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i To-day. fair. preceded hy aoow.
-iKMrrrtMMti rm**tt$*mhtt
Mifh. Mi Loa, tt
I'ull tOSOti Vage ?.
I | LXXIII...N0, 24,571.
ttitt ' 1914. hy Ttr Trtr,-ira. A->r>-latl*>n 1
,T7?i ,1. t,t BovTsak Koaat*. t*ataap J g "<*<* t*-*******
PRICE ONE (KNT'n",",'vr.lMi....K..n.m_
Chauffcur. as Well as a
policeman, Kidnapped
bv Summit's Robber.
yictiins Worked Fre? l om Kfttt
\- lOgdic Ihief. Who Ool
IhC Hrop. I vcapod
? - wer
i '
- '
H*lt t -e Dripper Stranger
... -
,tr-i05. j
irlns a
? ?
of Brani
? ?
> ? ; . hauf
J|aaa* ? .*-* ? ?? Hd 'V. ft H ' I
?"?r ' 91
? *. ? hoant ot
Habart ;
? '
Bla nd.
. -
of thi
Ham ? s*'" Sjid Pr-isoner.
. ig j irr. Huvin***
\ ? xx
? ?
n the tt
? ind '.iiiickly obey
m Ooorgo'a
? t?o boai
* 1 Ihr*
? 9d B
a .-...nd pace, founli retaaaa.
This Mornings Xews.
:o- al Pa-*-*
. 1
| 999. 1
: tora. l
-? Aid 9
B - 3
.... |
. 4
. 4
? lay Wine Prn?*dl. . 7
, Bl Idea*. . 7
, ? . 7
raf*. 8
Tears as Vort.11
. . 19
'*" 12
r r i al 1
ai-rn. l
.... I
tr to Benton KlUlng... a
ItajlroaO I'lct"_ 3
. . | '? 4* r.. 7
t-r-llns MrouA.11
............. 9
iad 1 . ?ei* ....... ia and 11
Englisli Want To Bt Fans by
Time Giants and Sox Play
big ij i""
I I D Mall
. > . ? ? * ?
the playera and i
ll c
; Ia ?
Bouthern Oalifornia Passeageri
May Bc Withoul Food.
i i ?
?? ?
? ?
" ?
..,..- 'o and J
Mrs. I'arrar Also Makes Debut?
Mrs. Marks Says Babics Do
Not Balk Work.
Mn -?- ? d her
lay Bfter
y Tea Room,
-.here Mt ' " P'abo"*>
?inr; under th?
on. With
Mrl ........... hei mother, Mra. Will?
iam : '? v Katherlna
., ....... -">rf of -"**?
ln i il -.- n>3 ",,b tha'
vallanl M' Ki,,,>
Igga. **ho profeaaed
? ?? hi ?
_ . Ipfor Mr-. Tl.onia.fl-' 1..
. , , ..... x.. of the afic-r
.rr,.-. however. aaid aha
I --, th* cauae and wantad
? ? ,"\ more ? ' '
Marka talked aboul "Tbe
- ? rnorrow. Ktter ?*?
" ^;ir! a bj
n of .-ome oplnlona on
? ? ' on of the hour,
? .i babiee
N ....... . f *
woma '" '
? -rcnlua anK* aa
ne*.r knoa
"Uaually* n woman doea nm ii?-<*ri in
rhoo-M b4ftwaan bablea and booka. Tn
j-m ra*T 1 .!?> m* work ^hile the
? ? :? P tl ' ? '
-., blame bablea for won
^,-fl,.,.- ? - . ?* ing in my houaehold
..-.-. ith mj poatr>*. ? t< 11 you
whal ?? '? ui h more trouble than m:
three bablea, how? er thal ia my
ora. They won't lel me a
i h O. Haveme; ei a aa anothai
prominenl woman al the ten. Othera
-.4 ore Mr?. JOMph Holland. Mra Tully
Marahall. Mra Eldai Mra. Calvin Tom
kina, Miaa klarion Falrfaa an.i Mr-.
John TlopAri- |l
After Transfusion of Quart Man
Goes to Sistcr's Wedding.
? ... ? . ? .A ded ) ?"' -
;!> of John Gllmurray,
Wttb bla brother Trank ..'
No. 555 Wi Bl 53d Btreat
Early laal w-eal" Prauik en io
? ? ? :? m.m a
? ?.? uk*c**, and mornlng
? - ihe onlj way hla
? i
'. Im
agi ? aubmil i
Th.* blood tram-fUMon wa* *
ri.:iy acoomplishad by Dr. Maad anl
Dr. Ray, ?T|d John GUmurray ?
Riven acxommodatlon and attention un?
til he recovercd from thfl ? H< tl Of Iha
q iart of blood.
4 ?? T.iiruit***- afti ? ? ? and
T >r R ? ? , ? '
... . . 4 IIH'
? thal i '* ntm
fibont tr. 1,. marrled ,.???.
. ? mted
Agalnal tha :? I" >? <* ot ihe ?
tir waabaiiad man Inalatad on rlaing
.- tO th.
Quartcrmabtcr Knocked Uncon
scious Piloting in Hell Oate.
i;.,i.. ri Kagaa, * i)uarte'n'_?<t*r ln
rhAJKe ot tbe wherl m thr pllO_K M '?'
San l.ondon ??tean)bOHt ChaatBT W
?truck on thr hrad hy thr
wbr.- fmtterday wMte thr* v-n-,.*] -waj**
through "? I '?-? ' ' "? ** VH
? y r*i. Nortli Ki'
i . ... -? ? ' *
. ?'
I I to
..|,? ,'. .1 '? <l Ull'-Ol.
., | hargr. ot
, . . i . ?? ... -. ? Ip Uopan (Ma
PUT AT $60,000
Union Trust (.ompany Men
May Have Been Victims
of "Wire Tappers."
j Payini! iciier. li i* Charged,
I alsilied BookS to Help Old
I riend Make Oood.
I n hi ? .1 '
? .. nfall ,,' .i,, epli T
4 alth Aii i M. W<x
. | Rranch o
Ihe 1 Truat < !ompan>. t?n a
? ?
* u.ooo
I terda y a fternooi
Heni ? ? Istnith, who
rj b> Mrs. v, ....? r to del
?.- 4. h" 4 ?- ai '
? the bank, Ix t
..>- *', .?*?<' <-n .i race. .\. coi
. -it* Ing ??'
ih>- hooka ' \\ ,...'-.-?*. aaa begun ?
1 ? .. . N'o* < mbei 1911 insti i
but 1 ? ? '
Thi ? ' * ' tion
rd ng to ' roldamith, a-ill b.
*?*?'*' ofl ? ' tii-- bank said
? .- WOUld !,,,' , ??. ? ?
-. 1 I I . ? N ,
Got "Tip" m Race.
VVhitC " 4' .* - . ., "1 '? r< t. I .?
tVoolst So\t iber, 191 i
f belng in troubli
n BUll "f l"t t mg* i.r. the raci H<
?.i.irn,,] j,, have confeaeed to Woola<
moni inu'ljFtf - I * .i - wa -
. ay, a. d ii>- could not po
Bee hia wa . ...r -,, make it ?.
About ti.*- tim'. it is said. W'h.tr- i..
? kno-*, mi ?
? than the; do '.t*** I
,].-. Tlu ?
(.11 H rbi r. thl i - Ot "*. '"1 '
? io him. v, ould bt I.
. ,r to repay tht- ahortsgi
Thi? information it in said, *.4ar- re
peated ?' Woolaey, who, thlnking ba
waa doinr- it frtendl** decd. bega
tor hi? bookp to p.-urun* tbe mo
to bn Woolaei ami White li-J beei
employtsd b: the trual company foi
rnoro than twelve years, snd thej bad
,c* 44;nrn frlenda. They had pre
4- worked to-gaiher la another
bu vkinK Inatitutlon.
Following tht* Inss ?,f the flrr-t bei th'*
two men -re said to have cont.r
ulatlona, lntending to make ?
killing" and make good tho muncy
had takon. Aa yei it hat- ni->t
beea '???? me.) whether White waa the
victim of a band of "wire tappers," bui
this -.. t r\ng Investlgated, in the bellef
lf W.t.
Both men were ai ra gn< d
,:. | h ?? Ten E: ck, in the v,-,i i.v lil,
).i,\\. i i '.?.? ? ? . i ?; .* ?, ? $3,
ihhi ea h for thr- grand , irj.
? ,j ? xamination. The affldai ll
? !' ii ' look, manager of th?
. branch of the tru.<-t company,
stated thai the defendanta had falsi
and forged * redli sUpa \o th-*
,,..: ' ol $20,000. White, u. asslstanl
keeper, nr.* d< ' the sHpe, and
" , iej falslfled them In enteiing Ihe
amounta in th.* dallj deposl receivlng
book which came under 11i*-= su]
t bs pi ng teller. The afflda* li
further Btated that thr* men xxr-rt *"ii
i wlth thr faits, and tbe; con
. thal thej acted In ? om ei I In l he
Loot UnequaMy Divid'd.
i'. ' lottoi attorney foi i \,e
tiust company, asked that
bi flx< d i"i '? ? gh l" in*
Umated tbat It wai the'opinion of Um
bank offlciala tbat Woolaej had nol
uhared in thr- procottth. of the thefl
: aa White, Woolaey, it waa suid
on r*aiurda\-. had made * confeaaloc to
? itton, teiim** of tbe part he playod In
? ? 'rt-rrx. This conf*Baalon wa made
? ? 4^., yrn. tlcally a prlaonei
an apartment In the building In which
I ihe >ank, i. C M- rrlll,
ern were taken
to t: ?? apai in' nt houi ?. \4 li,* li
rented by th-* bank lan Thui-sd.iy.
That night both lio and WbltO, When
ronfrontod \vith the facta, admltted
guilt. The 4 \4 et.* kept uMtar
survelllanci Crou fhat time until their
?' lowlnj thi ariaignment Um men
4>,. i. taken to the Weal Side prison.
They had thelr meals sent to them
from -. reataurani kfra. Woolaey
called on hor huaband during the day.
Bb* returned to hn home, No. 1968
Ifoirla avenue, ia*<t night, where *-tie
rei ised to eee vialtora
Germany l.ikely to Obtain Congo
and Syrian ("oncessions in
, I*. i Bfcla IO Tl ' Ti'.tv.i '
i'..M3 loh. tt, - It ta authorlt.itivr-ly
j.ti.ta-.i th it Um pandlng n***gotlatlt**na
hatween ?>?irmanj and i-Yanr** arlll bara
pcope tban baa baan hithcrt.>
believed. lt la vald tiiat Prance will
.,.,.,,,,),?! | ? ? ihuint influence in
.., ? Vnrlii-rn S< -
ii,,i . i ?? ibl ' ?""
tr, i lerman* In th( RrajK h cuign.
p-ianc-B, i" ratura, 'ill obtain ?< recti*
-i.-;it;on .-f tba eaatarn frontier. plving
hT BOIB9 important tOWBB ln Ahate. '
I FNYlXi. i i
Witness xSays Mc Memoriz
cd False story to Con
vicl Brooklyn Man.
By 1 rgrapl '?? '
i . |,. _?:' 4, In the
mvlcted _eo M.
Ux murd>r af
Mai Plutgai ' ? ? ??'"??
? ? ?? IfcKnlght a
? ? o? ln the
the ?? ???
? ? tnea dan?
M< Knlghl ??; the trial tha' hi
home on the day of
? ? of when
an'i hi* tictkma
I .., by th..
. . ??. fe told blm
i-ri). wife aleep
,. he had troubl.
? glr\ al tht
Ha rm\4- has glven an affida M to the
Hegini ba a aa lndu< ad to give
? ,i Imony by the hopa of a re?
ward; thal he memortaed the atate
m< i,i whli h hi ? ittan down * *
him and thal tht re araa not a ta*crd of
? , tn it. r>r Hari la a admi
thal thr- h.ur found on lha latha araa
thal of Man Phagan and Mc
Knlgl t'a affldavll ara onlj two of tar
* rai .;. ? elopmi nti promlaed
ThJ Bupreme Courl -.???ii ba aaked to
morroa for a rehearing. K.-.iitnR to
ft i thl i, th.r.... - - wlll IMa a naotkHi
n-.-Vfl- tnai ln I' Buperlot Court,
alleglng newly dlecovered evldenc*
The MeKnighl affldavli followa:
i,.....- ? thal e wa a v.-it
..f i h ? tate .ii ihi * ? ?- "f ' raorgla
gg\ i.r,, m Prank and teatlfled to a
-. ? ?? d for him
: r i.. Craven, a white man, atn
Be< I Oregg. Deponenl
...,?- tnat thi Btorj prepared by R. i
Craven li not ib," truth, and thal the
, vtdenoa that tha depoaent aave al the
above named trial waa not thr truth.
Deponenl aayi thal he dld nol aea
? \i rll 26, and iha* hla
evldenee al the trial of Frank was th?
,, ,;i of a plan perfected bj R. L
, raven and othera to eolli i I the reward
offered for the arreal and ooarvlctlon of
the murderer of Mary Phagan.
ii,...... ..- ?> thal ba toi.j R. L,
i-r.i4 -I that he dld nol want t<> tell any
? Frank, bnl ."raven would tell
blm to go rtghl ahead and de arhat he
told htan ? id that be would p<-t
, ,..; alrea referred te above,
. ,,.,-*>, to fi0 aa
Craven told blm to do Deponenl aaya
that he la BOrrj for all the wrong he
. ,; .r,e ? Pi u . .md that he want~
this true statement- of faeta placed in
th- handa of L /- Itoaaer, to be u-ed by
him, with the hope thal tha Bama caa la
leane way undo the sreat wrong he waa
ta* te do by the a-hlte people he waa
worklnc aith a! the Btore of Becl I
Palm Beaeh Pastor Says His
Dance Emptied Church.
[Bj . ?. te Tba Trlbei i I
Palm Beaeh, IU, F?*b. ?.".'.--ln a scr
mon preacbed tn the Potndana C*_apel
tbia moirnlni tha Rev. Qouaga M. Ward
,, |,,|. mm . Bui daj nlghl dan Ing fl
? . ? Palm Baach
11. luring thi D
? ? . eongri gation k fl
attend ?< dai ea al tha Oun Club,
ablch hr r|. notir'?-?*" I M BBMrihaTlOUB
Tha danca Waa glyen by k dua_aca
JenaaL ? f n* #??*.* Xock.
F.lder Rides from Pocantico
Hills for Last Sermon in
Fifth Ave. Church.
.ictm i?. Rockefeller bravad tba ra4\
mornlng wind yesterday ari'i journeyedl
in nti automobile from Pocantico Hllla
la bear the Rev, Cornellua Wfoelfkin
*rrr**4_rit iiis labt moming aarmon lb tbe
Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, ion-; and j
poptUarl) Known aa tbe Rockefeller
church, altbough ih?* -scnior Rockefeller
la not .-, member of it. as is generall
.iohn D. Rockefeller, -r.. la, however,
a member of the Flfth Avenue Church,
while the father has never aevered
his relaUona with his Claveland church.
ii. ha.**. however, baM an aimost con
s-t.itit atttendanl tbere, when in town
iimi haa baan it.s largeat contrlbutor.
Mr. Rockefeller lefl Pocantico Hllla
before. 10 O'CbM k. In Tarrytown h..
waa riding on th,* f'rr.nt aeat baaida the
cbauffeur, but when tie arrived al
old edifice at No. 8 Weal 4tKh atraot
hr* ha.i retreated to i tie warmth of the
No Rockefe'ler Farevvell.
On his srrlval hr- was jolncd hy John
T>. Rockefeller, jr.. and famlly. Hc
tllpfaa-d Into the cburcfa rpilatly, and
after th. -***M***-*ice ont again withxit
talkln*,' arith tha mlniatar or any mem
ber o( ih*-* congregatloh.
reaterday'a motvleot ln tbe Bo-*called]
Rockefeller church maricad its closingl
for a year al leaet, under .tn nrrang-e-I
ment to unite tentativel] f<,r thal
period aith the Calvary Baptist Church
m Weal 57th streel if thr* union provei
n aucceaa i?r Woelfkin and many of
th** rn'mbpr- pf tba two cburchoB look
toward ii ?.r-rmnn.-iit mer-rer.
Dr. Wor-lfklii chOOO a:- his -ubject
yeaterday mornlng* "The Discipllne of
Cbanga,** referrlntf to thr* trial union
Oi the churehee, urgir.r*; a spirit of eon
dllatlon on tiir* -.art of tboae who op*
[,,,*,?>?? tho plan, nnd OuUlning 44 hat h<*
conaliSered the poaaibillUaa In tbe wa*.' I
of ad an ement undei ihr* nea icbeme.
Pews in New Church.
Dr. Woelfkln aaid he had avoided a** |
much a-s poasible the givli.g of a lare- I
well f.haractei to yc-sterday*s eorvlce*-,
as he did not want lt considen d that J
thero had been un actual breaking up |
of old associations. Tba two 1 hurche-t |
are ahout twelve, bloeks ap_rt, and 11 ie
th->utzht by UlOtM who bro;,.'.
the -_*alon thal ona (i-rganiaatlo-n aill|
ampl supply tlie ne.*d*a of tba church"
Kopr- of that .sa-.-tlon.
The RockafaUar .hurrh will remaln
cloaed, DO Bflrvfcee whatever belnt? held
In Iba hulldlnx. whlch wlll be -old m
the event of a p4-nnan?*nt npitfi
Koth af the RoclrafeUen have ob?
tained fxe-.'t in the aaa church,
'he fati,-r ba-'lnf; wall forward and sim!
liii\ situated to hia paa h.*i.i t ?<. 90
ion6* ui the 46th atreet tAufcb. II was
*.aid yaatardaj tbal when tba pawbi ;?!
ers of the Fifth Av-anue Chur h. mclud
\tii. the Rockefeller repreaentativr.**, _p
peiir-*'l at the Calvary Church meotlng
on Saturday night to make ?_n*an*-;e
tn?*nt8 for elttlng-s, the memb?rn of the
lat'er conureiration. In a spirit of hoB
pitalit'. fffered tO Klve up thr*ir pa-44-a
t*. please the uaaoofttaara,
Tha PWth avenui pfcople, be-wever, <t
.. .is .-.ud. *** *re abk to " dl ?
h chOOOhlB xa.an! pe4> ? Tha* Kr,. ke
frilrr!* found Mtl.-fact"! v -mting!* with
out di>turMug any tt Ihe pealiold* ra in
t ahary Church. 1
Picked Squad Rcpiaccs U S.
Sailors at Vera Cruz.
Vera Ci F< I 22 ?" ? '??"
? on duty al the tm<
ai .1 i. pia ed b i guard ot plcki d ma
-? i ?
gi anl Thi.- atep v
eaal ? luata Maaa ? ommai
:, had '"" ra 1 tifled
w ni, the . ontingeni ol marii
n.. igbi iroin i ,rd tha
regular coi pl< mei ta ot
the batl and '
whlch ia i ro'rted i ra l.i
here ln a i aport, ihe total
.., mai in? forci ofl Vera Crua
? 4 ill ln .. ten d ??-- ? ???" f"11
'i gtment.
_i d ' Ireal Britali are
g-nxloui | the l tloi
? upltal la jhown b: the d pai
,i ? to their legationa there of ma
- ? *. thi ai of G< i ?
Of a aquad Of I ' '
. ' '
pat< h ol n'.iar.i-- foi an of tha
fnreign legationi In th? '???
tal, with the prqviao however, that
m :-' ?.'.! ? bi eed
Offcrs to Help Lloct Republican
il Battcn and Other Demo
crats Are Retaincd.
ii -?-.,?
... Feb. 22.?It wlll aurprlae
pome Progreaalvea In the Legletaturo
who left Ubany on Friday bellevlng
Tammany Hall would swlng II
4* ith them to elect the Progreaah ?
for State Tr a ir i lo know
thal Tammany leadi ra made the ame
offer to the Republii an thal they
made to the Progreaalvea. The Re
publicana rejected 'hr* offer
"Wl Will Kive yOU tbe nc > Xi
? nt.-fls to eleel your man If you wlll
.tfrro.r to continue Qeorga W. Batten
and the other Democrati In on-ce,"
waa tha offer.
The Republlcana told the Tammany
men thal aooner than enter into anv
auch deal thes arould go down te de
ro.it. bul the: feel ? ertain of victory,
for, with nlnety-aeven vot< '''?
inmYt thera are _?_?? than fout
Progreaalvea who. t.. ahon their reeent>
,,,, ,,t ef an attempt to line them UP
wltb Tammany, wtll vote for tha Re*
pubiican candldate,
Aa thinga atand now It is likelj there
will l.e three candldatea in the lield for
tha place jaade vacanl by the death ofl
john .r. Kennedy. Battan, wbo was
Deputy Btat-i Trempnnt under both
Kenned) .in-i Hauger, will be put for?
ward hy the Democrat* William .M
cher, the Weatcheater County >h,bir
man, arho tan agaigial E-ennedry In I0t?
will be the candidate of thr* Republl?
cana EUther Ernest ''awcroft, of
jameetown, arho waa on the I*togree
Mva ti. ket for the place ln 1912. or
William H. HotChkiag, former Btate
chairman of the National Prbgreaaive
party, will bo entrred by tl"* PffOgrei
sives. Tho election arlll be held on
Wedneeda* ,
The Tammany men fhreaten fo ian*i
a deauUoek if aoma agreement Ia nul
entered Into with them.
i ?
Miss Jones. of Mt. Vernon.
Saves Chum from Burning.
, iccrapb to Tbfl Trlbunfl
w, aaley, Maaa, Feb. 22.?Miaa HU
degarde Jonea, of Mount Vernon, N. T.,
saved the life of her Wellealey chum,
MiBa (J-race I.eonard. of Detroit, to
nlght The two were popping eorn over
an aloohol lamp ln their room wh-n
Miss Leonard's bathrobc caught fire.
The flames apread to the curtaina and
hed clothing, whtch Miaa -loncs tosso.i
,. ,i ,,r the window ?nd then rea ued
Miaa l-conard from her burning gowa
Uiaa Leonari -araa Be-*?*e**elj burned
aboul the arma and hand:-.
Dr. Adler Tells Historical Society
Every Effort ls Being Made
to Obtain Facts.
B] i?>riir'-. lai Tba hrlba ?
Philadelphia, Feb. 21?The Anaerieea
Jewlah Historical loetttf wlll try to
deterniine whether fhrifltoph-T Colum?
bua waa a Jew. Dr. Cyrus Adler, pre*i
ldent of the society, ln his addre.-s ar
the twent*. -second annual meeting of
? , . lety to-dav ^aid that <???
Mlld be ma..** tO BOCUra e\grt m
rormatlon on tba aabject
a r<-T'i" te Profeeaor PTernei Born
bart. of Brealau, t-epnany, whoeebook,
' T!'.. JOW and Capltali-Bn," atta,-k?d the
raoe, araa mad- bj albert m. griadaa
burg, of New York City. (^rresponatng
uecretary of the society. He tgtnk. lagua
with Profe-sor .Sombart aa to the rela
?lun l.otween tho rfliglon of Judaism
and the diaposltion of men towar,l
i-ommeri :al undertaklnif? Spoaklng o?
> ... emigratioa of Jewa from Qerman
toward th-* mlddl ef tha laat centui
, tbelr motlve waa nol thal
tributed '??: Profeaaoi Bombart, uut ee_
b**. Hiiae of their dOBtre to live as Jc-*.-*
?unthout the dlsablllties "f Jew? under
oi_ World Juricprudence.
Hopes by Big Battle to
Divert Attention from
Benton Killing.
All Availablc Troops Or?
dered to Concentrate
for the Fight.
Ameriean Reported Executccl
Taken to Chihuahua. but Be
licved Doonicd to Oie.
| rclea apB ? ? ? ' rth-..n? |
Juares, Mexico P*bb. 22 -AlaiiBid bv
,;.,. ,, niandii vatmn arooMd
*,, the L'mt. -i tttat-M aad Bw n* by
, itioi ?*? IViltiam ft,
? n. and the Inveatlgntlon of tha'1
affair ,.. ln - made by the Caited 8ta*
,, vuia will haatea tba
Torreon -campaign, In arbal ? belltBved
here to be sn efforl to divert attaadtkaa
from th, killli ** ol tha Brltiah *i:i>ject
Oanoral Villa ordered to-day tbaoan
centratton ol I available forcea of
ton Tor*r-eon. Tha battle for
,,, .. lion ol the city biM by tbe
main l-V.i.ntl arm] *>f *ti<* n-.rth will
. arltea, poaalb!. m.uncnt.
accordlng to advlca from Cblhuabua.,
and Villa haa laid plan* to laad tha
army In the att.i, k,
When he lefl Juares for Chihuahua
laal w-aek Villa took witb him a car
load of ammunitlon, an.l two earload*
have I'.-'i senl slnoe to tho aeuth. At
Laangtry, Tex., a '"nr ?->f ammiinition
and .. car of machlne gune ata ra
ported to havi been n iceived for VllhVa
army and aent south. VUla has said
that ii.* wouM nol begln the Torreon
attai k '"''ii I e had aboridant uttitnn*
nitlon and .i BUfRcient force to cau??
.ipfnrr* ,->f tho rfty withm forty
elght hr,tir*r- after the Brat frm ara
Bauch Still Aliva.
Quatava Bauch la altvo, hut -*tt*actl
call* under aenteao of deatK TTe '"
one of the Ameriean ? r**p*--rti*d by T. J.
. ? Na*-*.- Mexlcaa ntUemaa ad
)l14in;- ra-r-n BB* afed bf Vttts4 of*d?r.
Ab efBclal diapateh from Cblhuabua
roacbed the rebel htBad^xtartera 1mm to
,i,, whlch Btated that Bauch waa
taken to Chihuahua by Vtlla baeauiaa
the general conaidi red th-* often'"** arttn
which ha iraa charged too c*-avr? for a
htirrir-d trlal cn tba bordar, aad th"
rebel chlef dM nol h-)4*e time *o ??
in Juares for a long hearing.
Bauch, ii"* dlapatcb says, wiB ha
trled ln Chihuahua aa *i Bpy. tt la -?'
lege i thal hr* la In the employ of tl ?
Pederala in Bl Paao, and whan arrested
waa enaagad In ? plot t,. biow u-*>
Vllla'fl Home tn Juarez \t ;t?i dynamlt-*
?md cauae the rebel leader'a death. tt
is belteved bj his tiienda that tbe
Ameriean practtoallj U cond-nnnad '"
f'.r ? h( haa been trled.
Honor Madero's Mgmory.
lliRh wlnd :4i"l nn all duv **:4nd*?t'->rm.
which nt tlm*M prevented paraiana irooB
ooaalng l ie Btreot, interferad to-da ?
with tha rebel ob*"rvanco of the tir. I
anniversary of tha d>ath of l*rc*-i<Jent
Madaro and Vace-Piealdeut rin*>
in honoi of the .siam PreaidV rt aad
I ? ? lenl :*11 p'.'hts Of aniu*-'
ment ln Juartas arera ordered clo
the raci an Ameriean < nterprii ..
belng permittad to <<p- rate. .\n , ,
aloona arera cloaed. and pubHc ex
sa Ir raemory of th,- .i.?,j were
larj-ely attended, dOsplta tlm wind and
dupt. .\ rtew of the troops in the
Juares gaiTlaon by (..'olonel ridol Avila.
the garrlaoo .-orrimander. waa a feat?
ure of t;n day'a tifeaerva-Bcea
Rebola ,*.iiii*d attflmttoa ti. th? f?-*.
thal whlle Ajnertoniia rinumbarad
ington. M< ??Mcans hoiMTed Ma
? i *!<-;'_rh ti> 11,"
El Pa 0 T' | Kr*:.. _'_' Mexican Fcd
arale, la then offort** to aaod tiiibuitei
expedltious into < hihuahua from th**
Ameriean Mde, are threatenlng claabe*"
with Amerl' an troops. Captain Harry
,\. <'ootes. of the 13th l.'mte-J titate**
? avalry. who was aent with a sr-uad of
cavaJrymen to drlve ba*k an in\adina
fon e on th** New Mexi.-an bOTtdetj re
j turned to Fort L'.li.-s to-day to aak foi
| more soldicri-. Deputy sheriffs and
| deputy United States marshalt- are aid
I Ing the Ameriean troops, and are
searching Ameri<*.an boundiu-y polntr
for rendervouses of Federala.
Actlng on information fhat" a stronj:
force nf Fed-rals was belna organl**aed
-.nd -irmed at I.as .'tncen, N. M., forty
milea from the border. two automobile
loada of deputj abetirTa .md h ppacaii
,|, i of Unlted States r-a\a1rv \?
,-..*nt tbere TbO" found that an ex
pedltloa largar tiian anv >et faimad ag
th?- amariran Ai.it. hmi baan or***.inis*M
and arnn-d and had m.>\**-*d toward the
At other points aimilar e\jx>,litiona
are aaid to ba fonntna; or alreariy to
have been sent Into th-* State of Chi
liuthua from th<* AJBOrtl a-; .*lde
Th--* fltibuater ezp4Mlltlona ar?* aolaraaj
and so 44 ? ? ,it || |g .ain
daager lhal thej wiM te
alat any atf*nii>t to halt tl*--m mnd-- b*
Ameriean tTDOpo, whlch will ne-e?
:arlly Ix* much srnaHer ln numtxin
Kagemess of the Federala to begm a

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