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Italn nr annir anrl rolrln ln Ha* I n
morrow. i.ii4, iil.',| anrl .r.lrlrt
>t \rr? \r.rk. VrnarU J******. ' Kj ?nr! Ilohokr*.
MMHiii iti i ??i? rr.NTB
mn 'confess'
youth Held for Attacking
? H. H,is T?o1 for l)c
tcctivc. He Dcclarcs.
?oney and drink
10r( ed on him
Insisls Story of Shooting
Was Suggested t0 Him
While Irrcsponsible.
V? Vork Ifficy Dcnies \ccusa
lf "Frame Up"' Youth'l
Story Voluntary.
t - i
:1 H
klU Mon
la H I jr ln ths
.-B-4 ? ?
aa ?
x : slnre
1. the
'. . week to "show
aa. tas l lahurf, renn."
ru io- ?
. I ?? was
ment. the
?sascy *?*?
tt. This ls
Showed Weil the Town.
ih<? mlddle of Octoher a ds*
? Weil came
? d In.arded at the
.. Hl called Rt my
o*htfa home and aaked lf 1 ara
jfcBSM 'T<
a-onne- m<* tl al ha t
tt the Mai mstmctioa
Ctaipar- ed BB8 1 ? a hlm
I did bo "ri crtain.
? d on
atair 4ryt> he alwaya waylatd i
1 had never drunk mor* thnn an
t he fcept
?afnet." king. Hi
v ?*_, lay nntil hr- ?
(?ii or aboul Da
'.'? al
ka and kepl me
? jali* *
? Mf-en
? now
? ?
aami by TV< nod my head
k oter- ? ? .
Aaxn cri | death"..
ad Hart
an ind
4- ? fl'
t tha atory of
tt tm
h*o ? ? ? i'f*w com
? on I real
ndsr the In*
'naiita Story Was Suggested.
i 'li.l not
" *" ..? .-''d
W . :1
??UtiiH nn .. ...mth ...lurnn
This Morning's Xcws.
LOCAL. Tacr.
,. ' ' *
IN?* *
"* M*' M'ltnss a
. 4
____!*_" "' ' 5
" " 5
... ?
r 14
w *' ' ???????**
. 14
1 *?*n Lo . 14
?W' '' eath...... ?
? a
...".' 9
ooo^ "' LK ' Invalld. 8
-i ?. . h w"' ' *' ? le Carli .
r?? fo,'
io. n ,,,.i i_
. ? ia
^^ _".is
Lind and Magon Bclicvod lo
Havo Chosrn dc la Barra.
n ? ?
.'.in. 20 li Ifl i'.*iir\ ed ln
Msi rx-M ler of Ihe
Ihi aaen4 r?f
1T ll r i : ? ? ?
nboa ii iu i ; ? 11
i wlll then i
? ..nt iii*- t
.\'i 'no m m will ?
by tho former cli ii onea
Executors Say Foundation Is
Exempt as a Charity.
thal the Alttnati I
hief beneflclsr} ln the x\iii of
\ ?? mer
lefi (50 000,000 ia ? i har
nstil I .on. ihe executora will
? - atate to < ?
? tax r.n the money, ihe ta\ belns
.. Bi.noo.oot>.
To take atepa
'4 . , ? |
? gey . ? '? \ eller
? -*?< - i leai
termine Mr Altman'a I the
; Mimar ompan) n xvithin '
? ka.
The executora take the atand thal
aa olhar chaii tlona ara
exempt from taxal rul* ahould
the Alttnan F**oundation. On the
other hand, tha stat** i
that the charltahle end of ihe founda?
tion main feature; it*5 pur
he Inaiati i Iu. I ? pi
Bodics Of Retired Sea Captain
and Wife Found in Ruins
of $50,000 Home.
lerton, N J.. .tan 20.?Their
* harrod liodies found ln the flin
ruini frl.'
| place. la*,. I i rnoon, thi
thal N. ' etlred
rs old. and
? ? rrnirdrred 1 >'
thleves, who firrd the hous*
up thi ti their < rim<.
The firu
hawkin. ?or\ p efforta
cai.tain Bhepberd, whoafl a
j was ? "-.iii . led Kt aim -' $300 " ''
.. and hia
?tly anti.iuos. i
atatuary i rcta of art w
nd thfl
' world. ?
Profit Sharing Brings Many
Auto Workcrs to Altar.
? Jan. 20 All i s.. warl P*>
i marriasjfl license clerk, declarea
? :-i. nry Ford, the automobile man
has furniahed ihe anawer to
ih** questi 9 I thal thouaanda
of younaj men ol ihe preaenl day refuse
u, mnrry""
Wlthln the ia-t 44erk fifty or the em?
ployea of the Ford Motor Company
married and ' ed homea
Dr. Spitzka to Leave His and
Father's for Analysis.
i ?
ladelphla, Jan, 20 -Wide Intereai
eloped 'n medical clrclaa
..' tha brain of tha
late Dr Edward C. Bpitxka, neurologlat
eniflt, waa temporaiily sel at
?.- i.- Bdward Anthony
Splta ot th* ' eaaoA iure_i on.
? l know of no peraon capabla ol prop
perfoi mlng the analyala and etudy
.,??1 pr. B| '
Trr- Ttii.y come forward later
, and lf ao i Bhall wlUlngly turn tha
brain over to him.
v rever, to hax-p
tho efened until my death.
i will leave dlrectlona as to what
?. mad* of the brain
Mv purj ? afford an
. tb.. . omparlaon of our
prj . wlth tho* of
, ,!)*! of ths famll*
Church Dancers Read Kdict on
Pro-jramme, Ihen Some Gay
ly Do as They Plensc.
W.ll. they lariRoed m epite of the
Of 'flflD tHd it
The Bttchre aad l-'piion al the tWth
-,. tn Armory lasl nlfhl, under ihe
of the church of it Fn
Xavli r. iraa ,,|v' LWO
-. of wbom dat* ed Tha ptra
- i" la*
fi,ii*,4Mtii4* legend (aeflnltlon of legend
fjvi " '' """??"' ? '*A
flctltioufl <?> doubtful ......???.
. ,, . to tha wlabes of th*.
feth* ? ? ' luaatad to
, . v thfl X4i.lt/. an.l IWO fltsp,
i Mrarnlttee - sllow an.i whits
... snforea Ihla
Thaj arara aanpowereH
*ii?i nol sea averythiBg thal
t'K.k pl
? if i knox- whal th< lanfo
,., hal, 'i belleva I
laaaifl on i.-i- en
d in that paatlma al thli moment
?| 4.. ,?, ..,4.-11 "''
rii.v *i..i..'i aaaka M offenalva bratj
iBBtnad Thal? all.
Former Minnesota Profcs
sor Wants $20,000 Paid
on Pearl Necklace.
WON $50,000 AT MON Tf
Son of Arcbdeacofi Pcnies H
(lamblcs and Rofuscs lo
Disclosc System.
i. don, Jan 10 i h Brnesl VII
Appleby, formerly lecturer al the L'nl
of .Min?
thi I'outl ? ' Klng't Beneh wlth sl
i !?
?i ;i suil b
bj hun t.> i |2.1 from Bai
lay de F It, an A
l 'i \ ifi.?!.> sa Id he did
I r ?. hanged money al
? | .
bj ti. ?? \ eatmi nta thi re
? IG. profll I '*
added thnt he waa i
iier in the waj he pli ed
otinsel ti-Jed to sel an Ink
llng of i m Ai pli ?? - a; atem
l.laintiff told tluMn they wanted to
knoa t"" much. Baioneaa de Pa
? th.- w itm aa bos ..nd tol i
rl that Dr. Appli b) had not
oi ly gambles,"
. led. she sald the doctor ga i B
hsr a necklace, on a 11 i * ? 1 - ahe hi d bor
rowed $15,001) from Mi--.- Bchafi
' ?
to gl
Der.es She Is Fugitive.
In h ? nation 11 ?
ne waa Maria
-?.-? etnphatically d< i
Bhi had besn committed for trial i
charge of lan ? n: ai San Frai
thal she was an ,:i1 I ?'
?. ?
; ? r a hlch I
Iff and the defendam
running bi l wi ? p < 'hli ago ?ul
NY4\ rork, Thia led i" ' ?
Dr. Appleby, In hia pleadings, ds
- ? . e to a Parl
ir. paymeni ? !" arla de*
ilrsd by the ? agrsi d
io lndetnnifj him.
? ? ? : aroni aa d< n te thii itatement,
_*;d _n . there
ment lt was ifouhded OB an '?immnral
coni l-Tatlon." Bhs oounterclalnas the
Bum of $29,000 alleged to bt dus to her
bj lt. Apph by,
.\. ordlng ny. Di \r
pleby was anxioua to marrj 'ho har*
?ii ahe had n fusi d, Ba
di.i nnt wanl to do bo Ths P
Jewtller had aued Dr. Appleby on ths
notes whlch ihe baronssa had refused
to me'-t, and tlu- preaenl aull followed.
gi i pi rhomat, VII
rhe late * or*
nella Day V i!- ?
uon of formi \ tho ,
of St. I'aui, foi ?
rslatlvs of thi Duk< of (Harendon, who
, ? 4 ? ., Laondoi to rscovsr
|j. de Pallandt,
arai \- idel
pgrti m t, made ln Phlladi Iph
Wildi mlaed 1 tr. Applcb;
annuitj of * I0,(. pi "? Idi I h< rema b<
single. T1 ? ? ? te was let
.,, , aa, itj i... Appl by aoughl to ha ?
and ths litlgstion laated frora 1103
HO. The executora evsntusllj oi,
talned a decree, permlttlng thsm to i aa
muti th** snnulty, and Dr. Ippleb. was
. lump BUtn pl *l l".. ?* \et'
g| I -,,,|| . | has aint _ been Hv
Ing in London 1 *" estste h ft by 9m
eila Paj Wllder-Applebj amountsi]
lo aboul ' ?
Mra WlWsr-Appli I ' c tUr' ' '??
daughter of thr- Iste Amheral H Wllder
Ir.ulinifd on thlrd pogr. atztfe
Business Too Good for Bcsieged
Farmer to Surrcnder.
Ifsyvllle, n. v . Jan. 20 i"
expresscd to-nlghl b> psrsona who
talked wlth Bdward Bi ard le; thi
i B-ummer Dals farmer, thal hs
i wall tn llsyvllls jail to morrow
and auhinll lo am al for ths ahootlng
of john i'n W. Putnam, poormi
Bsardslsy ha? baen rsaplng a harvesi
of doliara by stgnlnc plcture postcarda
and r" **-*'? **-*? f?r hta photograph. Hi
?aid to-day that he liated to glVS uji
',},r revenue
Also Gets His Voice Embalmed
at Edison Studios.
Andre* Carnegls'a volce waa <*m
baiinr-,1 and hia plcturs taken f"t pos
n rn > ) ? aterda - a! tbs Rdieon stud
i ? ii ir .14 enue ami i Hiver Plau ?. Tha
Bronx, Ths Iron master talked bn
? phonogrsph,
lutr.i 'i si \' ni cl arai terlstt< possa f"t
Ihs lilniK.
Bi fors ? placs an sctor
iM the "movles" Mi Carnsgls L.'.ked
Up fri na bla llvs f< ? I of manh.I Into
ths fki ? of Bdward Myllah, a Bcoti h
feel t!,t. ?. and n
v, ||ad thal *-? t Ja
il,,* ,?., mti ii" slso ? i moi Ing
picturea madi. and undi r the i w t
of Manager Horacs Pllmpton wstcheil
,;1. ,,f .,i nn. | i,_l.t ;m old b
Dvi, agaln. He asi Inti n ted l<
ii .. devi lopmi ni of the lovi
*Muiy tif the Vlns Clad Cottaga."
Orders Rigid Investigation
to Learn How Heroin and
Cocaine Are Sold.
Safety with Which They Are
Handled Due lo Coml Diffcr
enct's. II Is Said.
Stlrred bj .': of tl fl promla
Ol ? ... .nne and
'icroin, due to elthi 1 th?B lailura of ih ?
. -.. enfo. ? 'i" laa 1 or of the
. ourta to Interprel them, Mra Wllllam
K. Vande. bilt, a. haa dlrected Bn* al
i-. coulte. to maki 1 flear hlng Inveatl- .
.. into iii" eltuatlon and begin ?
liard-hittlng campaign agalnal th.IL
nol onl) ... thia 1 tate bul in all othi
? \\ re ad to llra '
Vanderbllt'fl ? attention," said Mr
* loulter x esti rda araa hoi 1 Iflad
_a - om inced that the
evll ha.l become bo alarming, despita
the las a, that il ? public
"Although wi ha < nol gonc far
. nough .4.1 to be able to aay J"-1-' a*hai
... ,-? mi asurea are 1 eeded In
nd out. < me
le ih.it, although the Brooklj n mag
istratea Interprel the lawa to include
heroin, which is a derivation of m..r
phine, ihe Manhattan courta do nol do
_.,,. ah thi ? ? flaarj f,,r' '?* Oa
fendant to aa 1 that he had herein
end he la diacharged al once. I think
, orrected bj wiitlng the
word 'h< roln' flpeciflcally Into the
Krotel recently
irta \4. re practlcally
helplesa In this matter.
"Again, there lfl the queation of pre
paring the evidepce. When an arrest
la made ? aample of the drug
for snalyaia to ttv* chemical experta of
_he Dei ?"tmi "' "1" Health. Jamea P.
ion, chemlal of the department.
tella nn ''...1 his men are awamped
with x\." 4 ? ? 1 ? an'i Imd tlma to do all
the x\..i'...
"Durlng l!M.'8 ihe> had over 15,000
gpecim* i K1 itds to exi.miii'-. of
which over 2,200, auapected aa cocaine,
h* roin, morphina or *.thor poisonoua
. f**om the police courts. if
the courta knew they could Ret qutoker
. as to thi 1 iea there would j
op twicn aa buu* e*aaaa diBpoaad of as
[.. '? I
? \\ hy not tzi\o the BoflUTd of Health
more power and cieater fa.-ilitles for j
this? Con**lCtlOBfl .animt l.e obtalned I
until they gel the returns on these
lamplea. 1 am lo have a cenference I
-,. morrow wlth Chief Magiatrata Hc
AdOO "ii the pollce .ourt phi.se of the
. tion.
"Undi 1 p. *enl 1 ondltlona, all hough
. . .1 Btrong laxv agalDBl r? ilne,
n told me thfl other day he could
I t thiri d Herenl xxaxs without
... ddled openly in the
? . ? . 1 .j ja< kaon R. < lampbell, of
ihe Departmenl of Correcttona de
thfl 8ltuatk>n as alarmln.:. there
belng recently nln? caaaa of boya sent
r Harl< in prlaon, arreated in a
? Thr* '? of th< '? boj 1 wera so addi rt< 1
,,, heroin and cocaine thej wera almosi
ifter ?p< ndlng ? night in JatL In
tta , ourl there are from thr**e
I,, four bo; a a dav brought in. ar
raigned either as drug uaera or ban
of druga"
Although thia situation might i.e im
proved by ihe better enforaement of
the lawa and thr in.-ludlng of heroin
ln ihe etatute, Coultar thought atrlutlon
lay In national laxv*. either under the
Intei tate c< mmi n e lawa or hy the
bonding of cocaine and oiher druga as
whiskej is now bonded, placlng ihe
control *>f the supply abaol iteljr in the
handa of the government
Coulter said the xvork he was doing
.. M. . i/anderblll wouM gotborough
4 ...illniie*. on third pa-;*, ro)irlh rultiinn.
10.000 Yolts Pass Through Body
as She Touches Swilch. Creat
ing Short Circuit.
? emptlng lo ah'it nfT th-- current
impleting ;* arlre teal 4*?terda\ in
ihe planl of tl.e .;....I....1 laflailating
r 1.11st *tre. t snd i'ark a\'e
. ,, tr, elghteen rsata o'.n. ?a,
kllled when 'n"" rolta paaaed throich
her body. Ia tOUChlag th* awlf-h she
ed rorgotlea te rseatrvs bsr hand from
end ? short firr-iiit ?as ei*-a***ad.
lt \48s nol part of th* glrl'a duty to
1 n 11 ti.e r-urreni OB Ol "ff. but the man
I ef 11"' a'-x'ltches waa at the other
nd i.f thfl room, and she wa.i anxlouej
. ? through "ith her work, 1 H 4* afl
' qultting tlme.
II. . '? ' Itflfl shork 44afl j
beard b: 11" fcirl al I ? ? ?' taacl li a
of Ko -410 s. 1
? , :? 1 man ciatek*-* pulied |
. .,M 44 l,|. ll sllUt <)fT ., 11
ower im th- planl Dr ,: u Hall,
jl N,. p/oot Ireet, fladeai.'-d 10
k life h. iiinfl.'l;*! respiratl.n.
I . -,i <io BOtJriag
Rocbfl lived arlth her m..th?r at
. ? nue
woman. grief atrlcken. ran from
t.-r hom* to the Bast Itath atrr.-t staJtoa
e beard thal bs. daughter 1 Body
? ?. ? Bver alne-i bsr
Iu il"t fo
ll . tn. Jl 44 ho
rort b< r. ab< bad a praaaall*
,, ;il ,|,.. iren* would nassl ?* rleteBfl
leath ? ' ... 1 glrl aoi ta
work in ths Ooodyear plant, and. InieeB,
,1 one tlma wrote to th- gfci'a flraployara
lakmg tbem lo dlPUhBI-B her daushter.
?li* v.. K. \ Wl'l KT.fl.l', SR
Jrk<rto Jy
^ i mi J) upo n t**
Commissioner Ward Wants
to Know JStatus of City
Hall Park Fountain.
Cabot w'.-i- ! i'n k Con ? ? ? ba*
gan an ii .'?' to flnd
... hai pn ? th ?*? k U
Monnies, v.in lives in Geverney-Vs-*
non, 9X99 e. haa marie on the An
seUns itll.' fountain f<">r djty Haii
J'atk, fr.r whicb ho was awarded a
contract almosi Bvs yeara ago and on
the elgnlng of Whlch he not B ratalnSf
r.f almosi 110,01 l. Bo fst aa could bs
itarnr-,1, nol sven a drawlng has been
. _ i.... ii,.- Park i epartment in
thal 'mi''.
in th.' laal two yeara fro'inent ln
,,;,,, , s hai * heen mads as to ihe
itatus of tha work on tho fountain,
whlch is to coal approximatel) 180,000,
in 1912 Commlaaloner Btover ttiad to
lind oui it M, Mai Monnlea had
,!,,?.. iini a Ma) 3 .'?,(>'?,? whsa bs k?i
the contract. After much delay hs tp
celved word thal ths work was pro
ng, ThS matter waa brought to
Mr. Wsrd'a attsntlon yaaterday.
?i ihall begln an Investlgatlon at
nni-e," he sald, "to aee whal data and
.orrespondenee th* Part Department
may have on th* matter. When thal
li done i shall al om e Und oui a*hal
Mr. Ma< Moi nlea has ?
v . ordlng to the contract on Me in
the Plnancs Department, rm tlme llmll
wa.*i set on ths completlon of ths foun?
tain, Whlch ls m take tho place Of the
ons n"4\ iii ths p. rk. On Augual 27,
according to ths contracl MacMonnlsa
recelved $0,17700 ns ? Bral payment
lle was BUPPOSed I" K' I 110,000, but
|822 1" waa deducted to pay thr. tw-st
premlum on a 120,000 llfa Inaurancs
polli y whli ii th.ntraci atipulatad he
?hould inn'- ut In favor of tii?> dty la
caas of bla dsath. a like amount has
been taken oui of th* bsqoeal ich
ainco then to pay 'he prsmlum,
which la ' harged bo the aculptor.
When Mpi Monnlea dr.|j4 era the models
h*. :s ?., c" -ni addltlonal 15,000. (9
the completlon of the atons wort and
hssln in Clty Haii E*art ha is to get
(rjo.OOO, and on the comptetion of the
bronse work ai i Ita scceptancs hs I
tO gsl $10,000 more. "n the romple
tinn nnd accaptanca of ths entirs foun?
tain lie IS tO gSl the r. ,.i lind. i.
The Angelina Crans bequssl t'irned
, i/ar to the rlty amounted to $03,43828
This waa Increaaed to $00,000 by ac*
tion of the city SUthOfltleS, provlsii.n
heinrf naads thal ths bs aaes was to
, ome O'lt t'f "Slnklng tfttXti Kedemp
ti< ii N'o. 1" fn thla fund the interaat
has baen depoalted.
Mr. Ward waa r-'irprised when he
ISSUrnsd tbal ther* was UA time llmit
?9 m ths contra I
MacMonnlsa has !*p*r,t many yaars
in Franr-o. Hta .-Midio in thSTS and he
signed the , ontracta for ti e fountain in
l'.ii e, It wa* to'.ev. rn. \-Vernon that
sto\er iin. ti ' ettara, which were
answsrsd ln a way the foaanar park
head thr.ngiit fai from aatlsfacti
in March, 1912, the sldermen toat
track of ti e fact thal tiie preaent foun?
tain BHS I" Clty llall 1'ark harl ?
set asl'le fOf I IMg MM anl ggVC II fOf
i itatua ,.f Thocoaj JsaTsiaon, for which
purpoes .iomojii-i PuUtsar roatributsd ?
larg-e sum. Mr. Stmer atlOWSd IhS
1 ...41 .j the errr>r of Its STBVJ I i'i this con
nsction, and II waa ds ided to pla'*** the
lafferaon araat al the m.im
. mian< ?? of ?'ity Haii.
Hi. \ ? .;. - i mi d ? d w Bsptam*
ti. r _??. 1901 Her ariU was oi taati d
i.y relal I won.
; ? | ~?. - ? la's Flnaal li am.
? noetl . rilhr>r l.tri Tralns h.illv.
? 15 A. M., I -il. 3 Jl P. M, Itll B'waj.
Denies Rumor That He Will
Dispose of Treasures
Acquired by Father.
Thera have hTn perslstent rumor* ln
arl dretoa r-jcentlj thal .' P. Morgan
i,.t*'n.lei] to BOll the ...Uevtion Of art
t**aaeuj*ea left to him by his father.
with th-* 4'x.*tpii<>n of the books and
f.,| s. li, rlaw "I" BUCh rumors Mr.
Morgan made thia hutern.*nt 80 a rep
rssentative of 'rh*. Trihune yesterday:
Th. r.? la nothing sold, or to he sold,
new," h>> said "I am going to sret ad
iricfl aa to the placlng of the varloaa
collections, and 1 baaa noatatemenl to
make al tha preaenl tlme There may
be aome thlnga thal i aill eventuaBy
diflposa .if. bul there 1*4 nothing to be
When I make up my mind
|us1 whal tr. do, I shall go ahead nnd
de it. < >f ? oui -?? tiie nn dealera ara
anxloua to gel hold ol ? lol of thlnga."
Mr. Morgan did not lntinii.te what he
11 ighl diapoae of, or when ha 1 xpected
to decide the matter. Bixne of those
cloae to Mr. Morg.-.n said, however, that
they were sure he had no Intention of
dlaposing of any conslderable part of
the collections He had alwaya ex
pressod ? wllllngnesa to diapoae of
tea in thi eollectiona, and
other odda an.l ends, bul nothing of
any greal value, lt waa said.
The Morgan coHectlona, Includlng
the palntlngs snd rare an treaaurea of
ui equalled dlatlnctlon, ralued sl II
000,04)0, are houaed ln the Metropolitan
Muaeum of Art. ESxcepI for thirty-one
palntlngs whlch have been on exhlbl
lion Vt ;i year, tba treasures have aot
yct he*n placed on public vlew. The
dlrectorfl of the M****eum aei apart 8he
new wing "H" for the bUlh Of ihe M,,r
-*an eollectiona, and expeci to have
4.11.0 artlclea on exhibit lon tl ?? Issl parl
of thi" month or eai ly In Ft bru
Mr Morgan expreaaed the deaire in
h.* xxiil that hi? snn would rnakfl his
eollectiona permanently availabla for |
the Instructlon and plea .re of the
Recluse Said to Have Had $30,
000 in Clothfofr Which Mames
Strip from Her Body.
Miss Mary Shannon, a reclitte, who
ild to hava kepl a fortune in bllls
arnl gov* rrmi. nt bonda hldden ln her
dreas, waa burned to death last night
Whlla sh.* alept In her room, in the
home of Mrs. Bdward Thompaon, in
Fifth avenue, Nea Rocbelle.
The flre sraa caiiaed by thi exploslon
of an oil la-np, and araa dtecovered bj
Mr Thompaon He was ssverely
bun.. feet at
temptlag to raaetM the aged -.man
Wllllam a Hubbard, motoi-rnaa <<f a
Fifth avenue trollev; left hi- ir an.l
' ' || on the '
of a porch whlle hei clothing waa bui n
!;_>_. ii. could noi i.. .i' oui the fiainea
and her clothing waa burned from har
1 ,,,!? before the firemi n arrlvi .1
Ifisa Bhannon wa ; old
?. e hortl u,,rth $30,
11.1. i. ii i..!ir-\..,i tbe money and
bonda ware buraed aiih i..-r ? lothlng.
____ a
Army Flyer Breaks Record.
8an I Bego I ll Shti
\\ u Talltaferro, *'f the army'fl
1 ti, a . onttououalj froni s.ui
ea?ie a . . , . .1
i.J* I- kl.iiNS .1 ... I
Llsatcnant l_niaferra xxa foraed 1
accml becauso he raa out of fuai
Urges Modcration in Trust
IHessage and Confen
with Leaders.
Details of A.easures as
A?rccd To Presented
by The Tribune.
Commcnts nf Legislators Show
That Congress Is Likcly to
Indorse Programmc.
Prohibition of interlocking direc?
Supervision of railroad financea by
the Interstate Commerce Commia
Legislative defimtion of the policy
and meanincj of the exiiting anti
trust law.
Establishment of an Intaratats
Trade Commiaaion.
Punishment for violationa of law
to fali on persons roaponaible. rather
than on busmesa organizationa.
Prohibition of holding companies.
Private persons to have the right
to found suits for redress on facta
and judgments proved and entered
by the government.
, The full text of the Presldent'a
nia4<,a'D wtll be found on fourth
page 1
; F"rom Th* Trlbun* B.i-*_.l
Washlngton, Jan. 20.?After Praal-j
dent Wllson had dellvered hi? antl
truat messaae to Congreas to-day ba
called a cor.f iT at the WWta >-.'tm8'
to-night, at wh'.h a progr-tmme for
leaTislation to carry out the admlnls
tratlon's purpose was adopted, and thi
main detalla of the antl-truat bllla
\r ere agreed upon.
An eleventh hour dtvUslon waa
rear*h<--'I that th* antl-frust bllla shouid
be Intro.lured ln the House ln tenta
tive vbape only, and that hearlnga
?hould h?* heM on these tentatlve drafts,
?arhleh, hoaravar, are the, administration
meaaurea to-day.
The Hi U88 Judiclary f'nmmlttea,
threo of arhoaa members ennferred wlth
: ? Prealdanl nnd Benator Newlanda. of
tha Benate Interstate t'ommerce Com-;
mittee to-nlght, has prepared bills wlth |
Ihe followlnc: essentlal detaili?. whlch i
hare hr-on Indnrserl hy President Wll
s,,n an<l are in ."iar.ee wlth the
- OUtlini 'I in hia m<*ssag* to-day:
Diaaotutfoa agreeraenta hereafter
m-H.le wlth truatl shall bo aubject t.
tha approval Of tha Attorney General,
the eourta an<l the Interstate Trad*
Commiaaion. ln ihe absence. of ap
proval b) thaaa i--o\.*rnmental agenclea
tha *_ttornay Oeneral shall bring suit.
Personnel of Trade Commiaaion.
The new Interstate Trade I'onimll
sp.ti will abaort entlroly the exlstlng
Bureau "C CorporaUona, and the dlrec?
tor of thal buraau wlll be the chalrman
,,f thal commiaaion, and artfl hold oftice
for ;) i.i iu of seven yearB. The re
iii- four m. mbera of the commis?
sion ara to he appointed for tenna
Bg fron two to six ^earfl. and
their api "iniments are to be mad. by
tha I'n sident, with the advtca and con
aent of tha ?enate.
The MII ralattng ta the prohibition of
Interlocking dlractoratea bocomea rf
fectlva twa rcara from date of pa.i
Other Mlla anppkrecntal to tha
Bherman antl-truat MII shnii beeaaaa
? ive <'ii tha data <.f paaaagi.
\,,. ible la changad la t'.a
Sherman laat as li ,a to-day, nnd thi
admlnli itratloa antl-truat pratjraaaaaa
Incltldaa only amrndments tliereto.
ThO interln. king directorates bill pro
riii.it<s abeolutely Intertocktng dlreoter
utes amoiij; national banks and rail?
road corporatlona, railroada and min
Ing and Bteel COmpanlOB, ami among
competlng Induatrtal corporatlona. or
corporatlona arhlcb Bhould be.-om
Thc dln ? tor of an induatrlal
lllowed tO bi a due. tor
? : ompel Ith '? ? oncern,
Monopoly Defined.
ti ? i .::. ? nli lon of
nopol) la practlcall) tha aama aa that
. ? ? i ? ' ; gl . 11 u re
? ? .,r 11>... "oex en atal ?
it will deflna moaopoly a.s folkma:
'A truat I ?' omblnatlon or agree
ui'iit between corporatlona, tirma or
?aa, anv taro or more of them, for
the followlng purpeaea, and aach trust
l_ hereby declared to be lllegal and ln
dli table
^tji, create oi
trade ? ? ' . (uin ? monopol) ln ln?
lan t.' "r . omn
"To llmll -I- ri dui ?? tho prodw l lot
a ti' commodlty.
"To prei ? tn , ompetltiea m m.m,.
-.n'turiiig, makiitie. transp_rliu_, a.U.

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