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JXfettJ -^ 01*
I \\lll No. 24,326.
8 oral ralna to-da*. Tn-innrrnn, raln or
aaaa an.i . oi.ior.
a a
UTir/'l' f.X'l.* /'l.'VT In I iM ?f V'.t Vork N?*a?rk. Jar?^r f Ht and HormliMl.
Investiiiators Find Allled
Enterprisos More lfl
volved than Expected.
IsSaid.Failedto Record
Liability to His Bank.
Mercaniilr Credlton Coitend,
**VirBHls Must Be PaM Beforf '
Der. Krt 7>atvtied.
mmmatl* "*" th<" i
Uninf* |
?1 l.ir
. flrm in
.;?. tn make
Gua-d Against Lit.gation.
e t* a met
7antli<* ! lh,i '
\aimt *** '
' '
- who
iai the
marnr*- :
Id bf r.
?4. ? ? my aa
ihat tht
Jatot i ? pronri'
taattaaael -i.?i i??ae# faartb rsluaan.
This Morning'' Xews.
- II
.... 1 j
. 1
*Mt\i., .... I
. 1
" . a I
. al
. ... ij
. 3
.... 5
J 7
i ie
? 4
17 10
18*. 83 14
14 1..
. li
Mayor Forces Aguglia to Aban
don Wilde's Tragedy.
. raph ta TVe THbnaa 1
I M,i- ,-i F.t'/CM.,'.;
forhado the produi tlon of "Salome."
I for pt rforaMnee
? Ing at the Hu'- Thr-atre h>
.guglta, thp Itallan actrana, ke
v ?- 14 k iiiatiaget a ..
med of the fn.t ha- announced lhal
to*nlght*a bill arould cottelel of two
'?? Minn'riii" and "Un B4< lo."
Th- Maj or \\ in- taken
I >r i '..ftiaiui llyera pai
( Treroonl Temple, nnd a arotnan
. inni h w..rk> r had vlalted hun i.. pro*
il the i erfortnai
Mn. \_ ?? na" u? the
flnal plaj "f har four daya' cnRap.
tlj played
the tr.._. .1 \. 9 fork and there waa
no talk <>f The Iat4 Mayor
ird stopped iha- performam -
i.i. har.i Btraua ara of ihe eami
n hl. li r baaed ? thi ti iin.
? thr
irn to New
-v for an < ? ? ent of
nn. ?? a Tha Ila Tl i nl re. Bhe ]
\ssailant*- Also Attack Youthi
Who Prevent Attempt at Kid
napping in Bronx.
of N. 1102
. Beventeen,
, f N... '.hi** treet. i
1.;'.."; Btrei te. The
? ; ij_ci11. when an
ing men
and the i P suaidenly
to ihe curb. The occupanta tried to en
I | - | ? itlon.
,nc women, who were walting
r thal ta in alght, ware al
? bul they didn't
W:i:.t lo ' "" ',K'-V 'i""n"!
.. , thi mai blne. Thla
dldn't havi thi ' on Ihe
. rty, foi th- men Imme
pened up wlth Ineultlng re*
:.,l then followed thal by
. tubrac
...].. Th4 tried to pull Utiu
o ih- ma*
T]l. .. . ?-? ed for holp
x,It | David OoWeteln, of j
X,,. 771 Si Inn Waiter
Walea ? I N '??'"' ' ? ' *:,r,,h sl"-t'
p-tank Smith, ol So. 412 Baal UCd
Btreet They knea tha glrla, and when
?b they ran to the
nd foughi "ff th*- young
Th( ;,,.;., angered nl loalng thelr
d-tumble flfht.
... ulled b blackjack and Btruck
on the hea ? fell
? -.. k Miss I
vlcloual) ln the eye, and a thlrd man
hit Ooldati ln on thi head wlth the butl
:? olver.
Mrs. S. S. Whitneys House
Ransacked. but Little Taken.
_ . -- rlbuw i
?, .i. Jaa s Mra.
,,,,_m s. w hltm ) w.i? recalled thie
? rnoon lYom N< * Tol* bj tha newa
tbat Fairiawn, her country h..m.' In
Morrta Plalna, had been ?antered by
Mr.... whitii.v round a wln
don had baen broken nnd Ihe cat4 li un
ised a plck and
hatchet to break open cloaata and bu
, hlftonlen ti unka and other re
a llght4 d lamp wai lefl ln a i toeel
the Intrudere fled. Mra ti
had b41 ii taken, but
. and other valuablt i w< re
a - -
Explorers Are on the Arctic
Steamer Polar Bear.
S v Ji ?! B ?
nlghi rrom u memb41 of
I oti* ot Harvard Untveralt) Btu?
denta ? ':" ''" 'ni
,, hi Hi.a.ui nboul twenty mllea
p Int.
?i bj John Co?_ a
with th. expedltton, a -
Point, alaaka. Octobn r
i ; ?? thi Elvlra,
Poli i Beai
,.,i bs ihi ? ? '? mnk Bap
t. mber '-'?'?
..,- | - fl aafely and thej
- , wrot. "bul
ng aboul
>-j.. 4N 4? tvoi th of furs "
Suits Tight Fitting and Low in
Color Tone. Tailors Decide.
,. ,. , , - Mei - ui-i.i"tt'
.. ,- oata, wlll
._?? , welghl t al iree aad ilghl
., : ... modeat and.
... .... erlttcfl
Thli aaa ti.- ?'?" ?"** '
4 ,,?,.?.! AaaocUtlon ..f CloW
,.. ?,......
h rtvalrj e/lth ?*?"'":
? rough .I-'!. f?l >>' -9**
Hl be on !'?? *rth r - f tn<
l.ilil.'i." T " l""1'
..,, through whlch Un wearer ??"?
Brma uli.n I.. ui-.,.-.- K. UM
| foi .. ? i- n n fttl t-.n
. . .,.mI._4S .Imp
? , a, ,.., r the BhouMgrg.
One Blast and Big Catskill
Aqueduct Will Be
Open for Pipe.
500.U00.000 (iallons a Day to
Slakc New Vork's Thirst
When Job Is Done.
To-morrow mornln/j al s o'clocb the
Juii roar *'f d: namite four hundred faei
underground al 140th Btreel and BL
Nlcholaa Pla* ? wlll alffnal Ihe comple
tion of iiio Catsblll Aqueduct, whlch
. oal th. cltj |lti2,(X*0,4Jt*0, the laboi
of more than aeventy-two thouaand
in*n iind the Injurj or death "i a*ell
niKii four thouaand men, and whlch
ngineera ranh uIth the Pan
. ti.. ? 'anal aa on* ol th" gtea\ engl
.- f. nts of the >* orld.
Inaid. "i a jraar Nea Tork >* ater
aupplj ;,ini.<mhi,.'ibi gallona a da; . wlll
I oui throufh the 15-fool plpa nlnel
mn mllea Into tlu freater clty, reward
ing Nea Fork'a effort for pur Bnd
abundani water, drawn dlreci from thi
Laal iiigin George '?? Mitchel, the
foreman, and hla >-i>*aii of drillera at
1 10th atreel end st. Nlchol I'
-., re pli rclni th. lasl ten fe. l "f schlal
whlch still barred the tubc. Thej
spoke eagerlj of th. lasl blast, whlch li
to end ihe mosl difTlcull part of thi i
li rtaklng, :." ' eixl) -flve," aa
the ontra* t f-.r the laal section of the
aquedui I Is called, haa proved the
I.. si the 8 orkmi.". ha e en. ounl
en d
No. 9 Hoodoo Shtft.
Atlhough w'.ik on Ihla llnk of ihe
aqueduct began two and a half yeara
ago, <it the timo the <>th* r eectiona ari re
? d, it is tho last t'> be compli 14d.
Thia ia biamed largely on Bhafl No. '.*.
whlch had thi dlatlnctlon of bi Ing the
''hoodoo ahaft" ?.f the entire w,.rk. Thi
blstory *>f No. !'. whlch plercea mor<
tiiaii four hundred feet of* the earth's
erust, Is a contlnuoua record of dlaaa
ter, To begln wlth, i>ad ground, whlch
? nuiii'ii numeroua alldea, waa encount
. t. d. Roch na.s *>f such formation ihat
.\im heavy roof Bupporta becami lm*
;. ratlve.
Then, to i ap it all, came lha dlaaa
Iroua Bre of baal Auguat, durlng whlch
a gro.t quaatlty <>*" th,'- .shul't supor
str'attire and the tmd*M*gf*Ound WOTk
ings were de.sti*>>cd. Sixty workmon
aon* trapped at the l.ottom of the well,
four hundred feel undergitaintl and
loaa of llfe bi emed Inevltable. Then It
waa tha' Mi. hafl I.. Quinn. tho SUpei
Intendent, and othera were lowered im*.
the smoke-fllled throat of th*- Bhaft,
foughl thoir way through the tuni i
i nd reatj ued the m? n. i" addttion to
ihla misbap many mlnor drawbacka
were encounterod throughoul th*- work
? n this ahaft, ami sotne of the man are
i ,; ? rstltlous that thay could hardl;
belleve In its c*ompletion to-ntBTj-rrow.
The aqueduct is only a part, though
undoubtedlj the moal dlfflcull part. of
the flgantl. provlslon whlch has been
for N< a v.d-k's water supply.
The Ashokan reaervolr, fr*>rn whlch ihe
water wlll Bow Ita nln?ty-8lx-mll8 trip
i,, ,;,,. city, ia 12.8 mllea square, and lta
coat, Includlng that .>f relocatlng l.igh
ways and paylng foi eleven mllea <>r
rallroad ua. v which mu.si bf removad,
wlll approxlmate *20,O00,0ut>.
Would Flood Manhattan.
[f ail tha water whi. 1. this grrat re
potritory can hold wera turnod over
Manhattan II would eover tha island
with twenty-elght faat <-f Bood, tho
whola ar. a ..f tho raaarvoir nemg about
that *>f Manhattan l.oiu the Hattory tO
uiith stre4!. Elght vlllagea had t.> ba
removed <??> 'hat- the waj for ih.- res
, rvolr, ami tw" . emeterlea 2.800 bodiea
of th.- former Inhabitanta balng burled
* i>.-w here at tha expi ns.- of th.- i Ity.
The many mllaa ?>t country wara
, l.at.'.i v..ti. a heavj maehine, to whlch
wai attached a cutting and tearing de
vice, bj whlch Uaaa and Btumpa wara
uprooted. Thouaaada of trunka and
many corda of gnarlad roota wen
burned and old bouBea waw tora down
and Bred. Oraaa and bramblee and
weeds wera drawn t.-g.-tiK"- ln pllea and
burned, the whole baaln balng prai..
call) clearad ?f organic matter.
Tna result :* ma >>f tha graateal rea
enolra in tha workl, ami thia, coupled
t,, the aquaduci by whlch it wiii faed
the clty, Inaurea a supply la axcaaa <.i
,,n poaalble demande. Uatag tho four
dt-alnage areas in tha now aratar >?>.*>
t.-i.i for the dtj ll is satlmatad thai
even la tho dryaal klnd "f waather Ni a
Tork'a sui.pi> nead naver ba under 770,
.BM...MB. gallona a day. or aboul 280,
tBNi.BB. more than is at ****4*aeat ra
Only Handicap to President's
Progressive Poliey.
Uhl *-? Jaa v Becretan Bryan m
:,.. addr* aa to-ntghl to thi (Tjhtaago
Raal i.-iat'- r>'...ii. pralaad i m
w iiaon a- ti.. i?-;?<i, r and Inaplrer of
latlon for thi i o>mmon waal
Wa na\. a prograaalve Prealdenl
and io. t li.*liu. tion tu inimoiiiato loKis
i ii.ui remalai aa epl tho andenl rulea
. f tiio ilnnatci wblch pervmita the active
. ;n.>ri<\ i.. aatand dabata ahaoat ln
deflnltel.v.' aaM Mr. Bryaa "Prealdenl
w iison followa i'i oonaclanoi aad .
- *tn*patby wlth ti..- Baaaaaa, thua
, ..iiibin.iiK lha two nacaaaary quaJIUaa
, | .. Ii?il* r."
*-.. n t.i- v Bryan lafl < Siiaago le?
night I". Toiedo, ahara ba ai t*. mai.
mi uddui.a to*morrow.
Former Club Member, Back
from China, Now Re
tailer de Luxe.
Heirs of Banker Hopeful That
Man oi Many Rovcrses Will
Rcpay Debt to Estate.
ti at:;. 1 Montagnii v .in Nord n i?
.mr- ti d l j ih- 9,'] "f !?'? father,
\\ ;inn 1 \ ,ii, Noi '!? n. i" pa: ba< k iu
smkumiii. -jf he < an." The
othi r \ an '-? rdi n hetn are wondei
j ir he '?'" Ifoung Mr. Van Norden ls
; nol in 1 "hlna, whi re h< a aa reported to
; be doing mlaaionai) a*orli Th. I...
of hia !-? Ing 1- ' hlna la Inti n ating,
1 however, I ? ?? nuae l <?? foi mer banker
and clubman noa keepi ?? tea atora at
\ \o. i ..??*? Lexlngton avenue, at 57th
Tlu- Lotoa T- .1 * '?? i". under a h ? h
' name Mr. Van Norden eella hlfl tea
1 it is inn . a.n ih- Baal Blde, bul >i is
not sn far over from his hmi"* In the
\ milliunaire dli trirt bn ih. same atreel
i ti. ;ir Fifth ;.\ - nue. 'i hi li -. Blwp is nol
| large either though ii la blgger than
i th.* delicatess-en Btore and the : and
mi-. .\t. rin.ii. 'i-i'? shop b roa thi
? -,.,,.... Thi Lotoa 1 ? ii" '"''h j
nan tea ton Mr. \ nn Norden'a is
? -t Bort "i" ti Bhop de lu ? and i ig .
screens, huge dragom and othei epecl
?,110118 a.f btic-h-brac from India, Chlna
and Jai nn make the purchaser senalble
; ,,r ii,. Bpiril of thi Eaat, and ol
! itill more Important fa I thnl the prli c ;
? i.r the tea eold lhere la hlgh
Wonder About S800.000.
Even If tha- tea Bhop, which wa
atarted laal Bpring, la more auccessful
than aome of Ita proprli tor'a other
I venturea, hk- the Van Norden Truel
II lompanj. of m hlch he wa president,
oi tha- Van Norden Magaiine, which
; failed after b Bhort time, iha- Van Ni r
I den belra are naklng themselves bou
long it will take to gi I back the 1800,
One of nn* legateee under th** Van
Nordan will when naked yesterday If
it was expected thal the 1800,000
would be repald anewered: That's
'.- hai we are wondi ring, wbethi r II ever
The preaenl tea Btore proprtetor suf
fered his tirst reverses when the elder
Van Norden aold OUl his inte.-est in the
tru_t company bearlng his name.
whereb] it became merged wlth the
' amegie Trust Company. While theae j
mattera were pending, aboul b waek
before the flnal dleaolution of the com?
pany, Ihe younger Warner Van Nor?
den eauaed 8 eeneation bj a *using two
women a.f robblng him of |!!8.000 in j
fronl of thf Waldorf-Astoria on hia
v,," home from the theatre.
? When the caae came up for trial, on
March 16, 1010, Oeorge Oordon Battle,
attorney for Van Nordi n, told the court
ihat tin- complainanl was ln Burope
land would nol return for six montha.
The women were dlecharged ami the
. ,4. dropped. Van Norden
: dropped from the publl. vlew until No
{ \. ini.'-r. 1911 m hen ll waa laarnad
1 through a n< wspapi r publlshed m
Bhanghal that be was in Chlna. Hia
?ubaequenl return '<> this cltj and hli
entrancc .t.''> the retail ten bualneaa
bave bei n knoa n tn only a few.
Salvationists Will Share.
in caae Mr. ".."i Norden la able tu re
paj his fath. r's * st.it. the fSOOi-OjOOIt la
to ko in equal aharea tn a brothar, the
Rev. Theodort L Van Nordan, and a
Biater, Cora Langdon Van Norden.
Mi4..s \ im Nordi n'e ? I nre of her
| fatha-r's estate, ll le thought, w ,n
leventually g" to the Balvatlon Army,
Int whlch she became a member .-? ireral
yeara ago and ln which Bhe ls an ..tii
cer. n was stated at th.- arneo head*
I quartera In 11th Btreel ih.it though
MIm Van Norden through iii health le
I unable to do actl ? *-?? oi h ahe bi .ii k<
ber rank. and Ib knonrn In Balvationisl
, ircies as i!aptaln Van Norden.
Miks Van Norden became an arm)
ronvert through a sister, who joined
Ua- BOOthS, and later h.-aii: .-. - .,-i,,i
t,. the Balvatlon Army i.-.i.j.r. Both
slstera resigned their membership in h
prominent Presbyterian church In tin
Mis4 Van Norden a familj wa- tn ich
I opposed ai in--' to hi r belng In the
army, bul ber father nol only became
., pnciled bul through th.- daughtei
; became im* n Bti d tn tha wort of the
Balvationlats snd tnad.- large contrlbu*
i linns to th- ' .<iis. Al hia funeral loal
w.. i. Balvatlon Army --"' w U?
call3 took I <??-? "f tht --.-rxi-es. an
' uddretfl belng made I: Colonel Damoo
, and .-. reral BO-Aga belng aung by Btaff
Captaln Mabk The Rev. Oeorgi \i.\
ander, of the Ci ?-*??' P?? ? Pranby
, Ktia.i Church, Ma i The elder Van
Norden wai ? member et tbe Fifth
Avenue Presbyterian Chun b
Recovery of Baltimore Girl Said
To Be Unprecedented.
Baltlmore, Ja" I ?'
old N- "'" Bel *** " '"" ovtmxantty li
',,,?,,.. rlng from ??'? " 1"':"'t '??""
. ,? ..vhi.i. tbe h.,?.t waa left wlth
., puncture Iba fliafl of i 10-cenl ;
When theX-my i : ?t"- ?'???" m
, ,. h...r. ih- glrTa . was eonald
.,,,1 bop k h Howi vm, under BBadl
,.i treatmeeU -i>. ba-fgfl lo iboa im
proveeaeol and noa la pennitted ta
ooal* h". mother ln homi ?????r* ne
..,,.] to I. witha.it I'i'" '"'I
J. M. I oster and Young Woman
Companion Arrested Under
"White Slave" Law.
i B] T< Icgrai!l te Tt*a Tribaae 1
Moblle, Ai;.., Jan. 8. J. M. Poater,
forty-flve eara old a wealthj realdent
of Bro? n's Mllla, N. J. and son of tha
prealdenl of a ? <>rr<sj>..n.i*ii.*?? achool,
was arnsted to-day by local govern
manl offlclala on the charge of vlqlatlng
the Mriim ?white hU*,\**? 4AW.* '
Anaatad wifh t\*atai araa a young
woman. whose name was sai.J tO M
Delilafa Bradlay, of Pamberton, N. J.
who ha.l been a etenographer employed
bj Poater. Tha couple wen found In a
hotel, ? bi ra tbaj reglstered on De
.itni.tr 23 as Mr. ,'in.l M.s. J. M. Poa
ter, ot New Vi.rk. Thay had bean Uv
Ing at the hotel slnce that date. Thelr
arreet cauaed a -renaation.
Th*' prisoners ware arraigned before
Kichard Jonos. Jr., L'nlted Stat.-s I'l.tn
mlaaloner, an.l Poatar was releaacd
under $2,000 i>.>n*i for his appaarance
fur a prellmlnary hearing pn January
11. The woman was bald a- a wll
i ,,,.. , 1500 bond.
\, ordlng to Information gii en oiil
v, local governmenl offlclala Poatarhaa
;, wifa and a alrteen-year-oM daugh*
,. - ;,i Brown'8 Mllla, N. .1 - whera hi
owna a large poultrj farm. In eom
i :iU\ p nii the oung woman '.-? left
Nea Jeraey In Deeember, ami mr.d*
aeveral etopa befora reachlng Moblle.
Th.- w.iinati arraated bera was alwaya
well dress-.l, and Poater appoared tu
i?. , uinv "i maaaa. Thay mlngled
with tho 1,. st society hen ?
retecraali t., Tha Trlbuaa .
Ua. inl HoBy, N. ?* ? Jan t.-\\h n
Bradlej bacam* Btenoarapher foi the
Poster Poultry rompaoy, all emploj
ad te paaa thi " ' aati r
tu make her quarters prlval
Hla v.if- and rouag daugl
;(t hla ate* l ? MobUi, aad i Itls* na >i> -
thej arlll alve him a eeat of
ibculd he return ta
Brown'a Mllla.
Proaa. itoi Ban ? I A AtJjUnsoo
... : ,? Poatei rnel Mlaa Bra - ?
li i hliad* iphla Wha actlon
, hj ,.,,.. _ri|] j, p .. o ? 8 ai ther an
,,..,.,, . haa be* a com nttti d ln tbla c4nmtj
- a -
Christian Scientist Testiiies Thal
He Dropped Dead and
Was Restored.
Ba T* ? ' ? ?
*?].!. li'.n.ii: Jan v That ha had dtod
and had been real to llfe araa tha
statetneni mad* ? -?'?? by A. J. Thorne,
, .i,, i | ,i nll in di aler, who llvea wlth
hli wlfe ln Avondale, CinclnnaU'a faah
- Bubtiyb.
Mr. Tboraa nnade the declaration In
a chrtatlrn Bclenci t'hurch, and then
;--,;.,! the followlng public atatcment:
? \\. dnaadaj evenlng al ih** teatl
sactlni First i fhtxr* b of
Chrii' Bcii marka l* sUinfanj
bj th- rir-t raeader of tha
,i,ui. ... *?. i Tbon ?? Uf taatlfaed that
oa ia*. i i ta b4 ? a- lakea Buddi
iii and on Baturday aiornJng di*opped
lh* Booff at his h"ine. im I
_?? .. 1 . ii' m.it.nal rmidi
aa ol ? aih.
?a pi..i'tiii.'..' r "f th> Christlaa
. . * 'hui. i. waa called U . in.l b* .,
,;i tii..i ti? s.u.i. ha
red to uf-- thieogh Um Cluiatlan
Brieace treattnaal tha anderataadlng
i, .,.?. : bai ? ..-I >*? the onlj Bla, Help
a*aa eallad la aad Mr. Thorne waa
;,i. Ir.r-.l u,. and ? art !? ?! ta bad, ami in.w
I..- |? ii \. - bi ll ?...rnpl.-t. !.- r< *t'>r.a|
to N'Ith."*
U. S. Sleuths on Track of Woman
Who Is Passing $20 Bill?
Raised to $50.
United Btatea aleutha under John J.
Henrj ar.* drawlng th"i'- nei closer
about 9 band ol eounterfeitera who are
iiiitting oui 120 banknotee raised to loo
and passing them, eepeciallj io depart?
ment stores, They are claae <>n the
traii of a woman. deaoribed as youn*
nn.l ri-l.'. dreseed who ls the on* wh<>
puts moal "f the raised notea Into dr
it u.i. her pra< tlce to enter a de
partmenl Btore end make a small pur
chasi. paylng for it wlth whal looked
ii,,. , : o ,:,.!,. nnd receli Ing good l>ills
:n chnnge.
"ghe had sn easj time gettlng away
.. Ith it." one of the detectlvee said yi --
i.m day. in the holiday rueh. The I20
oni ISO notes are similar ln appeir
..?,... both bearing pictures of general^.
lt rould take more than e casual ea
amlnatlon to detei t the fraud.
?The work is well done. The origlnal
' ?umei i'- and lett< rs of the $20 hills are
,, ,,,, and n< * amounts put in
I (|?.,,- ,,i, b) water '-ior. We have
,, ,i ie\i ral *?* om4 n e ':" passed th'*
hu, fniiini ui' y were themselvea
vlctims, havlng rec-4 iv< ? ' the bllla in
; change and paaaing them wlthoul no
., ,,,_: -r ? ? re bad."
i '??>.,. < tj pe ?'! a..iii.i. i f< Iting, lie -aaid.
,?,t usual in >he Bast, bul wa
pnti tis.-.i much in the Weat. n*
ihoughl it probabie that the bills ln
the present ? ase were made out of town
?nd eenl here for clrculatlon. a large
number were pui out before th.- fraud
jwaa dlscovered, bul several depart
- . -. abk t.. la-mem
ber ii"- woman whi them 'he
bills. Si veral of tho ? rlp
ii.ui- ti-.; tallii <??
Ca :lii'-i - in departmenl stores hai i
i,. n Inetructed to esamlne all 150 hills
. i,|, full]. and aa s. on aa tin j flnd on
thal i- ral* i to call detectlve,
I, ,. hoped ni thla wa ? ? atch the
Policeman Aroused by Robber
at Door, Captures Him.
Tlu.- .->>rt of thing i- I.mlng n fre
. ? thal ui less burglars pk* oui
j tht Ir t ictlms in otnt i prcl sstons th. y
won't hat' I ea prlnted.
p,,ij,,- Bergeanl Timol i) Bhugi
nho llves al Na 247S B ulevard, Ji
:,,,,! Bleepe ln the afternoon, wae
?g jrestei "? n< on In brlll
innl Bt) '? Hls dream i l tin.-f cati b
I inK . ? Idenly Interrupted
. | ? ng thal ernoi un*
famillar l!| thi ng to
. n'. r It
Si , t of bed ilipped n
-.,. , ,i ked p bis :
I and left ih.- i the f ar door
: |.,. movi tl ar ind lo the fronl door and
thert fi und a nean who waa trylng to
i ppen the door with a akeieton key. TIh
. | . -i ? ? waa Ham **? ?
, f,,,, , ,,i Mo ?">-" i '? e 'ii at ? nui, _?
| r*\%- Mi aaid he bad ? me fl om i .hl
atly. He wiii n..t return soon,
j., . ordtng t" the polic.
! London Home for J. B. Duke.
Lnltdnti. Jall 8 A I i
B hl h haa last. d ti. . ,,i
jamea B. Duke ha* ..t laal t, und %
i...iti.- in l.'-nd' ii. 111 Creare Hi ns,-. Cui -
_..n .-tr.-et, whi.h ba haa tak.-n oa a
mi>. months' lease from thi llarqula of
i r.-w. w iti, thl OPtlon Of p .!'- i
it ?- mi. . c in fea detai had ho -
:n Maj r.i ii- an.l' ontalna thlrtj room .
Federals Assert Their Most
Dreaded Enemy Capt
ured and Shot.
But None on Either Side
Appears to Know Where
He Really Is.
Every .Man of Huerta's Army nn
Duty. Fearilg Aitack by
tiie Rebel Leader.
- .
Pret i ? ? .
on the deeen ? ? ia la
General I'nri ho Villa, high ? hl*
1 ? '" I ' read ol
the Pfdera
if VI He is , aptured or ?
Pedi rals asa* rl th.
lutionista ... [f villa i . ?
.??mi mllitant, aa la d< lared tha
i. i.. la, Ojinaga mi < *.; ? ? ? tl* i
determlned attai iv lt ha
? IH od.
Bul Paneho Villa la Ha
wlth tho rebel army of < rtega two ?i
? ? ordlng to tbe rebel junta bi
Ha cama acrpae th*. deaeri stretch of
..no hundred miies ln foVmed mar I
wlth I,."..*.. men, de lare tha n ?
There tba olaim onds.
When askod, "Whoro is Villa?" rebela
Btirtlg thoir shoiildotH, ,.j rn the palma
of thoir hands and exclaun phalntlvaly,
"Qulen sabov" whlch is Mexican fyr
"Who knowa?"
Declare Villa Put to .Death.
According to Federal couriera reacb
Ing Ojinaga lato t*.-day Paneho Villa
waa eaptured and put t*. death twenty
mllea from Ojinaga by Federal .-"ldters
*.f tha command of Argumedo, the Fed?
eral general who pushed h.s way
through rebel torritory w.th four thou
aand men to relieve tht garrlaoa at
. .jinaga. Those couriera assert that
they have proof that Argumedol ad
irin.'o guard caught Villa with a amall
di-t.-i.?iiment "i" rebel troopa away from
hia inain command, and attor Killing
his fajcort took th.- rebel leader. What
happened later is a surmlse, hut at -
cordlng t*. tho couriera thoro is uttle
doubt that the rebel chief was treated
i s ara all rebel leaders who fall into the
hands of th?* Federala.
Advicea from Juium to-night aay
that no ofBclal word has com? Otaan
Oeneral Villa aince he left < Vhuahua.
but thal ha is aafe and aound and im
inoving t*.-night on Ojinaga with ftilly
1i.'..ni(. men la the posltlve stati mant of
Oeneral Benavldea, ciianinanding ai
.1 lares, i nd of tha rahal leaders on this
side, who ara la conamunlcati<>n with
i ha armj la tha Beld ahd In a roand
aboul wai ? wlth tha ? it>- <>f Chlhuahua.
That tha I'.-.ioi.iis ln OJli ig . an m .
fuUy Batlafled thal Villa La ellmliu
from the campaign la ehoarn bj th*
a.tivity whlch has c**ot*acterlaed tha
day's movements la the town. Evei
man ln the Ojinaga garrl.son to-nighi
ia oa duty. Thoro la nu slaaping In thi
lamp or in tho torVn, The Intrentih
ni. nt- ara BUed wlth mon watchlng foi
an anemj whoae approach bas aotl
I heralded, but whoae comlng la antlcl-1
i pated aad fean d,
Prepare for Rebel Attack.
Oeneral Caatro, 6upreme4n commaad
sl Ojinaga, sajra hi
are moi Ing back Into the Intei l* i
; ihat thi) a III nol ti r atta
,,n . ijinaga, btit be Is sti
faclllty at his command ti
? place in readlni sa for I bt lr
Pederal aoldli ra laugh a Iv n told :
' the rebebi ma i ome back, bul I
. kwk around qufc klj when on*
i that a dusl . loud out .rn :
h;i\ e a reaaon for its < .
. than a a indering whlrla
T.?-.ia* ba i been
sxpe. tan. > aad of ni> litth f< ar oa
.,,1. 4 ,,f th- Ri* ?Irandi in Pn ildio
tundn di ol M< -
? :? >; attack, Vm i
? snd
the Red i *roa ? ? ? rk. i . n plan
nlng to ? ?>'?? i"i' tbe wound. d.
in Ojinaga ?
! an ia toach wlth I 11 I
; hold. th. ra ha i ba n gi
than on the An ? Bd I
bastc In preparing I i
whlch th. hich
th?-> e\ idently i ap* both
siiit-s of the rl
ti. ii La **0 ? llla?"
Hunt.ng for Rebel A*. ro,n jr.e.
!i". -i ' Blna.
daj . . whl< h th. m
. an i ai
I 'i ii* aeroplane
shlppad t" Mai
to ba re tx
a <!? '
th*. aer. plane ln dropp
_ato Ih* Pad. ral ran \ .
ln i
eompan ted tha aei , ? ..

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