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;. i - r-.*vir
1 wiii
V -J.-..VH.
Ir. ,1a. . lair mH . .l<lr.
,?... b,.xl, ?r.|
a -
More than Thirty .Mevicans
MSO \ idims of CtH
tillo's Ra.uc.
jfctOnc Passenger Ablc to
Escape as ( ars Dash
Into Flames.
5-nkf ?.nd Tirc Pourinp frOBI the
Borc I \cr\ (lutlau I OUad
B( shot op Siplit.
" ?
leath in ihe
r - Madera,
- ? ?? ? 4 - ?
? i
44 X ?
. ...
?if tbe
? aa '-.urnirc
? ? ' a' the
? -'
^fter Ihe
? .1 havl
? . ?
4 .
Believed Victima
? ?
I M.
b-*o> nd ' Irain,
i -
l1 Scofield. II. J,
.."llli.iI.IJ- II. I II* -
and m F
? thal al! th?
tiaeent- ? Bt ln tha nel fire
BB r* | ? ?? ? ? ixT.un i"
t ? . manager of ?*
Paa rpo-r of
wad hr of tha
an of
leoc atandlni - ? train
noar th*- rnonth rf
'?' BDtl and who aaid thai no mif
?'?a !?(' * . train thara and that the
??fl.n -r ?? hav- ? ?
CoWnt Sent te Scene.
1 e .r>ni froi
"*- 8*08?8J train *r> ? m' re
"idthi-- | -. j,nd twent] \mei -
rBB|1ao?.| nn 'l-irrl pagr ??.?nrl . olninn
This Morning's Xews.
Z.OCAL. ' BffO
I ? . .. 1
- II. . 1
'r,-*,t*? ! ... 1
. 3
irei _ 3
^'--aotari- ?u . 3
1. 5
' fg am ? a
.'***"? ? x \\ 0.t*rii. 8
'.n. . . . 8
*nl**?T * t] _ 7
. 7
.*'*' "J'?? ? ? Llner PanU. ll
| rash. 13
"'Oflrrrr. , , r 13
?? Pei t l
?r 1
. 9
' 8
Mlt, ,, "^"AaTEOUS.
? a V
2 .,
? 4 81
^-aadiiart ? 4,8,8
?v A Btedman, Ootton Brokcr.
F.nds Lito in Country Home
J \\ V
. It-'ll
? ' . ? of
? ?? ? . ?' v. ? d
A , , \. vi, . took an
. . .
n tlu
? w .-.I the
< il in
Lively Harlem Blaze Also Halts
Fairmount A C. Bouts.
Thi ' "
S - _' 17 snd -4fl Es -' I3il ii
... mlghl other
sn unim ?
The flre rtsrti
l.fiskh ?? 1 '? '
chir' ? that h< turni .1
in a second slsrn 'li" north of
tfultz'a gsi -
ii Inea and
motoi i ' ?1l1" ??'>
of the fli
for tlie ?
? ?? i '?'
thr- r.o-jts had '
' " '
| ... . , l , \ _.> . H. ?
Dr. Kicb Sa\s Countv Has Over
cmwded Hospital u ith Its
--inar.il te Th*
n y Peb 7?nr. k.
--ii "f thtt Mai -
? ?t ti - ? lha < Mmi
:...? h< would refusa
? ins from New
Viik ? the boa. ? ?"?'
.,t count) 'lumpiiig
tani rlmta
the law had made n Imposslbla for
< - li tha -v-ftvv Tork i' I
senl led for
.on and
condu. t, and i
? naai
e Immedlately sent up '
that fioi I, 1912 tr> Deceiu
1913, twentj - aJ
imtted ftoti Nea foi
Sai'eblower Must Pay for
Prince of Peace' if He Gets It.
i .'
?.. . ? .. ? ? i '.. un Mu phj,
r-ate blower, announced befon ia-ea\ ing
? : m i - ' .
ef Wllliam H<
lo be worth
$100,000 hai a hi n *..- free he
would smpaign to mai;* Wlll?
iam J. Bryaa poundmastei at Lin'oin.
sfuri - i h?- has decided to re
? Ing fi" cash to bujr
in'i ectun ' Thi Pi Ir* i ol
!?? , . n roti to Mi Bi yan saylng ha
sas a hich he
i o ild v p ?:? h ? ? but
i...i ., en; t.. buj It. Instead of
this asslatance toward reform, nr- said.
he recelved a curl letter from Brysn's
>rr<4phei '.ellum hun ihe bCHa_ vsar
on aali Sl snj neuedealer*
Bronx Laymen of All Creeds
Unite on a 'Go-to-Church'Plan.
i?, ? ..i n Calholtc,
? and J.'" Ish IS) POCn 11 ?
? -|!,. Bronx , ? a fcn mai i au
iu everybody ln the borough to k<> lo
? .... . '? ruary 22, or to
i.. on Saturday. Peb
21 Ths 'aii ls Bigncaf b) Bor?
ough Preaidenl llatthssrson and a
o hei promlnen! Broi men.
rhe call amphaaiaes ths faci thal th?
. ?., ihe snntveraarj of
|t0l : nh nnd Bhould bs tit
I boervad att< sdai < ?t
. hut ? gOgU<
Disaster Would Follow. Per
shing Reports to Garnson.
'. ' Tlv Ifl ??? ? d
, i.f h*N ?
* Biigadlei <;<-rerai Persl
ei DOI ot Mi
..-,?. Qaa
MM belWMn t ii. m :n?
..'i.i.,: hi yiiipino go*.
. . ... ., . rl
p< Inea <an
? ? com isnos of
? 1 '. I o
i Mtgsl a to thi trtb
.I le authority snd
??? BOtrti
ild i" Bov? ned tnd
tatl I *?" ?? ? '?? ??" ? ? ??
Apollo Like Manager of
Theatre Is (ionc. and So
Fs Pretty Salesgirl.
'.shr-'s Only Jealous.'" Admirer
Insistrd Wit^ Says 'I Warnrd
llcr Afainsl Hini.~
and flfl ? ' th oui
Hand m< Harold Prerii
..... . r procti ;1' Bti*aai
.. ? n aunntng hii aell
ln iii.- i.-i I.. one afteimoon about a
:.i ., |f i.'-i. * llhel*
na \'ai Kll Juat turn*
. blond loll, hadn i
M en hii ? ?? ome ? ?'""' '?
li. told <li ln . hav* i i<
the gir! am i dol hadn'i lefi on
am* da: " li-. Hir l1"'' '
not nov i" look Ing foi th* thi
... ..1 abductlon.
! i ? i ? ii ha<-'
i , . n learching foi Prentii ? I
known to ihoui ?? iptown theatre
... g, far there ' aa been **" tra**e
of him '?' ol ll ?' -ii I, " ho' la ui
I Th* Btoi of r-.' li
.ni the same <in*. nn.i tiir- pecullar rir
of tl eli acqualntance b* -
known onl* laal i
Even Women Say She's Pretty.
i -
|" first in- : IV
? per
? partmeni of Blumal
? 1 _'?'?!h atreet.
\ - he sl.i ni the theatn ? ?? he
. d liaci M'l'li.i oi* ih*- Bevelled E u
! and waa the -..luticn r>f the I
1 "\\h.i doea a chtcki e 8tn
ln fa t, manj did Hia 6 f. el 1 Inch
and 180 pounda arere ao a*ell dla-,
tributad that matii ? ??*?? of hla
?? . Ied on him ? ao
ardentlj ai "? Imina N -in Elk, who
i Dutch iioii jual i "ii
life. Th* pro*
lookinfl ? aa made < eat* i da:
J i4 hen eli . en girla In !'? in i i da
i partmeni ? ? nany cua?
tomera to tall a Tribune reportei | ???
? i oa pr* -i ?*?. Ilhelmlna reall* la An
: ?* hen v ..ni. ii aill |.it ol ih* li
? io pra - - ilrneaa i
I may b* I to h ? ranrfi rad
?i . blll. The true illl In thla ? -? -? ?
1 thal W Ilhelmlna
i ireadi n ? hlna d
1 mi tha |ii la In Blumatein i th? ro
i* a .t- I* arned. II aeema that at
? n ? w llhi Im ii. Btoppad to
?hai -*.iih her Idol, ;<ml .?ii her i-imn
apol ol him to th*
won ?' ifl '.'"
.iii him oi i ?' '? ? biI* i and
. him of lo ireat 8] The
consensua of oplnioi waa one ol won*
dermeni tliat on* bo "awell" aa Harold
had r< a* had the ..??? of twentj *8la
?., lom* femal*.
One da* * determined young woman
, for Wlll ? thej
the woman taid "Bo
B ? R lltii Imina ref iaed l. a
hi r I.ild nol bi poaa 1 ?:? ' hat
Harold wai mai i li d. Thi woman I* ft,
promlstnfl to coma the nexl da) aftar
th* g-ni had aaked th?- theatr* mana?
ger. The iipm day Wllhelmlna acorn
' fullj ai nt tii. ?"in. ' .;-" H her bual
i.iin.i-1-.ini? in the hearlng of tiie
rlB (a ho wera quite ?Ithln hearinf,
ou ni.i.. d< "? nd) thal Bhe had aaked
Harold and he told hei to paj no
l unliniiril nn .rioml l>?ge linirlh roliiinn.
Water in Front of Them and Fort
Bliss Soldiers in Rear. Pro
tests Were Uselcss.
r.4 i f>ii,i|i le Tl i'i i. .
Bl Pa?o T*x.. Fr-h. 7?Five thousand
llazlcana mei'. woman and chlldre??
ware Involuntary partlcipanta at Fort
? m-niRht in tha gi*a-teal bathlng
\t?\ ever aaen on tha bordar. Tha
I bathen war* tha priaonera In tha mlll
?ar> itockade ai the American army
poat, .m.i the wholeaale iiathing ?as
the rasult i?f an ordei ISBUCd by i'..ii
Hufh i.. Bcotl lo r'"'"i"-'> -*? s::n*
Itary condltlon of tb* prtaon i .tn.r>
The one hundrtd bathhOtiaaa for the
priaonera, auppttad a/lt? hol and old
water, have I'con buili evai "rtnea tha
camp wag *B8ta.bl_hed, bul tha _a?J
cana hava ahowa a da* Id* ?] dlalncllna
Hon to uaa Uiaan \ nea rula laqulraa
: aemr-<waa1dy . latta
The 44'hciir* population ol tha _aai?
can camp au reejulred to bathe to
mgiit daaplti protaata and avarjr bath
.. in the camp waa In ooa_tant uae
from aartj ln lha att<*ni...i.n tha last of
tha bathara Inlahlni Ihatr ablutlona
. .ins avanlnff. Ualtod Btrntaa aol
iurded th. Ifl _< BIM BTonad the
Deputy Shenffs Let Ourly Joe"
Extcnd Jail Leave.
I ,? aitomring "Curtaj Joa" CaaaM: and
i.,,.,x, i Waltar. jr. the nomli?ition ael*
,,rs to ramain awaj trotn the Raymond
Btreet lall too ? I aai lunday bt*
Bheiiff l-awla M ?waaey ef Klnga
, ,,,,, , ?., Bterda awardad two of ina
deoutlea *n*i tu.. of hla aaelatarrt daputiea
1.-1, daya' vacatton e/tthaut paj
Fniil Liner Brings Mr. and|
Mrs. F. W.. Manchesters
and Lord Falconcr.
Di'kc Seemed Bored bj Mishap
lieavy Sca Madt Work Ol I ifo
boat Creu Dilfic lt
Ai .j., -,\ ? ? ? . ? moi 'in |
revenue euttei Bst
i ? and plougl ls of i
a hlrllng Blet < snd ? hopp ? i
?.. i. to i'l" > ? >ig ihe
Almirsntt. brli . I is '" "*?< * ? '"'"
Mr. snd Mi Fi .? VI Van
derbilt, tho i >uke and i ?ueh< >a ol Mai -
and i "i il Fali01
11 :? V'aiulcrbill
? ,h. \\ ?.rf the
The got ? inii" nl euttei eaimg a
ol li n\ eyed rep. u ighl
1, 1 a* .' Ihro _ i 1 1 h( . foi three |
houra. dren "t- alongsid ihi fr tei
.. ,, .... ? thi 4 sn li' bM parl
m no Inti n l? ??? had 1 limbed
fir.o;.iii a hlgh powered New Tork Cen?
tral Raiiroad tug thai -x,..*- then puff
?? | ? to the raiiroad pl
,v.. bi t'.'.i iln et.
Thi . - \r r ind Mrs. > sndei
bili foi sn 1 ost< ntatio 1 an
; lowing theii nsi ron esc-spe t 1 1
1 , f.,c (hrr n :. 11.i '??. Bt' llllit'll
gusrded the p ? 1 agsii sl thi Intei
?.)<?;.r n portera The pai 11
,. into motor cara lhal qulcltl)
: \> 1,1 r-1 < .I tbem aasj to I he Rli Ca 1
1 on, where thej entered privste spsrl
| ment.v snd SO I Wl I Bid, |UB1 1
! and reated ami 1 e I
Penl Bored the Ouke.
< From Chief Offleer N. 11. Edward 0?
L'nited Fruli Company'a ateamship
[Almirante, who e/aa In command of ihe '<
1 brought ti.< Vanderblli
! party from thi dei b <>f ihe \<ig yacht,
111 araa learned thal ths Vanderbllt I
I part; beha ed themselves sdn^irably J
ihroughoul Ihe crials. and that the big
. ::? n rel< ..-? ri from the ti na
Colombian nnd. would be found
10 hai>? buITi red ri 11 y that would :
. ei her from steamlng home. Tha]
mi i,,i? 1 v ,.; tbe party n peatedly in- ,
. j abo it thi fety of the cn ?
li fl aboard the ?? ai ht
The 1 ruke of m tn* !?? itei om of ihe '
... plest of. Ei ? b emen, e/aa so
r.onchalanl ihroughoul thi daugera <>f
th< resi .. thsl he ra* ? tht impi easton
cf being boi '?" .1'' ording to Chi< f 1 rhl
, .-1 Edwaid. He Btrolled aboul tlu
il ,.,i n| flecka of 1 bs 1 a. bt, smoklng
nd glt me "id. ra In s-.fi
tones. 1
? When wa ? sughi tha W arrioi 'a a'lrs
laali \. ? v. etghi <l am ii"i ai .... ?
. nd ? t.'i led loa rd hei ' -..kj thi
r "Thi Fi. it' rs of our llni
aln ad; atanding bj, Bhi lauro hed a
.;,! 1 hai m ai bro a n In two b* ths
We iiari iii use oui bos! to
,;. bi 1 crea fou know there Is
mlghl h( ap ol uhsi Iu ln those
"Afti ? houi ". esieful msnlpula tion
w<- mansged lo gel 0 11 .tl flghtlng ,
, . fooi oi th "..< along ihe port ,
, i. .,!?!,? 1 tea m B u t t ei
t!i<-n we thoughl *?< arould bi dashadH
j ?,, |,y,. - t h< r sidi
"i ni th< iiiai trip tn; Itfeboal took off
j Mr. and Mra V'anderbilt. Mrs. Vander
'?ilt'fl in.nd. tht Duke an- Duchesfl of
! Mam 1 ? 1 Lord Fal* om 1 Miss Irene
11 lamell, ae 1 ? tsr: to Mrs. x snderbilt.
. ...j threi nn i" *rs of the ?? acht'a 1 rea.
v h0 ,vere 1 roughl ;ii"ii>* to look sfter
.; . . omforta of thi n b< <>> d party.
1 imiiniieii ...i -eronil l>a?e. itiirrf ,.,l.in.n
Carter, Who Eloped with Friend's
Better Malf. Threu Himself
"on Mercy of Court.'*
(?? T*l*fl - ? ' ??
Plainville ennn.. Feb 7.--'i
pleaded guilt* snd threa myselfonths
merc* of the court " araa tht comnicnt
..r ir . Ing T. 1 ni t. r sa bi -at thi ??'
noon waltlng f"t lha a Ifi hs deai 11 d
I for f< ght his pii'e for
[him He Insisted there waa nothlng
lunusual ln hia running away with the
?a |fi of in - -? Bt ti li ri-1 Eda srd H. l.i
, ton, of Brlstol.
Tha "court," as \y styled bls wlft,
amased when saked rf she bad
ssked for warrants for the elofiera
. 1-. 1 |n 3i Istol Elton reluctantlj I n -
_, . hia %4 lf< v? ronica Stone Elton,
? if sh?- protnised "navor t.i <i" ll agaln." .
Laal Tueada; nlghl Carter snd Mra,
Elton wbo with her huaband arai
: Itlng tha- Carter hou^e. went (i it tn l.uy
Boma r-tgars. The nexl time thej i\.r?
art ' afternoon when thay got
off a train frotn Wat?rrhury. Cartsr
. told sll aboul the lm ident. ev ; 1
'vhcre he had heen. though he was care
fni to reiterats thal he bad wo\ takea
in~ 1 ompanion "'ii of the lata
Carte*r*a father i? a brass foundei
and waa M?invtlle'f- aele RasM-sentaa
llve in the I'.tl.", i.rii.ral Assemhly, 1
Berring on 1 sxtotts commlttaea Hs ?"?aa j
deeply BhOCked at the elnpcment. ln*
Slstlng thal his .sr>n "coukd n-8*rar tlesj
down ths dlagrace hs h.i.i L*-reughl "n
thi famlly."
Klectri' l.iahte.i I'ullm.iri-.. I Tralna I"ail>
* Btandard f: R. of Bouth. ItllB^way,
Ad 1.
Two Clergymen Reftise to Per
form Ceremony for Wealthy
Girl and Dr. Rosett.
.. . ^
\\ hite Sulp ni. Bpringa w Va !'?'
; i'.?;?? (ng h<' familj and frlenda
Miai Loulae Carej. t ealth o* la
ter ol Prandi i- l
. ... .,i Baltlmoi ?. and wall known
ln Nea fork, - n irried .ii Row ? -
varte, a lll tle vlllag* ln thla * ountj, tin-*
aftei.n lo 6i Joahua Roa* tt, of
Baltlmori. gftai - rnen ai
Leais!.,'i2. ihr .nl -? ' h* ? 'h< i
pro* ured theii li* 'ii-*. i. fuaed i" p* r*
fo* ih tha ceremonj
iu Roaatt, 4\i;i> arrived from Balti?
more "ii a Nea v.iii- na.ii thla morn?
lng, aaa mai bj hii Bancee ai the sta?
tion, Thej lait tn. fCaa Oraenbrier
Hotel in a aurraj a* i ompanlad by Mi*-v
Bhaarn, a tralnad nura* who a ccom
panled M*- ''?' U|,"; ?*? H,i
m Nen Qreenbi ei on January 17 in ?
?tata of nei oua collapae Blnce than
M laa <3arej haa improaad graatly. Thay
rjrove to Laarlaburf, Btopplng ai Klm
hurat fntm, B* ? nxttft t'i"?< nort. lo
order a*hat the: ? \990t id ara ild
th^-ir hrldal luncbaon. Undauntad
i, ihe refuaal of 'i'*1 '?
i, . | L.|t.|-| rn* b to marr* (him, thaj
,. ,.;... to tha farmhouaa, where thi
,....;. ,,. ,.ii.l bad lun* heon
Thej ihen wenl to Roncaverta, arhere
Ih,. rc c B Bha* kalford. pa_tor of
ii,. Methodlal Eplacopal Church, a/ho
aaked no queatlona, parformed the
,, rCmopj with Miaa Bhaarn aa a arit
11 - M.
_VJ. ..* , ? .r i arrival ai d ??
,,, a fveei ago did nol appear ln
. ., .,? o >- Oraenbrier
until ? o'clock al night, t.. avold the
rhlong. gh< appeared bi ghl and earts
,, .daj \r\ i *"? '?<'!""f' ?-?" "r blue
. .,.,, aith a blue bat, ind aeamed in
tne brlghteal aptrita I '?'"?"'
Into the Burray ah appeared to be
,,, ,.!,,,,,._ .,,-,, ?Ith happmaaa whlle
thr- doctor, - ho aaa unuauallj gi iva,
,,,,] noi ? x.-n am la. Thay returned hara
;,, Igtll
Tha marriaie of Miaa Carej and Dr.
riu-x.-tt it aaa announcad ln r.uiumor*'
on januarj I* had baen Indeftnltaly
poatponed. Di Roaatt'a ftral wlfa di
vorced him Bha and her children llve
in Mltlmore. The marriage of m.ss
,-.,r,v and Di Riiaatl la a aaqual to
th, ir aettlemenl arork. He la a radlcal
Mtaa i-n.-v waa ajreatad ln Ralti
mor* on March I lfll. '? hill acting aa
a pkkel ln the garmenl e/orkera" Btrike,
i,i;. ,!,. cate waa diamtaeed ln court
H< i father la a wealth* laa ?
Proctor s Manager Gives Advice
on Screen When Fire Alarms.
a ......... Bra at No. I ?'? WobI -"?* M'"*'
gava Braaaan * twanty-ftva-mmuta ughi
blo* kad ? rtiaatoani l**__< fai aai
in the ruah time laat nlfl l
? .... paopla :n l-*roctor'a Theatre and i*?ft
. | | Bt of Beveral bulldinga oated ^:ih
i e
Joseph M< reeki n bb ifi uer of a?in.
. ? ? othlag a V '?
place on tha alath Booi 44a** Inaraad oui.
m,. .? 1 anager a Pi 04 tar*a ha.J 10
une nm-ii Bnaaa. ****8?a_I a atampeda
.,,?., ... ? . a- ? aa -I--' ?hmekli k
failerf he rem.rt'cl t" the lantein altd*
dlaplaylng tl a raceat a'i41. e aoout "chooa
?fl *re*81 aXlt" I'lomulgate-I , om Fi:e
I Uadquitrierfl.
1 a
Rich Farmer's Wite Wounded
While Driving with Husband.
1 bj t*sJaaBaa* le lha rrlh**aa I
Newburgh. N. V.. P> h. 7 Mrs. Heni
C. Bpangiat wtta of a woH-en-do
tarmer lr. ing ahout a nul'* west *.f
Nr-.vhurgh. was :-hoi and .lung- BB
ivoundf-d by a negir. ligh\*.a> man to
Mr. aiul Mra -prngler were dnwng
home fl*om tlus 'it;.. when il.-*4 were
a,. obt^d by two neanroea Ao one of
the ftetj'.idal BBltafl the ti'.rso Mr.
Spengler apt'licd the whip. Th8 animal
BpO-ang fi'rw.H'i throwinf* the nagro
K.?ida Th" se.r.nd high-Aayman thai
..[.. -,'d fire witli ;i r. o'-- m Mr.
Bpailffaal? g**4*a? 1*88*8? hi^s 88?1 tO nrge
hla horse on tmmtt r -' kn t.m* to ea
. .|.e h I u'let *A hi. ll k*afl*4-d hl his t* ife'?
x.|,!r. A pnvae b) drng .. TK a II17.T'I tO
Baarrti for the highway man.
Report to Congress Shous 2.273,
603 Men Who Cannot Read -
Called "Disgrace."
hc Tribun* 1 <<
Washington, Fi b. 7. The illlterai > In
? L'nited Btatea ,1= a disgra e to the
; natlon, a< ordlng to a repon flled ln
j ti.e Hotise to-da) bj the 'ommlttee on
i Edui stion, whlch rei ominenda ths
, -?, k- , ? thi !.'? ithorislng
,.a i lommlaaloner ??: Ed ical lon to
m ia" sn InvestigaUon of llliterai j an.l
. o-opei -.'? al h lha ? ? ,! Improvlng
. edui itloi i ' ondltlons.
Tha report, prepared ? ?? Repressnta
Towner, aaya there are a auf
. n. li i,; numbei "f I I terati men m the
I Unlted Btatea !.? determlne ths resull
,,i ,.n> national ele ilon. Mi T**w_*i
: Bdds:
"Accordlng to 'he federal cehBaa of
' ?:.11> there wort In 'he I rnlti .i Btats ?
j 5111,161! persons, ten < esrs old ind
.,:.. ,:. ;,, i-;.,! ui- \\ me. Thia
?\a? nearl) * per cenl of euch popola
jtion. The number "f lllil ratei bow In
ihe L'nited states \." .i< the lotal
! i opulation of the countrj ?" 'v"- "
ranges from 17 .-. thouasnd ln lows 10
'?_?!.(. 4 111 <-.;? ~..;i? i In Loulslsna N" .
lon . an ' Isim ex< mptl ' I rom ll -
; blight. in the Bouth th.- perci mage la
? hlghes! in the rural dlslrlcts. In tho
1 N'ortli it .- hlgheel In th, il ea Bos
1-..ii has lM.4438 UUterates over ten yearS
! ..id.
"There sre 2,273,008 lllltei its malei
of twenty-one yeara of sge nnd <>\er ln
tiie L'nited 81 1 ea enough to determlm
sny national 1 la tJon sl sny pei lod "?'
..r;r hislory. Th.-: a country euch aa
the L'nlti d st.ua--- should lia e such a
1 propon lon of hei pop ' ? lon ? holl ?
1 iiuterate is .. disgrai 1 to the natlon.
! Tha, thia disgrai e oan 1 m< il <>n
tlrel] snd very ojuickl* ellmlnatad Ib
| Bronx Man Notiftes Missing
Wife of New Marriage Plans.
Paul Nuei, nt Sn im iioti svenue,
I Thr lironx. Inserted ,1 notlce in "The
Lan Journal" yerterds) of his "lnten
I tion to remarry," hii.i adopted tha'
Imethod of taaking the announeemenl
m order thnt no criminal sction .ould
he taken against him later 00 i harges
<.f bigam*.
i'au! Noel and alisa Qerma ne Tous
? sant were tnarned ln Nea .ork Cltj in
_fay, 1904, and, accordlng lo his ad
I vertisement, ahe lefl hlm on or .i b..ut
July 10, L90& wlthoul causs or provo
Icatton. Bince thal da Voel aa* a. he
I has nstthar sssn nor heard from hia
ajtd bellevea. lead
Noel ' oa a Ishss to niairj ' "ne
Arnastine \.< -. ? snd dealres to ?i\e
! hia wlfe, if -uli ii\in_. thla Baal n..- e
! <>f bla plans.
White House Yisitor, with More
than 51.000 in Pocket.
Sent to Asylum.
?'? 1 -1 :>,. - r .? r :, u. 1.
Washington, iv> 7. - Bdward Tan
!. r m in Batd Oskland. ''ai \...
h"in. app?red ai fhe White liousa
aftaf_ooa and d that hs
\i_nted l" tea. h thi Prot id 11 ' tbl
of i1' lag m nn geroplane ? hlal Bloan
of the se.ret Bsrvlcs BQuad Bbowi>i ..
4 illinjjnesh to laarn a Httl a'.out ll> ing
and paiBussVad the man 'o sccomj
iiim to the guaral r....r:i.
Tanner \va? tuniMi ov.r tfl th* potli e
and sent to Uw Washington AMlum
Hoapltal for ohs'-i \aticn. The pi
! fouad $1 0272 ln hia po
V'ia Be them Rallwa- Pr.i Carrter
? ? South. '. ti .rn- <1 ill* Draa ing
Room and Bkieplng far Bei ??? Kea
voik Ne.4 york Oflke :*>i Kifth A\*..
i C'or. C'th Bt Advt
Hazel licrdman. IP. Says
She Slcw Mrs. Manning
to Win Ifusband.
Shot Victim Who Refused
to Divorce Garage Owner
and LetCouple Wed.
Calmly Tells in Hospital How Shf?
Sent Two Bullets Into Woman's
Body?Manning Held.
Tha ?nd of the tmYmterj Moaking rh*?
miird"! (af Mrs. kta*-f*tat Mnnnlna; ln her
home in Newark bv a veik'o" woman on
Fridav afternoon *ame. with Benaatlona.
Baf-tneM yr?terda5* in th? confe-s'-.on
and f-ntride of the vorng slayer.
Nol twenty-four hours a/ter she had
BhOl and kUled Ifra, Marmtng. Be ahe
mighi have no rnal fot the atTectlonr
of Cliariaa I. Manning;, ninefeen-year
c-ld Hazel Herrlman. ed Montrla.r.
daUgrhtar Of a roadho'is.. propnefor,
WM daad by hrr own hand. Piohloride
of mercurj waa ihe ttpMtoy. Fhe die.j
?n a ?ontCl8?' ho-pital al S:18 o'clork
jresterdajr afternoon.
In a written and 111 a rartka] 'onfes
Bion made just hefore bar daMth ahe
**!<) ahe had takon Mr?. .Manninn'.a llfe
through io\e for afaanfng. 44 ho waa
tho fathCI of her eleven-monthK-oM
hio. The rJecislon to do thla waa mada
two araafca ago, aftPi a patient ?*?arch
for har aictim.
Though th** Buthoritiea apparentlj
ha\e learned nothing ..n which to make
a rharg'- agamst Manninp. h?* \\a<? or
daraddetalned m Xr.**.ark PoHco I'.e.,.,
quartera last night bj Chlef of Pellca
1,< ing.
Planned to End Life.
li iraa aftei Miss Herdman i.a.i i.'cn
released hy tha Ne*vark detectlvea
through leeming laca oa* evidauca mn
.she rixr-d on the plan te end her llfe,
' nd ; hla, II ??'? Ith n i hlnt of hei
intantion to Manning, with \viu>m
madi i weird trip in hia i itomi
j-eaterda: mornlng.
when she and Manning arera takaa
ti. Pollce Headquartera In N-v4.uk ;,
ln o'clock "ii Frlday night, Bvo houra
after ahe had tir-cl thr. >? bulleta Into
| Mra Manning, thay were queatloned
' foi i4-,. houra bj * Ibief ol 11
with no helpful restiM to the
i Itlea
Mrs. Mary Rollty, Biater of Mra M?n
ning, who admltted Miaa Herdman t>4
[the home of Mrs. Harrietl C bb, rnathar
of Mra. Manning and Mra Rellly, al
! Xo. 219 Warr.-ii atraet, Maarark, had
i been l>Vc-ugrht in to look ai Miaa Hard*
inan to B8C if she ...uld Identify the
I girl. Miss Herdman WOra no hat, and
Ithla, Mrs. Reilly said. rii.? ri ? it impos?i
bl* for h"! to bbj whether sh<? ?a* th.
woman arlth the i*ell.
Tiie turl and Manning wera tnrned
[ out fog. ther at niidnigin and we-nt to
', the back tooni ol" ;* oMAttOO a- War.l
and Ma* bank street? N'ewnrk. tvher*
thay aai drinklng and talking until t
o'clock y4?terday morning. A detectivo
aratchad them, bat dld not get clo*.*
BnOUgh tO hoar Whal ihe\ said Neither
Manning BOr th*- girl aeamad ner\oua.
and n appeara at tins ttma that Mbbbj
Herdman iii.i nol revoal to bar iom
that **he W8J the slayet.
Th<8] look a .street-ar then and w*nt
tO Inoomflald, Where Manning left th?*
girl i" apand tha nlghl al lha ha?aa of
har aunt Ma_alng than araul on t'?
V'erona. Ha Ih proprimcr of a <*arag-*.
, 11.. ra and i* v <*? near hm plai a
4 Bil :? 0 ? lOCk ytmtt rii.r BB* rn.ng
' Manning wenl in his automobile tO the
|b*D*_? of Miaa Htrthmmn't auni lo gaa
; tha girl.
"Jump in and arail run dowa to N***v
ark " ha aaid.
Mant-Jngfa Btory ta thai ahe^ald i
.iiun't eara to g< then, for ihe wanted
..(, at th** homa of -i woman friend
... .. tha MaWad'a haio, a fea da
..Id "
Prom.sod to Take Tnp.
Thr- friand'a babj.' tha po
44as her own. ar.d 8?8 wahtad tO B8* II
bo-ora Bha a-adad bar llfa. _8_ning aaid
? :,i har ba would go arttli bai and
lon ''us agrenn. nf 88- Bl (a*B*_BI d to ?"<
! i\ith him later Bfl to N-w.u 1*
Reafihtng hTawnrti Manning brougol
kUtomobUe to a batl la froni of
liull* n'a in.'ig'i.- 'i"h<- i-iri io..k- i
Manning Ifl half Burpi ' ,'-;"
athan aha leah/.ci tha natura ol
place ha ba
\\ h> hara!' ana a.-k. <i.
Ilu-rii-t's bod) ha.s bc-cn takOB hara.
aaM M.intiir.g. 'and I B*B?f tO ?" -n
aad !""k at II ?'om.* 881 tn."
The ;:irl BhUdB*B*ar**flf.
? N,,: BO!- BBM *\.*laimr-.l I '.*nt
-,, in t.,.i.\ I don t 4\ani i" lOeW
it' I <an't stand th>- sight Ol a ?i'.a J
Doa't aafi m
That 8? planation saii.siied Manninc
hg aaid. Ha antaawd Um m.-ig'ie .-,;,i
dld ii"i remam manV minut* a 1
i <? atartad back to Bloomneld, Mia.i
Herdman allcnl and mood?. So ah*

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