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Talr to-day, eaow to-merre'V.
TEMPl rt ati nr t ktrrday.
low. t.
I uli rrraort I'age II.
vi>i lxxiii
Xo. 24,360.
k * ?
Iiiii/.f. / . \- | > a i * \"i* la City ef "Rear Terfc, "Kewarfc. -lerasj I'Hy aai bbbbssbbb
llll Vt U.M", 1. r, .\ 1 11>i win t:i rnutENTs
Hold> Spccitic Acts in Her
Ljfc \Oi Adiiiissiblc
jn S30.000 Suit.
| \( 11 DES MASS OF
\\om,,i.'** Attorney Outlincs
(,i-*c. A-leg-tig She Was
..-?tirrdcd TBBi Vction !s Polit
ri ( nnspiriU\ to "OcslrnN"
Rllnd Drfcndant.
,{ I
? eglnf
gton li* ?? ?]
? nn-l
? night a
I xxas made by
rk rmme_
, ..- ? f a J in
? . ? Mra! repa
ue, bul ii.-*
? . saa
Dg 44 u apply to
? ?
Bond. h ' ' I *?' '
"Baerii on flleil laal '' '
md thi
(rjr*.'" ' Lll-ard Bald,
' . t-e.'ori.i l.'c
? and Mr-.
Bjad flral ?? et. TTn
dinner n 191*-,
>;.*re* iT.xitdl Mra. H<.nd
ington __N_aaaaetn* nta
ter her ?
As-ed How She l_ool<ed
? | xxoman 13
a friend a m I
? eeuti
hcr In detui! l.ll'a-rd
li? aaM ? the aii?*gcd ?
tt*? pia I K?rir."ni C'f Jani"s
? ia Cltjr, ln th'* ?***. i
-BB-totel ? \x .'? h-.'igt.'ii. where Ben
.'or Gore | | e at hii "4411 auggea
tBaaabti H*
t_t whlle Mn Bond attempted t<
- -dttlng In a
T-rkin** ehaii
'. '? Kond, li i-n
*Hht h_- 1
*er. and that domg t-'i
'vnet I| . Kirby Pltapatfick,
? d wltneaaea in the
Ha *a - ??- Batti struggied
isd the* er | ?? ra broken. a
r*?rt el a ? her finj-^r, Ftaining
"' -* Hpa r.f the b'd and alao
b___boi thgi t:..' eri
"rth*d ? ? ; -ang back,
?a?g. "1 ai I tO tn**#*t \ .'
'?' 7
Says |(-*8 Called on 'Phone.
? ?? ihai rteon took .?ea-Btor
-ore to the , d that the
01 l City, to rall
8 l.er any
?f get har
raailnue<l nn -.1 ?,,H i._?r, fourth rolnmn.
This Morninffs News.
L.OCAZ.. Page.
81 . 1
rrlage.... 1
**-*? tar H ... 2
? 3
i Met a
light. ... 3
* .5
Hl Hill ... 14
! . .1*1
. 1
..','' ' ' ' ? 3
. -mib* ad -1
... 4
?*n***-4" Pa* in.'.... 4
.8 3
. 7
3. IO ..J..I 11
tt Uu'?' 13
aw 13
( h ihe Sporting
I -age, Begimung
Runa Into Trellcv Otut Hiddcn
by Trcos at Curvc.
had s ?.'?-?
I ? ?. . ntly. He had bi Bti to White ,
? ? - |
? ila cltj. when hii auto
moblls hii a trollej i ai on Glenville
nted hta eeetng tho '
car until he i n ?'?
Mr. 8h< !
? motorman. n ?
? maah, and nelther |
. uff'-ur *s a a hurt. Mr.
terday lo hai i
Ihe tree cut down to that danger .iti
?? i mlghl be eliralnated. \ !
? iati was kill! '1 "f thi; i utrve
On Advancc "Info." That Olympic
Wlll Heavc To "Ilicy Buy
low fcnd of Pool.
,. , -
Lon f 11. Trmnsatlantic **_n.- |
Mcrs niadc a ri.'h haul thla week on
board the White Star Hner Olymi
whlch arrived nt Bouthampton thla
evenlng after Btich rough weather in
tha*. Engllsh Channel that -she wai un
aM*? to iHii.i ? er i m ? i :i1 Plym*
out* ai ? J. Vftcr a hugi wave
Btruoh ih. great lina-r on Saturda) af
? . ? ? gx f llve ' deep aea I
tn." im \ ing advance Information
? the i irymplc wonld heave to
? on Bunda* mornli
*rht the low end of
the pool, end ln addltion made iia-a-, -
. ? ata flnalt] cleaning ip *?"? 000
beti on ih' da>'s run.
? - omparlng i me ol tlie
? ngers decided that somethini
wrong, and t? -iu one of the offleera thr.t
xp mi eertalnly knew In d
vance that the Bhtp ? o ild bkm u] . The
la-ak. however, waa undiacovered before
the llner docked.
Oamblera Infeated thr- emoklng room
throughout the voyage, and there were
Boane blg -ard gamea ar,<i plenty of
erap ahootlng, a paattme whlch now
Beema to bt q ilts the reguiar thing.
The aforementlbned group of llve won
? atnntly, capturlng ??\er> pool ? a
. . al the paaaengers became
decidedly nore, and on th.- ia:t night
out made bo Btrong a complalnl that
? rnnks did not rrturn to the BBtol
Ing room.
Scotland ".ard detectlvea mct the
h'.ai tu-day. but no ..rrcst?i were made
air! the garnbler.s dinup*.. aretl. H is
they are golng to tho Rlvlera to
the Contlni ntal III d
Rushing Into Burning Building
Husband Is Suffocated.
Charieatown, w. Va., Peb. 11. -Davld
. -. w 11> t<. sevent] I - old, lo.-t
ins Ufe m an attempi t.. rea
\s n< sei entj ?eight ? ? a hen the ]
colonial manalon on the > Btate of thi
..,,.. . idw< i .-. Tyler, m ar here wa
? ?? tO-day. Mr. and llrfl,
Whyti ;..-.. ed al Bergen
\ ,i bad been spendlng the
winter wlth ? '*?? -v ?'? Ti '??"?
i >i. Tj lor dieco* ered tha- ftre
and Mr. Vt hj U ? i - d. Noting hia
v,ff, .,,,.. Mr. M " re-entered
11 harred i wen
found to-di
Wife ol PriMC Victor oi iliurn;
and Taxis Is Accuscr in
London Courl.
: R) Calile to Th4
London Vt t. 11- An < v.n
,,! nn ;. . Opl tO I'L" k" I
m.tii .-. prim eea wa related st l i
w , . mlnster poll< ? ? ? rday. I
t lounael for the pi hii !
. ? a ??? the wlfe of Prii ? '
11,'iMi and TaxlS. I' Waa all.-g. d tliat
iccuaed man ot i Maur had mad.
?. ? ' ' '? prlni ? M, had
har attct ? ? I ad aft rward
wrltten a blackmaillni lettei to her,
I . i pi :- ?>? '? ? ?
,,,,,,, i, markabls i- tera woro. re id,
.img ?""? deai ribed .. * a dirvot do
* w ith mn n-??? ss foi money. .\t ti,-.
-?,?,, nl "? his am Bal Maur,
i( ,? ,,. .,, .i .. a dining wuh a ttmr
_? <j iroinai - ' *? * '"' * "?' i
,,, g r,.i. thi ? fmanded ea
Seven Men Take $4,000 in
Loot from Patrons at
Pistol'a Point.
\ 11 c j_; c ci (iunnian Slashcd amh
May Die Police CaptttTC
Tlircc After Cliase.
["en men and two women aere icated
rripoll Re. tauranl N* ?J 11
Broome Btreet, bI 12:30 o iock this
moi iiit g, ?> hei n m< n ent* r* d,
atrung tht-maelv* along Ihe wall and
; gainal the do* rjollj drea r*
?...'-. >? . Thej had done all tl
nd In ? m i a matter ol
fashion thal Ihe dln* ra w i rt ima i d
into ill* i
n..i b x*. ""I a i. ' _ d uni II on*. oi thi
i.tlng " ' .nthon C*
No. "'7 K< nmare Bti eet, a hft
ttlng ?' th hii xi ii. , Marie 11
? .I
"Th* re'*t i hai I en
tence with an oal' ,
? ? ,. .-. i y pati and
_? to rlae from hl
a'nothi r nf the toi ip
i r..;, ied i ii" Bi* monl go i 'elen
? ? harg* d with i man
lo death In a aaloon ni Kenmore and
Motl atreets. He waa aequitt**?
?\. " x,-,,,j the b< cond man iti pping
. >li '.'at*'.. "Mi t ? i in ma
Knife Held at Man's ThroaL
then, b. for* ? ? lentano could gei
v i ,,ii ? talr, th* man, i
I ? - revol ei fi om hla l Ighl hand,
?lri'\x .? knlfe in hl rlghl and held 11 al
i . |en( i ?. throat.
'?\ ra. go ahead \* Ith tht othi i
th. turning around to hh '
inmp tnlona,
Thai ordei caus* .1 the oth* aia m< n .
the dlnera io hold up their handa, '?
r..:r of the men, x\ith th* ir rei ol
? plng the room eoi tantlj h< Id
th. ir poaltiona by ihr wall whlla two
othera wenl through th" pocketi of
th-- twelve dlners and, after they had
taken the money, Hii>,)'*<] rlnge from
. - . removed watchea, acarf i""s
? hai ie** elry the women a ore on
? ?. From Mra. Celei tano
? diamond rlng a i rth I
Ft* \ olvera had co ? red Raj mond Per
rotu*. the proprletor, ;uid h> had re*
rctained Inactlve Hla . u-h rrgist.r vaa
? .i. and thal gava up *',r' bi < -
"That'a all," aaid 'hr two men who
had been commltting ihe actual rob
axj the* : u i.p<*<) back Into pli -
with thr- four othera, with W.000 ln
.ii wclry nnd caah.
?? mi rlghl -waltl" ??'.! the man
Btandlng over < lelentano n ith thr knlfe,
and ha Immedlately plunged th* wea
pon aeveral tlmea mto Ci lentano'a aldi
aad abd*."? The latter fell le the
ti,,,,,-. his aaaallant, bellevlng Celen
tano dead, ordered ?* rel reat.
Bandits Flee After Habbmg.
As the;. atarted oui >1 ihe do i I
women acreaurned, nmi thr* e i
Callahan, O'Qorman andCarlln, ran ln.
?< he robbera had b* par ted and thla
mada II ne*r*__M-r>" ,ul' -*?* policcmen '..
plck out Juat certaln of them and run
th* rlak nf I* ttlng the othera eecapt*.
i 'allahan caughi b man three bk
away, rn Broome and Porayth atreeta,
ii.- sald he X4a.s Antonlo Bantinl, tw* i
ty, of No. 348 Baal 13th atreet O'O* -
man caufh! Leo Ballango, of No. BO
i;;th atreet, ;n the Bowery and
Prlnce atreet. Bllvla Taguagambu,
twenty-one, of Na. 741 Park av* aua,
Brooklyn, xxas cughl bj Carlln at
Qrand atreei and tht Bowery.
They were taken to the Mull
atreei Btatlon and all charged with
. , robbery and carrying on*
realed weapona Taajliagamba ha.i ..
revol* er on him. Tha poUcemen i ?
tha othera throw theirg away. Ban*
tinl waa charged, ln addltlon, with i
tlng Celentano, who is dylng in Bt
\ in* ent'a Hoapital.
Commissioner Leads Chase?
Man Pleads Starvation.
Bridg* i omi ? alon r r J. _? Kra* ke,
tntering ins home, at No. 11 Kenmore
btreet Brookl n, laai vening, aw ln
tl.. kltcben a young man who nid not
1,1,1; to him like gnybody thal beloviged
around tha houai Thal tha young
.., thl -? ? in.-.i apparenl
when. on noting thr' urrixui of Com*
....;. r Kracke, ba backad agrilely
... kltchen vundow atid ran
ar ? ard to <'.*.t. n avenue.
I . commlai lon* U enl after him,
ahouting, "Btop tldef!" a cry that X4;4.s
..i i,. arb) i
their boanea to enter into tha
The man had a 8??*- ifad bj '
n gol under n*a*
i.'it tbelr crlei aroneed Bergeanl Mor
and I'atroiman Marcellua, arho got j
,? the eorner of r.iton ivenue and St
, . .;-; j-jxt as the hV' Ing man '
aprang Into an unconpleted beuae. .
Lanterna were eanployed to hunt out]
t)H. k ItOT, and, Ju.*t as" he was |
,,,.,- d, ; '? leap* d from a trlndoa
..,,, ,,i. ng st. I'aui s Coorl to
. ,, avenue Al Auetln gveaue
William E. - Of N" ."'-'-' Eggt
Il2d Btn li "^'i!""1*- hnn and knocked
blm down ._.
When the prleoner na* taken to inr*
Bnyd* r a "!l he aaid I.aa
jnxeph i '??? :< plumber, of Na Wl
Harl .,,-, . . Brookl* n He h'-u-K**.! thal
he ir not locked Up, aagrtng he ivae oui
of worh and thal hia wlfa xxas a*lthoul
food !
Explo_ion of Powder House
Wreuks Damage at Stamford.
? i . | , l*he Ti ne.]
mford ? onn Feb. Ll. Man.-,
[.?iu ii. i were driven oul of thelr]
I homi am I d of dollan dam- .
age t.. propert waa dr.no to-nlght
when '-'?''" poi nda of dynamlte raploded
? r.r,-. ,| ?? houai of J"hn .lanir?, a
? ontractor, ln "? alle* etn 11.
v. Indon a v ere broken wlthln a ra.i
ol haif a mlle, (me or two houi ea
a*cn practicall] deetra ed Om houae
caught Bre from upset lampa. Then
?..'... of life.
Tri-? wen uprooted .'',;'i there i** a
greal chaam flfty feel long and from
ii-.o i" ? ? ? ntj fi ? t deep In the ground
,, i iron !??'?? der houi a
? i ood
Thi o ii e of ? alon ia a mj -
',. i ? Mr Ln. ? ? ? ??.. "nr
attempted to burglariie thr powder
lioua '?? ago, and he haa an Idea
that the partj returned to-nlght The
? f.> ind rn. fragmei la ol ;* man or
ol n| ln ihe areckage
_ i
Prosectitor in Jersey City
lo Staii Legal Inquiry
11 c marrlage of M \- . . ': -
l-.. i.i,.,. ,,.i rtiat' modi I to Arthur
i, i noe in .!? ? ? '? on Mondaj
. ? f.'.\ ing .'ii ? lopemi nt afti t ?
n\,, ,. . , . ? lt- nnder In-,
? -ratiori bj K.'l" ri 8. Und -i" th, the ?
, i..... uii.i- of Hudson i lountj, The !
bride an I the s II n< as, Russell l iair, il i
alleg. " commltted p< rjur* . Mra. |
Gw* nnc in telllng her age nml (lalr I i
giving a wrongrealdence. Theoffl I
. ,., i aaid i" be the Rev. M 11- i
\\. .,,ii. of the Trinlty-Heddlng
? i , copal ' 'hu'rch of Jera [
. 'jt\ ? iolati d the laa. ll li aaid. ln
marr* ing i Im coupli ? I bv. legal
. i twentj fpur houra after I ie
....: obtained.
proai cutor Hudapeth .--aid laal nigl I
nvcetigation of the New Jersay
marriagi wonld be made ihe llral thing
to-morrov morning. if Inveatigatlon
:,,,... thai the partiea Intereeted \io
lated the lawa ol the Btate, he aaid
? ould be taken.
The prosectitor aaid that, perjury was
an exti idltable offence.
Th. wii ieaa to the Jeraey waddlng
im ai H Qalr, .-"n nf Alezander
Galr, u retlred busineaa man ownlng
,i ,-..).. vi al ? i' ''? ??'?'? p***ominant
l? tn? i intbu h se ""ir "f Brooklyn.
Ti,. famll: home l N o 322 Ea t
r.i.i atreet, FTatbuah. ?
t . . M i .i thi ?' ruplea of 'h-*- bride":
parenl . th.uple were agaln wedded
? evening ln St Teresa's Roman
. am..ii. Church, Bterting Plaoe and
riasaon avenue, Brooklyn, by Pather
[eehan. \" hen eeen at the home ol
thi bride Na M2 Rergen Btreet, other
than conflrming the weddlng laal nlghl
..-, i . fact that the .tple weni
through a cli ii marriage ceremony In
Ne*. Jeraey Mondaj night, they refuaed
to dlscusa the affalr. Mr. Gwynne, *vbo
I .... eanephi ol Mra. Cornellua
\ andt rbilt. aai I laal night:
??Well, >' Just dlsregarded ihr wed
I md N*' re legallj Jolned
,,, .. ,-,,. to nlghl at tho reetory of
B, -,-.,. .;,?; church h. Pather Mee*
n u .-i Galr aii i refuaed to dle
pari in the affalr.
? , |d. ..t' the marrlage. which
?, tigated by the New Jer
Proi ecutor, growe out of the ?
irrtage lleenae In Jeraey
Phe New Jer* *t marrlage b*v.
Beci ot I, Paragraph I, reada: "if aai
.--. appl: Ing for a lleenae nnder thla
, - ball Un"*' Ingly make Ealae anowers
to an: of the Inqulriea asked by the
? regiater or cierk, or thelr dep
! aii be deamed gnllty of
perjury end ahall, upon eonvlctlon
thereof, be aubject to tho penaltiee lm
, thercfoi by the lawa of thla
Th-- penalty for perjury in New Jer
.-? ir 'm on?. and a balf yeata to
Accordlng to report which was vert
nod by the bride and brldegrobm foi
ng their elopement, they went te
Jem y I Ity laal Monday. and after ob
tainlng a lleenae were marrled there
bj ? clergymaa of the MetbodM faith
U.-I...II la obtaining the
lleenae to marr:. Galr, who H la alleged
appiat... ,.s a \? itneaa, gave his addreaa
aa No. 167 Bergeo gvenue. Hen It
waa found thal he did not live there
nor waa he known to the taniily that
I |ee the houae.
Tbe 1 nd.-. it is aaid, gave her aga; rt?j
twenty-one, whan, a.-- a matter of tact,
Bha bl I lateea. Thla age was .-ontirnied j
t< .. reporter who cnltad al the Kenaal
home laal night.
But Peace and Piasters Go
Hand in Hand. Says Secretary.
T..? "rl'. .ne BOti
Waahlngton, Feb ll.?Tha Beeretaryj
of stat** relaunebed me "battleehip ot
peace" tO*-day ar-n trained lt- batteries
oti tv.e Foreign Affairs ."oniniittce ln a
.. acrmon. in which bs prsaebed on
the t. .? "Ne Peace Wltheat Piaatrea"
! ]\e urged U.e .-oininlttee to upproprlutc
< ? for *? proper eelebratlon at the
lentennUI annlveraary of the Tn
,.; Ghent
I thlnh WS havs Miet.t the nnnln.um
Inn lebratlni tblngs tbal tn_ke for pes i
and tire maxiroum iii prepar
? . ;...\ri- t" . ?:BS BB ?
vlr Bl ? ?
-.. ? ' ' Sr'1' ? >,v'
. th. .--. r-tary f_\orcd the ptae.
, r h bratlon fund ,
V -. alr.*' ttr. Hr?.-*.? replied. 1 am
nol onlj. in tavajr of ceMbratins th"
. ??? l.nt I an. ln fnvor of i-a>let>r_tlng
i . ? lil.ri.4ll , I .. ould llOt Uka- to tu
tbs nilnimuin lower than 1150000
Tribune Sends First Aero
gnini to Ambassador
James VV. (icrard.
Conimurticatinn Opcneil Between
llie TribllHC a:id " I a*?*_j
lisciic Rundschatt."
-.. 11*, Long 1 ilan I, Peb. 11, Pra -
ticall* ' ? rf. ' a v .- -?? . ommunli atlon
between the I nlted Btatea and Oer
many, Blgnallizing th* beginning of a
era ? ommerclally and Intell* *tual- i
i ? 11. ? ... t he t wo
llom . b .i ? ? ompleied I ite to-nlgt.l ;
The Tribune aenl greeting from
thii pl over 1 000 mili of and i
land i" 4\mb idor ,'am< W. Oera/d,
and '?> the "Taeglii ehe Itund ich iu" ln
Thei e a < re l a m* ? aagi
Araba sador Oerard, Berlin
"Glad to feel ydu are now cloeet to
ua i;' I a/lahca from your frlenda al ;
? The Nc xx - Tork Tribune."
i Mi other aa
"Taegll ?br. Rundschau, Berlin:
"\x ,? no** gieel \ ou b nelghboi.
'?The Nea .York Tribune
?Tho Taegl?che Rund ihau
back ihr folloa'lng in repl] lo The
Tribun* .
".\." Tork Tribun*. Nea i*ork
"The Taegll cha Rundecheu congrat
ulati The New-York Tribuna on the
bctterlng of 'iir* eommunicatlona
through wireleaa beta*een German* and
Amerlca and lenda greetinga ..n be*
half i.t tho < k rmaii people.
( SignorJ i
"Taegiiache Rundachau,
The flaahoe -mno ln Clear and dla*
tin.-t, ho Bharply thai "Bob" Prender?
gaat, operator, mlaaed only nlne xxords
of the -?r'ri whlcb came in to The Tribune
and other new BBapetl . < me (if the re
turn medsagrs xxas from I .urgot'ieistcr ,
.Mayor Miti-hel. "' ;r**.^.n(--J an.i ??h.ii.c .
h&cda i-x the nam mekhod of ? ??n-.Mi.utii- i
cation between the two greal citiea of
Ne\x and Old ?Vorld I'. rinuth, Flrat
Burajromeiater, Berlin
in addltlon i" iho meaaagea The Trib?
une aenl tho r*ewap-t|>era of Nea York
i |ty BenI eollectlve good ariahee to hia
najeet) tha Broperor, thu* markmg a
new atep ln the offlcial reUitiona of the j
countrlea and emphaalaing the cordlal
it arhlch has grown up during th-*
Kalaer'a relgn. Tho meaaage of thp
i e*a papera araa:
"Newap-vpera of Nea Tork Bend
groettnga lo his majeaty tho Bmperor
by tho nea <> in-i.??--?. ahlch has brought
Intotonch the greal German natlon and
th United Btati -.
"The TTilmne, Bun, World Herald uid
Thi me_a_gea arare aenl froaa 'hei
GtXMool tower of the atlantlc Com
munlca-ion ? Jompany here. For montha
bita of ineaaag* - have been tranamitted |
between thi.s and the aiater sta'ion at |
Nauen, twenty miles weat of _*er_o.
Bo cloaelj have all -onerimenta been
gtiarded that nothing but oca-sional
ritmora of me_MB_ge ti_u__erg -U-roaa the
Atiantic havi rewardad seekers for ln* j
forniatiuti. Tho si-tidiiig of to-ntght's j
cri*e_munk*ataona however wag o_-k*lal
notlce thal at laat New rork. the,
~r. ateat Oeman city ln the world next j
o }',i rim. im v rtually on apeaklng terma
.. itb Burope.
There was no more fus? and **xclte-|
ment in ihe sending tower at Sayvit:_|
to-night. deapite the atgnifli-nce Jf tne
OC?aalon, than there WOU)d haxe be. n
in any tfldegrapb ofnea The m*
wcrc turned ovar to the sendcr, who ...
down at his key and bogan tlcklng Offl
ti,o lettara,
The heax.x- craab of tne hlghpower* j1
apark of the Ingtrument and hcioxx- n
the station tiie dull ruar nf th* dyna-I
mo- told. boxvexcr. th_ t reinendors I
alect-ic tmmtnjy aaeded to pggdoet the |
ni'ssage-i geroag ti-e 4<x?j-miie waalel
of water.
The mt******f**** nfttft ?d.i under the di
raetiofl of b\ O, Kuvhnv, tbe ohief in
r-pactor foi the Atianth. Common*rt*atio4B
Compan* ln tho fjaitad Itatea*. and
were re*_e*rt*ed at Nauen b) Paul Pl* hoa,
i hief a_glne?_r of the **eanpany ? Ber-"
Body uf Boy. txhumed. btated
to Show Thirteen Wounds
Town in Fcrment.
b> OaMa io n * Ireaaaa |
iCiedf Keb. 11.-Great exut't..
prexails here over another alleged
"rttual ii'-.rdor ' a'. the small town of
KaMoff. forty milea from Kieff. A
O.nstian orphan boy, li'ing in a Jew?|
lah family, xxas muidered txxo months
:i(,*.i. and. al'Ur the l*g_-l taanMaJt, xxas
burk-d <'xx ing to **im-ter rumom the
|...,i> xvan exhumed, and the exatmna
ttated. -hoxxed tuirteen
?? oui ds or. tho body.
Tb? dty in ln a ferment and the aaaa
in aspeeted to create an l_itereal avan
tn.>r.' wldeagread Uaaa the BmUAm ..r
Tammany Chlef, Judge
Moss and John McCooey
Save Flfteen Families.
Resci'crs Round Up All Those
Kvicted bv Bla/.e and Take
Them to a Restaurant.
ciinr'-"ri r. Mnrph:. leader of Tem
n.an>- Hall; J.aht' l-:. McCooey, bls
[Brooklyn lleutenant, and Spedai Bee
Judge j... ?,.; S Mi i . returnlng
ii, r\ entng dress from ?? dinner early
thi . ni"; ilng, ri cu d Bfte< n familles
rrom ??< burning tenemenl whlch they
??.or.. pasalng on thelr ? ??? home,
Wiih tiI*-ir- fur coats ami silk hata
conaplcuoua In the lonel) nelghborhood
of Thlrd i ? ? nue through s hlcti they
were pasalng. the thr.'- were riding ln
a Thlrd avenue streetcar when they
notir-.d that a firo had Btaited _t No.
200 in thal Btreet. Tne poltcaman who
v^nt in tii' alarm, Oharles O'Connor, or"
th'- Baal -'-') Btreet statlon, was not in
.ight, and. wlth Judfr.- Moafl in th'' leauJ.
th.-- Tamman: leadi i ran Into the
burning building
.*.-?? ording i" Mr lurp Judge
*.*.,,<? waa th.- one princlpell* reapoi -
sibie for the work of reacua
??Vou wanl to remember, he aaid
lalfr. ?'[iia.t he a.s the ?ne who ran
ln ftrat and rouaed the famittes. We
???ant with him arid made them gO doivn
When their werfc waa balf flnished
ihei i.men arrived and tne
combined force aueceeded in getting
all the "?? upante, numberin'r ono hun
. re and Bftr. Into the street before
I , . an had tuna- tu dreaa
There the T.in.m.tn. 'chlef' and bll
oompaaiona rounded up the ahlvering
n tn, WOinen and chlldren and took
iheai te aiiain 'i restaurant near by.
Cpftoo and a
and Om ' - ' *-'-' bed the Bght
from that pttce.
Before tie apparatua, baatilj -um
moned. arrived, thi ftre had ipread
tramp No. 200 to No, 108 and 20% and
around the corner to No. i*>$ Es Ifth
atreat, r.-utitiK Beventy-dve CaroiUes.
Deput; Chlef Il<
;lJg t.< ? ?.'"i Immediately aent
ln the fourth, which '.?r.-u-'iit Chlef
K, , ;,., w | ? a ai pa itua wuth of
lith Btreel
i mi.. arotnan ? aughi ln oaa of the
bulldinga to whlcb tbe flre had apread,
.... radly burned *n<; ruiihed te Belle*
. . Hoapltal II t" thought tl
? ? ? apei!
Son's Worth Set at $2,000 in
Explosion Suits.
i ???
Baltimora Fob, lt. latlmatlng tbe
l alue of an eye a*. f?00 and the hcarin<
0f une ear at |!00l Judge P.oi-e to-da/.
in the Unlted Btatee Courl began as*
aaaafng the damages whlrh the VBtO
Companj and the General gtevedoring
rompani must pag for tho loea of life
and InJurtOfl sust.iln''d through 'he
dynamitg SJtplOBieai on the Hteamer
Alurn Chlns ifl Daltlwaere harbor, laal
Tho Ifaryiand iteel Companj waa
awarded 172,584 for damagaa auatalned
by the eollier Har?n. The -i.jIis to
t_iied ahout $1,000^000 and dataagee M
aboul 1*500,000 i-.ll) be asae-rased.
ii-.,* Bmniints aUasrad t..r huaband
Wllled varicd from HoOO to #6,000.
Six of Bandit's Followers
Shot Down in Fiight
to the Hills.
Five Men and Two Women
Lscape to Fastnc_-.es
of Chihuahua.
RcbcI I cadcr Watitc*. to Take
Public \onceartcr f<""
Ameriean*-' Deatbf,
?i -
K.i Pa ? i ? . I". 'i II M ???'_:
tiiio, -, he -? " ?' rags "'?? i hi bl ths
ple of Korthwestern Chll tor
? ? .,r more than a year '?? ?
death, it I poi * stt ? *? '
rebel o '. ? undi N1 ? ? ' Jujw
Samaniego. ??. Ith ( * of
bla bandit band, '; e men ai d
1, omen of the band escaping Into the
hills near Cho ; ? rorty-flve
northeast of P ? f blhui -
Thla ib the aubeta diapatcli
Ived late to-da: b* Oi neral Panehe
Villa, in Juarea, from tl.bei garri
son at Pearson. < !ourt< rs. tho d mtch
.-.ii.l rtrried the nea ? to P .-.rson.
Major Samaniego <?-? ? rl s ei uriera
- id were puraulng lh< rcmnanl of the
band, ind would return to Pearaon as
. ,?.n ea thej had eaughl and kilied
ihem. Villa Ifl awaltlng connvuaatl-on,
bul doea not douht thal the report Ig
vuia had planned a ptahllc execntion
for Cafltlllo and his tnen, but Major
Pamanlego bad net reeelved hia *-.rd-?rs
to that effeot, and when he <ame upon
Ullo h<- ordered hia men to show no
mercy and take no priaonere
CastiHo's Fin*l Atrocity.
Caatillo had b<ng been robbin-r and
murdering people in Weatern Chihua?
hua, but it waa not until he crosmed
hia Inkjuitiefl wlth the Curabrs tunnel
alaughter of Itfty-two peraona, Inelud
mg ten /Unericana, eight aAdaUa o'
ihe Mexico Northweetern Raiiroad and
two women and Bve uhlldrea, that a
... mattc nnd deb rralned e?orl wna
,,i, dr to run him down.
Three daya before the Cumbre tunnel
later ? command of rabal aoldierfl
i,_,j eome upon Caatillo'- band near Bl
Vallo, and twenty-two of the bandit*
irare kilied ln the hat tie whlch tel*
lowed, bul there -Aai no pnreuH of the
bandit Chlef and the remnant of his
| until he had sent thfl naspenget
train wlth its load of hutnenity into
the Maslng tunnel, whli b he had mlned
:,,r the purpoae of defltroylng the train
?nd its pa?engerfl,
Por twe years Uastillo mlfld as gggO
lute rnonar h la the ooontr: around
Lefl Palomas end ln tiie leeerted htBOt
leaa Iforatoa ? oiontes of fVeetera Ch
huahua. There he and his men appr
priatad what they whlhad of mcrchan
diflfl In htores. furniture in housca. CBt
tie on the rangea or money ln the p00h>
4 thr people, and no one vraa sble
to di.-.pute their r.ght to do so.
Well anned, tramed in -;uerrn._
nghtlng, knowlng even fool of tha
ground over whieb they roamed, Caa
tillo's tnen, numb?*nng always more
thaa Bfty ?nd Boaaetimee as man- as
two bundred. were invinelble.
Kor DMtra than a vcar the main Fed?
eral government k--pt. a fOTOe of sev
eral hundred men on the trail of C&e
tillo, but they never ahowed am -r
ln -llnation to put a t>top to the ban*
. ectlvitiee. When the redarals
wre driven from Wistern ChihlMhM
the rcbels; kept up the pretence of tr -
ing tO Catflh and puni.ih (Jj_tilIo. bj*
did n..i aeriouflly try l0 fln'- "r ,0 **
ure bim.
< ?ustlllo s hatred of Huerta mad- \
ire hun, and three months ago.
when Cafltlllo ga%e an aarort to VI
wife and aanl her in saftty to JtMl
when she was making h-r way frmu
Torreon, Villa became indebted to t!,
bandit and pra'ti-all;. admltted tht-t
would '"? fl'ad to bave CaatOlo ce.is
bJfl depredation-s. but tbat he couid BOI
rse force to make hun dflfllfll
Amne?ty Offsrsd by Villa
a ie<x daya before the battle at Ei
Valle OaatiHo'8 band araa scat
tered, Villa ? ,,: ,; ?ajgeeriea to hlm
uid te othar bandll chlaCa la Northern
chihuahua, arith an offer of amn.
and a pronn-e. tO take them la the rebi I
arrrv if tl.-y would lay down tha-lr argBB
? I a-bruary 14
Tl.at olTcr **as withdrawn and tlie
aanlaieriefl recalled after the Cnoahra
tunnel di-aster. whfln Villa be. amc _at
'.-rtled th.it t'astlllo na.l per*-onally di
ract.-d that plece of flendlehneea Bti
then V'!i.i h.a.M urged bla man to eatcb
the bandit chief and his band at any
. ust, and'he h..? had Bf* hundred men
ilng for CaetMo mgi.t an.l d_.
iY..m Imericaa ranebmec und eatiia
men la Weatern ? 'hlhuahua aid I |
tm Bonore Caatillo ba.^ aaenred more
than $.'"'..*."0 diitltn* the last > e*r. it i?
.(..mi..!. h1. BSlBlng their <attl.? aivi
holding them for I tax whi.h he p .1

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