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ptfriotk Socictics oi Both
icntnd Women Worship
at Many Churches,
;,thcr Di His lountrv Oiscusscd
m statc-man and as Man of
-JVeaKa" and Rcli^ion.
i -*?
-.. -
- '
? ?
" t
Light R
?: n Was Reng'ous.
. by a
- ?
B 1
" ?
I*-*i***lr- * ? ?
' ?
? *i waa
' . ? ;i. th,
lien ef Univai sa' Peace.
-.- . 11 b
? wlll
*** of ? ? milea a
i of the
?__"? The -Aitn
II ihe
i h-ieni
* ? ? ? * ? ?
H 'I**.
? ?
? ?
"? *il>,l w. .
? ?
IM ll. I I
All Nrw York Obtenrei
Washington's Birthday
Patr.etir rel giou? flervicet ar*rl*fl hfl rt
~- ?- alty in thp rhurrhM of Nrw N ? ??
i. 14 fl.p?.t--'day ln honor o* Wathing
lon i B 'thdav.
?cheel ehlMren 4*-'11 '*l*iv'"' *a day
(x\ hiMri ng patnot'c flxercleaa a! erty
Thr ntx Di Chrlatlan f. Rflir.ne'
ln a te-nior" ?-id lt ?as fooiiflt* <<*? tell
cMMren Ihel vAaahtn-jton npver toid
I -
Thp Amertean Peaea *'?"-> Arbitration
Leegua aanl * teirgram to r"reiidfl'*t
.Niiioi* i O'flgr-ati latino blm upon the
. ? -tion of arbitration traatlea with
elght natir ?
' '
l the
A ?
? ? ? ..??'??'
The Rev. Dr Reisncr Savs He
Was Just Like Other Boys.
. ? ll ,? r br,
? ?? told a !
? i:. ? Di rlatlan ?' i
pai Church.
' ?? tl 4
. r
I . truth thal I
lodged 1
t. .
-,-ere aaaaaalnati
lh< ?
l people foi
ti Had i.
equal to Llneoln tvaah
perfeci H? aa I
"Hli ?
- 44 0 1
.- a
School Children Will Observe
Day m Parks.
? ??
? .... ? ?*;? li
... . .. T * . ? ?- ?- mr el
M - " SlcKenni
md I
ita of patri*
. | . ? ona, tableaua, folk
g. gan raclni fl bojs
i ^f - ? - ? otball,
drill**. Pnrk
? Ward wlll maki a
.- tb. W ??
- fo indcd
.... ? -. . . ;
th atreet a ' ?? '
Attends Washington's Birthday
Meeting in Capital.
rntown th.
....:.. ol Wa
? la, ' | aid *
'llie *.
. | , i . ? ? ?
? ? md wow Ip
d not apea
B o ?? ' who i
edal of l
... areateal E enl of ine Am< ri
? Rei t oi
? ?-?
Peace and Arbitration League
Sends Greetings of the Day.
?|.,,f. \ . .,: i'. , ? Vrbitral.
> to Pri d< ? i ^*'??
? r i, nh annli
. . . .?
..' . 4 .
atlon Leagui congratulal
? ? ? -
B . | d importai I
? adinin
it i
? ? ? ? ? ?
plan f<
. ichanged wltb i " ? i ?
. , 4 thi te-ortd. In '" ?
ovement wa i ? ?
and .-onl
ii i:.\ Rl ? '.'."? -i'?
ii Humpl ey, - - l ?
Poincare Embraces Buglcr Vet
cran of Algenan War.
R ? ' "
ol the Repn '" ? ft Ided al ??
...... I !'
o took pari
w . - ? x . || ition In Al*
i , land li noa nlnety-nve yeari
.,.,.. rr . * with the
r.f Honor.
\\ luip 4*.. prlfoni
?laga ol the battle,
Kader, the Arabtaii
order i" dei al ? iht
., . . tanfi
, . ., rrt.ro thl * ? '-'' ?" **'' *
ared tl I'"'"'
? ..... lud
- e< ?> bj rmbra Ing I ?
er of epplaoaa from
? a '
| ??.. -
Senator (hambcrlain Says
Transcontinental Lines
Are Hack of Move.
to win wilson must
havi: republican aid
Administration 1 cadcrs Trouhlcd
Over llostilc Attittide of
i heir dun Party.
vVashington F\ I 22. if the Pr*?ai
dent'a purpofli * na* thi i
rmptlon pi - tbe Panama i
I il tim--t ln <ii-rr,
w ith the a tl* Bld and Buppoii of the
i;, . .,- g, n ording i" ihe iui * of
? ..* loti ln Congri ai made b; ad
? tration li ad< i , Substantlal Bld
President *
? .,? ion treat l? II ma
? -. ic in tha
. , the d : ' Preai- J
dl 'it in thr te, f-ri-l fl |
. ? ? mt evenly
ndi*-*ationa are
thal there la i ? lorltj foi the
, of thi e tolli
bul ., number of Dera
President in
Ing the arbitratlon treatiea will
take ,-i hostile attitude on th? tolli
Senatori i ed the flgl i
to-n gl I ',* claring thai thi preaenl
movement to repeal the provlsion la the
* . ? ? plot on tii pai i of thi
nental i ailroada ** orklng
through diplomal ? channeli
? lt I-- mj opinion, e ?? d "thal i he i
I for the repeal of thal poil
, f th* Pai ? * nal aei grantipg free ;
tolla lo ? oani a i Inspln -i
in the fnst instanco by the Canadlan
?: turn by
the 1 ? llroada of th -
country. Theae latter roada havi
pos< d thi tion i
canal. Thelr ei ** cre In vTash
r !.. oppos. thi passagi of the
.ii i and, ha*, ing falled I
ln thi ? ? ? ??* now resortlng to thr
eld < ? ploma ;. readj. if need be. to
plungi the co ? to a bloodj a ar
mplish tii- ii* j. 11 ?
'Railroads Back of falove."
.-? . , - i< i 'oi gn - ? ? Ida to thi d*
ds of Greal Britain and repeala thi
free tolla clauae ol tho ;?? t wlll that
atlsl her? Not b* any meana, for,
yleldlng l I demand, !t wlll ba foi*
? ?-.- ? ,j h;.- other Insi .ikJ.--. and
emong theae will be the opcnlng of the
id oa ned shipa. Thi** ls
thp i? behii <J whlch thr* trai a
are hldlng both I
? nada and the Unlted States.
"lf theae demanda nr-* complied with
ll -a-|ll I ?? Inslated thal wi hai e no
right to fortlfy the canal; that we have
i rlg l i" pasa our na* y through
canal In time of a*ar; thal wi cannot
? oi or oui treat: v-ith Panama wlth
,. fi j*- ? ? ??! the paasagc of her vei ? '
igh iii*'* canal; In fact, that we
? ., . ? .. ? ght whatsoe*. er - *t< api to
expend about ?16,000,000 per annum li
the maintenan**e and operation of .
?eai nal lonal highwa* It bj \mei
can Ingenuity and with Ameriean
"Thera ?? oi that there ar*
internatlonal compllcatlona a-hich
make thr* aubjei t a dcllcata ona al I
partlcular juncture, but a truly An
can polli y 'lo-.. ? ? thr- -?,,,.
? ? should stand aa il wa ena t*sd !n
.mplicatlons, and the
i*rtit,-.,] si.,-, ? oi ghl to maintain ita po
sltion ? i anj hasard "i coat.
"li - ted b* thoBe -.*. ho w o Id
r-tr-rt! the clause that it ih in violation
of the Ha; Pa n efota treatj. b il 'he
queatlon of treaty violation waa di.
cuased al g-r.Ht lrnsti, before thp law
enacted, anl it waa determined bj
un overwhelming vote, ln both the & ?
ate and Houae, that the enactment of
tlio law \''i* in no *,nsr of thr* WOTd :i
violation of tha treaty. lt >??? not a
party queatlon bul one of national lm*
"No Violation of Treaty."
onlj a*aa iin.** vlew taken by
' ? gresa, bul the th< n Preaidenl of tha
ed Statei bi a*ell .- the .-*??? retary
oi Stat. both of ???? hom a e*re and are
distinguished con titutional lai
? ? ? vlew: the flrat tn
hit approi al of the acl a pa * d and
the .*-? ond in ins anawer to the protesl
? if Earl Grey. Pui th< than ti al tha
Supreme <-.>urt ni tha Unlted Statea, t>
upon treat j j" o I ilon i e
ta ? en thi Unlted Bta ti ? and i Ireal
Britain verj much h!-<* the ona ln
ition. hi Id th.*it n waa nol a i ola
ol |h? terma r,r tha treaty Ih il thej
i ,., ?., . . ? i, ? u .]'?. rlmlnated I 11
favor ?<? .\n,. 11< an ? ? la "mgaged In
ng I watera of Ihgl atate.
? |??? of opinion thl*OUg1
I ....., Btatei auatalna Iht ? l< w j
? there la no aound haala for the ar
gumenl tii.-it tha lat? i lolgti
obllgation -? bul aeide frotn tha
?tlpulatlona thera i.
compelllng polltliai mllltai and ( ?
nomlc reaaona M ? Paurtj noa ln
? r ahould nol undertake to repeal
rre t"ii_ provlalon, nor, aa I vlen
ii , , ,i |o Btiapi nd it'; f|?r;.ti"n.
[r rrni- I" mo th.it tho tnnr hr-i*
come 44I1.11 4'. ? oughl lo take h flno
Mand wll flreal Britaln aa are i.a""
? :.. I, n ith Japan, and Inelet upon our
rlghl I.ntrol our Internal affair." ln
? ??nrnor manner are Bea Mt if are
? to flghi to malntain our ris*M<. ?-?o ,
- ? well (lo lt nrnv as to j irl.l to]
thi dk*manda of every forelgn powerl
?imi practleallj fetter lha commen a]
between thi United Btatea a-'i every
er of I he cioi-.,.
? i belii ' e m pea< r but il oughl nol
to be purchaaed al thi expenee of nn
tlonal Integril ? a nd honor. A late
which \4.i-- cnacted al Ihe demand '*f|
the buaineaa kntereata or |i whole
countr* oughl ii"' to be dlaturbed be?
ea iae of the proteal of Great Brl1 i i
;.m other poa r r."
Bul Wife No. 2, Who Once j
Spurncd llim. Says Shc'll
Sland bv Him.
Aii:. i Dubord thlrtj -tbree yeara i
old, 4' . , an offl. ? al Ne. K inhn
Ied hlmai If to aleep ln a cell of
the Weal 100th atreet pollce atatioa laat
night thlnalng over what the Jury 'an lo
to .i man convlcl Mgamy.
'..! idi wai hli flrat wife, now known
orinne Mattbewa, of No 300 Weal
? n.in put blm in the cell
after he I ad goi ? ba. k to hei aftei nme
, ... abaenci Neai hi aa& thi tt
ond wife, one w n<? laat Baturday aent him
from tiomr aftei aha ' ad flled i ill fee
divorce from blm. Bhe waa erylng, and
proteated ihe would '-tund by him.
ln 1001 Dubord marrled ''ortnne Mat
ib.-44>? ii, Boaton. The moved to New
vherc In IfW LniboiU criti' ? 4
mdu ?'. I i wifi ind thi apa
Dubord .anu* to New Vork ami gol ?
job. i" 1106 be mei Mj. i J< anne t? i lai
,. \i. j Ardei trtreet He ? mm d
. -.'. on hei ' ni i vi"i'-i ". 1900, thi y
were ma rled Thej lived bapptl: until a
Oi ghl Dnbuid drifted into Buata*
nobj i reataurant, In 30th atreet, along
out midnlgbt A woman .ame up and
klaaed him. li waa witt No. l.
Bhe Invlted him to call He dptr.urreri
Bnd * ? : - ted He 44, nt around to aea
her. iii-3 -v. ti grev more freajoenl and
Mti Dubord Ni 1 aa luapieloua an.i
Bhi then liicu ault for dtvi
He went atralghl tn wite No. 1 an.i ihfl
He told hei of ins aecond
marrlagi Bhfl offered no objectlon, bul
laal nlghl t1"*.*' Quai relled
1 ;,,,, going ba-rk to mr only *voinar. 1
. 1. . . meanlng ?if<
No. -?
Then 1 orrlne telephoned the Weal 100th
ition and i" tectlvea Qulnn ant
j Donnelly wenl around
1 mbord'i arreal folloi
? ?
I Cabinet Minister Said To Be
Slated for British Em
bassy in Paris.
B}-Cable te heTrlbuai
Paris, F< b. 22. A 1 hange In the Bi -
, .... p 44 ? fo-reahadowed to
? Doumergue. Increaalna
manlfeated latel
! g ,,. B| gii 1 r.n ? la B< mr*. -a he haa b? an
ladoi hi.' aii. tne beginning of
a .. || expe-cted tnat he wiii be
,r,j ihortl: and repbiced by th
.\i irquia of < *rew4
Lord ' rewe ha* ber*n Becretary ?-'
Btate f'.r India alnce IBM a.i'i Lord
prlvy Beal rdncelllt He had previously
niied tl ? offlcea of Becretary of i-t.ite for
the Colonlei uno Lord Ueutenaat of fre?
land. iie 44.4*4 born bi London January
|. -v.-x ib<* --..ii nf the tir.it Baron Hough
ton, his mother being n daughter of the
., ,....) Baron ' " '?? r I 'r au? * ded hla
father aa Lord Houghton In IW, _n<l ,n
I ol Crewi Hl
marqulaata .iatofl. from ifn Thf marqueaa
haa i""'*" twlci marrled. iii* aecond 44 '?
li 1 daughter of the Earl of Roaebery.
ppolntmenl !?< thr Brltlah Em
n Parli wlll entall further chang**
ln thi 1 ? . ?? tion of the Aaqulth Cabi?
Montana Moose Against Fusion
Ifelena, Monl . Feb Tba Btati
Central * omn Ittee ol the Progri
? ? ' .
, ,,i, ... p .??? and ln favoi of putting
... ... the fl. from "con
. t. hli '.ngri' ? man.**_
"James Rogers." Just from College. Makes His Debut
on Broadway Leisurely and His Exit Kapidly
Ahead of Twenty Girls.
II .?-... aa Rag< n <.? pi nr- tha ?-, ? d
with whlch ha lefl tha ataga door ef a
.-,?,-,- theatre Baturdaj nlghl he
.-. h. "oomoarbero north of fonki -
v |,., s the beat la like 1 ? ? by thii
''jamaa, who looked ai ; ough ba
i irt-..d exclte
ni I l.ti-* of B i
,.. . ?,. , ..tui tiit sboul 'fi Ui4
.rr.-.nt k'l"** of , a.te Itg *
To t.i, t hla rob 11 wehambaraao ?
night ot '<?' he att.ndrr* ? yerrorntamre
uf i. popular Bciuateal conMdj when tha
, ount4Miaacc of a 'ntorr.. tot i
.HUhf-.j hla jrouthfiil Muberanc to ai
Itself it, thr -aiiar" of b nota Bald
..,,-,. wai earritad behind tha baal stag
,.?.-,. r ta ".-ii- ot Ihi dtnplea aad
suburn hair
i, ,r ,,- -I \a, to take you to
w hen i -"I.it of thi tagi
,.,,., ? ? . ',.iii> * Rogeri ,.i'*J I
The wbc4e trrff-ii oi lifa In a Mg cltj
li taa la k ol it*ij.'i'J io. inr faallaga of
othera Maxie ia no ta, epl on M i
- a soul "t adamant and a heart ?
| .,-.- ghl rra.i the n*-t** ** ith Ihi dla
bollcal dcllght ihht oal* i aful *on
* ran brlng.
*. >t). gurla."
? H )?," '
? i gotta '.iohn'.''
???*..,? ?
??),:, \ raai '?-. ? it - ha r *jom'
bubblaa foi I tl a Mazir."
??|.a* | -
The note "'_? Ilaaaad aro'ind tor cn
rr,, l scrUtlB] .-n-1 connpirai-y vaa start** I
Here OOtth ? tl,, traKedy.
"Jamea" t'x.k 11 r> hH paattJOO at the
ttrxgr ri.-or Ffla manly bosoni heaverl
Wlth < apaotan***: . Hla eaophagus turne.l
anrf **ith antlelpation. M*- walted
Buddi i tha door apanad and twaal
lovely Bpacimana af femlB&alt ruahad
i-ai tii upon tba **'i* a
"One*two?tbraa!" *.* hi-***c-r-"i ii"* faaaala
"Jamaa Rogera! ihuadei d tha ehoroa
Thera wi.** moan ot inguish from
i ?? - * and <** hen laal aaan ba ? -
lic_riiik* dUB iiyith full -ri'teiJ ahcad.
Dr. Quinii Gives Flowcrs
to (.ongrcgation as Me
Leaves Church. ,
Many Shcd iears at Parting with
Prcachcr Who Mad Fanfjn
if th* iriti** hand-power organ af the
Refnrmed 1 ?pal < h'jr.-h af lha Re*
ptloi - Greenpolnl had heen Htied
irith s i atop i would pi obabl ??
have worn out laal n?-?ht, whei I
? har lei 1 . Qulnn, pastor of thr
awel to his fin, u
'i hen ? ?-? ; ol fi..>f the ? ongi t i
t to hi . conducl
trrx j. . ip that ehui h Bomi atayod awa*
b**-cauae they did not appro* t ol )?- attl
? e quution of daneing; aoma
l ? that tha u.f "Damn," re?
ported to *'' exclalmed b. him,
i ia no! Httlng in A member of the r-loth;
whlle .mii*. it waa aaid, a ? r< thoaa of
rlval factlona, whlch had come cloae to
dlsrupl ng thi ei tire mi mberahlp ol th?
? hui h
it hi ed thal the paatoi
would saaeall hla crltica In .-. bltter de
ttton fi '"ii thi p ilplt, b it thoae who
came to hear I ila aare diaappolnted.
i ? ' a aa no ference to the
.-? ol the diaa] pro1 al ol
the dancea held by the afen'a League and
thi Hi Ipii | Hand Baciaty.
it aaa a uahe-j) and raatrained congre
lioi which gathered foi the aimplc
aervici lt seemed aa if the ritual wrrr
. foi low ed in a perfunctory tnin
ner; -?*.?* If aM mere msitine fer Mi
q , i aen i.'jt - ben thla i a">r B
?i p M pira fer thi aungi a bera nf
ihe ' b tn k tn* " Ith a raa laat for i on
?Meratton of himaelf
"How do yeti thlnk aut Lord would
deal wltb thfl i aung in fritm of our
ehureh?" he aaked ""t-wea who
are tn the i hun ? I ?
you think Ue would hava repreeaad th?
nati rai deali i I n >f yootbi*
The mlniater pauaed Tb ae atepped
the pu ???;??..*?? lehed J
lo m-i>"* pereonal rernarka aatde fn rn I -
"I wani i ?-. i iei " eapreea
ti ^r thfl ?? ? '??.*'? 01*1 ' hii ?? re?
al ved fn da
* ?? anl te thanh the Men a Leag w '? *
it made, and tha aan thanki a aa
? , nd to tbfl Helplng Hand Bochrty.
whoaa action waa the ?*-.ne Nettl
? oaa donatlena la to '? '?'? Idered pari
-,>?? meal of m- aalary."
When Mr, Qulnn apoki of ialary tsome
of tha men looked al eacb other. || ??
afterward learned thal manj rere awara
thal the ealgnlng u ' beei
..'..? ilary du<
? in return. nmi to .how the iami ?
I 44.,p. mi *? ? . . .., ifi Trotter
th<4 paator aan ? ber ol
and thi l f the Mi i ? ? l
io give ea tro a roae ?? *? eech
man a carnal ? bei i ?
iie atepped to i a and thi r
named atepped fo ward. Oae held a
number ol da, wn ithed wltb fr*rn.
e othi i of carnatloi
The two men, aa If embgrraaa d i
alowly throut-i. thr church.
And then, th* flowen dlatributed Mi
Qulnn announced th.* r?.laional h
Tl e whei larted the i ine,
and, aa If glad I tenaion were over, the
mlnlater'a rolce waa loj<lr>- than the reat
"Abide with me! Faat falla me e en*
tide ' ? ame ti"* famlllar wordi
The laal c came and noaaa were
blown te hi'ir* more teara. "1 fear no
foe, ' iang tl e paator, ' witl Thr*e nt
*?? bleaa" hla vdlce broke and he
itopi ed foi ? motnenl "Where li death'i
atlng? Where, grave thy rlctory?"
His benodt4*tton 4. u.s sivirt, bul even tha
a tho bft.-k pei wai h tahed. Anri
then Mt. Qulnn, ** tbe - -??'
out atood al t ifl looi to ny rare*
Orcat Bell Blown Out of < hurch
Tower Talls Through
Chancel Roof.
? lt,> -n T . |
Paris, Keb li Btorma of "
- * .4 , , .rt. haVOC in rllfer"-' -
t lei i r.f th- count rv. Beveral of <
? 'irtion for t) .
, omii - ' ?'" it Lyt ? do
? _ tire facta ?' ' ? ' ? ? " * *
d-rtmatze. - ? ? al taa !'** "' TB
drome coHapaad, all taa ot ? law 'her
? ?? r.i | eii g aa aakad. Taa tot ?' laal
itneotle * * sto.%4 iao rt
At [nji.p tha- hiij-rleaM W"** tha ball
out of th<* tawei ef 'hr Church of '?
Dtuae, ?< t I teenth ccatury etructure, aad
^n. if mealag tlwougti th-* roof of l
. ur r\ The adln. - aaa*ao i hata ? l ?
streplr- tl IfeetefM tO hlll at Bn*
momei.t. ar-1 the paHei bfl 1 " ,ha
sdjoinlng atraata
.<,,??:. -*.?#? na of wind
, . .- ? | the ? holr* of >'
? egraph Hmw
and in aoma h "?.*?- ti dna hai r- found lt
adway ag
i 1 t ot tha "in*!
Spanish Pignatelli Commits
Suicide in Francc.
. -r :?;?,,. r 1 .J. ** .\ dl ! |
? ? ?*??-<* to-nlght froa* I ?<" ? l?< ??
Spain, .-nd that Prince Ptgnati
--.:t\r., ? ileida to-day on the Bo
pronier a'le b- ihOOtlBg.
Th*- moUve to: hia act was i
T". ptince waa aei Ing ? pt ? k
u-- service - Barealoaa wlth the
Thr Mmanach dc Gkrtha ahowa thal tii*
ati 'or- lina *<' tha Ptgaatelll fan ?',? it
italian. Two of the Junior hram .? ? how
e-. er. a ? Bpaniah, UtOUgh .:; ndtl ? o
thaae aa i*ec***r*lad b> thi Almanach l
thr-r- a n.i*. C f mllltai ' *,,: * " ?
The New Store Opens
a__c *?*",
The shopping
public is
invited to
attend tlic
opening of
tlic new
Lord& Taylor
Fifth Avenue)
j8th Street,
JOt/i Street,
at 0 o'clock
Complete details of the new and cnlarged sections
and the many interesting service innovations and
opening displays were published in Sunday's papcrs.
4't r>
Luncheon or Afternoon Tea
will be served every business day frorn II A. M. to 6 P. M.
on tlic Tentli floor in
'' / he ll edjy. ood Room
"ihe Mandarin Room'
"7 he LeOfjia
Lord & Taylor
Fifth Avenue, -38th Street, 39th Street
Murray IIill OOOO

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