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Lord Burnham
. . -t.bor :?
rthfllay, hut vou
*? ? hues
f one
w ,th
' *
? alert,
? ms with S
? fln.l
? s | H<
glvea you
BO man
? : aith
? d
la thia
wo m8?ter
i ?
f the i
g from t
? the moal
.:: nated
, i d-.ne tlur
Di and the
r ental
? ? .d. and oi |
? nals.
- ? I n the j
? been put
f..r all thai in
.... ? r-making.
. -. ? en. i here la
The Pn
? - ? ?
eaa", a
? - f the
? mporal are in
| t the
rtXpoti * .-???? e :f not
I IBB-Worahip" *?&?? first
? ?
.... . ?
Ptat?r ;
?' afluer
w.;? hia
ng up al
>Wd h work. H.
? nien ?that
'Bene ae.-r.-! a.f i > ? ? has
H ? n his
*i his
. ?
hot ?n ? devolfl ing
? .
? ? the
ri hiB
into a difll
*?) aend
M a n
- ? inoat
?*? u??t Mi l.. .>, th.- lrt-ner,
? ,,\ a mill
il and
T"1 tw . .j haa
bad* . la- li
Ar. !_??<.. ot
^J iba ? ... at
of them
? ..an, ia
? ul.
^axetut ihe- u*..
? ?? nn PhiUipa
4 the
4*a\ |
.- mn. Mr.
*, Thr niost effect Ive becaui
Of belng a weak imiiatlon of ih*
?minant Blncfl the
Crim* R'a b an altog
< r.t note lo xx hi, h the r>
:.- gnd B
Then in ih* '.- - l BB. tl Btoi
ailtloa' "f Tl i taMj Mall."
t pre-emlnently i r*
...... rd Nortl Ife
ihe fines!
? .i *ourage and
- - ln the recorda ol m :.
feat mnr remstk ? the
- than the celebi
<*.fi rmini Tl ? Ne*
Yors I ? l/er night. Lord Burn
' ham ?: a glance the meaning
Mi made _p hla mind
4. Id m< dei. fl Ith iis
? ading ar!
j all 'three decl
? 4 ' found penn; Jo 11*1 B
hc did mor* be Hlter'
ow n
, a ned, he renea i i Ita
? xitaln>."
Manj oi well em |
ten ihat pernv J. umalisn - -
form in ' The l>a. l> ? grapb
-. | h r- I itlon . nd "as rack*
1 oned a hazard- - e_f*4 im* nl aa I
, penn*. j-urnaMsm xvas. mx h lal*'
- ? ..
BBl to-da; The Times' de<=,) lb.
I truly in a lead ana . f th< *"? a
great newspapers of the world.' lt ia
as v el! as the hreadt.i
i and courage of Lord H-.rnham's gi
There -
an Importanl ^r aaaentlal ft
aaodcrn tournaltem ln IU moal m
forrj whlch ma*. not ba fouad ln
i pagee. And there is not an im?
portant or eseential feature ?>f the
? whlch he has sacrifhed.
The . Id and the new are both tl
they dwell together in harnr r.v
. -,ik* oecefloary to the complet.
|. ni -?? waai ; irn"
Mmi of Ufe t" lead a aarron
imaelf to Journallam H
broad I i ? ""**'?
- Hi lik
? 7-ti<>n? and hia amhll
I - - . Th* BOClal side a ?
blm He was a man abou:
ra triendfl gathi - - ? n hy hlfl
? m and to many others
he was a kind of adviset-general. 1
. r.-nnag* in London ha?
eonau ta often
gixen his free wiae counsel. ln tha'
Bna) eompare him and Emerson.
the oracle of concord in
- well as aplrltual matter*
Qult. 8 came. as lf by mutual
atira^ti'T.. Into l Rl 8 Ith thi
prince *.f Wales. and the
? whs Vs ire*ju*-nt guest. Hl
l ner in the days when he
naecation l de
nounced tne own.ng of land as criminal,
ld landlords up to contempt as
- . whate\er that ma- mean.
? ? . <-...??? ?; Buekingham*
- Hull Barn; In the
afleld country. '
far from Burke s place. The Greg
he poeneeoea -c< me 4 MM 1
with good ."?hoounc. and here h*
often to entertali itteat *he
prince ? f \x alee and often alao a:
had beconoe Kinp. wh*. had a marked
liking and regard for hlm itself in Itfl
. itimonlal alnce the Prlace
1 shrewd .'UdRe
B ier.
lt was at Huli Barn?a homeh |
, flne house an<l pla. e -thal thlfl
- pr*s*nted; lunch and
be*. followlng Been on hla
, itiful
o ' tOt *
!uur- gentk n.a.;. as indeed he Ifl
avaa Fieet Btreel b4 hlnd hlm
mu. h at home in c ? ? la aa
hfl paxements or amid tbe rom of
printlng mad ?
H* ow*?. I think. his rank and tltlea
.- dis. riminating good will Bl
? he I l then ?'f tl " Kin_. '!
:? 711 f'f fcia ba"ro4B**tcj datea from
]v_. and in I9U8, two yeara after the
? nt King Kfiwaid. he v. ig
mad. a Peei the Brat Journaliai to re*
- that dletlnctlon. For, what*
th* b idlcal may say. 11 la still
. ? tion. and om for which 1 ona
. ag'-r tnan th* Radlcalfl them
!? i.otd B irnham'fl caae thtr?
-a--*Joo of P.adicahsm. He 's a
t'ni'.nist and the caUM Of thi Union
4- ? *. tha' f"rm of Wvlalon known
a? Home Hule has 00 defender moi -
'ast and flffectlvfl than he. Ther4?
blfl adxcKacx no aff I im
partlallty. He has made up his B
and tha laadati la whleb this tremen
!dous Maaa kfl dealt xxith are moi
Thai afapaal ferventl*
rellgtouBly, to tbat patrioti-un, te
and of th<- xx hole
_n -. . , , t. i ? dear
| . . vx Ith I BB "'? ot
his am. er.t.x you cana*?! de
f Mt Donald. who |fl ,i"t onl]
| ., , - ? ? ,* the Instltute *,f lOUTttJ -
. ,.f th.- leadlag R
., i.. . !-?? The
to hli atn
? ihe quality whi- h avery maa
aii ''.re,,' Brttala aad lt*
. ,.,,. mlad ai o,n thal ilr Kd*
Ruaatell. U* Maumtoiflrham Mr
I ... iaa h4 Bter G
. ?,,r. ate among thfl Ral
(nahsts ??f dls.ln.tion whose name? are
nd la this .;*>lden B*>"k
<; xx B.
xx.-?? xi - Jaa *
? | riark Univei
? iifi*. .1, Ofld tooHX that he w.mld ACCflpI
Itbe appelataaeni lendered le hlm l
th? im*-'!"' ' raaklln k
. . aiifli la hlgl
H ireau ol Bducellon He will
.. dutiea wi Ra ih m lon on
I i ? ;,i . ?.. '
j&xo., Jx7&* - mmmfm SS^&thcu-s* &*'-. - *,
Entertains at Metropolitan Club
?Gramercy Class Meets.
?i*}-,, . ? ' hy Ifra
asell Hor
whlch ha - ' ' " ? ? Ung al the
B itler, No,
i. m s.t irdaj night '"et
nea of tl - Me*
! ?] A. in fie
- .1 Oeneral of
the hosj
tt Hall But
lei y - Harkness.
\; .-????. Mr.
aforrla, Mr.
Mi ind Mra, Cecll
:. Ham<
?,.-r. Theton Btl
I j. Moi tgomery
I Kill mee! next Saturday at
tba bome ol Mra Bdward B. Harkness,
N... ; Baal 7?tli ati
.n . ,-., ,. !'??-' ? I Claei mel
last nlghi al it>- Hotel Irvlng. The cem
barge of it la eompoeed of Mrs.
\irs. Charlea I Berg
B '
Shows Real Argentine Dance To
Be Perfectly Proper.
.??_?? ? ?'''?|
ixhlMttona of tn. r?a,
?Une tango and of the one-step were
Mrs lamea 1 Btorrow, wlfa ol
I Mra Nathan
.... , rati a Hall.
? e Canterbridgia
.... Thia lllus
,.h eriUdaed dan-es
?hat there is nothing
? i ? them when Ihey are
,? ,.,? ungo aa performed by Mrs
gtnn ti.e .lan.-ers are
? w'a:,z ,,r tWO"
... . itiona
flf fr,, . gtven ta. illustrate a talk hv
. ?? f'-.K
Miss Weaver Entertains at a
Large Afternoon Affair.
, ... Tha r-it m ?
\, ,,.,.: Jai U Tbera te at?
tandance at fi thl danaanl given
...,?.n by Miaa Helen M Weaver at
? belng ri . - I In the
. . ,h;i, |a to eontiaue throughout the
m, ,; formal i tfven ghl at
the Naval Traii ing Station by Ueutenanl
and Mra J ?* Morriaon
, . ,,?..... wbo made Ubla reeerva
? :,rf-,ir v,'" c
,,.. charlea K. Huaaey.
. ,. .... Mcrgan, Mra John
Cameron McR Wlnelow
v.,. ... .rglana G. Wng, Mrs Alfred
Tuckerman, Mra Waiter Andr.ws nnd
..,, ni. h-.a*- Brewa.
, u\ \ itela of Carry, Pean .
Dr J. B Whlteley. a proaalnent
h , rr>, waa married yester
Jay ln tbla clti te Dr ?^.\*?Zl
daughTer ot the late
w.ii. ? ihtman. of 'Hm Her
p/illlam Brlgbt
.-, ?nd aarly
Uineraau ol M.tbodlam ln Weatern New
Hn,t pennaylvaa i Her flrst hu?
arownad ln IMI a- I Indley
S. v._
_____-? -
lohn Eyermaa, of Bastoa,
I ouneed ihe enKagemeni
._.--.? Mlaa Marguartte Byer
man. lo Bchuyler Pardee, of ?aal.n
l'enn _ _.
Tea Dance for Debutante.
Kane, ol Se II
... gavi l tii'- dansant
Berry'fl lo introd ,ce her
Ptorem a Brefl oorl Knn?
I ? ? "
Kai ?? Mlsa nea
Kath?. >'? i-a-irii* ?
hcrn and MlM i laaiior Chaee Mlaa
Kari, ... arhlte ?hiffon.
. poah. and Mra. Kane
" *alvel with
No Recital by Schumann-Heink.
- humana?Hi ? ? *-? nl aaadi
aaagei eatraatad ?
,.? ;, ireetera hwir, sad that
bei ie-itals booked for
., uaa tan
? beea md.flnit.i*
Delights Big Audience at Phil
harmonic Concert.
Tha Phlttarmoi I I aoncerl Ior
youag pe..p!e yaaterday afternoon In ?
neaie Hall brought OUt a large and de
iighted a.dietn.-. tha* greatel part Ot
Whlch v.;is juvenile in ag** and unj
querabie in er I
ard hls hand have ran ' ither
Ing whicb took bo um lloyi I ?* joy in Bll
the proceedli |
both leader and - did th'-i:
to prova themaelvi
Tha programa ? ? vv,;n Gil'
? ?
Th. m<
bam, wi.o interpreted In her Inln
-, a aumbei of old negro I
ana of whir-h. 'Tm Qwine to Al
tlllaad by Mr. Gilbert ln
ture Then came the
Ha. dn'a "Surprlae" Bjrmphony, foll
by the scherzo from Mendelaaoha'a music
to A Midsummer Kigbt'a Dream." Tha
latter was preeedi ? readlng from
tr.- play hy Mlsa Cheatham.
Then Miaa Cheatham gave a number of
Mothei Oooaa rl ymee, to tha audlei
mamfest delight, tbeafternoon eoncl
with Ta< haikowsky'a "Nutcracker I
?adi movement of which Wl
Misa I beatbam'a renta! of the origmal
Hoffman faln tale as edapted I
and Waiter Prlchaxd Batoa Altogether
the afternoon was QUlta a? much MlM
. heatham> as it araa Mr. BtranekVa. and
.Miss Cheatham ?a? altogether in tho
Ex-Speaker Temporary Presi?
dent of New Militia Body.
B Telegraph toThaTrlbuae.]
Rocbeater, Jaa U - ln the greal ?
hall Bf Mr" Herberl vVadSWOrth, at Ash
Rntet, two miles B01|tfa of Won. -
this afternoon sixty young men of the
upper Qeneeea Velh who will ba formed
|?to a new BBtkmal guard cavalry tTOOP
?n tbe next few montha Tha tro
aceepted. wlll be know,, as Tro:. M
. , . tpected wiii becoma ona ol im
eOelenl 011 kln
in the country- . .
Bs4paak? James W Wadsworth, jr .
ptot al ted temporary prealdent H
Immedlately nie the appllcatlon papera ol
tba n?*w tTOOP rt th the adjutant general.
raptaln Uncoln C. Andrews. wbo
rharga. of the national guard cavain
nhout the
and told tba oandidatea wl
expected of them if tbey anti
nn., federal eorvkc by JotnUtf troop ?
Ohildren in "Grumpy" Feb. 19.
Tha chlldran'a matlnea parfo
-Orumpy." :" vVallackB Theair- ot. Feb
r.r,,. ... fot th'- benefll of Bt UatYe
Hoapltal ror Cbll Iren, pi
i af tbe most entertalnlng noveltlea
of the aeaaon Mra Jamea Bpeyer, the
leadlag aptril In the Bucceaa of thla per
formance, announcea that the aaia o
ticbeta la ln '?1P hand. of Miaa
',,1 No 1? V. -st 14th stre.-t I
,,fe altea.lv b. BOld tO Mr- BtUyve
Lant K?h Mr- \\
c c Cuyieri Mri I ora: th vVlckta, Mra
rharlea W. Harkness. Mra Ormond Q
Bmlth and Mis James B?4 j 81
Mailed Fist for Albania.
Loadon. Jaa Sl-The powera ef Buropa
have decided upon an liu-rrational dem
onstratior. in Albanlan watera to entoree
iheir demands that Kssad l'acha gl
hia clalm to the throne of Albaaia. Bai a
nstioti flVill eer.ti one ship tO DuiaSBb
This action of the |*4)?>r. also is takM
a. an intimation to Turbej tbal the fut
.jre of Albania ia OOW a BurOpOSa Ques?
Bans Governor's Island Church.
washington. Jan 24 Tba vTsf Depart?
ment i'tii- rfrfnaad permiaalaa to the
- Roman Cathollc Cbrni i. I rurt a
chapel on the mllHary reaervatioa on
Qovernor-a UUnd. N r. Judge Advocate
^Sicrowder held that ., a au
thorlzir.g th" conatrUCtion ..f > M l I
builUings on mllitan reaei 4 not
urant authonty for the eractlon oi de
SomlnaUonal ;!.---_' won
Philharraonic Keeps Stransky.
.1 h| Btraaaky, eonfllaetor af tba
gork Phllharmoaie Orcbaatra.
re^engagad as tba aodety'a muaka] dtroe
tar for three years Ml **h>
eeeded Ouatav Mahlei *?? eaadaetei ef the
Vincent Astor Aids Hospital.
? . Tti*?r?pti ta Tha> Trlhuaa.1
Poughkeepala * 1 ? '?? :t _ '""*"'
Aetoi al tba doea ef ? whlrlwlad earn
p?lan t.. r?i?e Ph\e* tm a hoepll
ga-.. tajttt _
Catherine Vanderbilt Hostess.
i-atherlne Var.irrNH. tha all
old daeghter sl RagtoaJd Vandei
gmjxrt a theatre pertl ???
_.._..._. ull a hildren. w r111 i" t ti*
JK^CtSwhen .,-.-,, a.r tn
fflVviea- oaa th* attracl un and
thr* front boxaa *ete reaerved for theaa
First Performance of Victor
Herbert's New Work at
the Metropolitan
A Pretty Play Spniled in an At
tempt tn Make It Into
an Opera.
rtr ii i mu ii mn.
How snd'. *t Plflj ba?*d on n <on*e't
w hi.-h i? liradlated b * aad
madfl mellou and gi ? Bentlmenl
of Bldveraal .ipp*..! COUld be s;.oil*d In an
attem... t I Bll Knk-'liah opera
aaa demonati ited < ? Reraoon ?t
the Metropolltan Opflra Heuae. wh*-. a
? in on* acl ? ntltlfld "Mfldfllelni
?" ad foi ? . Th* t'ook "f
ti,. ,,,.. - ?? idapt. from tl
or .'. - .,-.?. eiicfl and I bj Granl
Btewart; the n "** by **? fr
II, , ? r,\ mat it
rflflflnl The Na'
V ? t .
of the
with - the . flctora of the Met opoll
' ?
have ?
d. wiia. in- original Pn
rided tii* dramatlc framawork
for 'Mnd*le,n*' is llk* we do n4H kl
.'. rtaln It !s thal i'- *>' *T f* amiahle and
ti... m the li 11 da -?? b lltterateur wltb
tjneta and a eompoaer wlth a
., flful nnd
gracioua melody and b knowledga of the
esi-entlal elements flf r-tined romeo
.... | , - .pi nan. for kn
fl-ll might bave been made into fl
. Its humor ls summed up
ln the coi ? II thal an opera alng***, ?????
? I ?* ot th* world,
lo get her favored
bumbla friend
r hun I.? h"r
t0 dln* With h*r on Nl
,n hav* promlm
wltb their reapectlva inothara. aWe '
ctflfltening mei
lupoo ber, and la the end aha Bnda happi
eotinent la l ie r-oimmnkm
,,r her own mother'a portralt.
! The drama.i<
I aympath.
,, authora.
, t in the operatic
Uaruunogrlflcation onl for a few mo
? after the laal word bad been ut
terort and ihe orcbl - lta romlud
with tho heroine of th* play aaated at
h.r tabVa bowed befora ber mothots
plcture, loat ln Under thoughta and amd
tions to whleb tha InatromenU l
lovely expreflBlon. Thfl rest waa futile,
.. rrtvoloua fullginoua, I
_ ? .,:. i:i thfl BOOre and inept. Ill-d-v!-d.
Ul the texi. lt did not need
- | ?f -Mad-leme" to demoi ?
. .... reritaculai la lo be sreeted
with plcaaUN when Uflfld in opera it must
|not b* the Kngllflh "f prosaic. *v*ryday
of etilted rhetoric. but tlie
Lpe* i of a ralaed and poetlc fancy. lt
Uttlfl l*ss dlaturblng to o.Vs equa
nlmlty to hear a aervanl maid tell her
mlatreaa that for dlnner sh* ahail bave
? ?. pwi . tba aum of
,,.,,4,. fliread - but thfre la no dlf
(?rflncfl la the ahaurdity of tha two
ahflfl thflj
Ihfl dfl. lamatory Btylfl whlch la flfl
' l.v the ii. w com ' whi. h Mr. Her
' hert I - ' " sl><*ctl
._,. ,.., M ai* giren out In tones
are pi*OTl I BOthlng la thelr
? . r h\
- and rumbtflfl, BflJ
, ,, .. wlth Bll aorta of
, tton- al ?*''.*? ":"' Th0M
. |
Ijrrleism thal th?w la bi them bas
l ted to th* oreheatra, but whlcft
... . npn . . i m rro4
ffl, | xxlule lo.-. ... ?' *-(lc
. sn.,.. iral declamatlo i i U
.-.- with whi* h Mr Herbert
hla "i"-' ?
Ln th? acor*
.;-.?? fl. They are a Uttlfl **-*> tUBfl
? - , |n a hundred : -
llflh and lliflb folkfl* M
melcdj .* to threaten to kt
| ? . tO IU 'Tea' *lng
Into ? walta a: mel
- aa M uaenei i
?-I i-ivr* tea yeua bh ? ' w leb 11 ?
raj. titi-.n. 'i i tune
? and deii-ht. and
worka atonement for many of tii* ar-.d
j.,,-..,, h< i in tt 8 ben n briuga the
na together at tha close. it la tne
of th. ?' nder e-notton whlefa per
and flontribotea a 'juoia
to th* Wagnerlan Byatem of typlcai
phraaefl wblch Mr. Herbert smploya The
first melody lfl used tO recall the child
hood home Of Madfllflln* and the lox ?
her youth. while I eophleU
... ! t IM glVl 8 muat. al vm e to
! the paaaton of th* ai tover, the
I,,.- ln all theaa instan--es Mr.
ireal Ingenutty in hia
* harmonlzau aa, I llowlng BOBBfl lattai
n ,-n to the extretn* in the flmployment
..f d_8aoaaacee, a:*-: alao ureat aklll la
IBM ntati-.:: Tl ' I tbe
Oflar work up a dynamlC cHmaX,
with as Uttlfl ? OVO
n a? BUB-C4 s Rl ai i Ptra iaa in
"Dtr Kosenkavalier." In this opera a
Bhl portfolio xxith a I
? <? :ack of doom. ln ' M
all the elements seem to unlt- m a shnek
\x hl n th* '""' 'I'--' 'r- tun
t tr.rouj*!,
a crowd. when my ladx flies Into a :
lant tantrum B4 wUI ?lin*
wltb her, an.1 hnally wh?o h*r boy-lover
I'ldler. the pfllater, k aatelyon
The Httl. ' Uanl
. ? ? . ? -. tui Iu pi raeav
... .
in wh
thaia' tera bai i
-ent. ?
both of whom aang ptaaaantly and ?
with j:ra." and Vlva *' ' th* ihr. e
men. AlthO .*?* : I >e >rj<
, xx ,re heax x i" ? u and a<
Ilon, f * ltSil.l
? whi' h mad
palnful, a.. .
ch was n
toward I
ti<-iii. aaaa of u
in* ? .i mta at thfl ? nd Op. >
two or tbraa
llitfl, J"'1 **'*' a
.er.teti bv him alone. ofter be hsd ap*
? ?! several times wi?h tiie BtngSra
- |: ,r Polaeca, **??'
Tha new
was followed bj Pagllai l
v j rn he its rompaniop if It
Tb i bebig ? iral
iaci it la appendad
? l r ar ' ?
?-.. brr mal I . !.?..'
,-,,,?-?" v :' '
i I -
.. ~.rr A tir Pog
H , ala
New Opera's Production Also
Delights Gatti-Oasazza.
Mr Herbert eapeeseed himself as tir
ItghUd Wlth 'be re< a.Pt. m given Isst night
ta> his new opeia. "MadelMac"
1 fefi 'Madelaiae' la a real t-u ? et-i
was the h?\ he p?| it "The pObttCa
HPaa genuiiie. ar-.d I am happ
be:.i worda M QatU-^aaaaaa and
M. I'r.ia CO have done evor. t hing t*o?slbi?*
opera'a auoi '*.. and I esra them a
'ti tn** .i.-epa-st gratituda."
Mi aattl-Caaassa apeeared sq
M?. . . | r i.. a work of grafl e ar ?
??-. ar.d the audl4MMB evldentlv hked
|| .. I Ml Oattl. Mr Hcrt.Tt de
. - rtOOA i re.lit. 'ind I aot hnppy nt
havini; produi ad lt"
i.rio II Kahn, . hairraa-i of the ioar.l
.,' ,i rei'..-?- ol tha Metropolltaa, raid thai
he believed Haddclno" aVaa ?< fanalna
? We at laat have a reil Engilah oi* ?
\; Kaha Tha Bl plaui_e was ah
^?ontaneous and the flna'e of the
rei . beautiful and aympaihetl
thal Mi Herberl aill gtve ua other
operaa as able and as suc< eseful.'
Saturday Night Subscriptions
at Opera Open Well.
"Tannhluaer" last night .-pened the reg
?:lar J-.-ria-s of Saturday evening subscrlp
rmances at the Metropolltan
i'>peia House The ai'dia>n-e was a flne
aai. ami tii*- perfornian.--* admlrable.
\i. Urltia, ln good VOtoe, **as Tann
hauser. and Mlsa Deatinn, also ln ga-o.1
volce, Btaabeth, #hlle Mme. Fremstad.
a4 ITeni a; Mr. Weil, as Wolfram. and Mi
QrteflTOld, ??" tho I.*ndgraf, sang with
r accuetomod effectlvenaaa, Mr. Hcru
, onducted "ith spirit.
? ,-. Ke.iey. founder and presld-nt
of th- National Meter Company, died yt
terday at his home. Ko. W7 Hancok atreet.
Brooklyn. in hls aeventy-fifth yaar. Ha
wa? born in Woodstock. founty Gal way.
Ireland. an-i when elghl yeara old came to
thia COUBtry with his parents. wbo Set
Ued al Rocheater. He began business at
Ctncinnati, m the retail drygoods line. In
UM he formed a partnerehlp ln New York
with hls uncle, AUttln Kelley, in the
manufacture of hoopskirts. He organized
the National Meter Company in 1*70, and
m? its flrst and only president.
Ha waa a tlVC in Cathollc circles, nnd
.? admtnlatratlon of Mayor Low
ua* tiiad" a member of the Board of Bd
ucatlon. Although conneeted wlth a num?
ber of ihstitutlons. owing to ill health he
aevered connectlona with all excepting
t| ? Homa Trust company. ln Brooklyn,
of whicb he was a dire-tor. He leaves j
a wife. rlve daughter* and two sot-.s.
The Rev. Dr .lohn W. Roherts. pasto
nf the Kines Highwav Hongreiatlona'.
Church, Brooklyn, la dead at his nome,
No. 9TX East 21st street. that borough. He
v as born ln Kngland. where he was edu
tnd had tha degree a.f Poe
Ot Philoaophy eonferred on hlm
t.t th<? rentral I'niverslty of Indlan
- Before golng to Rrookhn he
or.-upled pulplta ln the vh-lnity of Klmira.
S, v, snd for seven yeara araa pastor
r.f the Longwood CongragatioBal Chureh,
ln The Bronx. He was a member of the
Manhattan Conference of C'ongregational
Miniatera and the Manhattan-Brookl. n
Conference of Conavagattoaal Churchee.
Ha leavea a 4?tfe. The funera! will b?
held at hls home this afternoon.
H ? . | to The Tribuna* |
Morriatown. N. ?! . .'an. 24.?J. DIsob
Thompson d;.-d at his home hera? to-day
frorn memngitis. Ile was geventy years
old. Mr Ti OB I - ?H had been for ma'H
- ;n th" hardware buabieaa For aev
-. f.ars he araa a superlntendent of
. onstru.-tion f..r the I.a.kaw anna Rail
road, and alao Bupervlaed the areetlon of
th- Mountalnalde Hospital in Montclair.
\\e had h. en an aldermSJI.
Mr Thompeon was a Maaon. Ha leavea
? w,. ... . | . daughter. His wife died
?everal months mm from burns due 10
h. r drrss eatchlng nre
Ci IcagO, 'an -i r*!"' ?**? r*r0** *n
,m. ? j.alr.ter. who had
li\.-.i ni Parls fa.r the lnst fort y \ear*<.
dropped dead !n bla hotel here this af
terno.iri Ml Groaa eama here to ex?
hibit hls paintinga. H?> was slxty-eight
- -.;d.
Pater t tfrosa eama to America laat
November frorn ParK whorc he was
knr.wn aa the .la-an a>f th^ American
psintera realdlng abroad Ha brought
wnb hlm the paaaport he had taken h-.- ly
thirtv-nlne yaara before. a? he came
Into -\>w Vork Harboi '--e got bis flral
climpee of th. completed Btatua of i ih
JrtV th.o-ieh in l'ari_> be had been inslda*
.1 ,,f the fltatue before if left
I Bsrth ' il idlo ,..?.,
\i, Q ,. ^ broughl '???ith him I raco
'n;-r.t's famous portralt of Benjamin
Franklin, oainted wher franklin was
,, ? Ha* tOOk the pir-tliraa
ia old home, !n Allentown, Penn.
where be .ntended to establHh a mu
*' art
!.,h!i DunlaP BU kley. once prominent
leaale gr icery trada, dk ?'
at bis home. -V... 1!-' Montagni
okl) it, from bearl dis. ,,><?. He
- . r-. .fo Ifli yeflU*. He ?. | a
' tlia wi ?']. ? ? .-? ? .'
| i... man. whleh dlaanlved
: mrtnerahlp twenty-8v? yi ira ?
Mr Bua kley has ,;vp.1 in
llcan poiiti.-- ln
the i?t w?rd nf iirookhn. an i v.as aecre?
tary of the Ial Ward Repuhltcai
He na. a inrmbe- Of the Ha*.
kij... an i tha Towelto i
I * . a N. v.
Mr I'.'i. h i '
funeral wiii i.e hei.i at the bouaa
m art'.va. afternoofl Pnrtal win tt- tn
.......I femrtrn
Hei ; ? aptain Ed
win I-. Marvta.ooaaaeted witatheUalted
- Court here for half a .enturw
dled to-day, aged elght) ona reara He
tted to lha bai m t *.'.?. ser\e l
ln tha Civil War a^ an oAeer, and tn
.I ? ?]? ral < '..urt a-lerk
hlfl 'atlier -in |h'j , l-.tige |. P
\\.,|,|., \ on, .ludk-'e 1. P Wnldo Mar
v iii. ..f the Pro bata '' ?ur t. aurvlvea him
Waahington lan M Captaln Jobi P
? ?iiaina?\ fa.r fifi* yeara a a|
,,f the Houae of Repreaentativea and
fi -r eontlnuoua etrx lee
1 di.ai *..-da\ at Um
Taft find Mitchel Among Those
Who Pay Tribute to Him
as Actor and Man.
I RobflrtOOA e**' * hta
flnal p*rf. ?' "h**?
Manhatl u i ?*??? * ? nlght, al Ihe
at whi'ti a number of p?*ominfla*t
speakera gava bha high twauee fl ii
r*c>*t over
Hia MH iat nlfl ofltalaud of th* flrat
. of th* Thlrd Floor
Ma- k ? th- f"t?. ' aaar and . leo
? . thlrd a*f of ' ; '
. I the laal
Th* laiK- Ul tha
Uey MHnners. th* drfl
Hal hl S'eph?n S \\:-- *x *r* ;,-?
I ..--e re^d fr' ? , -v
. . Mitchel a
... roU
Thfl arl * ? a ire a ar* rfid
? tlier. ! ? B
? ?. - - . ?
. f.-.-i it net
? ?r affi Uonate admil youre
-1 . .
fluen . ma.i* ua
? ? , ?
| ? .? ? .. s ! - ?
? ii.:* l-'.w -i "Wflfl
- tnankmg
klnd - marka and
rflcflptlon ? ? iuntry. M?
?aid did not l ?
his w Klliott, would
leax" thfl flU
"lf I 1 ' on* atrati'l to the ti*
thal i ? two . oui rli together,
h* aaid. in elofltng, "1 shall fflfli that I
hava accompllahfld mj lifi |
Scottish Astronomer Organizer
of Many Gecdetic Surveys.
London, Jan -i Bh David Q
Bcotl iai a to-da:
liis aeventy-flrst year Sir DevM was on*
Of th* DTrOfll Wldflly known fletflntiflU He
was on on* occaaaon praaMent of
degl f from rr, I
a member of | ? nce
of W Bablngton, Nea " m, PhUa
dalphla, Rome, it Peteri B rthtu
Amaterdam .',.,'1 Btockhplm, aad a eorrfl
?pondli | member of tn* Frencn ' I I
noreer, aho wa- kriarh.ed
) .e*r: \ IctOlifl lfl 1 ?'?"". 8 Ifl the or
gai.izer of numerous BCientlfle expeditlonfl
ani gflodettc flUTVeya ln many parts of
the world.
. OUI waa hom Jui ?
thfl son of David VII. a.
peace of Blairythan, Ab.-rdeen. Me was
?d . ated at Mariaehal College and at the
Unlveraity of aberdeen. He/. ond .'ted a
prlvaU oliaarvatory from IM ta
when h* took chargi af tn* obflflrvfltory
of the Barl of .'rawford. Whll* arlth
Earl of .'rawford. wf*o xxas than Lord
Liixdaay, David ghi arganlaed ,v
of Venus expeditlon to Ifauril
measured the hase llne for the -? odfll "
: t. tiear Cairo. Kor this
laat service he xxas trewardad
Khedlve with a deeoraUon. Hi n
graphed tha great eoniel In IMS and ;
ed out tne d*sirability of photograph.ng
and catalojrulni; srais.
Browna, i- laabella Nell*' '' W
Kueklex, John I? Ruttei Gt-oifl ,-*R.
.'o'ett*. Jane T. Tilne;
Mar. A Van wagenen M V
.luiia K B. *5VlllUma,8tephenT.
Hartung, Charl*a_
In Memorlam.
Appi*. Catharlna
BROWN*-?Buddanly, on Jan C
acut* nephrltlfl, Laura laabelle, beloved
wtf? of Holland l-e* BrowiM
,?,,, daoghtflr of Dr. and Mr. '?? -
\\ Ricbardflon Bervlcea al I ei
realdence. No it. 8un te
.; , r, ;.t t ?? p m Intermenl prv
? .,.* ayn
BUCKLE. Oa January -4. IM4, John
Dunlao Hucklex, ln th* Mth i
aga Thfl t meral -? ' '" '1',,'?
\ : Mon) .*.'?.*
ac. Brooklyn, N. V., on Moi
noon. Jan
*?fii.i.KTTK?nn January tt, WM, <an?
Telford Collfltte, wldow of Roberi t_
Collette Fun.-ral aervlcea at her ?***?'
dance N'o 153 vTeet 106th st.. Monday,
January 2''. *t *"??*'* a- m intermcut
CR4DCKER ?'u Saturday laornlng .Tan
uary -i Ma. | x i *ro* * ot
i x. i "ro* ki
i er TVh >*ar. Funeral s
h*r iat* reslden. ?? Mo. N -' R ? ?'
gt, Sunday at S p, m.
FRRRT?Oa Fnday. January tt, 1*14, at
Mountdora. Fla. after a short tltneefl,
full, Benedld Ferrj a Iffl of
tha ia.* Thflodore B. Perrj Kotlre of
runeral bflrflafter.
HARTUNG?Entered Inl.<-*. Jflnuary
irlea Hartung, '>*!,,x*d
husband of Mane Hund Harti ng and
. - ol tha iat* Loula Hartung
Kunerai aervlcea on Sunday, January
26, a- his late rflflldence, \X yckuff, N J..
at 3 o'ctock.
NEILSON- At New Brunawlck. S '
on Frldav. Januar. f'ut
nam Woodbui y, wll l?on
mul daughter of the Iat* Isaac H an-l
\i;_ m Wcodburv. The funeral
,.er\!.-es x iii b? fli hai lata realdence.
\x oo,i Lawn Sea Brunawlck. N J..
on Tuead ?*'>' 87, at
?*, o clock.
BUTTER '"i Friday, lanuary ?l, ? I,
-ii rier la Unca N ? IH Fifth
^. G-aorglana Kenaud Uuti. r, wife
latfl Thoinafl Rutt* r Funeral
Tii.Ni'.v Ofl January tt, *?'?'*. at ?
ta. Indla, atter fl brief lllneflfl, Mary
Itaaw -i" ed wlffl of Rob?rt F. Tti
...--., ,,' Bn okl) n.
VAN "A'AGENEN M i ?? L, daughtei
... lata Huberl Oei
Lewls Van Wagenen, nl h-r
late rfleldenca No 74 Weal 103d at.,
.,-) Fl ida ? Jl nuai
i in- Ited I meral se; -
.. ;, ? sr l.gnefl'a I pei Trlnitv
i u lal . WTflel l-d at B*ar i lolui
?wt. on Itoedaj a. tei noon, Jan
WILLIAM en T. al realdi
No. I
.. .-.
wflic* -? i? .- ei plot
metery, Cincinnati
Tuflflofl) '" ? ">.\.
lovfld wif. of John App a ..- <. motl
John. jr . H- i.i x ;,- : ' lo .?? but
not forgotl
4 r.Xll.TKKII -
IHI- ?I..H)l.\ttX I tr XII fl-.KX
,n,l tx Troi ay.
? .m<?. ?-?" Baal ... i s. . N I
IM I 14 l -
HAix ? ,n i, Ne. 154 tkteei
t ri "\x \ ol i l< i. n ? \*A h- .
anx Amsrlean Diatrl ? Talaflraph * .r*l. *.
H XKI.K.NI . '' I I. 17 S. i
??' flfld NO.
:ik? XX ??? 1.

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