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the check nnd return the mOMy
vi. mph\t4.1
Mi Melvllle, however, haa made a
,,,?,? the bank for tlM monev
whl-h he pmmti .hsnred a*n the lK?.ka *
the tinn bM contentlon belng that it
belonga io hhn a.-- recetvei for pre rate
.nuri- :t:<? atii'iriK the < trditors
aa\ing the Criminal Courte
Buthaiiag Mi Melvllle had a ceafcf-oaee
?arlth John P li ttxtxy, ?'f Cauderi
il the ? f-ditors
?i th, banklng bouea They weal over
Mtaatloa al h ngth, aad el the i loei
?he .onferen.e Mr Murrav geclhred
- ore lay ln
w-.rkine ln hanex nj wltk tha other
f the d<
I . , \ | weel i3th atreel
, , , ? ? taken
? on .1 nomlnel
. a.n.i. ivaatloa k< 'P ""' '"''
condltlona! ot
I twera
n Htora
wlth ?' ' xx ?*h*
tho ? ea
menl reprew nt*
? |
Must Protect Chicago Houte.
I , . ? . 4. ol the
4 ol pruti ? ? the Chi
? thal tht
hanklng houai o(
Fi... . rea of
,.ii at_4 k of th< 8
i hlch owna tha Chlcago
? ? k haa a face verw of
l/pon the l ; ,,,is
?,? . .. ii thi hnp'-s of
ibe bamkini ci - tot an) coaeld*
.ra'.!" parl of their money and of thi
ra for a larger dla*
tlon than would otherwlei be the
Metvtlla and Murrey, wlth tviillem k.
li _? Anti John 8 gheppard, Jr. n ? v*
ara t ? antlla bouw a, and i o
Inten ata, n ? l leti i ln the
., tlla - redltora' com*
mitf. ? .* ifltoa There the situ
^ tkorough :' ,lie
. : -. rep irt ? ? M" i-i
... nlng tbe booka
of thi atorea aaa looke- over
Thi booka Bhowed, among other thtnKs.
arrled by ihe j
Oti Company had a ',":'-'
0, thal Of the Four
gtore. I " ?nd the Boe*
I *.,i.,f>i
uldltlon ffl thla ' eon Crew*
ford Compai ] )?'- aecounta r,.. Heabta ol
and furniohtnga
anl plan, ai d it ear*
? ? its bookl i hm\99
IU aquity ln Ita real aatete it vataea el
? ??
\,, .,.i, arevei hneglnea that
a mld brlng more than a fmetlon
? tha booh va' le, and the aotl*
mated valua ol the real estate e<*uity did
BOt appeal to the comniittee's sense ol
valoea Bealdea theei nominai ass?ts j
th. re an Inel both the Four
teenth Street -sii-r.- uf Henry Siegel and
the llei-y Blegel Company of Hoston. j
wh:ie tha Merchanta' B_spreaa company.
dt_ ihe cartlng f"r th** SteKei |
.tora-, one? them |MM0e
t riie arki*iili -f the POurtoeath Btore
?- marcheadlae lt ';
I isi ? -i aecoonta Oerrled |
-.- ..ti the books are flxtuiet, al
t.3-.'."."! and $:70,'i('O expaii'led en th*
. f I uildlnga and flttlng up the mme
for use as al
Tl.' nea (letinite thtni* at*out the Bos
t..n atortt dtveloped la that it ims lost
11,500,. Ib tht nine reara it haa i.. n hri
. Mon.
Siegel's Fatth in Stores Firm.
Mr Blegel "told the committee thorx wea
, , ibt In hli mind thal the atorea couiu
ho n ? ? - ibatl titlnl profits, once
the trouble ir wblch they are now in
4 ndfld To do it, however. he
?aid, ruw i. naora capttal la nee.ied than
tha stora s aavfl had al their aaaaeanL
A maatlag of depualtora In tha bank of
Heun Megel g Co win b. called to order
ai . o'doch thla eften.n To keep
Of poli.i wlll be on
?|-'., |. _ rroa I al tha- lefl rea
ter.in- demandlna Infomaatlon and money.
Mi Melvllla e . anebla te -.ive then an:
thir.c more mtlafylng than tha auditor's
tepott Ofl th' COndltil i. Of tha bank, piint
oA I, . ? mornlng'!. Tribuni
i);. . freri i greal many old paepla la
.... ? my of whom bad patbetlc
tell of havlng leM their all.
of thesa- arara kyatarleal, others t>it
ter ege ? al tl' mmiagenianl of the bank
and hialeted oa eel
New Jersey Democrats in Too
Much Need of $2,000,000
Revenue Each Year.
Tl a l'rll..ine |
Troaton, Jan 7--.iu.xt how eflleaeioua
tha "seven slsters" are M "trUBl bggtera '
has ntvt-r beea deteillliaed -n this state,
for the sliiKii ieasoii lh.it no attempl has
?., aaade to eaforoa tbem elnce they
have rea< hed the staiule txok-. And it
?itntu*. hldeed. that any attt-mpt tmII
bfl made t" OBfOroe tha*m, oe4-nuse the
ktkte ls pretty haid |_re000d r.iianrlall\
Just BOW and can't gffetd any decrra.n
in it? revenue from the Mg eerperetlena
irhlch amoanta te mora than MJNuMI ?
\ ear
There m a tlng ? ? *? ? ptlon t" thia *Bd
that Is th-s a<t aafea*_ardtng the incor
putatlon of new concerriH Th.b law has
wittiout doui't Btapped the im orporatlon
,,f "aaiidi?nf -cenpantao la the PreeMeat'e
beaaa stati-. beeauM of ii>* reetrtetteaa
v.th a uoneeqnenl tiacreem ir ihe anwuni
nonej reoelve_ from lacer por atlon
arhleh wa? upward of T.ti..'<aj last
Mrs. Heath and Other Women
Inspectors to Watch Stores.
Mis .i iiiati Heath b eew ? faM tb-.iK.-.i
hMgectoff fer Um Mew feeh stata- noarai
of Hi-altl'. wltl. h bagge. Anal M .ua
three ot.ai a,m ara ln tn. Monaonlaae'
L_aagu4 Mra H R Caraway, Mlee'_Bmme
iik and Mr> Thayer JaceacL They
,p]HiiiiiuiMits yaaterday.
Tha-li mlxsl'.n wiii '? !?' POt th.it all
I atorag4 tn. ,i >? ?->:<j dis
i.i_4 th.- aettea reejalred bj the new >?..t??
irKulalk.n lt ln _ oarg, ivmIm? li..l..? l.y
eigM. beaded "Notice t.? ConeuaMre." aad
annoui.i iiik lhal cold Bteragi fund is
haii'll"! ln th.it Mm.
? iioumv.iva-a,' i-_agwera nii ovei the dty
I t>. md m ih. dletiibutlon of
aotieea lo the emall mercaeeta"
a, 4,,|.| laai tiiirht ,..rid when
,. v.a- Inapi eeora ?*ni net m >
Wx *i...il aot lu it Ihat tm tioti-i.*, d-'ii t
fali a-ff tlu _?' lo?t."
His Peace Mission to Flow
ery Kingdom Praised by
Viscount Chindn.
Faced Delicate Situation at the
Time Land Bill Was Vp, Says
tlie Ambassador.
Th. Aldlne Club held a Japanoaa dlnner
iu honor of HaaaUton IVtighl Mabli lact
nlghl in Ma dul. rooms ln the Flfth Aee*
nue Building. lt waa ln reoogiMtlon ?.f
Mr Mablt's reeent mission tO Japan for
tiie Cartieglc laundatlon for Peace. w*hea
he nia.le eighty leetures in the univerritles
throughout 8hat eeuatrjr. Vlaeouht Ckla
da, the Japanaaa Ambassador to tlie
l'nlted Stat.s, xvas also u gUOBt and pald
a high tribute to the work of Mr. Ifabte
in Japan relative to tlie tnternational .
paaee movement. j
??Mt Mabie errhred la Japan when hh ;
mission roqolrad great dellcacy," said VIb- I
IWUnl Chinda. 'The Caiifornia land bill j
had just paaeed the Laglalatare of that I
? -. desplte the efforta of the national;
adaMntMnUton lo pterent lt This actlon I
couldn't fall to have its eff.it aeroaa tbe
?aaa Large public meetinga were held
whlch exclted eroa la attandad, arhere taa* ?
passioned an.l even inflanimatory epea I ? ?
w*-re niis.l.
"I would like il distinctly underatood
that 1 da BOl Intend to delend the atti
tude of the Japarvse erowda al that time.
but l state tbeae tecta marely to show
tha delicate situation Whleb Mr. Ma'.'ie j
faced. PuMIc ctptnlon iii Japan la moulded
? \ the Japanaee etudenta, and, therefore, I
any one who geta the ear Of the student
etaaa ean materially Influenee pnbNe aentt
ment. ln that way Mr Ifabto'a 8060888
xxas very gratifymg ln ni'.lllfxi.u, tiie
prejudloea toward Ata-aica whlch were in
tbe public mmd. Jai.aii is to be . otigrat
ulated upon Mr Mable'a \isit tn our coun- j
try at jusst that tlme.''
Taicott williams, head of the Colum?
bia School of Jotirnalistn, xvas toastnias
ter. Tlie othei spcakers were Arthur 8.
Hlggina, president of the Aldlne Club;
Qeorge Kennan, F. Hopktoaoa Bmlth,
Howard Managald, and Mr. Mah6a nth.-rs
at the gueat tabie xxer* K lljinia, tlu
laganeae Coaaul General, lind aay Raa*
s*i. peeatdent of the Japan loclety; Dr.
is Sato, preald ani of the Agrtcultural
College, at atepparo, Japaa, who is ln this
eountry as ? return lacturer under the
I'arnegle Koundalion: 11. ih.it S Houaton
and l>an C. Heard Many Jupan.se 88*81*0
gueata of tha -" taambera of th. dab
who attended ihe dlnaor.
aii *.f the dlnner nppeintmenta aud
daearatlonf wora ptctureaquely Japaaaaa.
XX istaria and OTangl Mossoum xx.-le
tariued la the rowe of m imlaated Japan
ese lanterna Dwart Junlpat tree-, uo
yeara oi*i, deeerated tha guests' tahk
Tmy sake capa and chopatJeka were pro*
Mr. Mahie dl8CB868d th*' histoiieaJ xalue
and preaenl Importan* ?? of Japan in th
familj of nations. Keiuuse Japan 888681
into tho familj of aatloaa only sixty yaara
?ak'i many loohed upon h. r us a nexx luim
tfj , le snd. when tlie fa- t xxas t
waa the oldest eountry in tht- aotM xvith
an unbrOkaa history.
Ajjree to Barge Strikers' De?
mands and Men Go Back.
M *. J Tracy. "f No. 1 Mroadway, one
of the hugest of tiie OOal ti anap'.itatlon
fbms jjlaHlad tO the atrlklng coal barg..
eaptalna yeaterdai and granted all thelr
demands This firtn operatts about 186
barajea aad ..s sn ui .ir the agt*eeaaent ai -
elgaaf the captains. xxith thelr fanv i- -.
i r-ninned to the l.arv -
Several other tranaporlatlofl aaaapaalea
?jlgQ made settlem* nts, giantmg al! the
rb tnatida.
Maanarhlla repreeantatlvea "f aev-atty
traaaportallou eompaalea met y.aterday
j and aanouaeed thal Ihe) arould glve th.-ir
Iatrlklng eaptalna threi daya t?i return,
failing wlileh tti. x will flll their placeQ.
I Several iudlvMual companlea yeaterda)
i ran bargefl xxith striK, breaketa
Minn. & St. L. Financing.
Newman Kil.. preHdrnt of th* Mn,
ii.ttp.-li*. I Hl V.ulx lta ilroad ('i.nipany.
ai.tiu.iir.ed tha BtateaaaM raglardaj thal
'? the $3."si.i?xi niit'-H nf road tiiaturlng >.ii
KehriiHix 1 aill b* piox ;.!??*! tOt. II- said
thal tiie aaa tii.aii.ing would n?t oal)
tak'-.aie *>f the maturtng abllgatlon
thei a ?iiim). ani'..inl of a.Jdltlonal liolra
I would be Isaui .!.
MUli*. 4 \l M HEAD ACH* IM. I.HII'
. x\ xIIXK itKOMO QIMN'INE tali'.te renx.ve
i.i ? M<> (Jl l.MNK '
i . .iui4 of E vx .;!.? i*i i: aa i*"- Ma
-AM. *
O'Shaughnessy Ooes to Vera
Oruz for Conference.
[Bv Gahifl in 11m Tribuaa]
Mexico dty, Jan. "? Sf-eleee O'ghaugh*
Arax i k an l luurge, lett bera ta***
nlghl for Vera Crua, accompenied hy his
wifa. 'lha I- -ti.all s.aii ra ni; 11 i.a-al ln Mex
Ico Clty. it waa esplained thal tha
Chargd'a vlall to \ era Crua waa for lha
iloable purpoee of eonferrlng with jtahn
Und nnd enjoytng e bii. f reel
Preeidenl Huerta laaued a decree to*
nlght, authorle|ng banka to leaua Mlla t..
thr... tlme- the emounl of their paid-up
capital. While In general banha must
hold .n caah one-bolf "t the ameaml rap
rraented t>y i:i**ir bills in droulatlari plua
tba call depoell ' ? Plnanca Departmenl
may, 11 it eeea Bt, eathorlM tiiein te leaoc
potM to three tiihea the amount of ceeh
00 hand.
<Thx da n i aleo author leaa othei bank?
baaddea tha National Hank of Mexico to
laaaa bllla of ona end two peooa
Church Envoy and Old Diaz
Aid Said to Have Been
with Him on the Chester.
Mexico Clty, Jan. 7.?it is regwrted
here that two Mexicans ac-omjianied
Mr Lind on his reCCnt trip mi the
eooul eruieer Chegter to Paaa Chriotlan.
These men are said to have been Se
hastian Cania.hc, an old Coiiservutive
of the Porflrio Diaz regime, and An
tonio Paradea, attorney of the Catbo
li?- Church in the capital.
The reported preeeaee of the latter
has been tak.n to indirate the active
part i.eins played by Archbishop Mora
in the s> ttleiiniit of the Mexican diffl
CUltlea The Anhbishop and other
church dlgnitariea have beea pleadtng
with those cloea to Huerta to Obtain
from the President whatevr con.-.s
alon might be neceeaary to brlng about
Independent of theae ? rr<>rts it i_
known that othere, including high inill
| tan offlcera, hava* attempted to per
[euade the President of the neceerity of
i The report that Huerta le Incllned to
'tak' Btepa that will leave tlu prc-stnt
I Minlater of Justice. Beftor Qeroetlet, _s
his aucctaoor, baa gained impetua
'? There is another report current that a
nen alate erlll bc propoaed to Oeneral
Huerta bj another group, whlch would
place Oeneral Joal l"elaeco, now com*
mandlng al Torreon, In the Preetdency;
Oeneral Lauro ViHar, eaother offlcer of
the i'ia/. reejtme, In th.- Mlnletry of
1 War, and _Tmn__aco de la Barra in tha
Mlnletry of Foreign Affaira
Effect Settlement with Mrs.
Amalia Huber. Who Demand
ed $20,000 of Lawyer.
Sevral frienils of iH.nald McLaeaa, B
i lawyeff and at one time Appraiser of
. the 1'oit of Naw Vork, w_u>___ wife was
foinurly pr. sident-ga tieral of the
I Damghtove "f the JUnertoea Reveta*
; tion. haye DOQM t" bM aid and settli-d
f../ him arlth Mrn. Amalia Huber, of
No. lllll Carpenter uv.mie. The Bronx
Mm Haber goa_aa-god in the ?arra*
, gatex' eourt that Mr. McLean turn
j over tbe money he beld as executor of
[UM estate of the petitioner'H husband.
j She clalmed I-XV00O. McLean. in an
\ ai count ing filid last July un the de
| man'! "f Mrs. Haber, BxaaJ this nmouiit
.,i Mii.41.;. Thf friendt* of .Mr. Me*
I. an frt'i'i t.d a B-ttla-inetit f..r less than
i.aif >.t the ..ni.iuiit tlu- lawyer aaimitted
he Htill held of the estat- Wlth thia
s, tth ina-nt Ihe law firm ef Niebrugg*
,* Maxfleld. who r.j.r. ?? nted Mrs.
; Haber, have dleronttnued the pnaeed
| ing in the garrogatee' oourt Mr. Mc*
i..an iiuix beea IU f"' bqom timt, ami
rocoatrjf ent ?" the somh Hu physi
i -lan aaid he was threat.iud with
I paralvai..
Th. order i" Mr. McLeaa eoktagblm
i., .hiivs ..him why lu- hha.iild not pay
o\er ihe m.iney of th. Hui r ebtate
v. as i.-Miad "ii Hovemhei p\ Argument
lon th.- appli' atlon was adjotirned be
L ..r the laahfnt] of the reepoaaani
? iu appear ln i ourt.
Rebel Leader Reported
Taken by Federals Near
Conchos River.
Oeneral Castro Iss. cs Deliant
Note to tnemy. Tellinu Them
He Is Ready
|Bjy r- legrai'' '" "" ' ""''?* ?
I'r.-sidi". Ti ? . Jan. T Ri b? '?? id. ? i
h.*re 1..-nlght ar- V.niii'd "x.t r*epoTta
lhal Paneho Villa, . hlef of all th. rob. l
tor . la the north, araa captured to
*iay while ni'hi' th*' rebel camp "ti tlo
Coucboa Rlvoi bj a deuchmenl of
l-'.-.i, rais froaa the -v aw ? guard ol
Qenera! ?Ar^umendo's totct froaa tha
south The r.-ports hav. aat been con
armed, bul aelther bave tha rabel
laodlera on thia aida bt en able to get
am word fr..m tha camp. riearly twi nt]
milcs from < .Jinaga.
According i" the plan f.-nniiiai.-d by
Oi ih rai.*- Nat. ra and Orlaga tha r.
advance upon ..jin-ig.i abould hava
started to-day la fact, tha robala
should bava boon attacklng the Pederal
-rtroaghold to-nlght, according t?. thi
programme whlch waa aenl bara laal
night by rabel . "ini. ra
There has I- -n BO gvidenca to-daj ol
rebel approach. No oouri.-rs hax.- COBM
fi'.in the temporary camp with tl.e an
nawKoaaenl <>f a change ln plaaa, and
local rebel sxmpathiz. rs ar.- niaiul'.st Ix
ln ojinaga to-day tii- l-V-d.rals have
[been atrengthenlng thelr poaltlona,
l.urying slaln *.in.?rs aud hiirning dead
| prtvatea, aad la lh- work th.-y have
lahown ao dlapoaltloa t.. exull ovar the
appaiani aafeomfltara "f tha rebels.
' Karly t*i-*lay Heneral t'as.ro issu. .1 ..
- detiant noie t*> th> robala to ooene when
' they pleaaad. To frtendf>who saw bha
in ojinaga Oeneral I'astro said he was
' ready tor any attack th'- robala Wlahed
| to make. He is e..nti.l.-ntly expecting
Ocnoral Argumendo wlth neatij* nv?>
I thouaand Fed*-rai roinfor. amanta lo
j nlght ?t to-m,'rri.xv. and he doea not
think the rebels will attack when once
th'.v learn that Argumendo bas rea* hed
t ijinaga.
That tlo* rebels hax.- been very
sin.ngly reinforced is tha report of
Federal seerot agents who have bOW
keeping in tOUCh with tha movements
of rebels. Every garrison in Northern
Mexico haB been depbted to send men
'and ammunltion to Villa at < ijinaga.
j and the greatest effort Paneho Villa
has made will be in th. new attack on
Ojinaga lf the rebel chlcf still is un
Not less than ten thousand rebels
will be in the attacking army, an3 the
attack cannot long be d>-laye.l, for the
rebels have only a temporary camp
now and have made no preparations
for remaining tben any length of time.
Villa reaehed the rebel camp yester?
day, a<'< ording to a dlapgtch roachlng
h.re, and while local rebels are anxious
I thay insist that the rebels' delay in at
I tacklng ls due to Vil'.as usual care in
nmking everything n-ady before mak
! ing an important move.
In ojinaga the Federals admit that
I ihe attack on the town by rebels per
: sonally led by Villa will probably be
j more desperate and more daring than
i if ?ubordlnata ofheers led the men.
Villa's jiersonality counts very
I strongly with his men. They will go
j into any danger at his command, while
1 thay would not he.sitate to mutiny if
i ordered by some commanders to face
, ertaln disastt-r.
I Two men Succeed, While An
; other Is in Serious Condition.
I Two men took carbolle add in Jersey
|C*tty last evening. One ls dead and the
| other is ln a serious condition at the
c ity Hospital, and another man, who
jumjicd from the ferryboat Philadelphia,
xxas reseiied tOO late tO rave hla life. He
iis belleved to have been a. Beudota, of
' No ir*iii* Mth atroet, iirookiyn. accor<llng
I to an "nvelope found on him. It .ontaliKd
a receipt of an llalian si.cietx' Bfcjnad by
! K. Barimnlc. of No. BfJ Kast IfJlth stre.-t,
Manhattan Ha waa about sixty yea.s
A man knoxxn as John Ilxat.. ab.uit for
t. -flve years old. took the fatal dos. of
carhatle add la the CotamMa iiotei. a
i roomtag hon.*.. on Newgrft avanua He i
' *ai*i to have beaa aaiptoyad by tbe ora.iy
, Manafacturhag Company, Manhattan.
I.ouis Labmskl. tWOUty-tWO >>ars old,
is at the "'Ity Hoapttal His eoiisi.i, Mar
i tha 1'adln. of N? j.'.', tpathgpu avenue, Jer
i ?ey City. report.-.l tn tlu- palloe Tuesday
. th.it Leblnaki had lanlahed. ais,. her jew
lelry, valuad <<t it.*,. He r*i*turned last even?
lng aud aha haforaaed the police. agaea
? the offlcers an ived to arrest hlm they
t in.ind he had just swallowed tin- add an 1
hurrUd hlm to the hospital.
His Paper on Hygiene Shocks
Rainy Day "Daisies."
Dr. Heinrl* h Stem, heart BP< -laVf.
gaxe tb?- Rulny Day I'luii. a shock >e*ter
I day. And he 888*86 got It through his
1 head wliat shu.-ked the "I'-alsles.
' Or. Steln nad a pap.-r on h/glene at
! thelr meeting at the Hotel Astor. H>
, told them they oughtn't t" drink mii.-h
coffee, and they ahoubln t run for tratl -
If they eomniuted and were fleshy, and
| then he got armind to clothes
' "I my.-Hf,'' he aaJ'I. in a strong Oer
man a< ?* ?> nt. am an advocate for ihe
aeaae aaafetwoai Baaaaaat and winter.
i You weat thi. k elothea outdoors in wln
: ter. and when you g<> Inio a warm room
'? to a elul, me.-ting auch aa Uil>, you ,-an
take off 88M garm*nt. ix*o gaunents,
Ithree garaaaata, four garBM*48taa ?
I Thiti, was a unlvertial gasp. A "l>ai-> '
in the front row whtspt,n-d to her neigh
Iboff that._g?jod giacloua.^ ehe tiex.r wor*.
'more than three, .md how ? f Anoth. i
i 'Datsy" ?al*l out loud thal ln theae mod
? i., times no wriman arore more than four
lal the moat a |.iwiiiii ' DeJejr" in ibe
reai Informed ti.o**e aroun*i aat lhal a.
Vonrt.ie.1 ht-rB-If to tao.
, "BeMdea mx dress. you hnaw," she ex
iplaliied ' I'rider thal I Jual have my'
. imi,. ?i"" siii' aad t.,ii^'. tr?
M.*? A M Palmer rapped har ga\*l
..ml tha whlapertng atoppad. l>r rlt.-m.
b.'-k.ng mli.l.x puzzled, vxelil ull xxith hl.-l
health 8alk.
Secrecy in Mexican Trip of
Dreadnoughts Porteiids
Move by Wilson.
Rumors of Rcnewed Pr<* sure
from Europe Heighten Ten
sion in Army and Navy.
11 rom n_a Trfa ina ? irena 1
Waahington, Jan. 7. After e period ot
? _.,.i emphetie denlale, it ?*;.* et
idmitted al thi Mnt i" partmenl
this afternoon thm the dreedaoughta
. i- loaMa and Lftah erould pro*
...,: ta Mexican aratera In Pebruan M
t*_J stita-al at tha Bai 10 tlBM tli.it these
li -> ,U|ij r h" .? three other bettle*
Bhlpi tin- Rhode island. the St n -fereey |
end l ? Mebraeha
Thi feet thal n.e batUeahlpa arhleh
ara Of the tirst divisi"ti Ol the Atlantlc
(laat, whlch la aeen ta. proeeed te th?
\\ i st [ndlea for menoeurree Anti targel
pract.ce, are actually golng tt> Mexico
. lmltf-d through ;in Inqtttry fOHow*
Ing Tha Trlbun_*? annoaneenienl of 'h*1
Intentlon of the Navy Departmenl t" eead
theea * aaaeli to M' alc i.
The rattoemte of tha- gapartmenl eon*
cernlng thia a-hift haa tended to helghten
tba bellef that aomething le po4Mi ta be
don* i.v the edmlnietretlon In Me.io.,
them arould ba no neceealty for
ajeerecy concernlng a almpla change of
reeaela "ti Ibe Mexican station
Tha Tribune coiieependenl ts now in
tormoi that tbe hicher ofltelale of the
Naw Depertmaat era erorhlng on a plan
for aandlng a eamber of amauer ehlpe to
Mexlca-i aratera it is etated that amall
gunboata end i ruieem aow In reeeive
an; oul of eoinmlmaoB el the several
yarda on the Atlantlc ceeel wlll eoon ba
put Into commiaaion end eaal tn bfealco.
Juat what Bhipa them win be bea nol
heen detertnineai. and will not he nntil the
axp.-iti- oomplete their euevey of the att*
Uatlon and rnak.- their flnal plans. It la
?tated furtber that the aendtng of more
gunboata and other smaller flKhtln? <*raf
may reeolt In rellevlng eeetaln bettleeMpe
rrom duty in Mealeen aratera, provtdad
t al the edmlnietretlon takes no ferwerd
?tep i:i Ma-xi.<. it has been rapeetedly
flhoam that -mallei ships are of far more
ralue In the preaenl Mexican situatior.
than dreadnOOghta because of the fact
that 'tt moal porta ..ti tha Oulf tha* * attie
?hlpe ar.- e impelied to Ile rar "ff shore.
Force of 10,000 Man Planned.
The pmeenra et tha btg battleehlpe,
however, arlll be eemntlel n* the govern?
menl deeMee to Intervene In Mexico. The
.dmlnistratlon's plans for tnterventlon, if
inti rveiitia-an ever come?. contemplate the
Utlllaation "f a force of 10.000 bluelarketa
and merinoa Them would be drawn
fr.itn the hattleshlps an.l elsewhere. lf
b-terveatlen is not eoateeaptetad in the
immediata future, the smaller f-hips will
be ad.*qtiate to look after American in?
terests in Mexlcat. seaporta.
Whatever !s done wtth the battleships.
whether they are wlthdrawn from Mexlc
in vhOle or in part. or 1/ the ships of the
flrst division ara- now g.tiug tO Mexico to
rell-ve a.thers or not, It is the Navy De
partmenra plan ee t.. iggtrlbate th-* fight
int. er_.fl nf the fleet that there will be BO
ship more than five days' cruise from tbe
Mexican coaet
!t may be sald that the Mexican "sltii-t
tion" Is gTOWtng tense agaln, and there
ara many radlcmttona tbat tha* administrn
tion la eontemptatlng action. There are
repbrta that proeeura from Burope is he
Ing once more eserted, and lt ls IBOeJl-d
th if all prevhma activity with reeard to
Mexico has invanably had tha* atlmulus o?
Buropean dlaaatlafactlon wlth conditions
ln that country.
The secrecy and mystery aurroundlng
plans for shifrlni- ships. the r.' ent warn
\nn frmi the Stite Department against
Amerleena retarnbig to Mexico, Mr.
Bryan'a unexpeeted prayer in Uneotn
aeklng thal war wlth Mexico be made un
noeeeeary, the more or less myeterleaa
vislt of John Lind to the President. and
an unueuel eJertneee whi.h u dleeeratbte
in both the War and Navy departments
have created a feeling that action Is soon
t.i H- taken. Positive proof. hcweaer. i*
laeklng as far ea IPeehington is con
It may le that the President has de?
cided to do something. and DOXl week
when the President will be back in Wash?
lngton, as w.ll as Mr. Bryan. da-velop
DJMata may take place.
Talk of Split with Bryan.
There was an Interesting rumor ln cir
culation to-day that If war with Mog-OO
is flacHtH upea, which is what interv.n
tion 4v..iii.i goubUam paave to ka, Mr.
Hryiin wlll reglgn his portfoli" rather
than bn . omn-a-ted with an administra?
tion InVOtVed ir war. The st.iry. whl<h.
like so many other rumors of the day. ls
without ..aiitlrni itia_n. is that tl.ere ts i.
growtag dlvergence of views Letween the
President and his Se. retary of State. The
President, lt is aaflTted, contemplates in
t.r.ention ln Mexico. His premier Is ao
utteriy aVBTM t" this step. whicb would
mean hloodshed, that he would not car?
to continue in hls preaent capacity.
Jersey City Has Plan to Kill
Two Birds with One Stone.
Any employe of Jeroej t'i'.y who hap
pens to Ket sick ln the future may have
the services of a city physician and a clty
nuiae with'.ut cost. Thla plan has bOOB
agmed upon by the .omniisslun whlch
fOVerai Jersey * "Ity. and to all Intenta
and purpoaes has for Its object the pres
. r. ..tlon of the health of the city em?
Th.re is another reaaon. tOO, one that
la moat im.aortant from tha taxpa.'iV
poinl Of vi'-w. rio many city a-tuploj ???->
hav- beetl iihs.-Ilt f14)111 th'ir posts of late
that the commiaaion began to wonder if
tba city waa tn the throea Of an ejlib mlc.
Ka?h and every ..ne of the gbOOBtOOe PTO*
Bcnted phyalcUn's i-.i tltl. ates, but in
many caeee the naiaee afgned to theae
.?a-rtitic.it. s w. r? atiar.se and aouiewhat
.|,,.:htful. Aa a result, the eoniniiaala'n
decided to have tbe clty fl physlelana look
after tha- health ot ita employea, wlth the
double purpoee ??f betptag r>-aiiy daaervlng
, .,>? anal ef ferretinjt out thoae whi- h
_re ' inak' -heliev.
Reunion for Wopowogg.
The W'opowoK 4'ainpera. a part\- a.f
foaag people who a>i>end the auiumer in
tha viclnlty of the Salmon Hiver, Kaat
Htunpton. I'orm. wlll hold their .-evt-nth
annual reunion and dance Fttday ?ven
iii-, January .. at Proape. t llall. Proa
pect avenue. niiir KKt^ avaaaaj BrooMjra.
International Oarment Union
Oalls Him Troublemaker.
Th" batmtStteassO tSAmttt Oarment
Workara1 Unleo af ?aaaTka, aa guan nto*
,t the : '.?" araaaai i i-*1*' "lk
laabera nnd tha taaaiaTaetaiat*8* Baaael
-.tiona tooh ;. anad rroterday ln tba elee
ti,,,, of Dr leaa* I Hou - ? * * cblef
i. ,u ?t u. ??? .1 ua* aa ' I tke Cttok and
Btciri M ik. ta" rni'.n Thi mai I
gave I' ?????t'd hla lr<tl*.n on th. ground
thst he |c too rpdli V
Th- int.-rnatlonal oni"n -Mttt I 1'"
Ihi *'l.i.,k..,..k?ra' r.iio.i ln Whk b lt 8tal
.-".I Ihat the retention of Dl Oourwc h .
.h'-f -dark waa aajttaaaVaUl to th* baai
Intarean nf its amaabara. it w.ii aoi
lltHM guevrantor for th. protocol if Dr.
Hourwi. h r. malaa la aaaaa aftei Jana.
ary ll
TiM statemrflt tfl**-arg4M I >r IVurwlrh
wlth obBtrucilvi ta. llea aad wltk al
|ng rh. Iritaiaatloaal aalaa aad denauac
mg ki anV., MMnta al lha i
ureea* aaaaflallaa He M aaaa ek ? -? ?
xx.ti trylng lo dte-eeaaal aaaaa oOteete be?
fora HM unlon.
Prematire Publication of Change
Causes Britain to Alter
| From Th- Trihune Rir-1 . '
\\ ashir.cton. Jan. 7. 1*8088 ad'. icea
?hi?h have I"'.! reeeived here lt aeems
likeiy that lha premature announc* ment
of th?* Brlttah goirarnmanfa lalantlaB to
transfer Sir UOBOl CaiduW frorn hia post
ts Mtntater to tfealee lo tha BrWah Le
gatlon la r.io de Jnnetro will not he oar
rlerl out. aad tkal Mr I.lonel aill remaln
ln Mexl?*o ?'lly.
Si.il is i ild to h> tba gist Bf a telegram
received at the State Department from
Amhaaaador Page. ln London. who has
also re;.*irr..,| that he had heard of the
Porelgn 0000*8 intention ef shiftitu; 8'ar
den to South Atnarlea. Thal the British
Kuvirmti-nt totaaded maklng the ciiaiig*
Is c*>nsidere*i bayoad douht. but, as pre
dlcted by s*itno otridals >est.-rday, the
nea-s C4UBM Bttl too soon, and now the
PoreigB OAee may decbrie tt take 808888
humlliating te Mr I.lonel.
The f.*'t that advi.es had heen received
at the State Department from the Ameri
aai ISmbaaay hl London he**ame public
thiH moralag ky aaaMaat and high of
fldaM ware iiaatly Barturbad that any
thhig anaaarnhaf the inddent should be?
come pullic on autl.ority of the State De?
partment it aaa thelr aaatra to keep en
lir.-ly clear of the mattar, and on the part
of the haada of tke dapartaaaat there was
n rMaadfaal de***rmlnutta>a tt make no
ctafoiaant on the change deelded upon by
the Foreign OtT.ce.
Statesman's Son Who Eloped wlth
Salesgirl Won't Confirm Rumor
That Romance Is Ended.
I'hllander <\ Knox. jr , son of the for?
mer Seeretarv ..f State, BalMd for B-r
muda yesterday with his mother. His
wife. who was 8 88*088*1 tl when he eloped
with aad married her ln March. 1910. was
not wlth hlm. and this provokad a report
that thelr romance was at an end.
Mrs. Knox, jr.. is livlng alone in Phila
delphJa; her husband has been living with
his parenta In Valley FOTga Penn.
Knox Wtus asked about the matter yes
terday on the Bermudian, but he arould
say nofiilng. His mother. too, would not
reveel whether the young couple had
agreed to separate. Mrs. Knox. sr., .-aid
that Bhe and her son would probably re?
maln In Bermoda for six weeks.
Knox was attending the Morris Heights
School la Providence. when he met Miss
May R-'ler ln thu fall of 1909. She, B
tail, beautlful young woman. was em
ploped I" -*? department store there.
Nelther waa twenty-one.
In March, 1910. Knox asked for a short
leave of aTisence from school. so 8hat he
might vtstt a friend ln Hartford. It was
graattd. Knox th.;n met Miss Boler by
appointment, and they w.-nt to Boston.
They deelded t<> have the marrlage per
formed at Champlaln, N. Y.. and thither
they went. but they could not get a
llcense, so they croased the lake to Bur?
lington. \ t . wbere they found no obstacle.
The young 8888**8 father, then 8ecretary
of State, xvas very angry when he earned
of the marriage, and he refused to for
t-ive xming Pliilander at the time. I^ater
he gave in. The young man ln the mean
tlme got employment ln n. Detroit auto
raebtle faafaey, The young couple then
made thelr home on the Knox estate, at
Wayne. Penn.. and it was belleved that
they were happier than ever until yes
ter,la>'n development. Kven close friends
Of the palr had no inkling of trouble. for
there were callers at the Wayne house
yesterday who expressed auriirt.se when
InfOrmed that nelther Mr. nor Mra. Knox.
Jr., was there.
Tradesmen ln Philadelphia say they
aere lnformed recently that th?- Knox
family would not accept responslbility for
further purchases by the young woman.
Two WOOka ano she engaged apartmetits
on tke fourth fio,.r of No. pas, ptae atreat,
Philadelphia. but the agent said she had
not been there slnce last Saturday nlght.
ADD $1,000,000JO STOCK
Lord & Taylor Vote Increase
to Second Preferred.
The d*Jj*4*aOtora "f tha mm of Lord *?.
TaylOff yesterday voted an lrtcrease of
< i ,i.,i,tooo in its aeooad preferred atock
I It ta UlKlerat.Mid tbat th.* addltlo'i.il <:tpi
! tui is to ba uaed tn tamaaottea with tha
removal to lt.* n.-xx ten stoiy bedldlag Ba
I i-'ifth avenu.
J H Kmeiy, president of the SSnTnattAr
tion. announced that tlie BOW st... k WOUid
1 be aUatrlbattd pro rata to the holders 04
the flrm's present ?* .urltl.s The Unlted
! 1 rfj KOOda Com| ml/ed in '
j wlth John t'lanin-fts Its pr.side.it. ani
. whl.h bas since that tlme aktalnad i.riirol
..f a MMBbaf of drxgoo'is tlrms, kotaftj I
.najoritx .'f Ibe l.o.'d & Taylor Bteefe
i..?ni A Taylor l*. uaually conaldorad ?*.
belng eontrolle,! h\ the ClafllO <"ncein,
! but U xxas said tOStt "l.'X lhal H 8*88 "-ilv
I flnanced by lt. The flrm is mMd to be ln
j a flourlshmg eondltlon
Figures of Auto Sales.
More thaa aWaMMM baa baaa p?t*i for
| 4'Hdllla*' cara alone. a.-cordlng tfl) K P
|Dr\Mdale of tha 'a.plli'' .-..iiipanv H.
aaya that durinfj lta elev.ii \.-u>< in tbe
I business Ihe company haa manufactund
laad sold aaata thaa IMM eara, raaglaf M
|,'i. ? frotn $v'.'i for sotne of the early mi -
iv lln, ter t>pe to the l.itest Itmoiifltne ut
Couple Found Dead in Ho.
tel, with Revolver by
Their Side.
(iirl's father Also ObjecK to
Marriage and Told Her to
Oivf Up Lover.
ir Johf pfltg,.
aen Rl<?< V nlneteen ?.?? , ..,* -^
A. Hmith. ?' ' 'te4 W
a mald ln H '"I, .,*?.
Ifljf.nn ??? et Ul '*"*r-_n
afternoon A re txtig.
hi-- name were ? 'ntnf a*
?h- v '.'tr:--' aaea
\ . rllng to the ? flja^jj
who ea Ued hlmsi ? n. hu
been oenrtlng Mlf *. ,ar*fla_
Hve al N" IMI -? ' ?:.- i.flnj,,
The alrl got smal! wa_*es aa a.i a-alata_
to q .lre?>smaka>r. Sha* atid Blo. t rn?t r*.
yenrs BgO
. r.4 sRsistanl I * -x'ttem
ot tha* Amerlc ii ?i Cm.
panv, r.f No '..- liast 23d *'r??t,a1,
ri.ikir._r tlr, a wa?ek The two d-*alr__ u
marry after th'fr rroth had * "*--.-. pUffat.
ea! ln *helr lnexpericnc. fha?v could aa
nt, r.'-itacia. in a amall Ina-ome, ptit __
f.'.tha4r lnta*rpo?.a-ti hlfl Ol '*-' '?'. -,s.
John T. Smith. father of the girl. MaM.
fled the body ln the morg'je, wheru lt xrxg
removed from the hotel Ke g_l_ h,
knew hia daughter hi.d baea me4)tl_|
young Block, but co.:. _ee no excuaafa.
their niarrla.ra_
"He was rr.aklnj* on'.y a araan nhfft
and h.aldes, he was too ?young,"** hfl *
clared to ra*porter_>. "It waa rMiculajoj x?
Im-dnc that the two ehoul. marrr ?_
tholr present prospeots"
From nelghbors of the Smith taaty ti
Ht Nlrholas avenue. it waa leai-jg _a
father had lssned thla ulrtnutuj. to _fc
"Vou must ae* hlm for the laat tha
Tell hlm that it ia lmposslble for ye. tj
meet him agaln."
It Is beh^ved that Miss Bmlth raa.*, aj
ensraKement to meet her lorer for th
purpose of talkini? over the atatvia Of lf.
fatrs and that. after ron?:derlng thfl <_g.
DUltlea, they both decided to leek .?__
as a solution of their trouf Vi.
Block'a family, at N'o. Ul Weat lha
street. would not dia. uaa the trage.y hg
nijcht. He llved with his mother. fatka
ar.d a sister. Block, sr., la a deairner.
The couple re?-fstered at the hote
Tueaday about noon as ". ? '< P*tenm
and wife." l'a-ta-rsep left tn* hotel ma
after belng. as.siu-:--.! ??, a roon _n. n
turned to I.e work at the .;..a Re..?_?i
4'ompany'a offWs. Hfl rei sr ?-<l to tkt
liojel at i o'clock and a dlnner w?i jtm.
| ln the couple's room at 7 o'i loa-k.
A m.-.l.l received no ? ?
knocked .>n tl.e do. v. ?
Sha-- notifled the mai '.? i I
gehnaMe, who broke open the room aaa
and the bodlea v. ? ? -1 ga*.
had beea ehot in the l
< "orotier Feinberg - ?ial. aal
woman hr-.d been tie., ten b.a
Both ?ere well drei rg? Tea
der, manager a.f the Aiiiti an ? *
ductlon Company. ?aial tl ?
enjoyed a good th.cn
McKay Pleased Over Fligbt of
Criminals?They Are Dae
Back Sunday.
Police Commissioner McKay, wh* *f
means of hls clean-up corra hop?B to lH
this clty of all profesa or.al crflOto
glanced over the "pink al.p" yaaterdlf
and sat back w'-'.h a feellng of latllfi**
tion. Xo serlous crime had been tm
mitted hetween 6 p. m. of T.e?dayaal>
a. m. yesterday.
The Commissloner'a bellef that Ih
erlmlnals were fle'itigr t'-.e clt/ taj
strengthened when he got tha rajntt ?
hls second deputy, (.eorse 3. Doufb-e*
who aaid that his men were unablatoh*
any of the well known crookB la tht*
usual haunts. Detecnve Lieutenant 9*
ard M. McKenna, who. wlth Dfltadla
Caaaaaa, did a hls; d_y"s **.ork tttf*
pickpoi kets cn Tuesday, t: ? dlcte- ?
night that the "light ftngered ?rflntn^ea
other crimlnala would coma t-****a*
back ln a few days. probably oa ll
day or Sunday. to ueai lf the coaat
clear. Most ..f them, he Bald, la* *?*
.l^iveu to sa-ek shelter elaewherfl. ^^
rommissloner McKay and L*,a'***'Jf
M' Kenna flald they had not ".eard at*
tha Jersey Clty detectlvea watctdBg *
4 end tx rrlea for und. '??? ***
mens of New York'i floatlni. populaU?
The newa seeined to please th? Cctam
eioner ?
"Have you anythlng to aay ?**>XlV
retaclts of the t:< "? *" iwt
-I ,.r.-fer '. itick lo th? factl ?*? W
my opiiiiiati*; go,M he repHed
Pollca Commleaioner McKay nia*
addltl-.n to hl* reward system laat w*
He laaued ordera I "?' _,,
' arould be recognlae- wtth ? *x,r*(^
dfr. The plan waa Blnal itdtb "g
Megtatrete M Adoo ' ?' *l
4 th.- l'.iii te !>?. en
Thera were more poli einen *'*lWV^
tha atreeta laat night than n *">'-a
?gea in bve yea ' * \a\
tlon of the ann ;ar?4?
Prison for Burlingame lf
Smith in Radio Fraud.
Elmer K. Burllnaame and J?in*?
I Smith. who ?ff "rf- g
. Da> of consp '" u'Vet
? | ni the atock of th.- i;.'" ??"
uifie iV.mp . ' ? .*
.. Hunt. ln the Criin l^fmt)
the rederal Dlatricl '" i_j_?
r.iiini guilty ea la f ,ht
'. tlletlt . 0
I Smith. who hAti 1 '. liZ****
eooagaa), waa '*' l' t _:
montha ln the led. *** pa)
lanta ai d to pa) ' ?'?? ' |IVJflg*
! BurHngame ?: .1 \eJ**
Ile th. aaaea taetitut ? ? tUp\
jli.i The KUsw.-rth
aelllna cooc41 - "i'-<1 ?*? tni9
I Thi ? i '*;*
proeecutton of Ihe defendaiiW ?**??|
government a ' ? ' at*
j i.u. Hunt. ln 1-" 'iaacal!
there were mltlgatlna ? *? ''"'^(jgl
yto ot gmlth an.l ,Z Itimf
I. thereforc ha ??v, hlm the eafj
_aa_tee oa

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