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.V'rttijlurk iTrihiinr.
I \n 3U>A1 ? i ?"?'.< **'*? " ,!,u
. . ? ' "u,g"
? ' *"r**'
1 , ?
I tt
: . .50,Sunday onl>. 1
i -
......-.?- ..... ??'?
A Blow al the Freedom ol the Press.
? . x ? ? of Jodge Hkxti
. . mt Bardlck and
...... tfltag I- die
. .,.- ihedln thla paper ln
?i n i ?* -*"*11 ,f>n'1
... iwer to rnrr.v th.* rtflrt nn
t of 1 I ?"? Stotea. Jodge
? the Idea thai the
involved Bhould be paaaed upon bj
,i,.. bigbesl court. The Tribune would be ?l?e ;"
defender of the freedom of the preaa
did nol re ' ' ?? ;1 proc*aedlnf*
! aeeka to crtpplo
? .i,,n.*y of crltlc of publlc
? urt-.
We shall continue to expose crime wher
cver we may hnd it, and shall not become a
partv lo any system which will result in shield
ing smugglers or other criminals, no matter
bow much the administration may wish to
tonceal the facts.
rhe Tribune I
,.,n.r,?i | 'nn. al Ihe top or near the top
nf the Treaaory 1>' purti*..-it. We publlahed the
I ?.,, concernlng the ticqulBltion of the United States
m tho Munsey Trusl Company of
Waahlngton. and undoubtedlj atored up wratb for
, . ,pbaat_ng fhe role played In that
trrih-'M'Ti-u bj the near relationahip of an offlcial iu
,1:,- Munaej Trusl Company tothepr.nl Controiier
of the Currem-y, then an Aasiatanl Becretary of tbe
i v ,? -, a re tbal personal aapeei of the
matter. Even had there I.n no posslble elemenl
,.f in feeling ln the Treaaurya attitude ln tbe proa
. envos we Bhould atlll regard tbe
?ctlon taken bj 11 aa unrenaonable and oppreaaive.
iho Treaaurj Deparl ' r^oeltlon is extreme
? Americaa Carried to its logicaJ eonclualoo,
.. departmenl would aei np ln tbia
i-ountry an abi _**eaucratle control of all
InP-rmatlon -f*4*?*_-*ernlfli f-overamental operatlon*
??,?,.*, reach tho publlc. tf, ?<? tba Diatrlct
iteaded in tbeae eaaea, tho divnlsin*'
of lnfoi*n_atk_ conatltiitea a ****r_oe for wblcb both
ibe '-i..'r gnd tbe newspaper man who ac-cepta II are
to puniabment, no newspaper can bereafter,
Mve ... | ,t peril, ;i"'*i't any now*- aboul gov
ernmental affalra n"t offlcially etamped witb tbe
oval of tbe head of ? departinent
A Russian censorship would be established
and the public would be shut off from any
knowledge of public concerns except what it
might get from the rose-colored bulletins of
a departmental press agent.
Tbat wonld be an Weal conditloB foi an admlaia*
tr;.ti"ii nnii'-yi-i] t-y aucb dlecloeurea Bl The Tribnne
id.'iiI.* recently In tba Munaey Trnal f-touipany acaa
,ir,i. Bul II wonld ba ? eondfltion Intokgmble to tbe
pui'ii*'. wbkh looka to -rigUaat o_rpoah_an newapa
? ,??-. i . toi! a Ini'-or *-haro of truth than ordlnarlly
mtn an adii-lnlstrat'on's ontglvlllga about its
i.tvii gcbleremeata. we do noi baMere tbat tbe
United Btatea la livinc umior ?? 11< h i pieea ornrillng
law. if iiinio:* ..ur atatntea wo are on tha Mak oi
i governmeai rajaeorehip tho offefltdlng atatntea
aighl t<> ba raia*-alod an.i tbat rreaaooabla fraedom
reetored to the pi?*-*4 wblcb has prfored of auch
oiiniiin'ii*. aeraice in tbe cauae of dvlltzat-Ofl and po
IttJcal .'i".. ?
i h.* fraedom of apeecb and of ih- praai 1s as e--sen
u;ii ii"\\* a*. it oicr was. Every form i'f iOTornmenl
hall"*!*. Bboaea, and If tbe power ?'f the preaa and of
ii'ilividu.'iS to attack tboee abtiaea with tbe aid ol
lnfortna*_on obtalned from peraona (*o*_nected a Ib
Un* fld--_dfltratlon la abrl Iged fl safegnard of s?""l
governirienl la atricken dowa The presa realiaee
Hii-.. and wlll never betray tho coalldeace ender
wblcb alone In many eaaea it la able i" collecl iuf'-r
taatiou from li Ide tbe offlcial pale.
Thr courts should be the last agency to
wish to put power to compel betrayal in the
hands of ofticialdom.
a atep backward la banll* ronoelvable In the
_ of iho twentietb century, when the '- I
i,,!- publicitj in governmental operationa baa been
illy won. Even lo tbe old daya ol goveru
naaetal omnlpotcuoe aud nearly Impotenl
?'.-i-i-ii to preaena t Hbe.ly ol
ac_on'*a'hicb ti" I ree urj Department, tbroagfa Ita
ggiM t" an ab-MMtoal eitei on of tbe pardon ing
power, i- now tryiag i" deatray,
\i,"'it forty yeai ? *i-" tw*o of The I ribune ?> ? orra
spondenti la Waabingtou made public tiie texl ol an
Ignportanl treaty pendlng In the iTnlted 8tatra bVn
,i. r - wa*- ,*iii aiit"!ii tn iiu- Benate rule of
ronaMeratlon "f ir.-ati.-. and thal body, after
tryiag to make the convep>ndenta .it.,;,>--r
thi- **o*e_r4*-e of ih.tr lnformatlon, applied foi i
lempt orrtcr unl hn.l Ihcin committed lo Jail I lii'.v
did not iiiir-.- tbemselvee ..f eoatempl and |
oplnlon aoon forced tho Beaate te free tbem rhe
Banate Bbaadoned once for all tbe futile, rooaeiabo_l
attempl to enYorce Ita own rulee by nrasBling tbe
Tbe i i.'.i-nf.v n,-|.iirim< ni. we predtct, arlll
alan bai r. i<> aliaodon I'
We are not livin*-* in the time of George lil.
u,. ..m. ? free people, auJ tbe Ihlng leaal .n
r.., n.ii v wlth oui boaated free In tltutiona would be
... -nnern ment musaled pre*
Fruita ol I'usion in the Tei Rates.
(?onlrollfT Prgndergaal - aecountant-i ttgure thal
Ihe i.i\ rate tor I9M wlll be lower ln everj borough
,.. ,,,,- 11113 gueetia nnd I be Brona wlll
, >,,_- reduction , bal even Ktngs end Sen I ???
wiii bave reaaon t*> Iie gmteful for Ihe n ?
i ,. public whli i. |?ya the freight, while rejotchig ;
;)f ihe le aenliig ol the charge ? ???" remaln confldenl !
tbal the a-f-rvice glven bj tbe dl* d"**partment* --i1
noi deteriorate. i '"? reduction In tbe (aa rate -
due in large pai '" ""' '?|,"'"'"*'> "?' ll"' i"'."'
Puaion oflidala In eervlng the public during Ibe laal
Bdminifltrnt-on They have acl a %.I i,;"''* *'"'v
.-mii mnlntaln lt, nnd II ln qulte poanlble lhal tbej
maj bave atlll more ?i*eed They merll <.gratulu
,iu.l thaoks. BIBclenej and economj whlch
show mi ;i lowered t.-i\ rate are genulnc.
McCooey links Tammany and the Police
\\,-ixxxxo.. Bometimei dubbed "Murpby'a nectlou
i. for Brooklyn," baa dlacovered thal be baa blgli
antboritj for bia oppoaltlon to Mayor Mltcbel'a polii*e \
? m bllls. il,.?!>??!.ratic atate platform for 1910
,, d Uw '. . c lhal "pollce offlwra hiv entltled ,
to the wrll "f certlomri." Therefore, argue II
Cooey, no loyal Democral who Bubs"-*ribed lo tbal
platform can aupport ili?* Mayor'a bllia, one of wblcb
would deprive any pollireman of the privilege ol
. ,:,-t review of hi- ? umuiiaaioncr'a order diamh Ins
The Demoeratic _>tate Convention ol 1910waa tii?*
occaaion on whlcb llnrpby, Md i.)'? overiord, flral
duinonstratcd bia power bs atate bot***-. The candl?
date!*! and Ihe platform bore Murpby'a tbumb-print
ii ia ,->i-,-.-i:ii!.\ uppn-iiriate thal thia platform abould
be clted ln defe. of the pol. "System." Tam
uiauj politica and Tammany politiciana bave made
? ,?, K*hle in tlio Pollce Deportnient, ;iu<1
Tammany has proflted by II in contrlbatlona from
the "protected" lawbreakera and ln | .<?1 i?-? - votes. ll
\,;,s gulte natural lhal Tammany then abould ap
prove Ibe legal apparatus whlcb perpetuatisd the
"System," jusl as il la natural thal tbe "System"
no*-* ? li<-uM fall back on rammany'a atrengtb.
Murpby, Tammany Bnd the "System" ;i beautl
fui triumvirate! McC.y'a deelaratlon and Ita true
nieaning abould be apread broadcasl <.-.*i- the atate,
*<> thal eacb legislator and the people of iii*- dlstrici
underatand it lt i** ? call to arma for all
defendera of the "Syatein" and all alllea of Tam?
many .'imi Murpby. lt atampa every legislator wbo
tukea ;t atand againsl the Mayor'a billa n> ;i aup*
porter of tbe dlacredlted boaa of Tamman* and ;i
friend of the pollce graftera.
I plifters nith Their Eyes Open.
The "Democratic Partj lo New york," the new
anti-Tammany organlzatlon, la to be congratulat*8d.
lt baa atarted oul In Ufe unhandicapped by anj
Dotlon tbat Tammany Hall is in.-r.*ly the Democratic
organlzatlon in n.-w Yotk County, or that Murphj
i- merely a local evil, to i?.- dlspoeed of by tbe
large aounding pbrase, "*-*ounty autonomy." ii lanol
even auffering nnder tbe deluaion whlcb Beema to
prevall among those dlsciple* "f th<* Glynn "uplift"
if "uplift" la th.* word tbat puttlng i respectable
Democral al tbe bead of tbe Btate commltjee wlll
make tbal bodj Bnything bul a Job grabbing and
contract aeeking agencj
"Tbe action of tbe state commlttee," declarea a
i..r-"iuii,>ii adopted by thia aingularly clear aeelng
band of upliftera, "ia determined not by tbe deslrea
of ita cbairman, bui by the votea of :i majority of
ii- members. We look iiiw->n Tammany Hall ^ ;i
business organlaation barren of any true political
princlples, .in.l using the aame of Deuatxrracj aa ;i
cloaz under wblcb i" accomplisb purpoaes far re
idkm.'I from bringingaboul needed governmental re*
forma or tbe advancement of Democratic principle-*.'
lt" thl new Democratic organlaation atlcki i" tbal
rieu and makea ;i good, manful flght, ii will tbrlve
.?imi prosper. Tammany is dow and alwaya -w111 in*
,'i "buslnea organlzatlon.'1 enricblng aome Del mon
too Directorate of Insidem through grafl of one
brand or another. lt -^tvin-lir*. tbousanda <<f bouesi
Demoerata otit "f tbeir v.io- by Ita paltry <*i.*iiin t->
belng the "regular" Democracy in atate aud natlonal
campaign yeara, Ttouaanda .>f < >th.-rs refuse to
vote Tammany'a tj-kr-t. Tho new organlaation
ahould be welcomed hy them, and f*\m by the dla
guated membera of Tammany who cannol longer
atomach Murphy and Ms contrari grabbing aatel
The Tribune'g Proposal ol Joint /.merican
.\s ;i small matter of histoiy ln an ezceedinglj
Important concern The Tribune wisltes t.> rorrecl
tbe tentative assertion made by our nelgbbor '*Tbe
Brooklyn Eagle" ln the following:
w.* I*. l:. \o ??Thr New V. i k Bun ln tbe
Beld t,. advocate ;. Bettlemenl of the rrightl
in 111 aico i'\ ,. "< "oncerl of Amei li in r ?
,,i m. ,i Intervention.
To tbe beai of our knowledge tbe flral advo-cate,
bere or elaewhere, of thla polk-j wai Tbe Tribune.
Tbe flral augge*t(pu of tlii- metbod wbk'L we bave
aeen waa n leading editorial wblcfa apprared In Tbe
Tribune <>r July .1, 1913. "Ameriean Powera H
Aei Togetber in Urotoring Order in Mexb*o" u.*,
its tltle, and it concluded In ih<*>.- \*,,.,,i
roup of Am. i i.;i ii pow4 rai ? ? , ould
**-???"?? ? powerful Influem'e toward brinj .
? Bnd Btablllty in Mexico, and tb. > would nol be
looked upon aa uutslder. In Bettling ., _r.... inter
u.iii.'ii.,; problem <-n thla alda ol lh< world.
The n?-\t day, July 23, Tbe Trlbune p Inied a
.;iri,."ii which i'i'nn.*<i "The Wtwlern \\"H,i
in*.' BSKistauce lo Mexico. And in tlu* dajs following
Ihe proposal ?;i" elaborated and repeated. Al ih?
Ume, it iri.i.v Im- recalled, Ihe preposteroufl Lind
miaxlon waa uawler waj and tbe "Huerta Mual <;??
programme am*- batcbing.
it,.. Hnleeedenta of thia pntpoaal wi re iiuui.i i be
Hon Jamea Bryce lliren out ;i tdguifleaui hiut, or
i'i "pi >???>. of ii in bia roluine ou s--uiii America
Mr. John Barrett pi-opu-awl an "International com
iniMaloii" t" Inveallgate M.-xi'im affaira In I ebruar*
r.?i::. ;i fuw daya before tbe murder of Hadem ;
Prom ri -? Tribum . ii-?\% ??% .*.-. rame Uie flral deflnite
deinaud for **oni erted action in Mexico by tbe greal
powera of S'ortb and s-mtii Amei ? ?? Tlie -?
mouating wutluieu! ln behalf of tlu* plan i-.*;u*s
wltneaa t" Ita s,,iin,| foundatlon aud large future.
M,ij"i uiti bei hai hsd to de i ' -t ot abovi Itlng .o
fui. althougri tie waa ?'? undai b sli.-\?-? l ,.ni
The Conning Tower
I wafl br<Hlghl up "ii The 'Irilwne.
K.iisrrj on lls Wisrlofii .illfl pOWCT
M.iylir sninr iiii-iriiiiiK yotkA\ r>riri*_*; mr*
Up t'? ihe top ->. The I own!
M L D.
ii,,.v ,;m, pul \,,n iii jail for carryiug b llghted
, ,_.,,- into tiie ubwaj I'H* H"'."- dou'l (luard No.
a? 11_*.; doe m'i . v.ii -I'.-ai, lo tbe offender, altbough .i
. .,_,r called Ihe guarda attentlon lo it.
sijn. jf .., Jn i ce :iii,i b Jur- can'l keep i proved
grafti'i llke Becker In jail, why Bhould a aobway
, _?. | i . ,,i g pi Inti 'i i-'ti i!" biddlng, in i ni;ni j
ii.?!? nf inliil.tt "ti. BUioklog*.
ln 4' I'm i l_ Cl BHIHO
fi nnl' | on'1 iniioau
?.i bl.i. I. i Um /'"/<?
//,, nmi U i li Ul r Sllh
? ,,,, i ln ir (tn 'II' Ih
//,. ?-,,', .* i m, ithr hii
_ torrotet, w Btrktmttms
,,, IU10 Hia MU'. r;'.;t/'/-;/"''".''/"-''' n-U
,-,,,1, how in is au. on tteppine witn obtolete
llll Q-1 I "?"
ii, ... ? ter. thi Bmall tradeeinan tnd Ihfl
grea, | t on tbelr cufltomeni througb -tradi
? I ?!! twel.', to the pound, ? butcli
,. ii .. ,", th. cal< i ' '" ""? p;t1'
, .i .
Down with thoae graftera! K peclally thoae tbal
..iv.- Hve ?|ii.'itl- I" Hi" nall-OU.
nn: WAIV m ni!-* BW? SAftUEL pcpys.
/,/,,?? ? -;t; i ,. and i" ti"' offlce, wbew all the
day hI pettj buatnea* and gol no scriveoing done
soever, .? i.. ?. reading neither, bul my employer did
,??.i-.. i -sbould bave ti place on Saturday and
migered me un hundred cigurrefl agalnal one, whlch
lf tue, |?. ,-..- buudred of the klud he ueea agalnal
,,::,. of tbe kind i do nmoke, ls tre.ndoua odda, Mei
wi,i, m Uma, in ;? new purple dreaa and we
wai ked u little, and then I dld see my wife upon an
.,ib04_aiidboarded II too, and uo I. to dinner,
,,,? ., fairlsb soup ti id -. beef-tongue whlcb waa
;.. and i"" tougb nnd the pinaeb cooked nol
., | |i| ,. |t, aml I Kflkl HO, Which I OUgM DOl __*/?
,1,,,,,. for lieaven knowetli mj wife and OUve to try
,,, .j, ?? | |ike. Thence to Ihe offlc-e agaln, where I
ild my Btlnt, bul weak Btuff, meaeemed and I de
i,..t..,l over ii.
27 \\,,i, b. Robioaon and G. Pareonfl to loneheon
nn.i ae bad o merry tin.f lt, B. making mo. laugh
nn i feared tbe walter woold ejed tm*. Tbeoce to
Ihe offlce v bere all Ihe daj al work and fnr Into tbe
ni-ln (,?,. bul with ffreater coateot t" myaelf tban
in a neveu night. A Une warm day and made me
loug for the summer when i can tronnce Wlll Beebe
it tennia again, and Jeaae vYilUama too. tbat valo,
swaahbuckling braggart, vauuttng all wlater that I
never beal him, when i dld take a aett from him
laal November, and before wlttteeaea too.
'?Ralph Bunker," tho Bboberl pn"-*- Bbeet offera,
.?hu beguo i" teach tbe taago aad maxlxe atepa
oaly recently. He doea thi- in addltlon to otber
manual labor." Obvioualy, Ralph teocbea ln the
deaf-and-dumb language.
It'? Juit .is runny as a Grttmpus to Lamp Our
? elves as Otliers Lamp Us.
_nn**sbai*| (- I
relationa between the United Btatea and Japan
i.tne Bomewhal atrained, Private ad
rom Waahington Btatfl thal the chlef cause la
Mr Ci \.in- unconventlonal diplomacy. Sometlmeii
w hen the Japaneae Amb i died to aei Mr
? wi appeai Ing n ith a variety com- l
paii) In diatanl towne, and on otber occaaionfl inter
viewii ended abruptly, na llr. Bryan had to catefa
a train.
i. . . gi ? .,, ? ? by tbeae Bligbta, lll
. .!?. umulati d, and produi ed the presenl criaifl,
iu.!.-. hai e fai -reachlng i om equen ?
"Teareuu Iteporta Abead "f Time,*1 aaya tbe head
on Tbe Tribune'ii atory from Marlin. Thal was tbe
trouble w:ii? him in iiu* Hr-i Inning of tha thlrd
gau.f the w. s. laal October.
I B nn" "
ii'* thougbl tbe Jodge bad aaved the time
i be lawyera alwaya waate:
He looked agaln and aaw I' wai
Ilnl "pri'.iudioi?" and "haslo*:
'Appeala are boaed oo *-u<'h,'- be *-.iLri,
? i in uiiai i Juatlce boaedT
\ r_-'.r,?i many newspaper proprietora, magazine
owuere, tbeatrical magnatea ond pollUciana aw
bigbly Incenaed al Mr. Charlea w. IIotphy*a nylag
thal becaraa oothlog ai all for tbe publfc. Incenaed,
\4.? repcat, al hla aa) Ing o,
maki: i p.
m Colller11 ?
iii-, Bentencea are Bbort and ordt*
naril] h< employa worda (Condttded on naygi :;i>i
i ?????' f..i the introductlon of i H I
? ?? d ng t"''tn ?ii'l-fl
It j Vmei" .ih ' ? ' ?? ;
.- on llotu Bai i li k, propi li trau "f tli>:
Hotel BelmoiiL
i .. ?? un-Amerlcon. it la amerlcon, Inferen
tially, t" pretend tbal tbere li no BOcb thlog 3 rtee,
it may gol have octairrad to you boi m\>> vean
from to morrow woo'l be anytbing of tbe kind.
Btil i ? -i -a.'* -'ami'1'* tbal a beUpla j it'*- attack
of n.*i'\..ii-ii. -- Induced bj playing befora th'* Klogof
I I- I.-- acute tban tbe flgue thal Buffuaea tin*
rcTuit the Bral tinif* ih" manager watchei tbe work*
\ ' of -"inr* of il)-' bare ii****ged daacera
tn "iiu* i"a--iti-* Show'1 leada tbe Bearehlog Percj
lluminond t" "Ii-.tm' ihat tkie buman knei i- a tjotnt.
ui i .in enteitainmeat
Mi. Ilainnii'iid ha- beefl I" *? ? liiit.-.' t-n. "Him
Barrjiinore," h<* trrltea, "i- Irreeiatlbie lo tho -ki
? ?r her laal line.*1 Btill, it lan'i bo hard wbeo roo
1'iiii the -.in.I"- ti ghl after plgbt.
Kpeaklng of ultlmate ?-. Aa we maalaa to preaa
au idea for tho worlda baal laatllne <.ur*-*. t<* u*..
Kui we an afrald to piinl it IVe Bhould refuae
'" rareal it- -'mr.'.'. f,>r one tbLng
Aml .*-.Hai m daj for la-iiiti- cuta Into one orea_
a hit.
I I' A
A Lawyer Re?f*nts Any Lay Comment
on Our Appellate Sy*teni.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
su*: i am aurprlaed and dlaappolnted
that .1 newapai ag of Tha
Tribuna ahould ui<-* the poeitlon II do-aa
reg urdlng tba <!< djalon ol Iba ? 'ourt of |
Appeala m tii.* Becker -*..-? B
? ,. : to b< ? i ? :?' How nawapapera
trying, **on*i Itstli | ng a "'an
i. gardl. ;s of legal toimaJltli a In any i a ?
preaentlng aeti iturea, but the
tradltlona of your paper hava b-a-w gen>
conatdered aa oppoaed to thal aoel
ii nal am.
Becker may be gutltj Ihe i I
,i _j ],. i bul - ? i ilnly ii<* or any i l
rltlaea la antltlcd to a fair trial. Doea
oplnlon of the < tourt of Appaala I
any pooalhla room for doubt that be did
n"t have a fair a trlall 1 oa aaj " pha
public applauded Juatice Ooff - ?* nduct
of the Becker trlaL" Deee lt n-acaaaarlly
follow from thla that th*- trial waa |
erly eondu-stiadl In a eaas like th*' pree
ent, arhere thr* oplnlon I gi tn tol that tba
dafendant la guilty, tha applauM glven
io a ludga who oonducta tha trlal to ault
the popular taata la baatoarad arlth about
tha aame dagraa of dis-'iiinination as that
kIvpii to tbe hero In tha meledranaa whan
be tolla th? viliain. Wlth no dlaroapei -
to tha learned luetlee in gaeetlew. i vent
ure to aay thnt if you -aill eonault yeaw
baal Informed frlanda ta tha legal pro
feaalon you wlll Bnd that thalr ? a
ara not In aceovd wtth tha popular vlata
, | ? ? n lal
Draa granttog ihe i-ra.-ucai omniecii
of newapap. t aa?n, do you not think that
lawyera and ludgaa are parhape better,
ntt.'i to paae sn the peoper conduct of
a latoi i'<" ^edlng than even tne beot
toforneed Joairoallat? Voa would, t an
,.?,,., pn i i- tl a l-dgn* at of newepaper
?,,.,, ,, . in nn quallBcatlona of a city
editor to tha eplnloaa of a lawysr or
go, tor or "tha pnUte." A LAW1 Ea
n.-w york, Foh* -'. UU
A Lit-t oi Judge*.
To thi i ?'itor of ine.
pti., ? pi lat a llal of thr*
judgaa who roti d to ?r .L nea
i -...?? t , ; .i tham in my aorap
book, i ? tl '< '?' ?.>t thi n ? rei run foe
,,rti" agaln I can bi * "? to i? ????? ' * his
or th- ir "!?;?? ? '
*. OUT cartoon ta ThUI Bda) 'S 'I rlbUlM ? ia
ttnu ly. 1 a ti t ??? t of the lodgi araa a
dl grai ?* to rlvU i ?'? -*1 1-1*'* ?
HrnokiMi, r**t?. tt, nat
[Tha alx Jtadgea ol tl ?? .rl of Api
a ao ? 'op.-'iri.-.i iu lha Back" r d<
k H. His'ock.
Krnory A ? 'baaa,
llr.l.-II ; < olllll.
u iiHani ii. Cuddoback,
John *>?' ii ??* ia
Nathan L, Miller ?IdL]
Ihe Becker Decision snd After.
i,, tl a Bdltoi of ibo Trlbuni
,^ir Tha Becker -i- ths Courl
ef \-*<-<if laal I a 81 its of Naw
Tork. x ta*. Uka H and tba atate
. ? i ,-.?. -, re, .,11 of Judgej bill
PRi rOREU-8I\ l!
\.u rork. Fel I
Another Echo.
i i:-iit"i Bf Tha Tiii. ?
I . i 'onfound tt' *a hy .h.i you
prlni thoaa exoattonl adltoriala oa tha
He>-ker caUM
Noi% I -h.,ll h r ?? t , oi.1-*i Ti,, ,
dellvered at my bouxe, a:-,*!, the '
Itnou | ? DOUgfa for i ?
and i alreadj '
Brooklyn, Feb tt, Ittl
The First for Senator, the Second for
Governor, I* the Propo?al.
Tha 1 Iune
i . i- ti i ? ???? 'i that april
n and tango axpert, Da
Fleld Malone, irltb your Waahlngton
tin 11. Olynn.
I ,ik arlth th.* Praarl
? i foi 11 ?
? ?
partlcular atreaa upon tha polnt thal Gov
Brnor Olynn ougbt to run tor Unlted
? ? ? to Buccaad B31bu Reet, th?
Ind in the Benate to-day.
Thh la only ihe Wllaoa way of aa
that aa I ? ?-? rnor Olynn baa eleeted to
Btand or fall wlth Murphy the administra
luu d.b i ti el it better be a fall,
and a hard ona at that The talk of ran
. Oorernor Olynn tor tho 5-.*nate \a
toara poiitj.-ai mooaaablna
The IMXt Banator from the Ptate of N'ew
Vork wlll ba Thauduia Roooaaratt, if h. w.v.
bnt say tho word As for the next QOV
-.rnor, bOW ?""?ouM ^'oionel Goethals do?
KOW York. Peb. :t>. 19H.
An Exdinple of It* Traditional Speed
I* Cited from the Pa?t.
To tho Bditor Ol The Tril-une.
Sir: Conaldering tha qulekneea -auIi
whleh 111*- iMmtendlng faetlona In Mexico
onera or other objoetlon
able i ? am romlnded of *i raanarh
ina,i? by the late (Thptaln Joha *'<?
Bourke, -<i Unlted Bl tb a Cnvalry, a aoted
author and Ilrdiaii BghtOT.
Diirln-' thr- QarBa insurrerti? >ri :.
arlnter of UM and IfdflL Captaln i; ?
waa ;,.>k.<i "in eaaa ?i*.*> MtuUcajn troop
should capture one of the inaurgenta,
how long d?> \oii think tf WOUld )-?* botoffl
tbe taaurgent waa broughl t" trlal ei
il ? i iarorod < laptaln
1- irko, "1 think it w-.uld be about Bf
t. aa i.ada " ROBBRT J. OIMt Hf,
I.i'iitenant <'olonel l'. H. A.. retir*?d.
? ll-ivrn, 1V-. tt, ' * I
What liobart College Ha* Done to Di*
tourage Tippling.
i.ni..i' ,-r tbe Tribune.
Mr. in tho inten
* a* i venture to aubatltuto tbe following
for tha note whlcb appenrad ln your Mone
arnlng the etu-lent
Iom ,.- Bchohurablpfl nt Hobart ''oiir?e ba*
Like otk*< r , , <*<,ii. _>?,, tbere
? ? aaya beea aoam m Haaaxrt wbo
now aad tbi 'i 1 n\. .??. !?? ||od an unusual
by drinklng Lauri Deeerober
an, while miMly intoxleated, M
' moMIe In the mlddle o4 the
>',k-'!il 01.? iu un -.tre.-t. 4- ith tl ?
d -rnagi t" i'i.-[...|t
Witinn thin b|i boura tbe admtakatrw
tion. wbtob la lataemtned that th-re Miaii
? ? UaajM whete IntaaaapsTaa a daaa not
,;. t""k draotk a< uon m tbe <*at??
of the three atudenta. and s-_ae*an?aed thal
"?*?'? atudeni i.olg|ag .< ?? imiar-hip wvaM
auteanatleally t-.-..* it ir he la tbe rutun
' Indttlge ln drlnk BtUdl , t ...nii !
rr ' m prau n.aiiv t,. 4, n, ui 44,1. i aok of
I fa'*ulty. bai ??*
* "
v.rr.* havii .- a v the _
B ra I
! -Ahin
the niatt'-r " ' "lir att"titicm
...... ? ' tlnlr
irshlpfl. to tbfl * ' *
M ty, ai... "' I
UBflag th?
Btfl ti that "? AhtXl not hara to
make evldei t aga ' ? ?.*?**??*
our purpose to otnl dl ll ' ?*?**? **rt
Preflident or* llobart OflflToga
Oeaeva, W. v. Feb
An Oldtime Critic Rrturai to Ite
To um _>Utor of i ii Trib iba
Sir: In a reeent Iflflue of your pflpflff ?"
r R Berrl ad-nlta the trutl f my ea*
tention that Henry Qeoi nf i9tt
wagea de- ime .?r popu ?*****_
illy tulne But he a-.ierti thflt
! Im Oeneral Walker, i makt tba rnliuJw
ot" tblnklng that t hav . ; ?. fatai
ii. reet \n the singlfl i"\ * na ! ****
"only d ' irl < f thfl **lld w?
of Henry ? ftMl**k*_2
Of th.* : ,ve 0l1"
il--Jtru'..-l thfl
? Oeecge adoito .' - ' " : ' of r4*
And a-i'i.a te lt hia ownf 1 - *****H
The rent theory ;. ? 1 thi befta"
....... * iKfn ??
? ti C4BB*
? t-. Inferlor ? ,Dt*tf
it... by ll. ;u ? '"? ' "??vt'Bti,
yeara ago. i a?alled U ' ****\**\
*__rty*-three yeara ano In lett*i te ""T?
Bfl l'iot 'ti'i: i" ,n*2
tofaetlon, ev n at tl la late ????.?? t,) ?*"?
ttl. Ooorgi 3 x*1**
h-owever, i- i i'i" th'.-ory*
... i the *r?*"
4 ? ? r -P
? I'O ?**
tempt te arera ati ? ,Jr*""*
tbe prlinlUve to ?*-**?*?"
mulati c-.pl tal to >*a*ev
l?y gethering 4-. . - '"''__
... lt r,,lio44s ?
* ? lay .I...-.-. noi '?iv,u'
? | inakii - -: ? ' i*,d"*
.],, hfl *-**t
idee iii.it "lal ?? '_?
44 .IU] V4 ' ??'"**
' is r, .t B ? '*"*
lon .f in aith." ?
? ? land in N ? now
otl to the hlghe-l i ,il<r
II . x.,, . n..44 i-ould ""'**
i fouadation of tl ?? Mngja "J
i. tint the real fund i ? ' fc'r0-***"
rent Im the produ i of retotk
nn,. thia fwiil la dui . '?'>' l0 *
. ontrlbutlona <?! svelal ' ]i?*7\
f.ur thal i' f"r
eapvaaa "t the ."inn" ^H
The argUBK nta u-imilv ' ? -"**"_
of I rtngle ta* plan a
with t:i,).-. put forward b) H**nr> ii-**aa^
t.? |ir<>\? lhal 4..._- ai i ' drawn trtm
.'..i'ltal IT this plan v ' '? <I,U'*
? I 1..4V m, that 4a, , ou ?! *? - ?"? *?***_,?
\*.--ri<fl4 nlne teathe "i lae paaeai *****
iiin..un, .ii ? ,,n_
\\ II. ..l?xi-*-*
Preahlifl Bam.^A\ I ?

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