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jXrtvUork ilribuur.
i'Kin ?.*, i iliKi Mi > IS. i?ii
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4 88
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. ..? ? ? ? im Mail
The Republicana and the Constitu
tiontl Convention.
-,., provide nea maoblnery nf f^**rumen1 Ibnl
better than tbe presenl maebiuerj arlll
.?. ,,? .. r th(. .ute a, u-e omiog constitu
?I:vr?tio?. Tbe D ? ? P?rt> 9x01-VYot
.,.,,,.,,.,. ,,,r whole Western meehnnlnm ol
,?. the initiativc. referandani and re
,. _ - prohaMj offer all ":
.? *H*a i*. Two "i
,,. more pros ??- ?*?' ""?,,?" L V'"N
. si Heur* I.. Stim**ou. <?utlined ihelr concen*
:,..? . H |M"tJ " I1 ??
tendeni*. has been to magnif** the
Bxecatiri i'i*- deni Wilson Initisies
?lon and has the infli enca to pu! it ihrough
Hc rollowed the aame ronrae a- Oovernor
of srm Jeraei Goreruor Hughea attempted the
tmng ii Sew York Oovernor Glynn baa
.? ,.r; , ... r - ? suceesgfal apon s aluilltr
I-.Pp ,,, Meaara. Mllla nnd Stimson
nbould be n<*cepted eonatitntlongl proriaion would
be made '??'?? a greatly Increased power of ihr *?"v
.i egislation Tbe Ooi
,,,.?,?? ... ..,, ,] i.,. raMtl.v magnifled State
,.,v , , i4, wonld i'< made appointive. and
Pible to iho Gorcroor. Tbe Go^ ernor and
made up of tbree spnointee*. would sit
m ih- Lejrislature. And tbe Oovernor would bare
a . Inb orrr the Leglslatore in thr* sbapc of Ibe rlgbl
to appeal from il lo ihr people by meana <-t a
referenduni 11 the leglabttlve rerdlci opon bia pro
? blm. The Goveroore lerm of
off.-,- would be lengtbened, tlieusli be mlgbl be sub
ne& to mlddle of ;r
?II of tbis tbere ia alighl u ?? of She recall.
. . ,,.,. thai seenw to us sl all permlsslble
hoins Iti appHcation to k*ngtben lerms of o?ce
Hprj to ol o ectlons, whlle presarr.
Ing tbe rlgbl of tbe public to rld itaelf of oAelals
li whom it baa losl confldence. Tba present use cd
tbo referendum is slightly extendetl to alfopd tb?
Goeernor a feaaible meana for an ellectlTe "appeal
ir. ihe people And the Inltistiv^ - **eje4*ted en*
l i ?
ti,.. ? ??* of thi** programme is hoi toward
dir-"' legislatloii a*- tbe way r.m of tbe exlatlng dis
centeal wltb preseol institntloas, bul toward
ggrengtbening iho?o Institntions whlcb tbe ilotiio
ra<\* ls uaing best and iv-itb moal ir^tm-denee.
Tbere arlll be general aupporl ed tbe _ea thai tbe
Governor'8 funi*-oaa and autborlty sbould be ln*
ad Membera of hl*- rablnel should bave aeats
and ;i ror o m tho t>glslature Perbaps tbey sbould
? r< rotei alao, iho'ich tbia requlres Btudy and con
glderatkin Bul ll la doubtful arbetber the Gover*
upr blmsell ?bould eltber sil 6r .otr la tbe Legia
lature. i?no _*Btioua objeetlon is thal iho Oovernor
i?iv tn*- hands full as II Is Tbe analogy of buslneaa
filli Boarda of directors meel lafrequently, nnd
iho preaidenl of a companj may attend tbelr meet*
lngs 44 ithoul neglecting bls adminlatratlve dutlea.
\ Legislature is io oesslon one-tbird to one-half of
tbe time We we no reason wby tbe aeating of tbe
Oovernor'** cabinet, witboul th** Governor, ln thr
iturc would noi serve .'iii Ibe purpoaea ol
givlng tbe state al targe tbe repreeeutatJon aml Its
gdg_oi**trntJon the Influence ln the Legislature
whlcb Mr. Mllla and Mr. Stimson bave'in mlnd
Wltb tbe short hallol we are ln beart* sympatby.
ii j- indispcnHable if the goverams? I ia to be made
regponaibli Bui >viih tbe shori balloi ahould alao
co. we tbink, n sborl eonstltutlon. if tho conatitu
_? u containetl nothing bui tbe organlc law of tho
af-ito governmeni .*ini nol miacellaneoun provislona
tbal oughl to be enibodieil onlj ln tbe statute books
much of iiio currenl diacontenl with courts would
n?i gglsl . abort ;'ini slmple constitution ??.onid
have to be neltber Incessantly amended nor Incea
-..miiy Interpreted.
Supervisc ihe Private Banks.
11,.* \an Tuyl commlasioDs recommendatiuna for
tha regulation "f private banka bj tbe Btate De?
partmenl of Banking mighl wrii l>ecoine ia?. rhose
,ne dr.**vn f" thai ibej wonld nol nndul*/ Interfere
44ith tbe bualueaa of banka llke the Morgan or
sr-hiff eoncern, where tbere la no riue?tioii u t,. tho
x-j.f?*t.i of funds "ii depoalt They \-..<ii.il afford
more protectlon tban exlsts now for th** depositon
*\jth iho numerous small private bankera wbo h;*4e
.- ggighborbood clientele or dr?-. thoir patron*
fi-oni I re rant of tho ct?dTOmi "f this
? oatrj
ln mr failuro of th**et* ggsall i]iu<'Xiilnte*<l. tin
mparvlaad prlrata hank.*- it ls thr* d^pooltors who
suffcr, not ihr l*ankr;> Ii is tiiiie* that ihr h.-mkors
should *-nhinit io :* liltlr regulation for thr jrro
in-tjon r.f thoae >* afford tbem opportunltj f?->r
?;..rid prortt*.
Too C^omplicated.
Chairman Rucker, of tbe Houae Oommittee ou ih*
Uectk'ii of Preaidwl Vlce Preaidenl and Membera
pf t ooigi eaa is i gbl in tblnking lhal thrn* :irr "many
difti'tlltlr-" in Ihr \4;i> r.f gatabliablng H nati?n V4ii|r
Prealdential prloaarj under federal guptrvlaion.
N?v>iit all lhal Congreaa caa do now ^ i11? safet;
wogld i*r i" Us ?' daj on wbieb delegataa ara to i>..
. h.?.-rn ..I PresMen lal aaplrants votrd feg in gll ihr
li mlgbl even require all thr s|:ites t>. hol.j
rn?. id*'unai priasarlea, bai to reqolre primaiiea i"
ho be)d under unlform fetJaral regubtfrkmi aould ra **?
li Itgitf fiaxn wbkb tbe Boutbern Democrntg would
I.,. tbe Bral to run away. Mr. Rucker fbugbt tooth
...,,i . Bgalnnl an adml?*alon in tbe Beventeentb
MimoliiK'nt ..* tbe ti.-'it ..f Cougreaa t?? regulate nir
. iiiii.ni nt Kenatoia Hoat nsiKb m^re rcgaofl aould
i? nnd ih"-?' a*ho thlnk ?miI> blm bave for fighting
agalnal an spp kratbin b* i *"^ federtl -torernmenl o(
general rulea detertnlnlug arbo are and wba ?i<' n"i
otitiiiPd to rota rn ihr prinwriea In tbt "grgadfathgr
clanse italaa!
in oui oplnlon ll would be foollah f"i ' ongrena ' ?
preecribi ;, baala of repreneatatioa in naikNUil wa
reurtona. i ?"? llcpuhllcan partj i- irj mil- t" -i" iwaj
wlth the ?yate.f uoaqual repreaentarton fi"1"
I which i' ba? nuffered ter manj jeura, It la ?olni
'? " uhollab ibe geogrephlcal plen ??( tjatoti onmeol
lan delegaten tei each Congreea dlafrtct. wh*
,1 . ongresfl irj '" terci lhal ?Idooa plan ba<*
on ibe Republlran* Or whj abould ll wanl lo
? ,, ?".. tblrda rule whlch '?:*- ?bti.**i -?
long in Deinocrntie n.n "ii.ii conrentlong. -mi.-nuinn.
i;, ,. it j ..i . pluralltj iui' ?
ii...... mattern *.im i..' lefl wltMn rb* .?'"'
..f ihr national partj orgaul ntlona. ll n III b<
eoougli 'I' nrlmarj tictl.? "??? ->:l1"";?,.? ' ? '
thi -ute* Ihua doing nwaj wlth lha nndne w
penae and annoyanre reaultln-* teoni the protracted
? jue-eonventlon t-ampaign ol Iui
\m (hninoui Rumor.
Thla is indeed tbe llme tei .?!i good meu l? ?? me
t,. th,. from if certain dla<iuleting rnmoi*** ara to he
hellcred v buatle gftracted muvh attcntion nl ihr
l.liiii'iv' -a*.* -in otberwise hnrtnleaa diapnlih from
j palm Beai h Tbe buatle I* *lowlj bul surelj rr
>turning." gsaeita ??< faataion letter fi.i Part**. ind
ki ,.n wlth a trmfv111_r veil.Tiiii"n
Pherc ran bt go 11 iti,u_r al ?ucb a uoment. ll >*
. do iime for soft worda and r*eafc bearta, and "Ob.
what'i tii*r> .i<r: Tbey'll wear wbat they wanl io.
auyway." S"in.> brntal remnanl of Ihe i*ave vel
remaina in moal mon And aome cringing pleaaurc
in docilltj in moal women. l-v the downtroddei
male riae In hla mighl and rensaert hia old maatery
lirit.-i- a gi ' ?' life In th< i*nv? tban a horrthle,
I clvillxed iforgive ua ihe word!i hnlbnu*. embu?tled
leinule ngniu.
I.cadcrship of Primaries \ crsus Idcas.
\(iit-|.|,\ ui;i\ well 1^ for tho "uplift" and "tbe
: leaderahip of Ideen' bo ion$: a* itio uplifting proeeaa
: 1*4 f.? bo conductad on Ibe prlnciple of "county an
Itonom.v." He iia*- been all througfa ihat. nnd iie
knowa thnt tbe upii.'i pay.* It paid him. "County
autonomj was hom of th*? lair lamented Demo
Icratic League. vTilllgna Church Oaborn. lo be Ibe
eagineer in charge of iho uplift. Bnd Thomaa Moit
I Oaborne, tbe otber of tbe Onborn-e twinn, were bi
attendance al thal intereatlng r^ont: in fact. tbey
j Ktooii -a- godfatbera to the little atranger. Tbe Dem?
ocratic l.i'.i-'H'" waa then waging fearoome war "ii
l stnio Cbsirmaii L'onnera aa tbe epltome of tbe
lowbrow nnd the antggonial ><( ihr uplift. Some
I rentureaome i-efonner without gatlgmatlani iug
|geeted tbgl Ihe wgr ahould alao Inclnde Murpby.
This waa frowned down. The Oaborn-es nnd tbeir
ezplalned elaboratcij lhal Murphj*, liko
Ibe tariff, waa pnrely i local lastie. Coanera, i'i"
Btate cbairman. iras tiio greal and overahadowing
evil. Morpbt talked batter Englinb; besides, if tho
pcopir of Xew Vori ronniy gaaented to bia leader
vhiji. Dcmocrata elaewbere, reeognizing tbe pria
I <*i|,]o ..f f.niiilT BUtonomv, POUld "nl> liow ln n^
r*em !ikc"i*r. So Oonaera waa removed, whlle
Murpiiv smiif.i m that np'iff anti faraiahed enoggb
rotea to pul in iho place of hi* oniy termidable
ri\ai a troiiiai Incompetent \,!th i creal reaped
te, Murphy an'l Tgrnmanji llall
Ni". tho leaderahip of ideaa ia nbotal i*> uplift
Democracy further bj removing aoolber Btate
cbairman. Tbe last uplift opllftad Murph}'. II
made him undiepu! ?<! atate beaa n pnt bla friend
Gaffnej lato a positioa where ho could colleci
$80,000 from a riral oontractor for **ad*lce*,? .'i"ci
-rff oihor tliousfinr]- for "a boatload "f BtOUe." I'
put hu favorite nepbew iuio i poaition where be
? a-.iii,i fiirnish Viit-iiway eontractora* bonda bi nd
rantageouB terma - - to hlmaelf. It nia?l<' tbe
Murphy country plair ?' Qood i,rotind ami th.*
Murphy apavtnicn's nt Delmonicog iho Ifecca ot
job buntera and conceaaion aeekera aud ^iro pnllera
Mai-pb*j can atand tho nplifi so ion*- aa countj
autonomj is a part ot thr protrranime put l'orlh by
the laaderebip of ideaa Murphy can stand uli tlie
rofonniii'-' iho drcf-s-suit Dcmofiaoy can dovis.-. ao
long as thej kepp off his grass. Mnrphy .-an -land
anythinj-' arblcb "*'ill not laterfere with Now Vork
< "iinty's ilominution cf Now York ijty DemocrfllCJ
and New Yor); City Democracy i domiuatJon <<t tho
Btate, 'Ihe ihin*,**. Murphy eould nol st.ind wonld
hr- ;.n gttack on Tammany llall wlth VOtes, ii"l
spee iios. and a few more Indlctmentc "f contrac
tor graftera aud batrmen bj Mr. Whitman gnd lu*
dbsciplea nmon; ibe upatate diatrid attorneya.
Uoveruor Glynn, Mr, UcComba, Mr. Oaborn may
haio their leaderahip of idcas. Murphy, rank i.r
liever in ihin*-> as they are, *^iii atick i" his leader?
ahip in Delmonlco'a where tbe r.',,(,.i ihinj< aro.
aad iu ih-. prinaariea.
I hc Southcrn Pacilic Suit.
in it* 8iui i'< <oni|>4'i th.- Bouthern Paclfli Raii?
road t" part with control of tbe Central Partflc
tho i-meniiuciii soo-- much further than it lm* evet
gone before in Ita attempta to iiis--.,i\o coenbina
tiona under one ownerahip "i parallel or allegedly
parallel linea.* Wben ii broughl auii t" diasolve th.
l nion Paciflf-Soutberu Paciflc merger ii bad a ter
more plguilble ras?>. Tbe Bouthern Paclflc bad a
tranacontinental line from san Pranciaco i" Vew
Orleana and tbence a line bj water to Vea Vork.
ihe Central Paclflc and i nion Paciflc coaatituted
togetber nnotber tranacontinental line from San
Pranciaoo to Omaba, an.i tbence Eaal by connec*
ii"ii* ? ith othar roada. Tb?? >?.-1<? m*. were in ,i cer
tain *''iisi- parallel, though lying bundreda of miies
apart. Tbe rt-di-rHi Clrcuii Court beld tbal iiie
paralleliam waa n<>t auAV-leni t" conatitute an of?
fence tij;ainst ihe im* The Buprpme Coun over
niu?d that dadglon .ind diaaolred iho merger.
Now the Soulbfin Pacifl'j m.iin line ig gecused "C
bein-* paraiioi and conpetlng ?*.***il11 iho Central Pa?
clflc, which starts Ka*t from San Franctacu ami
tenainateg in Dtab, A aurveying inatrument would
bardlj show tiisr tbey are parallel, toB. tlio Cen
tral alone is nut in anv srn^r- i tr;. i,s,rontlm ntal
I carrler. If ii iv taken from tbe MHitrol of tbe
IBouthern Paciflc tbe court >'.ii probably nt t on tho
tiioorr that n ..iif-ht tn h.. v,,!,| i,. tho 1 nion Paclflc
in order t" five tiie latter- gygtem a completed trani
continental iin*?. Bul taai la a tnotive for diaaolu
tion only dlotaatly r?>iaio,i t<. the . mm:-_-;. ..f being
? parallel nnd ."inpelinj*.
if the Boutbera Paclflc los,--. n arlll be bard to boi
js llmit t.. iho govemmeat'fl getlvltiea in breaklng
j up raiiroad combioaliooa,
' Bmallpoi h^fr lavaead tha Keatuckj Leglalal .i?
[Reforra would hava hun an\ Legialatura "orse
iiig Tom" Poloy **-. a hr- would like ta aaa T..m
Inaany "an organlaatloa of -ihihc mmn af n>**- Vork N
ii. BhouM ramamhaa wbat happenad tr, thr oiigiaal
I natiiv e i;...n>
Winnlng ?< ipelbng hm ;? ,,,.., work i-eanpared
w ih making .nn *n lntomr taa return in iii?* iight
of the Treaeun r?sDartm-*nt ? laatPUCttMM.
The Conning Tower
On the Flighi ol 1 ime.
Horace: Book I. Ode II.
IH i i i i ??
' i ? ' ?
/ ., ., ,.,r . r ...,,?? tt, H
i ? co ?? ?? ?
-.*. nol tn nii.i Ah.it ih *. i ? rf mi: ?,".
. i ei no i hsldesn clafi roytnt | oui
i un- .-I i? i . ? H irritstei m*.
HeiKr io beai a bai msj bsppet
Pstiently, playing II tbroug- like i sr"1'
Whether the end ol youi brestbing is Nerer,
i ir. ii li i'i ei . oui .mi ? ';|1 be iborl
i im is th? sntjle, ib? tru? itustio
i iei me, i prsy, ior I'm putting ou bep
V| |. i .,? been loolli f, with vei lif ition
i mr ba* been Bving , , Both Kste< VYstch
oui te|
i ,i ii.? n : n wood* i v ki* i boinaa Uardy -
typlal ."^'"i ?'?!. sbould wnui Im marrj a man iged
-, M1. .,, bettei seven r ? ?>! Uardj than i i-yHe
ui almoal an; bodj elae.
Ai tba BUtmore thej don*l iharge jrou 10c ?< '*opj
for bread and butter. as thej do al the PIssa nnd
., few otber place*. Soi sl oll rh?? Blltmore'a lai
,,i pi.- jx for '** orers
Senoui system la a bunrta of nerves banging to
| thr bra lll
*x.? ,,(? ibe Earl* Kreucli Exphiren* were 11.eo
iiinl Jullel .ind Marconl
The change of Kcasona la cawed bj the Suu ra
1 * i* log n round thr -"i.i r pia nel -
rbere sre two kinds of harometer h Centei
Grade and Aaron belgbta.
Rpeaking Of ihr r/OUng idea, follows a Irtirr fmm
,-i ,-i!,\ boj to a young friend In ihr eountry. In re>
nponae to a requeal for odvice bi te whal studics
Ito pursue in order i" nttaln urban success:
, ii* lio Joe:- -
i forgol i" aak ou whal ou would like to
?learn Hmt.
r nm going to makr (.ut n liat and i wani you
.. pul ??' ? roea ilgn ix) nexl i" lt.
Geograph* ithe meaning of geography - to
learn aboul everj Btat* and countrj wha! tb*
make and n br vr thrv ?re)
Bpelling il B icaa - ou know a bai pellmg
mean* don l ou Jo* 11 >"u don i ;ii-t .. b the
bo ia ihe iii*--.* nm tr nnd he a IU t< ll ."";"
Grammar iNow Jo* you donl 44.-11,1 i" ki
any thing aboul grammar until th* laat thing
1 of all)
Arlthmeti* iNoa thia ia the moal Importanl or
all .inr- be auae thla ia ? ounting up bu* h a - sl"''_
1 meana a<)di : *200 1 meani anawer) B354.
nou when you know arlthmeti* you ? an bel you
' know .i lol becaun J? thla arlthmetic stuff hi
1 ;i\4 fui when 1 wenl to at-hool 1 ua* lo like 11 bui
n>\ er gol enough of 11
\i,\v comea
Hiatorj <now jor hiatorj meana a lol of thingx
when you come t'? thlnk ol It. Ita aboul ahat
happened yeari ago In the great wara aucb as
the revc.utIonary unri rmt wara you can learn
nm?t of thiH Jual by reading booka nnd Jo* you
' can bel li ta greal to read aboul Ihe olden time
4' a r<*
Wtl\ .inr- aend me youi -n "*>t >. * *' *? " ln |il''
mornlng hrst regards
for I a:n
your >'ity frieml
r?A Mi.
p .- Juat a couple of word could give me ou
?naw* ?? b x nexl to wha! yau ".nm to
lravn flrst.
Bt Rai mi * mi vYl m:v.
Paul Klder Fremool Oldei
Thomaa More Kveretl I'owlcr
Harry Lacder* Geruldlne Farrati
Marahall P. Wilder Bamuel vYeller.
*Prooo ??? r lA
v- m . ould bb ini ' ? tha ?
\ paper punllabed up I45tb atreei waj -thr * !iasalc
Weeklj -says that II *1ntenda to makr a **peotoIty
j0f ;iii thai is particular Intereal to inmates <>f
1 lYaabU-gton Helghta.'1 Bometblng likr vi.'iiins of
' porl 1 'beater, pglpaMy.
?oioioiononoioioiioionoi o ?
0 0
' Do You Know? \
? 0
? Eiiphcmia ilemans Simpson
" , 0
3 IS
l with
z 0
\i,,i do you knowl B_aaors, tbe fomed Brooklyu
i-otreapondent, ls wltb Tbe Gotham Weeklj Gasette,
too, \\r offered blm triple hi- former salary, ;in*i
be -aid Ind j"in for 8 third Of ln*- Old "aj..' 1.01
Sundaya paper for Brooklyn Bits, Adv't,
? BORHoara cnow: 0 sokrov 1** aguEMBKn
! ? 0 HAPPIBR TH 1' ??
DI .n drii8R - ? I? en* I
,. ? ' . ? r bad ?
Ipra.a '?-'? .'rl fm itfl airoi :n . ?'.? Rawarfl] If -atiun-il
gsn v . ? ? ? .
Tbe w. k. cal baa practlcally aei.1 Banker
Raine of Memphla, who, 1 n?;? * it from tbe Tribune,
. 'threatened lo ..il! himaelf oa several oecaalona."
Bi BU?s
/ | r I,',!, ,? ,ll //im/ /.,.//./ I* '/
IgOOt ?' '"" '" -/.
t'i,i - tkough '"il. < ? ?// I K ' him
fl, <i. . 1 tlt '" >" " ? 'I
Truly thi*- ta Ibe Age i?f npeflallxallon. h VVbite
Cloud, .Mi'h . \V, I? Reed concentrnlea nn Bmbalm
iug, Pianoe nnd Beaing Ma* hinea.
11 l I";.Mi.*. M H....K1
Trora 1 awa.]
Wha ? ?? i... pereee a ? . kl d mS : ? ? ? .?
.. ., ? ??? . 1 1 - r ? -i^a
ii inii-i 1 nt mt.. iho erenlngs of 1;. m thf Phila?
delphia Ladgtr's rolyualat, t,> hava to cbange the
captlona .>i 1 u*r condoctora oae on exchange it"in**.
Remembeh, ;.-ii-. f rotx happea t'. be wrltiag
. alrntinr poema
I ln* 4..i-r 4* ith Ihr -mile f iu ?
r. p. a.
An Open Forum (or
Public Dcbatc.
A Plan li Offered Whereby We Could
Aid Disarmament.
To tha Bditor of The THb t
Blr; Hera t - ? waj tha Cnll d -
, .in be, ooic the .Mon--, of ll . '
in thr- currenl wllderneaa of "reeklng tube
aad i " ihard."
y.\ r< poa ei wjth tn litai i bi ma n i
ia ipending mora on ita armi and na.j
rt can afford, an.i it is no;. i ious I
thal each would like to cul th -
ln order to meet public aocial dem ?
ii, ,. cannol longer i>e dela] i d M< 11
ovei c ?'" powar ha plclo
i - i elgbbor oi peer, and tha
ui Burope la now paral; alng thi
, rr.. ta to reduce the burden of exhauat
Ing mllltai \ praparatlon i'or e ?? ni. i
that aii thr protagonista pray i
co na E ei \ ont of. 'hc powerj la lltei -
.-,,' i > pra -Ing ror aame o ie elee to ? i but
itseir li afra d to Uka a atep toward
cuttlng doa n .... ai count of lha d aad
vantaga ? Brat mova would entaU. "The
thing ior flomahod) I i ':" - '--< ???ake ??
..iirt ,,., _?.ue atartB up evarywhera ln
Burope lhal - -?? "i"-1 |U BUggeatad;
...., nothlng Ib done
Tl ? l nlted Btatea ia iu ' ? om ei ned a Ith
thi rli alrfefl ol Burope, and aa i i ",i ?
i ? oal aloof from the eltual on thal |
paral) ??? sa Buropean deBlrea to cut an i
menl expense to ? polnl where the gov-j
j ernmenta can al ? bb! ?. a iq ? ? ? meal
' irithoul reaortlng to h loan. v'i"
desira toi pea e Ib jn ......??
than that of Burope, whlch la too Ouaj
I pulllna '"?*.think about th? queatlon
vo much. Burope an.i Amari. ?
paatedl: gone on racord a.* willlng
[due* armamant anj Ume ? iaf? wa:
, ba found. Qreat Britain ?? I aa -
eral othei Buropean atatea havi ?
Bponatbl; d acuaelng Ukii g tha lead bul
faai holda thelr haada |uat aa ln
looaenad thelr tongueo.
L'nder theae condltlona, whj ahould not
tha- L'nited Btatea take ? flj mp? ?
li . -t in Burope'a d< i derwrltlng
ol thi -? ' en other greal i ??'?? - thal
aill take the lead.' *n one ot ? -? i
ral Buropean power? would lik. to re
U armamenl w ilatlinc If lt (
? ,i trad brav. thi oi aequen i - Wh) |
ahould '.? '"
Hi. L'nited Btatea announ**4Kl lhal ah<
,... natlcall ...????
pev ai whan attackad a? ? reeti !
reduclien of ai mamei ta th . i K
a . ...... q ien ?? a id ther. would ;
relief *A hj nol li > M"
lat ' II ??? " ho!d u] I
fallow s hand when I
? .,,i uka io aae don* aa to
follow - ? ' '? ? gaaa arn ameni t
An ' Anti" Defendi the Fight Againtt
Suffrage, Where?er It May Lead.
T?i i ?e Bdltoi "?' 'i be Trlbune
Blr: Ma* i -?<?? "i anawer lo ihi l< ttai
. ? ^r ,"iie x,t Oeorge Mai
that il kadaed -? -m* droll I.
'? . - itemenl that home ia the aomaa -
. ,i . ? || ihe <"it of ii ni bai op*
?? _? Tlu BUf*
? ter aniwei rthe qu?e
. ... ibi ii ra ponathle for 11m antl-ouf
.... || || thfl fl-xtTraglal w ho ere
etlvel*, haa broughl the Bntl-auaragiet |
,. n ii prote* tion of lieraelt ilnce)
..;;. tbe fooadaUaa of ihe bonae Ul
threataaed bj thla revolutlonan cha ?;?
II -_ oaly tha latelllgi bi dutj al Um
treaiai who k owa Ihla toi fl reverl
the cha - ? ":i"i aWj leada I ?
Thi- la a queaUon thal caaoot ba at-l
tacked from the Inaida om. bul from thal
outaMa ln, and perforcc mual tuLe manj !
. wo" ui from ;""' leaentlal duttee unl l|
Ita .ict.-at baa heen aceompltehed,
Buffraga friaada of mfana <-onivi? in ma
iir.it tha moal mxeaaful courae for the
oppoaition **""W la paaolva raalatanoi ll
nraofl from Ihem 'n *<< ahole-hea
lt ?eenu ? blt ungrai
; . ..... ? noe) other caaa
afflrmal t* dlctated the negat poal
i,..:- and ?
\vr. ild it not. then, be ever *" ****
. ? .. ?
i rankly, thla ia the a it l aarra
tlon of unre'sl th - ig< aa yet known.
anri it ca ol '*' me empl aaize, 11
oui from the I I i luet be di
ai from **? Ithout ai well.
N. n 1'ork. Feh i I
An Admirer of,Mr. Comatock Drawa an
Intereating Analogy.
Bditor of rhe Trlb i
t\ - A ahort time ago n wom in ?a
requeated to leave .. Nf-1 i4 -?
bei aaae ol i asant rathtng auH Hei
huabai d waa -ver* wrafhj d th<?
dlng offlcial that tha tii Ig tj had
glvan hlfl wlfe a flne fonn. and, ' ?
lieved, with the Intentldn thal aIm -
?-'no v it.
.\i.,i luBi ao we ha' r ,i|. - ?
.,. booka "' thi leaao * ?
are mlghl leai n fro n auch oooka and
- an.i picturea, if it Brere n ii for tha- ,
? e of thr- almlghty dollar th .1 loon* - (
up back of them all' 1
When 1 waa ln achool avei
nc llterature a il '?' waa aaM upeni* j
h 1- dlfferenl now. thanka te the un-j
, eaaing laboi of Anthonj Comal 1 k 1
?Aiii.ii ao . ""' aupporta
hlm. !'K'--.\''V I
Brooklj n, Peb 11 111
Upon What Termi the "Antia" Would
Accept Ita Deciaion.
! .. 1 '. Ul.: T ? Trlbuai
.-, Mra 1: . mond Broa ? . pi ealdenl or
the Xew Voik Btate Buffrage Aadoclatlon.
made thi atatemeni eeti .... thal I
auffragiatfl would conaenl to ? referendum
,,;i the 'i laetMM 0 wom 11 ? ?'??
mitted to th-- etomt n tl em
. . tea that auch
la lega Bhe thei add .1
that, "unfortunau I). woman cannol
dei 1-1' i"' heraelf whel
phall ha
Tha ? ffragteta a ? luggeatlag
., n'ometi 1 1 eferendum aa
thr propoaad woman Buffrage amen-lmi ? 1
t,, t . .tion of N<*? Sfark, i'
? that t! ? omen of thla atat
be ?? ? . ' Itj t" aa thraua
... . endum rote whether t. 1.-> thamael -
tot riMHt ? "roifraae. wlth
a\\ 11 entalla and imptt-aa, teatened uponl
? , 01 Ity of the aromea in Nea
Btate "i"1- than twentj -aae
. ould ? ote ' fea 0 1 auck a propo
?itioi . then the autt-a ffrag ?ta woaM, or
IV I on l" ihe
conatttut onal amendment Bui rf. 01
contrary, only a mtnorlt) 0 thoao morei
? . ? ? - . ? I ;? ? --.*.| rt
.irsur- to rote, then the man arould
., .creta eapi aalon of opli u?n fi. ?he
W(,o .?.. Ihr in ln votinj; 011 thr
... ?-.., nl
\v a"- freduentl) told thal th.-.
whom {.ul'"' -? v . .
..ast ha e never been 1 orta ilted
arhethei ihaj wiahed ll or not, and tha
? \ra" ||oi Of th - 't ? - tO I
tei d t., liiuatrate thla 1.11
Ifragiati ot 1 oatadei lbal th.
; ... e ? 1 . enalai ad
?Miioii to estend eaf
fr.i^r- t,, women arho art rizfn*. or wlv4*a
of cltlaena, are pan llel caaeo, The whole
?itmtioir is dlfferant, for It m * tiakiue
f.. t in hiator* thal enl) ia thaaa opeetng
>e..!?r ,,r t\\e twentieth ceaturj hn* .. defl*
une movement i"-en developad ?i"i or
aed among th"-..- who .-.ra uaeafran*
?I ;4g-,iii?t hr.-. ihr -.iifTr.iKe Bgtaadqd
tO them
A referendum vote n,,? taken In Ma
aachoaetta aevetal reara 'H*"*. arlth lha
following rflflHllta
?1 r>#. Maaaachusetu LaWglslature of geo1
>! thera aBaaajt
lubmitted Bt t ela* tion in No\o
. - to ".ott fe
M'huol i-ommtt, ' ? 'I* it fi
? ?? . "tlier r*-**i-*?
rate tOUIlf !*'ir, ilri'be rr.tAttt
ti..- 4 ? ? . men and - on an T"**
were an .1 th? Sumo
a r ??
of t hat n u 2JN -a*i
in favor of ? Th? tne
i.OOO total tndinTerae*
to rhr- whole queation.
\\ - hrli. vr* th.it ? fl ??r**?ra
- ? wi '! 0 tain in New Vork, taia.
1 hr- e- f t .i o .r l.'Snlfltura at
'. rt .lo\ is- some wav for takira ? ?aa
- - . ferendum on thla tles
AI.trE Hirj, rillTTr.NDEN.
t ol Pl ita AM*-*a
tion Oppoeerl to tvoman S* SraaavS?
rork, Peb. 12, lfll
Governor* laland, Properly EquiBfaa.
Could Give Vital Aid.
Te tn* Bdltor of Tha T
ilight ik* aheck -"I"*5
was feli ln our oil >fldav ag?ll
mlnda 1 1 af ? tal 111 1 ?* ratast****1
-.0 ild .. o , ,?a." it aga
. remlnda ua ol the dealt btlitf 0* rebaM
Ing Governoi - IMatnl .- ?! makini Sl
' i 'ita
. logniioiii ..ii ijonraa'
laland R'all itra* 1 aaaa_? **
1 ,. 1 co ilil '?? indfl-r nn 1 .r diatigisa
wlt trr, mm ? ?
Governoi - lala ? a so ai atagleB% ?
cated laeven-mtnui terry anri the mta*"
tsta of lowei X?? Y01 , ?>?? ?o \a*t'???
the plana r?-oent v ?**., >it?rl thoalt
_mated. The ' ?**?"? Tar*
city ,. 1. e ileal la-*
utUaosI r
the admlnii ? ? ' Til* '"*
, - - ' '
[ tred here While there a n-ed for la
<1 fortinrati. ., 111 ti Phlllpr*-*-*
' rief*iw?a
\. 44 fork Harbor ahould n-t "
tad. j^_
We truat t '' **?* ..
pa tinent ma ?? ' t0 "*?
1 and 11 IJ
the pa tlj mai ?? ? * ir '"* T,
i,., >ui 1. . ? ?**i_*r
See rork, "?* b. 1 ??? ? Clf_e_
The Slipping Hor.e. of the City *?
?nd a* They Looked on Parada.
To - ie E-Jtl* ?' a
laal rpi ns ?*
lonetrate ? ? '
atrangl M , mai
trlm. assaeal bij llab a ? rt*'
,1 But wln "' ',0*
.... ** *Zjg%
""' .gar
' '*' tb*
. rff..n? i" tm
?r fi ? ? itain ^
u noi have lea** -i*.> ??' ' ' *' w
pregar ahaaa aa lh*H ' ?? "^
?\?sther '
Itr.Mlkl r- P?b '-'II
. , | ntlfii An.rr; an ^ggp
?ni.* ri.: HrObone ?? now u?e.l ?'. *?-' ^
for glckli . il on ??" **? _ a0ai
. . , k a allahi - -**? ^
the propai number rt-ro-"* op,r*i**'
worklns point. and thia can e-en ae^J
?, , aeeeitkve ear Uo*ae*e H ?JJJ,
ccptibte lo mo-t peraont" but ?? ' _j
cropbane II la an ea** '?*,t'r ', ,*
tha* aounda A .ultab.a fo.m **?? r' ^
phone r*-veiver i? empto>e4l -.el . 4
pIM agalaai lha aafe next lha -?
P.,? of ruhhei r. -* ? * l" f
telaphone ln thi.a ?*.*. ih' 'nJJJl
Ularri Wttb ll all<>** ol opeiti'*! tl" **

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