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Deserted by Weather Man,
Old Kris Achieves an
Xmas Triumph.
Thousands of Unfortunate and
Needy Fed. While Gifts Are
Scattered Broadcast.
i v man ln lhe ettj arho ratled
.upply Banta ? ' ? *""a,,lp
*ft to beat '? h,s MP^**"' ?*
^oan araa taa weather aaaa
\? iM charHleB of the dty ehe-wered
" ?? dlstMbute
mm. mt poor; all lhe hoapltele gave
__deltca. ea to tempt the naKCini* ao
JntWe* ol ihoae to whom they mlnla*
1 . .M the fathera of the cttj toaded
!, wm loyaandtrlnkeutogladdenthe
thm r Eve? thl, waI.
S, i ?"?* ?tra ?2_fll*_f
Ignaaa te ? n the monotony Imdde nrla*
nut the weatJ ? man gava hlm no
r__**r_s weather. He left hanta to
,h(,.r aouli aa beal hc mlghl wll
oid wern-OUt rcninant of laat aprlng. Into
rtk* he had we ked the bareel pat*
; m of .... chlli Oonaequently
jj^ wal forc | -,. eom. 10 town in
his o\'
St N.ck Merry in Oilakina.
Th,. Hda't baceene him as wcii ar* his
Jauoa. and I ra bul i*verthele? the
STaua aucceeded wonderfully well m
?: r-la-- Handlcapa only aeemed to
pu' ,fTorts WhC.ve^
^U ,. r eaterday, whether dur*
7 ? ... mornlng <>r ,n the aaggy,
__*itig kttarm hoartl rreme
2_S\rttb mlrth and goodfallowahlp, and
hTfacea around him reflectcd his mer
ment even ln th" half Ught
'Cars I harderi ringla Job
rarrie W Mm at the Wh Roghnenl Ar*
"?* _ weal l?h atreet yeaterday
1-n-ng. when he handed out more than
EHea>? ln aearly ?.*<> ba.ke.a toa
2, ef the halt, lame. blinil and out-of
.erk aho heM llttle irrccn tlcketa frwn
the lalvatiea Army.
ron.mair.i-' EvangeMne Booth. head of
the Anay l? thla country. wm^"
relnfa depi ty en this oooaalan. After
,bVf **??? of weleome ahe Jolned
act.ve'v ?' i ? work of handlng out the
ra-ekeu . ? * on long tab
.tag parallel down the room. ln lhe
namBethei work aho ovorhoard enoW
woman a - I ad evidently known bet*
Z aaya remark tbat II waa the fl-st
fm mt ... foreed to aecept a
s.!t. cat aner.
Woman. 97. Given Weleome.
I want you to know that you and all
?neae other people here to-day a-e our
p-a_ and thal anly." aald the eonv
man??. . - pplng he- arm about
? M old w-man s shoul
?i there were elotruag ar,d
-arfare given out ln tha artnory. i
thoae a ad a glfl waa ai ald
reaaaaei i ?? aeven Chrlatmaaea m o
raik-d all the way fro... tbe lewi
SM. ta carry boeb a baekol to her
flranrlch.lcir'-i A lonK walk wai
atMfli i ? od ii for tbem * i i
While Commandor Hooth wae rai
.. | 1? atfi I Cleneml
lallagtoa Booth. hei nncle, played the
rolf ? i huagry thou
.and gatl ? the Murray Hill l/f
cwn. Volunteers of A
atetribuu : ? ? ? ii etmaa baakamundaw
the imrr.ee BU o raetlOO of Colonol J ?'?
Keppei. Enough food to feed ta
dred raere was aenl around bj Volun
tw BMMM ? te those wbo were un*
?jlfl te themaelveB Back
family to which a baahel wenl had been
BwaaUgated by ?he organ aai oi te aa*
certaln that its needfl were reaL
The chlldren of UH POOf '*-p" not for"
fotten lr. Santa's ronnds by any means.
Th?r? arere two bbl treea for them. over
loaded wlth four thouaand preaenta at
the Mh Regimenl AraBOry in the after?
noon. nrben tha remaanta of the BBornlng
eetrlbatii hed nen elearad awe
peciahv did thi aewaboya moal of thom
ettheut ave eauaa to
Ther rot two seneroua menl:', wltb prea*
OBt goBI tne yOUthfUl heart "on the
Children Well Cared For.
?<?-. waa at the Hotel
Imperu, nernoon. One h adred
and BOVI 88 sat around tha 1 lH*
liantly . ?? ard waited artth ill
ruppresned Impatleace !"? Richard tt.
frummy, dire, tor of the Newaboya' llotoe
flub. gBTbed Bfl Santa riaua, to hand out
book.*, Btothlag, eandy, toya and fruit. in
tne Bvealng W'llllaa M. Flleoa, Jr., ?a\e
a 'ousins gOOd dlnner t<> about as many
more at U i Bh-ca Mamorlal Lodglng
Ho'Jge No. !' New < hamber s BtTOOt
??htr* his ratbei waa in the hahl: of an*
tertainir.i' the newaboya annually ug to
'ne time i.t his death
a Uttla child l.-d the Fuletlda eelebra
tien it t . Bowory bUbbbob bud nlght?
"our bay," a.- William Torrey Hunt, of
the miaaion Maff. call-.-d hlm. "Ou- bO] '
turned out to he Mr. Hunt a yeai <
left to his r-ht>- when blfl artfe die/1 a
ahort whi:.- rago. ttx. Hunt dadlcated the
bov to the work of the misslon on No?
vember :. and alnce men the youngatm
has cooed hi.nself into auch favor with
'he human derellcts who drlft in and out
or the ml.'hion that a mimoer of them
?"anded tojefher and bought him n amall
The tie.. together Wlth "ts proud pos
*rt,*or, was in evidenee at the meet tag
laat nlKht. when two thousand of th'
tonaiji'i hoboca were fed in the beeemenl
dininK n ilfta lo tl a afti rnoon
'??rt- ehlldren ol Hreet aUde Bchoohi Kave
I <antKta at the mlssion. under tba dl
r*<tlon Of Mis. Lena II Blhln, who has
rhargi of tbe muek m the pubnc 8*choola
Three hi-idied and tift> haskets of food,
*aen rontalnlng ten nieala, were Riveu
"Jt at ihe rnission in the morninK, after
one, thouaand men I ad been aerved in the
bread lin? at I o'cloek a. in.
aerenty iittie r-iria and boya from fam
Utea that have f^lt the Influeni'- of tiie
BUaaavtN Hoapltal gaelal garalci wera
the Buesla of young women in the aoclal
asraiee work and graduate auraaa, hi
flatK,rn Mall. lhe home for graduate
tiuraea, at No. 4>i Kawt Hth Btreet, last
r"Bht. Mia Wllllam I'h'Jieh Onborn.
donor uf the hall. was peeaont, and hh
?''iateo th? fOUBg wiiin.-ii. beaded by the
MIbbcb Hlaion. (iraham. Mrockinan and
Kunut m the mak of dtetrlbutlng.
Irt UM various >'?.,,i,fe M'-n's I'hriatian
Aaaodation bulldlnga throughoui the clty
men and boya partook of the _encral
ihce;- The feature of thi
buildlr.g'a celebratioti for the j*oungstera
w.14, thal ea -ii bo* acted as bta own Banta
1 I.TJ4.. bringlng a preaenl to hang on the
tree, Bter dlan ntled In re
. gm| Hre st, "-ts wera I ?
? of the evening In thi nu n dt arl
m< nl
Christmas Cheer for Orphan*.
Hospitala snd asylums for ths orpbana
and sged were not pessed over bi thi |.
??ainr ln hlfl rounda At thfl Kew Vo-I.
Catbollc Proti*ctory, f/alker avenue and
Pratector* i:...-i l, the !.S60 boya end glrla
in tr-.e inatitutlon managed to consume
abont 1,860 pounds of iinke' and chlcken,
eight hari.-is ..f iv.iato".- *f*r? tmrrela of
rranbi rrlea spd 71 gri il q 1 "'
reietv. ples, r.ikes and other della
"iftei the dlnaer :<t noon tha children
watehed motion picturee and a throtrical
performancs given by some of th- h,,,?
Tbe Inmatea of ti.. Home fm thf .\p"i
of uim uttle Slaten >,f the Poor, at N'o
?1.1 Raal 78th street, ?sal aa de thi
feebleness for a arhlli yeaterday, aftei ?
Inapirlni 1 ? given them by John D.
Crimmlna, foi twenty-five years a bene
factoi of th.- home, and joined in the
dances ..f tbi Old world and 1.01 a fe* ?
of the New. tt.-.iich 't was noted that
? the turkey trot and the
"cranberry crawl" bad 1 ol piaimtroted
Practii ally all the h ? I tl'- clty
bad trocs for tin- children, snd a numbei
-av.4 entartainmenta for auch patlenl ;.
arera v,.u enough to watch them.
Santa Remembers Prisoners.
- rnehon ?? other Santa managed te
shp in paai thf ban of thi prieons, tor,
\t the Tomi's ? aonei partc-ak o* :<
rcgular rhristmas dinner, indins up 1
-rai i. <? ? ream, r**re*rlded hv Mlaa I Plerci
? missionarv arorkev. Taro hundre'l an.l
twenty*three of thf prlsowers stl
i'hristm;,4. ni**s )?? fore the dinner. r."
then- Hans Schmidt, Srho - trial for
? trary to tbe "-aatom of si-u ? fl I
Harburgei on ei * rj avaHab ? ? ' -n" |
tnembei - of the Arn.-.
low ?. '?? ? " cheered with no feas!
of reason or noa of bOuI bui
tetiai want- w<->. va*;i attended to as
vv. -.- those of tne lnn ati - ol I
Sa.'.t , w.. - ? - E-8*l
i:,vf-i Islai ? sk k, the I lli d, I
aged and the wlcked were cared foi
lu true Viiht,,]" form on Blackweirs Isl*
;,,,,) in th'- House of Ri hige, oa Ran
dall'i Island, toys ami eandy were dis
trib m d ' **?*? mn'1'' '
After the Christmas dinner In the ^'a'1
hattan Stale Hospital for the Inaane, on
d ,1... waa ?
gtitutlom and gaiherings Krlo Krtngledid
not forgel thal thi true Cbrtetinae Br*
buroed ..n the ltearthaton? of a bome
u,,, ,. . 1 tne,.. was b ' Mmney, "t even
a steam plpe, ba aauaesed hlmaelf Into 11
..nd fir'.|.|,ed a bundle of cheer foi those ll
gerved He araa materlally asslated li
1 his duty hv I'lKle ."-arn Iti the P- rson of
Poatmaati ? Bklward M Morgan, who di
...,.,1 .? gry card and peck ig< thal can*
-,. blm ip to i,,,on v-st. id.iv Tbi rei enl
. . opmenl <-t lha paie.-i pent nd led
weighl to tbe burden which
Mr. Morgan's mail clerks had to mov?
during the laal few days. bul tbe era*
Ihei handifi it proved thf worth of the
goveintaenl as a common carrlei of the
peopWa gooda, scco-fding to the postmas
The Christmaa nlghl cflebratlon whJck
w;iS to bi held around the ,"1'"
Ught" la Madison LBcjuara i'ark wai poat.
poned, OWlng tO Ihi ran. and wtll 80 held
to-nlghl ,f the weathei persalts
ln Brooklyn the priiuipa! feature of
the da- v\;is tl,,- Blttig ''IiiinImiii- Tt**
tatertalnmenl ln th'- afternoon al tr,?
DeKalb Theatte. when- 7i.">*o i?,.)i children
from all pai7.ts of the bdreaigh arere made
happy. They wer? lranat*orted 10 and
from the DeKail, hy the tailwav oom*
patii'-s free of ohfluTgO. The snteit.tinineni
opened wno half a denea vaudevlll? num*
bors, an.i tl.en the ye*8*l*~flterg ?..,.?
marobed paai th? sta?e, where atood a
jviKe rhristmas tree, and reeetved paek*
ggOS of glftS f'0,o ?'",l11 K'ipat. alias
Bants Claua, The cader cklldrea eot
books and fnill and i-aiuly. and th..
youngdr eaiei toys, frulta and weeta.
The 4 nt.rtaltiment w;.h Ihe t vv i ntj -fourth
given by Ihe I'hristmas Tre.- orj-anUa
llon nnd the flrst slm-e the death of the
founder, Mrs Franh Hittig. last Auguat
Uepr.sentative Wllllam M I'alder. .Instln
McCarthy and othera made Mpeechca, In
whi'li they Iold thfl little tmeS of her
work for them :infl Ihoiisaniis of Otber
poor children
Many eharckfla held snsdal ~**f~4rtoes in
Ihe morning. Special dinners v, r. pre*
vi.iid for ths Inmates of the jail, the
aln-ahbuoa and ths, varioua ho-nee and
aaylums, Thouaunds of poor lamllles
were provlded arith attnneta The lalva*
lion Arm) gave onl I.OOO haskets and Ih,
llrool.hii laOdgfl of Klks UM, nad
innumerahli Other dinnera wer* provi.lf.i
aj the churcbes and ihariti-bie eagjaV8saa>
jMBi? Tim's" Brothers Feed
5.000 and Loft Gives
Away 1.000 Baskets.
There were two dinners t,> tt.e former
|...; Btltui i ; t.r *_tlg T n I illlven
terday, Ihi i doubly carrying o'it tbe tra
,! ; .. a nf the nelghborhood
1 <;eoi*:e \\ i oti Repreaentative (>>r the
13th DI trlet, t,,c..h..r w.ih \t-- [.otl
, ?Ave awaj nearl. a tho aand baeketn ot
[thinss p,.,>.l t., -;.t t.. aromen. ll- ll ed
[the old atand So SH Bowerj
j Tim'fl b ther, Patrfc k n Sull
' ltv haif brother, lata. Mulllga
? ?,.., ... || ?
' |%.,w. ? .II 'I _?.>" r tlr. ip ,?,-.. 1- . p||M .
POI kaize of tOb04*4 ? .."d t.,r ,t
pelr of si',-. -
,\t each pla< e ihe I i Itn
e.-irl' in the moi- | | \* Ml Ijott't '?
tera the eroa -, of ? an I
ind atul be - t wa report.
' was compel ed lo aak thi pol
' ; erse them when tle large BUppI) <?'. fo -1
i had been exhau Iti
Ifl front of N',, Bt, WhtTi the I I
, Bulllaran heM f..i m the e of t
, tended threi hli ? and roqulred eta
? | for them t.> gol ll , the
? . . ma Btare lenl foi lh< e
aion 'it'- pouoe and prii ? %
' a bard time provonth .
-.,. :, -? me ol lhe ?? hnd
foroaatherod ar.,,',t doyUghl beea
c.,,,,1- - .... ,,,) a f, - - ordfl aai h
tlma the tables ??r. IIHed
? im Biad \ >..i are hen ?
tvo ri pteaea him All wi aai ou in re
ttle prayi
Iwhen you u-o to bed lo-nlghl Thi did
nm pra) pubUely, imt aa n
?i : .,..|. wera throe t hoera foi I rp
Bullli tho brotl
j Ma esample In puttina ?< ?? ? ? latmaa
Into the ine.s <f thoae who mlghl noi
Iotherwlaa have had en] I
? i iroted foi ''ild- n ln ItttV aald .< gi la
..i.i ui nt the atreei tn* I'd do t
i mi from Mlaataati t". h
;,.,.i. d, piei ing gn i n handa on Han
Oxford, Aaaemblyman from tbi Sd Dla*
ti i
"johnnj Banka a he '<? ighl i eai b all
of tne i-eav jrweirhta yeen - ? ' ? ''"'"
h. .,,, t Ighl now bocauoi ? ige Ha |
i k,,) mi celei ?' ?? fon I and bread and ;
mueb appai? ?
? i rouM havi been dglng Ihi mi alf."
hr said. "if thej had given bui h p ?
m) tlma a? the) glva noa i d havi had
a million dollai
.,, ? of tt.e 'i le.r.st featurea ol ih< "? ea*
?len was the tje, lin.-iti'-". of greal auraben
,,r the doam and auta lo at cepi anj thing
i9 drink 1 bej refuaed the tendi -
glaaatia ol boer wlth Buch frequencj aa loi
attrai i thi attentlon of "Padd " I Ullvan
land "gamaparUla" Jamea Rellly, ? a
has helprd run the big fOBOtl - "? ?? '"??
were ealablisl." ll
Plan for Closer Intimacy Said
To Be Meeting Favor.
Clevi land Dei, "-. Querlei et alvea bj
Bo reur) Roberl B. Lewla. ol ihi Clavc
:,.,n<j y m. .' a . regardlng the "Fathi i
and Bon" movement, leunched here, Indl
!,,.,. thal the idea la tak ng root i.i manj
? ltlea.
Waahington, Harrlaburg, Penn Mana*
Ii(.|,i ..i.i,.. Charieaton IV. l a , an-'
other polnta as far -aat as I an'-'oi Ifa
an*j as far weal as Denver, hav- declared
their intention of ai*rea.uug the move
menl ,
lleyei Mearton D Baker. lhe Bral of
,,. .. hundred Araerlcen ma *an nokad Ui
, H viroclam.itloii urglng father.s Bnd
to begtn tbe new jrear with a re*
aelvfl to i"- more ii.tinu.te end eom*
ji;)ii!nIi;il,!,. io-day eompllod wlth the m*
Queat. _
strike'vote for bargees
Captains Meet Sunday to De
cide on Action.
Ti? eeal barge eaptalna' unkrn, wm*e
oatmmmi on all traaapeetatlon eompanlH
for a wage aeale of P?a inooth has been
lanored, wUI meet .... Bunday lo rote oa
the queation of ? g> neral Btrlho.
bnpktyera BUted yeaterda) they would
Ignbra ulttmatuma an.i nol grant the da
mands. and that lf th- captelltfl fell llke
Htrikini? they wouid not eppooa thalr
clolnii so.
Paddy, Police Dog, Merry Also.
i in.m i iie i rii.iim- Oerreapaaadeai i
suiiiinit. \. .i., Dee, -i Paddy, tha pe*
llea dog, rooelved h Cbrlatmaa preeertl
from CouncUman Quy Batea thia morn?
ing. The etty father walked mto the po?
lice alation and arter hirl.itna tha tanlne
ofllcer a Merry I luislmas h* pla. < d BB
lus nerk a .ollar contalning apikea aboul
an tn.'li long.
Preacher in St. Patrick's
Dwells 011 Sentiment
Shovvii by Saviour.
The CI ? tariaa eer lees drea largfl ? -
Krt . ... ,., , .,.. ,i i-,-'-. ? ;. Bterdai
iddreased l i tngra
_.-... n M ' .ni'ks Catbedral sl the
hlgh mai I * ch be t-*""' *!< sti i Tne
. lim. I, vvas filled
? i grtoh ].. i all ? rnei -1 Cht iatn ia bi
?..,, ,., tn.. ..tii-..- .;:-.?
.,. ,i -i ? ?? gheat ai
Hr ri ? ? to of the hlrth of
, txperlene* hsa r'">' ?*
-., piantlng of tl
? ? ? ? ?
o thi
great i ? ? wh ?
-. - ,. ????
| Th?)
: t
..... | tlmei Trua
I ? ? ' '?-''?
? ? . ' ? '
i ? thero In the world a
r <
? i " wlth
? . . ;,n I .ifTf. Iiom f..r
but the 1 r little 1
Ttii ity Cbui ' ecroa
i. n\ ?.,.,, 'i ?' .
' ? ? rmon
n ? ?f the a endous fi
ihe a ? ' l ' '
? ,. .. i.,,r.| , r, thal nlght wb4 n
think ..f Hlm ;-.? lla la
. i -,... .. ii Laord, oui
brothi ead on r all tl
i Hlfl 1 ???'??. sn . ean
i than i"ao ba
tha .-on.-I't.'-", el Ihoee wbo bave nevei
. t . Hlm In the lighl and He
a ,. come to es th n ? teen hun
I ? i .. i. .,,...
,..,? ti' ng Hn altars ef Hli i hurchea
I . not onl ''""i ao
,,..,,i ,. . noi ?? si -i gavi i ?? '"-i so
ed the ' es H tmly be
gi iti n
The monej taken sl the coHertWn ?*?*??
tor th.- benefh of Trinit) Mlaaloa
]., .,n i;....... i or, !?"??" ,,;t'- the Christ"
, . v. ? - -. it the Bplscop .1 Catbed sl of
IM John ths i '.'? Ine, urged hl sud tei lo
, ? ? ? ,- , . ii. tmaa bi Irll arltk them the
"Whatever l? v,.-,ir burd>n to-da] hfl
,... ._ ? j ,4, ,i gn |gg ,t I-,. gomfl of the
gUmins ol ?-?.it will lo drlvs II Into for*
4, tfulnetu Whatever ha i bappenfl I, to
iha woi Id, t ? ou, r'-nnmi.- r Chi .*-' la
-i i,,. w.4.4.,,n to ,,r i..4,,i.-.i from Chrlat
maa Da) Is thal wi should arork for
Dthera, nol ourselves alone, and take
, - rlstmas 1"- le the poor."
i? addition t" the regulai rrhrtstmas
4,.. i,t gi Paul'a t hapel there waa
;,,. ,..-,, i, morning service foi nlghl
?,,,,.,.- Men began eomlng al
,,-, i. gn hour bef. the aei i lei bi
?an, snd bv I o'elock the chepel was
packed with a erowd numbering 1.188.
Even then lha overlloa sxtendad In a
hn.. fgi down Veaey atreel The con
greaatlon eonfllMed chlafly of newapaper
men, lanltors "f downtown offlce hulld
Inaa snd late homa relurnera
ah day broka reaterda) there fluttered
r,.,th from tba algnal yard "f ti"* battle*
ihip aVyomlng. n>et flaKship. a Beriea of
lags thal denoted i? the language af the
interoatJonal algnal ciie "A merr) Christ*
rasa ta air"
following tha ssampls of the nagehlp,
ihe iiah. ihe I'if.ii.i.i. the Ariuuiaae, the
Wuhlngton, tbe i >ixi.. the aa~*noms snd
ihe Ontarle snd a half aeaen toi*BWdo l*oal
deatroyera In the aavy vard broka oul
-iiii'lai sij-nals. There weie ,,nlv a i-ouple
,t thonaand men lefl t<> raeeree ths graei
ni; of the fla-;s. as most of thf ni> n and
iifn,'is who eame in with ihe haei a few
Says ,'iK" went home on leavs Of fUl -
lous-h- after reieivlng thelr pay.
The in.n wh., remaln.-d fl eOupta "f
hundred aa the raaatetag -hip tvaahlng*
ton, a hundred marlr.es in the hatra.-ks.
ti in- ii In the briK end l.."*30 or 1,861 more
kept on duty lo man the \essels-went lo
illvlne geHlOfl In the mornini' on their own
ghlpa or othera, ami paaaed ths day ami,i
gueh iiininiiiis af ths aeeajglan as the
green hangings about ths superstrueturea
,,l th.- waislilps i-oiild giv-e. They had a
r.iiinpl'iou-4 flinner. turkey. phiin pudiliiiK.
loa ti aarn. etc., srero permltted io smoke
gnd to recelve visitor.-, ami theii freed ora
was inrreasfd genernllv. Tin V had music
t., snllven ths day. loa, for ih<- choir of
the lt..rnan I'atholiv rhureh of the Saereil
Heart vlalted the recelvlng ahlp and aanj
for the men
Hearts of 15,000 Friendless
Ones Made Glad at Big
Christmas Party.
Fathers. Mother*, and Youngsters
Have Merry Day as Guests
of the Society.
Tiie "wnely" n Nee fork Clty about
la,eeo ot them auyara) -we e made for*
gotful for a r. ..v houra yeaterday of tbe
fa. i ihat ..ty had aa arentlj forgot*
ten their Bxbttcnoe durlng the celebration
of . hriatmaa Phej arere tbe gueata oi
the Bpug Bea let) iai uli tidi pai I
heM in the Qrand Central Palaci i :
p-.ne was permltted foi .1 monwnt to con
alder blmaelf bereft of frienda
Thi Idea "f dlapenaing happlneai and
cheer '.'? aome oi iir.- eity'fl loneeome
..... , gtnated wlth Mlaa Apne aforgan.
Mra Augual Belmonl .-, r.. 1 other membera
<.f thi.
ii araa a real old-faahioned Cbrlatmaa
party, too Thei,- waa ? hi? tree, pro
vtded bj Qovernor Hainea >.f Main,-. The
I-.- v... decoral -. In thi moal approved
modern atylo. Qreal pllea -,f nifts in the
Bhape of cand* boxea wer,. 1 ouped
aboul al the feol of the tree All the
afternoon and evenlng hundreda of chli
dmn clamored for them and y,Mi boaea
a ere durt rlb ited b].'cloek,
Tln Lexlngton avenue -"i.i. of th" room
led a park ptoyground. There
wori toboggana a "wlggle-wagglo" and
othei devlcea <-' entertalnmenl for the
chlldren A movlng picture ehow in an?
other port or the i,i,din- -a,-is erowdod
uith youngaterB and grown-upa durlng
ine houra of the party. An orchoatra
.,t.taii,..i hy Mrs. Edward Breltung fur*
niahed Inapiretlon foi ,r- many dancera
And laat. b il bj ao meana tbe least
Importent. arera the 'eata." A aeemlng
ly endleaa proceaalon of hungry p
bc itrged the ipoce pertltloned off for
this form >>f entertalnmenl There
were the humoroua and pathetlc Inct
denta thai Invariably accompany auch
.,,-? aiK>ns. The -aa.- of William .lor.e*.
twelve yeara 0 d. waa perhapa one or
tbe former variet* Wtlllam Jonea llkea
in-. tobaeco, and especiallj adorea the
eatlng ' kind. The boy was ejo ted from
tha dinlng room becauae hle mouth ani
face demonatratod 1 predllectlon for
ig ? Hia ejectmenl took place be?
fore he had partaken ot any of "de eata"
and he araa Im onaola
1 Bln'l done nothln'." he wailed. "One
of lhe ladlea sald 1 araa a dlrty boy Jes'
1 bad b ehew m ma face Bay
what doea _pug* mean, enywey?"
\ aroman with three amall ?-hiidren
mda claaped baga of candy atood
?raltlng in the rain eutakle the building.
Wlth the Baatatanee of two mea, ahe and
lhe chlldren w.rr placed aboard a Lex?
lngton avenui ear. Aftar fimbiing
through hei poeketa the mother 1
rrcd ahe had no earfere The eonductor
I the coi lo atop, I etped the
money laaa pa lo tha platform,
took ona looh al the downpour of rain
and then sa\e the fllgnal fOI the ear to
Btarl agaln Aa he found -??.?ts for the
bewiidered aromaa and llttle anea ba
111 itii red .
?Oh, well, It'e Chriatmaa Lel 'em
? ?
Tiie "81 ig" Bo el born a ye*ai ago.
n.iw 11 imbera aeveral thouaand persons.
Each mi mb< had fout tlcki I ? to dia
trihuti eai ? lo "low ly' peraoa -
.; , n( . | ||| | ;;. imot t Miaa Qei
1 :,i.. Ri Smith and Mlaa Mirlam
; ? arge of tha affalr
GAVE N. Y. BRIDE $150,000
D. W. Brown Also Admits Mrs.
Flanagan Got Necklace.
? h i', ? | ? Trtbuafl 1
Denver, Dae, .'?"? "It araa only a trifte, i
aasure you," aald D. W Brown on hia re?
turn from Kew Tork, when aaked coocem
llfl t.i hla daugbti r, Haael Blrd
Brown, arho araa married In New Voik
, . ,,., [.,,. ..,,., ? 10 te Captain .1 W.
Flanagan, U ti, \
Mi Brown admltted later thal hla glfl
, , .., | for 1158.888 and a neeklaca
11. aro ild nol aay a bal ti." neeklat ?
i.ui frienda of tbe famll] here sa1 thej
know Mr. i'.i??-?*. -i i-a-d Hn non t?r it.
Captain 1 low gan'a glfl to hla hnde. tha
mther-in-law explalaed, was .1 lavalltera
,,f ih.Idegroom'fl own deelgn, "wort'i
nn moi 1 than my llttle preai nt"
Veteran Letter Carrier Stricken
at Newark.
Btricken wlth apoplexy, Patrick Me
liee, one of th- otdegl mail carriers in
the aarvlca al Mewark, dropped dead
in lhe postofhYe there ycsti rday after.
noon. His death is attrlbuted t<> the
4'lulstmas rush.
Mi. Mc4_ee atarted aa a mail carrier
twenty-aeven yeara ni,',.. Becauae of
his age he was (OltOVOd from d.livery
Work abOUl four yeara ago. and sin I
tin-n dni collectlng. featerday morn
inp. after making t wii trips wlth a
wagon, ha quII work al - o'cloek.
Twenty-flve minutes later, Juai after
he had congratulated a fellow carrier
who hnd recelved a neektle ns a Chriat?
maa flft, he t'eii dead.
Mr. IfcQoe llved at No 13 Tichonor
Btreet. He leavea n wife and aeven
chlldren, of whom tWO were adoiucd.
One of hia daughtora. Mrs. I.illlan
(jarry. was married tWO months ago.
\ weeh later her huaband died sud
denly. __
Picks Trolley Tracks for Nap;
Car Wakes Him Up.
Henry Jeffarean, b atatlonary Hremaa
livlag al N" Hd Aaaaterdam avenue.
i,ri home early yeaUrday morning ta
gellver a Chriatmaa ratftaga By fi\e
ln tlte, evening he had growri tircd of
dellvering that paekaga and helook him
fir-ir atralghtarag, parhagoi, to Broadway
;ir,d 117th Btreet, where he lald hH
flroery aelf down to rest on the atreet
,?r inicks.
jamea Looney, wnoea addreas in \o.
|f| \V.at l-'-'tth street, was greatlv
Looney therefore went to aeek the ald
of Patrolman Bauoraehmltt. hut aaaaa*
while JefferOOn'a head was lut hy a our
4.1 aml'ulance took the tlred. wounded
' . .... 4Vovl I"".,l, ....... ....!,... ^..J_
man to th" West 121th atreet police ?ta
tl.'.n where it waa found that the wound
Araa fllight. .lefferaon OCeUptod a cell al
the ateuoa laal night. chergad with Hn
orderly conduct for having accldentallv
tri.-.l to commlt aulclde whlle dellvering
a package.
Bodics of Men Found in
Brooklyn Give No Clew
as to Cause.
Body Unmarked. and Pcnditig
Autopsy Heart Diseasc Is Given
as Ca*;se of Death.
Two deaths of i-einarkable Blmllartty
occurred yeaterday in Baj F'.idge,
Brooklyn. A young man. runnlng from
|g purauer he had struck, -vas found
| dead on -'? fourth fi">.i landing. Hn
bodj vas unmarked
The gecond instanve v\as that of a
motonnan a*hoae body vas found be*
neaih the irucks of his car after it had
jumped the track. There ?;i.; a siight
hr-iiis.- or, his fa, 8, hut thi;;. 8 phvsician
said. dld not Indlcate the cauae ed
Pendlng a thorough Inveat'lgatlofi,
the |?,lk-e think that death vas dUI
to hesart dUoase ln botb casea.
After dinner yeaterday Theodor
K< 1.4-1,1- elghteen, left his home at No
451" Thlrd gvenue, Brooklyn, for 6
aralk. When he got to the corner oi
4S h streel and Third avenue he mel
aa acqualntance, and. Bkccordlng to th
stor* ol Pranh Q*Cemni*r, who waa
Btanding ln fronl of hla home at No
17iv Third gvenue, the young men
"Kelaher struck the other man.'
O'Connor said later to the pcdaee, "and
then took to his heels. running throuBl*
llth street. The man followed hin*
and. as I had beCOlM interested, l
trailed them.
"Findlng thal his purauer vvas < lose
upon blm Kelaher dartr.i into thf
apartment house ?t No. tat and the
<,t),er man ran in after lum. 1 walteri
..ii the Sldenralh for several minute
and ihe fallurr of either man to rom'
.';? aroiiH' d ir.v curioolty so much that
1 vvrnt in io !eHrn how matters stood
? i aralked up to the fourth floor be?
fore anythlng developed. On the land?
ing there I ^aw K'elsher. face down. I
thoughl he had been struek and wa*
nnconscious, bul arhen I turned hlm
,,ver il vv;is elear he was dead. T dldn'l
arr- ?he ot'ier man after he passed in'o
the building."
A I!av RidRe avanu* ear, botind for
I'lmer I'ark, jumpeil ihe track in curv
lr.-r Into Thlrteenth avenue yesterdav
afternoon and sped for twenty yarda.
plouaThlnf- into a saloon, where it
balted Th- passen"*ers were jounced
around. the vcstlbule was smashed and
the Mloon'8 ulndows were shattered.
When the conrluftor went in se.irrh
of the motorman, Henry Frick, flfty*
nmc. of N'o. 3i,6 B|d street, to aak an
explanation he could not Jind hlm.
Flnally one of the passeiu-ers found the
bod" of the motorman. whirh had been
aarried along by the rear trn.-ka. The
man vas dead. hat there was only a
Sllght ni.itl; on one BldS Of his fai e.
.\n ambulance surgeon said that this
mail, did not expialn the man'? death,
f<>r no hones arara Lroken. The police
thenrv m thls 8888 Ifl the same a.s in
the Keis'.ier caae ihat heart disease
was responsihle. Ir is nol known
trhether Prlck was stiicken before ihe
car lefl th'* f.iils or later.
Writer from Pudding Land Hopcs
It Was "Pleisantcst Xmas
You've Ivver Had."
\ arritei from serosa the -r.,, in that
n.irt of i-aij-iand whleh prMes itseif no*
only on maklBg pudding bUt knives tO ent
i arell, has Intruated t.> The Tribune
a Christmas meessge for ai! forkshire
,,-.. n, gnd In partleular thoae from Bhef*
Held and Hallamshlre. His KrcetinK aill
without doubl K') tO the hearts of thf
fooalks" for whom he penned it. To the
ordlnary New- forker th>- meaege may
BUggeet an attotnpt on th,- part of Jor
Weher t.> 'itihze Carnegls simpiiiie.i apeil
!t is true KeW fork dM have a tast"
Of tho talk of Torkshlre last soason in
Btanley Houghton's play of K.nKiiah areav
are, "Hlndle Wakes," hut the piece did
nol llnger long StlOUgh to make Ihe dialect
iii any aeass a rtval of that smpleyed by
"Potash and Perlmutter."
The writer, Mr. 11. 1'. Hrufton. has not
conflned his greetlnR slmply to exiles In
New York, hut to all foik throughout the
land who sigh for home when-ver they
smell Yorkshire pudding oi Rear the yelp
nf a Yorkshire terrier.
Hereuith Tho Tribune dlschsrges the
bunlen Imposed upon it:
"To aii owii shi-wiiders an Hallamshlre
men away thro't owd country, and s^ttled
aeross V watter, aw ggnd a Christmas
greetln. May lt ho pleeaaateal Xmas
thev've lvver ad. an SWm sure ar fooalks
ln 't owd tahn here. t' hooam. Sir l*ran,"is
Chantrey, Jam** MontRomerv, Khenezer
Klliott an other lllustrlous tOWnsmsn,
would all join i Wtshbl all on w. a Yarrv
Api'v Cbrlsmaa ati a Appv New Teear.V
West Sayville. Ixmu Island. Dec "j.-ln
;i varant hou-<c on the eatate of her
father at Indian Neck Hall here thls a'
ternoon Miss Marjorle Bourne for thf
thlrd Hme enacted the part of Santa
Claus to the ehlldren of the village.
About two hundred youngsters, ranglng
from mfants in arms to slxteen years or
age, recelved Christmas tokens from the
younB woman.
As has been her eustom ln other years,
Mlaa Hourne placed a notlce in th<- local
postofflce on Monday invltlng all the
rhlhlnm of the village to visit her to-day
and recelve a-present. By 1130 o'clock lt
seemfd that all the children ln this part
of the Island were on hand. It was about
3 o'clock In Ihe afternoon when the last
happy Christmas laden youngster left
the house, and there was not a present
Pferfect biscuit
No matter what
National Biscuit
Company product
you a s k for ?
crackers or cookies,
.. wafcrs or snaps,
. . cakes or jumbles
?it will bc dclivercd
to you in perfect
condition, cithcr in
packages with the
famous In-cr-seal
Trade Mark, in
attractivc small tins
or from the familiar
glass-front cans.
Frcshness is assured
through the distrib
uting service of the
National Biscuit
Company, which
affords a constant
supply of biscuit to
every part of the
United States.
Buy biscuit
baked by
Always look for that name
Mra. Finley J. Shepard and lohn l? and
William Rockefeller made the emplo>ea
at the Tarrytown rallway htation happv
yesterday. Mra. Shcpard gn\?: gold pieces
to tho station men al Irvington. To the
i.lesrapti ..perator she save %V> The
manager ot the teh-phone offices m IrvinK
ton and Tarrytown waa also in< luded tn
the gift budget To the eleven telcrhone
glrla she gave $;> gOMl ptOOM
The men on Mrs. Shepard? estate re
ceived turkeya and potatoes.
John D. Rockefeller dlstributed $1') gold
plocoa among the telegraph op?rators and
telephone girls.
Flash Greetings Across Ocean.
| nv Teteffraph to TtM Tr thoae. I
Beyrnie, I.ong Island. Der.
Tclefunken Wireless Telegraph station at
Sayviiie exchengad Chriatmaa groetlage
\4ith the wlreJeea atatioa at Naun, m
Oermany, to-day. Chrt**ttnae groetJaga
were sent to th" American warahlBB la
th<- harhor ?f Naplea
Men's Mahogany
Russet Shoe
A new, high ^rade
walking model, with
tlouble sole and tlange
hrrl, at the moderate
price of Six Dollars.
264-274 Grecnwich St., N. Y.
taaaa wabben hheli.
MaU Ordera Hlled | iend ler Catalogue
R. Simpson & Co.
143 Weat 42d St, near Broadway.
Broadway, corner 67th St.
Loana of Any Amount on
Pledge of Peraonal Property.
We hava a large msortment of Dla?
mond Rlii?a. niainniid rini. etc. at prleea
wnlch wlll satlify careful purchaaen.

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