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\*?. 24,540.
POfllj < .,<.<<l< |a ia] 1" innrrrM, in. r.n.ina
. b.iill.ie.. iind 44ar.o.r. pr?.?ihl, .n.m
.?.,. .* /1VI' i 1/ \ T taCHl flf BOW Vr.rU \-4.arl.. .I.raer M|t and HnboUeB.
p_et Dunn's ( ontracting Stil/cr (iocs Before (irand
(0 Itnluded in List Jury and Lells Details
Handed Up. of the Piot.
vs Hr Cftfl StVC State Leader Reviles the Former
V2.OflO.OOO if He Can Governor and Calls
sti.k to 1 rail. Him Pcrjurer.
rtfrs Friends nn .lury Try in
Viin tf- ? aud l-m *n
Mtta LktiCl ' FlMT OEGREE.
..,5 -- - . :?-? t -ig Company. of
Dai * I
Ljjji john Hubar, Fred J. k --???
_Tiai'ch?* ?? ntcora et the
Bpj, |
?aaa* ?f *-ono '? and ** '
Lg _. Klnnaj eSaa *? aa
t^. - BM -? -Btg* Rore.tae. en
' . .aaaraa ipaneor J itowart
***** * " ' "r '"<"ctment";
fc?- Aa - englnasr In charge
ZZirt- - ' Henry J..
._.., .- 3 laland City: Charie.
j -_- Wy, John H. gldart. of con
? E aer*. A Twombl> .
?MBan* Hc i BOglnaar in charge;
BSSam ?' ft a"'d Ld'A " "
Lpaaa. Btate ' ?* laborera:
'4 A B:- ? and tne D.nbar Con
..,.. j 3 I .
| '. OFFICE.
t... . j. gtawart, d'vl?on en
tmatt" ? ? '
tT?- *
? -a *41ld
u " : - ' tha
. , ing to
|4*rt?.h ' ?*
? '
: thoao
- i
Ban '
? ?
4 .
I . , ghway
Igvtai': 'v:th
I Jl*
a had
jpai ???>
a A Hi
. . .- laraoB
Uttc* an t elght
Oa?.?i -aa- ? ?
' ?. get Ytut-y o-n it. at
hls aomi
i tha .-?t)ga
?? Inajletrrn - ti
Ce.a*t 5'>-? as to Namea.
makS i-ub
d ror
'aatla.^ ?m tOOtOt 9090, third .olinnn
This Morning* New$.
locat, r*g*.
. . ' ? 1
1 . 1
. a
... 4
-. i . . 4
.... ?
? ? : ? 13
./'' ' " 14 i
.. oratmaL.
.. i
?h-Mp ' ? !
****m\A j. - . .
? . l j
IW t " ' 3 i
?**aa ",' I
r'" ' . . . 3 '
S*a_B J-j? tj._4 ., ,_
. i*i'?a4a .3
... * i 3;
->.,, lu?ci:'ti-AHEoua
10, 11 Hd 11
. ... ? 4* 4_ ...... 1_
Tammany Boss Says Hc Is Ready
tn Appear \\ henever They
Want Him.
befora the a] ?
? Grand Jurj
the ailegcl ..andhagging of Jam.
Btewart by .in" of Tam
many Ha.l. nnd evldence of a ? "ii- '
4 ? ? V
and '? - | ta "f the Tamman;
ganlaatlon ai Delmonlco'a on May 28,1
?- Govornoi Bul rr
Tho form rnor waa bofore 'he
1 Jury for nearly two houra, dur
hifl Btory
? !
- ' '?i.oririan'a thi BXPOSg
hy lf he didn't atop trylng to!
"aandbag" hla cllent suxx*
$150,000 al contrlbutlon arhlle bla
canal contr:< ta xvere belng held up ln
Additional evidance *ar- glven hy
the conoi ' ' arge.
Th. important rhaee of the general
eatlmon: that |
-? nt ? meaaage to Bulzer by I
John H. Dadaney offei i ,,ff i
mpeachmei t 8ulzei
4 nneai !???-?? W.
B ?er told the grand Jury tha: the
arrnngemeni xxas to ha\e Sei
? er decline to - ota agalnal B
nd thal -
d mak* hli ? ani Go ei
Ramaperger and]
Sanner were to refraln from voting on ,
.ihica) gi tndfl paaaanc* on ;
? o nminiitee thai xxorked Up thej
rharges M - **** tnhAi " im"
- against him.
Sulzer Ctaaoly Questioned.
B i aa *?' ? ? roaa
ever: member of
lt waa reported I ?'
john Doe ln
. , - .--.?... - x- ? <? I ? - '
a te* ri of th* grani
went up 1 'ir Sulzer. ehook hia
gratulated him. Adjourn
va? laken until flome day l
Mr Whitman'8 arrani
- - aupplem. - '
0- v.>.,.- the John
j toe - daj D etrlcl ".ttoi
' t a maaa
I |a aald to he acattered upatata.
reneon Mr Bulaer'a roarjpear*
BT1re | atmtfl M< Idoo to day
1. onl'- irnta'txe
r.r--* pmentfl yaaterday, Indlcnted
. -? f?f. ?. tman int.ncir* to poatpone
apponrance or* Senator O'Gorrnnn
( rrohomtrng wltneaa Bovaral
I ..? will he called first ani
?> . r || he rxamincd furth**r
?ahi of th? i roiTitaod docn
,-idencfl bofora Mr O'Gorman
Thia eudden turn in affalrs was ro
-i.i ec nn Indlcation that impori
-? .boratiot. of Mr. Sul/.er's tl
Bonator <><;ormatis
allcgerl Ol G-affnoy as
"Mut-phx'e V.agman th? man he atrnl
d up the .-otitia- rtoew." may
not hr forttl r-mtalf*. Al any ra---. I
pmcea ? leaaer lmf*4**rtance an*i signifi
Blue of Mr n'Gormaii's
toatln '
... ..... K that Mi H ilaer araa a llar
perjurer, Charlea F. Murphy
, ,i a Bwooplng denlal of the rV
al Tam?
man] '
? , novei tuch moet
i [never scn. Johr.
i? ai ? for hli w tglkgd wlth
? alonfl i*? least Blnce li1-a m-nitna
188 T knew 1< ??
. aoti of a n,rin hfl xva, and what
hr- wu'd do he Ha!d
? .,. ? senator f^Gorman coma to
vou and ti ' ' o" would I
Murphy Makea Denial.
H S. na*..' I ' I lOI 'nan
th. lubjoct r
t even hnow thai Btewai.?
. _?d i oeruinl) didni -
man waa hla .
ar tha
Bu.** rK-mlnntton untll March ? last.
tar the date Bulacr
? n lha
te !' v;,H ?" "lU
luncheon l
- ?
?? ?
other k>b, nor did ... -
. -
I ,, _-__ i tn*! hun Bovon
aa) thgl i kngn hin.'
aaid i ? a*4U r- "
??. * ??-????..?,,,)
CoBtlauad ea aacoad pape, gJlb uiliioia.
TOOK $3,500,000 TO MEXICO
Shipped as Freight from New
York by Bank of England.
i ?.
Mi I le \ la Jan. 23 ?>n tha an >
hare to-da: of lha little Norweglan
r. Johanns -? n maal 11
(rom Vera Crua Mexico, it ???> laarned
thnt the ateamer had carried to Maa*
o t imni <mn> p.4,,4. atquivalenl lo 18,
r.iaxMHi ,, American k"'<'
ThiS ItlKllf". WAX BOII1 1" t tl a** I'.lTl'av nf
Rngland In Mexico Cltj bj iho Bank of
1 ng and In London. i< araa shlppad as
t*n<_KfiK-* in six bl| cheati g<
Brli D. Glbba and Henry J. Boulvin,
r. i>r. .* of lha? banh B hn
_h> tii?. money from Noa York
After thf money waa eounted and
welghed on arharf ?i Vera Cnis
Gibba - ? mpai ed 11 '?"? the Mes
Ex President Tells How Talk
Aids Digcstion.
William h Tafl ipeaking al a'
?! ? Internatlonal P<
Rallroad Men's < "lub j ea- |
terday, said: "1 am beginnlng lo
nf Bympathy for Brother
Bryan. Talk seems to be n
aarj * late digeal lon m Is >s""<i
. \. ? -? foi hi diaphiBgm and lhe
Professor Taf1 deplored radlcal ten
es In preaenl di ?? ion Seth
4... | 11,,. re fni Xewlanda
.i ? ? '4.. .-.r s; ? ? a ples for hu
manttj in the relation between em
plo ? r and emnli
Other gueata of honor were vincenl
Mel' 111* 1: Btone, 1 "redi ?. k D,
Henrj' i*lew* and John
? H
Unidentitied Man a Suicide. "To
LetVC This Hypocritical and
Suindling World."
? ? man aboul fort:
le t
ni the Pennaylvanla Terrainalby
tlng himaelf in th?- rlghl tem
..ri. waa removed to the ti sl j
37th sn ne'. 1 oii. e Btation.
v - ? bi arched In the station I
g 1 t the
ad been premedltated were found
ln tho clothing. Tha top and bol
the note, wh ? rati led in
pcncii, had baon torn off, btil tha foi- j
?it la I'.nr* thm J and thla uai 1 ss
r nt-o. 1've taki n all the facta Into
1 onal l< '1 ha ? ? oncludcd thal
death la th** onl> wa- to - ' thla
al and swlndling world. 1
hope lo make a k1"""' job of lt. I wlll 1
. ? havi r< ? ami llbarty."
?ii . :.. . 1 of the oplnion that ?
tbe man ai rlved I 1 nlshl from
Philadelphia and Immedlatel: k-lird
Bars Aliens Who Send Wages
Back to Europe.
Detroit, Jan. 22 Porelgi
_end th<?!? money back tn Europe with
the Intentlon of golng *>?''< n,r"* ,h<"n'
? , , _ome da: ar.- nol ellglble to th*
. lollar a day Joba at the Ford auto?
mobile plani
??We Intend t? discourags this plan
. Bcndlng monej oui nf tha United
gtatos |ub1 Ai s"r'r> n'; v r (8"-" '"^,,''
f. t.. Kllngonamith. tha seerotaryi lo
,ia.. -we wlll nol dlacrimlnata be?
tween th?* forelgnara an-l tha Amerl
, bu( w4 wlll dlacrimlnata botween
th? forelgner who ke< pa 'ns mona; In
this country ?n.l ih* one who does not,
... , noi onlj "? u-np the mon<
,? the Unitod Btates bu! to keep 11
right hera la Patrott."
Reformers Shockcd af Initials on
Calendar Reassured hy
I Oi ' IOW dog funil.? and v|a*
?,,,. o< Charlos rrancis Murphy a.td
T?min?n> iiaii aroae to horrlfy clrla
uphftora eaterda o en thei read tha
followlng Itam whicb appesrs on the
lar r.f Ihi Boanl ot Batimata tot
- . . aV>
-ftoaa-rl of thi ' ontro ai roeoav
5_5d.nal ? tranafar of unancumborod
caah twTancea In corporata *toi Mwii
,? Bcrouni entitled ' ' ?? ?*
Moiieva available foi pe-roaneat >m
,.,,. p? .nta f. orporat* atock
. lawfull*. ba lai
?ftosolutlo 1 '"r ?"'"!'
M_, . 1 ,.. 1 ;i- ChamhorlalB m\ 1
rh'.rf mveatlgator for Mayor Mitchel,
. .,.,1 nn tha run f--r Ih- PhUUICB Di
?neni to Bnd wil whal tWs m: a*
t9Tiout t- y M 24" fuad waa, an
Nk h? j_..i IntO 'ha* clrvator all
? broath ha mal Controller Pran*
dergaat, who i aplnlni d lhal lha latti 1
1 n ? wora n?>t the Inltlata of anj
lan.'bui -. f"r "Othrem ts
Fmi'l Mow *
?n,, fund "??',- * rogted bji xp* Ial a *
,.r the Leglalatura to carrj unexpendedj
t^lancoa et cotiwrata stoi H approprlv
tlona. 't noa ?""?? ": '" ?hou1 ??l -
(BjOOOti ' ?? OontrolH 1 sa: - ha li I
,? lUfgeai thal II be uaad 10 build
m ick needad achool b illdlngi
iuZrinng nexl Simda: tha New J?
A m . Ub-rt) Bt s Ifi
.' N', week daya ror feiaaton, Bethlaham,
Allentoan, Roadlng and Hwrlaburg, w?U
t. run on S4__<_a.a aiaa-Ad-.L
VV. T. Towncley Sharpens
Bullets Before Firinj*.
Fat*. Shot
Tuo Had Arranged t<> Sail for
(icrmany Just PriOf t<>
I irst Tragedy.
Phi ? ? Jan. -V - Wardwell
? -it,.n T..X4 ti, lej .'.'i archlted iirsJ
Btudenl at iIm- Unlveraity of Pennayl
tweni iwo ? ara old, com
ti ,i buIi i.i.- to . ** '.' ahoot Ing blm
? ? .gh ihe head on the i *ai bl
Koad, a ehori I atance from tbe Morion
.'tirke! rlub -.-"'f courae. H? x.
-,,i of Kddlaon ii McCulloufh,
? h< .' rj. ti' xx '? ? roa ned ln
the 1" lan an R er on Baturdaj. and
? ? ? ? ? ? ted to Buiclda.
The i X-.. Btudenta ? ? d had ai
ranp, M.I" ' f"; Oet
ma n; ?
He attended hla i laaaea as usual x-ea
. 4n of laal ??? enlng
ng al thfl P?l Upallon ho iso, to
frfltiti ? nll ?? he belonged. He
? ? - nighl .it h a home. bui aroafl
morning nnd lefl the Hamp
i,.n Court apartmenta, where he ra
elded xx ii h hia par* i
There ran be little doubl that h.
ivenl a*4 iy with the flrm intention of
tnking liis llfe. for he had purchaged ?
? ...'? ?. ? ? Bhai ed
the btilleta to a polnl befora he
loaded lt.
The man who dli overed the body
? ghtened :n:.i ran away. L-atar
ned up al the Merion golf houae
and told ih?* ateward thal the*-" xxas a
?i^n.i man lylng In ihe tatuA nearby.
Thi ateward Informed Captain Donagy,
of the Mei i"n polli e, and i tonag*. ** ?'
ried ..x. ? nnd tooh ? ' tha body.
Voung Townaley lan bj tiie *i.|e of
the rovoh er ** ith x* hi. li hn
had ihoi himaelf fltill * lutchod ln hla
han*i There waa a boltel wound ln hla
temph Jual over the ear, and tho
; tned i" lh' had paaaed thro igh
, - .1,1,1. | oui over hia lefl ?
ther ihe young man'a fgthi r, '...
i Townetey, manaaji of tha Nan.mai
i '.iiu ??? of thi. dtj. nor any
m mb. i of hla familj or frlanda ?
ihed anj liRht on the moftva for the
?cl ih.- family say tha* he had not
melancboly, an.i ihe moixtwaneaa
rentlj xxas only notad by some of
'' hi added
he ? ared little for t
i ,, ,,, >. ? ,i member of Ihe Ma?k
agd Wlg Club. and laal : ear a ai ?
membei of the ? w-nj aa Hnns
sii, k. Hi" *i' '? ctive, in "Maid in Qor
manj. ' the club'a annual production.
German Invention Demon
strated at College.
Phi ad* Iphla, Jan. -'-' ln thi labora
,,,, j ol Ihi lledli o ' Mi irgli al ' '"Urge
to-da* in M x Ullman, profeaaor of
phyaiology, cauaed a hotnan hean.
taken from a dead i""i io pulaata aa
in llfe by means of an apparatu- re
r. -, invented n Garmany, whlch haa
nol before been In use ln thia eounti -
An electrii llghl attached lo tha de
Ida th. hrart. and en
ablaa ihe operator to obaervfl avary
part of the orggn'a functlon. Tha In
atrumenl 'r ejtpoctad to be of great
benefli ln th" Btud* and treaUnenl of
heart diacaaca Thr apparalus is tlie
Invention of Prof4*asoi B, v Gabb, of
HAS $37,000,000 SPRAIN
State Trcasurer's Wnst Weary
with Oheck Signing.
i -. .- . ? - - ;r buac '
Alban:. Jan. 22.- "M: wrtal la
eprainoij.'' aaid John J. Kennedx. State
TreoBiirer. to some friends to-night
xxl.li whom h. waa dining at the Ten
By< k
"Met with an ai ? Idani T*
"Nr. |ual from atgning ehecka ''tie
(HP.OOO.OOO, payabla lo the
attan Bank of New Tork; another
,P4. (,,T 18.000,000, .md then othera for
K .,,,.. | m. re mattoi of $10,000
fjOO. ? 'h my poor wrigl
Then th*- Btata TrflaMurat azplalnod
. . the ehacka, totalllng .?.T7.'?*n.??r?.
w.;r- tr. take 'U' flhorl tortn ootea laauad
..,,. thi Btate 'rs* ? r*- " antlclj a'^n
t (hi ' ond sale of yeeterday.
Ex Member of Huerta's Staff
Said to Have Been Slain.
4*. v. ,, i ii . jan. 1*2. Ii ir rumor* d
lo-nighl thgi iv-V" *?? r" ***** hrr"
Ited m tha i.enltentiarv ll ib im
.... nnn thr report hut lt |g
ita redltad
,. ?,,,, of thfl late General
Bernardo Royoa, and -ne of tbe |m
priaonad Daputtafl Ha xxas form..'
j Minigtar of l.afllleg *>? H*8fla*tt*fl Cnb
Hale's Son Seeks Congress Seat
aad Ut I ' ?? * ? <*** h
newapaper to.
..... of ? x
. ,gene ttate, anna
j eandldae] for the Repul
L'ongreaa aon.ttaa lfl the rirei M
,,,?, ,,., on in- '"tn.flnl of Aahar
Hjr, .. ne aaid bfl wouM be Ini laacfli
p> tne flfflBkaa ?? **? pim itm4itn
Accepts Invitation to Ball
Planned by Suffragists.
Mayor Mitchel wlll dance ai thi bai
.?. to be gtvai I ? s *JVomen'?
Politii al Ua '"i al tha '' I ??nt1
n the nlghi ??' "?' I
and .??. srlll Mr* MU hol A dopuU- j
tion. conelatlng of Mr*.. John "Wtntere
Brannan. Mra Calvln Toaskiaa Mrs
Marcus M \inr;< and Mrs. Emanuel
i ? Btcin, wenl lo '?-"* i flty Haii yeatx i
.in* f.. Invlte Mm
w n ?? ? tal ? ..i three minutaa of
-.'?ur tlme," the? promlsod hlm; and
did laki onlj two minutes and a
. me ? . of gettlng >1 har guests
thf- M ht I'* RieanS Of a V"t 11?
on th< ? l corner, I ia Balvatlon
?| h.. unll u l.n* bOI IOW4 'I a
? i riatn ? from tha a< mj and
tc-morroa mon \e Mrs John Rogers, !
and a numbar of other aromen
i.ika- theii tand a< list streel and Plfth |
avenue lo s*U ball tlcketa to ahoi
win drop iii* price, ?'" centa, Into tha
Five West Point Men and Three
Women in Crash.
(Ilghland Palla, N. _"., Jan. 22 ? s
?- rs of tha i nlti _ Btati i MUitai *
demj and thrae women were In?
jured ln s coastlng accldan! at. We*
Poinl to-day. Their boboled ran lato
a sled drawn by two horaea
Mrs Oeorge Vidmer, wif* of ? cav?
alry captaln, a*ae the moal serlously
! hurt. Ueutenanl James O. Bteeaa bad
a lei brokon. The othera Injured wera
Captain Vidmer, adjutani of 'tip pooi
i. i itenani and Mra. Oeorge H Balrd
Captain Prederli k B. Downlng, Lleu*
tenanl Dan lei i Bultan and Mrs. John
bi on.
Organization Board Seri
ously Thlnking of Pass?
ing This City.
l*iaan Tbe TrlBuaa Pnre*n l
VVashlngton, .lan tl. Th.it tha mara
__n of 'ii" Pederal Iteaenra Organlaa*
. ommlttaa ha*.o glvan aarlous
. deratlon to tho propoaltlon to pa-**
v-.r'. in tha ii:-? ? ibution of fodera!
reserve banks may b<* atatad on the
hlghesl authortty.
N"o decision ha? been raached aa r'
i nd the Proaidanl said to-daj that he
did not know --.her.*. Ihe reaerve banks
? locatod, bui ll ls known to
urged on Becretary M< I
thal 1' would ho an exceodtngly popu
lai Rtep to paas up Sett Ywh and ita
o .,|] ? ttraata anu thal h* la
HTlOUal: --oniMering tha proposition.
u ia recalled tha* whan J. P. Morgan
appeared bofora tho Benata Committee
on Banklng and Currency he remarkeJ
thal in ln"- Judgmanl the greal essen
tlal was ihe eatahllahmanl of s strong
i;..,.,.. , i nd thal ll nould
,iC v.. ,-?- auch B bank in Bos
,, ,. . Baati rn dtj otl er than
Sott York, rather than to pui a woak
bank i" tha empira elty.
it \n known thal 'ho Proaidanl has
under eonslderatlon tl*0 nomination of
ex-Senatoi Hanrj OaaBaway Davla for
memhership on the Pfcderal ReaervB
Board. Mr. Davla ls ronardpd as still
B domlnanl Influence In thal faction of
the Domocratlc pany whlch achleved
th* nomination of Uton R Parker for
th* PreMdency, and aitho.gh ha ix
ninety jroare old h** Is ?aid to be still
in posaesslon of all hls mantal facul
Th?> Presldant made tf clear to-day
:l,Ht he would not nam* for -,ho Pederal
Reaerve Board any man Who " is an
? candldate for the ofllcs other,
,,r courao, than John Bkolton Williama
ftirnttn-. named?and auggeated that if
.. .. fnr' 'n-r- mgdC public ll "OUld
matertall: eurtall th** v,bn* House cor
respondei r*
Prealdent Wllson hop'es to nomlnat*
nnd hava- ronflrmrd tho mpmb*r_ nf fh*
Yr-tsrri dUting tal.mlng month. BO
thal th-- board may oe raad] to organ
Ixe b: March 1.
Woman Polnts to Him as BeinR
Seen with (hild on Day
nf Murder.
London, .Jan. _."? * day of sanaaUorui
eulmmated In * seene utaitiinK and
Intenaaly dramatic al l s reautaad la*
queal ?featerdaj ?n tho bod) of tviii.o
hfleld. the flvo-yaar-oM ho-, arho
wa* found atrangled In a Laondon train
R fortnlghl Ago A wuinan ?anio f--r
?a/ard tc mj she had aeen tho boj waik
hi?* hrtiid In hand **ith a man on ihe
Bftornoon of th* nvirdot. tVhat 4,a?a.m?*d
.,. astlon from tha |urj thrn.
led to b dramatic apla
Aahed Whether Bha had soon tho man
apam tha* iroman surprlaad Um court
i. fut- ing she bad *?*"-*, him thera
Than aUowlag har ?*.??-*?'*? to wandsr
round ti"- couri ahe Snally lol it p"?t
on the fathf-r Of thi* bn- and petnted
,siiik fing> r al hlm.
?j hat '?? th* maa," the a'4?*rt*d.
Mr?. Btar MMd asoanad I
don t!' and her buaband, Jumpini
hy -ne. ahouted "It'sa Ifaf"
Tha Inquaal ?a_ thaa a_j-_n.ed for
? ?cek.
Measures Define Monopoly, Prohibit Inter
locking Directorates and Establish Rules
for Trade Relations.
Indorsed bv President. Fundamentals Will Stand, Though
I>tails May Be Changed-?No Regulation of Stock Ex
changes?FULL TEXT of the Four Billa Preaented.
Unlawful reatraint of trade defined bb an atterrtp* *o dieorlminete fn
pnce between purchaaer? of commod.tiefl with th? purpoae er Intent to
inuire or destroy a compatitor. *
After two yeara from tha approval of the aot no pereon ehell be a
diraetor in more than one corporation engaged in Interetate or foreign com
rfsrce or of any bank or truat company which ia a member of the federal
raaarva ayetem. Violations of law to be punlehed by a One ot $100 e day
or impnionment.
The words "truat" or "conapiraey *r\ reatraint of trade" aa uead ln the
Sherman law are defined aa meaning any agreernent to pi****x*e*nt free and un
restricted competition in interatate or foreign commerce, and fluch agree
ments are declared to be unlawful.
Interatata Trade Commiaaion to replace Bureau of Cerporatlone and lo
assist businaaa and the government In preventing violetione of the Shei?
man law by aiding the Attorney General in term ina* Ing unlawful ooncfltiona.
lt will requ.re corporationa to g.ve full information regerding their buai
r.ess and have unrestricted acceaa to their reeorda.
[From Th. Trlbun. Bur.a'1 | ,
Waahlngton, Jan. lt.?Tha admlrrla
trntion antl-trust billa, defmlng monop?
oly. prohlbltlna; Interlorklng dlrecto
rate?, establishing rulea for trade rela
tir.ns anrl tf-eattng an Interstate Trade
Commtaolon, x-,er. made pubHo to
Senator Nowfcnda and Representa
Itlve Ctayton Jointly made pubtto the
[Trade Cornrnlaalon bill. and it -*-*ta in?
troduced ln the House hefor-* adjoxirn
ment. Tne t-emaintng three billa were
Iglren out. hut not lntrodnced by the
Clayton anb-oommittaai of the Houa-*
[judldan COmmlttOO. Normal lntroduc
rf tha meaixures probabV arlll be
I mad( .imuHanenusly in the t-ro housea.
The bflle ae now d-*a-**-*n ha-m tha
o K. of the Preetdent, ln *??*ho?o poa*j
Beeston they were for a day or more.
Tf chang*?a are mada ft wfll bo 4-44ft4.fr.
House proceedtnga have demonatrated
the necesalty of modlfytn** thera. The
fundamentals of tbe bllls *-il! atand and
become !a-r
In advance of maklng pnbKe tha bllle
President Wilson Indicated to-day that
there wrmld be no leglslatlon at
hesslon relattng to rhe regu'atlon
stock excbangee, and satd he lookerl for
publlo heatfln-fa on the antl-trust bllle.
The four billa now <"ra**-n and a flfth
meesure to regulate the le-ruance of
rallway atocks and bonda, repreeent the
adm'.nistratlon'a programme affectlng
bfg buslneaa for the preeenL
?hl- (i
l of *V1
The blfl dedntog BntaWfal reatratnta ana
monopollefl provldafl
it tho act approrad July l '?*? "*'
tltled an acl tO rrnter. trade and com
merce aaain-r unlawful raatratata and
monopoUafl la hareby sun'-mented ani
amended by ed-ilnrs IhatatO the follow.ng.
Bectlon 9 That it ahail b? daamad an
attempt to moimpoiize trade er ^
merce among tbe aevernl Btirtea. or with
?, nationa or a -part ...ereof. for an*.
--:, ln lnt*?tate or foreitn coanrnerce
- Mrimlnata ln price hetxreen d.fferent
aaeraol commodtftaa ln thflM-moor
aaction* or wmmunttt*** *"*
.... orlnunt to thereby lnjuro or
a eompetitor, *l-**r?a4Bi*t* pur
, ,,,,.- r,i- of the selter 8'nv.lded. that
nothlBI htf#jln rontalned shall prevent
dlacrimlnattan m prlce botwaan P*rebaa
..r, of commodltiea Ofl fl4*-****?- of eOOer
,?ce lfl the grade. ?uality or nuantfty of
the commodlty sold or that make. onl**
due alloxx-an.-e 'or dlrf-renre ln the C*Mt
of tmnaportation; and prox-lded Mrtl.er.
,. ,. .othing horolll rontalned aha 1 PtO
?-> rcrsons e.igaged ln B-Hing goods.
wvmm 07 marehandiae m ********** ?*
foreign ,:o,nmerce from eele-tlrig th-Ir
owTVuatoinara. bui tbta proYtahm fltaatt
nor a Itltorlaa the owne- or operator Of
,?, ?,!?? -n.ag-d ta radllng Ita pr-*di*-*te
|n mterfltatfl or foreign comm-rce to re
-trarily tO a-'-' the -an*e to are*
?ponalble oeraon. flrm or -*orporntlon arho
? to purchaae.
Be, non '?* That it ahail be daatnad nn
-ttempi i" monopollaa trad. or rjommerca
among the aeveral BUtaa. or with 'wreUrn
,. or a rsrt taetoot for ani paraog
ln mteratata or foreign *-*om***grca to make
a aale of gooda, ware* or merchandlae nr
fix a rrice ehargad tharefor or nis-ount
or rehate upon su**h prt-e. on the eondl
?on w uHderstat-dlng that tbe ptirrha.er
thareof flhall not deal la th. *moda, ware,
,?- mer.'iiandlse of a eompetitor or com
peUtora of th. aetter
.. TM, n.jihmK eontalnad tn
,, ?r Metloa lfl boroof .hai! be
taken or held to iimit or la any way eur
U? the moanliig and effecl of the pttrtl
rttana of ieefdofli - ?f IM" -c{
Suapenda Statuto of L.m.tationa.
j . . That xMi.nexer tn any suit
9, rr.."-ealng. nll OT rlmtnel. brought
?__ nr OH behalf of rh- -ovirnni-m lindafl
lie proMalona of this get * "nal *Jdg
ment or derre- shall have heen rfltlderad
to the flfraet that i d-f.ndant. ln trtolauon
of th* provrlalona of thla aot, baa entered
into a contract er coni-Inatlon ln forro
of tn:st or otherwlse. or conaplracy ln
-estralnt of trade or rommaree among ths
several ??_??? or -orfth forelgn natlona, or
has monopoltied or artempted to inoB-po
llse, or combined. wlth any pereon a*
perBBBB to monopollza, aay port of tho
i-_d? or -ommerce among tho aaverai
Btatss or -wlth forelgn ___tlo*_a, tha *x
tstenee of e'jch 111***aJ oorttr*-*-, oom-ina.
tlon or corsplracy ln -4?4Mtra_nt of trada.
or of B'.ch attempt to eonaplr* to<
monopollse. shall, to tha fali extent to*.
whlch auch Judgm.nt or deore* woul*
constltute ln any other proce-sdlng aa
a*stoppel a*. featwaaa th* go"4*_rnmont aadj
surh per?on, constltute aa against auc-t;
d?fa*ndant conclualve *vldeno* of th* aam*
faa*ts and be concluslve aa to tha aame !_??
BUoa of law ln fax*oT ot any other paxty
ln any oth*r proeeeding brought under o*
InvoMng the provisions of thia act
ln rdi cases where any pareon -Who si__-_i
have been injured ln hia bualneaa oaj
property by any pereon or oorporatlon by
roAtnn ot anythlng forbldden or declared
to be unlawful under the provlslona of th*
act entitleiJ "An aot to protect trade and
commerce against unlawful restrainta and
monopoltes." approved July 3 *Jm\\ aad
who at the tlme or prevloua to the InaU
tutlon of any such suit by the United
Ptata*"a as afcresald has a cause of action
under Section 7 of pald act or under 8e->
tlon !3 of th's act against any defer.dant
tn a suit ta hereln a decree or Judgment
hsr. t e?n obtained as aforesald, the atat
ute of llrnit.-Uon* applicabl* to such caaea
shall ba? s-spenda*! during the pendlng ot
such suit and shall not agaln becorns
operatlve until after the date of the flnal
der.ree or Judgment ln auch cauae.
Se. tlon 13. -That any peraon. flrra, cor
porat'on or association shall be onUtled t*
sue for xr.cl have lnjunctiv* rellef, la any
eouri of tho r nited Btatea havlng juria
_ld on over the purtles, asalns* threat
aned loss or damage by a vlolat'.on of tbla
B ;, v hen and under the same conditions
?nd prlndplos as lajunctlya rellef against
thrratanoal i Miduel that wlll cause losa
or da-tiage ls Krai.tod hv courts of <quity.
under the rules governlrig auch proceed
ings. and BgOB the e_ecutlon of proper
band agalnal damagaa for an inj-ncttoa
Improvtdentlj granted and a showlng tbat
the danger of lrra?parahle loss or damage
la Immedlate a prellmtnary Injunction
may Issu*.
Th. Ball prohhitlng tntet lorklng dl
-. tcamtaa pmxtdea
That fmm and after two -eara from
the da'e of approxal of thlB art ro per
aon xxho lfl .nsaged as an Ind.Mdual <*r
u . member Bf a partnersl.lp or as a
.i;r? I,, nr ethOt offlcer of a ro-poratlori
,n th. boatneaa, In arholfl or tn part of
manufa- 8 irlng nr aelllng railmad cgrfl or
?aoUvoa or rallroad raOa bt atrurtin-al
Bteel or mining er aelllng rnal or the
? a i.ank or trust .?ompany ahail
act as s dlrOCtOT ,r '.th.r offlcer or pta
? ..* anj iai!road 01 other pohllC aer
. corporation nhl h r-ottdocta an Utter
itatfl ataflli
| Tha. from an.l afier two 4 rars
-,,.,? tha inta "f anpro* <*i of tala a 1
,?r.,,? ahail 8l the sa.n" fine he ? .1
rector or oUier offlcer or enij,*lo*,o ln twe
or niora? federal reaerve banks national
banks or bankhig aaaorlatlona. or oia*r
tanks or trunt companies. whlch are
members of aas "raaaroB bank. and ar*
oporatinar under Ihe provtasona of th* a*t
approved Decefabar 9, IHS, entitled "Au
a--t pr<.\idinK for th? es'abltshment of
fedoral ros*r\* banks. to fUrnlsh an elas
tle curronc>, to afford m*ans of redln
eeuBttng eommon ial paper, to estabiiih
a mor?. a-fecttve BUpsrtsaleil Of banklng
la 11-i?*? L'attod Btatea aud for otha*r pui
; -- aad a private haakar and _ per*
..nn arho I* ? dtroctor la a:iv stat*- bank
or trust oeanpenj nol operatlng under the
-m\n of the BBld ad ahall not h.
ellglble to bs i dlrei tor in an.v bank 01
banklng as ociatlon or trust companj
oparattng undor the peovlsloas ot thg
af04' MU a-'f.
I ". Tha* an\ r> ? ahall *- o
lat* Bectloa ' <>r BactlOO 3 ha?reof ab_H
? be |UUt) "t a inis'lonv ar.or, and ahaii be

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