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To-clay. arnerall? rlo?d, and nn-uMtlrd. To
morrosr, ,in...tl..l rrlth niml.rat. srtnda.
??..,,, /?X'*L' f'L'VT ??? Ottg ?t Xfwtmrk. Ttawark. J*raay fllr aad H?
PRIl K UWlfi ** r,A 1 FI'f.nilKRKTTI.MKM.
Retirement ot Odell on
FailingtoEleci Merritt
' Cited.
New Speaker (iives Young
Republicans Credit for
Rule Changes.
Ufjislature Adjourns. After Or
ganizing. to January 19
Sulzer Ignored.
, -- -4 I
en*.* Jai : Thr- Rapubllcaa Aa
' ? ^l^afZ
m'sZ** Raaubl - I ot Kaif
" u PM t*paakar, Tbaddoua C.
?*pt?* naa ? ? ******** '
Iw'iet 'of Oa^ragjo," doclarod an adjourn
JJJ - ?? lay cxentn*. Jami
TIm iaaal* alao nift. and **-hen N
.iaeard t^ernot Qlytm't **********
^had aona throufh the uaual ??.?
Ztnrt ****? * *? ot*ntngA*l 'tt
umrrtd untll the 88*88 6*a> ihat WM
lawnWv t*ld
ThBorr a - 7 ngftoi veraa
Mon .more loglalatora of al! partles
?, -erMther -.Vi'.liiim Barnes. jr..
?u;d raMtn frtw th. aUte chairman
aaapt the Oa] bll an party afw-r the
ttiPH of hli f*an4lldat8 f?r |-**aakar,
Harel-i J H nman. of Albany. Hin
M? wbo aai nslBorlty leader laal
m m h Kood grare af8er h.s
d-fca: thv ' waa. bellered he armild
(*- aavM ? r of tha kmei
? *??
amoojpn 9 the follow mg
.in-d aUtemenl I - Th* Tribune cor
jj|in ? - ?-nlght Just before reti. -
Ml __. dkrr aill be lo
?jejfc over tha Aaaembty ao as iu
meat aot onl) th* members but tbe
Maple aho **n1 them to Albany. The
iai rulea of the Aaaembly are one of
tki wtaest and one x*f the most ad
tinr*d *wot taken h>' any represcnm
earp. To Mr. Arndt nnd
I Haa
Tork, aho xx er<- r*l la no sm-ill
Muure for thi am? ndments to the
rulea. *: B8 them the most llb
|c governlag anx 'egiBlative
rjodx ln ihe I'nit** I - due credit
mui'. 88 |
R,. bs Committee Curbed.
| verr.ing of the
AUtmbly xxere IboOO etMrAgea SUggoat
'...-.. ' R, ? ? . .ms al
tflt Wa Dee* mbOf 5.
fta m ? i . I these la
ib? cur' ar af the
Ealei x' : ? glalaUon in th*
'kalng weeka o! ? ? a. ilon.
Hrre; -.."..- Mai
i-'.Krr. ? ? : twantji
| *.f the li..xer houso.
Uvinr, ? r the resurr.'?tlon or
Uir.i! af aa* I I had ? I IMBMI re
venti oui of irnialttoc Aaotbar laa
ng nf all
air eaamb. lu-arings.
H".?'-. t(, tht
Veting lahod also.
my blll or
r**Olx!!: ? ? . ? || of 4 .-rn- i
BBBtae oti ? ? ? ; : t Tba new ]
rjl'? alao i .md pn- j
? , nfi. t
? ?B.lnu.rl nn III.I. gaajP, Ihlrd x.liniin
This Morning* Sews.
...ln. 1 j
. a!
_ |]
_ 3
. 4
. 4
... 7
.1 16
***? " ... la
? Oraanse l
rlted O eraea -.1
v,,;1:' ' ?i.in .i
iCaptared. 2
l. a
.?a!- ' ' Mexico 2
Ci', '"^' M..xl.? ,'H. 2
taa V **
JgJr?a Baek (||ynil ,, 5
**' Ar" 8
^^ 'Utr.hr.U,n, ,,,,.,.. 3
? ' ' ?!
- 8
Mm ? ? 7
?**',, ? ? 7
***?b . 7 and 8
nta^., . a. io aai n
^Eeu", " 12 M'"' 13
'***?'.. i
Belgian Society Hears of Two
Definite Cases.
,i . i. i im rm
Brvaaeta. Jan. 7. i>rs. rfacoba gnd
Douffart to-tln) fonnaMI] ?ubmHted io
tii. b. lgian Boctetj of GyiMMCOtofj de?
of two ' gg4 I 01 < 1411, a-r nf the
niatrij. ttf-t.ti.l .i f? w: nMMltha ago Iv
mtgni "f r.-..!i in applled ln ? quani tj
vnlund nl 1-M.OOOi In a-?,h cnai tht*.
? tha r:',]itini l.urna.l the canctr*
growth -,w.i>, nnd i<' aii appear*
an ? ? i*Rnlti h . 'in l i "th i-ati. ti.-.
$125,000 IN RADIUM
Berlin Dcstination of Mineral
Hidden on the Body of a Spc
cial Messenger.
Ta-leptraph to Th.
Plttabursin, J-m ~ A >? cret which
has been guarded by tha oflh Inla a.f
th?* Cnnonaburg Vanndlum Compani
irakeii out to*?day, when t became
known that a epecial meaaenger his
left Cnnonaburg for Berlin, Germany,
?wlth a radium tube vnlued al $123.-100
bldde'n on hia person. The carrter la
now- on th and wlll dellver bla.
pri r: to tho li..*-; Ital in Ber- i
iin whi.-h is th< purchgger.
This is the Inrgesl amount of rnditun
ever gathered t.gether at one time !n
the United Btatea Dcgplt< IU grea'!
value. the aubstam e wgg fo amnll :n
bulk that tha- mesaenger carried it ln ?
apacinl .ontainer Insldc a leather ">elt
gl ove his waist and next to his body. |
The Cnnonabmi plnnl is the hugest
rgdlvm-produclng plnnl In tha- United
Btatea Tha ahipmenl to Oermgny rep*
s the work of nearly a > ?ar. dur?
ing whlch time thousands of tons of j
CTUda ora- wera reuuc-.d through elabo
rate processes of reflnenn-nt
The contalnei in whi. h the radium
is i arried was apeolally constructed of
a lead i-ompositlon, it bcir.g the only
inci through whlch Ihe radium
will not penetrate.
Mother Undergoes Rare Opera?
tion to Save Daughter's Lif*.
'lt '. NM 1
Patereon, N. J.. Jan. 7.?For the first
time in the hiatory of the pmctlOC of
medicinc and BUfgery in this city. an
Oresi operation for the transfuslon of
blood from one human belng to an*
Other Whi performed at the Barnert
Memi-rial Hospital to-day.
Mi* Lilllan Coohe. Af No. 00 Broed
way. mother of -Mrs. Lilllan Viola. of
No. TT8 Beel 19th street. gave up a
quart and a half of blood. WhtCh was
extmeted from an artery in ihe right
arm of the older woman. Mrs. Viola,
wh" had suffered frorn COMtant hem
orrhages. rallied after the operation.
and it is believed ahe wlll reeover.
Dra William B Bplckera and Bryan
C McGlnnls. who performed the oper?
ation. sald that ii had been 1UC4 essful.
and expreaaed the oB-nion that the
heroic MCrlflce of tha mother would
not Pe in vain.
Had to Establish a Precedent.
Explains Rich Mill Owner.
!|4v TllflQiap* le Tha T'ib.H!. 1
Boston. Jan. 7 -Mrs. Mabel Hunt
Slater. wealthy owner of the Slater
mllla at Webeter, to-day defended a
|300 action for breach of i-ontra i
bfOUght by Mrs. Mary OVonnor. Tle
court took the caae under advteement.
Mis. O'Connor teetilled that on Aprll
17. 1012, she was hlred as a cook l?y
Mrs. Slat't's mald or housekei per at
.ti'iti ii month. including board and rm m,
anil that. belng given HO centg for i ar
fara. she wns told t" go h'unc aivl
awuii a C?ll ta, work. Hha- never was
.aUai. k!-,. said. and arrota to Mr*.
?later in valn.
Aft.r tha hearing Mrs. Slater .-a'.!.
? f fell ihat r precedent had to be >?.
tublished. s" I took tha- initiative. lf I
areri to pay every ctnira that is brought
against ma ! iho ild be forced to pa)
out every dollar I poei
Wife of Another Lost to Him.
Specialist Shoots Himseif
Explains in Note.
Tbfl TrlbW ? '"
Pggggic, N. J.i Jan & RoaBting thnl
tha women ba had boped to omuti waa
togi |o him through recooHUetten with
h.r buebend, Dr. Bdwln De Haun,
Bfty-elghl yeete old, ? *al\ known ape*
, uilist. ri.nimitt'd suialdi- lat*- last
ulajhl by ahootlng himself in the right
h. lefl this note "Lova is the grent*
aal thing tn nli '?'? "***? s" "ne man
or woman ran i?v.. regjlf ****, tW*g
woman Of m.n I lOVgd <-nly OM Ke
toow**. a" k-mtX t* "*., Just Ut me
reel in pee ?
,? De Baua had been Un lova wlth
, ,.ri.d w.aiin.ii. whoeo bnabend la
,???,?,?, ?, Rutherford. Fbe mass
utamtha th. ttittet* i. between the
Rutherford ?upU bava Heen agiuung
at) the* tuA tt wae frequmitlyre.
ajOTtad that UM husband wa- .-..king
at ,,?,: , s.,..nation. Th- sil,-atlon
tovelopod to tba pokat when both hus?
band and wife aWgaffOd law.v.rs.
Becentb " xrat dedded tocall off all
Um plans. on th. ground that publiclty
would b? InJurio.'s to both pertOO*. s"
oatenelWy. <>" 9*ttm waa gdjueted.
Oi i,, Baua, whoee wlfa died aign
?,.? oeum th* mmiuAm ol thie, ="?>**
the new? CfUehed him.
Former "Ice King" Seeks
Congress Inquiry?May
Sue Bankers.
Controller of C'.irrency Said to
Have Ref scd to Allow J ry
to See Report.
v\ ashinjj'.on. Jan. 7. -Chai lea W
Moraa, Ibe former "lea Mng." '"ir "f.
tbe rnool Bpectaeular llgurea la m?lern
Am.ri. nn finance and the prlw Ipal
actor in a drama thal laatcd for a half
doaen yeara and carried hhn from tho.
banking rlrclea of New Vork to tha
Atlanta penltentlary, is abou! to wrlte
onothar chaptor lo hla story. After
month* *>f patlenl Inveatlgatlon and
labor, Moraa is trytag to launch an In?
veatlgatlon bj a Congreaa coinmlttee
,,f all the clrcumatancea whleb led
up to hla convlctlon, bU years ago, ot*
vioiation of the national banking lawa.
Although his plans liaxe not baCB 8JI
nounred, il becam* knoxvn hen to-day
that ha also contamplatea buI1 for
damagoa agalnal promlnonl Noa v*.rk
bankera and other r*araona connected
Wlth his trial and eonx'iction.
Morae aaa In Wuahlngton yeeterday
toi a fea hours He bad a talk xxith |
Benator Borah, of idaho. and BUggeated
to hlm tha aaed for an Inveatlgatlon of
hla caae bj a Benat. i onunlttee. Al?
though the Idaho B. nator refuaed to
it. .-s t,i? matter, tha ex-banker M un
deratood to have lefl Waahlngton aUH
datermlned to force an Inveatlgatlon.
Slnce his return from Europe falorsa
has been busily angagod in making ,
preparaUona to m.pen ln the court of
public oplnlon, at laaaL tha caaa
agalnal him. Hi la aaid tu hold that
the prlncipal charge on which hc was
convicted, tho making of false on8rie.s j
in the books of tha National Bank of
North America, xxas a fllmay cbargo,
and that he did nothing more than was
done by scores of bankera in New Vork. ?
Morse ls understood now lo charg*
that the offlce of the Controller of the |
Currency here refused at tho time of ;
his trial to alluxx- the Jury to stc the j
rep.irt of the national bank examiner '
xxho investlgated the Bank of North i
America, and indlcates that this report
would have clearly cstabllshed the fa*t
thal ho had done nothing unlawful.
Hc is said to contend that thia refusal
xxas hasod in part on the fact that the
(ther New York banks were making
the same kind of Vans, and tlmt tha
production Of tho examiner's report la
COtlli would have resulted necssarlly
in the prosecutlon of many other per?
Three Couples Drop Into Wa?
ter While Dancing.
I' ?-..!.. 'ni*. Tritiui'..- Cacraapondeni
Richlleld. N. J.. Jan. 7 ? An unlookcd
for tormlnation of a dance on th. Ice
when the hositation waltz and lango
were pcrformotl by eight school girls
and boya took place near tho Brook
dale schoo] at the recess hour to-day.
Tha ice cavod in near the Change
Kridg*. procipitating three of the ou
1-les Into the wat* r
The dancera wara raacuod by thetr
friends. Ja.kets and sw*aters WOT8
uaed tO baal the sulimergod ones to
Those reacued wei*8 Anna ami tCdaa
000k, Josiphinc Corle, Lloyd and
Blanchard Taylor and Samuel Coyken
|da), the latt*r from Passaic.
Sees Tot Fall into Water,
Slides Down Pole to Rescue.
Four-year-old Johnnie Huggar. of
NO, Mfl Market Btteat, Newark. str-ix.d
away h*om bom? yesterday afternoon
and, while toddUng along the tow|>ath
Of tha Morris Canal. mar Jersey Btl*eet,
i f*ll Into that strtam.
John Morton. *.t Hoston, a l<legtai'h
l lln* man. who was working on top Of a
| high poi*-, hearing the chlld's *TJ, s'ud
down, ran along the bank. and. xxith
; out arattlng to romovi his atoel cltmb
ers or heavy belt, dix ed in wbOTS b<
had aaaa the boy dlaappaar. After
groping about the bottom he found hlm
: and brought the unconsclous form to
the surface
He inrrled the boy Into the engine
ronm of the Public Servlce gas house,
where. while awaltlng an ambtilance,
first aid methoda succeeded in M*/lag
hia life.
i _
British Appeal for $500,000
Discussed in London.
|li. .'.ill-. te Th. Tritiuni- i
I.ondon. Jan V A meeting of the
sp*-( lal .ommittee for the olymplc
ItamcH, BorMa, MHi. held at the p*.|x -
lecimic RaajaiM Bttaot, waa hold yaatar
day t<> lotisider the posltlon aith re?
gard t<> !!>? publi. appaal for half a
i mtiiion dollara
Th*- appeal xxas tit.st mad* m Augusl.
1018; and the detlmte stuternent xxas
made In Octol-.-r that unless the fund
i... hed $l*fc00Q by the end of the \ ear
-, li, .onuniitt* xx ould not be Juttt ifiod in
pi<>< < <ding further wlth the inattet
lt lt* und*-rsto*>d that the amount re
i-el\id ia les? than half the mlnlmum.
Few More /Moves Added to;
Checkered Career of
Park Examiner.
Matt-r nf Discipltae. Declares
Commissioner; "Se? Mayor."
Says Wife of Slvttlecock.
Loula !''? i-; ,;'* be m bo w?s ap?
pointed \'-r': Commleaioner b> Mayor
Kline t" Bll oui th. unexpired term <>f
Charlea B. Btov.r, and returned r*
January 1 to hia i-'t as examiner In
the department, was ouetcd yeeterday
mornlng bj < *_. uot Ward, the new Coa -
mieaioner, and, nccordlng t<> reports'
that stirr.-d the departmenl to Ita j
deptha was relnetated by Mayor j
When s" n laal niKht Commissioner
Ward waa evaaive, but tinally mad,*
this anewer to repeated Inqulrlea as to
the tTOUbli :
' lt is i matter of internal disa-lplin.',
gnd 1 have npthing mora to sa;,."
La Rorhe was conlined to his bod
last night, but his wif. aaid he referred
a \ arj on. tn Mayor Mitchel
Wh.n Cnbol Ward L.-.-ame Park j
Commlaaloner for Manhattan and
Rlrhmond it was ezpected that he !
would retaln La Roehe. Tha iatta-r w.i.
promlnently rnentloned as a poaalblilty
f'-r tlu- l'ost before th.- Mayor named '
hls Cabinet. tie ?xamin. r. at a salary
of .<4,ihnii |.a Roche had been chlef as
alatnnl to Mr. Btover for two vears
and was llked throtlghoul the depart?
I.a Roche bad been lll, it was learned
last night from bla aaaociatea, and
againat th>- ordera of his physiiiun re?
turned tn the Arsenal yesterday murn
Ing Later the report went through
tb.- department that Ward had ousted
blm. Membera of th. park force were
retlcent laat night. Ward had lOBUOd I
stri-t ordera that no statements wera
to be given oui, and no intervlews
granted without his sanction. Thoee
opproached atid that La Roche had
taken tha matter to Mayor Mitchel and
was reinatated
When Ward was aahed at hls house
in the a-v.ning what the .ause of the
iroubP- was he said: "lt Is a matter
-,f internal iledpUne. ' have nothlng
tn aay."
There i? n report that Mayo*
Mitehel rcinstated Mr Bn Ttochc after
you had removed him.' he was told.
MWai there'.*' he ripeated.
?Will you stiiiiKhten out the matter
with tha- Mayor?"
M_teally, I can't say anMhing tO
night," he deilnred. "there ls absolutcly
nothlng to say."
Edwin Gould and Other New
York Men Form Rival Organi
zation in Georgia.
IRy Tf !i*RT..ra1 t" Tha* Tribune I
Maeon, Oa., Jan. 7.?The purcha-.. hf
Edwin Gould and associates .f 8.000
| u'-ri-H of land at Latham Hammock, IMI
the coast, and the flling of a petitlon
! for a charter in the Superior Court at
, Hrunswick to-day indlcate a apllt *n
th. J<k;.1 Island i'lub. an organlzati'.n
of about 1<n? wealthy men, and thej
formation of a new and slmtlar OT- j
ganizatb'ti. perhaps more elabora'e.
The new club || to be known as the
' l.atham Hammock ("lub.
The nanicH signed to the |>etitijn
flled to-day are Edwin Gould. NVlson
j B. Hurt. Charles Tiffany Richardson
'and Waiter I> Klair. all of New York.
i They ar. members of the Jek> 1 islanJ
Mr. QottM has pald several viaita to
Ithe l.atham Hammock tract slnce lnst
laummer. lt ls only a few miles from
Ithe Jekyl laland Club. The purchase
price il nol dlOCloOOd in the court ro.
It is uaderatOOd that members of tbe
j new organlzation will erect pretentlo'-is
Icottageo and a clubhouoa and establish
a game and nshing preser\a*.
Paris-to-Cairo AviatorTelegraphs
to Aerial League a Challenge
to Meet Quinton.
Paria, Jan ' ~A duel ??* ln pr?"P*ct be
tv... n J les Vedrtnes. the aviator. and
I Hrne Qutaten, president of the Kre-nch
Aerial Uasue. M. Quinton flald to-nlght
?I am awaltmg M. Vedrlnefl's secondfl."
ACCOrdlng le lha announcement made
[yeeterday Vedrlnea whe recentiy made a
fllgbt from Partfl to Cairo. wa? ordered
1 >,? M QutetOO to alva* satlsfactlon Imme?
dlately b. tittun ?_*?__. hia rival. who
! had made a slmtlar night. and who chal
lengad Vedrlnaa t- ? ?__) after Vedrtnes
hnd struck hlm In the face.
V t lfgrain araa laeatiV i hy M. tjulnlon
from Yedrlnes to-day. readlna aa folloan:
? I wlll not fight thr antl-.-Yen.hman
Houx. but wlll rtght >ou as ?oon aa 1 re?
turn to Farifl"
French Capital To Be Taxed.
(Hy i able ln The Tribune )
Paria J**" " '? IB eaaegaeed that
IIm fatvernaaent Inteaaai t.? a?k th?
Chamber of Dapatlea to maive the rinan
clal probiem M. Callhwr. Minister of
I lum re. 44 111 inttodme a bill taxlng cap?
ital io pro\id?* fdr the laereaeed mui*
i.iry aspendttura and thereafter tht loan
.|iie?llon wlll be discu?sed
Mrs. Le Compte Says He
Stole Pavvnticket, and
Alimony Is Overdue.
Mi. an-l Mrs. Kdxx-ird L*8 Compte,
whose ;,. tix ilies have kept aJoft the
prfce of prinling ink antl prevented
Unot] pa operatora from dytng of ennui, ;
appeared in -'? BOW and entertaining
act last evenlng: About 8 o'clock, as
Patrolman S.venson was bni'Mng a
lamp p*ist at Park ax-, nue and 71st
street, he xvas disturbed by a woman's j
i ties. TWO minutes later he saxv a j
woman pulllng a well dressed man |
along Park avenue. She had her rlght
hand ttrmly <>n th.* lapels of his ox?r
"What ho' madam," Hwenson ex
. laimed.
"Ho nothing:" waa the anawer.
"This is my affeclionate hu*band. Ed
ward I.e Compte ;uid 1 want you to ar
rest hlm He stole a pawnticket for
mv diamond ring"
"1 .ant arrest him." said Swenson,
"bul you can."
"M3ny a trr.e xvord spoken in jest,"
Mrs. I.e Compte replied. "Vou may
well remark that 1 can arrest hlm.
And you may make a note of tho fact
that I'm golng to."
She then placed both hands on her
helpmeet's lapels and pulled him along
Park avenue. Swenson aecompanying
to keep off the curiotis. This novel
spectable naturally didn't attract more
than four hundred or flve hundred pcr
Booa Some thought it was moving
picture stuff, an.l they remarked that
Mrs. Le <V.mp8o played hor part with
lare ablliiy.
Thus they proceedc.l *.n I'ark axe
nue to 07th street. where tlu parade
turned east. Mcanxvhil.- I.e .'ompto.
who is an .Irctrical engineer and llvag
at No. 'lOfl Woolsey street. Astoria,
didn't mak. any great protest. He
was rather silont. but Mrs. Madelon
Kenmore 1.* Compte regaled the }>o
llcoman with snappy details of her
married life. For one thlng. she aald,
l,.r husband was sex.ral thouaand
I years overdue in his alimony | 8] -
m* rata
When the proxession halted in front
of th-' Kast (17th street police station
the CTOWd, realuing that it could nm
enter, gave the I.- *'"inpt?-s a heany
cheor and then departed.
To the lieutenant Mrs La Compte
said that her husband had stolen a
1 pawnticket for her diamond ring. T*M
jring. she said, was worth S.'Ub'I, and tt
! had haaa BJadgad f'?r $7.".. ..e Compte
! didn't ha\e anything lo say, so h, waa
I locked up "ii a charge of grand lar
One Arrest in 1913, with 1,500
I B\ T-leerBI'li to Th*? Tnl.une 1
Washington. Penn.. Jan. 7?East
Waahlngton. the borough Just east of
Washtngton. lays claim to keing the
Utopla of Pennsylvania. ln common
with other borougha tt has Juat cloa. d
up its yea. s hualness, and ln gom^
j over the books it ia found that the en
' tire ium received .n flnea ln that b--r
'ough ln 15)13 wan J9 .ra?, although It has
a population of l,.7m
The borough has nol a * hurch with
in Its borders.
Suit for $20,000 Damages
Against 'Le Journal' Dismissed.
I'ar.a. Jan 1. The clxil court to-day
dismlsMd a -Wll for IJO.OOO dainages
bn.uaht against "I.e Journal" l.y Maaa
PtBlnhall Ihe Parlalan wldow xvhose
trial In lSrOf* for the murd'?r of her
mother and her hiistiand cau?ed a world
wlde ?en?atlon The cauae of a.tlon was
th.- paattabtag ?>f aiiraed dofaaaatorj
< i.rnnient ln th* text of her rnemoira
Th?- *ourt auarrled Mme Stetr.liHI ami
her I nalt.ah pxil-llsher e**ch II ? rnta ilain
agea against I.e Journal" for non-ful
fll.nent of Its contract ln publlahtng her
memotra ln an ahrldKed form Kach
pialntiff had elatmed II'.'.OOO dameges
Man and Wife, Both "White
Plague" Victims, Prefer
Death by Gas.
Joseph Schufflay. forty-six years old,
an Auatlian, and his wlt'-. AtnHia. a
?fear younger, were found dead last
night in their four-room apartment -ti
No. ST."> Fi ra-st avenue. Thi- Hronx.
Two open gas j'is told the manner of
their death. whlch had carefully hem i
nrrang.-d f->r l.y the man anil his wif,>. j
The door had been stopped up wlth |
putty, the ke> holes plugged and the I
wlndow made alrtlght nn ? table in
another room were a number of let?
ters, stamped and addressed and rea.iy
to be sent out to friends the couple
were leaving behlnd them.
ln the husband's arms lay ? white
Mexi'an pn- dl- whlch bad not suc
cumbed to tha *as fumes.
An Investlgatlon of the case by
Corona r Healy ihOWed that the man
and hls wife had dle.l as the result of
g sulcide pact.
Both BchufRaj and his wife were in
the last stages of tuberculosls. They
were told by doctors that tha*y had only
a few more weeks to li*e.
lt was the woman who evidently
malntaiped her courage to the last,
when her hugband's det.rmlnation
faliered. Although he had started to
write several of the notes found in the
room lt was Mrs. Schufflny who had
ttnlshed them.
For twenty >ears Schufflay had been
cmployed as shipping clerk in a OOTUet
facory at 18th street and ? Broadway.
Nine weeks ago his physleian told hlm
he had but nine weeks to llve, and ad
vlsed him to give up his work.
On Tuesday night Schufflay invited
Bernard Petzold. of No. 815 Tin'on
avenue, an old friend. to go to a caf
near by and drink wine with him. Pet
zcld was surprised when hls frlend or?
dered several bottlea of charr-pagne.
As they part.-d Schufflay asked Petzuld
to tell Dr. Albert Kabbe, of No. Mi
East 17(lth street, to call around at his
home the next night.
The idiysl'ian's \lsit revealed the
One note, to the I'oroner, and written
in the man's hand, said. "I have
agreed with my wife to give up this
llfa of agony. The doctor glves me
only nine weeks to iive. I can't staml
the agony any longer. and my wife is
the saim." Tha reel a.f the letter was
written by Mrs. Schufflay It said
among other things that the funeral
expenaea were ihH to be more than
1100, and dlrecte.l ihat Mrs. Schufflay
be buriid iii a white casket. aecordinjr
tH ih.- Lntheren falth, whlla the hus
baad waa te !>?? burled aooniing to
lha So< idllst ilaa.l. The li'.tlta-S aif both
were t-> be cra-mated.
Bankbt okl ahowlng depoaita of aboul
11,000 were found.
License Bureau in Bronx County
Decides It's Too Busy To
Be Matchmaker.
4 onsidenng the fact that Preeidenl
j Matheeroon <>f Broha Borough is h..id
i Ing offlclal rei-eptiona thr'.. e a week.
i and that there ha\" bOOfl other indi.a
i tlons of regular Old Homi Weeks"
land other noveltlea in th.- pew eewKy.
' ll lsn't so remarkahle that whi-n F.l
ward Legg, of Ne tt OfWVe street.
\ While Plains read about the new mar
! riage license bureau there he wn.te fbe
following letter ta. Stuart Harris. the
! a lerk of the bureau:
"Dear Sir Seeing an 'ad.' or item, in
'a New York exening newspap.-r a few
I days ago. I hasten ta answer same.
' Now. will ynu be so klnd ae to s'-n.l m?
full partiaulars in r>-gard to samC l.et
me know these pa.lnts In paitil ular.
Whether you k tta open w.-t kday even
ings. the kind of girls who .ome tn
I your plate. and if you keep open on
|Sunda>s. ti-rms, etc Vours truly,
P. | l am about thirty yeara old.
light halr and mustache, blui .-?.*?*
welgh atiout 180 i"iunds. h'ii/ht .". f, ,t
r.i, kachee. ln gax>d diepoeltlen; aal
1 Ing as a lalmrer at .*'_! a day. lead ma
?ome addreflses. lf >ou llke. of a sult
gbla >oung lady."
Mr. Harris was kind ? nough to hreak
j the sad n.-ws to Mr. l..gg. . xplainlnj
! that so long as bUOtlieoo beepe up al th.
j presi-nt rate the bureau will not flnd it
necessary to do any mat.-hmaklng.
Aeting on ComDlaints of
Depositors, He Orders
an Investigation.
Alleged Concern Accepted
Money on Day Receivcrs
Were Named.
Attempt BeinK Made to Kaise
$1,000,000 to Protect Store
in Chicago.
Developments of Day
in Siegel Bankruptey
Difltrict Attorney Whitman ordered
an lnva?tlgatlon of the clrcumatancta
leadlng UP to the clo?lng of the prl?
vate banklng houae of Henry Siegel
4 CO.
Senate in Albany ordered an Invea?
tlgatlon Into the conduct of prlvate
banka ln the atate. wlth particular
raference to the altuatlon In New
Credltor*' committee confer? wlth
Henry Siegel and recelvea prellmlnary
report of accountanta on aiseta of the
Henry Siegel Fourtaentg Street Store
and the Slmpeon Crawford Company.
Eatlmate furnlahed on condition of
Boaton Atore. whlch In nine year? haa
loit $1,500,000 and paya $350,000 a year
Decision made to attempt to ralae
$1,000,000 to make more ?ecura the
poflltlon of the Chicago atore of
Henry Siegel, the one profltable prop?
erty controlled by hlm
Plan? conaldered for raorganlzing
tha Siegel anterprlaea ln New York.
District Attorney Whitman yeeter?
day ordered Arthur C. Train, head of
ihe newly establlshed bureau of com
merclal frauds, to look Into the clr
oumstanc**-! surroundlng the oloslng of
the private bank of Henry tr****** &. ?V
As a result of tlie closing of the Sie?
gel bank lha state Senate yesterday
r.uthorlsrd an investigation by th"
Senate Banking Committee of tho busi?
ness of prlvate bankers in the state.
The resolntion wan introduced by Sen
ruor Pollock and adopted bv g *ra*S9 of
27 lo I.
The District Attorney, *>vho acted
only afier numerotis complaints had
been made that deposlts had been re
teixed up lo the close of business on
tho day that Judge Hough plac-l the
Slei-el enterprlses in the hands of re
COlTera, and after it xvas known that
tho Sieg-I concerns were shaV, re?
fused tO disouss the matter
"The eaaa is under investigation,'' he
told a Trlbune reporter. 'Tlvre Is
nothing more that I can say
Mr. Train. who xxas present at the
Intervtour, was aquall** reticent. II ia
known. however. that Henry Molvtlle,
leeeixei of the bank called at the
Criminal Ooarta nuiidin< al the ra
?iuoat ot Ifr. Train, and xxa-i clooall '
xxith him more than an boar. He lofl
behind l.lm a transcrip* of the prolini
lnarv report of ihe Anierhan Atldtl
Companjr, arhlch has baan ovartaaliaf
th* attalra ol tha bank.
Depoaitor* Cab on Train.
ItapraaantatlTgg of thi racoivara of
j the iu. r anttla ent. rprlai
Iamong Mr. T.ain's caUOM b) u.xita
tlon, as xxas a t, pr. Kentatix. .8 th
n an antlle . r.-ditors' oommittee, of
|\xhich 1'ierr*: Jay la chalnnati 8 >
,i<.po*'itors alao < all. d.
The Ih, und. r xxh.ch Mt Train i-*?
a.'iing is loctloa N" 296 "f th< Pena!
i i.,i'. This raada aa folloa ?
? m, ..m. et. agant, tellar "i i terfc <>i
any i.ank. banklng aaaoctatioii or aav?
laga bank. and every Indlvldual baaaar
m agaal -""i avarj prlvata taankar or
agetir and everx t.-l'et Of ctaJTet ..!* ati..
Indixid iai l.anker ??' of ?? ptivata
banker. who anj <!o; ?
knowlng lhal BUCh li.irirx '"
tion or bank-T i:< Inaolvent, la I llK tt
8 misdcmeuntir if tha * tii<... nt or xaiue
of said deposit l <? lagg Hian >'-?"' ll the
amounl ?>r xalue of Ba*0 0* I"*-'- ba >-?'?
or o\ er, su> h 6*86*6888 .-hall ba K'.'-'V "' '
feiony. punt.-habie i.y imprisonanoi
not less than one x.ar ti"f 08*01*8 tliati
v.. eara, or bj a tin*' of rk>4 loaa tbun
J.."*'*. nor more than g*3,t***0, or boi
In this . ..nne. tion Mr. Ifolvllh told
Mr Tniin thg BM6M-y pal*i IntO the
l.ank for about 1 \ve.-k had. \v !? uii.d,
Ix'.-ti k"pt. apart fr<.;n Oth< I depoafta,
This monex, aaaauntlna lo $HM " on
PalunlaT. January 20, aaa depoaltad la
the .-'*" uritx Hank. at Fifth aventM and
i I4ih -ir.'t, ag a epe iai a. o int,
1 agr'ff- which a . he. k h...l !?-?*.n (s'lxen
t<? 11 peeaon coemected arttli the baah
! after it had 1 ? * I) 1 ertlflod.
The r.-c lpts of Januarx '.'.i the l.isl
day tha banh X4.i> opea tor bua
he found in an enrvetopn, nol having
aaaa antaarad >..i tii* ledgen n xx ,
underatandlng, be aald, thal the monej
waa thus wgregatod -?? that, 18 t"
sary. it *-*>iii*i bg rotarned to the per
aona depoMtlng lt, and thal th. p.
lo whom th.- r.rtine.l 1 li, , \x - fivaa
aouid ?>h*>rtix ask Judge Hough, ln the
l'nlted Ratea I'i.ii.t, <i-r pormtelaa t*.

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