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Remo\e P.irt ot Ship
Th.1t4Sp.it in Two.
Uc Found on Drift._Lg l Ifeboal
Spanish l ine Officer Denies
-argrdicc Ckargc.
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aad hia offlcera i i ed no
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, ,<..-?.. klahoma
gg aet | n stx or seven feet.
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Pendent of Royal Acadcmy
Pleads with Government.
lan. " ? Poyn*
the Brlt*
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JTJJj0*'8 that t ,?, the
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a-ii'd as counael
?igu--, rtmanl In
9m^t * "fUHaai t. Kii.mett. gajajflrta
' ina.? _,.,,. Mi Taiia-v atttioi
gflaj, ?'""A '? <:?vote the major part !
ta f ;4_?f, i0nM' "'Uv!n,*i' for tha t.eit '
ta)* fc/^r. ?"' 1"?-" IO tl.a ,,j? .atlon of the '
? , ? .tlon law, whlch
W '*> tfift ln thla, .._.._.
W m thla fltate
. fack, can't uvi .1" something for that poor man.3"
jack:?Don't worrv. my deah: he's probably posing for moving pictures.
U. S. Forces Have Neither
Guns Nor Ammunition to
Win, Says Wood.
Washington. Jan. T.-Major General
tVood has advised Congress lo appropriate
? ? .. .,i (or fleld guns and ammunition
I ? rmy and r.'-v>,ooo for the
? If you sent our troops IntO war as they
are now. without guna or ammunition, it
would be absolute slaughter," General
Wood told the House Mllltary Committee.
?If called Into the fleld suddenly, we
should hav, tO go with a very small al
losvance of ammunition evrn for the guns
ln the hands of the trooi a, and we should
have n.ither guns nor ammunition enoucrh
for our Beld artillery forces.
? \\e bave nelther guna nor ammunition
?Uffldent to gixe a. -.ral commanding
8n armv ln the field any assurance of
success if attacked by an army of ecjual
xvhlch ls aupplttd wlth Us pr.'per
f fleld artlllery.
? lt |8 my heltet that no mod-in war
between flrsl class powers wlll last foi
.ar. and UBlOH private manufa. tur
ira now anoouragod to manufacture
ammunition for our use after war ia de
- thay xx-,11 not lf ln a COUdltlOB tt
? until after the war is fini-hed. and
. i ipply of ammunition durlng the war
Wlll be limited 1*. what the arsenals can
1Urn ' ' . , 4-.V,
preaenl this outpul is about i.w
rounds a day, runnlng three ehlfte. and
ammunition under ordlnary battle
... 4 Woutd be Bred by algh! guna lr.
| battle. If guns are not sup
. . -. ?-. battletUM wlth tne a.iimuiii
ahlck they caa be reasonably ex
? use. they ar- not efncle.it. and
when guns bave exhaust-d the ammuni
W they are w.-se than Jutik,
for thay musl be rr.'t.-ted by other
Need 500,000 Men m Caae of War.
?Ti.e war Dea-artment bellavaa, after
M etudy, that ln caae of war with
wer an army of flve hun?
drad thouaand men would be needed to
-n*- thia country any ehan* a ol success
agalnai toraaio-*, aad that this force will
..,!,,] al once To make it ertlcient
. k'iv.-n its proper quota of Beld
artlUen To do thM artillery must be on
band, for M eannol be aappUod after w..r
a munldpaUty might aa well
talk aboul buylng Ita Bre baaa aft.-r the
oonflagratloo haa atarttd."
eattd thal Ihe Unlted
. uar rn ibila arm) ahould be or
nnlsed Into three Infaatry ami two cav
.t..v with an agaregate war
.? **** M ****'
Aggregata War Strength 367.000.
wph tha ?operatk n of tha atati
, ..... M n|d now could be
.... ' iwehri lafkatn and Bve
....... ol the
iwo ? ?????- '"''."<-"' "l
? ? ******, lwo ,lr'd
armlea -
. itataa a-atrlaaaa a
.... - rolHtla aaa
,lt 34 ,.e,- ,ent of tha.guna
,,,. i-meral addod. o
lararmj aad ****J
, wouM aoad Hl iuaa. for tha
milllla 696 gun-."
Oa-aarol IVood aold tkal total api*r?
priatloea up tt Octtbar I laM b) ''"
una.- Mllltary aad Appi Pftatloa eom
nltteea aeovlde for ealy MMM *<>??*** ?'
ammunition for tbe modern fleld guna, nu
,,f whi.h ammunition wlll .."t be rirtnu
raotured aatU J-w?* *?> aaal
nt thia ammunition. he added. "wa
hav-. at prerent In Ihla cn.int.x lh I
rounda aad for .he 2.** mouatain gun
16 106 round.. or a total of *MAU rounda.
And thi. ta all wa hava. At Moukden in
nue daya the 1.204 Ru.'Sian guns experid
. d -.'?."?" ro
The War Department was obiiged laM
ye;ir tO equlp part of the regolar army
with obeoleti 7-Jnch boariteera and Unch
siege trun hatterles because of laclrf of
fiiffi'lent ammunition for the modern
BRING SUIT_F0R_$2,000,000i
German Potash Firms Want
Propaganda Fund' Reimbursed
Merlin. Jan. 7.-A suit against lmperlal
ChancaUOr von Hethmann-Hollweg ls to be
Vrought by the German Potash Syndl -ate,
which demands from hlm the return or
12,000.000 forming the so-called "pia.pa
landa fund'* for advertising the nvrits
of the Oerman fertllizor at home and
aboard whlch was raised by Imposlng a
tax on all poteeh mined In Germany un?
der the law of VUk
The fund in queation remalns partly un
uflod for the spadfl-d purpoee, and it i?
atated ln aome quartera that the gorern
ment ls allowlng It to accumulate, with
the Idea of divertlng il to general OUr
under the provisions of a new law
noa belng formulated. The law ot HII
aai tfleelgneil to coneerve th" natural
Buppllee of potaeb ln Germany, lo Ineura
the proeperltr ol tha German Induatry
and to prevenl Amerlcana from gtttini
a cheap aupply. OUl has tveen a partlal
Agamemnon Schliemann Ap?
pointed to Post at Washington.
Vlenna, Jan 7.?Agamemnon gchlle*
mann. who rejresenta l.arlssa in the
Greek Chamber of Deputlee, was aopoint
ed to-day Greek Minister to the United
btatea ln eucceoaiofi to I. a. Coromlhve,
eooordlng to a telegram from Athei
The new minister. eltbOUgh B Greek BUb*
je. t, is 1 aoa ol tha German archaologlal
and traveller. Ilelnrhh Schliemaim.
Acamemnon Schliemann la thirty-three
yeare okL Twelve yeara ago. soon after
his marrlage. he apenl B year iti Amer*
Ica. Be BpBB-B Bngiieh WOll and ls famil?
lar with the problema that eonCreat hta
oountrymen in this oountry. He received
hls education In Germany and France.
Hia wife, tba daughter of a Danish mer
chant. but a native Ol Athena, Ifi consld
ered one of the moal beautiful women ln
QreeCO ghe ta B :*"Cla.l leader and araa
promlnent In tbe work organized l>y th.
WOUM ii of Oreece ln the recent war ln the
I Duchess de Talleyrand to Tes
tify Before Rota Tribunal.
Rome afaa T. Cerdlnel Vlnccfiao Van*
1 nuteiii. a-* Prefecl of the gagaature TrJ*
| bai .ii. baa called a ni.ettng of th?* Hlgh
| Court for gatnrday next to decide the
I appeal "f the Duchess de Talleyranil.
I'formerlv Anna (Jouhl. from the verdu t
of the Rota Tribunal aanulllng her mar
rlage to Connl Boal Ae Oeetellena
The Dui heee de Talleyrand maintHin
th.it lha nea r'"' regularly notifled of
the trlnl la which the doctolon
B,bo'it to I.e given, ar.'! fot tiiis rBOBOH
TA.I4, :i,.t able tO preaenl fresh evidence
or t" BObmll the depositlons of wit
1. leea i? prove her eonteatlon whether
th' geguatore Tvlbunel aoeepta hei poinl
Ol rlea or not, a new trial wlll take
placa '' fore Ibe Rote Tribunal, when the
gnebeee win he edmltted for the purpoee
of plMCing l-'-r. thl < .url all 11a vv evi?
lf the Hlgh Couri rejeeta hei contea*
tion. the ti?xt de< lalon "' tha- Rota arlll
be flnal. OtheVWiae it "lll he still pos
all'le to hava- the .n?e rovteWOd
Express Agent Admits Theft.
Joaeph Thelan, who atarted as a driver
and worked hls way up to be an agent
for the A(l;m;:i Kxj r.-ss I'ompany. waa ar
raigaed legere Magletrate Deael in the
Tomba co-itt \eata*rala\ Ml a charge of
ateallng UM I'helHi. pleaded guilty anl I
the BaegtBtrata held him for tha grai 1 ,
When December Weds May
He Expects to Pay,
Says Senator.
Senator O'Gorman, in jthe Bupreme
Court yesterday, as chlef counsel for Mrs.
Alice Wood Van Neaa, thitd wife ot the
lata CorneUua h. Van Nua ol Cornwall,
N. Y . in n 1*-Kal hattl'- in whlch there ls
H00.000 el stnke, axpounded this hit of
"What old man ever married a young
woman arltttoul expc.-tini; to provldo am
ply for her, and what young woman ever
married an old man ITttbOUl BZPecttng
him to provlde nmply for her?"
\ .111 N.-ss. wbO was about elKhty \earf.
old when he married his thlrd wife. who
was twentv-.-even. did provide amply f"t
her, hut Mra. Alice Van Neea Parsona, a
daufzhtt r of the oM man, end two nleces
conteeted hia dlepoeltion of his property.
in tbe case of tba daughter. she took tha
matter Into tha gurrogetae*1 Court, where
gurrogata Fbwlei decided ageinal Mrs.
\ an N
Van Neea created ? truel fnnd of $3r5,<y).
for his nie.es. end ba did thla eald Sena?
tor O'Gorman, to "bay ins peace arlth
them,'' for, while they were not legally
entitled to anythlng, II aaa ."-ani they bed
hai aaaart him.
Mrs. Ven Neea, who was ebaraed erltb
undae Influence ovei hei aged huaband,
did not taatify In the trial In the gurro*
, ., Court ghe reliad on the advice of
her co'insel. former guiTOgete Hansom.
wh.. told her thal it would nol he neeee
aary, a-* aha would he upheld without tes
S> tiaMr O'Gorman askid that the case
I.f. ra-openad, thal Mrs Van Ness mlghl
toli her Btory, whlch apptlcatton gurro
gota Powler 'ia ntod In tiie p ree ant pro
ceedlni tba widow wlll give her ti kt
tha- controreray, end, eccording to her
.|, iha will "produce ten or more wlt
neeeee wh" did nol teetlfj el the prior
genator O'Gorman, ln openlng, said he
would prove tiiat Van Neae was a man <.f
stroni,' menteUty, arho drova aptrltod
horeea when ba wea eitchty-aeven yeara
oi.i. ami araa herdl) tha klnd of man who
arould perrait e woman ti> away hitn. He
died el the ege of ninety-two yeara
The nleoea lehn that they w.re entitled
to the propertl whleh Van Neea gave hia
thlrd wif.
German Officer Admits Readi
ness to Shoot Down Citizens.
gtrasebarg, Oermeny, lan 7.?The
readlness of Colonel VOU ReUtOI of the
'.ai'tti Infeatry Regiment, te reply to the
laugbter of the dtteeae of Eabern with
a raklng Aro from hia maehlne | ina wna
demonatrated m the taatlmony given to
dai bel 'ie the couri martlal alttlng to
try him and Lleutenanl Bchad, a innloi
? ,,r a\ rrglmi nt! "" i hargee of u- ?
lutbonty. .
[ilatrlcl CommlBflloner Mueller. of /...
bern awora taiel when Colonel von Reu
tn- *7aa -. |ue?ted lo althdi iu the mill
tH-v -atr.il. from thl
town a- they vm merelj Irrltatlng the
populacc he curtly n >en to gla*
culn the aubjecl replylng: 1 am ln tum
n*?w ,. .w..
rhe rolnnel araa then reminded that
th- el villa na aera merely etaaglag ebeat,
to whli h hfl reaponded
i inte,. ... i :,?' ? nl thla Btanding
aboei at any eoel i do n 4 Intead to
let ihe neopla laugh in thi- way, lf 11
ronUnuee 1 shall or-der tba treope lo
? e) von Iteuler in court ndmitfd
twlca thal I ' \'i '"-^-hine guna
broucht oui from the barracata Into tne
?treeta ol ?'... rn In readlneaa foi naa
areinat th.- pltlaena. ..... .
Htatea Utorney Mcini-o.'hmn and
judgaa Kalieeh and Bahmelmann of /.*
bern, wh.. were arreeted on N..-.mt..-r .
testllled that the .treeta were P* ?'" '
lv deeerted, a?cep? tor a? d era. when
t"ha*v left tho c..urili.'ii-e s-'bileis barred
th-*ii wav Lleutenanl .-chad oi.b-reil
them io moce ..ti They proteeted and
were t.laced under tirr**!
The Zabern attorni . teetlfled that
thera was no dieorder aad ae eaeaee for
mllitary action.
G. B. 4Shaw, Foreman Juror,
Objects to Any Eviderre
Being Heard.
Verdict of Manslaughter Returnrd
Against John Jasper, with Ree
ommendation to Mercy.
I te 1 ba Trlbun* 1
I.ond.'n Jan 8 John Jasper was in?
dicted last nlght ln King's Hall, COVOnl
Qardon, for the murder of hts nephew,
IVxxin Drood, the proce?*dlngs COnatl
tutlng an effort by Uie Diekcns K.-llow
?hlp to elucldate the myatery of the
atorj which Charlea Dickena left un
Bnl8hed al hla death. The ecene might
hax.- been trai*iaportod from the perlod
of the itOTJ il**.'.'.), for 'he w.trv ss- *
aere iii The clerk of arralgna
the warden in th*- dock to
put up John Jaaper. The Jurj waa
compoaed oi authora, xxith Qeorge Ber
nnnl Shaxv as foreman.
Mr. Bhaw was on his feet immedi
ifter counael for the proaecuti. .
s.-t down. i". i underatand?" he
ask??!. ihat the learned g-ntlemn, -
?-. call ai Idom ? '
?fr rtainl)." replled < oun
"Then all i -an aay la," rajolnod Mr.
Bhaw, lhar if the learned gentl'm.n
thinks the .-nnxictions of a Hritish |ury
,n<- golng to ba Influenced by evldence
be little knows its funr-ti'ins "
? ? Iletened to tha speeches and
t. 7he evldence xxith tba traditional
,-. 11. ua * ..mposure.
The jury roturnod the followlng bo
aildering verdict: "Followlng distin
. || ? | p:,.-.'.I'-tit, wa considere.l mn
verdlcl In tha luncheon Interval and
ar* inclined to 6 rariUet of not fnllty, ,
rlnce there la no proof of the erlme,
but the f.ritish spirit of compromis
ari'l moderatlOB afterxx'ard seized us
and our verdict La one of inanslaughter,
xxith .1 rocoBLunendatlon to mercy, but
at tlie same 1mie pb-ad Wlth VOUT lOfd
ship not to Bhaw nny weakneaa bul
t', t-tndicatc the full majeaty of the
Tl ? verdict xv a* rocelved with gales
: ; night. r, and ?'?. K. Cheaterton, aa
tb.- Judge, committed every one pn --
.?ru for contempl of court*
Qnlneaa h;ui ralnly been offered evea
for u aaal oa the atalra
.1. Cumlng Walters, a well known
autbority on Dickena, was leading
counsel for lh" proseeution. Ca U
Cheaterton a.ted for the defence. H?
de. lared that there was every reason
tr, belleve thal Drood was still allve,
<-*nd BUggOBted that the key of the story
My in tha opium habit of the two men.
ii.- urged thal la the unaaplalned dis
appearance of Kdwin Drood there ?a*
no evldence upon xxiv h to ctmvld Jaa*
per of murder.
The jurv included auch dlatlngulahad
men as J.roriie K. Jerome, Sir James
M. Barrte, sir Edward Ruaaell, W. W.
Jacobs, William de Morgan, William
Pett Rldge, William Ar her, Arthur
Morriaon, Juatln H. M4*Carthy, Thomas
Beccombe and Dr. w. f,. CourtnoT.
Hilaire BellOC and Raymi.riil PatOtt,
| who bad heen drawn. were not abla tO
; ba praaent,
The whollx- sporUaneous character of
, the proc4Mdlnga-*tha opposina; counsei
j not haxiiig conpulteil with each other
I ,,(? eeen each other's briefs ? added
i great ly to the z*st of the affair. The
i trial hnd never baaa reheatsed. The
stage in the hall was eet as a court
' acena,
O'Shea was Naturalized Here
and Then Renaturalized.
[Hv OaMe le Th. TOboae i
London, Jan. S?At th.- lo. al police
COUrt in iVrk yesterday it was s.night
to disquallfy Ablerman Henry <>Shea,
Lord Mayor of that clty, from sittlng
as a member of the Borough Counetl
* ti th? ground that he was a natu?
ralized American I itizen Patri.k
Crowley, rovhring agent. -aid O'Shea
had repeatedly told him be was a nat?
uralized American dtlzen. and had
xote*] m the rnited State*.
A cerlil'.'-.l eop*f was handcl in from
ihe Home Office, howexer. ot' the re
naturalization pap*-rs taken out b] I
O'Shea aa a British subject. a certm- !
roocbor by tbe New York British
Coneul that no auch name as Henry
< i Shoa had appeared there as an Amer?
ican citlzen was also put ln.
Aft.r half an hour's deUboration tlu
rnagistrat* s announced that the caae
illamlaaart hut an applleatlon for
be atated araa ajtantod.
London Hotel Men to Try for
Hour's Extension of Time.
[liy ''able ro 1 h? TrtfeUM |
London, Jan. B -The first steps in
tl;- long projected campaign for th
ext-nsion of the I>>ndon hotels' Clirfow
were taken at the Savoy Hotel last
? -.?.>.;: repreaentattvea of all the
Dfinclpal hotels and restaurants in the
w-st Bnd met to dlacuaa propoaala for
[.uttlng ihe closing h.ur from 13 .'*-> a.
m. t,, 1 .',*' a m on w.-ek days. in x-rd. r
!,. meet e* mpetltlea of night elube.
The matter was consldered at sorn*?
length. and the rr.*>etlng a*lJourned for
a fortnlght.
After London Opera House
im- i ?t:? ? ? lha TtrB
I.ondori. Jan. 8.?Offers from an
Ameri. an scndl-at- t*i rent the Lon?
don Opera House for the purpose <f
?roductng up-to-date melodrama and '
fr*.m an Kngll3h ? apltallst to purchase
the building o'itnght. are under DOQ
aideration, but for the present Mr.
S'anley ls n-'t dlapoaed to aroept an
offer whb h ?*<>'.!d 888*411 his glving up|
control. I
EMINENT deugnen arr
?*?/ rcgular vi.sitors to the
Salon. They know thr. latest European st\Tt-> in
bodv and chassis are fo bc Been there. Wire wheels,
now popular, were a nov clty when first introdut ed
at the Salon. Innovations of similar lniporf are to be
seen this year. The Astor Ballroom is large. quiet,
restful ? tfl ideal place for oaretui inspection.
Closcs Saturdav Niflht.
DeDiou EWiton
Delaunav IVIIrvillr
Isotfa Fras.him
3 c;. V.
Btewifer *\i, Co. ["be H bra-aok Ca
Mahtrt of High Omt Accrunritt
january 2-10
Grand Ballroom
Hotel Astor
Invalid Veteran of Unionism Re
tires from Parliament at Age
of Seventy*eight.
Btrmlngham, .lan. 7.- Joaeph ' hamher
lain. the venerable Britlah Btateaman, has
.ia*. Ided to retlr. ri i 1 nl at the
next general election, after lerring as ?
ai oi th.a Houae ' Coraroona alnce
i-h'., during all of wbieb tlme he baa rep
i .:.a-.tited one of the dlrlalona of Birmlng
ham. ln a letter eddreeeed to-day to
tha* president of the (Jnlontat AflSOOlal
of Birmlngham -Mr. Chaml trlaln said.
"Mefore leaetnf for tlv* South of IVanee
i think i ouKht to communl tata to you
the dedeloe el whlch i hai i en r< i to
retlre from Perllamenl Bl I .- neat gen?
eral election. I hava* ? to thia
deciaion wlthoul maaj regreta el the
aeverance of a connectlon whi .. has ai
ready laetad over thlrti -? ? yeara Anti
haa been marked on the pan ot mj eon
stituents l>> eeer-groa onfldenca and
Bupport, bel i cannot hope agaln t" do
mj work ln Parliament, and i .eei that
our dty ami the COnatituenC}* Ol West!
1 ilngham need lh? a* r\ I ???- of ? young-1
er maa, who wlll taka- an actlva part ln
the Parliamentary atruggla and ha-ip .ou;
to malntaln tha aupremai y ot the Unlon*
lst raiif-e in Blrminghem
There has been no changa for tba worae
it. Mr. Chamberlaln'a health recently. tt
is, however. nearly tisht yeara alnee hc
spoke ln the House of COBUBOBB and
nearly three years ?ln<*e he appeared
there, and then only ior a l>w minutes
at the openlng of the aeaalon Of Uttl, when
Iip was iissisted Into ;he Hotisa ln order
that he might take thi oath.
ii is generally expa ted that Nanrllla
4'hamberlain. a younger son of the re
tirinK Btateaman, wlll bedome Unl-aolet
candldate for West BlrminKham, in suc
ceaaion to hia fether.
london. Jan. ~ The n-,. laudatoi
referencea to the Idng political < areer of
roaopb Chamberlaln and aspreeolona of
renret at the passing "f one Of the COOI*
mamllna Bnurea of Britlah publlo lif_
are made to-day ny newspanei s of all
political Bhadea of thought ui ennounelng
the retlri-ment of tha a.,.-.! Btateaman
gpeetel mention I*- made in many in
stances Of Mrs. I 'hanv.crlain 'fl gffectton*
at.* care of ha-r huaband during hia long
lli aea
Transfer "White Slave" Trial.
Those arrested f"t tha> prodUl tiOB Of tha
movlng pi.'tuie play, "The Inalda Of the
"White glafg Traffla-." wlll he tried in r,*-n
. ial Sessions. Juetice Davla, ln theCrtml
nai Rramh of th-? gupreme Court, )eeter
?lay. transferred the raae from Speclal
Sessions at the roCjUOet of John B. Htam-h
I fla*id, rapreaenttng the so.-ioioKical fund
rommlttee of "The Ifedlca] Revlew of Re
lt is said that hefore votir.R on an In
dlctment the grand jury Wlll hav.- an op
portuntty tO S'e thaa Uli.i, either ln the
Knuid Jury room or at a speclal perform?
Tammany Men to Dance.
Tha* annual < titet t.iinmeiit and hall of
th>- Ja>fferM.ii Clubj the regular Tami.i.mv
organi-gtlon of the Ith At*imbli Diatrlct,
sr 3A
will be held at the Palm Q-tfden, Ko M
East S'.th street, on Sunday evenlng.
Man and Woman Face Long
Sentence and Fine.
Hazei Jadtaoa and Uador ITehbelnwera
convtcte I "??" "t* Ibe
M..M1 law beforp Judge Crala, Ib 'leneral
s, ntona Thi i maj gel from twa tt
twoal ind a ti"** of not more than
aj wo u is said to be t;;- Brat caea la
,;. -. ?__] Beaalona xxhere the man who.
lured away tbe vi'tlm and th** wocnaa ?
who tiarborad her have been eonvteted
Anna Ragovln, of No IM Oraad atreet.
the aixteen-year-old girl xvhom Kishbeln j
gol in i.i* power, waa a most unwining
wita. ? and agaln aha protested
that I e rrtaaal her no harm. ''I
love blm." she sobbed, "and I would
marry hlm Ihls mlnute.'' Fiahbeln eyed
bor glunily from his seat at the counael '
.ri tii.it, although ah? had,
beggod hlm tt many her, he had refuaed. J
H:s sola acpialntanre arltfc her, he4
averred, bad been al Onaay latand, whaaal
a friend Introduced hlm
Millarii H fcVlaon. tbe Assistant Dta
trlct Attoraay, wbo proaecuted tha caaa, j
received a letter from Anna yestarday- I
.-: - aTOte Ihat unless sh* were releasad i
! from the house of detentlon, the wotdd
commlt sul.lde. Her ultlmata dlspoaltlon
|1 g problem. She escaped from an In?
stltutlon t.i which she was aaal soon after
_l ,. trroal ??' Plakkela and Baaal Jackson.
She was released from her lmpriaoiv
i ment in Haaal Soenaoafa housa by her
btither. Iflaac, to whom she had sent B>
v a sympathetlc man wbo visltad ?
the houae. On rereivlng the note laaac. ,
p. i a number of his friends to the hoiiee,
? <;o*.vn thg door and rescued hla
American Art Galleries
Madiaon Square South, New York
This (Thursday) Afternoon at 2:30
ANTIQUE oriental weaves
Of Rare Distinctive Quality
IN TO-DAY'S concluding Scssion Ate the
Chinese, Ghiordez, Koula, and other Rare specimens
of the 16th, 17th & 18th Centuries,
Of deairable amall and larger aizei and eeveral
Of Unusiully Large Siz.\Very Fine Texturc and Artistic Dcsi-rn
TO-MORROW (Friday) AFTER4NOO1N at 2:30
ON FREE VIEW from <) A. M. unttl 6 V M
The sale aill be rondurled l., MK THOM || K. KIKB.,
uaeialrd by .Mr. i.tto Beraet, of
? l ?*t ?jJ Slr?*i. Ma.lle?u >qu?if *>outli, Nf? Vork

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