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Spence and Finley Tie for the
All-Around Scholastic Title
Dcadlot kcd at Ten Points
Apiecc in Erasmus
School (james.
Hvgc Crowd Sees Great Pnv
uramme in tlic K'th Reijimcnt
\rmnr\ in Krooklyn.
ii, l trael
, Hai
of The
.. ? , -. holaatie
. ., n -al
', ? ii -ti
H i were held
I ' Reglment,
.' ""':' ''?"*
foi first
? redtt.
ntral Hlgh,
? Hu-lean.
? Mount
,1 the
.? n en ai
Ied to
ii \4 aa
ill ?? le
to wla
. r Both
an ? ? ?
? i
-t thfl
? '
ton a
. ;, n
... th* half- j
event. 11* * ''"' '
l , .. to Joe
i . , ? . - 1. the I
. B -
,- ?
4\ .
4 ? ? ? ? -? ttina nt*
IIH . .,?- | ... - ...,'. | ow< .1 hi*
eet fleld of novicea ln
? , ,. ling all the way. '
w ?? i -.1 thai a atem
. | . bc k* pl up
oui eaping
Pt-ep woi
ra i h i? m >at mpreai
M ii
?? inning th*
44 1th |
,..,.. . Pi Prt-p
i i in third
troni end
- poi, ol Sew
Th* ? ? ?..?.... a . k
Hud on ? f Fonki Hlgh 8 jhool, :md H.
i, bowi ? I ounl \ ernoi , d
bul competed
? pxu . ov< Th* oth* r ath
ret rac* they
Ited all i gl ' '" ? ? ;p ?'"?>'
* ? ? J
r , ?? . ,i. olded to
' ?? ? . -'- i" deckie
flfth ai
Tn. om a?a one of tiie pret
tieet ra a track la
??ian4 a meeting ' ghton, the
I . -. ? ntra High 8cl to . ef Kew
hroke the tape about tivr yarda m
? of Frank J* nklna, of fnt Rocka
Hlgh BchOOl, lha .hampion Ol the
Publlc Bchoola Atbletk League _ Le
? i . nne High B* hool, was in
I poaltlon, whlle .lean Iforlarty, of
Kl htaond Hii! Hlgh Bchool, tralled homa
in fourth place Bo | ton time waa 4
. BeCOnda, only ".-?th Of
? mr. i? hmd tbfl ra ord ? tabliehed by
himaelf la
.? . .nd ahol pul In the Pentatbton
n Ai al plai ?. arlth ? feel
nchea The clever Pinle** cama neat'
?. ... ? eel . tnch* - lo hti
. - oa na n, of afount v >rnon.
bi nexed third honora with M feet n
Inchea Hammerachlag ***< fourth, with
*8 fe?i ."?'- in. baa.
Bpan* e Inaured blm alf agalnal dafaal
>i me all around champlonahlp by wln*
ning the runnln-. hlgh Jump. ln th,s
e4ent he eloared I feet 1 inch, one tnch
? pinle). [.aaa* . of * > ntiai Hlgh
- oel, waa third, with 1 feel 11 mchea
> iVon t4 w.
14 . . | . ? ? ? .. I ..i.
.. 1. rj
: ...
. .1 S'rotkin: Henr4 Oreenberg, see
.; | Hluin. Ihlrd. .
?ed 1 Won iv
4 . Doughfl b< ?'?. *v
?i.e o 1 1 1 :.
.aedi W 1
-.< ,11. mc*?d; 1. Bouvllle, Ihlrd.
. u 1 ; 1 :.
'raj.,,rt nHv'i .ilO-peeiM 1 ?*- I ?
? g \ M? .
..... :. Teflchner ihlrd H t"
- 0
v\ ? 1 11
V Hll
1.1 R
. 1 , prep. third: A
Hlfh '
Sewarli r Jenklna ra
. -? I 1- Ul* ."*?
. h . 1. M. Morlai
HIM Hlgh 8 ' irth. Time
!? ? t* '
V . . ? l"
1 f .,? m I ' ''??- *'
^.an- lll??i School Bfl*
1 I' ' Moi
Won I
hlrd .1 n
l.t ? - '? -
1 i; . ? ?.
'? -
i .
M ' Oardner.
a ?*
? ??? ? . ,. 1
Need Mental or Physical Relaxation? Try
Who tied with llal Fitiley, of Morris High, for * bc all-around
-cholastic title Ias1 night.
, r?| . :.. .
Hl(li gch* rtli.
i. ?
J, A O'B ; -
| ,.
r.i.n .. (I Itllt ll '
iB rerdi ? ?? i , - l
r, , ? j
? i Alsen. II*
, p i
I '
of D. Ooui
113 ? ardai. thlrd D leoanpoi H
j. Brown. P". McD t i ' ,:'" i
? - 'I Im. 1 *<> l ?'?.
ii.' - ui ? unllml ?
v. i. \ M ???< ;? ? Pi*
-? .. d .1 W Mhertoi
. 2 08 .' ?"?
v. I H
i ? i
oi I, third. T. II* Tl* i in foui
- x , , ? . ' ? |
I : . -
H ?
\\ ol. Ot* !'? 8
.i. Bowi i -| ?? ni "
? -n .
? ?
m No l';, ? ? ?
" <?? Id Hi
..ii ihlrd. leai Nn 3, rompoaed ??'
I I Iffn. '?'
l M 2 :.
? ? i ' ., ? ? ' . ?
i .. te.and, vv f'ro o <l
I. I.lebermai I I
... iu ot ondi i Tlmi 1:13
? ?
i ?
i?.. ? ? ??. int 1
Tlmi -.".' i '?
I'n'i. .
IVon i ?. ?
Kta i -..ni! ??.
klcAndraaa ai a
6th o .
l.ii tn Is. 8. .t. ntl* .'I
, ? . . I ?
... ? ., . | c. Hei
... L.V. 1 5
i ?? . ? -- l II I! ifl
? i qu ih I'ownaend
To* naei Mai .?? ilnlni
i '. . i,,. .
1:48 ? :.
V4.I ., ?
\! ? llll
Poiv * ' Hah
' ?!. It. l. rt..? man htount \
Hici - b. 2:15 4 ?'?
880 tardsi
\< ? . ' ?
1.' Wa
- ? ?? Rlgma Delti
II i rff N'utttnfl and H<
? i.iiii.mx. . ,] R ?-.
Me ? I I !? r fl '
- ..? pul lohatiiploi ' ? i>
? . Harold il -
. > . . pul ??? "?! - -?
.. n l, ii, ??? V- Vi Hlfll"
> ... N4 i'h ., put ol 80 feel 11 ' lnehe? ?.
4 Hamn i ~ -,m- Hlarh
? i ii nf _?'? feet, '? Ii
Hudea ronken HU
* ! - i ? i. nf ti *
Hl| ?
24 tea '.
n ?. . apon hy B?
i'i. '? ?p . .4 ?!h u lunip nf .'i
i H. ? ? Harold Pln ? M - mrh
,. .';,<.,?
x , fllllp Tl* 'I ' I ; ?
M .? ? llll . ? I :? rn., "I
.? !?. r ?|. . -i. ii with 10 BN
.. . . 4 rfi i ?Bl 4 ., |
? esanl hHah ' n > .' -
Victors by Small Margin After
Hard Battle with Columbi.i.
Ih Bi thl* hem Penn Peb. 1 I
I 441. Hing m< ei 441th 1 '..
. ? 1 1,14.1 -i:-. her* thl aftei aoan bj
..... ? t., ? [_>| igh 44..11 on 1 n?
faila aad iwo declaiom Colti 1
.- *.*I! ? The -t^r 01
1; ndl* ton of ' 'olumMa H< 1 ? ? 1
Ihe 171 p" iad ind eat welgl
.1 ad a oa I a
'1 . Btimn
I .
? ?11.Ih Mllll . tirj'l '
1 ?' l.rhlal
i re b ia.1
2 nilnute
. . p ? i ? .. ?
?:-?....: . ? ;: l.ehifl
' ?
i," ,? . ? I'cn ? '
; ||( ? ? '-? n.
. ?. n ? ' .-> w..n
. S mln itef. t*nti a ]
M . \ .
, . .. ,,.,? r . -? lo ," '
Swamps N. Y. U. Team After
Eight Straiglit Defeats.
Weal Polnt v V . Feb ~ Al lasl the
baaketball team haa wen i game,
.,, \t \ Forli i nl*erslty
this afternoon b of 41 to 14, Bhow
? d* full .t> ,.m work snd
. ?.-,.' ,.. ii,,. rn trylns fof
.. igi The \'ioi.t tv.??
? i from ihi si. , i ,i nd itert r
I. |r,r.|,-,ii
.RMl i .\. , i m\ brsi. v
? ; '? Pds KlgP
8 1! er, rf 18 1
i - ,; - jf... ,. n ii
ft i i '.'. i. ...18 2
, | , k ei ne; . rt . o n |
Boi. , "i " I ' umtnlnta, \g i t .;
Ilobbl rf. o 4 I ?? t 'i. IS r. ft 9
How, ell, l| I 'i o
i..t-- ' 11 retal i M
Tl i< il.' of ? ? nt, mln
Gould and Huhn. Court Tennis
Star.-5. Show Poor Form.
, ,.i. iphla i . i. I 'ai Oould af
. ., rg h - ii ,hi. tha natlonal
. rhamplona ** <? ?'?
feate. I " ' '! ' ''
arlth Josh ia Cra .. r i ... ng, "f
Boston, ? ' ""*
Th. ?' s-i.4-s.s-a
.r :., .1 Huhn '? nti defeated C ene
and Pearini ln B
Hockcy Team Shuts Out Cornell
on Slush Covercd Icc.
Ithac K l ? P< ? " ' .'?''?''
,,i rornell here lo da b th.'
xr, o ,n R ki. rhlch ri - ?
,,,,? . , nl ol th. sl ish] condltlon
0- tha Ice mi.I.M,fi' n*? "" b '
I .,,, lumbia i di I-'" e na
.u-ong lhal a< -i" Mme araa lha rlsltora
gOal rn dS1 "<
r,? r:. minutea Ihe men icraiuble
on the Ice. nelthei ihle hsrli - tb.*??<><
tii!i. until Todd the Coiuml.ati
?., . . i do .i tbe i" for th* I ral i< ?
Bt ,-,, mlnutsa latei h. i peated the iri. I
8n,i foi ti" resl of lh< gsme thera ara i i
The acond ha I waa all Coraell a, an
had nol ao mt* ? ? Iu h cevi red tlu
Hunter'i rush roi tlu goal would hsve
made a nolnl for Cornell. Fleynolda
.,,. | .,, . . . it? ln the Brsl
, i .., i. .-. hall foi pu ihlns Dsy ovei
the embenl m nl vVsbb latei rei-el ?
head wound and tu.""'" V .,, -
...I,,,. oul Todd ws? essilj he atar o
thfl tUMTif ;.r,d tt UBfl ""'?' Wlth ' ? " >?-,"
b,ne3 .ffort, .,- .. lersl Cprnell then thsl
t,... ou.ild ' ' tuken rrom hlm
i (l. nn- np nd aummai | follou
KSST : .
i. u ? '
llarton '? u
, i."'.'
Bab ti
,;, il. r?dd . ; I"
,, - . ? . ??? rimer?K.
nell. Tlm. Hai ?? ot iwi "? m . '
-?-?- "
Maintains LOflg l.ead Almost
from Start. Helped (ireatly by
Ellt' Poor Shooting.
? -
Itha..-, >? v . Peb J Con sll took ?
f-nnp ir, intercollegiati bnah t m
thia sfte.b i" defsatlni Vah
4,,,.. t ot '" i" '?? *** ? fame arsfl ' 'or
ntH-? from tlu tlm* CspUln Halsted ahol
Ithe Bi I gosl Ooalfl b; Lunden snd
Bronn aoon roltewed, snd for thr re
maindei of th< aame Cornell malntelned
;, iead ol tei polnta
0n| it the beglm - ? ' ? -r<""'1
i,., ? did thi I eu t\\>- tak. ? ra e, b il
r. , thi thi ttt i' aoon poa arl ia I
fe . , ?,. netl i arhlrlirlnd attack. . ala
loal because ?f iha> ponr basket ahooting.
Both tsoma wt re ea.ua IIj fasl bul Tale
?eemed the more espert on covering.
Bmlth dtstlnauished himself bs sottlng
. n but ?ne "'' hia foui R...,i-. whll< Hal?
sted mtesad four.
Ths latter parl of ths second balf waa
.. -ked exc< ' '- and ? ibstl
tutiom .-ii both aklea Captain Halsted
Lunden the reteran rrom lasl i sa
n,:.. i,as |ual bsen phu ed on the t. sm
? dff tha honors o! the same
The summai - foBows:
,,MC pigP PdgHgl
I.,., i.r, >? ? ? j': ? ?*,. n !
n I. ft.. tlaon. rf. ? '
,;, ii.. ? ? ' Mmold. rf J ?
. ,, i n i? .... -.h ? . ? .
m :? dirg ?.Whee?. I ? ? ?
****** s ? ? yv .: .- 8 8 ?
?. 4 m\ rotali ... ? ? -'?
Rtteret - Thorp, rd ' "? ?" ; '"'?l:"
,;,,,,], of i nion
Cunningham Amends Sugges
tion for Lawn Tennis Rule.
Wllliam Cunningham who asastea aug.
,,? ..??. time sgo for a new rul?
uch dlscusaed foot fault
imended hia plan to tnake t more
,,,,,,. Ml , unnlnghamt hopoo to
hu .? thi matti i conaldored bi ihe Na*
' tional i... v-. ,i Tenlfl Assoctetloo nt ita
,,,. p| Ins t ir ? rn""1 li
The rule whlch h would have Bdopted
li fOllOW" , . , . ? ic
..'! PhuII Mark ? ahadow ine 11
: inche. bach of ' ? ? ?' ' '??? ?"d. \"; .
forward toa on oi behind, thia
? ien sen ng pteyara ma) bj mme i
ed bui they mual nol move
Soi-ward until ba|l la hit, otherwtoi root
' rsull vm'I he . ulled.
it thla i.ew rule I too draatlc to he
1 adoDK -I .'i once In the Unlted Btatea,
i ...,k ,, oul .,i tirsl sa a penalty atesaure.
\, . infringement "f I aae llne b;
.. ,,. flrat' fool fauH the servcr
, ,ta) or. rlbbon llne tmtil neat set.
Playera musl slao eleel to nse th" ribbon
| ...i.r,. al ..ii Utnoa." _
Baseball Problems for
Fans by Billy Evans
Written Espccially for The Tribune by the
American League Umpire.
ApLAl tbal daea nol nappefi *et*j oftea .;.me nn ln one o* the minoi leaguea
bj i ,,,- .,?,; ,.,? ,,\ A big Brgument * me of the teeata r-efused tu a*
cepl thi rullng of me umpire, ..n-i foi a tlm* thraatened ta forfeil thi
Bame. bul flnall ? rmxente I te flnlah under proteat Thi teoft wa*- rer* cleae at
the tlm* il.e team Bt bai I ? Ing ?<< run e- two behlnd The flrat battei ied a paaa, tba
nexl mai l foi a doubte, ao :i.at at leaal a run er t*a*o looked aure, arlth nobody
out Th.- next batter hll ? llnei !>..? b at th* pitcher, arbo*threw up Ium gloved band
than i nythlng eree. The i>:,ii carromed off the gb.ved han<-i
? ? ..ii? Btlghtl) cbecked, aad rolted Into cent < lletd, Jual graxlnf the
.-. or th. umpire, wbo waa Btanding bach ol lha pltchei at ihe nn,
e runn* ? ond .. n<t third acotad ratber eaally. but the batter, who
? reacfa ?. a - retired al that baa* oa a ratbei cleae play. There
V4.I-; ;i bt| kl* k from Uie tej.m :.t i-.it when the umpire orderad tne runnera who
had acored to return to m 11 nd and third, uhiie the battei who h;i.i i.ren retired
?l a* on '4 ia granted fl al i>a-e Th* t**an* --.t tba bat fai a time threatened to
leavi th* fleld, bul aa a big crowd waa In attendanee tba g.<tne 44,,s flti ihed aftei
;. protesi bad been tii"i **iii the umpire
The nexl battei hll toi ? ' . and ihe runnai al tblN araa retired al
i nexl batter hii lo 'hc abortatop and a doobla pia* reaulted, ratli
I ? rttboot a Blnce th t th* bai Ib th-- Inning loal the
s^me h] a ona rua margln thi managei 44...- fui <? ta al lha cleea ef 'he game,
1 ? <i tnr umplra rul* **ctlj!
Coi ghl 1811, bj ay. 0 Bva
Answer to Yesterday's Problem.
111 waget thai 1 ian ?najorltj oi tht fana who attanded tbe game irft th*
park bellclng the aome team had won, r ta l when in realltj the eoorfl ended
I te ? ln t ...r ..1 thf vialteta, ?_n - ? ataod before th* battei hu whal wa*
ed .- - triple, Irivtni a ei wnwt Appeared t.> i" n.e aon *<4.r4 two runa
lo 44in Tht talllng to touch ''n-.< baaa aaade a faree oui on whal ar
nea ed te bt - lh***"***-hoggei When ibe Rrat baaeaaai louched m-m baaa with
Mi. ball i" bata-man i? t? >i. . d lhal I .-r Thi ruk aa
. ? ? force .third out: heiH-e tbe tem raaa that arera ovai
"n fallur* of tt,, bai rnan lo loucl RrsX iaa
ih,. nrai baaeman * nl aboul tha pi? a quietl] thai fea not?ed him .m.i aaaa)
-iKi i...t >\.i -?? 1 devtare oaj( Un* (..'i i"ie m Un fotat-fBrlng d^ 1
lhal aai until >*. rr,??' the papera tnat ae?*aln| dld b* kooa thai the h?nie icaui
| , .1 l . ?, ,,... .Lll H I
Russia Alonc te Willing to
4Spcnd Government Money
on the AthletexS.
, Subsidy Defeated in the (ierman
Reichstaij. and Kngland Rc*
mains Apathetic.
i | I :. .. a 8?ft* <
London, Keb. l.? K ? '?*? ?
i ... i al th p.Id Ol mplc s.miei
da ?? and nothing bul gloom ia ta
1 h. vi. n an) ?ii' rt on th ild ol the u
i ollowing tb re* ei i unpropltloua ?*?
flnapli i aei bj Ihe B - ? ; the Qtr
1 m,.,, X, . ,,. h and the Ureeka era
mocklng al all appeela foi Olymptc fund*
; Even th* Potea an trit ini be* luae th
IGerman Reicbat?| won'i vott them a
: bankroll t.> plei wlfh.
And ni. i tn.* d* ath ol :-"-.i 8trat*
. | , ;,.i i -t mg up rumora tbal h<
;,i aubecrlbed meal <>f tiie fundi
i.i inaure Canada'a **ep"aaan_tlon bereto
r,. , ... 4 that i aniidlan ..thletr-, ma
. dlAcult) in Indlng anothei auch
. ? ;*> patroi
Thfl om rai ?f ,ir,P* "* ' found In the
' pervading f*loom :.- tbal il la bettei foi th
natlona to be peeved now than In IBH
it then thej aii **.iii im*-? gol o\'ei 11 and
om -i'i ee**ne foi a ard a 11
,,,,, I., of apli ndl i athletea an.i the
fundi i i -**:.' '?? ..... ? -
Berlin ll la -af. i . take lhal much le
! grabted
ini tnce tl '?' ? -" ?' rnmenl
grant In atd of Olymplc preparatlona la
l langulahlnf becaua* Cabinet mlntatera ara
?uapected of paaaIng Ihe buck lo one an?
other \ denutatlon from tha Co*mit*"Na
ilonal daa Bporta baa araltad upon Mr.
Doumergue, preaidenl of the Oaajndl of
. ,i foi Forelgn affalra, to ea*
Iti greal dlaappetntmant at the d*.
? n of hla departmeirl nol ta make th*
? ,,r fso.ooo toward the iei>r aeen tat ian
ance al the Olymplc game* pf i*i'?
Mr. Doumergue replled with exqolstta
dlplomac) that be is ln hearty Bympatb)
irtth thfl Comltd National and the work
ii haa indertaken He BXpreaaad hlmaBlf
illj , on. Inced of thr impartanca al
l the leaua, and he Uii4e the depUtaUOO 10
? -tand that his heart waa wrung by
- inabtllt] to im lude any aubatdj la
the eatJroate for forelgn affalra Buca a
granl doubtleaa would be forthceenlng, he
? ated, from the Mlniater ef the ln*
lerior, and 4\ojM ha\e hla hearty eup
poi t
Under fhe atlmulatlng In8?ance of thla
luggeetlon, tha deputatlon hurrlai to
bring the niatiei- to the attentlon of Mr.
Rene Renoult, Mlniater of the interiur.
WhO BOOn Bhowed that as 8 dlptemat he i.s
noi tur hohind his coHeagua
M. Uenoult fldmoflt enibraoed the dOPU
tatlon in his greal Jey at i-acatalng M
'and baatlly paeeed tt on lo another Cabi?
net . olleasu" Bbich a g-ant ahould, be
opined, b.. of tha utmoet importance to
the Wai Department, the training; of tne
army belng an eaaential >.f the acbeaae!
Therefore, with great heartlnaae, he ad*
, . 1 the ' omltl National to la] the
I ? of the matter before the alwa>a
enterpriaing atlniater for War, wha at
?...., dd grasp tha point that !f Krance
. ta be wortblly - "dctorioualy, too, b?
-.,. repn -ent. ,i nl Berlin In !9i*> the
comit*! must ha\e the sum aaked for.
With many crlea ->i "Vlva ia i-'ian-e-'
?nd "Vive hi RepubllQue!" the deputatlon
tired in an atmoepbere of entbuMaem
Bul the alwaya enterpriaing Mlniater
lor W;.i >rems to lack the .?:.4iii!- gra
of bumor, and .-.une apprr-henaion socms
to bare arleen that he wiii grlmly reaant
any attempl to plllage bla war cbeet on
behalf ?.f aueh a bolMay affair as the
Olymplc gamea Bchemea for an aerlal
Iraneport ara more in hi- im**. and
; ha has \isions of i cavalr* tnat ridea - b
'. io ida.
Ruaaia la taklng qutta a differenl rlew.
: ii co mcll of Mlnl -ter- a i !ab at, baa
approved tbe formatlon o( a spac?I board
f,,.- j orta the (inrtlona of whlch
1 includi "the d< * lelng -.f adentlBc mi tt?oda
; oi' phyatcal culture In ponformlty with
the Bpa-clal eondltlona <?f the country bi d
,ie..pie " That la a pretty tall order, t*on?
Ing tha ImmenMty of the Ruaaian
Kinpiic Hoareaer, tiie movemenl la io oa
bigi:if>ed with -i new Cabinet mhUatai at
Ita bea- and a ladBtatry *>f .-port. arhlch
44ill nm have tO KO around begRing foi
funda from other guveranaent aapart
Among Oarman athletea the rejectloa ln
tbe Reichetag of an imperial aubeady fw
tha Otymp- ganiaa (te ba hcid in the Oar?
man capital) is not reaarded as nnal
another rate la almead eertaln to be
taken. The majonty that vote.l down tin*
Bubaid) waa Lompeaad of an aggtamarav
I,,,n of warr*ng elementa in Oarman potl
Mea; i?naoqnantli it la not raarardad aa a i
impregnabte rnajority. its thraa **ein**tpal
[factlona uaually oppeeed to one another.
bul combinlng te aaaaa the rahand] ??
' the BociaI Caamecrata, the I'ole.-i and the
! KoniHii Catbolk *'.ntr.. Their ri*.*>pert:\e
|re_flanfl lor VOtJng ttgamst an imperial
aubabl] for th.* Oiympb gaaaea hav,- noib?
ing in ronimon.
I The Toles i onsider that I'oland BhOUM
, ,.< repreaented a? Bgnat?at; tbarefora thay
ara oppeeed ta boj government grant to
th* gamea let a pnrety Oarnian abjectlva
Uh.il tiie .iiJl.'Ollie Wlll l*e in I-'raiP e ;i;d
Bngbutd ni regard to Snaaclng the .*??
lectlon of candldataa and aaaidhig teair i
to *:oinpete at Perhn cannot be praobetad
ao nenfldantly In Bngfand tba moHt en*
ternri*ang aee tlon of Buppertera of Britlah
athletli ? im deapondent, in Mnaeejueaoe of
tha 1 Opeleaa full.ir-* of the appeal made to
the nation b> th- D.ke pf We<?tniinsiei.
i'i id Marahal Earl Robarta, the late
i.ohj Btratneona aad ettratra lo bigh
placea for u publkly Bubeciibed fund of
Makcs 8 Goals at Hockey While
Holding R. P. I. Scoreless.
r i i igrapB te Thi 1 rlbuaa ;
tA'.iiiaiiu to44n. Maaa Feb '?? Tba Wlll'
lams h-H-Key tiam 8 ? - I V4 h-*lined the H P,
I BOven here thla afternoon ou the W'e**
ton Ptetd r:nk by B a.-ore of < t.. ?> The
io was in arrati had **ondltion, and tne
i, unaraua balaa la tha Barfbaa m^.i.* goo.i
leani w... k ImpOB B?#8
The aumeaai: fetOaaai.
. 4 .v, P, ,!t|, || ? i ,0.
Rnaera .'I -. He_li
M< Nbm'- ? . P... MarWe
. nnklln.C P.. ? Markenile
? . Mlt. hrll
H . ? i'.
ind Hu ' ? M< I'nuaie
Ma,?i. jri.i Bra ...? c 44 .1 Bat,?,.
..,f.nr p. ,ro. , pi ifllleM L'mpl aa D*
i'll /.n mi. mi .n Wiltlama iim-i
-mn wiiitam* Ooali U|ttett? iSt < "nkin
M ' ', IU, ul ler
Naples Greets
Yankee Nines
v*j|>l-?. Ital... leb. 7.?The h?-ehall
pttton nt Ihe N-tv \ork ilub of lha. **?
ii?n .1 I 888888 "nd Ihe I hi. .f.i .-I.ih r?f
thr Airirri.'.n I rngw. arrl.ral here lo
rtnt from Bggpl BS bM-jrfl Iba ateam-hip
Prinr Meinri. h. anrl t.er. greelert h.art
ii, ha ii..- imni aaeatteg -rhsaa a"*.' tha
m.mliara <>f th. tmrrli ,n raBSUS*,
The, 44-ra- ??, . <,mpr?nl-s1 tr, thelr holel
wlll. a gr.nt .|i?|.lav <?' -nl I.,.?.?-?"
; Scratch Man Carrics Off
Honors ifl Race at the
Paulist Games.
Cnrl u Blthe of the ! en Foi h v th
ieti?. i lub, v4 ho raa scral dafoatad
I ,..?! rield in docBsUrs tt bkn* la Ihi
? .. ,.; ii ti ,,,,:? run a? lha Paulhn A
C. games, held al the 12th Rosdraeal *?
morj last slghi Hs was esa- ksd la I
minutea || ?,< onda
Baa**dMde .?i Central Ceeiarogatio sl A
. *., 4. ho afha attotted ?? handicap ot
rda tooi n a tead booh after pas I
the Irst i ao f j . longa and '' i
pao* Ha waa laadlag hy Bra . i da arhe i |
th. berfl raag oa me fin-.i Isp
I Walthor and bls clubaaato, O'Cono.
oul ' torHBe spsu l
Walthei paaaad hia elubasata >.
fifty . anls from the en.) caughl BJeardS
lej and won by Bve yarda O'Connor
., ed Boardsls: io the un \.u yards
Jamaa H. RaronhaB, of .st Clu-tetopher|
,\ i , thi 'iutk;. ll>er Who WOOra I j
i'i.ii"i national champtenshtp crowna raasli
? paoi ibowiag ln ihe aVyard daab froenl
-, rstch mark. Ha rtnished a bopoteaa iii*?t
in his h .il
HhI 11.'land nt tn- Xavtel A '? . an- J
.itira- toa-notcher, who Hhared tne btxck
rnark with the sbeaj routh, fated much
batter Ha roaehSd \he flnal heat and
u..s 1,0*-. ?i out rdl .onsolatlon prtss hy
Edwtn lonoa N Batera Croaeant A c
i> Pulltser, unattaehed. formerty ef the
Iheridan \ C, who has ths saraiarka ol
?a futiire itar, won from tbe l-fooi mai
a-asil;. Wllliam i: Itorterty, of the Bron*
Church Houae, uaa oecood, two yerrta
Th? ?ummsriea f'.iiow;
l.sse-yard run (handicap; closod lo C A
l, , Won bj F. ?' Kmllshn. Loughlln
Lyceum (tf yards); < haries W. Hllla
Loughlln Lyceum (91 yards), ?"?'?ond: .1
Itfand, Domlnican Lyceum ?***?yards), third
: I ime, 2*28 l-?"?
iss>ysrd run fheevj marchlng order;
i :osa.| t" 12th Begtment'?Won bj .1 Don*
ough, ? ompanj r: I-'rank Sohuer. I ,
j pan] i. second; M Brady, Compan) L,
: thlrd. Time. 1 il
(a-i-yard dssh (handicap. clossd to Cath
oll. Athletic Leaguesi Woi I I lai
nsn, Bt. .loj alua v C fll foi U: A Plnk
erton, Loughlln Lyceum 12 feet), aoeond;
l, J. Cahill Domlnican Lyceum iscral
I third. Time, I ?'???> flecondfl
, >?<?-? srd daab (handicap, t v L*.) \v on
I bi I) Poiltxer, liiiattached ll fe'V '
; lam E. Moriarty, Brona Church Houae (12
1 feel' aecond: Edwin Jonea Bauem Cres-I
cenl \. C. (4 feef. third. Tlaae, 18-i
I OlldB.
SO-yard daab; novlce: cloaed I ?
1 I'-'Kini^nt?Won.i.- Watter Freund, Com?
pany H; Jamea F Re.-n-rion. Company B
second; Momei Ooodmsn, Compan: K,
I thir.i Time, t:91 ' -I.
One-mile run; novlce -Won by Michsel
Ighea, Hudoon Oulld: Frank .1. Malons,
I unattaehed, <*econd Chsrlea E Gertea
1 ton, 'terke \ A . third Time, I S4
300-vard i.: handicap Won bj Wsl
I tor- Prennd. ( ompany il i 'v sraa) L.
(ioodman. Companj K (30 yarda), aoe?
ond; \ f..-...?;.\r r.a>.i Companj L iseratch),
I thlrd. Tlma S:3S !-?. .
Kicht lap retej .hatidi'.api?won oy
Knighta ot st. Antony A. A, (31 j
Ozanam A. A. (2S yards). aecond: Doinuu
i-4ii Lyceum (15 yards), third. Time. 2:?.
.("-...u-.i run (handicap)?Won bj t: t
Garlng, Loughlln Lyceum (10 yarda); V*.
Gougb, Knighta ol Bt. Antonj (scratch),
second; J F. MeKenna, Xaviei A. I (13
4-ards), thlrd. Time, v, esconds.
Throe-ouarter-mlle (handicap) Won by
Carl Walter, Kea fork A C. (ocratch)j
.1 F. O'Connor, New York A. C
yards), aecond; B Beardsley, Cenl i
Congregational B. H (SO yards), third.
Titne. 3:18.
Malf-mile run ..?Iiv-ed to 12th Re-fimenti
Won by Wllliam J. Mcauire, Companj
i .i yarda); O. Looitwood, Company f.
(scratch), aecond; Homer Goodman, Com?
pany K ''? yarda), third. Time, ?*:17 1 -3.
Two-mllc run (handicap)- Won by i.. R.
j Longfleld, New Tork A. C. (50 yarda)
George Caraon, Mobawk A. C. (78 yards),
second: John Bke, Irish-Amsrlcan A. C.
? ds?, third Tlma 9M t ?
Wesleyan Faculty Adopts Reg
ulation for New Oourse.
[By Teleg
Mlddletown, i !onn . Pob Keeling
that svery man should know how t?
.win,, the Wosle sn faculty has fast
adopted ? rcgulatlon makiag h cavraa la
Bwimming compulsory.
f'teesea ars i<? he .omlutt^ri dsilv b*
-piltr awimming Inetructoi ;.nd m
tendancc arlll be marked i.1- in the ra;'.:
1h* courssa ln ,;ie curriculum, r-r^.iit h->
n g, glven toward the Btudenta' dlplomas
for the time th-,;.s Ht.ent.
More than one-third of the men ln eoi
lef?a. are unable t.> flwlm, aceording t,. ...
fen^ns recentl) made among; tlie atudetit
body, and all theae In consequence v\iii i.e
obliged t" use tbe pool regularly e?oii
> Pitching Coach Will i^
Members of Staff t#
Hot Springs.
; Ebbets. Jr.. Says Shift of jtTk)
City Team to Brookiy,
"Might Be Good Idea."
Jl4-Bp aa
fi.? I'- sl club i the iruiUe- of ^^
Bg. Tom i'/ ?> ll leave h*,,
Thuraala' 44 ith *:?,? K>?tli'f arrrf. gr
M. II.. ? Th-* c- ? ,.;a R||y ^
Iwell. ? * '????' l'<?<ia> < rma ata) Ijaw
1 r (tei Bill Reyno .- .*?.;.. ,'
-"? Art., -rfa.
Iwn weeks ? iii ' ? h'Jilinsaa-,
rxcea tt ?*ht
Kra-.k . ha i< ? plai * iafla ju
Selex on Feh: .??; *g, ai.d Will %n tijgm.
to tlie tralnlni* , a:.,|, a' iluuaten,-aw
:i lti. men ha'e he. n o'<*.?:r\ (0 ,_
Ml March ' No'himj :-*- b-en ttatHyx
froea Holden, ih" oitnV'rif-. wri.j ?aa
go.ad Impiesfion ln tl.? short trlaj,,.
?. ii I of laal -*a*on.
John R Foflter, fleeretai of tha ?*?
York Gianta. ?ald >eat--rday that MaU*.
son. Teareau, Fr.imme '? tor ard la*.
gra.--. who ate rn* tn i"*al;foi nia, SSJai
Ig O'i' fOr . rn* rr] *alaxjM k
. orliTrg to Fontet all the r? *orni?aa
titrsr-i ? a e t M irlia, 1-4,
trouble !? eXp?ofeii .-, nrlrt ov#r a ^
lllty liWe a ' ?
Charlea M Bhbeta, jr d?<arH 3
iai that tha laeaa ? ???? inrj-rnatan,
League team had not rrart* an as**ShS*B?,i
aa >et for permiiflion to invade Rroekfci
Young Mr Kbbeta **a.? not mi'.ina ?
? p.-ak fr r th" Brookl- n - ib In thenuaa,
but ni hi? cspoeit) of re-rtdeat ?( t>
Newark club i" etaf'i tbal he "vngt
tli?> flhift ' mlghl be a - .
A rule llmttlng tha> - te a '\er
fo .t feel ln \-idth ?? ? ? i**gea8al -
Henrj 0 Pa- . :he umpire, at th? tt*
- meeting here to-morrow, aj,
nicana of preventlng th* mt?ntiotul bj>
The umpire also wanta taaj*n
?tringenl rule whtr-h ?1 : Weep the ssa
Ker or. tha honch and limll protttu'
rloM .aptaina.
The efltablishment of a th rd orjuufl
booahall dtth ln Chlcago ia ? q-jcsntr
vrhlch ui!! r reate no ni4 of g
terne:-., during the Joint meeting of t>
Nationi.l ani the Ameriean !*a|uw th
week. Kan Joht iaon ls aaid lo i'e;nlaw
<>f transferring the fct. Paul rlut. of a
Amerh ??? n iSSOl lagiOO
If the flhift is made tiv ? ib coaBl
used a? a bribe to buy o(T rharlert Waajt
man. of tlie Poderale, or a wearon-gatrl
lum, a.-'-orriin-- to the taa:? in ** ht< h ta*
?hape up Ther" is alao taft t
transferring Toledo to >ort'? whea
ran he used as ? counter attract'oafcl
Foderal LaafV8 t- atn
.Johti Heydler. se<-retai\ of the Nataw
LaagUC. locked up his office tn thtfl S
\a-.?n?-rd;.\ and *?ent to Ifarrtahurf. %m\t\
h? saanaged to 1 O.. ? nor TenergB
from the afTaira of Penns- .ania a*
eno |h to conault him on several maaa
..f baseball baportaaea
Kddie Lenoa on e ihird haseman efB
Superbaa and later with ll" ?'Jbi.i*
signa-d a contract wlth thr Pl \/**M\W
ThS ?nl membera of tv-? Bioot;*
team wl'o are -uil! unsicnfd a-e Hurtaa
r.agnier, R'.manach. tbe <\ihan -hortSJf
Joe llerbert. the pitcher. ar.d Ti*8r
Chartefl IT- Ebh?>ts said yesterdar ??
MTexM BrWha, whom he <apture,| durta|>
riasl, thl*OUgh tho West. had beej J
BOUIOStlSr" P.cese dnrtne th? wWr
Vccording to the preaident of th* *****??
|yaj club, UM 'ondllion of th# ratdr
j bS rr. pitika-r
Olub Match for Frenchie*
The r'r-li.h lvili'lOg ''I.i. ot A*?4*V'
-aill hold a club ma'-h nn W?dna?h.*
Pasbruary 11, at * o'clock r m. at*
Hot-I 4.;regonan.
Jules I'eroud will J'.Jdse. and trtjplla
madalS and nhhon* t-.HI he siv?a al*
I |aa*ea The in.itrli 1a ->pe', to ev?l7 **
with a Frenchia1 fo ahow
Herd Defeats Duncan on Ul**
Xice, Feb. " -ln ' ae\enty-taalP
,-xhihttion mat. h. which ended tod8'
Ma>\arder li-rd. the former BritiahaPJ
q,-lf . hampion. d-ieated Geo ?? i>ttB***?
:.the- K-igHr-h playe wtm bn\4t?
French champlonahlp. i.y 4 tipandi**
play. _ <r
College Football Coach
Now "Chained" to Bend
( nnlinnrd froan Hral page.
the ball tiiunt be put in Blay on the ?>?
'ard line frOBB *?-imitiage formation after
B tou.-hha.k ln other word**. the ttrnt
bick from this *jolnt. whlrh has mme mt.>
disu.se, is eUmbaated. Tbta aaaaa waa
taken te attntttif) the eada, as the rule
on tbe aiibje^-t ,...\et.d ah?>ut B pai*e ;, nd
a half and was cumbrrsotne and laiu-!>
New Penalty on Forward Paaa.
The mtentional giounding of ? forward
pans. af Whlch BBOOh has heen written p.;id
?poken. .-annot he done in fttture Wll
the lost. of ten 4ard? from the puiiu
44 here the hall was pul in play. tn-l. r
tiie rules la-t year the mtentional group..-'
ing of the ba'l. Whleh ?*nt aa an BBCOUI
pleted forward paaa. oftentbaea ara li i
a handahtp and nul?aad a *****ed detaaai >
play in for. int; back the man with lha
ball. lt 4*as felt that < re-lit Bhauld
Kiien 44heie iiedn <*4i d'i'*. and **OSUBi
queatly the pu> whlch Prtcbanrd, the
Arnn Quartarback, u?ed to ijueb sood pur*
po-e on aevatal onaaiona in the Nav/
Kamn was barred.
a panalty of rt\e >ai<i5 wa- bnpea i
88?1881 tne >i.le Whlch Baa B ph'.'ei out of
liound* When the ball ? snapp.-d, whi'.et"
clear on an.' a_"ueaa for ? wrong toter
p-etatiyn Kule VII, BflCtlaBI L 4*.asamend
ttd by iutt.n>c out the WOfd 'tik. V., r4
to make it fioanpillaai7 f'?r tne team :>?- |
the loaa to knk off if me other *l.le
electa to dafand *aa aaa at tba aiber.
\ codlncatflon coaamittaa ta ceafer artth
.tn.I 888?( Ualtei ''.imp. BflJItOf ol the
i ,tle- w $a appolnted aa fatloa B
Ijingford. Trimti. w. N SfSS ? rr
sylvanta, and Nathan A. Tufiv Vrott
The . a/ntr.,1 L'ar.l of oflV la.* ****
[...: iteri as follo-vs: Dr lai. - * R*1**
chalrman; \Salter Camp, ' *>' **q
Parke H. Davts. T K, Hall. I*****
ii., ighton, li ?; <''1i"' ?"'- ''r0'**
Aiuii-.o A Siagg. t
A t-ommitteeon offlcialaa!v. ??? n"'
| the make-up being the sanie ?? tll"v,
the . odltie*tion commlttee.
All tne BMaabera of th? resulai to***
rutes SBSBlllliS arare in atundaaai
; tollotaa:
F. K Hall. Dartmo 0 *
hut. lluveiford: PtajtMttB ' * J "
Oberlln; ln llsny 1- v\ imam-s *1-,**'~
ta. . I\de \\'iinam- lowa Har is <? ?
1 I nivorelt- of the s-.tith. Lleuteosst w
VVeai Polnt. Wslter '*'"??? ??*
IVr.. '
s iitan. wreot Polat; WaHer " aaan
i'ai I Williams. I'l nn8j .aalS
llaughton. Ilarvard ? l**,Jl J- -
? Kav.l Aradem; P '? H 1'?N,', ' ?J
! ton; Profeaaor A. N ??* i-?. ' bkagh
j .'ai'lam .1 W. 1 '"'". Ljaf
S-vcral ofhVlale. ln. idli C ?*'? ?
ford. Trinlt... ind N 1 ru<t* 3
were rallei Into tl" t.,.-etii>6 al Ihe". ^
I ing session t,. . .-.re.-s their *'** .0
| mnni **C*nia ahich ran,? up t** ***"
?" ?.rar?a?
K. K Hai;. chalrmaa at tbs ? ^
i admitted fhat man. sugseet-0 -.
[eSBSaSBM l^ani.3 .-.. the f." ***** ^
, leaaenlng the value ?t tha (1. Id ?*^ ^
other inoot.d .|u>-mona ??*??*- m*"Laj*
...?-i,l. .e.l. hi., that ,t v?aa **nv?^g\
| to go Into deta'. . aa ihe member*
!-.l.ole -*ere m fav..- of giwng ***0
more oi le>.. of a real <"'" ? f'\-ajia>
the COde nn? in fui-e ?.*>*' '""^(d
aatiafa. t?ry and that the %*?*?
proflt h' a llttle BB0T8 -e'UI*?S'

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