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Opening of the Scason at
Buckifigtiam Palace to
Takc Place Feb. 13.
D;?chc>s of Porlland. on OccasiOl
of Silvcr Weddiig, Likely to
Eatertaifl Qacen Alexandra.
|i \ \ nurn*
- the i 'on
troller <>f the ! ?
ii ted a
? .
;., a
A \ ,ry .- ? \.-? ?? d fi>r ?
the ? ? hi Id on
ruary 13 \"
thlir Ol i '"iina ij
!..,,!?. Waleran, Lad) P
\]><\\ i< h and !
? n
?? the
... n
shlre, and
l?-r i>f !.. r I
Pnrcers to Wait a Ycar.
i not tr '?' will .
innk' ;n <'OUrt
? | 101 I. "?
? ? publir fin
,n April, I01*?.
v. ili be -? ? ?
frequi nl ? lummer with thi
? in- ? King G?
kingham I'ai
hold an inveatiture and
stoa oi all thoae
? . The i irrn i
- ? to Ireland i -
known thal I
rnaj< - la to go, bul BUCh a
? while the Homi
ament, aa
. - tica!
? thia wlnter, ihe
? 11 . g h t on covert a
nd hi i" ? I
? nted
' ord i "ii"!
? , i;
v,\ lan ..:?? ierlj M .
iTork ii
ri.a> e Kcnnarda
of Houghtim ? ???.:?? Lord ai L
I Society.
.ii. ? ? 1
n 101'
/ | fancy-fi ?
? ? ol poai
Titchfii Id,
halr lo the 1 I III i orne
.,f age in Man h and an I ? -
? W'fllii-. I; Ab
nhich will all ne in
, - weddlng ol
mhei ? aa ol the
. i It.ia poa
maji ai.- and Piii
will bonoi .n.
? helr majorlties mis
n ? la. W lll
!,.- Marq - d
. the earld
,,f w nd, *ho ?in probably In
? i land foi
-?, ing thi ? ? ? la thi nephi a ol liilll
and the
Lord more, I*ord
>;,,-. ti. ii. !.??; d Tredi gai. Loi d .\
ton, Lord Boutheak and Lord Fam r
? tn> Brothera.
nd now are Ixird Eralj n, thii
old, and ti..- Hon. Andn a Chai
i -.uni bell elgh yean old, lor I h< i
Cawdor, ?!.>> waa
Lord ol i; ? Admirall \ In ihe
nment, dli d on Wi dnea
,i,,\ h< .,.-!.?,,, Lord Bnalj n,
- un: brothei will be
. ilthler, for ihelr motber'a
. ih.- late I ho la
. k of Lord Hoarard I >-? V al
arith i ? ? alon to anj younger aon ? ho
be born, or, falllng that, to tha
o* i-r the ? Id< at aon
ari ta entj -.
, i . e ai leaal >?'?
pi,, |, . . , i lefore
the ead ><t the year i.Ive a \ hdt
, . .r, in..ii- Im,iii ln t ni?? < the '.' ?
i iremont, whl< h
yaa | din 'i> >* foi life bj
m ? charmlng
. ?? Bawdown
...... i ., . k fl Ihe Solent
wlthln th* oj ' wo t"1 ? later
ng in i hi ?' and otra r
uiii. iy Xhi ati an, .<? hl Bunbeem,
u,rd and Lavdy Bimaai i aad partj
abotard, la now at Boaabay Tha Oa*
lania, the Duka and Dw heaa "f Butra r
i.iri.i ahoard, haa aalled frogo Laa P*l
aaaa for Trlaldad. Tha Cheetah Ad
nmai and atra i'?? bl i<> attj aboa d
the iiadltarraaaan
txjid Pln hVa ateaa* yai hl tha l a1
..,,, i. 11 Moi ton a Bhi rnara and
Frank Blbby'a Jaaoa an all dw<- !?>
ifca\t- tha Boaaal la * '??"?' da -
T H ? T R I B U_N
TIU Dt'CHESS ( >F P< ?1M'I. wn
Backed by Germany, She Is
Abie to Bid Defiance to
Triple Entente.
Loj don, Jan. 10 Tl rough the con
lutmanopuvring of the Triple En
? bj Ihe Tripli Alliance In the lasi
tha European polll
aaa imi d a l hr< ?? tening aapect,
a ith the a<. ? ol the trouble atlll I ? ?
Neai Eaat. War again looma on the
horizon, and Turkey undei the protec
ti..n of i ;? rmanj. la in ??< fair wa; to
recovei ftill mon of heT recenl lo ?
wp.il. thi la irela Slr Edward Orey won
in the Balkan troublea ma; be loat, In
-? ni ? ompllcatlona.
Th< two lef forcet of Europe dlrectly
oppoa , ? tiu- poaaeaaion
of Ihe .'Kucan falanda, and Turkaj haa
ahown greal wiadom In Ignorlng tiu
farlure of thi Oerman guria In the laal
war b) again placlng heraelf under
i;.: -i ? .... rship, for thi Kaiai ? -
t mi lr< la ui . ' inablj fai and a?aj
the atrongert forci ln Europe lo-da;
illi d i hi di ? t<
ol Eui oi- an pollcy. The Triple Al
? haad and ahouldera above thi
Triple Entente, which la nol only
aeaker, bul lacka cornpleU trual and
faith In Ita oa n mi m ?era
ne< Si.spicioub of Engiand.
Prai ci Ii undoubtedh deeply - -
p|< loua ol Engiand Bhe feai i I h<
ah aupport tn the criala
lal .--iiiitii;. when Aaqulth
Houae ol i !ommona thal
t;. at) nnderatand
written or verbal, requlrlng the uae ot
heraelf was at
tacki d again and a aa more teepl
atirred >?> Mr. Lioyd Qaorge'a liUle
pronoum i menl of a week oi two
i of bi Ing lefl In the
lurch bj her quondam ally, and suuh
ghtened Prenchmen aa af. Clemen
ceau do nol healtate to eay: "The ble
ti.it. p.ritish Klngdom, of which tbe
preaent Cablnel la engag. breaklng
thi joints. la very far from cuttins the
ini" dlplomatlc figure ol formei daya
;,t i. mo morneni of moal
orda, with Mr. Ltoyd
Ueorgi championlng th. reductlon of
armami nta, a hii h mual be the Bnal
preparation ol defeal for tbe Engliah.
? Bir Edward Qrej ln embarraaauieut,
tungue; Mr Aaqulth doea not
a w ii.it to aay, and afr Churchtll
poaalbl; la medltatlng a way of paying
off ins Inteaaperate collaborator. One
cannoi Iraaglne a more vlolenl coatraal
ernment action than the orgaal
cation ol I '" nnaiiy ."
German Policy Altered.
h.i, i Ben agar, a aupporti r ><( M.
Briand aaya "The facl is Prenchmen
oughl to be toW thal tbe pr< aenl Brli
ish governmenl la profouhdly altering
Oerman policj Tbe era of Britlab im
...... D , ,. ,i ? th a deflcli bj Pn -
mi-r Aaqulth, haa been reptaced bj
radical abatehtlon In the fashmn pf
Uoyd Qeorge "
Ofhara predici thal Engiand la
trendlng rapldly to the Oerman Ai
lhan< e Tio aa call attentloa to thi
many conccaalona made by Engiand
;,,?! t.. the facl that polnta of rap
prochemenl are aought Thaj aa;
.,|.. nly thal Bngland haa karl to Oer
man) and will never regaln the leadi i -
ah|p of European affalra
kfaanwhlle Turkey, backed bj Oer?
many, dkrregarda tbe aolutlon of tbe
i:.'..ni lalanda queetion offered bj Blr
Edward Qre) and It* Triple Entente,
buya a Dreadaoughl and preparea an
iiimy to lavadi Greece and n o er
aomeof her loat terrltory, arhlle Oreeea,
Bupported bj tbe futlje TrtpM atotente,
frultleaet) aearebea lo atreagthen her
Sylvia Pankhurst Released.
. aeo. Jan. I -1"- ? ,s ? P?nk
. ? . ? a Krag* tt< a aa to-day
rrom ii tllowa) Jall ??"" *?"?
had ? ? ' w,"'"
? d ln the BaM Bnd oi
Bhe ?a> la a etala of eoBgpe* ah tha
rrauit of a week'a "huager atrlke1
Charles Ferguson Says
They Think Him a Practi
cal Man of Affairs.
[By i
i:. , |jn, Jai " i "harlea FVrguaon, of
\ . YoiU, repi aenting thi Bureau of
CorporaUona ln thi i >? i artmi nl o?
. . ., w ?? ?? ho la mak
.;.. .,, Btud) of thi relationa
,t- and Induatrlal
. in, nta, ni an Inveatigatlon of thi
... nomical condltiona
v,hlc] varioua i ountriea
of Eur. as well ? - ao nding Buro
,, ah opink ? ? queetion of truete,
arrived thia week In Bi rlln
i ru ., ,, . splained to The Tribui -
, ,,,?.. ., .nd. nl thal hia miaalon ami
purel> thal ofa atudenl who, arith aev*
, ral ??'?? .i at 1 ? diapoaal and no aet
IUn< rai i. waa ? llllng to be taught
whatev r Europe mlghl hava to offer
-in-i-au of aJking questlona auch aa
wi .ji ?? ,i, thi L'niti d 81 itea learn
from Europ. ' or. Hoa haa this .,r
European i ountrj ? olvi d ita in
durtrlal ? nd otliei prol Ii m? " i belleva,
-,. tjuote defferson'a phraae, 'decenl ra*
apecl for the opiniona of mankind' n
quirea thal we go abroad to Inveatigate
oursi Ivea.'
[;,,. . .,.,. pr, . ? uj lapn ? policy
ion atated
ad he foi nd anj feeling
thal th ? Pfi Idenl a aa waging Indla*
.? arfan iga Inal big bualneaa
or i . 'omblnatlona. < m tha
conti ti ' ? aald, he found the varioua
?,. -. ?:. ,, .. onomlai -. publlchrta, finan
, , i - man ifacturera and bualneaa men
\ iti, whorn he dlacuaaod the Wilaon
adminiatration aurprialnglj well In
l; ? him i" |i>>iiit
oui thi fa< t "that Mr. w . ??? . * ai
only a * h< I phlloaopher, bul at
i. , im time an in;. naelj prai tical
man ol affaira, who recognlsaa the fa A
thal vaal economiea ? n aometimea re
alizcd through the largeneaa of bual
m aa "i ganlaatlona."
?'(?n<- thlng,' aald Ui Ferguaon,
"ahich espe lall; Impreaaed me, and
l .!. sir- lo Bmphaalxi thia, la the uni
\ ,i bq| t i ?. lnc? d <-\ erywhere for
Ihe preaenl adminiatration, on every
,i,i in the i otirae of mj apeechea."
The Gcorgc Washington Loses
16 Hours Outside Plymouth.
London, Jan 10, Tha atorma and fog
whleh were reapi nalble for the ground
Ing of the Ain. rlcan tlnei Phlladelphla
yeaterday dektyed the Irner Oeorge
Waahlngton, whleh had Lord aturraj
aboard The Qerman llnei anived at
: i o'cloek lo nlght, Insti ad of al 7
a. ni.. as acheduled
Th. fog waa ao denoe I tai nbjhl ?>rr
the coaal of Cork that the Cedrlc was
unabte to naaki Queenatown and pro*
aaeded dlrecl f"i Ltverpool. The laal
mentioned clty, too, la fogbound to
da\ Btreel lampa are hardly dlecero
IhJe to thoae sianding beneath them.
i,.\i'V KLI45ABETH NORTHO >i i
.Married la?l week to Kuh.it H Hruce.
?'S F 0
VVant Govcnimcnt to Take
Charge of Corniah
Orc Deposits.
New Treatment'v Results Cti I Be
Defmitely Tolti for Years.
Experts Sty.
Londoo, Jan l" The optimiam - Um
ulated among i ar* i luffi n ra the
n . ni reporta thal thirt: -1 wo ' Inop
erable i aaea" had been dli arged
prarticall) well from the lliddli ?
Hoapital are gi eai I deplored by Bi
lish apeclaliata, m ho Inalal th il the
bopea iii ? prove < ntln I: falae, aa time
Is n >ceaaarj to provi the abaolute n
pulis of radlum. afedli al men are ex
tr. mel) niiv. Illtng I.?t< : e impn
Hi..'n of actual i ure unli aa mui h
atroni ei - Idi nce la ol ti ln< d
The rai l tim* ln the laal half of 191
there were twei i : ;,;''
hoapital, a totnl mortalitj of MkJ per
cent agalnat thirt; two patienta dl
chargi -i ln a favi rabh ? ondll ion oul ol
ilgtj -eighl In ihe aame i? i lod In 1913,
la conaidered remarkable, bul "1 cannot
.:,\ thi ? an ? ired. i only know thal !
?annol re ognixe thal thi y tnv ?
, ,.r. , ither b) touch or aight, and thej
? ing ai.out in impro ed health
and able to >-arn a lii i llh.I " aa
Laaarua Barlow, dlrector of the Mid
dieet i Hoaplb .
"1 almply knoa thal th< ?
,mii. <ii ha dfaappaared, and timi alom
?an tell whether the tinj aee llinga re
maln. W e ahall have to wall -? eral
yeura bi fon w< m di Bniti
then bai e been eui ?
To Smaili tbe Trust.
11,-. Bai loa i onfeaaea thal though
then ? no longer an] doubl of the Im
. . p/ecl of radlum on cam eroua
lumora, he la noa pleadlng to amaah
the "radlum truat." aa: Ing thal he be
llevea II poeelble to produce radlum for
.. rea BhllUnga per mllligram, while the
preai nt markel prli ea are $100 and up
ward. Ha aranta the radlum ore of
Cornwall devetoped for the beneflt of
the 86,000 peraona who annually dle
from cancer In the L'nlted Klngdom,
Buggeating aa an example the govern?
ment ownerahip of radlum minea ln
A uatrla.
The Britteh radlum corporation haa
laaued a atatemeni In reply, admii
the apei lallat'a claim thal i lermana own
h- entire atock of Engllah radlum, bul
aaylng thal although tha atock haa
been held here six montha the Oer
mana ;*sk mucfa hlgher prlcea, Sir
Prancla Pox, chalrman of the trust.
atatea thal the nea worka, capabla ot'
increaalng tbe outpul Hvefold, will be
m operatton by Api IL
The tflddleaex Hoapital was founded
aolelj for Incurable cancer patienta,
whoae Hvea average onlj three montha,
ao tbe greateat Intereal la belng manl
feated la the reaulta Juet declared, de
aplte the cautloua atatementa of ex?
perta, including l?r. Robert Knox,
dlrector of the >'.< itrlcal and radlo
Iberapeutii department, who aaya:
"The public ahould bear in mind thal
the percentage of caaea tha' recelve
benefii la ex< eedingl) amall.
DeDrecates Broadcast Pubhcity.
"i 'ns-s thal appi ar to ha > i l*en
cured b3 radlum probablj would not
have received aa much benefll from
other methoda ol treatment. Untll are
know more aboul ;ts action we cer
talnly are nol Juetined in deacrlbing
radium aa ;< apeclflc cure. i depracate
\ei> Btrongl] th<- broadcaal pubUclty
glven by aorae inatltutlona t?> briUiant
Bucceaaea obtained In auitable caaea,
which. afi. i aii. form only a amall per?
centage of the toial
The aame attltude >.f caution la ex
preaaed al thi Cancer Hoapital, in Pul
lain Road, where the expert sa\s: "It
is poaalble thal appllcatlona of \~**
milllgrama >.f radium occaalonally re
auh in the diaappearance of cam er, but
it is not al preaenl a general occur
rence. In aome caaea X-raya have
proved full > aa efflcaeioua aa radlum.
sir Alfred Pearce Qould atatea thal
aome caaea be haa ae< n have been wom
lor tbe liae Of radium."
Dr. Barlow aaya thal al preaenl II la
;. aalble to treal onlj one pal lenl ;i day,
,,s thej have onlj .">" milUgrama ol
radium. and need tWO gra:;is. or B2t),
000.000 w..rth. ln order to treal nin-ty
i a.. pal lenta dallj.
Lady Elizabeth Northcote Bride
cf Robert R. Bruce.
: B) ObNi I. I r. ? TrUtUM 1
London, dan. 10. A amari wedding
i..- week \.as that ..f Lady BUaabeth
Ifabel Northcote, aecond daughter bf
the Earl and Countcaa of Iddealelgh,
and Roberl Randolph Bruce. >-f Brltlah
Columbia. The bride wore a dreaa of
draped Ivorj charmeuae, wlth a u
cade of allver lace, the skir' and b
i.-inif embroidered arlth paarla
? r>stai^ Muuj Paatorella Bheliey, M n
Cedlla Sorthcote and bflaa Hilda Me -
? . !o idi amall J - ?ore
p.ii- blue ? r-p. de ? hlne iaata, a .t!i
collara of Chantlllj lace, Thelr hata
were of tete ak nagre ?? I? c. ahaded
with blue oatrtch feathera
Praaenta wait aani bj Placouni and
\1acounteaa Portamouth, Lord and
Lad) Newkanda Um Barl .."d Counl aa
of Haisi.iiry. Viacounl and V'iacoun! --
Hallfax, th. Marchlonead ol BUgo Bl
Jotaa and Lad BheUe) the Dowagar
Countcaa of Carnarvon, Lady Paget,
th. Baahop ><( Exeti r, the Boa Ladj
iv. k. the n.ai Lady wi.it. h-ad. Laely
Aadre) Bullar, i^t.i and Lad) John
iViil and l?>r.l and Lady Colcbeatar.
Writlr-n "I lirce Years Kefore Their Marr.ay. They
Voice tlie Writcrs Affection for tlie
"Dour Scotsman."
i.,,i..;.,., I.... I Uexandei i -
Ii the urn nt i
I , nth L'entui> ti d After" < Ig il
nea el II ? ' "" ' 'r' '"
Thon L'arlyk .....
ai' agi
Of tl ?" Intlmate bb
the followlm ? Iraaaad I
, at Klnnalrd Hous .
11 nki id, .N th' ai tumn ..f ItS. Jane
had to d he a ould nOt
i ii had wrltten to har three
,... k. belon aftei ? he had ? - ha aaht,
,,nt thclr mutunl nonci rns on the i erj
i.in? ivhi ? e wlahed thi m W Btand
it , lu rep
?1 | ,. . i Juj t a
,.. II al lald !,.?? up foi b
. r. M -?? ln< ? ""'
0f n0 pli ai ml nature,
kept me > ??? rtUng to you all
this i mi i ba '"a ? o ;. bi rei
belng unmlndful ->f you; nerer,
unli ss ! oi knoM foi a rfaln thal I am
f Ither di ? anged or di ad
? i >u. i do love ' ou, m oi n rotherl
i even a lah thal Kate hai d m?
, ?. ..:? i feal thal a. h ? dea*
, ,:,. . . been uappl t than n
. i.? i. evei wh
.. ,. i Fortune, If II la i dI the
lelti ? ? unltea tl
srhom Nal " meanl lo ba united.
??And ao you aill ceeee to eorreapond
aitl me when i marry! Do you thlnk l|
, . ? rnan al ira< h a coat? Whera
Is the lover "ii tha face of thia *-arth
ou.' i >le ni" for the loaa of my
friend? W* ahall aot cease to corre*
.\. rer, ni vtt aa far a? it <Je
penda on nw If "Mrt ' la to ba
, , anged from your affet tlona, I ara
jane W'elata for Ufi,
Were I agaln to loaa the friend of my
agaln lo be lefl alone ln tha ?ni<ist
0f soclety lovtng no on.' and yet poaaeaa
Ing \\\c facull to love, percelvlng noth
in8 but the bUckneaa of death In tha
utdverae around me; In the buatla and
ai d grandeur of I ? earth, notl -
? ? arada <>f a funeral *3reat
,;.,,!. i...w wratehad, how rulned i should
i,. ?
? But , . aha i llve to i ** my Ouardian
annot be tha' aill of a merciful
thal i ahould return to the dn
nce whleh I endured before wa mat
it .annot ba His will that a BOUl born
? i nghtan the earth, to ba tha dayatar
. a ahould be obaeun d bj the al ad
of death ere a wortd has percetved
ajrtandour. You .?haii llre to lova me
35 Rooms and Banquet Hall in
Ruins?$200,000 Fruit of
a Year's Thefts.
[Bj Ceata to Tha Trlboae. l
Vienna, Jan. 10.?Follo-aing the dl
rectlona of threa plckpocketa, the police
of Budapi il diacovared this week a
veritable treaaure cava on tha aite of
an old wlndmill, demoUahed to rnake
roora for the new Palace of Juatlce
Paaaing behlnd a plla of old brtcka,
thp plckpocketa gave tha paeaword and
>tlon of the wall opptu'd and dla
cloaed a buge cava, fonnerly the cel
lara of the nindmill, fllled with mer
chandlae of all klnda, from baga of
coffee and sugar to fumlture and
Along ihe aidaa oi tha cava wera
thirty-five cella, ln whleh tha rabbera
lived, whila anothar parl araa a ban*
queting hall covared with empty cham*
pagne bottlea.
The gang waa awa) when the police
arrlved, bul began to return at duak
with their plunder, and each "as ar*
i ia he cama. Tha last to arrive
waa the leader, a gypay callad Charla
magne, n'ho, arith half a dosen follow
. ra, put up a Sght and ahol a pollca*
man but waa overpowerad.
The Informera aald the value of thalr
plund t laal yaar waa more than IS00,*
. Theii operatlona covared Auatrla
rind Hungary, and extended to Italy
and Bwituerland.
it is aald thal Charlemagne, eighteenj
montha ago, married a dlvorcad woraan |
of an old Poliah famlly, and that ahel
brought hlm a doa ry (lt I*.
Authorities Decide to Make
Declaration Corapulsory.
Ii:- .-;,! Is to 1 Ba Trli -,in? 1
Perta, Jan. 10 i>.-^t itr- ih.> fact thal
haa become rery rare, tha
Krench authoritlea have declded that
,t would be wlai to maki declaration of
the diaeaai compulaor ta Franca, Aa
known, tbera ara aome l
red lapera al preaenl living ta
Pai.- bul ni"-' of ti,<- caei a ara thoae
of forelgnera "i colonlaia, who hava
!,, paria ln the hopa of an Impoe
Nevertheleaa number of nattve
a- knoa n to i aial In Britl tny,
i'r,,-..,,.. tl .- Al; . . Ifai Itlmea and
\u\ erg'
Temporary Lull in Rush of
Foreign Travel.
? ? . ?., i h- Trrli ific |
Loadon ..lan N There ?r?- \.r fea
eana In London al preaenl Mra I;
H mmerlln and Ifr. and Mra, i i>.
Uoyi a ? al I ? Blta, a h?ra Harry
Ps na Whltnej and the Weterbur; broth*
ra are expected to arriva ii.-m Toaaday,
loeether uitr. Mr and Mr?. i 11 Aknieh,
Mr and M:.-. .1 A Mltrli.ll and A <5
Mrs .lainp? A. H>;rd.n and Mrs tiria-i
i aM ' iraj 'i. ? raa from Paria ba the
i lej Banatoi Jaraea Hamllton Lawla I
arha la .. delegati to the latarnatlo
lonferei.i Safet> ol i.if. ;,t s.-.i. i*
? i tha gavoy.
tain Barclaj H OFarburton arrlvadl
from Paria aa Buadaj and la at the r.irl-'
iiiii Mth HrugulAre Ml?s aTtatoa aful
Mi!?a Tillman -ailfd un ihe rannna to-da>.
I '
I di. I
and 1 v. iti
n? w ? ?
to i lyle fi om 11 iddington on Jai i
i .. i . i|
? .ii repeal Ihe i i ???
know ha M terrlbl
iv.i. and
ttotied to him oim
of oplnlon hi
11 .1 n '.'. .iat <io v 0 I ' did
hand! Impertlnent, i
it. d arratcti I ha - r< hli
meai laut ei
"And now H hi n W|ll
? lalon '. ou will come *
f.in ? Ti ii me w ha
termined on, and then i will t<
l like It, ' rod oi- i
thia n -\ v'cai be k
B< ? . . . ? . ?
ten In December,
"Let me tel
if frowning at thi
I ,i
of anythlni
ao mucb, foi .* ihowed
which voti -nt
trongeal llghi Of whom Ii
the world bul n ? ?
'.!.??. aaked a fa oi ta i< >?':
"Thua you p>
regardi.; the auggi ationa of tl
mari < .il!->! Prlde I who, l W0
you know, i- an emlaaary of I
-v-n alUio
"Ano you
i am so giad al thia ... -? nt! i
noi li '.? - . ' I our
meetlng for orai l n e. but it a
comfort to know tha
milea off, ai d then yo i n lll
me vour manuai
lltUe not< ?
? trilKtit. Oh, ? 1 tliink I
a long wblli w ithout aeelni if i
pot one of thoai letl
every -hourl Aa it
Wiah my mother w.
im;. and reaolve to make tl
What cannot be helped."
Bradford Sent Large Quantity
in Anticipation of Tariff.
London. Jan. lO. ? Figures Juet com
piled of Britiah trade ln 1913 ahow the
effed here of the new American tariff.
In Bradford, th- gf-at wool manufact
uring centre. thOUgh th. total of the
year's exporta dacreaaed $2,870,890 I
exports to Amerioa in December, in
anticipation of the tariff reduction on
January 1, increased 12,248,420
which 1911,885 was in wo. Hen too&M.
in Btnntngham, tha total exports to
Amerlca for tbe yeaa arere $4,986,370,
an Increaaa of $101,870, nearly one
thlrd of the total American trade for
the laal .juarter, when a record of
$1,608,135 was made.
The total Britiah trade for the reer
establishod a new r- or.]. $6,472,476,
875, of which exports arere $2,627,307,
080, an Ineraaae ln exports of $191,
I8v\885, and a total mcreaee of $313,
156,525, Deci mbi r, h< wever, al owafi ?
decreaaa ln importa of $14^250,715,
thotigh the exports inr-a.
Ugly Facts Brought Out by Re
cent French Manoeuvres.
lju caali aa I
Paria, Jan. 10. The b< i
the reeent Prerach man It is
underatood haa ravealed tha Incompe
tencj or a numh ir of hlgh ?
Uie army, aome of a*hon have aJready
. ? . placi.1 on tbe n tlred llat i there
an llkely td foUoa aa aoon
tunity occura,
i ireal actlvlty rekjna theae da]
tbe MlniBtry of War, where tl
haa been made thal the Prencb army
ahall be complately rehovated. With
thia aad In rleu ti;.- new w.ir Sflnl
M, Koulena, haa ordered that a list be
Bubmitted to him of the namea of all
ii offk art a bo reporti .i "111 or "fa
. . d" al the general Ingpi ction at
the and of 11* l n. Tbelr namea arlll be
added to the list of candldati
r.tir-.l liet.
French Book on Psychology of
Crime To Be Published.
Bi ? ai i ? ? ? i
Paria, Jan. io. i 'onaiderable Inl?
tttaehed to tha forthcomlng publl
cation of a book <>n tii?. intim.it.
. iiolog: of the famoua Partalan Btotor
bandlta i>\ ;h<- lawyer, Bmile Mlcl
?? ho defended Jourdan and a ho re
ce ? i the authorixaUoa to anaki long
\ i>its to membera <>f tbe gang, not
"Raymond La Bcten<*e.'
If. Miihoti. ever alnce the bandlta
a*alked to the gulllotlne, haa bi
deavoting to obtaln the wlthdrau i
thi Prencb bar a opp< i Itlon to the ,
..ti of tbe book, bul withoul
Aft< r iurth-r dellberatlon the
councll of tha Prencb bar waa I i
Induced to conaanl . n <-,|!i lltlon
M Michon publlah th<- h....k aa i prl
vate Indlvidual, without mentioning
. oi io < tion with the bar, The lll
th. !? v A Sli. - of a Bai
Large Bond Offer by France.
Paria Jan N i' ibl iubaci
4 ti.r c?Mit bonda, fom Ing part oi
? a pWuB. guarani lad b) the Pi ?
axrvarr*raaal fai the Improvemanl of ihe
Waatara BtBte rallroad .syatem
BUYS $100,000 ?
R. B. Sparrow Purcha$*?
Famoiis Collection ofLafc
Farl of Crawford.
; script Doc mcnh and Oiga
Rariora ,-, Subject
Sold with Collection.
ratad eusa
: i " 'ha ?
0 'I to k a
itkaj aa
' ' '? for ??!
?taropaef a?
? v?r fc
tweaty ?.
.. ,.t.
'? baaaaa
- o< ia ^
ary ui*r
for a lar.
the 'ror,,,
. nitaj
?a ted f-a
and ?n ta
: ;.
i ajja.
-a |t ^
?! amsaj
i' ,K? eo:'.srtai
from ? ? poiat of
earty **?-si
. ?<-,ion
be**aal at
?';' ar? *??*?
- bit r
?ta .'heeta tt
tloa of a*
' ? ag
? ??" flm a
? * '?? Sicf*
' '*t<*b fm
' 15 to *7 50 < i
Mui ?tam?. a*
' * neat af i
This Mi
? MO far a i
v ."tampar
and Rtafr
ir i for i
f vernment but
Tt-la fetcat
1 ia tatka
earl'a ection "?;??
Envelcpe Designed by Mulreeey.
esl-e parae
i tha famous . ? daaaaarll
. : A., waa luutaia
?? la a rars preafb
? > not aaM
EXOWn that n '? v. w*eks befon**
I K'-neral Issue of fhe^e atamped ?n*aaa
adheslve labeln an ex; > 'lmentalah
itamped envelop^H was made fc?
I houses of ParrJa
V -tamp of the greatest rar.ty I o*
! collection is tho used 3d copy of
C from plate 3 with tba "a**
mark." Only 1,30 ? or faaarattt
an i ? ia nuakf <
t I coplfs known ls extremely llratat
There I I copy ln the BrttJ-a a>
Cf the 4d itUB)
watermarked with tf.e amali "ar*
l devl-e, a stamp priced at }S0 to M "*?
unsevered block of eeTenteea, rat
j of many of the earty De la Rua |
prlnted stamps th?r-; are c .mp,lete Ptf*
n'iml ?:s and marglaal laaatr
i tll : I
\ Among other r-tnarkaMe Itana
numbers of coples of tg -veJui iu?V*
I on I - ? : w ???>rmarl*a4 -12
| an "anchor" devl*?. Of t - flre-iSCat
? t. there is a t ock of eJttt'
ks Of fOW I
la all a"'
? J". a *a?
f the ten-sai*
| \alu.-?l at : rtfleea aa
hcra ara**
.5 oa ?**
th Mal cuc
Rarites and Er-ore.
j Of the Btai -I f*'
? prarti-w
:. dudaaf *
raritles and thi * k?0? ***
could not "' *" *
.<??, W
-? 'ii*"**
,.. tha 1
? idea af*
stampa ****
... r tha t';**^V
tnaonfl J
k .i ??? '
, olleciaa
*'" -mi
' ? * Sa
L'ctoi, it it. s '"*;^
" Basal
""' tt*
and i .. ^'ir'sa
tlon latterl; i i - ' r0?' <
?ii ?'?:11 <'"*u^a
siiU-ral ' ..'.,
' '\,
' M\i *
la to exhihit ^.W*
?Proofa and I.- ' '*'
Fire Brigade To Be Ch?n|??>
Co^t of $2,000,000.
aaa I
Lon.l.'i. Jan lo. it >- ?'"?JTajj
10 '?"V*jrr-'
l?n tln br.i m<*"ZA
i ? ? in. ? ? ,Xl" t^9i
1 i,nP. aat
m . ,s tr?v?' *j
Hteam engin?>. Moiors +A0*
. an h..nr and I'""'!.f* ^
minute with a ''
t.> tha Inch t^?,
T?n i-i'uinf?iK:?l I""1" ,hPP,-il
,,a,,r" ;'at :^
day lius '''.' niotor ?i\>v'--"-,'s ,
? i" I"-"" ; "' ."lj^* ,^-a*
. mi i wor* ?' ''
. . Tb*
whi. h l.T"" wi i< j^-jl
,?,,....-..! ?'- J- i* aatimatatl*?*
loaa waa 12,l'i.,--'&

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