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upon them. by **oile* tlng aa a_taoi I duty
al |s_tf-a*r-polnl I pe ta on tin* border,
an.i by capturing and ri* h |
Anieri* an*- for I I BOW
Will Use Them to Circulate New i
Rebel Currcmy.
Chtlaaahua, Mexl. o, Feb ? ?
baakg, whleh *
. ? aaantha *y l of th*
the -ut.
gen rnmeni a
the Ui
l ? ?
that the 1 I be ua d l i
? .- or tt In
.in the i i. I*
Would Bf I ederals. in AutOS,
ElttdC Cavalrv. bi;t I"all IfltO
Haodi oi Rebels.
44 a s
? '
?? hlch '
. -
a t x Bta t h*
a of th motor eara, I
tbe reb* ia I ad ihe j
irott-. i . i ? ? and j
? ad- I
luarl ?
; e, and lo th*
s ttie
. rred to a m aa Ihey j
araded from
to the amell.ier<
... . tach- j
? 'Ilnl
Contractor's At.0ri.e3 Says He
Will Aik Court tO Stop
Graft Utint.
. | . .. ' ' XV i .. -
ered a
.4 ii orgai i
.:' ? ' :
i .. ?. an Amsl
, -' would aak I
Supreme < l on re
? ?
? I I >?;.'??
' ?
44.,',t..i the hea
. ted i"
easea and not
ttlng them to 1 i
told ! a would ha e ta appeal
a aii
? i
"i am Jual gettlng to th* |
lurklng motlvea thal lay behlnd I
m ilgn con*
a bottom
Favored . intrtbutora wera
ph'e to t> t eontracta at a flgura whlch
cax.. then azerMtant proflta They bad
ne lat4Mitloa ef carrylag oui the
ta tl ? _ee?vea bul aold them to other
ractora I rm e -n |?_i nce that a
aa |i ured
.1 ti 4'
xt ti'.' hearlng thla afternoon teatl
x4j?h p,\o'i whlch ehewed thal In ma
. ? ? i. - far tepalr f*0_lt**ac_ g|
whlch would hav** glven h falr profll for
varloua materiala uaed In blghway
work ware often arbltrarily doubled, In
? had made big
? ? Ibutlona thal il pald to be
tha bai ?
bti ored ?
? g ? r nglneeri ? l
matee In advanee aad thi l I ? ?; t-stnea
it KlvflHB oui ao late to other oon
tractora that only the i
rlag could bld. They, ot courae, aub
? . .i flgurea wll ' few
dollara of tba eatlnaateii The Methnoni
to-day, Mr Oaborne aa> . n proof 11>;.t
ktato pald al leaal >..l more than
44-is naoeeeary tmr _l u-wd In repettr a
tliat ih4* atate auppUi ?? 0 ga ma of
..,? and 1" t ..i I Bllon.
king" may~\isit u. s.
Ferdinand of Bulgana Intends
to Embark Next April.
.?!,,. pab 11 it la pcaaerlble thal
King Ferdinand will rlall the United
date The Klni i
.. the Mn. i .? aa < toanmtai kn ? ? -f
_xpo8ltion to-day
told them that hi had long ntend
,,, to x lall _n* '
i?. ahle l ? make the .:? urney In April
ir .txrangen.*
Bald, he would ? - n] m \ ?
aral of I polltl* al
an cond
profltlng bj . erl* 8 i |
U i.1- . ? : '
fl) ?? ?
Woman Dies in the Subway.
Mrs. __aaaaa Kei aaa, of Ha*
\. j . aaventj tour
heart d?egOB >? '
her baaimr** ta ? '> ??
train. ihe a 88 I
atation, bul dled before tha I atl
Burgriiti from Kt.i.K. ri-.. k. Hoapital
Earthquake in Cuba
llgTaaa '
fe.t at 2 o-. io. _
<*? Cuba crent* . , M nt among |
the popuinion K* ' - -aaagt I
ajrgfli lajajajve?
Mexican Left Them When
Me Red- and He Says
Villa Sold Them.'
WANTS THF. $25,600
Martinei Brilfl Action Against
I oathcr I irm Which Bought
I tijj-itivc's Stock.
. rnmenl In Waahlngton ma) j
gnme Pan (ho ? llla, tbe ,
chant-ellerlea of Europe may looh upon
.1 mers bi Igand, bul he ahould
in.- governmenl haa beai re. ogi
. . ntral U ather Compan;. a
ratlon dulj formod under the las i
,,r th< n Btate of tii w Jeraey. i
re ognlatlon <!"?m nol can
weight, bul Vllle haa ,
v_':,.i.H. ,,r ths Central Leather Com
i good money, nnd, aa General j
j ?? iiman, leader ol the Ineurgi nl
: ri of the Central Leather
Company, hai been knosrn to remark,
llttle bll I ?
I ??.on <.f \ llla br ams
known yeaterda: through the tihng of
. ? broughl by lianuel M. ,
? - ;? mi rchanl of Toin on, *>'?
. that the ?!i ntral
me I 1.<*,M' per- |
i... th good hldea *.*.hich, In order to
bla oa i. hlde, he e aa compellod to .
ln Torreon whi n Vllla'a for i
took ? on October 1 laat
VU ? ould nol take Mai tinez, j
for hs broke all worid'a recordi
sprinl ng i" h s f.i. "iIte >?? i lone cellar,
-.-. here he remained until December 9,
when the forcea of Qeneral iiueria re
took thr- town. Then, when Martlnea
, found thflt his home had
been looti burned nnd that
bla hldea were miaaing. He traoed the
n ? and thence aero I h<
i to El Paso, bul on ing to the fact
nol moving a rapidlj aa
, ff Torreon to avoid n ?
? arrli ed on. da> after th.
I,,.,.,, v ,i,i b of Villa to the
Central Leather Company and Bhipped
Bo Northward Martlnea hied himeelf.
m< he had the ad1 antage, for he
..nine b d thi sklna were for
I '?? th. : ???.mi' r I'.l ' >rji nti ot
ii \i..i gai i. n<. Befoi e the i teamer
ii .j i i.i rington, Blg
nam a i.i gler, of No. <'?! Wall street,
to replevln the ;?.la and when they
? ..,. d ni the Jeraej plera of the
and 1 !i ls railroads, billed
ror ii " tani eries of the i ompanj. In
Rib Lak. W Deput; Steriffa Walah,
Bulllvan i nd Mi Carl m ?? ?) the
ed 1 the Hudson
? ? ? ? Mai ? ni' i -.. i.i
he Identified the ?.-.la by hia brand
,.ini t he i '-ni ral Leather i !om
ng i" turn the akina into
l< ui er, *av< a bond to bi nure t'" Ir re*
'i ;.. ordi ?' to expedlte matters,
Mr. Marl inea e enl Im fore (leorge R
Bi ai h, ;r Bpecial master In cham erj
,.;,.. took in* testimoiiy. Iie told of
f-, ..ni Torreon, leai ing ths
.i? ? ol attle and K>>.'t aklna
' ?:.
their ' nd ins Identlflcation,
which, accordlng to his counael, Oscar
Houston, of Harrington, Blgham <sl
Engler, waa perfect. Later, when the
?nios 1" trlal, the teatlmony be?
fore the master wiii be aubmltted In
\. nt Ing.
Thi < fent ral Leathei (' impan rep
renented In the action by PYai
Plalt. of 0 Bri. n, Bi ardman K- Platt,
of No. _ Rector Btreet, d".-* n? ?t re og
r iie Mr. Martinea'a clalm tn the aklna
lt conti nda thal his Idenl Iflcal on la
faulty, lhal he haa yel lo prove thal be
ever owned the property In queatlon,
.ind that, anyway, \ i'Ui wus the de
? icto governmenl and could glve ? per?
? ? t.i anythlng h<- mlghl p.-i/.e.
Pliysician Treats Twenty Af
flicted Ones at Hotel Clinic.
Twentj bllnd i" i on ;?? celved radium
'?r.i for thelr affllctlon yesterday
from in. John I ?-?>? of i:> adlng, Penn ,
v. in. hai ? '? ? i ir number of curea.
Mo charga s/aa mada bj Dr, Bge, who
eondu< ted his cllnle In tha ii"t..| Arling
*?" II Weal ..in atreet. Beventy-flva
peraoaa applled for the treatment, each
t a record
of thi caae, but D Bge had time t"
treal only twentj of them before be ra
? .?ht.
?i believe thal fully 98 per eeni of th*i
i i .. t.dlod i" .i.i m 111 ahow ,? o . i
i ? i :_t "but i .nd not tfii . \ > H
one of the patienti thal II would be
Ild up :iri\ h..|... al thia time. i ant
ig trach of each of the raaoa. and
will watcta them carel il | fer it meena
? of the pei .-ons I trr.it. 'I
to-da) wlll ."nr'. down to my <>rti<> ln
R< adlng later on. '
Brother of ex Mayor Accused
by Husband?Others Suspected
B ?' fford K ? ? . brother ol - ? U
Klli named la ths <n- m ?
ahlcl Joaeph R Btonabraker ha*
i ..... t Mra. i'oaatanee PUIwell
i.K? i ghl Wlth I iwu
? 1, t Ni. '.' \ ? .1. ll ? ? !. ?
it \ ay ihat f. ...,
? ? poti Ua
lOBl of them iiiairti.l, Wlll bS
porma* d to i court aa con apond*
gtoi ? ?? i '?? Kllm
? ? ths affectte
? i gl sl
?ri f h ni _ Mi - Bteaa*.
i noa ii in Balttanors
tha coupli wi rs marrfc .1 I
Btonebrs ipl< bave long i* en
,i..i. aad ti.< two chlldren, Joaeph
it nea ) aai:1 ";,t ?' ?' Nat* R
? ? i. in the
Mi -
I . . ? ., l,. i I.. I' I . 11 I r.
I , ? ' I . ] || ! -.- , ,,',ll>. |
, .. ia and thw courl awar k d her
$310,000,000 FOR MAILS
Scnntc Makcs Postal Appro
nnation Larfest Yet.
Waehlngton, Keb 11 Neart. M.
to lhal
....,,, i.iii aa It pe
the Hou ???"?? !ll? SrMi,t"
. completed Ma wort on Ihe
ll earrlea IIW.m.#ft. the
t amounl evei ai^ropriated foi
? | purp* ?
*i,xi i Mtn lalaiiea for rural mall i u
a,OUM b? increaaed nnder the blll
,,, -, ...|?. ti"* lotal Im reaa* for Ihl |
? intim to M ??????. v
, ,.. j, .?;.,,.,,., ,? pjt added to thi
ii,, | , approprial on for rallway mall ?
.. I., mei t t'"' di manda of tha I
ll poal_^_i
Ex-Senator Says Business
ls Ijislavcd by Laws
and Unioiis.
More than ? thea ?' :
i .aaw* lation of -raerlea
I th< acond annual dinner
. ? , ? on al Ihe Hotel Aator laal
i charlea Chene*. pree-denl of the
., ,,. latiei . preaidi d.
Bx-Benator John C B|. ? ol B la. on*
aln, 44.,-. tl J ap* Hla anb
.... -ind latrla Ubert Hi at?
, ghcrmai i '? whlch he
voted when i'i the . lt* - dee ?""'
,; tea . ln the llghl of us eubeequent
preutlon, an obatacle lo libertl He
knew more aboul tha antl I t laa bow,
, ,i than X4h.ii he roted for lt
. |n ? ,.i liberty.'' the
Benator aaid. "1 am ln doubi aa to
ith the lawa atready m exlat
trlctlj entorced, and Iheaa pendlng.
whlch undoubtedl al" be pi.>? ?l"M'r
-etrlal llbertjr lefl lo
. n,ted Btatea to be worth U
abo ?
??if ? a th* now
pendlng. which .Itallj affeel Indui trW
liberty, wa wlll have takcu a backwaro
X.,,,, and i ?ee portenU only ol aerloua
;?'?? ?'"' , .,
apeakei refe r? I to I .?'?'* l?
. . t< ? ?'''" '""
mr perlodical reporta from corporatlona
,,f tbeii bual caa methoda and atandini
.. "amelllng bllla ' Ha declared thal the
counl araa Uireat* ned
, n the on- alda bj the gorernment. and
,,., the other b o-*g__leed labor.
,....,?... Waa between "the devil and
p . bul he Bald he preferred
,,,? ..ge*.. ea ihe labor organlaatlona.
??i proclalm to-nlght," ha conUaued,
? .? o earrlea < i I ?
. . ,, involvea I e - mploymenl "r
haa a right. under the Conatltution.
, ,,-,,.,. hop, t" emploj aucb
. , thal n la ai i
?? i.t uf him and an Invaalon of his llb
, ?? thal an o il Ide od , i eara nol how
. -,,,,.. or how powerful or bow
vlcloaa, ahall dlctate to hlm B-Mceeafull*'
* ahall be conducted.
? [| |a ;,n integral and viui part of m*
lhai ... i ma: i nny on a
luwful bu Ineaa ln your own way. ' have
nothing agali I fabor uniona, rt etrictcd
? lawful bi
..-ri . ... ,,; iad trial
arava aubjeel 1 ou an all guai
inder the i onatltutlon,
that ?' fai wrong In
I tbal i" '.'-x'' n Ihe pei dlng meaa
.hand and the coi
. : power <>r lha uniona on th* oth* r
ihg bu ln* ,;" I m''"1 Btatea mual he
aged by n i .n.
. |.? n to ? o ??? i"' g. bul mei x*.iio
win nol Bubmll P* i eablj lo oppi.tn
and tx ranny."
Tha ..'ii.: apeakei *< *.rr \\ llllam IL
i.. Cotle tor of Cuatoma al Phllad.
phla, and tbe Bor, Ertteel da i atlel, of
iiaitfi.nl. Conn.
Among Ihe bonorarj gueata wera ^on
William Hugh* I, Of N' a J* '
Kami taro HJ "':' Conaul (leneral of
cltj; Juatlce Vlctor J
].,,.. iing, ol thi Bupr* PredeiIcM
\. Hlggina, Appraiaer or Cuartoma; Al*
ii Baldwln, Chlef <>f Bureau *>f
Foreign ?"' Domeatki Commerce; Bd*
v oa ii ii 111ft, v Ice-prea d< at af the
American Protectiira Tarlfl Laag ie;
Henrj M Clapp, apedal depuij appraiaer;
Oaorge B. Hodgmeo, preaidenl <>f the
,,. Club <.f Amerlca and Jamea B.
Reynolda, B"*-retarj* uf th-? n*pnhll?*an
National Committee
Sylvia Pankhurst at Odds with
Her Stron-j Arm Legion.
? , ij,,!,, Peb, IL B< ei ml Itanl ? uffra
gettea were aentenced bj tho rnaglatrate
at Bow Blreel Pollce Courl to-day t.?
.,:,? -' Imprlaonmenl aaeh nn their
,i te Bad Buretlea lhal thej woukl i
i,,. i, the poacu '"r k,n inootha eufter tbeyl
had been charged xxith o_-8-i_*tk>n an.i
.: aaull bi .'onno.-tioii 4>,itit laal aigbt'a
i ?. ? | u*eel near
the Prtme Ml*na-er*a i_ddeiiea
Mutlny haa brokan oui la lha ao callad
P( opie'B .rm ' f..rin?'d from tl ri
,.. (,f the Ea rt Bnd of I aondon i y
Miaa Bjrlvta Ponkherafll Bftor har aeoet
aion from th** Weenan'a l-ocial aad i'o
-,. Union. Bome <>t tne men atarted
amoklng pungenl o i aa *o__M*4*e
iu claj plpea ..t a meeting ol the "arrajr"
to-da.. B hen toM to deaaet I ? lefl
tho meeting.
Bows as Court Pronounces
Doom -Writes Verse on Fate.
Hana Bchmidt, i i B*_**er*pr-8at, araa
aent* ? ad -1 *': a I'.nis 11, the i
? .ii Branch ed the Bupranae Caa
to dia during th* nlng
xi ?. ii : . foi ti. murd* r ot Ai na Au
I mullei 1 mldl besred aa aantei
ronoua* ad, -"'i at ita
bi lefly t*> bla laa ' ?*'"
kfanua an.i Alphoaee k Roelbl*
'tended hla xArifits for tiio band
an.i xxa-i ied ta the patrol a hl* h
to tha Ora
It ,. U | T,mii s tnat tnr t_l_?
t.tio-t b|"-iit tbe Blghl i*i??
i;.. a i.t tha folleebng i ? I
raportera who aaked t.< aea blm:
garrcfl ? ? ' '
T'.rro ). _ llfr a'
'.'ti ' *
fa la lor*
iith.r death aenl th* aet
. .i ti<* iii the "< i a Is a
ttei ? ' * Thi appeal arhleb
- eouneal wiii t.iko ?'.u **ea<i**ane
ihe hil-Umaai af the Banfuaaee for months.
s hin'.'it an I4.-.1 al Oaalnlng In i barge af
.. k\ imly B'nrriff on I ? I B'CflOck tl B-B
>rstcrday afternuon.
Whitman Plans to Probc
$10,000 Presenl Bared
by Ex (iovernor.
"Not Samc Old Bill," and Will
Accusc Taiiiniaiiy Chlel <?f
Sccretintf Casli.
ai,. ? p fal
wanl i" ? srlss I M rp ' In ll
-.,..-.-*' that cama rrom UhU "? '' "'? *****
of T .??< I'"' tuna Ryan a III bs tract I
i. ?.? ittornsy Whitman in ths
i ies cr.-.ft Inqulrj i 8*1 r seh
v iiiitn Bulser, nf ; ' ' IBent?
? ? ? to beg a
contrtbutlon from thr trai tion n sn, I
ha (Murpbj ' i""K. i .1 tba monsy wlthout
reportti gil I ilaar Bald M i ''''',| ',"1
h# needed the inoni . and .-"i hs (Bul?or)
had te .1" ?i te "talli nlca" to Ryan snd
ould ". oms acroaa"
in order t.. lay ths foundatlon for ths
i Mr.
., ji firal call tha dep< I
.... ? ,?.i -i ian, li ;" >"?'?'? ha
will . nii .Mi R; .
, .-: Monday |! i Diatrlcl Vtto
gated \- i lony N- Bra
whether hs Intended l
? in_ ? , ip| n.i t bal '"? did with
i ? ?? ? 01
Bulxer Bald i.<- aa ? R:;" I- ?
atter expn m ? ?? a deslre '?? help hia
campaign and handed hlm ?'
.. s rh ii r said ck to
John Del
who tooh ll ' uptown" to M - ***
,? m i mi Murphy saw hlm, B ilaer
he told hlm that Ryan'a contfibuttoi
??,?,iv .. drop In the bucket" and admon
,. M. ,| .., t ... he would hava to do
ter than that.
\ . .. \ i: ni gai e ;i dlffi ? '
of the ? lalt of Bulaer and ths n iui
il. Hs said .
,.,, ;.. ? BBkin * for tl e B.
ived ths waj for tha
. tr, tsll hia father thal hs
aras "the satns oM Bill " After ths lm*
peachmsnt Ih s pobhe Btatement, Ryan
.,,,1 thal he dldn'l wanl to <i" anj thing
to injurs Bulaer, but ths stoi of the I
,.., was told bj D i sd llerrick, B il
...?nn el.
-* ,i,, , wlll bs allowed to tell o
vtai ?! tu .'??.. ' ' "i'i not ? i
??Tell your rather I'n I
old Bill." li- probably wlll be pi i
mltted to ti I of an allsged attempl on
,. ?_ . p,,., |o telep .- is to hlm froi
Buffern, N. T., I i .1 bi , during ths
to t.: hl n tl at bla Impeaebmi nl a
? ?,,:,, agi and tbal If bla fatl sr (Tl
r. rj ,.i i weYe at homs In tead of abroad
he would "call Murphj "'f"
young Ryan afterward denled nr. I
;,ri,i aaid thal Bolaei blmaelf aaked hlm
te have hia father uaa bls Influen ? witb
D? Laneey Nlcoll to hai a M urphj atop
,!,.(,.. .i in oceedl
Bulser wlll testify that Murph:
, i the^rei elpl of Rj an'a llB.000
and thal as far ua he was aWs to flnd
out M in nsvi ted r"" I
re ths ha ao ounti d ??? :- ' "
contributlon of Bradj' i s hii h he (Buls. 11
,],., i,;,,,, tO ?" copt Hs arlll ??' o ti
,,,.,, of thi " ? '<"?* '? hich hs reci Ived for
M2.8M wa
matndi r t ? nl to Murphy
., ... nt to a elose fi lend of
.. , he wa told te glve ll to the
?Chl. f' bul he kept tt.
Ceatfams- frem Hr*i page.
oul of tinn nnd _ct th*- matter huehed,
and that ths sams promlas ons mads t.i
'? c Cruee, a brother o( Qovernor Lee
Cruce, made the openlng Btatement for
Benator Gore He aaM that Mra Mli
i: Bond had on & pravloufl eoeaaton U t
ii...i th.it aha made tha telephonle
geation to Benator Oore that he call upon
har al the Wlndaoi Hotel relative to ;i
conference In bebalf of h< r buaband'a |
appolntmi nl lo a foderal '
Hs H-ii'i tbal Mra Bond met Benator
f.ore in the lobby <>r the hotel and asoort
, ,i hlm t" the i '"";i of Jan ofaa, s iif-r.*,
Benator Oors told har thal br could not
promlas her the ptaee for her bu band
Then, said Mr. Cruce, Mra Bond, wbo
was Hittiin; ln front ?>r genator Gore's
chalr, tooh blfl two bands In hera ..i"i
pulled hlm toward h- r. and then Gora
wr.M thrown oll bui balanes -??i?i Bald:
? \\ hai floea thla a i
Lawyer Charges Plot.
Cruee "aid thal aeveral daya latei Mra
Bond lald ber eon aga ?? i lors b<
fora ths Diatrlcl attorn. of Waahlngton,
and th.it !'.?? attoi ? i said "I oa " ?? i
gang of hin. kmall. and H sny oi ?
ti ,| n ? ||| be ? "i peopk " Hs said
thal whlle Robertaon and his frianda wars
iiditiK ln an automoblle paat tha Ckpl*
t,,i ih?>. referred to B \ Rogen
faiiing to bs appointed Beeratarj of the
Interior, and thal Robertaon said It II
had not bei n for "thal bllnd
Ttogerfl sronld noa t- ln otlllce and "ars
would have our flael upon ths table, bui
?a.. ull! (-.-t hlm yd"
ii,. aadd thal Bond, Roberteon, Fli
Irlck aad K"i-'.'s had each been dlaappoint*
. ,i in i,. t iu. \ niK rei. i"'i ti der
tn-Mits through the ? BBtOI
' lore, flnd that, falllng hi thi ? R i
lon tnp, 1 ed Into a i
te "dsfltroy tha bllnd Bsnator" aad I
ih-. .?ituf.tir.n al the praaonl tJmi
merel) I.ai rving oul ef thi .
\a i .inTA ri the I ..;.-." B Just
,. n,.. t ..ii ? tarted to-daj, "l'm
; r. _d> fer them Tbej Bey thej ?
agtag tl Inga ageli l i hara
but !? ?? '
ti t tlu- uutt is _ 'frams up1 to i rtn mj
? ?
| The
ped out earlj la ihe taamlnathra ol
' proapi ctlvi furora Bach i aalrenaa a '
i i. a. bed in tha bea araa aakad ins poii* j
u i.. tt,.: the i? ."i.i," of the run. .11
st.ii'^.i ls >t> would mBuence bha ln|
favor. ?. .
tiiii.'riv of tiijcli pollti ,.i aad partj leadarel
iu . 'I. ? .ni.
ThS J rr;. con ri f.inn*i | . i aro
aaJsaanea, i bs bankei <"i-i brokei ai i
i- r>in?ii Ftaa un Demaerata ala an
derod progrea Iva Repubtleana and
ono la u Ho--lall?t.
Chairman Sullivan to Con
sull District Attorney
Whitman To-day.
IflmtifatlOfl VVill I xtend to
\ iiorliis's OffiCC and Various
state Departtneito.
\ . ii.
\a n
tl .
. huirman and Alvah W. Burlli
of Kini ? ' drma
., an e? offli ?
nted .-. sub comi ttee i le* I
? ? ?
ara W llliam i. Ma l
hi, w > llerl Imer, v
\ r
. i Bt haap, of St n r< rt
11.,. |i .
Heai ' "k- ll1''
ai d thi ae wlll al o ?
.-ii.. ? '
, bs thoro
of oh
i. ; k. II
cial lm ? itlgato
Tl.ues.i ? ' ****
Burllngams and Bulllvan are
?,..,k to inorre ' ' ui,u
District Attoi ot ? ?> haa
... ? other
ths sub*
Tl ? ars I ?
I i
immlttee, droa rrom Rl? hard i
tl .. admiasion th i ' ? *>
ockel aii ths tn."-. .i"!. -
? Clark an A slai intDisl
, ? Har*
D Hinman, o I
Kdgar T. Brackett, "f Baraloga, and
... i ? ? ? ?" '?>?
gweel calii J on Govi
, to i Ighl . nd Informed hlm he
would requi il hlm I extranr
Ing ii.- i < ? ' pasalng ths ?l ?
A , r bill ai tlni I ,l0 '"? ","
exp. I,..-' gatlon.
Qovernor Olynn's i
? i unfrli ndlj. i ls ll
, , ondition
? .1 th. e
. -an meet
nature ot ** hti h
arould reveal
. 'hrlstman and Bulllv in said that
Tami ? . to pase ths bill
v-.hi.ii . lovi ni"r i ? . nn aid hs s/oul I
,1' u rew bed I Im thi n< d< d money i o ild
ba ..i.i.mi' ?! from p
"Thi ;? ******
Bulllvan, " auch that no polltlcal pe ?
can domlnate II i i i.Ui act Ita
channets. Tbe commlttee espeete tb a
th.-operatloo ot ? I cltlBena of tha
htau- wbo ?. f rall Bg tbe
itandard of pul I i bueinei . and the i om
;ii.,. i .. aubmlsaion of sug*
geativa fa ts, so lhal ihs aearehllght of
reveal thi rotteam aa.
MThIa a lil be ?' real Inve itlgatlon, a I
l Btand by whal i .-a.d on the flooi of the
night, !! ii thla iir
. wlll go int" everj di pai tment
,-. .,:, ! 1 .i t wlll ?? lm
pai tial, non-pai tiaan a I un ips
Baaldea i e CH pai tment or 11 , ra
the programme la to lavi atlgata <
;,, i , om:. ths offlcs of
Voorhis, Btats Buperintendent of K c
j i 'apltol repalra public printing and
? " ??
Women in Crowd That Flces
Flames in Timcs Building.
Panlo followed a Sre whlcb broke oul
iu ths Bub-bs t of 1 ba 1 Imes Build
Ing; ii i i i reel and Broadway, and
reached ths I
The blase started in ths n.wei and
bandags Btoreroom ."f 111*?- Mtkrr Hege
man ,11 uk; atore, and spreed to the hoi
pltal BUpplles department, beetde the BUb*
W.IS I'l 1 II ill.
Bmoka lllled the atatloa, roaa to the
and ..i'i acted s denas erowd.
i.. putj i "hlef Mai tin said the Bre dam*
:.??',? was ii"' more I "' WQ, t"it there
oni Iderabl.fi om smoke and
Those In the subway i( ths
tlma Bed i" the Bti ei t ln t - ? rei sl
women narrowl) es sped belng Injured In
Coroner Holds Inqucst and
Prosecutor Decidcs Not to Act.
enwich,Conn., Ft ? 11 i ??>on.-r Phe
thi aftarnoo I Id the deciakm of
i ?; j i . ... ? ? dlcai examlnar,
that (''. llliam A Btsdman ? aa ;. anli Ida
I , polli e havi been examining every
membei ot the Btedman houaebold, egpi
dally John i u pman, a negro butler, erhe
i ni n..iti:? d ths osllar nbere M
Btedmai as i fopnd dying.
Ths Inqusal to-daj was In ths Btedmafl
homs B. oroner and the tn.'i
|...ii examtnei I preaenl Ralph
tlng attornejr, After
hii Ii - ?!,,.,. |ar Brush an*
? ? -:i- .i thal i' .i r I "i
nol be. n commltti d
i?r. i lai i-.. aaid that abila tbere were
? ? i aln he had
- m had kllled himaelf a bila
a ? ?
Drygoods Associatcs Consider
Proposed Minimum.
Thfl minimum m;.c.- ;m applted to de
partmeni ed bj the Na
I Retall l BBOclaUen
Hotel a..i..i ai d thaugh ae
on waa re*
garded favorablj bj manj ol thr mem?
i . . 11, j. .-'?.
r-? 0 it W.ih IIOl thr
I . i \' ." :? il' d Inriilllirriri ITBga Ul BS
hut outsidera wbo arere constantly red
itiR i*ag< nnd Iniping ' ?>(T th. i
\ number of the
igalen a ho i ? ided laaM i
latlng araj eyatema i*? ln
" ? lll|.lo> < M.
Th. ? ' .?'.'? - ? ? ? ..re
r Laetti ' ? "- na pr. dent; 8
w trVoodward .Vaahlngton flrsl vlce
i .. denl I'liarlt \ ,-ti\. st l ouia
ond \ l< ?? preaid. nt, and "? le ...:
Bf I'.tlh.h, Tax., thlrd ?.n-e-prendent.
Mayor Praises Oollins and Paul,
Who End Blaze.
A | ., . .,..* gaaaage of wbteb *??
of the Maklng Pund
. | ., m ?? , -..I Bbori bl
f,?o noon a tha baoen al ad
thi i ' " ?
v . | ,.. tte oi I Bl '?'?'' '' ' "'"'
? itlnf of tho, waate paper
biaaa ""' ? thiei.
r. Ooliii rg ? ' '
H ; gei arti and Pai
I ark i'i lha "? '-? '
m b ataadi
,.i Paul werecoag
M aad I I.a-tJg-iag-af
But O'Bricn Wins by Sayinr?
Shudc Is Red, White and Blue.
Two api ; l"
f. Judge Tennant. ln the <
, . .,? .i , ? ? ' reaterd
ln tha national n -.*. One ? < ? ?
? ? i other araa raj* ied.
Ignatua r_u-4l4t_lon of Ba
Ife aaw i
i ?pang ?
i.....iii< O'Brlen, of Jerai
of iho Em< ? i ? ed
. . mj grei n ln th* '? ?
flag, O'Brl* ti"" Inautrad the c*
,r? thera la, -our hcwior,'' waa ibe
? ?v: , . ,.|? Df green?" aaked the
gmuaad I idge.
?A red, white and blue aha
tha prompt anawer.
With Mercury at 6 Above. Women
and (hildren Ask Shelter
Bt'rj, Storm Breuin)-.
n| of Pohn Beach, tbe
,? ratura hare al II o'clock laal ? I
? ;'''' ,,"i:'
tj al ll araa ?* MI chllly.
? armeet part of the da ?-i"
i to 2 o'clock ><?? le ??
Tl ? n ll xx;.v i; degreea. II
dropped b point tn tho ne*_1 hour, ?
bet* eon E -?n.i * r/i i< eli tha mer* urjr
Biipped from r? to 12 degreor. [1 waa
11 .-.t 7 o'clock, '.' al I o'< lock, and 1
.,. ?. o'clo* k, Bhoa Ing .1 drop of I f-?
greea between ?'? and 10 o'c-oek.
?| ?? man ln the low* r aaaeve
| ihal 11 " lll be jual a 1 cold to-da*
. - ?. rn 1;. and l al on Priday
? n iii arrlve ;i r al Btorna, and nol
of ? thing thal 11 l* I ?
? - eeterday,
1 p t' .* Btate ll la *o cold lhal
m* ?-, 1,1. , In II to d< -' and, la
plunging oui of the bottom of ther"
nn.ui itera.
al tha gfuni* loal 'jO*dgtni 1
nlghl ll waa *-:* i<i thal there a
probably be aoma oigiit an hundred
peraona under ahelter there and lo the
plera al the foot <>t Eaal 24th atreet
and '-''.Hi atreei and on Ibe Charlttea
boal Thomaa B. Brennan b for*
. loaa of the 1.n*i?*- 1lf thia amounl
ni'ty xx omen a nd nlneteen children X4. r
in the Municipal Lodging Hou a
1 'harillea *'ommlaalon* r Fohn \.
Kingabury kept ln houi ly tou* h by
talephone with grrangementa al the
Municipal Lodging Houae and the
ritiea piera, and aaid tbat hot aoup,
. and bread wag belng Ber ed 0 ?
seeklng help.
raineTlost nerve
facing suicide
$1,000,000 Defaulter Given Time
for Death by Some of His
BusinCxSS Associates.
[R4- Tfi?r?r'? io Ttifl ..-baaa.]
Bfempbla Pob. II .\ith'.iir*h C.
11 \intt* Ralna gcaugad of _e_d**8ealing
more than si.ooo.i'Oo from tha IfaroM
tilo Banh here, la <*atd to hax* nia'lr*
every prepantlon to ond hi** llie.
nerve falled blm at tha la.**t momettt
.ilnl h?' BUbmlttOd t<> arrest.
Ralne*a nrront aiaa first planned foe
last Sunday night. instead <if Mmi.i.iy
mornlng. That he xxas bImmI ln hla a. -
counta la aaid to have been admltted
i.. him al ? conference of the bank
oflicera and dl**ectora late -kUurday af?
ternoon, and b warrant t*o_d bave heen
?ecured for hla Burraerl at onoe kai-ga-d,
he iraa allowiid to reinaln at hla home.
Raine li Bald 10 havre been drtnklng
honvily f..r MVOt?I ,|a'.<* pri.?r to bta
oonfeealng, and to have threatened to
kiii liinisoif mi novorai ixcaelone ?.:?? 1
the dlacloaure Bome of hia Iniadneaa 1 ?
aoclatea ara i-it'.i tn heva plenned to
Six.> him BUfflclenl time t.i inrrx- nut
bla threata, belleving thi** to be the baai
Bolutlon of the dlfflculty, a< ho gra
un marrled.
Frank 1;. Jonea railUonalre boi m
xxas otiO i.i' tho lafK'*-! <io|.,..m;t.>r?*. Tiie
funda of tha lfetnphia B__a**ball Cluh, <-f
whlch Frank P. Coleman la prealdent,
44. r>* also ln th?* bank.
1: iv ('"Pop"*) Cteera, veteran horae*
man, la reported to have loal aboul
.??_?.iiMui Mt.i. <;o.*r.** la satri I.. ba at the
1 niiit of death from the ?flmoa-,
Loss of New Haven Stock Divi
dend Forces Retrenchment.
'? ': ? ... te .,. 1
New Haven, t-gein., ,\i,. n Etecauaeof
? af Ita ii,. om.. ii ;,? ;? ti,,. paming
or divldenda i>y th.- Naw 11.,un Ratiraad
I ...I.- _M l-fii _a__B**aaUad to -nart _> jioll, >
*>r mt*r**8_fl*_m*8nt Tha u__l-***H_t*r iioiii.**
? ahares of the ulo. k aml xaill Ioho
; .ihoiit jji.iioo -tiniii?n> b> the r_r?*aad'a
j fallura to meel it** dlrialead pajraBeatt?
In tha academic deparia-enl aeveral Ib?
Btnictora have beea d-wpoed aad ln the
siia-tu.-id :-.::. g* boal ? .k'h h ive beea
IInformed thal Ihelr Horxii-i-a nixiT-t ..ia.- iit
ith? ? mi of th* h. ii.K.i 4t.ir. They ai
...... k <ur other 1 'i*?? aa
11 _u?t x..iir fortx-t44.o in?tru toi*. arera
1 to tba tea.iiiiiK aerpe al the ual*
Ivenrity, The lach <>t laeanie from Nea
Haven l_a_read ato-k -.% * 11 p**a4*__allj
aripa out this imreaae.
$50 . ' '? n-J
rm,n N'-rVirl, ?- , , ,,,?
$12 $14 $15 ' ii-t*
Froni Ne// York -*??**
P;oportlora:e Ratea from Othar a1t_
: ' ' ? <r. nt r,
Pennsylvania R.R
Sheriff dayly Presides .
Prandial Di'liherations
of I hird Panel.
Murphy, Gaffney, McCal m
Hosl of Cclebrlties Oive F.vwt
.1 Political Sparkle.
ii * ? t.
-, .i,
ii-. Hupna,
Bd prealder.ta, aa
?* i ??
In oth. \ r*i rjfiiu
hts itttta
"millloi ?' tha le.
more Itotel ???*;?.
' ' * '.ta,'
rlrinkaM^H nnd ;? - of th? aa^.
- i ? t aa
? ? ... a . ? hia pf?t>
lUl IH 1 ...
envj laa *??.
..-?. nnd ?. ph-.-la-.i- ? ? m? ?u ie:
lt Rj.ll I tlra -. .*?u a*r
i forei rmer g
rger had I ? MJ
?.i ? I hat JiiImih - ..| But
" fcm-a
r. n-l_u _,
I i- ?
tf ft
Knl'ki . -r
? lea I . M -?-:y a*
i. waa al * tabl-< In t iirtgft
. . . rrtiMl
ovening. Wtth hun i ? n !_ <_*
-..' im_
'^..fli.nr*, I"
. V ?. _
I " . | ?
I Mi'lw*
i' i ..'??-.ii - . - t, JBfl
ths "chlef - . ..
" ? ? a
.Itiat.ce-i I :H i-iRi [1ata_kHl
- i kim] na
ii "i* ra*
? ||p
?. rt ta**
m Inl,. John 11. itw Ta*
..' 'I "I .' H" i ?? . ? I IIUlM
? r tf>
Intei boro v ? 11
ind Alfrr.l II .-?? - I " '
iha N'.-w > .x k '?-?titi.il line* ruhW k
. Umiv ?, wre Wf_B
|i. i: i '?-***
N. .**ft
man ai .'0-4-w
K t. L'nited ***?
Maral . ' '??aa'
District Attorne; 1 fdP
A <>rnnd 1 ^ t t!
The tiittri'? ..if (lil : r.er., i***
whom ? ??? ?'hfifls'
.;. Hupfi I, laou 1.1 stw l1*-"
K idolph .1 *nton C .; ll.
Colonel Jacob Ituppert, J snd ral"
Iloffman, were rlv-ille-1 '?"? n***p
of srlne agenta and buttle-I watsrt
! Tha?re hit" t\" "rtlcisis
? on to Jllllu*. v 0 * then **
I loseph. Johnson end M J ****"
md. Flrs ? . -' AU*
and 1 >oek ? 'ominl alon-a* B. A *
Bmlth were only two ol I ? : f.* ?**
-.. tii.-i... Of ba kera IbSlS ??*
.'.. p.i II. M.irr * ? ! rU ?' **
Porter, of l '?' -?'>*'-,
and i'i..:.. is 1. Hlne,
lt waa . .11. :' . expl uned tbtM ***
Sheriff'n 1 .. el ?? ? * compssal
'mlllionaires chli .r tht Wf
l ot thot* ***
,.? th*
? ? l( panel happei 1 ? * ?**
.'?> Um.. th iri WOU ! ? '' Y ?,h*r ?*/
1 it) in the ..11 1 *****i
,1". .ni.llt to la<l- " ***
: magnlticenl sll 1 ? r*t
I Headlesg Woman Spcctre Oti*
White Acts as Curfevv ii
Roosevelt. L L
Koosevelt, Long Islui J *>-*? '
..... | , Kivlng nlgh**
at thla i" ? .f..
1 that ae. ma a'< rthy of pub'lctty. ^
Idozciia of years s?o, *"}t*x^f
' Klijali Raynur. a reiln 1 oystsr-*-^<|
, woman v,.i? unfortunate *'^u^
.... her head ln the courea *
; murdarad ,,,ro\
Rhe g.-ive no further iroublefl*^^
1 until two nights ago, ? h< n V.aytx*^
passini along Wsshlngton *****Mrl
The headleas woman, .-la.i in ^#
atepped out from !?< huu1 * tr**A\^f
j proached Raynor, wh?- '
' had prom. li ?.-. ? honie e.iH)-^
The following nlghl Bhet-salf.
: .-.4-.V ih.- appnrltioB ^
lt ii ? ? d nml th- ?'*'*? e
whi.h l.oun.eU ilmtuflh ''r0** gp
-.,.,. started around '" . t*
| ga] ? BtHi tllHt li"- '<?.'??>??!""<' ^i
I anrtb pernuited ti"- '? s,,''!,s
J the murder to re-ent?r aoiisiy

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