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iXrtaJImlc tjriliunr.
?ATfJ-TAAT, i i MH ARY .1. 1014.
.<* and raTltatui daily hy Tha Trlbaaa Bai
peratt-m. Ogdaa M. "?i.i. Prea
l . ? s.cietary anl -ddrefli
raaa atraet, n<"* farh.
r.y Mat'.. l*oi.tate I l
? ? 'Noik:
Dellv and Bunday. ? mo $
Sumta-. h n.... 4.28 Pally only. t ?
aer. **? M> Bui ?' '? """'
th..*>0 Hun.my onl>. 1 "???*
? ??
lh? ... i '-'?'.
* -?
DAII.Y 4M- Bt NDA-1 DAll V AND I ? KT ..
. BI.BO f-n. moi
,V ? l.M 4
.... eo: Ona B?entn. ,
DAILY ONL1 -*? >I,A' 10
On? m -' '^" *"'"n,h. 4 |
. l-_fl Ona yeai.
* al the Vo-Jtofnca at N?*r Vork H Second CU-fl Mall
TrlbaiM aaaa Ita best endaarorfl to laaara tha
. ?? evary advertlaaaaanl l< ,,rin','- "
lli-atloa of aii ad-artlaeaaaata <
oa ata or elalma _
The Scnatc Rebukcs the Subsidy
Huntcrs and Arbitration Treaty
rjrAAM Btatea Booate h h-*ea_in| ??*??]
?gl from th- t-n- or tt..* petty polkf whlcb <"
i.earlv B r?l? poei haa ObOtlUCted tbe ret.owal Ol
our arbltrotlon trontlee witli Grool Brtttin, !?!??
,,?? other ogtioBa. Tba Deinocratlc Sonotore wbo
roted t0 nl]?ifv a aecUon ol tbe EInyI*niieefote
.,.,,,; ln order to fire an ladlrecl roboMy to tbe
jogBtwlae Bhipplng trade end tboae wbo are trylng
i agalnal Aalatlc Immlgra*
miteo t0 block lat-flcatlon on tbe ground tbal
under ? general orbltrotlon ogreemenl tbe United
arould i.ompelled to enbinll tbe tolla and
amlgratlon qveettona to ra Internatlonal wmrl
.4l.lV gOt t1"' W?rSl "f th6 ?rWtr"
?...} breakera of treaUea bj tejrlsia
dofl wanted to plaj the pia.f arbltwtlon wttb
loaded diee. If tbe dlce eonld nol be loaded by to*
? | ipeciaJ ezemptlona Into tbe treatiea tbey
unwUllns t" arbltrate al all.
That obnozioua attltnde bad been maintal.I ???;
through the -wlou and through moal of thla
But now tbal the Preaidenl haa begun to
Ugbl for tbe atrld malntenance of all our treaty
obiigal I a full rad free eccepUnce of tbe
principle of lntei_a_onal arbltratloii tbe obetructlre
mlnority la loalog Ita grip. A teal of atrength oc*
curred yeaterday ln the Benate, wbea the ??loodod
,ii,c- contlngenl offered ?n gmendment to the Bpan*
:-ii grUtratloa treaty exeo-pting from rabmlaeioa tn
an Internatlonal tribanoJ Qoeatfona affecting Panama
CanaJ tolls. immlfratloB nd tbe admb-rton of aiieu
.?,. gebeola or Involving the Mon
,,r. Dootrine There la a provlalon In each of tbe
? _ arbitration treatiea excluding from trbitra
tlon queatlona affecting the honor or vltal Intereati
i.t the eountrlaa ed, and tbal Bu__ciently pro*
x _ ibe propoeal te Inaert further
ri'stri'tions waa defeated l?y a rota of 40 to
13, oi more than I to 1.
i ?? iraak?eea <"' tbe <anal tolla exemption and
Immlgration combluatjon wns a Borpraaa. If there
i- a three-fourtha B-aJortty In tbe Benate In faror
oi aubmlttb-i the Panama /'ana! tolla queation to
arbttratloa in whlch caae tho exemption of Ameri?
can eoaatwiae Bhipplng wonld cettalnly go by the
board tbere mual ne a aubatantlal majority i"
favor of recedlng from that exemption and thua
purglng C_ngroaa of a plain violatlon of treaty
rigbts. The Benate Ifl In ? ineod to Lr<> back to
bonored American tradition of falr dealing wltb all
other oal ona and no qulbbling over treaty prom*
.-.,.-. The Houae of Rtspreeentattvea ough! to be no
leaa nnxioua to repair a Berloua error of Jndgment
by renewlng the pledge origlnally glven to Greal
Britaln tbal the Panama Canal ahall be open te tha
\.---xf.N ..f gi] natlona on equal terma.
Buyill^ Democracy's Discard.
The leaderahip of ldeea ii.is decided thal George
11 Palmer is unfit to be chairman of tho De_ocratlc
stato Conuntttao in tba era of opl?t Mr. Palmer
deeiino*- to dttpute tliat. bul Lnalata thal be muat i>o
co."i for aomethtng Bay a member of the Publlc
sorvtc* rnniini*-8ion. nt $1S,000 a vcar; chainnan of
iho OoEnpengatlon Commlaalon, nt $10,000, or (Tounsel
to thnt rx-.dy. al .*fl7,.r"f>o. An<i to judge by hli formal
statoment that 1f ho Ix'oomon oounsol to the i*oni
mlss'.on he "would have no time to jrive to the dutles
of chalraian of fhe state -'oninilttee." tbe iipliften-?
haTe aoeepted litm at his lowest estiniate and olosod
the liaiafaKtlnn
Koform tt tho jirioe is too COatly, Tiiis is a rioh
gtate, to be mre, tmd lt has not been nlggardly of
its larposs tn the good r>oinoir.*ui<- yeara. Boot
biaoks nnd bankera h.-no drawn its money for hi_h
way "work"; eontractora have charged it triple
I'rii-os for rotti'n roads: politioiaua who worketl not
at all l)ft^e drawn Its Btlariea; banka have u-od its
funds for m'*roly nomlnal Intereat. Bul why, oh,
why, should the state have to buy tbe diacarded
rhairninn of thi. Iieinorratic Btate CVMnnilttee, even
toenaMethat tiplifted Institution to relegtte Ifurpby
tn tho harrnh'ss poslilon of hoss of all below tbe
-ffflfeatd-eater Une? Voters aro erylng for polltica]
apllft, i"it tbe taxpayen nrerrt erylng for Palmer.
what i- too bad for the Detoocratlc party to gtomaeh
iv lurely too l.ad for the rt'st of the state.
An Argentine Ambassador.
it win be appropriate for Argentine to recelve
t ambaaaador from nnd to send lt-s Bral to
tho United Btatea, aeeing that this eountiy wa*. tba
iin*t in tha world to fataWlah a petuanaBl lega-Uoo
in that republic The ratalng of the l"Lration at
Boenoe Ayrea to th.. rank of an embaaay arlll alao
?.e fittin^ bacauaa of tba deeerta of so birge aad
important a nation. Argentlna may be in populatlon
b -Tai.'i-t natlon to whlch en ambaaaador lus -.et
beea s?*nt. bul II is potentlally in do reapecl the
;i*a*fli of tbem. whlle la enterpriee an.i eolwtantial
groarth it niiii.s high ln the ii-i
it is pleaalng, too, to have thua Increaaed the
munber of republ ca, a*- dtatinguiabed from mon
anhii--. t" wbk-h ambaaacdora are aent Argentina
wi;i l?e tho fourth, tho otbera belng 1'rninv in lv.i.;.
Mexico ni 1S06 and Braxll in 1902; whlle thera ara
BBonarcblcal powera, lu Europe and Aala, thua
i/.od. 'llie old Idea that gmbaaajdora, a- di
Uogulabed from mlnletera, were pereonal repreeenta
,4.x iif ?overeigoa and were tberefbre nol properly
i.i i^> srnt by or reoalvad bj i-epvUlca, may note ix-1
tded aa wbollj obaolete. Indeed, ii araa made
ooeolete .**" far a*x the i iiitid Btatea 44,-i-x eoncerned
a*be_bthe eppointmenl and receptlon of ambaaaadora
waa oapreea i piwvided for in tba Conetitntloa
i' is tt) he hoped thal iho- proaaxttloa may to --oiii'*
4er*?- cr-4_i'_jjict tbfl IU-fO*rtUOat# lmpM-s-ioii,*.*. h.ch
hat been produoed bj Mr Bryan'a looUni of the
diplouatlc aervlce, pgrttcnlarlj la Utin America,
tot the paynienl of polltlcal debta
The I'cnirtlc Mcnacc.
Vour Kngllabman would penaltM aroiaaa for her
iuperior irlta. Hla feni of tbe female of tbe ?P*'***
,. ,,?>.,. mtberBtrlkingtf Rueeiaa faaroftbe-law.
And both have led to reprcaafra maaeurea ead ???"
siniii rebelHon
ln ?Tba i..lon Klolie" of recenl date appeareii
:n, edltoriel oa tha Bubjecl of <.acatlon. Home
Engllab edwaton bave baen BdvocaUni tha latro
,in,ii.r.lui-atlon Into tii- Kngllah ecbool bv*
:.,,. rltlng tbe Mn. rh-an ettlti.toward t-romeu ge
:,,. exanple of it- beneflta. Bul Tbe Uudon
Gjobe' erien oul ggalnsl Bucb i weakenlng of the
male defaneee, i-eaaoulng ai followa:
are uauallj mu h mori pri ? ?? ? thah boye,
? nd "ion tha t44" an educated together tl"* glrla
?re more auc-cesflful ln the work .'f the achooL rnai
la becauaa the male lnt< lle< I takt**a long? i to mature
than the female. Thi n bu11 ol taklng a.nd place lo
the glrla Bl acl.I Ib thal the bo) f*?ela an lnferlorlt>
whlch he li never afterward able entlrel) to ehaki
ofl and whlch haa n.nnectlon whatevi r wlth real
, hlvalrj toward wimien The systi m ol
Uon la one ot the chlet factora In making America
the moal woman-rldden of countries and I reduclng
* ,,., ii en man to the value of ? i Ipher la n-s
onn home.
ii.iw now, fellow ctpbare! Would you mtbet ra
mala Ignoraul of woman'a capabUltlee, lhal you
mlghl in your bllnd ."ti.oii -?> boBM every ni-1"
gnd boea aboul tba divinlty ol your rooal aa ir sbe
wera one of tbe phildrenl Or <l" yon nctually euJoy
the chalna gnd alaviery whlch "Tbe I/ondon t-siobe"
Ked Tape vs. Blood.
N..1 tha laael ehjectton to tba code duallo is tha
red tape Burroundlng one'a Bttempl to nurdaf ona'i
enemy. How can bonor |"' euffered to ewalt it**
satlBfactlon, for example, a*hll.ie'a sntafonlsl i
being cleared of rhargea prevloualy Incurred? Aad
4,-i Buch ia tbe laa of the code, If Julea Wdrlnea
maj be belleved
And siiiiiH"*.' tbe rlle wrctcb retuaea to fai*e a
jury. Than until be changee iii- mind one li iu
liiiiiu-ii from spilling any one elae'a blood, or, may
bap, caualng one'a own t-> ba spllled, uo matter bow
abjectly bonor may He flattened iu tl"' duet.
Al leasl auch le tbe lnte"rpretatlon ot M. R*Bnt5
Qulnton. Hence Quinton aill nol flgbl Vtklrinee
until \.''iirin.'s baa foughl Henri Roux, and VMrinea
will not flgbl Roiu until .'t Jury elaara tbe latter of
certain cbarges. And Roux won'l appear before a
jury. Bo there v.ni gre.
CouM anythlng llluatrate more rleaiiy man'a mei*
nncboly tendency to eurround capital puntehment
with tacbnicalltias!
Colonel Goethals and the Police Hills.
Colonel Goathala'a refnaal i<> dtacual publiciy tba
poasibillty of becoming Police Commiseionar waa to
be expected, He came bere oa offlcial bualneaa and
his record ahowa that ba attanda to bualneaa wlth?
out wandering all ovct 11 ?*? lot. When tha Mayort
offer waa ni-i*i?' to bim, he mada bla reply deflnltely
and uoaqulvocally. Thal raply itill atanda.
Diacuaaioa of the pollce lituation and Colonel
Qoetbala has only coall__aed by general public ep
iirorai of him tba Mayor*a daclaratioa that ea long j
;is tiicre ezlatad any eiiBni-,. of gattihg tba canal
digger no other iiinti would ho conalderad Hi-*
demand for ;t cbange la the iaws to glva him powai
to tlltmifft policeman so that thay wlll itay dhi
mleeed is raaaonahla. Any maa worth bavtng oa ?
big Job wanta authority ta Impoae adequate dlad
jtiine on bla Bubordlnatea, No man, bowever big,
? mii *^.*i reaulta without that authority, aa tho record
of comparattve fallurea in tbe commleolonarabip
made by aiaa auceeaeful elaawhare provee. Tbal
dty would be fortunate, Indeed, to get Hii-* manj
to make a genulne Police Department oul of tbe
material tbe preeenl force providee. Whether or
ii"t it can gel him lt ongbt ta carry oul Ita side
of the tnaaactton, nti.i tha Legialatura ougbl to
balp it.
Tbere is an nnquestionable preponderanca of BeB
tlment ln favor of Mayor Ifltchel'a pollce reform
hills. TbeCbamber of Commerce and the Merehanta'
Aaaoclatlon, the City Clnh aad aumeroua otber la
fluential elvi< and buslneea organlgationa bave g..ne
"ii n.rd for them, repreaenting n.>t politlciana, bul
votera aad taxpayera, Argumenta agalnal then I
aimmer down to tbe daclaratlOB tbal a city am*
ploye cannot be expected to do good, bonesl work :
in ? bard JOh oalaaa pannanency is guarantead
whlcb is dieproved by ocellenl work .ume by city
employea who haven't tha poUceman'a apaClal
prlvllega and tha aaauinptlon that aoma futu: ?
POlica C:oininlssionor wlll hp a fool or n Unave gnd
win abuae his power by irtoMaale ?rbltrary dla
mlaaala?whlcb is ftmtaftJc
it is blgb time for the elty t,> ahow complete
inist in its pollce commhvrionera by giving them
real power auch aa tbe _Igyor*a bllia propoee. Tben
it ?.?.ill deserve good commiasionera ,-11111 a good
Pollce Depgrtmant
The Top Hat Mind.
Think af ii. areep over it. exclaima tbe London
"Sninnl.'iy Review," the Prime Mlnieter has beea
inapabotted ln a aofl fall bat! Tbere wlll not he
a cataclyem of -nef in America over tbia pleci af
newa, Bul even we of ? vulgar faraway land eaa
gppreciite the aignlflcance of this appalllng event
what is aim.isi us guipriatng is tba equanimity
rsitii whlch the "Satunlay Review** accepta iin*.
revolutlon. iti diacuaaing tbe top bal mind it plaln*
ly iniimates thal t"-. almple aad traiUtonal b
riew "f lit'.- <i44i-it beneatb allka it racognlgce thal
Mr. Gladatona la a bowi*** hikI eborl bat would
hava baaa nntblnkable. Aad it concadea aoma coa
venlenca i<> the tndltion arhlch mada 1 top hut iu
politica and flnaace tha "qrmbol of raeponatbilityi
reepectablllty aad all r 1 >*> eoUdtsr vlrtuee. Hut la
tlu* preeenl bourof prograaa ii vlewa the departure
of tbe top bal aa aometbing like a triuiii|,ii oi raa aon
tuni comfort.
Hera ln Amerha tbe i"i> bai never attained 1
complete maatery, Btateamaa toyad wKh it for ?
whlle. Bul !"iir_- yeara ago it waa Bbaadoned to
Bucb occaatoofl a* the apara an.i othar aodal frip
1 it waa beld iu eoaaldenible eateem bj the
4,,mii of the land a* 1 target for aaowhalla. Aad
thal waa about alL
\\'?? like to think that \\.- bgvg h-. a n.iti.ui io
j.*,ted the t"i? bal becaaaa we hava as ,-? natloa
eecaped the top bat'atate ol mind. i..t u*- bope
s,?. at am rai.' a*. for Bagland, ahe may p*pA Ik?
quRe aa comfortable a plaea ta llve la bow thal
?ba i*4 leelng tbeae dlgnlflad Impedlmenta. Mm h.-r
cltiieua wlll aurely be awlftar on their f<*.-t nml a
whole '"t more cheerful aad Informal iu thelr mlnda.
II -..m. of the "a.'nn n who ur?* wearlag fraaklah
colorod irlga la Londoa aimi Parla bad been bora
red headed -b., _ na-v.'i bn\a eeaaad to Rapurn,
The Mayor and the ratharatoa.
II,, Milrh'l nnd tlf I i lh< r*t'>n
II i /r ll nli, lii'l >nl Ih'' ItOil :
i in u in /it hi.' tngthBti ta e?e -
si,,h agkntttmt "i ?"""?"?
**// thi* nrrr rlnii'tl iii"'l>." tl'rV ?*"'-'.
' \\ hut jnifiu* tSBYt '"'lii'l r*9B '?"
? If Innitu in'-n tnlh tvrntu fmSBkmB,
sirtpt il t.,r h'l'f <i ntBT,
/ir. Nmi nppote," >/" fftteiel "7'*'.
?Ihat thi ii ""il'l '/' I M <l<nrf
??/ r/r,i//i, tt." aaM ''" '''"" ''?*'"?.
inr/ ibed </ Mff.r oaar,
Tbe lea waa baaa, the new was there. the rdqeh
raa all around; tha Mi/./ard made a dent in trade,
gnd tranaportatloo bound. Bnl tbe anewstom llka
;, poultice eaaae te heal tbe blowa of -ouml.
THE WEATHER: Colder, *Aith continued aur
face-car tie-ups.
Tbe uortb wlnd doth blow, and we ahall hare anow,
An.i 44 hai arlll the NTawker do then, poor tblngl
llc'll vji in a train. nnd BBUttCf ln vain.
An.i btame tbe Commlaaioner then, poor tblngl
A N B t.
The P. O. Bearebera arlll hare thoir L j. A lettee
iultlaled t" na, and gddreeeed "in care of New _o.ka
llveal oewepaper," arrlved la*-' night. Try N. '..
Tribune,'' Bearcber N'o, 17 wrote on tbe envetop*
ne are for CoL Ooethala Not only dld be hare
nothing i" aay, hut he alao saifl noihinK.
Fvbrukrg 19 Awoke early. by reaeoa Of a man
abovellng anow off a roof mar hy, bnl i eould noA
quarre. a*ltb blm, foraamnch aa be araa doing what
be Bhould do. Bo i dM go te aleep egain. II la
only wben tbe Dolae i** made by ono that bath ao
cooBideratlon for the peace of hi** fellowa, and
Beenietb to be tnall-rioua aboul lt, thal I do grou ao
a'rotby. r*or a gme at pocket-billlarda, or pool, a*
II aaa called In tin* old daya, with H. Herldg tbe
i.i-player, and h?' trounoed me ronndly, playlngl
?arltb greater >-kiii tban any opponent ever I had.
in tbe evening to ? ehow played ln and wrote bj
tbe draoghtlng arttata, rery good, too in eapedall
Charley laiis. To i publtck with i>. Doty and]
Walter Trumbull for a beaker of aie. and so bome
and to-bed
?jo [_] late, and alumbered tiie hi'-t ln aii weeka
To tho offlce aii tbe afternoon at my aerivenhig, and
with greal -eat. too. Vct why thla h i can mH tell,]
DO, mit ai all. With Henry B_rrieOU tho tayle- J
arriter t" dinner, and we dlaconreed of lettera and;
of joiirnali-m. too, aml his iiotions on both are trin-.
and Une. Tbeoce to my offlce agaln, where, whal
w it h Writlng and talklng with tlm printiir-'inen, 1
did nol leave llll tata,
'i'r\ aaylng "Incouie Tax" arlth your teeth
ciencbed. Tbe tvorda are pecullarly rttted tor roch ;
Bithnilator) treotment, and it maj relleve you.
*>A How to Tell the Birda from
^^ the Harbor.
_^ _. Bl SlMlHAI).
/?* /?n _.*_-?, BeaguUt mt be drawn with n ...
/*?N/_?, Ifafta "aai a/ Baaaafaeaea
Bl M.I II.s.
"Xeltber tbe blrda of tbe elr," arritea our Mr.
Rubl, "nor tbe wet aeal of tbe aei has anythtng ?on'
Mixx Bawyer." let, accordlng to il. C. ?... Mr. Kuhi
niiiy nol bare aotlced .Miss. Baaryer'a dreaa trim
ulng, nor the Blgrattea In her hair.
io BE i?isi mmim i;i>.
Said Qeneral villa to Joaeph Viia;
"Your stuft' is great. it makea me amile i
r-Vbole lot." -o, si"p ihat innapa-tlla,"
Said Joeepb Vila tO 00001*1 \'i!la.
vuTi:s i'i ii: WOMEN :
[From thr. London Byatander.]
Made tO Meal ir>-in.mtfl k IiiHtriK'tiOllH.
Btricteat Privacy. -b poat if preferred
Also Oalnty
Hlgh Louls XIV. Heeled Footwear
An.*. atafli ac beighl of beei te order.
Meaaurement forma and partlculara upon
Only Addroaa:
2/a, Crookham Road, Fulham, London, S. W.
Do yon know? Mary OL Hnrko is -vith Tba OOB*
Dlng Tower, And. what'fl more, her newest poem,
"George Waahlngton/' will appaar in Ifoaday'a
Turrel "f l*riiiality.
i love tbe oid rabway,
Its Bir is so wtirui j
And if i don't nea it,
Twill do me no harm.
A. 11. B.
One contrib., E. II., is "f tbe whlmelral notlon
iimi Mr. Ward ahould perauade Mrs. Frank Chancet
net Pancake, to Joln tbe Breadertla,
And ii If- delving deeper, beilevofl tbal team arlll
win the World ('fii-.
rwo ajcAaoiej that ua. a.. om:.
rba Tonagatoara, (O.) Vladkalar j
? \<. e annot ekiM tbia report wltboat addlag thai i. r.f
reaulta ??;' prohibitlon la naagar ..
.... moei deplored b) good ctUaena, -rr two:
-:? ? ? aod oootempt of law which i;
i roati -
ad ih- .,.? lon li perpetaally in po1111? ?. ?
?| leokad at him qulcfcly to seo wbetber his r<*
mark had a tl'iiililr rittrutr."?t"Vimi "The Gordflah,*'
in ihe Batovapeet.
That the oitcndrr Mfdiefe might i.o preeerved?
Rtocrsion to CVPf
Bi Mi aaaa Job noon
?s /??. ems
v v v<v e
U )
IIIM.H1 I'Mtl fl I lll -I s IAIIM, CAMfg
The Glanl fan, belng u unfalr a> other faii**. he
ii.-\.*s. r.r aff.*. t< to beliave, timt Hanh O?My robbed
bla ii'iun of tin* 1908 pennant \*fk bnaard the eon*
jii*liir.' and are willim: tn lay 7 lo '_? mi it?that
Hanh arlll n-.t ba aeenaad af i riadlai eitea for inn.
? >f 4our aawadoalae -i om*t.?Akvt,
ln tbe niinor that the jiresidency of the new
league haa been oaTerad t<? OaL BooaeveM we ptaaa
rn. . roiloii.T \4 h n.'\.*r.
However, Ibe Tederal League arouldn'l aowd s,>
r. p. a.
l'm befrinning to have a lot of oonfidence in tlie Gomnor.
A Citizen of Experience Givet the
Street Cleaner* Some Advice.
To tii-* Bditor nf Tha Ti Ibuna
si>?: .v.s b cooBtant reader of Th*"'
Tribune, i agree that crltietam of bbow
removal methoda is frulttaBO aad dle
cooraglng unleaa atteaded wlth sotno.
?uggeattona for bettevnieBt.
lirtice, ln triew of 9 loner i*etrea*flaet iti
thla city during arhlch mueh more than
fourteen Inchea of bbow la tiraea goaa '
by. when there waa not even a eubaray
to reaort to for rellef from congaatloa
felled to demoralixe tha faeultlee of the
euthorltlea, i would moeaetly auggaat
the folloa ng elementary rulM for tho
beneflt of the Btreel Cleaatng Dep-art
lnrnt :
Rule ' When ai oa * * to be carted to
a doch for fllaiiOaal, commeBCi arlth tha
cleanlng of thr- itreet leading a*oet dl?
rectly to the dock, thua gtviag nnob
?tructed paaaageway fo auhaeaueat
loada from th.* otber streets.
Kuie I. Itaka coatracta for removal ln
Rule I. Uae auch extra ahovellera, not
availahle for loadlng, elther before or
etmultaneously irlth loadlng, In elearlng
the guttere, ao that when the .-.now be**
>-i!,s to niek it wiii aava tlma and lahor
by diaappearlng ln the oewera.
Rule 4. Pat chaln shoea on all horses
an.i thua do the work In hair the time
an.i wlth balf tha *toot and tear.
Nr'.v Tork, Feb. l?, Ifl I.
The Tribune Bowt Appreciatively to m
DUcriminating Friend.
Tn the Bditor of The Trihune.
sn-: i flnd it eoeaewhet .liffhuit t?
properly expreea the ??h.a.n're of Beatt"
jnent [have lately eaperleaced toward
The Trlbune.
.\ feeltflg * ( greal i*eepeel haa changed
to one of deiightful intlina. v ead aH?-<
Uon, end each mornlng ll .--e.-ins to great
0110 llka -t loved member <>i" a famlly,
Brigga?Robinaon i". J'. A.? Cortleaofl
?a. brilllant aaaemblaga imiced to braak>
taai wlth. 1; M **?
New York. Vvh. 19, 1114.
The Street Cleaning Department Is Crit
iciied for Neglecting a Street.
To tii? Bditor of Tha Trlbune.
Sir: The Polycllnic Hoapltal i**1 mainiaiii
iiik an ambulanoa Bervtee for the i-cnettt
of the city. COVerlng the extenslve dis
trlct i).*t\4?.n Blghth avenue and the
ilinlsoii ltiv.?r, rv.l an>i 4:'d utreets. Ue
traaaported laat year i.vii caeaa of aed?
deot anii aickneaa. On a atagte day ef
tir.s 4,.ir we aaawerad tareBty-*alx aaaar*
. alla Wet thla aeivlce laat year we
si? nt 9*1,91* more than we reeelved from
the dty.
Ib vlew of this fact, and aapaetaXty In
vlew of the charactar af the service. whleh
requires PTOBBBt traaopOTtaUOB of tlio
siok and lajurod tO tho honpital, where
rellef may ,,?* obtalaea. aa praaViaat of
the tn. dlcal board I deelra pubttcly to
i roteal Bgalaet the la.k of coaalderatloo
4\hirh baa been ahown the boepital bj tho
t-itreet ClaaniBBJ 1>< pat tment nirice the
heavy fall of BBOW, BOBTly 't- WOOh Bg*0,
\s'e telephooed the CommtaBionar tha day
after tBB BtorflJ, BaUtBg I"r help to clear
the eaaw away, ae t?>itt *? couid get ln
and Ottt with Our BBtteata, The nanie
thtag 44..S doBe ea the auccetatlBg*ilay,
wtih im othar reBBoaoe than a promlea lo
lo.ik int*. the matter,
Five "la" 8 BBV0 BlBPBUd. an.l n?t a BBOV*
eifni ef aajaw ha beea reeaoved la freat
of ..nr hUlldlBC nor haH the stre.-t loBdtag
from the boapttal to I.iRhth and Ninth
even nea beeB cleared of eaaw. Ftotn i-'.-i
ruary 1^ tO February 1*4, inr.iu-.tv.-. we
bava anawered eeventy-ala amhulance
caiis. aome <>i theae in dutriet* outalde
ef oui OWB, tO win, h th,- poUOB r.-|Ui st< <i
ua le reepead
Whlle ' "ti-1 i" Ifl Of the fed Ihat th<* ile
partaaail baa hotti greatly overtaaed i>>
raaaea ot thla atorjn, whlch has in i_r*.e
meaaure paralyaed traflle, r feel II *
duty to call the aUeaUon of thfl pablli*,
win,ni wfl are aeivlug, t*> thfl BfleaBtBg
.iitfer.-n. e of tha itreet Cleaniag Dtspart
nn nt ln their falhue to rflepoed to the re
peat.*.! urgent oallfl w? hav? mada
them for help.
.1- .IIN" A. U'VKTIi. M 0.,
PotyeUolo Haapttal, No. Ml lo
6?'tii strc-*t. New gork, Pa lf, ?' I i
An Atsemblyman Fear? for-Hone?ty and
Intelligence of Future Commiisioner*..
To the Ultor of The Trtbuaa.
Sir: Your edltOtial <'f this mOTBiBg Bfl
tha polli .1 bllia polnta oul a Itb ?
tha* daagav In thaaa bk - lt Btati
"No iiiiuf-ii.tr' woui.i oa done to any
irdlnata tn an lntetllg*ent and bi
Pollce Commiaaloner."
Of courae, n.*iiha-r you nor anyn
maa ean guaraatee ue al '<n Uflflea "aa
latelligent aad haaeet Potlea Coaamla*
Bioaar." Under Bucb .. C***mmlaelon4W no
court review lor -rabordlaatflfl is 8
Uat perhere. tbe-ugh evea wlth BBch a
model CommlBBloBer it would be h eafe*
guard agalaet the hoaeat mlatakee to
Whlch even "BB iBtaUigCBl BBd bfl
Police .'onimissioii.-r" is Uabta Obo
light of court r<-vi.-4\ ;k t..i4.ti away it
ina.4- ti>- gone tor ;.ii tim.* C**r_Binly ;*
Pollce Commlaaloaer nol booeal or Intel*
Ugent would take no st* pe to reatora it.
Nor can the existeme of tha righl '?
court review ba Juetly crltldaed aa I
protector <if anv "ayatem" In the i
ilepaui aent B*UB-talBg I'ouit*
ezperlaaee, we Bad that in that tlma |w**,
fnrty-.-nx mea have been restore.l by the
coints aftcr dlamlaeat Can it he faiilr
BaM that the refltOltag "f three BM B B
year d_aorgaaia*--a ;i poii'., force ..f ten ,
thousand member.--'.' Is it not rather the
moving picture proeeealoB of Police Com*
missioneiH of thfl ia*-t few yeara arhlch
has teatfed to uneettle Um degjartaaeBt?
The Curraa altlereiaBlc eommlttei**, al
conalderabla expenae, carefully la
eated tha Pollca DepeurtBtaBt This eoo>
mltt4M in Itfl report ilnl.ii.s that -'the
right to court review is a praterttoa to
honest membera of the force." Sli.ill Wfl
follow th.* findiiii's of this commlttr*.*. r,r
the wbtBUi of an army ofnYer great
-*no*i*gh te deeMe thla guaatlea eoThaBd
and without egperltaacfl la er hiveetlgattoa
of the department.'
ROgard for the leagth of this letter re
quirea ma to omlt reference to other bad
reaturaa ef Um bilis. aave one. ITader the
bllia an booeot BMmber >.f Um forco who
reatgaa ferfetta tha namay ba baa paM
into the pflBBlOB fUOd' BTWIfl .4 glflhflBflfll
meniher BrhO ls dlsnnss,*.! gflta bach bla
paynwata with 1 i?-r cent inter.-t. So B
member of the force la need of BM
would no loager he drlvan te the aalary
laaa abarfca; be could J*-?t get d*-*uak,
cluh a few citizcns BBd K?*t dtsn . -
tharaby raeefvtaf aw k Ib a lump aua
iiis panalofl fund **oBtrili-attoBa wtth hatar
est. The lllustration is fanclful, hut is
prmsihla. under the lulls
lf these bills had bOBB iut ro.luc ?1 iBBt
year whOe Mr. Waldo was OoaBflBtoaiesMr
and Tinimaiiy CBflltrollfld the LflgtBteturBb
the lieavens would bBVfl **eBOB_*tled Brlth
erlfli of -an ootreged fu,;.tji;,i-a-.
maay IflealBg Btraagta Hold oa Pollca"
1411.iii have heen a t> pi.:,I editotial ar.d
BOWB headllne. Th.e.se hills woyld I ivc
heen d<*nouni-,<i thaa as tiiorouj-hly Lad
What sanit.tit-s th.-m tblfl fflBI
\ssi:mhi.v.m \.\
NV* York. Feb '?'.. |M4.
In Aid of Mrt. Kuehn.
To the Kditor of The TrtbBBM,
Sn : klndly t.-,l me if any elfort la bdag
made to olitain flubm-i'iptiona f<>r thfl
mother of the POWaf hero. i-Vrdinand
Kuehn. I think inani *>f your rea.l.is
would. Iik. my-c-lf, h.- U.id to Kl\< ,
little dollar to-A.ir.l it il ?he would likfl
tO ac r-,,t of it. MAKY A. FISH1.H.
(per V. i\ i
Teaaiy, v j . l-eh, A BM.
[T|M Tribune ha-j alr, ad> d.U.ei.d a
number of anbacrlptloaa t<> Mra Kuehn.
.im rmt.-.l in our news column;*. 1'i.i'tlu-i
Bubserlptleae will be ts-!...n> forwerded
An Open Forum for
Public Uebate.
By Whom Constructed, OwatiU
trolled and Manafoi
? t laaaa
prlnt in joa-a]
v. ? iinirotl !>
Canal? I
j* 044 U ed i')' _t
I'anal ?1__ai
r i * oa. ia*****
in ittt aaai
- ?rr owarfl!i
. i.itioni mt ?
mr*. TU W
Hrlt'th |
wln. li In !*?7.'. [.ui ? - 1 th* 11
? K liedtra at ?_*
rhe .?? ? eaaal-j!
?o*o *****
ihret reanem*
i iril lah govei
?blpplnfl : ?? i'-'1 I
A Shipper Say? the Railroad* Om* I
Peg Along on Preaeat la*
The Ti?BBB
l -.tlMrtal
-*gard to
? xarmutt d
Commiaalon of tai ffa thal tha
tariffa that f?
1 'n ' _i
Vou wlll flnd th*jJ"J,
M **** \L\V
Vork Central. for Inataaca aaa^
uri.fs -vhlrh li -eolred tntat*
lowed. ar .1 ao en. The -*1*-*-_J?J
Haven & Hartford haa noiia. IW?
?on, no doubt. that lt now ***m
eai ratea a mile of ar.y trallraM *
gaei .,.
? -' t**w^i\
..nue. aad
aak the people f sUfld f"r " , a
ln paaa ?'?'? ^.'TjLi
nesa haa i ' ** * Z. gt
h i-i lt ia t ?"** *?*' "
The freight rat.a are t<?>I*'?h ^
Chaay. N Y.. Fab. 19. .??*?
Surface Cart .? Snow Rea*-*****
To tha Bd - Tt*maa^tA
o .' paaa "?*1J
tloned InThi'Trlhu.f r>W?w? jj
18th 1 ?? ? al -v?r it*** m
?tallatlon of i ir eh trta turftct^^
tem lt haa ae.*med *tr-n?? w ,
?ome meana of utll '??>? ?? *?J^Jj
..f snow h.'* '!'UM_rtil *'
deep ln two Inn;* aheata B*^f gi
atructed chc-aply. *Mcn f^.gaaBl
in tow ' ' fl*1*1 *u** V^d
croaa tracka and .lumplaf P-^
loopa ao I '? q
gnd rataraed '" ? md
When ' * "*"!,*''
their alow way lt ?!>*? *ptTLm
? method la moal ctmu*Am~t
New Yom ' ' :"li ____,
tf-2 . J
To the l*.dil Tr'^T<_
s ''"" g^d**
in am pro- ? '''""? -^d-_
ed ln the \Ltk**Zt
and li ? ' ''?'l".il^
hiinaell" atr. ? or ^^gp*,
take t ' "'-jT?k*J
liko Ha**:'.' ?*-* l* m**.
,? Uk, o? h.m,.lf thafoj*^
llfe every mlnute. anJ 0vUT--**t
motiv. M ?**
.tou?- ii ? Vi**** _r.
wealtl r ?!*-*-_>
H.H.l.l .......ll l-t-fT tO r*'L_w *?',
atandard oi ihat ?' in ? .^**
??,l 0f undoubted *""">?" \m**
soin- Landll w'?> ?",,, f^* #
Ma Uf**, defj-mi. ?-**' ? ?*f *
Higlibridfl-e. N V.. ?>-- *

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