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To-day. fair ami --aniier.
ri mii i:\ti ni. >i**iiRn\T:
lli_h. .'?. Iott, IH.
I.lll r?|...rl Pata " f*rt 11.
,?*--, |tll, _ "? '
y LXXIII....NO 84,570.
NEW-YORK, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 82, 1914, 68 P.\(;KS.
$20,000 THEFTS
In.icv Private rhird Dc
grit- for Four Days. They
! inally ( onfcss.
PAYING Tl l 1 l R \M>
(11 iv'K l\ ( 01 LUSION
Hrrested *>?? Charge <>t
Forger) After Being lm
misoned Iii Apartments.
{?,4tii rn *ted Workers in Via<a
fa ,.; Itistttulion for
,i i?-./rii \ ears
, I
' '
- ?""*"
?.. . n ?
.v. ? ntt- r |
l nol !
I ' '
?I ? '
? .-it Kl l-'lllll I
? ?
( maaa Dieeeva
t \s nr-> 1
Kpr-sit, j
* ' -
? ,
? BBj
tfalnst i ea ?--f ?
r : PaTo 1-J
"' ...
' ers ol
nt 1 Merrill of the
? \\....)- I
be i.k?
,"n"n * I r ,,r 4r,,inl, , nlnmn
Tlus Morning's News.
. 1
. 3
. . 7
. M
. u
4 1
. . 2
. 1
hl y 3
a 7
* * 1. 2 -, ..I 3
' 1 4. *>. 4.
my ?nd N-* 4 .a
? i
Home of Newark Jewcller En
tcrccl and Satclicl Taken AwftJ
Dr, ? family of j
\ ?? moutli Btreet, i
n ?
talnlng MO.000 J
irdli | ti P ilth.
. . bomi
.- ." plai ed
ler hia Ix
Ha w<
en they
: aeveral hinira later thej ?iu=
> open a nd thi ? ??
Woman with Spinach Colored
Hair Driven irom Theatre.
Fr-tnch pu
? Mnont ngk li
? . , hair or woai
. . ?-,.. ? ? i 'omiquc
? when a dai
trom ? vith fiaring
? iU.-n up
Tl > >'i ? hl
, to play the
110] and
? poatponed
. . ...
wii. n 11. liaed thal
* ." \> ould ' ol tn tolerated aha
1,-T,tir.|| o *
?ox, ahouted "Idlota!" and lefl the
I |fl< 'i ? manni t aa
At Revolver's Point Forces
Antoists to Spced Away
Irom xScene ot Arrest.
hl *- ,, i i I: r i ? i ". ?
kidnupped in n hlgh-powered auto
ppo* ,l ti ? T\-.. ta'
? v d bj the i' a
? ?
i rn thi - irt a of Bummil aboul IU
Patrolman Wil!
boi ng B.Ong V ,Oi an
ii c de
?.. tHkf th?. man to head
? ! >< r>3c si nt-; i> t.
a_a**jMi-_bM*efta__igtPetaAe>--*eW '? '1 g *
, r,i.,r byi i aml they be>
](i\~". \. .1.
d told thi
lo drive to tl
wiii about to
? I e ilnvfT.
re I tell
? i'i to hall!"
Thi r did aa the prlaoner told
alone* tbe turnplki
? ?' bj the Surnmll
? thr i-hauffeur waa a confed
Yonkers Judge May Have Bout
with Bad Twelve Year Old.
Joaeph ? i I'* all II s ludge of Tonk*
eon liun
minlater 11
i. ? npton
i old of No. 70 C treet
rday. Hla mother,
? on admitti d t" the
.ri thal neither aha nor her huaband
to 'l" anythlng tvitii
rh. jr nn. Tl bed him as .1
, ' do -.i d J
? v\ ith your permiaaion and the
hui band I'll see that
?_ good whipplng. That'a
The boj i.i- foi hii ag Mra
. .
..' ? iffer, and ;in
to thli in"i ii
HER $8,000 GEMS
Mis. Oitiiiger Charges Auto Was
Damajit'd by Police When
Hanled to .Station.
: . ... ng of
.-.. ra worth m >n
-.... ,|, fl-x.iii'ii: Ottliigor, uf
fl them aa
. . ?? ?
. i, inoon on thi a? ? rom thi
. Ui lro| olitan O
? The) wlll !'?? BaXi ? won't tht
,\ .:., |
? imi
- ? pron i
. ? i
? ?
ain 1
th< opera
?: tire. i B. i 'Um..i
... ? -...? ?treet rrlfi ol a
itreet. \l
. it,. i \\ llllam i Idofl '
i,,,,- ea "i d< red I Trafl Pollci man
k "ii r.r... \.
I..... :
I , . ? ng tha bla ,x a i
I;.,|! ? ' I '?' d l ?
? (|| . .' ,!? I i Cl II.I ll .
w ??., ed
.?M..'i.flup i" tha
? ,i thal n ii.i i
..,.,,,, ,i bi ? arould clalm
Spectators Attempt to Rushj
Out as Friends Try lo
Force Way Ifl.
k\ Streets in Brownsvillc Rctard
\ nuiiies on Their Way io
Wa/c Near Theatre.
\ i:
Lf Ea v ?? ""'tt. and Browneville
. ? ,. h. -*nrten and flremen
lSh1 t-- nn I Into the dangei
. unding a lof! bulldlng flre al Mb
i, ? t nti ei and Btone avi ,; ?
frantle In theli fear lhal
had 1.,. n ? aughl ni Loea 'a Mb
. theatn n< xl do ?i
i.i tht '
Thi rep
? ..,,,?, ?, .- tii n i'i
fjreniei te i ' Into lhe b il dlng to hia
i*. f..,, ihe arrlval of tha
atti mpted to reai h
? . who w ' d '?? '" ? "
top tiont Thi :? - < re ?'1| drh en ach b
\--r- ?;,,. nre araa extlngulsh-sd f
i _f ?40.000, vi.r Marahal Thoma -
Brophj bf-rntt an Inveatigatlon a lo
whether lt waa of Incendlan orlgln.
men actini were
-,-rn t., eni-T lhe bulldlng beforr ihe
... , atari'h of the d ? ?
wiii be n to-i ' ' ?- ?!' of
Unknoa n to the bi| i Ihe 1 ?">"
,, ., ,, n* irahalb d "?
,*. ? . hj Jol *. Z- ?? Ihi
ted by e 1 ? ' '
r ll III'*
? *?.'?.rui l< d tt"
? ird gallerii a wen ln a pa
on ?'' on<
?: uggletl i" be '?? ?
? | urtr* r,-r.
wlthoul i?erloua reault**. end almoal be
for? ihe ai knew that i '" *
raglng nexl do< r lt *";i hustled
throi (Ire Mi to mlngle aIth
Th? policemei
, nalaugh! of the **roa
inotl er dangi Hve
The 'IVlHa-- * || r? of thr l.-t'.
.,?-,. . putting the een Ice
al an end Guarda were plaeed around
. itrea until the 11 i fenl was ? ul off.
i ? ? Battalion Chlef Thotn-u*
Lally, <-'f Brooklyn, cauaed three alarma
j to i?* r oundi ii. The manj * omp -
of apparatua which n ponded had
much dtflaCultj In reach Ing the acene,
owlng to thi Icy condition of the
? ? t g, Itfl* watei han*
dicapped the efforta of the flremeu.
The Bra etarti d al 9 15 o'cloi I
within haif ,in hour three floora bad
? ? gutted and thr* flre waa i ting
u a; .;
The principal tenanta of the uppei
thi ' floora were manufacturei
woraen'a and children'a clothlng. 1
were Bllverman ? Co? cloaks; Bhafi
,*, Oaher, children'a gooda and Bamuel
P, Padin, maker of ralncoate.
The building way owned until a ihorl
time ago by the Union Natlonal i
of Brookl* ti now defunci The prop
ertj r- managed bj the Shepl i
Ki all ? * 'ompa nj Temple Bai Bi
Sn r- -. imati bai been plat ? d oi I hi
loaa, The building and lti ? oni
were valued gt many thouaand it dol
Suicide Follows Act Laid to
Ariger Because He Was
Not Invited.
iph to 1 ?
i' . ... Iphia Keb Four peraona
i hn ?? a omen and > man *? en I i
kllled I t-nighl In ? 1-i.jginf*- h.m- i
Xi. 6."i1 North Mttr atreet, b* a
lat, \' h., oommitted aui
(i.i.* later - rea gathei
the aideaalk oppo
r ? dooi 1" .
Pi tr ra dlad ln the hoepli to
Robeii Petera i mai rted a ga ag*
hi had not baan In
iiti.Jr.,1 nnir-.ii'. the gueata t a dlnnei
party, and ruabed on them, flrtng ahota
linfl ????*,,, |d< ,1 hun ti
atalrwaye and the parlor, when h.
?i . rn.
The lial of the .lead followa ttr. anri
Mra. Ole Tenneon, Mra, Jeaale ? ' Ar?
iii.ii*. and Mn Oeorge Bnyder, daughter
, i Mra i. Iliar. Bloaat i the oa w
the roomlng h<
Thi were talklng 44 bi 1 Pei
1 . I001 ? I opam '1 flre.
Mi.. Ti nneon fell flral and ?
.. .,11,-tn - hual ai .1 k ant d i 1 ar I ? 1 bod*
pXbo toll o, nii .1 bulk t in I ii alde,
... 1* daughtei nnd Mi
Arma" rueh4*?d froen the room 1 ul
Petei followed and ahot them ai l
111. ,1 i.. daah upetaira
Pliocbe Briggs Names Gunboat.
Philadelpl 1 F"eb I 1 ? ?
ched at the Cramp
ahil ard 1 1 "
j..,, t>a Bi Kl * . ' '"* d*u?h
.. . ,.- pr, (SlkM Brigga of ft ? ?
..?? i| the
alng thi
ito Valli_
suiTH l I-"' Tr?"" ,t"1 '" ' ''
'* _d?_
p M i ?. ir wa: '?'? ****** ? ' *' ?
Troo Stops It ann unly One
Passengcr Is Hurt.
Jl A rrr?v.|p<1
trolli eai oi >; ? whlti Um lumped
?'., tracl il ''???? ivenui fl alllng?
, ? , ? ? C Thr* rrTM ll '1
I i mbanknv nt imo .-i
irre, \ . . | thl ? U 0 hi'*h I"P'*'I
...I on m*- aide.
The oi peraon hurt waa t-eon Hei j
mai ol 1*0 "117 Pa l ' a ii,
if.* ^;ia< i ii tii- rear platform and rolled
?11 the wa: doa I ? ItH H< a aa
found in the anow 'Aith his knee dtalo*
, j,tr-d Thr Othi : l " tlgV-Tl **? ?*""?
?haken up badly. and ? ? 'vomen
falnti d.
pt the car-lrora rniiins
[down thr ernbanki.t while the paa
e taken om ilironu-ri thn
' v. Indovi b. All the | .
I iho eai waa broken and th<* trucka were
| torn "rr. Tin- acctdeni wa.*- on the
j Pateraon Plank R< ? '? on the ,inr trom
i Hoboken to Pati rai n.
jCostly (iems Stolen from
Society VVriter on Way
to Palm Beaeh.
;. . aee.]
Palm !?.? Bch, Fl i., P> h 21. William
- t., lecture. la
er, thr* trali of tho n and i of dollan
th ,.i" |i -.\r-it ntoien from Mi
Leonard m 1 h< m >a, of New Tork,
i . \, a on thi P ma i ai
it i\\r*rn ,\ ik< "i B C, and
' palm Bea< ii. v 'ig rt in
\. . | mi i hi mai. ???? hei
.,-. llie ai i 30
10vioi k on Thui da afternoon, ahe
i naati i ing three
ring dg- ol thi "..>-ii ?
.. the laal
,?? the ' in
Mr.- Thomaa dla
, rr-d thr* ln-. aml i-P"l'l''l 11 tO thO
ng? . gom Mra,
gi topped al Jav ?? icnvllk i da)
.-mn f talned I" ???? "' ? Burn ??? ? ho hap
pened to ba there. The lecel P
a ,r. aii " notlfli d
The ? . h on -?-'? " ot .--n engaga
i, . rlng ?: " '"? ? B-PpWra and *-*v'r'
, diamond , a rhas hircnieted
with amall dlamoaidi and a diamond
! guard r ng. i ?i ? of thl ^"c1 ?' !? ?],i
,i .-,, ..* 18,000
? | don'l reallj mn ao much ahout
' the intrlnali value of tha Jeweli M I
Ido aboul tiie valuf becauaa of their ??
tion. Here l nm with '.""ro* of
, eventa coanlng ofl nnd hardlj a
ring to wear." aaid Mr-. Thoanaa ?
?: her Interviewi re.
Mra. Thomaa hai been called bj Van.
JHelleu a French artlat, the "mogt
,::t .. woman Ir. _merica.M That
,. B three momtha after he landed hera
n-lth tha avowed purpoae of findlng tha
perfect typi of ajnerlcan woman. Ifi
Thomaa ia t* enty-thn e years old. _k
fore her marriage ln 1010, aha waa a
ty belle, Her father waa Charlea
of Ni u rork.
Mi>. Thomi i la known in Nen Tork,
Kewport, rinifidi'ii'ht.. and Palm Beaeh
. ich for ber writinga ot playa and
?ketchea aa foi hi i B04 ial triumpha.
Durlni the outbreak of robberiea at
Narraganaetl Pier and Newpori laal
., mi. . Thomaa waa i- portad to
I,,,-,, loal gemi valued ai many thou
aanda of dol
Mr. Th ni" .* ?' val'
u.nion on the Ji ? eh BtoUa this time.
i . ,-?? mui ii feai thal II would hln*
the ' han-c .-? of tin* detectivea to
.??it." hc .
Decides Zion City May Smoke
and Chew if It Chooses.
Bprlngfii Id Hl Pi b Bl rfolm Alex
i ? ? I iln rt *"b*-" * n,
B law of tha I'aiUiful
jn 2 ? i ovei thrown by Up
lllinoi 8upr4 Courl to-da ? Thi*
,.,in a "f Zion Cltj forbldding
ln any fonn witbln
-ii. ?
. ity in tbe throea
mti ??' l " >ting foi ai ? ? rai '??
..... , ., en the factlona
$900,000,000 ESCAPE
Ohi?> l.e^islators Put Loophoie in
la\ Law and Oovernor Cox's
VetO ls Sought.
, . . and Fel , '-'? ??"'';'1 -'? ?" J ki<M
. Dd William Agnew. U_ ? ommlga
?en tryinff to Ual 1900 -
John D. Ro k'-'-Il' r'S Bti
and bortda on tha peroonal ptconart.
, i;',;,. ate of Cn i - County, diaeoi -
to-day thal the amendment by tho
? - tho '.-x aa* thia weel
robably ex4 mpted
. i,-,l' i - imli:..tis. Thd H*r'?-nd?"J
, iti makea April l 'a\ day Inatead
of r. ruar* I
it a L^xpaynr n ? -?
. ,. Bided the graati r part of tba
loua tan i" ?? montha la thla atati
*..., RockefeUer had been tn Cleveland
,,,,,,. ? , x ..r in. twelva montha
I,, , ,i,i | Pi i.i.,.,- i. but I
i..ti.ii- two weeka ,.*." for Snm Torh
.', in cievi :..i 'i for
i. rnontha 11 lor lo April I.
The wlll urgi
,,,. pi noi ' "N i" hUl r> h'.inr ln,iu
piorM eto tha an*rggd*H tax law.
Scotchman Drew Pistol and Attempt ed to Shoot Villa.
Tliey Testify, in Face of F.vidence Ihat
Ue Was Unarmcd.
*"ataciea_ ? - l
i i ..... Ti v . Peb Sl Wllliam S. i- nton, I
. ited rn .lu.-.re-/., waa permitted to teatlfy before the coun tlal
condetnned hlm, accordlng lo thi offlcial report of thr* trial
The Mexican rebel verelon of tl"-* courl martial showa that Bi
on ihe atand thal he Iih.i no InUhtton of harming VHta when be called ui
hlm on rueaday, thal he d\d noi attempl to barm hlm, end thal he
ui utned.
Benton ti timony, however, had no welghi wtth the men who we/e Ir. -
[ .,,- !,,, .,. \i.,,.? Banda and A. I* Pkriaa an englneer, both foUi?
| ,,r vui.*.. ..m ifter Ineultlng the reb ' leadei B4sntoii
' nnd attempted to ihool i'i'11
[Ie waa executed for attempted armed vlolenre again I Genei i Villa >b
,r.,.,,,.,| _nd a tt found guilty ol glvli
rtri-tir. b* givtng Ihem cattle and r.-..ic" ind fumiahlni them wlth Informa?
Benton'a frianda on thla ilde of the Rlti Qrande reeelved the repori
I ivitta 1 tt * Tho: polnted to thelr knowledge of man. y*sai thai he gua
againai pooalbli aerloua reaulta "f hla hlgh aplril and temper by nevei ?
rylng a pl lol. The atatementa thal Benton waa allowed to te i I thal
procem-iinga arere public carrled no eonvletion to these men who aesen
thal he rai dellheraterj murdered
The offlcial record of ihe court mai lial la m f"
i-i ci i-dad Juarea. on Tuaaday,
i.-,i* i r, 1914, al 4 o'. lock in
the afternoon, en extnordl lar
, i?uncll of ? i 9i i im mbled by
mllltan commander of the
i lolonel Fldi I Ivlla, Jolned
,. rltisens; Lieutenant Colonel
Toi ai Ornelaa at preaident, and
;...)-, nn- : Co onel ' '?? ? ? irran
.r.i.iqiiit' Terraaaa and
Captalna Dlonlcio V. Gomea and
Bduardo i: Andalon belng aaelated
[i |oi .ir. iu Rodrigues, Judge
Inatructor; an.; then were praaent
Captaln Jean ? '..inn;. kr. ?genl of
the Public Mlnietei and lawVer;
Adrian Amurrie Bcnavid-**., aa*
h the ohte.-t nf tr i
Engll ii -'ihjei i Wllliam Benton,
i i of tra!is-*-rf nion , Inaulta
,ind violencel agalnat ihe general ln
r*hi?*f of thr* dlvtalon of thr- north of
the Conatltutlonallat army, Qaneral
Pram lOCO Villa. nnd for the i-nrne of
. on piiing agalnal tha pcare of the
repubtic f*> the service ot the ueurp
.- ,.r the Conalltutloiiallat geavavn
? ni of the r.*pnl)lic, \'i> toriam
Ilti- j ta
'i'he accueed waa airalgned, and,
having heen advlaad to name hla
defender, there waa explalnad to
bim Article :'.r"'' of lhe lau of neual
proceedlnga ln ttrne of war. Cap
i.-tin Mariano Tamea wns dealgnat
-.1 for thla post and warned to di
rend hlm loj tH. ?
\t 4 15 '.he preaidenl de-iated
trlbunal in publl. aaa Ioi
Captaln Eduardo Andalon
Artlclea Wl and Sll of thr- law
of penal prooedure la time of
war, an-i explatned the organl*
- ition of militar* courta,
. those pi eaent ll they bad anj
to offer to the formatlon
? . uri and the procedure
The wltneaaei were then called
Thej were Major Manuel BS. Banda
, ni Brigin-eer Andree L Fmrlaa,
t then COI linen.'ed thr. gg
amination of thr* prisoner, Wllliam
Dei tim, - ? id to b< a natb a ol ?-? ol
land, forty-flve yttts "f age, a
i.ip. ' >*i and a reaidenl of Bl P- s
Tea., and then, after I - I ad been
,|,| -.. to trl| Ihr tnith .th..'.* '
whole affair he aaid al '.k
11 o'clock tt* the * ornlng he ?
toeeeOcneral Villa to tell him that
revolutl mlai i or .ttt pai
. ? t, ndlta had done much damage
m hi-> ranch, Loa Remedloa, de
troylng pi >| ? l
, , * * .
Bento *?? id thal Oenera
made chargea thal he had lenl
to the i*'eii'*r.iis and the Oroaquiataa
and thal I e deatred him to *|1 I
country, ai 'ha* iam< tl i elllng
hia ra ich a hei ? upon he
general thal tin*. nn.< nol Jaal aad
ral other thlnga thal am
the general, but thal hi did tuH
ha\e an; intentlon of li.-m-* anv
harm to tbe general* ih.it he did
rtot _ae any arms bul on the con->
trary, he belleved thal the general
thought ho Intended to dn him
harm. attd he proteatad th.it he aild
not ha-e any and never did have
iui*- bad Intentiona toward th?
general or any one elee. He alao
deelared thai be did rr.-t have arv
ihin** to dr, wlth Huerta or th?*
rebela, belng Indlfferenl t" th.- pol
Itlca or the country, whl- ii wae aii
iin.r hr* had to aa*.
The aitm aaM were ezaminad aep
aratety, Major Hand;. aaid thal tl
11 o'. io. k ln the mornlng he taraa in
tho room occupled by Qeneral D
Frande -- Vlllav'e home and office ln
tiir* hnn'i* \.i si Laredo avenue
".\ forelgner, the aame who la
?-? 11111nk here, came ln an-i aaM to
General Villa thai be ..uu-* to make
complalnt thal ihe renei* hari com*
mltted deetructioti on hla property,
Loa Remed
"At ??' bli ? '? al Villa replled
thai ? ? .i noi ???-. .-.ihi** for
lnm to come to thia aida of the boi
der, for >? wa** too wen knowti
? .inuiiii,-rl nn .rron.l nta*-*'. BBeaBal .oliiinn.
Rebel Leader Declares Articles of General Order 100 Justiry
the Execution of the British Subject, and Cites
PrecedentxS in .American History.
l-faabington Pab. 2i.-0en?rai Pancho
ienl ? telegran* to-da: to Robarw
V. rggqulara. thr Mexican Conetttutional-*
i.x.1 agent here, declaitei 'he aateeution ef
w.uiam B Benton waa "entlrelj
ge i ? i .* dlapatch foH< ? *
Tha attention o* the eonunaadlng gi :'
- ? . j -. |ob of the North bavtng
... ? grawn to the pabllahed raaanrtam m
.., ? .. racent axecution of Wllllan. I.
, . ha He*,ire? it known thal the*
nf -hr* authorttli i m tbat eaaa ?as i
-uneii by th* lawa and oa - ?
of arar.
? Under Ar_ la M oi Oeneral i ?
for tha govarnment of the Umteri gtatea,
in the field. It la pn Bl 'armed i
pcowlera1 arho eome wlthin tbe Une of the
army of oceapatieii with heetila Inti
gn ? r.i tntltled ta the prlvUegaa cf pria-1
oners tt "'
. . providea "hat paraona witbln
r-rttory wbe employ vlrhence
toward the aatabUabad a'ithorie.e? are
fubject to the panatty of deatn, whether
tha: ariaa rtagly or in number.
"Thera la abeolutaly ?? tt ? ** nhat
P.enton. a H Ikttk B9 mpathizer B_d I
arorderei ofMe. aan dtlaana, dallberal
,f. mpted tn aet of aiolanea aga - i
and Ifa of the oommandtog g
eraJ. and for that reason, la :?
arlth th? laara and oaa gaa of war. ne
rnilltary trtbuna1, eonaaituted
for that purpeaa, and aaaeated pvra
to iu* Bontaace a prooaading i atfaii ed bj
American and Buropaoa preredent
Citei Amencan Precedents.
rjam ?? ? Bl kuag twe
\rbuthnot and A * *
t.r. for <'in? glvaB. ali?*n Bywpetl
in Plorlda Ganaral ? it
I.r bung M'inifor.! at New Orleana ln lgg|
? . .-? hauiinn dowa aa Aan ? i
trom over tba euaaam houaa, aad '-"
araa bung b| tbe
military authortUM al Kea
. , bacauaa ad hia . oinpi.ct*. la a plot
t,, - i gra te thal
? wii.ti aai ? tii Bbla -ndar martial law
? .... 4
rl il !hw ln
"Th* fact ihat I ?' a Brittab
a,ll jr. I : ,. ., ..., : r. -\ ?
?? aa nn.in* Internatlonal
law the allan w aa amenai.l?? to
law ?.? ir- a ? iiizhi
i llla ? ? -.: ? ? " t
o Itata i lepaitneni
though read * . gf_t no
Oflll e: ? tr,(,k p.) -ir ,\a -
ia the refCTOI a ??. Hemon M an "armed
prowlar," . ? ? - - t**e
protei uon of the rulea ? , The
? armed ptowior' ...
of the Ameriean army l? essentlallv a
? esptalaed, aad obm
r-annht wlthln mlll - * ? ainiH.
r-ith?r aagaged In ?i.-=? wanton deeti
of pr-.y-ir at ? nf un invadniR
fon a It wae adi ? ? bat if
i rh o,i
\ Hla arith a wi
death pei
. ..*
Rebel Vertior. of Killing.
? Peeq lera ada public l ?
'A rt
ut B a1 ina. .
? Ba *? la'a aaartnaeal rery
Dg [irotoctlot* for
>ne lnteri?8ta aad bttt-arty * dla
and tba ' leaeaa
v-.i.i ???.I h tu that i?e ooi ?
to the i -i.d
ler thal might not eoutluae |
tO --ork a?Hini.t It, he (Vlila) B
to p?\* him th-* ra *i ? ??' bla Beol .
? . ?? - - blhuah ia
???. aeaaw esa eoratod al
thi*. aad iir-'v hi" ra*- i-i ? :. Intendini t,>
ki!! tha. general, bul lhe latter innu.-.l
knocked hlm *'?'
? i im to Jail. H-*titoti 44a*< afterward
xrird t. ' lal mlUtary trlbunal, tea
?-?i ?ll iri
?-ar "
Taken from Cell ill "For
eigners' Prison" and
Shot at Sunset.
Men Had Been Kept in Dun
geon Twenty-five Hours
Without Food.
ConS-l Says He Has No KnowU
edjje ?>f Shooiinjj of Any
Americans in Juarez.
Tax . Feb Prom thai
lungeon P the elgi ?
tnares, through a mai ee<3apodl
leath b* daring and Intrigue, frlanda*)
ii Bl Paao or i ??. n i r>.-,
ningo Plo-ree, bet) 11 lUagnaJ
e.-vrnrd ' their O-toJ
ii'inn ln .Iu?rr-'7.
J. J. Baca, a.Nen . v'lemau.j
p. 'il known on thi ??? ? afl
rellabillty, v hoae home la ln So<
A- In E*i Pa
bi ee In l ??? .i ian a biel. bei
?aya T'i. ? Nuro to hii age, Ba ******i
in thr- undeigtoundl
' ignen'j
pi ison" vi mi Baui h and ' I ?
.i '.? :? m in ??
Baca dld "i"' ? ? ,
? ? i A K
1 .. friend nd
a iill in T i'.' nton.
. ? ...
ti',. other man taken from the prlaon
ii Bunaet on Wedn i heerd tbe
talk afti rward of J ? thrre
ii ,i been ihol t. d< al h T ? b'uard <
told how two of i he i I >d not
been klHed i-t once and fgcd tha
Rrii Quad to end tbi
bow tha gravi Into wh h the thr.-.
were throa waa k f* opi
other Amerii an." mea
Baca Escapea De-,tli
? nlgh Ba a, after mai
'. >' efforta, through outalik aid i A
;ip, .1 i'i,nn tha prlaon and reachi d 151
Paaa He kepl In hlding until the i
mernlng, and then. i ?
aaa foroed to n mali
bed until 1 - i ksd he atartt <i i i
to flnd 1 Mra. j M Pat*
? , and ... iii to hi ? mea
?ag from l auch.
"Ja a dui . permit ui
*., atand " - dd i;. ? ? ? _w
-. the third man, ami l aat hnd
died In .i ?In ie c n the Boor f'.r twenty*.
flvr. houra, wltThout water or food, but.
with a Knod ? ..? Ueatteam cig
arettes, whlch wa amoked Inceanaat-****
tn makf a little Ught, while wa plannogj
In E-ngUab our en ape
? Bauch wrote hia naaaa aad tho ?d-4i
of bia alater on the - n8 of hm\
ahlrt, whlcb ba tora >,tt and gave ma.**j
Baca aaya the Um three maaa
and himaelf almoal m_ic their ee<_pa,
??''? ? ?* guardg and knocklng".
i of them down. That araa v.h*oi
thej wera being traiu-arrad from tha,'
cnaurtel to tho dungeon. That Ba_aai
evening, he aaya, bla three companlona)
were taken out, and hJa turn wag \m
come in thr i . |
Accused of Plot Agamat Vllla.
Baca aaaarta th.it vnia had him ar.
re-ster! in the, Btreet He waa ln .JYiape-a.
to boy aeveral hundred oattla fk-oar. tha*
I aui. i-eeinx villa approarh, tiei,
atepped forward to Bpeak to the rebei
tt waa ? daj thi plol m*.. najx
"*'Ula'l ? d, and ***UI_
at once ordered ins arreat. I'ai-*
? and ii ?? man u? ra
charged wltli tnin*.- *ti;j.
Domh go 1 ?)? - Ba i aaj . had beeW
promlaed hla releaae, i-'r j ? - n?i .*- o/V*lorao
Bald to-day l__l they baui pald th*
nnituander in Juarea tha amounl
demanded fr.r Plora i and had
' -? .1 rh.it he would he net.
free to-day.
Baca'a atory la rroborated
men wbo they knoa of
ted f
Conaul, Mr. Edwarda deniea tlmi h.
nj knowledge of the kllllng
t!: r. e n
?'.'tt made to-_aj ??? tr.e ?.' idoga
nf William B. Benton ??. ra i - tl
..f her | ?:?. u I from .li:.
knou * . i on'a ktiii r
A newly made grava in the Juarea
ha i
placed a rude croaa
poeed io ,,. ? .. =i.f Benton. M.oci
? ans *?a>. boWW I *.? la the v
r.f another victini ol ihe firing aqoad,
aad i'! ?'" Bantoa aa buried in ?'
. i.rrai ,f tha i tehoa Homa h
? iiaiiiw grava and wltbout ? soflr.
Say Villa Saw to Burial.
\ I ia pii keai
tUr* , '? ? 10 tho
Rebel "ftviai*-- have v.ut per.
miitoii an examinatlon of hu. ><f tb"
grmrt I I ? ?? N "'"** : nill
i,,,t i, ii,'. t" ie. oi ar the bod!.
\ UUa'a - ii-i'h n depariure fr'.tn .1 .
? I ktl'iW leriK" r.f the
i ' , wed iitt
i. I'.-L" "ii Ihe * -
d there ai i mm ? n*
bich preeag rdei
r> ii.'xv lympathlsen "n the \mer

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