?? ea Iteroent." Thla has
w a
u . ,1 ? , oui feeble
and how th,i would break under
; . ? |l ? I Dl
Jol n Tod : ? ? ??? man, wrot,
.*.:.. ' .M 1.-, wi
ipon oui
I ? -. 11 \. 1 ?
.... ? ?. .
pua of gmll
la tba beel
. ? ? ? ' ;
that le | 4 fea
- '
Ing, >""
? ?
eaa h, r
axlatenc L off ln a
? :,t.
- -
a Ith a hi' ii
ara In "da a thini?s
ation of
m, n and 1 dlfl it fi om
lo* Tbe 111..111 Idi I
thlnh nol the 1
id ' the
taiiff" la more tl
liamle ?
md the 1 irge I.r
, . - Dlrtj apell llfe
r>r death l
rosi of llvlng, the darh I,
?? ol a omen,
.... nji,:. are aaf, ? and con
What the Editors Think of It
Here and There.
From 'i ? Provl len -
... hou,
oplnlon ? ? ? w llBon i ollcj in
: . d, .is .-ii th,.r, n, ? qu, a
tlon oi ,. - , onlal prol ? mi, Bul there
, an be no differeti.r oplnton a to the
11 , ,1, , hla preeent ln h's
, onBtanl ti ui kllna lo labor unloi
bla p, rpetual d, monatraUon of bla i"'-1,
tor tba Aro, rleaa fai mer, Ihe i" ?
. ? . obeeeeed b the , raa falla<*ii 1
of ifi Bryan and Ihe dlehonorable de*
manda <>f the iaboi unlon truat, or elae
. ,. |a deliberatel) lejflBg bla plana to
i,,ili,i up a private polltical mac-alaa lo
aeeure Uaaei 11 ol ra ele, tlon la lall
i-'n.iii 'i ha Be lon He, ild
i',i the Prealdenl - dli - uaelon of the
Ifexlcaa aituatlon tiie natlon arlll douM
leea look wlth cooel attenUveneee, trvea
though 11 preaeata no rlewa wblcb Ur,
\\ iimuh wus n"t al eadj knotrn to riokl
11, ga, llnea lo take ihe advtce of bla
fii.-ii.i, Cotoael Qeorge H-u*vey, ..- pr,
sented In "The Herald" ieal ?unaajr, and
recocntae Huerta now, aeauMWledglna
lhal .. "alatake waa made la aol dotna ao
befor, in refuabig, Ihe Pieetaeni la
pajralatenl perkaiM oaaitlaata He da
nouncea Huerta as a neurper wii" mual
rurrender as a prellminar) to averythlng
rrom Tbe BalUraore Bun
Pi, Ideal wilaon. it . an be i.t^.-n for
Kiani-d. is nol K"in; lo do anythlng thal
wiii injiir** the legitfmata bu Inaaa Intei
aata ol the country. The most dangeroua
ibiiiK at tha preeenl momenl bi uneer*
talnty, A fea worda from th.* Prealdenl
rnlgbl relleve thal uncertalnty, nnd it is
i? be hoped thal he *ahi utter tnem as
boob as the currency i.iii la >>ut of tbe
um, ir 11 la aol poealbla t" do ao before
KroMi Tba Ipi ingfleld Republlcan
N,,t the lee I notable feature of tiu*
. nl,. . is the i.-.omiii.-inlatloii tli.it legta*
lation be promptlj enacted provldtng i"i
the nomlnation of Pr4*eldenta by popular
p, iniiii i.-s without the Interventlon >,f na?
tional oonvenUona The re**ommenelatlon
la radlcal and it aaerlta eareful, bul by
1 -., meatu baety, conalderatlon Charap
Clark, and not Mr. W'ilson. WOUld nou b.
1'i.si'ii-nt of ihe Unlted Btatee, ln all
probablllty, ii in the apring of UU] tha
iroter, of tbe Deajocratk part*', stm un*
enUgbtened as to tln* reai requlrementa af
the awlftly ehanglBg pe^ttleal attiialloo,
had been raUed unoa i" aiake a dlraei
ninnination of theli I'n-si.l.-ntial . andi
l-'nnn Th** Phlladelphla Inqulrer.
"Watehful waltlng' coupled wlth a
for ti." b, bI -that la tha Wilaon
poltr) lon II, al< oj, a aii 1, la iual ao policj
layine hricka nr diRRlna dltchea. And we
suliunt that the mental acuroen developed
by the dally stre*.s of these mattera will
,.??,,,? WOwm 10 make a most va luable
,.(1I?,.jtlUtio? ,o the ballot box. and will
reauli la more atteatJoa heina. pald to the
,,f.e.ls of hutnanitv and perhapa leea to
,,?. maacullne Motaeb of Blg BaaUaaaa.
l-mallv (lardiner gtVOB thanks that tha
Three Tnilor* of Tooley Htreet were not
tbe wi.ole people of Kngland. Are men
the wholO people of our republic?
-fo, BJ HiR-kingham Road, Krookl*-n,
Pec. 3. Ifak
The Former Movement I* Called Revo
lutionary and Chaotic.
To thi- Kditor Of The Trlbune.
sn w i. fJearge in the leadlag arti*
,,;. ?f the D-.-.-niber "Atlantle Monthly"
aaya: '?Whlle Ihe Buffraaiata arhah to
aitei the law, the feaataaata waab to aJter
alao the ooaieuUeaa, whlch are nothina
but p.'triiii-d babtta"
lt aeeaaa tO me that Mr. Georn* ia ear
rled away by the aame rather loo?e and
inartistle ld*>as of fteedom as Ellen Key.
l vsould BOggeet that "equalial" ls a better
tertn tbaa ?feminlst" for those who
diff.r wlth conventlona only where they
milltate againat a alngle atandard of
rnoralltr, waaiaa, etc . and who deslre a
BinglB Btandard of morallty rather than
?a dOUble abaenee Of atandard. aa seema
.,, ba the lendeacy of the ?feminiats."
.Lan rtaot'a recently trameaated '?Pi*eb
,,r th, Beaea" k, a aplendid portrayal
of the round \i*-w.s of tiie t-attalktta who
? I,, tiie Klbn Key aort of llberty.
whlch forgeta that. as F. B. Vrooman
aaya la his "The Kew I'olltics," "indi
\i.lual llberty doea not lie toward Indi
riduallam." The a.iher**nts of thf Key
I are eaeentlally revoiutionary and,
of couree, play their part leonoclaBtically.
bul they certalnly lack the vialon without
wi.ir-ii th?* people perish and reforrn de
*?< B4 ratr>9 ifito cliuos.
New York, Pec 3. 1313
The Critic of a Gazeteer Return* to
Hi* Attack.
To th** Editor of The Trlbune.
ia b contrlbuttoo of November XI
arhlcb you 4 atltled "A Leeeoa in <; -
1 raphy" i drew attentton to eprtain aatl*
quated and erTOttreoua entri**-, in the
HCl "ii of Ih* New Standard
j DicUonary. In your laarue of Noveanner
. i i | ,i in -? If honored witii a r^ply by
l ti... , ?..-??. tor of thla dl4*Uonary la |
. . - rgea me i ategorlcaBy arltb
, '." and ln euppoit of bH
. tba Em : i :<>p:e.lla Bntan
., on).
. read hla cenmualeatlon and
,,i thal it was writt**n ln griaa
i no4 as a Joka 1 frankly did
n.-t know wbetber to laugh al your cor
ndenl or t?. plty hlm Two reara
i a* id> preaa araa fUled arttb the
- ,s ,,t the Delhl durbai Pei ledleala
i arlth eack other in aepl4*ttng tha hav
No leea efmch-inaklBg
? i ii ber Itaetf m* tbe proclarna*
, the Klng-Emperor al Delhl <>n
The Mew-Tork Trtb
una and, In fa, I evei In ***e*tan1 Baaa*
. ? . | . .. ... -,.-? . of this noa
? announcement, for the e.iiii.-a
Hon of Dr VlaeteUy, and as a -.enti-, re
? i- that hlatory did not ceaaa to be
. on tti ? completloB of the rSncyclo
... pei mli me to quote
pan of the :?'wil proelamatlon bearlng on
? , af* estracl la
. i i - - ii dla ' royeJ
,i edltlon:
?\Vi pl, aa, -i to ai io ?!.'?'? te
.. thal "ii th?* advlce nf our min
. ! after .-unsult.ition with
' ?nr ?; ? Qeaeral la Counell, we
ded u|.on tr,?* transfer of the
? th, aoi ernm, Bl of Indla from
ancteni , apltal ef Detai
i taneo tal), and as a r^mei ojuen, i
I of tb.it transfer, the ereatloa, ?i as earl"
r a governorahlp for
Ind all tha wor d hokla its -id**s
From Th>> Pblladelphia R4rcord
Tinis the meeaage or Praatdeal IViiaoa
enlent In Ita form as u ia b- ead
.md elevated ln Ita thought and com*
prehenalve la it* general *1ea of na*
lional Intereata. Ita dlmenstona make it
poaal ? Ith* n oi the L'nltad
Btati - to read It, and e**er* one who doea
read ll anowa a .<t work th.* Prealdenl
regarda ll aa Iniportanl far Co"4greaa
to do.
1'ioin Tke W aablngton Btar.
Ilexi ., gi i i. lei and Indednlte mentlon
maybe enough. as rnattera ataad. The
Prealdenl thlnka he has beit..,i Haarta
around, and he leavea hlm to die. lt
Huerta doea not dla or ls ? ali-ftred alow
about lt" oul lhal is another atarj
From 'i'li.' Beeton Qlobe.
Bera were coeked to catch an anti
monopoly war cry, bul Mr, tVUaen caa*
tented hlmaelf with a doeleratloa that
greal Bheraaaa net" ahould be aap*
plemented by new l.-^isiation.
Native Publisher Here with
Rare Literary Specimens.
Arntenlaaa all over th? world are eel*
bratlng the IJaetk aaaivereary of thelr
alphali.-t and the lOOtli annlversary of the
prtntlng of the Bret Araaaadaa book.
\ .ihan Zai latiiin, B well known BUb*
llaher from ,'onstantlniiple, has come 1*01*8
equlpped aith ideturea of the ki?K*?.
queena, waniois. oaetlea an,i palacea of
2,000 yeara ago. and arlll leiiure before
the New a*ork Araaeakaa .oiony b* tbe
Young afea'a ChrlBtlaa Aaaoelatloa haii.
\... :i2 iVeat "ith atreet next aauaatey
BVenutg Tliere are fiotl Armenians who
hav.- aettled in this clty atnee thetr aeopla
ba... beea acattered bj the paraeaatlaM
of th.> Tui-Us. bence llr. brtarlaa'a ceaa*
Ing i- of i-attiotie intereet to h large
iiiinil,. r.
Plfteen centurlea ago a bishop and a
i nain.d Mi'sroli and Bahag invenl-.l
the .\rm-nian alphabet Of thtrty-nuie let*
t.us and wrole Ihe Blbla BB these .hai
actera Thelr aafrnatf*?******1 then took ap
the BtUdy <>f wiitniK aud iirodiu-.'d Mll.-H
b st,.r? of Uterefare that thla perlod i*?
called tha ''-mlden ais-i-": but learnlng was
neceaaarlly inonastle atlll. and did n*it be
,,,in,- popular until .-b-w-n .-enturle- later.
when Hagop Ifaajavor, the .\rmentan ,;u
tonburg, prlnted a book la Araaeaaaa.
Thls lirst bOOk was B prayer book.
prlnted ln Veolea la 1513, aml taaara h
only one eopv of II left. the propi rty of a
iiiiis.uin in J.-rutalem
|fr /.aiinrlan bioiiKlit with him photo
grapha Of this work. from whieh Kdward
Ahaiiak has Hii.-.e.-ded in maklnR nffr,et
i. |.i.i.in< tions Theea ara to be uaad aa
louvenlra of neat Bunda***a patrlotle *aeet*
An Open l*orum for
Public Debate.
the Prrsnlrncy of BlBgBl, Of a new Lleu
taaant Chirmuorehtp ha Councll admlnhv
tertnK the areas of Blhar. I hota NBgOUT
aad OrlBBB, and of a chlef Commlaadnner
slilp of Asaaaa, with such admlnisttailv,.
chaagea and radlardrtbafdoa of boundene
01 our Oovernor OtBMral in ??o'in.'lt. wlth
the appreval of our Becretary of Btate tar
Indla ln COUBCU, may M dlM fWUTBI >r
Tbeee changea wenl into eflfecl Aprll '?
Ittt, Your ,Mi-res|,ondepf sa's tl," recent
administrative ehanda* Brate "repected
Aprii, llll' pieouiaanlj the tlme whei
the Bmtoaman'i rear aaar* appaared. bai
denlea that they have beeoma etractJi
Bengal Aa Qeo odltor "f a dlctlc
he dotihtw-ss win ba glad le he ael ?
ln his dates.
It la strance that a man bUlHj
in the preparation of a dletlonar;
ga/.ettoer at the tlme of these BhtftlnB*
of landmarks in Indla ihould I'.- a.ll
of touch wlth affairs; porbapa Btrenger
stili is his ohvio.is unfarolllarlty with tbe
ordlnary facllltjoa of referenr.'. tm Blocb
ln trade ..f ??? et y llterary w-.rker.
With the i-reattor. of th." BOW I't"
of Blhar and Orissa. lt mOBBOBrH) foi'
lowfl that the districts eomprtaad n ' '
new provlme < eased to foi 111 parl ot
Bengal on Aprll 1. i^- =<?"! thal when thi
Now Standard Idetionarv, pubttabcd ln
the fall of 1911 daadarea they are st.n m
n*llgBl" the bOOk Is ln crr.-r. A I
at the map will show that such error.s at<*
nurnerous. for every town and rlver tn
the new provlnee la Inee4nrectly itated l ?
ba i.t "jjajngaV' regardlaw of tha ihlfi
ol boundarl** For tho aama reaaon
Kastorn Bengal and Aaeam is now nn B?
mlnlatraOv* dlvlaaon of the poat, In
of the contrary aaairtloB of tha New
Btandard Wettonary ?uppeated by trte
?rorrohotation'' of ttfl tneneglng enitor ha
your columna Assam la a dlatlnct com
mtaatonahlp. ard the remalnder of tae
former provlnea has beea reatored to
Bengal This adminlstrattve ebange wa"
Ukewlaa made Aprll b tttt ?' tonomo
that evary town descrihrd as belng in the
"provlnce of Kastern BenKa! and AJ*J*4UB
ia incorrectly dOBOrlaed. There are scores
of BOeb entrlea.
Without troubling to repeat tba BBBM0
rartlcularlzed ln my prevl-us letter, ?
may lay that In every lnstan--. as Bhown
i,. the abova expianation. i waa coreect
ln charglng arrorg ar.d reftatlvo antloulty
,? ,,,0 New Standard DR*tWI
arhile ra>inK d-ie reepeet to Dr. Vl?
teiiya atiempl * d;sProve ml oorra
bydtlaglhe b***eycle**Bela Brltannli
1?!0 I regret that the baitdl Of I
c-annot he pul baeb to -naUe ?*?* "
agree wltb hia Al ***
New York, Dee l. IM*
The Significance of Ita Choice by
Women, a* Correipondent 5eei lt.
Te tba Bdltor of The Trlbui ?
I ? nrraea photographi i " * lo ?
, ... thi brlgbt, btue llghl of I
they eaaplo) as ,. medlum ? "ray l
(arhlch is yellou . or a plain yelloa r
loaa When thej arlah te 1 ro la
latrong cloud effei I thej alao uaa a
1 medlum
N..W. wiiat better expianation
thera be of thi much dtacumd qu<
,,r yellow ai the Buffrage eolor?
We all know when W* t:ik-' tn* B
nerlo ial) thal the raiffi
IntenUon of artectJag lt
quarantine, warnlng of peettflence
eontaglon They would bartny de I
j arhan ihej dealra to apread the coati
! ,,r th.-ir movement far and arlde.
.m u not ?**m thelr greateal ?
I m life to ? ? icure l ' '?< ' "'
' ? inahine and happlneea and turn
i ? dull grajrf
l.,, the] not a the al
poaalbla effort to pro
: offecti over all th? brlgbt
I thlnga in I fi
Heretn, then, a ami to he thi
I rlateaaaM of thelr i hol< a
I Maaaatlc celor, and exceilenl tt la, too
nnd < levi r. the only Baw In thi
belng thal its alaaiacane* ml|
1 undei atood bj many outatda of l
i graphlc prefeaelen
1: \ i.awkia K
1 p ., aflel l, N<
Third Day of Aynard Sale Atlcls
$56,000 to Proceeds.
. ?| ?? 'n I h? 1
Paria, Dec, .". The medall oni I
'small hroti7.es of the .\\n.ud COlli
were dlapoaed of to-day at the 0
Oeorgea Petlt, the total amount r
i ized ..it thla tha thlrd day of thi
heina- .-"..Ml.iam.
The hlgheet price "f the daj a n
i paid fOff a re.tanKular plaqUO,
I uted io ponuteiio. Bhowlag the \ -
arlth b vell thtrown bach from tha I a,
laaatad ami holdlng to tha lafl bt
!ltie inl'ant .lesiis. On . ,c h atde ol tl I
ceatral agrura is a arlnged angel carrr
ing gartoada, u is thtrty-four
Imetrea hinii and t*arenty-two en
Imetraa wlda, aad has knag beea '?
gataV I as one of the ilief d'caUYI I Of
I fifteentli eaatury Italian art. It BrtM
j acj.iireil t ,>-,1i \ ln a tl.ttinn dl
' for 116,000.
; C0ST $412 50 T0 GET $1
Collection of Revenue Difticult
at I?le Royale. Mich.
Waahlngton, Dee, ?! "Collectlng ?
lar at the Cuatoma Kouaee of the i Bltefl
states," the bbbubI treattie "n polltkel
e.-onomy arhlch th^ governmenl
aaeh rear, aaeda its appearaaci i a
appindad t<> the annual report ol
Becretary of the Treaaury.
l'*or the Bacal year Ifli tbe Borl ":
Royall) Mlch . .-arrled ofl t I ,?'i/-'
with a coal of ooHortlag a dollar "f *
.\t isie Royale tbe aum af $- wai
liMted, with g total COBt of J:.. N.> I . -
.."in. r.cie.'i.,1 a dollar .it ? caai ot
eight inllls. At .!?? Porl of N.-w York H
ro.st tWO and tWO-f/eathl t.tit.s. and tha
average f.?r the \in.ie aouatry wa.s three
ami three*tentbi ci nts
$164,234,265 Spent for Roads.
u asiiimcti.n, i>.< :: Bxpendllurea Ib
tl... Init.il States ror InipioMiii. nt ef
roads have more. than donhlcd atace Bata,
aicordlng to the tiuures aaaauaaed by Ike
afPea af pabtto roada, Depaurtmenl af v
rlculture. In 1901 the. txpeudltma*
aniouiited to 179.771.117; In I'.llL" tbe tctal
was |lfM.tB,-..;.. an Incraaae of P^aBJal
Aigrettes Absolutcly Barred.
Wa*hinKtoti, lw>e 3. AUrette.s will oM
l?' admitted to the I'nlted States ellher IB
h"ts or detaebad, aecordlng to ? Bnal rub
Ing sent to-dav ii. all eollectorx of SBP*
toma. iiame blrdi arill i? admitted wHn
feathara, bul the faatheca must be de

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