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:\>U)i1iu* ilribunr
si m>\v JAKI ?4RY -v HII
... . aani ?i Tba n - - >**???
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.--.?*. ua Mail
. beal rr leavora I i Inaura tha
nta contaln
r clalma
\ Big Man and the Police Commis
vVhetl . ? '?
or or nol ? ! ' <******* ,rt "r"r!t
. piace to hlm and learnlng
ilch ho would accepl it. Colonel
la a greal admlnlstrator, and he baa
ted unerrlngly to the weakneaa ln the preaenl
,;?. ir the clty cannol obtain a big Police
. oner ll aill be because it will nol five him
work expected of him. if the law
banged ao thal the Police Comn
Ued It fl" be changed in
aeenre anch a man a< Colonel Goethala.
The canal diggera condition ihat the authority
re ...ml flre" pollcemen he given hlm will count
?rd Intfuendng the Legialature to alter
the exli - law than all tho reporta of all tho ln
thal ever Inveatigated and
. ? . ,.,- Bti wer mon ln i ot Com
ial( ,- \ . -at admlnlstrator has spoken, und
s aaid thal it la tnpoaalble*to master tho Pollee
Departmenl a law 8i*ing exceaaive pro
tion to pollcemen iti tho tenure ?f theli
changed. it la aquarely tip to the Legialature anrl
up ti i cMJ whether or nol ihe
.. *, ndltlon of a "ayatem" ruled pollcelato
- tbla clty muat hare auch a
man as Colonel Goethala al tha* head of its Police
Departmenl if the force ** to be reorganiged and
I effldent. An.l to have BUCh a man it must
offer him a real opportunlty.
?il ho no eaay thing t?> gel through iho i.e_': =
lature laws which wiii meet the conditions that
.?.,*.. rhe police organizationa
Intimidating or otherwiae in
g glslaturea. They control manj votea and
? ial large funds. The only law
,iiat bai recently enacted for ihe dlaciplina of
waa thal aecured bj General Blngham
mmlaaioner to reduce an Inapector
? h of .-aptai'i
An opportunity for paaaing a laa leaaenlng the
aan'a hold upon hia Job la afforded In the
i eed of reotganiilni ihe bankrupt poihe pena on
The property right to n plaee on the force
can be taken away by jrivintr a surrender raltM to
aa ofl r m upon the penalon fund. Thea a
aan upoi may reeeive monej equal
to that aurrender value. With the law thua arneud
,,i colonel Goethala would have as big an oppor
tj in Sew York as he onee harl in Panama.
Ihe New Corporation Counsel.
ia greatly atrengtbened his adminla
tratlon bj the appolntment of Mr. Frank L. Polk
i Corporation Counael, Laal apring when 'r.
j'oik flfln*4 reported to be Preaidenl Wilaon'a Bral
, hci.*o for Collector of the Porl of New york Til"
Tribune praiaed the aelection as one conaptcuoualy
in the public Intereet. II now congratulatea Mayor
Mitchel on aecuring ror one of tbe moal Importanl
. t_v poata a man wboae reeord ahowa thal he la
thoroughly in aympatby wltb tbe programme "r
efflclency, boneaty and high kleala In ihe public
Mr- r.-ik Ifl one "f the crra>iip of Democrata of the
younj b whicb baa never bowed the
knee to irokerism or Murpbyiam. Of Southern
deacenl iho grandaon of Preaidenl Jamea K. Polk
he has preaerved the bonorable tradltion; a.r
Democracy at its best anrl has kepl clear a.f ihe
id eornipti^n which have ruled here
under ihe emblem of Democratlc regularity. Mr.
PoJk in bla political experience has put Integrlty
-?I progreaa above panlsanship and has thus helped
- ally to recall other Democrata of education
ttaracter from aervile aaaodatlona wltb Tam
That aervice aia-ne deoerved recognltion. M?.re
over, Mr. Polk is more than equal to all tho reapoo
albilltiea of the Corporation Couneel'a offlce, even
though they be Increaaed by Mr. Mitcbel'a plana lo
| \e tbll place n larger inipoiian.-e than it has
inder other kfayora, 'ihe clty is fortu
nate when it ran obtain th" aervlcea of plcked men
- rank L r..ik.
! cdcral Dischargc of Federal Duties.
Mr. 'Ctiff reminds us that one of the o!.ie*-* prob
lems. of our national government i*. still UOaettied
nnd troublesome. I/u*n before the nation was es.ah
i ad on a eonatitutlonal i*a*-is Kuropean powera
fo reproaeh n? for the la.-k of authority ou
art of the central government lo fulfll the
funetJons which logically pertalned to It 'lhal flaw
Iti the COafederattofl nas rot remedied by tin* I o?l
OU, ami f..r the i-entiiry anal g quarter BlUCC
Congreaa has failed ... mend mattera with legialation.
I'a.reigti countrlea eannot deal with our Btatea, i ut
arltb the federal government. They rlghtly
look i" it alone for redreaa of grierancea <>f ihehr
ir i- responeiMe to them,
--..rally hut legally. under Its treatlea
I charged nith mcb reaponaibillty, it obvlouoly
ahould b.* iii\e*>ti*ai with commeoaorate autborlty.
\..r is lt raapooelble to forelgn nations a one. Our
h'.id it accountable for tbeir anfety. if in
a-.i foreign power abould land troopa here fan
-. it w..uid t.e Invading nol merely New york
.>!? QaHfornia, i.ut tbe i niia*.i Btatea, ami tho i niie.i
fovernment would I .1 to defend Kea
Vork or Cal fornla even though the >taia* in qnae
in.n imd provoked the attack bj Ita dlaragard ..f
foreign treiit.*. rlghta.
rhere cai i.e no Bucceeeful challenge of tbe logic
?.??ti the justia-a* i.f apedncallj endowing tha- federal
g.ivenimi-nt arltb powei to dfadMrge all of whal are
oaBflnwdly Eederal dutiea and oMtgatlooa. Ko plea
of atate rlght.. i*?a avall, for a atate ahoold n-'i bave
righta disproportlovjte to its dutle* or Ita powera
Statea ma__e no treauee and are not called upon lo
then and are nol held ac.intable for thai.
vlolatlon, rhe natlon Ifl obllgated lo do all theae
?,i .hould have thr power tbal it need foi
meetins n- ubligatlona
lo Spcll or Nol lo Spcll.
ii- greal B.klyn apelllng bee, devlaed bj ou?
nelghbor acroaa tbe bridge, ' I be Eagl?V ??*mi te
bave been a! once a glorioua and ? beartrendln!
miwess, mu one gtrla and forty three boya of tbe
public and psrochlitl acl.la atood np on tbe Acad
emj of Mualc atage and apelled for dear llfe until
toallyone amall thlrteen-year-old hoj alone aurvlved
the tal.* and bc pronoti.i Ibe cbamplon of
u!l l...ng Island
Ba,,, uttle worda like leglble, Inellglble, bydrange*
atylograpblc, baraaa and Impassable conatltuted tht
??{ round of worda flred al the children s<n<
Bunked. N>al came dlalDualonlaed, dealccnte and
nucb, wlth len more rlctlma After thal tbe worda
gren ateadllj flercer an.i the alaughter waa lerrlflc
Idloeyircrasj pui oui nine, phloi aeven, Iriphthong
rour. Bchlsm fOund the whole Une In a panic.
y. 7.1111. >-a-i-in. se\a-ism. v.-K),.. and hcIsRUIU, ll nfll
bill flnallj a boj aaved tbe day.
ln Ho* end Ihree children, iwo boya and one girl,
. . .-tt. All failed ou lacbrymoae. And il wai m.i
worae a woid than prodigioua, I.Inie Bampson'a
favorite, tbal pinned tha* gold medal on Master \m
broae'Blaney, Inatead of Mtaa Gluxela Greenberg or
Maater Bugi ne O'Rellly.
.\s it bappeoed, it m ia i parochlal achool chlld
iron. so tbe defendera of our public * hooli
have thrual upon them th;* new item iii an old in
dlctment. rhe whole teachlng of apelllng, Including
Ihe reaurrected apelllng bee, may ba a alaughter "f
tbe Inno enti Bul II is nol a patcb on the alaughter
? ? Bngllah ton_rue wblch our public achool grad*
uates effect, t\*y bj day. year after year.
\ Society Note for Gtngdom.
??popej Benny" Feln departed yeaterdaj for a
Bve-year aojonrn al Bing Bing. Hia abaence wlll be
Diourned by thal aocial -et whicb organlzea maaked
balla al Tammany Hall and caaually aboota a few
Innocenl byatandera In tbe courae of the evenlng'a
entertalnment Tbe amaller and, perbaps, more ellte
,1,,. borae polaonera of Ihe Kast Side, wlll mlaa
his leaderahip. The real r.f tbe public, tbankful
thal ar last so;ne JiiiIl-o haa heen Cuiii'l tO give tbe
rogue the iimi! ot the law Inatead of a reprimand
or Buapended aentence, wlll wlah hlm nothlng worae
than hard labor for hls full term.
This is tbe proper treatment f"i' the gangmen
The "Popey Bennlea probably won'l be mucb Un
proved by their stay in prison. for they are generall>
beyond the period of reformatlon. Bul al leaal while
they are in jall the public la aafe flrom ihem. The
heavj club of the poUceman must be aupplemented
l.y the aeverlty of (he judge conslstently if tiie crimi?
nal ganga are to ho reduced to tbeir proper place
The Growing Scquel to Zabern.
Veeterday'a eztraordinary proeeedinga hi Berlin
rindlcated the obaervationa of tim "Frankfurter
Zeltung" on the Straaaburg verdicta on tbe Zatxra
Incldent. lf they are nol corrected by higher
court.!. it aaid, "they will have ? farreachlng effect
upon our whole political llfe." The writer nf that
predlction COUld have oxpoa-tod no effe.-f more far
reachlng or more momentoua than thal the Relch*
stag ahould formally cballenge the army'a Inde
pendence of ihe civil law.
Tbal waa what the itoiohstag did yeatarday, or
what it wll! he doing if it completea tho procedure
whicb was then hegun, a? it is ipiile llkely to do.
At present the army aaaumea ihat il L_j BUbJect to
only tho Imperial wilL Por the Relchatag to declare
it BUbject to the dvll law wiii be not men-ly to
-hallenge the army. It will be to cballenge tbe
Imperial prerogative. A bill to that effect may
pass the Relchatag. Whal wlll happen to it when
it reacbefl the Bmperor is an intorostinc question.
At any rate. 1he empire now soeins f.. be fa.e to
face wltb ihe queation of tbe relative rank of the
mllitary and the r-ivii authorltiea In time of peace.
That it r-an be Bnawered, ln the pre?ent temper Of
tbe German people an.l their parliament. ln favor
..f Ih.* BUperiority Of the former Is noi to he be
iieve.1. if auch an anawer wera- given, II would aa
tbe "Vorwaerta" said of the straaaburg rerdlcta,
scnri hundreda of thouaanda of fresb recrulta Into
the ranka cf the Bodal Democra ?
A Contident Intimation of Home Rule.
Bonar Law maj rageand ISdward Caraon Imagine
a vain ihin_r. hut Home Rule for Ireland non M'pm>
to be aaaured. That i1* nol because Jobn Redmond
aaya vo and Mesara Aaqultfa and Lloyd George aaj
??ditto." a more confldent authority than thoy baa
spoken. In 1om*s that the world, and partleularly
tbe yankee part of u, can nnderatand.
Yor tbe trusteea r.f tiie irish Home Rule i und
wlll make no appeal to America this year Thal la
n.at because of connlderation for our Income tai
burden, nor because of the ?i7.o of the balance on
hand. For all the tTUSteea care, America may be
rolllng In wealtb, and fa.r all we know tbeir ireas
ury may i>a- empty So, imt it is because Home
Rule is certnin lo be euacted in the near future,
aud tberefore no more alnewa of "ar iviii be
We abould bealtate to eatimate bow many mill
iains this country has contributed b< thal fund;
generally ungrudgingly, aometimea enthualaatlcaily,
We have n'> doubt that it would ke.-p a.n giving, if
it were necessary, Tbat tbe trusteea deem II no
longer necessary is tlu* mosl practical Intimation ot
the Imminence of Home Rule thal we bave aeen.
Thal they are ready to aeeepl Home Rule al oal "r
ihe atoppage of that golden How ls an ImpregnaWe
demonatration of the good falth of tbeli cause
Too Much "Dixic."
I tie tuati from Maine who wsa ejected from I re*
taursnl fa.r blsalng when ihe hami played "Dlxie*'
may n<>i bo prectseij a her... bul he baa tlu* courage I
a>f his convictloos. Departlng nastily for Aroostook
County, wbera they don'l folloa the Broadway baud
wagon loo closely, he remarked as in* eaughl tbe
train :
"Aaybody would think .lefr Davla waa Mayor of
New V-.rk and it was .me of the BUburbs a.f iharlcs
ton, s. c. Tbey play 'Dtxie' In everj restaurant
bere. vVhj don'l tbey aii go down there if thoy
like it s,, wflIV"
Perbapa Lombroao could explaln why astimable
former cltiaena of Dubuojue, lowa, or Bkaneateles,
v 1 . faa-i ini|?ciii*ii to give a shnii rerslon >>f x
"rebel yell'1 wben a reatauranl orchestra of membera
born 00 Kast Broadway. New Va.rk, a.r iu Napl.--.
Italy, playa a ragtlroe plece endlng arlth "Dlxle."
"John Brown'a Bod) ' doaan'l atlr anj patrlots, .m.'-i
fra.m Kanaaa "Silver Tbreada Among 111?>* Gold"
appeal! onlj lo tbe lacbrymoae. "Tbo Mucb Mu*
lard may atirt ? turkey trot The Btar Bpangled
Banner" or "Aaaerii a arlll brlng a faa abamefai????i.
rather relactanl oaea i>. their Beat, yel "i>i\i.*" wlll
produce a dea_un?lialion, frequeully to ihe suiprtaa
MURPHY?What do you 'spose hc'a going lo say
. 7
of some loyel Southerner, xxho doeatft lee a cr*-,v
*loai of the aame klnd of article south of Mnaon
nnd DIzon'a line. Retarned t-raveUen aay thal i.?
ArgentJng the tango la chleflj conaplcuoua by Ita
atoence. Miivho ihe aame general prlndple accounta
for thp prevaleace ef "DlaJe" In New _ork and
poinls tveet
Anothei cup of coffee for Mr Hl 'aee!
Man in N'ew Jersey refuaefl * leggCJ beeause h*
wo;;ld not he able to apend II all untll ha was ninety.
I man would lika to rel legaciea which would
last them until that age.
r.n* of the Waahington wllla haa been returned,
b it it Ifl nol likely tO be offered for proi
O'Gorman Wlll Llnk Murphy and Graft." Head
j >nr.| i .'German have to?
Howard Elliott, chairman of the N'ew Haven Rall- |
road, was telllng s*.m*x frienda thnt he v. ..s no pai
"Well," remarked on<* <>f hi^ hearera, "for a non
parliamentanan it aeema to me >'OU did a fine job
rinning the meeting of your atockholdera at New
Haven The condltlona were rlghl for ? llvely
llghl '
Have tl i ou n lah, ' replled II e food nal irrd
railroader, "but theie li renii onl) om rula i know
of for handUng a meeting of men. "i
Ka\e it to me. many yeara a-". it is: 'Let them
?mokfl and see that thej gel thelr meala regularly.'"
That. bj tha way, la whal Mr. Blllotl did at th*
meeting In <|i;estiun.
Mi Helter Tommie, don't you think
* nough chocolateel
TDmmle Mo, mother. Theie ar>* two left Llfe.
\ famous Bngliah I'simn,
Who travela fast and far,
Proelafana a righteoui ban <>n
i >ur Bacred aleeplng i ar.
lf rneant fof flloep etepnal.
Those berthfl might corpaoi hold,
But their torment lnfernnl
To li * ins nien is aold!
Bardinea at* pa k**d as tighti.
Hut they hava loai thelr heada,
And headless men mlghl riRhtly
i "11 rt up in Pullman beda
No big feet far aatended
\\ ? ui knock about tha eara;
No snor*s xvith WhflOBCfl blended,
No oaths. th* '
*i Woman. xxiil you stand it
When OUCa > OU get th* VOte?
Here'a hopins: you may land it,
And g"t th* Pullman goat!
W. \ H.
"Do you belleve lhal the arorld likea to be hum
. g. d?"
vv, i every fortune teller I can call to mind la
' tl Houaton Post.
Berlin has a "tbeatre novelty" m ihe form of a
perfumed progranaeae, of whlch ? ''petron of the
sta^e of many yeara' atand iya ln one of the
papera of thal clty: '.naamuch aa xx* must pay for
th* ptayMU we mlghl be Bpared tha perfuma it
minglea with th--- other theatra odora, it .link,* to
...u and bi neeU lango, and la llable to ...use
trouble in boueeholda where women allon h ?
to g.> to the theatre alone. Ho matter h..w ?.? re
b | ? must be andured. An we liulehted te Amer
i a f-.r thlfl novelty?"
nii arrecked th-- door of ?* New rork I I
nent. Prohahl) ti"- irork of eoma anarchlatlc
cuatomei unable to control his anger after replytng
in t1"- negatlva lo Iins croca examlnfltlon:
'?.Massagi. "'
'.-|],,M| 00 ."'
? Mustachfl < url-*fl""
Hat"" binse'.'"
? i 'andr uff CUN '
' Mann ure'."'
"Shlne?" fltc, etc?buffalo l-Jxprcss.
Public Uebate.
An Obierver Writea of the Rebel a? He
Seea Him.
To the Kditor of The Trlbune
Sir: Puzzle over lt as I do. I cannot
ma'***. out xrhy lt ts that n?wspaper
edltora and indlvlduals xvho have pro
feaaed horritied disapprovai of General
Huert-t should aecept a? a matter of fact
the villanles of Villa and root for his
?UCCesfl. It'a beyond my comprehenslon
entlrely. i havi* received a l?tter from <*
frlrnd of tnlne who Itvefl tn Bl 1'aso. In
Juarea he has seen Villa, and this ls how
he descrfbed hlm:
''Imagine a croaa between a halfbreed
bad man and a rattler and you've gotl
thlfl fellow Vllla. The flnake in him has
si\en hin* a dlaboltcal cunnlng. He'* out
for loot and nothing alaa. He has mad*
? lot of money by aelllng thouaanda or
hfl?d of cattlfl whi.-h he has stolen frora
the blg ranchea of Chlhuahua and shipped
? ? border. lb* g< ta hla foiiowera
by clofllng down th* mines and forclng
oui of worll Then there ls nothttlg
left for them to do but jotn hlm for all
is iu it Hfl'a kllled and ordered
hundreda of men, robbed and de
fld everythlng he can lay his hands
On Ther* i.-n't B woman tflffl wher*'.er
ba gi ; l dfliflfld devll and don t
Irl ai ybody tell you anything else "
Thia la a pretty barab plcture of any
man, but * hav* gr. *t falth in my
gi aat, and \ llla'a record of
ci Ime knoii l*dK*, am n* a
ii: xnk GUARD.
,\. m lfork, Jan. B, 1*11
How Feeding the Shiftlen Depopulatea
the r'arma.
To th-> Bdltor Of The Tribune
Sn Your news colutnns this morning
eontaln aevfl-ral Itetna of extreme Intereat
to thfl farmeifl In the vi.-inlty of New
Y"ik. Vou glve BCCOttnflB ?'f hundreds of
men belng fed and boii4BBd by charltably
dlspoaed peraona an,] Bmortattona that
cater to the wanta of th* unemployed.
Doea n ever oceur to aoeaa of theaa well
Intentloned peopie tbal the dolea they
band out are the hait that is contlnualiy
lurlng help away from the farmlng .s*',
tiona In a radlua of one hundred miles ot
Neu Yoik CltyT l am poaltlVfl that no
| B fgCtOr <>l New York life ls as
much to biame for th* InabtHty of farm*
te obtaln and hold steady help as ts
this Indlacrlmlnatfl feeding and boualng
th* Bhlftlflflfl and IndolOOt gaUlgfl that tn
fasl N*w York In th* winter months
Mayor Mitchel has struck the rlght
Rrhen iie advocatea a re*_ulrement of
aome aervlce In return for help advaneed,
Bnd if that condition could be made gen
,-r.-,i i am perfectly Mtlefted that ten
thouaand men would Bnd ateady flmploy
ment winter and lumnw In th* aiea
mentlonfld, beeause lf the hait did not
n tha clty and tbey bad t,. work In
either caflfl they WOUid Btay where a
m my belong- ln th* country.
Now a xvord ln explanation of that as
? 'i. I n-ier present conditions 75 per
of the farma In that radlua (opar
gtad for pioriti ara BOl run at anything
flpproachlng their maximum capactty f(,r
the simpl* rwaaon t!-at the farnier haa to
his ralCUteUoofl as tfl anlmala he
keeps and the eropa he plants ln a large
meaaura <?n thfl mlnlmum aupply of help
it. Othflr words. a farmer who BOW
milkfl, Bfly, tlfteen *u.v.s would be willlnK
ai.d able io bandl* forty but for th* fael
th.it flmflrgflne) bfllp, I *? members of his
famlly or Immfldlatfl aetghbera who win
ln fOf a few mornlngf*. ts limited.
aad h* ' tnnel tak* fl chance of belng- left
pfliifldlealli without belp to milk hh*i
M a liarn hlll of aiiimuls. That also
kppiiaa ta ? ireat inaaaure to the ptanntiigl
oi tr. pa growa
Hoa mueb this Bfffletfl tha aupplj ef
gnd high ooet af *-? m..*.*? f?*>dstuffs i aiu
IflflVfl to othera to d'*ten*nlne.
In ron.'lUHion I am aatlafled that werfll
aome of the charltabl* agenclns to da
vota more tima to procuring work ar.d
following it up, New Vork Clty ?
loaa a great deal of Its fas-_inatlon for
the majorlty of its Hoetlng populatlon at
the pr.sent time. JAMBfl II REID
[! iccleuch Farm. Granite Bprlnga, S t ?
Jan. 3, 1514.
Of Such I* Said To Be the Bryan Brand
of Statesmanahip.
To rhe Kdito:* of Th? T';bune
Sir: Ahout a month ?ko there apr
ln Ihe Tribune a letter algned "B U
F.rinkerhoff" that dwelt with eonaideral le
emphaals on the atrange incapaciiy as
publlelata Bnd statesmen whi
public men nowadajra In thla co ?
main point maue araa tiiat no one in the
legisiatures nr ln tba congressaa Btanda
forth as a master mind, especia 1} ln
tlacai affairs. but all alike tal
lamentably fai! -to know what Is con
atructively the best thlng to .lo.
in to-day'a Tribune thera are
itema whi.h not only corroborate thta,
but which appear to 140 it hetter. 1 'ne |g
Waahington, savins it is probabie
Sott Tork wUI nol get a reserva hank,
ard glvtng M apparently a (SctOr >>f UV
fluence ln this welrd propoaal an oplnion
aaaed b) the late 1 1'
A-. it that astraordinarll) arbltrarj l
Cier was. ln hls time, ihe IW -
authority Itnagtnabte and beyond all
othera boi ?
\leo rrom P/aahlngton II ted that
the Becrecarj of st.-ue has noi replled to
a diplomatic n->te from tha Japane - gov?
ernment aiated moi" than Bva tnonthl -
1*4 If lo make the JapaneM moot
. . -"on deflantly ?i ? -?
d< Bt has not been Informed by bla Bocr*
tary of Btate ahout treaty auggeationa
mad* tO Japan.
The sublime Idio. y of. if possinte. hreak
mft* ui> New York'* huse banklng Intereata
to they shall at least brcome pra.-ticallv
located aleewhera ts. of eourse, prei
teruus; but it Is consurnmate pra.-ttcabil
Ity Itself rprovlded the great bankers say
yes to il) as compared with th it insiif
fcrable gin_.erbread and grapejulce Bl
manshlp <"> which atapMly aeta Itself to
hold the Japaneaa nation ..n redh.>t
rhooka, ar.d meanwhlla k^p our
Chlef Magietrata in btiad ignoeanca ef
treaty piopoaala whloh not tie alone bat
Which the whote .ountry sh..uld be ap
prlaad er fraakly, rlghl eUaight along.
and aro iM he *?*<?? thia Becretary of stai*
a atataamanlike, true petriot, inatead of
mere!v a master politirtan.
New Yc-rk, Jan. X. l?lt.
Wai It Murphy, O'Gorman or Some
body Else?
To the EdltOr of The Tribune
Sir la \lew of recent evetlts WBS
M irphy, "iihrman. Ilttie, l?e|anev or tho
gloomj Sulzer that really "spiilod th*.
beans" for Tammany.'
a carefui atudy <*r the ofnviai eaavaaa
of the vote tn Manhattan shows tbat at
least lo per cent of the enrollcd Demo
. ratlc vote was east for intl-Tamm.inv
Kvtd.*nt!y a great many self-respectm?
Deniocrats had a prennanltion that tt
tlme f"r Murphy and his graftlns nan< t->
nio\i' on. NOW lt looks as if th.- Vtgllant
\N hltman was going to hasten the exodu..
Nea York. Jan. p% HII
The Housekeepers' Truat.
To the Bditor ol Th.* Trtbuae.
Sir I na.te that one of tbe new truat
bl Us wou'd make IHagBl an nRreenient t>>
pn real poaBpetlHea m ihe ^arehaatag
of ma rehamtlse, produea or any aost*
modity." Would this make it lllegiil for
,\ew .ier.se> houeokeepera who bu) tbeir
egga at Washlngton Market to agree aot
to buy egga until the price (alls helow .1
cerlain flgure? li ti. g,
Naw York, Jan. S?. llll
Some Press View3 Not Alt*
gether Complimcntary to 1_?e
From Tiie Huffa . Neat
Cloeer deflnition of the anti-tral n
? desirable, .. ? c-iir
ed to inti pret the la? in ir*.
. . ? art* *?*/?
g - ?
llghl ol ? ? -. ??
put th" deflnitiona Into ih" statut*.
? From The New |
' 'I, tllK W ? ?
in man) dlrectloi 8 to - ? i mr* ut> '
, il ;i tet*
ful 11 there ? ? ' '*? **??**
tlona untll thiri*"
f.-,i*ra: In nveaten,
., : ?
,- ? nat fr.iudu'- -*" '*u*t'' ,
-RAW PRI l'i.MV rWaaaJj
From rhe St I laaaa
Thcs* i iis \.f - il-" ,'ii"re than BWl
ly thei oi- thi ran ,r - * <>f coaaaa
. tht rt****
or thfl api '*? .i**?n. kaaa*
, 4 Ihr. raa**'
ihe fed*
I* t\*t*
FKI'KltX .
| ? , ? ' .I"'*
;,!))? a- 1 *'r:al tea-eaaaaiaBj
, arrl* *'-' * ***
ti.at the mo . extr* ? ' "Mtir** ?*
eralists would hardl) *?' dra-w***
tom' Thia from a ?' !?? ""? *
h'loo.i and **ruW*\
vain ,-fTo-t t" ' L'nw*" **
ili.ll Mav- I '*?? " "v
,:.,r).rv, ? tn.ght *r
?Ui'll.n SF.l: - - [MPAtf *?**
The Intei "'' ?" "^
the admlnlstration ,?? - - ?*?* *** t
ful If lta aenricfl can ? limited t*B*"j
helptag l _p
mak,- | rellml. ary " h*m**l
minor dlfflcultlej ? *l 'r** lM -
All this is desirable. H K lf ** *t
further and dehe into '"?* d'v^
pr.vat* t"i- ?? rmrZ]l
to do under th* p I ^\aP*
lt woui.1 serlousl' l__l a'
liberty of Whlch we ? i**"*
Prom Th? \\ani l ng ^ a*
The centrai Idea ul tlna n'w \__,ir
anii-truKt Iflgtfllatlon flVOW**b **
investment of the Sh <*"?<.' '*" '^am
rlgora which th* ^"^jtkea**
bj llftlng th.it , '" of l 20*
ih-ss IntO the light .1 ???-?"': M\tita+*
atrengthfln thr handa >" the t**' t
In gtvtng fon ' ( ;o lt)V <<*?
stralnta on ftnaiue and '0,l,,n ,Mv*.
I of th. n?**> ? ' ? " \gaat0
i al anti-trust law itself. *???*'? C*V|(-K
for th.-ir ke>not.'. one would 'ut>lV\-aa
? loglc and - ",*'**"r'u^,^
tha ^overn-.i'-nt io ********
!? ) UDlfoi?::
NO \x HIF AM' IPI R" '*
Krom The New York Evening *"*** ^
Wlaa as their authora ["*>,
work c.iiinot bfl "-08t_8da*?d l* ?
the beglnning Thaa* t-'"** U"-* rf ,
full i.ii.oplied from tii* '"?w ^.i
Jove-llhe framer. Th*) ?;;?"? Jl
tentattv* plana '?' ??** ,ul'" >,
aearched wlth lt?ht*d ****"JA
keenest mlnda laa lb* ?ua.*-"* _|
,? ,-,,,,^,.4, aad agread *******
form whlch BBjflaM r**!?on *??
Judgment dleU**

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