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I'Vip. rriM. ir>l4 r- P ? r-rhrna, Aiiw-ratl
To-day txlr, precealei hy eaow.
TKMriRUinr vrsrrRUAii
Hlgh. .9: Vaat, i"
Inll r-r>ort. Page 18.
Y,,i, 1 XXIII.. K* 2*.569.
I1I1W.T, __\^ /'I/VT In niyef?Cew Tork v-*-.?rk..Ier.? lltr end Bera-k--a
PRICE ONh CEIVJ bl8rwhkui two am
ijisucrs (0 Grand Jurv's
Questions MigM Incrimi
tiate. They Assert.
Wilson Powericss to Ex
cusc Acts of Which They
Were \ot (onvicted.
afaajollyg Eftfle" ( ommends
Staad of Thf Tribune in Pro
|fCth*ag ItS sOUrCf of Ncus.
_^s -vv .. '.? rtei :ny tn the
.yti-** Rai. ":* thro sh
,-.,--,? I Wlaa, former
- . aliP'*. ers 0:1
.x,"*'' of t-.r-.-L- V irdlek and Wllltan
'^4-,. Tribune al
p, aktrgt " wera gi
-fB'rn.'- * " '?*?' '
t. ? -e ,.f lnformatlon for tha
-(rttf ,. - and Littauer
" eTe rr!ntr*d e_
? ? ? c
? for reatar
I nt 10
mb finan-if
i_ Mr
*a??j l
gro :n<i
10 ?Incrlmlnate
.^infei ?..?.- To
Carsl en ln
?r-Sbfl ed 1 irdoaa to tbe
rtors- fl ffi ? thej might
? ' 'rd tO
... ' ? *\ .
'?t-T-jj. waa the Rrsl time
? . '
. ? r- ?
... ? ?
? '
? * Southern
' I of * i ll," 1?t'r.
I. That hi | ;iper pur
.t in rom
44 ihf-rr*of he ap
nvoi b nd Jury tor tho
touthr 1 l of New Tork on or
rtout tb< ...
?ad **??* ?- ? e Bworn and ox
' *? ??? caardned
t* t tmw -. rftei and on or
Oem tv. ' ?. daj-n of J
0* aad thi and 19th 1
? foi -e
I raad
l?at 1 ?' * "? *ay* U
ais g , - tuMtataarl
. - thal ta
I * - proi "'?inded lo
??'.- nnd t*> otherfl
iKortet *??. ^-. ? and
h?_*l_i - .- deellntag to ar
'*' ? rlleved that h!?
il i ttTid to ln
- ?
of Febru
tky >.. r,,.,..
to him
? nr-r. |] time tl
***? '.j- . ?
% tiie 1 ? ? . . . .
***. '. re
^* H bout or
J***"* ?" r tioi of the ln
.. -i , "i,
? rj 111*
whleh he
,*?,, ? _. ... . oraai
? . ..
' ' ,. .HTfi Roa":
?** th-* -. ? .i'i. nt araa
__*'**" -* ?'?"' pep, and ra
****ni thea 1 ad tha
f *?**n
*flV* Thit '*
? a-01**- ?**> con
__, "*** '" * not now
^-m T*x\mr >
?f U
IW ' "*"
-ap* *? V
?*?-?/? **
v Ul( ** "??I" 1
4| [ Of "14" I'll ?
^_' ** . full and
^^*?*V*t \tajx _ I
itt i* k ' "' othei
1**''-*i a? " W
**** ?*-__? *
_ atu_-4.0onv'''"' and all?
t? \|# ?*'' ant< 'l
*"*' ?**?*? ?h* to the proa Mona
tflaua,,! !
? -Metb i>-cr Mnarl roltuiifl.
Lifcsavcrs Cannot Rciuh Ves
scl Off Virfinia Coast.
n -? ,. \ , pch i An unknoa*n
. ihon to-nlght
t mlle ' l? land Itfeaai -
? || r thii tO
- otr nortl - ?' *44rrpnic tha
.ir x- . unuauell**- hipl'.
Daslies Into Cro\M. at Atlantic
Highlands-? Some Badly Hurt.
-? ?
N .t fab, 20.?
ln a i r..44,1 of three
Ired who wen aratchlng the II \
afternoon a ere Inj u
Joaeph Philllp, twelvi auBtalned a
ti..* lafl leg iuid
other -"crious Injurii I. Tht otlicts
? badlj bruin d aboul tha body
?? hen n tobogis'ar! flteered bj *.'v Cut?
U?r, left tha H <-,u\ rro.i h;ll aad
had through tht erowd,
*.<r> tobea**g*an wai ra-Mng with
?? ther, drlven by FTank \\>iis. Cut
ler was in the lead When the >ells of
th? CTOWd ev jroung driver,
vho loft coatro
Cutlor aaiatalnad a df.p gaph 04 er
his right Bjna and tho OthOTB on tlie two
ggana wera badly bruised and
j-haken up.
Just previous to the accid**nt Cutler
had mady the quarter-niile OOuraa .n
the raoord time of 22 a**-conda.
Passengcrs Who Resist When
Hold-Up ls Attemptcd
Are Shot Dead.
Belllngham, Waaku, Peb, 20, Three
pasf-engers on a ('reat Northern paa
r tram bound for \ ancouver, B. C.,
tad three bandita to-nlght and
Thom ?? B VFada. ??:? 1 tenadian
Paclflc condui tor. of Vancouvar, B. C .
R L ijre. ot Bremerton, Wasli.. and .\i.
B McEHhi ea, b Lraveliinj- B_dea**aan, of
. ? ? B '' were the men kllled,
The bandita boarded the train at
Burlington, a few milea south of the
place ?? hi re thi ? ked thr* pai -
gers in thi acltes. Tha robbera
ta tiie Bmoklng car until the: w**re
ready to Ml
'ihr-. than want Into the veatibule
betv-een thi 1 the day
? ? fl bandken blefa al out
their ? . er*.!.*.*. d tht d i otu h
? ra
y. ? fronted
hy ihe thugfl threw up thelr hands. but
? men aitempt^d to reaiat and three
r.f them f !! dead
Two Of ihe man had gone 01
th** da: ooach. Ow Btood at tbe rear
while ? *?>?' ond Btepped into the
tbe ti.i'*> men grappled
with ow bandit, the robber at the end
,,f t| rt..n ahootlng into tha
celling and put out the I |
The robber grappling with the three
I . flred lien Bhota. Lee waa
i nr kllled i*y the flral shot. and trled to
ciawl behind the reei sent The ban?
dit kept flling, and fhe or -ix shot**
entered I.*-*e'*-> ua* k. a haif dozen
women falnU'd
The robber who kllled the manatart
ed back to the front of the <*oaeh. AJ
lr? pgflBCfl several women h?-ld thelr
purses our. He guthered np Beveral
and ran.
The handits left tho tralfl together.
lt is thought they mny have taken a
boat and gone tO the Ban Juan Island*-.
WE'VE $1,866,619,157 GOLD
World Stock Greater than Last
Year by $240,000,000.
Waahipgton, Feb 20, Thera waa $1
806,619 157 in gold roin and bUlliOB ln
t"M l'nited Btatea a! thfl cloee of the
n icordinfl to the repor;
. rg* E, Roberta, Dtaector
of the Mint Ol thla amount about $1,?
250,000.000 wae In the poMOMt-oo of the
governmenl itnd the real la banka
? k bf gold reported by thfl
i and treaaurlaa of tb.' waaid, Mr
..-.-.-. ii greatar by f24O.O00.000
ni the piw"eedlng year, ai though
produi tion of fOld in the last flvfl
I a?. not bi
Thii Morning's \ews.
Trlbune Men I - ... 1
.. r.it* Ann. '1**' t [__ad Oraft ?? ?
?ed bi Oii la B Buh ide.. l
,i>\ : ri. ? * Nea Bnowfall. a
? b aka for Hol i 1 i loi le ?? 1
state Aute Laa Taraaed a P*a*ree. 5
- tlaa Fet*.II
?fVright -'? ? lots. *8
Villa *
Roi Taai Oal 11. 3
Anotbii Betbach... 3
,, in \- 44 Havea Caae. 4
. Be Outdad i Oarrlaoa t
... tot i Iva, |l.*7l "T ? reai 4
. e
.I. 7
. 7
. 7
. ? aad ?
Kdlional .
Bodet] .
cii.it- S'ewe ? .
and Markal Ift U and 14
i. tal. J_
l ri
Weatbei .
Bhtpping . J
Dreaded to Face Charge
Me I Iad Corrupted
Children's Morals.
Was Arrested on School Prin
cipal's Complaint- Mothers
Deny Any Mislrcatment.
Dread of raelni tha 'harj-e tha: hc
had corrupted the morala of foui llttla
ffirla ln tho nciKhhr.rhood where he
1. ed anri had baen rea.pected forthlrtj -
t*\o yeara drove John A Boyken, o
drugflat, of Ma 2207 Boeoad avenue to
t-ommlt Bulcido yeaterday aite*rnoon.
He was anwlgned on Monday before
Maf?trate . Appleton, In the Harlein
court. on infi.rmaiion proaented bj
Ifisfl H^'" *'r'sn- prtnelpa! of P
Bchool IW.
Tiie a?re?:i of Boyhen for rolatreating
he hildren followed their atorlaa to
Uisa Btetn. Bha conununlcated wltb
jthe Beclety for the Preverftlon of
? Cruelty to Children, and Juan C. Butta,
an aejenl of that aoclety, awore to the
' warranl for tha druggiet, who waa
: releaaed on $500 ball.
Colncldeni with the auii ide ln tiie
afternoon waa the aervico laat evening
pf ?ubpeenaa on ibe children and their
parenta to appear ln courl on Tuea?
vte, D4 44*; of hlo Buldde had rea' bed
through thi nedghhorhood laat night
,,;? thi little gWa Invohred ln
Miaa Bteln'a chargea denied that tho
gg - had mletroatad them.
Ts.. of tha mothera bi onded their
Iren'B deniala and aaid that the
little girla liad told them that ihe
school prlrw Ipal had warnad them not
to tell their mothera ahout whal bad
happened or ahe would diagraci them
i befora theii claaamatea ln Bchool.
Tha dead man charfed hla death io
j lllP , thai hari been vlgtted oa
i him ln hla farewell note to Ma aon,
john A Boyhen, Jr., of N'o. 101 Weat
v.-i, g\ ..... The note ?.'a*- addrea ed
?en'a daughter. II Bald
foodby and onded with "1 annol
,: tha dlagrai e."
Boyhen alao lefl a note to Coroner
; Healy. telllni him thal M <???-'? a caae
>. ir ide.
With tbe ta.* waa a will leai -
,u 0f hla property to hla aon
; Th,?. gf\\\ rdgned and evldently
! had not bben complated when the doaa
of hydrocyank add whlch Boyhen had
\ taken rendered hhn unconacioufl
,- .? children Involved ln thi ra
Iplain! iii.-- !? Hlaa BteLn an Dora
i prini e. twi Ivo yeara oh). of No. Ml
, ,x, -MMh street and twlna, twi ?
yeara old Annle .md Ltllie Beretshj of
pio 226 Baal ns-h ^-^
I'olicemen Altnost Succumb. but
Push to Safety Cake on Which
Two Lads Are Perched.
Whlle nt hla deaU at the Rockawa
Baach pollca atatloa rao*atday after?
noon Lleutenant .Tames W. Crodaor
board a .shrlll volce rall OUt: "Say.
v!lf.rf ,. ? COP? There'a two kids glnk
inj in the hay."
As Patrolmen Tlmothy OVonnor.
John J. Manning and Hugh O'Donneti
pulled <>n their Mg ?-'oats. Edward La
Page and Jorry Jusaard sxplalned that
vrhlla thev bad been playing on the ice
nt iiolland's Docl< a large plece had
broken lOOae and floated off into
jamal a Bay. canylnf ?"?'*?? i( *****
i-vo chuma, Jullua Tinman. aaven, and
Barnard Kata, elght
When the poUcomon reached l b do
ti,.- bOVB were more than six hundred
yarda trom the Bhore. and their crlaa
bad attracted a crowd. Bvarybodywu
looking on balplaoBrty.
tyOooiior jumped Into lha freestng
water and atrunhed to puafc the hig
caite of ice, with the boya on lt, to the
I_s crowd bow hlaa gradualbr o\er
nmt bf the eold. At laat hc had to
bang on to the i.e to Bave blmaelf
Tban 0_?i*mneU plunged In and awam
,.,it to hhl fl-omrade-*- aid. He was him
??if almoal ovaoooma when he l.a.i
holpod Manning pull O'Conm* out and
i-andcd tha hojri to oalety.
, rcoonor and the two lads had to w
taken to tho Rockawa* Baach Ho.-*
iu. rieuii said their ooaalttloo was
j s> rfrou? _
'Southern Judge Says Applicant
Is Not Free White Person.
Charleaton, B. C, Peb. W -*Jud?o H
4 m Bmlth, Of the United States d -
J. ,'. Court, to-day refuaed Dahttattaa
to Qeorga Dow, a natlva
born Byrtan, on thaffround that ho waa
, . , -frto white paroon" witbln th.
n-eaning ol the act of Cor*w? bearlnB
,.n that Quadlfleatlon for rtttatnahlp.
Many Byrlana mvrn heen wturallaad
Tasmania at Panama Fair.
Hohmrtl Tasmania, reb N -The Taa
manlan g.>.?*? ***** ?_** *?
-,-,,?,,,';;? .hould partlelpata la Ibe Paa
sma-Pa< I- Bspoeltlea
jGot Rich Pickiflgs at First
ifl Feea for Searching
land Titlcs.
"(iij-antic Suindle on City.'* Says
Chief Magistrate in John
Ddc Pniceedings.
M-ir* ?- |f< \.i.ifter ll ,
? esterda* to the '* .rif a
dosen witneaaea ln the John Doe ln*
veatigai on of th. ? tl oda of ? ondemn*
inn land foi thi Catekll] aqueducl In
I'lattri Count* declared that a "gigan
ti. Bwindli had been perpetrated
i gainsl the Cltj of New Toi...
Thi ahowed that the aearch*
? u of tltlea to a ea done in the
moal expenslve way, and that at iea*u
25 per i enl of the coet wae pocketed by
polltlcal lawyera In Kingston .ind an?
other L'."> per cent went "down below" to
the "Nea Tork fund
Hungrj lawyera, (<??? the moai part
favorit*** of the upatate Tammany
erowd, were suppoaed t" i;et 7*1 per
cent. They Bald thia dwindled down
and down until flnally they got noth*
inff. .-itid two witneeses >-aid the Btate
wae atlll owlng themj for th.* laat
?. rching 16ey did.
Roecoe Ira ln, ex -Mayor "f Kingston
end former Judgi of the city court, aras
thi pHncipal witneas. He testlfled that
in H little less than one year he *i><J
i.ui |0,000 worth of searchlng at the
cod. rate, and h?* 4>;i.= paid ;itH,ut .<?;;.
000 by Bveretl Fowler and ex-Judge
Auaruatua ii. \'?.ti Buren. of Fowler &
Van Buren, ot Kingston, who had
charge of h tting out the pai.eis anione
the locai lawyers. Fowler la now under
Indlctmenl ln thi* county frir sollciting
campaign contributlona froi corpora*
Got 50 Per Cent.
The aitnesa said he 44;,.-. asked to
?ak" s.i'iie of the work bj Benator John
.1. Unson the Ansiataat -'oip.iration
Counsel, who selected Fowl4W & Van
Buren. Whlla no agreement sa to fees
.Bt made with Fowler, he understood
ihat 50 pei cenl of thi cotlc fee waa
belng paid. Hle bllia, he said, were
made OUi for the full amount. and the
pa* for one-half caWS tPO tiiin by UllSlkB
eigned i* Fowler ft.Van Buren. The
. he ka, he j-ani. ronstltuted tii* only
: ? -a eipta he got.
The total coal ol aearchlni ln Uleter
< nnlili.l-.l nn -r. ..n,l pta*-. "oiirtll . oluinn |
London Press Quotes Tribune??
'Mail' Scores 'Villa's Villanics.'
B * able ta Tha Trlt i i
LaOndOtt, Feb. L'l. The 11044*- >>f the
.xr. uttrOfl of B Brltlsh ran h r.44 n< 1 I*
OCder nf .'eneral \'illa ra'ne.J a \.-.if ttti
sation here Cablfl mesaagea Inctudlng
extra.-ts from The Xew-Tork Tribun
dlspatcbes, deecrtbing the outrage, ar'
glven great prominen, e ln thl- mom
ing'8 pap**r*<. Kditorlal oommenl li
lai-king. but the tacktent i*< regarded aa
extremely gravo and on<*- that may
ha\e serloun i-onae.-ueners.
Viiia's i-nr*?r of "villainles" \a the
snhjer-t nf an arth.le ln 'Thr Dall
Ameriean Accused of Being Spy
Also Missing?Feared All
Are Villa's Victims.
Bl p.'isu Tei. Feb. 2*. Tt 0 n ? ?
1'iiKilshmen are reported bs having
ippeared" In Juares tih- rtsporl
? i.i** tu-ing-ht from Bamuel Btu
who BSya John Lawrence and ?< com
panlon n.-inie,i Cnrtle went to Juares on
IVednesday tn sear. h for Wllliam B.
Benton, Ste* art to-nlght expressei
the fear that they. like Benton, had
be.-r. .sli.il.
Btewart, aith Major Holmdahl of
VUIa'B Btaff, 44hm psemitted to aearch
the jails .'ind guard-houeca of Juares
to-day. hut they found no trace vt the
misslng men.
i.i-Arence la chlef angineei .if the
Culifornfa Development tJompany. Hnd
came her.. ,,1 1 vacatlon from ruma,
areording to St'ewart.
("ustave Baach, the Amei i-. 1 i -1 0
waa "ii trlal for heing a spy, SlSO dis
appearad in Juares to-day. Thomas u.
Edwards, Am?*tKan t'onsui at Juares,
aaid that when frlends of Bauch went
io \ isit him wlth bedding ami food he
4>.im got In the cell where he ha*- be***n
held in.onimuniia.Jo since bt-l Bunday,
While his tnal ?a? baing held.
Raportfl were numeroua to-daj ihat
Bauck 44ould be shot. 4'j.r.pii Edwards
ik confldent that Bauch was not re
moved to Chihuahua, as he watched the
train d?pait this mornlng with Qeneral
Villa on boani.
Btewart guotad a rebel oActr, 4* hon.
name he did not learn, as remarking:
w .11. 4v..'41 --ei rld <*f three more
gringue- "
To Ask Federal Care of insaue.
? f, Tetefl*re*aB *'. Tbe TiItwie.>
Alb.jn-. Feb. ^.-Governor ("lynn Bign--d
to-da4- the bill of Sr-nator Blauvelt, BU'
tiMnI?Bna the .iv.polntnient of a r-omnii
vlon of three to urge legisl-itlon |_ Con
?.re -4 reguiring tlie federal government
to jia; for the <~arn ot allen Ineaue, in
stead of the atate. Senators Blnm-*lt an.l
Brow n and VrJ Spr-nr-e-- T?. Da**4 e? aara
nanie.l as n-ernbers of tlie oammlaafoa.
ln Masxs Meeting They Accuse the State Department ot
Suppressing the Truth and Declare the Govern?
ment Fails to Protect Americans.
hi [? ., |,.. i ata t Tha reaol >tto ,a
adopted al ihe mdlgnatloi meeting lo*
nlgbt " lation of the ese
of ?millam B li-t't"" ''' ?'?'ne''81
Vllla wi ra i - ?"'?" ' ?*
"Whereaa Mr. Mlllair B Benton, a
n\t ,| ,. nnd bonored eltlaen of
tba Btate of Ctalhuahua and a rahtecl of
OreatBrtUtn waa brotallj murdered and
aasaeeinated st Cludad Juarea, Mexk*'.
i,. prani ia< o \ .lla. we. tne cltlzens of B
}*3:.o TOX., and refuge**s from .Mexic. Mt
au ind r. I < meeting held in El Pa**<*
rebroary 10, 1014, wishlng te protest mott
-tmphatlcally agalnat the eroal and "io
laal treatment whteb ha* been sccorded
rorelgnera darmg the last three years of
revolutlons ln that country. bc-f to sub
m;t te ib,- 4V..I id and the Amenoan people
the followlng brief statement of facts:
? Tht -joldbiooded aad haarOeaa ntmmt
MtiM of Mr. WlUiam s. Bentoo without
anv esu?e Whatever other than tha ttCI
?..-r.t 1" Juarea tO prote<<t agair.U
H estJon nf i.i- property. Laa ?*?
medioo Baneta Iti Morthern Heatce whlcb
ha(, tiaei repeatedl: looted. la bai aa*
nther rrl.ne to be ad.le.l to the hundreds
tl_. ave ain idy been i amaaltted agalnst
?1 rorelgnera living n m>**'? who bave
n trom tbelr homes ar.d thev
propert: "? ma"v, ca**9
women have beea outiaged aad /oretga
er** murdered li cold Moed. and for no
on than nn sceouat of their m
t;..i allty. _ __
? W., belb a 'hat the State Department
fl, waeblaatofl baa aere_teatty eup
pri Md faeta uuu-emlaaj the true ?.*ondi
tiona ln m-*v.-'o and sndaavored througr
Inaplred newapaper a.-ttcies and By other
naana tomislead tba Amerleen paeada and
rorm t mn,- optnloo for poMtJeal purpo.e*.
lasupport of a policy that t. ru.nous to
aii foreiKt. lotoreeta ? ? ataatoe aad to the
Ifealcaa people thainaalaaa
??In support of this statement we WOU d
rall a'tention tn a re.-ent axtlcle ln 'Tha
Kew rerh Worid' whloh purported to b.
, miil ofllnlal intei .le*' comlnj* from the
i Sec-retarfl of States offlce, and whlch
I atated that whlle a -rreat many Amerl
I ran* had lost their live* ln Mexico not
? one had been mur-iere.l eoM* on account
i af hla natlonallt.4
Mjrdered Because Americani.
?This Btataaaenl ira know te ho ahee
lutely false. and me belie4e there are re?
porta on Ble la tho |Ut< Department
from our*o?n eonsuls te the contraiy.
\\e recall ?? tha laM few montha sueh
,?xC.-, a t . | MaatnatlOfl of Mr. Burton
at lanu Roaalla, Mr Hayea and Mr
. av Msdera. aad Mr. Brooka In
Kortbern Chlhuahua. and in e.ery one
0f theae eaaea they ?n? most brotally
murdered for no ot.**rr reaaon than that
tiMi wera aVmsrlcan eltlaaBta
'fome m?ntha *s? ,h" StHte **'?*_**'"
nirnt eaadally dedared la oaa of ith mes
ganm ta M.M". that it -.ould boM tha
Ifaalcan leadera per*onali> responeihle for
outrares i ommltted agalBBl American clU
v.'n* Al tii" present niO?i?nt ou govera
tnient i*. harboring General Yner Salazar.
who has an unbroken rei ord trttt BinOB he
i took the flel.l ls Mexioo of ootragee com
mlttad against our cltJzens
"There are many dtizens of thii dty
WhO were ciuelly and brutally treated by
this man. many of whom have been held
for ransom, and at least one. Mr. foun?
tain, waa shot by his order, and thUS fa:'
he has been lmmune from aU punlnhment
by our government.
"At the precent moment Maxlmo Caa?
tillo, who for many montha has been at
the head of an outlaw band in N'orthern
Meilco. holding our cltlzens for ransom
and pei-petrating all kinda of outragea.
whose band recentiy burned allve between
fltty and slxty passengera In the Cumbie
'l'unnel, on the "N'orthwestern Raiiroad, ls
being gi'.en asylum and protection by oi;r
"We aubtnlt theae faets as eviden'e that
our government Ib, through a 4<eak and
rsrlllBtlTIg policy, encouraging these law
less leaders to r-ommit all kinds of out?
ragea against forelgners, and dolag s,
great injustice to our oam peonle that 11
resultlng ir. a l">ss of hundreds of mlllioris
of dollars of foieign capital. the murder of
mar.v of our clt;7.ens, the raplng of Ameri?
ean women and lIllnSllSa of Mexico Itaelf.
Villa's Barbarous Ru'i.
Panehr. Villa. a man who hae been
ian outlaw a:rd murdei er for man'
J yeara and who la r.ow leading an ar
I b'.trary and despotlc reign of tenor over
i Northern Mexico. is more cruel and bar?
barous ln his methods than any tyrant
j tr. the world's history. It ls a fact thal he
I has treated with cont-.-mpt the reprT-senta
t'.ves o.' all nationa and that he dcee not
! h**sltate to put a man to death for the
j sllghtest cauae and l*or In any way Incur
I ring his displeasure. We believe it a dls
gra. e to our government and the Amerl
! can people to tolerate sueh a man, much
| less to give hlm moral aupport; tha-refore
be lt
HaOOUed Thal thlfl message be rent
to the President of the L'nited States. t.i..
Hrltleh Ambassador at Washington and
to o-.r l'nited Statea Senatore, Brttk 'be
rt-quest tbat it be read Into 'The Con
gressior.al Record.' and we appeal to ihem
and to all our representame* ln bo;h
br..n* hea of I ongress to adopt a re.solu
tlon to eompel the State Department to
tr-.nsmlt to Congress Ka recrda p-*-n?iii
1ns to the outrages committed sgalBfl
Amer'.cans and forelsners ln Mastefl and
M t.il.a* ?u?h a- tion au 44 Ul give our peo?
ple the prote* tion guaranteed them unae:
thelr conttitutional r'.ghts and to ?analalfl
the honor and prestlge of our country bl
the eyer* of the world.
"We appeal to you te make known the
f, le to the Ameriean peop'e and fo e-e
that our i Itt.ens who are llvlng ln Mexl o
and ha4e Invested thelr mon-y tfeatfl m
gOflrfl" faith am glva-n the pr->tecuo_ that
ls Justly due them "
England Promptly Asks
United States to In
vestigate Affair.
Administration Silent Until
Report Is Received
from Consul.
Great Britain Will Notify Mer
Nationals in Mexico to Seek
Safety at Once.
v. nflhington. i""!' '-'" ' loropUcationa
,,; the moat aerloua sorl are feared as a
resull "i" the death ef tVllIlam B. Ben
t< n. ? Brltlsti subject, at the hands of
? ral x llla, the Constltutionallat ratl
[itai chlef. as Great Britain baa eaked
the Cnltad States, through Blr *'?'?'** '
Bprlng-Rice, her Ambasaador, te ee
?ume ?? aponaibllit) for an ln *
Whetl si Benton aaa e* ? '?
. martin! 01 ihol doe H by
\"ii?, a-ltbout formallty, as has been
Intimated, is a phaae of thr* Bituatlon
whlch wlll be rlgldly Inveetlgated. Th.*
I in r d departuri <?( Villa and hlfl "V.-.tX
fron Juares ra a spsolal train is ra
gi rd< 'i here arlth suaplclon.
Tbe Becrgtary of Btate bai been ad
vleed i.y the Ameriean Consul, Thouuui
D. ESdwatrds, thht ho has sent by mail
? fun repori of the df-ath of Benton.
Mr. Edwarda flrst made a bare an
'; dnncemenl of the death ol the Brtttah
1-aubjor-t, and then supplemetsled that*
?teport with < ircuim-tanfial detalls,
l-\hl--h Secretary Bryan refused to di
Ivulge. Mt. Biyan aaid that until Iie
-had racelred Crasttl feMwards's full re
ii?* -arould isot feal at Uberty to
make tny conunente or annotnaflatnenl
Addtng to the gravity of the situation
? ... f a et tbat the British AmbMseder
had urged the Departni'*nt of State to
exerctsa its friendly ofBcee 10 the end
that nr. iiarm Bhould * ome to Benton.
Th-* dep-irtnient infoimed Consul Bd
an r.ls of this rrqup?t, but it is belleverl
liere that Benton ?a> tfead before the
mei'sape reached the CooauL
Cabinet Discusses Affair.
Secretarj Bryan tcM the Preaidenl of
the death of Benton at. the Cabinet
meeting to-day, and the subjeet aras
dlBCUSaed at length by the Cabinet. fhe
atiinini.sttatioii. bowaver, Is allent, pend
ing the reault of ,the Inqulry ordered
by ihe state Departmant.
The news of Benton's e\e*. ution
Bhockad o__**dals generallv. who ha.l
come to believe that General Villa
j fully realized the position of the Amer
lean government in regard to the pro
tactlon of foreisner-4 in .Mexico, par
tinilarly In the nurth of that country.
The kilUiig of a British BttbJgCt under
rlrcumstances such as du-patches from
ihe border portrayed CMUNd a stir tn
diplomatic rlrdes. Those familiar
wlth the aggrefslve attitude Great
Britain assumes in preesing for repara
tion when her subjects have been
arrongad arere Innlhsefl to foresee ln
teresting developmentS lmpending.
IMsousflion of the case between the
smhaassdor and the Becretary of state I
developed cleatly the absence of any
responsibillty on the part of th? Unlted j
States for the kllling of the British;
subject. BTdn though investigation
Should prove It to have been uiiju**ti
ftable. The Cnltad State?*, tt was as
--erted. had sirnply acted as a friend
and taerted every erlort to save the
mnn'i life. and the fact that through I
its consular offleera the Ameriean gov- |
?rnnient might have vlrtually recog- ,
nis***d the dr* facto i ontrol of Villa. over |
a certain portion ?>f Northern Mexico.
lt was held In no way increaae-l its .
liabllity lor th-? a-.tione of that person.
Bntish Government Notified.
The British government. through thej
Asabasay, wa* leemally informfd that
the Btate Department waa awaitlng
the mailed report on the tragedy from
tho Ameri. an OotMttl, which Informa?
tion has been passed along to the For?
eign Offl' e.
In 'i.inmuni.aiing tfl the British Am
l.apsador the news of the death ,>f Bti
ton, Becretary Bryan added that he had
ordered a thorough investigatmn
through <"on8ul Kdward?, at Juarez.
and Consul Let. her, at Chihuahua.
lt was said af the ?*mbassy to-day
that the action of the State Depart?
ment had been gratifyingly prompt and
It is pointed out that while the Statr
r>e;iartment has undt-rtaken to extend
pro'te* tb>n t<> Br.tish BUhJeCtS ln Mcx
k o where r.e- 'ssary. this has been doae
entlrely by tourtesy and not as a mat
t**r ot interniitional right. The aitua
tion of the Britlhh in Mexico ia prc
ci-.l. th<* same as that of the Span
lardS wh.'tn Uie l'nited States govern
maal ha? trled tn r,rot**-*t ln the face of
thr-*-.,ts of arholesale IdUtngs, and for
( aadaafli on 8BSBad P"8* ????*"?< reliiiuB.
British Subject Executed
for Daring to Protest
Against Raids.
Woman Rushes Between
Them as Villa Points
Pistol at Victim.
Execution Quickly lollows?
Widow's Plea for Body De?
nied as General llees.
i -grap- to :
Bl Paao, Tex., Feb. 50. Bacrlnced te
Ihe anger of Pancho Vllla, whlch onea
arouoed hnowa no bound*-\ William *-*.
Benton, a native of Bcot&and, an ?ng
lifh subject, and owner of ram h prop?
erty in chlhuahua valued al M.MMH
beeame a letltn laal Taeadaj nlghl "t
a rebel flring squad in Juarez Thls \>o
riin* deflniteP' known to-da-.
To-nlght, a. tinff on ocdara fr"m hll
government, rTenrj Chamberlaln, Brit?
ish rnr..*flui ai Loa Angelea, lo on the
-.-. to Juarez to investtgate and report
OlB< lally tr, the home government th*
i... i t i-mlara of Benton'a death.
I'enring tin; reaull of Ins acl. Panch.,
Villa. for the first '.une in hla career
as a bandll and as rehel chlef, 1'e.ani.*
an ev:i'ent fuglttva frotn vengi anc 1 I
lefl Juare/ for the ititeri"i\ Hla fllfhl
followed the announcement of Bei l
ex-'i ut.'.n
Eventa eonnected aith and followlna
the exetuik.n of Benton rame in ra
fl-uci'essicn io-ila\, here and in Jtiai.
Local lndignation ove- the affair Btarl
r , when it beeame nfficially known thai
1 Villa had put tbe tngilsh.'iiiin to death.
lt ineteased wben it becnm-3 generally
known that Benton had heen first in
sulted b] Villa ami lhal the Kngltsh
man had gone to MO the rebel ehlef
ui'armed. So great beeame pOpUlau ln?
dignation that % pixhWr meeting h B
P'iblie square was prohibited by dty
and county offlrials for fear of tTOUMa
and those who were promnting tba
meeting wara forced to ?^?g'-ge * uiea
ire for llie purpose.
Benton'a widow, an American ?f ih?
higher rtaae, cruabed by tha blow wbb h
tba re\..l'Hionaiy chlef Bad dealt to
i er, piead, d to-night through fi lend
rebel r.friciais to he percnitted td bring
her huaband i body here, hut her plea
?...,'s denlad.
Insulted and Struck by Villa.
Hefme Qeneral Villa '-auied the e\
., utlon of Benton hc fn-at inaulted Ben?
ton and then struck blm with MM band
wiiile rovering him w. it li a ptotol la Iht
Thls is the veislon of the .maifl Bad
figiu whlch ied to Benton'a executlon
as given hy a rebel offloar, who ea\s
that he was a witne.?s to the aflhlr,
The ?tn'ement xx.it made io fU-Wrtcaafl
early lo-day. and later was denied bv
the rehel when he learned of ihe storm
of indignation whlch the knowiedge of
Benton's death had aroused in Kl Paso.
\. r'nrdin-c to the '.est liiform'it.'.n oh
tainable, Benton'a vislt to Villa on
Tuesday was followed by a 'piarie
v.hich Villa Btarted. A woman. W_0 l
Identlty has not been learned. vaa ln
the room and ran hetween Villa aml
J'.enton when the rehel leade: wa
I) bout to shoot the rk h randiman. Sh
then fled from the room.
Over in a enrner of ' Mexian
bmylng ground where bOdiOB of those
who ate put to death are buried in
shaiiow gravea a rvde, emde croaa of
Bticka marha the r<*sting place "f Ben?
ton, The croas was put there by a
Mexi.au peon to carry out the nuper
Mitinn that r aoul lo danm-Ml if * gra\"
i<* not marked with a eroaa,
Benton was exei-uted on Tu~Bda
night This is definitely known, nnd
When it be. ame known also that
\'il!.i l*ad hurnedly left Juarez on
,i speclal train for the south ll wae
generally boMottd that Villa left to ea
<ape poseible trouble. internatlonal or
other. whleh might follow his treat?
ment of the British subject. 11is de
parfure was unannounced. and thespe
eial train on which he left was made
up nnder hurry orders.
Tried and Sentenced at Once.
T o military court whleh tried. eon
Vi< ied and sentenced the rlch ranchman
to death waa eon.ened almost imtne
diately after ti.e sensational encountet
in Villa'a room. lt waa composed of
Jraua Rod-lguer Adrlati Agulrre Bena
vides and Major Ulorla. That it WM
er.lled by order of Villa and that th<
c!.arg.*s made against Benton 'Aen* hut -
rtedry noado up for the purpose is the
elaitn made to-day by friend-. of Benton
who have investlgated the affair.
The rharge waa that Benton was im
r'.loatod m tho plot *o kill Vllla, whlch
it was clalmed had been d!seo\ercd ln
Juare/. earU in the week. I-Yiends of
Benton insist that ho had nothing t.>
do with that plat. at.d it lg aagarlod
thit the alleged plot was a BOhOOM r,f
the rehels to surround Villa with a
alrong guard followlng ihe < xe> utlon
of Benton, *i ll ".aa f.-.?:cd that aiw

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