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aiil Take Charge ol Army
K San Luis Potosi.
Say Rebel Sp.es,
< 70 Bf n)a\*an*4 tOt Usl
'^,,,f Merctdo Callf
Oroico Cowmrd.
1 * lr '?' I
B* to
??*? , ? ? Up
Carefl i* ,a> men
? ? *p by
ild the
- way
ei bj - thsl ? ?
4 ' t Of 1
es and an
ect the
? r ?
tj. *B They have
,M t*i* goat .
?Ip 8n I the
Ba nc? a prlaoner at ?? to
.... w bla
. raid ar.d many
rr had
I am a coward. that
to my
? rgsi an I
A tM jj, . . ? xehe
not get one enl
i m Qensral |
.- blm to the .
? -en lend me .
? ? - : havei
? ***_. bai ,rne to
and I
? ?
ss to th*
? to flght
fflflfl ?a. > mai
- ? ?? ,
?Vcado Acciei Orozco.
!****Uia-*i. and rr anera Inflfl
and Qen* - ? ? -. voi
? owansa' under
iai that th*> abandon4Ml theh
a*a u th? ii
I v
" sp, . , ind a eourl
? ? "T WaBB
**?**-*?, ?? moxe
* lUnat. -
? I
"*??*?- - ...
I Bflfll-r
^itten el th*
.id be
pd Be Enforced or Rail
T^* Relieved from Responsi
1^ Under It. They Declare.
Bfll-Mil. V
I 11
aaaku 7 M'
*?' H?,?'" ' ' ' ? mesaage
?_.*' <?_! "
^Vij^ ^"'' ?? ' ........ v ?..
J***a ?,_?.
"'8. a, r'M" : ???'-?? ' B1 lt*
Go\ernment Protests Againsl
Mexico s Debt Default.
. *??, \
r '
' |
. . | . Ifll* ?
-. .
? 4 ties snd I
First Picturcsquc ( ontingent of
2.500 RefiJo_ccs Arri\cv at
Fort Bliss.
Pai ?.--,
.?;.. .1 t!-e ri ? ard menl of
ga f..: nearly two
v nd car
? ? ? ? to 1
sllen ? aila tfl* en '..;. the
t, snd
i .r.pc- of rrappJ > - a
ter guantitx than
they e
Twent>-flve hundre '?'? -
- . - nagS wlth ? ? en and
the first t! ' to ar
etockade at Forl !
They are occupylng i ?? fo'
haa no
? - m the noti
... ....*..
before thelr arrixal The moun
form a barkg I lie to the
- *:iapcd
terts are. FOTl
. ? and mlles. the
Btretch of Texas prairie.
Wearlag all manner of clotbini the
e appear
ance of an army of vagal
. ?
e ha capa, aome i * .-eros
no head covering of any
? were ir, ? ? B in tlghl flt
.... 4- thern M-xico.
? ?ome ln Btrlctly American made
btalned for '
?jrornen from aome a* *
Three long trains brought to-d
na 1 Marfa Tl - ??
end to-morro?
. - the Federal l
- the flat from the
il en tralaa to tha ler i
? .erican tt Ipanil
words wer- ? (men) ar ?
Churry), they went Qiilckly to
ass.jrned them, and ll
?. and c hildren had i
First Lord of Adimralty Says
Board Won't Resign.
[By i
LoM(i?n. Jan. 21.-?*'? Utical clrcles a.
? . .sen*
x. terday, in
the First Loi
Iralty, authorlaed a denial to the
foUorwing effect:
i ?- about
- nr" based .-n BUr
ld I.- uniform
Btatl ment that the
' of Admiralty had expreaaad an
? -ignmg la untrue.'
Of course, this dlaclalmei doea not
tb* i iracj of the statemi ni
that ,f Mr. Cnurchill la n the
I rd of Ad
gh author
.that the . ? "it" two op
impa on < n of th?
.., be mad- for thi Beet. \
ra of th*. ?
tha Chan
r of the i. ? and In opi
? tbe I -' K..ard oi
- ludlng thi B8 well
as tlH na ? al ntatn ? ? ? utely
..,ort of 'ts own ? -
whii h untll a month ago
,:,--. of the Cablm t, and
,i :,s ii bod) rather lhai
da-iger th?- national inter.
Cardinal Bacilieri Prohibits,
Archbishop Conderans It.
yt, . . dlnal Har
tholomea ? .--.., haa
atrongly oon
tl-.g the Ul I ? l"
... . ?.?,.,
? .- raodssl ai ??
ealnal thi nal
? I "
.. ? . ??'.... -ivi
Ital), Ji ' eaatop
, ... ? . ? * ingo
atbolica nol lo i?'
.... vrl '- I CbrlattaB
n ent.
. -?
Tire Judges Appointed.
Flre ?
i ? . . v
(ed ?!...'.:?
: '
' ?'""l
'I i fl
' '
?. .o demur.
High Commissioner for
Canada Expires Peace
ftilly While Aslecp.
Built Canadian Pacific Railway
in FlVf Years Honnrcd by
I un Hemisphercs.
I ,4- ,| - . ;, n'1
Mount n . for
? . ? i mon
death waa ,v,ie tn
?? result of ? ttach
ii. had I a ei er.
ol bla wife on No
w iii, ti proi '-'i .. gi eai
to I m
v - irtte- Wnown
Mounl Koyal.
the ol career at t:M
ing of \..v. mber 7,
??? ? .-. rltlsh < olumbla,
t goldei aplke into the
t two i alra ot ralla
the easl a'eal l aplke com
id, to
h Donald Smith ha'l
? ontr'buteri tbe ? . tU8
? .?* thi golden aplke waa a
? .4- he 1" ?' m his
iask ira before he ha.l bei
blaek aturdy man. The i""-- ? '
his llfe had been pour.d into the acl
eant i toward tha
n bu Cai ada ? gral deur, In the
raa >.r'i> .1 foi
Ighthood Iti ihe < ?? d
St Ml and 81 Qs ?rge. '
Fnend of James J. Hill.
trong men mal In
confliet for control over the rlver trafhV
through tha Btate ol atlnnasota 11
the men waa a amall trader oi Bl Paul
known to his frlenda aa "Jlm" Hill. The
other ? ? aander Bmith, com*
mlaaloner of the Huda< n'a Bay Company
at Wlm pei In this confliet began tha
s of two might) amplrea It bad
not gone far when the two men met.
From '? of ihat meetlng heatllitlea
. j 44,-re two kindn d apliita
Al tbe outael thej two leeognlsed aa ?
tt (t both ex*
timea sir.re then
Mr. HUI learned a few yeara ago, that the
ago, atllwaukee i Bl Paul would
. ... weil, lei tbem
? ? ? ' om for all!"
i (,.,, -. ? ? ed _.:most the aame
;i telling tha world thal the bulld?
lng of the Qrand Ti inh Paclflc wo iM
Canadian Paclflc
. 4.. .-.. born lu Ar I ?
? red the service of the H idtaoi
Bay Comi 8 en elKhteen years old.
After ? ears ol work on tha l_abra
nr,r t and ln tha tforthweetern adi
derr)f, bll t factOT and later
en oi ind chlet commtealon-r
cf t), in Canada. He was tha
laal to i oin thi* i oaitton. At the tlme
(,f ihr. first Hie: r. hellion in the Red
Rlver country. ln IW, he recelved the
q ,v. m.., Oeneral ln Coun
? - hls aervlcea. In lt70 he waa aii
? ? . n of the Kanltoha Leg
Canadian Houae of
Commona and waa madi ? member of
. ... Bxecut ?? ? "oum " ?f ,h" -N,,rt''
errrtoi I xrt later h?
al Latglslature,
.. , ? ? -.4. t? IB7, ha
remalned a mem ei ol thi Dominlon Pai
94 he tree api ted Cana?
dian Hlgh Commlaaloner to l#ondon to
aucceed Blr Charlea Tuppei. and becam
a member of. tl * rri'>' ' *"
fur Canada. '
Honor-d by Colleges.
He waa a dlri l ? Bt. 1
| M ..? f th*
...,., of Ui?
. ?,. .......
... l,
....... j Doctor of Laawa on
ao had been ? hancollor of A
deen Unlveralty and of McGill mivir
waa honorarj cammodora el
I Bt I_Ewrence Vacht Club
, . ? of tba Queheo Ttifle Aaaoclatlon,
. ? Btrathcona wlll be rememb-'red as
Hantbroplsl a arell as an ompire
.. Of his Innumerahle minor beni
M he never apoke Among hli BU
? eoaaplcuoua
Otpltal in Montreal. given Jolni
, ratlfand Lord Mount-atephen, to
.... 0f Queen 1 1.
... ealsogavi ? ? mlllwn
? educaUoi
... ? to McG
,,e alao contrlbuted a mllllon
' "< ,h- m
tha Boer wai
,?,,, Btrathcona married leabella Bo
.. Rlch.rd Hardlaty. of
: r. .lauKhter.
Crushmg Defeat After Ternfic
Engagement?War Min?
ister on the Quebec.
en, nayti. Jan. 20.? Th*
? ment tTOOpa were over
. defeated by the rebels nnd
afti r a terrlfle battla to
. . mili from thla elty. The Iiio
iner of War took refug. on board the
Waahington. Jan IX Searo ot the roul
,,' t,,, Haytlan go ? mna nt 1 tt oi the
, Mii Bter of w?r ca ?
? f,ii nl officlala to-nlght tn com
hitlon raglni the n< rthern
0f tha laland ?? - far '"'""'"
tchaa have In?
.... th< .. |? d* *?'"? r.r .ii -< tha
north coaal ol Haytl, it was sabi tha gun
,?Mt . i,.,4v off l'.,rt-a;i-ITln<*e.
h m through tha
w .,,, pnn,... ,., ,;,.>.? Haytlen ln
. . ,,:ii, i:,is here i ? flrst
)iiiu . on of thn lateal phaae'of
;i.,.,,i,.ii.. a. Tha | inboal Petrel.
noa al Bai to I.ige Clty, probaM) adll
g? tn Port-au-Prlnee to tafca tha pleei of
in,. Nai',' llle wi.rn thal v< ??? I leavea for
, ai ? Haytlan.
So wr.r.l bad ed at the
Ii,.(,aMii.'i t tO-n ghl fi' Bl I "''v ;> '?' " I
.,,?. ,.. ? ?-,;. Ha i ? it. where ?
erlcan Intereati In frull
. ... has not
u tha caJbtea
?ii. war '??
l...,iii.' tlen.
4 ont'n.i.,1 from flr.l par
ly Into the poaslbllitlea of this couraa
Invei tigal i are alao to obtaln * -1?
? ,r use In the stat- I amnaign
. ..vrr-r i.i,- been In conferanoe xvith
Deputy Comtnlaaloner L-ewla of th- D-*
partment of Correctlon, who la plan
nmg to biing th- seriousnesa of thi
uatlon t.. th- attention of Mayor
Mlti hi i. Lewla agn ea X4 Ith Mr.
tcr's d< -n thal prtaona are fl i
wlth th- . ?-.! and haa promlaed to i"
Operate '-xith him in every rvay. One
man who aei*ved a term In th- Tomba
told him thal -l'i per cenl "i' ihe pria
4 were drug flenda, and many
. ?? i. a: ned its UBC whi.- in Jail.
Heroin whi h ia commanding the ape
attention ..f the Investlgators, la
?;-. .1 >-;nii!..rl t" , ....'iii)-. in pon ?!' ? 1
f.-rm, belng snulfed up th" rn?. and
, aill d b) tn- 4ictims "hapt. A
4 ordmg to experta, Ita toalc propi -
,,n a rabbil ar- flfteen tim-s
- ronger than morphlne, whlle a ? ;
is killed by ono-thirtleth <?? the amount
of morphin* requlred to produce leath.
|t^ legltimate nsos are to reli-ve
v, hooping co igl. iind aimllar bi
affei ? an fo ind that
only 20 i" r cenl of th- aupply brought
t , this eounti "? "I. fully BO i ? r
i eing uaed by fiends. The *
comea from Oermany, where it is made
1,4- treatlng morphtafl xvith acetlc a. id.
it is mu.fi cheaper than cocaine.
'The sal- and aae <>t heroin ls re
Btrlded in many states. no'ably Call**
fornla, bj BfMCifl* mention," said Mr.
Coulter, "and there is no reason xvhy
it should BOl he here. nn the oth'-r
hand, OOCaine ami other drugs te
?tricted l ere adequatery aa far aa the
law goes. can be readily ohtained :n
great quantltiea tn neighboring 8t=.!??-.
? _-, nteratate ! .? would prevent ttus.
?Th** l'nlted Btatea arm*. doctors ara
Inveatigatlng the prui.iem among the
soldlers, whera the uafl of drugs :s
wideapread, bo we would have thesa
data to help us in the fight at Wash?
li was common knowledge, he - ? rJJ,
that one man had made f2O,<)00 in txvo
? r.;rs seiiing heroin on the rrtreets,
while one ihiiggist waa recently found
?ras buying heroin tabi.-ts in 25,
*..H. :.,t'.
Coulter Bpoke blghly of The Trib
une'a fluccesa laal year in gettlng more
stringenl cocaine lawa paaaert, an.i aald
he thoughi th- aame sort of aupport
could gel even bi tter r*ondiU4*_a The
ptice of the drug had g"ne up. he said,
with stri-ter U8.W8, and enforeim- nt
COUld make the price almost prohlbl
Friars Will Reconstruct Build
mgs in West 48th Street.
The Friars Club, of whlch Johr, W.
not to cier-t a
,. - 4- n*y ? house. aa orlgnally plannsd
in 1911, when it purchaaad additional prop?
erty. According to revlaed plans. Jlicd ye?
tb* th:-. . four an.l Tive story
dwslllngfl at N" IM to no West isth street
^ 11! ted al a coal ot I ? - ?
Harry Allen Ja4obs is the architsct.
\ :. ? rlll be bulit, a ni n
f.n;:i.|*' ii. th'1 Oothl Btyl* ? ' - te.) and
i . ntei lor chai g< to a ow tor liaadball
courts and a gymnaslum li. the cellar.
a gri',1 room on th- tlrst floor. dining
room, pool and bllliard rooms. iibrarj and t
lounging rooms on Ihfl flflOOBd floor ai d
or the thlrd, fourth and flfth
Actress, Repudiating Woman's
Charge, Defends Profession.
? , .- |ng IB scandalo-.s and i:
th- har.:*?. of Mrs Dsrby ?'rand.ili that
*!,* lured her huaband from her. M
XI.,4, an actress. lio-.i appear.ng in
"The l.ire." i^k.-d ln the Supreme Courl
erda* that Mra '"om*
pelled to make more ppeetBe her complalnt
bi th- -u:t whleb flhfl baa broughl afl ?
May for the all*nat;on of her >
??? ?
44.is ;. ir.fT.N. Of th- ?'
i ? . B, rjnn of Van 1 halrt, ?*. Co
whlch fi.iie.i. liis wife oi t ned a aspara
; om him.
Misa May, who is Miss r*urman m prl.
,,,,, ,\it that Bbl I '
onl) did i.'.t |ur? I ...i.daii from his wlf?
1 ut w-nt as fsr as .'allfornla to get a**!
from 'r.v.d.iii a- he waa eai ataal
suing her. Phe aactfljleed a m>o.i ei.s -
menl In rfeu rerb ln dolng flo. Mi*i Ma*
v.i Kl that Crandall aete.l or. BA an el
derly friend to ber aud her atater
The actraaa said In her afuMavit
i r. i-ogi.i'e that rai fltatTi aa
whlch, bi th* ? "iind. la p
open to attack BUch aa thM I dealn
lhai tha ...a.-iif ol tboae I Bn*
tha ' ** Ann """ """' ""'
?f men."
World Wide Conference
Deals with Question in
Thorotlgtl Manncr.
Says Possibility of Totally De
structivc Accidcnt Remains
and Warns Captains.
14 , Bbli ".!??:;
Londoa, Jan. 21. \ convention whlch
mark an er.t ln the histor./ >,f mer
chanl ahlpplng of the world waa alfned
,t\ London yeeterday. i? embodlea im?
portant com lualona reached bj the In
lernatlonal Conference on tha Bafety
of Mfa al Bea, whlch aaeembled In No
vember on ihe Invltatlon of the Hrit?
ish government.
Tha mnln rcsults r.f thla new agre4
menl among tha grea! marltlme na?
tions are nn follow Bl
\n int.'rnational BCrvtce under the
control of the United Btatei for pur
po*c* of IC8 patrol anrl tC8 ? 1 Oa* '?' ? B I lOU
and the deatructlon nt derell ta In the
N-.rth Atlantlc; provlalon for Increaa*
ing th* t-nfety r.f vcaaela by i ihdlvtalon
into a numbar of main wati rtlghl i om
partments and bulhheada to previ
the apread of Bre; meani <-t eacape
from watertlsrht <ompartments: double
bottoms: a BUrvey Of new and existlng
veaaela. wlreleea telegraphy apparatua
on all merchanl veaaela engaged In ln*
lernatlonal voyagea and havlng on
board fift;- persons or more. with a con
tlnuoua wlreleaa aral h wherever such
la dcemed uaeful; llfeboata or equlva
lenta for all peraona on board
PontOOna nnd llfe rafts .ire rnen?
tloned as an a ixlliary equipment, nnd
the s. aie is lairi down for proportlon of
crew competeni to handle the bi ta
anrl rafts. The , arriage of dangl I
g.is ii forbldden mihI an adequata
B] aii m of llghting in all ahipa requlred.
\fier the convention was algned yee?
terday the Rlght Hon. iydney Charlea
Buxton, preeidenl of the Board of
?l ;?.,,],. e ili.gi-'i-d th'' work ,.f Lord
Mersej and the delegatea ano reveaicd
the Intereal that had been taken in
conference by the King and Queen of
Bngland nnd tha Oerman Bmperor.
Benator J. Hamllton Lewls and Judse
Alexander, delcgate* from the United
Btatea, expreeaed ihe ararmeat appre
clatlon of the results ai'hievrd by the
conference and urgod the effect that
Bttch an Internatlonal effurt on behalf
of bumanlty mual hav..- on the cauae
of general peace. .Judge Alexander de
clared that the regulations for con
atructloa are the most important pirt
.,f the convention.
Laondon, Jan. Hl?The t.sk of Bemrlng
greater recurlty for fchips at aaa and
their passetiaieis was dealt wlth in a
thorough manaer by the Interaal
COnferenes on Safet: at Sea whlch came
to an emi to-day when the delegatea aent
by fourteen nations .si_n.d a convention
I down regulations for the future.
L'nlted Btatea ?*?? i ? ter ?'? Hamllton
!.ewin, Whom Lord M-?-y al e i 00 tO
Bpeak in behalf of the I'resident and Ben?
ate, sald:
??__?/ .listinB-uisheH chlef. Pr*_l '?*", ?
son. and tha. American Congreaa wiu
. accord this document IU just place
? eir appreciatlon and approval be
... of tha humahity It repreeenU and
of the prlnclple of peace and good arlll
lt eatahllahee The maaaure igreed ta
thla dav opens an era o; condlUtlon he
twer n the natlona of the New World and
the Old and ii followed blda farewell to
tha antagontoma of nations and the cnml
ties of pcoplea."
-. Btor Lttrta feared thal propriaty for*
i Kde tha boaat that "my country la tha
greateel ln the world." bul he could al
i, ,4, aaserl thal none wet greeter. 'i"e
?,, greatneaa of Amertcana, ba said.
lay iii their effort toward the settlemen;
Of all ' ontro-ersles of nations b) peaoefUl
Lord Meraey'a Speech.
? \n internatlonal aervli ? ' I*ord Mareey
4..,i,i "ii to i., esUbltahed by the natlona
chlefly Intere-ted for the purpoae ot an
itrol and ice o-aervatlon, aa weil a?
the deatructlon of derellcta la .he North
.UantlC It la to be under the , ontroi ot
the United states. ti la aervlea - to take
over and continue the work dotM by the
reaaelsemployed by the United Btatea
in mZ-'Vt ln locating i"<*. ln determlnlng
Its Ilmlta tO the south. ihe east and tha
weel and la keeptag la touch with it as
h movea aeuthward, la order that v.
?,?.. ,,.. |_ept Inforaaad b: wlrelea teleg?
raphy of Ita poa
-s-fne aervl u orill also continue the duty
of deallng aith dangeroua derellcta ea>t
? | iina drawn from Caae Sab e to lat*
,?,].. .,i north, longltuda to areat. The
tera to tbe west ot thla line wUI con
tinue to be watched bj the United states
?Th.- duty i- alae Impoaad en ? ahlp
masters to report the preaence Of dai I
ous i :e and derellcta and a cede has
oeen prepared to fadlltate this reportlng.
Whi ii i. a la reported on or near tbe track
a ship mual pro- eed during tbe night al
moderata ? ' :ur ,u tmune ao as
10 . lear the danger zone.
\., Internatlonal code for urgent and
Important signals has been adopted.
?The most dlffleult point this commit?
tee had to deal arlth naa tha .mision of
ships into eratartlght eompartmenta. Tn.
convention prevldea thal tha degrea of
I shouid Increaae In a regular and
contlnuoua manner with the length of
_d that wssels shall be a_ ef
eubdlvMed aa peealbla, bavlag
regard t.. the aervlcee for arhleh th.
Intended H i*> alae aspttcttly atatad that
! the requlrementa imposed by thr. eonvan*
: tiot, ara mlnlmum requlrenaenta '
Important Subjecta Dealt With.
4 notlg the mosl important BObjl la
dealt wlth uader thi Ung ot ?aaiatruc
; tion Liord Mareey menttoned bulhl
tot tbe preventJen or the apread of flre.
,,..,,-,. of aa apa from aratertlghl
partmenta, requliementa as to ihe
Btrengtfa of bulhheada and deeks, the re*
daction le the Bmalleat avmber practl*
cable of the Bpanthga In aratertlght buik
iiead.. the reetrlct-on of the number of
, paninga in the ahtpffl outer akin, appii
aacea foi cloelna thi aame, regatreaMatt
' BB tO thi fltttng and extent of double bot
' perledleal operation and ln
i ,, tlon of aratertlghl deera, et
Conciuding the Bunuaary of the.se pro
4i?i.,ns Lord Mi - -.nd it was Imper*
taal i" poti i oui thal the moal
ear il atteatiea had bi aa gtet a la all
pra ii.aiila detaHa and d*sign_ for the la
. nu.. Bl Ihe safety of a ahlp, there Btlll
reraataed tha pesalbHH) ol a ssrlflflM an'l
? laily destr trCl ' ? I-"* It waa
therefore unperatlve thal rmptalna Bhoutd
nevsr rslaa their **|gitonce or. thi luppo
? Itlon f ? rsel 44H8 unxlnkable. On
tb* ? ontrai y, capta Id atrlve to
...pi ... ths Bafst] vre* klsd b) tlu
itself that very g.eat Incrssss ln ssisty
\4 iii. i. raaulta from prudeat and akiifui
rnsnagemenl nnd navtgattoa
The convention providefl thal a'l mer
?. laged la Interaa*
,.. . Lgea wii-ti- r ?t. sm?
? Is, .-'ml wheth*
Ing i',')*??
? ? ?
Bosr-J ('..?-. . -ii???.;.' tebl re
? | Thfl con
trai ting stsl
table i .e.nptions in cer?
taln caai "? ' tani
.. |n ? oi '->?? tion a th ... h* the
tl - i oyaga *io nol i
[0 mllefl from the n<i,r' ll land
Cont.nuous Wirelesa Watck
\ eontlnuo ia n atch for wlrelcfl
i..,.o ,,..-... .... .-. -? la Btted
grai .a aoon ai th?
Kov< mrai nt oi tat* tu whli h tl ?
belonga is Batlafied thal
iuh ful foi purpos* '
iii t'r ? m< .-ni tlme ibe folloa ng i ?;
i ilrel to rnalntaln a contlnuoua
watch in addltli n t,, au - placed In
tl ?? Brsl st* boi | ? ont* mplsted bj the
.-ii.. telegrsphic conventlon, whlch In
. | id* s all f:i i| psssengi
more than U knota ?," ? d which
. ... ? rM |era and makfl U
of more than EOQ mllea between l
?ectutive port-.. other psssenger vasaela
durlng ti ?? tlme thi ? than .'. 0
mllCS from land ''..'i fltill "tl ?
g..s-e,] in the trsnsaUantlc tra.i- or whoss
tak.4 them ra. thsn i '-oo miles
fiom land
I'esm la in the ?. serthe*
less are re.)ulre<i to keep watch for at
]er_st seven i.ours a daj i nal li
of tsn minut.--. each ho n.
The master of a ship in dtstrr I I
hi\e ih* rlghl '
smong vessela *xhich have anawi ed I i
appeal from tho*- vessela whlch I
are best able to rendsr hlm ssslatance.
The other vessela may th. n pr..l on
their voyags
The conventlon Isys down that thera
. , ? -.;..' -i in llfebosta or
then- dquivalenta for kII peraoi on board
s ahip, Ufsboata sre dlvided Into tsro
cuuses, ihe first of whlch eomprlsea ths
ordlnsry opea boata and other i ..ats i4itti
and the 4-n-oTi.i of which ts
compooed of boata having the upper parta
of thelr aid* ? collapsll l<
The conventlon furtbi r p
thera musl be a mlnlmum nun. of
, v. arhO are co
to handle bosta snd rafta For a boat
Ing noi more tl an alzty per
?ona the minimum number of the
Bzed al three, wlth additional numbera
for largar boata or rafta The-. men musl
bold i certiftoate of coropetency lasued
goven enl autbority.
l'or d-te. t'ng tire an o**ganlxed Byatem
of patro's Ifl called for and the regulations
rsqulra sdsQuatfl provialon for i Kl -
ing flre and for tbs orgfltfl Batlon
for flre and hoat drllls.
All ships are to bave an adeojuatfl Bya?
tem of ligbtlng, a to ena
gers to Bnd their way to the exitS, whlle
the boat decka alao muat be wall llghted.
Provlslon slSO ls msde for the inter
change between tove**nmentfl of laws and
r. h'ulatlons relatli'g to safety of life at
sea. and for the Imposltion by each gov?
ernmenl of penalties ln case of t.eglect to
BCmplr wltb the provlstons of the conven?
fontlnurd from llr-l paflr.
Her mother. Fa:-nie B Wlldsr, oU'l ln
Aprll IfflJ. and lltigatlon of tbe thre*
Willa lefl by the members of the WlWsr
eventually raaulted In a decree
conflrm'tig title io the Wlldsr eaUtSB ln
thfl truste.s and pladtlg thfl Wilder charl
tlflfl OH a flrm basis.
i>r. Appleby graduated from the Unt
Of Mlnnesota in Ifll, and in IflOfl
became a member of the faculty as aa'
Slstant instructor in oplithalmology und
otolog)*. i" eatne cbeml* sl In
partment, reslgn
ing in
[i)4 Telegrspfe '" Tha i rlboi ?* i
Menomlnee. Mlefa . -lan '>'-Harones*
Depatlaadl xvas the daughter of la
Pugas. lawyer, who died here aboul
twenty-flve yeara .-.go Tbs baronesfl ss
a g.r! araa conrrtdered a great beauty, and
n?ron Depallandt tsll m lovs xvith ne*
while she was SCtlng as companton of a
waaltbj Chicago woman travslllng in Bu
ropa Tke wedding took place in Hol?
land in V* Thfl honeymoon xaos spent
u, Bouth Africa, both lha hat..n aad tha
baroness t.it.g atdent hunt-rs
The baronesa aeparated from her hus?
band. but thera xvas no dlvorc* He died
ot ...r ago, and ahe rsoetved a large
? ? || fltartsd to bulld 8 home tn
Menomin-- for her mother, but her par*
r-nt di-.i laal OelaOdt befora the house
\4.ts . omi leted
Sixty five Talesraen Yield but
Six?New Panel To-day.
Affer a protonged a raton la tha eaaa of
Hanfl riclimldt. on trial befON J i-1: - 1 ...
vla In the Crtmlnal Haneh of the gU
prem- Court for thfl murder of Anna AU
muhir, si\ more jurora were flelected ras
t, rday, rnaklng a total of ten. Btal
I taJ-wmsn w? - exsmlned yestsrday to get
tiie s;x jurora Manj aald they ware preju*
d againut the defance of Insantty an*t
tl.e testlmonv of alletust*. "ne mar. sai.l
| that he consld-red su. !i testimony "rot."
At Bcbmldt'a first trial the Jury m.i
CompWe he',,re th- 8B*d Of thfl W
day xilth tne examination of only ..
two-tblrda as many lalseraan as hava al
i ready been esamlned In tha aacond triai.
.\ nea pa*asl of Hfl arlll bi oa hand ?
Report That Emperor Suffered
Paralytic Stroke Denied.
i.ondon. Jan. i" x wbofly unconflrmed
r.port that Empsror Wllllam had
f. re,l ,i paralytic Btroka lUSSd ...ien
t >r4 - >ars ?"! tha i.- ndoa Baa k i *
change Consobl dropp-d half a polnl
i.iit soon r* avered three-etghtl i of the
I.ernn. .lan. 20 It ia offl.'lallx <le> lared
t. al there is no truth ln the rumors eur
rent tO-day of the llln.ss of Ki..
Professor Macvane Buried.
Home. jsn 20 -Profeaaor BUaa Marcua
Macvane, of Boaton, an.i formsriy *>f
Harvard Unlveraity, a bo fli. .i a fi 44
ftgo 44... burted ban to-.ii,-. tl ?? in. ?
*>f the famlly ha*. Ing d-clded not to ? 1 u
the body to Atneti. a.
| Grand Central Terminal |
ii Open Iiaily from * i.m to-p.m. jjjj
_l r ?rnr,>.. l-,ff,rT?tlei) on All BUbfaetB E
*3 P*r'_in :?_ ' Llf* I n Iba ( oi; ntr j I
_; AintMsinN raKK -
Tammany Chief Announces
Willingness to Testify
in John Doe Case.
Sul/er Will Take Stand To-day?
Immumty a Question -May
Tell About McOuire.
< liiirias ar. Murphy, lender <->* Tammany
Hall, ? pla. ldi> yeatttrAay that
?. tbe John
? Attorn-?> Whltman wants 1 Itn
"Have vou ai to I atlty
,,f ti,.- man arho n ented himaelf ai
i . . - i: i ,.iir. ? .... ha aahed Jeaaee
C Btewart, tho >ontractor, f' r a VBhJttt
political OOntrlbUtlOa rltrhf aft?r the r?'2
election?" Mr. Murpb) was aahed.
"i cen'l - inythlng now. r .im
? ? tl t to an y thl | '
knew 44 iien Mr Whltman a ho
ita amlle.
Mr, Murphy llki alae d< talk
or Sulzer''- .i ho
(Murphy) called Bulaer to iirimon, <>'*
, d oundl) b.ited hlm for aondlng ??
- .in to the Canal Board regaaatlng
lelay on Btewart'a contraeta until the
beard from hlm (Bulaer).
Bulaer says that oa
anl then I 11 ansuer hlm," I I IBM
Bx-Ge . 4 n-_ulzer
arill take the Bl I ?? John Doi
thla afternoon, accordlng to tbe
understandlnc Dlatricl Ati 1 hit
nia'i haa wlth bim. Bulaer has been told
thal he i e to to-m a watver nt im
? ? before he l ndll
:?? ry wltneea la the
it was reported that Bulaer had sent a
.invn the Dletrlct Attorney yeeter*
lay afternoon All that Mr. Whltman
arould I !t was tha.ia
ippear to-da
The communlcatlon atarted a rumor n
h Crlm|nal < irta B itldb | l al Bul? r
? d liis mind aboul walvlng tm
nnnlty and had nepotiated with Mr
(Vhitman for an Immunlt) i?ath. ,,r bad
to get an rrcrcement that the 8*
imlnatlon aro iM not go Into eertala mat?
tei s relatlng to Sulzer's aetlvlties wltb
sspbalt companies.
tf Sulzer doesn't demand immumty h?
aill ba aaked to explala bis atory that
leorge if McGuIre told hlm about ih
? Injuatlce" ;hat was i-? ng d
ramea <-. Btewart by the canal board ia
loldlng up liis contraeta becenee ho re*
rused to pa' tUC. to Ji maa E Q ffn y
n Now York.
Under the .'"' n i >n.> rulea of ezamlngr
tlon he may he aaked about th>. alleged
?onfer.n... he attended al otva
irlth Juiiii n CartlBle end Q ira* '?
IfcOuli Ifl'?. at whlch, It la
-,i.i tne n-phait contraeta aren Daed hi
of the Barber Aaphall i
IfcOuIre, under oath In the John I'-e
nqulry, denied that he attended the eon
S il/.er has formally denied that
?ie 44 as.' iher.
Laal November McG i i ti itlfl-d tiat
he han.bd RM to B ,lz>r in the n
?f Bulaer'a Buite In a Byraeuea hot< ' tu*
mornli Bulser was noralnated il*
ti hlm Into the i athi ?
ind aaked hlm to aive it to him thi
\i Qulre ezplalned that he **a = irpi
ihat liis name wae nol on ti- Ial ?**
b it
v-, the '-" to
Bulaer cheee.
Prepares Welcorae for Ham?
burg Liner Which Fails to Stop.
[ByCa l? ? am i
Quaenetown, .inn. '_<?. Oreat dia
polntmenl was fell hen* to-day after
all preparatnm^ had been made fi
i^rr-;.' demonstratlon to welcome the
tirst Hamborg-Amerl an ahlp atopplng
bere. The new achedule called for ??
Btop, bul there were no *, isengera to
ihip p laai .1 wlthoul
guecnsi'iwn had preparad ?-?
wtth Sreworka and a receptlon, irhlch
on aecounl of plai
Oerman ;m<i Irlah flaga and n-.t ?.. d
pla: tbe Unlon Jack became ? political
lon. The Bngllab oflctabj, ob?
jecting oa the ground thal tha exhtbi*
tion ahowed dialoyalty, tried to Btop
tin- d<monatrailon, bul the I
atsted la the plana aln ady mad'.
A contract bas been made wltb
Hajnburg'Amertcaa Une to mk.- threo
thouaand Irlehmen from tiueenatowa
.nr. ? to PYan ? for the Lourdea
grlmaaja wlthoul atopplnB al aa i
liah P"ft.
. B
Francis de Pressense, Fren'*ii
Political Writer, Dead.
Parta Jan -*? Tha death .irred ta
Preai h political wi Iti i arho a ai I
few montl ' tho
il Wai hlngton I le
th8-: realg
in .?? ? -'?
l?.t BUl > ' IBfUl for tn*
I ? - until iV.v a hen he
waa I ...
M da Pi r aa i -? a inl of ti a
?.. g_4 ? the Rlghti of Maa i ? i
bis most Important ?
of the i t-4.>ii ..f Bngland A-.iti Ireland Ile
4ras ,i i onsistcnt eontrlbutof Ol pui I
.trl:'?!.?-. '.. thi P*l < DCh l ' ?
The death of l ran, w de
llka thal of Oenera I irt
recalla the dramatic Dreyfua alfatr, in
4\hlch the 4411'.
for | ui. rl
ortv-et ? i- , .4. ,!, num lation ol
taln ? ? e*.
pulsloa from the Laajlea of IU.no:.

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