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-mntB-faOd b* b fine of IM a dax- for ea??).
I ice cf BUCfa vlolation
? for BUCh P81 Ofl 88
,- . gnata, not eaeeedlng
i.la th. tV- retloi
the CO
I ... after two yeaure from
th- dat* cf the apprnxal of thlfl 8*4 81
txro or more c-p'-at lona, engafl.d
xAhcie or ii par. in Intarfljtatfl oi taralga
commerce, hax. a eanflraaon dlrfl '
?4irer-tors, the fa> t Of BUCh t
r ? ? Pr .lirei-tcr. .hail \+ e4mc*U8f**8 -x
A.rrr thal thera aatata no reai eeei
tion Betweea suab ?rorporatlona; end
our-h na I a" ht*\e V>'
? ofoia. o- sr?. BT sl-sll -a\a> b*a4p
, ,. ? . 4.., Bfl Bnd ;"- atloa af
atural eompetltoi i
nfltia.ii ot competlttoo |kaa concluatvelj
. ...a?.i ahall eonatltute a cotd
, ? raen tb? ani-i corporatlona In leeiralal
ti itate '?? foras.
..' and subjed to sll
IIOS and vensltics prei IdOi la *'? n ?
r_|] .-. un, entitled "Aa aai
t,, protecl trade and eoanmerce agaluel
? ? ? . nta *"d monopeHea
The bt:' govarntng trad. mtattona rm
4 Mes
Tfcst the flTOfdfl ' -' ,~OTrl
-atlon ln the form cf trust cr other
?araee" and "eonaHracj In raetratnt ff
? . conimcr..* nnd U B worfl
re," a* oaed In the a**t entltled
i t te protect trada an.l commerce
agamst unlawful reatralnta nr.<\ monorn
4. p. r| (n anx
thereto or amenda
tor\- thereof. rrhall he doemed to "
? '?ine''t hotweon
.orporaiions. flrmfl or pe.- ? 81 f two
* . | them . itga-red in trad.
... r-a>*-Tted cn in the Unlted States he
n tho Btates ot between any .iate or
?ory anil the lnstrirt Of ?'<>lumbla.
...-.'-?? a ar.d
any Terrttory or between any state. Ter
? or tl o Dtatrt* t ol ' olomb r'
our msiilar paaaajraal l arlth forel-tn
.4 .. roltawtng - i
? -? .re.-.te or can;- OUl testrle
tlonB In trade or to acjuire a monopoly
in ary Interstate trade huslnejs or com?
?nrl To hmit or reduce the pn '
tton or ln.-r.ase '.lie 88*08 8* m-rchandise
any * ommodit)
Third To prevent n '" manu
fa4turlng, making. banaportlng, selllng
or purchaatng of n ?<**-<? V.ndise. pr-^duce or
> gg** ccnimodlty.
Fcv.rth-To make any agraflrflflcnt enter
Into any arrangemeni or errlxe at any
. mging i,- whlch they. dirs I
indirectly, undortak* to prevent a "??
ai,i unrestrlcted compatltlon anion.
? . flelves ?" ninona i purcl **??'? "
4 ?,,_ m th-- aato. productlon i
itlon of *r i" ?' ? I aiilde "'
ge tion .' Thst ai i - h eoatract, com*
the ' m of trusi or othei
wiao, conaplrac) In reatralnl of trad- oi
ei_mnierce or monopoly, ls boraby de
ciared te be unlawful.
geetton I Tbal snjr pera<m, Bran or cor
l ? ? , .telatlns ?'?> "r the ;
of il ia ad shall. upon com IctJon, be .
. r a mladi meanor and be
. ,,, by a nn* not exceodtng hV.
, . . ,., :.,- . Keeedlng ons year oi
. .. i , i letajBOnl m tho dlscre
s. uon 4 That arhanaver * corp..rati<>n
U 0f the vlolatloa of am
ih? -woviaioaa of thla aot th* ottonca
ahall be de.me.1 to be alM thal of '"
IndlvMoal dlroctors. offlce rs and agenta
?i. corporatlon, authorialng orderlng
om ot Buch prohlbtted acta and upoi
.... t thi sl .'ii be deemed
oi a mladeaaeanai and pualahed aa
proi rtti ln the pn ? I - sect-OB.
tlon I Thal nothlng oontalned ln
,., | ..hall b? taken oi held to llmll oi
in anv waj -.urtall th* meanlng and i
feet of tbo provish.ns of the act ap; I
july -, lsiw. entitled "An act to prob
tradS and comiBOrca against unlawful rc
Btralnta and monopollaa."
The folloxxlr.g ls the text of ihe Inter?
state Trad- ? rl MH:
Tl.at a e. mmlaaloa is hereby c-cated |
and eFtal.lished. to he known 81 '
terstate Trade i *\ whlch shall ]
te .oinposed of flva members. not more j
than three Of whom ahail be members of ;
thfl aame poiitical party, and the flflM
interstate Trade Commlaslon is refcrrr-.l
to herelnafter as "The x'ommisslon."
?OO : That cn the taklng effect of
th'a act the Bureau of .'orporationa ahail
ceaee to exlst, and ts hereby transferred
to, and merged ln, and becomes a part
of the comm.BSJon: and all of the oftlclal.
and employea of the Bureau of * orpora?
tiona Bhall hereafter he the offldala snd
employea of the commtaa xxith
?-ansfer thflTfl shall pa'-s to thfl pos
n of the commtaaion all tha records
;.apers of said bureau, ar.d tl.e OOtn
.-.all hereafter exercise all the
powara ai.d parform all the dutiea bata
? fl l.pori the said
Personnel of the Commiaaion.
ropriatlona heretofc ? ? edfl for
. it and maintengnce of the bu
b apl oprlatlona io be
Bfl eommlflfl on la th. ?
? rT aad in tbe performance
the 1
! ttiis act. ronferred or imposed
au. And tl.e peraon who
h* thal lune ahail 8"- * !emml**alOttOr of
* orporationa ahail become a member of
the eomintaaton aiid the '-hatrman thereo'
tha te-m af ^r\*>n yeara The other
cotnmtSBioners. and a flfth commls?
sloner upon the retireme>.' 04 I *.piratlo:i
,.f tha aaren yoar term of the former
MM-Moner of ('orpotations, shall be
appolnted hy th? Preaident hy and wlth
tl.e advke and ataaaant Of the Senate.
- term of the comm'asi'.n.ts fchall bfl
BeVflra year*. provtdod, 8hat the term of
the i-*>mmtBsion?.rs first appolnted by the
J'leeident Bhall date from the tnking ef
lev-t <,f this a.-t. anrl hfl as follows: One
for a tern: of threfl yflOTO, one for a term
pf four yeara, one for a term of frffl
yeara an.l enfl for a term of six ?
and tlie eu'eessor to the former I'ommis
"flloner of < orporatioit.. WBXM appoint.d,
Bhall be appointed for a term ??' aevefl
xeais. and .hereafter ahail he gppfl
tor a term of aexen \eats: and thereafte.
all appointments shall he ror a term of
vexrn > ears I'pon the retlrement from
the c-ommisalon. from wnatsoever cauee,
Of the ptrson wh6 at ihe tlme thia ant
shail tako effe<'t shall be the Commls
aloner of ( orporationa. the commission
shall elect one of lta membere chairman.
The commission ahail elect a secretary
nnd eseiatant secretary. aald chairman to
hold hla offlce aa chairman and said se.-re
tary and aaststant ae* retary to bold their
offlces BT connectlon with the cumiiiisMon
? pieasure of the commission. The
members <.f th*- fl4*4flBflfllaatan shall each re
? a PPiOM* of $1"."'" pe. annum, the
serre.ary of the commission shall receive u
salary of 1*7 .**X> per aninim. and tbe as
siatart Bocretary Bhall receive a salary
r.f >4.tr00 per annum. In case of vacamy
!n the comnilsalon during the te-m of the
commisslonera, an appointment ahail be
made by the Preldet.t. xxnh the adv.ee
and consent of the Senate. t? n',1 auch
raoanrrjr. snd ahail b-? for 8h. nne\pir?-d
term Thfl offlceB of the commissioti niia.l
la ::. Ihfl ' 'Ity of Washington, but lt may
ot its pleasure hold meetlngs elsewhere
Tlie ro.nmle-iion ahail have such clerks.
examlners, experta and oihir emploves
aa may be neceaaary and as may be from
tlme to tlme appropriated for bj Oflfll*
Publicity for Corporationa.
Pir i That nll eorpomttoflfll engaged
la con,me:r-e im"it the ae\eral states o-"
wlth foreign nat'ona, e88eeptlng common
i'arrlerfl. whether mgutrafl bj ger^ral
nlee and ree,ulatior*e for rtgilar Infor?
mation OT Information BpOCtall*' asked ln
... ahail from tlme to tlm*.
f .mu.li io the <ommiaslon euch inforraa
MtBtemeriU a.-.d records of thelr or
aanUail'.i . fli.an4.ial Oflfladltlon, ?'"tidU4-t.
managei'fiit an.l rUgtlOO tfl Other com
i.ani-4a. at euch time, to fljuth liegtee and
.xtent. and In auch fotm. as mav be pre
| v th? tr inmi.?aion. The commia
I aa . al all reasoiiahle ttaaflfl, or lta dulv
'.r-i/ed ageni or BgJOOtS, ah3:i BbV/8
. ..mplete a.-^esa to all records, atcounts.
minutea, books and papers of BttO flOTpgfg
tiona, ln. luding Ihe records of ?'
thelr flgflajulllfl or other CflBaaaJilttOflfl lail
ure or negle.'t Ofl] the Bflafl "f ?'?'?'
ratlon aubject to thia act to comply prtth
(he terms of Ihla BflOtlOO w-.thm B88a*4
written *>tri.irid flhall bave beer, ma,l.
..pon BJMCh ? o. poratlor. Bf the . r.mmi-s.ori
Igggllilal I ? 88 Bhall bfl
rtxed by ihe irjMllilaajtail Bflagll OOfM
a flflafldjaanannor, uri'i upon convlottan auch
;.>ralion shall be siibJ?-*-t to a fn. '
?t more than fl.Oflu foi everx cUx tar
.iif-h failure or ne/jfle.t
4 That tbe IgfOI flnal alflfl ao fl***
lained shall be public roOOlda and the
.ission shall from time to tlme make
pubH-i BUCh h foimation in such form and
;o suh extamt ae lt mr.- aK-Pin necessary
Se . [. That tho rJls.tr1.-t courts of the
United Btatea upon the appltcatton of the
commiaaion alleglng s failure to complj
with any order of tho cmiiml?liwi for the
fun.ishing of information, shall bave Jur
ibdictlon tO issue a writ or utits of man
ajamus Ot Other order enforcing such orde"
of th?? ommlMlon ar.d lo punish tho dlso
bedla-nce thereof as in other cases of con
ton-i't of court.
May Compal Production of Evidence.
gec. '.. Tiiat for thfl purpOSOS of this
ed the comniiselon shall have the power
te require by aubpesna the attandance an.l
IOU) ..f ?jrKneBBBS i.nd the pioduotion
of -ill bOoha jape:s. contraeta. agree
menta, doiumanls av other things of < ?
kind and nature ?*haUoe\er relatlng 10
.-my matter under inVBBtlgatlOB by the
.ot'iiPiosion. Such attendance of -arltneasea
and the production of such documentat:
avidence may bo required from anv place
ln the United States at any desipnated j
place Of hearlng. and ln case of dlsobcdi
. to the SUhpSMia the commission ma'
avoke tiie aid of any eourl of the United
Btatea in requlrlng tl.e attandance anu
.,.,;. f wltneaaea I the productlon
..f booka papera aud documeats under tho^
, - | . Bectloa. And un: of
.n<4 dlflj ? Hta of 1he T'nited States
?aritbln the juhsdict.on of which such in
gulry ls carried on iaay in case of con
liunaey or refusai to obey a suhpoma
faMUed to any corporation aubject to tha*
p-rO-latOM of thla act. or other i.'Tson.
Ibbub an o:_?T ?regulrtng such corpora
tion or othei person to ap;*>ar before sald
commission <ai;d piod;ce books. docu
menta and papers as so ordered i and gtvc
ance touching the matter 1n Bttcfc an 1
any faUure to obey such order of this
.ourt may be 1 BI_U*_-Sd by BUCh COUIt aa
a contempt thereof, Tbo clalm that any
such tostlmony or s-vidoace may tend to
IncrlTBlnate the person Kiving SuCb evi
. Bhall nol eaeuae soch witness from
taratlfying. Wltaoaaes wboae tostlmony is
rakon under the pTOI .sioi.s of this act
Bhall BBVerally b<> entitled to the ?am" foes
;is Are pald for like aervlce ln th? court"
of the Vnlted i?tates.
Provi*ion for Immunity.
No person shall be excued from attend?
ing and testifylng or from producing
books, papers. documents or other things
i before the comm.sslon, or in obedience to
the subpajM.a of the commission. whether
such subpoena be flgned or Issued by one
or more of the eommlasloners. on the
ground or for the reason that the tostl?
mony or evidence, documentary or other
w!se. lequlred of blm may ter.d to In
erlaalnata hlm or aubje.t bha to a penait1-'
\ ? -felt :re Hut um natural person shai:
be prosecut<*d or subjected to any penaity
or forfeitur* for or ea account of aay
transaction, mattei. '* thin* conceniuig
ba> aaay teatlf) und-: <>atii. pro
guce oMdenre. docu-Bantarj or other*
wlso, before r-aid U B-BSiBBlBfl ln Bbs__eace
to a suhprena BJBUOd by lt la a proeeeuing
institit*d other thaa up.n his own lnltla
ti\a?. provialed that no pc-rsou so testlfy
! Ing shall bo exempt fnam prose. utlon and
1 p nlohmont for perjury rommltted in na
I testtfytng. Tho purpos* of this provlslon
' la to give Immunity only to natural per
iflaOBO, wbo, under oath, teatlfy ln renpons*
lt.> a sui.parna of th* commiaaion In any
lnquiry instituted I y the commisalon
gec I That any person wllfully mak?
lng or f.iinishing lo said commiislon any
Btatement return or record requlred by
'this aet. Whan ki.owlng auch statement
j return. or record lo b* fals* ln any mate?
rial particular. ehall be guilty of a mls
' dem??anor, arid upon ron-. Iction shall be
j flned not more than J-.W, *r lmprlsoned
i. ? mete than one year or both.
Broad Powera for lnve?*tigation.
cirr ? That tbo commisalon ls herei y
given authorlty. upon .mnplaint made to
it |b BUCb tnaniic! as it may by general or
Bpeolal regulati'.r a provlde. or on Ita own
InttlaStiV-a. to in*tiu-.le ani! conduct an ln
.eetigatloa t" daotenalae whether or not
any corporatlon aubjed to tn* provlalaas
<if tbla aet wa* ergaataad ar ha* essaa
li*.hrd SU-h relations Wlth other ludlvid
I i.als or a vrp.aratlon* or ia eondUCtiUg Hs
i buab-eaa bi erhole or ln pan In vlolatlen
I nt the proi lalona ..i* the a. t approved J"iv
i .. 1?_p. 4-nlll'ed "Ar, *' I ta. proteat Had
nnd 0" rtmiet.e fra-in unlawful restr.iint
and nioiiajpa.li.B. arany eilstlnic or future
a_naend*oena thereof. or aa] ol ??aid pro
\i?!a>n? tf tb* ca.inni'?-;loii shall flnd any
Bucb vHrtattaa th* amitar *h*u be sub
! ), a, ,0 the Attorn-> Oeneral. to
?raal ihe fn\ti vMatlea be pro*
ceoded agalnal snd terrolaated
in a<'<*<ardaiia-r ?llh lha- pro\ ial'.ns ?af Mia
oet ot .ul] - i9rX). and tbe Bmaadasasata
tberaxif oa Bupftemental tfeorete and
Hr< > Tbat lha -omnussic'U ibail, al
an* tlme, i.i'.i. tl r ""i rM nf ,h4* ""t',r"
rporattan aaTeeted Ini aad
.. t f. the |
. ..-,!, bh th- poen ? ? '
? . -,-. heretofi
tl - p irpe of aa -frtntn
Inl x- '-.. thei ther* lafl '. !" II
.,f mm . orporatl. '* I" ""'
, r -.,,,.- ,.,. ;.orBi...ii oi it- tr*etaltana te
? indlvtduala ? ?
of raUd l.I J?l> - ,vr" ?nd ,h"
Imentfl thi f aa aforea ild, ami In
... non ahail Hnd ?
Ing. full al
me and pn ...,?? tram
-. Bnd readjoatnienta ne-reaaa.
.. at. thal aald ? oa**?-**4?.tan fl aj "
? i, the lerma of agM ? I
ti theroof, .-*s afon
m,. | ta af *""1 r" ' '
?. Bforeaa ' %ttornej rjeneral aa
, .,. t,, ihe x.i... bo. Oeneral lr. ?
.... gi I,- Bgl*. ' ' ?'' ,1'" ?^n']"^ ?'
Uon aff-cied 01 i" '"it. aa t*ra*rkse4 ln
eatd a t afor.
- laid flnding Bha
- .. -, publlr r? "?! of the commli
. _. ? .-, , .-. upon Ihoj
f th? IttOTI BJ <i-""rni or the
,, "? ,' .- ? fr ??* . I - " '?' ? ?
; - thi dlrectlun of thi Ul
.... B8 proi Ide.l ln the ? ? "f ?',;
m nfoie-Bid th* court ln which
BBld * - ' ***** "'
ti^ iltlgatlon, st its dta. r< i.on. ref*
ti,. lommiv oi -'?? aape* l ol the llllga
: ,? or ai y pro ooed -ic ree. whet-eutmi
,,?. ..om... ?? ahail Inveatlgate the
.... . - ... Btiom raferred to lt, xxith
.. powera of H eatjflhtflon haratab
fore b. BtOWOd on tho < otiin.lssio.i. nnd
ahail reporl Ita Rndinga to the court, with .
., . ? of t. r. c Idence upon whlch aaM
I . oi n immoi flatlj na are baa ,
* oiitli.ii.rl from flral pafl.
portattons Iri'li-ted. hut lt K-akcd out I
that thg Indictment* r,*pr**sent thfl Mf*
geal bunch "f road graft eaaea that
have boon turnod ln Blnoa the hlghway
m-.es-igntton b-*gnn, and in cot.gratu
lat.ng the Jury on its worh JuaUca
Kapper aaui that whtie l.e knew they
were the result o? honest investiirati.-n,
they had boon found ?** Mut**gt**morod
nn.i uriexpliilr.eil testimony whi. h may
be answerod later."
He i sd fl?d ball. "** >-?"'? nml lhoBe
Indicted WOUid 1"* arraigncd before .lus- I
Hce Kelhy on the first Monday In Feb- (
ruary. .Tustico Kapper said ha would ,
,,.,i .-, -| ecial term of court on tha see- j
,,n*1 Monday in Aprll to try the cases.
The lndl'-tmenta were not presented
to th. court xintll |:M oVInck because
,.f an all-afternoon xxvai.gle over ln
cluding in tha [we-aontatlon ? raoolutlon
lauding William Sub.or and protesting
t his impenchment. and ais*. over
the ind-otment of the Dnnbar Contrgct
Ing <-ompany. At 1:30 o'clock the Jury
ppBrentl i .mpleted it-*- worh, and
?,rt xxas roadj i" r." elve lt, v.'hen
it waa learned thgl the lumhar c<>m
pany and on*- or two othera wera not
on the Hat. Aftar some hurried enn
ferences the ,1ury xx rnt into se^ion
The result was. tt ls flgld, that the
contrai llng company r as aoon Indlctad.
lt could t"'t be burned who lntro
ducad the Bulser roaolutlon, but jRmes
\\ Eaton, *.f Eaat talip, ihe toreman,
who was tlie Sub'.or candidate for As?
sembiy in the 2d Dis8rb*t last fail. was
? ted of lt. A.rding to "kaks"
the original resolutton xxas a fonnl
<;.,ii]o aftaJr of two pages. ir araa tam* d
down, hOWOVer, nrid sl.oxvn tr. Justi'-'C
Kappgr, who pronptly declined to no
cept any BUCh present ment.
All Partiea in Net.
lnchided in to-day's Indlctments, it
is said. are Tammany mon, Repub
licanfl and ButaflT men. Hubbard and
Bayliea ar** x-Iose friends of Charles F.
Ifurphy, and are loohad upon ae his
Uoutennnta in Suffolk county. Lyncn,
Huber, Bcanlon and Kinney, of tnol
Suffolk Conatructlon rompany, are]
; as th" Sulzer men. J
The presf ntmenl of the Jury. refer- ,
rlng t.. the conduct of Uie Tiighxvays
Department in 1911 and 1912, says "tha
officials of the State Highxx ays Depart
rri.i't were tneffktcnt and pormltte** a
condition to exist by whlch chcats nnd
frauds exlstcd. and that cotitraota were
givon out to those havlng poiitical ln
f.uence without regard to the integrity
of the lndlvldual and with no regard to
contract conditions which would safe
guatd the ".tate.
That as n resuli ihereof ihe peopie
; ,,f ti,.- stve bava loat many thouaanda
..f dollarg, and if bucIi tj*ondlttana are
permltted to i ontlnug :t xxiil h. a riues
tion of ..nix .-i flhoii tlma irhon tha
cost for the repairlng and rcbuildlng of
,i, roada <.f (ha siate wm amount to
f-uch a suni of nioney that the taxpaj- -
rr. wlll be unablo to ? arry ihe burden.
We rei'iimmfinl that a thorough ln
| vestigation bo conductod hy those who
hava state-wlde powers lu order that
thfl proper and necessary evldence <an
i... o'ltair.ed for suhmlsaion for criminal
That action imniediafeiy he taken
l \ tlie state government to prevent the
fiiriher payment ot estimatea of Btate
roada until the roads can be thor
oughly and efflciently Investlgated."
Attention is also called lo two other
roads. the construction of ixhi^h the
cming grand J iry is asked to lnxestl
Mr. Henness.x wss '-ibllant oxer the
ind'.ctments. and ln his challenge to
Mr. Osbonie to keep to the trail he had
set polnted OUl that f&IMIO.OOO could be
sa* ed the state |f he did 80
"The condltlona found ln Suffolk
County can be disrovered ln at P-a-f
fftv of tha Blaty-two aaimfdoa of the
Btata," ha aald **H**aring witneases in
John I*"** ; tot-e.-dinKs ma-.- Uiustrafe
the aov8_ral dagraaa of grpft. but xxon't
!.,,,] to 'ndi'trti* nt* and eonxi.t.ons
i ho way to go gftar tha guilty la t<.
gel tbe physlcal proof out of tiie r*>ads
BB<] >.\\i- i obtalnad bx- e\perts xxbose
teailrnony cannot be broken down
l und'-rtook thaoe Suffolk County
i.ises. as 1 *ltd aovaraJ flOOn .?> ba h-ard
fi-r.tii in anothar oounty, ber-auae. hav
in.; presmteil th* Hl 10 distrbt attomoyfl
i? for. rn aetl' ittaa > ara ? I 'ppe.i. i
|f.lt I xxas und'i -i moral obligatt-.n t..
go through with tbem ..nd give the
proooeuttng ..ffleers a-.ii aa*rtotanoa p.<?
"Uther road eaaea, puparcd L>> me
P*ld eildence. flndma* *nd ?reoBasmonda
?rioBia shall be poMIe raeorda as prondal
la i (cUaa * h*r*nf
Report* to CongreBt.
g* il That Ihe ""i eeeanal
. before Ihe Bral da of I ?- <?? "\
? ?.,,?. maka ? raport. whi? h enaii
BBalttad io ' ongreoa Thla rope
inall c.niain goch Information *"' <u"*
.,,, ;.. the . ommlaalon as 11
In ihe detarmlnaUoa nt*
BueaUons coanaated srtth the regu
, r logether arlth auch ri om
I tttona wtth refaranoe lo edd I
H ,1,.... .a-le- - BtO O- tha. a-Ol.l
., ma deem ni Bearj
Pec l' Thnl i ihe < r t?e
...... n .,,.' m lai ? ' ' aonl
clerk io *aoi, ... Ihe commlaal. ?
..,, ,? bj ? ti ? ms be employed
I. time t-? Uma all smpl< ree ot the
commiaaion ahall be ? part ??' ?'"? claaal
fleA Civil eervl-e. nnd shsll <*""
vice ider b * ". regulatloi
ptree-rlbod I Ihe comm
. ,,-,.ted BBd 1- I''* . IVI1 S.-rvi.e
Commlealoti Tha commtitoAtnt ahall elen
hf4Vfl the powrr io renl saimbla I
for the condud ef IU work, ,??? in_ th.rn-|
tor auch renl a- mai be rr-v'-i'-'i for by
.'?i ial lon.
... ,j Tha- nothlng eontatned la th *
ill ta ?5ons_r4_od io -orsvenl or li
tflrter, w,n, th* Attorney onerai ln en*
rorclng, acoctdlng ', tha *oj?onj
, .... tho___d bc of Julj :. tm end
,be amendmenta theroof, aa aforeaa I.
,?r l0 emond or modlfjr ettanrlae ? ,
prorlBlonS Of sald acl and the am*td- |
roenta theraof.
,f |h? MII becomes iBW, Joseph B. Da*
otoa ot Wlaeona-n, noa t_onunlsalon_i of
, orporatlona, wlll b* I" Una for chalrmaa
f,r ti- Interatate I-rads ^tnlaston.
?n fight oih?r .-ountl.s. v.hich warrant
tndlctmenta and convictkm, wlll no
doubt be carrlad through by Mr. Oo
-,?,., e I. Wlth my uBS.stants, MoBSIB.
C-urran, Morriaon ..tn Hiltoo, prapared
them. but n-^or had ?n opportunlty
,,, F.a them boforo tho county proaacut
lnKc.tii'v..s. All thla matarlal was sub
mltte.l 10 tiovcruor <.l>nn Bnvnml
months ago.
??In ckwlng my aaml-tdBclal connac
tloo ?ith tha work. let ma aay that
,? our invaaUgatlona wa hai e held up
payments on fraudulont contraeta or
bav, itopped contraeta InvolvinB alto
gethor aboul 1800.000, nearly ?very dol
inr 0f WhlCh UM atate Will BBV* 'Iho
Indictn-ents found, but yat lo be triad
la Rocklasid and Brla countlaa ns wall
ns some of those found lo-day. will
,.,.., tha paymanl Of many larc-nous
-if ih* work is proporly contlnuad
ajM Btate may eveutualljr recovcr **_,
000000 and also Insure good roads Inl
th* future hy convb-tlng the men now |
involved ln many other countleo.'"
The road* upon the construrtlon of j
whbh the indi.-.tments were found arej
three sectlons of the Jorlcho Turnplko]
tha Bmlthtown-FOfi Balonga road, the
Coram-Patchog-ua road, the Babj on
xiiiagn road, part of tim Amltyvllla
road and tha Ba. ihora-Babylon i i I
Tie Dunbar OoB-t-acting company I ad
tho oontrad for the latter. whi. h eon
Biated of iBBurfaclng only. All of tha
roada were turn. d over to the state in
1012, with UM exi-a-ption of the Fort
SHl'inga road. whk-h the atate reoeivi l
IU 1018 The spacMCBtlona called for
ItlOgOOO, and tho Investlgatlon main
tained tho Ktaf* laal 160.000 through a
ahortaga In matarlaL
Tho invcstiputr.rs. besldes Mr. Hen
?. includod Henry P. Morriaon,
f,.rm<:' chl.-f ensinpa-r of the Borough
of HlChmond; .loseph t'urran, former
BUperlntendcnt Of maintenance of tha
State Hlghwaya Department, and
Charlea If. HUton, formor road auper
Intend int of Roddand County. lUtiph
C. OroenO, arlth the asslstance of Peter
P. Smith. Bpodal Deputy Attorney Gen?
eral. Inveatlgated on his own account
and produrert tostlmony that helped tho
jnrora flmi tho Indlctmaota
Miners' Attempt to Rescue
"Mother" Jones Frustrated
by Colorado Troops.
Trinidad, ("ol . Jan. 23. Twenty or mur*
persons, Including ?lght women, ara un?
der arrest and five are sufferlng from ln
Jurles as the result of a eerious atreet
rlot whlch took place here thia afternoon,
4vhen tho mllltla. under Oaneral Cbaaa
hroke up a moh of etrlkers and stnke
Byrapathlsera which wa* attempling tu
mar.l, to San Itafa* 1 llospital to rescua
Mo-bor*' .Tono-a, who is h<?id under mill*
I tary arr*>st ttu-re. Stones, bottlea and
Ibrlcks were burlad al the mllltlamei
Ms.i..r 11. m Itandolph and several otiier
aoldlera weio Bsoaulted, and not until 'he
cavalryniea. nrtth drawn sworda : "'
Ichargod the r-...\4,i Beveral tima-s aras tha
' mub dlspersed.
j The rlot i ani* aftei a parade of ?*....*
)and cliiidren of strikiuK eoal mtnerS
I whlch haal heen planned by unlon lead
| ers. I*crmlsston to < arry ?? ?.11 tl.e plans
i had heen _ranted t.y Qeaoral ChBBB, wlth
j the understanding that no effort WOUld
, be made to march to the hospiial.
Only aae abnt was flred during the
I defnonstratlOfl I"-talls ef *ol.liers are
i pollclng th" street?, to-n!gnt. and all
' saloon* sre closed.
Schoolgirl Breaks Passage in
Water aa She Swims.
B-. T-.-'Braph tOThO-Mt B*
Poughkeepsie, N. T., Jan. 2_. -Klir.a
heth I'isher. fwel4e years old, daughter
<.f Mar. us Ki.-her, if T'pper Hopowel.
plunged into Flahkill I'rea-k to-day, ami
aftor a iltsperate struggl. rescued her
savan-yaar aid brothar, Mai. .aim. ?arho
had hroken thr.<ugh the ka and beea
drawn under it fur flfteen fe<?r.
Klizahelh and her brother wara Ofl
ihe aray ta achool and were . rossitig
the Kishkill on the i?-a when Ifalcolm
lr..kc through .t. WlthOUt any hesita
tiuti hi*. Btoter thrOW aslde her 1.....KS
and plun_od into the water after him,
braaklng tha Ica as sha saram. Aftar
gatalng a hold on h?r brother the little
girl battle.1 against tha fast nio\ ing
watera and > hunks af he until ahe
uafely lan.Ja-.l lmn c>n tho ?horo
______ a
Would Repeal 15th Amendment
Columbia H. ' -inn .*.' The Bouth
Carollaa GeBoral AaaeniBty ereal oo re.
..-?I to dB] ai favor.i.p tiie repa._.l ?f th,.
i ir t <*?>n 11"< A_no?M_aBeal lo tho tfntted Wates
' .HMitutlon. -aahia-h. ln *IT*4H, g\\?*. n
fc-i .es Uio rlght ta vote. I
/Vliddlcbur*? Peopie Want
Law to Curb Bouck
White's Fancies.
Allrjjcd Rcflcctlon nn Town Is
Rcsented Wrilcr Dcfcnds
His Work.
Tha reaidenta of Mlddtoburg, ?*'- T ? rt*
..,i* i < na rxaferrad ro aa Ma rnor ot paaa
i- aa belng "on thelr way into a
ni Btate." That'a the way they ap
oppr to Boucb White. Boclallet v rltar nnd
.,,,,. or of "The Mlatag." lha *'"1* "f
whleb la laid ln Mlddleburg.
Matthew W. Wood, nn attorney, of Nn.
rjl Broadway, who is a nattva of Middi.
i. rg, ss i. aiso tha author of the book.
)|;,M become so convlnced of tb. injusti?
Of the rl-nr?r-terir.?tlons of his home town
? ? na Bald yeeterday he baa tahaa up
tu. dofanofl of it.
ii,. haa a* nl a i ofl '? of the book to Dta
trli t Attorn*" Whitman, asUmg that It be
read wlth a rtan of dtaeo-rerlng whether
? Bouch White is t.ot gotlty of crim
Inal lllel. ln that he "holds up the town
of Mlddleburg and Its Inhabltants to pub?
lic hatred, o4mteinpt and rldlcole.''
I-., to yeatardaj Mr. whitman had not
had tlme to read the book.
I:..k Whlta says that liis only motlve
ln ra/rltlng u.e booh waa a desire to ro
generate Idlddlebarg.
In answering a letter of Mr. WOOd Mr.
White says:
"Vou raCCIiaa me of treating Mlddleburg
ns though she were the home of a race
of peaaanta, or of foik who nre raptdly
on thelr way to bocOTAa peasantN, ar.d I
<io not deny tb*- cbargo. . . ? Not only
Mlddleburg, bul tha hplh of the other
rurai dlatrlcta la this land of our* are on
them way into a paaaant state. Geaulne
frlendllneaa to tbem stands not in aml
ably dt-aruiatag the fact but la puMtah
ing it and settlng Into operation the
,,,, ea that shall mako hendxxay against
lt . ? ?
i.ook st Iflddlabnrg w?r him
are d< :oreatafl Tlia river fl eattag into
et. N'o parl . r.n .pn' for open air
rlng**, except the cemetery. N'o
community life. . . .
"Tliat new- Iron hridge -*'',od 'a' mercy!
if I bollOVOd there waj a thunder-wle'.dor
ln th8 oataotat V4 pray hlm qulck to
blaat that hldeoua thlng Into destructlon
of tii. t-ttermost. Only one thlr.g ugller T
kpo-.c. and tbat is the row of houses
b.ioklng out ox er tt:e rlver *UOt bOlOW
'.ce etid In fUU view.
?TH gixe a led apple to any "?ne suowing
. civti blotcn more offenelvfl anv
i wlthln th? rlvlllfled habltationa ot
,, en . The co.mtrx- dittrtcta, l ton
vou.' are dwlndllng dOWU to peasant
l. . ? ? .... ...
' Tl! not retract ... 7 11 go there
a-.d tell them lo thelr face tliat they are
p.aHant*. Tt's the truth, and 111 blab ti'.e
truth. i-lr, even though prlson bars BhOUld
be tie penalty therefor."
Cnntlnned from first page.
any time that Mr. 'Whitman wanted to
ca!! hlm to the *tand.
"The probahlllty ls that Mr. Murphy
will be called before the John TJoe in
Qiiirx-," said Mr. Whitman last evening.
"But wa must flrat complete the exam
Ination Of Mr. Sulzer."
Mr. Sulzer made no direct reply last
night to Murphv's charges that he was
n "Mar" and a "perjurer."
"Mr. Murphy must be hard preased
f..r tbe truth When he saya that the
[conference he had xxith me ln the
Shoreham liofl, ln Washington, xxas
\ March 6, when lt. xvas on March f>." he
j aaid. Ifr. Sulzer testifled on Wednes
day that the meeting was on the nlght
of March I.
"When lnformed that Mr. Murphy was
reported to have show ri eigns of aglta
tion when glvlng his reply to the news
papermen, Mr. Sulzer threw back hlfl
shoulders and paced tbe lobby of the
| Broadway Centrai Hotel, where ho
"Tho truth ls gradually comlng out,"
he said. Then be walked away.
It was learned last night that Mr.
Sulzer has told Diatrlct Attorney Whit?
man *.f another conference he held wlth
Mr. Murphy In the Ubrary of the Bxec
' utixe Criambar, In Albany. on ihe
morning of Marcli -7, in xvhich thg
Cat'fney multer xxas .liscussed for twu
j houra after midnight it ts said tliat
! Mr. Sulzer has promised District At
| tornoy Whlt>tJOan to furnish the details
! of the . onxcrsatlon betxveen hlm and
: Murphy practlcally v****batl**s,
When Hovernor Sulzer xxas asked last
1 nlght whether he had planted detecta
graphs la the Ubrary he refused to
lt arraa alao learned that Mr. Whit
I man haa got trrneh of evldence to ahow
that Mr. Stewart. tha contractor, was
<>n lntimate soclal tt-rms with James fc..
Haffney. It ls eaid that the two met
frequently in the rooms Of Mr.
Murpliy's sulte at Delmonlco'a.
Inuuiry at Mr. Stewart'a offloes. No.
BO Church atreet, yesterday afternoon
elldtad the Information that Mr. Stew?
art was somexvhere ln North .'arollna
on a "ahooting trip." When hla rep
resentaiiveB were naked for hla mall or
telegraphu: address they decllned to
f****f*Ja*h lt.
Dlstri'-t Attornrty Whitman aald yee?
terday that he lntonda to re<*ail Mr.
Stewtirt to the stand ln the John Doe
ltujuiry afier the supplementary evl
deme of Mr. Sulzer ls all In. H? re
Viii'med his intention <.f Calling John
ii. Delaney to teettfy on a woix.-r of
In fa* t, Mr. Whitman la willmg to
haxe Mr. Murphy and Mr. Delaney take
the stand if they will walve lmmunity.
He baa no Intentbui, however. ?>f ask
Ing daffney to testify.
Back to Ludlow Cabaret.
., flgor BhoJnlh, a triolintat, who |.i**\p'd
ln the cabaret ar the "AUm Club"
ibtrlnk' Ihe term "f Sheriff rfgrbi rger, a -is
-"?nt tn the Ludlow ?>f i .-**t )*UI .main yea
te.-rlax He was cnmmltted for fallur? to
r>iv alimony, bul w.is r.i>.??^,i urri.-r
bond, where-upon ho went to *'hlcaa*o. He I
aaa aurrendered by his bond-nuai?
Outs in Moving Picture War
Now In Again.
rn- ihe annual siacttow of ''?? Oeneral
nitn Company, ohlcfi waa beld rsoterdag,
i.pw foreos ore {,-it in i he **? rtf th-*
!sr_eat dlstrihuting BgOaCy of th*- r
pirtur?a bueinoes i" Ih* oountry Tho
eompany Is a Main* corporation, *o H was
neoenssrv to STid a law c!?rk to Porl
land, Ma, arhaaa he rote-fl lha atjptk pt
The result of tha> election ws
1 St the ofT1cp*j of the i;en*r*l PTHB
Company, No y*) ifftb avenue
r r Ka-nnavJv. a fornia>r eXO-Ottva *n*
| '? BlefM . I Krsr.lt r,. *>"-? ?
?rded Mi Kasiajad I * ?"
. ... B .,. ? ? i ajco Mr Kenaedy la alao
prealdanl ef tha Wagrapb Campany. Carl
H -.* iiaon ??? ts rotalned na ? r i * ',''n,?'
j a Ber-at sueassds Alfred B. ImHh a*
treaau ar, and lohn iradlb ??.?* eleetad
place of WlMaiB Pelser
Mr. H?-r-it ii tho Ama-ih ;m repreeonta*
,. rroroa and Mr Bradln the
. praatdom of tl.e Motlon Plcture
Patei ls Company. Tho **o_Bpanlea h
B_ 'n the General Vtirn Coi ? ? the
Edlson, tha? Kalani, the Mokrapha ' ie tt*
the Bollg, ?he Eauafn, the MeHea,
Pat ?? i - ea and the Kkea-Bcllpae i
Tre BlectlOB vesterdsv 1* B deveh.p
m? ? in th- warfara whle* haa been j
a_r.ir,tc on for some tlme for the control of
tha Oeneral F*iim Coaapany, whleh i* an '{
effehoot of the Motion Plcture Patonts
Compady. When Mr. Kennedy **'**.
., 4.i,.,i a!xtea.n months s.ko moal of *: S
employes of the company went with hlm,
ar.d with his rotuHB to po*-?r there may he
a slmllsr shske-up.
Action Begun Involving Sixty
Acres Conveyed to Hlm
by Hls Wife.
[_DS AAgOlaa Jan. lt.?-The ownership
of sixty acres of date land ln the Coa
chella vaiiey. m gouthofn CaMforaia,
d.-a..ied to PieaUeat tVUflaa hy his a f<
wa<4 eontosted to-day in a oomplkatoil
?arocee- Bg hefore the Keglster and Ro*
- nf the T'nltei States I>and Offlce
The Prealdent and Homer I* Ood
dard, a date planter, clalm the land, and
three entrlea were f.lo'l on i'
The cor.tfst was hrougb*. bg .Tr,,n T.
King, a rancher, who sold th* land to
Mrs. MarK.iret AXBBO Elliott. eisler of
Mrs WoodTOW Wilson and wife of EdwaM
Elliott, former dc.n of Princeton Chl*
versity, now a resident of Berkelov, Cal.
Mrs. Elliott sold the propertv t? Mrs.
Wllson, and the PlSBldsnt*- w'.fe ln turn
deeded it ta the PmaMaat
Kipg brought the cor.test, whlch hlnges
on the faulty pub'.lcatton _.f a noth-e o*
flling. baCBUSS as the sellor of the land he
iruaianteed tltle.
In hls pleading King allcgf.s that B ror..
splracy to COBUnlt fTBUd WBS OBITlod out
by Mrs. Maud Coaapton Henala cf i.os
Angeles, and her brother, John L. Comp
ton, a^.iitor of a little newspaper in th*
Coachella Yalle> ??no of his l hlof e_
hibits is a deed naming Tresident Wilson
as the owner of the lnnd. If King's con
test is soccasaful the Prealdsstt srlll ra*
maln owner. hut an adverae decision will
turn the land over to Homer T.. Goddard,
athletie diro.-tor of the tjon Angoles Hlg I
Bchool, who, ln Peptember. patd Mra
Ha-- bIb ti.'1'' cash and gave bar a note for
ISIO for her relinnulshm<*nt r.f claitn.
| Sulzer-Murphy Meeting Held
March 5, Tribune Files Show.
William Sulzer, under oath, on Wednes
day testlficd that hia conference with
Charles K. Murphy ln the rooms of Sen?
ator O'Gorman at the Shoreham Hotel, ln
Washlngton, was 00 the night of March
4. Charles I. Murj.hy sald yesterday he
did not see Senator O'Gorman from the
' tlme Mr. Sulzer waa nonilnate.l until the
. night of March 6.
Reference to the files of The T:!b.ire
shows that hoth men were mistakeri. The
li ..nference took pia-e on the night cf
March 6. The Tribune <if the next day
had a atory about the conference. which
descrlbed th. agitation of Governor Sui
zer as he reached the lobby after the
enference on hls way to catch the mld
night traln for New York. Othera pres
ent ln the apartment of Senator O'Gor?
man were Norman E. Mack, John lf. Mc
Cooey, the Klns* I'ouniv leader. and
Wllliam M. Pltapatrlek, who at tha tlme
was the Murphy leader ln Uuffalo.
The underatandlng was that the confer?
ence had been called to read the rlot act
to the Governor because In the aftemoo'i
he had tried to get President Wllson to
promlse to give out aii the New Tork
federal patronage through him (the Gov?
When Sulzer came down stsirs he wa*
la a state of excltement, but demed that
iinythtng of unportniice had taken place.
The other leaders dlal BOt cirffe down unt'.l
long after midnlnlit, hut Senator O'Gor
ii.an scnt ilown word that the vislt of the
leaders was purely "social."
Central Trust Company Acts
for Crosstown Bondholders.
The Central Trust Company, one of the
defendants in the deflciency Judgment ault
brought by .John W. Iiemer and other
hondho.der-i of the 28th and 2,tti Stre-'
Trosstown Rallroad I ompany agaiiw
tho New York Raliways 4'ompany and
twd "thers. Iti an answer t'.led yesterday
in the 1'iiitsd States Dlatrlct Court ad
mlts many of the allegatlon* of the com
| r-laint. and a.ks that the transfer aaf the
I i r..;.erty. franchlses and assets of the
Metiopo-ttaa Street Railway Company to '
the New York Rallwaya ("ompany he al
judged null and void aa againat '.t. an.l
BKsinst such of the bondholders of the'
CrooatOWB Railroad ("ompany a* shall
e'e.t to share the expen*es of the action.
Tn the answer the Central Trust C_BB*
pany further asks that the ftan. Iilsajs.
assets, etc., aaf the New York Railways
i ompany, fotmerly owneat by the Metro?
polltan stre-*t Railway Coaspanj ar ao?
guired purauanl to the plan a'.-.l Bgroa*
tnarit "f reorganizailon, he dea-l..red aula
1.-.I |e the Hen Of tha-a Judgment. JI.T.S.
.MIC, obr.aina>.| against the Metropolltan
Mreet Railway Company. and hav* pn
orliy over all other clalms aaainst the
New I ork Katltvaya Omipaiay, escept
meStgagpB plaOBd thereon tee a "aalid con
siderHtU.n at the tlme of tliae ie..r_.itu_a
tlon Of the Metropu'itan Street Rallw;a>
* 'ompan).
The Cantial Trust Cot.ip.4ii> ,4|
that ? ra-,-el\er he BPPOtotOd for tke |t..|.
erty, fraachlBas and aaaeta af the Nea
York RaHwaya companv and lhal itiov
ha aaM aader th* judgment -bt_li .
the bondholders' suit
Henry Caro-Delvi*
' ?** or
636 F.fth Ave., ,?V
/jrm.tr-y 20th lo frbniiyjfi
Chairman of P. 5, g^
Denies Any Discrimina
tion Against Brooklyn.
Commission Favors Timr^ntf?
Operatlon of Fourth A*/*>
nue Line Soon.
[ Kdward E. MCaii, chatrmu at m
e Comr laalen, inl r.
stoner 'Jeorge V. ? Winiai)***, ipa-j-j-j
h"fo:e tiie memb?n r* rj,
- ; n Tranelt ?"onf.r.r.'e at a ***_m
held In tt-.* Hot.l B^saert, Br^j-^ ^
l hatlcally der,t**d tnat th.re had baaaia.
crlmlnation agalr.st Brooklyn wlth M
to aubways.
A long llflt of dueatiooa hal bm* ag.
m'.tted to the commission, whleb war?i*
swered by Mr. McCalL Whlie a4*r-****j^
that elevated roada were nbioleta, hinx
tbe clty w.ifl cit In a financ'.aJ ?*^t*a*ii4
ifive aubwaya lnatead. Many of tha ta
ers were Intereated ln ti-.e irootmaA ag.
v.aya for tbe ea.'' i
Mr. M< 1 'all, in anawer to vjertteaa-____
that the Car.al street eubway, whtra*at_
connect wlth tbs Broadwaj- a****t*ai t
Brooklyn, preeented difficuitiaa trakt
from the fact that the ground waa Bg
ln, and that two aets of plana -r-m-**.
aary, h it btds w'll be askel fer ?a*g
P.egardlng the Meataglie aad CaVt
str-ers tunnele under tha Eaat Rrrar,a.
Mc4 all aald dlffkult englneerl-if -flfl.
lems had itood In tne way, eone
1 oaattaa Keef, but ha eipacted te i
tise ln February for bids ror lta I
..lm. Delay In tbla matter * aa caaaat iy
ihe neceeall * ? a heartaf r*r ??
the Rlver* and Harbora '.'ommlttaa of tj*
Houae of R preaantatlvee, He tait aa*
the coi.t the Flatbiaa BJBBBJ
Bnd Baatern Parkway -\t.nslona wiaa*.
1 end. nt or af thi ean
the Loi 8 ' Bflflf ttttkt
at Klatbush avenue.
Mi M 8*8*1 cea>
: and rr-adx- for adver4Jatflg ferth
Broadway- BtWflflB tOO afll
r.91h street,-. Manhattan, tal amn.
months' delsy mlght ruaue should tthfl*
1 ided to have on ex_ reaa atatlon ?Uhaat
gquare. He denled that anv dlicrflaa
tion had been sliown ngalr.at Brooldji -*
The dual contracta '.n Qirmt. Mr. *?
Vill sa d, had been d:x:.;?d Intofff*-*
- four of which had been M, *?.
the flfth, tb. stHnway t'l-n-l, la wai
adver-ii?ed for bldj I'* ?'?r.ied tha* at
, of the au ? Proax ta
been put under conatm Uon whlA taa
uol 1 ?? m ?'. wl ? ? conajleted.
It waa Impractical, be said. to ttttttt
Btatlona In Brooklyn N'.w-er. TMn
street ;*nd th- East Ri.cr. and tta *??
?". had dec.de] to placa on? ittCaft
In Montague atreet between CtaflagaM
Court Btreet* Btda for thia tvmnal v.i
soon be Bdvertlaed for. Tiie thlrd trad
* the elevated Ilnee In Brooklyaad
been delaj ed, oa to t retaatflglial
proo4*rty ownera to glve rr.eir wnrmiO
commlssloner Willlama aaM tnat*
Icommlaalon la ln favor of a t?m**eor
operation of the Fourth avenue, Brr<e*r*.
Kibway ns aoon aa pooalblfl
William H. Kelley Indicted *?1a.
Fay 0. Parsons for CoDecttf
Poiitical Contributioni.
; rortland. N. T. Jan. & ???-?J
I Kelley, of Syracuse, DemocratH ?**?
i Commltteeman. ai.d Fav C ?***\
I chairman of the Dertwcratfe r,m*V
ot Cortland < ounty. were Jolr.tly laanw
? by the grand ) ir> to-da*- for xloiniixflj**
service law I K politl*:*' **?
I trtbutions fr, m i M V^**
I Pari 'f! %M,tl,
focrtfl ' f*5ilfiir*
"i oanta from atate t pl K aa ^
Diatrlct Attorney Tobln rrcom****"
that ti"- next grand lX\\gax
Doe InveeUgaUon ir.to the ^n,trJJ
matat4flnanee and rej air and C. int
roada in Oertlar-.d < ounty.
Wllllam H. Kelley haa b^J?]J_r!
mentioned ln testimony at rietnct **
r.ey Whltman's John Von ****rTL
I state highwav graft. He "? TlVnmm)
! the man who wrote lett-re to
atate highwav eontractorfl tn ?? -
aaking them to meet Kventt P- %
the eo-cailed Tammany baflicaa.
gltflfljad to have exa-ted camiTaiia
butior.B from them. &&*****
Kelley'a name la cited ln tha "^gl
of Fowl?:- on the charge of <?^
money fr. m Scneca P. Hull. of C ^^
He ib alleged t.> n.ixa wrtttaa *??*
whlch brought Efall to aee Fowl*- ^
Cheater W. Uyere, b-x ?,,t,t*" pp
englneer and a clvil "-rvn'? emP***** ^
t'rted at a recent hearing that M fc.g
ein.-t d i ol tl< ..1 r*on.rl!.'it'.ona fi**w
and Hfl
New Rules May Be **g
To-day at Formal Organix^
*** * ",,4*^'f*
? la t" aa>'. t**maf
tarles wll; ? *'*,V fne
manent cominltl ' " . a*
able tbat the board wlll ?..?<> * , h***
tain rules tor tiie more expexbtie ^
llng of bUfllness. Maxor M"1' ' ,M/
much tlm. yeet* \a***
ganlaal waaaw
teee of the I ard are tha franc"?
.ran?i. eommltt . #***?
'' 'r *****
*tttrt *
Jamea Matl \am\aa*1***
the M " *Vtt0 ?
Uon. x.ill l.e.-oii <"\t\a*
i Wiii....,, M i>*reiic* ?
become chief clerk of tbe boei***

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