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admlniati atioi I
.-? . canal Zona Jan. H
Mi Perktna made hta wporl lo lha
M?. ,-. .,t Ihe latler'-. honie KO ' '**
,>. ,n lai ^ later the
? wa* mad- pabtlc, and
?.ment in rt ?
V ? ? hlm nt the i ma wara
,.,c. rir* Cotainla
atoner Adama - B art B Blnkerd,
rtarv Of tha *'itv < l?S=*>; William
j'oera Crowell, the Mayor's kgal ?<*
, ,fr M v ? H Weoda, hls prt
\ ate pp. ratary.
Tho Mayar said ha had aol tawe
pfajajlajajflt *>\ lB?n tha -pOSBlhllttj Ofj
._ the ratlramanl of C<
de ao al om i hoa
i : rasal statemen! foll<
?he freal lm*por
tftca ot solvlnc tha pollca probiem In
dtj the thoughl UP1 0 my
I v hen elected Mayor araa ti se
man for Pollca Commle
r. s a man of
unusual quallflcatloaa, and after eon
i numbar of irtunaa I i
ny mind, from all I could Jearn.
that Colonel Goethala waa tho man
for Ihe place. However, I did not .
kmw him r ' ? r:,lly i
feit that i wanted lo eee hlm, talk
xv ith hlm, nnd learn for myaelf of hta
? work on the lathmua.
ldeal Man for Place.
? j . Panama nnd aan*.- away
more imprcssed than rxer wtth 'ho
he was the ldeal man foi
I i dona s sn al ph
englneerlng work on thi rtl m b,
in my Judgment, the greateel pli
work hi* has done ha* been in eo-ordl
I L-roat force of men Into a har
mon ,;. enthualaatlc working
Blaatloa. The human probiem
n there wa* B vaal and difllcult
ona, Juat as it la ta tho Pollca Depart?
ment heri . Ha has h. sides proved him?
aelf a greal admlnlatrator.
?After prolonged negotlatlona ani
coming many objei tlona, and In th.
? .turally attractive oppor
tunltiea openlng to hlm in other dlrec
b, l bava baan ai-io to get Colonel
? ala t.i sas that ha wlll coma her.*
Police Commlaaloner if he can he
??ny and pTOVlded tha
.tp of the Commlaaloner, as they
Hs states
. and givrs hls ra-a
for dealrlng theae Increaaed powera
in a letter to rna- made puhlie with thla
(-lHtoi.ient. T'elievinp. aa T do. that the
Pollca Commissioner shouid have these
addltiona] powers, I shall Immedlately
aak tha- Laftalatura for the neceaaary
i hange in tha I
There la nothlng more Important to
this community than the proper man*
ment of the Pollca Department. lt
naturally takes its color, ns Inepira
tion, Ita IdeaJa from Ita head. and i be
thal If wa can oecure Colonel
I'oethals as thla _M ad he wlll be able
to infuse into tho department the name
alms and Id-eala, the same loyalty to
the 'ity and Iti Interests. that he has
.napircd in the men in Panama for the
? menl and Ita Intereata.
"The thouaands of sj.lendid men now
!'. partment, as well as
. are entitled to
the leaderahip that Colonel
atter of fact. those who have
?talked wlth Colonel Gtoethala slnce Mayor
Mitchel Bral lo him, N'ovemher
tne the head a.f the Pollca
lia4,.,-irtment ha\e known thnt he wOUl.
nevi r conaider it for a minute lf affaira
.,n tiie caaal *.\ e111 as h'* wished them tO.
Hta . dealra has been i<i ba at tba
head of the permanent organlaatlen of the
eajial for s'x months after Ita completlon
M as to drlll the foree ln the proper han
a.linc of the glgantlc plece of eupincerlng.
Restive Under Delay.
if ti a sttalnment of thal desir* shouid
la aaaured tO hlni he would remaln in
riiim. in Iho oiiiriion of t!io?f- who
know blm hest Mayr Mitchel took m
Panama on bla Irlp after alactloa with
,lea of askniK Mr Cncthals to hecotne
1'ollee Commissioner
When Mr. J'erklns talked t.. I
?h.als. .lanuary 14, the latter was
restive under the fallure of President Wil?
son to put Into effect the Adamson aet,
?i-ulllng for the permanent organl-atlon of
the cutial force.
a e that tlme mes.ages from Wash?
lngton have intlmated this was ahout to
he done and that Colonel Goethala would
be tnsale th* supreme head of the organl
zatlon. as he haa desired.
An interesting feature of the carnpaign
to lndtiee ? olonel C.oethals to take this
y.R.e waa learned yesterday. Th.? leadlng
... in lt ls Mra Itooaavalt, who left
Colonel Rooaevalt la Bouth A-naiica ami
came home hy way of Tanama ahout the
mlddle of Deoamher. Ph. visited Mra
whO told har that Mayor
Mitchel, when there shortly hefore
ThanKa-givu.g. had aaked ths oaloael if
he would eonslder an appoli.tm. nt as PO*
. oMimiesloiui. Mi*. Kooses.lt talked
IO her abOIlt the time Colonel RoOS-V-lt
., member of thr PeaaOa Board and
ggve hi r an idea of police aonditlons here.
At the renuiHt of Mr*. Ck.ethals. WhO,
it ls s_id. la aimious to gel away from
Panama and would uke t- Uva iu Naw
>,,k. Mr.<. Uoosevelt talk. ti tO Colonel
.;(.. thals. lt ls said Bhs ll ' '" t0
, greal ai'i-iee with tha opportualty for a
? aan to do big U*tafl here That
to a maa af <'oionei
r.oethiii s temparamant
Mra. tioetha'.a eaasa North wltl
|.oo*avelt on the Ualted I ,,an> s
hoat Santa Marla. When Mrs Re>0*?Yel1
mchil bere *he _ot Into louch wlth Mr.
Par-klaa Bha I mlghl ba a good
?i the
Ile told It lo
Mitchel, and ihe latter li.
Mr. Perktna t-. make a apedal trip t'?
Panama ta work on the Mtoaei.
Mr, J'erklns wenl dowa aa 11?<* Zs
jaa im.. v. nrii\.t;_ ?t ? 'alon a
? ),. had i. !"ng talk Wltb Ihe
aat afl
..ii i N- * "
u.a) morn
. :,. arriring e_n>
, ii onriag.
Paerktaa called tht Mayoi o
one gnd ia |...i t' -1 !??
,il)t a;,,. thals ?'
., n . ..ii.tnL.riH. The
I to keep 1 s atlaa
... i out
... bj prlnti ?! '.-i the al
I | ..... ? .
. ,1 tbat fn- I
.... . .1
I back
wouM * a aattafa
M hen Mi I'i i 14.114. WM r. ? ii B4
? i ,, i bi Iblag i" i.i . K'ti
t slaaal '.?.a',,a .- te take the pia. e wii.ii
.,, maa] ol . ottt then
vantageoua he.i been ma.ie to him
, olonel Goethalfl haa bi n rau* h ?'
Ihlnn hflve heen
. ,..m- I'.... x* i i.
? -,-,- I ... ?! |1 ? :. '??
,,r .-., .;,!,? ? \x ilaoi i: lard l-ee M< I
u ho i >d ' or of "The . 'om
tm.t.e.. w iiiihik .1. nntagfl i*r> ?" a ?
h.j.,1 ' ;,,i ihlni rn s He dlpp* ?!
,n,,, ? on "f the romniia
Barj depertment and begsn to advocate a
? i ,,c ihree memherfl "? i"
, i. n, ih?. canal.
i ?,, ,i- ??? in favor of n
Blnglfl head, an.l ?t hla aiiKgeatlon the
that OflTOCt xx n- rns* "1
.t h.* pui Into enTecl aal ?
? w iiM.n bad Im i' A ?<" exat l
: . rtr-.-i.ietit hH" delayed I
\ .ii- time Mr. M< i. fllffl aaa ha.l hla
.xorkiiig rm thfl three-headed
- r, Aecardlng i" reporta. ?'oio
nei Ooethala hafl been grttina more ami
more dHflfljtaated. He xxmite to s<-e the
.--ful operatlon, hut i
? x. ?nt tO remaln thera without a
manent organlaatlon much longai
rjoetha i " i]i Brooklyn
he u Bla x.hi*. Bhort af tha n
tlrement age. arhlch in th< army la alstj
two Aftrr hli grad latlofi frar8i 0 ? ll
Polnl Colonel Goethala waa aaatgaad lo
tiie englneer ro. | - ai U.'.'.-l? Potat. lie
.ii.i much rlver an.i harbor work before
he wss appoint*.I by Pi-ealdeal Roo
..s head nf ihe eaglneei ln eharg. af the
?iii.tion Of thfl Panama .'aiiai. Ha
: roved to ba a aaarvelloufl dladpllna.
bUl hna the icpu.aiion of heir.g falr.
(xncrnment Heads Discredit Re
port Hc Will Take
Police Post.
B ThB Trihune BurBau 1
Washington, Jan. "3 P.eports tliat
Colonel George W. Goethala, bullder of
the Panama Canal, has a.-tepted nn offer
to become Pollca Commlaetoner m New
rork were received wlth Inoredullty at
the War Departmenl to-day. At the
House, too, it was said nothing hai
heard to Indlcate that .'olonel
,,is , ontemplated such a st- p
Colonel .Vethals could not arcept BUCh
an *.,fer without permlsslon from Lindley
U i;,'irt is..:.. Becretary *>f Wnr, to retlre
from the an la he has nev.-r a^ke.l,
and those who know him beSl do not DO*
lieve he ever wlll. Th.- practlce of grant
an army offi. *r leave without pay
to accepl such a posl haa been dlacon*
ttnued, havlng heen found Illegal.
The rhief reason for discredlnng the re?
port, askie from the fact ihat * olonel
*ioethala has himself n.ver glven an in
timat.on Of SUCh iulentioti. is tliat his
work m Panama is not flnished.
fiici.de think iie WOUid i."t he willing to
leave his task on tl.e isthmus just as it
proacblng a triumphant flnlsh.
it_ :4 , -.;.:. ,i bar. ly posslble thal
Poloii'l Goethalfl has lold Mayor Mitchel
that, whlle hfl cannot now accept tlie
place, he might *lo so at some future tlme
But even this is dis.-ountcd by the fact
that if Colonel Goethala eares to leave
?my after flnlshlng the canal. he
could make far more nioney as an engi
ti-er than as Pollce iVnimlssloner.
irdlng to reporta here the Preatdeat
da to mak- ('..lonei Ooethala tivx
first Governor of tt"- Canal /.one after
the ranal is completed, for the purpos- ef
bulMlng up tha permanent ot-g^laatlon.
There la no questlon tlmt the ofhVer < an
have practlcally any "ftlce ln the glft of
the President.
The Becretary of the Intertor, when told
that Colonel Goethalfl might ac
cepl the New fork Pollce *'omml8Si.
ship. eapreaaed aunertse and eaid: "Why,
1 want hlm to bulld the new government
railway in Ala-^ka."
The Becretary of War pronounced the
report "incredible."
Major General Wood, ehief of ataff, said
this afternoon that he dul not belleve the
? ?
? Noi only have I heard nothing to ton
flrm it, but ull my Impreaatona are tli.?
Other way.1' he said. "Why BhOUld
.'olor.'l Goethala want tO ieaxe tlie gr.-a'
.-t engtneering achlevement in the world
lo clean up Naw ><>rk ('ity, even though
tlie POlioe i.onunlfision. ishlp of New York
is a post of great Impoi tance""
When i.? waa laal in Waaltfngton,
Colonel Goethala lold the Trlbune <orre
apondent tliat no.hlng would induce him
voluntarily to relingulsh contiol of tha
ranama I'anal untll he had drllled tha
foree whlch la permancntly to operale the
canal This plan was made In ease any
disaster or-rurred to the great enterprise.
Ev,-n though trouble was due to inc\
perlence on the part of the operating
force. it ni'ist aerrlouaiy rflfleet on thfl
repuiiitii.ua ,.f thfl englneers who ha.l
eonstructed the canal.
President's Brother Makes Busi?
ness Call on Governor.
i Bj Talflgraen t ? 'i ho Trlb irae. i
Ail anx. .'an. 23?Word spread through
tho ?-apital al noon to-day that Joaeph
T:. Wilson, ths Prealdent'a brother. was
in conferei *e with the Governor. Later
in the *Jay the Oovernor declared that
ihe Prealdent'a brother had mereiy ,-aiied
,,n buaiaeaa ind thal tha xisit ln no way
eavared of polltlca.
Mr. Wlleon wai Introduced to the Oov
bj Wllllam Temple l.mmett. Bu*
ntsndanl of Influianca, who rafuasd
nature ol Mr. Wilao'a'a
bualneaa call.
? i .,,i i,e aell ? eaked
MNo," replled Mr. Emmetl "He came
here on efflcial bualneaa connacted with
the Inaurance l3epartment Hut I feel
.] i..., to dlael. 8 thfl nature of
hli ? ualneafl
WiUon >.ell> bondfl foi 8 BflJUCfl.
. ng corapaa ahlch deals sat-?a-Blve*
I) in bonda requlrad by lha Btate i n
end itraeta HV returaed ta
I,,,;, after lea ?< iovei nor.
One Thousand Workers to Get
Part of Profits.
,. , . , . ,
w*-i, ter, Maaa., Ja
siik *.iiii*-. *'f Danbury, have grantad one
thouaand ? mploj ed ln iheli
riiiils i.-ase of H 84
end ?' |.i"p..itir.rint'- ahari ..f ui,
Tha dlstrlbutlon of profits will be raada
i.t th/ ? ksae of i i Da
. end ii ?.-. a ?. ii.or thi n b< ? n In
ti,, ,. emplo) n"i leaa than mx
montha wlll ihan
i mi , . rnptoyjag foi t> -fiva
I.I.IK. , U i . ??
Uon to the p ,..,'
Masculinc Talk Annoys
Uncmploycd as They
Discuss Woes.
Storiei Ol Siifferinj* and Pisap*
pointmonts Told at VV. T.
ll. L (iathcrinK
p?raoi 4 ? ?a argua ti'*' wetnaa h 1 '
tha strength to back up her vote, and so
?houldn ' hava tha rate, oughl to ha-re
I,..,, ?t ti,e meetlng ef unemployeu
I women ?t the Wemm't TraaV
,, se 4: Baal Bd .?' ? '? ??*??>?
lh,- neat and eM.edltlOUS ??'s '? ***'"' h
Hlnehejr, aulfraga sps iki r.
,.,1 ;( man wh?ase remaraa dldn 1
. hl r bj th' e.,nt and Carried hun
rlghl OUl Ot ihe meetlng Bltd ''own tlH
fronl sti pa to tha Btraal waa ou* ol the
baal argumenta for sea aqualitjr that any
body haa olf4 red for saaas Baa,
Ulaa iim.i.e. 1- ? labor organlaer and
member ot ths ___unaYaBa*aa' rni'm, aa
well ns h ?uffragiat, aad thal la arbj -ho
t tne meetlng.
: Ha< "t. tu.- man she ajeetadi 11a9
been oui ot amplojrmenl for taro raara
and fali lika talklng ab'1"! " ,,r ******
to talk nt nn aarly stag.. Immedlately
aftar Miss M.-.rv t'rier. Iiea.l Of the Wom
1 rade I nton Uagoe, made a brlef
BB4 e. h
?1 me( Mii Ps .line Newman a! the
Kand Bchool, and shs aaked me to .ome
becauaa she Uked me,*' iie asplalned.
Miaa Newman arooa ln her Beat, ahak
Ing wlth rage. "You are a Har," she kn
tortne.i Mr. Hecbt
There was mora convaraatioo, snd then
Mr Heehi began an attaek on ths ?tVom
en'a Trade I nkw League
"Cut him OUt!" erled the flienda of tho
league. "Wa call on the men here to put
hlm out "
The only men preaenl were reportere,
and they aroaa baatlly and aaid they were
ou afternoon papera and muat go to their
ofBees rlghl aa aj
Mr. Hecht talked oa The women kept
?hOUttng "Put hlm OUt," and the i1i.nr
Mi-4. Roae Axelrod, pounded bar
Tben up roae Miss Hlnchey, wbo 0
., Btrateglc poinl Immedlately behlnd
H, ? !,t. It \\..s beaUtlfUl tO S''e the
way she put hlm out Five or six women
who apparently aympathlsed wltb bha
harried her a good deal In the proeeao,
hut she k?*pt right .>n, aaylng all the tlme
111 B pained volce:
Oh, wurra, wurra; 1*11 bs ln tha papers
? ,,1 thi to-mor-rrow."
With Mr. Hechl gone tha* unemployed
women bad a chance to do some talk?
lng and put their caae.
Many pttlful Btoriea of unemployed were
told. Ona giii arooa, crytag, nnd said
Bha had baea put oal ol her room be?
cauaa ?he bad no money and uo work,
BAd she dldn't know what she was to do.
a dreasmaker sald ber daughter was dy
Ing Of tuher.ulosls. and she COUldO't get
work becanas Bverybody said she was too
"I." sald Mls? Axeliod, "ua* a .-ashier
Bla yeaia. and I am out of a Joh. I went
to answer an advartlaement yajaterdayi
and 1 Btayad BTOUnd there, and six hun
ilred girls canM tO answer the advertise
thal day. Many of them had boi -
rowed I rfare, and tbe man took
i;,??. ..f them. ne wouid t-n them aid
'Come agaln.'"
A ftail looklng young woman Com*
plalned that th? boaaea made one girl
.i.. thi work of two now. "i nsfai t.i hava
Bve machinea to manage, and then tha
L-uid I shouid take ten. 1 could h"t
do tt. so I had tO leave.''
a giri with an Bngliata aecent declared
that young women who dldn't need tO
work took johs away from thoae who
net ded them.
Many suggestlons were made, bm noth?
lng was dectded axeept that thera wlll bas
. ating of the unempl.1 al ' Jaoper
1 t.ioii on Monday mornlng, to hear Clar
.... Davrrow, nnd then nrraiiBn for a
parade to 1 lt) Hall
Those Accused of Suffolk Road
Graft Protest Innocence.
Tl,e eontractors and others indh-ted on
Thursday by the grand Jury in BuffOlk
County for Bllegsd Kraft in the bulldini*
of stHte ?roada had. for the Rieater part,
little to say yr.?-terday about their
trouhle. Tonr of the principal eontract?
ors llve *n gu-His County.
They ara Henry J. MaUen, of xo. ns
Hillalde avenue, Jamaica; i'harle9 B.
Twombley, of No, IU Llberty avenue.
Jamaica: tha latter** partnar, Joba H.
Kldert, w',10 hns a Bne hoaae at laefferta
. 1 Btewart avenuea Rlchmond li ill. and
Joeepn k, Boyce of BlmhurBL
Twoml I-" aad Elderl sniai thej ad
retataed Laeander B Paber, of Jamaica,
? 11 .ir rsnd 1
MaUen had ealy this te aay: "1 sm
olutely gulltleaa of air wroagdolng
ln conaact-oa wltb my road eonatructloa
ln Bunolk County, and at the proper
and p a- " 1 ? Hl ba abla to pro\e
1 bave nai seen a eopy of the 1n
dlctment, ao 1 do not Know just wh.it
la charaed, an.l therefora caanot go into
|M "
Muli '. 1 ? has h contract w ith the
Borough authorltlea to n-rerad*
Broadwaj ind !Sd atreet, two ol the
pi inelp il atreeta in ?? Hi haa
much worh for Ihe Queena Borough
admlniatrattnn, aa ha'.e also Twombley,
? 1 snd Boyi t
?T1 . f gave ra deal OUt there. '
???.?(] 1 -, . . off, ? , .j t,, Whl\ B Immu
Btvd to t.atlfy befora "that j-rand
....? the; ?? iuldn'1 Ie1 n 1 1 am
1:111.1. .-nt. snd I w III move tt eastl:
State Conference Recommends
Many New Measures.
Byra .-?? ?'? p Theas aaw t..x laws
: ? ,11 t .? j ? ? . LaSglslaturs as *.
? ths state ta\ ?sooferonoe, whiei,
aa-?s,on ln this clty
v - of ...".mi proparty at
Taxatlon >?! tangtbh peraoaal praperly
dtatrii 1 iu whleh it is io.*ted.
aaa >4,rm.nt ;,n,i aaMaasiaa
~ ui toa ns.
\:\ corporatio ata* t., 1,,. ?<*.
ad ia> tha Male Taa Caaaarfaaloa to*
?tead of bj loa sl assasjaora
i;.,,i, 1.-....1! claaa al corporatlona to
1, tasad anl] '"' Sl,n" Mmple and uni
f..rm rule
AdtUtional i'"' ? thi fcjtatt Tax
1 'ommla ?? >n to make snd lafoi 1 a 1 ilii ?>
f,. local 1 md t" order ra-ii-se*8
,, ? nt
?tata Taa Cowmlaaloa t-. '-ro-i.ir tha
(orm of aaaeaamenl oath.
Discussed wlth Him Re?
ported Nomination Buy
ing, Justice Says.
Brother of Defendant Admits
IssuinR Bad Check, but Says
Hc Hopcd to Make Good.
Juatlcfl Tawnaand Bo*?dder taatlBad rea
terdi.x in the trial of Wllllaiii Wlhett. Jr..
in Brooklyn, ihat tie rarnor thal Wllletl
had uaed raoney ta ?? I hlfl aomtnatlon to
the beiuii had reacbad blm wlthla two
daya after tha I*BjaB4*cratl? Judli lan ?
venti.-.i had met, fJwtohar *?. tfl*. Jttatlea
I ? ..., : B8| nH n eommlttinif magtfltraM
,:,. b land ' lt) on Novi mbor '.'. and
after a hearing beM WTlletl for tna
<in, na 1 iiiind Jury.
Justice Seudder xxas .alled 10 the stand
by the def. BOfl ''? afternoon to
teatlfj aa t" the chaiaeter of Mr. wniett.
He aaM tbal he bad kriown Mr. Wlllett
ror rlfte* n eara prlor to the fall ol lill
and thal he knew him tO I ave be.-n Of
gonri eharai b
im,i you ever talk "ith Mr. WUlett
Hi.'.ut th< ? hargs that he ha.l boughl hla
nominatlonr a ked Wstricl Attorney
1 !ropi ?
"Ves. two daya after he waa nominated
I r . .mi to aee rm al couti 1 Invlted
Mm to tal ? ? - al on the beni h arlth me
and oongratulated hlm Then 1 toid blm
of th. dlflagreeable rumora f had ta 1 ?'
that mon. y bad been uaed hi *-.>rnic.-ti...i
arlth s.' uring I is notnlnatlon and 1 iM
that 1 did n.'t s tppoae they were trua
" -The truth is nothlflg llke as had as
the talk.' he replled."
"This was only a day or tWO after 1*"
wafl nominated, and you bad etrandf
heard tbe rumore?" demanded Mr. Crop
"Yea; 1 was in a botbed of the rumora."
?Ul,. 11 did you talk wlth him Bgalg
ab.nit tho x'hurges?"
?1 i,ik.d with hlm agaln aboul the
.. on November 1, tlie nr-i day I ? al
ns .i committing magistratfl in his caaa
Hi came to me an.i aald that ha eranted
tlie i;,-arinr.-s tO he .'ondil.'ted puhlidy and
nol prixHieU' and thal he xvanted every
One t.. l.ear all. He vif-ited me agaln
while I was In chambers on November 5,
1... 1 1. and said :
" 'Judge, you scem to think I did this.
I did not gi ' a eeat for tny nomina?
tion. but 1 knew the peopie 1 wns deallng
wilh. J ki . w that no man COUld get thfl
nomination ln i.'ueei 1 County who did not
flhOW he had Ihe money. 1 .irr.v thfl
monev t,. flhOW I had ><? hut Intended tO
keep it and spend it on my campaign in
my ow n waj ?' "
Maiinua Wlllett, brother of the <i. f- nd*
art. and at the time of th., nomin.iting
convantion au ofllcer of the AutomoMh*
Bolidlng Company, a.Iin.tt-.l on the stand
yesterday afUrrMOn that the coneern was
..ilir.ir nn a -leflrit at ihe iat" of $!i,000 a
year ta the fafl Ol Ifll. lt v-as the ?to*.k
af thia . oneern that William Wlllett. Jr..
boughl from Loula T. Waiter, Jr.. for
15,.) |uai befora th? Jodldary -xmvea
tion. Hfl alao admltted that on f>4Jtober
?I, lill, he gave B Cltaei for the sum of
' to Jarxis III.-ks, manager *.r th.;
Corn i.Ti-hHnae Bank, nf Long laland
Clty, tO B*Bt*4r1 a i.'.te of his brother's for
that amount. Thfl checfc was drawn OB
tho National Hank of Par Rockaway.
arhere be had au account of $805 1*8.
"ii,,l you kllOW thai you did not have
|5,00l al the Kar Rackaway Rank at
that time" asked Mr. I'ropse-v
"Ves, I fii.i." returned the xvitnesa.
-I.id you tell Mr Hloka that the check
you gaxe lil 111 waa no BJOOdT*1
?'That would have l,een foolleh, a.s he
would n-.t lav.* taken II then. i hoped
te mak- tha 'hr. k g....d by the tlme tt was
pri ? ?? .1 for pajrmeni
Ha fatled ti do bo, and went to Frank
R. Mer-.-lll. af Vreeport. I?ng Isinn.l. th.*
original peyee, to make a, new loan for
his h'olher At this tttSM Wllllam WU?
lett, ir'?*? hank account amnuntcl to JS7 M,
though a ilay or two later he aasured
Surrogatc Hflrhert T. Ketcham, of Klngs
County, and Assistant rorporatlon Coun
?e) V K. CajUhaa that he had $10,000 in
his safe.
W illett, on the stand laat evening, ln
tclling of a meeting witfi Callahan, Mc
1'ooey and Ketcham, dcclared that Sur?
rogate Ketcham, when infonned of the
charges which were belng brought agalnet
Wlllett said: "Why. that'a nothing; I
drew r-ut IV.000 myaelf when I was nomi?
nated for Surrogate. '
McCoOey, who was ealled to the stand
Immedlately after this te-aimany, danlad
hax ing heard any sueh remark by
Ketcham. The Surrogate will be rex alled
to-day and asamined on this point. Wil
lett was 011 the atand for more than three
hOUrS. He denled thal he had paid for
his nomination, The aummiug up wlll be
lltnahed this morning and the caae wlll
probablj k" to the Jury by noon.
Head of "Trust" Awaits Oourt's
Ruling on "Monopoly."
"Mr. Atkins, asked James R. Knapp,
Unlted Statea rustri. t Attorney, yester?
day. in the suit of the government against
the Amcrhan Sugar Rellnlna, Compan.,
of the head of that corporation. "what d>
x.iij und* rstand to t.e a monopoly?"
"1 have been wai.ing for the Bupreme
Court of the l'nlted Statea to let rne,
know." teplled the xeteran aug.-u- miin.
"Aa 0808 aa I hear I will he glad to let
, ? r,u know."
; What <io you und-rstand to he a con
epira*x ?"
"Wh.n peopie COm bl llfl togell.er to ln
Jure rnothc-r or tiie government."
And what do jou consider to h- n
When txvo or more person, jom to
j-.th-t, whether for a lagal purpose or
i ..t
Thia ended the laeson in Btigitflh g.a.n
mar at xcjt.rda*. s sesslon of the case,
after Wtalch Mr. Atkins under the direc
tion of jaanea U Crawford, af .'.iiiT-ei fo
ths "Oinpaiix. went into de.ails aa to the
nianageinerit *>f the company and trade
practleaa Baiilflfl la tha Iai Ib reply to
Mr. Knapp hfl lold of ehanged <:ondlt|.>ns
vxhi.h made it nc-cssary far Ihe Aineri
? .*n Bugai Rednlna Company lo aaaadaa
? tain atatea to the beet augar mai,-1
it belng snahle ta meet their prices.
M.ni.lax iiiorniiiK- he xxiil n.rr.'t liis te.,ti
mony, if anj eerractleaa are found a*
aary. and he su*ceedc*l 011 the stand by
II . i Wiuiple. the xalca manager ani
|,ijn hasiiig ugent of the Warner B**flgar
Ketitimg Coenpaay, a^ a witm-ss for the
. ompun).
Grease Ablaze in Martha Waah
ington Kitchcn.
Tha Maaa aad amoka of a latge pol "f
gri iaa arhleli bolled over in the klt< hen
of tha Martha Waahtagto" ""t"1 last
nlghi created ? acara among tbe women
. of ths hotel. The Ure **?' *<<ln
gulahad before the nr*ival of 'be fir* en
Th, heavj imoka "f th" rm permeated
qutekly througb th- botal and lata Boma
ot tha roornt, and many ?'f 'be gueeta
rushed to tha alevatora Tha frightened
pot i .- v4.-e ,, ,-t ln 'h- lobby I'V the
'irrka and asBured thera wa| ao 'langer
I tatatati trmn flr*i oi,ge
- ? -rrom 12:80 until 8:30 ln the after
noon - -..ni Whltman laat night "We
talked aboul many things whi. h i can't
Idlacusa aow. i; la prahabla 'iiat tin
Benator wlll taatify la the John I n i
Inveatigation aoma time next week -
| perhapa tha latter part, bul not until
<s -Oovernor Bulaer ami jama-s ?'. Btew?
art hai?* i' alIfled agmin."
Btewari wlll taatify agam hef-.r.*.
llafflatrata McAdoo on Ifadnaaday.
When ho was on tha- st.-md a w-ek mo
. tarday ha told tbe entire story <>f
the attempl to hold hlm up far t:<"
|150,000 polltloal oontrlbutlon by a
man named Jamea E. Gaffnay. Ha waa
unable, howaver, '" Identtfy n,o man
as jamea ES. Qaffney, "f Tammany
Haii. nriend of charlea F. Murphy. Ho
wlll i" asktd aajain, next WadtmrnYhj,
whether, after Qaffney called at liis
offt". N". .".<? Church atraat i" "" ei i
ber. 1912, to al, mamI the $160,000 he
diai not vlall charlea P. Murphy.
ile v iii b. aaked whather he did nol
"read the rlot a-cf" to Murphy and teii
him thal lie "wo_!d nol atand t'.r that
kind of polltlca" thal if Murphy did
not call Ofl i.aft'ney gnd atop tryltig to
"blackjack" him lu- would t xposo him.
Btewari arlll also ba uski-d if Murphy
? liil not. try to "sidestep"' responsiblllty
f.,r sendlng Qaffney to his offlce. Ka
will h.* aaked t.? tell whether he told
Murphy that ha- knew Qaffney would
not have come to liim for the JirAOOO
If Murphy hadn't sa ut him
Bulaer testifled that Benator <|'<".or
man told him that Murphy called
Siewart a "tlghtwad" on this ooeaslon.
Stewart wlll he aaked to corroborat.
i.ast Thursday Cbarlaa F, Murphy
nuiala. a aareeplng denlal <?** Sulzer's
charge that Benator O'Qormaa bad been
to sea him. it-* aaid be bad aeen tha
Benator but onca slnca Sulzer mis elect
ed, and th.it araa In Waahlngton during
tt-'- Inauguratlon, in the Bhorebam Hotel,
,,n March I Benator O'Qormaa eald
reaterday that Mr. Murphjr waa rlghl
When he said ho iiad sc-eti him i_n only
thoae two oocaaioti i
Marphy said he knew Btewart but
hadn't aeen him in aeveral years. When
lf Btewart waa a "tlghtwad** Mr.
II in hy gianced ti tha newapapera ha
had heen refening to during hls Inter
\ law 8 u.i aa id
"Wall, acaordirs: to these. he's pretty
lohn lf. Delanev. named hy Sul/.er BS
the bearer ef Murphy'a meaaage. "if
you'll QUlt Well -quit." dellvered durlr.*
tle impeachment 11 i.i 1. came to town
from All any y.sterday mornlng *.Vha*n
seen yesterday he sald:
'Tve eonaulted with friends to-day and
learned that Mr. Sui/.er ls to appear
auain befora ihe graod lury. I prefer
t., wall until he has Bnlahed bla story
befora r say anythtag**-unleae, of i
Dlatrlct Attorney \Y hit man wants to
call ma before that tim-*. I'ra ready and
a-Ullng to tell all T knnw before the
J.,hn Doa lnvest:i.atlon or the grand jur\,
and 111 ivlllingly sign any walvcr of Im?
munity or anythlng eise."
'!he speeial grand jury aill resume in
veatlgatlon t.ext Thursday of an alleged
axactton of |OJM from E*atteraon at Co..
,,,? Pittaburgti, hy Jamea ES. Qaffney, as
| ?:??. io ba | .. iU f.ir AquetUu-t fontrac-t
No. -j:. known r.s the "Bull MU" lob
Aarording to 'he testimony of the Pat?
terson brothers and John M. Murphy be?
fora* the grand Jury. it is said that the
payment was not for "expert advlee" to
elear them of labor troubles, but was nn
''aaseaaaMOt" fur "the organlzatlon."
It Is said that a-.OrtO of the "assossment"
went to Gaffney, Sri.OOO to "another Tam?
many pohtielan." JlO.iXaO to a "Tammany
offlceholder" and J'.'O.nOO to one "big Tam?
many man."
Tiie money, lt is sald, was pald in "one
dollar bills" taken frorn the Duquesne Na
ti.mal Hank, of 1'lttsburgh, hy James W.
Patteraan, BT., a direetor and president "f
the coatractlng tirm, and carried by
Jamea Q. Corooran, a Pittaburgb con
trai tor and trust y messenger, under hls
plllow ln a Pullmun --'leeper to New Vork
on the nitr'nt of March 15, UOa.
Tt was handed to Jamea Q, Bhaw, ?>f the
Clinton Poinl Htone Compaay, at No. 115
I'roadway, the desiunated "stakeholder"
selei-ted by Uaffney, John M Murphy an.l
j w. Patteraon, ir.. and placed in the
Phaw strong b'.x in tha < arnegie Safe
l'eposit vaults on Maivli I'i.
ThS next aiay, it is sald, It went Into the
handa a>f James B, Qaffney, Murphy, -4,-ho
Is not relatial tO ChaifM ?*. Murphy, has
told the gnuul Jury of the arranxeimiit
with tJafTnev for the sale of tbe eontra-t.
'ihi- Fattereona wara thh highest bidjera
for "jV-t.-l-."-?. tl-.- n.-xt lowest blddera
wara Bnare & Tiieat <f Kew York, f.-r
J-.::.il7f'\ Th'' hiwest bld wa? hy t'.e
Drava lJoaMruetloa ('ompany, of FMtis
burgh, for $7,45,-ui.
The Hoard of Water Supply at t'ie time
eonsisted of John A. Bensel. preaent State
Kngln-er, ("harlea N. thadwiek and
Cbarlaa k> Shaw. Thomas llasset, novv
under IndlCtment for attempted Kiat.n
? :v. wnt aaeratary to the board. Com
mlaalonar Chadwick is stiil on the board.
Iler.'s hls axplaaatlon of the award:
? Tha- bM of the Drava ('oniiaillag i'om
paay, of Pittaburgb, waa s.> low a? to pra*
clude tne (ossibiiity of tbeir lanjlag out
ti>. -apeainet-tions. Thia wa.-- palatad out
to the ? ar.ti:-. t.i ? !.? the hi.iild. .inti they
reitiiiv conoeded it anai anhdraw
"Thal >ft Baara <v Trlsat the Se*
Tarh oompaay, the aeaead biddera. nnd
Pat'ateraoa a co., <>f Ptttaburgh, the hiRh
1 ?t Baara it- TllaM were then at*gj*_ajaa1
,1. .n.e prelimlnary bOflngB fOT the tun
aeJ at th-- dty Une They aere *o far be
l.ind on that Juh that the hounl illdn't
feel that it o-ughl to nndsrtaka to ut
them ha\e another Md, whleh was bigger
and mora Important, and, beaidea, Inaaatl*
gatloa ahowed that the Brm was laeklng
III experla licc.
"Tiiat left oaly Patteraon a Co., and
the < ontraet. was ditlv BWardod to tliem.
The board has no knOWledge >'f the al
legad traaaaetlana regardlng wbleb testi
111 my was given befors the grand Jury.''
AllDemandsToBcMet, He
States at Dinner Given
byJ.A. Sleicher.
hditors, Bankers and Public Men.
Invited to Meet Him. Heir of
Railroad's Needs.
The inie,,..,?, ef thfl r*isuiggen '!-' "f th"
Haven to comply as apaedlly aa pee
w-lth the law ns IntflTpreted by the
Department of festlee, the latlieaiisBJl af
th. oomnoay from pelltl* l **ad "f
80898 law that wlll prevent th'- tylng up
of r-dlroadfl and eefljaafljaflnl
enee Of the puhhc. hy BBflteCaaaary Strik'a
,?..'. -ity of hlgl
pa -senger ratea were* emph.
Howard Klliott. chRlrman of .he
Hav* p. ayst* aa, *' a dlnner glven m hla
. al the Hotel Bfttmore by John A.
Bdltor of ''LflsUa'a Weekly,"
I ,-.? e- enlng.
To rnoet Mr Blllotl Mi Mfl i her 'nd ex
? ? ma to I'.i'tv raprasantatlve
papar and i ? ish ?? aditarfl and pub
ra, hi.rikers, buslneas mon and pub
"ii.ials, iaeludlag John D Ko. kefel
ler, Jr.. Cyrufl H. K. < Itttl adel
pbla; Henrj ''? ?*-* k, District Att...
Chariefl B. Whitman. James ir. Hu^tis,
p*rank A Munsey, A, C. Bedferd,
i nderwood, Kdward K. IK '-.'. Wlll?
lam Loeb, lr . OttO H. Kahn. Ogden Mills
Reid. i: T. Bedfoed, Henry U stoddard.
W. H. Baardalay. Joseph H. Kiaary, C.
i". Daly, August Haefca* iier. Dr. Albart
Shaxv. 0<aarga P. Baker, Krvin Wardman.
P*. II. He.Iford. James J. Luby, Kd-.va.rd
.; Rlgga 0 V*arnon Itogera, Allaa Daw
aon, y. \. i;. Oa ia . George i Boldt,
R, A. C. Smith. charles II. Sabin. Loula
Ither, ' harles I?. Norton. Stephen
Parrally, Wiilla <;. Naah, J. Wrap C
land. Newman Krb. I-ouis Wiley, Quatat
Baumann, Henry L. Btltn-atm, C. w Bar.
i.rn, Rauban 1'. Sleicher, James B|- ?
the Rev. Dr. C. B. Btrayer, J. T. Marden
bergh, Loula Btern and Perey Rockefeiier.
The toaat to which Mr. Kl.iot' n
? i waa to "his health, his happiness and
? ontinued auccess."
Elliott on Railroads' Dutiea.
Mr. Klliott said, ln tart:
"More and more ls the eubtte aasum
ing the position that the rallroad and cer?
taln other forms of business have a quaal
publlc character. The publh: is also wak
ing up to the fad that if the owners and
; manager8 of tho^e nuasi-public aervice
: corporation.-: are , ..nsi.b-red r.uasi-publtc
aervanta and Juatly held to a rigid ac
tabnity for their every act, so must
the great army ol' employea bfl i ??' sldered
quaal-publlC servants and be beld t a
I rigid accountahUlty for their every a^t.
Bty in due time must tavsnt somo
! plan that will put beyond all reasonaMa
I doubl the abillty of the great public ser
lice corporations to do the work ihat
they are expected to do, and BOelety mttst
aay to labor, Just en lt has said to capi?
tal: 'You have certaln r-sponsibllities to
the peopie as a whole that you cannot
negtect, and, ln some lawful and orderly
manner, you must continue to flarvfl 80Ct
ety whlle any dlaggjaementfl or mlsunder
lings are being thrashed Otlt before
the har of publh- oplnlon.'
"You have recently aeen that. ln a de
?^ir.- tO meet the vlawfl of a part of the
public served by the company and t> fl
rtewa of the federal adml.iistratin.
outlined by the Attorney-General of tlie
I nitcl States, the N- w Havefl -ompany
has agTOSd to bring about a separatiou
Of some of iis propertlcs. Juat as rapidly
as is pra.tixablo, the detalls of this sep
aratlon wlll be worked out xvltli tho At?
torney General of the Unlted Btatos, who
destres to help in every reasonable wa;.,
as is flhown by tha fA*l4*wtng lB,aaraagfl
lncorporate.1 ln tii- brlcf memorandum
outllnlng the baais of settlenvnt arrlved
at in January:
"Tbe Iiopartment of Justice re.OKnlzes
tiie obUgaVtlOa incuinhent up>..i dlr?'C40rs
to eonserve, as far as cireumstunees per
mit, the value of stockholders' property
and protect those sto<-kholders from the
conseo,uences of past BCta; and ?o far as
lt pmperly may will endeavor to aid The
du-ectors ln discharging tliose obligatl rs.
The New York, New Haven & Hartford
Rallroad Company assents to the ahoxe
plan In the Interest of a peaceful solutlon
of the ao-called 'New Knglan.l rallroad
situation'; it dosa not deslrc this aetloa
to be construed as an assent to or dlssent
from the prlnclples of law Involved or tiie
commctvial wlsdom of the proposed plan.
What "Aila" the New Haven.
"The question is sometinies ssk.-d, 'What
ls the matter with the New Haven road"
and I will try to ansxxor it Bfl pai t. The
Kan H.ixt.'!i la suffering from certain
catlflSfl tliat affect all railroads? i:;,. .
Ing Wggflg, higher costs-, demands for
more luxurlous facilitics, compllcatlon-.
with and demands from govcrnmental
bodiea, both state and national, that take
tha time and attention of offlcera and men
away from thelr real constructlve and
? tive work, and at tlie 888)88 time
having to lixe wlth statlonary or fgfHng
rates and higher charges for capital."
Higher paaaanaat and fielght ratea w, i*
touched upon by Mr. Klliott win n he de
clared that the terminal cost per j,its>. n
ger landed ln Ncxv York is ;'3'? centa. The
ii (itt prlce pald ls 2J cents, a prlce he call. *i
too low for the servlce produced. An m
? reas>' of two centa a passenger?an
ainount . ..nsidr rc*l serious by fexv to p.y
for reading matter on eadi rldc?would
nieui I2,*ir"),0i>) to the New Haven, whlle
an Increase of 10 cents a ton on frelght.
for the average haul of 9*1.43 nilhvs, would
meaii ns much more, or alightly more
than enough lo proxide the lo.irOO.OOO a
year that wages have been lncre-ased In
the la.st ten years.
Mr, Dllatt laid emphasis on the t'act
that th? KeW Haven system Is now out
ot' polttlCfl
"Wo have *aid t*> our offlc :is and em?
ployea all along the llne," he aaid. " 'We
xx ant x ou to attend istrictly to rallroad
bu*lness and not t<? try to lnfluenea poli
tl. ?-, ele.-t or det'eat nu*n to offlce. but
t,. ....... nt 'he refiuesla of the railroads
to leglslatlve bodiea of ?x?ry klnd ln an
open and frank manner ' We are en
tltled to this. and It Is our duty to do
it. and we :..<? er.titled to r.-.elxr falr
nnd frank treataaent fraas members of
leglalatlva and admlnlatratlve bodiea.
We Imxe said to our ofllct I an*i aflflr
ployea v\e wanl raa la devaaa paar
BBSBtal and phxslcal eneigy lo the aatsnt
??t \our abllity to working foi these
aomaaalea saelaalvaly and t.? ahayltaB
thr* Lawa of th? land and the ii.hs an.l
ragulatlona wnrked out by ekperleaca
thst make for safety und eflkU-ncy." M t
In Aid of the Artist l_n_ t^.
the hr.nch B.neva.l.nt |*jj?
ftper.nlhj Srlr. ',A rinUen*
for th i EakAottm\
67.. lifth Avenue (at 53d St)
Entrance Feet:
Fmm /jr.'u 24th to 30th, tt*,, t.*
From /_?.'?? JM toFeb. tith.SOeh.
Governors Desire to Su(.
ceed Himself Delays
Office Filling.
Dudley Field Maloae. for Prtn.
dcnt, Tells Him Not to
Favor Machine Openly.
-X 18 te rtH T ifc-_? l
Albany, Jan. 2.1? Oovtrnor Qlyas'i av
1 himself a? Btate ntr.
ti\? ls responslhle for hl* delay a p*
senting his appoln.menti to tho ootm.
tor conflrmatlon.
These appoin'- , ?*?**?.
Bge amomtlng to 0,100,081, hav* r.cta
heen a worry to Mr. Qlyan, but tt taa
Wilson administration. The latttr. f*_
ing that the Oovarnor may piay too taa
ly into the hands of Tainmtnjr Hill, ar
Dudley FlaM ktaloaa, Collselaraf a_af-l
of N'a?w Tork. to ? l?'t Mr. Olynn h *l?
last few days, accordlag to report
At this seeret vl*it to the Gov.r_a*. _*.
Malone informed him, it Ib uald, that lf h?
appointed men of the Tammany-trlpa u
offlce h" would brlng cl's-rraca os titU
minlstration. The CoUaetSS ll 4ez*m
to have protestsd aRalt ft the apotntieat
of Dr. Thomas Darl!ri_ton to t_t Cat
pensation Coou Dr. Daflaajtw
he tohl the Oajraraor, waa a* ieyal ti
a? ?as hli tattar
Oovernor Glynn. who waa crtatal ?'
Patriek McCa*pe, tle Tamm_ny baa c'
Albany, wi o nomlnatad hlm for Caajaa
sn.t then nominateal hlm for I.te*aaar'
? nor, kiiows tnat he cannot bt**
ed to suceeed himself wituoul th* m
i support of the Ta'umany at___M
rfonn tlmer
ln Alban: to bri_|8_at
this result the Gorernor ii piirha *
l whlch ha hopei wlll suins !?
wlth the lodepeadenta a* an antl-iaaeiai
man and at tle ?ma utne prort tt t*
maehllM that he ll "still a lo>_l ofpaW
tlon DeniO' rat
T.nnmany Hall, throafh lAtntmr
nor Weg ? . '.. < t ,..i Mr. Qtru
that he n. ' tht orpuuu
tlon. Mr P ' Uttmtat
emor. accordlng to the lama aaal
iie must H;ipo;nt Jeretniah T Mal>**?y'
tha Pabllo bt ? i Bnuolaaiaa tttieti
1 .B-tict in it-Cceed <'.-?.nilaiioner E"***
whose term vull expira on Vebrmn ?
Waaner'a i.<w partva
s... ? la sald. told t*
:...!? !n no ' ,,r'r:*
Benate would refuae t.> conlnB any ota
iiii|-..'ntma>nt to ilii rl?c* t"Jt ??** '
M-yiir Mitchel an.l the iji.vernor bH ?
aonferenee dnrl-4* -Mr '?l>nnB rv*M*****
to New Vork. Tha Mayor told th* ?>
ernor that his cholca B&_ tha city 8S*
latratlon'a cholca for Publle Ser-iwCw
rnlssioner was Raymond D. Faa***
latt.-r rnlled thla affrroon on III *
,-rnor st Mr. Olynn'8 invltattoo ani*'
eloaeted with him for aome tlrrw. *9
he dlacuaaed hia ** '*?*'
Btwar Mr. P'oadkk left for B-ffaM *r*
his father lives.
Another thorn ln Oc -ernor Glynn'iss*
( .'.. _?Brnand af William r\**tr
Hearst. who wants hia ? o.ii*.*!. CwVTr
.i Bhaara. appointed to th* cb*ta**t
-tiiaio*" ?
lat P'stii t to BUi '"i t'tiw-M K.
Call, in eai ???" ** arp0,lrt__
the aacaacy in the Court of Ari****
WIIU II aiiT- iii a*. mm maawmmmaa - - -
day for the flist tima aha vcntui*-*
the buslnesa Botlon vaith lt 'n **\
Square nt .North Broadarai ???
Hoylan, a trafllc j-oll'-*nian. ota*^
the runabout wouida't ?n*w*fc-4
whecl. and Mrs. Bernard a^ouldnt?
bacaaaa the wheel took all her 9**
tion. ^_^
The car headed straight for rm^
man Hoylan and bowlad him ovrf^
fore ha knew what all i"nl- ' ( .
his dlcnlty were badly upajj tm
hammt vent rolUna t..v%ard TarO'
whi," Mrs. Bernard was re?*,,n'Tfc0
tn.l of the nia.-bine Boylaa pK"1**" ,.
sail up, Joint bv Jolnt. d*J?,w
,-iothes. racapturad hia fufitivs ^
placa an.l arrested rl.-* -*^tB
charge of reekless dnving ^
P. R. R. Stockholdera -fjj
\ numbar of bond md otae* ^
of tha Pennaylvanla ??""**,
terday at the Hotel Touram^ ? ^
,'ltnton street. Brooklyn. to """,*,*
t_ctlaoa_-oclatlon." Tbe eM?^?
the araanloillon. ** ****&?'
?_atlr_f laat nlf ht. la to P*mjJ .,
tar?at. Commerce *"??-?
m? an advanca ln '?1"^/,*,*?*?
temporary oraaalaatloa ?? ?
onth Dr. TSaa-M W?- -J5J
Willlnm NN ?"?"?' *n* r,rr U
Battt were thoaaa a. temporarr
nary _n<i tiaaaarar

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