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rroat he W8J compellcd to pive up the,
attempl and she perishe,i
Diad on Her Feet.
Mra, A Nlemeha, ono <.f thi eletiina.
was SUifOCatad while standing; up. .lohn
Kurrill. ? finman. Who witnessed her j
leath, took a six months'-nld infant j
ft*m hor arBBS and carried il to safety. |
Leonard Wllman, a flreman, pushed hi1- j
v.a-. Into the -rtairway and took OUt hj
,, ing bo) of six uninjured Near
him his mother and alater lay oaad. i
MM seven-year-old brother was tak.-n
..ut later. An vleven-ycar-old DO] roa*
< ued his brother of nine by carr ina:
him down a ladder. TTrrara were other
simtlar rescucs.
A Chlld hurtOd from the front of ths
i. dldlni was caughl by a -mectator.
Chlef Trudell of the Flrs Departmeni
caught another child thrown oul of h
Wlndow by ?' frantic father. John
Saari killed his boy of BV8 by faiHlH
him. and he, tOO, perished. B C*T4
raped by pas.-int- from ? SBSall rear
My to the balcony of an adjolnlng
Moyer rei atved 6 meaaage hrora G?> -
rii?.r Peirta this uttern*oB sayusg he
was at his . ..nunand for rondering all
i bie aaalaunca to those strtcken b)
the dla Btei
Await Wilson Reply.
Local headqtiarters of the Western |
Kederatlon of Miners aagarly awalted ?
,)hv to n-lrsrams aenl 1*81
nlght by Moyer to Prealdenl Wlleon.
Moyer aaid "the Waatern Federation
? Mmers will I'ury its own dead." 8?d
Ihat "no aid win be accepted from any
. r those dtlaena who a ahoii time ago
,i,.noun.e.l thOSS lieople unilesn.il>)'
dtlaena" He said organlaed mbor
aould tak< ' 'nt* relatlves of the
de ??!
rdieae of this attltude, the riti
0f .- lumet, Houghton, Red
ket, l.aurinm and other nearb) vil
linued the collection of funds.
which will be turned over to relatlvaa
..f the vi-tins ti is probable that all
work Will be BaaSPOnded hl tho i-oi'por
m;ning dislrnt when the pihlie funeral
,.f ihe dead is held.
r-Vaahin-rton, Dec. tt Becreun B
ot tho liepavtni'-nl "f Lah ' '? ,ru*
* | graia to-day, dated issi
? rrom ''hari.s ii Moyer. ptre*ndeni
Of the W'.-tevn f.81 IMI Of Miaerfl wh.,
H dlroctlng the copper atrika al Calumel
anil -rlcinlty. il>-mandin>- a federal ?
gtion ai the C*?*i-totmaa Bva tragi
Whlle Btrlklng miners With tl.eir WtVOS
and Itttlfl "u*"1 were arranglng I
, maa tree ln a all al Calumet.
? nlght, the door vvas opened bj
raofi arho e..ve a falso alarm of Bre
ln thelr efforl to get oui of the hall
.. ... ? \. ? ,.. ?? mg leat their Itves
- irroundlng thtat terrible
occurronce demand Immedtate In-eeatlga
tion b) the government. i have wlred the
, nl <? || v,, i aee hlm and urge
hnmedlate actlon? '
Ptndlna S .le.-ision on tho questlon ol
lurlsdlctlon. B4r*i*re*ar) Wllaon said to
nighl he wouki not repl) to th?* Moyer
- gm.
i.h gi on ol v. rti thei the govern*
ment has the .i tO mako the lii
v-stigatiol) -euurst.-d I.v Mr M'>yor." aaM
Sr.-retury Wilson, "hBS nOl VOi ?"??"<
-aXSaad Vii">n t ntll it is dlaposed of '
tmnnol predlei what. If anv. action will
be taken b) thi federal autharttiea
?When Inforraed "f 'art
night ,,t Calumet, Mleh . Qulacy
\ Mn ar, i ?? -",ie,a ot the Calumel *
Hei a Mlnlng C-jaapany, aeal tt"- follow*
1Mj. .. . ? . ,.,,?? - M Ma ifhttm, su
??In Bome wa) through the local i
yOV . gj mpathy to tha men
an.l women to arhom the loea h a peraonal
.,. - ,., .... w ,..,:.? eommonlt*/ whleh
i. | ;,, *a<. ,?!, ;, dn adful > alamtty
,.. ... ii,rn va i,Pti tlns ln-.s- ,
? , w.ll havo ilouo everytiiinu
in th* eompaau ? power, flnaaeisll*r and
with our hoaaaU -? ?? ?" ?"?,'-,--cr ss"
upoa to i ti. I tbi li famlhes
bl thls frightful aevldent."
i,,.,,,f, i.. . \ contribution ef "V *-'
rrom tbe Weetern FederoUon of Mlnera
irill he forwarded te Calumel bj li
grnnh t?-*mon*on b) Krnest Mllla, B8*cre
tatv af Ibe f.-'lotatmn. i'or Ihe re'.l-f Of
relatlvee o! \k tlma "f laal n ght's - i
g followed B I *-Jse alarm of flr.
,nK g I'hin-tnias tree celehrati'.n. A
waa sent b) Mr. Mitis te-day lo the
loeal .-.-I'p.r miners' unlon Bl < al'imet. aa
|.. f.--:
"hlxtend lo our bTOtbera and si-ter* <f
th*- rederatlon and tbeer friends my moal
,leei-. glacerg and hoaitfelt sMnpathy ln
tbelr hour of dlstress and suff'-ring lt ls
an appalling calamlty, and even member
Of our oriTjanlzation will feel th.- Bliock
keenly and extond Syrapathy and aid
Oharged with Stealing Ring?
Admits He's a Deceiver.
Tha young man arho has been poaing,
accondlng to the police, ;>s Counl Ro
manoff. bul Wbo (lesenh'-d himself 88
i*harle-| s Bpelaa, ji salesman, when
he -aa1! anest.d I'hriHtmaa Eve, after
a lonK a-tomohile chase. OB Broadwa>.
was hehl J-ailasday f"r trial bl J*,,'")')
ball <>n 8 i-hari-e of Rrand larceny hy
Magiatrate rampbeii In the Jefferaon
Market I'ourt.
Speiss. wh.. said I"' vvas vvithfiut
home or job. STafl ae, usi-d l>y Miss
Stella Ford. a llnKir. of No 618 Weat
l?i0,d street. of stealln** a diamond ring
trorth |SM Bhe sai'i ahe was intro
dttced to Ihe "rount'' hy an opera
sin--er. iiii whom also ho had imposed.
Whlle on an automobile trip, she m
Igargd. th" 'Counl'' ohtained poasasalon
of her riiiK. on the pret,-xt of havlng
iho gtone reacl
Ball was ttx'-d Bral at I1.HB, bul it
was raised when detectlvea told U**
t-OUli that Speiss had furnished $5,000
bail in Chlcago recently, but left town.
Thi-> also told tbo court that Speiss,
-in a feu montha b.-ri-, hm\ "Jumped"
hota-l hilas and owed several garagea
l-.re-e siiiiiS for taxi hire. They said
Ihey had aevaral otber complalnta
agalnai Bpelsa. Includlng one almllar to
\fi44.- pord's and one fn m b depart?
meni store detectlve who caabed a
check for *"?'* wWch was rotiniiad
inark'rt "N" n,:< ount "
Bpelaa has heen h fatniiiat flgure in
Htoaflvvav for th8 lasi few months.
He rode In a iimousirn-, which be repre?
aented a- his own. and alwaya bad a
Ru-taian wolfbound on tha aaa! beartda
him. _
? n
Hit by Auto, Woman Is Dying
i it- T-seajisflSi le 1 he Vfi M i
Herl Hank. M. .1 . tMba, tt, Afier aliKht
lng from a troiiov ear ln Mcaimauth
atraet to-day Mra. I.ihhle lnake waa
?fiii-k hv .-.ii a ,toti'..l,ii'- owned and
drivga b) WlUlam Meara a aorist, ol
Rumaaa Bhe wns tavkes t" ihe Long
Bran< h M*a~aal*aJ, where abfl is not ex- j
pected to live. She la Injured InternaHy.
Few of 950 in City Provided
with Safeguards. Fire
Commissioner Says.
Many Churches Wilhot-t Adeqiat? j
Exits. While Constant Drills
Protect Schools.
\ lapatltaaai of tbe Calumet (Mleh.i d'*- .
aater, la whlek atgbty peraona laal tl
livea Ihrough aiiflbi*ation ar from beitm ,
trampled ta death mlghl oeeur at any j
tune ui tins dty, Joaeph Johnaon, .u . re
tirlng Contmlmloner of tbe Plre Depart?
ment, declared yeaterday. The plaee >"
whieh s'.eii a cataatrephe mlghl take,
piece, be added, ?as ln am one ef tha
e halbl in tbe nt>.
"Witbln tbe iast three yeara.' tba Cam*
mlaaloner Bald, "etjcceeaful atepe have
beea taken to license the movuig picture j
shows tn New York. They are now toler- I
abt) safe in so far as tiie safet> of lini'
patronadependa upon a<ieo,uate exit? The
problem noe befoie the Flre Deaavrt*
meat, bowever, la t.. onforee ? ataallarl
tegulation of dance hat'.a.
?Mlj,<?? tha. vrar.e for aauctUg spreart |
with th. introductlon "f the turke) ti ft.
tanc.i .,.,,! thah* iiiiiltitarloua \ ariatioiis.
dan. ? halbl ha\e aprong up wit'i tir.- aaM,.
rapldlt) thai moMnc pletura Bhowa came
Into populai M ? Im n are fee i,^'!*.,n^
111 tbe Cll) t" ",. ? WBO rrallze wbel a
-- the operatlon of .iance hall* baa
become I fea of them, of courae, are
Mf, :., .... i a.-ti.ai purpoaea and
?. Bponslblfl pertlea, bui thera
ara a greal numbei in whieh the loss
Ol life mlghl be nen greater Ihan ln thfl
t'elumel ball weri tiu- crj of 'Fln t" ba
? hallB, the ' '..nini 81 lonet ObB '
ne^ often re; tne BOCOnd OT thlrd floor*
? uioat tlma) conetruc*
llon ','?? wlthoul adoquata means <-r exll
ln many llquor la sol.l. while amoklna la
permltli In tbe aveni ol ti"*
breaklng oul In "tie of the erowded halla
tba ? lah foi tbe >-\\i? migtit reaull ? i tm*
alderable I'.fs of life. he declared
schools of the clty ;c eom*
paral eely tate, leoause flre ibilis aie
heM wlth regularity and the chlldren
know wbat te <i<> when thr alarm
H wouM ba Impooalble f"i anv one te
say whether BUCh B panlc as Ihat Whlch
turned Clulatmaa into ? day ,.f mournlng
ln Calumet could occur in New York or
any other place, Mr, Johnaon eaermad
a panlc mlghl break out ani time In any
place whi re a few peopla oi a greal ? rowd
became poaaaaeed of the llluaion that their
l \r? wore in danger, Panlcahad occurred
in open tields. he aaid, but It WM possible
to providfl means of exlt ani llreproof
consti uction in buildinga where erowdfl
assemble ?,, that the chanres of tha loss
of life mlghl be laaaaned,
Another aource r.f danger. Mr. .lohnson
sabl. ?aj the ehur.'hes ef the clty. Oa
Iimda) many Of them hold more than
the averaga theatre, ani in many places
ef worahlp. parfdculerly tho^e built yeara
aito. the means of exit in case ef emer
geaey ha.i been tntaiiy aaglaetad tt
many chuphes where candlee were hutn
Ing aad cloth hangf **_*?* wera la ovldeace
tne gengei was BBban*?ed, the commla*
"Tbe g eati st mena< e t<> life l ?an think
Of, however." Mr. Johnaon sal'l in con
"Is the ilanee hnlls. W. i ?? I le
oontinue Ifl the 00808 of Kire I oniniibsa.n
et 1 should eertamly uiMHut'- a CTUaade
agalnal tba majortty of ptaeea as they
'extst end insist upon better eoaiditlona all
around l wan forttmate riuclng nr jol
mlnlfltratloa not lo hav-i ? holoeaust of
the BOll 1 <an readlly lmagiti^ could take
pla.e in 08M of the resorts where the pro
lecUon "f buman life is not gtVOB constd
eration "
I nntinued from rlrat [xifl*
ihe fnct that I'r Morton atill has hls
Mcenea to practaaa, tt having never
been ravoked by tho Ftate Department
of KducHtion. 1'sually upon convac*
tion the ('oiintv M?-dical Soeiety moves
for the revocatlon <>f tha ii.-ense. This
was never done in i>r. Morton'a <ase,
and he preaenta. it was said yeaterday,
the anomaly of a man lirenscd t.> pra<
tise and at tbe sarne time ptohiblted
from practlalng. Tlils aituation is pald
to be importanl in case the matter
is made tha aubjecl of a Judicial de
. islon.
Lays a $5 Egg, and Snyder
Fears It, Too, May Be Smashed.
Tiu- ajooec that lald the golden egg
had nothlng r>n n hen of pedlgrea in th*>
<-entral J'ark menagorie, if a Btlggea
tion of ;i park employe wire carried out
by William BnydOT, headkeeper.
The auggaatlon was tO "frame ii and
aend lt to the' Amoriean Muaeum of
Natural History." and was made when
it was learned that Snyder waa in a
atata of perturbatkan as to tho rMepoaal
..f an ogg lald by a hen whoae aettinga
ran comaaand a peica of 96.
Tho hen is one ..f half a dOBOn Un
ported from Iraland b) a chlcken
fanclar aome tune ago and praaented to
the rai nagerle. Unexpectedly it laid tn
agg. tt times i-ast monkeys have ,,., n
glvea <k?-'s lald b) commoner f..wis.
castuiK paarla to awine, bowever,
wouid a 't be an) more anaaeaaly than
to feed B |lllllgfBBd egg tO a simtan.
nml sn the Irreoofntlon of tha ot*dtnar*
ily rrsourc ful William. who fears it
may be broken before hc dei ides.
Man Killed by Automobile.
Jeffer.mni I'avis S. ares, of No. M2 ( lerk
str^ei. .lerse;. <it>. wbile drivlni* hls aut>>
mob.'e last ninht ln Clarerrlont avenue,
near lackson avenue. Jerse-. 4'Ity. rsn
4iovMi Prank a>a)draakll thirt\-nve yeara
old. N". "H Baal M Btreet, Beyeone, an.i
inimeii hlm ao aerlooal) thal be died a
few nioineiita later, Bwarea, wha is a
njammew of Bdarerd tv-aoiiay, asuiitant
poetmaater of ,i?tBe\ Clty, ?mi arraated
on a <haii;e el Baaholaughter, ite ?;?
later released ou ball.
Hemmed in by Rebels,
Whose Orders Are to
Exterminate It.
Federals Admit That Focs WHI
Re in Fill Possession
Before LgBg.
!?.., te egrapli ie Tht Trtl ?
juaraa, Mexlco, Dec. 25. Adi cea
reachlng General E. A Benevldea com* :
mand.ns: the rebel rorcea hen . sn thal
the battle whlch Btarted ?;< Torreon
yeaterday. haa reaulted In lhe rt
getting ,nt<> the clt). bul ihal tii" F d
-ris.ui has nol yot aurrendered
The Pederala under Velaaco cannot
aacapa fr.?m Torreon, Baya Oenernl
Benevldea, becauae tbe onl: point ofl
egreea lefl leada int.. the st.ue ..f Du i
ran*,-" arhlch is rebel territoi*) ;,lil1
Btrongly protocted by Beveral thouaand
Ina irgenta.
Plghtlng for tho poaaeaalon <>f Tor?
reon has been the m?.st deaper te thus
far of any angagemenl yei foufhl el
that plaee. whlcb three times hun been |
tnkfti b) rebels anrl once by tb.- Ped*
frinn a small rebel garrteon.
'ire clty, one of the moal modem in |
Mi aico, la aald i" advii - reci
through Chihuahua U I ? ,; " "? ' '
i,, ihla laal aita.-k. artlller* has been
upe.i effectlvely bj both aidei, bul ea
Pcn lail) damaglng lo the bulldlnga haa
been tbe h.-mbardtn.-nt Of tbe tel.elr.
i rom Oomea Pnlaclo, four mllea out,
v. hich ih ? rebela t"'<k a fi m daya i
their cannofl poured a heev) flre Into
lhe hearl of Torreon, and when Vel* i
i ..,. after hl attempl lo eecai t had i
l... n driven boi u Into the cltj , lhe |
,,: the tr ?? la wera movi d lo B cloaa
rangt and lhe deetructlon la reported
.... haie been gf at.
Pederala here practlcall! admli lhal
Torreon mual fall. aithouj-h inaiatingj
lhal Velaoce will m>t aurrendei Rebel
li fldera aay that Velaaco'a n fuaal lo
aurrender \*di result In the extermlna
tion of his army nnd in ki>-it damage
to T,,rr, oi
No detella ?t the eaaualilea in Tor?
reon bave been recelved In Juarea, nof
is *t known whethei Vllbj bar- gone to
Torreon oi lo Ojinaga to dlrect an at*
tack agalnal thi Pederala under th*
nee *****mroandar, ?ienerfli Caatro a
battlt at Ojinaga nlthln *??> daya la
,\| BCtl 'I b r. !,.
Ona thouaand rebel troopa from Bo**
nor.-,. commanded by Colonal B. P
Callea, ar.- en route to Juaraa to icart'.
son the eitv. ami the r< I el tliJrOp- HOW
in Jugraa, numberini about flfteen
hundred, will !??? aenl t<> assiat la the
atlack <>n Ojinaga Order* to thr* ef*
fe.-t have b.-en issued b) 'ha rebel War
Department, an.i the troopa whlch al*
read* were on their wa) to the Chihua?
hua border from ihe weal have been
ordered t.? prooaed riuickr- t>> ,T-.r,-< ?
The Laguna briggele, BOW gan
.luaie'., ls emposed of aeaBoned figl '
,ers. v h... \'iiia thlnke, ma) ba aeededj
:n tb* souihern campaign, The rWffjofl
thal Oeneral Carranaa would come lo
.luare/. artth I'olonel < alles la donlod by
rebel leadera
Abandon Attack and Will Invest
Brewrun le, Ti?., De I Tbe attaea
on the aii Bli an 0 I ' ol 'i.... i ? ?
has been ab indODOd, and tbe I 01
tlonallal force ahich haa been opi il
ln thi >.!. regtonfl aeer there olli ina l
Monterey. capltal of Nuevo \a-,<o. ifler
tiie tlrat Of the lesr. Thlfl waa lhe Otht I U
amiouncamanl frem the alataaaoraa head
quiirters r.f th-i Cooatituttoitaliota to-day
Pln< e Tueaday six tTOpP tralnfl have lefl
Metamoraa for Bamoaaa, about t .rtv
north of Monterey. Theae forces
wer.- sald to be pai t of flvo thouaand men
en route to itamones. where the army
whl. h has been Investini' Tamin.'. nl?o
wlll randeavoua Frtnm RanMSMB t<> Mea
triey la B-POOted tn bfl B v4eek'n |OUI BO).
owlng to rovgh everland traveUlng.
Qenerel PaMo Qonaelea mllltar) rom*
mendei ol lhe Oonetltutlonaliata In tba
states Of Taniaullpas nnd NUOVO I.n.
Colonel Erneato Bantoe Coy an.i Colonel
DaVila S.'in be/. were w-ilh the trOOOB 1 ' -v
ini? Metamoraa. Their apjulpmant ineiud
od six c;inii"ii recently captured al Vk
torla and taken to .Matam<>r."s for repolrfl,
?a number of niachln*- Buns and tifloH and
correspondina si.ppllrs.
Head of Misgion of Ceremony to
Emperor of Japan.
Tokio, Dec, tt Prenriace de la Barra
lhe former PtOVlBlonal PreBMonl <>f Me\
li o. who is here at tha b. ri<i of ?-> Bpeclal
Mexican rataeton to-day look luncheon
al lha Imperial Palace, an.i later pre
aented t,. Emperor Toabihlto a letter
from Provbdonal Prealdenl Huerta
thanking hla majeaty for Japaa'fl par*
ti.ipatb.ii ln MeZlCo'a crntenaiy eelenra
tion. After the prOOBntattOB of the latter
tha Bmparor deeoretod the Mextcea ape*
ciai aovo) arlth tho Qrand Cordon ol
j the Order of Pauloe ala
I As Hefior de la Barra entered ti.?. iai
riBK' arhlch t<?>k hlm to the pelace he
! was eheored by a crowd arhlefa had getb<
I ere<l about tb" botel ln nn iiitetview
. later ihe Mexican dlplomel Bald thera
was no aeer Bay atta.h*-,! tn his mis?l"n
and that hia \lslt to Japan WBfl puiely
. (erenioiitous.
I The Japanaaa aewapepera, oommenting
to-day aa Baner <ie ia Barra'a ralaaloa
'aald thal it WOUld lead t?i promote fri< Bd*
: .adip betweea Japan an.i Mexlco.
GiiTs Arm May Be Saved.
(rr-.n. ? rltatt Cnrrrri^nCern nt Tht Trlhune |
Minrola, Ivmj; I?tand. DOO, tk\ Mlai
Jeiinle Aekerlv llaff. af No Mi <>n>\<
street. Hampatead, wbo ehoppad her arm
twenty-ata tlmw with a hatehat, a-aa "o
much hnprofed t<>-<ia>? ibst ihe dootoi
were hI)> to QpaiBtfl The >. >i. ri K woman
hnd l.rok'ti th?- In.ne bui ll.e doetorfl
w*-re able to pul that tOgOthor and ?_tci?
thi ? ada ef iti*> arteriea an.i iigament*, ao
that the arm wlll be aaved
\\ here Presiden! Wilson is spending the tiolidays.
Alorc than 250 Apply forj
Membership Under
Currency Bill.
, mi TrtkotM Ban
?A'ashington, Dec tk *Desptte ths ?? 11
lhal ll wah Cbi*latn*as Day, aiere tiian i
gco t of banka ln aii fana of the eaun*
try rnada applteatlon to*da: to beeome
rra of tho naw federal reserve bank
Ing system, Tbe moal Importanl Eaatern
banh ua. the aferehante' NaUewal. of
N.. fiirthei appUeatlona arero
i.rl fl Wl N'-v-, *i ni k i Ity
Bciala an gratlled over
t**g ,, mi:. ..< gppllcattons arhlch havs
Itoon re ?? ved Bo far m.'-e than two hun*
dred Snd flftj banka hava applled foi
ihlp The apphrationa rome from
all ;>a-t- ..f tho natlon, Ineludlna Teaea,
. **, |gi onaln Weshln*"ton. Bouth
Caroltaa, Arkan-a*- Nea forh Vermont,
NVw Hampehlre, Oeorg i and Celorado
ii ia evidenl lhal lher? ifl golng to ba ?
f.., ihr l.. gtion of the
.?.nor,.,. i.nrik*- Telegrama and lettera ? u
? ? nm ihe .i of Beattle, Bl
Dallaa, Itlanta. Cleveland and Cincinnati
n'o po rlng Into Ihe Tn aaw ' part* j
ni'-i ?
ggeretai of ti.e 'I'i-h'. ii i snd the
?4 ? i-( Agrlcultui l g-ofllclo
, . r the Federal Reset
, -,,. .,,, , ... ?: a. r arere to ivi I - I
?,., Ung 1 but it waa po t| oi ed
..... ?; he) s III :?? oceed wllh ?
prelimii 11 dfs aelon of II a r work wlth
.- f..- the sppentmenl of lha
Controllei of the Corn rho will be
the th rd men *? ?' tl a i ?" i itae.
On? r."n thal haa oeen a n.-s" ' I
? . , n of the ? aims ?
Iher la M-.it thi tringfl li
?? ? . - 1 -?. favor ihe Irst
I . . . t ri ? irried oul
more ?? ' - I ? il ' ?
.. umber of pei boi * ?*? ??
?.. iid ' 6
McAdoo et --?lva,| h (? -k . ??
lo da; fi m Jan ? B| er, of New 1
itulatlta] n the | the ?
:*w Blmilfl lelegrama fi thei
rra ai i bu Im ? a rai , . .
from 11 in 1 *' m of t),a ? re:
? mHaaei feaaa e,'*t pai'
. illage has th'- Chlef Kxa.-ntlv- ol
the natlon i - eal Ths agrai mi i
|S fltrCklng IlKl't.
Southtrn Hoipitality Emphfliizad.
,\ i that ha., bei n s.nd abOUl BOUtl I I '?
llty is eaaphaetged here. Ths
in ident'i part) owna Ihe town, and
, ., ._?, I-.-, i, ipeei ' ould i"- sh'.-.v n i"
ni Wllaon's present e an) a ht re
Boomlng of cannon rrackera and thi
i napplng of flrecra kers marki d ths ;
1,11 ivai >.f ti ?? Pn 4-i,|,ni hen to da;
II |a ti ,? , uatom lo obaei >?? CJiHattnas i
.', ia Pouiih of July hereabouts, i"it li
araa oolned b) Ihe oldeal InhaMtanta
thal to day'a ? ahibration vvas iho moal
nolay Chrlatmaa ln thelr **-emory.
Ni.ni'-tf.us i'*t'ti.-h speaktng negroea,
m wonaan blackamlth, "*< and near*
horae srs^gona, mon and boys arho tlp
thelr hata lo nsenebara of lha Preal
dent'a party, and ethar thlnga asTuid
diveisiotl to llie ne-A.-oim-rs Ii) this
1'ini Bheftall an sged negfo, who had
driven Mrs. Wilson to SCbOOl m h'i
ririhoi'd daya, boarded tho train al At*
lanta ?s porter "Uncle Phll" aras tha
proudeai peraon on tho train. Hi Benl
lus ? ini.ht raapactful -TornplUnenta''
back to tha Bral ladj ot tho land b) a
Becrel Hi-rv i< e man, nnd tba) were
pleaaantly recelved. Mra, WUaon re
ralled tho \enrs ago whf-ti the faithful
old negro guarded inr.
in addition to Prealdenl Wilson the
part) Included Mra. Wltoon, the llisses
I .t. a mn and Miiif-nnt Wil-mn. IflSS
Helen Woodrow Bonea, ihe Praaident'fl
coualn; Dr. Carj T, Grayaon, U, B. n .
the Prealdent'a phyalclan; Charles
Swem. Mr. Wiisons peraonal atenog
rapher, and four Becrel Basrtlea maa
... m
Ohild's Murder Laid to Negrocs.
Havana, Dee. tt The murder of ii"
old whlle girl, Bugenla riernan
.1./ ..n N.ivoml.'-i tt al ArtemiaaV ls al
tributed to twe negroea, loei de ia crua
?nd Kugenlo Cardenaa, noa under arreai
\. ordlng t" those s bo Inveatlgated thi
rritn.-, the negroea, II is alleged, galned
ii? ciiiMiii >.i ti,. parenta t., draw blood
from ii"* ohlld'fl bodt foi ths purpose of
curing -I Blch wonaan. The) weal tbrough
the uaual welrd "VOOdOO" OSWinOniOS ln
tii,. preasnce "f the parenta. Tbe little
gtrl waa seissd, but mansged to free ber*
>,ii. and ran to ber mother, eliagtag lo
h. i knl ?>. Thifl Wh roSM al.-.l ? ? .in
I mi. x and li.a nSgrOSS th.-n ,|.< l.l-.l |..
\v,,i ni the girl b] ap raploalon ef powdei
imi the espteetea pt*oved a., trlolenl thal II
kllled Ihe ,hlld.
Shorter Houra, but Same Pay.
M.iii.-lif-i-r, N II . Do.-. tt Tho AtiK.s
kr-tft Manufa'luritif- i'ompany annoui?.,|
te the 11.881 operatlves af it*> cotteo 88018
io .ia thal tha o-w iaw lltnltlng am*
ploymont to Bfty-flve houra eaoh week
vv.Mil.l not hrtng any rer|,ioti',ii In iragofl
The inilla now run nfty-eii-lit htMlrfl wi-ek
I) Operatler under tin- new gtheftlg
will l.tgm ou Jjji.ai..- 2.
Big Sums Involved in Evi
dcnce He Has for
State Probe.
John A Henneaay, whoaa chargea ln
directly broughl aboul the whitman
Inveetlgatlon beranaa the Tammany
polltlclanB wen ahxioua ta have them
disproved before electlon, wenl to Al
h.-iriv leel evenlng in bopea thal he
would be eailed a*1 a wltneaa b\ Com*
misslonei Oeborne, Qovernoi Glynn'a
Inveatlgator Mr Oeborne dldn'l know
laal evei ? .- thal Mr. Henneaay had
i.ii Bubpeenaed
Hoe the Emplre state haa been
"done in oll" waa learned lael nlght,
after Mi Henneee* wenl te I '? ?
His Inveatlgatora, ll la Bald, have un
r,nrr,?l e\ (,|. ...? of fl ii.-a* BUHI Of pure
prafi amountlng lo I1M.0M for ItlS
alone In the purchaae of road oll
The Inveatlgati i -1 found that .'...'..lO.ono
i b of "top oll" uaed for repalrtng
hlgbwaya waa purchaaed during Itll
Bt 12' ?'??? gallon, a hli h, lt ts al -
legod, la 14 centa more ihan waa pald
for th< 11 bj Borough Prealdenl
rare McAnenj ln Manhattan Moet
of li araa purchaaed from tbe Unlted
Btatea :<r<i the Barher Aaphall eom?
Qeorgc H McOuire teatlfled ln th*
John Doe Inveatlgatlon before Magia?
trate McAdoo tbal he ?;''??? a "com
,. ,.f i. ? ,. i.i ..!. everj gallon,
? . tora .?? ?? Ullnaj lo ad*
mit thal fn ighting the oll lo the ? ?
? mlght have add
i.. the price pald In Manhat
... thai :- avi b I ? enta on avery
t . th unai counted
i? | inveatli itora
: thal lhe agente, arho, it la al
i.? - the ? l*ti In oll,**
? ? i ,::?
Chriatmaa Day rnarhed a pauae in the
. . | mon of Dlafriei Attorney
(Vhltman. The work arll be reeuiue I
Charlea P. Dlllon. a relal -
.. ,. , . irlee p. Muri
lo c. Oordon Ri ? I when
. v erinti ndenl of Hlghn i
i i i. fon thal one <-' Muri hy*a Aa
l ,?, n al ! be a wltneaa whoae
mon; Mr. Whitman - arlll
i... vltaL
n ? .i thal Mr. Dlllon'a|
mon) beora on Ihi i aae of Madi*
p_ Aldrich, who teetifti d Deceml er
i ..- the .1 ?n Doe inqulr) thal h.id
m BOO to Thomaa ii"--' tl
john A Benael, Btate Engineer, ln hla
Nen Tork apartmanta, aa n 10 i-t
cenl eommlaalon for getting the laal
peymeni on hla Hudaon-Llvlngaton
,,,.,,! ronl iai i illlon bas t. Btlfled to
V4 ithholdlng the pa menl and waa prea
ml when II araa approved, March -'**.
Purthei ? aamlnatlon of Dlllon a III
i?. to b - ? rtoln the reaaon i a hy lhe
i i- mt nt waa I i<i up and wh it waa
approvi d
Russian Aviator Tests Machine
Weighing 3 yt Tons.
B , al le le Th* l rttoi
Bt. Peteraburg, Dec. '_?">. ?The aviator
Blkouaky, who nol long ago built aa
eeroplane to carrj eleven peraona! laat
i.i another gianl machine to aay, it
Bleeplng cabina for paaaengera and
v ? Igha .':'_? lona. lt la propolled b) foui
',,. horaepower motora, and elrcled the
... i odi ome to da i a Ith IIj human
freighl p. M< rtl*,
Attorney Ends Life by Gas?
Cause Is a Mystery.
fieorge P, Parkar, an attorney, arho had
been ronnected for aeveral montha arlth
tb*? law omoa ..f Alton B Parker, al hTu
ill Broadwa . i tmmltti ?! ault Idi jaatei
da In hla room at No 18 rVeag ":;i
.1 r Crawford, who oceupiod an ad*
lolntng room, dotected gaa aacaplng from
Mr. Parker*! room, and aumreoned a po
Ilceman. Thej foreed aa antranca and
found Mr Parker ?". the bed, arlth ? tube
iu lus mouth, ihe oth.r and of whieh araa
attaehed to the gaa ftxture. Hi bad ba n
,i. .,,1 fi r .--. eral houi ?
Mr. Parker araa from Brookllne, Ma
wh. ire hl a nrlfe and Bve ehlldren llve at
So t. Ot. Paul atreei He had prac*
tiaed law ror m.uiv yeara in Boaton an.i
in New Hampahbra Ha expeetad to ba
a.liiiitte.l tii the Par here ne.vl month.
j iu i aleerapli m The Trlbuae ;
Boaton, Dec. Zi "Xmea daj ?iii
Im b lonaaoaaa one for me. bul i nm
thankful thal thia la tha kial fuletlda
i arlll apend awe) from you and lha
chlldrea "
Tbe above note, procodod bj pra enta
f.ir heraelf aml cluUlren. wns aent b\
Qeorge Paateber Parker ta Ma wife. nt
their home. No. I'. St I'aul avenue, Piook
line it araa peeelved by her this mom
Ing Twelva houra later aha waa Inforaaed
of bla death bs autiilda la New fork,
?be ia aon under the can- af twe pbya|>
. i ...
Parker foi ireai i araa a promlnanl mem?
ber of tii" Maaaaehuaotta Bar Aaaoeia-a
tion and waa wi-lely known in Hoston. I
i)aughter Finds Document
While Searching Dead
Father's Safe.
Resists All Offers to Tell of
Her Career for Llberal
[n> Talegraal- te The ?Wbua- |
MonilVell... N. Y. Dec. K.-I.'iuis
Couehi arhlls riimniaglng through her
father's flafe thia afte--noon, founrl iha
will of Adelalde M. Brari'h. and found
thal all that she had was uIIIh,| io Melvin
H. (.'ouch, the former Di-ttlrt Attorney of
Sullivan (?nunty, who was found dead ln
l.ia eSBee Oa Sunday morning and |B
vvhoae. offlce .ah'; had heen livlng for the
laat three years. Dr. J. A. Cauthers, the
'?oroner, dented lo-day that there was any
f-onnertion hetween the sulelde of Stanley
R. Smith, yesterday, and Couch's death.
Mra. Jaeob If. Mahee aald to-nlght that
j mVi. Adelalde Hiovvn, of Thompsonvllle.
waa ln Coueh'fl offl, e at the time she dla*
. orerad ihe prea-nr-e of the atrange wom
j-n there mim* time ago.
Mlaa Kraneh apent a quiet rhri-tmaa in
I i..ii here to day and ls much Improvad
| physleally. She ate heanily of the rhriat
I m,is dinner arhlch aras given to t;,??
I prlsoners and sppeared ths brlghteel sh*>
has fllnefl Couch's death Sh* re.eived
i seveial small ?'hi lalmas gnfts
Mias Branch wn* offered pay to-day for
i the story of ner llfe, bul eteadfastly ra*
1 I ? 4 , * that ..]>,. \n jrohiK t,, live
glonfl an'l ? il - Ih uolng where no
lonfl knowa her and atart llfe ans ihfl
maa mueh disiurhed upon dlacoverlng
! lhal ? I-h.-t.-i-raph w-hj.-h ah.. ' ,|,] ..'
.... h had dlBsppsared and ne trace "f it
. ..iid be f..'.. -I
llra k >'?. Cndcrhill, an ordained minis*
! tar ..r the Church ..f thi loefet) ef
ends, who hvea ai Riehmond Hlll, of
Ifered her ;'"i yesterday t<> Iflsa Adalalds
m Branch, <>f Monticello. .-*1"- s.i:.i she
i aroul I ua fforts to plaee Misa Branch
|ln thfl norencfl Crittenton Home for Brr*
Ing Women, ;,t Wasblngton. Mis. i nder
hlll la Interested In the home, an.i afti
reading of Miss Branch's pllghl In ihe
nearai ded to offer her tna
nf tha li'.tne
"1 ne-er ki.'-w Miss Pran.h ar.d ItOVer
heard of her untll the events of thi
foar dav*." ggid ihe mlniater lasl night,
"bul in -?? heart went eut ro ths iroman
l rend of her sad situation. I am
intereeted In the rioronca Crittenl
Hon i ? Ind t" offer her
i ,i . bam - to .?- < Into it tf Bhi wlshi fea
terday i telegraphed the Bheriff at Montl
, . ,???? Mla; Branch'fl brother
I arlth my 1 tent
ii <>. Branch i brother, Ifl
aspi ted to an ? ?? In Monticello to-mor*
' r.>w from liis Imn ? In I la-1" i.'k. N V.
, Mra t nderhlU'fl offer in his sletei ? be
? hair aill be mads lo hlm on hla arrlval.
One Ohio Terrier Has More
Than 2.000 to Its Credit.
[ By Ti | ? ? i
r ndlay, Ohlo, Dec. 23 A five are
ml ln i nion Ton nehlp i nd) d
night, w h? n the 213 men and boya en*
gai-'.i in the conteat produced IftSiW
ral talls, wlthh were .-ntitit. d by tiie
|ud*4*aa. The loeers In the contesl gave
B dinner for the v, Ini
nn.. of the moat remarkable figures
m the Blaughter was a saaall rat terrier
owned by J. . Hartm.ui. More than
two thoueand talla arera froni roii.-n'.s
kllled b| the terrier, arhlch made a
record of thlrt) rata ln ane shock t>f
Another tr'v nship h inl ;s on, and t
la belleved thal when the seriea of
ronteata haa ended BO.000 rats arlll
have been kllled in Hancoch Counl ,
Rrsidcnts Alarmed by Order to
Reraove Federai Force.
1 B| ' Sgblfl ti 1 hr Ti'lun* I
.\'.4-..?, i if. 1'.?? ".'..- \S..rd ...mrs ftr.m
i ii< rnai a, ?? t. .<t groai alai ai i" ?
there owing to tne declskm of ths ?"<'>'?
eiinn.t'i i.. tranafer the military head*
quarters ln thr state of Morelos to Cuaut*
in Zapatistas .". ronaped in the Imme*
ihate vh-iiiiiy ,,r CuernaVaca, and ll ls
feared thal if the military head*|i|arters
are withdrawn the dty mai be attacked
an.i poeslbly tak.-n hv Eapal'
HaiikerH. metehant" and prominent I ?- -
dents of Cuarnavaea ara felegraphlng io
ths govarnment t<> ask thal the traasfer
be noi ,(T..-t,-ii Ferolgnera retnalnlns h\
Cuernavaca ;i"- pre**artng to have
-fha chlef banks of thls clt) haveagri d
to Bubacrtbe to a gnarantee fund for bllla
of st.ue banka, Includlng banka of -t.ite
.-..niioih-d bj the robels, provlded such
hiii? have t"-en Issued arlth the authorlsa*
tlon of the federal j-ovenit't, '?'
Policeman Oets Prisoner De
spite Latter's Revolver.
\ wiostling triek arhlch he learoad In
Ireland when hs was a boj probabl't
Baved ths life or Patrolman McQery, ..r
ihe Madison Btreel pcltee mhuoii. laal
ninht. CMreeted bj Co-anaak i^avroleejel.
arho Bald ihat Phlllp Detraah, af Ne M8
Cherry stroet, had knocked hun <i".vu nnd
robbed him of tht, the pollceeaaa erenl te
tha homs "f t ?> t rssii
Relng refused sdmlttancs al ths door
..f the man s room, M-iiti- amaahed hla
w.iv in \ bullel arhlch Beer cloaa to tha
mark araa the greetlna arhlch aaralted
ih,. pollcemaii Detraah dld nol have time
tu ti'r agaln, for HcOarj cloaed with hlm.
Back snd back ihe policemen benl the
arm of bis antagontel untll ll vv.i.s hn*
poafllblfl for tbe man t<> do an) harm arlth
gnothl r shot
After n moment or moie ,,r Btruggls Me
Harv used the Iriah trick, which roquirod
i dexteroufl ahlfl of the riwht ie?, De?
traah w.i.t over the pollceman's hit> and
gtruck ii door. The pletol fleW frORI hla
hand. He did nol ael up untll g doctor
from Houvetiieiir llos|,ltal had ehecke.l
ihe flovv ,,f idood from a i-.ish in his
14 Dead in Fireworks Explosion
lloine. Dec. ... -An explosion in a th,
arorka favctory to-day al Torre Annunsl
ala. In ihe I'rovlnve of Na|des resull^l
in the death of many peraona. The hnlld
itiKs . nllapsed, hni) Ing thfl vniinis in ihr.
wreikane. I'Vnirtcen d'ad and five 11
lured arara takea from the robaa and
il ls belleved that many other bodles are
lovered hy the tlehrts.
Gray Are Its Buildings,
Gray Its Sea Wall, Gray
Even Its Birds.
With Whole Isle to Himself and
a Score to Attcnd Him He
Yearns for Liberty.
Nurse, what is th* color of lha tky
to-daj v'
"Qra) " ?-aic| the white garbed nurse
'And gra) are these buUdingB, and tha
<rn walls, for I saw them when | waj
brought ovor here on the boat Rva da1*
a?o. Kverythlng is gray haTB 8V8B tHv
blrda B .t I llka thern-the gulla They
| have B aad ery. And my heart ia gray
an.i sad to-ilay."
MBe oniet now. Tou ara getting alaag,
ln three weeka you wlll be able to walk
i.t tn? beat; then you eea rej'jin your
"Aii, \ea. ur.- fHenda ln Ital) to-rlay
they are BSerry. Thev are dnnklr.g wtne.,
I am aad, and alone in this gray laland"
"Here, you muat not excite yourself.
Hara comea i>r- m^hk' i
Th? patlent, (iloianii: ' up::ola, an
Itallaa of Udrty-dea, nodded amllmgly toj
the doctor. the physlclan in rr.arge ol.
Swinburne Islar.d. wu*>r? mirmgrantaj
aufferfng nrom eontaglena d'seaa.a aua,
taken from Incoming vesKels for treat
"A merry ChrlaUnaa to my anly ra
;.,,.??, ? -preeted Dr. Meogea
"Tl ank yOU, Th? BBaM tO re_ 1 wou!'i|
!:ke it to BOOW, Thtn it BrOUid be llaa
b merry Cbrlatinaa l apent h< re foi,r
>eais ago wiih my wife and nr Uttla
i would llke it to be a aaaag
day. 't is always aunny la italy."
you muat cheer up. lf you aagej
a little better. if you bad come r-ra a.
w??-k ea.-lier. w? would have a '"hriatmasl
trte for you, and bohm rntertainment. ?
B il '
"Pardon. doetor, bul eould I ha\? just
8 llttle wine to-da;.? BOtkO WlltB from
Ita Red wnie. red like th? herrtea
on the bolly In the arlndow."
? Latei bu nol to-da ?' 11
I.i fo .' apinel mealni I
>oi will bav.- aome mutton brotri and
mllk. When you are p th)
. >'< 'onnell Intenda to gh ? x"'- a raal
rhriatmaa dinner fou arlll ba well ha*
"ore th*- i alida: aeaaon ?? ovei
v.,. i bi ? all BO kind ov, r here, and
the nureea are gentle, uae tbe i
taught me long ano. i bupi ''
?? . wltb n!i thii ind l
end two i lon. too ? * and I aoa'l
knoa how many othera al
Ml .'I don't like
of mutton l roth H la gta> Ah
ie, i hai I '
ing ' hava made a Joka
rea rwered tl
thing a euni three neeka, fai
? ? i- can Joli
??I ad ? ? I
i ? ?
? if the) did, the* a ould have I
n'a hav* to al i here 1 - -
-.4 i ic' ti a* H time AT.d ' v"
.... fore wo e
i . teka thi boat to Bu
"V..- - i knoa l I '
gated. Kri r.pro n Itallan mea ' ?
I amoki
Later on 1
l big clga ?? ? ? '*''
.. ner n ?e
mutton brothi H
? .,
, t- to kew thal t am ?
i;.,., [f thi .-vi- rUtod i ?"
_ ,-. li ;t'.'-l I'l'"
Wouldn'l thi :? r Aga n yo ? -
r iada . k>ke agaln N ?
w hien Olovai nl '' ipi ? ' '
lo eel a big dlnner Pr Joat ph
11 eai..'??>' "f '
.-a-.i - aprli
o dlt nei of hU own llklna
'.-i an) oi ?
I.n which prol Ihita the gi*. i -
ot ,, tidts fluffi ring ft "
i'_prlol , li II ill " ' ' '"' ''
Archduke Friedrich Makes Mu
niflcent Prcsent to Austria
Vlenna, Dae. -?*?< Archduhe irr *d
rlch, tbe rlcheal member of th-*
peri.ii faroil:. bas mad.- tha nation ?
munlfleanl Chriatmaa gift "p ??'1"
purchaaed the Anguatlne alonaatery
n-ar the palace where bb) fanoua Al*
bertlna MUectlon .-f 19,000 ortgl i
drawinga and 800,000 engravlnga I
bouaed Ha Intenda lo bulld "n ' *
??? adequate gallery for the colle
tion, which datea from ih? ftfteenth
. entury. an.i in< ludea Durera, Rap
nn.i Mtchelauigi -
Tha gallery wiii be for thi ua< of lb
Man Iuflu'ts Mortal Wound -
Slight Clews to Identity.
? , , pai - - - "?? t"-"i '? arho arere
I ,.,,.!?- -,.t young aaaa i
Bpparentl) b. ??" araWni far aaaae aaa
(it ;,,?, ,| ... , H blrd avenue last right
. ita tbreal olth a raaor. I i i
?v en -, byataadera broughl r_trohnaa
rempts lo tb-* plaee He triod to ataaeh
v., .1 untll tha arrival ef Dr. L*aara*
!->. wbo removed !''.? ITOUndOd mati l"
Rallevue Hoep.tOl. where ha wa- placr I
ln th* prioaa arard. He la aai espet
te u\ .*
Tha wounded ma.i ia ,?i>o u twenty-aee
yomn aai, and Rva feet *-\>tt Inchi i N
helght. He w>-i-tIis Ul pounda and aaa
blue eyea and bla '?< balr. He wore b aon
oeercoal and a <iark ault <-f r*tothea Tbe
dothes arere mad.* i>\ anteo Heifmh. of
?ayville, Lang laland. an.i a mirooo He
whlch he wore h?i.i the dealar'B nan"
?.lohn w Ryan." Panr Iva dotlar
aud some small change were found BB
bim. also a gold wat.'h and chuin and tWO
haii.ikerchiefs, enc of which l.orc the lnr
t,.,| "U" an.i the i.tbe-- **JP," A new iBTbJ
bal ahich aa wore bore tha Initlal "?! "
The man has not r. named conaclousiiesa
Blnea ha fall t.. tha atraal aft. r ataehiag
hla tlnoat
Spain's Ship at Vera Oruz.
IHv ObMa to T,,,> Tilbune I
Vera Crua*. Daa -?'>? -Tha Ipanlab arat*
Bred erulaar Caraaa V recelved a splen.ill
reception 081 her arrival here thla morn?
lng-. Immenoa thronga imtng the arater*
fnmt greeted tha waiehlp as a fraaaa
from a fnendly nation.

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