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Murphy Swings the Axe and
Head of Johnny Evers Falls
"Hank" ODay Named to
Lead the Chicago Cubs,
and Fans Marvcl.
l'ricc ol Quarier o( a Million Put
on Mistoric . aih;ro of Morklc
lo rouck Secoad.
aai i"""
_| irphy,
iger ol
??? irphy
' "
x, ?
? . ? .
I to the iiaxcr h* Bigned twe
, ar. .-ne n* manager and
eai term
b that ? I ?
.i pia; ? r. H< takea the i
? ' '':n,ls
i Murpl for fout
? he ma)
? ?
?x Well In
I .
.... n for i
bla ea lai -? ' : ,,">
I xx'U
?i arlll never pli '? ?y t
waa the atai
' he araa
il the rlght 'dope' on
' ' '
M .' phy
? .I'i out ol ?
'?' BJ I I
| ?
?i ihe Chicago i Itj aei lea. In up
i ire ? ?
,. aerles, Muri Evera that
ayer aa Helnle (
an of the .
"Why, ..
Murphy li
"We're in the Game to
Stick," Says President of
the Federal League.
mon eatdent of tl
r,ai , ? - hman and
\\ ? u '?>'? ? Iker, 'hc backera of the
Chii - ? ? and Bdward Hanlon, chlef
oi. ?-? r of the 1 e outlawa mei In
erbocker Ho?
tel yeaterday.
M oil re H thal they dld not
a to Ne* ?'?' to be hare
a the leadera of < i
? Idi
ng to
Thi atorj
quit ua if h<
? ?? . ? u* | x . lation franchlae
go ia ;. i roi av'h:
In'l qull us for all the money ln
the mlnl Would you, Cl
Mi xx. egl man, a 81 im ar. -.hook
. ,.,,,| .,, a ,|, i ..,.,) ii, ,, i .. nai 44 ith :
\\e don't want ai taaocti tlon team for
Mr. < lllmore ' ' hir
, .
11 . ra k?4 of
? ball. Of thea ' ' ?
... the American !
Our | arlll be pooled In
teama "f i
?i'i ? .4 ? have Bolacted j
change tl i ?rn noi j
whether or nol we will
. into N'-xx x orh oi Broohlj n next .
Ohalmers, Tyler and Roy Mlller
Are Signed.
?-.??, Matloeal l.?as;ue pUayerel
I fi..m tha I'.diriiln yestetday
a\ 44 im appeara to he ln
M I ' iptte the faet that he
I . d Boy Mlller.
- .n arlth the Pl
Of tho Intema
. . raa i ppeaaa* lo
i.,4.. Jumpad lothe BtrJtinore fmta
Oeoi gi T) ]>?-. wh* I ta bi en -ttrttag
? iie eutlawa Blgncd a th thi Boaton
,, , ..... Ihalnaara, aai l i
holdout came to laaaaa aith laa_bger
. , . . i .
y Wilberl Hol.;n-oti,
. .-. Hanh 0*Day, Charlie
aga ur* a all aboul
? the BTaldorf yeaterday,
44H? little trade ta.k h. i"e. n
xV ? ?
Qilbert, thr form<- atai aeaoe.?
ad the Nexv York Hl.int-. wa,**
. iiotfi looking ror * Joe <m man
!n aay laagua al all, he ll aver ae
? ? ...).? I.. .1 thal Baa John
? . 4m*
]., H>. . .le' l.ne.l he
- r.
,, ?_ | ? ... ether amplia x\..*.
Depoaed igei of the Chicago Cuba
Tribune Worse
Than the Feds.
? Ihr Mew-T_-_l Trihunr i- >. <>r?r thiin
the rederai i < .tatu-*." aaM Jehaag meete,
i hr <ir|.o?.<*<i _aa_agef ef tba * abe, yeeter
**|fa maria < Mra Bn-K*. 'Jwnp.' aad eut
in * him... iti* think hi'-- t lt<- l?-l hiimcir
1.1.4 < nrl ix.rii-l in llir ...ntitrj. I d.in't
..... B*-*W ihr * har-*- fmi- 8*8 g??g <"
nn uIoiik 44 iI bon* llim."
"C?1*8 BftggS iv Ihr .l.uiill... of nl! thf
hti-rhiill f-dl-flwers "Hl '"ir **a..." ?ald
( hariif H'?*gbf8Ma.s <>f Ibe awaera of
the (hi.a... i .-it*. "He wBI ?aTaaw Kew
Vurk a Iei* tiiiiiK-.
"HriKK- Ni Ibe one l>f>l hrl in Ihr ?port
_a Hurld." 44?a thr ? "nimrn: ..f "I hiil.l).
Charlle" Murphy, ewaer of t he Cuba,
reported to haxe sald
Bvera offered lo bel II 000 thal h.Id
beal Zlmmerman in a race around the
;,?... s. bul the own* i ' ' the club ref i
to takf the arag*
i' ii ing the di-1 ii ?lon a flnan al ?? alue
waa put foi ' time on tl
. ?. ae* ond ba i i
. ? yo ? ? ' ? ? oaing th<
? \x. anau red Kvei a, "I've llgured
out that n to ? | ?n Merkle In ;r-"*.
ma.l'- 4oi |usl aboul 900.000."
"gornethlng llke that." Murphy ad- i
mlttad, accordlng to ibe player.
Brooklyn Club May Try to
Land /Man Who Made
Troy Kamous.
ISays. However. Thal Hc Will Not
Play on Any Team Under
Marphy'i Cot-trol.
! "1 don't ramamnet that ' >"i ever *r?-x?
me ?n.o.nc ror tl ai
i peating -i'i* ? onveraal on ' '
1 Murph) Bald, 'Well I ? - ted you,
? i? "
Mon ??" e rewe. i " ? ' '
Murph* aaked I ei ? ?
,. | to qult ?? man ig* i Tha P '
..? . lhal he
I not eontli ua i ma U ' " :,K,,ln
.,...-.-. peace wai declared Tha
,.4.t move came from Bvera. n<* tok
? Murphy that hr won 4 not eontlnue un
. ...,?? " ? ' Hr '' '
?Ired ."i agreemenl by arl.1* h he ?
... . | ? . - Bhed, In ordei '??
i iitsf the owi ? n? ot releaali z
? >,. nevei I ? pl?
? Thla waa atlll beli g debaU so that
Kvara aras eurpriaed, H ched. yei
I terdaj to hear of hla removal.
He dld noi learn it from Murphy, but
(from .'.-mc Oaffney, preaidenl of tbe
n Bravea, who cama oui of tbe l-a.
tlonal Laeagua meeUng early and told the
! p|Aya.r tha* Murphy had announced to the
other ownera lhal hla manager had r*>
Pd nnd that he xvnntcd to take Hai.k
O'Daj from the ata? of umplrea Th's
\ pprmlsoion waa grant ed.
Murphy would not dlaeuaa tbe futnra
lot the depoeed manager laal tmrbt tt"
aaid thal hr- thought an older man 44
maJt( a better leader Bvera would con
... , r| ae* ..nd bame, he aaid.
All Borta of rnmors xv. r. Btarted b
,x ,,t the reUremenl of Bvera. Cha
H j ata held a long nfer* with
the player, bul refuaed to aay whethei
. | there waa a chance of hia be 1 1
1 brought tn Broohli n
I..,-.-- i. maelf dld nol eara to Bai mucn
aDoH, hll Plana He admltted thal -
had talked thinga o er with 1-v.Wa
league agenta bul that no terma had
over been offered to him bj th* m.
?rhc Katlonal l-eague owne - werumuch
nettled by whal they termed Murphy et
lack of tad ln breaklng x4i.i1 Bvera at
this paiiicular time.
Evera Jolned the 1 uba li ?*. and mmm
proved himaelf one of the headlesl of scc
? ? ,as, ,,,,.? He eucceeded franh
rhanca aa manager of the team Juat after
'"- * r*^
Hank O'Day, the nr44 manager of tne
. atarted hla baaeball llfe aa a piteh
nd fmaiiy beeame an umpire. and a
.ni In 1-15 he Bucceeded Clarg
arlfflth aa iiianager of the Clncinnatl
Reda nnd landed thi team ln fourth pia -
after lt had Btarted with a ruafa which
promiaed batter thinga Ha guti at tha
of tne yaar. and onea mora tooh up
hla 4xo-k as an umpire in the National
Giants Get 'July Fourtli
as Their Holiday Plum
XI ? Satic a l-aeagui mei a1 the Wat- |
.. ? - esi ??''."'. ti d s i laylng
achedule fer llll 1 ?? i< i ao opens on
I H and the rlr.nl came wlll be
played on October 7. Nr-w v..-k j-ets
fourt. en Bi I and Inde
11 th< Phi
? an equal numbei ol Bat
? Ivea Bdemoi lal 1 'a> a
????.,. ta, in addi
tiim tn the others whlch Charlea ll Eb*
h> t- v.
f Boston fan i I I eai of the Eastern
? ;r thirteen Batui threi
holldayi Moal of t;,<- pluma, bowever,
fall t . ths IVesI tl - ear. ["hus, < Mil
i will have fourteen Bundayi .even
Baturdaya and taro holldays, Pittsburgh
dinws flfteei Baturdaya ;m<i three hoii
11 and Bl Laoula fare
at rm well.
Brooklyn wlll have a home openlng to
I atari Its aeaaon, and the Superhas wiii
entertain Ihe Boston Braves on Aprll ? '.
-. and it. Thi Olanta wlll play eighl
gamea befori thej aea ihe Polo Orounda
for the flral tlmi After meeting the
r. llllea on Aprll ''. 15, ll and 17, thej will
?top "ff "n thelr way home i nd plaj four
gami a wlth nr' r< ivi nated B .;?? i baa
There are only four condlctlng i
ell of n hich <"'? if ln Chlcago, thesi
ir g Maj i" nn'l O, ?,": I an<- Bsptem
bei U.
? .;,?' the preaenl achedule ''?'?"?"? milea
? '.. Ilatance trai ?
Internatlonal League Meeting
to Go Over a Day.
Tha Internatlonal i-*-an-ue mr-t ln
nd da- aaeeloo ai ihe H'.te; Vlctorls
yeeterday, bul apparently did not acoom
,. Kreat doal, foi .Imiies ?.' BaiTOW,
the preaident, said that the deUberatloni
wonld prohahly extend over tO-mOTTOW.
a commlttee, contrtfltlng ol ?' ?' Bt.
of Mriffalo; J.?hn ininn. of Bnltimnre. and
Edward <? Barrow, was appointed to gp
!. r.the Natlonal and tmeri an leaguea
and ths Natlonal ? ommteeloa to ask ihat
tbe drafl bs abollehed in so f,.r as il af
'. ti tne laternatlonal League
Th. queatlon of traneferrina Jersi ?
t,, Brooklyn i? Btill hangring tire.
University Club and 12th Regl?
ment Nines to Cla&h.
Ths hoeshaH teama ,,f tha. Unlverattj
Club ..nd tha '-'ih Reglment, membera at
ihe Winter League, wlll oetebrats Ua
..dn s Birthday to-morrow l>> playlng a
? at Fifth A\enue Pnik
Samson Has No Light Task.
Chicagpo, I"''1, '" lf t'."1' Bameen, the
ai ii. f- ats Btanislawa Ebyasko Ib
ih- Ir wreetltag match h< re oa Pebruai i
Ig Wii.iik Qroteh arill rmerge from retln
menl and ? ? maoe Ir an elfoi l to
k.ep the WOrM'S < ha lUpiOnshlp r
Ua. This was announced to-daj bj Bmll
K.ank, tlotch s manager
I bj the cluba laal year. Ths mileage ol
. , Manon will bs ss ' ? mri Nea fork,
. Kl; Brooklyn, 1.8*1 Bostoi . I I !
la |? g, Pittsburgh, IS-Md: Cincin
10.718, and St Ln -
? -
\ general committes waa appointed to
,?e(.| wlth the repreBentatlvea of the
?, .. ,,, l.e.-iK'ie I.. dlscusa "legal af
probably meant the Peds Bl
Later, arhen Ban Johnson, president of
Ihe Ameriean League, arrived In town he
I ti .. hia organlsation would not go
Into |olnl - rlth the National
.,,,_??, to dii ? ' - outlan - or an] -
ll! E*bbets hroughl up the question of
.... , ,. _, di | into Brooklyn, bul ths
ndeflnltely deferred. lt
was annoui.d that the National League
could nol allow tha Jersej City cluh to
play In Brooklyn without the conaent of
.: .- a.rican Leag u
owm i pn seni al tha meeting
nere James E. Oalfney, J C Toole and
Her man Nlckerson, of Boaton; Charlea
Ebbeta, Bdward and Btephen W, Mc
Keever, of Brooklyn; Chariea W. Murphy
and Harrj leher, of Chlcago; H. N,
Hempstsad, C J Bulllvan and John P.
Koater, of Neai york: W 9 Baker, of
ind Mr and Mra B P.
Rrltton, of BL laoula
rhe umpires spproved were Eraelie, AI.
lohnson focmerly ..t ihe
Three i I/eague Rlgler Klean and Qulg
j. w. Trimbte Pays $13,500'
for Mainleaf at Horse Ictle
Leitngton, Kj r*el "? M i ! ?
B three <.?- oM ti " i I atalllon broughl
high ft-..* al th* ..?"?'i.i i ???
, . ? he naa i
w Ti-riul le, nf afo inl gterlli i '?' '"'
Ma ? laaf waa ona -' Ihe lea Bg P?i
formera la tha l " ? . ' whiU '
two-yaar-oM, and hla formei 01
jamea fi Magowan. of Kenl icky,
aij aeveral offera for tha atall ??"
. . i forelgn goi en
! Francis Ouimol Makes Plans for
His lifttioi o! the (iolf
I Inkl \hroad.
Boaton. reh 18 ' i l? Oulmet t("
' hampion
. .n April M ' ' fland.
\ open chai plot ' "" "'"
1 be a* ? I hi Arthur 0 Lo* ka.I
Iformertj of We**ton iuper Mere. Bngli
wbo baa baen In thla eon.a
. 's and b raaked among thi ?? ?
L'pon raaehlng M*?*-i*g*ael. Oidiael and
I-ckwood wlll vlall lha nearbj Unka of
Hoylaki and then lourne* ?'" fo
the ."""i': ol ':' -;' nn. arrtvlna eariy in
II, ... , .. i, where the amateur
.,: wlll be pl
Their Bta: tb* ? ' "' ' ' ' ' m* m :'
be briaf. '>'.'
',... the champloi ahlp tou "rhlch
|.rKi*n?*on May 18, the) eapccl to be J*
1.4 .1 D Travera of LTpper Montclalr, the
American amateur champion; Prederlck
Herr-hoff, or New Tork, nnd Helnrich
p.-hmidt. of Worceater, Maaa
Will Submit to X-Ray Examina
tion. However. To-day- Sees
Some of Mis \ riends.
Home. luly, feb. io-An Improvement
had Uken place to-day In the condltlon
of Charlea A. Comlahey, preaidenl of the
Chicago club of the American Uagua -vho
waa t.-.krn ni whlle travelling yeaterday
; from Naplea to Bome
k,, Wgg ., ;,. ?,, r* ? rel rtaltora
[Thomaa Nelaon Page, United Itatea Am*
waa among thoae who Inqulred
f after the Btate of hla health
,\ oonaulUUon on Mr Comlakey*B eon
i dition was held to-!a* between nr. John
i.dxxard .lone*.. American Conaul Oeneral
? Qenoa, and l-*rofeaaor GMuaappa l-as
? . elll, a leading Etoman *rpec_Uet,
\ moal rigoroua e__ml*-atJ?n, **aTpaclally
of the cheal and abdomen, 44.1s mada, and
tba Bpeciallat declared that all Mr.
Bkey*fl organa ware ln eaceilent con?
dltlon, eseapl I area a auapl ilon
of the exiatence of stomach troubie. and
II ijraa therefora agraad to aubjed Ihe
nt tn an X .??'?? * on
Wedneada] at noon
Declarcs American League Is
not Worrying About Federals.
Bu Johiwon, preaidenl of tha American
i^aarue arrived In Neu rork laal nlghl
ard wenl to th" Hotel Biltmora
I organtxa.tion aill begln ita meeting Ibia
Mr. Johnaon aa d thal th* ? -n ?
| League would 1 ol ta loto I* Inl aeaaion
?with Um National I-eauiua, aa haa baen re
ported. He alao de* li red thal he could
t m no nacesatty <??: appolnting a "war
Icommittee" to acl erith a body whlch thr
National Le-agua baa cho*a**n
i ? We are nol al all worrled by the P*ed.
! arala, ' declared the caar of the .merican
League "The National Commlaalon can
??...,, to an] buaineaa whlch offacta both
? he National L* ??
in all probablliti the meeting arlll be aa
harmonlou 1 aa 1
| The plan toeatabllah an American Aeao.
[ciation team In Chicago Beema tr, bave
Ifallen through. Mr. Johnaon declared that
[ he waa not ln favor of it. noi could I
. ,i for openlng up ?* aahli . l
'< iinr..it and 1 leveland for a 1 1 rd Icagu >
' ms haa been auggeat* d.
The requeat of lha Internatlonal L_*ague
to bave Ita playera made Immune from
draft will receive acanl conalderatlon.
"There'a nol a chance of that golng
through." aaid Mi Johnaon; "the urafl ;.s
inu-ot t.mt factor In prganlaed baae?
ball ana cannot 1 4 p* naed with."
? a
Another Raid by Outlaws.
Chicago, Peb. 10. Eighl addltlona to
the ranka of tbe RVderal l-eague playera
wera ann_*ui??ed to day by Joa Tinker,
managei ol Ihe Chicago club of the naw
i> ag ,p.
No rwmea ware glven, bul II waa oi.
f.rrv<*<l by the manager that two wen big
ii.it; ie pia; ara and tl 1 remalnlng el_ xccre
from tne Ani'-ri'.1 ?: Aaavociat
Commission Rulcs Against
Unnecessary Introtluc
tions at Bouts.
'Suggestion to Curtail Number of
Tcn-Round Contcsts Tabled
at the Meeting.
111- htata Uhlstli CommlaadoB tooh an
other step in ihe righl dlrectlen al the
regular meeting at Ita oftiiea yeetei
afternoon, when II paaecd a ruls prohlblt.
the ii.t baaera othi ? than
? i and ?? fld) to
, ;, boul Prom tb< r m. i il
ng w.-is conducted undei the 'm*m
il ,,?? plan until tlu preeent time the
, ? ,,..r, h;.-. been bored bj thi
prooeseton of h..?,or<<, arell known and
I othenrlea who wtehed to bs Introduced
i from the rlng and. IncidSBtnlly, to "<h;il
ienK<- ti-.- arinner."
Thrs haa been contlnued In the fa.e <>f
loudly voioed protest on the part of thoes
who pald t" wltnesa the boxing matchea
Mei lettera of complatnl hava been re
,.i4..<i by ths Btate Athletic Commlsalo
. ,!,, ided to ski tha action whlch
m :M ba wei ? . the fana
This rule flrtll go Into effect Immedi
and Cl arlea X Hnrve:. thr escn ?
r.-ir'. sr-nt oul a notlce to tha tnanagsra
nf all the i lubfl.
The flUggestlOB made to the < OfnmlastOfl
that fhe number of ten-round bouts be
curtalled was left over for another meet
| ira*. ir was Btflted, however, that an flf
i fort would bs made tO have the cluh
Imanaj-ers meet and c.rsider the, plan
An.ther rullng was pas*<ed makim< it
! nfc-sar f"i a>.y boxer makinar a COm*
! plalnt agalnal s club to produce a con
ri.t BhOWlng thal he had actually beer.
, > rrxrifieal fr, |..,_, TOO mUCh time, it was
tald, had been waeted irvinp to decids
questions whlch wen foi tha most part
| or va racltj
Jach Reed preferred chargea aj-ainsr
tha Ryan \. C, of Byraeues Hs broughl
-. |.iplalnt that his contract
i ealled f"i 25 per cenl of ths groaa re
md that 181 is aUll owed to him.
The club declared, hoaraver, fhat Reed
I agreed to boa for 131-1 per cent of the
; i|.r| reeelptS, and thal he had been deak
i arith Bocodlng to contract
Bob dtzalmmena waa te have prsted ri
bond of |250 to seeure the i ?sr of ths
letion hs ts about to hrins- agalnat the
'commtseion for refueing to ailow him t..
boa In thla state, bul faile.i t" make his
arance. His lawyer said that he did
nol knon whers tbe treckled warrior waa
. r what hn araa .toinx
The Emplra Athletic Cl lb has released
\.i Wolgaet, former lightweight champion
..f the world, from h.is iigreetnent to box
Johnny Dundee on Pebruary 17 sjrolgaal
is inat.'lrel to boi arlth Wlllls Klt.-hie In
Milwaukee, and rather than interfere arith
his chance to regaln his champlonahlp
trtle the M,Mahon brothers ealled his
match wlth Dundee off.
Tommy Maloney wlll cross glovea with
"BulP Anderson at the Vanderbilt A. C
John Kennv, a promlnent Kngiish turf
I man, yeeteraay cabled from iaomion to
Cleorge McDonald, manager of "Young"
joe Fox, the Brltiah bantam, that b?
'would guarantee a side bet of $j>,i'f>o. foi
I tWSnty-round bout >ln T.onclon between
Joe Fox and Johnn> < 'oulon. the Amen
r itleholder.
Blay Fast but Erratic on Both
Sides?Swihart a Star.
N.w Haven. feb. ">? Vale dereated lae
hiKh hera to-nlghl at besketball hy a
Bcora of 87 to U ln a game marked by
fast but rather- erratic play ar.d frequent
Tale'a guardlng waa cloea and the vis
ir.rrs Bcored only two Held a*oals. Neither
team ahowed good team work Bx-Cap
taln Swihart was bach ln tlie line-up, tak
Ing the piacs of Dgve Dunn, at guard.
His det)enalve pla] was strong and he
acoi e,i three of the Tt le goala
'. \'.K LaEHIGH
l-'le I c : Fdc y\t V
RUckpele, lf . 4 ft s; \\hue..,a|.i I If I " I
Oleen, lf . l ft I Price, rf........ 1 I u
:. rt. 3 f> - Klrkpatrlck, c. ?*> *? *?
ii" rr 8 0 0 rrichton, e.8 ft <<
Smlthicapti, e i % ?. Berg, ig.I ft ft
rt, ic 3 0 ? ? ? ar, ls.8 ft 0
Wheeler, Ig 0 8 8 'ir?rn. rg.0 0 0
, rg.... 8 8 8
3 17 Totals . 2 I 13
Ftefen... i i . ., a, .', lumbta,
Boy Scouts in Swimming Meet.
The ?wlmmera "f Troop So, -i. wlth a
count of 18 polnta, v4..n the team trophy
in the open meel for lha Brooklyn mem
ol tha Bo* Bcouta of America, under
ths dlrei tlOn of "Ths Brookl* n Dalli
Kagle at ths I'" rth avenue public
baths lasl nieht
Aboul sixty boya t""k part ln the ?
whlch were Intereatlng, and keenlj con*
? ?
Miijhty Drive
with Golf Ball
-,??i baa toot reechsd ttds atty af a
tetrtmrnobtt nn.- aaads al lha i--.ru BMgs
a.M.ntM ?lMb. ne,r *********** B ... bj
K-.tr-rt .r..l!s . B mother of .l.-k.*.
nf Nev,ark. .
,?. i eager, mi, nasmed -me ge?
ZZ ?? on Ibe e..,e of th. P- T*****
ki,--. ?i'i.i. waa frasefl ->ver.
x _?ife- ?a. atallsaai *>"** Ifcsasaad
,?r.i. from IM teelng Hera. ?"*? ?" ?''?
J.,,,,, -rtteanpl Ibs .| '.'<?'"?
,,.??. ata to*** totoot *** m"rU ln
?,?,, ,.n?.-. IN dflff '-* ?* * ?*?
|.0'!'i .i-ird".
Requcst of English Chal
lengers Not Likely To
Be Granted.
i The Britlsh challenaers for ?
national polo Ctt| ' ?
tha dates nam-d by 'be Amerhraea for
, me matchea Correepondeace frwi
1 Hurllngham olllclata and u.rd l
st i-.f-e,, waa reported ou la-' ' gi '
innual meeting of 'he Polo Kaooi ?.
,,.|d ,, the Kea lorti Ra iui
,, it Wai reporu
j engllahmen wanl '
: Tueeda* flnd Baturday. .lun- I wid I
vt t|,e ? loes "t ths meeting H. u H"
. . me chali-mnit Btatad tlm' the
Amerteaaa Intended to niond bj the dau
orlglnally aaaied Toaaday snd sat
flaj Jone I and 11 He did not bel.eve
thal lt would hr possible to get thS, dc
frndlng team moulded into playlng fortr.
until that time. There was a poasbi.itv
that B chama would be ,-onsldered bv th*
tmerieana rather thnn have no cup
matchea at Bll. but for the pret-ent the
nr.t datea naaaed wo?M stand.
Por the Bnt tim' ln many years the
dates and place ror hokUaal the ehnrn
plonahlp tourr.amerit n^ not named a"
ths ann.:..: meeting The -WaBt-hSBter
,,?.,, ciob, of Kesrpert R- '? *r"i ,h*
Po rr Judlth Polo Club, of Karragaaeetl
Pter. appeared as rivala for the meeting.
whleh ln reoenl aeaeona haa beea decided
Ofl the Point .lu.'.lth field.
Ti-.e weatcheetM Club eonthagent ra
realed unespeeted strength. and m order
to arriva at an amfcable Bettlement of the
affalr it waa Bnally '"-'ft to tha executive
commtttec of tha aagecMHea to decide.
Tha cates. however, were detenakaed as
beglnnlng I lly --0 and ending August ?.
The iippointment of <Jeorge Miller, the
Engilah SXpert BS yuperlntendent of a'.l
po|, en LaOng laland and to succeed K A
irill at Point Judlth, indicated an fllahO*
rate Beriea of tournaaaentg te be decided
!:? ri this Cltj .
The programme ptunned for the i.ong
Island Belds beetna on May 11 af Meadow
Hr'.?k and contlnued throujrh tO the and
of July, Ths plums of tbe asries ara
acheduled for th.- iMpi-.g Rock Country
. wlth ths mat hea for tl a Duke of
Wl -rmrnster's Cup and the V'.sltors" 'up
? i by ths Bngltsb army ofllosrs last
s,-,;r-? ri.
MOVtag psctttree of the international
mntcbea of last year wers shown and
commented upon by Monts Waterbury.
ths new captaln of the team. and Poxhall
Only one chance roeulted in the elee
tion of offleera, R. L Agaaalg, of Myopla,
rsslgning from the executtve commlttee,
Dudley l' RtSgen belng e'.eeted to
BU tha vncnncy.
Relay Race To Be Feature of
New York A. C. Games.
The annual indoor games of the N'ew
Vo.-k Athletic Club wiii be held ;<* Madi
son Hquare Garden to-nlghl and io judge
from the advanca sale of ticketa a Breal
erowd of lovera of athletlca will be on
Man) of ti"- men *\ ho wlll compete were
se. 11 |n the Olympic j-ames at Sto. kholm,
ompetltlon of the keenest kind is ax
pected Wlth few exceptiona the events
wlll be handlcapped, bul the allowaacea
ha s nol been so liberal thal ths ba.-k
markers ar.- beaten before the; atart
An Internatlonal flavor wlll be added to
the me,-t In the relay race betwee:
Ameriean team and a quartet of Canadlan
[runner:-. Jack Tressider. <,. M. Brock,
llr.- Phllllps snd ,la. k Tait. from the land
across the border, wlll be matched against.
: Mei Sheppard, Ifomer Baher, Ted Mere
dlth snd Tom Halpin. A rare match is
expected, foi the Canadtana are weii
known to foUowera of athletlca as fast.
tpiiii. runnera who are never beaten.
Abel Et Kiviat hotder Of the. or.e-mile
i re. ord Indoora, wlll st;irt in the Haxter
' mil.-. compettng sgainel s fast fleid.
Whlle Kiviat is n..r .-xa.-tl> 111 prims COn
ditlon, be Is conddenl of vkstorj ;.'id
'? hopea i<> rr;n the diatance in 1 loaa to re. -
lord time. George Oouidlng, of Canada,
? the world's champion walker, wiii also
. ompete.
The Internatlonal relay race ?ill be
; 1 i.lled promptl) al i !.*>. while the Baxter
mlle will be atarted .<t ..bout 18 o.-iock.
St. Louis Accepts Fed Plans.
91 Ln'ii-., Peb, I Ths Pederal League*a
pinr's for erecting temporarj grandstnnds
ln ItS Bt LoUiS park wers approved here
to-daj by the !**... r-? 1 ..; Appeala A week
?au.. 1 . plana were rejected ?- th< Bulld?
lng < 'ommlsflloner.
Offlcial National League Baseball Schedule for
1914 as Approved and Adopted in This City Yesterday
At p - At Fir....klsn _ f V S>? Vork. i Al U ?-.-. x- Clnclnnatl x t >-hi.:.?.. x> Bl I - Abroa -
... , x.,rii i* is 18, r Ma: ? ?>? ?' ' B Ba> H ll ? - Ma lt, 14 ll, ll Mai :i. a, ut ?i Ma- - iya. i
n ITON ? ... Watch 'uaa I. " 1 4. Aua Jul) 14. 17, ix. 18 July 9, 9. to. u Jul> 11 13. 14, II Baturday., ll
Dtt. L 1 | - ;..??.:-' _| M Lll tug. Sl I x .?. .: *1 I 10 Decoratloo Day at
j_? : i. . I_| F'hllad.lphla.
I | x'. . ?.. ii Sun.:.
Bl I _ Ma) -. 1 -. a. .inn* i ? " , Ma. u || || ??. (ua. ? I Baturdaya, n
PRrx'Ki.YN ?' ror ' ?"- ' "" 'u,l '? ' T" ': m '"?* * 11 . l'it> -'" -' :* 'ii- lai "*?loa.
1 14. 4). I ? ? ? . x 4 8- 17. II '''? "*> Aua 9, I tt Lal oi Da
_ ***!" j I*. II_Bapl I I l'hll?.|r',i. .
x- ? ? a a>. | I | | ? Bundayi
M-.4- 1. Juna I.? Api ? "f'. :i. :: -i-i I II, 17 xt, l* \,,, ,-. ,?. ... ? iu, - ?_* jj Mi), < 4 -,??., u
\T\V vi.rk '-'??. 88, XI a ni p m. llie ? I ? .1 .iii |U 13. 14. 15 Julj I, 8, tn 11 Decoratlon Day al
a. ca. p. ar. Mai a <i'\ l'" - < .. , I. I Aua >. 89- | Aua. 84 Hrooklya
AetA 17. T). I - a.i_ JT ? I ,,_b ,.,..
I "*?. 89.1 I | ' i *~ | Sun.l.
_.,, :'* ' ,v J . R..;~~. " ? " ?? ? Mai W ?* 18 M Mai i.i. n. 14, l8.iSaturdaya.il
PHILAOBI/A.. i." ? ' ? -? P aa. DriggS ? al New
*!;.,? * bj .. * ' . * ** J , - - ? ^ xi,K ,? ?. ?
' ' tl :? nr n -'...; I ?-?....?:-. 'lAoHl IX IB -0 nlAf-rtl 's H -v ~. ' \,? ,| 'i I-, ,, ,- '
-?" :, ??- Cartoon '
-. ' i , l.s.,, -. " " " * Antmnttya, 10.
?'un" ; ? ?- ' Jaaal II I laae Xt. M ?? i?. n. u. ?* M '" ,'',M', '?. _ . ' M_ ,-,,,? _? '?'
CtNClNNATl x ? 1.18.11 _. J 18, 8. Ana | ... so, On I - ,*'M'J ,0 **?tur.?>_. ||
. . -Tt lol* i. - laae I. '. i. i.... i.,i ?, i'fh.
:?_.?< 18, II. tl 1 - 4 - M || ,, ( _ m
,-~-? -5 ! . _ft_ .? I . <'?:?? * .i *? R l_b. Day at *'hk
? m P ni Jun- .X. 4 I. ? .Tun? 10. II. II 13 ' ? a ? ? y - ; t i Ar>r)! u .- M ,- ' ', ,." ~
CHICAOO ...J_mlB.il ,17. 17) ..,..:?:. 4 c I , ,? I JS'* Sl rf SlK>rtinO v, ??' . ? " '' ?*"?'"?>"? 3
i ? - ? ii ir. u >.??? ta i ,,' i, l8i* iT_,g,4 oponing
-'' - -*? -* '_I_|g-fri ll ? 18 11 II
llll 4..-.1 . ... ? I
11. II S-Uiril_>a. 14
'?"" * Jiinr 17 _| Koaion
3 ?. &. July ? ?t I" tiRh.
ragc i" it <'"!?
t. h 1. r? r l*?4 -l
' ? I r,n..h,,^h,
i..i. ,,...,,11,,. ,_.... ,. ....... . .>"????.. '"' ''?' *?l> -..1'ii.la
, ' ' ? ? " iLuii ??? ? i7. a ,'- I ' ' - .,.', -..A n. a. ?.| ^i V v' '
Jui, ta. 3i. au? ua. iaa a. a '? i i -., ? , ? ,
.'.' . .,.' ? I ? ? ll n t: u v. ?
' '' ' _ ? ' 14 1|
? ? i
xr H.-xn. Jul, 4 - .. . -.14 . Muad. i. "'.."""? "undayall
La; i" rltl in lui, . v.?h , ,,., , ., "-. '?? *??h Hi tatur-aya 18 ?
newi s*. Tort ,.?. ;,. w?, , .,..'*? iJC n_i .*._ '"Ji. ??""""" lo-morrow
,;. 2_. ' ',h t,""Mtt>' |
' on.icta. At fhl ag" 4-M?j 10, JI. Ji.;, .. (?-t'temUrr li.
Whitney and Stillman
Right to Fight It Oif
for the Title.
Irving and BjII (io Down Bfk
the Sharp Play of a For.
mer Champion.
r;eorg, " ' A',*r_|
?s in thi
round of th. uh '.nnO
nameni "*"?-*
Helghta ? *.- ?
? pla'j* aad|_
" ? f . " ai****" ^
Ttffan: Cup a v?.,r ign. n.tetxet I
[colm I' Whitman. the farrif.ua la-rt \t,
, ie -,;, -r of a decade i *-., by a tmti
. li 2.
In the other aemt-fnal ma'rh _r
rran, iwire holder ? 'u.a*kpia_k
defaa'a i Charlea M. BuII, ,'. tha Qg
,-ent Afhleth ? ' '.er, af*u
:.. ?:
ntea! WhMg-g v
' *d all cha a
MH of ar-fr
-?'' Brssi
ing h ''? f_-i^'j
nlcrkera and on*e ir. a **rhll? altpp^,
?a. t-ernendous drive that r*.ome4 t_*^.
the court from rhe front waU, Wgfc.
J manag.cl to lead af. ">
At thia afage Whttmaa. ta t_a aa.
l ment of the sharply played ra?a?;^
to advanre Into fhe eer.tre of t_a ea*
Thla move bl"?"ke-l Wh!*ne7 offfl'ea^
ball, and by aorr.e aplendtdly ceaoatj
wall shots "ATiitman mar.aged tt gi
aces ln the seventh hand and | | g
eighth. ao that ha took the leag atS-l
It was a crltieal staee. for XP_e,
He tmmediatelj- adopte^. ? -re stma taefe
as his famous opponent. Firthtnnat-i,
added a llttle bit fo lt for ha lat ata
a lot of sizzling around th* rotm ta\
that rompelVd ".Vhitrr.en to whetl |m
ns he followed the t i Erery timalt
man iost the ccntre. of Lhe .-ourt *_.
ney brought off a sensatiore. kll %
nderfully <i<-i"'K. and by haivtae
flnished the {.-_:? Li Ttaa a
amothered Whitman ir I ? aeno*>4|aa
ooly alloaring hlm I a i
Iir ritiilman agree.l to reopea btb
fgalted match wlth l-o'..a du i-oatlrrg
in the thlrd ro'.nd The t?o vtaUgi
hammer and ton--s. l?r _t LllmaB ggttt
? .. IL
Then tbe former rl .??? ??; r. fa?c4 Jr
The latter dfd r.nt t\r-t ir.to actut e.
ih'. ae-ond game. Then hia paaea
r .,d Dr Stillmai i the na; n
tiie Creaccr.t Athleti .' rr.aa iaaa
al 12 10. \ ? ? ? rh? lafrw
? ..ed Hui'.'-* ur d< .i -? ? ' na **M*
I Stillman at onrt rr.ad- the moat 4
'? hand in at aervi. e and rar. ouiffcapt
? nn.l match with ::ve , -..:._nUj *_.<
a'-'s ia a rew,
The final mat< h wiii I.e played OU
r.iw afternoon at S 10 ?
Connie Mack Blights Hopari
Columbia Baseball Mei
lt developed yeaterday that W*?
lins. star ?e<'ord has-'mati "f tha A0**a
and Columbta s most famo'.:a jgjj
from tha- undercraduate s polnt et***
is not fo roarn the Columbia nmalsr
i Ul ef tne ' on ing ?-, BBOfl
V. hen <'onnie Mack i'-arned tbal Vt*
waa thlnklng of **p< nding a weetm-a
at Columbia teachlng tl t H.-'e toi *t?
baaeball playera how to han-Ua *S
grouiulera he informe.1 hia aeconi ha
man that Iie could proba lj ua? _Br
those sair.e two weeka as drllimaitei
j eome of the Phlladelphla recruit*
E/ddie ls too good a ous.neae tttaa f
ii. fee the advantagea ?'f re!->in**uas
', a b?g league team into couililBM
Outplays Notre Dame Baito
i ball Team in One-sided Oan
Ithaca, N. V. Keb tn Coradl*
[wheimed N"fie Oame i-r-e to-nlf??'
led g.*ne by ths score at fl ^
Kroni tire atart rr- Itha a tln lut*
advantage. The gnme w..? a walk a*
for Sharpe's men.
The acora followa
CORKBU, " ^*Jj,l
IM*-! t ****** >
Biown. If . . ? ? K? * lf-i-?I ,
Deldrteha, lf 0 " ? Be grnta, rt ?? J. .
>...?-,m lf " i I
l.uii'teii. rf.. .301 .' * '?, ??? I (
,; '? Halated ? I li '* 'LJ
Haeherl- . ??**". * ?? 1 (
Jandorf, Ig. .. 4 0 I '?
m.. 1 S I
ii ? Ha ita -" I I
gutterby, rg-I
*" i t*
I ^t
netere* M . a ... f M r>? V*o*-**w
ot tw.
Quaker Ooach Feels T*
After Being Under Knii?*j
Phlladelphla. Keb '''"Tp-g
Broohe, i o-i. h of th. ' *? ?' f
s>h;.ni.i football el.-. *"'____!
derwenl an ojth i ailoi " ^
ti-e hoapltal to ? ? *''?'? ^g,
?fliie. ' and aftei ' h'\ .
. . , .? an* *
Great Auto Removal *****'?.
t-.au-h, and IArr> Oi.e. a.Ml * |V-'
"Pricoa hat S.ar.iOur Cootg^ 9
|..-..i.,...lr.,ll"ii. I.i.rn; | UaaBBWJ
\ilr.l; l \er>lhl.i( u? H,,"tt*t ft?
Jandorf AutomobllJ *f
Large.t, Ohle-I. < l.._i>e.l H?w* 9 Jg
3,5, 7, 9 West 6lst St., -??
ll.il-.ii tnle l?-nP'**^;
. ??
, . I I
Manhattan M"l..r I ar l.-l'*"r ' ,#>*
Inatalla ? lifhtme >**'**? 0**1
? l>e.-i.. ...?,h?M? w^, 9**
vo'i l..i'ie... ..n r.aaooa'oia. -t^tg
I fjih. Uri.nt .:'ii.

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