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The Purple Eighteen Nineties in England An
Informing Book on the Dual Monarchy
As Mrs. Alec-Tweedie Sees Us.
.,?,K .la *K
I . eding upon tl ; * I a i -
? ?- r hoc, ttt Jii
? bs wol ? -
Btudy of ? ihtoea
ra nnd art.
ii v i porlod of the
. uterary wl d oata,
; from b dealra to attract
, - by
niahlng let hoorstoit. On? ?
?i rememl
44i*ole Bigalfl
? g title of thi il ort-llved ' I ?
]n\v BOOk," !' ' ;o ''* itS
end remali ed ea tlc UU Ita
.1 I'hilis
tincs wnn nf: wlldennent by
tn? ? ? t oni laught Tbe natnes.
of the ? moatly for
Bti d ex< eption
?' Mr*
. ketaki :..
- !,. ln art ns he is
-.ii polnt On th? ?on
has not beea
8 Xici
,'tn.l m t -'.air.
thfl othi *
haa i ' rn glfted ubob I
r,..nk" movement, ai i
? ? e flrmly its Immodl
| . there cin 04 ?
, - - Mr. .Ta**"ksi,n f
m which moment,
' ?
lieve in its own im
,??;; ? ? pplingB in imi
Ivancing wave
?iui. h if . liohed
n ? et, having
thua neatly taki n Ita me ?? un. ba pro
. iir-arlv c-v'-ry
.1 in Eng
r? and art and drama, evi n
? ; Kipling, the "Kallyard
ool" wlth its B4*Btlmentalitlea thlck
? lucr.-.y," "Judfl tlie
vs <,f .Iohn Galfl*
? ? !,\- end i ? ? Barker, not t.>
? [been :itiil
??the Hlgher 1 irama." Time ?
one is atruck hy the dlaparity betwe. i
All the world is
brought before us
in the Movies.?
If you wcint to know
how the picture-plays
are put on the films,
read "Breaking into
the Movies " by
in the March
How"So!diers of For
tune" was played be?
fore the camera at
At All
"Masterly it is"
The new year will be grow
ing old before a better novel
appear?. I OlOOt
At ai< Boottti/'* - Price $1 I aai
7/u* bOBBS-MERRJLI. CO.. h.bhr.hr.s
a. \IAM)1 f-liV-l'illSYAlWKS'
aia 4 '1 '. Vi '.,,?*?. I ttJS ar,4 I?m,k . ; r
inl'lr I Tba Ii,"it axjl*lt
'A . ? i, 1" 1 - .. ,| call nnd j
r- i: *.KEK'8 li :l A ,
_,.,._ _u_<- .UA.. uriabi a*., Blnalaeheia,
Mr. Jackaon'fl common aenae valuation
? *, e|ioa -took" mtfvemt nl Itai If,
nd, and, on tha other. th?
tha t,. whlch he goea In trylng to
. it the origin and beginning of all
haa happened alni e In Engllah lll
.,, ,. - attitude i..44.,t.i i.:..
Thua he auma up:
Our new found l reedom aeemed to Bnd
., ,[ nei ded ln tbi
enae chorua ol ' Tarara
v hii h. ln at the red i
... i . ? ? ? ead like a danclna
0Ugh fh? land, obaesalng lh<
ininda of young an.i old, gay and eedate,
unti] li bei ame a veritable aong |
provokina aatlrea even upon its.it ln the
oi it- orlglna. From 1*9
? .... .i . em i" have heen the
... i of a generattou bent upon
. er tha 1 ai aa
? -.,. Very much "Tarara-bnom
de-ay," very !nu> h of an obeeeekm of a
very Immaturo new generatlon, arhlch
did ?i"t knoek al tha door, bul made
Itaelf very mm b at home and at
t< mpted to pul its feet on tho table In
th.* facea of Ita aeniorai and whlch varj
sxiH.i; to _ veritable paat," pro
voking, not only aatlre, bul anetrgetlc
meaaurea for its auppreaalon. An <?*
it failed tO take l*OOt Frutt it
bore none, unleea we are arilllng to ac
cept tho author- eaal twc theory.
what. in the rotroapect, does it matter
to ,.s whal Huberl Creckanthorpe said
rthur Waufh on the aubjoct ol
naw flCtlon"? t'ther. really OOt
Influencea wera al work moulding thi
Mr. .ia kaon has given ua a hook that
rea many forgotten memoriea ami
many vanlahed namea. One llkea hla
tera on PYanda Thompeon and the
?? poeta of the time; one growa Im
patlenl with lha never ending attempt
to prove Oacar Wilde h genhis. Judged
by bla work. he was a man of brilllanl
talent, and nothing more. There la
room for doubl of the atncerity of
D? Profundia" And why, oh, why, la
it so dlfflcult to turn "tha Ineomparable
Ifax" Into i.i "< opy"?
ln conelualon it may not be nmiss '
recall that, if Bngland bad Ita
"Elghteen Nlnetlea," Ameri<ca bad Ita
? Eigbteen Elght lea"; that if the Mothi i
Country had Ita "Yellow Hook" out
break, Amerlca hnd what may he
called. after the piiblishinf* liouse that
efly foatered lt, iis *'Belforil-<'lark.."
Ilterary ebullition. it waa the day of
["The Qulck and the Dead," of Kdgar
Baltua'a "Mr. Incoul'a Iflaadventure"
Mis. Atherton'a MHa*rmla Buy
dam"?tremendoua aenaatlona all th**
day Of Clara T.anza, I.aura Daintrey.
. Percival Pollard, aml the tranaplanted
Fngllahman, Edgar Haron**AJle_ Our
Ilterary diaturbance paaaed even more
qulckly than thal acroaa the watera;
with the ezceptlon of Ifra. Atherton'fl
bold entranee, it was just as exotir, and
failed as completely to take root. Noni
can Clalm for it the credlt fnr tbfl
??? iter freedom of Ilterary ezpreaalon
Whlch has sinee heen est.iblished here
as in Bngland. -With us. too. other,
really j>ot<-nt Influencea were nt work
The echo of the "Yellow Book" move?
menl Waaclearly heard on these shores.
We read and diacuaaed thal q igrteriy
and its aucceaaor, "The Bavoy"; we re
publlabed many of Its authors. The
echo Rrew falnter in auch pnbUrations
j ;is our own "('hap Book," then died OUt
ialtogether, Ifr. Jackaon has revived
many memoriea of a Joyful perlod of
! the aowing of many literary wiiri oata
I His hook is capital reading.
Its Internal Condition and In?
ternatlonal Status.
Henry Wlckhara Bteed Ivo, pp. xwn,
101 Chai lea B i Ibm Fa Bona
The Impreaalon produeed npon the
opinion Of the world by Count Aeren
thaFa bold anncxation of Boenla-Her
ina, 44 hlch i-eemed to herald the
thini Ifonarehy'a emergence fi"tn its
ndary place in the Triplfl Alllance
nnd its aaaumptlon of a leadini? pari
in tha affairs of Europe, has been dts
aipated to a preat extenl bj the re
s which the conntry'a policy has
aince undergom in the Balhanfl Bo
etrong, Indeed, baa been the reaction
thal stiii another uiagod phraae haa
been added to tba many clever aayinga
.; Itomialng the ampira-kingdom'a eon'
n, Napoleon, Talleyrand, i> -
marck, Oladatona, al] had th. ir fllng al
ti.e "eraay qulll of Europe.** which yet,
acoordln**; t.> another nrtt, it would be
i. oeeaary I i Inv4 nl if it did not ain
T Dual Ifonarchy, accordlng
to the lateai pronounoetaent, has taken
Turl a as "tha Bleh Man of
Th.* aaylag la clever, bnl 11 is n..t
tnio, accordlng to ihis book, whlch, In
an anlightenlng -.-'.tnat:.. way pra?
i enta the fruita o Iti authoi 'a oba41 va -
during a Ln yeara' raaldaiira In
? i.i. Accordlng i" i.im, the em*
plre-klngdom never vt has found lt
but H ifl rery Ukely In th.* tixiu of
Ita berodltary, oal) s-im ronactoua dy*
naatic i ohaalon ln the eaat, that it
wiii. its conajarlea of rac*4M has never
been, it is perhapa noa leea than ever,
a natK'n bttl it is an iMJMffwa. its
colleotlva "eour la dynaeUc, it dependa
upon ttie Crown more fully and mora
11 u \ than any Other Kurupf .iti reah..
Tba 1 ' s ,i"t "l'-rely the piv,,t
i. ntre, il la lha Itvlag force of i ?
body polltlc Tha pr. rab el td.-a that
thla dynaetlc loyalt) la pereonal te tha
t B_aperi i la aa at rou.ia
tba author contlnuea; "tio* defraaj In
i , . .... ... nded hy
? ? . end th? Indivldual rulai bj
ih, monarchlcal fuactlona haa nol hen
II is f,,r thla
,, that, i.rdini to Mr. ?to<
tll,,,. v, ,n ba no difllculty over the auc
. n ,,, ,|, hi Ir to thr* throa? aad |
? .. ife, th? famlly lawi of
. ,, i| ,,,- burg to the ,'ontiat'v
! potalthBl indlni BUII, thfl caofl Ifl n
1 moal compllt Bted ona, aa he traeaa it Ib
ell iiu ramlflcatloBfl
Qeneraticma of abaolutlem hava lefl
th< ir inn tint upon th? i irloua nauoa
,,r thfl realm The) Qennaai i
:.,,,] gie- sllke an ? oi teot t?> l?t 0*t
. . maaagfl ao long aa it doaa noi
too mui h and givw tbaag
emple opportunlt: to enjoj lifa la their
Wool ?? as the prOflfl Ot *? rnuntrv
,;l,l,.(1 i(, bttl It had i'l .Irtne.. lil
lewlea-paeaa waa coaflaad to stat boo
tloB ?nd -rvoB thera, takfl Mr. *r7rlfht-i
teord Cor it. atraagera irorg traatad
erlth courtBay: "D6dft Cltf nr-vcr abot
a ptag hat.- aad wemtm wara .-nfe m
iiH Btraeta Moriay *-v;>s plentlrul it
lured BBtarprlaB aad eaerfy na arall
M u,e gambler, th" ****? Itaapar an-i
tht- daaparada If the towa tolarated
Uie roughaal <>t bigh Bpirite, and *'v*'n
r-rorae, II wns aarioua about Ita gigantlc
buetneaa lataraata, and to thaafl and to
th? naen thal craated ?ad fo-itared them
ihe author paya Borloui attentlon.
This si.h- of Mr- l-frlfht'i blgtory,
which he t.-iis in aaaodotfl an'i por
?onai ramlalacaaca, Ib m ptet-regquti
The Yellow Book
An Illustrated Quarterly
Volume I Aprtl 1894
London: Elki'n Mathe*s & John Lane
Boston: Copeland V Day
Prom "Th-* Eighteen NioaUeB." Mitchell Kennerley.
own wey. Thay ara coateal to bfl b
]*;ii;<i*in<it, coatrolled by n frieadl*
-, oli***e thal ni ver Bhowa thfl Iroa han?i
Iexcepl aa of <Mi. me neceBaity.
?, . ... m thr* fact thal thelr
Ipreaa li almoal enUrely B-sml-olflcial;
they even aeldora reaenl lt thal the
Beml-offlcla] Inspiration comea largely,
not from Vleana, bul from Berlla. The
Crown is with the people; 11 eomhlaed
arlth bck lalistic pn bbum from below to
Iveraal suffragfl upon tha coua
try. The hlgh Boblllty is oot drawn
I real ezteal ln AnBtrla tor
the hlgh poflta In the pnbllc Beri li >?? "
le t,,, independent; moreover, lt doea
i,ot regret the neglecl overmuch, fine*
a bigh public Bervant la th.* emplra
biubI ezpeel Bl any a*omea1 to be Bgarl
flced for the good of the dynaaty.
There la abuodaal tratflc Ib offleefl
?nd favora In tho Auatrian Parllameat
ei d ?' constaiit realgalag of ofBce by
puhin* aervaatfl to carry thelr knowl
;o privatfl tin.iiu lai coneerna. That
public aervlce, bs tba nray, la a true j
bureaui racj. conalderlng itaelf thfl maa
ter, ao! Iho Bervant, of the people. The
red tapo la Ineoacelvghle. The Church
la ea ally of th.- Crown, but Ita Bplrlt- |
un! loflueacfl Ifl dead. The army i*ii- '
oera the beai Bonrlcfl an ? conaolldaUag
power. Ita offlcen are far Baan r to
their men than ara thelr Oernatia col
lleaguea; ihe efllclency of tha* military
. labllahmenl **vss proved by thfl bio?
i UlaaUon of ltlt-'lt. EducaUoa is b
poliUcal pawn; Blav UBlveraitlaa aral
founded or withheld ai conllng to the !
necenlUec of tbe 084-1081 hiddea raclal
rlvalry wlth Ruaaia. ln Huagary the
tendency li nol toward complete B*epa
ratlon front A istritu bul toward Uteral
duallty in oafl peraon *th? Bariperor of
Auatria and the King of Hungary?with I
Um ellmiaaUon of th? Emperor-Kiag I
,,, ., , -;?-, lallj *ii foreign relaUona
Kr. Bteed la nol wlthoul btai In hia*
dlacuaalon of the Jewa Ib Auatria ami
w'>iili meaUon is the fa. 1
that he treatfl them, not as ? deaomtna
Uon, but :r* on? Of the mar..* races that
Ro .,, thfl n. iktng oi thfl "craay quUt,"
;, me* whoee cultural, poliUcal and
Bnancial Influence ui i nl of all propor
tion to -i numbi
The Wickedest Town of the
Last Frontier."
DOOUE * ri - T.lowboj - 'apltal and
the Greal Southweal in tlm l)a>n of tlie
VVIld iiiuiaii, the Buffalo, the Cowboy,
Unnce Hatla, Oambllng Malls ami Bad
Men. B) Roberl M. wrlgbt, Plalaaman,
Kxplorei, Bcout, Ploneer, Tra-lfr aad
Bettler. Illuatrated i-mo. pp, Mi
l lodge Clt; . Kan P ibliahad by the
\'it: ?
N,, mora lively plrture of the lif.
of thfl Wil.i Wtst thal BBfl PBflBfld into
hlator* eaa bo fouad than in the pagfla
of this book. Itfl author came to the
plalnfl sh.-rtly h. for*. tne Clvll War,
uriii 44 ,s ? parl Bf all he describes?
Imli.in gghl g ami Hohliering. ranch
ii,!' ami tradlag an.i tiuffalo huntim**.
Dodgfl dtjf BTM 1 aif 1 oul la 1ST_, forth
with it birnama the eeatra "f Um oatUa
ii.nl.- of tha* Bouthweat, and the k?*
.1 nm. m s dtotributlag poial <*f BUpphee
to lti mllltarj poete, it w-n, maead,
the ?'iiiiiiioiis Baby lea af tbe fmn
ucr," tiie '"rlproarlaf burg .>f the
as la his nri-oiint of the wllder Hfe of
the place, whlcb abounded ln the hu
nmr of the perlod and the reglon.
The.se frontleramen had a hllarioualy
"good time" ln tbelr oam way, and ti.e
fnn of it is falthfully r. (le, ted ln I
pagea Lal ua rmt forget, in conclu
?ion, that I'odpo citv boaated Bat
Ifaateraon among its leadlng cltlxena,
thal Buffalo BUI mnde it his headquar*
ten at one titne. aml that it was on its
siaire thal ESddla Foy atarted on the
road to fame.
An English Lady's "Cubist
Impression Picture."
Revlaited. Bj If ra Alec-Tweedle. With
llluatrattona. *v,>, pp. av, 47,".. Tii<* tfac
niiiian Company,
Hyper--en*riti\ eness, Mrs. Alec
Twaedle notes (flrat and laat In this
volume), is an, is "the American ain."
Then it is m*t, we l.ike it, a British
one. Su we may apeak without clifII
dence of our hot ror at the ghOOklng
way in Whlcb ahe turns her preface
aolldly into advertlaing pagea for her
books. ln what she <alla "the States"
\\ e are more delleate in our methoda
of ad\rrtlslng. Ify hook, Buch and
Bi ch, she aaya (wa wlll not i>e a party
to this publlclty propaganda by glv
ing tltlea), "appeared at $.', arlth three
hundred lllustratlons, and ls now
brought UP tu date and pubUahed in
abrldged form at _."> i ents." Carried
hy aii bookaellera, wt preauma An?
other book of Jhis lady's, r>ri.*e thought
leeHy omltted, "in a few months was
in Its four'h edlth.n." We learn of
the pressure brought to hoar upon her
to wrlto the urtiHffl In this volume,
the. place oi their aertal pUbllcatlon
and of the buaineaa arrangamenta with
the publlahara of the book. Wn bava
here, too, fl catcb.f llttla deacriptlon,
?sueh na appeara In the magaalnea da
\oted to ajooalp of popular authora and
rurrent books. of exa'tly tho plquant
cireumsiati''s m whlob theae pagea
were COmppOfld. And th.'ti. at lOUflth,
we come to tin-* "cubletWmpreaalon
picture." as ah-- aptly daelgnateg tt,
of our "great country "
Mrs. Alec-Tweadla lo-xa us dearly.
This ehe ofl -onfeaaee. But "wa aee
fauits most dlettnctly ln the people
we love beat." We are \ .-ry food of
Mrs. TWOOdle. We ilo not nstiU her
rritkism ln the Kast. \\ e would Lu
wise, as aha BUggeeta, to "welgh tt
earefully, and uee II dieeiaartt*AN it
ahould bring na np eharp to learn that
money is our ?od. tii.it thera hi a hack
of petvecy in our Hfa. that ou*.' mi
board advertlaing is la bad taata, our
journaiism la often "ahady," wa ?
heat our houses, wear our cluthes ln
the most rldlculoue way, and that wa
are guilty of saying "I.ondon. Eng,"
Instead of I.ondon. Bngland. We have
never beeril oureehrea say this. but wa
do hope that now we <slia.ll not do tt
agaln. We know thai we gg t,, "pub
lii* r.'staurants" too mm li. but thera
aeeoa t" be ea few reetanranta that are
not publlc Light on all our ptohloma
ls weliome, f'-r, as thfl arritat ttjk, we
are a niarvelloiil people* t*or ?gehnila
Published To-day!
Second Nights
By Arthur Ruhl
\ chirming chronide of the chief fetturei **M *\*****^
the MetropoliUfl Theatre witliin the pUt few years. r he
point i.i vit**} \t whollv unprofessiotul, gnd the text. tm
vveif?hted by the respomibilities nf the first-mght critie,
\- intimite and familiar.
$1.50 net; postage extra.
Chrles Scribner's Suns W Fifth Ave., New York
tion. Ameriean hustle. doubt less, ifl
B myth, but "foreigners," na tho au?
thor eayB tra eall all visitors, ahould
not bellavfl all that they are told.
That httaUe business Ih Just a little j
bluff of euTfl to make out thnt we are |
buay. It is giatifylng to learn that
our voices are lmprovlng, that we are ,
so han.lsome, both men and women; j
that our spirit of hospitality is ao |
greaUy appreciated. that our "l!ft"
pystem is r manrel, our hlgh "house?."
poim-titn.-s flfty-flve Btortes, are not
bo bad. our bathrooms rreditablo, and
that we are pi. king up to aurh an
extent fn the matter of art. "Ameri?
ean gli has found her feet."
This writer has an ingenious method
of purveying information. She gives
Uetfl cf namea of "thoaa present" at
the varioiis functions which Bha at
tended. "Compoaerfl of note" in
America are -;'"amongBl Blasen
in America well to tha fore" -;
"among the chlef of their artists are"
-; and go on. These llatf are all
detSldedly interest mg. As for her
"darlag to joke or eompara, c?r to
admlre" us, ar* qulte appreclatfl thnt
"every salad is better for a little
vlncgar. ami honest spcech must not
be taken anklndl)'."
Afl author arboefl name, like Mrs.
Qamp'a, did aot agres witb hia
' natur'" was H<-nry Ma< kf nzie. To
I.e thought of to-day as weak, sUlted
end Bentlmental to an Impnaalble de
-rree is the fatc of thfl ".Man of Feel
ing." ona of tbe moat celebratod arorfcs
of his OWB time. Bcott and T.oekhart.
The most disaissed novel of the yedr
If The Devil't Garden ia
immoral, Heaven help the aver?
age novel. v- ?'? T***
At nli BaekovUtrt. Prtre $1.3J net
The BOBBS-MERRILL CO.. Publishers
w* know. read and admired it with in
axpUcable admiration, and Hurns COH
feaaed t" having worn out aeveral
ropies rarried in his pooket. "The Man
nf Feeling" was not autobiographi<al
?'sensibility." A story of the Ma- -
kenzie of ordinary llfe ls given in the
recently published "Book of Kdin
burgh Anecdote" (Charles Sonbner's
Sons). Ho was a hard-headed law?
yer. "and as keen an attendant at a
cock main, it was whispered. as Dea
eon Brorlie himself." He told his wife
that he'd had a glorious ninht.
"When"" she queried. "Why, at a
fl.1,1. miiil Bght" "Oh, Harry. Harry,"
said the good lady, "you have only feel?
ing on paper."
Mr. Garland's Idyl of the Forest Ranges?Feminism and
Marriage?Love and Secret Service?Anna
Katharine Green's Latest.
Hamlin Oarland. lliustrated. IZmo,
pp. :'*.:. Harper & Broa,
Mr. Gariand'fl romance is divided
agalnat Itaalf. He drawa for us an
idyllic pictura of a daughter of the
spaclous West, frank aml unafraid,
self-reliant and capable, the trusting
companlon of men, the fine flower of
the traditienal ehlvalroua manhood -of
the country. One Ukee her, one cannol
{ but adm're nnd love her si,,. makes the
?tory amlnently well worth readinx
: i,ut tho author BOtB her in an environ
j ment of j.*alous, barkbiting, BUaptCioua,
I alanderlng men and women whose ln
I fluence must have made the develop
menl of just auch a woman ntteriy _??
poaaibl* Mr. Harland has are OOW *x
preaaed his opinion of the vanishing of
t ha knlghthood of our plalna and moun
talna beyond the Oreal Divide, of the
dlaappearanca of the old aplrit of the
Weat; his emp-i41**"' of *;t here, for the
.-al;.- uf helghtened contrast. one sup
poeen, atrikaa a /alaa note. Blther
ihr* girl is overdrawn in her virtuea or
ii, r nelghbora in their vieee. t)ne pre
fera l<> believe the latter for the sake of
the story, whlch has the allurement
alao of a trae love of the open, of the
trail and th?* eamp. Aa tho title suf
f;.-:er,tly Indteatee, this is still another
.,f Mr. Oai?_d'a atorlee of the Forost
Rangera, bul their work, ita progress
and difflCUltiea are kept ;ti the ba.'k
THE PRBCIPICE By Blla W Pea ttie.
i.mo, pp *1S. Thfl Houghton MlflHn
Here is one more roman. e nf the new
WOmanhOOd, the estate filled with
larger, arldar Interaata io whlch love
must adjust Itaalf, eince it <*an no
lOnger be wonaan'a whole txistence and
the has not yet hiioeeded in makini,' it
.,f her life a thing apart. Al Mis.
Peattie preoenta the one Indlvldual caaa
wltb whlcb Bha deada here, man's tum
has Come to abjure the uld, to make
comptota aurrender; the time of a
imoothly \*."rkitig readjuetment is stiii
in the future. Her heroim- and bOTO
Bnd a niniiin riitiitii. bul the bool
endai with what is. after aii, the be?
ginning of the r.a! story, th<-ir COOMttOn
entraace upon an expertment. Around
these two flgurea are grouped minor
Charactera and their \entures into
matrimony?a young singer who narri
fleee hef * areer to love and flrids happi
ness. and another woman, who d*n!c8
her.self both for the sake of her hus
band's career, only to lose him. The
rnvironmept is larg.dy tbat of the ac
tlvitlaa whlcb radtate from iiuii House
aotlvttlbg moetly femlnlne. Mrs.
Peattie has written a thoughtful book,
? is .-ndiiig on 14 B) rjibolh al niount-iu
tnp is only the h-?itining of B descent
even though. as has already been said.
back to the level plain of daily life.
THK BEST man Ry Orace Llvtaa
i.ut/ IlluatraUona ln color by Oayle
lioj-kins. l_mo, PP. 104. I'hiladelphia:
The J. B. L'ppim-ott Company.
Cyril Oordon, of the Secret Service, is
ordered by his chief to recover from a
band of desperate criminals a stolen
cipher dlspateh. He starts forthwith
for New York, giving the reader on
the way thifher the impression that he
|g not la the least the man for the
dangeroufl undertaking. He is ap
pnrently unable to concentrate his mind
on the matter in hand, bu. allowa it to
uander toward the problem of mar
riago, even as be allows extraneous
circumataacas to delay hlm cn ins way.
However, lt is needless to gay that he
?HO BSdl in tlu* end, aft-*r a Mfftgg of
adv.-ntures that strains b.-luf. OtBCfl
one is willing to dlsregard probabllities
and even possibilities, the story ls not
had reading, with its amazing mar
rlage, its honeymoon trip begun as an
? ?^?ape from pursuit, its dodging fn.ni
trains to farmers' wagons ond taxis. Its
captures and near-eaptures, its threats
o? violent death. Tha dark plot of the
criminals is not disclosed. In fact, the
miv.-nture is but a crowd'-d settlng fora
caae of personal beauty and romantic
lOTfl at second eight.
A TKH.M OPBILElfCE. Ky Forreat Hal
>-. . Ltmo, pp. Hg Desmond Fitilgeruld.
Tho author of this brief novel i9 un
Uii. stionably in earnest ln his denun
ciation of the evils and abusos that,
according to common report, prevall in
the administration of our prisons and
the treatment of ronvlcts. ln how far
the Btory is based on facts we are not
told. It has a nielodramatic note. but
that flflrrofl w?-ll the purpose of arous
lng th> r. ad.-r. In this prison, wliich
is not lunned, hut eaa r.-adily be ldon
tirt.'d. the whole staff, from the warden
d.wnuar.l, is bandcd together iu a
cnspiracy of matfSBggnOB. crucliy and
silenc-*. Kven the chaplain is ao-ui
BBCtmt, Ottlf UM prison doctor stands
b*t\4een the victims and their oppres
.sor**.. wh.rcl'ore lt is necensary that his
good name shall be amirched, in order
tr. brlng about his dlscharge The vic?
tim is a young bank cashler. and here,
ln leading up to his temptation and
fall, the author is at his 4\eakost. Ag
a social f-atlnst he ls given t<? exag
?,'er.Uiuii, to distortion <>f UM propor
tlons. No doubt the oxtruNaganr.*, the
social asplratlon of thoughiless imm
is aften the cause of thelr hushands'
rui.i. Btlt the facta ln the majortty of
A Bishop
Among His Flock
By Bishcp Ethelbert
The author known ?-, tJ
reading public l>y 1ns book *%
People "i the f'lains"?now *i]
dresses that large f-imily of $-J
ittial children .vhich mak*--.-, Up|J
own di?:K*ese, then all those, ^
tero-tcl in the condition*. T*t*n*m.
sibilitic**, and great i'''*sihilit*_i?
the Church. flc dwclls upo-*^
relation of religion to busia-j
tlie dutie** of the Church and |
member-i t-> -".ial service and ?
missions. Certain chapters u*
devoted to the history of tht
l".pi*-copal Church, to the Pti*t
Paook, the Saoraments, ete.
and Life
By *Or. Elwood Wonttte
The orjjanizer of the Emmaati
Movement in Boston. from t_t
|rich cxperience of years spent:
observinj; tlie dynamic power tt
religion nfx-n mrxlern life, fca
uritten this book of inspintw
and comfort. "frankljr, avowetfr
and positively Christitt"; but I
is the spirit of Chri?tianitY, m\
not its dogmas, that the *vnt**
dwells upon. He deals with tkt
?social a**pcct** of reiipion, with tlv
spirit of aspiration and unreit-?
rld, and with the prohlerr5
pre**ente.i by the life of to-di**.
Mr. Wrenn
By Sinclair Lewis
[f you loved a *>cr*.on a kw
deal and wanted that penoo r
read a certain book because ir.
loved that b<x>k, ton, what **?!?
vou say? ls there any wnnjtl-':
can make you who read tht?
linc< believe in the heauty nr,
lovableness and interestiagMM
tlu** new writer's book tilt.
-()ur Mr. Wrenn"? lt ?.
storv fir**t of friemlship atidtte
of love. h i** as untrti*tal(ahltai
certain a** the touch of ofltw
Coming Back
with the Spitball
j/-?y James Hopper
, A living bit ol tlie history ti ttt
[fierce warfare ue ^all baseball. i ***<
cross-section lit'ted out of th?*"UHB?
plaeed before your e\es in illmtW
ing action. Vou learn from it to itt*
'bu**ehall from within. its moorttt*
glory and its hours of (?loom; yoa?*?
follow e\er\ plav with the whole-wlBl
j abandon of the most enthusiiitids*'
The Forester's
j Daughter
IBy Hamlin Garland
Mr. Garland sa s he aould IM
have it understood that thii i$ **?"
greatest novel of tie year, it IJ-7*
latest and the "-irongest work <* *
author. it is not a gripping ?hw*
eiemental passions. it is m'r^'__
idyllfc story of youth tor ??>?'*-'*?
tlie vacation spirit of the foiiy ****.
tains and written in the vein ? J*
Spirit of Sweet Water," mM
Mountain Lover." a comedy ot ***
folk with '?Berrie of the cinclji"J
tor cliief character. lt cin H ***
bv every one in the family c.rcir ?
l<_- ir
for it
The Most InterMttnl
Magazine in the Wgli
fu.1i c.taet ot embezzlern'-nt poW '
another dlrectlon.
DARK HOI.r.ow. Hy ABa?__MH|
Or??n. With lllu-tratioiu by?"E
Fogarty. l-.'mo. pi>. ztt v***>**
& Os
Crlms?mystfln **'rn*' |i-1,t'"1.
darkn******. that la tha 44^y thla ?
goes, aa rei *i- ri of Mra. utten* *\
or so othfr nuvela ?t ni>atarT
good reaaon t.* exp**.t it to d* ^
pretty horrible In tha beat P'*'*^
the miuBt of a frnall rnob ****\g
townapeopl?, mat <"i tha nr?t **y
roa.lrr rut-hos Into a li"*.** **
mvstr-rv. a h.ui-**? barred fr<"? **T,
'Matterly it ?"
By W. B. MAXWBi^j
lt tella nothing ab?S- ** \
ahould nol ba ******yMt(M Tr****
At oll Book*- * ^''ii^l
ntEOBBS-MEFRlLLC0..r*~ .

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