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| 0( . ? |4* ? I3H hr Thr ~- b-J-4? .? I.r, ?' - '
1 Wlll V- 24,358.
I mr I" rl?? ?i?H *? timriorr
morirralr ..r?l 44inH?
? B
\an H'k Ifr.*- t it 1 nnd II, V,n.-a
T?l>l/I/ avi' . .I- V.|. IndlTOf Nr?wT.."4. V">?rk..l^r.r .
I llll li OM'i ( ?'.> I 11 -I lllll Kl l?***lxl
starts tfcorganizing Sub
sistencc and Coinmis
s,ir> Dcpartmcnts.
Iccttsed Ofhcial Saya He;
Has Nc\cr Taken Cen.
and SceKs \ indication.
(hairma" NN? S*-*P*,"-*S ( hicf
Clerl- S'.iplcy and 1 eta
Colonel WllfOi 00.
IN '
? " lha Canal Zor,
~ ?- >'c ? ? ?
>#r . . Bf ar Colonel
' '
. , - r the* oa ieai
* lepartment,
rom dul ?' '
i v, ??>. Bon, chial
iment. st hi* oxx -i re- j
, ,, ? i be j
... ' '' ' ' I -
?nd aa a rea
. | - :xrr?? Bfa
., ? ? -
? vifoi
bring the f
ln tnBOUD. mg
t of the di
road*. By 1 - d of the |
?j ii s ternn ns
rnent, ae**j*res
? -<i_ cf (i
I -*ixe him eirr. i>p- !
h ? Iniwcenee in the |
' ? ' .X
Hflrabiirr d |5 **??? 9 -
*? OOO and n St Co.,
..???.. to hia cri l
Bi ' ment and the j
?rer*! iraced ir>'
* ' hen Informed '
? r ?
? t- . . .- ||r- |
Mli -,
r rv.er the !
er man tn
I am innor''nt.
np .ii the |
1 ( - , r n1an ,nal
Bt r-menta,
rigbt here I haxe
'' ' ' -*??.? in nv
b and . aa
' - * ?r",r,r,*>il f. ?
?1 Wilson \
e Of Ih** ir
? tin many p'ir- '
iretruta - d iraa
? e
: ? e ?? \*. \ fl.
ke that he ha.l |
..io ? after a
d ba i - ?
I if tho Lnro*
OM and of bOW
ie be * - ' ? i ? ?
i . ?'*-??. Canada
I ef u - ..'.? iti ii .
?- . ,
I .'.i tl.lril |..._r. ... .iii.l . oliinin
This Mornintfs News.
X.OCAX.. Pgflflfl
? , ? rakei l
K '? |tl i
? | ? g | fl] . . 2
aiori roll.? I'llI? . 3
I ' !
irewatl . S
Bllehi I
"Ba ln .... ? 5
xfi . ! ? tei? s
I 4 ,. ' ' |: '? ai. ?
? .. . 14
-*-_-_Bg aafl 14
(.) ni:rai
' - 2
. . 4
rorci i
. .6
. 7
' - 9. JO Bt 11
* ' *'?" IS
N * 11
' *? 13
iBhnd BOJ BefiBI Arts Coursc
at Unnersitv
w ? ? nd boj
i ? v\ ??
? ; un.;.. - ?
ird he
t he will
\n ? iihI It'J
^ ? a .n
? i ,*t m,i i ? ilde,
Sir Erncst Shackkton Also Says
Statcd Amount Is Incorrect.
?' <s ? ? nr.t Shackle
that thr Btatemen
hor-play wrlght. I
had K ti <:.'(a?<i m help equip n
ii unti
?f-. -.-ilvr v rotlf."
;-neat to d J M ,; ;"
? r . .,nt th? (icin..! --.. - 'ii- amount
... rhe | ??- 'ii' 'i 1
tnr..lr- thr txpedil $175.
? -? but ! am n..t ? io mata
? of the do
Marconi Expcriment May Bc the
Forcrunncr of Power for l .igbt
inc and Hettiag Houses.
? ir a- -? -> ' I
Londoi . Feb. 10. R 111 om Marconi ?
l ' lampi by |
? . diitam e of alx milea Tne|
buib of a ?? ' attached to h f re*
, ,. . onn. ted n turn wlth a |
., ?.-. ^ the oth r
iper meni a tranam
* up with 1"" horte- j
>.. the power waa api lled the
?way waa lifhted nnd
| ftltght aa !*?*"??*? aa the *X
exper n ent >? '.
may be the rorerunnu
of the uae '?f ** ? ;"r *;!l'"
ing end heatlng houaei j
"Al preaenl ' the inventor aa d
terdty, ' tbe Bral -an ??< to puah on j
i ..rn now
arly at < nlng a dlav
- n isage. whii h ie n i
valuabla than ?pectacular
9na | i have '"? en
? ??- ?' ? ?' d ? lear
? | lou mil< - ng ordlnai
. md --ir apparatui vei
... The dinV
tt V Ith the tranemitter, arh! ii
;)Il.r n. ar.is tWO mr-n tOj
carrj lt."
Zahn's Skull Fractured as Car
Plunged Into Fence.
,\ runawa a ito ca ised ex< itement
ly tfter 8 o'i !"? k laal nlfht on
crdam avei ajtween 59th an.l
?i Murraj seventeen, of N'r'- H5
53d atreel an-i Charlea Zahn,
ty-four, of N'o, 562 West Mth,
the car. Whan Mur?
ray, who wai '?? | aw m tha
hlgh speed ,r< make th? IncMne at 61st
lear broke.
Tbe car aigxagged through the
endangerlng the livei
? n. women and chlldren. At ..>9th
nged o tl ? Iron fence of
l.. v, lti CUnton I. gh - hool. Tbe two
men were flung <
Martin BarUci i ? ? hauflfe ir for Peter
* \ 5ifl weal 48th straet,
motor it ii. i rushed the
men to the PolycHnlc HoopltaL Later
wera tskrti to the Koos<-\<-:t Hos-I
? ?
Murray'a head waa cul >-o badly it
?..' fourieen ititche* Zahn'a skuii
Stands Guard as Lookout and
Gives Alarm on Whistle.
Detectives Say.
a pretty and faahlenablj dreaaed
.oiing woman ll l-ehexed to be the ton
federaie of burglara WbO hava- bMfl
iis man) bomea ln the faahtonable
I Artlngton avei ?< tion of Brooklyn.
in many ca* d< taetlves ha^e
learaed a m aterluus young woman
xttra* tivi alwi i dreeaed lai
| nd v\ th b< i featurts i ari j
i. ?.. it .
d a?? ' !OOK.' It
?? a .1 tught nrai tlu
I beth \'. I.' igh
ton, ot No. ii-' Cleveland atreet, which
robbed tl al n.Khi while Mra,
.4? ia-i ber daughter oiaia were
tltlni I- v . r\ an.l CUlitN to the
, , ? |500 ? " but \ eluable
I -.id la< as were ??. ???. .....ki .i.
itdnlght Mi*. I-. Rhton'a
' banker,
, <j...ii, nol i. r-.i that bla
- iii'imitiai. i. ||..
- ??! vn.-i.- ou)
, .i ? i ? pn miaea i-. m. -???
ttgats a ?bl ? ?. ? "i'i'..
,..,,?.. ... thi won thoughi
. , . .,,.,, i ,ii door
i he won ' ? !" tlUaeoualy.
licut. II. B. Post Reached
Attitude of 12,120 Feet in
Hydro Acroplanc.
Ritflit Wing of Flying Boal
( rwmbles as \\iator ls
Makiniz Drscent.
gan Dlego ' ;-' Feb. 9 Lii utena nl
Heni B, Poal i f he IbI *ero ('orp?.
onaidrred one of Ihe mo*?l akllful
i ? ed Statea ;>rm- itora, p unged
',, hii deal ii ni Ban 11 ego Ba* to d
when the right wing of l -.,-..,
I ? i ne ?' umpled lk< a n eggi k Pt
died after eatabl shing an Am* rlcai a
le re* ord of i- 120 ter, \\.- ??
- ? ;. ? mn Bhallo** a ?
?4 ta d< -'"1 a Ik n Francia W Ildn
reai hed ihe b< i ne ln a i
fl y i n sr
Poal lefl the "-Torth laland hangara
*. 50 o ten after ha* Ing declared
ntenl >n to breab *the Ameri* an al- j
titude record for hydro-aeropl
Within an hour he had attalned aj
heighl of I-.120 feel, the barograph
shoa ng thia figiire when recovered
from ' wre kage.
\ x..-... Qf -. idi ipirali 44 Ba a fea
? i if ihe deai ent, the mi pear
perfe* 1 control, When
within Bix hundred feet ot the aratei
the plan* waa aeen to collapae, then
rareen. The nexl inatanl the unfori
pilol xx;is hurled from hia Bea
nnd th? marhine plunged downward i
like b bul let.
Posl fell Into five feel r,r water, the
wrct-ked crafl dlaappearlng from aighl j
feel distant.
Captain A rthur 8. i 'ot *?
tiie lal ' 'orps, .i lared the ma< hine
x Ii, Pi x re
?ponslble for the fatal accldenl
]?? iti g Burvived by his widow and
? \4 ho ' ame here onlj re* ent*
-.i him from their home In
lon 1 ong laland, xx here his
mother alao lirea, and a brother, V. '/.. \
I ? the novellat. His father d ed
two n*eel i 3^'.
The body will h* eenl to Waahington
for burial ln Arlington National Came*
ttrj ?
Henry B. Pr<*' waa i*orn in >?ew Tork
i .; on jnne 13, IS? He **ac appolnted
? - - the ?Id h fantr;
on- Kel Reeeatl he x?-as !
->d io thfl *x lation corpa, m,n on |
December II at f D to aacended la an
acroplanc to .?' helahi "f 10.800 feel He\
of ex-Goxernor I'c-t o' ;
T'orlu R '"
The death of Lfeutenant Poal la th? SSM !
in the hlatory *-f ax-iMion and the ainth
i January 1. Tbe death carries the
ajltj l-st in the i nlte_ Btatea army !
io fourteea. Thi aai oltli ? r te meet hia j
death waa I?tuteaanl Elllngton a-ho
killed I . ? rall at Ban Dlego on Sovem ]
ber -t
Neighbor. as Well as Man Wife
Accused. Wounded by Husband.
Cittorlo Plgholettl, fifty-two jrean
oid. a tfai estate dealer, who livea at
So. 634 Park avenue, an.i Joaeph
Krambr, an eighty ? aeren - year - old
lailor, of No I'J ^tagK atreet, Brook?
lyn, ar<* dxing m Williamaburg rfo
nci Both were ahol bj Mlchael de
Briaco, of No 12 Btagg Btreet.
Mra. .1" Briaco mei lv-rt.4-.i--i11 in the
ballW-O "f her hom? a fc\x e\enin{-<;
ago, amJ ?he told her huaband aft* r*
4..; id tbal h<* had inaulted her. I ?e
Bi * o in- ;ted Pigholettl to i lail him,
end waited with a revolver. When
PigholettJ antered Da Briaco Brad
Twu bulletfl lodged In hia breaal and
another craahed through tha apa*-m<>rit
partition _nd bil Kramer In th* back
ijt tha iifad.
Oa BrtBco aa* apad, bul bla wlfa waa
takea to tba Btagg Btreet Btatlon.
Believes Attack Sequel to Arrest
of Her Annoyer on Sunday.
\x luh' returalng t.. th-* Lying-in Hoa*
i anl at 1711* atreet and Bacond avenue
|Ri 10 O'clock lunday night. Miss Mary
Mek*a_r, an ?>mpio>r*. waa Inaulted, ahe
f-Hxa. b: * man. Her scrpams attract
ril ;i poliC**a_an, Who took the man t'i
Ihe nisht court. The ptisoner. xx ho
ta.\e hifl name- BB MU-hael Gai nor. of
! No 401 Baal 16th atraet, xvas Bned $1<\
| ?nd. not having the monox, ?n$ sont
| tn the Wo""__o_ree.
Whal Miaa Ifekidy bellevea to ba ?
seiin"! to th** Affair cama last niKht
when Bha wenl to i druc store -,t ;?::*>.
*.-,.,,, tha corner of 17th atreei and
Second avenue ahe waa ael upon by
thie.- young '"? n, i ho hrai and kl
her .ilnl knocked ber down. Bt
men 'an lo her aaalatance, but th.
? I-,,).;.i .-ii ! hrough Btuj i eaanl
Red Top. at Aiken. Occupied by
Arthur Iselin, Damaged.
i. fl-tA -' ? ?
x, * -? H*eb. t. nn Hunne
44 ,-n - ? er home, Red Ta
x\ i,!i e i: deal
h- f,., ti Tba Ba mea trere >i -
Ared aboul noon In v-.e cellai Uoal of
tbe ,. -??* done bj Bieoka
grtti ,i laella waa cccui _ '
: -, ia
Artliur Gwynnr aud Brooklyn
Oirl in Runaway Match.
\ I t r. . ... ...' ' ll ? l ?
Arthur ? ln ?? ni night
1 ihat ? hc < a- mo ??' lati ?> bram
i Qwynm nho waa . brolhc
Mrs. Con nderh elopcd ?? Ith
; Mlsa Ann i tU gin i Keni ?
Ph la
Kenna, of N'o '.'''?' |:- rgen atreet,
Brookl] n
The two a*er< marrled b* i |usi i
| cf the pea n I ? ' ' They |.lan
t.i h;.\ e a ? hur h ? --; ',|f
.. .., . hun h. Stei ling Pla. t and
i BMon ?<? enui M< ann hile, Mi i
i ;v, nn ii going I ? ? ontln le io ii\r
.ian nti ind G* rho la
? ? .r,,i old. ??? Ill k< ?
i, ichelor i I No. 904 Bergcn
? . , ? | :? ...
fhe marrlagi
ourtship It wa neral
? i thal Ml Bergen ? ... i "f
unuaua si rtlst'i modi
4\ ould '?? ed Riii ecII ?lalr, Qwyni
. hum, ? lair made i he fatal error of
preaenting Gws'nne lo lh< young wom
b n. Gwj nn. 'v ? hum t aa .i c.I
gh iporl t.. go a ih I n on ie
. ? nn nt.
Rescucd by Fircmcn Who
Smash Down Locked Door.
Mrs. Margaret Schottei Hghl ean
. .] ?? ii ?,-i\r'd from nuffocation 11 >t
nlghl when dr men amashed open a
.; door and i arrli <i her don n **
fl fhta st No. -,"> Warren ati et.
The flra was ln a llve 'iip-*
nexl door. it atsrted on the thlrd floor
m the pap* i fllled i torei oom ol i r
!. .i ? ks Trick and No elt; i 'omi u
ning build
and Mrs. Schotter, who has llved
? rai top flooi. '? aned ou! of
i ii-- \. Indow ? slling for help.
.', ir :? 'i (.. gain the atreet, but
f.vin-1 ihe fronl <i""'- locked. She man
t'> t rgaln h?r .4; artment, wh ro
a\\e 44 a*- found.
Laurer.ce Dtrr, Thought Eagaged
to Mrs. Van Burcn. Takcs
Boston Bride.
?---' TtRt 1
Greenwlch. Conn.. Feb. ?.?The an
nouncement to-da* thal "Laurence Darr,
of Greenwlcu, gnd tftea .Oerolnfr, ol
Boston. had been marrled pn February
5 by the Rt ? H. W. Warren cau* I
. rpriae here. where Mr. Darr ia
a well known nember of th- In llan
Harbor Tachl *??><??*?' and ona of its
bouse commlttee,
it was supposed by hia most Inti
mi(- fti-nd* that h*- nas -ngaged '?*
Mra. Marj ?'. > an Buren, of Sound
Hca-. h. Soma even thought thr mar
rlage announeemenl was nothlng bul
? . ruel \oUe upon th-> popular clubman
--. n - J motorlst.
Inquii ? Boon proved, bowever, that
i,;,, -j noa on hia honej moon.
When .11 1. \ c-'tt Buren'a rt dei -
was ealled up bj telephone a man who
gaid be was Mn Van Buren'a so?
aaid Mrs, van Buren '"f^o off ber ?'?
-ragemenl wlth Darr of hi r own ac
cord lasl July.
[.mr la ths son of thr. late Georgs
w . Darr, snd ??a-; aaaoclated with bls
father In ih* brokerage busini 1
New Vuri. City. He flgured In 1 vo
?ensational midnigbt automoblle a* ? l
dentt one In 1 Ireenn k h and ona. on hia
^a here from New Tork, a few years
ago when hia father was rear commo?
dore of the : achl el
dead~eagTe in mails
Postmaster Can't Deliver It or
Keep It Under Law.
Bj i alefl ... : . ' ?
s> ra< use, N v , Peb. !?. -John J.
Keael, poetmaater, is awaltlng word
from tbe Postmaster 'ienoral aa to tha
dlepositlon of ? <iea.d black Ameriean
eagls senl from Washington t.> a Byra*
.-?> woman by parcel poat Here ar?
some of the conditions that confront
the postmaater:
Firat, it la li'^gai to kill an aagle;
aeeond, Ram<-- blrda cannot !?*? sent
through maila; thir.i II cannot be de
livered: fourtb. the Health Depaitme
will nol allow II tr. bs i.ept at iho 1
Offlcs flfth, ihe dead ietter offlcs wlll
not take It
Ex-Patients Give Dr. B. T. Tilton.
Surgeon, a l.oving Cup ?St.
Marks to Have Anncx.
The man who atands over yo.ir heip
lesa form wlth polaed knitfl ls net nec
eaaaril) your anemy. Indeed, be may
become :-our hero.
Sij.h is the oplnlon of t**.o hundred
discharged patients who tesidarod a
dlnm 1 laal alght, al Lal yatte Hall. to
i>r. Benjamln T. Tilton. surgeon in
hlef al st. MarKK' Hoapltal Bei
j there were three hundred other ad*
, mlrers of the doetor's tbere.
I' irlng the e\cmnK a lo\ mg CUP wjs
Ipraoented to Dr. Tilton bj bls former
patients Al th< same tlma announci
''ii.it v.ira inr.d" that .'?" annaa t" Bl
? Ifark's le ? ??*?" H3O.O0O, would bt Luilt
.11 >? ?..mi ..? ? nn..
Amoi 1 ? ssent * vn Justli ?
1. . ta ? Hartman, Joaeph Barendeee,
i ommiaaloner of 1 ducal en, an-1 Dr
Solomon Neumann.
I-r. TUtOfl 1'iinirr i-.i'.en'* ..1* and
.ii'* .. ,i*.ei\ like well nun.
BRADY'S $25,000
Judge Beardslcy Swcars He
Turtied It Over to "Chicf"
in $1,000 Bills.
Admits Hr Didn't Get Rcccipt for!
Noacy bul/cr Shuniied "R^ss
Irok ll. Tliat's All."
>i i.'harlea F. Murpl of Tam- ;
i' "? .?" Anthon: X.
I Bi ad* 1 mone: l] il B llllam -'
. .,,,1 -,.. .... ti |d : ? iterday un- '
,1,1 oath foi th* Bral time bj former
j ige B "I. ? 1 A Beardale: in tii John
Dee grafl Inquir: . Judg B<
! the Dem 1 ratl ' ' " ' '':: '
?:. er, tried to deli* ei
ihr- mone to Bul ser. Bul ^?>' "r: '
1, in he had better gl* e il to Murph.,
-,, b****| .1 le* 1 d 'io hai ded II lo Mur- j
phy In rlenomlnatlona of al. gol 1
receipl for II and nevei -?*" agaln
1 Beardaley iaid lhal Bradj, lual b
I fore ha dled told him thal he h-"\
..' , , ini utiona, and one
, . ...... to him. ('? ."?'*:;'"
Siil/.rr in the Im
peaehm ? ti !. bul waa nol permll -
>i-,i to tell thf* Btory r"i the atand
?]?],. a,.,- isai ona made Jual b*t 01 *
[the 1 John A. Hen
tl ai xi 11 ih* ioo* 'i 8 money
! 44 ithoul gi"* ing a re* eh l for ll and j
[withoul reporting ll goaded Murph:
. admltting publicl) that he gol lt,
j i.iit ? returned II to Bradj a Ithoul even
MriR ii." Brady v. *s o.*.iri when
Murph* offered thla exptanatlon.
Beardslev Balka on Stand.
j Reardsley tooli the Btand yeeterda:
.. |t*. | -. . man 11 0 didn'l know
..i,,., 4 ix. fotng to happen. *?** ?*?on
ns hr* waa iworn ha demanded an ex
planation nt to thi i'i|,'tf,i,n*'. Then
\ Bietanl Diatrlct Attorney Clark
began ?r> Queation him about handing
thi money to Murphy tha witneaa sald
hla teatimony waa prtrlli ged, nnd re
*-. ied '" anawer.
Diatrlcl Utorney Whltman JumpOd
;i), ajtto told Beardal* that ha could
nol clalm prtvllege. Tbe witneaa b?
gun,to egplaia haw he cama to ro t0
MutfJhy, boi Be didn't "inf xxliat he
bald to go into lha r-rord.
"Tou're 11 ider oath, Judge Boarda
le- .'? iaid Whltman.
? 1 demand a rullng from the court **n
['iiiiB." crl* .1 the wltn* tn.
I chlef Magiatrate McAdoo dtrected
(Beardaley to anawer n|i*-*lin,1s or n\tn
' f0 before the -rand Jury. ThlngB xx*?nt
; smoothly after that.
Tha . ontnbijtioii. Beardaley Bald, waa
j fmrn Mr. Rrad", thr* tra.-ti.-n man. fl**
an Indlvldual and x*.a<> for Bulxer to uae
'as ha aaw Bt. After writlng to Bulaer
llhat he WOUld send Iii** 125,000 to Al
Ibany Beardaley Bald Bulser call d him
on thr- telephono from Alhaay ?nd told
' ii tn to *'lx', it 1? Mtin-hv.
Beardale] then aaid ha went to ifur
' phy'a home and gave him the money.
"Dld you aver boo tha money a-tain.'
: aaked Mr. Clark.
"Not to my knoa !*>d8?."
"Why o*o * ou ouallfy your anawer l_|
tl ? ..ay?"
??| ni^an I do noi retnember aeelnr* itj
agaln - of cour.?e. it la poeeibl. som? otl
the bllla mlght ha\e paaaed througnl
m: banda withoul m* knowladga**? j
? T'o you mean you didn't keep a rec?
ni-.i ..f thi numbera ou the bllla ?"'
t ? Tha t'i It."
Says Murphy Took thfl Monfly.
Beardalej Bald be never diacuaaed
'tiie contrtbutlon xxuh "Phll" Donohue,
ei of the county organltatlon, or
4\ith Arthur McLean, itati campalgn
Did Mr. Bradj kaow thal Sulier
told you to glva the 136.000 to Mr
m irphyl**
? IU .Ild."
"Dld ho exer tell x(..,j that thr* money
? atn-i bau k tO him ? '
Ha told ma thal 125,000 of hi** con.
| trlbutlona xxas returned. He didn't sa\
I lt xxas tha on* tliat aenl to Murphy."
what .va? tba converaatlon you iiad
v.ith Mr. Murphy?" .-^'?d Magl-rtrata
; McAdOO,
? i told blm i bad baen aaked by Mr,
' - ter tj glva blm thia money. He ac
v-e.ite-1 ll. tliat was all."
? A rery si ort conxTsation." re
! marked the magiatrate.
? Yer;," the- xxltnees rcp::r-_ dril ,
l' rrict Attorney Whltman was
j askea whether he Intended tu call i
L'harlc* K. Murphy ui wew of BtNU
Biey'a t< Btlmony.
I jiefer n"1 to say |uat 0* 4,' ho
Not "Fuhing," Saya McAdoo.
m ,-. ? ? - ' icAdop, al th* ?: of
tba g, aaid ha id read in the
publlc prlnta inat the grauR Inveatlga
tton bad developed Into a "ftahlng ex
? Bl
"Nothing i-oulil be fjttl.ei from the
I truth." he said. "Tha fJtcia swom to
lrfo:e me in the iniormation W-Urtmnt*
i ...l ii..* taking of aii the taetimon*
| whlch la noxx on tha rc enl. The cas*
' of Mr Eteardakry to-day n exar-ti; la
Tha maglatrata -d.d peraona v.ho
wera aggt I ' anythlng whlch ba
ttflflj to go eo the i*e*cord imc
' Btnple meana of redreaa ;ti th.* lo-irta
Ied 'v laa
i | ill h? alad to haxfl any witneaa
axail hunsfif of that means of re
loiitiiiuf.l aa tetoot paga, flrfll lolunia.
Janiaica Policeman in Perilous
Crash in I ront of Train
When Team Bolts.
Polici ii ii i H. M of the
jam i pi nt. better khoa n as
"Mile-a-Mlntite Murphy" i ? ?f *
daring rlds h ral yeara ago
behind a Long Island Raiiroad train,
bad a narrou ? ? -' night whlle
. . ing the pntrol ** agon horsea,
?|*i,.. hoifea >?r'% new an.l aa there waa
work for th ?m esterdaj Murphy
decided to take them for a drlve On
Smith al reel thi j boltcd.
As Ihej ' roaacd Jami 11 a* enue
,,, ed hiti ing a ? ouple of trolley
weni toward the i.ong
laland Raiiroad lra<
Murphy, Btrainlng wlth all his mlght
upon thi relns, waa unable to check
the frightened animal -, bul did l ie
ceed ln keeping thera ln the middls of
the road. Bul as ths team neared the
raiiroad tracka he waa borrlfled to see
the gatemen lowering the gatee.
,\t. the top of hia vo.ce he yelled for
the gates to be lefl up until b? had
aot over. But the gatemen did not
bear, and down the t-ata-s weni.
Murphy heard a train approechtng.
He was eonsHlering the advisability o."
aieering it"" a free and taking the
, ham e of belng Injured to saVe efaeh
i nto the raiiroad gdtes and poea
belng killi d.
Before be coukl declde the horsea ha'i
plunged Into the ca1'' i.
a train '.*? about one hundred feet
KWa; and comlng sl express apeed.
Murpbj murmured a prayer, ""re the
n-xt ?<??? ond would be his last
The horsea, However, never ildekened
thelr speed. Craahlng through the
-rate*, they galloped actrosa ths tracka,
They were iroaahlng down the second
gates, whlch were also lowered on tho
other side ur the tracka, when ths e*>
pre**i ,ia=heri by. Murphy fell the wlnd
of ibe treln as II whtaed bj,
Two and a haif milea further the
horsea weni before Murphy, weak as ?<?
kltten am! wlth beada of peraplratlon
?ll o rV hia fa. e was able to stop
t hera
Operation on Late Mayor's
Daughter Not Necessary.
B l ? tgr i '" ' rtbaaa.1
LoS Ant;'le*, Keb. 9 Mrs. P.a'ph lf.
rabam, formerly Mlas Martoo, Oa
rhter of New rork's late Mayor
ami s bride of a few days, wlll nol
ha- e lo undargo an operation for ap
pondicltla. Dr. Carl Kurts, ln charge
of the caae at the CeJlfornla Hosp
where Mra. laham wai taken , ?
-ai'i to-daj thal he could see noth?
lng dangerous la her conditlon and thal
lf ahe showed the sams Improvement
for r week thal *he did to-day sbe
could leavs ths hoapltal.
Mr raham immedlatelj retlred on
hearinif thla to g??t ins Brat wink of
?'rrp in <la> a.
Show Girl and Her Clium Ihen
Have Him Arrested and Now
Me'll Work for City.
ih" Hlppodrome **ho-v giria ars bartng
rovengs a lha al tt --> They
are ha-ilng them arreetsd sbpo, snd It la
raported to ?' bad inch to go before
Magiatrate Houae, ln the Klghl Court,
, tl, two con !??? - i ** ' I against
o ..
Mo,, . b tei bera. a. Jewa alei nan,
, . | ? ? ? ? i . | ?
to the 1
ror thi
,fttr -: ' es snd M Mat
. . lotiea
b and f
aii ia i - ihed up ti ild Etten
' , rylng.l ? Tbjy harl rsai
bia atti ? I Mii Orlmes haii be
laiore.i hlm -*ith ber Bllver laesh I i|
? ? berg thought."
, rj rtght .nm tha arms of ihe
patroh ll
Haih-iat. held tha horas witb
,-in.l "
hxth avenw ? -
. ... ....
aueei ? ?
> |, atrang. v -"
not bear of II ' tbj >urt reperte"
reata>n him to IL
"Hall Can Never Win" Un?
der Him. He Said, After
I ast Election.
Kucv Mitchel Would Win.
HcTold National Dcmo
cratic Cluh Head.
Opitlion Divided as to Whether
l.ctter Will Hurt Of Help
right on Chieff.
ested yeaterds In the - ? ''
,. Ietter wrltten bi Richard Croker,
former boas of Tammany Hall, to the
late John Fox, onetlme president ef lha
N'ational Democratic < lub.
in bls latter Mr. Croker, spcaklag M
the electlon, satd the reault was not a
surprise tr. hlm. Hei expreaeed t*-*-*
orn'ir.n that Charlea P. Murphy h-*d
been a blg handli ap to Md "all and thal
und* r his leoderohlp Tammany Hall
could nerer win. He hoped Ihat some
aood man would "dh-re all them **raft
t- contractora - out."
The lnt**rest vran RrOt 9b mu h bei
- nf any aSeet ft mtght hare upom
;ho eflfort tn OTerthrOW M'trphy a* ln
44 im waa reaponalble for Its pubV
tion. It was not?rl that tii" puM
tion, whlch -v-n Brat ln "The XvenLng
rnal" r.f wllliam Randoiph Hearst,
'?ani-a nt the time *\h?n tJo,'. rnor Glynn
and Wllliam P. MeCoBihi '? Mre ea*s?
ferrlng arlth Preaident WUaon in ".Tash
ington nn the Pemorratic ?lt>iation lit
this sta*e.
May Be Reminder to Murphy.
It had been report*d that either Mr.
McCombs or Governor Glynn might get
? ., ?ndorr-em-nt nf "4Va*-h1n*rfnn ai th^
candldate for the Cnltad state*. benate
tMs fall. Mr. Hearft I a<* for *om? time
been worklng to are* thia hnnor fnr.
himself. and aom*. tdwilU Uut tm>j
puhticatton of Croker"* attack apM
Murphy wai .-i aentie hlat tn the boeaj
that he had Hettpr n?t ?ort"*ef. tn-j
H"arr-.t ambltlona.
Juetlee Bdward P. OT>wyer, rr'"?'.
ttenl of the Natlonal DsenoertatJe CItSb.1
who Is fight*n-- Murphy's leaderahlp*I
tiprsssstl the Ides that tha. Croker lee-1
tor would *fiva impetua to tha antl-,
Murphy motement The oplnlon PWr*?l
alent in ro'itt.-ai drelea, bowever, *mbm\
that lt would have llttle effect. -.
Croker's influence in the i*-?*ai organUj
?ation had long aln.'e pagatd away. It <
\s^?4 polnted out al-an that a alm^n-purej j
reformer eould not uno ihe f?->t that:
Croker waa BgatMt Mnrrhv U an .*??
-Tument for the defeat of the latter.
Letter of the Former Boas.
The letter waa wrltten by Sroker to
former Benator Po* aoon after the laat
alection. Foa, who died on Januar: l*\
apent ciuch ot his tima? at the Natlonal
Democratic Cl ib, snd it waa ths o| r
lon nf lome yeaterday thal persons in
that erganlaation were reeponeible for
the publlcatkm. A pbotographic t-5
prodi '-tion of 'he letter v <?? prteu I
and Phomaa P Bmlth, Becretary ot
Tammany Hall, who poeeibljr Is aa tu
mllUr ss any one wlth the wrlttng ot
ihe ealled chlef, mld there was
... . ...
in full;
"November 18, 1913.
? Giencairn, Bandyford, Count* Dul
m Dea. I ? "?"??'
lalnce 1 bat a hi ard from you.
laat AtiH'ti'an papers we --..l IX
thia oveniiifC "?eie <?< loiier '_*?-?. Th'S-e
the 9. W b?4 11, ao we s-ut ao pa?
pers telllng at ot the resulta of tbe
"Some one senl me The Trlbune
poor Mi- hael 111
deatb. i cannol tell you how i '
?orry I waa, Ne sr baard u until thi
iterds . i .j i n rerj ?
n.,'j?. t? ft The Naw fork Ttnae l
Sovember 2. i understaad there v.ia
-a, -.?-. naaty artlele appeared la It
agaiiisi me I wl h you would aend m*
paper over to me, as I *->ant \<> > f
I ii Ubelloua,
? Be suro and aend me the newspaper
oi November '-'. Ttmee.' if this artl
, le- ;s whal 1 atn toM then | ui ui4> *?
er very soon.
??Tire reault af ths election did nol
?urpriee me, as I fell sure that Mitchel
wi'iiid havo a very large majoi ty.
Murpl | waa ;* '"'K bandicap on M ?
"Tbe Hr,ii wlll never ?in unii II ir
? i| aent,
'1 !i"| ?? >"iii?. ''onil ui .-tn wlll ?'-t m
apd .ii,,.' all thi tn .. r. -
i truat th-4 1 you are enjoy?
ng g< i ? th, Al| our old ii Leuds
^ . mm and lt
makca mii t> i -aa.i. .\it?.. |}owman
n k.i wlahee for ? "jr t*..0'l
b, Cordtally > o-org,
Tom Bmlth telephooed t<> Murphy al
? ,-.i the letter ta
hlm. He expreaeed Intereat, but oniy
Ij.igli'.l wi.. n n k'-'l :t : ? ? rnaka;
?iliilll- nf.
' ? I Pox'i a ill aii tx
"i ? ui pr*-- at the pul ?
.4i r Mr". John P. Ol'ri'ii. John J.
) . uaa and Bugene I* Bualit. Mra,

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